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La Salle College High School – Technology

La Salle College High School – Technology

WE ARE FLUENT IN INNOVATION Throughout their freshmen experience, students will be introduced to a number of innovations in computing and digital media that have become essential to interactions in our world today. La Salle’s Technology Program seeks to provide an environment that empowers students through access to technology for the communication of information and ideas. This program ensures that all students become lifelong, independent, dynamic learners and contributors to their communities. We strive to develop high performance technology environments where students learn to apply information, solve real world problems, and work cooperatively with their peers as well as teachers and administrators. La Salle’s focus on the values of integrity and respect are reflected in our emphasis on digital citizenship.



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La Salle College High School – Technology

La Salle College High School – Technology





Digital Citizenship and Ethics

Design Thinking

Acknowledging that technology is an integral part of life in the

Design Thinking pushes our students to change their approach

21st Century, the Technology Program at La Salle College High

to learning while become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

School understands the responsibility of students conducting their

Lessons and activities are designed to challenge students to

lives in this online age. To that end, La Salle seeks to prepare our

work independently and in teams to address a variety of topics.

young men to be responsible Digital Citizens. Our Introduction to

Whether it’s producing a video, digital design project management,

Information Sciences and Technology course helps our students

addressing the needs of others, or collaborating on a presentation,

to acknowledge the lasting effects of their own digital identities.

these experiences enable our students to use various technologies

La Salle prepares our students to be ethical and safe users of

to explore new ideas, research new topics, and sketch out potential

technology while also teaching the importance of the balance

solutions. Incorporating Design Thinking forces students to think

between one’s own privacy and the security of the greater public.

divergently, view problems with a new lens, and take an active role in their own learning.

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La Salle College High School – Technology

La Salle College High School – Technology




Digital Design Program The Information Sciences and Technology Department Digital

IT Academy

Design Curriculum builds upon the national success of the IT

For over two decades, La Salle College High School has been

Academy Curriculum and focuses on digital communication tools.

a flagship Microsoft Imagine (IT) Academy. This means that

Through a robust offering of courses, students have access in

we provide industry-recognized technology education, skills,

school and at-home to the Adobe Creative Cloud – the Industry

and certifications students need to succeed in the world of

standard for creative professionals in creative apps & services.

Information Technology. The curricula are organized along learning paths that guide students and educators to earning industry-recognized certifications and skills needed for jobs of tomorrow. Students gain valuable skills for college and career that will help them succeed in an increasingly digital global economy across these four areas: IT Infrastructure, Computer Science, Productivity, and Data Science.

In addition to experiential learning in video production, photography, social media, audio production and digital design - students have the option to achieve Adobe Certifications through our partnership with Certiport® the leading provider of certification exam development. Students in the program will leave with a portfolio of digital assets produced for La Salle College High School’s various media outlets which will set them apart from the competition at the next level and beyond.

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La Salle College High School – Technology

La Salle College High School – Technology


Engineering Design All students are introduced to engineering design in their

Software development and programming

freshmen year by learning fundamental concepts and

Students in this course will learn how to manipulate data using high-level programming

developing a foundational understanding of the latest

language for better understanding of numerical theories used in day-to-day events.

software tools. Students interested in engineering design

Using higher-level math skills and object-oriented language, students will design

can elevate their understanding beginning sophomore year

simulation of real events, using Java as the delivery language, to gain an in-depth

by pursuing advanced classes. Students will grow in their

understanding of mathematical theories. We will also highlight concepts of Algebra II

understanding of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software used

and Trigonometry.

by architects, engineers, and design professionals with both 2D and 3D modeling.



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La Salle College High School – Technology

La Salle College High School – Technology



EXTRACURRICULAR OPPORTUNITIES What you learn is just the half of it Student Lab Manager Program - The award-winning Student Lab Manager

WEXPtv - La Salle College High School offers students a multi-

WEXP is completely student-run and provides students real-world

program is a unique technology team at La Salle College High School. Each

platform Multimedia Program via the Students involved in the

experience in live television and field production as well as non-

year over sixty applicants try-out to join the team of the top tech students in

program produce a weekly 15 minute WEXPtv broadcast which

linear video editing using the Adobe Creative Cloud. All students in

the school. The program gives La Salle students the chance to have hands on

provides video highlights of school events and provides a forum for

the program also receive the entire Adobe Creative Suite Software

experience running a real network.

interviews with members of the school community.

for home-use.

The students work directly with technology office staff, to maintain, upgrade,

In addition to the weekly broadcasts, students have access to the

and manage the network throughout the entire school. Team members learn

latest multimedia production equipment on the market as well as

about computers by working with faculty and their laptops and students in

the ability to share their student-produced content in the digital

the labs throughout the school. From fixing problems, or teaching others, the

space via the LSCHS Web Site, Social Media Platforms and Digital

students gain leadership and teaching skills, as well as knowledge of technology.

Signage around campus.

They also gain networking experience from hands-on work with La Salle’s advanced server and network infrastructure. After working with this program, our members become skilled with both computers and people.

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La Salle College High School – Technology

Robotics - The La Salle Robotics program is an extra-curricular offering comprised of three FIRST Robotics teams. Two teams compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and these teams are exclusively for Freshmen and Sophomores interested in learning some of the basics of robotics. Each season, students design, build, and program a competition robot. Students of all grade levels are invited to join our FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team. In addition to working with the robots, team members are involved in various community outreach initiatives with the collective focus of increasing awareness in STEM education and future opportunities.

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La Salle College High School – Technology

COLLEGE PLACEMENT Go confidently after your dreams

BY THE NUMBERS We see a difference where we make a difference

731 Students are in a Technology Class in 2019-20

50% ®

100+ students receive industry level certifications each year

of Digital Design Elective Students leave La Salle with an Industry-Level ACA Certification Each Year

23 Technology Classes

WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD WITH TECHNOLOGY La Salle College High School 8605 Cheltenham Avenue Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania 19038 215 402 4800 phone 215 233 0284 fax

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Technology: We Do It All With Distinction  

An Overview Of Technology Offerings at La Salle College High School

Technology: We Do It All With Distinction  

An Overview Of Technology Offerings at La Salle College High School

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