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December 2011 Volume 2, Issue 2

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12/2/2011 9:28:27 AM

From the desk of the editor-in-chief With the first round of end-of-couse assessments in the book, it seems like a good time to reflect on what we have done, where we are and where we need to go. Many were certainly overwhelmed at their first high stakes test. So much is on the line. The grade for the class, what people will think if you did poorly, the wrath of the administration, and I haven’t even started talking about the students who actually took the test. It’s true, many of your teachers are feeling the impact that the new round of testing has created. In addition to the test though, they are also dealing with new standards, new requirements, and overall a new way to teach the content that most have become comfortable teaching for years. Change is truly abound. The fact is that we want you to succeed...desperately. Realizing that change is a process that takes committed effort and time, we need to meet halfway. More than ever, every single day matters to you and us. The new standards that serve as our guide are, in some ways, both overhelming and demanding. It takes time to disect them, find the core, and then find a useful way to get that information back to you. What I mean is, just because I am teaching a certain way now, it doesn’t mean that is the way I will be teaching in five years, next year, or even tomorrow. We have to adapt. That takes time, and more importantly, effort. We have to strive to find what works best in our classrooms and students must strive to find what works best for them. What has always worked for students may just not work any longer. Education is, in general, no longer the accumulation of knowledge, but rather skills. It doesn’t matter so much that you have read a great number of books or that you know that there are over 17,000 species in the phylum annelida. Annelida are segmented worms , by the way. I just looked that up on my phone. It took me about 10 seconds. What I mean is, what matters is if you can find the information and if you have the skills to know what to do with it. I think there is no greater example than in the English classroom. For years we taught MacBeth, The Crucible, and Huck Finn. What we have come to realize is that instead, we should teach you the skills that would allow you to pick up any given book, magazine, or essay and use the skills you have learned to devour the book and, in turn, use it for whatever purposes you see fit. It’s not useful that you know one theme, can you pick out any theme in any given read. As long as we teach with that in mind, we will be headed in the right direction. At the same time, our students need to bear that in mind when we won’t accept them not being able to identify the theme. We will hold you accountable like we have never held you accountable before. At the same time, I urge you to hold us accountable. If we aren’t giving you our best everyday, if we aren’t covering enough material based on the standards, or pushing you hard enough, please let us know. I don’t think that there is a teacher in this school that wouldn’t listen when a student gives appropriate feedback. We have to work together to get the job done. Students and teachers alike are facing more scrutiny than ever. You are being singled out by colleges when you aren’t prepared and being forced to take classes that are costing you thousands of dollars, but are not counting towards your major. There is a greater national push for merit pay based on performance for teachers than ever. What that means is that the students I teach would be scored and compared to other students across the state and nation. What results is a drive to excellent scores, but not necessarily the drive to excellence. It also leads to a divided staff. Thankfully, Kentucky has not adopted this policy, but they are also being denied some federal money due to that choice and the exclusion of charter schools. It’s anyone’s guess how long the state can hold out and keep the focus on student achievement rather than on teacher competition. The only thing we know is that the next few years will be crazy. There will be highs and lows. We will likely share as many successes as we do failures. What we must realize is that change is a process; it’s not instantaneous. As long as we stay committed to changing our school and ourselves for the better, we will surely find the success that we crave and our world demands. Larry Steinmetz

APRIL 20112011 December NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 2 12/2/2011 9:28:35 AM

editor-in-chief Larry Steinmetz managing editor McKenzie Perdew executive editor Cameron Love copy editor copy editor copy editor copy editor

A+B=New Schedule?

Haley Simpson Kendall Mayfield Maggie Smith Megan Tomes

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Scheduling Changes The Livewire’s top writers go in-depth with school administration to discover what scheduling changes will be in place for the 20122013 school year. Check out our website, behslivewire, for all of the articles.

Who’s Behind the ‘Hawk’? 4 Andrew Wagner is known throughout the halls of East for his multicolored mohawks. However, there is more to this sophomore than just his hair. Kendall Mayfield sat down with him to find out what makes him unique.

Let The Games Begin...


Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto


Basketball season has finally started in the Mount. Jacob and Dillon see if the boys have another run for the state title in them, while Kendall and Maggie see if the girls can overcome adversity to have a record season.

Didn’t understand that? Well, most people don’t understand robotics. Mackenzie Perdue takes a look at the people in this school who do.



It’s safe to say that most people dread having their name selected for drug testing. Megan decides whether this procedure violates your constitutional rights. HUMAN Volume INTEREST 2, Issue 1 12/2/2011 9:29:17 AM

andrew [wagner]

Introducing... APRIL 20112011 December NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 4 12/2/2011 9:30:13 AM

The Person Behind the Hawk

article Kendall Mayfield l photos submitted and Faith Pope

Who’s behind the hawk? Many people know him as the guy with the colorful hairdo, but sophomore, Andrew Wagner, has more to him than what meets the eye. Wagner has many hidden talents unlike his visible Mohawk. He plays in a band known as Odds and Ends with some close friends from school. When it comes to his hair, he doesn’t keep his hair basic; he has various colors and styles. Wagner hasn’t always lived in the small town of Mount Washington. He was born in Shively Kentucky, not far from here, but moved to Bullitt County at one year of age with his Mother, Dad, and sister, who is studying at the University of Kentucky to go in the field of Pre-Veterinary Medicine. The 16 year old has many unusual talents though that many people are unaware of. He rides a unicycle, long boards, plays x-box, attends Boy Scouts, paintballs, and is a member of guitar club in his spare time. He also has played the trombone for six years and has co-written a couple of his own songs. “He’s hilarious and a really nice guy. I’ve known his since we were two.” claimed Patrick Coyle, one of Wagner’s close friends. Wagner hopes to someday be a concept car designer and go to college or trade school.

Tips From The Pro On...

Outside of school, Wagner is the rhythm guitarist in a local band known as Odds and Ends with some close friends Aaron Nall, Patrick Coyle, Phillip Bullock, and Kennedy Anderson. All the group members attend Bullitt East, except for their lead singer Anderson, who attends Mercy, an all girl private school in Lousiville. Wagner is one of the original founders of the band.

He walked through the story of how the group came about. It started out with him and his best friend since two years of age, Coyle. Wagner was the singer and Coyle was the guitarist. They went through a couple of drummers and bassists until they found Bullock to be their permanent bassist. When Nall’s former group broke up, he joined the band just to have fun but the band still felt like they needed a female. So they recruited Anderson to be the lead singer of the group. The band plays alternative/rock music and has been together since April of this year. They have played a couple of shows already. The band practices twice a week and have an official facebook page called ‘Odds and Ends’. “I’m proud of our band, we work hard,” claimed Nall. Most people at East know Wagner by his distinct, colorful mohawk. He styles it in many different ways. There’s the fan, multiple spikes (also known as liberty spikes), and when he doesn’t wear it spiked he has it lying to the left side of his head. The sophomore claimed that he used to have really long hair but got a terrible haircut so he started wearing a smaller fohawk. He then got such good feedback from it that he decided to go full scale. His mom nagged him about it for a while but when she heard so many great reactions that she never brought up cutting it again. Wagner claims that he’s only ever gotten positive feedback when it came to his mohawk. “My philosophy is- Who would go up to a 6’4” guy with a 7” Mohawk and tell him “Hey, I don’t like your hair,” claimed Wagner. He also claimed that most people know him as the ‘funny dude with the awesome mohawk’. “Andrew’s Mohawk is awesome. He wouldn’t be Andrew without it,” claimed Nall.

How To Make That Do

Livewire NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 5



After you take a shower, blow dry your hair.

Take a small piece of hair and pull it straight up and hairspray the piece in place.



Next you blow dry the piece, but make sure you blow dry it in low speed.

Lastly, you will continue the steps for your whole head of hair. Add color after these steps if you please. HUMAN FEATURES INTEREST 4 12/2/2011 9:31:16 AM

2011-2012 College Ba 2. University of Kentucky 1. University of North Carolina

North Carolina is ranked #1 in the preseason rankings. Last year UNC finished with a 26-7 overall record and 14-2 in the ACC. The Tar Heels led the nation in rebounds per game (42.5) and were 24th in the nation in points per game with 76.7. North Carolin’s key returning players that consist of two sophomores, Kendall Marshall and Harrison Barnes, and a junior john Henson. New additions to the team are Jackson Simmons in the forward position and P.J. Hairston as a guard. North Carolina is a national championship contender.

With the Wildcats going to their first Final Four since 1998 last season, they have the right mix of veterans and young players to go the distance in the 2011-2012 season. Wildcat Terrence Jones is back for another season after leading the SEC in rebounding and standing 7th in scoring. Jones has worked in the off-season to become a well-built 252 pound impact player for the Wildcats. Jones will have help with 6’10” freshman Anthony Davis in the paint reaching up for rebounds and scoring buckets. Davis used to play the guard position but hit a 7-inch growth spurt which made him an almost seven foot tall center with athleticism and skill like a guard.

Marquis Teague will be the third freshman point guard in three years to come in and run the show for the Wildcats. Teague has great abilities to pass and finish strong at the rim. Doron Lamb will accompany Teague in the rotation. Lamb returned for another season after improving his physique and sharpening his skills. Darius Miller will be the third guard in the three man rotation that Calipari has in place. The Wildcats have depth in every position and each player will compete for minutes as the Cats head into the 2011-2012 season.

Duke is ranked #6 in the preseason rankings. The Blue Devils finished last season with a 30-4 overall record and 13-3 in the ACC. Duke was 10th in points per game (81.1) and 20th in rebounds per game (38.8). Mason Plumlee is returning for Duke at the guard position. Marshall Plumlee is a new addition to the Blue Devils in the forward position. Duke will go deep into the tournament to at least the sweet 16.





7. Vanderlbelt University

6. Duke University

8. University of Louisville


Vanderbilt is ranked #7 in the preseason rankings. The Commodores finished the season with a 23-10 overall record and 9-7 record in the SEC. Vanderbilt was 30th in points per game (76.2) and 74th in rebounds pregame (36.9) last season. Returning players for the Commodores are Brad Tinsley and Lance Goulbourne. Vanderbilt brought in Kendren Johnson in the guard position and Josh Henderson in the center position to their team. Vanderbilt will make it to the tournament.



The 2011-2012 Cardinals have all the ingredients to be a power in the Big East and a NCAA championship contender. At least eight of their current players have started 10 or more games throughout their careers as a Cardinal. Freshman Blackshear and Behanan come to Louisville as top-50 recruits that have the confidence and ability to produce. Considered one of the most dangerous walk-ons in the nation, Kyle Kuric will be back in action. Kuric shot 45% from the three point line last season. The Cardinals





October APRIL December 2011 2011 2011 NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 6 12/2/2011 9:31:20 AM

Syracuse is ranked #5 in the preseason rankings. The Orange finished last season with a 26-7 overall record and a 12-6 record in the Big East. Syracuse was 18th in assists per game (15.6) and 31st in field goal percentage (.469). Scoop Jardine and Kris Joseph are returning players for the Orange. Rakeem Christmas and Trevor Cooney are inserting themselves in the Syracuse line up as freshman. Joseph led the team in points per game last year with 14.4 points per game. Syracuse will go to the sweet 16.

Peyton Siva will be a key player this year for the Cardinals as he led the team in assists, free throws made, and steals last year. Siva has all the ability to produce points and to be an impact player on both ends of the court.



Livewire NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 7


9. Memphis University

have another deep threat with Chris Smith, who shot 40% from the three point line last season.


Memphis is ranked #9 in the preseason rankings. The Tigers had a 25-9 overall record and 10-6 record in the Conference USA last season. Memphis was 59th in assists per game (14.6). Antonio Barton, who led the team in points per game last season and Will Barton are returning for the Tigers. Adonis Thomas and Trey Draper both come to Memphis at the guard positions. Memphis will go to the Sweet 16.



10. University of Florida



Florida is ranked #10 for the preseason rankings. The Gators had a 26-7 overall record last season and finished 13-3 in the SEC. Florida was 49th in rebounds per game (37.5). Kenny Boynton is returning to the Gators. Brad Beal (guard) and Cody Larson (forward) are freshman. Florida will go to the NCAA tournament.

compiled by Coulten Maupin and Adam Howell l at press time, all rankings were correct

UConn s ranked #4 in the preseason rankings. The huskies finished last year with a 26-9 overall record and 9-9 in the Big East. UConn was 11th in rebounds per game (39-60 amd 63rd in points per game (73.4). Alex Oriahki and Jeremy Lamb are key returning players for the Huskies. The Huskies added two centers to their squad in Michael Bradley and Andre Drummond. UConn will make it to the second round.

5. Syracuse University

Ohio State is ranked #3 in the preseason rankings. The Buckeyes ended last year’s season with a 32-2 overall record and 16-2 in the Big Ten. Ohio State ranked 3rd in field goal percentage (.494) and 23rd in assists per game (15.6). Jared Sullinger is a key returning player for the Buckeyes who led the team in both rebounds per game and points per game last season. Two new centers for the Buckeyes are Amir Williams and Trey Mcdonald . Ohio State will breeze through the tournament to at least the elite 8.

4. University of Conneticut

3. Ohio State University

Basketball Preview


The Livewire sat down with Glenn Compton and found out his nine favorite things of the moment.

“ My favorite sports team is Kentucky because I live here.”

“My favorite sport is basketball because it’s simple and I’m good on defense.”

“I like 90’s rap because it has better beats and people.”


“My favorite color is green because it’s a cool color and looks good with anything.”

things of the moment

“My favorite female celebrity is Jessica Alba because she’s hot.”

“I like the shoe brand NIKE because it’s the best and has the coolest designs.”

“My favorite part of school is when it ends.”

“My favorite food is potatoes because you can make a bunch of things out of them.”

“Mr. Barr is my favorite teacher because he is the coolest and doesn’t assign a lot of homework.”

Completed by Taylor McMillen October APRIL December 2011 2011 2011 NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 8 12/2/2011 9:31:57 AM

Bullitt East Recruiting Notebook 2011-2012 Senior Athletes compiled by Jacob Woodruff. l photos submitted and Yearbook

Dylan Lewis Height: 6’0 Weight: 155 Position(s): Safety, Cornerback, Wide-out Schools Interested: Pikeville, Lindsay Wilson, Campbellsville, and Murray State Major in college: Aquatic Biology Biggest Inspiration: My dad and Coach Vincent for pushing me to work hard Due to breaking his leg last season, Lewis wasn’t able to play most of the 2010 season. However, Lewis has always been a key player for the Chargers and has put up some good numbers over the years at East. Lewis was also invited to play in the East and West game this year.

Nikole Isabel Height: 5’10 Position: Point Guard, Shooting Guard Schools Interested: Thomas Moore, Georgetown, Spalding, Indiana University Southeast, Bellarmine, Transylvania, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, and Western Kentucky Major in college: Exercise Science Biggest Inspiration: Coaches pushing me to be the best I can be, and mom for supporting me Notable awards: 24th District All Tournament Team, 6th Region All Team, Bullitt County Junior of the Year, Kentucky All Star Team, and East and West All Star Team. Memorable Stats: 83% free throw accuracy rate (school record), highest 3 point average on team, ranked 25th in the state and 81st in the nation for the point guard position.

NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 9

12/2/2011 9:32:32 AM

Occupy Wall Street

article Blake Laytham l picture Yahoo! News The streets are under occupation. Occupy Wall Street protests spread across the country. The Occupy Wall Street movement was first promoted by the founders of Adbusters (a Canadian anti-consumerist magazine). The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to most major cities around the country including Louisville. The Occupy Wall Street movement started on September 17, as thousands of protestors descended on Wall Street, where New York City’s financial district is located. The intent was to protest “corporate greed” and promote the idea of the “99% (of the population) being ripped off by the 1%.” Susan Wimsatt, a teacher here at Bullitt East who attended the local Occupy protest, said “this is what America is about, the people, we are all the 99%.” After the protestors were removed from Wall Street, due to impeding traffic, they began to camp out in nearby Zucotti Park where they remain as of now. Another Occupy protest which also made headlines was the one held in Oakland on November, 2nd. The protest on that day began peaceful but as night fell the protests turned violent. Banks and other October APRIL December 2011 2011 2011 NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 10

businesses were damaged by protesters and were vandalized. The night culminated with protestors shutting down the Oakland Shipyards, which are the 5th largest in the world. The Occupy Louisville movement is now protesting on the University of Louisville campus over rising tuition rates. The Occupy Wall Street movement fragmented. The reasons they are protesting are as numerous as the number of protestors. Some protestors are selfdescribed socialists and marxists, some are students who are over their heads in student loan debt without high-paying jobs they were promised, many are members of labor unions, and some have been unemployed since the start of the recession, and some are angry that the so called 1% “do not pay their fair share of the tax burden.” The last claim is one of the few things a majority of the movement can agree upon but is it true? Do the rich really not pay their fair share of taxes? According to the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union the top 1% actually pays 36.73% of the income taxes paid. When you look at the top 5% that number jumps to 58.66% of the total taxes paid. The bottom 50% pays 2.25% of the tax burden. In addition, tax

rates on corporations is 35%, which is the higher than many other nations such as the United Kingdom (20%-26%), Germany (29.8%), China (25%), and Russia (20%). Some corporations do get away with paying no taxes, but these problems can be remedied by simple fixes in the tax code by cutting loopholes, which would require lowering the rates for Republican support. The question on the minds of most Americans is what effect will Occupy have on the upcoming 2012 elections. According to CNN correspondent Daryl Jones “It’s too early to tell whether Occupy Wall Street will have real impact beyond disrupting the tourist flow in New York.” Unlike the Tea Party movement which propelled the Republicans into retaking the House in the 2010 elections, the Occupy Wall Street movement has no clear demands, is without leadership and focus, and has no national fundraising organization, which according to most political experts is key to having an impact on elections. Another factor which could prove detrimental to the movement is the recent blizzard in the New York City area where first protests sprang up. The strength of the movement will be shown in their willingness to stay through the winter. 12/2/2011 9:32:35 AM

Mt. Washington Main Street Gets Makeover article Sydney Wiseheart l photo Sydney Wiseheart What is going on with our streets? New construction is being done on the Main Street in Mt. Washington as part of the plan to make our city more inviting for businesses and individuals as a whole. Many groups and individuals have been working to make this plan a success. They have already done numerous things to the street, and they still have more ideas to come. Although it may cause several inconveniences in the end this street will be an important part of our community. Groups such as the City of Mt. Washington government, the Kentucky Transportation Department, and the new group at our East called the Main Street Youth Program, have taken part in making this street the new place to be. The Main Street Youth Program consists of sophomores, Abby Shelton and Shelby Crum, and junior, Hannah Miles along with the sponsor, Sheila Brock. “At our meetings we have discussed what Main Street is about and we have also looked at other towns that have been successfully transformed,” responded Shelton. Several years ago the City of Mt. Washington began putting in a new storm drainage system as well as new curbs. They also repaved the street after completing those two jobs. The main reason for this construction is to generate a presentable place for businesses to locate so visitors along with citizens will spend their time there and make it a place where people want to be. In addition to new curbs and drainage systems, another thing that makes Main Street a personable place is the hanging of flower baskets during spring, the hanging of wreaths during winter, and the hanging of flags during the summer months. The next step of this process is to add new sidewalks. Further down the road they hope to get grant funding for new lighting, park benches and more. Main Street Program manager, Dale Salmon, says, “We are doing all of this construction so that the heart of our community remains a vital part of our future.” While a majority of this plan is finished there is still work to do. Construction causes chaos with Livewire NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 11

traffic and clutter. Salmon says, “There will be some minor, short term inconveniences to our downtown business owners during the construction, but steps are being taken to minimize these problems.” The City has finally been awarded approval and grant money from the State Transportation cabinet to proceed with the sidewalks. They are currently pursuing bids from qualified constructors to do the sidewalk work but they don’t think the construction will begin until next spring. The sidewalk work will be completed in sections to minimize disruption to downtown businesses and it is expected to move rather quickly once it is started. Until then, the Main Street Youth Program will be thinking of other ways to make our street stand out. “Right now were deciding on what projects we plan to do over the next year. We know that we will have a major project and a minor project,” responds Shelton. An idea that they have come up with for the minor project is to look at old pictures of Mt. Washington and take new pictures from the same angle to see how much our community has changed. They will then present these pictures to the public through a presentation or through the creation of a booklet. HUMAN INTEREST FEATURES SPORTS 10 12/2/2011 9:32:38 AM

Figuring Out The diddle Riddle article Kendall Mayfield and Maggie Smith photos Yearbook Staff

New team, same dream. The young Lady Chargers basketball team is hoping for a successful 2011-12 season. The Lady Chargers have had a victorious past when it comes to basketball. The girls and their coaching staff have been working hard this offseason to prepare for a tough schedule this year. Their goals include making it out of a very tough, realigned 24th district and to participate in the regional tournament. The Lady Chargers are coming out of a 25-9 win-loss ratio from the previous 20102011 season. The season concluded with a one point loss to Butler High School in the regional finals. The Lady Chargers lost four key seniors last year, Jessica Philpott, Meredith Polson, Whitney Stansbury, and Lindey Young. This loss of experienced players may hurt the Lady Chargers early in the season. Head Coach, Chris Stallings, and the girls have been working hard during the off season to maintain a successful record this upcoming season. They have worked on their conditioning and shooting during this preseason. They’ve started this winter APRIL 20112011 December NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 12

working with their passing, rebounding, and defense. “We have conditioned extremely hard and prepared ourselves for teams that have different advantages over us,” claimed senior, Ashley Duvall. The team has a lot of goals they hope to achieve by the end of the season. The team hopes to add a district championship to their list this year. This may be more difficult than past years because of the switch in districts. But, Coach Stallings claims, “We expect to compete for a district and region title along with playing

a tough schedule like always. But it may be a challenge to get out of the district this year.” The competition in the 24th district this year will be a lot harder. The teams in this new district include; Whitefield Academy, Mercy, Jeffersontown, and Fern Creek. Coach Stallings stated, “With the move in districts, we are the only district in the state that can say four out of the five teams made the regional tournament last year.” Even with this tough competition this season, Duvall states, “We want to show 12/2/2011 9:33:36 AM

Making It To Diddle: Coach Stalling’s Checklist To State Success

Practice Harder

Above: The Lady Chargers celebrate their third 24th District win in a row. The girls made it all the way to regional finals, falling to the Bulter Bearettes. Far Left: Sophomores Emily Fryman (3) and Courtney Pfister (11) battle for a jump ball against Bullitt Central’s Katelyn McKnight. The duo will be an essential component of this year’s squad. Inner: Sophomore Taylor Blain (23) prepares to grab a defensive rebound on the free throw line. Blain will also serve an important role this year.

that no matter whom you put us with, we can still compete and come out on top.”

seniors include Rachel Broughton, Carly Coulter, and Ashley Duvall.

Coach Stallings and sophomore, Mackenzie Bass, both claimed that the team is much younger this year so that will be a hardship to overcome. This youth is caused by the loss of four very seasoned players to graduation last season. With these vacancies, there still are many key returning players that will help lead the team this upcoming season. These include returning starters Nikole Isabel (12) and Emily Fryman (10). Other key returning

“We hope to continue to improve on little things each day and learn from each game,” added Stallings.

Livewire NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 13

Prove each day that they can win Show what they've got, despite inexperience Play good defense Improve Passing Rebound the Ball

The Lady Chargers will take on Christian Academy of Louisville on December 12th and M. L. Collins on December 16th, both away. Then the girls will be hosting the BE Holiday Classic before Christmas and will head down south for the Ft. Walton Beach Blowout after Christmas. HUMANSPORTS INTEREST 12 12/2/2011 9:34:10 AM

Chargers Race to Rupp article Jacob Woodruff and Dillon Campbell l photos Yearbook and Emily Nalley

The three musketeers are taking charge at East. Juniors Derek Willis, Rusty Troutman, and Trey Rakes will be the leaders on this year’s boy’s basketball squad. The boys basketball team is hoping that the young talent of three juniors can send the team back to Rupp, after a heavy graduation loss. The Chargers, who were 30-6 last season, have goals this year that include improving as a whole and making it back to the state tournament.  After seeing what they were able to accomplish last season, Chargers fans are hungry for another run at the title. The leaves have fallen and that can only mean one thing at East-- it’s basketball time.   After the amazing run to the Sweet Sixteen semi finals last year, fans are excited about the possiblity of a repeat.   Fans flocked to Rupp Arena last year, whether it was catching a bus or car pooling.  “It felt like the whole school was there,” junior Devyn Noe said. The Chargers defeated Bardstown 53-44 in the first round and Marshall County 71-62 in the second.  The boys made it to the Final Four of the State tournament before coming up short 51-49 against Rowan APRIL 20112011 December NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 14

County. The Chargers are off to a 2-0 start this season with a huge win over Kentucky’s number one ranked Trinity. With the small taste of greatness the team achieved last year, many feel that East has a chance to improve and go even further this year. Even with leaders Corey Washburn and Hayden Sweat graduating last year, East is still ranked fourth in Kentucky.  “We are losing a lot in scoring and the physical aspect of Washburn and Hayden.  Their

leadership may not have been present to a lot of people, but they helped others get their jobs done,” said junior guard Rusty Troutman. The fact that the best 2013 class in the state calls Mt. Washington home has a lot to do with the team’s number four ranking.    This amazing class is a three-headed monster that can attack the opposing team from all spots on the floor.  That monster is led by Trey Rakes at point guard, Rusty Troutman at shooting guard and Derek Willis at power forward/center.  Many 12/2/2011 9:35:02 AM

Going Back To Rupp: Coach Barr’s Checklist To State Success

Stay Healthy

Above: After the Chargers state semi-final loss to Rowan County last season, the boys are looking to take the title this year. Far Left: Junior _____ Rusty Troutman defends a Rowan County player during the team’s final game in the state tournament. Inner: Derek Willis (11) dunks over top of a Fairdale player during the District Tournament.

teams will not be able to handle the dribble penetration that East will throw at them. “Derek Willis is a 6’9 power forward that can handle the ball like a guard,” according to ESPN Insiders. Junior Elliott Young and seniors Kory Caulfield and Reece Hardin will also see a lot of playing time this year.  As the year goes on and team chemistry builds, East will be a terrifying group to face come mid-February. Even though the Charger Nation has high expectations, the team has goals that will be hard to achieve as well. “With hard work Livewire NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 15

and dedication, the sky is the limit. As far as our team goals, we want to get back to state and take care of business. We now know how hard we are gonna have to work to make this happen,” stated Reece Hardin, a senior member of the team. As the Chargers have high hopes of a state bound season, they will have to face many good teams along the way. Of course, there will be the North Bullitt and Bullitt Central games, who are no longer in East’s district, but Coach Barr has added some top notch teams such as J-town

Get Bettermust get better before the post season Improve on all aspects of the game Trust and believe in one another Win Districts Win Regionals

Win State and Martha Layne Collins to the schedule after last year’s successful season. The Chargers are also playing in many elite tournaments this year. The team travels down south to Florida to play in the Fort Walton Invitational during Christmas break in which select teams were invited to play in.  They will also play in the King of the Bluegrass and the LIT, facing top players and teams along the way.  

HUMANSPORTS INTEREST 14 12/2/2011 9:35:39 AM



End Of Course To Debut At East article Cameron Love l pictures Cameron Love

What do Myspace and CATS testing have in common? Just like Facebook replaced Myspace, starting this year, the Commonwealth Accountability System (CATS testing) will be replaced by a new state testing system called the end-of-course assessment. The end-of-course assessment (EOC) is a new state mandated test that is designed to replace the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System (CATS). The new assessment holds teachers and students accountable for their scores. This year, students will have the tests in the subject areas of American history, Algebra II, Biology, and English II. In 2009, the Kentucky State Senate decided to replace their old method of state testing, (the CATS test), and instead focus more on the ACT, a college readiness test that is required of all Kentucky colleges for admission. Now, every high school student in the state of Kentucky is required to take the ACT in the spring semester of their junior year, at no cost. (The ACT usually cost $34 to take.) Although the ACT is now the main accountability test of Kentucky high schools, the state still needed another test to replace the CATS on core content. Thus came the end of course assessment. When searching for another option of testing besides the CATS test, the ACT showed an option called the Quality Core Program. This program gives tests at the end of each core content class, while still using ACT-like tests. “The EOC is developed by the same company responsible for the ACT. The test is administered in the same manner as a final exam,” said Kenneth Hughes, an East biology teacher.   The Senate

APRIL 20112011 December NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 16

then chose the Quality Core Program to handle the new EOC because not only did it emphasize core content, but it also uses a college readiness curriculum for its tests. EOC was officially voted law by the Kentucky General Assembly in Senate Bill 1 in 2009, requiring that by 2011-2012 schools administer EOC assessments. As it stands right now, the state contract with Quality Core only lasts one year. This is because the test costs a lot of money to purchase and use, so the state wants to make sure the test is worth the money. To start out the EOC assessments, students will only be required to have the tests in the areas of American history, Algebra II, Biology, and English II. These tests will be given at the end of the semester of each class. So, if you took English II this semester, you would take the English II EOC assessment at the end of this semester, not in the spring. For this year, these are the only four classes with the EOC assessment, but next year English III, World Civilizations, Chemistry, and Geometry will all require an EOC assessment to be taken at the end of the year. As a state recommendation, Bullitt East is making the EOC assessment worth 20% of the final grade in whatever class it is taken in. This puts pressure on students and teacher alike; teachers have to report their scores to the state, while students will have 20% of their grade based on the test. Core content has also been changed to reflect the new EOC. “There is different core content, the standards are higher,” said Debbie Pitcock, a freshmen math teacher at East, on the new standards because of the EOC. Teachers are also worried about what will actually be on the test. So far, teachers are in the dark when it comes to what students will be tested

2. 3. 4. 5.


Study Tips

Do not wait until the last second It’s been proven that studying a little bit each night before a big test is much more effective then cramming the day before. Get organized If you haven’t already, make sure all your papers are organized, and getting a binder is usually the best way to do this. Also, make a study schedule. A few extra minutes here and there can make all the difference in your grade. Ask for help. If you have trouble with a certain concept, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for help, or contact Mr. Hardin to get a peer tutor. Don’t be intimidated Yes, the test does count for 20% of your final grade, but going into the assessment with a chip on your shoulder is no good. Just stay relaxed, and be confident that you know what you are talking about. Flashcards, flashcards, and more flashcards When it comes to studying, make flashcards your best friends. They are a great study tool, and can be taken anywhere for a quick review.

on, as they have never seen this type of Quality Core test. “As of today, the standards for the Biology EOC assessment have not been finalized by the Kentucky Department of Education. I also have limited knowledge about the types of questions that will be on the test. Despite this, we will be judged as if we have received a lot of training over the curriculum and the assessment,” said Hughes. Some students are concerned about the exam. “It’s not enough time to cover curriculum. I think it’s just too much emphasis on one test,” said junior Penny Schmitz, who will be taking the algebra II EOC at the end of the semester. 12/2/2011 9:36:27 AM



It’s Movie Time In The Mount

At the new Keystone Cinemas, tickets are purchased at the concession stand, which is pictured above. Inset: The outside entrance of the theatre.

article Dillon Campbell l photos Dillon Campbell

Lights, Camera, Action! Keystone Cinemas opened on November 11th. The movie theatre is close by and many students are happy about that. Students believe that the theatre will be the new hangout spot. Breaking Dawn was the first major movie shown on its opening night. What started out as a wide open field has now grown into a parking lot and a building that has eight movie theatres inside. Small town Mt. Washington is finally growing. As the community grows so does the incoming businesses. The ground breaking business was Kroger two years ago. With the movie theatre being built off of Armstrong Lane, there will be a lot of revenue being brought in. Mt. Washington will bring in people from different places to the movies and the surrounding restaurants. With the new Keystone theatres, the number one thing on everybody’s mind is what the ticket prices are. “We are the cheapest Movie Theatre around.” said Dakota Bunch, employee at Keystone. The matinee prices are $6 for adults, $5 for children and $5.50 for a senior or a student Livewire NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 17

with their ID. For the evening showing there is a slight increase but is still cheaper than around town. Ticket prices for adults are $7.75, for kids $5, and for seniors or student with ID is 6.75. “Our ticket prices are cheap and patrons will get their money’s worth.” Bunch added. Everybody knows though you can’t go to a movie and not have some popcorn and a drink. Prices for popcorn are fairly cheap its $2.75 for a small, $3.75 for a medium, and $4.75 for a large. Drinks are around the same price, a small is $2.75, $3.75 for a medium, and $4.25 for a large. Students at East have been waiting for a long time for Keystone Theatres to open up. “Having the theatre so close to home is great. I am going to be able to go a lot more often with my friends,” said senior Taylor Friedmund. The theatre is literally a short walk from many students’ houses. Junior Devyn Noe lives in Autumn Glen and is happy that it is close to his house. “It saves me a lot of gas. Instead of driving a half an hour away it is just a two minute drive.” With the Keystone Theatres opening up off of Highway 44, a street light has been added to keep traffic to a minimum. The City of Mt. Washington has been proactive to make the theatre a success.

With the movie theatre being built, students will be spending a lot of time up there. The hangout spots are presently Taco Bell and McDonalds, with the addition of the theatre the hangout spots may change. “People like change and that’s what the new theatre will be,” said senior Zack McMillen. The movie theatre is a significant change from what Mt. Washington has been used to. Normally the people would have to travel quite a ways to find some fun. “Yeah, Mt. Washington has a bowling alley, but not everyone likes to bowl. But when it comes to going to the movies, everybody loves to go to the movies,” Matt Johnson said. As mentioned, Keystone theatres opened on November 11th. The theatre participated in the midnight release of the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1. A new movie theatre means new jobs for students. Most of the jobs around here consist of the same things-fast food, grocery stores, or working on odd jobs. With the opening of Keystone, it gave students an opportunity to have a fun job with a lot of perks. “I put in an application and got the job,” Dakota Bunch said. “Who wouldn’t want to watch movies for their job?”

HUMAN FEATURES INTEREST 16 12/2/2011 9:36:50 AM

Breaking Dawn Vampires, Werewolves, and Babies? Oh My! article Maggie Smith

The fourth movie in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn Part One entered theaters on November 18th and has fans anxiously awaiting part two’s release next year. Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Part One begins with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan’s (Kristen Stewart) wedding and continues with the drama surrounding Bella’s dangerous pregnancy. Many Bullitt East students thoroughly enjoyed part one and cannot wait to see how the story concludes in part two. People who have seen the newest Twilight movie recommend it to anyone that is interested in the series. The third movie to the saga, Eclipse, ends with Edward asking Bella to marry him. Breaking Dawn Part Owo picks up at the wedding of the two main characters, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Jitters are fluttering in Bella as she has nightmares of wedding a vampire. With the wedding, Jacob Black (Taylor Launter), Bella’s friend and werewolf, feels the final blow of rejection from Bella. The newlyweds then head to Brazil for their honeymoon. While there, Bella begins to feel ill and discovers she is indeed pregnant with Edward’s child, which will be a vampire-human mix. With her health decreasing, the choice is put in front of her and Edward to kill the child growing within her because it very well could kill Bella. She would rather die than kill her baby and live. Her decision is completely disapproved by her husband; he does not want to lose Bella. Tensions rise as Jacob leaves the werewolf clan in Forks, Washington. The clan decides they need to kill the baby. Bella, Edward, and Jacob all try to work together to protect themselves and the child from the forces trying to destroy them. Many Bullitt East students went to the midnight premiere and the opening weekend of Breaking Dawn Part One. The majority of the students really enjoyed the movie. Senior, Lauren Burton, states, “I felt like Breaking Dawn Part one was extremely good. When I was done watching it, I was very satisfied. I was very proud of the Twilight saga movie. It was the best one so far. The characters were portrayed so much better in this movie.” Junior, Cady Cornell, also loved the movie, “I really liked the movie and it was everything I expected it to be. I think it was better than the other movies because it sparked more emotion in me than any others. But, I did think it would be more kid friendly due to the wide range of twihards (hardcore twilight fans).” The movie did involve a lot of adultcontent including sexual content and a lot of blood and guts. As for following the content of Stephanie Meyer’s book, Breaking Dawn, students rave that it followed the plot almost perfectly. Senior, Katie Stallings, stated, “I think this movie followed its book better than any other Twilight movie. There were still small tweaks to the movies, but all in all, the movie was very similar to the book.” These three ladies recommend this book to any Twilight fans that haven’t seen it yet. Burton says, “I would recommend this movie because it has a certain essence about it that in some odd, unconventional way could probably relate to everyone, just from different perspectives. If you really break it down there’s heartbreak, teen pregnancy, marriage, and relationship issues. Who doesn’t have any of those issues or similar situations?” You don’t even need to be a hardcore Twilight fan to enjoy it. Anxiety around the concluding episode to the Twilight Saga rises after more people see Breaking Dawn Part One and anticipate what may happen. Stallings claims, “I know part two will follow the book just as well as part one did and I think it will include more action after Bella’s life gets flipped around at the end of part one. I cannot wait to see it.”

APRIL 20112011 December NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 18

Which do you prefer?


16% Movies

10% Neither 12/2/2011 9:36:54 AM

(Part One) Why I Hate Twilight article Cameron Love

“I’m a girl that pretty much makes Susan B. Anthony roll over in her grave by how complacent and reliant on a man I am.” “I’m a sparkly vampire with a really nice car and weird hair… did I mention I sparkle?” And so, it began. Oh Twilight. The four book series written by Stephanie Meyers has evolved into one of the most annoying and dumbest teen sensations that the world has ever seen. Just recently, the first part of the last film installment, Breaking Dawn Part I, came out and well, let’s just say I can’t wait for part II to be over with. Hopefully then this whole Twilight nonsense will be swept under the rug faster than it takes Bella Swan to transform into Edward’s personal doormat. Honestly, I can’t judge the movies. I’ve only seen the first one, (that was a doozy), and have never been back to seen Kristen Stewart’s and Robert Pattinson’s terrible acting skills again. I have, however, read the books, (again, that was a doozy). I suffered through the depressing and terrible writings of Meyer, but hey I got to find out that the shirtless werewolf with awesome abs fell in love with a baby. Clutch.

A Look From the Inside

Twilight Breaking Dawn came out in theaters November 18th this year. I work at Rave 16 on Preston Crossings and we had a special midnight showing Friday. I had to go into work at 9pm to 3:30am. When I got there though, the lobby, hallways, front, and back of the theater was full of people. There were plenty of die-hard Twilight fans. Everywhere you looked you either saw a Team Edward shirt or a Team Jacob shirt. Some girls were even in wedding dresses and looked like Bella… Many people had pillows and blankets and some even brought their own chairs to wait outside. We had some people waiting 10 hours before the movie and they brought their laptops, cell phone chargers, and portable TV’s.

We had every theater showing Twilight, literally all 16 theaters. The eight theaters on the left side were 12:01am showings and First problem with the books: does this the eight theaters on the right side were 12:15am showings. Bella Swan give a crap about anyone Around 12:30am, everybody was in a theater so we could start but Edward? Like really, if every woman on the face of the earth to close. I didn’t finish until 2:30am but I was happy I could followed Ms. Swan’s philosophy finally go home… not. to life then I’m pretty sure the 19th amendment would be done While I was clocking out, all the theaters let out almost simulaway with, Hilary Clinton would taneously. So imagine thousands of people trying to leave a be sent packing from being full parking lot at 2:30 in the morning at, the same time, it’s just Secretary of State, and Maya not going to happen. After sitting in one spot for half an hour, Moore would be forced to I turned my car off and went back inside for almost an hour. I be a basketball trainer, didn’t get home until four something. and not the current beast that she is. Bella claims - Brandon Bibb to just be smitten with everyone’s favorite vampire, but in reality becomes useless when she starts “dating” him. In New Moon he’s gone for like a semester or something, and she gets so depressed that she jumps off a cliff because she can’t be with him. (Wouldn’t that have been nice if that had went as planned… ok sorry, that’s bad.) Second problem: I’m pretty sure Meyer just made up everything as she went along. Maybe it was just me, but reading Breaking Dawn was probably the worst experience of my life. Freaky vampire baby? Freaky vampire baby falls in love with the cute (but still not as cool as Edward) werewolf? Vampires from Italy come and take the baby? Wait, Bella has a super power? Huh? It then seems like the werewolves and the vampires have a feast like Thanksgiving after that, but I couldn’t tell you since I tried to block that wretched book out of my brain. Bottom line is that Twilight has been nothing but a big bunch of vampire uselessness thrust upon pop culture. I’ll be giddy when the whole thing is over, but now I’m trying to think of a way to make use of all the trees wasted on the producing of the books… Maybe knit them together and make a big blanket for the homeless? I’ll get back to you on that, but until then, burning all copies of Twilight is not a bad plan.

Livewire NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 19

HUMAN FEATURES INTEREST 20 12/2/2011 9:36:58 AM

You’re a Twilight fan. What’s your pick Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Edward in the books, but Jacob in the movies.

Who is your favorite singer?

Gary, Carrie

compiled by Faith Pope

Adele. She’s the best thing on the planet, but it makes me sad that she smokes and ruined her voice.

Carrie Gary-

Music Teach

er at BE

This former Youngstown student who to Bullitt Ea came st to teach p erforming a teaches HAV r ts . She PA and instr ucts the sch choir. Mrs. G ool’s ary also is in charge of th annual talen e t show as w ell.

If you were a Harry Potter character who would you be? The one that kills everyone (Voldemort), because I hate Harry Potter.

Where did you attend college and what did you major in? Youngstown University, with the best mascot ever, the penguin. I majored in vocal Performance Opera.

What do you think of the Whaam Hand Sanitzer from Bath and Body Works ? It’s the best smell ever.

Is there a Mr. Gary?

Yes, James Gary but I tricked everyone for a whole year and said his name was Larry Gary.

If your life was a musical, which one would it be? “The King and I” because I take care of kids that aren’t mine, and “I Whistle A Happy Tune” is my theme song.

Have you done anything that deserves some good karma? I rescued a dog. I found him at Simpson Lake. He stayed with me for one night, and I went to take him to the vet but it was closed. So he stayed in my car while i was at school. Then a friend picked him up and took him to the vet.

Why did you choose to pursue music? I can’t imagine myself doing anything else with my life.

Favorite memory in college? Spending the summer in Italy. APRIL 20112011 December

NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 20 12/2/2011 9:37:45 AM

VS. article Katie Lucas l poll Katie Lucas

Sometimes change isn’t always a bad thing. As popular as Facebook used to be a lot of the users are now switching to Twitter. People are making the switch to Twitter because of the drama on Facebook and it’s easier to be contacted for some of the sports teams there. The good thing about Twitter is that it’s only tweets, you can do it as much as you want and there’s not any drama. The bad thing about Facebook is it can invade people’s privacy a little too much. East’s baseball team has a Twitter. It’s easy to subscribe to the tweets so when one is posted the players can just subscribe to get them to their phones whether it’s about a practice time change, a game, or if something has gotten cancelled. “In my opinion I love it only because I don’t always have to be on the computer to know if something has changed, I just get the tweets to my phone which is nice because I always have my phone on me,” said Junior, Austin Money. Math teacher, Savannah Richardson, also has a Facebook. While she checks Facebook once a day Richardson says, “I enjoyed staying connected to friends and family who live far away via Facebook. I don’t enjoy the spam and annoying, repetitive invites.” “I hate all the drama on Facebook. Livewire NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 21

Everyone argues about everything. It’s a little ridiculous,” said sophomore, Kaitlyn Waters. “With Twitter no one has anything to argue over. You can’t really comment or ‘like’ anyone’s tweets so it’s pointless to argue.” Spamming and hacking is something new that’s been occurring on Facebook. Inappropriate videos and pictures are being posted on people’s “walls” and popping up on news feeds. There have been multiple statuses complaining and mentioning how they are going to delete their Facebooks due to all of the spamming. “If people don’t quit clicking on these pictures causing them to pop up on my news feed I’m seriously going to delete my Facebook,” said former student at Bullitt East, Tori Payton.

Twitter for a numerous amount of reasons. The switch from Facebook to Twitter is becoming like the switch from Myspace to Facebook. Some people didn’t like the switch at first, but now they love it. Junior, Lexus Ostrander says, “First I absolutely hated the switch because I wasn’t used to it just yet, but now I’m in-love with Twitter.” Sometimes you have to try new things until you realize what the best is. “I also love the good quotes you can find on Twitter. They are so relatable and if you don’t want to see someone’s tweets it’s easy to unfollow or follow them whenever you want,” said Mullins.

Status or

“I love Twitter a lot more than Facebook. One, there’s not any spamming or hacking that I have seen. You can express yourself a lot more, and tweet all you want. You can’t invade others privacy as much as you can on Facebook,” said Junior, Brooke Mullins. When Facebook came out everyone wanted to have one. Now Twitter is the new thing a lot of people are wanting. Facebook was created in February 2004 and has over 800 million active users. Twitter was created in March of 2006 and is slowly growing to become more popular than Facebook. Many users started off with a Facebook and began to migrate to




A poll was taken of 82 students asking whether they like Facebook or Twitter better, with 39 replying Facebook and 43 Twitter.

HUMAN FEATURES INTEREST 22 12/2/2011 9:38:10 AM

Robots Roaming the Halls

More than students are walking the halls of East. The new elective, Robotics class, was introduced to students this school year. Robotics class is in its first year here at East. The class is based on the FIRST Tech challenge program. Students can learn skills that involve mechanics and engineering. All of the robots in the class can drive around via remote control, but the class is working towards building and programing a robot that can move by itself and be controlled by a person. They are also planning on having the robots score racket balls by manipulating milk crates and balls. “The robots in the class can do a couple different things, one group can place a box on its back, my group’s robot has a forklift,” said robotics student, junior Jack Porter. Eventually the class will compete against other schools. “Competitions don’t start until February,” said robotics teacher Darrell Vincent, “The competitions will be determined at a later date and is based on the teams involved FIRST Tech Challenge.”

article Mackenzie Perdue l photos Faith Pope

The FIRST Tech Program was founded in 1992 by Dean Kamen, an inventor, entrepreneur, and advocate for technology and science. There is a category for students, kindergarten thru third grade, fourth thru eighth grade, and ninth thru twelfth grade. Their mission is “To inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.” Besides just designing, building, and programing robots, the student will be asked to apply real-word science and math problems in the competitions. The students will gain problem-solving, team-building, and organizational skills. Students also can qualify for nearly fifteen million dollars in college scholarships, with more than 925 individual offerings and more than 145 scholarship providers. After being asked if this class would be beneficial to students’ future, Porter replied, “I’d have to say I really think the class is a really good opportunity to learn

more about engineering, and how it works.” The robotics class is a one semester class and is worth one credit. The course is recommended for juniors and seniors only. There is no minimum GPA or ACT score to take the class. The students should also have some interests in engineering. “You should have the quality to follow directions step by step, also you should have good listening skills, and should be able to work with a group well,” said another robotics student, junior Michael Faul. The class is mainly about getting realistic engineering experience, though by the end of class students should have a basic understanding of programing. Students have had really positive reactions to this class. “It’s usually pretty fun and it’s been pretty rewarding during some of the more ‘successful’ moments,” said Porter. “The class is a great class to take,” said Faul. “You learn stuff and still have fun in it.” In the spring Vincent will be starting a robotics club that may also compete in competitions later in the school year.

Meet The Robot

APRIL 20112011 December NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 22

Age: 5 weeks old Creators: Jack Porter, Austin King, Lauren Tyler, Brian Goodman Ambitions: Wants to be the best robot that it can be Next Milestone: To be able to use a forkshift style scoop 12/2/2011 9:39:04 AM

myStory articles Haley Simpson and Emily Priddy l photos submitted and Emily Priddy

Allie Jensen For sophomore Allie Jensen, art is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. “Art is my life. That’s what I do. All I want to do is make art. I am art.” Jensen is a self-taught artist and musician who has branched from gymnastics and volleyball to where she is now. She owes her inspiration to musician Kimya Dawson. Dawson’s music is anti-folk and she plays the guitar and sings her own songs. “She’s relevant to my life. She doesn’t worry about the small things she sees the big picture.” In her past, Jensen was a competitive gymnast but was forced to quit due to pulling several different muscles in her back, which she claimed was just like a severe case of whiplash. Kimya Dawson, above, is one of Allie Jensen then moved to volleyball and Jenson‘s biggest musical inspiraplayed here at B.E for several years. tions.

Kyler Ware Art has always been a fixture in Ware’s life and she has been doing it for as long as she can remember. She uses many different types of supplies including acrylic paint, charcoal, pastel, and pencil. “She’s really really good,” said sophomore Jenny Pinkley, friend of seven years. Ware draws all types of things but has recently been focusing to improve on drawing people. “I draw whenever I get a chance,” said Ware. She has completed 15 paintings and many sketchbooks since third grade.This year Ware entered a painting and drawing in the Kentucky State Fair. Both of her pieces she entered won ribbons. Her painting won her 1st place and a merit award while her drawing won her 5th place. The painting that won her first place at the fair took two weeks to complete. Kyler Ware is a very talented artist. Above is one of her pieces. It is a beach scene.

Livewire NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 23

HUMAN FEATURES INTEREST 24 12/2/2011 9:39:26 AM

Letter to the Editor In Response to Rebel Flag Editorial

To Whom It May Concern: I think that the article that Cameron Love wrote about the Confederate Flag is a one-sided, biased article. Other than the quote that I gave, there’s not much to the other side of the story that Love gave. I have some key facts and ideas I would like to make about some of the points Love made in his article. When the dress code says “derogatory symbols”, how is the Confederate Flag considered a derogatory symbol? What’s bad about it? All that it stands for is the secession of the Confederate States from the Union and southern heritage. The meaning has NOTHING to do with racism. If you’re going to call the Confederate Flag racist, you might as well call the American Flag racist too, because the North had slaves just like the South. If someone wore a British flag, would you call that a hate symbol against Americans because we fought them during the American Revolution? Just like the Union fought the Confederacy during the Civil War?

represent racism and hate, and use the Confederate Flag as their symbol, such as the Ku Klux Klan, and the National Socialist Movement. It’s people like that that give the people who wear it for southern heritage a bad name. As for me in particular, I am not a racist. I don’t put labels on anybody by the color of their skin. But it makes my temper itch when people label me as a racist just because I wear the Confederate Flag, and I don’t even label them. What did I do to deserve such harassment? They call the Confederate Flag a hate symbol, but I don’t hate anybody just by seeing them. I treat everyone with the respect that they deserve. Another point I would like to make, is in his article, Love called a student an African-American. Now, I don’t know too much about her, but I don’t think she has come directly from Africa. I don’t call myself a German-Cherokee-Irish-Scottish-American, even though that’s where my roots are from. Why do people call black people AfricanAmericans? She is a citizen of this country, which means she is an American. Now, her roots may be from Africa, but in this country, she’s considered an American. That’s how labels are put on people and offend them. No one in this country is African, Indian, Asian, Mexican, or any other label. They are Americans.

Whatever the facts are, there are however some people who represent racism and hate, and use the Confederate Flag as their symbol, such as the Ku Klux Klan, and the National Socialist Movement. It’s people like that that give the people who wear it for southern heritage a bad name.

The only reason you hear about the “bad” treatment about slaves in the South was because of the propaganda against the South to get people and extra states to join the Union. Also, what was a BIG factor was France and Britain. Because of the major imports of cotton and sugar from the South, Britain and France were on the side of the South because all of their raw materials were coming from there. Abraham Lincoln knew that if Britain and France joined the South in the war, the Union would have no chance of winning. So, Lincoln launched this whole ordeal about anti-slavery, because France and Britain were anti-slavery countries, they decided not to take the side of the South which gave the Union a huge advantage. Abraham Lincoln had slaves of his own, and probably wouldn’t have cared about abolishing slavery if he knew it wouldn’t have cost him the war. Because he knew how badly abolishing slavery would affect the southern economy. Whatever the facts are, there are however some people who APRIL 20112011 December NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 24

All in all, slavery was a bad mark in American history. That is something we can all agree on. But when you’re relating the Confederate flag as being racist and a hate symbol; don’t, because it’s not. As I and most people do, refer to it as, “heritage, not hate”. Sincerely,

Shane Denton 12/2/2011 9:39:42 AM

Jessica Endicott

The ABC’s Of AB Scheduling

contact Jessica - Ninety minute classes, five minute breaks, and four blocks; as the student body, we recognize this as our weekly routine. However, that’s all about to drastically change. Site-base is most likely switching to an AB schedule is a possibility due to the lack of core content (reading, math, and english) reinforcement in block schedule. The superintendent decided that a schedule change was in much need. The site-based council came to a rational conclusion that students are not receiving the proper learning opportunities to become fully prepared for college. In result, it’s a possibility that Bullitt East will go into an AB schedule routine, searching for a better way to prepare the student body for college. Procrastination: we’re all victims of it, there’s no denying it. “I’ve attended Bullitt East since 2008 and I’ve always been on a block schedule. Students will be greatly effected in such a pessimistic type way that the routine change can and more than likely will become stressful, especially for the students who will be seniors next year.” Kimmie Miles (12) voiced. AB scheduling will encourage students to put their classwork and homework off for a period of time, no doubt. In addition to that fact, you must gain a great amount of responsibility if in search for success. Playing as the devil’s advocate, this change also gives you the opportunity to have an extra day to finalize and polish your homework. So, who’s really going to argue with that?

not because BE will still offer electives for credits and shall remain the same as usual. The only absolute difference in this occurrence is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays you’ll have four required classes, then on Tuesdays and Thursdays you’ll attend four more classes that are not associated with classes on any other day. Befuddling, but it’s not impossible to cope with. Our test scores over the years are sporadic; all over the board, therefore, it’s time for a change in routine and if that means more fundamentals, so be it. If you want to perceive the matter through an optimistic perspective, for those planning on attending college, this is the exact schedule you’ll be abiding by daily. Preparing us for college not only through education, but routine is greatly looked up upon by scholars and universities. If you can cope with a college schedule during your first few weeks on campus, you’re good to go in the eyes of administrators, professors and even other peers. The decision to change gear on scheduling is not intended to make this an obstacle, but to prepare you for what you’re about to face and to better yourself as a responsible intellectual individual. In order to grow and better yourself, you’ve got to change for the sake of not only your education and knowledge, but for yourself as an individual. As a community of Bullitt East, the goal is to fully prepare students for their (bright) future. Many students can’t grasp the understanding that they must gain responsibility; if not properly prepared, student may be perpetually addled.

Since I’ve been here we’ve been on block scheduling... It’s time for a change.”

At some point, all teenagers witness a concerned parent uttering, “You must learn responsibility.” Though students, some more than others, lack responsibility throughout high school, it’s still never too late to gain some kind of knowledge towards being responsible. AB scheduling is the perfect opportunity for students to gain that specific knowledge. It opens up that door of opportunities for students and even faculty/staff to make a great change for the sake of bettering our peer community. Kara Smith (11) gave her input. “AB scheduling, I find to be a great idea. Since I’ve been here we’ve been on block scheduling… It’s time for some change,” stated Smith. What about electives? Well, the whole idea of changing scheduling is due to the lack of math and english our student body is receiving. “With block scheduling, we’re only getting our required essentials and credits in one semester, instead of having it year round,” said Smith. With that being said, although students are infatuated by the fact of not having year round math and english, they’re not receiving the proper time span for the required essentials we must retain. However, fret

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What do you think about the new schedule? Let us know. Send all letters to:

HUMAN OPINION INTEREST 26 12/2/2011 9:40:29 AM

Megan Tomes

School Drug Testing Does Not Violate Rights contact Megan -

There’s no prize if your name gets chosen for this. Students are selected to be drug tested at random and many dread it when their name is called. Students involved in school activities have to be drug tested. There are repercussions for testing positive for drugs. Despite opposing opinions, drug testing students at school does not violate the fourth amendment. All athletes, club participants and students drivers are required to take a drug test in order to join school activities and drive to school. According to the Bullitt County Public Schools Code of Student Behavior and Discipline, “Because of the potential notoriety derived from athletic/club participation and the privilege of driving, students involved also potentially impact or influence the attitudes and actions of other members of the student body.” The District wants to set a good example for all Bullitt County students in middle and high school. The students who are known throughout the school are the ones that participate in school athletics and are active members of clubs. It only makes sense to set a good example through these students. Also, when our athletes play other high schools teams they are a direct reflection of our school. They need to present a positive image of our school. If everyone thinks that our school uses illegal substances than they will not respect us.

use drugs are hurting their body and possibly putting others in danger. Drugs and underage drinking are still illegal, so people need to accept the consequences for their actions. Some people feel that drug testing violates the fourth amendment. The fourth amendment is “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Drug testing students does not violate this constitutional right. First of all, it is not considered an unreasonable search and seizure because students, who are under eighteen, must get parental permission to be drug tested. They can decline to be drug tested if they want, but they will not be allowed to participate in school activities or have a parking pass. The entire drug testing procedure is clearly spelled out in the Code of Student Behavior and Discipline, so nothing should be a surprise.

It’s for the betterment of the school and is needed for many people.”

It’s not that big of a deal for student drivers to be tested either. It is dangerous for other drivers to have someone who is under the influence on the road. The students that are regularly under the influence don’t need to be on the roads. Plus, parking at school is a privilege and if a student uses a harmful substance and puts others in danger they don’t deserve to have one. “It’s a rule that you have to be drug tested to play a sport and have a parking pass, so it would be unfair for kids to not be drug tested and be able to participate in these things,” said Molly Karrer (12). The testing process is confidential and the results are mailed to the parents of the student. If a student tests positive for a prohibited substance they must attend an intervention/assistance program. The student or their parents have to pay for the session and it must be scheduled within a week of receiving the test results. The student will be suspended from all sports and clubs they are involved in. An athlete must sit out for an equivalent of 20% of their games and competitions for the season. To be able to return to their activities, the student must pass one drug test. They are also not allowed to park on school grounds for two weeks. “I guess they are trying to keep us responsible,” said Kassidy Miller (12). The punishments set are fair considering how students who APRIL 20112011 December NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 26

“Drug testing in school is not a violation of the fourth amendment. It’s for the betterment of the school and is needed for many people,” said Karrer. Not everyone uses harmful substances and they shouldn’t be judged based on the fact that others do, but there is probable cause in everyone being eligible to be tested. The process has to be fair, if one person has to do it, than so should everyone else. Drug testing is not a pleasant experience, but if you don’t use drugs then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

What do you think about the drug testing and your rights? Let us know. Send all letters to: 12/2/2011 9:41:00 AM

I’m McKenzie Perdew?

Welp, One (semester) Down, One to Go

2012 may or may not be the end of the world, but it is definitely the end for this year’s seniors. This upcoming semester will be the Class of 2012’s last semester of high school. In order to ensure a spot in May’s graduation, seniors should be making their final semester a successful one, rather than an embarrassing one, academically. Students should also be focused on developing a solid plan for their post-high school life, whatever path they may choose.  However, during all the stress that senior year encompasses, the Class of 2012 should not forget to have some fun in their final eighteen weeks of high school. For (almost) every kid out there, walking the line with their graduating class is kind of a big deal; yet every year, numerous kids get scratched from the list due to very preventable academic short comings.  It never fails as almost every senior falls victim to the infamous “senioritis.”  Homework assignments are no longer a priority, but just something ‘”you might do if you have time and then I still really won’t care.”  Heck, most teachers are lucky to get assignments from seniors at the end of the school year. The class of 2012 needs to stand out from all of the past graduating classes.  It should be each senior’s personal goal to graduate with all 299 members of our class, but how exactly do we achieve that goal? It’s simple really.  As individuals, seniors need to muster up some type of initiative and take it upon themselves to make sure that all of their proverbial high school ducks are in a row.  Grades, attendance, the whole nine yards. Set up a meeting time with your counselor and check (double-check for some of you brainiacs) to make sure that all of your graduation requirements are met, including all of your core content classes, electives, clubs, foreign languages, everything really.  Check with Mrs. Linde in the office to see what your attendance looks like.  Students with too many unexcused absences or tardies aren’t permitted to walk the line. However, most importantly, don’t let senioritis be your excuse for slacking off in the final eighteen.  It’s pretty much inevitable that each and every one of you will come down with senioritis, but you decide how this ‘disease’ affects you.  Don’t be that student who gets pulled at the last second for preventable infractions. Walking the line is not a right- it’s a privilege. However, the high school ducks aren’t the only ones seniors should be getting a row.  The final year of high school is the most fundamental block in building your future.  It’s the time you figure out what college or university you want to attend, what career or trade you want to go into, or for some, what branch of the United States military you want to go forth in.  The majority of the senior class have already applied to college or determined what they want to do with their future and that’s great, but there are Livewire NewsmagazineBEHSFall2011issue2.indd 27

some of you out there who haven’t decided anything yet. There is still time, however.  Acceptance deadlines aren’t until early spring, but if you want any scholarships, then you need to send in your application as soon as possible.  In order to be eligible for scholarships, you have to be accepted into the school and scholarship deadlines are usually mid-January or so. A second application that needs to be filled out is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is government ran, is extremely important. The FAFSA conducts a “need analysis”, according to their website, based on your family’s financial situation.  “The FAFSA is the application most colleges use to determine eligibility for federal, state, and collegesponsored financial aid, including grants, educational loans, and work-study programs,” the website also stated.  The government has over $170 billion dollars’ worth in aid and filling out the FAFSA is the first step in receiving it.  However, receiving that money is on a first-come first-serve basis.  Official filings don’t begin until January 1st, but you can send it in before and the government will file it for you on the New Year. If you haven’t filled that out, that needs to be moved to the top of your priority list. Another thing for college-bound students to put on their to-do list is housing.  If you plan on going off to college, then you want to make sure that this is filled out and sent in ASAP.  You can get priority housing, which means that after all of the applications are sent in, you have a greater chance of getting your first choice dormitories.  Finally, make sure that you stay in constant contact with representatives for the college you want to go to.  They will supply you with eons of helpful information, including specific school deadlines and scholarships. With all of the stress of making sure you graduate high school and trying to get into college, senior year can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  However, one of the most important things seniors need to remember is more cliché than a John Hughes movie-simply live it up and enjoy every minute of it. You only get to experience senior year once, so make it the best time of your life.  Take pictures of everything and become Walgreen’s best customer by printing out all of your favorite memories.  For homecoming next semester, dress up every single day as something wild and crazy and just have fun with it.  Go to the homecoming dance and the winter formal.  Spend your Friday nights at the school’s athletic events, screaming your heart out in the Red Zone.  Go to the pep rallies with a positive attitude and make them great. Pull an April Howard and do something completely outrageous. Things like that are what you will remember. Most importantly, spend your senior year with the people you want to spend it with. You don’t want to look back and regret not spending your time with those who mean the most to you.  You want to look back and remember all of the great times you had with them. You get what you put into senior year, so make this last eighteen weeks awesome, Class of 2012. HUMAN OPINION INTEREST 28 12/2/2011 9:41:26 AM

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