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Class of 1973 45-Year Reunion

Class of 1978 40-Year Reunion

Class of 1983 35-Year Reunion

C las s of 1988 30-Year Reunion

C las s of 1993 25-Year Reunion

C lass of 1998 20-Year Reunion

S A T U R D AY, A P R I L 2 1 , 2 0 1 8 Grand Reunion $65 per person La Salle College High School Saturday, April 21, 2018

Class of 2003 15-Year Reunion Friday, May 11, 2018 Golf Outing Followed by a Reception at MaGerk’s Pub and Grill, Fort Washington

Registration 5:30 pm

Class of 2008 10-Year Reunion Saturday, May 5, 2018

Mass Marian Chapel 6:00 pm

6:00 pm Glaser Center at La Salle College High School

Cocktails and Dinner Gymnasium 7:00 pm

Class of 2013 5-Year Reunion Saturday, May 5, 2018 6:00 pm Glaser Center at La Salle College High School

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP IN THE PLANNING OF YOUR REUNION or require additional information about the events, please contact Kieran Trainer ’11, Development Associate, at or (215) 402-4814. REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.LSCHS.ORG/REUNION

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A Living Legacy Opening of the Glaser Center
















MD ’70

MD ’68























Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends, “Education of the whole person”: that’s what many say a Lasallian education is supposed to be about whenever the question comes up. But that ideal all too often can degenerate into a bromide, an intellectual pacifier of sorts. “Yeah, yeah,” we all certainly understand exactly what that means, “education of the mind, body, and soul.” Holistic in a word (a fairly vacuous word, if you ask me). So, to understand better, don’t ask what it means, ask what it looks like. It looks like the late Brother Thomas McPhillips, FSC, PhD ’67—first a master science teacher in high school (lab coat and all), the preternaturally enthusiastic and inquisitive “Doc” partnered with that more formidable “Rock,” then a Baylor-trained microbiologist, a life-long researcher, a man who never lost his passion for music, performing it with a pep band at La Salle University, listening to it at the Academy of Music, harkening after the music of Mahler anywhere it was played, especially in Vienna, as much at home in the Mariahilf District there as he was in the East Oak Lane neighborhood where he resided with his confreres from the university for two decades. An effortless raconteur, he charmed colleagues, young Brothers, students, and guests to the Roncalli Community there as he did those who shared a sunset with him at the Ocean Rest summer home he loved so well.

It looks like Ward Fitzgerald, ’81, a virtuoso in another symphony, that of private and public real estate investment, one prepared for with undergraduate study at Notre Dame and an MBA from Harvard, followed by progressive responsibilities leading to his post now as CEO and Managing Principal of the Exeter Property Group. But those notes don’t highlight the devoted family man, the son and father providing support to loved ones through long periods of illness. Nor do they reveal the man of faith, his reliance on God nurtured by the formidable trio of family, Assumpta Academy, and La Salle. Nor do they show the man of service, available to advise as a Trustee for La Salle College High School, answering the call of the wider church when the World Meeting of Families came to town, recognized by Pope Francis as a Knight of Saint Gregory for his dedication. It looks like Robert Laskowski, MD, ’70. Trained in geriatric and internal medicine, Bob didn’t stop with his Penn MD, adding a Wharton MBA which allowed him to progress through the intricacies of hospital system management, understanding such institutions both as centers for healing and education and as businesses. In his career as CEO of the Christiana Care Health System, he nurtured not only the growth of the system but of individual and community relations as well, observing at one point, “We serve our neighbors as respectful, expert, caring partners in their health” speaking of health care quite in alignment

with the way Lasallian teachers describe their educational partnership with students, parents, and the Church. Fittingly enough, Bob balanced his heavy managerial responsibilities with clinical teaching responsibilities for several schools of medicine, passing on his practice wisdom to the next generation. Finally, it resembles the late J. Michael Whitaker, MD, ’68. A pillar of that class, Mike also served as orthopedic surgeon for many athletes and others from La Salle, blending a meticulous professionalism with a disarming bedside manner that put even the most anxious patients at ease. Mike, too, was a community servant. While first a Trustee for his alma mater, Mike was a foundational supporter of La Salle Academy, carrying on the early enthusiasm of Brother Rene and his co-founders, taking pride in the flourishing of that school as it matured institutionally while never losing sight of the students as they did likewise. Yet all you had to do was sit down for a meal with Mike, and you would learn that he was so much more than his résumé. Though a “science guy,” his typical conversation would traverse philosophy, literature, theology, political theory, and spirituality, all viewed from a perspective which clearly esteemed traditional Catholic institutions and thought while remaining critically intrigued by different approaches.




Brother James L. Butler, FSC



the glory of God is the living man, and the life of man is the vision of God.” This year in a particular way we honor four alumni who have shown by their lives the vision of God: God the healer, Christ the teacher, the loving Father, the obedient Son, Jesus our Brother, God the compassionate, generous, and wise. By their lives, the vision of the same God is illumined in different ways for different onlookers in diverse contexts, functioning in spirituality much as Monet’s famous Rouen Cathedral series does in art. In each case, we’re both proud of and grateful for the impact on such significant lives of an educational family begun by a man who came to find his vision of God most clearly reflected in the faces of boys hungry for an education back in 17th century France, an image his followers easily discern almost three centuries after his death on the faces of today’s young men in suburban Philadelphia.

8605 Cheltenham Avenue Wyndmoor, PA 19038 215 233 2350 phone 215 836 4502 fax

Christopher M. Carabello ’82 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Brother James L. Butler, FSC Christopher M. Carabello ’82 John P. Fenningham, Esq. ’68 John J. Meko, Jr. ’86

Almost any of us who have studied church history or who have dabbled in theological anthropology should be able to identify the most famous quotation from Saint Irenaeus, that apologist who wrote back in the second century, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” But fewer know the quote doesn’t end there. The whole sentence reads, “Gloria enim Dei vivens homo, vita autem hominis visio Dei.” (Students of Brother Emilian or Magister Geiger, rejoice!…I mean Laetare!). “For


Robert L. Stott ’06

The Explorer is published three times a year by La Salle College High School. The Explorer welcomes letters to the Editor concerning alumni, school, and other topics covered by and in the magazine. The Editor of the Explorer reserves the right to edit and make all decisions regarding the content and information publishedin the magazine.

Benjamin J. Ventresca, Jr. ’70 EDITORIAL AND PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE Katie Palopoli Cathleen P. Winning PHOTOGRAPHY Joseph J. Bradley, Jr. ’85 Christopher M. Carabello ’82 Sam Fritch Lifetouch Photography, Inc. ARTWORK AND DESIGN art270, inc.

That’s why we celebrate a living legacy. Fraternally,

Brother James L. Butler, FSC President




1 Class of 2021


La Salle College High School opened its doors on September 5, 2017 for the start of the school's 159th academic year. 275 boys from local middle and elementary schools were welcomed to the Class of 2021 by the faculty, staff, and administration with various orientation activities. The students were greeted at the entrance of the school by Brother James Butler, FSC, Principal Michael O’Toole ’68, senior members of the Student Council, the Explorer mascot, and the sounds of the Pep Band.

4 College Interview Day

On October 3, 2017, the Class of 2018 participated in the school’s annual College Interview Day. Held in the school gymnasium, 73 admissions representatives from 58 colleges and universities spanning 15 states attended the event. Seniors were scheduled for individual appointments with the colleges of their choice. In the exchange, seniors presented their transcripts, had the opportunity to provide additional personal information, and asked questions about the colleges and universities.

2 New Mothers’ Tea

The Mothers’ Club welcomed new mothers to the La Salle community on September 17, 2017 at the annual New Mothers’ Tea. Over 225 mothers in all – 200 of them who were new to La Salle – attended the event that was held in the gymnasium. Brother James Butler, FSC, Principal Michael O’Toole ’68, and Mothers’ Club President Mrs. Karen Donahue, spoke to the mothers regarding different aspects of life at La Salle College High School. The mothers enjoyed light refreshments and came away with many new acquaintances.

3 3 Open House



Over 500 families toured the buildings and campus during the Open House on October 1, 2017. Tours were conducted by tandems of Student Ambassadors that included an upperclassman along with an underclassman, which allowed for smaller groups to visit particular areas of interest. Music filled the air as over 100 musicians performed throughout the day. All nineteen athletic teams were located in the gym, the academic departments were located in the Glaser Center, and over 50 clubs and activities were represented in the courtyard adjacent to the Glaser Center.

5 Golf Championships

On October 3, 2017, La Salle College High School successfully defended their title by winning the Philadelphia Catholic League Championship in golf. The Explorers, who were undefeated in the regular season, posted five of the top 10 scores at JC Melrose Country Club en route to a 466-481 victory over Saint Joseph’s Prep and Archbishop Carroll (521). It was the 15th time that La Salle has won the Philadelphia Catholic League Golf Championship since 2000. Matt Law ’19 won the individual championship and eight La Salle golfers received All-Catholic honors. The following week, the Explorers won the District 12 Championship as Tim Lorenzo ’18 repeated as the individual champion. Two days later, La Salle defeated the District 11 champions, Liberty High School in Bethlehem, to advance to the State Finals in York, PA.




6 Golden Explorers Return To Campus

Almost one hundred Golden Explorers – alumni who graduated more than fifty years ago from La Salle College High School – returned to campus on October 4, 2017 for the annual Golden Explorers Luncheon. The day began with Mass celebrated in the Marian Chapel by Reverend Francis Danielski, O. Praem ’67 and was followed by a brunch in the auditorium. Reunions were celebrated by the Classes of 1942, 1947, 1952, 1957, and 1962. The day provided an opportunity to catch up with old friends and classmates, reminisce about the glory days at “20th and Olney,” and learn about the exciting things going on today at their alma mater.

7 Freshman Branch-Out Day

On October 10, 2017, the freshman class (Class of 2021) participated in Freshman Branch-Out Day. Over 275 students, along with 150 of their fathers and over thirty members of the school's faculty and staff, performed a day of service at nineteen different “under-served” sites in the Philadelphia Area. This year marked the 16th consecutive year that the freshman class at La Salle College High School has “branched out” in service to the community. In total, over 450 members of the La Salle community provided over 1,550 hours of service to these organizations. The day concluded with a discussion about the integral role community service plays in the Lasallian mission and a challenge to the freshman to find their role in that mission.

8 Honors Convocation

La Salle College High School held its annual Academic Convocation on October 17, 2017 and awarded a Scholastic “L” to 274 First Honor Students – 112 seniors, 88 juniors, and 74 sophomores – who distinguished themselves by attaining a final grade point average of 3.75 or above and no grade below a “B-” at the conclusion of the 2016-2017 academic year. In addition, 170 boys – 75 seniors, 51 juniors, and 44 sophomores – were recognized for having a final GPA of 4.0 or higher at the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year. Patrick Cunnane ’06, former Senior Writer and Deputy Director of Messaging at The White House, addressed the students and parents. Bill Leahy was honored for his 25 years of service to the school as a member of the faculty and head coach of the school’s lacrosse program.


9 One Act Plays

The Theater Program at La Salle College High School performed six different one act plays – including one student-written and studentdirected show – as part of the school’s 5th Annual One Act Play Festival held in the Auditorium on October 20-21, 2017. Directed by Mr. Mark Norman, Mr. Michael McCabe, and Mr. Michael Sabatino, a group of 14 actors and actresses staged two performances of the plays that included Artisitc Inspiration, How to Kiss a Girl, The True Meaning of Halloween, My Most Embarrassing Moment, It’s All Greek to Me (written by Matt Harkins ’18), and 13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview.


10 Help Spread The Warmth

Each Tuesday evening, a group of upperclassmen participate in Street Outreach, bringing a hot meal and clean clothes to those in need in Philadelphia. As the colder months approach, these people are in need of clothes and blankets to keep them safe and warm. The Ministry and Service Team hosted a drive from October 23-27, 2017. Donation boxes were located outside of the Main Office and items such as blankets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, new socks and underwear, gloves, and duffle bags were collected and donated to local people in need.





11 Soccer Championships

14 Junior Class Celebrates Leadership

The Soccer Team defeated Roman Catholic 1-0 on October 30, 2017 to repeat as champions of the Philadelphia Catholic League. The Explorers, who were nationally-ranked at times during the season, were led by goalkeeper and league MVP Brett Werner ‘18 and a goal by Jacob Mittman ’18. The Explorers went on to defeat the public champions from Northeast High School to win the District 12 Championship and advance to the State Tournament.

On November 12, 2017, over 175 members of the Class of 2019, along with their families, attended the Brother Edward Gallagher, FSC Leadership Liturgy. Named in honor of Brother Edward Gallagher, FSC who twice served as Principal of La Salle College High School (1966-69 and 1972-77) and who currently works in the school as a tutor in the Math Resources Center, the event marked the transition to leadership for the junior class. The day began with a Mass celebrated in the gymnasium by Reverend Michael McCue and Deacon John Mischler ’82 and concluded with a leadership pledge along with the blessing and presentation of the Class of 2019 Leadership Pin along with class rings for those who purchased them.

12 Heads Of State


The Cross Country team captured the Philadelphia Catholic League Championship for the third consecutive year and tenth time since 2003 by scoring a perfect 15 points (five runners from the same team finishing in the top five places). The Explorers had 12 runners earn First Team All-Catholic honors. La Salle repeated as District 12 Champions the following week to advance to the Pennsylvania State Championship in Hershey, PA, where on November 4, 2018, the Explorers won the first PIAA Cross Country Championship in school history. La Salle finished the race tied with Council Rock North High School (130 points each), but won the tiebreaker with a better performance by the sixth place runner. Greg Bielecki ’99 was named Coach-of-the-Year.

13 Senior Earns Every Merit Badge


In addition to reaching Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts and something achieved by more than 2.4 million boys since 1912, Zach Rotzal ’18 earned all 139 merit badges offered by the Boy Scouts of America, a feat that has only been attained by 360 boys in the 106-year history of the organization. He spent an estimated 5,000 hours over seven years to reach the goal. His achievements were highlighted by numerous newspapers and television stations in the fall.

13 15


15 Father/Son Banquet

The 68th Annual La Salle College High School Father/Son Banquet was held on November 16, 2017 at The Fuge in Warminster. Following 33 years at Williamson’s Restaurant, the event moved a few miles away to the former Johnsville Naval Air Development Center, specifically to the building that is home to one the largest and most powerful human centrifuges in the world. The attendees heard Pat Gallen, a Feature Reporter from CBS3 who had recently done a story on the school's swimming program, use his energy, creativity, and dynamic story-telling skills to speak about the path that led him through a variety of media outlets and to his current position. He encouraged students to overcome the pain of disappointment and take advantage of the countless opportunities that they are afforded each day.

16 Every Can Counts

The Thanksgiving Food Drive to benefit Saint Vincent’s Parish in Germantown and La Salle’s Pheed Philly service initiative wrapped up on November 21, 2017. Homeroom 10B (Mr. Cipolla) collected over 1,000 cans to repeat as Homeroom Champion. In all, over 8,000 cans and non-perishable food items were collected by the La Salle community and were used to benefit families in need around the Thanksgiving holiday and


throughout the year. A Thanksgiving Prayer Service organized by the Mission and Ministry Leadership Team and led by Deacon John Mischler ’82 was held in the gymnasium on Tuesday morning, November 21, 2017 and attended by the entire student-body. Afterwards, students packed the food into boxes and prepared it for transport to Saint Vincent’s.

17 Senior Mothers Trim Tree

Over 200 mothers of seniors gathered in the Auditorium on November 28, 2017 to decorate and light one of the many Christmas Trees on campus during the Christmas Season. This annual tradition where each mother (or grandmother) hangs a Christmas ornament inscribed with the name of their son brought together mothers from the Class of 2018 for a special moment to commemorate their son’s time at La Salle College High School. A reception was held and the evening concluded with a candle ceremony and special prayer.

18 Sounds Of The Season

The Music Department at La Salle College High School performed their annual Christmas Concert to a “standing room only crowd” in the Auditorium on December 4, 2017. Over 600 people attended the concert, which featured almost 300 musicians in seven different ensembles, performing fifteen numbers. The Concert Band, with over seventy musicians, performed Santa’s Journey and Sounds Of The Season. The concert concluded with two numbers from the Sixth Period Band (Competition Band): Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! and Sabor De Cuba along with a sing-along of White Christmas led by Jack Judge ’18. The Choral Program performed their annual Christmas Concert on December 11, 2017. The audience in the auditorium was treated to fifteen arrangements featuring the voices of nearly 80 young men – the largest number in the history of the program – in three ensembles under the direction of Mr. Mark Norman, who performed numbers that included I’ll Be Home For Christmas, Sleigh Ride, You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch, and O Holy Night.


19 Miracle Of Christmas

During the morning hours of Christmas Eve, over 180 students (30 Santas and over 150 elves) delivered presents to the homes of 94 pediatric oncology and hematology patients from Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children. The day marked the 17th consecutive year that La Salle College High School has partnered with Committee to Benefit the Children to bring the “Miracle of Christmas” to these children and their siblings. Over $15,000 was raised from the La Salle community to purchase approximately 500 gifts that were wrapped, tagged, bagged, and delivered to nearly 300 children on Christmas Eve. Additional gifts were donated by families who “adopted” patients and their siblings. Over 60 parents and alums accompanied the students as they delivered homes in fourteen counties and two states. The students sang songs (some even played instruments) and brought joy to every home. Food drives at local companies generated food baskets that were to given to each family.


In addition, Giving Trees with tags for gifts for children of all ages were placed at the entrance to the school. On Christmas Eve, over 500 toys were distributed to families identified by the Philadelphia Department of Recreation’s “Tot Recreation Program.” Twenty-five students and five adults delivered these gifts.

20 Scholarship Reception

La Salle College High School awarded scholarships to over fifty 8th grade boys and, on January 11, 2018, 47 of those young men along with their parents and a favorite teacher from their grade school, attended a Scholarship Reception in their honor. The guests were addressed by Dan Spinelli ’14, who is currently a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, along with 20 Owen Pighini ’18. The honored guests and their families were hosted at their tables by a current senior, a member of the faculty/staff, and a young alum from the Class of 2014, 2015, 2016, or 2017. Forty scholarship recipients will be attending La Salle College High School as members of the Class of 2022.




At the President’s Reception on December 14, 2016, Brother James Butler, FSC formally announced that the La Salle community had successfully secured over $7.6 million in donations and pledges

towards “For The Explorers, For The Future, For La Salle,”

the major gift initiative responsible for raising funds for the construction of two turf fields, the Glaser Center, the Devine Track (named through a leadership gift in honor of Coach Pat Devine), and renovations to Flannery Field. Nearly 500 donors contributed towards the effort, of which, 8% were first-time gift donors who represented 30% ($2.2 million) of the total amount raised. Another 18% ($1.4 million), came from graduates of the 1980s.

by Christopher M. Carabello ’82


Glaser Center

The Glaser Center, a 15,344 square foot addition and renovation to the school’s cafeteria, is named in honor of John E. Glaser ’58, whose bequest was the lead gift in the fundraising for the project. The space, which opened on September 5, 2017 in conjunction with the start of the 2017-2018 academic year, is fully air conditioned and houses state-of-the-art dining and food service areas that are easily convertible into an assembly space large enough to accommodate an entire class. The outdoor courtyard that was affectionately referred to as “The Pit” was relocated to the side of the new addition. The new courtyard, which is surfaced as a “sport court” complete with volleyball lines and an Explorer logo, is an outdoor recreation space capable of hosting events. The original cafeteria was the only remaining daily-use space that had not been renewed or renovated at the school in the last fifty years. The space now includes several flat screen televisions, an elaborate multi-media system, and two stained glass windows – one of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the other of Mary, the Mother of Jesus – both of which were “rescued” from a local Catholic church that had recently been decommissioned. The focus wall adjacent to the parking lot features the iconic phrase “Boys will be Boys, but La Salle Boys will be Gentlemen” along with the mission statement of the school as well as the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. They stand as constant reminders of the boys roles in the La Salle community and the world beyond. The food service area is consistent with what is found at most colleges and universities and no longer has a serving line; rather, features various stations including a soup and salad bar, a “grab and go” section, a sandwich and deli bar, a grill for traditional hot sandwiches and French fries, a brick oven for pizza and flatbreads, various entrees, and every imaginable beverage including the very popular milk shake machine. The food service area and options provided have been very well received by students and faculty alike. Alums returning to their alma mater for a visit often stare in awe. With an enrollment of almost 1,100 boys, Brother James Butler, FSC, welcomes a space that allows for flexibility for programming as well as another venue for events. “The Glaser Center provides an attractive space for the students to eat. It also provides additional space for teamwork and collaboration along with healthy social interaction. It is a testament to the great faith and investment in this school our parents and alumni continue to have across the generations.” The final piece of the project, “For The Explorers, For The Future, For La Salle,” will be the renovations to Flannery Field which are scheduled to commence in the summer of 2018.


John E. Glaser ’58 John E. Glaser was the owner of the Stutz Candy Company in Hatboro and a fourth generation candy maker with locations in Jenkintown, Philadelphia, Warrington, and Long Beach Island, NJ. He attended Holy Child School in the Logan section of Philadelphia and spent eight years at 20th Street and Olney Avenue, attending both La Salle College High School and La Salle University (then La Salle College). He loved the candy business and was a very successful businessman. He was the President of the Pennsylvania Confectionary Association and was often called upon for his expertise and knowledge. He was highly regarded, well respected, and always made time for others in the candy business. John Glaser likewise always made time for his other passion – basketball – specifically at La Salle University and La Salle College High School. He could be found in the stands at every game and would often travel with the teams. He loved his Explorers and, simply put, “bleed blue and gold.” He was inducted into the La Salle College High School Hall of Fame in 2005. John E. Glaser passed away on October 19, 2013, at the age of 73, after a long illness. His viewing and funeral services were held in the Marian Chapel at La Salle College High School, a school that was near and dear to his heart. His bequest, which was the largest in the history of the school, was the lead gift in the fundraising efforts for the student center and dining hall. The Glaser Center is aptly named in his honor and his legacy lives in a space in which he would be very proud.

John E. Glaser’s bequest, which was the largest in the history of the school, was the lead gift in the fundraising efforts for the student center and dining hall. The Glaser Center is aptly named in his honor and his legacy lives in a space in which he would be very proud.



FOLLOWING HIS FAITH by Robert L. Stott ’06

In speaking with Edward “Ward” Fitzgerald, Class of 1981, for this article, I was reminded of a great quote from C.S. Lewis: “As long as you are proud you cannot know God,” Lewis writes in his book Mere Christianity. “A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you.” I can’t think of a more perfect quote to describe the type of life that Ward has lived since his time walking the halls of La Salle. His journey since graduating has been one laden with success. But rather than indulge on that success as an individual, he and his family have turned around and shared their prosperity, good will, and caring nature with the world around them. That level of humility and dedication to service is what makes Fitzgerald, a member of the 2018 class of La Salle College High School Hall of Fame inductees, a true role model to every student who drives up that hill off of Cheltenham Avenue. The CEO and Managing Partner of Exeter Property Group, which he helped cofound, Fitzgerald attended Notre Dame University. Upon finishing his undergrad in 1985, he moved into a consulting business in Chicago for a short time before deciding to pursue his MBA at Harvard Business School. He then returned home to Philadelphia and found himself working in a real estate financing group and debt structuring group.


Ultimately, he wound up working for Rouse and Associates under Philadelphia real estate visionary William Rouse—the developer responsible for some of the most famous structures in the city, including One Liberty Place (the building that brought us the Curse of Billy Penn), the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, and the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Fitzgerald helped take the company public in 1994, which resulted in a name change to Liberty Property Trust. He continued to serve as an executive for the company until 2006, at which point he and a handful of partners decided to form their own company—Exeter Property Group. “When we started the company we didn’t have a mission statement, we didn't have a business plan,” he said. “We thought we’d buy two buildings and then we’d raise some capital and see where we’d go.” Where they went, over the course of the next 12 years, was a path that led to them becoming the largest private warehouse company in the world. Exeter manages a portfolio of warehouses and suburban office buildings in the U.S. and Europe that totals roughly $10 billion. Their one office operation has expanded to 21 outposts throughout the U.S., Europe, Mexico, and Seoul, South Korea. “What I say regularly is, you know, it’s only by the providence of the Holy Spirit what we’ve accomplished as a group of professionals. Really we have no business being where we are and who we are, in stature and size and otherwise,” Fitzgerald said. “I would just say, what it was a lot about was the things like having faith in each other, just working hard every day, pushing yourself to work harder, taking risks—but managed risks—and then being humble.” Fitzgerald said he learned a lot of those lessons during his time as a student at La Salle and from mentors like Brother Frank Danielski, FSC ’67 and Brother John D’Alfonso, FSC ’55. “The Brothers would put you in a situation where like you’re pushing really hard to excel, but you’re also not penalized for taking risks. It helped you to build a strong foundation where you don’t feel like if you mess up your world’s going to collapse,” Fitzgerald said. “I think it’s a great way to build entrepreneurs because you have to be a risk-taker. And to take risks you have to know you are on strong footing. And the strong footing came from certainly your faith, and of course my parents and the like. But then also the solid foundation of learning, and the concept of being pushed hard enough, but not in a way that if you fail you’re going to be left hanging out to dry. I think that's a big part of what leads to many young men coming out of La Salle and achieving all sorts of things.” The other lesson that Fitzgerald clearly took away from his time at La Salle was the notion of leaving to serve. There may be no better recent example of that than what Ward, his wife Kathy, and their three children (Francie, Maggie, and Teddy) have done in the realm of service over the past two decades. Extending his professional skills beyond his work with Exeter, Ward has served on the Board of Trustees for La Salle College High School, specifically as part of the investment committee; he sat on the Board for Notre Dame Academy in Villanova, where his daughters attended school, and assisted in their campus expansion by working closely with the building and development teams; and he’s been heavily involved with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, serving for five years on their Real

Estate Committee helping the archdiocese market and sell surplus property. His commitment to service extends beyond just his skills with property management. Ward and Kathy were both involved in the planning of the World Meeting of Families in 2015, when Pope Francis came to Philadelphia—Ward was a vice chairman on one of the subcommittees. And they’ve both been the benefactors to countless medical research projects throughout the country, including several at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where they have supported three research grants in areas of autonomic nervous dysfunction. The list of service projects and involvement goes on for Ward and his wife, and all of that helps to explain the reasoning behind their being named Dame and Knight Grand Cross in the Order of Saint Gregory the Great, which is one of the highest honors that the Pope can bestow. To bring his life’s journey full circle, without saying as much, Fitzgerald pointed to his humility as one of the greatest assets and the biggest key to his success. “People want to do business with you and want to see you succeed when they’re not threatened by you. If you’re arrogant and pompous and those types of things people don't want to do business with you,” he said. “People respect people of character the way that LaSalle builds in its young men. I’ve found that our clients have a great deal of respect for the faith that I carry and spirituality that I hold. They respect the spirituality, and they respect the family values which are the things that are important to me.”



CARING LEADER by Benjamin J. Ventresca, Jr. ’70

We have to remember who we are. Our mission is to take care of people. These are our neighbors… – Robert J. Laskowski, MD,MBD, FACP

These words are part of an interview Bob gave to the News Journal’s editorial board in March 2014 as part of Christiana Care Health System’s announcement that he would retire as President and CEO at the end of the year. Those are not only Bob’s words but, by all accounts, his legacy. During Bob’s eleven-year tenure, Christiana Care greatly expanded its physical size as well as the number of programs offered to patients, and was named as one of the nation’s top 100 hospitals (based on excellence in patient safety, outcomes, and satisfaction, as well as treatment standards, efficiency, and financial stability). Among Christiana Care’s accomplishments under his watch are the expansion of the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, the renovation and expansion of Wilmington Hospital, the opening of a stand-alone emergency department in Middletown and the creation of the Center for Health & Vascular Health. As the CEO of one of the top 3 private employers, Bob’s influence and impact on the State of Delaware’s vitality and stability continues to be highly regarded. Above and beyond these “bricks and mortar” achievements, “Dr. Bob” (as he was called by his employees, colleagues, friends, and civic leaders in Wilmington and Delaware) is best known, and loved, by Delawareans for transforming healthcare by introducing and cultivating a focus and culture of innovative and efficient medical care for people in the community. Part of this legacy is evident as the precepts of “The Christiana Care Way” are posted in every room throughout the System. EXPLORER SPRING 2018 14

Bob is board-certified as an internist specializing in geriatric medicine. He has held, and continues to hold, faculty positions in many institutions including: Professor of Clinical Medicine at Jefferson Medical College; Senior Fellow at the Jefferson School of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University; Adjunct Professor at the College of Health Sciences at the University of Delaware; and multiple positions at Penn State University College of Medicine. Along with the service and accomplishments in healthcare which resulted in national recognition, Bob has a long history of leadership in civic organizations from Wilmington to Martha’s Vineyard with impact at the local, state, and national levels. His success and longstanding reputation reflects the reality that his favorite leadership book is “Servant Leadership” by Robert Greenleaf, and that his approach to life reflects Greenleaf’s philosophy of leadership as an inverted pyramid with the leader at the bottom helping others to do the best work they can. To this day, former colleagues describe him as attentive, compassionate, smart, inspired, accessible, and loyal. While at Christiana Care, in addition to his success in building a premier healthcare system, Bob earned the respect and appreciation of his peers and associates across the State of Delaware for his willingness to help other healthcare organizations formulate and grow. Bob’s areas of expertise are in community relationship management, medical professionalism, healthcare management, healthcare systems design, outcomes measurement, medical education, health policy, health services research, and public policy. Before joining Christiana Care Health System in April 2003, Bob served as a leader and practitioner in several institutions including: Chief Medical Officer for Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network, Senior Vice President of Clinical Services at Lehigh Valley Hospital, Group Medical Director and President of Northeast Permanente Medical Group, and Director of the Satellite Practice Program at Temple University School of Medicine. He has earned a number of awards, both personally and for the institutions which he led.

On March 4, 2018, La Salle College High School inducted Robert J. Laskowski ’70 into the Alumni Hall of Fame and joins a long list of organizations that proudly acknowledge their association with Bob, and that celebrate the lasting impact he made within their community.

twenty-five years I think I could call him and ask a question and he would just, well, give me a good answer. And if I asked a question that I should know how to answer myself, he wouldn’t make me feel bad about it.” Bob is a perfect blend of left and right brain interests and skills. While at La Salle he lettered in Tennis as well as Scholastics, and his after-hours passions included Dramatics and the Science Club. As evidenced by the fact that he was elected to serve on the Student Council all four years, his classmates recognized his aptitude and character from the onset. Upon graduation from La Salle, Bob went on to the University of Pennsylvania where, over time, he earned his BA, MD, and MBA and served as a Fellow and a Clinical Scholar. He completed his residency at the University of Chicago and also completed curricula at the New England Epidemiology Institute.

But before he became the transformative force in healthcare and society, he was a “Brothers’ Boy.” Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the same characteristics that make Bob esteemed today were forming over the four years he was here at La Salle. The personal care and keen insight he espoused for healing those in need today is the same care he has shown to classmates over time – even setting up a blind date that evolved into a lifetime love story.

Since establishing himself professionally, Bob has continued to serve and support La Salle, and served as a member of the Board of Trustees for six years.

Much like the recollections of his business peers and associates, Bob’s Class of ’70 brothers tell of someone who had both drive and compassion. Some examples include: “Bob was always on course, he always impressed me as consistent and driven but neither boring nor prideful.” and “Bob had both an impressive intellectual capacity, coupled with the intuition to put together pieces of information and come to a conclusion. In medicine that would be a diagnosis, so he certainly had the skill for a career in medicine.” and “Bob knew the answers. Even after more than

Bob once said that one of the most important things a physician or a business leader can do is listen. “There is no leadership without a sense of community… The most important thing to do as a physician is to listen to people. If you listen to people, they actually will tell you what’s wrong with them.”

Bob and his wife, Kathleen, currently split their time between their homes in Centreville Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts where they share the joy of being a family with their four children (Celia, Jill, Keith, and Karl) and grandchildren.

We proudly salute Bob on a lifetime of living his values, and for setting an example of leadership, compassion, integrity, and service for his fellow Lasallians.



KEEPING THE FAITH by John C. Fenningham, Esq. ’68

J. Michael Whitaker, MD: Class of 1968; La Salle College Cum Laude 1972; Hahnemann Medical College 1976; and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center (Surgical Internship and Orthopedic Residency) 1981. Mike Whitaker: son to Eugene and Catherine Whitaker; brother to Sister Maryellen, SSJ; Gene, Jr. ’66, DMD; Dory McGlaughlin; Regina Cuozzi; Tricia Blankemeyer; Jim; Cathy Beck; and John (dec’d); husband to Elaine (McGovern) Whitaker; father to Kirsten, Maureen, Brendan ’02, and Colin ’03, and Emily; grandfather to Owen and Nora; doctor and surgeon to many; and friend to all. But more than that: Scholar-Athlete! On a crisp, clear Sunday afternoon at McCarthy Stadium: the “catch” coming off the bench, running a post pattern, then a “sprint” to the end zone; who recalls how many yards (the number has grown over the years since 1966) but #85 crossed the goal line, the referee’s hands shot skyward!

La Salle: 6 – Bishop Egan: 0!


Oh! The catch of the game; the season; the decade; of a lifetime! Mike, at high school-age, mused and consorted with legends: Coaches John “Tex” Flannery ’40 and Dave Diehl; Brother Carl Clayton, FSC and Brother Gene Graham, FSC; and along with selected other classmates, was an “Outstanding Senior” as evident in the 1968 Blue and Gold (yearbook). Dr. Whitaker was an active alum; a few years back, he addressed our honor society with a speech that few will forget; he attended our annual golf outings; and served on our board of trustees (19921998). Likewise, he served his medical profession with the utmost distinction and was held in the highest esteem by his peers at Doylestown Hospital where he practiced for over thirty-five years! Michael’s relationships with his many patients evidenced his dedication to them and their love and respect for him in return. There are many bright energetic explorers but Whit was and is a beacon; a shining example of all that is good and worthy of emulation. “His spirit never dimmed ….” Mike always had that twinkle and grin, revealing curiosity; intrigue; and downright provocation! To be sure, he was a provocateur at heart – always ready to make you pause … think … and reflect! More than all, he was a jokester and a philosopher; at one-minute delighting in passing on a funny joke overheard in the operating room; the next, extolling the messages of not only Christ and Saint John Baptist de La Salle, but also Aristotle (ethics), Dante Aligieri (Divine Comedy), Nietzsche, Pascal, Hopkins, Merton, Milton, Thomas Aquinas, John Henry Newman (Lead Kindly Light) and Dag Hammarskjold (Markings – a 1970 gift from Elaine)! Elaine: Michael surely kept the faith!! Whit appreciated the genuine impact upon a person, the community, and the world, of education – Catholic education (nurtured by the Christian Brothers, Sisters of Saint Joseph, and even the Jesuits), which Michael embraced with his unlimited energy shared with those who continue the mission and tradition of Saint La Salle and the SSJ’s at La Salle Academy, where Mike was a

founding board member, Membership Committee Chair, and Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees. Though he mentored many academy students both in the classroom and, with Elaine, at their Buckingham (Bucks County) home, he was at ease in conversing academically and spiritually with the young academy students at 2nd and Jefferson Streets in the North Kensington section of Philadelphia. Mike reveled in the fact that La Salle Academy occupies the former site of the Christian Brothers’ first residence in Philadelphia, there through the auspices of Cardinal John Neumann. “Enter to Learn; Leave to Serve.” Many embrace this goal; Whit lived it! Over the past year, Mike enjoyed time in his newly-constructed hermitage, which he fit-out to include many items of personal reflection as well as a kneeler for solemn moments of prayer: “a clear pure note in the silence,” he wrote to a 1968 classmate, quoting the last lines of the first poem in his beloved’s 1970 gift! Doubt was seen by Whit as a productive state of mind; leading to wonder; resulting in illumination; then to knowledge and wisdom, arriving at enlightenment which he shared with all he encountered. He was and is the conscience of the “1968 Loopers,” a band of brotherclassmates who have attended annual golf trips for three decades but who, in reality, have gathered and still gather out of love. He knew as we: it is a blessing of a lifetime, those four years growing together at our enduring high school! A final insight into this man from a 2005 letter to one of his children: “Remember to get your rest, eat well, say your prayers, and trust that the good lord speaks to you where you are in your life.” So, though brotherhood needs no mere words, we welcome J. Michael Whitaker, MD ’68 to our Alumni Hall of Fame as we salute this noble man and say: like Jesus, you live in our hearts forever!”

There are many bright energetic explorers but whit was and is a beacon; a shining example of all that is good and worthy of emulation. “His spirit never dimmed.”



A TEACHER TO ALL by John J. Meko, Jr. ‘86

Good Morning Biology Fans!

Thus began the biology classes of

Brother Thomas H. McPhillips, FSC ’67. “BT,” “McP,” or “Doc,” was first and always a teacher. Teaching was Brother Tom’s calling; a calling inspired by the Christian Brothers that was started at La Salle College High School. Born in Philadelphia, Tom attended Saint Athanasius grade school in West Oak Lane, and entered La Salle in the fall of 1963. Tom took to La Salle instantly, and became involved in a host of actives including the Library and German Clubs, Glee Club and Band. While at La Salle, he was drawn to the vocation of teaching and to the Christian Brothers in large part because of his impression that the Brothers are a happy and genuinely positive order. He was particularly inspired by Brother Leo Smith, a biology teacher who encouraged Tom to consider becoming a Christian Brother.


After graduating from La Salle College High School in 1967, Tom joined the Brothers and attended La Salle College, where he received a degree in Biology. Upon graduation he was assigned to teach Biology and Religion at his alma mater La Salle High. Brother Tom, or “Doc,” as he was known to his La Salle High students, thrived in his new role as teacher. His energy and dedication to the craft of teaching was absolute, and his love of teaching and for his students inspired all those who were lucky enough to be a colleague or student. Brother Tom also became the band moderator at La Salle College High School, and he and the new band director Joe Ciccimaro ’57 would spearhead a dramatic rebirth of the music program. It would be a partnership that would last for over 40 years. “We were opposites in many ways.” said Ciccimaro. “We were trying to re-build the program, and Tom was the perfect planner and organizer for the job.” The duo’s strengths complimented each other perfectly, and soon the music department was on a path that would create one of the most successful high school music programs in the Philadelphia area. Perhaps the highlight of Brother Tom’s strengths at La Salle was the legendary band trip to Austria, a trip that is still remembered among the Class of 1977. “It was an incredibly ambitious trip, we performed at six or seven schools in about as many days. No one else could have pulled-off that trip but Brother Tom,” said Ciccimaro.

researcher, committed to students as an adviser and friend, and, above all, a man of faith, integrity, and compassion.” said La Salle University President Brother Michael J. McGinniss, FSC ’65. During this time, he also reengaged with La Salle High as a volunteer in the music program. He was the stage manager for the Christmas and Spring concerts, directing the now hundreds of student musicians on and off the stage, and acting as Joe Ciccimaro’s unofficial assistant for other programs and projects. The two also established the band program at La Salle University, with Brother Tom as the moderator and infamous trombone player in the Jazz and Pep bands. His tenure at La Salle University was interrupted only once, in 1994–95, when Brother Tom taught at Bethlehem University in the West Bank, a school operated by the Christian Brothers whose student body is predominately Muslim. “One thing was clear enough, though: No matter to whom I spoke, no matter what I read, I sensed that the Brothers and staff at Bethlehem University were making a significant difference to people who really needed them. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of that?” wrote Brother Tom for the University’s school newspaper in 1994. He loved his alma mater La Salle College High School, and always looked for ways to volunteer, and make a great school even better. Brother Tom McPhillips was a teacher who never stopped learning. He saw the research, and academic publications as tools that he could use in the classroom, and he was always searching for ways to improve his effectiveness in the classroom. The friendships that he made with his fellow Christian Brothers, colleagues and most of all his students were lasting, and his impact is immeasurable. Brother Tom passed in his sleep at his beloved Christian Brothers community of Roncali on June 6, 2013. The yearbook dedication says it well, “We Thank Doc, and we will miss him.”

As a tribute to Brother Tom, Band moderator, Religion and Biology teacher, the 1977 Blue and Gold (yearbook) was dedicated to him. It says, in part, “Doc opened our eyes to wonder, the wonder of discovery.” After a year teaching at South Hills Catholic in Pittsburgh, Brother Tom enrolled at Baylor University in San Antonio Texas to pursue his PhD in Biology. This time away from his family and the Christian Brothers only deepened his love for his alma mater, his hometown of Philadelphia, and the Christian Brothers. In 1984, “Doc,” now formerly Dr. McPhillips, returned to Philadelphia with a PhD in epidemiology and virology, to take on his new role as a biology teacher at La Salle University. Brother Tom quickly became an extremely popular teacher, taking on many leadership roles at La Salle including that of pre-med advisor in which he assisted hundreds of students in their pursuit of medical degrees. He also taught a seminar for student teachers preparing to teach secondary school science, and supervised those students at area high schools during their student teaching assignments. He was one of La Salle’s most beloved professors, receiving the Lindback award in 1988, the highest honor the University awards for excellence in teaching. “Brother Thomas was a La Salle star—an excellent teacher and




In September of 2012, La Salle College High School inducted the inaugural class into its Hall of Athletics in an eort to honor athletic legends at the school.

The Class of 2018 will be honored at an induction ceremony that will take place in the Fall of 2018 in conjunction with Homecoming Weekend. Alumni, parents, faculty, students, and friends of La Salle College High School can nominate individual athletes, teams, and leaders (coaches, moderators, and athletic directors). The Hall of Athletics Selection Committee will review all nominations solely on accomplishments and performances at La Salle College High School. Accolades achieved following high school or while not representing La Salle College High School will not be considered. Individual athletes must have graduated at least ten years ago (prior to 2008 for this nominating class) and coaches must have been retired from active coaching for at least one year. An announcement regarding the initial inductees will be made in early June and the inductees will be formally presented in the Summer 2018 issue of the Explorer as well as on the school’s website. Please visit to view induction rules and qualifications as well as download a nomination form. NOMINATIONS CAN BE SUBMITTED ONLINE OR DIRECTED TO: La Salle College High School ATTN: Hall of Athletics 8605 Cheltenham Avenue Wyndmoor, PA 19038














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s ROBERT MCMACKIN ’45 let us know that Jack Mackin ’45 and his four sons visited and they all attended a basketball game. MSGR. IGNATIUS L. MURRAY, JR. ’48 celebrated his 60th anniversary of his ordination as a priest on May 11, 2017. PETER FINLEY ’49 lends a hand at the Church of the Resurrection Food Pantry in Marmora, NJ.


JAMES NUSS ’52 is still going strong – playing senior softball – gym – ten grandchildren and nine greatgrandchildren. JOHN J. LOMBARD, JR., ESQ. ’52 has held dual citizenships with the United States and Ireland for over 30 years. He has been involved in the formation of the Cranaleith Spiritual Center, a work of the Sisters of Mercy, located in Philadelphia since 1995. SAMUEL M. HERB, PE ’56 wrote that he is currently Adjunct Professor of Process Technology, Salem CC; Docent at Reading Railroad Heritage Museum; Council Committee Member at Washington Crossing Council, BSA; Extraordinary Minister at Saint Jude in Chalfont; and Ecumenical Representative on Chalfont-New Britain Ministerium of Churches. JOHN “LES” BURKE ’57 and his wife, Mary Ann, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Chestnut Hill College on May 13, 2017 and was recognized by the College for his philanthropic efforts with not only the College but also other nonprofit organizations in the region. His longstanding relationship with the College includes service as a Board member and as Chair of the Board’s Finance Committee. JOSEPH DOUGHERTY, PHD ’59 is enjoying his grandson, fishing, the Eagles, and Phillies. MSGR. THOMAS A. MURRAY ’59 became Pastor Emeritus after 17 years as Pastor at Visitation BVM in Trooper, PA. He is now residing at Saint Eleanor’s Parish in Collegeville, PA.


WALTER M. MATHEWS, PHD ’60 moved to Fredericksburg, VA after 36 years on Long Island, where he passed the 600 mark with his weekly blog, Potpourri (an omniumgatherum of interesting things). Currently he’s preparing the fifth volume of previous issues. TED NAWALINSKI ’60 and his wife, JiJi ,celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 24, 2017. GEORGE NICOLAUS ’60 recently celebrated his 75th birthday with family and friends. MICHAEL GUMROT ’61 is a Grand Knight at Knights of Columbus for four years at Saint Bernadette Church Council 14317 in Harrington, DE. THOMAS O’KEEFE ’63 retired in May of 2017 after 50 years of teaching – five years at Archbishop Wood High School, 45 years at Bucks County Community College, and 14 years at La Salle University.

DAVID W. JENKINS, MD ’58 is happily retired.

ROBERT YACOBELLIS ’64 is happily retired in sunny Florida and rooting for the Eagles from there.

THOMAS J. LYNCH ’58 is Vice President and Portfolio Manager with The Haverford Trust Company. He was conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from

GREGORY GIULIANO ’65 and his wife, Tien, vacation in Maui annually where they were married. Gregory is the owner of “The Blind-Man Interior Design” since 1991.

1957 Championship Football Team HARRY EUSTACE ’58 organized a reunion of the 1957 Championship Football team. They had a lunch for former players and coaches at Philadelphia Cricket Club, at which time, they discovered that the championship trophy had not aged very well. Collectively, they had the trophy refinished and subsequently restored to a place of prominence in the football trophy case at La Salle College High School. On December 12, 2017, ten members of the team presented the trophy to the school’s Athletic Administrator, Joe Parisi, and had lunch together in the new Glaser Center, which is named in honor of their classmate John Glaser ’58. EXPLORER SPRING 2018 26


KEVIN E. KEEGAN, ESQ. ’65 retired from his law office in the greater Boston area after 35 years of working in banking, insurance, and wealth management. JOHN J. PRON, AIA ’65 retired as Professor Emeritus, having taught at the Architecture Division of the Tyler School of Art at Temple University for 38 years. BILL GIBBONS ’66 writes that he is still working full time in private practice at Holy Redeemer Hospital. PAUL PARTYKA, CCIM ’66 joined the Board of “New Hope for Kids,” an organization that helps children that have been traumatized. He also joined the Board of CCIM of Central Florida. JOHN L. DIMARZIO ’67 is President of the Willow Grove Chamber of Commerce and President of Willow Grove Charities. ROB LIBERATORE ’67 married Debra Kraft in October of 2016. Rob is retired from FiatChrysler, having worked for Chrysler for 25 years and serving on its board for the last three years. He has three step-sons and remains active in international non-profits and a civil rights non-profit. He enjoys summers in Martha's Vineyard. Come visit! BRIAN G. MCELWEE ’67 is Chairman of I.M.S. (Independence Mission Schools), which is comprised of 15 inter-city Catholic schools. JOHN SCHALLER ’67 wrote that he is Managing Partner for Crosspointe Consulting Group, a national software consulting firm with offices throughout the United States and a Technology Consultant for law firms and other professional services organizations. JOHN TURZER ’67 has a published a book, SH?#! Happens – Traveling with John and Leslie, which is available on and


50-YEAR REUNION IN CONJUNCTION WITH GRADUATION ON JUNE 1-2, 2018. MICHAEL BURKE ’68 retired on 12/31/2017 after 40 years in the insurance industry. JOHN C. FENNINGHAM, ESQ. ’68 has been reappointed to a three-year term as Director on the Saint Mary Medical Center Board. STEPHEN ANDRILLI ’69 is currently in his 37th year of teaching full-time in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of La Salle University, and was promoted this year from Associate Professor to Professor. He served for 19 years (1996-2014) as the Supervisor for La Salle’s mathematics-secondary education majors and graduate




by Joseph F. D’Angelo, EdD ’63


ver the past three years, a good deal of work has been done to formalize the La Salle College High School Archive. In that time span, a vast array of objects and documents have been stored and entered into a database to preserve as much of La Salle’s long history as possible. Last year, all of the La Salle yearbooks from 1938 to 2016 were made available to the community in digital form, and this past summer, a number of other books from the 20’s and 30’s (1926, 1927, 1928, 1934, and 1937) were scanned and are now viewable in digital form. In the next few months, look for all the Wisterians from 1934, its first year, to the present will also be available via the La Salle website. The work was done by Brother Joseph Grabenstein, FSC and his staff at La Salle University who scanned every page of the “Wis” from their vast collection. These documents are going to be reformatted so that each issue can be seen as single documents rather than as page by page files which will make them easier to view and enjoy. In recent months, we received a signed championship basketball from La Salle’s 1942 team which won the Catholic League Championship as well as the “mythical” State Catholic League Championship. The ball was brought to our attention by Joe Malone ’76 when his neighbor, Chick D’Angelo Jr. (no relation) found it in the attic of his parents’ home. His father, Chick D’Angelo Sr. was the longtime basketball coach at Bristol High School. How he managed to wind up with the ball is unclear, but it now resides in our archive. If you have any La Salle memorabilia that you would like to donate to the Archive, you can do so by contacting me at We are still looking for the following yearbooks to complete our holdings: 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, and 1935, as well as any and all pre-1926 books. Programs from concerts, plays, activities, and other items such as uniforms are also valuable to preserving our school’s history.

students during their student-teaching semesters at many local high schools and middle school. He published a paper this March in The Mathematical Gazette titled “Some Strategies for Teaching a Course Based on Douglas Hofstadter’s Gödel Escher, Bach.” WILLIAM J. MEIS, DO ’69 is the 2016-2017 Chairman, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Program Evaluation Committee for Surgery and Appointed Member 2017 PCOM Clinical Competency Committee.



s BOB YUSKAVAGE ’70 and his wife, Paula, became first-time grandparents in September of 2017. JERRY “HAP” RAGAN ’71 has moved to the beach and is Pastor of Saint Michael Church on Tybee Island, GA. RICHARD DEVINE ’72 is Vice President/Commercial Lending for Penn Community Bank. LTC JIM DITTRICH, USA(Ret.) ’72 is semi-retired. He is teaching Transportation and Supply Chain Management at The University of Central Arkansas PETE FRENTZEN ‘72 has been hired by Penn Community Insurance in Bucks County. EDWARD HERATY ’72 writes that his nephew, Patrick Troy, is a member of the Class of 2021. GREGORY KOCHANOWICZ ’72 is retired after 32 years with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He’s worked part time as a PA/NJ realtor since 2003. Greg also is a working musician; singing and playing guitar with his band, “Salty Dogs” and Duo “Sweet & Salty.” He is also a proud and active grandfather. ROBIN REILLY ’72 plays golf regularly with several classmates and travels to Brazil annually for 2-3 week stays. MARK SUTTON ’72 is in the Franchise Development Division of Radisson Hotels for the Northeast Region. VINCENT J. WOLFINGER ’72 was ordained a Permanent Deacon for the Archdiocese of Washington on June 27, 2015. He is assigned to Saint Peter's Parish in Olney, MD.


45-YEAR REUNION AT THE GRAND REUNION ON APRIL 21, 2018. JOSEPH P. DWYER, CPA ’74 was named CFO of the year and awarded a lifetime achievement award by Philadelphia Business Journal. BRUCE KONOPKA ’74 was recently inducted into the University of Pennsylvania Athletic Hall of Fame for his contributions to rowing and coaching at Penn. FREDERICK HELLWIG, USA(RET.) ‘76 was awarded the AFEI 2016 Award (Government Winner) – Enterprise Information Integration. Fred is a Project Manager, Continuity and Planning Division, USDA, Washington, DC. THOMAS J. LYNCH ’77 relocated to Long Island for Computer Associates in 2004 after living in the Philadelphia Area for 45 years. Last year after a decade at Hitachi Data Systems, Thomas began his career at IBM, still in the


Information Technology Channel Partner Sales and Marketing. Thomas is a US Masters swimmer w/the Metro Swim Seawolves, and avid cyclist, USCG Aux Staff Officer, and highly regarded sailor/captain on his s/v Akula sailboat.


40-YEAR REUNION AT THE GRAND REUNION ON APRIL 21, 2018. EDWARD DACHOWSKI, JR., MD ’78 wrote that he is now an Assistant Professor in the Psychiatry Department at The Joan Edwards College of Medicine at Marshal University in Huntington, WV. JOHN STIPA ’78 published his third novel, The Angel Solution, the mind-bending sequel to No Greater Sacrifice. MICHAEL F. DONOHOE, DC ’79 joined the faculty at Gwynedd Mercy University in the Online Department.


JOSEPH P. DOWLING, JR. ’82 is the Sport Psychology Specialist for the University of Pennsylvania Basketball Program.


35-YEAR REUNION AT THE GRAND REUNION ON APRIL 21, 2018. STEPHEN STABILITO ’85 is Vice President, Underwriting Director for XL Catlin Construction. NED MOORE ’86 was recently named as a finalist for “Entrepreneur Of The Year” by the Philadelphia Business Journal and featured in the publication’s “All Shook Up” edition on June 9, 2017 under Fintech – computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services. Moore, who is Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Clutch Holdings, LLC, a customer management, and marketing analytics company located in Ambler, has grown Clutch to serve more than 800 brands and recently acquired Persio, a mobile promotions platform, which adds powerful SMS capabilities to Clutch’s extensive suite of analytic tools. Moore has led Clutch to being named “Technology Startup of the Year” in 2014 by the Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology (PACT). In addition, he has been recognized by PACT as the “2008 Technology CEO of the Year” and was recipient of the Philadelphia Business Journal “40 Under 40” award in 2007. Prior to Clutch Holdings, Moore was Co-Founder and CEO of Portico Systems until its acquisition by McKesson in 2011. Moore holds a BS from Villanova University and currently resides in Ambler with his wife, Binka. His son, Ned, graduated in May as a member of the Class of 2017.


ANTHONY BRUNO ’96 and his wife, Sarah, were married at Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ on June 17, 2016. LTC ADAM FREY, USAF ’96 has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force Reserves. He works as a civilian lawyer in the Judge Advocate General's (JAG) staff at Joint Base Andrews, MD. BROTHER ROBERT SCHAEFER, FSC ’86 is in the Central Community at the Generalate at the Institute in Rome, Italy and a member of the team of the Secretariat of Formation. He recently visited the relics of Saint John Baptist de La Salle with his nephews (left to right) Aidan Kelly ’17, Austin Kelly ’13, and Robert Kelly ’11. DANIEL CAPARO ’87 was promoted to Vice President of Strategic Growth for Coldwell Banker Preferred in the Philadelphia Area. ANTHONY CONSOLO ’87 and his family recently moved to Dublin, OH for an opportunity to work for Nationwide Employee Benefits. ARTHUR ETCHELLS ’87 was recently named Philadelphia Manager for local craft distillery; Manatawny Still Works. Look for Art at the distillery's new tasting room in South Philadelphia on Passyunk Avenue. PATRICK MCGINN ’87 and his wife, Meg, are pleased to have sons, Conor ’20 and Brendan ’21, attending La Salle College High School. MICHAEL E. SAWICKY, ESQ. ’87 has been practicing law for 22 years. He's been a Magistrate in the 47th District Court in Farmington Hills, MI for the last ten years. Michael and his wife, Dianna, celebrated 23 years of marriage in May. STAN SZPINDOR ’87 is Head of Quality and Compliance since 2015 for Cambridge, MA based Idera Pharmaceuticals, which is developing novel therapies for patients with rare diseases and cancer.



25-YEAR REUNION AT THE GRAND REUNION ON APRIL 21, 2018. RYAN HICKE ’95 was recently named a “40 Under 40” by the Philadelphia Business Journal and featured in the publication’s “Youthful Ambition” edition on May 12, 2017. Hicke, who is currently a Senior Vice President for SEI Investments in Oaks, played a key role in the international expansion of SEI and has become the youngest member of SEI's Executive Committee. He helped to build SEI’s business in the United Kingdom – something he considers to be his proudest professional achievement. Hicke has a BS in Finance from Saint Joseph’s University and currently resides with his wife, Theresa, and five children in Bryn Mawr.


20-YEAR REUNION AT THE GRAND REUNION ON APRIL 21, 2018. BRIAN BINDER ’98 worked for Roche in Indiana from 20122016 and for Expat on an assignment in Switzerland for six months in 2015. He has relocated to Central Pennsylvania to be near family and friends. Thanks to La Salle for the academic and athletic experience. He still rows and runs thanks to his days with Crew and Cross Country. PATRICK MOORE ’98 is the owner of Moore Bagels on Route 70 in Marlton, NJ. PAUL SHARKEY ’98 and his wife, Martha, founded a non-profit , Today is a Good Day, to help families during their time in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) due to pre-term birth. For more information, visit VINCENT CARR ’99 joined the faculty of the prestigious Indiana University Jacobs School of Music as Associate Professor (Organ and Sacred Music). Prior to his appointment at IU, Vince served some of the nation’s most prominent cathedrals as organist and director of music.



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STEPHEN ANDREWS ’01 is currently in Nantucket, MA working at the Dreamland Theatre, a Performing Arts Hall. JAMES SACCHETTA ’03 and his wife, Kathleen, live in Ambler, PA. They have two sons, Jimmy (2) and Jack (4 months). Jim works in Clinical Research.

Proceeds Benefit the Men of La Salle

$200 For more information or to place order:


15-YEAR REUNION AT MAGERK’S PUB AND GRILL ON MAY 11, 2018. BRIAN A. HEENAN ’05 married Lauren Ingersoll in Chestnut Hill on June 10, 2017. KEVIN HERON ’05 married Lauren McNulty in April of 2016 and they reside in Glenside, PA. BRADLEY CAGLIA ’06 married Katey Taormina in Philadelphia on October 14, 2017.



PATRICK J. CUNNANE ’06 addressed students and parents at the Honors Convocation at La Salle College High School on Tuesday evening, October 17, 2017. Pat was President Barack Obama’s Senior Writer and Deputy Director of Messaging at the White House where he worked for six years in many roles, responsible for everything from traveling with the President across the country and around the world on Air Force One to writing statements, jokes, op-eds, and more in the president's voice. Pat completed nearly 100 domestic trips and traveled to nearly 20 countries with the President. He conceptualized, managed, and co-wrote the president’s appearance on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” with Jerry Seinfeld, which quickly broke the series’ viewership records and helped garner an Emmy nomination. Entering La Salle College High School from Ancillae Assumpta Academy, Pat subsequently graduated from the University of Miami Honors School where he studied political science and journalism. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Stephanie, whom he met in second grade. He now works as a writer on the hit ABC TV series Designated Survivor, starring Kiefer Sutherland. Pat’s upcoming book, West Winging It: An Unpresidential Memoir, will be out in the Spring, published by Simon & Schuster. He has also written for the New Yorker. JUSTIN PRICE ’07 was Commissioned a Naval Officer on June 2, 2017 and is headed to Flight School in Pensacola, FL. STEVEN DEAN ’07 recently launched a worldwide community of connectors, makers, creatives, technologists, artists, and entrepreneurs who are changing the ways in which we use physical space for work and play. Find out more or join the fellowship at



ANTOINE ALBERT ’08 is attending Georgetown Law Center as a Global Law Scholar. JOHN HARRISON, V ’08 moved in 2017 to become Offensive Coordinator for the football team at Moravian College. JOSEPH MIGLIARESE ’08 started his own business called Tools4Sports. TUCKER DURKIN ’09 will be a part of Team USA in the 2018 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Men's World Championship July 12-21 in Netanya, Israel after being one of 23 athletes named to the Team USA travel team Sunday. Durkin is going into his third season as the Head Coach at Bryn Athyn College. In his first two seasons, the Lions posted a 17-13 overall record, 11-6 against the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC). Bryn Athyn was 8-8 overall, 6-3 in conference play to reach the NEAC Tournament for the second straight season,


had nine players earn a place on the All-NEAC team in 2017. After his time at La Salle, Durkin went on to play lacrosse for Johns Hopkins and is currently playing for the Florida Launch of the Major Lacrosse League. STEPHEN GRASSO ’09 married Caroline Hayes in September of 2017. JAY GIUNTA ’09 started a European auto rental company called EuroPrestige Motors servicing Philadelphia area in Spring 2017.


KEVIN G. HARVEY ’10 is in his fourth year of medical school at The Boonshoft School of Medicine at Wright State University. FRANCIS MARTINO ’10 graduated from Penn State University with a B.A. in Economics and is an Insurance Producer with Martino Insurance in Elkins Park, PA. CLIFFORD “MIKE” MARS ’12 writes that he is enjoying a second year living and working in Yuzawa, Japan. STUART GIBSON ’12 graduated magna cum laude from Penn State University on May 7, 2017. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and a Master’s degree in Accounting. ANDREW HELBLING ’12 graduated Hobart College in May of 2017 and is employed by Universal Health Services (UHS). WILLIAM ROSE ’12 has graduated from Drexel University and married Kathryn Gillen on June 24, 2017.



MATT RAMBO ’13 won the 17th annual Tewaaraton Award, presented by Under Armour. The Tewaaraton Award annually honors the top male and top female college lacrosse players in the United States. The all-time points and goals leader in the University of Maryland’s prestigious history, Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year


THOMAS E. TURNER 1952–2018 Matt Rambo led the Terps to their first national championship since 1975 and fourth straight Final Four appearance. The three-time USILA All-American helped the Terrapins to a Big Ten Championship and NCAA Tournament No. 1 overall seed for a second consecutive season. In the process, he became the first Terp to notch more than 40 goals and 40 assists in a single season, and earned the USILA Lt. Raymond J. Enners Outstanding Player Award. Rambo’s 87 points and 45 assists were best in the Big Ten and good for third and fourth in the nation, respectively. The senior attackman was Maryland’s first men’s Tewaaraton winner and the first winner from the Philadelphia area. During his time at La Salle, Rambo helped lead the Explorers to the 2013 PIAA Lacrosse State Championship. ANTHONY SILVESTRI ’14 was one of eighteen Drexel University students who traveled to Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium in December of 2017 to conclude an experiential learning highlight of their Drexel experience. The students participated in the international consulting residency course, which combines a projectbased consulting class and international travel. Throughout the quarter, students interacted virtually with their client, leading global provider of software solutions to monitor and control asset information throughout the asset lifecycle. Company team members from around the globe interfaced with the students, who were tasked with developing recommendations for business challenges at the organization. Headquartered in Hoofdorp, Netherlands, just outside of Amsterdam, the company welcomed Drexel’s students to present business solutions during their one-week trip abroad. Silvestri enjoyed the experience so much that he participated in the program twice, taking part in the prior year’s course in which students consulted for a startup in Prague, Czech Republic. “Working with a team of individuals from various backgrounds to develop integrated solutions for our client, I have developed skills that will benefit me after graduation as I begin a career in consulting,” Silvestri explains. “The unique learning experience of this course is the reason I decided to take the course again this year.” NICHOLAS SILVESTRI ’16 was one of fourteen select Freshmen chosen by the Villanova School of Business to participate in their Global Citizens Program. Nicholas spent the second semester of his freshman year studying at King’s College in London along with a six-week internship at a British start-up company.

Tom Turner passed away on January 19, 2018 surrounded by the loving family that cared for him so lovingly throughout his illness. Mr. Turner joined the La Salle community as a teacher in the Social Studies department in the 1982-83 school year, having arrived on campus as fledgling soccer coach in an earlier season. He served at various junctures for three and a half decades as history teacher, soccer coach, and assistant dean of students. Tom Turner will be remembered fondly for his steady presence in the first floor corridor at the juncture between the main office and academic wings, his warm greetings and words of encouragements to us and our students, particularly those who faced challenges and difficulties in their high school careers or adult lives. Tom’s clear and caring style of communicating with young men successfully diffused many a situation that made its way to the dean’s office in the course of an ordinary day at La Salle. Many La Salle parents recall encountering Tom at open houses for prospective students and his encouraging line to those overwhelmed by the prospect of a college preparatory education experience, “Don’t worry; we will get him through.” Whatever job Mr. Turner held, he used it as a vehicle to show his loving concern for those entrusted to his care, students and colleagues alike. For years he discreetly supervised several La Salle funds which assist students or staff members and their families make it through a period of financial challenge or health difficulties. He had an eagle eye for any students who were experiencing difficulty adjusting to La Salle as ninth graders. He showed them support and communicated gently how to be successful. In the discipline office, Mr. Turner knew intuitively which students needed compassion and understanding to get them through a rough spot and how to call a slacker to account in short order. In the classroom, while the course was history, the subject was how to develop into a respectful, responsible, and caring adult man. Such men asked after Tom and called in to see him, year after year. They came out in force when Coach Turner was inducted into the Hall of Athletics in September of 2017. Rest in peace, Tom. Continue to bring the needs of La Salle’s students, faculty, staff, and families before the loving God who With a very heavy heart but with gratitude to God that he was a part of our lives for nearly four decades, has now brought you home to himself in peace, victorious over the suffering of these past months Saint John Baptist de La Salle. Pray for us. Live Jesus in our Hearts. Forever!

RYAN WINSLOW ’13 Concluded four years as the punter for the University of Pittsburgh, where he performed like the 12th member of Pitt’s defense, controlling the field position with his booming punts. He was selected first team All-ACC by league coaches, the Associated Press and Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA), and named a semifinalist for the National Football Foundation (NFF) William V. Campbell Trophy (presented to the nation’s top Scholar-Athlete). He averaged a career-best 44.5 yards on 57 punts during the 2017 season, which was best in the ACC. He placed 16 punts inside the 20-yard line and averaged a career-high 50.1 yards (on seven punts) at Georgia Tech. He also served as Pitt’s holder for placekicks in each of his four active seasons and threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Nathan Bossory off a fake field goal at Virginia Tech. He was joined this season in the starting line-up by JIMMY MORRISSEY ’16 who started every game at center for Panthers. Both Ryan Winslow and Jimmy Morrissey were named as members of the All-ACC Academic Team. EXPLORER SPRING 2018 31

WE WELCOME / WE REMEMBER ( B I RT H S A N D D E AT H S A S O F F E B R U A RY 1 5 , 2 0 1 8 )

WE WELCOME ROBERT J. MCCREIGHT, JR. ’01 and his wife, Kerry, welcomed a son, Robert Joseph III on April 18, 2017. Robert is the grandson of Robert J. McCreight, Sr. ’71. MARK D’ANGELO ’02 and his wife, Gretchen, welcomed a daughter, Leigh Deryn, on August 23, 2017. Leigh is the granddaughter of Joseph ‘Angelo ’63. MATTHEW DERRICK ’02 and his wife, Holly, welcomed a son, Harrison James, on September 4, 2017. JIM SACHETTA ’03 and his wife, Katie, welcomed their second son, Jack Donovan, on August 2, 2017. MICHAEL CHAPMAN ’05 and his wife, Laura, welcomed a son, James, November 14, 2017. ANDREW GILL ’05 and his wife, Lauren, welcomed a daughter, Sophie, on November 6, 2017.

DANIEL J. MADDEN ’58, brother of Frank ’59. WILLIAM R. REGLI ’58, father of William ’85. GEORGE P. NICOLAUS ’60 RICHARD E. PANATI ’60 JOHN C. SINGER, JR. ’60, brother of Joseph ’65. BROTHER PAUL R. YUZUK ’62 DONALD J. BOTHWELL ’63 BRIAN M. KILCULLEN ’65 PAUL F. MCHUGH, JR. ’65, brother of Brian ’72. RONALD J. PENDRAK ’67 WILLIAM F. MAHER ’69, son of William ’43. ROBERT L. JESSE, MD, PHD ’70, brother of H. William Jesse ’69. ANTHONY J. (AJ) SCIOLLA ’68, brother of David ’72 and John ’77.

ANNE CRANE, grandmother of Robert ’02 and James ’97 O’Neill, John DeLucca ’08, Mark Angelone ’10, and Sean Crane ’10. JOHN D. DESMOND, father of Patrick ’73(Dec’d) and Robert ’74. DORIS M. DEVINNEY, mother of Francis ’69 and Laurence ’76. FRANCIS J. DEVINNEY, father of Francis ’69 and Laurence ’76. LEONA DIAMOND, wife of William ’56. HELEN DONAHUE, mother of James ’76, Michael ’79, George ’82, and Stephen ’84. MARIE M. DONOGHUE, mother of Robert ’75 and Kevin ’78 Donoghue. ALFRED S. FOLEY, father of George ’76, Alfred ’78, Joseph ’81, and Christopher ’83; grandfather of Christopher Foley ’09, Eric James ’16, and David Kimmel ’21; uncle of Arnold ’81, David ’83 and Stephen ’84 Foley.

JOSEPH W. WINNING ’05 and his wife, Laura, welcomed a daughter, Charlotte Anne (Charley), on October 23, 2017.

EDWARD J. GALBALLY, III ’70, father of Edward ’01, Christopher ’03, and Andrew ’08.

FACULTY MEMBER CHRISTIAN ARELLANO and his wife, Marlyn, welcomed a son, Mateo Leon, on September 16, 2017.


FACULTY MEMBER KEVIN WHITNEY and his wife, Pam, welcomed a daughter, Elizabeth Catherine, on September 7, 2017.

RONALD F. KIDD, JR. ’78, brother of John ’81.

PAUL GEHMAN, La Salle Music Faculty Member


VINCENT “JIM” GENUARDI, father of James (Debbie) Genuardi; grandfather of Kevin Genuardi ’09.



DUANE D. POINDEXTER ’74, brother of Darryl ’74.

PAUL MICHAEL NUNNARI ’02, brother of Christopher ’11. BRIAN TICHENOR DORSEY ’10


DOROTHY ALBERT, mother of John ’70, grandmother of La Salle Faculty Member Thomas Devlin ’00 and Robert Devlin ’05. MICHAEL J. BORTULIN, grandfather of Michael James Bortulin ’16. LOIS A. BRADY, mother of Christopher ’78 and Paul ’93. JOAN BRAITHWAITE, grandmother of Matthew Braithwaite ’11.


DOROTHY BRETT, mother of Vincent ’79.

JAMES E. STANTON ’50 EDWARD J. CHERMOL, JR., DDS ’53 WILLIAM F. KUMMERLE ’53 EDMUND P. BUTLER, ESQ. ’56, father of Edmund, Jr. ’86 and Thomas ’91; brother of George ’53. JOHN T. CAMPBELL, III ’56 JOHN E. TUOHY ’56


THOMAS M. GARRITY, father of James ’70 and Brian ’71; grandfather of Thomas Ian ’01. BROTHER BRENDAN GARWOOD, FSC

ALFREDA HALAS, mother of Alfred ’62 and John ’63. STEPHEN F. HOPE, SR., father of Stephen ’96 and Timothy ’01.

JOSEPH D. O’NEILL, SR. ’49, father of Joseph ’75, Sean ’79(Dec’d.), and Timothy ’77; grandfather of Liam ’07 and Aidan ’14 O’Neill; brother of Henry ’49(Dec’d), Gerald ’55 and Kevin ’62(Dec’d.).

MARTIN B MCCANN, JR. ’50, brother of John McCann ’42(Dec’d.); brotherin-law of Reverend Edmond Speitel ’43 and Gerald Speitel ’48(Dec’d).

HENRY “HANK” FOX, grandfather of Michael ’10 and Eric ’12.

HELENA BREGATTA, grandmother of Matthew Hartnett, Esq. ’00 and Ryan MacFarland ’02; mother-in-law of Joseph Hartnett ’69.

HELEN BRINKMANN, mother of William ’69 and John ’70. ARTHUR EDMUND CHANDLER, father of Mark ’13. ANTHONY L. CHECCHIO, father of Dr. Joseph A. Checcio ’75; grandfather of Anthony ’13 and Joseph ’15. JOHN L. CONNOLLY, SR., father of Gerard ’77 and Paul ’80; grandfather of Steven ’05.

RICHARD HRESHKO, grandfather of Nicholas ’13 and Luke ’21 Hreshko. JOSEPH JOYCE, brother of James ’64; uncle of John ’77 and William ’75 Tamasitis; great-uncle of Kevin Tamasitis ’07. PATRICIA LAMPRECHT, wife of Frank ’55; mother of Thomas ’97. DAVID S. LOEB, JR., grandfather of Ted Felix ’18. JOHN J. MAGUIRE, JR., father of Thomas ’87 and Michael ’88. EDWARD R. MANLEY, father of Stephen ’89. DOROTHY M. MCCOLIGAN, mother of James ’87. KATHRYN MCLAREN, wife of the late Robert E. McLaren ’49;, mother of Robert ’74 and Scott ’79; grandmother of Gregory ’06, Christopher ’10, Robert ‘15 and William McLaren ’15. MARY B. MCDONOUGH, grandmother of Will Madden ’21 and Michael Bantner ’15; great-aunt of Michael ’19 and Mark ’21 McDonough.

FAY MCNULTY, mother of Patrick ’74 and Sean ’76. MARGARET THERESA MERLINI, grandmother of Kevin M. Merlini ’99, Louis A. Merlini ’99, Capt. Michael M. Merlini ’03, and Kevin W. Merlini, Jr. ’09. MARY ELIZABETH METZLER, grandmother of Mark ’14 and Christopher ’19. MARY AILEEN MOROSS, wife of the late John F. ’43; mother of Mark ’72. RONALD L. MOXEY, grandfather of Timothy Moxey ’19. ANTHONY OBERT-THORN, JR., father of Mark ’74. CAROLYN O’DEA, mother of Lee ’68 and John ’78. MARIE T. PANEBIANCO, mother of Robert ’69 and Andrew ’71. GORDON PATRIZIO, father of Paul ’75 and Mark ’76. CLAUDE PRICE, JR., grandfather of John “Jack” Dwyer ’12 and Collin Price ’20. ELEANOR REBSTOCK, grandmother of Robert Rebstock ’04 and Franz Wagner ’15. JOHN J. REIGG, JR., father of Thomas ’77. EILEEN REILLY, mother of the late Leo ’67 and Robin ’72. ANNAMARIE ROSSANESE, mother of Maurino J. Rossanese, Jr. ’63; grandmother of Matthew Rossanese ’89; great-grandmother of Mason Branch ’21. RICHARD A. ROTHWELL, father of Richard ’70, Michael ’75 and Brian ’80 Rothwell and La Salle Staff Member Mrs. Connie Gill; grandfather of Gregory ’03 and Colin ’11 Rothwell and John ’01, Ryan ’03, and Andrew ’05 Gill. JOSEPH SEKA, grandfather of John P. Harkins, Jr. ’11. BROTHER KEVIN STRONG, FSC ROBERT J. TRUITT, father of Robert ’94, Thomas ’95, and Joseph ’96. THOMAS E. TURNER ELEANOR VAHLE, mother of Rodman ’60, Timothy Vahle ’77, and Mrs. Maureen Hope; grandmother of Stephen ’96 and Timothy ’01 Hope. MERLE A. VIZZA, grandfather of Joseph ’16. MARYANN H. WHALEN, wife of John Whalen ’56. JOHN J. YODSNUKIS, father of John ’74. JOAN SANDERS ZEKANIS, wife of Henry Zekanis ’52.

David T. Diehl ’55 Scholarship Golf Outing Brother Edward Gallagher, FSC, Honorary Chairman

Monday, June 25, 2018 Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 815 Thomas Road, Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania Two Shotgun Starts – Morning and Afternoon

To register or for more information visit Designed by the legendary George C. Thomas, Jr. (Riviera Country Club, Los Angeles Country Club) Whitemarsh Valley Country Club opened in 1908 and has hosted 14 Philadelphia Amateurs and, from 1963-1980 was home to a stop on the PGA Tour (Philadelphia Classic and later the IVB Golf Classic). The course measures 6,902 years and has a rating of 73.9 and slope of 142 from the Blue Tees.


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