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The Official Magazine of La Salle College High School


The Official Magazine of La Salle College High School

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Report of Annual Giving 2006 – 2007

The Official Magazine of La Salle College High School

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Michael McCarthy ’65 and Jerry Hathaway ’72 amongst the bright lights of New York City.

 Explorer Autumn 2007

From The Hip! One does not appreciate the complexity of the English language until they begin teaching a five-year old to read. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to explain how two words that sound the same can be spelled differently. Not to mention, how a word can have more than one meaning. A.J. and I recently encountered one such word in the pages of Dr. Seuss. char·ac·ter (krk-tr) n.[ME. carecter < OFr. caractere < L. character, an engraving instrument < Gr. charattein, to engrave] 1. the combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another 2. moral or ethical strength 3. a) notable or well-known person b) person, especially one who is peculiar or eccentric 4. a) person portrayed in an artistic piece, such as a drama or novel b) characterization in fiction or drama 5. mark or symbol used in a writing system.

In September, Bob Peffle joined the faculty of La Salle College High School. No stranger to La Salle, having been the Varsity Soccer Coach for the last twenty-one years and being the father of two La Salle alums, Bob came to work “full-time” after thirty-four years as a teacher and coach in the Philadelphia School District. Instead of retiring from education, Bob chose to bring his skills and experience to La Salle and, by doing so, instantly brought respect and character to the classrooms and hallways where he roams. He joins the ranks of countless other faculty members who do the same: Joe Ciccimaro ’57, Joe Colistra ’64, Joe D’Angelo ’63, Pat Devine, Julia Maher, Mary Kay Mullen, and Mary Jo Smith – men and women whose character is matched only by their knowledge, professionalism, and ability to teach boys in a manner that would make our Founder (St. John Baptist de La Salle) proud. Likewise at La Salle are true characters – individuals whose unique style far exceeds the boundaries of an educator: Lew Clark, Jerry Evans, Marty Jackson, Diana Kelly McInaw, Frank Lichtner, Joe Parisi, and Pete Sigmund ’85 are but a few of our teachers who continue to distinguish themselves on a daily basis and have earned the respect of students and peers alike. All of these men and women comprise a group known as Lasallian educators and help to make La Salle College High School an institution of growth and diversity. Fortunately, I don’t need Webster’s New World Dictionary to define the word “character” because I work at a school that abounds with living examples.

Christopher M. Carabello ’82 Editor


The Official Magazine of La Salle College High School

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Field of Dreams The development of thirty-four acres adjacent to Route 309 and Papermill Road is near complete. The new athletic fields will be ready for use in the Spring of 2009 and will host lacrosse, soccer, football, and baseball games for years to come. Pictured (left to right) are: Chris Carabello ’82, A.J. Carabello ’20, Colin Gibbons ’23, Mark Gibbons ’92, Clay Donahue ’19, Jim Donahue ’86, Patrick Meko ’21, and John Meko ’86.

 Explorer Autumn 2007

In The Beginning by Eric C. Stone ’11

In the beginning, I saw a tower slowly appearing on the hill. In the beginning, I saw the emblem that represents love and learning. In the beginning, I saw my intellectual and spiritual home for the next four years. In the beginning, I saw La Salle. I first saw La Salle when I went to summer camp. I was only seven years old, but I loved everything about it. The teachers and counselors were fun to be around. I knew then that I wanted to attend La Salle. Orientation day was an experience that truly welcomed us to La Salle. When I got out of the car, I was greeted by warm “hellos“. Mr. Marchese and Brother Richard took a picture with me, while a cheerful Brother James stood behind the camera. The band welcomed us with songs, while the ladies in the Main Office greeted us with smiles. In homeroom, we were all awaiting our instructions so we could start as soon as possible. After taking a tour of the campus and getting our ID photo, we made our way into the auditorium for a liturgy and some welcome speeches. All of the administrators who spoke gave a clear message of what the true La Salle Gentleman was supposed to be. It was truly inspiring and gave us the energy to learn the Alma Mater from Mr. C (Joe Ciccimaro). After a couple of tries, we finally achieved the volume that he was hoping us to reach. After that, we went outside to plant our class tree. It was a long walk, but it was worth the symbolism that gave all of the points mentioned by the speakers an image. As Orientation Day came to an end, it gave the entire freshman class hope for the first day of classes. So, we, too, can grow into a true Lasallian. As I come to a close, I’d like to think that my journey up that hill has just begun. As I understand more and more what a true Lasallian is like, I take one more step up that hill. Right now, I see the great reward ahead of me, the distinguished, proverbial tower that is achieving all that makes you a La Salle Gentlemen.

The first day of school on Tuesday, September 4, 2007 welcomed 265 members of the Class of 2011 including (left to right): Alex Lynn, Marcus Richardson, Eric Stone, Brian Zielinski, and Kaleb Weiler.

Jim Catalino ’56 is joined by his five grandsons (left to right): Chris Catalino ’11, James Paul Catalino ’09, Shawn Warrender ’10, Ryan Warrender ’07, and Colin McIntosh ’11. A sixth grandson, Bill Warrender, graduated in 2006.

Patrick O’Donnell ’11 with his father Fran O’Donnell ’80 and grandfather Maurice Gable ’50.

 Explorer Autumn 2007

Legacy Photos – Class of 2011

Second Generation Explorers The Class of 2011 includes fifty “Legacies,” students whose fathers and/or grandfathers attended La Salle College High School. These students are pictured above with Principal Joseph L. Marchese and President Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60 at the Freshman Orientation on September 4, 2007. Front Row (left to right): Principal Joseph L. Marchese, Ryan E. Abbott, Andrew P. Belcher, Ryan P. Belcher, Joseph C. Brown, William J. Burger, Christopher J. Catalino, Ryan R. Cocron, Christopher J. Dearolf, and Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60. Second Row (left to right): Timothy A. Diorio, Stefano P. DiPietro, Tyler J. Dunphy, Sean T. Dwyer, Andrew C. Eckert, William N. Galbally, Casey T. Gillespie, Kevin P. Gillespie, Benjamin T. Hankinson, Thomas J. Horn, and Brendan Kretschman. Third Row (left to right): Brian J. Lynch, Gordon P. Lynch, Brendan M. Lyons, Matthew J. Mahoney, Colin E. Malone, Will P. Marble, Edward B. Marino, Del C. Markward, Joseph McCreavy, and Terence McFadden. Fourth Row (left to right): Patrick M. McHale, Colin A. McIntosh, Jeffrey T. McKenna, Frederick A. Mischler, Kyle F. Mischler, Patrick J. Mulderig, Conor F. Murphy, Joseph R. Naji, and Robert N. Nix. Back Row (left to right): Patrick F. O’Donnell, John J. Quigley, Paul M. Quinn, Colin Rothwell, Nicholas Sabia, Kieran J. Trainer, Michael Vecchione, Jr., Christopher K. Walter, Stephen P. Wasylenko, James D. Weitzman, and Brian J. Zielinski. Missing from photo: Michael J. Mooney.

Third Generation Explorers Pictured with Principal Joseph L. Marchese and President Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60 are seven boys from the Class of 2011 whose fathers and grandfathers are Alumni of La Salle College High School. Patrick F. O’Donnell Timothy A. Diorio John J. Quigley Kieran J. Trainer William J. Burger Tyler J. Dunphy Colin E. Malone

 Explorer Autumn 2007

Men of Accomplishment

Men of Service

New Rowing Coach

To Appalachia and Back

Christopher J. Doyle ’69 was hired in September as the Head Coach of Rowing. Chris was a three-year varsity letterman and a Scholastic National Champion while at La Salle. He is extremely active on the Masters rowing circuit, and has won dozens of Masters National Championship medals, including captain of the winning quad in the age 50+ category at last year’s FISA World Masters Regatta. Chris has been living in the New York City metro area for the past sixteen years, where he was an executive with Mercedes-Benz USA. He was a Trustee of Nereid Boat Club, and the Director of Rowing Programs, in which he supervised five high school programs. He was the Varsity Crew Coach at Ridgewood High School and is now an active member of Whitemarsh Boat Club in Conshohocken, PA.

From June 9-15, 2007, fifteen students, along with Tom Devlin ’00 and Lew Clark, immersed themselves in the culture, labor, and environment of Eastern Kentucky. The team’s mission was to work on repairing and building homes for impoverished families in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity in Phelps, KY.

Building Bridges of Solidarity

Back On Top Of The Leader Board

Once again, a group of young Explorers headed to South America in an effort to spread the Lasallian spirit in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The boys helped to build schools, spent time with children and burn victims at a a public hospital, and provided food and clothing to those in need. Donations of food, clothing, and supplies were collected by the group, transported to Bolivia, and donated to public clinics, orphanages, and the villages of Vila-Vila, Zorochi, and Pirhuas.

After going undefeated through the league schedule, the Golf Team captured their eleventh Philadelphia Catholic League Championship in the last thirteen years on Monday, October 1, 2007 at Center Square Golf Club. The Explorer’s team total of 456 was 34 strokes better than second place Monsignor Bonner. The victory was a redemption of sorts for the Explorers who lost by two strokes in last year’s championship. In addition to the team title, all eight members of the La Salle team gained All-Catholic honors, including junior Kevin Genuardi who shot a 3-under par 68 and finished in first place.

Freshman and Fathers Branch-Out

Cross Country Wins Fifth Consecutive Championship Under the guidance of first-year coach Greg Bielecki ’99, the Cross Country team captured their fifth consecutive Philadelphia Catholic League Championship on Saturday, October 27, 2007 at a muddy Belmont Plateau. The Explorers had five runners finish in the top fifteen and were led by Dan Lowry who finished first overall. La Salle swept all three championships by winning the Junior Varsity and Freshman races.

On October 16, 2007 the entire Freshman Class, almost 200 fathers, and over twenty faculty/staff members traveled to twenty-two different service sites in the Philadelphia area for Freshman Branch-Out Day. The theme for the day was beginning the Lasallian journey of faith, service, and community. All told, the volunteers contributed over 1,600 hours of service to the organizations which included Catholic grade schools, food banks, nursing homes, and salvation army centers.

 Explorer Autumn 2007

New York State of Mind

By Gail A Evans, CFRE

This past year, La Salle College High School has spent a good deal of time trying to reconnect with New York alumni. Even though the Big Apple is only two hours away from Wyndmoor, few alumni travel

Current New York Regional Roundtable Members Pietro V. Scola ’92 Chairman John Behan ’60 John M. Casper ’87 Domenic DiPiero ’63 Timothy J. Erb Jr. ’94 Gerald Hathaway, Esq. ’72 Michael McCarthy ’65 Martin P. Silvestri ’67 Walter L. Updegrave ’70

back for traditional alumni events. The solution? Take La Salle to New York! After hosting a few Alumni receptions in Manhattan, a few committed alumni raised their hands to our request to organize a formal New York Roundtable. The purpose of the Roundtable is to provide a forum for sharing important developments at La Salle and to serve as a catalyst to help plan future New York-based events. In many ways, they are serving as an extension of our Board of Trustees as they channel ideas and suggestions back to the Board for consideration. Pete Scola ’92, Managing Director at Wachovia Securities, who volunteered to serve as the group’s chair, hosted the first New York City Roundtable in November of 2006. Since that inaugural event, the group has met three subsequent times during 2007. From an outsider’s vantage, it has been interesting to hear the personal stories – where they came from, what a Lasallian education meant to them, how La Salle impacted their professional lives, what they would like to see for La Salle’s future. Everyone has a different story, yet all of them feel a strong sense of connection because of their experience at La Salle. The camaraderie among the group, even though they may be generations apart and their professions as different as their backgrounds, is pretty extraordinary. As each meeting comes to a close, a new member of the group volunteers to host the next gathering – a true indication that they enjoy each other’s company and their Wyndmoor visitors.

The social connection is only one aspect of this group. They are adamant that their mission extend beyond the social connection and have taken on the task of defining objectives that will ultimately benefit La Salle and its student population. Two such projects include: 1. a field trip for La Salle students to visit New York as a way to promote the region as a strategically advantageous area for students to continue their education and, eventually, their careers and 2. a mid-winter reception with a keynote speaker. Both events are being scheduled for the spring of 2008. If the enthusiasm and commitment of our New York alums are any indication of the level of success these events will bring, they will surely surpass our expectations. If you live or work in the New York region and would like to learn more about the New York Regional Roundtable or the events they are planning, please call the Office of Institutional Advancement at (215) 233-2350. Since La Salle is hoping to duplicate these efforts in other regions around the country, we would welcome hearing from you should you have an interest in leading up a similar effort.

 Explorer Autumn 2007

Brotherly Love by Walter L. Updegrave ’70 Editor, Money Magazine

Mike McCarthy, Class of 1965, knows what it’s like to reach the pinnacle of business success in a city that’s renowned for setting the bar high—New York, New York. He spent twenty-one years of his career at Goldman Sachs, arguably the most prestigious investment bank on the planet, eventually becoming a partner and heading the firm’s municipal bond group, where he worked alongside such luminaries as Robert Rubin, who would go on to become Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, and Jon Corzine, now the Governor of New Jersey.

 Explorer Autumn 2007

Brotherly Love Continued

But even as his post-La Salle journey took him from the leafy campus of Princeton University to the halls of the Harvard Business School to Goldman’s offices in the steel-and-glass canyons of Wall Street, McCarthy never forgot the key role that La Salle played in his success. “I felt indebted to La Salle from the beginning because I received a scholarship,” says McCarthy. “It’s clear to me that La Salle led to Princeton, which led to Harvard, which led to Goldman. And I would never have gone to La Salle if I hadn’t gotten that scholarship.”

David McCarthy ’66

McCarthy has repaid La Salle’s largesse many times over in service to the school’s community. He served on La Salle’s Board of Trustees from 1994 through 2002, a period during which he and his fellow board members concentrated much of their effort on helping La Salle achieve its mission of providing a top-notch education while trying to give students from families of more limited means access to that education. He was also a co-chairman of the “Forever La Salle” capital campaign that between 1998 and 2002 raised some $10 million, money that has helped provide financial aid, expand athletic and music facilities and boost support for the La Salle Annual fund. In recognition of his service, McCarthy was inducted into La Salle’s Alumni Hall of Fame in 2004.

“I was a year and half older and a class ahead of him, but David wasn’t going to live under my shadow at La Salle.” But the project that has personally meant the most to him is the scholarship fund that he, his family and friends established in 1999 in memory of his brother David McCarthy, Class of ’66. Although the brothers shared an interest in athletics—both played football and rowed for La Salle—McCarthy remembers his younger brother as having the feistier personality of the two. “He was more willing to take risks and engage in pranks, things like setting off the school’s fire alarms one day,” says McCarthy. “I was a year and half older and a class ahead of him, but David wasn’t going to live under my shadow at La Salle.”

Mike McCarthy ’65

When David died at age 50, after a long struggle with multiple sclerosis, McCarthy felt that a fund providing tuition assistance to needy students would be a fitting way to honor his brother. Says McCarthy, “I’m sure he would have said this was a great idea, helping kids who can’t afford a La Salle education on their own.” Although La Salle has been a major beneficiary of McCarthy’s philanthropy over the years, it’s hardly been his sole focus. You could even say that public service in the broadest sense has been an underlying theme throughout his career. As a freshly minted MBA out of Harvard Business School in the early ’70s, McCarthy did consulting work for then California governor Jerry Brown that laid the groundwork for legislation that created the California Housing Finance Agency. Over the past 30 years, that agency has helped finance affordable homes for renters and first-time homebuyers who might otherwise be shut out of the state’s high-cost housing market.

And as he was winding down his career at Goldman, McCarthy used his position as chairman of an industry trade group to set up The Bond Market Foundation, a nonprofit that seeks to improve the financial literacy of individual investors. He still serves as chairman of the foundation, overseeing a variety of educational efforts including, a website that provides material on everything from budgeting to investing to managing credit. McCarthy has also made forays into the cultural front. In 2000, he started the Eureka Foundation, a nonprofit that funds educational programming for television and other media. He then turned to producer and La Salle classmate Marc Doyle (Class of 1965) to create “Great Museums,” a series of documentaries on noteworthy museums throughout the U.S. that runs on more than 200 public television stations around the country. The series has been an unqualified artistic success, winning, among other plaudits, seven CINE “Golden Eagle” awards for high production standards in filmmaking. Although McCarthy retired from Goldman Sachs in 1998, he hasn’t abandoned the business arena. He develops commercial real estate in Philadelphia, New York and Delaware with his brother Dennis and for the past five years has been involved in launching a new venture called VMAC, a company that does commodity trading with energy firms. His business, charitable and cultural activities certainly keep him busy. And then there are the usual parental demands that he and his wife Deborah face raising their two teenage sons, Daniel, 17, and Keenan, 15. But he always manages to find time in his tight schedule for La Salle. McCarthy is now a member of the recently formed New York City Regional Roundtable, a group of La Salle alums who live and work in and around New York City and who have distinguished themselves in areas ranging from entertainment and the arts to finance to publishing to law. In addition to building a tighter network of New York-area La Salle grads so they can play a more significant role in fundraising, the Roundtable also plans to host get-togethers with La Salle students in Manhattan. Ideally, the group would like to reach out to students at a time when they’re making key decisions about college choices and future careers to introduce them to the broad range of educational and career opportunities that America’s premier city can provide—opportunities that have enriched the lives of McCarthy and other alums, including his fellow Roundtable Member Jerry Hathaway who is profiled on pages 9 and 10. “The plans are still in flux,” says McCarthy, “but if we can get more grads in the New York area to reconnect with the school and create a forum for La Salle students who might be thinking of New York as a place to go to school or start their career, I think we can all benefit from that.” As important as McCarthy believes it is to get involved in public service, he doesn’t presume to tell others what form that service should take. “I can’t say that being involved with your school is more important than working for a local food bank,” says McCarthy. “But one thing I do know is that La Salle does a first-class job of educating kids as smartly and economically as possible. So if you’re looking for a way to invest your time or money to give something back, La Salle is a great place to do it.”

 Explorer Autumn 2007

Living A Dream by Michael P. Dominick ’03

What is it about La Salle College High School that keeps its alumni so active and involved year after year? Ask Jerry Hathaway ’72 and he’ll tell you. Jerry Hathaway grew up in a small house on D Street and Tabor Road in the Olney section of Philadelphia, St. Ambrose Parish. With four boys under the age of 13 and a daughter on the way, Mrs. Hathaway lost her husband at a young age and moved the family from Texas to Philadelphia in order to raise her children around her relatives that had settled here. Growing up in what was slowly becoming a dangerous neighborhood, Hathaway could have easily slipped between the cracks of the system and gotten lost among the over-populated working class city schools. But his mother simply wouldn’t allow it.

10 Explorer Autumn 2007

Living A Dream Continued

The Hathaway Family (left to right): George ’69, Jerry ’72, Evelyn, Mike ’68, and Richard ’65, on the occasion of the wedding of Jerry’s eldest son in New York City in November 2006.

“When we got here, my mother immediately started asking around for the best schools, and she was told about La Salle” Hathaway reflects in a September interview. Even then, La Salle was not the cheapest of educations, but when Mrs. Hathaway heard it was the place to send your sons, she was determined to do just that. “Looking back, I don’t know how my mother was able to do it.” Hathaway’s three older brothers went through La Salle before him, Jerry following in tow. His first year was a struggle however, and it was not without the help of Marty Stanczak ’60 that he was able to return the following year.

“I, along with my three brothers, was able to determine what I wanted and figure out the means to go and get it, and I attribute a lot of that to La Salle.” In furtherance of his belief that La Salle was one of the pivotal moments in his life that shaped the success he is today, he joined his three brothers, led by Michael ’68, to establish what is called the “Hathaway Brothers’ Scholarship Fund.” Hathaway’s neighborhood in Olney was starting to become a tough neighborhood when he started high school. Drugs were coming into the area and violence started to pick up a bit. In September of his Junior year, while standing around on Roosevelt Boulevard, “doing no good – not doing anything bad, but certainly not anything good,” Hathaway was attacked and beaten up, leaving him in the hospital with a few gashes and some broken teeth. It was at this moment that Hathaway claims he decided to turn himself around. “I thought to myself, ’where is your life going?’ and I realized it wasn’t going anywhere, and I needed to change that.” Hathaway held to his promise, and soon began to thrive at La Salle. He got himself involved with the theater program here, where he even happened to meet his future wife, popular stage actress Ms. Kate McCauley (a Mount St. Joseph Academy graduate). Getting in with the right crowd and doing the right thing with his time was the best decision he ever made, claims Hathaway.

Years later, after pursuing a Bachelors’ Degree from La Salle University and going on to graduate from Law School, Hathaway sits in his New York City apartment looking back on his time he spent in Philadelphia. He and his wife Kate are the proud parents of three children, all of whom have grown up to be stellar students and prime examples of the determination and success Hathaway had modeled his life with. One of Hathaway’s children is none other than the famous movie actress Anne Hathaway, a determined individual who held a passion for performing since a young age but never once allowed it to affect the other aspects of her life. “I remember she wanted to take on a paying position with a theater company when she was fourteen, and it was going to be eight shows a week,” reflects Hathaway. “We told her that she needed to realize that this would become her extra-curricular activities, and if her grades slipped, she had to stop. She came out of her first semester of high school with a 4.0.” With a successful law practice in the heart of New York City on 3rd Avenue near the United Nations Plaza, as well as a life of happiness and excitement, it is absolutely fascinating for Hathaway to look back at his roots and think of how far he has come. “I, along with my three brothers, was able to determine what I wanted and figure out the means to go and get it, and I attribute a lot of that to La Salle.” In furtherance of his belief that La Salle was one of the pivotal moments in his life that shaped the success he is today, he joined his three brothers, led by Michael ’68, to establish what is called the “Hathaway Brothers’ Scholarship Fund” – an account set up to assist young men from the inner city to be allowed the opportunity and education that La Salle has to offer, an opportunity that, without the help of the Hathaway Brothers, would be unattainable. The Fund has been more than successful and has been a personal connection for the Hathaway Brothers (Richard ’65, Michael ’68, George ’69, and Jerry ’72) to the school that they believe led them to bigger and better things. “I am pleased to find out that we have just given our first scholarship to a student at La Salle,” Hathaway comments on his family’s donations to the school. Life has led Hathaway to a life he had never imagined, taking him to a successful life in New York, a family of fame, fortune, and happiness, and a sense of roots to his old Alma Mater that is stronger than it has ever been. La Salle College High School’s own Jerry Hathaway ’72 has taken his life and turned it around to give back to those who are starting where he did – a true La Sallian by any standard.

11 Explorer Autumn 2007

Endowment Funds The Office of Institutional Advancement is proud to oversee a growing number of named endowment funds that have been established to provide financial assistance in perpetuity to students who wish to attend La Salle College High School. In most instances, the individuals who established these funds outlined specific criteria for disbursing the annual interest earnings on the funds. These funds have been established by alumni, parents and friends of La Salle College High School.

Named Endowment Funds as of June 30, 2007

The A. Edward Allinson ’52 Grant Fund, established in 1999, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The David T. Diehl ’55 Scholarship Fund, established in 2002, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The Alumni Association Grant Fund, established in 1997, provides financial assistance to sons and grandsons of alumni.

The Donahue-Fitzpatrick Endowment Fund, established in 2006, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need with special consideration to candidates from Philadelphia and St. William Parish.

The Brother Andrew Bartley, FSC Scholarship Fund, established in 1997, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The James and Barbara Basile Grant Fund, established in 1998 by James Basile, Esq., ’82 to honor his parents and provide financial assistance to students from the Roxborough area of Philadelphia. The Robert S. Blasi Family Trust Fund, established in 1987 by the Hon. and Mrs. Robert S. Blasi, funds the Principal’s Medal at graduation for the senior with the highest scholastic average for four years. The Amadio Buccini ’59 Scholarship Fund, established in 2001, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Phil and Jane Cassidy Financial Aid Endowment Fund, established in 2001, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Beatrice Dachowski Trust Fund, established in 1983 by Dr. Edward Dachowski, in memory of his wife, Beatrice, provides an annual award to a graduating senior who best exemplifies the principles of St. John Baptist de La Salle and the Christian Brothers. The D’Alfonso Family Scholarship Fund, established in 1998 by Bro. John D’Alfonso, FSC ’55 to honor his parents, John and Anna, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The James and Mary Jo Danella Grant Fund, established in 1999, provides financial assistance to students from the Conshohocken area. The Richard D. DiBella ’71 Grant Fund, established in 2006, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The Saint Katherine Drexel Scholarship Fund, established in 1998, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need from the Gesu School and / or surrounding neighborhoods in North Philadelphia. The Charles and Gertrude Dunleavy Grant Fund, established by Charles Dunleavy ’61 in honor of his parents. This fund provides financial assistance to students from the Wyndmoor area. The James G. Dwyer ’53 Scholarship Fund, established in 1999, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The John Feeny ’64 Trust Fund, established in 1979 in his memory by his sisters and brothers, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The J.P. Fenningham ’93 Grant Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The John “Tex” Flannery ’40 Trust Fund, established in 1983 by friends of this distinguished alumnus and longtime football coach, on the occasion of his 25th year as a coach at La Salle College High School. The Christopher P. Haley ’86 Grant Fund, established in 2006, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Hathaway Grant Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Hughes Family Grant Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The John J. Kane Trust Fund, established in 1986 by John E. Kane ’75 in memory of his father, provides financial assistance to fatherless boys.

12 Explorer Autumn 2007

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of establishing a named endowment fund, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (215) 233-2350.

The Patrick Leahy Scholarship Fund, established in 2000, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Howard R. and Jennie Leary Grant Fund, established in 2000, provides financial assistance to sons of police officers and firefighters. The Dr. Joseph D. Lehman Endowment Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need and exceptional potential. The Christopher Matthews ’63 Grant Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need from the city of Philadelphia.

The Frank and Mary Radomski ’40 Trust Fund, established in 1989 in his memory by the Radomski Family, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The David and Elizabeth Savaiano Grant Fund, established in 2001, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Mae Kutzer Schmitt Fund, established in 1983 by John Schmitt ’58 to honor his mother, provides aid to a “La Salle student of character and promise”.

The Charles F. and Verna M. McCafferty Grant Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The Brother Robert F. Shea, FSC Trust Fund, established in 1990 by Brother Robert from gifts that he received on the occasion of his 25th anniversary as a Christian Brother, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The David T. McCarthy ’66 Scholarship Fund, established in 1999 by his family and friends, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The Elizabeth B. Slabinski Scholarship Fund, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need from the city of Philadelphia.

The Timothy J. McNichol ’97 Grant Fund provides financial assistance to students from St. Philip Neri Parish in Lafayette Hill, PA.

The Brother Fred Stelmach, FSC ’46 Endowed Scholarship Fund, established in 1996 by La Salle College High School alumni and friends of Brother Fred, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The Jack Meehan ’38 Trust Fund, established in 1989 by his family. Mr. Meehan, an affiliate Christian Brother, was a long time benefactor of La Salle. This fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Ernest J. Mehr Trust Fund, established in 1985 by Muriel Mehr, retired faculty member, in memory of her husband. This fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Men of La Salle Endowment Fund assures that no student of La Salle College High School will have his education interrupted due to the death of a primary wage earner. The Miles Miller ’04 Grant Fund, established in 2004, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The J. Anthony Mitchell ’56 Grant Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Joseph L. Moran ’45 Trust Fund, established in 1976 by La Salle College High School Alumni, provides monies for an outstanding student of Spanish to study/travel to a Spanish-speaking country in the summer preceding his junior year.

The Gerald A. Tremblay ’53 Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need from the city of Philadelphia who demonstrate exceptional ability and promise. The William H. Vincent, Jr. ’56 Grant Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Robert J. Walker ’52 Scholarship Fund, established in 2002, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Andrew Wallace ’92 Endowment Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Brother Anthony Wallace Trust Fund, established in 1986 by Thomas J. Ryan ’60 in honor of Brother Anthony and his many years of devoted service at La Salle, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need. The Florence M. Ward Scholarship Fund, established in 1990 by the Class of 1950 in honor of Mrs. Ward, former Director of Alumni Affairs, on the occasion of her retirement.

The Charles J. “O’Bie” O’Brien Trust Fund provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The Joseph W. Wesner ’73 Scholarship Fund, established in 2002, awarded by the Art Department to talented current students.

The Frank M. Ponti ’56 Grant Fund, established in 2006, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The John Whalen ’67 Grant Fund, established in 2006, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The Joseph M. Queenan ’65 Scholarship Fund, established in 2004, provides financial assistance to students demonstrating need.

The Charles C. Wynn ’46 Grant Fund, established by Charles C. Wynn ’46, provides financial assistance to the rowing program.

13 Explorer Autumn 2007

Report of Annual Giving 2006 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2007

14 Explorer Autumn 2007

Dear Friends of La Salle, Words cannot adequately express the great pride I felt this past year as I watched our school and our students excel in so many ways. It was certainly a banner year for our sports teams – we captured seven Philadelphia Catholic League Championships, which created an incredible sense of excitement and pride among our students and school community. The glowing report we received from the Middle States validation team for reaccreditation was cause for great excitement and celebration among our faculty and administration. Watching our facilities plan begin to take form as the contractors began to prepare for the construction of a new academic wing has afforded our Board of Trustees a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. These are but a few of the tremendous achievements that have positively impacted our student and parents, our alumni, our faculty and administration, and our Board of Trustees. La Salle is, indeed, a school that is constantly “exploring” ways to enhance the educational experience for our students. None of these wonderful accomplishments would be possible if not for the generosity of so many individuals from all walks of life. La Salle is truly a diverse community of individuals who work together for the common good of our school and our students. There exists at La Salle a belief that something transformational happens to the students who pass through the hallowed halls of La Salle College High School. It isn’t something one can see or touch, but it’s there all the same. It’s something that all of us connected with La Salle value and are willing to support, sometimes sacrificially. Whether it is with our money, our talent, our time or our heart – we are committed to La Salle’s future. I am proud to share the names of these individuals with you in the pages that follow. Each name represents a commitment to the mission of La Salle and to its future. Each gift has touched the life of a promising young man. Collectively, we have seen the future through the eyes of our students and have blessed them with our caring support. Thank you again for supporting our boys so they can become our “Men of Tomorrow!” Sincerely yours,

Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60 President

Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60 at the Altar of St. John the Baptist de La Salle at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60 President La Salle College High School, a Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for young men of varied backgrounds, is conducted in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Through a broad and balanced, human and Christian education, La Salle College High School guides each student in the development of his unique God-given talents and fosters a commitment to academic excellence, service, and leadership. Mission Statement adopted by the Middle States Evaluation Team March 2007

15 Explorer Autumn 2007

We gratefully acknowledge and thank our alumni, current and past parents, faculty, friends, businesses and foundations who contributed to La Salle College High School during 2006–2007. Your thoughtful generosity and commitment to La Salle serve to strengthen our ability to carry out the Christian Brothers’ mission. Sources of Annual Support 2006–2007

$2,617,356 De La Salle Annual Fund

$547,173 – 21% Parent Annual Fund

$126,364 – 5% Auxiliary Income*

$715,733 – 27% * Auxiliary Support includes Booster Income

$531,051 – 20%

support from fundraising activities conducted by the Mothers’ Club, the Men of La Salle, and the Alumni Association.

Other Annual Support

$697,035 – 27% We do everything possible to ensure the accuracy of our records; however, errors may occur despite these efforts. Comments or corrections may be directed to La Salle’s Office of Institutional Advancement, 8605 Cheltenham Avenue, Wyndmoor, PA 19038, by phone to (215) 233.2350, or via email at

16 Explorer Autumn 2007

Dear Friends of La Salle, This past year was not so much a year of transition, as was the case the year before, but more of a time of development and growth. A number of initiatives set forth in the Strategic Plan that La Salle’s Board of Trustees developed and refined over a number of years began to take shape, including breaking ground on a new academic wing this past May. The new wing is the first stage of a multi-phase facilities plan that will expand and enhance La Salle’s campus over the next several years. It is truly an exciting time at La Salle. As chairman of La Salle’s Board of Trustees, I can confidently report that La Salle’s administrative team has been working diligently to make our school the best that it can be and want to personally congratulate them and the entire faculty for all that has been accomplished on behalf of La Salle and our students this past year. They are the heart and soul of this fine institution and help to ensure that La Salle continues its long-standing tradition of educational excellence. Equally as important are our volunteers and donors. They are the foundation upon which all else depends. Without your love and support of La Salle, the vision we have for our school and our students would not be possible. You make things happen. From our parent support groups to our alumni – all play a critical role not only in La Salle’s future but also in our leaders of tomorrow. On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your willingness to be part of something much larger than ourselves. Together we are building a better future – one student at a time. Sincerely,

Al J. Gabriele Chairman Board of Trustees

Al J. Gabriele Chairman Board of Trustees

17 Explorer Autumn 2007

Board of Trustees

La Salle College High School Board of Trustees 2006 – 2007 Front Row (left to right): Mrs. Gail A. Evans, CFRE*, Mr. Thomas R. Barna*, Mr. Joseph Ragg, Jr. ’73, Mr. Austin A. Meehan ’79, Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60, Mr. Al J. Gabriele, Mr. Robert P. Moran ’69, Mr. Ernest M. Behr ’73, Mr. Joseph L. Marchese*, and Mrs. Catherine A. Cassidy. Second Row (left to right): Mrs. Julia K. Maher*, Brother James L. Butler, FSC, Mr. Robert J. McCreight, Sr. ’71*, Mr. Vincent W. Walters ’59, Mr. Mark A. Gibbons ’92*, Brother Edward Gallagher, FSC, Mr. Joseph H. Donahue ’58, Mr. Robert B. Mills, Deacon Joel M. Ziff, Deacon Alvin A. Clay, Brother Andrew Bartley, FSC, William A. Whiteside, Jr., Esq. ’46, Mr. Joseph F. Slabinski, III ’67, and Mrs. Judith Paul. Top Row (left to right): Brother Robert Schaefer, FSC ’85, John C. Fenningham, Esq. ’68, Mr. James J. Clark, Brother Gerard Molyneaux, FSC, and Mr. Edward R. Solvibile ’58. Missing from photo: Brother Timothy Ahern, FSC, Mr. James D. Danella, Brother Timothy J. Froehlich, FSC, Carl W. Holmes, Esq. ’83, Mr. Timothy P. Hughes ’72, Sister Matthew Anita MacDonald, SSJ, and Mr. Benjamin J. Ventresca ’70. * Service Members

18 Explorer Autumn 2007

New Board Members

Michael L. Brown ’76 is the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Capital Markets at O’Neill Properties. He is responsible for arranging public and private debt and equity as well as developing strategic partnerships with public and private entities. Mike earned his B.S. in Accounting from Villanova University and resides in Rosemont, PA with his wife Barbara and two daughters.

James A. Donahue III ’86 is a Vice President with Merrill Corporation, a national provider of litigation support services to corporations and law firms. Jim attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and upon graduation served as a Special Operations officer in the U.S . Navy. He lives in Glenside, PA, with his wife, Karen, and their four children. The newly elected President of the Alumni Association, Jim represents La Salle alums as a Service Member of the Board of Trustees.

Edward J. Fitzgerald III ’81 is a Senior Managing Principal and President of Exeter Property Group. He has eighteen years of commercial real estate experience and is responsible for providing direction, evaluation, investment decisions, and utilizing relationships to source transactions. Ward holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame as well as an MBA from Harvard Business School. He resides in Haverford, PA with his wife Kathy and three children.

Alfred P. Salvitti, CPA ’70 is the Chief Financial Officer for FutureHealth, Inc. He has sixteen years experience as a Chief Financial Officer for both private and public healthcare service businesses and comprehensive experience in structuring the financial aspects of acquisition transactions up to $50 million. Al earned a B.S. in Accounting from Drexel University and is a Certified Public Accountant. He has three sons and resides in North Wales, PA with his wife Leslie.

Community of Christian Brothers 2006 - 2007

Front Row (left to right); Brother Richard Herlihy, FSC, Brother Joseph Dougherty, FSC, Brother Brendan Garwood, FSC, Brother Bart Schlachter, FSC, and Brother James Rieck, FSC ’57 (Director of the Brothers’ Community) Back Row (left to right); Brother Michael Toan Thai, FSC, Brother Kenneth Cook, FSC, Brother Charles Lackes, FSC, Brother James Steck, FSC, Brother William DiPasquale, FSC, Brother Thomas Chadwick, FSC, Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60, Brother Minh-Mang Tran, FSC, and Brother Barry Bartkowiak, FSC Missing from the photo: Brother Rene Sterner, FSC

19 Explorer Autumn 2007

Giving Clubs 2006 – 2007 St. Michael

$10,000 and up A Front Row Seat A. Edward Allinson ’52 Archdiocese of Philadelphia Ernest M. Behr ’73 CAP Hausser Scientific, Inc. Arthur J. Burke III, Esq. ’85 CAP Burt Hill Architects Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Cassidy ’74 CAP Community Counselling Service Co., LLC Community of Christian Brothers Richard M. Connolly, Sr. ’50 Mr. & Mrs. James D. Danella CAP Danella Construction Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Peter DePaul CAP Richard D. DiBella ’71 Domenic M. DiPiero ’63 CAP Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Donahue ’58 CAP Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Dunleavy, Jr. ’61 CAP Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Fabiszewski CAP Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Fox Fox Bindery, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Al J. Gabriele CAP William J. Galbally, Esq. ’71 Penn Consulting Group, PC Genuardi Family Foundation John E. Glaser ’58 CAP Mr. & Mrs. Alex Gorsky Hagan Foundation Timothy P. Hughes ’72 CAP Movers Specialty Services James R. Koller ’69 CAP La Salle College High School Alumni Association La Salle College High School Current Students La Salle College High School Mothers’ Club CAP Mrs. Howard R. Leary Christopher Magarity ’96 Magarity Group Joseph C. Magarity ’70 Magarity Group Anthony J. Maginnis ’76 CAP Michael D. McCarthy ’65 CAP Avalon Foundation John L. McHale ’42 CAP Austin A. Meehan ’79 CAP Utility Line Service, Inc. Andrew L. Meinert ’00 Men of La Salle Merck & Co., Inc.

CAP denotes a contribution that includes a gift to the current capital campaign, Fulfilling The Promise

Robert P. Moran ’69 CAP Plexus Ventures, LLC Mr. & Mrs. John T. Paul CAP Phila. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Thomas F. Pyle, Jr. ’58 CAP The Pyle Group Joseph M. Queenan ’65 Peter V. Scola ’92 CAP Anthony M. Stonis ’64 Mr. Robert H. Swartley Swartley Brothers Engineers, Inc. Vincent J. Tague, Sr. ’57 CAP Tague Lumber, Inc. Vincent J. Tague, Jr. ’81 Tague Lumber, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin J. Ventresca, Jr. ’70 CAP Brandywine Consulting Group, Inc. George J. Ward ’58 John J. Whalen ’67 CAP Wilmington Trust of Pennsylvania

William J. Markmann, MD ’66 CAP Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Services Mr. Charles F. McCafferty F. Michael McCafferty ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent P. McNichol Mrs. William A. Meehan CAP Andrew J. Milligan, PhD ’69 J. Anthony Mitchell ’56 Francis M. Ponti, PhD ’56 John C. Redmond III ’71 John Charles and Kathryn S. Redmond Foundation Robert J. Riethmiller, Jr. ’55 CAP Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Ryan ’56 (Dec’d.) Ryan Family Foundation Alfred P. Salvitti ’70 Gerald E. Speitel ’48 CAP Mr. Robert Trinkle & Ms. Kathy Pape Daniel J. Whelan, Esq. ’63 CAP


20th and Olney

Raymond S. Angelo ’70 CAP Mr. & Mrs. William C. Angeloni AQUA Pennsylvania Beneficial Savings Bank Mrs. Barbara Bresnan Joseph R. Buckley ’65 CBIZ Accounting, Tax and Advisory Services, LLP Mr. & Mrs. James J. Clark Sloane Automotive Group Commerce Bank Creative Financial Group, Ltd. M. Kevin Cusack ’39 Edward W. DeAngelis ’67 Hightec HVAC James A. Donahue III ’86 James G. Dwyer ’53 CAP Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Evans John C. Fenningham, Esq. ’68 CAP Financial Services Forum Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P. Forster KPMG Mr. & Mrs. James V. Genuardi Glaxo Smithkline Foundation James A. Goodyear ’56 Elmer F. Hansen, Jr. ’54 Hansen Charitable Foundation Elmer F. Hansen, III ’86 Hansen Charitable Foundation Michael J. Hathaway ’68 Carl W. Holmes, Jr., Esq. ’83 CAP H. William Jesse, Jr. ’69 Keating Building Corporation Bro. Richard Kestler, FSC ’60 CAP Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Klein Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Kowalski John F. Lehman, Jr., PhD ’60 CAP Dale E. Lintner, Jr. ’86

Mrs. Lisa Agnew Sorella Rose Vincent P. Anderson, Esq. ’57 William J. Benz, Esq. ’72 Robert J. Bettacchi ’60 William J. Bogle ’45 Mr. & Mrs. Martin T. Cahill, Jr. ARC Roofing Christopher M. Carabello ’82 CAP Dr. & Mrs. John F. Carabello Carabello and Mansell Dental Associates Philip E. Cassidy, Jr. ’70 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Connolly, Jr. CAP Mr. & Mrs. John D. Cumpstone Sorella Rose Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cymbala Communications Services and Support Anthony J. DePaul ’80 Mr. & Mrs. John W. Dieckman James C. Driscoll ’79 CAP DST Systems, Inc. Charles J. Dunton, MD ’70 Eagles Youth Partnership in Honor of Drew Gordon Gerard T. Foley ’74 The Foley Insurance Agency Timothy J. Foley ’66 The Foley Insurance Agency Walter J. Granville ’60 The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Joseph P. Hand, Jr. ’76 Joe Hand Promotions, Inc. C. Clark Hodgson, Jr., Esq. ’57

$5,000 TO $9,999

$2,500 to $4,999

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Holt, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Houldin, Jr. T. James Kavanagh Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John J. Kerrigan La Salle University Mr. & Mrs. Jesse S. Leighton Mrs. Julia K. Maher William F. Maher, Jr. ’69 Sean E. Mahoney ’82 Raymond J. McCaffrey ’81 Michael P. Meehan, Esq. ’74 Hon. William A. Meehan, Jr. ’73 Peter P. Muessig ’45 (Dec’d.) Enos Charles Ney ’51 John Nuveen & Co., Inc. James J. Osborne ’56 David C. Ott ’81 Richard A. Panettieri ’78 Joseph J. Ragg, Jr. ’73 CAP Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sinnott Joseph F. Slabinski ’67 CAP Slabinski Funeral Home Edward R. Solvibile ’58 CAP Mr. Dennis Stanton Stanton Wash Systems Vincent W. Walters ’59 CAP William A. Whiteside, Jr., Esq. ’46 CAP Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Young


$1,000 to $2,499 Joseph E. Abbott ’70 Abington Memorial Hospital Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Abramo Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Anderson Raymond P. Bain, PhD ’71 Mr. & Mrs. John M. Barrett Thaddeus J. Bartkowski III ’98 Jamie E. Barton ’91 Barton Insurance Group Mr. & Mrs. David E. Beavers Gerard J. Binder ’69 Mr. & Mrs. James R. Bogorowski Mr. & Mrs. Alexander D. Bono Mr. Daniel E. Bosin Mr. & Mrs. John C. Breitmayer James F. Brewer, Jr. ’77 Michael J. Cahill ’73 John J. Callan ’46 David P. Campbell, PhD ’56 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Camusi Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Capetola CAP Mr. & Mrs. David J. Caracausa Jack L. Carlson ’62 Mark A. Casale ’82

20 Explorer Autumn 2007

Eugene G. Cattie ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Ciccimaro Deacon & Mrs. Alvin A. Clay III John J. Convey, PhD ’58 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy T. Corcoran William J. Cronin, Esq. ’63 Mr. Gil Cunningham & Ms. Lisa Adams Joseph E. Curci ’80 Mr. & Mrs. James M. Curley Cornelius G. Curran ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Marcio D. da Costa Jerome F. Dean ’71 Mr. & Mrs. David T. Derr Francis A. DeSantis ’63 Mr. & Mrs. John J. DiIulio, Jr. Kirk H. Dolaway ’90 Christopher T. Doran ’85 Eugene A. Draganosky, MD ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Driscoll ’76 CAP Mr. & Mrs. John M. Dronson Mr. & Mrs. Fred Duffy Donald M. Durkin, Jr. ’73 Thomas Durling, Esq. ’76 Robert J. Durney ’57 CAP Richard L. Duszak, Jr., MD ’81 James J. Edelen IV ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Kurt R. Eisenschmid Harry F. Eustace ’58 CAP Gail & Don Evans CAP Falken Rowing Club Firstrust Bank Edward (Ward) J. Fitzgerald III ’81 Mr. Brendan Fitzpatrick & Mrs. Mary Lourdes Gibbons Joseph C. Flanagan, MD ’55 CAP John F. Flannery, Sr. ’40 Dr. Steven Flashner & Dr. Deirdre Collins Thomas J. Flood ’55 Patrick J. Friel, PhD ’45 Joseph C. Gallagher, DO Louis C. Galzerano ’63 Galzerano Funeral Home Garrison Printing Company, Inc. James J. Garrity, Esq. ’70 J. Patrick Gavaghan ’62 Mr. Terence J. Geck Charles A. Genuardi ’66 Laurence P. Genuardi ’69 William E. Gibbons ’56 Edward J. Giera ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Gigliotti Anthony J. Gillespie ’68 Timothy E. Gillespie ’78 Michael F. Golden, MD ’49 S. John Gorman IV ’67 Edward J. Grady III ’70 Mrs. Susan M. Grasso John J. Grogan, Esq. ’83 James R. Guntle, Jr. ’71

Mr. & Mrs. Wasyl Halczenko Harry J. Harp ’62 Joseph F. Hartnett, Jr. ’69 Gerald T. Hathaway, Esq. ’72 Mr. Michael Hearn Stanley J. Heleniak, DMD ’77 Mr. & Mrs. David A. Henrich W. Joseph Hetherington, Esq. ’65 John J. Hoban ’70 Rev. Anthony W. Janton ’69 Steven M. Javie ’72 Johnson Controls, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Edmund P. Kehan, Jr. CAP Boyd A. Kelly ’93 Liberty Personnel Services, Inc. John T. Kelly ’41 Philip R. Kelly ’51 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Kempf John F. Kent, Esq. ’68 John M. Kilduff ’64 CAP Mr. & Mrs. Roger T. Kirk Neill C. Kling, Esq. ’81 Mr. & Mrs. Bowen J. Knarr Sidney J. Kowalczyk ’57 James J. Land ’57 Robert J. Laskowski, MD ’70 Denis J. Lawler, Esq. ’66 Lima Co. Frank R. Lindh ’70 John A. Loftus, PE ’66 Jerome F. Lombard, Jr. ’79 Robert W. Lynch ’51 Thomas J. Lynch ’58 CAP Daniel K. Marcolina ’76 Clifford M. Mars ’82 David J. Martosella ’83 Trenchtech Inc. William W. Matthews III, Esq. ’86 Robert F. McAnespey ’66 Robert J. McCreight ’71 Thomas F. McDevitt ’57 Brian G. McElwee ’67 Lawrence J. McEvoy ’57 William P. McKee, Jr. ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Edwin M. McKeon, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gregory E. McLaren James T. McLaughlin ’57 CAP Timothy P. McMahon ’89 Bernard M. McManus ’68 David J. McNamara ’88 Austin A. Meehan, Jr. ’49 Austin Meehan Memorial Fund Mrs. Muriel Mehr Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Menno Joseph A. Mignatti ’58 Conrad J. Miller, Jr. ’50 Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Mills CAP Frederick C. Mischler ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Mockaitis Regional Insurance Associates, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Nolen The Nolen Group

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Noone, Jr. Joseph F. O’Dea, Jr., Esq. ’78 Dennis J. O’Leary ’65 Mr. & Mrs. George R. Oliver Vincent J. Pannepacker, Jr. ’57 Mr. Joseph A. Parisi James M. Paulits ’69 Paulits Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John M. Peruto, Esq. PNC Bank Pohlad Family Foundation PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP Mr. & Mrs. Carl S. Primavera James D. Princivalle ’80 Public Financial Management, Inc. Michael J. Quigg ’73 E. Allen Reeves Mr. Eric Reich & Ms. Christine McKeaney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Reich III James J. Reilly, Jr. ’44 Remax Action Realty Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Resnick Dr. John Richardson & Dr. Allyson Abbott Bro. James F. Rieck, FSC ’57 John D. Rilling, CPA ’83 Mr. John Rodden & Dr. Karin Flynn-Rodden Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Rose Mrs. Elaine Rose-Kennedy CAP Andrew M. Savysky, Esq. ’89 Hugh T. Sharp ’47 William F. Sharpe ’48 William J. Smart ’77 Mr. & Mrs. David Souchik Capt. Hugh A. E. Strehle, USN (Ret.) ’50 Rev. Charles J. Sullivan ’56 Mr. & Mrs. James L. Sullivan Christopher M. Susanin ’87 Joseph J. Szal, Jr. ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Taormina Facenda – Whitaker Lanes Ryan P. Tyrrell ’91 United States Roofing Walter L. Updegrave ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Vizza Charles J. Walsh, Jr. ’68 James J. Walsh ’54 James J. Ward ’55 Lawrence H. Wentz ’55 Kindt, Kaye & Wentz CDR Francis R. Wesh, USN (Ret.) ’60 Martin F. Whalen ’58 J. Michael Whitaker, MD ’68 John P. Whitecar, Jr., MD ’56 John A. Weinrich ’81

Michael J. Williams ’75 Carl G. Wolf ’57 Scott H. Wolpert, Esq. ’84 Charles C. Wynn ’46 Joseph W. Zalewski ’93 Joseph A. Zeccardi, MD ’57 Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Joel M. Ziff ­­­

Brothers’ Boy $500 to $999

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Allegretti Pennrose Service Co. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Anella Joseph C. Atkinson ’88 James R. Bacon ’51 Joseph J. Baker ’70 Mr. & Mrs. David Bartynski CAP John W. Becher, DO ’61 Carl E. Beck, Jr. ’51 Lloyd C. Beck, Jr. ’74 Michael J. Behr ’82 Mr. & Mrs. John W. Blanke III Carl E. Blyskal ’60 Boenning & Scattergood, Inc. Brendan J. Boland ’93 Robert J. Bolger ’40 Robert E. Bolger, Jr. ’79 Bright Light Design Center John D. Brinkmann, Esq. ’70 Dugan, Brinkmann, Maginnis & Pace Martin J. Bukowski, MD ’47 Edward V. Byrns ’50 Joseph S. Camardo, MD ’70 Carl J. Cangelosi ’60 Justin E. Capetola ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Caramenico Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Carlin Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Carmody James J. Carroll, Jr. ’83 Louis J. Casale, MD ’54 Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Casey Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. Cawley Dr. & Mrs. Lee A. Celio Christian Brothers Provincialate Harry C. Citrino III ’95 J. Peter Clark, PhD ’60 Mr. & Mrs. James J. Clearkin III Michael J. Clement, Esq. ’67 Dr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Colistra Colon Rectal Surgery Associates, P.C. Leo E. Connor ’40 Jerome R. Cosgrove ’58 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Costello John P. Costello Construction Co. Michael C. Coyle ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Craig Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Creedon Dennis W. Cronin, MD ’60

21 Explorer Autumn 2007

James F. Crotty, Esq. ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Cunnane Curb Appeal by Linda Cymbala David Cutler Group Edward A. Dachowski, MD ’78 John F. Danella, MD ’78 Capt. J. Christopher Daniel, MD ’76 Col. Edward E. Davis, USMC (Ret.) ’36 Rev. Charles J. Day ’49 Walter W. Dearolf III, MD ’74 William J. dePasquale ’51 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick C. Devine Mr. & Mrs. John G. Devlin A. Christopher Dezzi, Jr. ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Diccicco Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. DiGiacomo L. A. DiGiacomo Funeral Home Anthony M. DiLucia, Jr. ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Dolan, Jr. The Dolaway Family Allegheny Iron & Metal Robert F. Donahue ’90 Thomas E. Donahue, Esq. ’51 Charles H. Dougherty, Jr. ’72 Michael F. Doyle ’61 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Drain Drexel University Brian P. Driscoll ’84 Gerald J. Dugan, Esq. ’66 Dugan, Brinkmann, Maginnis & Pace Mr. John M. Dugan Joseph P. Dwyer, Sr., CPA ’74 CDR Joseph J. Eble, USN (Ret.) ’75 John J. Egan ’57 Frank J. Eisenhart, Jr., Esq. ’63 Mr. & Mrs. George P. Endrigian Timothy J. Erb ’66 David T. Espenshade, Jr. ’82 Timothy B. Fenningham ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Ferrick Ferrick Construction Co., Inc. Thomas A. Flannery ’41 James M. Foley ’56 David L. Forde, MD ’55 Joseph H. Foster, Esq. ’46 Robin F. Gallagher, DMD ’67 Stephen A. Gardner ’72 Bro. Brendan Garwood, FSC Joseph J. Gerngross ’43 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Giannone Mark A. Gibbons ’92 Gaetano P. Giordano ’72 Bruce R. Givnish ’73 Mr. Joseph Glacken Phillip M. Goldman ’80 James A. Gorman ’94 John J. Granahan, CFA ’53 Michael P. Gregor ’81 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Guarrieri, Jr. Cooke Publishing Company

CAP denotes a contribution that includes a gift to the current capital campaign, Fulfilling The Promise

Ronald S. Guerra ’76 Carol V. Haggerty John J. Haggerty, Jr. ’51 William E. Haggerty, Esq. ’69 Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Hamilton John M. Hammond ’97 Mrs. Roy Hanshaw, Sr. Joseph C. Harp ’70 Mrs. Frances M. Harper William F. Hartman ’68 Conrad T. Heckmann ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Heigh Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Henwood Mr. William J. Hill Col. Gerald T. Hipp, USA(Ret) ’57 Frederick J. Hirsekorn, PhD ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Hoffman, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Laurence M. Holbert Holbert’s Motor Cars Philip J. Horn, Jr., MD ’75 Howland, Hess, Guinan, Torpey & Cassidy Mr. John J. Hubbert III Edward J. Hughes, Esq. ’67 Robert M. Hughes ’70 Mr. & Mrs. John D. Janda George D. Johnson, Jr. ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Johnson, Sr. Michael F. Jordan ’67 Albert W. Kellenbenz ’68 Kevin V. Kelley ’74 Rev. Francis E. Kelly ’47 Kevin S. Kelly ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Kelly Paul J. Kelly III, CPA ’74 & Hon. Kate Harper Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Kelly Daniel J. Kerrisk ’50 Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Killian S. Richard Klinges III, Esq. ’49 Edward J. Kohlhepp ’61 Paul Kolodchak ’47 Richard E. Kreipe, MD ’67 William F. Kummerle, CPA ’53 Ms. Daisy Kwoh Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. LaGreca Lagreca & Quinn Mr. & Mrs. William J. Laible Anthony M. Landis, DO ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Lanza Mr. & Mrs. William P. Larkin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William L. Leahy III Christopher M. Lehman, PhD ’67 Mr. & Mrs. William Leighton Kellen G. Leister ’75

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony T. Liberatore Special Risk Insurance Services Thomas M. Lofgren ’66 John J. Lombard, Jr., Esq. ’52 Mark J. Lonergan, DMD ’80 Vincent M. Lorusso, Esq. ’67 Gerard M. Lowery, CPA ’78 Joseph F. Lynch ’61 CAP Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Lynch Peter V. Lyons ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. MacCrory Eugene J. Maginnis, Esq. ’69 Dugan, Brinkmann, Maginnis & Pace Paul J. Maginnis ’77 George T. Magnatta, Esq. ’73 Ms. Therese C. Maher James F. Mahoney, CPA ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Mainardi James F. Malloy ’51 Andrew J. Malone, CPA ’78 John G. Malone, Esq. ’73 William J. Marr ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Ernest M. Martinelli Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Marzullo Stephen J. Masceri, MD ’78 John V. Mastronardo ’73 Frank J. Mauer, Jr. ’47 J. Scott Maxwell, Esq. ’59 Hamburg Rubin Mullin Maxwell & Lupin Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. May William R. May Funeral Home William T. McAndrews, Jr. ’83 Quality Mailing Services, Inc. L. Marshall McCloskey, Jr. ’57 Bernard J. McCormick ’54 Matthew G. McDonald ’89 Timothy W. McDonald ’99 David M. McElvenney ’74 Patrick T. McGinn ’87 Mr. & Mrs. William McGinnis McGladrey & Pullen, LLP Peter M. McGonigle, Esq. ’66 Stephen L. McGonigle ’68 John M. McGrath ’69 Michael P. McIntyre ’77 Mr. & Mrs. John V. McKee Cornelius P. McKelvey ’59 Michael P. McKenna, Esq. ’68 William L. McKernan, CPA ’84 Frank J. McLaughlin ’67 Robert F. McMackin ’45 John J. McMenamin, Jr. ’67 Michael J. McNamara ’83 Universal Products, LLC Hon. James R. Melinson ’57 Mercy Suburban Hospital Stephen G. Meyer ’83 Chuck Minnich IV CFA ’85 Brian D. Monaghan, Esq. ’57 Dr. Kirk Monteverde & Dr. Alma-Jean Monteverde

Peter E. Moore, Esq. ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Moran, Esq. Andrew J. Morrisroe III ’92 Joseph T. Morrissey, Jr. ’83 Paul M. Moser ’48 Stephen P. Mountain ’72 Mount Saint Joseph’s Academy Christopher D. Murphy ’87 Robert E. Murphy ’55 Thomas F. Murphy ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Nowakowski, Jr. Charles J. O’Brien ’56 James J. Osborne III ’82 Universal Products, LLC John E. Osborne ’58 Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Palopoli, Sr. FCP Group LLC Robert J. Pannepacker, Sr. ’66 Paul P. Partyka ’66 Joseph J. Paul ’58 Dr. Onix Perez & Mrs. Barbara Mas Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Philomeno Philomeno & Salamone Joseph T. Pickard ’45 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Piotrowski Gerard A. Plourde, Esq. ’71 D. Scott Porreca, PE ’86 John F. Quigley III ’80 John W. Quinn ’57 William J. Radomski ’72 Norman J. Rahn III ’83 Alan E. Reed ’55 William R. Regli ’58 William C. Regli III, PhD ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Resch Donald W. Rider ’61 Mr. & Mrs. James T. Riffe David J. Riley ’83 Kenneth M. Roessler ’80 Robert M. Rogers, MD ’51 RohMax USA, LP Andrew L. Roman ’89 Enrico Roman, Inc. RuffaloCODY D.M. Sabia Co., Inc. The Sallie May Fund Mr. & Mrs. A. James Scanzillo Mrs. Patricia Schaum Mr. & Mrs. P. Michael Schelkun Oral and Maxilliofacial Surgery Mr. & Mrs. David E. Scott Thomas L. Scully, CPA ’66 William C. Seiberlich ’47 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Serianni Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Seweryn William R. May Funeral Home Donald F. Sharp ’49

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Joseph R. Sharpe III ’58 Kenneth Shaw, Jr. ’60 Eric M. Shelton ’90 Ms. Tara A. Sher Matthew J. Singer ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Smith Albert J. Solecki ’58 Mr. & Mrs. David L. Spinosa Frederick J. Springer ’52 R. Brian Stefanowicz ’82 John V. Steinmetz ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Stokley Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young, LLP SunTrust Bank Robert T. Szostak, Esq. ’72 Target Take Charge of Education Raymond J. Tatlow, Jr. ’38 Francis P. Taylor, Jr. ’46 Michael A. Tidd, EdD ’88 Joseph H. Torrence ’46 Joseph E. Turk ’63 PWI Energy, Inc. United Color Manufacturing Gregory J. Ventresca ’96 Drs. Nicholas and Francesca Volpe Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Waitkus Carl A. Waldspurger, PhD ’84 W.B. Homes Mr. & Mrs. Clayton M. Wells Wells Technology, Inc. Frank J. Wesner, Jr., Esq. ’66 CAP Robert D. Willemin ’69 William J. Williams ’59 Williamson Caterers Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Winning ’69 Wissahickon Skating Club Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Wittenberg Taras M. Wochok, Esq. ’58 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Worster, Sr. Daniel V. Wylde ’44 George L. Young, Jr., Esq. ’70 Mr. Carl S. Zegalia Nancy & Howard S. Zoeltsch

Blue and Gold $250 to $499

Robert C. Abbott ’71 Rev. Mark C. Aita, SJ, MD ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Andrews Charles J. Ansel ’41 Armstrong, Doyle & Carroll, Inc. Automation Aids Incorporated Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Bach Dr. William B. Bachinsky, MD ’81 Mr. Thomas R. Barna John J. Barrett ’69 Frank J. Bartl ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Louis S. Battista Louis J. Beccaria, PhD ’63 Patrick J. Becher, DO ’69 Lloyd C. Beck, Jr. ’74

Brian F. Belcher ’69 James T. Belcher ’72 Thomas A. Belcher ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Bennett Steven R. Blasi, DO ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Bloh Charles F. Bodo, CPA ’61 Francis B. Boland, MD ’54 Dr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Bonnevie Mr. Thomas R. Bowman & Ms. Ann M. Barr Toby W. Bracken ’77 Blue Bell Print Solutions John H. Brand ’75 Thomas M. Brasberger ’00 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Breen ’72 Rev. Robert H. Breen ’45 Stephen R. Brennan, Jr. ’89 Thomas F. Brett II, Esq. ’71 Hugh J. Brolly ’56 Mark C. Brown ’77 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Burke B. James Cake, CPA ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Mario Calderone Denis J. Callaghan ’59 Mrs. Elizabeth A. Campbell Joseph F. Cannon ’50 Mr. & Mrs. Jawood E. Carlin John M. Casper ’87 Joseph P. Cattie, Jr. ’62 Joseph J. Cervino, Jr. ’51 Chickie’s & Pete’s Cafe Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Cipolla David F. Citro ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy G. Clarke Mr. & Mrs. James W. Cleary John H. Cobb ’51 Joseph J. Colistra, Jr. ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Collins Comcast Corporation Martin J. Connor ’50 James F. Cooney III ’72 Mr. & Mrs. W. Gresham Cooney Edward R. Corcoran, MD ’57 Mr. & Mrs. John A. Corr Robert F. Costello ’82 Robert H. Cox, PhD ’55 John W. Coyle ’59 Mr. & Mrs. David Creamer Kevin M. Cregan, MD ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Cruz Joseph J. Curry, PhD ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cwik Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Dagit Joseph M. Daly ’57 Lawrence W. Daly ’86 Gregory J. Dean, Esq. ’55 James W. Degnan, PhD ’65 Mr. & Mrs. John F. DeLucca, Sr. James A. DeMerlis ’74 Mr. Joseph Dempsey Thomas J. Devlin, PhD ’53 Daniel E. Diehl ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. DiLaurenzo John J. DiNella, DPM ’71 Paul W. Dolaway ’93

The Howard R. and Jennie Leary Grant Fund Howard Leary, like many young men from working class families, found himself dropping out of high school and going to work to help his family make ends meet. In 1931, however, Howard decided that he had made a mistake and applied to La Salle College High School. Although his parents could not afford to pay the tuition, the Brothers made it possible for him to attend La Salle. While attending La Salle, Howard was a star football player and demonstrated his predisposition as a leader during the two years he served as the captain of the football team. From these humble beginnings, Howard became one of the most revered and respected police commissioners in Philadelphia and, later, in New York City. A quiet and reserved man, he rarely spoke of his past, but he did talk about the Christian Brothers and La Salle, and how grateful he was for the wonderful opportunity he was given. It was a gesture of kindness that he would never forget or take for granted. In the years before he died, Howard Leary asked his wife to give whatever was left from their estate to La Salle College High School to make sure that young men who cannot afford to attend La Salle are provided the same opportunities that he had as a young boy. He also asked that preference be given to the sons of fire fighters and police officers. To honor her husband’s wishes, Mrs. Leary decided to establish an endowed scholarship fund with a portion of their existing assets. For the past seven years, twenty students have benefited from the Leary Endowment. Mrs. Leary has had the joy of seeing these students progress through their high school years and some going off to college. The Leary’s are providing for deserving students today, and through a future bequest, they will be ensuring that many more generations of La Salle students will reap the benefits of their generosity.

23 Explorer Autumn 2007

Domenico Formal Wear Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dominick Francis D. Donaghy ’57 Mr. & Mrs. James Donahue Ronald V. Donato ’48 Michael F. Donohoe, DC ’79 Matthew J. Dougherty, MD ’76 Stephen P. Dougherty ’69 Edward J. Drach ’63 James F. Dunphy ’54 Dunphy Ford Kevin J. Dunphy ’83 Dunphy Ford Robert S. Duszak, OD ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin W. Eidenshink Robert J. Ellis, MD ’57 Timothy J. Erb, Jr. ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Erhard Joseph M. Evancich ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Evans, Jr. Herbert J. Fastrich ’53 Joseph J. Fayer ’50 LTC Robert W. Filosa, USMC (Ret.) ’39 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin G. Finlay John P. Fisher, DDS ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Todd J. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Fitzpatrick Ms. Katherine Flannery & Mr. George Brown John F. Flood ’55 Joseph N. Florio ’48 Daniel E. Foley ’68 Foley Insulation Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ford John W. Fornace, DO ’73 Robert J. Foster ’43 William C. Foster ’38 Kevin F. Funchion, CFA ’82 Samuel J. Gabriel ’80 Gabriel Building Group Mr. & Mrs. Jack Galante Michael J. Gallagher, DDS ’70 Kent H. Garson ’54 General Painting of Pennsylvania, Inc. James F. Gentilcore ’70 David A. Geppert ’76 David Geppert Recycling, Inc. John M. Gibbons, Jr. ’45 Thomas R. Gillespie, Jr. ’57 Glanzmann Subaru, Inc. Mark W. Gleason ’72 Joseph A. Goldbeck, Jr., Esq. ’65 Mrs. Michelle M. Golden Daniel J. Goodwin III, CPA ’87 Michael H. Goodyear, DO ’89 S. John Gorman V ’92 John A. Grady ’55

CAP denotes a contribution that includes a gift to the current capital campaign, Fulfilling The Promise

Carl W. Graf ’73 John E. Granozio ’52 William F. Grauer, CPA ’46 Charles W. Greenberg ’51 Joseph G. Greenberg ’43 Frank T. Gregor ’86 Hon. Francis V. Griffin ’46 Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary Gwynedd-Mercy Academy High School Thomas F. Hagerty ’55 Alfred S. Halas, DMD ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Haney PA House of Representatives – Hon. Kate Harper Richard C. Harris ’75 John Harrison IV ’75 Francis X. Hartmann ’51 William W. Haury, Jr., Esq. ’72 Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Havard Richard F. Heany ’78 Michael A. Heinsdorf ’98 Paul F. Heinsdorf ’00 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Heisner Hibbeln Engineering George C. Hines ’46 W. Mark Hinkel ’72 Thomas J. Hoban ’74 Hon. Richard J. Hodgson ’66 Paul J. Hogan ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Horgan Horgan Brothers, Inc. Edward E. Houseman, Esq. ’63 John M. Hubbs ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Huber Jr. Oskar Huber, Inc. Frank L. Iaquinta, Jr. ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Imms, Jr. Law Offices of Stephen P. Imms, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas R. Irwin Mr. & Mrs. Martin T. Jackson Thomas E. James ’47 Michael A. Jankowski, Esq. ’73 Mr. & Mrs. S. Jay Javie Paul C. Jeffers ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. Johnson JP Morgan Chase Joseph J. Junod ’54 Mr. & Mrs. Roy Kaiser Leo P. Kane ’53 Charles F. Kappler, Esq. ’69 John C. Kautz ’60 John F. Keegan ’56 John A. Keenan ’80 Hon. John T. J. Kelly ’49 Patrick D. Kelly ’86 Walter J. Kielar ’74 C. William Kieser ’48 Donald J. Kieser ’52 Joseph F. Killoran ’58 Thomas P. Kilroy ’60 Robert H. Kitson ’44 Thomas J. Koenig ’97

Rev. James M. Kolb, CSP ’58 Donald E. Kotas ’66 Mrs. Janet B. Kovacs James M. Kowalczyk ’60 Rodolphe Kraeher ’79 Josef J. Kramer ’78 Albert G. Kroll, Esq. ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Krulikowski Bernard W. Kurek, DMD ’64 Joseph E. Labrum ’50 Francis E. Lafferty ’39 John L. Langan ’55 John D. LaRocca, Esq. ’80 Thomas J. Lavin, Jr. ’55 E. Dennis Lehman, Jr. ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Guy R. Leigh Philip J. Lembach ’50 Lentzscaping, Inc. Stanley J. Lepo, USAF (Ret.) ’54 Michael R. Lewis, MD ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Logan Mark V. Lomanno ’71 Mr. & Mrs. John T. Losier John J. Love III ’76 Mr. & Mrs. William H. Luce Dennis P. Lynch ’76 James G. MacEachern ’46 Mark F. Magarity ’72 William J. Magarity ’63 Maglio Sausage Co. James P. Malone ’53 Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Mandos, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Marchese Michael A. Marek ’80 Robert J. Maro, Sr., MD ’48 Thomas J. McAneney ’46 William D. McCloskey ’47 James P. McCormick, MD ’79 Joseph J. McCreavy ’78 Christopher E. McDermott ’75 Dr. & Mrs. Philip K. McElroy Dennis J. McFadden ’56 William B. McFadden ’91 Hytek McGillin Architecture Inc. Patrick A. McGinley ’68 Albert J. McGlynn ’63 James G. McGoldrick, Jr. ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. McGoldrick McGoldrick Leasing Co. John N. McGrath, PE ’53 Paul T. McGurkin ’72 Diana & Hugh McInaw Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. McIntyre

James P. McIntyre ’67 Thomas W. McIntyre ’65 Edward F. McMahon ’69 William J. McMahon ’49 James P. McMenamin ’40 Brig. Gen. Joseph J. McMenamin, USMC ’70 James M. McMonagle ’58 Robert N. McNally ’51 LTC John J. McOscar, USA(Ret) ’52 Christopher R. Meagher ’89 John J. Meko, Jr. ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Meves Geoffrey A. Meyer ’69 Thomas D. Michel ’69 Conrad J. Miller III, Esq. ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Miller Harry B. Miller, Jr. ’58 Joseph P. Millet, Jr., RPh ’68 Paul C. Minecci ’86 Charles E. Minguez ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mirabile Kevin M. Mirsch ’83 Peter J. Mooney, Esq. ’75 Jeffrey N. Morgan, AIA ’69 James D. Morrissey III ’88 Paul G. Morrissey, Esq. ’93 Mrs. Eileen Moyer Francis E. Murphy ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Murphy Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. ’69 John J. Murray ’57 Vincent J. Murray, DDS ’79 Mr. & Ms. Joseph G. Nahas Dennis E. Nolen ’71 Michael J. Normile ’65 North Penn Art Thomas P. Northrop ’94 Dennis J. O’Brien ’69 Mr. & Mrs. George O’Connell Henry M. O’Donnell ’73 O’Donnell & Naccarato, Inc. John J. O’Hara, Jr., MD ’68 Thomas V. O’Kane ’79 Joseph D. O’Neill ’49 Michael E. Osborne ’65 Bernard W. Palko ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Patrick Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Pelone Joseph W. Pettit ’52 Francis W. Pfluger ’50 John R. Pierce ’76 Pinecrest Country Club Pitcairn Financial Group Mr. Mark H. Plamondon The Planned Giving Company Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pyne, Jr. Edward J. Quinn ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald S. Quinn

24 Explorer Autumn 2007

Philip F. Radomski ’81 Bill R. Rafferty ’56 Rafferty Real Estate, Inc. Mr. Federico Raieta & Ms. Donna Morgan Andrew T. Rakowski ’98 Rapid Circuits Thomas C. Ratchford ’66 Paul J. Read, MD ’97 G. Russell Reiss, Jr., MD ’46 John F. Richardson ’58 Norman W. Rickert ’56 Jules A. Riehs, Jr. ’81 Gregory P. Rietzke ’88 George T. Riley ’77 Leo J. Riley ’76 Richard W. Riley, Esq. ’80 Edward A. Rittenhouse, III ’86 Joseph J. Rizzo ’50 Ralph V. Robb ’48 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Roche Kevin M. Roddy ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Rongione III Richard A. Rothwell, DDS ’70 Michael J. Ruddy, MD ’69 Suzanne & Joseph Russo Sigmond S. Rutkowski, Jr., DO ’61 Mrs. Rosina Ryan Charles J. Saile ’60 Saint Basil Academy Jason M. Santini ’94 Chester J. Salwach, PhD ’68 James Sanzare ’49 Mr. & Mrs. Lee Saverio Paul D. Schaefer ’86 Michael C. Schafle ’97 Gregory M. Schill ’99 David J. Schlosser ’73 Edward J. Schmid ’50 Dr. & Mrs. Steven P. Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Schmitt John T. Schmitt ’58 Paul G. Schott ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Schuck, Sr. Michael P. Schuessler ’70 James T. Sedlock, PhD ’57 William J. Selph, Jr. ’76 S. Paul Sharkey ’98 Raymond T. Shay ’00 Shearon Environmental Design Thomas W. Sheehan, CPA ’48

Richard J. Sherman, Jr. ’85 Joseph B. Shott ’82 Peter R. Sigmund, Jr. ’85 Martin P. Silvestri ’67 James J. Siravo, DDS ’58 Stephen A. Slawek, DDS Walter J. Small ’38 Christopher C. Smith ’93 Patrick M. Smith ’66 W. Ellis Smith, DMD ’62 Mr. & Mrs. William R. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Piotr Sobilo Mr. & Mrs. Neil M. Spearing Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Speese Rev. Edmond J. Speitel ’43 Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Sperger Adam R. Stefanowicz, Jr. ’80 Edward J. Stemmler, MD ’46 Stephen E. Storms, PhD ’65 Robert F. Stranix ’59 Dr. & Mrs. David R. Streelman Michael E. Sullivan, PhD ’58 Philip A. Sullivan ’59 Huff United Paper Company Frank C. Sulzbach ’59 Mark D. Sutton ’72 Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Szyszko Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Target Robert M. Taylor, Jr., Esq. ’52 Thomas M. Thistle III, Esq. ’82 George A. Thompson, PhD ’70 Michael K. Thompson, Esq. ’72 John J. Todd ’54 Mr. Robert L. Toner Toner Cable Equipment Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tucker John E. Tuohy, Esq. ’56 Ryan P. Tyrrell ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Eric C. Tyson Tyson Construction Timothy E. Urbanski, MD ’63 William D. Vare ’49 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vettori Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Villari Adolf Von Hake ’39 Christopher J. Walsh, MD ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Walsh Arthur A. Warren, Esq. ’69 William J. Wasylenko, Jr. ’69 Michael J. Weinrich ’77 Weinrich’s Bakery Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Whitmire John L. Williams ’73 Ms. Cheryl L. Wolgamott John P. Young ’83 Joseph A. Young ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. Zbikowski

The Elizabeth B. Slabinski Scholarship Fund Coming from the small neighborhood of Bridesburg in Northeast Philadelphia, the name La Salle College High School was not in everyone’s vocabulary. Although everyone was furloughed to Father Judge, we did have a fairly good representation from our little hamlet, at least enough to get a carpool going. My mother, who besides running the family business after my father died when I was in 4th Grade, had her hands full, but still managed to maintain her role as a great mother to me and my older sister. Her upbringing and roots were from Camden, NJ and our world was focused between the Delaware River and Roosevelt Boulevard. Needless to say, La Salle College High School was not on our radar. My first experience at La Salle was that of a Catholic League basketball game. The school was a million miles away from home, but the moment I stepped on campus, an incredible feeling came over me from that short visit. The school was new, so much different from what I had been used to coming from one of the older parochial grade schools in the city. The real difference was not so much the bricks and mortar; rather, the total environment which I dared to enter. I really didn’t realize it until after taking the entrance exam, being accepted, and finally arriving at La Salle on the first day of school that the people at La Salle were what made it so different! They were like family. They became my new family. The administrators and teachers became my new parents and my fellow students became like brothers – the same way they remain today. My four years at La Salle were terrific; the only problem was that they went by too quickly. Luckily, one of my dreams was fulfilled when my son, Joe was accepted and became a student. The same problem occurred again when his graduation in 2001 became another La Salle highlight in my life. Over the past forty years, each and every time I leave Bridesburg and venture west up Cheltenham Avenue to La Salle, I still feel the goose bumps and excitement as if I were still a student. Whether I go back to La Salle for an Alumni Board meeting, a meeting of the Board of Trustees, or just to make a social call – it always feels like returning home. When I think back of all of the meetings, time, work, and financial support that I have given to La Salle College High School over the years, it pales in comparison to what La Salle has given to me.

25 Explorer Autumn 2007

Annual Giving by Class Annual giving is truly representative of the strength of a school and loyalty of its alumni. The members of each of the classes listed below, through their generous support, help to maintain the level of academic excellence and spiritual development that is the hallmark of La Salle. Many thanks go out to our phonathon volunteers who contributed their time to contact their fellow classmates this past year. Their names are denoted with an asterisk (*).

Class of 1933 Edward P. O’Neill, USN (Ret.) (Dec’d) Dominic J. Vander Neut

Class of 1934 Rev. John A. Guischard, PhD

Class of 1936 William G. Burns Col. Edward E. Davis, USMC (Ret.) Harry A. Newnam, Jr. Edward F. Sprissler Thomas G. Thompson

Class of 1937 Joseph W. Sosna (Dec’d)

The Class of 1938 will celebrate its 70-Year Reunion at the Golden Explorers Luncheon in October of 2008.

Class of 1938 Raphael J. Altmann William C. Foster Ludwig M. Frank, MD Francis S. Jeffery George A. Naab, Sr. (Dec’d) LTC William J. O’Donnell, USAF (Ret.) Walter J. Small * Raymond J. Tatlow, Jr. *

Class of 1939 Leon F. Brennan M. Kevin Cusack Col. George J. Edelmann, USMC (Ret.) LTC Robert W. Filosa, USMC (Ret.) John F. Hughes, Jr. Francis E. Lafferty James E. McGoldrick Adolf Von Hake

Class of 1940 William J. Armstrong, Jr. Robert J. Bolger Leo E. Connor Joseph D. Crumlish, Esq. James J. Fahy John R. Felice, DDS John F. Flannery, Sr. Robert J. Gretz Robert H. Hemberger

Edward B. Johnson, Jr. Joseph J. Maher John J. Masciantonio Paul McManus James P. McMenamin

Class of 1941 Charles E. Adler Charles J. Ansel Francis P. Bogle William F. Detore Richard E. Fairbanks Thomas A. Flannery William A. Geppert, Jr. Harry J. Hagan John T. Kelly Francis L. Lagan III Joseph F. McBride Philip P. O’Neill Albert V. Pescatore Peter J. Sweeney Eugene F. Volz

Class of 1942 Alvin A. Buben Robert J. Carabasi, MD Ralph J. Cartwright Hugh F. Convery Gerald F. Crumlish Rev. Mr. William Drum Henry J. Freiberg Robert F. Gallagher, DDS Thomas J. Hare III Eugene P. Hughes, Sr., MD John J. Markulin George P. McGovern John L. McHale Lawrence E. Rush Francis A. Schanne William T. Tapp

The Class of 1943 will celebrate its 65-Year Reunion at the Golden Explorers Luncheon in October of 2008.

Class of 1943 Charles M. Boyle Rev. Sidney C. Burgoyne, PhD James F. Cannon, Jr. James F. Casey The Honorable Gus Cifelli Robert J. Foster William D. Fraser Joseph J. Gerngross Frank X. Gillespie (Dec’d)

Joseph G. Greenberg Vincent J. Hauck William M. Kelly James P. Logue, Jr. Joseph T. Maloney Frank P. McCrossen (Dec’d) Charles M. McDonald Thomas J. McGorry, Jr. John F. Moross Joseph F. O’Brien Rev. Edmond J. Speitel

Class of 1944 David A. Bennis, Jr. Joseph F. Bergan Frederick V. Boccella Daniel J. Conlin Daniel J. Dougherty John F. Heilmann Charles R. Hodges John J. Kintsch Robert H. Kitson Dominic F. Marino William J. Nolan, Jr. Joseph G. Oschell Robert G. Price James J. Reilly, Jr. Carlo J. Salzano Daniel V. Wylde

Class of 1945 William J. Bogle Jerome F. Bradley, Jr. Rev. Robert H. Breen Francis P. Burns Francis X. Cassidy Robert J. Deevey, Sr. Eugene F. DiRe Rev. Thomas F. Donnelly, MM Patrick J. Friel, PhD Robert M. Gaughan William F. Geisel John M. Gibbons, Jr. Paul E. Gillespie Thomas E. Hoban James W. Jones Joseph P. Leaming William J. Loughery Peter J. Luksetic John C. Mackin, Jr. Charles F. Mahony David F. McGrath Robert F. McMackin * Peter P. Muessig * Martin G. Pendergast Joseph T. Pickard Robert J. Rainey Nicholas J. Sipa Joseph F. Trinity Thomas J. Welsh, Jr. John J. Wynn, Sr.

Class of 1946 William J. Bailey William G. Baltz Robert E. Baney, OD

Rev. Msgr. John P. Boland Joseph L. Burke John J. Callan James P. Connor George A. Cozza John M. Curtin Charles J. Dinger Walter J. Fairbrother Joseph H. Foster, Esq. James J. Freeman, Esq. John F. Gillin William F. Grauer, CPA Hon. Francis V. Griffin Charles G. Heil, MD George C. Hines John W. Hochstuhl James G. MacEachern Joseph L. Mackin Thomas J. McAneney E.H. “Ned” McDermott Anthony J. Mianulli Bernard G. Miller John D. Morrissey Richard W. O’Brien Joseph F. O’Callaghan, PhD Albert R. Pezzillo William G. Pfaff LTC Paul P. Pirhalla, USMC (Ret.) Henry W. Pletcher, MD Harry A. Reckner G. Russell Reiss, Jr., MD * Carl W. Schoepe Edward J. Stemmler, MD Paul R. Sundermann Francis P. Taylor, Jr. Joseph H. Torrence James P. Ward William A. Whiteside, Jr., Esq. Charles C. Wynn Stanley J. Zalecky

Class of 1947 Alfred E. Abbey, Esq. Mario J. Albanese Edward J. Bader Ronald R. Bambach John J. Bernhardt Martin J. Bukowski, MD William J. Burger James J. Connelly William J. Crosson, CPA James P. Cunnion John M. DiGrazia Peter S. Dooner, Jr. Philip F. Drach James W. Fallon Rev. John E. Fitzgerald Joseph A. Granahan, Jr. Francis V. Grant Leonard J. Graziani, MD George J. Guld Francis J. Hoban William J. Hufnell Thomas E. James Rev. Francis E. Kelly Paul Kolodchak

26 Explorer Autumn 2007

Nicholas J. Marino Frank J. Mauer, Jr. Vincent J. McAneney William D. McCloskey Francis W. News Lawrence J. Nugent James J. Phelan Joseph P. Radke, CPCU William C. Seiberlich Hugh T. Sharp V. Richard Sheridan William J. Spielberger John F. Stever William J. Trost Edward J. Whelan

The Class of 1948 will celebrate its 60-Year Reunion at the Golden Explorers Luncheon in October of 2008.

Class of 1948 William A. Annan James J. Bell James P. Boland George E. Botto Donald J. Burkhimer Paul E. Campise Joseph O. Cancila Peter J. Daley Ronald V. Donato Joseph N. Florio Thomas A. Gannon Ralph R. Grande C. William Kieser John A. Kwoka Walter J. Lacy Edward F. Lagan William La Plante Robert J. Maro, Sr., MD Gregory J. McLean Rev. Msgr. Francis A. Menna Edmund I. Milewski Edward T. Moore, Jr. Paul M. Moser Joseph M. Mulvaney Francis R. Owsiany Ralph V. Robb Theodore M. Rogers, Jr. Martin L. Schaffer, Jr., Esq. Herbert E. Schweizer William F. Sharpe Thomas W. Sheehan, CPA James F. Shemeley Walter P. Snyder Gerald E. Speitel James E. Sullivan

Class of 1949 Lionel A. Barker Edward J. Bernier Costantino P. Cerini, PhD LTC Raymond J. Curley, USAF (Ret.) Rev. Charles J. Day

Henry L. Dragun, PhD Peter J. Finley, EdD CDR Peter A. Flood, USN (Ret.) Joseph F. Freeman, PhD Robert E. Geisel Michael F. Golden, MD Edward M. Groody Thomas I. Guerin, Jr. Joseph J. Hanna, OD James J. Hatch William M. Havard James A. Heffernan Hon. John T. J. Kelly S. Richard Klinges III, Esq. James A. Mahoney, Jr. Joseph A. Margre Thomas J. Mazza, Jr. Edwin F. McGlynn Joseph E. McGrath William J. McMahon Austin A. Meehan, Jr. Francis J. Mullin, PhD John P. Murray, MD James A. O’Brien Joseph D. O’Neill Guido C. Pacitti Joseph A. Pettineo Robert E. Querubin Kenneth R. Rapchick Theodore M. Regan, Jr. C. Alan Rowe Francis J. Ryan (Dec’d) James Sanzare Philip P. Saponaro, DO Donald F. Sharp William J. Sheehan Louis J. Smith, EdD William D. Vare Joseph M. Whinney John G. Young

Class of 1950 Robert J. Bennis Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Birch Robert W. Bonner MGen William F. Burns, USA(Ret) Edward V. Byrns Joseph F. Cannon Michael J. Carey Richard M. Connolly, Sr. Martin J. Connor Joseph J. Fayer LTC Daniel J. Fischer, USA(Ret) William A. Fitzgerald James E. Fleming Rev. Msgr. James J. Flood Dennis H. Gallagher James E. Gasho John J. Gruber Thomas O. Jones Daniel J. Kerrisk Joseph E. Labrum Philip J. Lembach Philip L. Maloney William T. Matonis R. Barry McAndrews, Esq.

The Donahue-Fitzpatrick Endowment Fund Like many families in the era in which we grew up, our parents raised five sons on one salary. Dad, who did not finish high school, was a sheet metal worker; Mom left high school early to help support her widowed mother and became a stay-at-home mother. Although neither of our parents finished high school, they understood the importance of education and encouraged each of us to always “do our best”. They saw and appreciated, as did our teachers at St. William’s grade school, the unique educational environment, the challenge, and the opportunities that La Salle College High School would provide for us. All five of us attended La Salle, and we helped to pay half of our tuition with monies from a paper route (the Donahue Boys had an Evening Bulletin route in our neighborhood for over eighteen years)! We knew that going to La Salle was very special. Building on the values which were ingrained in us by our loving parents, La Salle prepared us to pursue our lives and positioned us to choose almost any career option. Our parents sacrificed much for us to attend La Salle. We had no idea at the time how great their sacrifice was, and we had little appreciation of just how fortunate we were to be in the La Salle environment, at both 20th and Olney (the site of the old La Salle High School), and the “new” La Salle campus on Cheltenham Ave. As La Salle graduates, we knew we were well prepared for the future, because of an experience that was truly life altering. Because we all had such a positive experience at La Salle, we decided to establish a named endowment fund to honor the memory of our parents and their commitment to education. The fund will provide in perpetuity financial assistance to qualified students so they can pursue the same educational opportunities that we had as young men. For us, the Donahue Fitzpatrick Endowment Fund is our way of expressing thanks and appreciation for the LaSallian experience. We were taught then what La Salle young men are taught today – “Boys will be Boys but La Salle Boys will be Gentlemen”. Our society needs as many gentlemen as La Salle can produce, and our hope is that, through our gift, we will have played a small but critical role in the lives of hundreds of deserving young men.

27 Explorer Autumn 2007

Bernard A. McAneney Martin B. McCann, Jr. Vincent T. McDermott, Jr., MD John P. McElvenny, Jr. Thomas F. McGowan Robert C. McHenry, Esq. Frank P. McLauchlan Conrad J. Miller, Jr. S. Lee Morton Edward J. Nolen Francis W. Pfluger * Felix M. Pilla Hon. John J. Poserina, Jr. Joseph J. Rizzo Louis J. Sannino Edward J. Schmid Edwin R. Skore Robert J. Snyder William W. Spencer James E. Stanton Capt. Hugh A. E. Strehle, USN (Ret.) Robert B. Tillman Thomas J. Whelan

Class of 1951 James R. Bacon Carl E. Beck, Jr. Paul J. Bromley Joseph J. Cervino, Jr. John H. Cobb Anthony N. Coyle Rev. Harold F. Dagle William J. dePasquale Thomas E. Donahue, Esq. Francis X. Donohoe Joseph D. Echelmeier, PE George S. Forde, Jr., Esq. Harvey L. Fox Joseph F. Galen James F. Garberina Charles W. Greenberg John J. Haggerty, Jr. James V. Hart Francis X. Hartmann Philip R. Kelly John P. Lynch Robert W. Lynch James F. Malloy George J. Margraff, Jr. Robert F. McCafferty Thomas A.J. McInerney Dr. Charles J. McMahon, Jr. Robert N. McNally William T. Mulligan Edward J. Murphy Enos Charles Ney R. Charles Niemczura, USAF (Ret.) John J. O’Connor, Jr. Raulo M. Parmegiani, PhD Joseph M. Penrose John F. Rodenbaugh Robert M. Rogers, MD Richard M. Shelton Louis J. Stief, PhD Edward A. Tarsa, Jr.

John A. Teefy Adolph J. Van Thuyne Robert M. Wurtz

Class of 1952 A. Edward Allinson John T. Burns Cornelius W. Curran Robert T. Deck, PhD Henry W. deLuca, Jr. John E. Granozio Joseph A. Kane, PhD Donald J. Kieser John F. Lee John J. Lombard, Jr., Esq. Patrick A. McMenamin John A. McNichol LTC John J. McOscar, USA(Ret) James W. Nuss Joseph W. Pettit Albert W. Pfluger William C. Schumacher (Dec’d) Walter A. Sellers, Jr. William C. Smith, MD Frederick J. Springer Robert M. Taylor, Jr., Esq. Peter G. Waters

The Class of 1953 will celebrate its 55-Year Reunion at the Golden Explorers Luncheon in October of 2008.

Class of 1953 John F. Ambrogi, Jr. Vincent J. Barker * Albert R. Behner Charles A. Beitz, Jr., PhD Joseph P. Boyle Frank R. Breslin David J. Collins Michael J. Cornely William J. Cover III Thomas J. Derago Thomas J. Devlin, PhD James G. Dwyer H. Edward English Herbert J. Fastrich John P. Gall CDR Victor M. Gavin, USN (Ret.) Ronald L. Gendaszek Donald J. Gimpel John J. Granahan, CFA William J. Hall, MD Leo P. Kane Francis C. Keenan Joseph A. Koch Robert W. Kraemer, PhD William F. Kummerle, CPA Philip J. LoPresti, MD Edward A. Maguire, Jr. Joseph J. Mahon, Jr., Esq. James P. Malone, Sr. * Laurence J. Marhoefer, Esq. Myles R. Martin

John N. McGrath, PE Col. James P. McWilliams, USMC (Ret.), PhD John A. Meyer Richard M. Monihan, MD Francis X. Murphy Joseph F. O’Hora Gabriel J. Pascuzzi John P. Presto Herbert S. Riband, Jr., Esq. Robert A. Romano W. Miles Ryan John J. Schiller, Jr., PhD Joseph A. Schmitz Joseph E. Sciulli Vincent J. Szymkowski Raphael S. Tancredi Gerald A. Tremblay John R. Walsh Paul F. Waltrich Henry F. Whalen, Jr.

Class of 1954 Francis B. Boland, MD Frank E. Bradley William J. Bryson Louis J. Casale, MD John J. Discher, USAF (Ret.) Raymond A. Doyle John A. Duffy, Jr., PhD James F. Dunphy Anthony J. Froehlich, Jr. Joseph V. Gallagher, Jr. Kent H. Garson John J. Gaworski Anthony M. Giampetro, Sr., MD Richard J. Hamburger, MD Elmer F. Hansen, Jr. Rudy E. Harrer * Joseph J. Hogan Adolph A. Holler Joseph J. Junod James J. Kuhn, Esq. Stanley J. Lepo, USAF (Ret.) Martin J. Luff Bernard J. McCormick John C. Olesh John F. Quigley, DO Donald R. Roessler, Sr. Gerard J. St. John, Esq. John J. Todd James R. Trainer Joseph A. Walheim, Esq. Fraser M. Wall James J. Walsh Robert J. Wilson Paul J. Wuest, PhD (Dec’d)

Class of 1955 William M. Barbour William R. Barranger Joseph B. Bloom James J. Canalichio, DDS John L. Costello, Jr. Robert H. Cox, PhD Gregory J. Dean, Esq.

Richard D. Deasy Joseph P. Dowling David H. Duryea, Jr. (Dec’d) Joseph C. Flanagan, MD John F. Flood Thomas J. Flood David L. Forde, MD Capt. Joseph R. Fowler, USAF (Ret.) Thomas J. Gallen John A. Grady Thomas F. Hagerty James J. Hayburn John E. Hellmann Bruce J. Koegler Frank J. Lamprecht John L. Langan Thomas J. Lavin, Jr. John J. Lee Louis J. Lendvay Frank J. Miller, CPA Robert E. Murphy Raymond J. Nolen, Jr. Gerald F. O’Brien Alan E. Reed Robert J. Riethmiller, Jr. Francis F. Sorrentino Edward J. Spanier, PhD Robert W. Suter, Esq. William F. Taylor Robert F. Wagner, PhD James J. Ward Lawrence H. Wentz Peter A. Wutzer

Class of 1956 Hugh J. Brolly David P. Campbell, PhD James J. Canavan, CPCU John S. Cape Kevin E. Carey Joseph F. Cassidy Joseph V. Conners Richard J. Deluca William J. Dick John B. Digan J. Raymond Fitzpatrick, Jr. James M. Foley John H. Forrest Raymond F. Frankson Peter W. Frey, PhD William E. Gibbons Clifford M. Gillespie James A. Goodyear Alan P. Hagerty A. Carl Helwig Rev. Mr. Thomas J. Horan John F. Keegan Richard J. Labowskie, MD Thomas L. Loughlin Robert W. Lyons, MD Joseph J. Malizia Dennis J. McFadden J. Anthony Mitchell Charles G. Muir Charles A. Murray, Jr.

28 Explorer Autumn 2007

Charles J. O’Brien James J. Osborne Richard J. Pomfret Francis M. Ponti, PhD Bill R. Rafferty James T. Richard, EdD Norman W. Rickert Edward W. Schmid, Jr. John F. Schmidt, PhD Rev. Charles J. Sullivan Thomas C. Tarpy John E. Tuohy, Esq. Louis J. Van Parys Andrew J. Varga, PhD William T. Ward James P. Waters, Jr. John D. Whalen John P. Whitecar, Jr., MD

Class of 1957 John C. Altrogge Joseph L. Ambrogi Vincent P. Anderson, Esq. Frank J. Bartl George T. Bauder John T. Becker, CPA * John L. Burke Joseph P. Capozzoli Joseph F. Ciccimaro * Edward R. Corcoran, MD Robert E. Cwik Joseph M. Daly Charles J. Doherty Francis D. Donaghy Edward J. Donahue Gerard F. Drach Eugene A. Draganosky, MD Robert J. Durney * John J. Egan Robert J. Ellis, MD Robert W. Federspiel Robert P. Fritzsche Thomas R. Gillespie, Jr. Richard F. Ginieczki * G. Alan Gordon Lawrence A. Grassi C. Joseph Hamburger, PhD Richard L. Hepp Col. Gerald T. Hipp, USA(Ret) C. Clark Hodgson, Jr., Esq. * Robert E. Hone, Esq. Joseph A. Jankowski James P. Kilbride Sidney J. Kowalczyk James J. Land Alexander S. Macaione, DO Joseph J. Mark John W. McClellan L. Marshall McCloskey, Jr. Francis E. McCormick, PhD Thomas F. McDevitt Martin J. McDonnell Lawrence J. McEvoy James J. McGill James T. McLaughlin * Hon. James R. Melinson

Brian D. Monaghan, Esq. John C. Monahan James D. Morrissey, Jr. * Thomas F. Murphy John J. Murray Charles A. Palmer Vincent J. Pannepacker, Jr. Steven P. Petner Joseph A. Pizzo, Sr. John W. Quinn Bro. James F. Rieck, FSC Edward P. Rush George W. Ruth James T. Sedlock, PhD Hugh J. Sheridan Vincent J. Tague, Sr. Neil H. Ward John J. Wojciech Carl G. Wolf Joseph A. Zeccardi, MD

The Class of 1958 will celebrate its 50-Year Reunion in conjunction with Graduation on June 6-7, 2008.

Class of 1958 Paul C. Aita, MD Theodore P. Baltra Gerard J. Brannigan Ronald J. Carpinella, PhD Raymond J. Christie, Jr. William J. Clements John J. Convey, PhD Charles L. Conway, Sr. Jerome R. Cosgrove * Cornelius A. Cunningham * Joseph S. Cymbor Robert O. D’Ambrosio, Esq. William DeMarco Edward J. Devinney Louis R. Di Maria * Charles E. Dolaway, III Joseph H. Donahue * Joseph M. Downey, PhD George A. Dudzek Harry F. Eustace Lawrence J. Everling Joseph J. Ford John A. Gallagher * Thomas Giannini, CPA John E. Glaser Jerome F. Heavey Walter J. Horn Peter J. Keenan * James J. Kelly John J. Kennedy, Jr. Joseph F. Killoran Rev. James M. Kolb, CSP Joseph E. Leone Jerome F. Lombard, Sr. Thomas J. Lynch James M. McMonagle * Joseph A. Mignatti Edward J. Miller, PhD

The John Whalen ’67 Grant Fund John Whalen came to us in the fall of 1963 from Immaculate Conception Parrish in Germantown. As a member of the illustrious class of 1967, John has been a loyal “Brother’s Boy” ever since. All of John’s Philadelphia friends know him as “Jake”, a nickname that came down from his father before him. For the last 20 years “Jake” has lived and worked in the Washington, D.C. area. The Wharco Realty Co. has been the vehicle that “Jake” has used to find success in the area of property management and development. Living in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife Linda Rabbitt, John has settled into a career that has proved personally fulfilling and rewarding. John and Linda have 2 daughters, Ashleigh a professional opera singer, who has recently married and Lauren an attorney in D.C. Being a loyal alum and being mindful of the many generosities extended to him as a student while here at La Salle, Jake has stepped forward as one of the leaders of our “Fulfilling the Promise” campaign. His help in directing the campaign as a member of the campaign cabinet as well as his personal financial commitment has positioned La Salle for even more future successes.

29 Explorer Autumn 2007

Harry B. Miller, Jr. * Vincent P. Miraglia, MD David I. Muir John E. Osborne Joseph J. Paul Thomas F. Pyle, Jr. William R. Regli * John F. Richardson William F. Rooney Robert E. Ryan Charles R. Scally Robert C. Schmidt John T. Schmitt John J. Scocca, PhD Joseph R. Sharpe III John J. Simone James J. Siravo, DDS Albert J. Solecki Edward R. Solvibile * Michael E. Sullivan, PhD George J. Ward George F. West Martin F. Whalen Taras M. Wochok, Esq. Thomas D. Yannessa

Class of 1959 LTC Robert B. Byrnes, USA(Ret) Denis J. Callaghan William J. Cashin, Jr. John W. Coyle James D. Deasy, Esq. James S. Dooley, Esq. Joseph P. Dougherty, PhD Thomas C. Elsasser Joseph M. Evancich Mark J. Gallagher Gerald L. Henderson Francis J. Herron George J. Koenig Joseph F. Loughran, Jr. Frank P. Madden, MD J. Scott Maxwell, Esq. Francis X. McFadden, Jr. Cornelius P. McKelvey Richard A. Miehle J. Robert Mitek Rev. Msgr. Thomas A. Murray Arthur W. Pagan Eugene J. Park John T. Rogalski Daniel J. Sandman, PhD Robert F. Stranix Philip A. Sullivan Frank C. Sulzbach Wilfred J. Vaudreuil Vincent W. Walters Joseph P. Wargo, Jr. William J. Williams Randolph E. Wise

Class of 1960 H. John Appleton Robert J. Bettacchi Carl E. Blyskal David R. Bruce, JD, MSW

Carl J. Cangelosi J. Peter Clark, PhD James J. Coll, Jr. Dennis W. Cronin, MD James H. Cusack Donald D. Del Manzo, Jr. Donald A. Fanelle Robert J. Gizinski Walter J. Granville John C. Kautz Bro. Richard Kestler, FSC Thomas P. Kilroy James M. Kowalczyk George M. Kozub John F. Lehman, Jr., PhD George J. Lordi, Jr. Mark J. Malone F. Michael McCafferty Eugene J. McGonigle, PhD Thomas P. McGorry, MD Thomas F. Murphy Theodore A. Nawalinski, PhD George P. Nicolaus Charles J. Saile Leslie E. Schmalbach, Jr. Kenneth Shaw, Jr. Jerome P. Shea, PhD William G. Smith CDR Francis R. Wesh, USN (Ret.) David R. Woll

Class of 1961 Edward F. Anderson Louis B. Balizet, MD John W. Becher, DO Charles F. Bodo, CPA Michael J. Bruno Donald F. Burns John L. Byrnes William A. Cheney Thomas R. Crow Joseph T. Cunnane, CPA Joseph J. Curry, PhD Michael F. Doyle Charles E. Dunleavy, Jr. Charles J. Durney Col. John E. Feret, USA(Ret) Michael J. Ginieczki, MD Harry B. Haeberle Thomas J. Hipp, MD Edward J. Kohlhepp Raymond J. Leary Joseph F. Lynch James P. McFadden Thomas J. McGinley John L. Moore Owen L. Murray Donald W. Rider Stephen J. Rodgers, MD, JD Sigmond S. Rutkowski, Jr., DO Robert T. Schmitt Carl J. Schwab William R. Sharpe, PhD John R. Spagnola, DMD Albert H. Them III John D. Whiteman, PhD

Class of 1962 Peter J. Beaty Jack L. Carlson Joseph P. Cattie, Jr. Joseph A. Fanelli Vincent J. Flynn Joseph C. Gallagher, DO J. Patrick Gavaghan Alfred S. Halas, DMD Harry J. Harp Thomas K. Hendrick Walter J. Kaminski Geoffrey J. Kierstead Fred J. Link James L. Littlefield, MD William M. Maguire Herbert C. Matthews, Jr. Carl A. Mattia, Esq. Col. Paul E. Miehle, USA Kevin M. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill Joseph M. Osborne John M. Shaeffer W. Ellis Smith, DMD Victor O. Stango Henry P. Stoebenau, Jr. John R. Thomas Joseph M. Weidner J. Norman Welsh

The Class of 1963 will celebrate its 45-Year Reunion on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Class of 1963 Louis J. Beccaria, PhD B. James Cake, CPA Lawrence F. Cantono James F. Casey M. Alan Cinquino William J. Cronin, Esq. James F. Crotty, Esq. Francis A. DeSantis Domenic M. DiPiero Edward J. Drach Frank J. Eisenhart, Jr., Esq. John P. Fisher, DDS Frank C. Gaidjunas James F. Galbally, EdD Louis C. Galzerano John H. Halas Daniel G. Heyberger Edward E. Houseman, Esq. John M. Kaufmann Francis J. Krimm, Jr. F. Forrest Lang, MD William J. Magarity Michael J. McGee Albert J. McGlynn C. George McNamara John P. Michel Joseph A. Nickels III Reuben J. Nyvelt Frederick D. Pirmann Hon. Maurino J. Rossanese, Jr. John M. Schmalbach, EdD

Joseph E. Turk Timothy E. Urbanski, MD Michael J. Vergare, MD Anthony S. Volpe, Esq. Lawrence A. Walsh Charles J. Walters Daniel J. Whelan, Esq.

Class of 1964 Arthur J. Ansert, Jr. James B. Bannister John P. Boland John M. Burtnick, Sr. William J. Cattie III, Esq. Joseph J. Colistra, Jr. LTC Philip V. Coyle, USA(Ret) William J. Dougherty, Jr. Donald C. Gehring, Esq. Stephen J. Hodgson James P. Joyce Richard D. Kendrick John M. Kilduff Bernard W. Kurek, DMD Michael R. Lewis, MD Henry H. Lynch John D. Markowski G. Frank McKnight III John J. McMahon Frederick B. Phillips, PhD Nicholas F. Piazzola Anthony M. Stonis John A. Whiteside, CPA Robert A. Yacobellis

Class of 1965 Edward J. Belcak Francis J. Bogle, Jr. Joseph R. Buckley Dennis P. Callan Ronald A. Codario, MD James P. Curry, Esq. J. Alfred Dacanay John M. Daly, MD Gerald P. Daskilewicz James W. Degnan, PhD John M. Derderian Joseph F. Donoghue, PhD Daniel F. Downing Marc Doyle John J. Farrell Ronald D. Fasano Daniel B. Flynn RADM John B. Foley III, USN (Ret.) William B. Fynes, Jr. Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. Garvin Baron J. Ginnetti Joseph A. Goldbeck, Jr., Esq. W. Joseph Hetherington, Esq. Lawrence P. Hill Frederick J. Hirsekorn, PhD Frank L. Iaquinta, Jr. Michael C. Komelasky Albert G. Kroll, Esq. Kenneth R. Kryszczun CDR Robert J. Logan, USN (Ret.) Thomas J. Maher, CPA

30 Explorer Autumn 2007

Thomas V. McBride Michael D. McCarthy Sean J. McGraw McGroarty Thomas W. McIntyre Edward F. Moore III Henry F. Muller Michael J. Normile Thomas A. O’Donnell Dennis J. O’Leary Michael E. Osborne Joseph A. Pagano Joseph M. Queenan J. Andrew Scott, Esq. Stephen E. Storms, PhD Patrick K. Taylor Harry C. Vantine, PhD Joseph J. Wallace

Class of 1966 Charles J. Boris Eugene G. Cattie Daniel J. Devlin Francis G. Doherty Gerald J. Dugan, Esq. Robert P. Enoch Timothy J. Erb John J. Fitzgibbons, Jr. Timothy J. Foley * Charles A. Genuardi William J. Gibbons, MD Dominic P. Girondo Hon. Richard J. Hodgson Albert W. Keller III Donald E. Kotas William G. Kozub, Esq. Jan L. Krzywicki Denis J. Lawler, Esq. Thomas M. Lofgren John A. Loftus, PE William J. Markmann, MD William J. Marr Michael J. Masington Robert F. McAnespey * John B. McCormick John F. McDevitt, Jr., Esq. Peter M. McGonigle, Esq. Terence G. O’Hara Robert J. Pannepacker, Sr. Paul P. Partyka Thomas C. Ratchford Rev. Gerald C. Ronan Thomas L. Scully, CPA * Patrick M. Smith Michael R. Taylor, CAE Frank J. Wesner, Jr., Esq. Michael J. Wilkin

Class of 1967 Rev. Mark C. Aita, SJ, MD Thomas J. Baldino, PhD Kevin G. Bogle Stephen J. Bukowski Wayne G. Campbell Michael J. Clement, Esq. John W. Curran, PhD Edward W. DeAngelis

Ellwood G. Derricks Richard W. Fairchild Stephen H. Fenning Robert E. Field Dennis C. Flynn Kevin P. Flynn Robin F. Gallagher, DMD S. John Gorman IV Gerald M. Greco, VMD Michael R. Hogan Edward J. Hughes, Esq. Michael F. Jordan George F. Komelasky Richard E. Kreipe, MD Christopher M. Lehman, PhD John P. Lohn Anthony P. Lopresti Vincent M. Lorusso, Esq. Brian G. McElwee James P. McIntyre Frank J. McLaughlin John J. McMenamin, Jr. Bro. Thomas McPhillips, FSC, PhD Joseph J. Minarik, PhD Paul H. Muessig Francis E. Murphy Joseph T. Murphy, Jr., Esq. Anthony P. Neri Ronald J. Pendrak Martin P. Silvestri Joseph F. Slabinski * Edward G. Stromberg Nicholas J. Tallos John M. Turzer Frank J. Viola, Jr. Samuel J. Viola Robert P. Vogt John J. Whalen Gregory J. Winters

The Class of 1968 will celebrate its 40-Year Reunion on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Class of 1968 Raymond C. Andries, MD Joseph J. Baillie, LSW John B. Best, PhD Kevin F. Brett Michael D. Burke David P. Cattie * Raymond J. Colaianni William S. Conway Michael R. Dickey Harry K. Dolaway William M. Drayton John C. Fenningham, Esq. Daniel E. Foley Anthony J. Gillespie * William F. Hartman Michael J. Hathaway Albert W. Kellenbenz John F. Kent, Esq. Raymond A. Mattern, Jr. James F. McDonald, DO

Patrick A. McGinley Stephen L. McGonigle Michael P. McKenna, Esq. Bernard M. McManus Joseph P. Millet, Jr., RPh Douglas P. Miraglia Bruce R. Moore Gerald P. Oeste John J. O’Hara, Jr., MD Joseph A. O’Neill Bernard W. Palko Joseph G. Pigeon, PhD Joseph J. Posimo Chester J. Salwach, PhD Anthony J. Sciolla, Jr., Esq. Thomas V. Sikina Michael E. Ternosky Charles J. Walsh, Jr. J. Michael Whitaker, MD * Dominic J. Yanni Jr.

Class of 1969 Stephen F. Andrilli, PhD John J. Barrett Patrick J. Becher, DO Brian F. Belcher Gerard J. Binder * William F. Brinkmann, Jr. William J. Carlin, Jr. John A. Corr Bernard H. Coyle, Jr. William R. Deiss, Esq. J. Mark Dixon Stephen P. Dougherty William J. Dougherty, CPA Vincent P. Everman, Jr. Michael E. Feeny Eugene X. Filosa William D. Fox, Jr. Edward V. France John W. Furtek Laurence P. Genuardi * Joseph A. Greco * William E. Haggerty, Esq. James F. Haney Joseph F. Hartnett, Jr. * Edward B. Horahan III, Esq. John J. Horan Rev. Anthony W. Janton H. William Jesse, Jr. Charles F. Kappler, Esq. James R. Koller * Walter J. Konopka James W. Kurtz Anthony M. Landis, DO E. Dennis Lehman, Jr. John V. Lima Henry W. K. Londergan Eugene J. Maginnis, Esq. * William F. Maher, Jr. Salvatore V. Mattoccia, CPA Joseph D. McGowan John M. McGrath Edward F. McMahon William J. McManus, Esq. Geoffrey A. Meyer *

Thomas D. Michel Andrew J. Milligan, PhD Mark M. Moger Robert P. Moran * Daniel E. Morehouse * Jeffrey N. Morgan, AIA Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. Frederick J. Nelson, MT Dennis J. O’Brien Dennis J. O’Hara, PhD James M. Paulits Joseph M. Pascuzzo, DO Thomas A. Pierce Michael J. Popkins, Esq. Michael J. Quattrone Timothy M. Reardon Michael J. Ruddy, MD Paul G. Schott W. Trevor Swan, Jr. Raymond J. Tatlow III John F. Walsh, Esq. * Arthur A. Warren, Esq. William J. Wasylenko, Jr. * Patrick J. White, DC Robert D. Willemin Joseph T. Winning * Joseph J. Zaiss, Jr. George G. Zoller

Class of 1970 Joseph E. Abbott Raymond S. Angelo * Joseph J. Baker Thomas G. Barger Robert M. Beaty Henry J. Brady John D. Brinkmann, Esq. Joseph S. Camardo, MD Philip E. Cassidy, Jr. * Thomas J. Christmann, Jr. James F. Corcoran, CPA Richard D. DiLaurenzo, ChFC, LTCP John M. Donahue, Esq. Charles J. Dunton, MD Lawrence H. Fornaci Michael J. Gallagher, DDS * James J. Garrity, Esq. James F. Gentilcore Edward J. Grady III Alexander J. Guerrina James R. Hackney Roy D. Hanshaw, Jr. Joseph C. Harp John J. Hoban * Frederick K.H. Hoeck John M. Hubbs Robert M. Hughes Robert W. Jenkins Robert L. Jesse, MD Kevin S. Kelly Robert J. Laskowski, MD James J. Lawson, Jr. Frank R. Lindh William P. Loughery Joseph C. Magarity

31 Explorer Autumn 2007

Membership Has Its Privileges New Upcoming Alumni Membership Benefits Be sure to keep in touch and stay tuned to the new and improved La Salle Alumni Membership Program – new benefits, rewards, and other generous offerings to be announced for the 2008 Membership Year.


James F. Mahoney, CPA William F. McIntyre, PhD Brig. Gen. Joseph J. McMenamin, USMC William E. Morton David T. Naab William J. Quain, PhD Richard A. Rothwell, DDS Edward N. Sague, DDS Alfred P. Salvitti Michael P. Schuessler Joseph G. Shea Thomas P. Stewart, CFA, CPA William T. Svihel George A. Thompson, PhD Walter L. Updegrave Benjamin J. Ventresca, Jr. Robert C. White Paul M. Willemin George L. Young, Jr., Esq. Robert E. Yuskavage

Class of 1971 Robert C. Abbott * Raymond P. Bain, PhD Richard J. Barrett Robert E. Biddle, Jr. Thomas F. Brett II, Esq. Gerald V. Burke, MD George F. Butler Mark J. Christie Edward J. Cooper William J. Crawford Jerome M. Curtin Jerome F. Dean Richard D. DiBella Stephen C. DiJulio, PhD John J. DiNella, DPM Thomas J. Dolan Thomas L. Evans, PhD Robert J. Fitzmyer, Jr. William J. Galbally, Esq. James R. Guntle, Jr. Denis P. Kelly Philip J. Kretschman Mark V. Lomanno Robert J. Loughery Thomas C. Lowry, Esq. Robert J. McCreight, Sr. * Michael J. McFarlane, MD Terrence J. McManus * John J. Michele Peter E. Moore, Esq. Dennis E. Nolen Edward J. O’Brien III John J. O’Neill Gerard A. Plourde, Esq. John C. Redmond III Raymond L. Sheets Joseph J. Szal, Jr.

Class of 1972 James T. Belcher William J. Benz, Esq. Christian J. Bradley Michael J. Breen

Thomas A. Chmielewski, Jr., PhD Rev. Steven E. Clark James F. Cooney III LTC James F. Dittrich, USA(Ret) Charles H. Dougherty, Jr. Stephen A. Gardner William A. Geiger, Jr. Gaetano P. Giordano Mark W. Gleason Rev. John P. Gutekunst Robert F. Harchut, Esq. Gerald T. Hathaway, Esq. William W. Haury, Jr., Esq. Edward J. Heraty W. Mark Hinkel Timothy P. Hughes Steven M. Javie George J. Konesky III Thomas P. Lehman, MD Mark F. Magarity Terence M. McFadden Paul T. McGurkin Brian J. McHugh Stephen P. Mountain Matthew P. Mullen, MD Michael R. Osborne William J. Radomski Nicholas Rongione Mark D. Sutton Robert T. Szostak, Esq. Richard G. Talmage Michael K. Thompson, Esq. P. James Toolan, Esq. Thomas J. Walsh

The Class of 1973 will celebrate its 35-Year Reunion on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Class of 1973 Ernest M. Behr Anthony A. Bonanni William J. Bryers, Esq. * Brian J. Burke Michael J. Cahill Sean P. Colgan Joseph M. Connell Anthony Coulter Mark A. Daniele, Esq. Francis P. Day, MD Nicholas A. DiBello Donald M. Durkin, Jr. James J. Feeney Joseph A. Fleming, Jr. John W. Fornace, DO John M. Freed Bruce R. Givnish Carl W. Graf Edward J. Grubb Nicholas J. Harris Charles J. Harvey, DO Vincent J. Hee Michael A. Jankowski, Esq. * Thomas J. Keating Mark C. Kradzinski

Gary S. LaPalombara George T. Magnatta, Esq. * John G. Malone, Esq. * John V. Mastronardo John P. McShea III Hon. William A. Meehan, Jr. Robert N. C. Nix III, Esq. Henry M. O’Donnell Kevin P. O’Neill Michael J. Quigg John J. Quinn III, Esq. Joseph J. Ragg, Jr. Carl M. Sacchetti, CFP * David J. Schlosser Philip E. Smith Christopher M. Szal Christopher P. Von Hake, DO John J. Waldron, Esq. Stephen J. Weber Lee F. Weinstein John L. Williams *

Class of 1974 Gerald V. Angilletta Lloyd C. Beck, Jr. Michael J. Brown * Louis J. Buonomo Stephen J. Burns Michael W. Cassidy, Esq. Timothy D. Cherney Stephen P. Daly Walter W. Dearolf III, MD James A. DeMerlis Peter M. DiBattiste, MD Donald J. Dolaway Michael D. Durkin Joseph P. Dwyer, Sr., CPA Gerard T. Foley * William A. Garrity, Jr. Thomas J. Hoban Christopher L. Ivanoski Kevin V. Kelley Paul J. Kelly III, CPA Walter J. Kielar Bruce D. Konopka Richard J. Landers Michael J. Magarity James P. Malone, Jr. John A. Masucci, PhD David M. McElvenney Thomas A. McGlynn Thomas J. McGovern III Michael P. Meehan, Esq. Brian A. Mitchell Frank J. Montemuro III, RLA Ronald P. Moser Paul F. Muller Timothy O. Nolen, Esq. Terence C. O’Neill Fred J. Reichelt Louis A. Santoro, Jr. J. Neal Schweitzer Ronald J. Slizofski Christopher H. Strolle Rudi H. Trickel Joseph R. Whelpley

Michael J. Winning *

Class of 1975 Thomas A. Belcher Joseph A. Benz Wesley M. Bobbie John H. Brand John F. Burns, Jr. Alfred D. Campellone, MD Anthony E. Capponi Michael P. Donnelly William E. Dougherty John M. Draganescu, MD CDR Joseph J. Eble, USN (Ret.) Michael P. Field * John S. Fioravanti, CPA Gerard H. Gallagher, Jr. Joseph D. Harris, PhD Richard C. Harris John Harrison IV Thomas J. Higgins, Jr. Philip J. Horn, Jr., MD John J. Kelly, DO Timothy J. Lawler Stephen W. Lehman Kellen G. Leister Martin L. Lovell Robert J. Maiden Hugh J. McCaffrey James J. McCleery Christopher E. McDermott Joseph F. McKenna Joseph J. Mitchell Peter J. Mooney, Esq. * Edward J. Mortka Kevin M. Mulderig, Esq. William J. Nolan Frank J. Noonan Donald J. Rongione James W. Shields Larry P. Spinosa Edward G. Stafford John C. Suchy Peter R. Terreri David F. Wasilewski, RN James T. White Michael J. Williams Joseph A. Young Lance A. Zeglen

Class of 1976 Michael L. Brown Brian P. Colgan Capt. J. Christopher Daniel, MD James A. Donahue III, Esq. Matthew J. Dougherty, MD Michael J. Driscoll, Jr. Thomas Durling, Esq. David A. Geppert Joseph J. Gramlich Ronald S. Guerra Joseph P. Hand Friedrich S. Kramer, PhD Peter A. Lehman John J. Love III Dennis P. Lynch

32 Explorer Autumn 2007

Anthony J. Maginnis Daniel K. Marcolina Matthew J. Mihalich Patrick J. Noonan John R. Pierce David A. Ragan Leo J. Riley William A. Rothwell III William J. Selph, Jr. James J. Staudt Thomas G. Szonntagh Gary J. Uzelac, CPCU

Class of 1977 James C. Braca Toby W. Bracken James F. Brewer, Jr. Mark C. Brown Michael P. Butler Scott A. Chesna John L. Czarnecki

Thomas J. D’Emilio III Donald M. Duffy, CPA Anthony D. Gulla, RPh Stanley J. Heleniak, DMD Paul J. Maginnis Del C. Markward Michael P. McIntyre Kevin C. Millet, Sr. Timothy M. O’Neill, RA Joseph H. Plummer James W. Pollino George T. Riley Kevin M. Roddy Richard C. Sayers David J. Schofield William J. Smart John V. Steinmetz John F. Tamasitis Gerardo D. Ventresca, Jr. * Robert D. Vrancken Michael J. Weinrich

James H. Worthington John W. Wozniak James M. Ziff

The Class of 1978 will celebrate its 30-Year Reunion on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Class of 1978 Michael D. Beatty James F. Behr Richard Catrambone, PhD Thomas C. Check, DMD Christopher J. Cimini Edward A. Dachowski, MD John F. Danella, MD Alfred A. Foley Timothy E. Gillespie Richard F. Heany Mike P. Kelly

Josef J. Kramer Anthony Labella Gerard M. Lowery, CPA * Capt. Steven A. Malloy, USN Andrew J. Malone, CPA * Stephen J. Masceri, MD Joseph J. McCreavy Kevin McMenamin David T. Mehr Charles E. Minguez Peter A. Nolan Joseph F. O’Dea, Jr., Esq. Richard A. Panettieri Stephen M. Powell Timothy J. Przybylowski Donald R. Roessler, Jr. Peter M. Schofield Matthew J. Singer John C. Stipa David J. Willgruber James A. Young John P. Ziff

The De La Salle Annual Fund Participation by Class The De La Salle Annual Fund provides unrestricted support for La Salle College High School. Contributors to the De La Salle Annual Fund enhance the overall landscape of our school and make a lasting impact on the lives of our students. Their generosity will help to ensure that the La Salle legacy will continue for future generations. Close to 2,000 (17%) of our alumni base contributed to the De La Salle Annual Fund during FY2006-2007. Kudos to the following classes for working together to achieve great things for La Salle. Year Class of 1933 Class of 1934 Class of 1936 Class of 1937 Class of 1938 Class of 1939 Class of 1940 Class of 1941 Class of 1942 Class of 1943 Class of 1944 Class of 1945 Class of 1946 Class of 1947 Class of 1948 Class of 1949 Class of 1950 Class of 1951 Class of 1952 Class of 1953 Class of 1954 Class of 1955 Class of 1956 Class of 1957 Class of 1958 Class of 1959 Class of 1960 Class of 1961 Class of 1962 Class of 1963 Class of 1964 Class of 1965 Class of 1966 Class of 1967 Class of 1968 Class of 1969

Donors/Class Members 2 out of 4 1 out of 4 5 out of 13 1 out of 18 7 out of 22 8 out of 29 13 out of 42 14 out of 43 16 out of 50 17 out of 53 14 out of 66 25 out of 83 39 out of 103 38 out of 148 35 out of 114 44 out of 115 39 out of 135 40 out of 99 20 out of 82 52 out of 133 30 out of 124 38 out of 134 45 out of 155 62 out of 142 62 out of 142 33 out of 145 31 out of 145 31 out of 161 26 out of 149 35 out of 147 23 out of 180 45 out of 229 32 out of 184 41 out of 184 42 out of 181 71 out of 209

Percentage of Participation 50% 25% 39% 6% 32% 28% 31% 33% 32% 33% 22% 31% 38% 26% 31% 39% 29% 41% 25% 40% 25% 29% 30% 44% 44% 23% 22% 20% 18% 24% 13% 20% 18% 23% 24% 34%

Year Class of 1970 Class of 1971 Class of 1972 Class of 1973 Class of 1974 Class of 1975 Class of 1976 Class of 1977 Class of 1978 Class of 1979 Class of 1980 Class of 1981 Class of 1982 Class of 1983 Class of 1984 Class of 1985 Class of 1986 Class of 1987 Class of 1988 Class of 1989 Class of 1990 Class of 1991 Class of 1992 Class of 1993 Class of 1994 Class of 1995 Class of 1996 Class of 1997 Class of 1998 Class of 1999 Class of 2000 Class of 2001 Class of 2002 Class of 2003 Class of 2004 Class of 2005

Donors/Class Members 48 out of 204 38 out of 202 29 out of 212 47 out of 185 40 out of 213 47 out of 225 23 out of 184 25 out of 194 28 out of 202 26 out of 205 36 out of 208 32 out of 192 29 out of 220 33 out of 224 21 out of 204 26 out of 192 36 out of 208 22 out of 223 12 out of 198 21 out of 209 20 out of 220 31 out of 219 11 out of 217 34 out of 229 22 out of 215 13 out of 223 7 out of 191 11 out of 198 23 out of 215 22 out of 226 23 out of 238 13 out of 221 7 out of 247 7 out of 236 1 out of 242 3 out of 252

Percentage of Participation 24% 19% 14% 26% 19% 21% 13% 13% 14% 13% 18% 17% 14% 15% 11% 14% 18% 10% 7% 11% 10% 15% 6% 15% 11% 6% 4% 6% 11% 10% 10% 6% 3% 3% 1% 2%

33 Explorer Autumn 2007

Class of 1979 William V. Baldassano, DMD Robert E. Bolger, Jr. Scott E. Budinsky, CPA Steven F. Canuso John A. Dean Timothy A. Diorio Michael F. Donohoe, DC * James C. Driscoll Robert C. Dunne Patrick J. Farris, Esq. Thomas W. Gan John F. Glowacki, Jr., Esq. David E. Gray Richard F. Heany Charles Hilpl George D. Johnson, Jr. Daniel J. Kane, MD Rodolphe Kraeher Jerome F. Lombard, Jr. David P. McCarthy James P. McCormick, MD Scott R. McLaren Austin A. Meehan Alfred J. Menkhaus, Jr. Conrad J. Miller III, Esq. Vincent J. Murray, DDS Thomas V. O’Kane Sean P. O’Neill Daniel Price Edward J. Quinn Raymond C. Szmigiel Frank J. White, MD David M. Whitehead Ronald J. Zoldy

Class of 1980 LTC John Borek, USA William J. Burger, Jr. Cornelius R. Byrne, Jr. Joseph E. Curci Cornelius G. Curran Damian D. Dachowski, DMD Richard P. Deasy, DMD Anthony J. DePaul Anthony M. DiLucia, Jr. Stefano DiPietro Samuel J. Gabriel James P. Gibbons Edward J. Giera John R. Gimpel, DO Peter A. Glascott, Jr., PhD Phillip M. Goldman Thomas M. Harper John D. Horger Donald W. Hughes Paul C. Jeffers John A. Keenan Donald J. Lange, CPA John D. LaRocca, Esq. Edward V. Loftus, Jr., MD Mark J. Lonergan, DMD Michael A. Marek Dennis J. McFadden, Jr. Michael A. McLane Scott T. McNutt

Frederick C. Mischler Robert E. Murphy, Jr. Walter F. Norris, Jr. Joseph J. O’Connor James D. Princivalle John F. Quigley III Richard W. Riley, Esq. James J. Rodden Kenneth M. Roessler Adam R. Stefanowicz, Jr. Michael J. Tamburri Christopher J. Walsh, MD

Class of 1981 William B. Bachinsky, MD Eugene J. Draganosky John A. Duffy III Richard L. Duszak, Jr., MD John J. Farris Edward (Ward) J. Fitzgerald III * Neil J. Fitzpatrick * Michael P. Gregor Neill C. Kling, Esq. Patrick J. Loftus, Esq. Raymond J. McCaffrey Mark S. McNulty Austin A. Meehan III Mark T. Mischler Joseph G. Motz John J. Mueller, DO David C. Ott Philip F. Radomski Jules A. Riehs, Jr. Timothy G. Robinson Joseph M. Schaeffer Vincent J. Tague, Jr. Paul D. Vozzo Peter G. Waters, Jr. John A. Weinrich James M. Williamson David J. Woychik

Class of 1982 Michael J. Behr Gregory J. Buck Christopher M. Carabello * Mark A. Casale Joseph A. Ciasullo Kevin R. Connor Matthew J. Copley III Robert F. Costello, Jr. * Kevin M. Cregan, MD John J. Dubyk David T. Espenshade, Jr. Kevin F. Funchion, CFA Michael F. Funchion Terence P. Gillespie Francis J. Harkins William P. Higgins, CPA Daniel J. Hyman, DO Daniel P. Kelley Brian J. Kelly Sean E. Mahoney Clifford M. Mars Michael C. O’Brien * James J. Osborne III

E. Mark Rowley, CPA Joseph B. Shott R. Brian Stefanowicz Thomas M. Thistle III, Esq. Robert M. Thompson, Jr. John P. Toner Robert M. Unverzagt Christopher G. Young Robert F. Young * Joseph A. Zebrowski

The Class of 1983 will celebrate its 25-Year Reunion on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Class of 1983 Neil E. Brown Thomas P. Burns James J. Carroll, Jr. Michael J. Cassidy, MD Christopher M. Ciarrocchi Dennis J. Cleary Christopher M. Dachowski John R. Drach John P. Dunn Kevin J. Dunphy Mark G. Gola John J. Grogan, Esq. James C. Guarino, MD Robert F. Guerin, Jr. Paul J. Hogan Carl W. Holmes, Jr., Esq. Joby Kolsun, DO Charles T. Lloyd David J. Martosella William T. McAndrews, Jr. Michael F. McCormick Martin R. McDonnell Michael J. McNamara Joseph E. McQuillan Stephen G. Meyer Kevin M. Mirsch Joseph T. Morrissey, Jr. William J. O’Brien III, DO William J. O’Kane, Jr., Esq. Michael A. Pavlick, Esq. Norman J. Rahn III David J. Riley John D. Rilling, CPA Edward W. Skorpinski, MD Peter A. Tripodi John P. Young

Class of 1984 Matthew H. Bradley David M. Casale Frank G. D’Angelo, Jr. Michael F. D’Angelo John R. Doloway Brian P. Driscoll Paul J. Grous Conrad T. Heckmann Steven M. Hladczuk Thomas P. McGuckin William P. McKee, Jr.

William L. McKernan, CPA Frank M. Natale Carmen C. Petruzzelli, RPh John J. Romano, Jr. Thomas J. Shallow, Jr. Harry L. Slifer Richard Van Fossen Carl A. Waldspurger, PhD James P. Waters III Daniel M. Whitehead Christopher D. Wills Michael J. Wisely Scott H. Wolpert, Esq.

Class of 1985 Joseph J. Bradley, Jr. Arthur J. Burke III, Esq. Joseph P. Cattie III Daniel E. Diehl Christopher T. Doran Michael F. Doyle, Jr. Thomas C. Gizzi James M. Hasson Timothy C. Helmick Christopher T. Janssen Thomas A. Kolsun Matthew J. Kulak, CPM Brian F. McCaffrey John B. Millard III Chuck Minnich IV CFA Paul S. Nahrgang Mark A. Oberholzer Jeffrey M. Ottaviano Keith J. Pensabene William C. Regli III, PhD Steven D. Sassaman Richard J. Sherman, Jr. Peter R. Sigmund, Jr. Paul M. Waters Matthew T. Wentz Francis W. Worthington, Esq.

Class of 1986 Ronald M. Bean Michael D. Casey Scott T. Chadwick Marc J. Colletti John J. Cunningham IV, Esq. Lawrence W. Daly Anthony R. D’Angelo James A. Donahue III * Timothy J. Ernst John J. Forbes Timothy E. Green Frank T. Gregor Elmer F. Hansen, III Stephen W. Harrer Patrick D. Kelly Thomas D. Kent Mark A. Kootz Andrew M. Kraft Dale E. Lintner, Jr. Peter V. Lyons David A. Martella William W. Matthews III, Esq. * Pasquale Mazzarelli

34 Explorer Autumn 2007

J. Sean McCook * John J. Meko, Jr. * Keith T. Melinson Paul C. Minecci Edmund B. Moore II Mark J. Noonan Joseph J. O’Connor III Thomas J. O’Malley, Esq. D. Scott Porreca, PE Edward A. Rittenhouse, III Nicholas G. Rudnytzky Paul D. Schaefer A. Dexter M. Vilar Robert F. Weikel, Jr. Karl E. Werner James W. Wiesenhutter

Class of 1987 Joshua D. Baer F. Michael Botto John M. Casper Robert H. Clinton Brendan M. Coghlan Anthony D. Consolo Patrick J. Costello Michael C. Coyle Frank G. Gagliano Daniel J. Goodwin III, CPA Michael J. Korman Sean M. McAllister James J. McColigan, CPA Patrick T. McGinn J. Gavin Muir, MD Christopher D. Murphy Christopher J. Redd, Esq. Michael E. Sawicky, Esq. Brian B. Saxon Christopher M. Susanin Stanley A. Szpindor, Jr. Eric R. Toppy John R. Trotman, Jr., Esq. Duke T. Wolpert

The Class of 1988 will celebrate its 20-Year Reunion on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Class of 1988 Kevin P. Allen, Esq. Joseph C. Atkinson John J. Coscia, Jr. Paul C. Danella Michael J. Fegley Timothy S. Herron William F. Kershner II Kenneth J. Madden David J. McNamara James D. Morrissey III Gregory P. Rietzke Michael A. Tidd, EdD Paul Wynn Michael J. Ziff

Class of 1989 Paetrus F. Banmiller III Stephen R. Brennan, Jr. Anthony L. Cossetti Alfred G. Cunningham Thomas F. Gibbons, Jr. Michael H. Goodyear, DO Matthew J. Heine Christopher A. Idler T. Christopher Kelly David J. Kratz Paul N. Lalley, Esq. Carl J. Mattia, DPM Matthew G. McDonald Timothy P. McMahon Christopher R. Meagher Sean T. O’Hara LT John G. Pitts, USN Andrew L. Roman Gregory R. Ryan Andrew M. Savysky, Esq. James J. Van Stone Edward L. Weber III

Class of 1990 Daniel M. DeDominic Kirk H. Dolaway Robert F. Donahue Robert J. Fluehr, Jr. Jason R. Gathman Christopher T. Goldkamp Kevin T. Hipp Mark T. Kelly Christopher L. Matthews James G. McGoldrick, Jr. Peter J. McGoldrick Patrick J. McMonagle, Esq. George A. Motley Jeffrey S. Oyler Steven M. Pacillio, Esq. Richard A. Sacco Brian F. Sandella Christopher W. Schalleur Eric M. Shelton Richard A. Stagliano, MD Timothy R. Tilson

Class of 1991 Jamie E. Barton James J. Cairnes Anthony J. Campagna, Jr. Mark D. Campbell Joseph A. Cullen, Jr., Esq. Justin J. DeAngelis A. Christopher Dezzi, Jr. * Martin J. Hayes Christian A. Hilty John T. Houck Daniel P. Keenan Michael W. Kenefic Erik M. Link Domenic J. Maida Stephen M. Matthews William B. McFadden Joseph F. X. Morrissey Mark K. O’Neill

LCDR Daniel A. Rakowski, MD Christopher C. Schmidt Kevin P. Schmidt, Esq. Kevin M. Scully Andrew J. Scutti Francis E. Sheridan N. William Spearing Keith C. Tornetta Carlos J. Torres, MD Ryan P. Tyrrell * Nicholas L. Varano Michael E. Wilkin

Class of 1992 Joseph P. Carrello Raymond M. Casale Thomas N. Craig Michael A. D’Orazio Mark A. Gibbons S. John Gorman V Brian J. Griffith William J. Jones, Jr. Andrew J. Morrisroe III Francis X. Osborne Craig J. Pensabene Peter V. Scola

The Class of 1993 will celebrate its 15-Year Reunion on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Class of 1993 Robert J. Ball * Brendan J. Boland Kevin P. Conlin * Christopher P. Convey Douglas J. Demeter Paul W. Dolaway D. Ryan Farragut David M. Flanigan Douglas Friel * Carl W. Graf, Jr. Gerard J. Hartey Liam E. Herron Matthew P. Hildebrand Boyd A. Kelly * Michael D. Kerlin Gregory T. Lavin James E. Maloney, Jr., PE Paul G. Morrissey, Esq. Kevin M. Olender * Michael J. Parella Michael J. Parsons Bradley J. Sandella Christopher C. Smith Kevin P. Vanderslice Joseph W. Zalewski

Class of 1994 Timothy D. Baer William T. Bell Steven R. Blasi, DO Brian J. Carmody Stephen F. Duncheskie Robert S. Duszak, OD

Timothy J. Erb, Jr. Thomas J. Fithian James A. Gorman Joseph P. Jacobs Brian T. Lasky C. Todd Lofgren Vincent M. Lorusso, Jr. Kyle S. Miller Thomas P. Northrop Daniel P. Pritchard Brian P. Romano Jason M. Santini Brian J. Scully Daniel E. Shilkitus James J. Watson David H. Wenhold Michael J. Witkowski

Class of 1995 Thomas J. Barnes Harry C. Citrino III Timothy M. Flanigan Charles A. Halpin IV Ryan C. Harrington Peter V. Madden Thomas P. Mason Brian C. McGeehan Patrick D. Murray Joseph A. Santangelo Robert F. Sautter, Jr. Jonathan H. Shevlin John P. Tatu LT B. Ryan Ventresca Gabriel P. Vizza

Class of 1996 Wayne J. Adamow William T. Donohoe, Jr. J. Raymond Fitzpatrick III, MD Christopher Gange Patrick W. Gorman Edward J. Leonard Christopher Magarity J. Andrew Sharkey Gregory J. Ventresca

Class of 1997 Michael T. Durso P. Bradley Guidi John M. Hammond Thomas J. Koenig Thomas F. Lamprecht, Esq. Jeffery C. Markowski Stephen T. Palopoli Paul J. Read, MD Michael C. Schafle Peter L. Seely George G. Thiers Michael J. Zeccardi

35 Explorer Autumn 2007

Statistics for Top Classes in Gifts

Explorers 1958–2005 Top Ten Classes in Total Annual Gifts

Golden Explorers 1933–1957 Top Five Classes in Total Annual Gifts


$40,000 $32,121.50








$20,000 $16,205.00 $13,301.00

























$0 1957



The Class of 1998 will celebrate its 10-Year Reunion on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Class of 1998 Keith P. Adams Thaddeus J. Bartkowski III Justin E. Capetola David F. Citro Stephen W. Crognale, Jr. Timothy S. Danaher Paul M. D’Orazio Timothy B. Fenningham Brett A. Gordon Michael A. Heinsdorf Matthew G. Holbert Michael J. Kruczkowski Giuseppe Laguda Robert J. Miller Dennis A. Murray Rajesh C. Noronha Brendan J. O’Hara Andrew T. Rakowski Shane P. Reilly David A. Schmel S. Paul Sharkey Gregory P. Thomas Ryan M. Tuman



Class of 1999 Evan S. Behr Kevin Brewster Richard J. Carminati Jeremy R. Cooke C. Thayer Fox Joseph L. Gardner III Sean P. Heron Matthew J. Lendzinski Timothy W. McDonald Kevin M. Noone Peter J. O’Connor Patrick R. Rose Mathew T. Schaffer Gregory M. Schill Patrick D. Slattery Joseph G. Steffa, Jr. James A. Sullivan Sean E. Teesdale Christopher J. Williamson, Jr. *

Class of 2000 Timothy J. Black II William R. Bonner Thomas M. Brasberger Kyle K. Callahan Paul J. Carroll Paul D. Colistra * Jason R. Dooney Christopher J. Dougherty Thomas D. Dougherty Joseph P. Dwyer, Jr. Daniel J. Galbally *




Robert B. Haney, Jr. Paul F. Heinsdorf Matthew E. Laskowski Andrew L. Meinert Justin D. Philomeno Raymond T. Shay * John E. Strzalka, Jr. Sean P. Toole John H. White, Jr.

Class of 2001 Stephen P. Andrews David A. Bartynski, Jr. Michael J. Bondiskey Kevin J. Cross James J. Edelen IV Thomas H. Gorman Jonathan A. Hicks Michael D. Holbert Kenneth C. Kempf Jeffrey S. Masiak Robert J. McCreight, Jr. Andrew C. Monaghan Joseph F. Slabinski IV Christopher J. Tuman John A. Zaro


The Class of 2002 will celebrate its 5-Year Reunion at Homecoming on Wednesday, November 21, 2007.

Class of 2002 Brandon M. Black Matthew C. Derrick Sean D. Fedyna Timothy J. Flynn Terence C. Kempf Ryan M. Pollock Daniel J. Ritter Robert E. Sullivan Ryan M. Thomas

Class of 2003 Andrew M. Bartynski Philip A. DiAntonio Sean D. Flynn H. Brad Kerr, Jr. Stephen P. Miller David A. Naab

Class of 2004 Christopher Miller

Class of 2005 Michael J. Andrews Kevin S. Heron Joseph W. Winning

36 Explorer Autumn 2007

Faculty/Staff Annual Fund

Parent Annual Fund

The 2006-2007 Faculty/Staff Annual Fund, chaired by Jerry Evans, was a great success. Members of La Salle’s faculty and staff contributed over $18,000 toward the Student Emergency Fund. This fund was established to help scholarship students who may find themselves unable to pay for incidentals such as textbooks, lunch, transportation, or some other expense deemed necessary for the good of the student’s educational experience. Thanks to the following individuals, all students have access to the resources needed to be a success at La Salle:

The 2006-2007 Parent Annual Fund, chaired by Cathy Cassidy and Jim McLaughlin ’57, raised over $125,000 in support of La Salle’s Professional Development Fund. This fund helps to ensure that faculty members can pursue graduate studies and attend programs related to curriculum development and other special educational programs such as formation in Lasallian mission and philosophy, which focuses on the spiritual component of educating La Salle students.

Mrs. Lisa Agnew Mr. Mark A. Angiolillo Mr. Thomas R. Barna Brother Barry Bartkowiak, FSC Mr. Rocco Bene Mr. Dennis M. Bloh Mrs. Lastenia Breen Mr. Gerard M. Brett Mr. Alex F. Brown Mr. Jeremy Butt Mr. Christopher M. Carabello ’82 Mrs. Janice Ciccimaro Mr. Joseph F. Ciccimaro ’57 Mr. Daniel J. Cipolla Mr. Charles Cirelli Mrs. Geraldine Clark Mr. Nicholas Coggins Dr. Jo Ann Cohen Mr. Joseph J. Colistra, Jr. ’64 Mr. Paul D. Colistra ’00 Mr. Mark Collins Brother Kenneth Cook, FSC Mrs. Rita Cooney Mr. David W. Crowe Mr. Douglas J. Demeter ’93 Mr. Joseph Dempsey Mr. Matthew C. Derrick ’02 Mr. Patrick C. Devine Mrs. Frances Diccicco Mr. David T. Diehl ’55 Brother William DiPasquale, FSC Mr. Michael E. Dolan Mr. Michael Dominick Mrs. Linda Donahue Ms. Milene Donlin Mr. William T. Donohoe, Jr. ’96 Mr. Stephen F. Duncheskie ’94 Mrs. Gail A. Evans, CFRE Mr. Gerald R. Evans, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Field Mr. Bernard J. Fitzgerald, Jr. ’77 Mrs. Ann Ford Mrs. Barbara Franks Mr. James Fyke Brother Brendan Garwood, FSC Mrs. Rosemary Gedeik Mr. Paul Gehman Mr. William A. Geiger, Jr. ’72 Mr. Richard Genovese Mr. Mark Gibbons ’92 Mrs. Connie Gill Mr. Joseph Glacken Mr. Brett A. Gordon ’98 Mrs. Carol Haggerty Mr. Gerard J. Hartey ’93 Mr. Michael Hearn Mr. Martin J. Jackson Mr. John D. Janda

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Abramo Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Anella Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Bach Mr. & Mrs. John R. Barr Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Louis S. Battista Mr. & Mrs. David E. Beavers Dr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Becher Mr. & Mrs. James F. Behr * Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Belcher Mr. & Mrs. Martin G. Belinsky Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. William J. Benz * Mr. & Mrs. Scott Berkle Mr. & Mrs. Mario J. Bianchini Mr. & Mrs. John W. Blanke III Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bolger Mr. & Mrs. Bradley J. Bonner Dr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Bonnevie Mr. & Mrs. Alexander D. Bono Mr. Thomas R. Bowman & Ms. Ann M. Barr Mr. & Mrs. Toby W. Bracken Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Brady Mr. & Mrs. James R. Brehony Mr. & Mrs. John C. Breitmayer Ms. Anne C. Brnich Dr. & Mrs. Steven C. Bunting, DDS Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Burgmann Mr. & Mrs. Brendan J. Burke Mr. & Mrs. William J. Burke Mr. & Mrs. Martin T. Cahill, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Cahill Mrs. Elizabeth A. Campbell Dr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Campbell Dr. & Mrs. Alfred D. Campellone Mr. & Mrs. John J. Camusi Mrs. Cynthia Capaci Mr. & Mrs. David J. Caracausa Mr. & Mrs. Jawood E. Carlin Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Carmody Mr. & Mrs. John M. Carr Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Casey Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Casey Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Cassidy * Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Cassidy, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. Mario A. Catanese Dr. & Mrs. Lee A. Celio Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Cero, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Franklin K. Chong Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale J. Ciammetti

Rev. Anthony W. Janton ’69 Mr. John A. Keenan ’80 Mrs. Mary Frances Kelly Mr. Michael Kennedy Ms. Paulette Kensey Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60 Brother Charles Lackes, FSC Mr. William L. Leahy III Mr. Frank J. Lichtner Ms. Donna Long Mr. Joseph F. Lynch ’61 Mrs. Julia K. Maher Mr. David Manion Mr. Joseph L. Marchese Mr. Robert F. McAnespey ’66 Mr. William J. McBride Mrs. Diana McInaw Mrs. Barbara Miller Mr. Gerald Miller Mr. Walter Muehlbronner Mrs. Mary Kay Mullen Mr. Daniel Muller Mr. Joseph Nero Mr. Geoffrey L. Nicoletti Mr. Mark D. Norman Mrs. Kathleen O’Connell Mr. Joseph A. Parisi Mrs. Dorothy Ponisciak Mr. Michael Ponisciak Mr. Alfred O. Puntel Mr. Joseph J. Radvansky Mr. Anthony Resch Brother James F. Rieck, FSC ’57 Mr. Kevin A. Rieffel ’02 Mr. Robert Russell Mrs. Suzanne Russo Mrs. Rosina Ryan Mrs. Sue Sayer Mrs. Patricia Schaum Mr. Raymond T. Shay ’00 Ms. Tina Shustack Mr. Peter R. Sigmund, Jr. ’85 Mrs. Kathleen Smith Mrs. Mary Jo Smith Mrs. Helen Spearing Brother James Steck, FSC Mr. Gregory Teperman Brother Mang M. Tran, FSC Mr. Thomas Turner Mr. Joseph Vettori Mrs. Florence M. Ward Mrs. Lisa Whelan Mrs. Cathleen Winning Mrs. Barbara Wisotzkey Ms. Cheryl L. Wolgamott Mr. John P. Young ’83 Mrs. Nancy Zoeltsch

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Ciufo Mr. & Mrs. William H. Clark Mr. Carmen J. Conicelli, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John L. Connolly, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Francis W. Connors Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Corby Mr. & Mrs. Timothy T. Corcoran Mr. & Mrs. John A. Corr Mr. & Mrs. Matthew S. Crane Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Crone Dr. & Mrs. Gary W. Crooks Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Cross, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Cruz Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Cunnane Mr. Gil Cunningham & Ms. Lisa Adams Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cymbala Mr. & Mrs. Marcio D. da Costa Ms. Joanne Dahme Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D’Angelo Mr. & Mrs. William J. Dauphinee Mr. & Mrs. John A. Dean Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Dean Mr. & Mrs. John F. DeLucca, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. DeMaria Dr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Dempsey Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. DePaul Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Diasio Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. DiGiacomo Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. DiGiacomo Mrs. Kathleen Digney Mr. & Mrs. John J. DiIulio, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. DiLaurenzo Mrs. Sandra A. DiMezza Mr. & Mrs. James F. Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Dohony Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Dolan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Donnelly Mr. & Mrs. John J. Drain Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Driscoll Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Driscoll, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John M. Dronson Mr. & Mrs. Fred Duffy Mr. & Mrs. Robert Duncheskie Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Durkin, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Durkin Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Dysart Mr. & Mrs. Kevin W. Eidenshink Mr. & Mrs. Kurt R. Eisenschmid Mr. & Mrs. George P. Endrigian Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Erhard Mr. & Mrs. Howard W. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Farris Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Feleccia Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Ferrick Mr. & Mrs. Kevin G. Finlay

37 Explorer Autumn 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Barrett C. Fisher III Mr. & Mrs. Todd J. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. FitzPatrick Mr. & Mrs. Fenton J. Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Kevin T. Fitzpatrick Dr. Steven Flashner & Dr. Deirdre Collins Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Foley * Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Forst Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P. Forster Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Fox Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Franks Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Gazzara Mr. Terence J. Geck Mr. & Mrs. James V. Genuardi * Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Glavin Mrs. Michelle M. Golden Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. Gorman Mr. & Mrs. Alex Gorsky Mr. & Mrs. William F. Gottschalk Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Groff Mr. & Mrs. Siegfried L. Gross Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Grover Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Haesler Mr. & Mrs. James M. Hagerty Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Hamilton Mrs. Angela P. Haney Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Haney Mr. & Mrs. Francis X. Hannigan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Harp Mr. & Mrs. John Harrison IV Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Harvey Mr. & Mrs. David A. Henrich * Mr. & Mrs. John P. Higgins Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Hoffman, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. John J. Holt, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Houldin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Hutchinson Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Iannuzzi Mr. & Mrs. John D. Janda Mr. & Mrs. George D. Johnson, Jr. Ms. Barbara A. Jones Ms. Karen M. Jones-Carey Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Kalkbrenner, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Kane Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Karoly Mr. & Mrs. Edmund P. Kehan, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Kevin V. Kelley Mr. & Mrs. James J. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Kerr Mr. & Mrs. Neil F. Kiely

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Klein Mr. & Mrs. John L. Knab, Jr. Mrs. Kimberly A. Knowles Mr. & Mrs. Dale L. Kostenbauder Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Kowalski Mr. & Mrs. Rodolphe Kraeher Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Lagreca Mr. & Mrs. William J. Laible Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. LaMorte Mrs. Joseph E. Lavin Mr. & Mrs. Guy R. Leigh Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. LeNoir Jan M. Levine & Doreen E. Regan Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Levins Mr. & Mrs. Leonard T. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Lintner, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Logan Mr. & Mrs. Jerome F. Lombard, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John T. Losier Mr. & Mrs. William P. Loughery Mr. & Mrs. Gary K. Lutsch Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. MacCrory Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Maginnis Mr. & Mrs. Sean E. Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Mainardi Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Markley Mr. & Mrs. Ernest M. Martinelli Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Martino Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Marzullo Dr. & Mrs. David M. Masiak Mrs. Linda M. Maslin Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Mastroieni Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McAloon Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. McBride Mr. & Mrs. Charles McCabe Mr. & Mrs. Vincent B. McCabe Mr. & Mrs. James A. McCallion Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McCreery Mrs. Margaret McCrudden Mr. & Mrs. John K. McDevitt Ms. Mary Pat McDevitt Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Martin C. McElroy Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. McGoldrick Mr. & Mrs. Brent M. McKeehen Mr. & Mrs. Gregory E. McLaren * Mr. & Mrs. James T. McLaughlin * Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. McNally Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. McPeak Mr. & Mrs. Leonard L. Messina Mr. & Mrs. Stuart S. Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Mikochik Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Miller Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Miller Mr. & Mrs. William L. Minderjahn Mr. & Mrs. George Mirsch Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Mockaitis Mr. & Mrs. David M. Monahan Mr. & Mrs. David P. Monteith Dr. Kirk Monteverde & Dr. Alma-Jean Monteverde Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Montgomery

Mrs. Eileen B. Moyer Mr. Robert J. Moyer Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Murtha Mr. & Mrs. David P. Nixon Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Nolan Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Noonan Dr. & Mrs. James F. Noone, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Nowakowski, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. O’Donnell Dr. & Mrs. James P. Oline Mr. & Mrs. George R. Oliver * Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Orner Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Osborne Mr. & Mrs. Bernard W. Palko Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Parsons Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Patrick Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Peifer Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Pelone Dr. Onix Perez & Mrs. Barbara Mas Mr. & Mrs. John M. Peruto * Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Petrellis Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Pfefferle Mr. & Mrs. George C. Pinchock Mr. Mark H. Plamondon Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Plick Mr. & Mrs. Michael V. Power Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Powers Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Price Mr. & Mrs. Carl S. Primavera Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pyne, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Quaglia Mr. & Mrs. Gerald S. Quinn Mr. Federico Raieta & Ms. Donna Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Saju T. Ramapuram Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Razzano Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Resnick Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Reynolds Dr. John Richardson & Dr. Allyson Abbott Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Roche Mr. John Rodden & Dr. Karin Flynn-Rodden * Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Rose Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Rotzal Mr. & Mrs. John J. Samanns Mr. & Mrs. A. James Scanzillo Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Schneider, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Schnupp Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Schuck, Sr. Mr. Mark D. Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. David E. Scott

Mr. John Sczepanski & Dr. Cynthia Sczepanski Mr. & Mrs. James J. Sinnott Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sinnott Mr. & Mrs. John W. Sliner Mr. & Mrs. Frank Smith Mr. & Mrs. Piotr Sobilo Mr. & Mrs. David Souchik Mr. & Mrs. Neil M. Spearing Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Speese Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Sperger Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Splane Mr. Dennis J. Stanton Mr. & Mrs. James J. Staudt Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Stokley Mr. & Mrs. James L. Sullivan Mr. Robert H. Swartley * Mr. & Mrs. Leonard S. Szczesniak Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Szyszko Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Target Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Teesdale Mr. & Mrs. William S. Thorn Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Toner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ruben D. Torres Mr. & Mrs. James R. Trainer Mr. Robert Trinkle & Ms. Kathy Pape Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Tull Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Turk Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. Turner Mr. & Mrs. John E. Tyszka Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Villari Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Voigt Drs. Nicholas and Francesca Volpe Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Waitkus Mr. & Mrs. Kevin T. Wallin Mr. & Mrs. James A. Waters Dr. & Mrs. George L. Weber Mr. & Mrs. Cyril D. Weidner Mr. & Mrs. John A. Weinrich Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. White, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Whitmire Mr. & Mrs. John C. Wilkins, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan H. Wilt Hon. & Mrs. Christopher R. Wogan Mr. & Mrs. John R. Worster, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Young Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Zaiss, Jr. Mr. Carl S. Zegalia Mr. & Mrs. James M. Ziff Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Zoldy Note: Names denoted with an asterisk (*) are members of La Salle’s Parents Advisory Council who serve in a leadership role in a number of La Salle initiatives.

38 Explorer Autumn 2007

Founder’s Gala La Salle’s second Annual Founder’s Gala was held on February 24, 2007 in the elegant Crystal Tea Room of the Wanamaker Building in Center City, Philadelphia. Co-chaired by Bob and Mary Moran and Joe and Donna Slabinski, over 200 alumni, parents, Christian Brothers and school family joined the festivities to celebrate the life and work of La Salle’s founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. Proceeds of over $60,000 have been earmarked to provide need-based financial assistance to deserving young men who would not be able to attend La Salle without such help.

Honor ing our past, Celebrating the future.

La Salle Gentleman – $15,000

Friends of La Salle – $1,000


Community Counseling Services

Donna and William Benz ’72 Dan Bosin Commerce Bank Carolina and Joseph Donahue ’58 Dwyer Oil Company Fenningham, Stevens & Dempster, LLP Barbara and Al Gabriele Garrison Printing Company Hausser Scientific, Inc. Aurora and Tim Hughes ’72 Johnson Controls Magarity Ford Trish and Austin Meehan ’79 Mary and Robert Moran ’69 PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP Donna and Joseph Slabinski ’67 Edward Solvibile ’58 Susan and Benjamin Ventresca ’70 Eileen and William Whiteside ’46

Margaret and William Burns ’50 Doris and Dave Cattie ’68 Dena and John Drain Maryann and Laurence Genuardi ’69 Mark Gibbons ’92 F.C. Haab Co., Inc. Elizabeth and Richard Hamilton Stanley Heleniak, DMD ’77 Keenan Motors Michelle and Robert Killian John Lehman ’60 Sue and Anthony Liberatore Ruth and Conrad Miller ’50 J. Anthony Mitchell ’56 The Planned Giving Company Cathe and Joseph Ragg ’73 Robert Swartley Tookie and Joel Ziff

Brothers’ Boys – $5,000 John Burns Graphic Design Burt Hill Gerry and Jim Clark Keating Building Construction Jennie Leary Leslie and Alfred Salvitti ’70 Carol and Anthony Stonis ’64 Witmer Partners, LLC

39 Explorer Autumn 2007

Golf Sponsors The 47th Alumni Association Golf Outing was held on June 11, 2007 at Blue Bell Country Club. Over 130 alums played golf and another 100 helped sponsor the event. Thank you to all the alums that participated in this great day and helped to contribute $38,000 to the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, which distributes aid to sons and grandsons of La Salle Alumni. AccuTech Mechanical Services James F. Brewer, Jr. ’77 ACS, Inc. James F. Cooney III ’72 Advanced Disposal Solutions Kirk H. Dolaway ’90 Raymond S. Angelo ’70 Barton Insurance Group Jamie E. Barton ’91 Beacon Commercial Real Estate Daniel J. Galbally ’00 The Beck Family Lloyd C. Beck, Jr. ’74 Lloyd C. Beck III ’98 Ryan S. Beck ’01 Andrew J. Beck ’04 The Benz Family William J. Benz ’39 William J. Benz, Esq. ’72 William D. Benz ’04 Sean P. Benz ’07 Kristian J. Benz ’10

Country Club Editions/ Golf Art Gallery William D. Vare ’49 DeLoitte and Touche, LLP Stephen A. Gardner ’72 The Dezzi Group, Ltd. A. Christopher Dezzi ’91 Edward J. Drach ’63 Duane, Morris & Heckscher Patrick J. Loftus, Esq. ’81 Dugan, Brinkmann, Maginnis & Pace Gerald J. Dugan ’66 Eugene J. Maginnis ’69 John D. Brinkmann ’70 Dunphy Ford James F. Dunphy ’54 Kevin J. Dunphy ’83 Charles J. Dunton, MD ’70 Robert J. Durney ’57 EPC, Inc./Engineered Plastics James J. Carroll, Jr. ’83

Blank Rome, LLP Denis J. Lawler, Esq. ’66

Equity Properties Conrad T. Heckmann ’84

Bradford White Water Heaters

Timothy J. Erb ’66

Rev. Robert H. Breen ’45 B. James Cake, CPA ’63

ExcellerateHRO Audit & Compliance Gerard M. Lowery, CPA ’78

Christopher M. Carabello ’82

Fenningham, Stevens & Dempster, LLP John C. Fenningham, Esq. ’68

CBIZ Accounting, Tax and Advisory Services, LLP Andrew J. Malone, CPA ’78 David A. Stagliano ’93 Patrick J. Walsh ’95

Fitzpatrick Equipment Corporation Neil J. Fitzpatrick ’81 Francis X. (Chick) Downey, Jr. ’82

Class of 1966 Robert F. McAnespey ’66

Foley Insulation Daniel E. Foley ’68

Column Financial/Credit Suisse George D. Johnson, Jr. ’79

The Foley Insurance Agency Timothy J. Foley ’66 Gerard T. Foley ’74

Commerce Bank

Foundation Capital Management, Inc. Chuck Minnich IV CFA ’85

Joseph S. Camardo, MD ’70

Creative Financial Group, Ltd. Charitable Foundation James W. Cleary S. John Gorman, IV ’67 Brian C. McGeehan ’95

Gabriel Building Group Samuel J. Gabriel ’80 Michael J. Gallagher, DDS ’70 Galzerano Funeral Home Louis C. Galzerano ’63 Anthony J. Gillespie ’68

Vincent Giordano Corporation Gaetano P. Giordano ’72 Global Packaging Anthony J. Maginnis ’76 Hansen Charitable Foundation Elmer F. Hansen, Jr. ’54 Elmer F. Hansen III ’86 Johnson, Kendall & Johnson, Inc. Douglas Friel ’93 Kent & McBride John F. Kent ’68 Kindt, Kaye & Wentz, Inc. Lawrence H. Wentz ’55 Edward A. Wentz ’88 Larson Allen CPA’s Paul J. Kelly III, CPA ’74 Lawler Family Denis J. Lawler, Esq. ’66 Terence J. Lawler ’69 Rory J. Lawler ’73 Timothy J. Lawler ’75 Brendan J. Lawler ’83 Online Litigation Support James A. Donahue III ’86 Magarity Ford & Chevrolet & Magarity Rental Center William J. Magarity ’63 Gregory T. Magarity, Esq. ’65 Joseph C. Magarity ’70 Mark F. Magarity ’72 Michael J. Magarity ’74 John (Jake) P. Magarity ’78 Christopher Magarity ’96 James F. Malloy ’51 Law Offices of John G. Malone, Esq. John G. Malone, Esq. ’73 In Memory of 1st. Lt. Travis L. Manion, USMC ’99 Anonymous Marsh USA, Inc. Brian A. Daly ’90 Jason M. Santini ’94 McCafferty-Sweeney Funeral Home Andrew T. Rakowski ’98

James C. McGoldrick, Jr. ’90 McGurk’s Pub John R. Doloway ’84 Paul Doloway ’93 The McLaughlin Family Bernard P. McLaughlin ’23 James T. McLaughlin ’57 Michael D. Kilkenny ’99 Ian P. McLaughlin ’03 Dennis McLaughlin ’07 Mellon, Webster & Shelly Joseph A. Cullen, Jr., Esq. ’91 MSC Specialties James P. Malone ’53 Roy D. Hanshaw ’70 James P. Malone, Jr. ’74 John F. Murray Funeral Home Dennis A. Murray ’98

Sovereign Insurance Michael P. Gregor ’81 Mark D. Sutton ’72 Robert T. Szostak, Esq. ’72 TD Bank North Christopher E. McDermott ’75 Tracey Mechanical, Inc. John W. Wozniak ’77 Trenchtech, Inc. John J. Kerrigan David J. Martosella ’83 United States Roofing Ryan P. Tyrrell ’91 Universal Products LLC James J. Osborne III ’82 Michael J. McNamara ’83 Nicholas L. Varano ’91

Owen L. Murray ’61

James J. Ward ’55

Narducci, Moore, Fleisher & Roeberg, LLP Peter E. Moore, Esq. ’71

West Catholic H.S. Brother Tim Ahern, FSC

National City Mortgage Philip E. Cassidy, Jr. ’70 O’Neill Properties Robert J. McCreight, Sr. ’71 Michael L. Brown ’76 Richard F. Heany ’79 Francis & Miriam Pfluger ’50 Philadelphia Tramrail Robert J. Riethmiller, Jr. ’55 Plexus Ventures Robert P. Moran ’69 PODS, INC. Robert M. Hughes ’70 Timothy P. Hughes ’72 Joseph M. Queenan ’65 REMAX John A. Weinrich ’81 Sentry Hospitality, LTD Mark F. Magarity ’72 Sharp Associates, Inc. Donald F. Sharp ’49 Slabinski-Sucharski Funeral Homes, Inc. Joseph F. Slabinski III ’67 Joseph F. Slabinski IV ’01 Sleep Health Center @ Respiratory Services Lloyd C. Beck, Jr. ’74 Smith – Barney Gerard J. Binder ’69

The Wharco Realty Group John J. Whalen ’67 Williamson Caterers Robert J. McCreight, Sr. ’71 Joseph A. Williamson III ’91 Robert J. McCreight, Jr. ’01 Williamson Companies James Osborne, Jr. ’56 Robert J. McCreight, Sr. ’71 Dan McGill ’78 Jim Williamson, Jr. ’81 James Osborne, III ’82 Greg Williamson ’83 Joseph Williamson III ’91 Robert J. McCreight, Jr. ’01 Ron Williamson ’05 Christopher Bush ’06 Williamson Hospitality Services, Inc. James J. Osborne ’56 Winning Search SolutionsPlacement of Insurance, Finance and HR Professionals Michael J. Winning ’74 Wisler, Pearlstine, LLP James J. Garrity ’70 Woudsma Chiropractic Michael F. Donohoe, DC ’79

40 Explorer Autumn 2007

Special Fundraising Groups We graciously acknowledge the generous gifts of time, energy, talent, and financial resources from the members of the following special groups. Over $1.2 million was raised by and through these groups in support of their individual clubs and associations. Their tireless efforts truly enhance the academic and extracurricular life at La Salle. Alumni Association Band Parents Baseball Parents Basketball Booster Club Crew Parents Association Forum Parents Golf Parents Hockey Booster Club Lacrosse Crease Club LaSale (Auction) Men of La Salle Mothers’ Club Soccer Booters Club Swim Team Parents Association Takedown Club Touchdown Club

LaSale Auction The 2006 La Sale Auction – Lights! Camera! Action! was a great success thanks to co-chairs Eileen Maginnis of the Mothers’ Club and Tim Foley of the Men of La Salle. The November 4th event raised over $275,000 to benefit La Salle. We gratefully acknowledge the following event sponsors for their generosity: Presenting Sponsor – $10,000 Burt Hill Platinum Sponsors – $5,000 Angeloni’s of Abington Commerce Bank Gold Sponsors – $2,500 Global Packaging Daniel J. Keating Construction Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Silver Sponsors – $1,500 Mr. & Mrs. Al Gabriele RE/MAX Action Realty Utility Line Services, Inc. Bronze Sponsors – $1,000 Abington Memorial Hospital Communications Services & Support E. Allen Reeves Firstrust The Foley Insurance Agency, Inc. Lima Company PNC Bank Gifts in kind Fred Duffy – Printing Dan Marcolina – Design Services

41 Explorer Autumn 2007

Matching Gift Companies

Exelon Corporation Rudi H. Trickel ’74

Over $67,000 in additional revenue was generated through La Salle’s Corporate Matching Gift Partnership. We gratefully acknowledge the following companies that participate in a Corporate Matching Gift Program and the donors who take the extra steps to facilitate a company match!

Fannie Mae Corporation Peter M. McGonigle ’66

Aetna Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Kevin T. Fitzpatrick Patrick T. McGinn ’87 Mrs. Elaine Rose-Kennedy Amerada Hess Corporation Gerald V. Angilletta ’74 American Express Corporation John M. Casper ’87 Anthony J. Gillespie ’68 American International Group, Inc. John M. Donahue ’70 Amica Mutual Insurance Company Joseph A. Greco ’69 AstraZeneca Peter M. DiBattiste ’74 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Murtha AT&T Business AXA Foundation James W. Jones ’45 Stephen L. McGonigle ’68 Ball Corporation John F. Lehman ’60 The Boeing Corporation Thomas I. Guerin, Jr. ’49 Mark J. Malone ’60 Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Leonard T. Lewis R. Brian Stefanowicz ’82 ChevronTexaco William J. Dick ’56 John E. Tuohy ’56 Cisco Systems Foundation Michael J. Normile ’67 Michael J. Wisely ’84 Congoleum Corporation Ronald J. Pendrak ’67 Deutsche Bank Thomas M. Brasberger ’00 DST Systems, Inc. A. Edward Allinson ’52 Eli Lilly & Co. Foundation Daniel J. Conlin ’44

First Data Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Kempf FMC Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Marcio D. da Costa General Electric Foundation Donald J. Gimpel ’53 Glaxo Smithkline Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Donahue ’58 William A. Fitzgerald ’50 Robert F. Harchut ’72 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Harvey Paul C. Minecci ’86 Robert P. Moran ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Peifer Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Tull GMAC Commercial Mtg. Holding Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Mainardi Graver Technologies LLC John B. Millard ’85 The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation A. Edward Allinson ’52 Guidant Christopher D. Murphy ’87 Hewitt Associates Timothy S. Herron ’88 Kellen G. Leister ’75 Ingersoll Rand Robert E. Murphy ’55 ITT Industries, Inc. James F. Malloy ’51 John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Daniel P. Keenan ’91 John Nuveen & Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Vincent P. McNichol J.P. Morgan Chase Timothy J. Erb, Jr. ’94 Richard E. Fairbanks ’41 Edward J. Giera ’80 LandAmerica Foundation Robert F. McMackin ’45 Lehman Brothers James J. VanStone ’89 MBNA America David T. Mehr ’78 McGladrey & Pullen, LLP John D. Rilling ’83

Merck & Co., Inc. Raymond P. Bain ’71 John T. Becker ’57 John P. Boland ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Donahue ’58 Mr. & Mrs. John M. Dronson Thomas W. Gan ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Wasyl Halczenko James M. Hasson ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Kowalski William J. Laible ’99 Clifford M. Mars ’82 Timothy P. McMahon ’89 Joseph T. Morrissey ’83 Mrs. Eileen B. Moyer D. Scott Porreca ’86 James J. Reilly, Jr. ’44 Mr. Robert P. Trinkle & Ms. Kathy Pape David H. Wenhold ’94

RohMax USA, LP Mr. & Mrs. David Souchik

Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. Robert D. Willemin ’69

Unilever United States Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Anderson Richard A. Panettieri ’78

Microsoft Corporation William J. Selph ’76 MMC Mr. Thomas R. Bowman & Ms. Ann M. Barr Sean T. O’Hara ’89 Moody’s Investor Services J. Neal Schweitzer ’74 Morgan Stanley Edward V. France ’69 John L. Williams ’73 Motorola Matthew J. Kulak ’85 Mr. & Mrs. David E. Scott National City Bank Joseph A. Benz ’75 New York Life Insurance Company John J. Todd ’54 Nielsen Media Research Mrs. Angela P. Haney Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Frank R. Lindh ’70 PJM Interconnection, LLC William J. Bryson ’54 Pohlad Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. David A. Henrich Prudential Financial William J. Cashin, Jr. ’59 Mark W. Gleason ’72 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Young Raytheon Company Friedrich S. Kramer ’76 Reliance Standard Insurance Co. David M. Whitehead ’79

The Sallie Mae Fund Eugene G. Cattie ’66 SAP America, Inc. Gregory P. Rietzke ’88 SunTrust Bank Walter J. Granville ’60 Tamburri Associates, Inc. Michael J. Tamburri ’80 Time Warner Walter L. Updegrave ’70 Towers Perrin John W. Furtek ’69 Erik M. Link ’91 TYCO Daniel M. DeDominic ’90 Dennis P. Lynch ’76

United Technologies Stephen L. Imbrogno ’67 UPS Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. O’Donnell Vanguard Group, Inc. Thomas J. Higgins, Jr. ’75 Charles T. Lloyd ’83 Jeffrey S. Oyler ’90 Kevin M. Scully ’91 Verizon Foundation James A. DeMerlis ’74 Patrick D. Slattery ’99 Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Mr. & Mrs. James R. Brehony John J. Hoban ’70 Michael P. McIntyre ’77 David J. McNamara ’88 Matthew J. Mihalich ’76 Joseph J. Szal ’71 Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign Thomas J. Barnes ’95 West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. Joseph E. Abbott ’70 Wyeth Joseph S. Camardo ’70 Albert W. Kellenbenz ’68 Mrs. Therese C. Maher

42 Explorer Autumn 2007

Tribute Gifts Many donors give gifts as an ongoing tribute to their loved ones or to honor special occasions. The La Salle community generously remembers people who have loved, encouraged and inspired them. Please join us in honoring the following special individuals. John J. Bresnan ’45 Mrs. Barbara Bresnan Ms. Daisy Kwoh Mr. Peter Weldon Mr. Harry G. Wiebler Frank J. Connery Mrs. Florence Ward Mrs. Marguerite Dean Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Bagin Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Farrington Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Halfpenny Mr. Robert Hart Ms. Alice Hennessy Mr. Francis J. Herron ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Horos Mr. John J. Lee ’55 Frank P. Madden, MD ’59 Masergy Communications, Inc. Mrs. Carol McDermott Mr. Francis X. McFadden, Jr. ’59 Ms. Mary M. O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Paul Mrs. Laurel T. Reno Mrs. Edith R. Riehl Ms. Jean Ruckman Mr. Edward J. Sheary Mr. & Mrs. Alton J. Slane Ms. Tracy Smith Domenic Di Giacobbe Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Levin Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott McCormick John J. Dugan ’41 Mr. John M. Dugan

Young Alumni Night

John P. (JP) Fenningham, Esq. ’93 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Fenningham Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Fenningham Mr. & Mrs. Edward Giannone John F. (Jack) Flannery, Jr. ’73 Ms. Katherine Flannery & Mr. George Brown Edward Galen Joseph F. Galen ’51 Frank X. Gillespie ’43 Mrs. Peg Anastas Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Biddle Mrs. Philip E. Cassidy Mr. & Mrs. John R. Drach Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Fitzpatrick Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harrington Ms. Susan T. Hobson Dr. & Mrs. Eugene P. Hughes, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Leo G. Kelly Mrs. Anne F. Mailey Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. McGlynn Mr. & Mrs. David T. Naab Mr. & Mrs. John A. Newell Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Noonan Mrs. John J. Sabia Mr. & Mrs. William M. Smith Van Horn, Metz & Co., Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Veit Ms. Jan E. Voges Mrs. Florence M. Ward Ms. JoAnn Wroblewski Mrs. Tina Glacken Mr. Joseph Glacken Thomas B. Harper III ’42 Mrs. Frances M. Harper Martin and Anna Hoban Mr. John J. Hoban ’70 M.L. Longstreth & Sons Mrs. Roy Hanshaw, Sr.

Friday, December 28, 2007 5:00 to 9:00 PM La Salle College High School Gymnasium and Auditorium No Admission Will Be Charged

Classes of 2004 to 2008 Watch Sports on the Big Screen in the Auditorium Play Basketball in the Gym Pizza, Hoagies, and Beverages will be Served

La Salle College High School 8605 Cheltenham Avenue Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania 19038

Travis L. Manion, USMC ’99 Firstrust Bank

In Honor of Christopher J. Matthews ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Evans Financial Services Forum Terrence P. McCann ’03 Paul J. Read, MD ’97 Mrs. Kathy McIlvaine Mr. Thomas D. Yanessa ’58 Charles “Chip” J. McKeaney ’86 Mr. Eric Reich & Ms. Christine McKeaney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Reich III Timothy J. McNichol ’97 Mr. Thomas M. Lofgren ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent P. McNichol Conrad J. Miller, Jr. ’50 (in honor of Birthday) Mr. Jules Rosenfeld Edward J. Murphy ’42 Mr. & Mrs. William Leighton Richard A. (Drew) Panettieri ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Asson Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan M. Magid Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Panettieri Mr. Brett F. Sklar Unilever United States Fdn., Inc. Mrs. Agnes Ragg Mrs. Dorothy H. Troiano Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Riley (50th Wedding Anniversary) Mr. David J. Riley ’83 Mr. George T. Riley ’77 Mr. Leo J. Riley ’76 Richard W. Riley, Esq. ’80 F. Patrick Sher ’58 Ms. Tara S. Sher James L. Shoemaker ’43 Mrs. James L. Shoemaker

Mrs. Kathryn Smiley Mills Christian Brothers Provincialate C.W. Smith Mr. Jeffrey S. Oyler ’90 Christopher R. Tropio ’03 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Charles V. Curry Peter D. Villari ’43 Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Ambruoso Mr. Alexander Balagour Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Barlow Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Bilk Mr. Philip Buffone & Ms. Denise Torelli Burris Logistics Citterio U.S.A. Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Defanti Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Feinstein Mr. & Mrs. Anthony D. Finizio Ms. Joanne Fishman Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Gibbs Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Giunta Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gorman Mr. & Mrs. Frank Greco Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Haggerty Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Hort JP Morgan Chase Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Leister Maglio Sausage Company Mr. & Mrs. Barry A. McCutcheon Mrs. Rosemary B. McGroarty Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Nissen Mr. Andrew J. Pagano Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Petaccio III Mr. & Mrs. Dirk Pouli Ms. Maryann Shay Tri-State Perishable Food Brokers Mr. & Mrs. John E. Villari Mrs. Frances Mary Walters Mr. & Mrs. Brian F. Belcher Joseph W. Wesner ’73 Ms. Therese C. Maher Mrs. Frank J. Wesner Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Wesner, Jr, ’66

43 Explorer Autumn 2007

Signum Fidei Society The Signum Fidei Society is a special group of La Salle supporters who have made financial provisions to the school through bequests, charitable trusts, annuities or gifts of life insurance. Through their thoughtful and generous gift planning they are leaving a legacy to benefit future generations of La Salle students. We are pleased to honor the members of the La Salle’s Signum Fidei Society: Joseph G. Albright, Esq. ’49 Dr. & Dr. Mario Alonso John W. Behan, Esq. ’60 Michael J. Brennan ’76 Dr. & Mrs. John F. Carabello James P. Connor ’46 Gerald F. Crumlish ’42 Joseph D. Crumlish, Esq. ’40 J. Russell Cullen, Jr. ’56 Philip F. Drach ’47 James G. Dwyer ’53 Thomas J. Flood ’55 Mr. & Mrs. Al J. Gabriele Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hasson Dr. William J. Hipple ’47 J. Michael Kovac ’89 Mrs. Jennie H. Leary Vincent W. Madden, Jr. ’65 James T. McLaughlin ’57 Robert P. Moran ’69 Francis M. Ponti, PhD ’56 John F. Rodenbaugh ’51 Thomas W. Sheehan, CPA ’48 Edward R. Solvibile ’58 Gerald E. Speitel ’48 Michael E. Sullivan, PhD ’58 Martin F. Whalen ’58 Charles C. Wynn ’46 Our Office of Institutional Advancement welcomes the opportunity to explore the possibilities and opportunities of creative gift planning as a way to support La Salle’s mission while ensuring your family’s financial security. For more information, check out our website at or call our office at (215) 233-2350.

Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program The following businesses have graciously supported La Salle College High School’s Scholarship Fund while receiving a substantial tax credit through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC). AQUA Pennsylvania Archdiocese of Philadelphia Beneficial Savings Bank Carabello and Mansell Dental Associates Danella Construction Corp. Facenda – Whitaker Lanes Joe Hand Promotions, Inc. Hightec HVAC Movers Specialty Services Tague Lumber, Inc. Wilmington Trust of Pennsylvania To find out if your business qualifies, check out www.NewPA. com or call our office at (215) 233-2350.

Pension Protection Act of 2007 Are you over 70? Are you required to take a minimum withdrawal from your IRA? Are your charitable contributions subject to the pesky 2% rule? Do your major assets reside in your IRA? A new law presents a wonderful opportunity through December of 2007 for individuals to utilize their IRA’s creatively to accomplish special philanthropic objectives. It took nearly a decade, but Congress has ­­finally enacted legislation as part of the Pension Protection Act of 2007 (PPA 2007), which offers charitably minded individuals a golden opportunity to make gifts from their IRA’s and exclude the amount of their gifts from gross income. To qualify for the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC):

• donors must be 70 1/2 years of age or older;

• transfers must go directly from the IRA to qualified charities;

• gifts cannot exceed $100,000 per taxpayer; and

• gifts must be outright. *

* Transfers to donor advised funds, supporting organizations, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable annuities do not qualify.

Until now, individuals withdrawing $100,000 from their IRA’s and contributing it to a charity would have had to include the $100,000 in their income and would have been allowed a federal charitable income-tax deduction. Ostensibly, the net result was zero tax implication – a “wash” for all practical purposes. The new law presents a significant opportunity for those taxpayers unable to use some or all of the charitable deduction. If you have any questions or to find out if you qualify, please contact our office at (215) 233-2350.

44 Explorer Autumn 2007

Fulfilling the La Salle Promise Campaign We gratefully acknowledge the members of our Campaign Cabinet who are leading the campaign efforts to raise $25 million in support of the construction of a three-story academic wing, the renovation of McLean Hall and the enhancement of La Salle’s endowment for financial aid. Their belief in and dedication to the future of La Salle has been instrumental in moving our campaign forward.

We gratefully thank and acknowledge the following individuals who have made leadership gifts in support of our Fulfilling the La Salle Promise Campaign. Their investment in La Salle will help to ensure that our school remains competitive and is able to provide

Campaign Cabinet Charles E. Dunleavy, Jr. ’61 Chairman

James F. Basile, Esq. ’82

a high quality Catholic education for future

Mr. James D. Danella

generations of students.

Ernest M. Behr ’73 Vice Chairman

Domenic M. DiPiero ’63

Benjamin J. Ventresca, Jr. ’70 Vice Chairman

Mr. Al J. Gabriele

Gail A. Evans, CFRE John E. Glaser ’58 Christopher P. Haley ’86 Timothy P. Hughes ’72 Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60 Anthony J. Maginnis ’76 Michael D. McCarthy ’65 Robert P. Moran ’69 Pierto V. Scola ’92 Edward R. Solvibile ’58 John J. Whalen ’67 Daniel J. Whelan, Esq. ’63

45 Explorer Autumn 2007

Benefactors $1,000,000+ Anonymous Donor Mr. John J. Whalen ’67 and Mrs. Linda Rabbitt Leadership Gifts $500,000 – $999,999 Mr. and Mrs. Domenic M. DiPiero ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Dunleavy, Jr. ’61 Mr. John E. Glaser ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Hughes ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. McCarthy ’65 Mothers’ Club Major Gifts $250,000 – $499,999 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Haley ’86 Special Gifts $100,000 – $249,999 James F. Basile, Esq. ’82 Arthur J. Burke III, Esq. ’85 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Danella The DePaul Family The Driscoll Family • Mr. and Mrs. James C. Driscoll ’79 • Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Driscoll, Sr. • Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Driscoll, Jr. ’76 The Donahue Family • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Donahue ’58 • Dr. and Mrs. Philip E. Donahue ’60 • Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Donahue ’63 • Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Donahue ’66 • Mr. and Mrs. John M. Donahue ’70 Mr. Robert J. Durney ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fabiszewski Founder’s Gala Mr. and Mrs. Al J. Gabriele Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hasson Mr. and Mrs. James R. Koller ’69 Dr. and Mrs. John F. Lehman ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Maginnis ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Moran ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Pyle ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Pietro V. Scola ’92 Mr. Edward R. Solvibile ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Tague, Sr. ’57

Supporting Gifts $50,000 – $99,999 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Behr ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Maguire ’64 Dr. and Mrs. William J. Markmann ’66 Mr. and Mrs. John L. McHale ’42 Mr. and Mrs. James T. McLaughlin ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Austin A. Meehan ’79 Mrs. William A. Meehan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mills Mr. and Mrs. John T. Paul Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Salvitti ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Slabinski ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Ventresca, Jr. ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Wesner, Jr. ’66 Mr. and Mrs. William A. Whiteside ’46 Sustaining Gifts $10,000 – $49,999 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Angelo ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Carabello ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Cassidy ’74 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Connolly, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Eustace ’58 Gail and Don Evans Mr. and Mrs. John C. Fenningham ’68 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Flanagan ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund P. Kehan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kilduff ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Lynch ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mulholland Mr. Joseph J. Ragg, Jr. ’73 and Mrs. Cathlene Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Riethmiller, Jr. ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Whelan ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent W. Walters ’59 Other Gifts $2,000 – $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Capetola Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Dooner, Jr. ’47 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Dwyer ’53 Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Holmes, Jr. ’83 Brother Richard Kestler, FSC ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lynch ’58 Mrs. Elaine Rose-Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Speitel ’48

46 Explorer Autumn 2007

Legendary Coach Mixes Wins With Metaphors by Ted Silary Philadelphia Daily News

John F. “Tex” Flannery ’40 1 9 2 2

2 0 0 7

The only things John “Tex’’ Flannery cared about more than football were faith and family. And he absolutely loved football. Last fall, even after being diagnosed with cancer, he would show up almost every day at La Salle College High School to help guide the freshman players. Long before that, he had become a legend among the city’s head coaches, after enjoying a fruitful playing career, and even had met his wife because of his association with the sport. Flannery, who turned 85 on October 6th died on November 4, 2007. Such is life in the big city. Tex won’t mind if you say that aloud. In fact, he’d be honored. That was one of his favorite phrases, and he had a million of ‘em. Some even made sense. See, that was part of Flannery’s charm. He’d mix his metaphors – “It’s all water under the dam’’ – in the interest of providing entertainment and giving people stories to tell for the rest of their day, week, month, year, life. Flannery is mostly known in football circles for the twenty-nine seasons he spent as La Salle’s head coach (1956-84), where he posted a record of 149-115-12 in that span, winning Philadelphia Catholic League championships in 1957, 1958, and 1960 and City Championships in 1958 and 1960. But before that, for four seasons starting in 1944, he was a teacher at John Bartram and the school’s head football coach (17-17-0), and it was in that role that he met an Inquirer sports writer named Rosemary McCarron. The article first appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News on Monday, November 5, 2007 and has been reprinted with the permission of Ted Silary and the Philadelphia Daily News.

He cracked one-liners. She became his wife. Their son, Jack, now deceased, starred for Dad at La Salle as a quarterback. Their daughter, Mary, was a reporter for the Daily News and Inquirer and now directs communications for the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Another daughter, Kate, is Jack’s twin. Flannery and his wife attended Mass on a daily basis. If you mentioned you’d see him soon, he’d shoot back, “With the grace of God and the Blessed Mother.’’ He loved to read, especially books about politics, and offer opinions during Sunday night dinners at daughter Mary’s house. Among the captivated listeners was Mary’s son, John Connors, who somehow wound up playing football for La Salle’s gigantic rival, St. Joseph’s Prep. “He was my hero,’’ Connors said. “He was everything I want to be in life. “There he was, Mr. La Salle, and I was going to Prep. He was behind me 100 percent. My mom forbid him from going to Prep’s practices. Of course, that didn’t work. He always came to support me.’’ The younger grandson, Dan Connors, finished playing just last year for La Salle.

47 Explorer Autumn 2007

John F. “Tex” Flannery ‘40 1922 – 2007 • Coached football for thirty-three years beginning in the mid-1940’s • Began coaching at La Salle College High School in 1953 and became the Head Coach in 1956 • Won three Philadelphia Catholic League Championships (1957, 1958, and 1960) and two City Championships (1957 and 1960)

Coaching Record John Bartram High School 1944








4 years


La Salle College High School 1956














• Overall Record of 164-132-13





• Inducted into the La Salle College High School Hall of Fame in 1988







• Emphasized sound fundamentals, integrity, commitment, and discipline both on and off the field



































29 Years


• Retired in 1984 after twenty-nine seasons as Head Coach

• Legendary “storyteller”

Why is he called Tex? As a young student at La Salle College High School, John Flannery read “dime store” western novels. In the summer of 1937, Jim Bonder, the Head Football Coach, spotted him reading on the beach outside Ocean Rest, the Christian Brothers’ Residence in Ocean City, and called him “Tex.” The nickname stuck and a legend was born.

Did You Know? Tex Flannery played on the last football team at La Salle College before the program was disbanded in 1941 because of World War II. Tex was the starting center against Providence College on November 16, 1941, in what would be the last home game played at McCarthy Stadium until the football program was eventually revived fiftysix years later in September of 1997.

“When I was a freshman, my mom said he could come watch our practices, but not go down to the field,’’ Dan said. “He couldn’t help himself.’’

Joe Parisi, who still holds the position, said he was handed an envelope by Flannery upon becoming La Salle’s baseball coach in 1986.

Early in life, the boys realized their grandpop’s stature.

“Inside was a one-year subscription to Coach magazine,’’ Parisi said. “That’s how Tex was. Very generous. He kept that going for five, six, seven years. Took me that long to learn.’’

“Everywhere we went, someone knew him,’’ Dan said. “ ‘I was a tackle for you in 1963. Things like that. It was non-stop.’’

He owned the Cherry Street Tavern, at 22nd and Cherry Streets, until selling it in 1990 to brothers Bill and Bob Loughery, former La Salle players whom he’d guided into the business.

Flannery lived as a youth on Wade Street, which takes up just one block near Greene and Manheim, in Germantown. He walked to La Salle, which then was located at 20th and Olney, and attended the college as well. In football, as an end, he earned first-team All-Scholastic honors (best players in the five-county area) from the old Philadelphia Bulletin in his senior season of 1939.

“We still talked on a regular basis,’’ Bill said. “Tex had such an impact on my life. He always accentuated the positive. That’s what he was all about.’’

Flannery was also a fixture at basketball games, and served as the longtime president of the Markward Club, which honors high school players.

Joe Colistra went back with Flannery to the fall of 1960, when he entered La Salle as a freshman. His own dad died young and Colistra came to view Flannery as a father figure.

Aside from his wife and children, Flannery is survived by ten grandchildren.

After leaving teaching, Flannery sold corrugated boxes and other items to pharmaceutical companies. Also, though he never smoke or drank, he became a bar owner.

He immediately joined Tex’s staff in 1968, after graduating from Villanova, and replaced him as head coach in 1985. His twenty-one seasons produced a record of 153-88-2, along with four championships. “The sayings. I always think of them when I think of Tex,’’ Colistra said. “ ‘When you win, pimples turn into dimples.’ My son [Paul] is an assistant now at La Salle. I find myself saying those things to him and he’ll laugh and say, ‘Where did that come from?’ ‘’

The viewing and Mass for Flannery will be held at La Salle College High School on Thursday evening, November 8, 2007 and Friday morning, November 9, 2007. Also, and this was decided a while ago, the field where the Explorers hold their freshman and JV games will be named for him during a homecoming event November 21, 2007. When Flannery retired as La Salle’s head coach, he did so by tossing his keys onto a desk and saying, in part, “All roads bend and all roads end.’’ For all 85 years, what a wonderful road it was.

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Peter J. Beaty ’62 Richard M. Beatty ’63 Robert J. Bell, Jr. ’62 Robert J. Bolger ’40 George F. Brinton, Jr. ’38 John C. Carney ’49 James E. Convery ’41 David S. Dougherty, MD ’69 Karl F. Ehmann ’46 Edward F. Green ’44 Rev. John A. Guischard, PhD ’34 Alexander P. Hartnett ’44 Joseph J. Hess, Sr. ’39 Thomas W. Lawn ’44 Frank P. McCrossen ’43 Paul H. McTear, Sr. 43 John J. Melchiore ’49 Frank E. Moos ’75 John L. Moraso ’67 Pierre Blair Pie, Esq. ’63 Lawrence J. Rosania ’39 Edward T. Sierkowski ’63 William R. Solvibile ’58 George A. Smith, Jr. ’48 John F. St. Clair ’45

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. If this is true, then Brother James Rieck speaks volumes.

Joseph Borek, father of Edward ’74 and John ’80 Franklin K. Chong, father of Brandon ’05 William F. Corcoran, father of W. Francis Corcoran, Jr. ’92 Stephen W. Crognale, father of Stephen, Jr. ’98 Joan Fayer, wife of Joseph Fayer ’50 Catherine M. Kappler, mother of Chip ’69 Rita S. Kelley, mother of Mark ’77 and Dan ’92 Shirley McCaffery, mother of John ’74 and Fran ’77 Daniel J. McGinley, grandfather of Brendan Fitzpatrick ’09 Charles J. McGinty, father of Joe McGinty ’84 Frances M. Walters, mother of Robert ’67, William ’68, and Christopher ’70; grandmother of Christopher ’96, George ’05, and Christian Cinalli ’95


A fixture at La Salle College High School, Jim Rieck graduated fifty years ago as a member of the Class of 1957. He entered the Christian Brothers that same year and spent his early years as a teacher of Social Studies at Bishop O’Connell High School in Fairfax, VA. He has taught Religion, coached tennis, and served as Athletic Director as well as Dean of Students. In 1984, he returned to his Alma Mater and spent the next five years as Assistant Principal. He then spent three years as Principal of Archbishop John Carroll High School in Radnor before returning to La Salle College High School, where he has spent the last fifteen years as Director of Admissions. During this time, applications and admissions have been at an all-time high and the admissions process has been brought to a new level. He also currently serves as the Director of the Christian Brothers Community at La Salle College High School. Although Brother James has been charged with the arduous task of “capturing” students, he is perhaps best known for capturing a different side of La Salle’s student body. Brother can be found at almost every event with his camera in hand. There is not an event or team over the years that Brother James has not chronicled with his trusty Nikon D70 and his photos can be

found throughout our campus and in almost every school publication. His love for photography is surpassed only by his love for La Salle. Together they make the “perfect picture.” Brother’s distinct connection to La Salle and its students is perhaps most evident by his participation in Kairos – the retreat program for seniors. In Greek, Kairos means a “special time of the Lord,” and for the last six years, Brother James has made the trip to Camp Neumann to share his own life experiences and help La Salle retreatants take advantage of this special time. In all, Brother has served as a Kairos leader on fifteen different occasions. Brother James is an avid cyclist, having participated in a number of local events including Pedal for Prevention, which benefits Fox Chase Cancer Center. A true explorer by nature, his travels have taken him around the globe from Ireland to Alaska and Hawaii to Rome. All the time, the shutter and flash get a workout. At Graduation in June, Brother James received the President’s Medal (along with Marty Stanczak ’60) and joined his classmates as they celebrated their 50-Year Reunion from La Salle College High School. In October, he celebrated fifty years as a Christian Brother and was honored at the Union League by the Baltimore Province of the De La Salle Christian Brothers for his service to God, the Brothers, and Lasallian education.

Christian Cooper ’94 and his wife, Bridget, a son, Fintan James, born on August 14, 2007. Daniel McNichol ’95 and his wife, Elizabeth, their first child, Grace Cameron, born on June 10, 2007. Kevin McNichol ’93 and his wife, Denise, their second child, Matthew Timothy, on March 2, 2007. P.J. Quinn ’95 and his wife, Megan, their second, Cullen Patrick, on June 21, 2007. Scott Wolpert ’84 and his wife, Amy, their first, a son, Thomas Hudson on September 14, 2007.

Brother James Reick, FSC ’57 with the Visitor Pro Tem Brother James Butler, FSC

Brother James Reick, FSC ’57 with Joseph and Nancy O’Connor at the Christian Brothers’ Service Award Dinner held at the Union League on Saturday, October 13, 2007

Facility Expansion and Upgrades Construction of a Three-Story Addition to the Main Building New Classrooms and Science Labs Technology Center Chapel and Campus Ministry Area Study Commons Counseling Center Meeting Rooms Renovation of Existing Classrooms

Development of Thirty-Four Acres Three New Athletic Fields Walking Trail, Parking Lot, and Storage Facility Environmental Study Area


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Lansdale, PA Permit No. 93

The Official Magazine of La Salle College High School

La Salle College High School 8605 Cheltenham Avenue Wyndmoor, PA 19038 Change Service Requested

Saturday, April 26, 2008 The Crystal Tea Room The Wanamaker Building Guest Speaker Chris Matthews â&#x20AC;&#x2122;63

Celebrating 150 Years of Teaching Minds and Touching Hearts

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