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La Salle College High School

8605 Cheltenham A venue Wyndmoor, PA 19038 1



eyond the intense college preparatory atmosphere which permeates the halls of La Salle as an academic institution, there is a lot that defines La Salle. While the immediate and perhaps valid assertions that "we have the best sports teams" or "the most advanced computer center" may or may not be the case, there really is something else that makes La Salle very special: an overwhelming sense of pride present within the school. Who doesn't feel pride when hearing the Alma Mater, receiving applause for academic letters, earning a National Merit Scholarship, or watching one of our sports teams win it all? Or who wasn't affected when Mr. Fitzgerald spoke at his wife's Mass, displaying the sort of courage you couldn't help but feel proud of? Asking a visitor to define what makes our school distinctive might very likely prompt a response of surprise as to how much pride there really is here. And even though many of the students might initially doubt it, think about it. Are there any seniors who much as they denied any possibility of it ever happening upon arriving here freshman year - aren't proud, really proud of La Salle? The feeling is so pervasive here that at this year's graduation, in addition to the obvious sadness and anxiety, there will be evident a great pride in what the school community has managed to accomplish these past four years. How about the underclassmen? The short time the freshmen have been here has been enough to form friendships among students and relationships with teachers - the kind that make you proud to go here. The sophomores and juniors, too, are a large part in making La Salle what it is, in both an academic and a communal sense. It is a time for pride. Different kinds of pride, which vary with each individual and accomplishment, but which work together to make La Salle a great school community. Academic pride. Each of us has had our struggles in getting that report done on time or bringing that "B" up to an "A." Or studying for next week's "impossible" geometry test. Or getting Beowulf read by tomorrow. The La Salle academic experience, unique to each student, somehow transcends each individual to a higher, common plane. All of us are proud of our




~-~---------------------- ---


Instead of going to their game, Andy Au and Phil Bocchino wait for another inspiring match of pit volleyball.


Another student finds himself in La Salle's "Big House," the new outdoor detention facility.


accomplishments inside the classroom. Extracurricular pride. Be it the short-lived rivalry between the Wisterian and the Explorer Extra (underclassmen, don't ask), the legendary feats of the La Salle forensics club, or the positively amazing achievements of various sports teams here throughout the last few years, every student has some story to tell about what they've managed to do outside of class. There's nothing wrong with pride in these accomplishments, either, and the fact that so many students participate in so many varied activities - from ice hockey to the Latin Club to lacrosse to La Salle's recently-launched television studio, WEXP - is a true testament to the pride and self-satisfaction many of us feel towards our respective clubs and organizations. And how about pride in each other? The sports teams, for example, work hard all year together, and, whether they win that PCL championship or not, every player forms an irrevocable bond with his teammates. If sports aren't your cup of tea, know that forum members rejoice when others have spoken eloquently or debated strongly. And who isn't happy for that other guy who gets accepted to the school of his dreams? Just being at La Salle creates a special kind of attachment among students that people always say is so lacking at many other places - the cheering at the pep rallies and the morning congratulations in the halls really exemplify the type of pride that La Salle students feel for one another. And last but certainly not least is school pride. Like it or not (and, really, who doesn't?), La Salle truly is a tight group of faculty and students - but beyond that, La Salle is a community. Whether it's seven PCL championships or fourteen National Merit Seminfinalists that we are celebrating, there's a sense here


"Daniel, it would behoove you to 'expand' on that, utilizing more esoteric verbiage, so that the hoi polloi might more readily comprehend the arcana of your last statement."


that when some of us accomplish an extraordinary act or strive to improve something about ourselves, the institution itself benefits. That's what makes La Salle special: there's a real pride here not only among the students but for the school, a real feeling that it's not" every man for himself" but a true fellowship through which we better this place. This pride, though, goes beyond mere competition with other schools. The fact that the alumni community prospers as it does indicates something far greater - that this pride will likely be carried with us in all of our upcoming challenges and struggles, and that we will never outgrow our La Salle pride. Our four years here leave us with a sense of belonging that doesn't dissipate with time and a sense of brotherhood that we will possess no matter where our lives go. There's a real feeling here that the seniors care what's going to happen next year - and the year after that. How will the football team do? What will the student council do next? Will we always have this level of reliability within the computer center? In reality, "La Salle pride" can't be defined or limited. When we leave La Salle - and, believe it or not, freshmen, it comes fairly quickly-we won't physically be attending classes, filling our lockers up with junk, or practicing for next week's game. But the "blue and gold" pride we have all experienced will forever be with us as alumni. After the members of the class of 1998 graduate, La Salle will not be the same. Many personalities and memories will have moved on to other things. But, at the graduation ceremony, as each senior receives his diploma, he will experience a moment that embodies the four years of happiness and hardships. It is one instance where a student truly is La Salle. It is one of many Lasallian defining experiences - perhaps even the most special of them - and, above all, it is a time of pride.



The other students thought it quite bizarre that Chip had a hand growing out of his hair. "Hmmm.. .if I save my lunch money today, I can buy two lunches tomorrow."


Maybe if it is a perfect set, someone can spike the ball without climbing the net


" ownhom. Matt Canning toots h is



Dedication: La Salle s

Mr. William Geiger


Renaissance Man

"R teacher can neuer tell where his influence stops." Mr. William Geiger embodies this saying, which defines the profound effect he has on La Salle and on those around him. He exemplifies the teachings of St. Jean Baptiste de La Salle. Always one to keep his cool in the most tense of moments, Mr. Geiger teaches by example. We, the students, appreciate his incomparable, laid-back approach, which makes learning easy and fun. We welcome his directness and the sense of humor which brightens a room with laughter and sprinkles it with puns. We are thankful for his encouragement. We appreciate Mr. Geiger's devotion to our after-school life as well. He has willingly agreed to moderate a revival of the Latin Club. He has helped us build boats for the Recyclable Regatta, develop photos in the darkroom, put the finishing touches on a beautiful layout for the yearbook, and ready our work for the Gazebo. Bill Geiger, a La Salle graduate and a former McDonald's fry-guy, is a man of wide-ranging interests--the environment, classics, journalism, cinema, .photography, tennis. He generously shares those interests with others, whether it's teaching Latin, Environmental Science or Writing; advising the photographers for the Blue and Gold; discussing the merits of recent movies; or dueling with Mr. Russell on the tennis courts. We wish to thank Mr. Geiger for his devotion to learning, to La Salle, and especially to us, his students. And finally, for his years of dedication to the yearbook, we, the staff of the Yearbook, dedicate the 1998 Blue and Gold to William Geiger.


La Salle's Higher Educators I

t seems only appropriate that any discussion of La Salle pride open with the unique team of faculty and administrators that make up the stimulating academic environment within the LaSalle classroom. The very definition of the La Salle experience comes through these men and women who have dedicated their lives to Lasallian education. There could be no AP. English without the effort of Dr. Joseph D' Angelo to pull it together. Fine Arts Survey would not exist were it not for the talents of Ms. Melissa Centofante. It's hard to imagine Calculus without Mr. James Roche or Mr. Joseph Radvansky; Mr. Timothy Stopper's leadership of the Chorus class has led to seven La Salle All-Catholic Chorus members - out of seven auditions. Without such commitment and loyalty, on the part of the La Salle teaching community as a whole, a La Salle education would not be so special. The LaSalle experience would be noteworthy if only for what these educators do within the classroom, but any student will testify to Mr. Joseph Colistra's work with the football team or Mr. Joseph Dempsey's occasionally chaotic but always fun leadership of WEXP (along with, of course, his legendary basketball coaching skills) or to the expertise that other teachers who happen to coach or moderate during their "free" time lend to LaSalle student life. To say that teachers at LaSalle are the top of their fields is true, but to ignore their other abilities (demonstrated each day for clubs and sports of every kind) would be unfair. They are a diverse, multitalented group who contribute positively to high school life. It is indeed a time of pride! That pride is easy to see - of the students for their teachers, and of the teachers from their students. And the pride will continue long after we all have left LaSalle, thanks to the excellence and devotion of the teachers who define the LaSallian experience.



O.K. Mr. Stanczak, who's next? That will teach you to throw things at me!

Nick, I never realized you were that tall. "Oh my God, it works!"



Brother Rene Sterner, FSC, President; Key Concepts of Christianity.

Mr. David Diehl, Principal; Economics 1.


Bro. Francis Danielski, FSC, Assistant Principal, Academic Affairs;

Mrs. Julia Maher, Assistant Principal, Student Affairs; Physical Science.

Bro. James Rieck, FSC, Director of Admissions; Morality.

Bro. Richard Kestler, FSC, Director of Alumni, Financial Aid, and Public Relations; Algebra 1.

Mr. Martin Stanczak, Dean of Students.

Bro. Gerard Frendreis, FSC, Comptroller; Algebra 2.


Board of Trustees

1997-1998 Board of Trustees: Back Row (left to right): Dr. John F. Carabello, Mr. John F. Kent, Bro. Andrew Bartley, Mr. John F. Lehmann, Mr. John Meko, Mrs. Geraldine A. Henwood, Mr. Robert P. Moran, Bro. Gerard Frendreis, FSC, Bro. Timothy Froehlich, FSC, Mr. James E. Hanson, Bro. Lawrence Colhocker, FSC, Mr. John F. Rodenbaugh, Mr. John T. Paul. Front Row (left to right): Mr. Frank G. Clary, Mr. Frank J. Ryan, Mr. Joseph J. Connelly, Jr., Mr. David Diehl, Bro. Benedict Oliver, FSC, Mr. Anton Bauer, Mrs. Julia Maher, Bro. Francis Danielski, FSC, Dr. Michael Whitaker, Bro. Rene Sterner, FSC.


Alumni House

Mr. Mark Gibbons, Assistant to the Comptroller

Mr. Anthony Mele, Assistant to the Comptroller

Mrs. Patricia Dever, Development Office

Mrs. Florence Ward, Development Office


English: Literature and Poetry

Mr. Edward McCabe; Department Chair, English 1, English 4

Dr. Joseph D'Angelo; English 2, English 4, AP English, Creative Writing


Mr. Edward Molush; English 3, English 4

Mr. Bernard McCabe; English 2, English 4

Mr. Dennis Bloh; English 3, English 4

Mrs. Clare Brown; English 1, English 3

Mr. Brian McGill; English 1, 2


Mr. Michael O'Toole; English 3

Mr. Joseph Dempsey; English 1, English 2


Foreign Language: La Salle's Linguistic Melting Pot

Mr. Gabriel Blanco; Department Chair, Spanish

Mr. Nicholas Coggins; Spanish


Mrs. Linda Donahue; Spanish, AP Spanish

Mr. George Hohenleitner; German, AP German, Scripture

Mrs. Nancy Zoeltsch; Spanish

Mr. David Manion; French, Spanish

Bro. Charles Lackes, F.S.C.; Spanish

Mr. Kenneth Flood; Spanish

Mr. William Geiger; Latin, Environmental Science, A.P. Environmental Science

Bro. John D'Alfonso, F.S.C.; French, Spanish

Bro. Michael Thai, F.S.C; French, Japanese, Spanish


Guidance: Leading Students To Enlightenment

Mrs. Mary Kay Mullen; Senior/Junior Guidance, Psychology, Group Advisory

Bro. William DiPasquale, FSC; Senior/Junior Guidance, English 3, Group Advisory

Mrs. Bernadette Logan; College Counseling, Senior Assistant


Mr. Michael Dolan; Department Chair, Psychology

Mr. Patrick Devine; Sophomore Guidance, Life Styles,


Mr. Martin Jackson; Language Specialist, Psychology

Mr. John Keenan; Freshman Guidance, Reading and

General Study


Mathematics: M1n1n1n .... pi ....


Mrs. Mary Jo Smith; Department Chair, Algebra, Geometry, Math Analysis

Mrs. Maureen Dugan; Algebra, Math Analysis

Mr. John Frizalone; Math Analysis, Algebra, GeometryTrigonometry, Trigonometry

Mrs. Theresa Garvin; Algebra, Geometry

Mr. Francis Spause; Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Math Applications

Mr. Joseph Radvansky; Algebra, Calculus, Math Analysis

Mr. James Roche; Algebra, Calculus, AP Calculus

Ms. Tina Shustack; Algebra, Geometry-Trigonometry, Statistics, Math Analysis


Religion: Divine Guidance

Mr. Alfred Puntel; Department Chair, Catholic Identity, Morality

Mr. Mark Chesnik; Morality, Christian Action, Peer Ministry


Bro. Kenneth Cook, FSC; Catholic Identity, Scripture

Mr. Geoffrey Nicoletti; Catholic Identity, World

Bro. Joseph Myers, FSC; Scripture, Technical

Religions, Scripture

Drawing, Christian Action

Mr. Francis Johnson; Morality, Christian Action

Mr. William Leahy; Catholic Identity, Business


Science: Life, the Universe, and Everything Else


Mrs. Dorothy Ponisciak; Department Chair, AP Chemistry, Chemistry

Mr. Terence Gillespie; AP Biology, Biology

Mr. Thomas Barna; Chemistry

Mr. Gerald Evans; Biology, Anatomy

Mr. Gary Wiley; Physics, Astronomy, Meterology

\,fr. Michael Seminack;

Physical Science, Geometry

Mr. Robert Russell; AP Physics, Physics, Algebra

Mr. Shawn Neely; Biology, Life Science

Mr. Bradley Palmer; Chemistry, Physical Science


Social Studies History of the World, Parts I & II


Mr. John Grace; Department Chair, World Cultures, Western Civilization, AP European History

Mr. Joseph Colistra; AP Economics, American History, AP American History

Bro. Timothy Ahern, FSC; Catholic Identity, American History, Civil War

Mr. Bernard Fitzgerald; Western Civilization, American History

Mr. Daniel Hinckle; Western Civilization, Accounting, Scripture

Mr. Joseph Parisi; World Cultures, Psychology

Mr. John Young; Western Civilization, World Cultures, Scripture

Mr. Gerald Miller; Vietnam, Political Science, American History, Western Civilization


General Studies Etc. Etc. Etc.

Mr. Joseph Ciccimaro; Department Chair; General Studies; Music

Mr. Joseph Vettori; Music

Ms. Jane Mc Nally; Nurse


Mr. Timothy Stopper; Fine Arts Survey, Chorus

Mr. Scott McGill; Music

Mr. Edwin Kelly; Public Speaking

Mr. Tore Hanssen; Physical Education

Mr. Frank Lichtner; Aquatics

Mrs. Janice Ciccimaro; Health

Mrs. Diane McGovern; Painting, Drawing, Foundations of Art

Mrs. Melissa Gaskins-Centofante; Ceramics, Sculpture, Fine Arts Survey

Mr. David Crowe; Athletic Trainer


Information & Advice

Mrs. Donna Long; Librarian

Fr. Anthony Janton; Chaplain

Mrs. Helen Gallagher; Library Assistant

Dr. Carl Schmiedekamp; Programming, AP Computer Science

Mrs. Kathleen O'Connell; Bookstore Manager


Mr. Peter Sigmund; Computer Applications, Internet Applications

Secretaries Inforination Plus ...

Mrs. Karen Mullen

Mrs. Patricia Murphy

Mrs. Ann Ford

Mrs. Patricia Schaum


Maintenance The Nuts and Bolts of La Salle

Mr. Guido Cimini

Mr. Frank Ignas

Mr. Al Loscalzo

Mr. Michael Donovan

Mr. Rod Brader

l . Mr. James Behr

Mr. Edward Cunnane


Cafeteria Feeding the Hungry Troops

1997-98 Cafeteria Staff: (Back Row L to R): Patty Garvey, Betty Ryan, John DiCataldo, Ethel Burg, Mary Smolczynski, Stephanie Smolczynski (Front Row L to R): Marie McFadden, Alice Yeiter, Rose DiPinto, Mary Salemno, Darlene Cunane. Missing: Diane Farrell, Mary Fox.

Mrs. Rose DiPinto, Director of Food Services


Educator of the Year Basically, He's the Man

Mr. Nicholas Coggins


genuinely talented teacher who inspires so much more than a love for Spanish in his students, Mr. Nicholas Coggins is a natural choice for "Educator of the Year." Since arriving in the Lasallian community in 1992, he's found time to helm the Ski and Spanish Clubs and moderate the sophomores on Student Council in addition to his duties as a foreign language teacher. Mr. Coggins' aptitude and skill in teaching Spanish are almost unparalleled. He's a great teacher who conveys the material he covers in a manner that's always clear and understandable. No one who enters Mr. Coggins' classroom leaves without a wealth of knowledge, not just about the Spanish language, but about the Spanish and Latin American cultures and lifestyles as well. Mr. Coggins also knows how to connect with his students. Rarely does a week go by without one of his famous skiing stories or account of an amazing mountain biking exploit. His always friendly attitude and down-toearth personality give him the tremendous ability to relate to his classes, and it is easy to see why he's one of the most popular teachers at La Salle. Mr. Coggins' selection as "Lasallian Educator of the Year" only confirms what the many he's taught already know: he's a great Spanish teacher, an amicable person, and a true asset to the school community.


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Underclassmen LaSalle's Foundation


t won't be long until the freshmen who arrived in September, not knowing the directions to the swimming pool, the location of room 120, or the proper fry-buying procedure, will be leaving, going on to college. As the days and months march by, even less time remains for the sophomores and juniors, whose seriousness in preparation for college grows at an exponential rate. But as all underclassmen prepare for the inevitable day of acceptances and rejections, and the ultimate choice-where to from here?some retrospect over the last nine months seems in order. A year of education. Freshmen learning that there's no "getting by" without doing homework, sophomores discovering the value of regular study, and juniors trying to get good grades onto their transcripts in order to make up for the last two years-along with, of course, appropriate advances in knowledge of math, science, history, and foreign languages. A year of frustration. Juniors on the varsity football team, doing so well-until the heartbreaking loss in the first round of the playoffs. Students trying, trying for that "A" in Spanish-and naught but a "B" to show for it. The Odyssey isn't quite as "easy" as you thought it might be. A year of elation. How else to describe the freshmen cross country team's Catholic League victory? Or making the basketball team when you weren't sure you could? Or just getting first honors when you weren't sure you could pull that 3.5? A year of hard work and dedication, commitment and celebration; a year of pride. And they'll be back next year, trying, once again.

"Boy, this sure beats Calculus." "Da do run run, da do run run ..."


"What, you have EIGHT free periods?" "I wonder if New Kids on the Block will ever get back together?"

"Watch your fingers there!"


William Ackerman Domenico Addesi Imoniri Ahonkhai John Alfarano Andrew Allmond

Seth Anders Stephen Andrews Christopher Antczak Nicholas Ashton Sean Badolato

Brian Baillie Alphaeus Baker David Bartynski Christopher Beale Ryan Beck

Patrick Bello Ryan Bennett Edward Bennis Joseph Blake Thomas Bloh

Michael Bondiskey Richard Bongiovanni John Borden Joshua Borkowski Nicholas Bowers

Christopher Breen Mark Breuer Daniel Buckley Joseph Bui Michael Buonocore

Justin Cadwell Brian Campo David Candia Andrew Cappelli Joseph Carelli

Freshmen 48

John Carr Steven Carvalho Raymond Cawley Christopher Chander Michael Checkovage

Anthony Ciaverelli Edmund Clairmont Joseph Clarke Kyle Cleary Michael Cloonan

Daniel Coghlan Adam Comisak Sean Connor Matthew Costello Michael Coveney

Drew Craver Kevin Cross Brendan Crotty Brian Dailey Patrick Dalton

James Danella Charles Day John Delaney Jason Dempsey Charles Denny

David DeParo Jeremy Desiderio Michael Diccicco Gabriel DiClerico Ryan Diehl

Nicholas DiPaolo Stephen DiPardo Nam Do John Doherty Donald Durkin

Class of 2001 49

James Edelen Kyle Elliott Peter Elliott Brian Fay Matthew Finley

Sean Fitzgerald Ryan Fitzpatrick Erner Flounders Paul Foglia Andrew Fox

Christopher Frein Edward Friel James Fullerton Edward Galbally Bryan Gallagher

Ian Garrity Shawn Garvin Michael Gavin Matthew Gdowik Anthony Geiger

MarkGemerd John Gill Sean Ginty Daniel Girard Thomas Gorman

Mark Grady Anthony Green Gus Gregoriadis Eric Griffin-Shelley Darren Grossman

Philip Gugger David Gyza Matthew Haenn Michael Hammond Joseph Hand

Freshmen 50

Anthony Haughton Bryan Hernerka Matthew Herzog Jonathan Hicks Michael Hilferty

Christopher Hoagland Michael Holbert Timothy Hope Brett Hopkinson Joseph Horvath

Edward Hughes Michael Hughes Stephen Izzi Kyle John Ryan Jones

Gary Kane Matthew Kane Louis Katsis Edward Keenan Andrew Kelly

Class of 2001 51

Brendan Kelly Kermeth Kempf Brett Kochanowicz Yaroslav Kovaliv Todd Kowalski

James Kulesher Joseph Lanzalotti Thomas Larner Carlo LaRuffa Michael Leonard

Thomas Leonard Nicholas Levine George Lozowski Sean Luhks Patrick Luschini

Gregory Madden Brian Madeira Brian Mallon Michael Malloy Michael Manzi

Gabriel Marabella Jonathan Marabella Anthony Mariello Daniel Marvin Jeffrey Masiak

James Massino Thomas Mattern Joseph Mattioli Thomas Mccaffery Michael McCarthy

Freshmen 52

Frank McCloy Robert McCreight Ryan McDowell Patrick McGinn Emmett McGowan

Daniel McLaughlin Ja.son Meixsell Francis Me1ma Frank Meola Ja.mes Mikochik

Eric Miller Gregory Miller Michael Miller Andrew Monaghan Justin Morace

Nathaniel Moss Michael Mulligan Brian Murray Philip Nigon Andrew O'Brien

Matthew O'Connor Michael O'Connor Dennis O'Donnell Michael O'Do1mell Thomas O'Keefe

Michael Olshansky Ryan Overcash Christopher Overholt Dean Owens Timothy Palilonis

Class of 2001 53

Ryan Parfitt James Park William Parker Michael Parson Brent Parsons

Jeffrey Paul Leo Pedrotty James Pickens Edward Pigeon Sean Pinkerton

Christopher Potestio Nicholas Przybylowski Robert Queroli Christopher Ransom David Read

Harry Reese Charles Reilly David Rhoads Joseph Rossetti Brendan Rueter

Christopher Salvitti Jeffrey Saunders Gregory Schaible Brendan Schmiedkamp Matthew Scott

Michael Seelaus James Sheridan David Skoien Joseph Slabinski Dennis Small

Graham Smith Javed Sondhi Paul Stabile Michael Steffa Ryan Stillwell

Freshmen 54

Mark Swanson Roger Swartz Martin Thomas Brett Thompson Henry Thompson

Michael Tierney David Tucci Christopher Tuman Michael Turner Joseph Wallace

Michael Walls Jeffrey Walter Christopher Whelan Richard Wise Stephen Wiseman

Roger Yeung Gavin Young John Zaro Andrew Zoltowski

Class of 2001 55

Daniel Acker Jason Ager Michael Agnew Matthew Albert Michael Albert

Terrence Alexander Christopher Andris Louis Angelo Gilberto Aponte Anthony Arnone

Brian Bacher Benjamin Bailey Kevin Baker Edward Baraniewicz Ernest Barile IV

Leon Benn Alexander Bethke Timothy Black II J. Andrew Blank Douglas Bohardt

Stephen Bolger William Bonner John Boring III Stephen Boyle Thomas Brasberger

Pah路ick Breen-Lopez J. Drew Brelsford Daniel Bridy Richard Briggs Ryan Brogan

Sean Brooks Kieran Bryers Anthony Buonocore Chad Burczewski David Bustard

Sophomores 56

Robert Byrne Thomas Calahan Kyle Callahan Daniel Callan Michael Callan

Devin Campbell Havilland Campbell Steven Cancila Zachary Capetola Joseph Cardella

Joseph Carminati Shawn Carr Paul Carroll Brian Cheatle Nicholas Ciminera

Ryan Ciolli Peter Clark Paul Colistra Andrew Comia Ernest Congiliando

James Conlin P. Matthew Cornely Michael Cosgrove Anthony Costantino Matthew Costello

Christopher Curci Joseph Cutuli Michael DeCrescio Nicholas Della Vecchia Thomas Devlin

Dennis Dilks Kevin Dolan Jason Dooney Christopher Dougherty Craig Dougherty

Class of 2000 57

James Dougherty Joseph Dougherty Kevin Dougherty Philip Dougherty Sean Dougherty

Thomas Dougherty Laurence Downey Vincent Du James Durkin Daniel Dwyer

Joseph Dwyer Jr. John Egan David Ellis Roger Ermola II Ryan Fagan

William Fegley Robert Felte III Andrew Filipczak Carmen Finore Johnathan Firth

Kevin Fitzgerald Jr. Terence Fitzgibbons Brett Foley Michael Frank Justin Fries

Dean Frizlen Daniel Galbally William Ganter Brendan Gates Joseph Gidjunis

Kevin Gimpel Matthew Giuffrida Christopher Glavin Jeffrey Goettner Thomas Golden

Sophomores 58

Bradley Green James Green Andrew Grzybowski Eric Grzybowski Alexander Guthrie

Shea Hagy Robeit Haney Michael Harrigan Matthew Hartnett Bryan Harvey

Paul Heinsdorf Patrick Higgins Patrick Hildebrandt David Hill Brian Horgan

Timothy Horgan Jesse Horstmann Kevin Hughes

Class of 2000 59

Gregory Hylinski Roman Iwaskiw William James, Jr. Brian Jenkins Peter Jenkins

Geoffrey Jordan Mark Kelly Scott Kelly Stephen Kettinger Michael Kilderry

Daniel Kim Joseph Kitchen Brien Kivlen Robert Klenk Jonathan Klock

Brian Kohler Christopher Kriegner Thomas Kriegner Robert Kroh Geoffrey Lang

Matthew Laskowski Gregory Lepore G. Douglas Linberg Michael Loftus II James Logan III

Michael Lombardo Timothy Long James Lynch Evan Madden Willy Madeira

Anthony Madoru1a David Madrak Kiel Mahlstedt Patrick Mallach Anthony Manlapas

Sophomores 60

Brian Market Ryan Mascio Jonathan Masiak Joseph Mastronardo W. Thomas McAllister

Jonathan McCaffrey Michael McCann Duane McCarthy Chauncey McCormick Ryan McCort

Paul McElderry George McFadden Adam McGrath Paul McGurkin Patrick McKeown

Matthew McNamara Andrew Meinert Matthew Michel Michael Mielnik Thomas Miller

Bradley Moatz Gregory Molchen Shawn Moore Paul Muller Jordan Mulrain

Chad Munn Peter Naticchione Austin O'Connor Thomas O'Connor Matthew O'Donnell

Eric O'Neill Patrick O'Neill Nicholas Onufrak Michael Parisi Arpit Patel

Class of 2000 61

Jonathan Payne Nicholas Penzarella David Peterman William Phelan IV Justin Philomena

Gregory Phinney John Poley John Paul Prego Timothy Prem Dustin Priest

Andrew Puntel Daniel Quinn Michael Ramos Todd Reckamp Christopher Reiley

Leo Reilly Thomas Riley IV Aaron Sakulich Robert Sarracino Adam Sasso

Eric Savage David Scali Robert Schmidt Kevin Semanick Raymond Shay

Brandon Shepherd Richard Shivers Anthony Siravo Joseph Spause Joseph Spieker

Dennis Stanton Christopher Staub Stephen Sterner Ryan Stevens Thomas Stieber

Sophomores 62

Eric Stix Alexander Stross John Strzalka, Jr. H. Karl Sudfeld Robert Sullivan

Sean Toole Anthony Trimboli Jeremy Turk James Tyrrell Brett Urban

Andrew Vandiver Joseph Vassallo Joseph Violi William Von Medicus Gary Vorgity

Matthew Wahl Robert Walter Jamin Warren John White Jonathan White

David Williams Patrick Williams Kyle Wisotzkey John Zazworskey Stephen Zollo

Class of 2000 63

Mark Alcantara Patrick Alken Matthew Alonso Chikwere Amachi Michael Andris

Patrick Badolato Daniel Barnes Matthew Barnes Bradley Bathgate Daniel Behl

Evan Behr Karlis Berzins Gregory Bielecki Randall Bitting Kevin Brady

Robert Brennan Kevin Brewster Shay Brittingham Christopher Bruno Edward Brzostek

Nicholas Burkle Robert Byrne Matthew Canning Emidio Capponi David S. Carl

Richard Carminati Vincent Carr Scott Carver Daniel Catinella Edward Cattie

Matthew Chapman Robert Chappetta Eugene Ciccimaro Vincent Cifelli Brian Clarke

Juniors 64

Kevin Clearkin Christopher Clement Ryan Cohen Jeremy Cooke Anthony Costantini

Jeffrey Coulter Jr Gerald Coveney Robert Coyle Kevin Crawford David Cuff

Vincent Cullen Dino D'Orazio Richard Davoli Donald Day Nicholas Decastro

Emir Dedic Martin Delaney Zachary Derrick Luke De Vore Mario DiClerico

Joseph Dillon F. Michael DiNapoli Vincent DiPaolo Christopher DiToro Christopher Domanski

Gregory Donatelli David Donnelly Michael Donohue Thomas Dowds John Dwyer

Robert Dyer Stephen Erfle Lawrence Evans Anthony Faillace Michaelpaul Farrell

Class of 1999 65

Andrew Farrington John Fay Joseph Fedyna Frank Ferro Daniel Fitzgerald

Raymond Florkowski C. Thayer Fox Robert Francis Charles Francisco Damon Galdo

Shawn Gallagher Timothy Gallagher Joseph Gardner Daniel Gillespie Timothy Gillespie

Christopher Gordon Nicholas Graff David Granese Samuel Grannum Daniel Grissani

Dino Guiliano Joseph Han Sean Haney James Hayes Christopher Heayn

Sean Heron Gregory Hosmer Timothy Hughes Dawson Hunter AlanJalon

David Janke Vincent Jannetti Christopher Jones Brian Jordan Andrew Katruk

Juniors 66

Michael Kavanagh Stephen Kazmierczak Daniel Keeley J.Craig Keenan James Keller

Sean Kent Christopher Kerns Michael Kilkenny Stephen Klarich Kevin Koller

William Koneski Christopher Koss Richard Krauss Jr. Matthew Krol Christopher Kushto

Andrew Kuzla William Laible Raymond Lau F. Anthony Lazenka III Matthew Lendzinski

Class of 1999 67

Justin Levin Brian Lipski Gregory Uttley Ryan Lockard David Lofgren

Michael Longstreth Shawn Lowery c. Ryan Lynch Mark Lyon James Lyons III

Frank MacPherson Eric Madeira John Malara Vincent Mallon Jr. Travis Manion

Patrick Matthews Sean Matthews Brendan McCormick Shawn McCormick Christopher McDonald

Timothy McDonald Andrew McGillin Kevin McGonigle James McKeogh Alexander McKinney

Brian Mee Alexander Meloscia Kevin Merlini Matthew Michuda Scott Miller

Juniors 68

Joel Moffatt Patrick Moore Timothy Morris Raymond Mullen Matthew Mullin

Colin Murphy Steven Murphy Gary Murray Matthew Murray Kevin Noone

James Nowicki Peter O'Connor Andrew O'Donnell John O'Donnell Michael O'Donnell

John O'Hara Brian O'Meara Sean Ockershausen Keith Olender Michael Palilonis

John Patcella Michael Peffle Christopher Pennington Nicholas Petitti Jr. Gary Petruzzelli

Robert Philipp Thomas Piper Timothy Pippet Timothy Ponisciak Michael Pucci

Class of 1999 69

Torey Pugh Brian Puglisi Zachary Quenzer Joseph Raieta Alex Ramos

Matthew Ranweiler Barton Ray Gerald Reifsnyder John Remshard Curtis Rogers

Patrick Rose Patrick Salvitti Drew Santillo William Sautter Michael Savage

Mathew Schaffer Christopher Schaible Gregory Schill Eric Schwan John Sees

Colin Seiss John Peter Sforza Michael Sicilia Christopher Simcox Patrick Slattery

Brian Smith Christopher Smith Anthony Snyder Christopher Stanton Joseph Steffa

Matthew Stocum James Sullivan William Sullivan Joseph Sweeney John Swoyer

Juniors 70

Richard Target Sean Teesdale Nicholas Trendler Anthony Troy Sean Tucker

Benjamin Tursi Stephen Varalli John Velasco Gregory Vizza Anthony Vlahos

Benjamin Weldon Joseph Wentz Matthew Westley Charles Whinney Paul White

Christopher Williamson Michael Wintering Mariusz Wojnarski


Class of 1999 71

Activities Not Just Any Daily Grind


a Salle's pride doesn't end with a mad rush off campus at 2:10 each day. Many students have discovered that the extracurricular activities La Salle offers provide some of the best ways to enjoy the high school experience. The sheer number and variety of these activities mean that there really is something for everyone. While we often focus on those activities requiring athletic prowess, these other activities, although requiring less physical emphasis, serve to provide a balance to the life of the average La Salle student. Maybe it's the ease with which students can get involved, maybe students (especially juniors and seniors) realize that participation in activities looks great on college applications, or maybe it's the range of activities that lead to so many getting involved, but the popularity of extracurricular activities here caimot be denied. There's the ever-growing WEXP TV Studio; the Wisterian, the source of month old news, and the legendary Forum, where students with a variety of political views compete with other schools in the arts of oratory and debating. The often-seen but little understood Gaming Club is next, with the Band and Chorus providing enjoyment for members and non-members through a series of annual concerts. The Science Club grabs students' attention by way of different projects like the Recyclable Regatta and the infamous Egg Drop Competition. Of course, there's the Yearbook, a collection of writers, editors, and artists who assemble each day in their second-floor office to discuss any of a number of topics, from the latest writer to the process of ignoring a deadline to the issue of a burlap cover. Though rarely managing to reach a consensus, they do manage to combine their skills effectively for the production of the Blue and Gold as the year progresses. Participating in any La Salle activity provides a source of fun, a mountain of memories, an outlet for talent, and yet another reason for students to feel that overwhelming sense of belonging in this time of pride.

Gavin itches to jump in. Buster's bust, in the process of formation.


These are the band's cool guys. Just ask them. Mother Colistra's kids. Funky T, the mean, lean rappin' machine.

Todd Reckamp and Andy Meinert or Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis? Yeah, boyz!


Band You Can Hear the Difference


ach year's La Salle Band outgrows its predecessors. Starting with Thursday morning summer practices, the ninety-nine person pep band adds three or four songs annually to its extensive repertoire (showcased at every varsity football game), the concert band grows more impressive every year, and the competition band adds to its collection of awards. Indeed, from the first day of school through graduation, you can always here some sort of music, from Rock to Jazz, from Classical to Dixieland. The Freshman Band, Intermediate Band, String Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Pep Band, Concert Band, Sax Quartet, Percussion Ensemble, Competition Band, Jazz Band, and Advanced Band all fight for practice time throughout the day. Due to the construction of a new practice room, this year marked the end of the lounge, with its extensive musical video library. And we lost another tradition when Brother Frank transformed the famed Fifth Period Band into the Fourth Period Band! But, more importantly, no one will ever forget Mr. C's explosions, Mr. Vettori's patient explanations or The Giants - Mr. Genovese and Mr. Bene towering over every student to ensure that they are in tune. Mrs. Kensey' s piano skills also awed us once a week, and who won't recall Mr. McGill's tendency to have a well-deserved headache every day after second period? With this amazing faculty, our freshmen alone sound better than the Prep's band! Steve Crognale manages this mess, with John Fisher conducting and Bill Markmann supervising. Joe Haughton is in charge, but without each dedicated member, this band wouldn't be the biggest and best in the Catholic League.


La Salle's Pep Band spurs on the Explorers. Anthony Constantino (a.k.a. Kenny G) and company.

It must be nice to sit in the shade all the time.


Chorus Competition: Vocal and Intense


ith seven members remainingof the 1996-97 choristers, prospects for the choral program seemed grim. However, under its new director, Mr. Timothy Stopper, the chorus tripled both in numbers and in productivity. The organization is now twenty-four voices strong, and performed at banquets, liturgies, and ceremonies throughout the region, as well as within La Salle. Mr. Stopper even managed to arrange things so the chorus could sing at the Cathedral, at the Cardinal's blessing of the Creche. Our singers also had notable success in All-Catholic Chorus and on La Salle's stage in How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. The Chorale de La Salle as a whole, as well as its smaller groups, the barbershop quartet, the trio and the Belcrofters, had a successful year.

Anyone know the tune to Stairway to Heaven?


Art Club Using All the Right Brain


hy are students hurrying up the stairs in St. Michael's Hall every Thursday afternoon instead of down? The answer is: ART. The Art Club headed by our own talented art teachers, Mrs. Diane McGovern and Mrs. Melissa Centofante, meets on a weekly basis to explore the realm of creativity. From painting a picture to "throwing" a pot, the Art Club does it all. In this club, one can choose for himself what he wants to reach out for. All the means of expression are open to the students. In the first semester, Mrs. McGovern brings out our abilities in painting and drawing; while in the second semester, Mrs. Centofante takes over with ceramics and sculpture. Throughout the year, in addition to our own individual projects, the club also prepares for the ever-popular Fine Arts Festival. And, in the Spring, the club members travel to the city of New York to visit several museums. The powerful, creative atmosphere of this group brings a proud and positive force from extracurricular activities to Lasallian academics. ~

Art Class or Lunch? Bill Laible and Matt Krol collaborate on a masterpiece.

Funky T feels the abuse of child neglect. ... and so Papa Bear said, "Somebody has been eating my porridge."

The Crucible La Salle Acting Bewitches the Audience


his year's Fall dramatic production certainly exceeded the expectations of everyone involved. Arthur Miller's The Crucible was a fantastic success. Led by a talented new face in the drama department, Adam Sasso, the cast realistically portrayed a tragic story of the Salem witch trials of America's past. Gracing the stage for the last time were senior cast members: the dynamic duo of justices, Gamal Palmer and Paul Kahan, the Reverends Kevin Fitzpatrick and Joe Haughton, and the elderly Tim Reiley. With some help from MSJ's senior Kelley Schmidt and Tennant's junior Jeannine Kowslowski, the cast gave an energetic and heart-felt performance that touched the souls of all in attendance. The setting was easily achieved with the help of period costumes and stark stage dressing that provided the proper feeling for the town of Salem during the time of the eighteenth century. The stage crew and its manager, Dan Fineberg, constructed a simple but effective area for the actors to paint their characters. Few times in recent history has La Salle seen such a dramatic display of emotion and understanding of the human soul present on our stage, and under the direction of Mr. Bloh, the show went on without a hitch.

Cast Members of The Crucible; (Left to Right): Jeannine Kowslowski, Gamal Palmer, Adam Sasso, Joe Haughton, Paul Kahan, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Tim Reiley, Kelley Schmidt, Kelly Bloh


Spring Musical:

Luke Davore explains the "company way" to Tanya Colburn.


How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying


ear Reader, This little book is designed to tell you everything you need to know about the science of producing a La Salle musical, in particular, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Just follow these simple step by step instructions, and you'll be on your way! First, you need solid leadership. If you have Colleen Durkin Lapowski directing, Mr. Stopper teaching vocals, Mr. Ciccimaro in charge of production, Vince Carr conducting the orchestra, and Mr. Grace and Mrs. Garvin moderating, you have nothing to fear. Now you're ready for the next step. Next, you need a strong cast. You know that you are in good shape when roles are filled by the talented seniors Joe Haughton, Gamal Palmer, Dave Schmel, Chris Scott, junior Chris DiToro, and sophomores Ryan Mascio and Chris Curci. Oh, don't forget the most important OPPOSITE SEX. With Kelly Schmidt, Maria Brinkmann, Jamie Udinson, Jordan Walsh, and Kelly Bloh as female leads, you can't go wrong. Make sure sure to have a chorus of singers as well as dancers to support these talented leads. Any of the following would be an asset to the production: (Chorus) Michael Brown, Brendan Burke, Joe Laguda, Mike Knowski, Kevin Hannon, and Kevin Lyons. Good, you have direction, you have actors, but now you need something to hold everything together. We recommend a top-notch stage crew ... Led by senior stage manager Dan Fineberg and senior set designer Teague O'Malley, our crew can do anything from screwing in a light bulb to constructing the Eiffel Tower. Hey, they can even annoy the wrestlers without making any noise. The hard-working members of this crew include seniors Paul O'Connor, Greg Queen, Saurabh Desai, Kevin Fitzpatrick, and Matt Brannon; juniors Karlis Berzins, Zack Derrick, and Joe Sweeney and sophomore Ryan Brogen, Alex Bethke, and Shawn Moore. Congratulations! You're ready for a very special La Salle production. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


Language Clubs They're not All Moderated by Brother Michael Thai


nder the fearless leadership of Magister Geiger (Mr. William Geiger), La Salle's Latin Club has enjoyed its third year at La Salle. This year, the club's interests have been expanded to include not only the study of Roman foods, but also the study of Roman history and culture as well. The club is directed by seniors Vincenzo LaRuffa and Brian Carberry, who serve as co-presidents. Senior Al Clay also adds a helping hand by assisting Magister Geiger in numerous club-related tasks. However, the club could never have prepared its culinary masterpieces if it had not been for sophomore Pete Jenkins and his mother, who donated their time and kitchen supp lies pro bono to make the numerous classical dishes which grace the tables during the Latin Club's conviviums (parties). Clearly, the 1997-98 Latin Club is not just maintaining the status quo in room 308. This year's club has set many new agendas such as conviviums, movies, field trips, et cetera. So, next time you hear about the Latin Club, feel free to drop by post hoc and enjoy an entertaining education on Rome. With this, its debut year, the Japanese Club was off to a great start, headed by Brother Michael Thai and comprised of students from his Japanese I and II classes as well as others who are just interested in the wonderful language and culture of the Japanese. Other than learning the language, the club also takes time to study the culture and to try to experience it as much as possible, although Nagano, for the Winter Olympics, was a little too far away to be considered for a field trip. Speaking of trips, the highlight of the Spanish Club's activities this year was a trek to New Jersey to hear the legendary Tito Puente and his band play the Cuban music which has influenced so many other styles. Fantastical according to the members and moderator Mr. Nicholas Coggins.


ÂŁ~1,N~~,, l)tl), l ) ~ G ~

1997-98 La Salle Latin Club; Back Row (Left to Right): Mario DiClerico, Vincenzo LaRuffa, Brian Carberry, Al Clay, Saurabh Desai, Scott Kelly, Chip MacPherson. Front Row (Left to Right): Dustin Priest, Scott Emrich, John White, Pat Hildebrandt, Joe Sweeney, Gilbert Aponte, Andrew Vandiver, Mike Parisi, Dan Quinn, Justin Fries, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Jon McCaffery, Matt Albert


1997-98 La Salle Spanish Club; (Left to Right): Mike Callan, Tom O'Connor, Sean Ockershausen, Tim Reiley, Andrew Buschmeier, Obi Amachi, Matt Morace, John Sees, Robert Dyer, Alan Jalon, John Fay, Mike Donahue, Martin Delaney, Ryan Lynch, Mike O'Donnel, Brian Fay, and Mr. Nicholas Coggins

1997-98 La Salle German Club; Back Row (Left to Right): Justin Fries, Tony Lazenka, Don Day, Steve Klarich, Joe Gardner, Sean Brooks, Scott Emrich, Kevin Semanick, John White, Anthony Madonna. Front Row (Left to Right): Mr. George Hohenleitner, Kevin Gimpel, Matt Albert, Tony Geiger, Steve Boyle, Roman Iwaskiw, Steve Kettinger


Multi-Cultural Club Viewing the World from Various Perspectives


he Multi-Cultural Corps is one of the many extracurricular activities La Salle has to offer for students of all ages, creeds, and ethnicities, but it is the only one dedicated to celebrating that diversity. Members are encouraged to share their different backgrounds, views, and ideas. Mrs. Nancy Zoeltsch has successfully moderated the ever-expanding and ever-growing group for the past eight years. This year, Gamal Palmer, a four-year veteran of the group, served as MCC President; Joe Chiarantona, as Vice-President. Kevin Lyons assisted as Program Organizer. The goal of the group is to break barriers; and, in that, the 1997 -1998 MCC was very successful. For example, the group visited a few different ethnic restaurants. The first trip, to a middle eastern restaurant in Chestnut Hill, provided quite a unique experience, opening both the mind and the mouth to the concept of ethnic diversity. By attending conferences, going to meetings, or just hanging out, the MCC is a great way to help bring together the Lasallian community and fulfill the mission to strengthen, unite, and celebrate our differences.

Mock Trial L.S. Law


ineteen Ninety-seven saw the revival of the Mock Trial Competition. Students play the roles of defen dants, attorneys, and witnesses for the prosecution and defense. Participants learn courtroom procedures and some basic points of law. The jury is comprised of members the Montgomery County Bar Association, who determine thE winner of each round, but not the outcome of the case. Casef are tried before a real judge. Major players in this year's courtroom drama were Dan Gillespie, Dan Marvin, Dan Grissani, Mario DiClerico, Kevin Dougherty, Ray Florkowski Sean Haney, and Greg Hosmer. Alumnus Scott Wolpert served as attorney-advisor.


Photo Club A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


hat would you say if you heard the Photography Club was the most important . club at La Salle? Many would disagree. Some would counterwith the tremendous contributions made by the CSC, the amazing accomplishments of the Band, or the phenomenal improvement made to La Salle when the almighty Latin Club was intro~ duced. At La Salle, the Photography Club does a lot more work than many people know. The club is centered around learning the basics of photography and photo-development techniques. Both La.Salle publications - the Wisterian. and the Blue and Gold rely heavily on the dedication. of these talented La Salle students. Photo Club members attend the majority of events, whether it be the Thanksgiving Day football game or the National Honor Society Induction, snapping pictures of the participants and the action. Led by the senior trio of Greg Queen, J.R. King and Kevin Fitzpatrickandsophomores Joe Gidjunis and Alex Bethke, the photo club grew in numbers this year. By learning and using the fundamentals instilled in them by Mr. William Geiger, the photography club members ensure that both the newspaper and the yearbook are the best that they can be.


Service Clubs Students Who Make a Difference


a Salle can take pride in the many service clubs and activites in which students participate. These generous and outgoing organizations not only benefit the community but also La Salle itself. The Lasallian Youth organization, for example, is involved in tutoring programs at Providence House and through Project Home. Members visit the elderly at St. Joseph's Villa in Flourtown and do children's day care at the Church of the Brethren right next door to La Salle. SADD tries to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving among our students and those who visit our school. Our Community Service Corps, too, makes a large impact with any project it takes on. This year, the CSC concentrated on its annual activites. Its members encouraged the student body to increase its donations for major collection programs. During Operation Santa Claus in December, La Salle students came together to buy toys for needy children in Philadelphia, then delivered them to the surprised kids on Christmas Eve. We also fed the hungry during the three week February campaign of Bread Basketball by collecting food staples and canned goods and delivering them to local food cupboards. These activities focus on a local level, but the CSC's Amnesty International letter-writing campaign helps free prisoners of conscience and truly makes the world a better place.

Mr. Neely employs some underclassmen for lunch.


Apparently this boy feels that Kevin Noone doesn't have enough maternal instincts.

1997-98 SADD Back Row (Left to right): Mrs. Theresa Garvin, Randy Bitting, Nick Onufrak, Tim Morris, Greg Donatelli, J.P. Sforza, Andrew McGillin, Sean Haney, Joel Moffat, Charlie Johnson, Pat Salvitti, Scott Carver, Andrew Grzybowski, Ryan Cohen, Dan Neverosky, Chris Barbato, Pat Breen, Mike Abbot, John Strzalka. Middle Row (l to r): Craig Keenan, Mike McCann, Rick Target, Ben Tursi, Greg Bielecki, Sean Gallagher, Matt Luhks, Mark Alcantara, Shay Brittingham, James Massino. Front Row (l tor): Roman Iwaskiw, Ed Brostak, Vince Cullen, Kevin Clearkin, Joe Steffa, Hugh Donnelly, John Travers, Eric Savage, Chris Reilei;. "Sterile, Schmerile, the floor's clean."


National Honor Society Prime Examples of La Salle Pride


he National Honor Society enjoys the respect and support of the student body and administration. It is ,. truly an honor to be a member of the NHS. To become a member of the NHS is no easy task. Maintaining a ;! ·. , 3.5 GPA, participating in multiple activities, and showing a willingness to serve are the criteria. NHS accomplishes vartous goals that have a great impact on the entire commu- 1 , 1 nity. The biggest program, one that runs throughout the 1' ' year, is the peer tutoring. The second biggest and most important project organized by the NHS is the annual blood drive for the American Red Cross and their recipients. !; These programs are a testament to the tremendous hard work and time given by the moderators, the officers, and all II' the members. The moderators of the NHS, Brother William II' DiPasquale and Mrs. Clare Brown, are primarily responsible for running the society and organizing programs and special ' events. In all the activities that the NHS is involved in, it .'! I ) . tries to exemplify the qualities of scholarship, leadership, 1 chari , and service. ..---..__ _ _ _ _ _ _.JJ:111 ,,, ••






I. 1·







BUSTED! Bill Reid geti caught by the fashion police.


Officers Matt Styer, Chris Ward, Tim Fenningham and Bill Reid with Brother Bill. Have student, will tutor.


Forum They Can Talk the Talk


fter last year's success, in which we won the PCFL (Philadelphia Catholic Forensics League), the PHSSL (Pennsylvania High School Speech League), and the Valley Forge District of the NFL (National Forensics League), the La Salle Forum set its sights upon the one goal that had thus far eluded us: TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION! (or, at the very least, total Forensics domination). This year the Forum was lead by Vincenzo LaRuffa, our omnipresent President, Brian Carberry, the "Smoking Gun" and VicePresident, and Secretary "Teflon" Terry Fallon. Other able seniors are Team Debater (C-X) Rajesh "Rajamataj" Noronha, Lincoln-Douglas Debater (LD), Paul "Brother, I swear I was studying" Kahan, Extemporaneous Speakers (Extemp) "Diamond" Jim Palmieri, and Jim "jim, Jim, JIM!" Goldner. Promoting the importance of Rugby and fine Italian cooking, respectively, were LDers Dan Gillespie and Mario DiClerico. Our resident Simpsonologist is C-Xer Matt "Mad Skills" Murray. Rounding out the Junior Class were the interpreters of literature, Joe Gardner, Emidio Capponi, and Robert Brennan. This was a breakthrough year for the sophomores, led by Ryan McCort, who has established himself as the best Orator in Philadelphia. Ryan Fagan has become the best JV LDer in the area, and the team of William Phelan and Mike "Calm Down!" McCann are becoming part of the Varsity C-X scene. Fellow sophomore C-Xers Ray "Mafia" Shay and Jamin "I Pity the Fool" Warren, along with LDer Dean Frizlen, Extemp speakers John "Tougher than a Mac Truck" White, Mike Mielnick, Orator Joe Gidjunis, and Interpreters Ryan Mascio and John Payne made up the rest of the sophomore roster. Among the freshmen members, whom we hoped to one day mold into respectable high school students are ExTemps Mike Hilferty and John Alfarano, as well as LDer Matt Finley. Under the guidance of Mr. Ed Kelly, Mrs. Mary Jo Smith, Brother Kevin, and, of course, Brother Rene, the La Salle Forum is once again on the road to Forensics domination, at least for now.


1997-98 La Salle Forum; (Left to Right): Bro. Rene Sterner, John Alfarano, Andrew Blank, Mr. Edwin Kelly, Jonathan Payne, Joe Gardner, Ryan McCort, Mike O'Connor, Mario Di Clerico, Dan Gillespie, Bob Brennan, Bill Phelan, Emidio Capponi, Dan Grissani, Jim Goldner, Ryan Fagan, Jamin Warren, Brian Carberry, Vincenzo LaRuffa, Matt Murray, Ryan Mascio, Jim Palmieri, Erner Flounders, Mike Hilferty, Rajesh Noronha, Dean Frizlen, Mike McCann, Eric Styx, Ray Shay, John White; not pictured: Matt Finley, Joe Gidjunis, and Gama! Palmer.

"... and that is why Captain Kirk could beat up Captain Picard." Mrs. Mary Jo Smith: Coach of Interpretation of Literature.


Student Council Governing Through SEGA Genesis


lthough the La Salle Student Council is usually depicted as a group of jocks, winning a popularity contest, sitting in a small room playing SEGA all day; they actually do a lot to "build" and improve the school community. Under the nurturing eye of Moderator Mrs. Julia Maher, the 1997-98 Student Council lived out their "Explorer Enthusiasm" in each of their events as a "Blueprint for Success." President Paul Sharkey, Vice-President Hugh Donnelly, and Secretary John Travers did their best to break down the stereotype of past years. Picking up on the resurrected spirit of the school, the Student Council set out to build on and improve even further the enthusiasm of La Salle. From the spirited pep rallies to the infamous super mixers, the La Salle Student Council helped lay the foundation for a successful school year! Over 1,600 high school students attended the first super mixer and alleviated the stress of a new school year. Also, during the first month of school, the Student Council held its inaugural pep rally, which motivated the cross country, soccer, and football teams to excellent seasons. October's Halloween mixer was a huge success, with the great costumes and the unforgettable bobbing for apples. Momma Colistra with the Men in Black got us ready to face the Hawklets on Thanksgiving Day. We wore our "manly" blue Attack Pack shirts. The Executive Officers also formulated two proposals for the administration of La Salle, the first, for a Book Exchange Program to save the students money, and the second, a proposal for permission to wear a universal golf shirt in the spring. In the second semester; the Student Council carried out Spirit Week 1998 with arm wrestling, Jell-0 eating, trivia and an enthusiastic pep rally to pump up the swimmers, hoop players, and wrestlers. In May, the Student Council planned a "Blue and Gold" day to have fun and to thank the most enthusiastic students in the P.C.L. for all of their support. The La Salle College High School Student Council, during the 1997-98 school year, took their Explorer enthusiasm blueprint and developed it into an awesome structure of fun, spirit, and pride for the school community.

1997-98 Student Council Officers; Back Row (Left to Right): Tom Cross, Dan Neverosky, John Travers, Hugh Donnelly, Paul Sharkey; Front Row: Christopher Dougherty, Joe Spause, Kevin Clearkin, Obi Amachi


La Salle's Biggest Bully ... err Strong Man Competition. La Salle's finest, Kevin Merlini, king of Jello-eating.


Science Club Mr. Wi: The Science Guy


he Science Club is forever devoted to pushing back the walls of ignorance. Guided by the indefatigable Mr. Gary Wiley, the patron saint of "nerddom," the Science Club seeks answers where there are questions and questions where there are answers. "There are no leaders," the Science Club says, "only followers!" Among its many activities, the club participated in a hotair balloon "race." The first attempt suffered severe wind sheers, making flights last just a bit longer than the Wright Brothers'. When a new site was found, members went back to the drawing board, creating tissue paper aeronautical marvels that managed to exceed expectations. Then, new entries to the famous Rocket Car Race were refined and tested. "Watch out!" came the cries. "These cars can really move. Beware of flying drivers!!" The piece de resistance of the Science Club's year is the evergrowing annual Recyclable Regatta, a race which garnered great interest from La Salle University. This "garage armada" promoted a clean environment and conservation of our Earth's resources. It is because of these many activities that the Science Club will continue to flourish in the La Salle community.

1997-98 La Salle Science Club; Back Row (Left to Right): Eric Grzybowski, Frank Stieber, Rob Zebik, Havilano Campbell, Dawson Hunter; Middle Row: Anthony Madonna, Leo Reilly, Dave Citro, Matt Styer, Geoff Lang, Colin Murphy, Matt Morace, Pete Keller; Front Row: Ryan Brogan, Paul Heinsdorf, Brendan Schmiedekamp, Joe Bui, Mr. Gary Wiley


Due to cutbacks in the security budget, Rod's cart will be replaced by Dave Citro and Matt Styer's creation.

Object: Egg Destination: Ground Zero We always knew Mr. Wiley was full of hot air.


La Salle Clubs: Skiing, Mathletes, Computers Drama, Biking, and Gaming

1997-98 La Salle Computer Club; (Left to Right): Nick Ciminera, Pat Alken, Matt Stocum, Mat Schaffer, Chris Kushto, Brendan Schmiedekamp, Scott Emrich, Dr. Carl Schmiedekamp, Paul Stabile, John Remshard

Andrew Buschmeier and Tim Reiley draw up the plans for the next "Tl" calculator.


1997-98 Gaming Club; Back Row (Left to Right): John Carr, Ryan Lockard, Matt Murray, Mat Schaffer, Nick Ciminera, Mr. Timothy Stopper. Front Row (Left to Right): Chris Kushto, Kyle Wisotzkey, Andrew Blank


Intramurals School Pride and Team Spirit


nder the leadership of Mr. Brad Palmer, La Salle students have had the opportunity to participate in sports and activities on an intramural level. The intramural staff has offered a variety of sports such as soccer, basketball, ping-pong, and street hockey, not to mention the widely popular pit volleyball.


Parents' Clubs When They're Not Grounding You ...


ach year the Parents' Clubs make their presence known by holding many activities. This year, the Mothers' Club had their annual fashion show, a day of recollection, and a winter social. The Men of La Salle enjoyed a successful father-son night and a sports night at La Salle University, as well as the father-son golf outing and a trip to Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD. Pooling their many talents, the two clubs produced La Sale, a very successful auction which is organized each year. Needless to say, each club is there for the students. The primary purpose of the Men of La Salle is "to ensure that no student is forced to discontinue his La Salle education due to the loss of his family's primary wage earner." The Mothers' Club makes the memories for the students. From assembling the seniors' baby pictures to tallying up the totals of the magazine drive sales to providing Christmas ornaments as mementos for the seniors, the members of the Mothers' Club always makes school life more pleasant.




WEXP The Future's TV Tabloid Producers


nder the leadership of Mr. Joseph Dempsey, La Salle's largest club has become more visible as a part of every student's day. With the acqusition of several new pieces of equipment over the summer of 1997, La Salle now has capabilities rivaling those of television stations in several colleges. However, equipment does not alone make a TV station: talented people are needed to operate the equipment. Seniors Mike Heinsdorf, Tim Reiley, and Kevin Dougherty have proven themselves indispensable leaders when it comes to technical production, writing, and anchoring , respectively. Assisting them are over eighty students, grouped into four shifts. Change has been an ever-present theme at WEXP in the last year. Production values have gone up as students continue to become familiar with ' and experiment with the equipment. The daily show has been assigned to groups of producers, who are responsible for two weeks of programming. Weekly, the La Salle Sports Scoreboard has informed students about the athletic achievements of other students, and has proven to be a great success. WEXP has also involved others not associated with WEXP through teacher interviews and guest anchors spots, along with the "I Can Do It Better" contest for students. Thanks to its large membership, motivated students, and technological capability, WEXP promises to remain a part of La Salle for a long time.


Wisterian Delivering All the News That Fits on Four Pages


very month, a four to eight page newspaper is distributed to the administration, faculty, and all 970 students of La Salle College High School. As stated by our masthead, the purpose of The Wisterian is to inform the student body of news and opinions of relevance to the school community. But we do much more than that. Under the astute leadership of moderators Mr. Michael O'Toole and Mr. John Young, editors Scott Emrich '98 and J.R. King '98 miraculously publish each issue. The modern marvel affectionately known as The Wis has a dedicated and talented staff working together towards a common goal. Junior Jeremy Cooke edits the front page informing reader of all the news and events happening around La Salle. Senior Tim Reiley is in charge of the Op-Ed page. This page includes the editorial, which represents the collective opinion of the Wis staff, as well as commentaries from students from all aspects of the La Salle community. Sophomore sensations Pat Hildebrandt and Jim Durkin edit the features and sports pages, covering all La Salle activities and athletic events. As contributing editor, Scott Kelly works on all the special projects. Senior Greg Queen rounds out our senior editors. Greg makes sure that all the sports and news events are properly represented in photographic form. The small room next to the Computer Lab is the place where, among other things, the Wisterian is put together. From discussing the Mount's new uniforms, debating about major world issues, and maintaining an informative and entertaining web site, to providing the world with proofs on how the singularity of a black hole can be determined with certain givens, there is never a dull moment on the Wisterian. Oh, and we also somehow produce the paper at the same time. During the busy, often hectic production time, brief moments of brilliance shine forth. Among other accomplishments, news editor Jeremy R. Cooke and editor-in-chief J.R. King have been published in The Philadelphia Inquirer. This year the staff hopes to finally take down Little Flower's newspaper The Theresian, and bring home the award for the best Catholic school newspaper in the area.


Nice Choppers, Jeremy! Jeremy looks through what might be the greatest publication ever, the Blue and Gold.

Eric Peterson works diligently on... French homework. Scott Emrich heavily medicated on deadline day.


Blue and Gold Enter SubHeading Here


elcome to the locker room ... t's done, thank God it's finally done. If you are reading this, we can rest assured we are finally done. After months (perhaps some key days) of work, the long anticipated Blue and Gold is here, perhaps the extra-curricular activity with the most optimism (well, barring deadline weeks). The staff of the Blue and Gold strive to put out a successful edition hoping to surpass the work (or lack there of) completed by the staff of the previous year. Of course unrivaled, this annual publication is the best yearbook this school will see (at least for this year). Enter the Yearbook office one day after school and you'll see the bustling young slaves working on this production. Chief Slave of this organized confusion is Saurabh Desai, although most staffers ponder the actual purpose for his presence in the office. It has been learned that affirmative action has helped yet another minority attain a position well befitting any qualified white man (said with tongue firmly in cheek, whatever color that cheek may be). Under the guidance of the moderators lies the true heart and soul of the Yearbook, the staff. Senior editor Dan Ponisciak organizes and assembles the troops as soon as school lets out. Senior editors Tim Reiley, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Mike Brinkos, and J.R. "Get your stuff in!" King assure that all copy, legible and illegible, translates itself onto these pages. Senior Greg Queen develops the "interesting mound of exposures" mere mortals call pictures. Finally, rounding out the senior editors is Brian Carberry, who manages the money and yearbook orders. So, if you paid in cash and we don't have your order, then look to see if Brian has a new watch. Leading the underclassmen and all the other non-Seniors in the efforts is the invaluable Chip MacPherson (a.k.a. Chimp, Chump, and his favorite, Skip). If you have a complaint about our book, you may want to speak to our fellow staffer Joe "Slugger" Gidjunis; he keeps it real. Other unheralded, but key staffers include Matt Ranweiler, Alex "Dave" Bethke, Matt Hartnett, John Strzalka, John Doherty, John Zaro, and our very own Bean (Sean Toole). Oh, Tim Ponisciak makes an appearance every now and then (mostly then). All joking aside, this staff, attempting to have La Salle reminisce on this "Time of Pride," combined with the tutelage of moderators Mrs. Linda Donahue and Mr. William Geiger, have worked hard on compiling this 216 page treasure chest of memories. Whenever you walk by the office, however, you just might see Mr. Geiger and Mrs. Donahue shrug their shoulders and utter those oft said words, "We really just don't know!"

JEnit~r CRllp Arrit JHI~rr~ Mr. Neely makes his presence known to Saurabh


1997-98 Blue and Gold; Back Row (Left to Right): Mark Lyon, Matt Hartnett, Sean Toole, John Strzalka, John Zaro, Alex Bethke, Mrs. Linda Donahue. Middle Row: Mr. William Geiger, Chip MacPherson, Mike Brinkos, Matt Ranweiler, Tim Ponisciak, Joe Gidjunis. Front Row: Greg Queen, Dan Ponisciak, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Saurabh Desai, J.R. King, Tim Reiley

"No, really, Senora, Saurabh's copy is corning in tomorrow morning."


Sports: Exploring the Winning Side


t all started on Sunday, September 6. The La Salle football team took the field and dominated yet another opponent, extending their winning streak which eventually ended in an unprecedented 32 games. With that, another year had begun, continuing the legacy of La Salle sports. Anyone who has ever been to a La Salle sporting event knows the full extent of what it is all about. For all those who are in the stands, this heralded event is more than just a game. The culmination of countless hours of preparation by those who are on the field brings a spirit of brotherhood to all those there to wih1ess. Furthermore, these games are not just for La Salle students. Large events such as the Thanksgiving day football game or the basketball playoffs draw students from neighboring schools, families, and avid sports fans just interested in watching a good game. La Salle sporting events generate a type of excitement that is not present elsewhere. That excitement is not limited to spotlighted games. It matters not whether the spectators are witnessing Mike Byrnes take down the unsuspecting opponent Andrew Rakowski pull up and drain a three-point shot, John Tucker crush a grand slam, or Mike Abbott put a ball past a helpless goalie. The truth is that Explorer sports are a time to capitalize on dedication, a time to enjoy the simplicity of athletic competition, but most of all a time of pride.

Ball: "I just know I'll get hit from both sides." "Coach did NOT say 'Simon SAYS touch your toes."'


Touchdown pass number 73. Ho-hum. "If I wanted to give up looking cool, then I could see to open this pin."


Dave, how about learning how to button your sweater.


Coaches and Fans: On Both Sides of the Ball



Explorers Battle Opponenb Capture Playoff Berth T

his year's Varsity Football program may not have taken its third straight Catholic League Championship, it may not have finished , the top of the Northern Division, it may not have advanced beyon, the first round of the playoffs, and it may not have continued the consect: wins streak, but this year's squad can by no means be deemed a disappoi ment. Coach Colistra's 13th season as head coach gave him a 94-6-1 recc His philosophy of "improvement" rather than winning took this team ver far, and kept the possible distraction of the winning streak from becomini factor during the season. The streak did not come to an end, however, before some notice " given to it. Now both a La Salle record and a Philadelphia Catholic Leag1 record, the streak was a topic of many discussions and many articles abot this year's program and season. This record-setting ride of 31 straight wiI was ended, however, by Archbishop Ryan on October 31, in a controversi 14-13 win which featured some difficult weather conditions. This proved be the only loss this year's team endured throughout the rest of the regula season. This year's offense was top notch, with Brett Gordon returning fo1 third year at quarterback and placekicker. He received ample help from players like Jeff Pietrak and Eric Seiferth for him to throw or hand-off to. 路 experienced offensive line of Paul Weinacht, Tom Cross, and Puri Garzoni provided La Salle's talented playmakers with time and opportunities to de their jobs. The defensive unit did an excellent job of coping with the loss of players from last year's team. The void was more than adequately filled b members of last year's undefeated J.V. team. Returning starters Paul D'Orazio, Ed Bongard, Justin Primus, and Hugh Donnelly helped lead thiE group to success in a department where questions had been raised before 1 season. Another tremendous season led to a tenth consecutive playoff appearance. The team, however, was to suffer one more blow. Finishing second in the Northern Division, La Salle was seeded to face the third plac finisher Father Judge. A 47-17 upset ended La Salle's chances for a third consecutive championship. So was this season a disappointment? Hardly. This year's varsity football program put Coach Colistra within onl; six games of his lOOth win. The team set a school record and PCL record fc consecutive wins while maintaining the mentality of the "La Salle StudentAthlete." The team ended with a regular season record of 6-1 in their division and 8-1 overall. This squad showed its superiority on both ends of thE football. The season also earned La Salle its tenth playoff berth in as many years. It was, in fact, a season of which we're proud.


Proof of the championships, on Mr. Gerald Miller's fingers.


"Let me put a well-placed block right about HERE!"

"Here, let me help you down." "And so the story is really about man's inhumanity toward man, and the eternal struggle between good and evil."


"Holy Mackerel: look at the size of that linebacker." Scratchin' out a few more yards ...

1997~98 Varsity Football Team: (Top Row L to R): Marc Benante, Ryan GalJagher, Adam Richards,John Travers, Paul D'Orazio, Mike Lorusso, Torn Gross, Puri Garzone, Paul Weinacht, Ed Bongard, Mike DeCrescio, Chris Williamson, Chris Kerns, Bob Francis, Joe Dillon. (211d Row L to R): Justin Primus, Jeff Pietrak, Brett Gordon, Bob Phillie, Brendan McGlone, Chris Pennington, Kevin Noone, J.R. MatJon, John Poley, Mike Hunsicker, Chris Winward, Kevin Merlini, Hugh Donnelly, Chris Dileonardo, Ben Bailey, Torey Pugh. (3rd Row L to R): Joe Laguda, Matt Brannon, Doug Appleby, Dan Needle, Nick Onufrak, Kevin Crawford, Obi Amachi, Vince Jannetti, Jim Trappler, Bob Feltc, Jeff Jordan, Paul Colistra, Mike Agnew, Travis Manion, Chris Dougherty. (4th Row L to R): Bro. John D' Alfonso, Neil Mikulski, Fran Pfeil, Tim Black, Kyle Callahan, Tony Buonocore, Tim Fcnningham, John Tucker, Chris Koss, Dan Fitzgerald, Ernie Barile, Ed Cattie, John Firth, Kevin Dougherty, Jordan Mulrain, Tim McDonald, Coach Joe Colistra. (Bottom Row L to R) R.J. Briggs, Duane McCarthy, Shawn O'Connor, Rich Kraus, Matt Chapman, Ryan Mulrain, Eric Seiferth, Anthony Constantini, Sean Kent, Larry Evans, Paul McGurkin, T.J. Alexander, Anthony Depasquale, Chris Curci, Joe Vassallo.


Gordon Shatters State Record~


ften, people look at stats when evaluating the skill of a player. With Brett Gordon, though, the most important stat of all is "two," as in two Philadelphia Catholic League Championships. Brett, a three-year starter, also managed to compile some impressive personal stats as well. His teams had a career record of 33 wins and only 5 losses, and he also led La Salle to an all-time Pennsylvania best 32 consecutive wins. During his senior season, Brett not only rewrote the La Salle record book but also the Catholic League and the Pennsylvania ones, as well. For the season, Brett threw for 2,647 yards on 175-for-301 passing, a 58% completion rate, and 33 touchdowns. During his three varsity seasons, he passed 482-for-884 (55%) for 6,837 yards, the second best in state history. Brett also holds the state career record for touchdown passes at 84. As La Salle's punter and kicker, he ended his career with 91 PATs and 15 field goals. Looking back at Brett's record-breaking career, one must remember that more important than all of the yards and touchdowns he amassed, he was, above all, a winner.


xplorer Frosh Storm League T

he J.V. football team completed another year with the same purpose that has been around for generations. Head coach Joseph Colistra has assembled a squad for preparation to take over for the varsity players who have moved on. In an effort to cultivate young individual talent, the team still took the time to amass an impressive 8-1 record. Quarterback Paul Colistra and runningback Jordan Mulrain led an explosive offense headed by coach Jim Maxwell; linebacker Chris Dougherty and defensive end Chris Williamson strengthened Paul Cuback's defense. Despite a disappointing 8-6 defeat to Archbishop Ryan, it was a very successful season, and next year many of the players will be moving up to the varsity team. The return of head Freshman coach Mr. Joseph Radvansky brought renewed success this year as the freshman started their La Salle careers with an impressive 6 - 2 record. Moderator Mr. Geoffrey Nicoletti and assistant coaches Mr. JohnYoung, Mr. Daniel Hinckle, Mr. John Mezzanotte, and Mr. Joseph Murphy helped guide the 52 players to a season very much improved over last. While the team featured a talented offense, it had a dominating defense that could keep them in every game. It seemed that all the players and coaches had a lot of fun, and look foward to playing more in the coming years.


Cross Country Running With the Wind


he cross-country team's road to glory began along the shady paths of Valley Green and the rolling hills of Ft. Washington during the hazy days of July and August. This year, in a focused attempt to avoid last year's disappointments, they turned in a spectacular season, exeeding all expectations. The team developed into a talented, mature group, exemplified by the team's success at major tournaments such as the Eastern States Championship and the Pennsylvainia State Prep Championship. La Salle silenced the doubters, finishing with three League Championships. The team consisted of many peak performers. In the Varsity race, 1st team All-Catholics Al Clay, Colin McManus, T.J. Bartkowski, Greg Bielecki, Jeremy Palo, and Pat Badolato, with the help of Tom Devlin and Tom Chmielewski, scored a spectacularly low thirty points. Mike Donohue, Nick Jordal, Rick Carminati, Steve Bolger, and Bill Bonner led the J.V., while freshmen Sean Badolato, Chris Potestio, Brain Baillie, Mark Swanson, and Justin Morace won their respective crowns.


Eyes on the prize.

There, son, run for the pot o' gold.


Explorers Kick Their Way into the Playoffs


he La Salle soccer team had an outstanding season finishing with an impressive record of 15-4-3. Coach Peffle and company once again returned to the playoffs in search of the ever-elusive PCL championship. After the loss of key seniors Matt Cox, Mike Heim, and John Savage to graduation, the team would need other varsity and junior varsity players to step up and fill the void. They didn't disappoint. The team was led this year by Roman Escobar, Sean Westfield, Joe Steffa, Dan Neverosky, and Chris Ward among others. These fine players were what Coach Peffle referred to as the engine room of the team. Along with their strong offense, the Explorers also rose to the challenge on the defensive side of the field. Led by goaltender Sean Teesdale (who had an outstanding seven saves in the playoff game against Ryant the defense shut down many opponents while the front line scored almost at will. Next season, the Explorers look to build on the momentum generated during this season in the hope that they will be able to bring home the Championship plaque.

Sean Teesdale stares down the oppositon. Dan Neverosky winds up for another goal.


There's Joe Steffa using his head again.

The action heats up around the goal.


Chris Ward makes his breakout move. Joe Steffa attempts to remove his major obstacle.

1997-98 Varsity Soccer Team: (Top Row L to R): Coach Matt Noel, Joe Steffa, Sean Teesdale, Sean Westfield, Dan Neverosky, Tom Crean, Joe Raieta, Tim McGoldrick, Phil Bocchino, Bill Reid, Greg Donatelli, Mike Savage, Coach Drew Stockmal, Coach Bob Peffle. (Bottom Row L R): Chris Ward, Phil Danvers, Andy Au, Mike Peffle, Dan Catrino, Roman Escobar, Tim Danaher, Chris Stack


"Nobody but nobody touches this water."

"Come on, try to kick it past me now."


Hoopsters Stir Up Catholic Leagut Varsity B-Ball Advances in Playoffs


he 1997-98 La Salle Explorers were a group who truly defined the word "team." Unlike the season before, one in which all the team's success centered for the most part around the play of one guy, Joe Meade, this year's team won and lost based on how well they played together as a group. Led by seven seniors, including Chris McShea, Andrew Rakowski, Ed Bongard, Dan Neverosky, Brett Gordon, John Welsh, and Mike Lorusso, the Explorers were once again among the best teams in the Northern Division. Besides demonstrating a great chemistry among its players, the team also benefited from a terrific coaching staff, including newcomer Mr. Brian McGill. With the addition of Mr. McGill, head coach Mr. Marty Jackson's coaching staff now included three La Salle faculty members, the other two being Mr.Bernie Fitzgerald and Mr. Joe Dempsey. "It's a great help to me as a coach to have these three guys with me," said Mr. Jackson, "I have always said that athletics is just an extension of the classroom." The Explorer's season was filled with many big victories, including two wins over their closest competitor in the division, Father Judge. Moreover, besides appearing in the title game of the Carroll Classic, the team won the Silver Springs Tournament in Silver Maryland over the Christmas Vacation. Under the leadership of Mr. Jackson, the 1997-98 Explorers proved themselves as the team to beat in the Northern Division, and completed yet another successful season.

1997-98 Varsity Basketball Team; Back Row (Left to Right): John O'Hara, John Welsh, Andrew Rakowski, Ed Bongard, Chris McShea, Steve Erfle, Brendan McCormick, Mike Lorusso Front Row (Left to Right): Brett Gordon, Alex Ramos, Chris Stanton, Dan Neverosky, Keith Olender, Jim Sullivan, Brian Horgan


The Explorers storm the boards. Unmatched socks? So what? He can shoot buckets.

Andrew Rakowski takes one for the team. Ed Bongard drives the lane.


J.V. & Freshman Basketball A Reason to Believe


he La Salle junior varsity basketball team had another successful campaign this year. Coached by Mr. Joseph Dempsey, the team played strongly in the Catholic League. The team boasted some of La Salle's future stars. Juniors Jimmy Sullivan, John O'Hara, Keith Olender, Steve Erfle, Brendan McCormick, and sophomore Brian Horgan played on both Varsity and JV. Meanwhile, sophomores Pat O'Neill, Mike DeCrescio, John Poley, Kevin Dolan, Paul McGurkin, Anthony Siravo, Dennis Stanton, and Brian Jenkins all contributed to the team's effort. This team's showing gives us all a reason to believe that La Salle's basketball program will be strong for years to come.

Mr. Fitz gives the team another inspiring pep talk. "Coach said taking ballet would improve my game."


"Is that Bro. Joe fixing the hole in the roof?" "Oh please, please, please go in!"


Swimming Decade of Dominance


his year's teams boasted swimmers who combined 4 years of competetive depth with the experience of last year's second place finish at National Catholics: Paul Sharkey, Mike Knowski, Brendan O'Hara, Bill Markmann, Tim O'Malley, and the captains, Joe Chiarantona and Ryan Tuman. Notable underclassmen include: Craig Keenan, Sean Tucker, Evan Behr, Matt Ranweiler, Mike Harrigan, Brad Green, Kieran Bryers, Matt Wahl, Brian Bacher, and Kevin Dougherty. Head Coach Mr. Frank Lichtner said this year's team had a "nice blend of swimmers from different levels", who all did a "steady job" throughout the seasonal meets. The team "motored through everybody" in the league and swam extemely well against some rival teams outside of the league. LaSalle defeated Paul VI and St. Joseph's Metuchen in December match-ups, and then, in an exhibition meet with Hill and Metuchen, LaSalle "got the better of the two teams." This very dedicated bunch was in the pool before most of us were out of bed on school days, and back in the pool again for another 2 hours after school let out. And let's not forget the Saturdays and Sundays spent in the water. "This team worked their tails off... and I'm proud to know these guys." Mr. Lichtner said. "Right now there's a teacher-pupil relationship between us, but I look forward to the day when our relationship is between friends. I watch these guys develop, mature, and build confidence. That is the biggest thrill; that's what winning is." Whether you'd like to look at this year's season from the secondary and superficial terms of trophies and medals, or if you'd rather take Mr. Lichtner's perspective of development, maturity, and confidence, the conclusion is obvious. This year's swimming program won big.

The 1997-98 Championship Varsity Swim Team; Back Row, left to right: Mr. Frank Lichtner, Head Coach; Sean Brooks, Brendan O'Hara, Craig Keenan, Rob Queroli, Jeff Paul, Mike Knowski, Brad Green, Mike Harrigan, C.J. Tuman, Evan Behr, Matt Wahl. Middle Row: Kieran Bryers, Mark Gernard, Joe Chiarantona, Sean Tucker, Ryan Tuman, Matt Ranweiler. Bottom Row: Chris Chancellor, Kevin Hughes, Greg Hylinski, Kevin Dougherty, Brian Bacher, Tim Pippet, Bart Ray.


Bart Ray soars off the block in the 500 yard freestyle. Awaiting his tum, Evan Behr concentrates on his race.

Kevin Hughes debates the merits of breathing air versus water.


"In steamy aquatic centers swim the Explorers, 26 members of what could be the league's most dominant and unheralded prep sports dynasty. In the 1990's, they are to swimming ...


what William Penn is to girls' track, what Simon Gratz and Roman Catholic have been to boys' basketball - only, in this decade, they have yet to lose." - Marcia C. Smith, The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 3, 1998


Bowling It's Gotta Be the Shoes


taring down the freshly oiled lanes and anticipating the beginning of the greatest season in La Salle Bowling's long and illustrious history, Coach Gary Wiley knew that this was the year. As his troops filed into the hallowed halls of Thunderl Lanes, he saw four returning bowlers and five seniors to lead the charge, led by "Kingpin" Mike Weinert, the man who aspired to a second straight highest league average title. Mr. Wiley knew that all the praises and reviews of his team in the Wisterian were true and that these bowlers were "legend" material. The starting Varsity consisted of freshmen James Edelen, sophomore Mike Albert, junior Dan Barnes, and seniors Dav Schmel and the aforementioned Mike Weinert (who often refers to himself as "The Answer," among other things). Starting the season off slow, the pace began to pick up after a huge win at Conwell Egan. The second half kicked off with a sweep of North two wins over Ryan, thanks to Beau Yanoshik's stepping up from JV in order to clutch a come-from-behind victory on the roa That's not to forget the JV: three returning seniors included the myth, Erik Peterson, the man, Beau Yanoshik, and the legend, Mark Szczech (who is often referred to as "Kingpin" and "The Answer" by everyone except Weinert). G Wiley, lookini toward the future, expanded the team this year to fifteen. The additions to the JV /Novice team were freshmen Tom Bloh, Chri Breen and Joe Hand, sophomores Kyle ("the Wiz") Wizotskey, Scott Kelley and Geof Lang, and junior Chris Heayn. What the: learned this season was that it isn't necessarily the score that matters (if you know what I mean), but the inspirational sound o eight-pound ball punishing the pins: nothing beats this! The highlight of the year in La Salle Bowling was the Varsity's home match versus Conwell- Egan. Many of the bowle: classmates, including the Explorer himself, showed up to support the team. The lanes were loud and the bowling was great, w record crowd cheering every spare and strike, including the eight in a row "Kingpin" Weinert threw. As the regular season came down to a close, there were many questions still left unanswered: who would fill the shoei this year's seniors? Did the girl on Cheltenham Avenue ever recover, Dave? With the losses of Szczech and Yanoshik, who wil the Turkey Dance next year? Would Weinert ever yell "This one's for you, buddy" again? Would Albert still trash talk during practice? Would Szczech miss Peterson's words ("nice try") of encouragement? How did Breen throw a 204? How did Barnes' get yellow? And, finally, now that G Wiley cut the hair, would the goatee be next?

1997-98 Bowlers; Back Row (left to right): Dave Schmel, Joe Hand, Mike Albert, James Edelen, Mik Weinert, Mr. Gary Wiley; Middle Row: Tom Bloh, Scott Kelly, Dan Barnes, Beau Yanoshik, Kyle Wisotzkey; Front Row: Chris Breen, Erik Peterson, Chris Heayn, Geoff Lang.



Indoor Track In From the Cold


his year's indoor track team once again performed in excellent fashion. The times posted by the team have become the benchmark of La Salle's excellent athletic program. Led by a strong force of seniors and juniors, the track team has already made the record books in several instances. Most notable, perhaps, is La Salle's 4 x 800m relay team of seniors Al Clay and Chris Ward, and juniors Greg Bielecki and Mike Donohue. Their time of 7:57.2, set on January 24th at the Princeton Relays, is the best in the state and second in the country. The 4 x 400m team of Clay, Bielecki, Ward, and junior Obi Amachi turned in a time of 3:30.9, third in the Philadelphia area. In the middle distance run, the key contributors have been seniors Colin McManus, T.J. Barkowski, Jeremy Palo, along with juniors Sean Teesdale and Pat Badolato. Top performers in the sprints so far have been senior Kevin Miller, juniors Brian Mee, Obi Amachi, sophomore Kevin Seminack, and senior Matt Mee, who also does well in hurdles. Others who excelled include John Clark '98 in high jump and triple jump, Andrew Au '98 in long jump and Pat Moore '99 in shotput. Of importance is the fact that the team competes in the Greater Philadelphia Track and Field Coaches Association, which means they compete against about a hundred private, public, and Catholic schools. Coach Patrick Devine and company have once again raised the level of excellence of La Salle athletics.


Hugh Donnelly hands off to Chris Ward

John, that's painful to look at!

Matt Mee heads for the finish line.

"Air Au" comes in for a landing.


Ice Hockey The Icemen Cometh


hroughout the years, the La Salle Ice Hockey Program has established itself as one of the finest in all of Pennsylvania. This year, under the guidance of first year coach Wally Muehlbronner, the expectations were even higher. Even after the loss of players such as Casey Schafer, Matt Kelly, and Pat McCullion, the Varsity 1 team continued to steamroll the competition in the Inter-County AAA League. They even challenged talent-laden New England prep schools such as Trinity Pawling and South Kent. The offensive firepower was provided by juniors Sean Heron, senior Bob Farrell, and sophomore Pete Naticchione. Seniors Dan Felix, Brant Heaton, juniors Kevin Brady, Pat Salvitti, Lou Merlini, James Nowicki, Ryan Cohen, Drew Santillo, and sophomores Ryan Ciolli and Mike Loftus also made significant offensive contributions. On the blue line, seniors Mike Mauriello, Dan Becker and junior Brad Bathgate helped solidify the defense. Senior Shane Reilly and freshman Sean Garvin punished all opponents who came near. Finally, junior Justin Levin and sophomore Greg Molchen formed one of the premier goaltending tandems in the league. Among the Varsity l's early season accomplishments were a first place finish in the Pittsburgh Central Catholic Tournament and a decisive 9-2 win over last year's Flyers Cup Champion, Malvern Prep. However, the coup de grace came in the State Championship game, when the Explorers handed Central Catholic a 3-2 defeat. Meanwhile, the Varsity 2 emerged as a contender in the Inter-County AA League. The JV A and B teams made great strides in their respective leagues, continuing the La Salle hockey tradition. Thanks to an abundance of depth and talent, the hockey program at La Salle should be at the top for years to come.

1997-1998 Varsity 1 Ice Hockey Team: Bottom Row: Left to Right, Brant Heaton, Mike Loftus, Ryan Ciolli, Greg Molchen, Mr. Wally Muelbronner (Head Coach), Justin Levin, Dan Felix, Sean Garvin, Brad Bathgate; Second Row: Dr. Joseph D'Angelo (moderator), Pete Naticchione, Kevin Brady, Mike Mauriello, Shane Reilly, James Nowicki, Bob Farrell, Dan Becker, Sean Heron, Mr. Roy Kelly (team manager);


Brad Bathgate goes into a triple axle. Bob Farrell charges up the ice.


Please be gentle, I break easily. E~static onlookers cheer wildly for Sean Heron.

No soup for you!


Ryan Cohen prepares to battle for the puck.

Yo Ref! The game is over here. The mighty Explorers charge on.


Wrestling Grappling With the Best


he commitment found in all activities at La Salle is nowhere more evident than in the wrestling program. Through many intense prac tices and a strenuous schedule, the wrestlers give new meaning to the phrase "only the strong survive." However, few moments in life are as sweet as having one's hand raised in victory. After a strong 96-97 campaign, many critics believed this year's squad would be noticeably weaker. But this year's group silenced the critics early on, proving that they could remain near the top in a highly competitive Catholic League. Led by team captains Mike Byrnes, Puri Garzone, and Mark Ruegg, the wrestlers held true to their cause. Under the tutelage of Coach Mr. Ken Flood and his assistants, many underclassmen have stepped up. Juniors Joe Fedyna, Travis Manion and Gary Murray made significant contributions. Leading the Sophomore grapplers were Tim Black, Joe Spause, Chris Dougherty, Mike Cosgrove, Jon White, and Gilberto Aponte. Meanwhile, the JV wrestlers also had another excellent season. Junior Dino D'Orazio, Sophomores John Boring and Nick Onufrak all turned in excellent performances. Finally, with a strong group of Juniors, up to 10 Sophomores in the varsity lineup, and a strong incoming Freshman class, the future of La Salle's wrestling tradition is bright.


Travis Manion showing no mercy. Like Blanco, like Flood.


Baseball La Salle's Pastime


his year's team enjoyed another exciting season. La Salle played competitively and to the end. With names like Peache Bulb and Thugs, how could they lose? As the play got intense, they stepped up their play. The future of the La Salle Baseball looked bright. The team was coached to another winning season by Mr. Joseph Parisi, who was assisted again this year by the talenh Brother Tim Ahern and Mr. Dave Heineman. These three men provided unlimited guidance to the struggling hitter or the wil pitcher. This year's squad consisted of many seniors. The captains, Jeff Pietrak, Ed Bongard, John Tucker, and Mike Mattern, 1 the team to success through their experience. Adam Richards and Pat Moore returned as second year starters and insured the offense behind Pietrak and Bongard. The silent assassins Hugh Donnelly, John Fisher and John Travers provided some time a assistance, wherever it was needed. No season would be complete without the antics of John Tucker, Tuck always managed h get the team ready for a game and he came through on the field when he had to. The underclassmen also played a major role i the team's success. Led by second year third baseman Keith Olender and shortstop John Malara, they provided some much needed infield help. The team played a very vigorous schedule including games against the Hill School, Father Judge and Archbishop Rya As the season wound down, the Explorers were in the playoff hunt. As usual, the managers kept the team pointed in the right direction. Senior Manager Dan Ponisciak, Junior Manager Tim Ponisciak and newcomer Pat McKeown gave the team the support they needed to be victorious. This year's team truly defined a TEAM EFFORT.



l I

"My knees are killing me and I still have six more innings." John Tucker thinks, "Man, that pitcher does have a big butt."


John Malara expresses his glee after returning "home" to Brother Tim Ahem. 'Atta boy Jeff, nice cat-like reflexes.


Ed Bongard crossing the plate again like a second "home". Brother Tim Ahem, calling long distance.

To the moon, Jeff, to the moon! Strike six!


Keith Olender has just finally realized why Lucky Charms are so magically delicious. "Joe, what do you mean I can't play?"

John Travers ponders what baseball would be like if everyone would drink All-Sport.


JV & Frosh Baseball The Unsung Heroes of the Field


he 1998 season was one of promise for both of La Salle's younger hardball teams. Coaches Mr. Fran Spause of the Frosh and Mr. George Denicola of the J.V. team welcomed the newest stars in the school's diamond crown. After finishing19-0 as a Freshman team, Denicola had high expectations for his J.V. squad this year. Pitching and defense were his mainstays, and as always the J.V. players hit the ball well. Among the standouts looking toward the varsity team were Leon Benn, Brian Harvey, Tom O'Connor, Chris Dougherty, Ernie Barile, Anthony Siravo, and Pat Mallach. Mr. Spause took over a freshman team that has succeeded well for more than a decade on La Salle's diamonds. Always tough in the pitching and hitting area, the frosh competed well among a strong Catholic League. Combining power, speed, and pitching, the two teams served their purpose as feeders to the varsity squad.

What goes up, must come down.


The only problem with baseball is remembering where first base is. The key to success in La Salle baseball: five second basemen atone time.

Possibly the best kept secret in all of baseball, the chicken-legged stance.


Golf La Salle Swingers he La Salle golf team this year sought its third PCL title in a row, under the direction of coaches Mr. Martin Jackson and Mr. Les Burke. The team was led by the solid talent of All - Catholic senior Jeff Huntzinger, and juniors Brad Bathgate and P.J. Matthews, a first-year transfer from St. Joe's Prep. Other top golfers included seniors Jim Liberi and Neil Mikulski and juniors Dave Cuff, T.J. Piper, and Rich Krauss. Among fifteen other teams in the PCL golf league, La Salle's squad of about twelve men has consistently proven to be the best. Coach Jackson said that the new talent that joined the team this year is as important as the old talent. The football and swim teams can step aside.



1997-1998 Varsity Golf Team


Perhaps this photographer didn't pick the smartest of places to shoot. Man, that's the third ball I lost today.

Jim Liberi tees up a gopher. Mischievous Rich Krauss is about to pull off the ol' exploding golf ball gag.


Tennis Because "T" Stands for "Triumphant"


he 1998 La Salle tennis team has enjoyed another great season in its pursuit of a PCL championship, the seventh in an eight year stretch. The team, under varsity tennis coach Tore "T" Hanssen, was looking to surpass seventy-five wins. Although four of last year's starters graduated, the team was poised to capture the Catholic League once again. Led by senior Matt John, this young and talented team experienced another successful year. Even with few seniors, the team boasted winning and experienced players. Junior Rich Davoli and sophomores Jim Logan, R.J. Ermola, and Andrew Puntel made an impact. Thad great expectations for this talented team. "Yes, this team is young," Mr. Hanssen said, "but they are experienced tennis players because they have been through it before and have a PCL championship under their belt." La Salle's competition this year included Ryan, O'Hara, and, of course, St. Joe's Prep. Twas confident, however, that with winning varsity experience and his preparation, the season would prove to be successful and that last year's accomplishments would be repeated. As he believes, "Success breeds success."

1997-1998 Varsity Tennis Team: Left to Right; R.J. Ermola, Mr. Tore Hanssen, Andy Puntel, Pat Rose, Dave Janke, Dan Kim, Ben Tursi, James Logan, Nick Bowers; Missing: Rich Davoli, Matt John

Jim Logan gettin' jiggy wit' it.


R.J. Ennola demonstrates his flying Superman impression to Andy Puntel.

"Brrr... uh, how long do you think we're gonna be out here?"


Crew Trusting Coxwains with a $20,000 Boat


hoever said winning isn't everything never rowed for La Salle. The La Salle Crew is built on dedication discipline, and hard work. Hard work in the form of the dreaded " Loop of Death " are enough to cause grown men to cry. After a lack luster performance last season, the team came back with a vengeance. Workouts began in the fall for many of these passionate juniors and seniors with the words, "Beat Prep," ingrained in their minds. The strong corps of seniors should land this team successfully onto the medals dock come Stotesbury and Nationals. Rowing out of the nostalgic Canoe Club down by the corroded Strawberry Mansion bridge is a solid squad including the Midweight 8, Junior Varsity 8, Varsity 8, and the Varsity 4 and Midweight 4. Among the leaders of this lightning-quick flotilla are the seniors: John Wall, Brian Romanzo, Mike Lorusso, Mike Burleigh, Sean McCullagh, Tony Leonard, Chris Winward, Kevin Kohler, Brian Binder, Gavin Smith, Tommy Curran, and their fearless coxswains Nick Brunetti, Mike Greger, and Beau Yanoshik. "Intensity, gentlemen, intensity," are the words echoed by assistant coach Mark Gibbons. Head coach Charles Calvanese took over the helm this season aided by young assistants Wardlow, Kowalski, York and Gibbons. They spent countless hours teaching good rowers how to be great rowers. Moreover, the crew received the support of a dedicated Parents' Association who, with the advice of Mr. Peter Sigmund, purchased three new sleek "Millennium" shells for the crew's use. In order to appreciate crew, envision La Salle students willing to awaken at the break of dawn and spend their "Spring Break" on the beautiful "Schuylkill Riviera." Like world-class athletes who strive for Olympian Gold Medals, they, too, prepare to outmuscle the competition.

Prep rowers disguised as La Salle crew members attempt to hide the V-S's boat underwater. Coxswain Nick Brunetti prepares for yet another day of motivating through harassment.


Mike Savage having that "not so fresh feeling."

Patriotic La Salle crew rows in the bitter cold. Tommy Curran ecstatically anticipates yet another day out on the river.


Mike Greger discovers the key to success... a motor.

Just getting the boat away from the dock is a chore!


La Salle's Oarsmen showing off their mad skills.


Lacrosse Cradling La Salle's Pride


kills, Defense, Communication, Unity, Values. As the warriors step onto the battlefield, these five qualities become part of them ... The blood rushes through their bodies, their hearts race, and the intensity rises. As each warrior examines his opponent, both honor and respect are transferred across the battlefield. The traditional handshake is exchanged by the teams' generals and the warriors get set for battle. This chain of events might sound familiar to you. There's a sport at La Salle which does this every week. It's Lacrosse. The 1998 La Salle lacrosse team committed itself to living out the above qualities every day, and to achieving those goals set forth by Coach Bill Leahy and Assistant Coach Dan Hinckle. This season, the lacrosse team sought its fifth Catholic League title and a bid for the state playoffs. The varsity players looked to captains Tom Cross, Dan Neverosky, and Mike Abbott for leadership in the season ahead. Other members of the varsity helped the team reach new heights, as well. No one was able to compete with the constant speed, sharp shooting, and intensity of mid-fielders and offensemen Sean Kent, Kevin Merlini, Nick Mattiacci and Paul Gibbons. Defensemen Pat Bevilacqua, Chris Smith and captain Tom Cross were hard to beat, especially with experienced goaltender Matt Westley commanding the net. Through the work of dedicated players and coaches, the La Salle Lacrosse Team was able to come away victorious from their 1998 season.


Mr. Dan Hinckle, a firm believer of corporal punishment. Brian Lipski conquers his fear of the ball.


"Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go ... " Brian Lipski finally sees the ball, but doesn't really want to be the ball.


1997-1998 Lacrosse Coaches: Left to Right; Frank Lohocki, Ken Truscott, Dan Hinckle, Bill Leahy, Brian Harrington; Missing; Chuck Cirelli


Coach Bill Leahy recounts a tale of how he beat up a defensemen this big. Goalie Greg Queen attempts to net an Abbott, a Mike Abbott.


Seniors: Upperclassmen at Last T

he remarkable way in which the senior class has grown together and united over the past four years overshadows their impressive feats and accomplishments. The number of honors students and championships and National Merit Semifinalists the senior class has accumulated are impressive, true, but this class is more defined by who it is than by what it does. Friendships, forged during freshman year and tried as time went on are strengthened by the impending separation the class will soon experience. Bonds that will never be broken are evident to anyone who's seen a football or soccer game. Discussion, debates and disputes within the classroom have led to an increased understanding of a world of knowledge. We are proud of the four years the we have had. Four years - drawing to a close. Hard to believe during freshman orientation that the end would come so soon. The strange sensation of singing the Alma Mater that first day in the gym and realizing that "Hey, I'm done grade school and I'm here now" has given way to the strange sensation of attending a Mass in the same room and realizing "wow, I'll be leaving soon. I won't be here to experience this." The unfamiliar air of the people around us and of the school is gone, replaced by an almost melancholy understanding that soon we'll be gone, too. But for the seniors, it's a time of pride as well. It's been tough but rewarding; disappointing but exhilarating; at times, even fun. We'll be gone soon, but La Salle has prepared us well. The sadness we feel will give way to pride as we sing the Alma Mater one last time. And then... on to something else.

Sporting La Salle's new clean shaven look. "One more period and I've got this one beat."


"Come on, set me up. Set me up."

"And as we approach the Christmas Season, I want you all to remember that my sweater size is large, my shirt size ..."


Keith P. Adams .· • 4(:)8,A,scotRoad Oreland, PA 19075 (215) 576-'1692 Holy Martyrs Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,4; CSC 3,4; SADD 3,4; NHS 3,4; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2 "Our greatest glory consists not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall." Oliver Goldsmith

453 Pepper Road Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 947-3918 St. Albert the Great Football l; Crew 1,2; Track &Field 2,3,4; CSC 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Athletic Trainer 4 "Be more concerned with your ch. than with your reputation. Y~ ter is what you really are "X~!!,. . ur reputation is merely >Xll~ttt~ther think you are." John Woog~l},1,1;> ·

Heart of Mary lub 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; ing Club 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Science Club 3,4; Japanese Club4 "Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once." Julius Caesar

Lloyd C. Beck III 514 Carriage House Lane Harleysville, PA 19438 (215) 256-4085 Corpus Christi Football 1,2,3; Art Club 3; CSC 1,2,4; MCC 3,4; SADD 3,4; LaSallian Youth 4 "Take your time, think a lot, think of · everything you've got, for you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not." Cat Stevens


307 Clairemont Road Villanova, PA 19085 (610) 527-1815 St. Thomas of Villanova Track & Field 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4 (Captain); Football 1 "Know yourself, believe in yourself, push yourself, and be humble." John Treacy

8324 Ridgeway Street Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 728-0182 St. Cecilia Wrestling 1,2,4; NHS 3,4; CSC 2,3,4; Intramurals 4 "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavor: to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpecte< in common hours." Henry David Thoreau

Eric E. Andruczyk 640 Pulinski Road [vyland, PA 18974 (215) 355-2320

3t. Vincent de Paul 2ross Country 1; Tennis 2,3,4; Student 2oucil 2,3,4; CSC 1;2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; MCC 2,3,4; Lasallian Youth 1,2,3,4; SADD 1,2,3,4; Scholastic "L" 1; 3econd Honors 2,3,4 'The real character of a man is found )ut by his amusements," Sir Joshua :{eynolds

Douglas D. Appleby

Andrew Au 1555 Temple Drive Maple Glen, PA 19002 (215) 628-3246

691 Dick Avenue Warminster, PA 18974 (215) 322-8167 Football l,2,3,4; Swimming 1

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we will make for our children." Sitting Bull

St. Alphonsus Soccer 1,2,3,4; Track & Field 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; CSC 1,2,3,4; MCC 3,4; NHS 3,4; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3,4

"The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream. 11

Marc V. Benante 14 Poplar Road ourtown, PA 19031 15) 836-1203 ockey 1,2,3,4 t takes courage to have a dream and ~termination to make it come true"

3872 Pine Road/ Huntingdon ValleyrfA . (215) 914-0324

142 Anselm Road Richboro, PA 18954 (215) 357-5460

.( ..•.

Resurrection of Our Lord Scholastic "L" 1; Second Hqnors2 Intramurals 1,2,3; LacrosslJ.;L.S,fienc 2,3,4; csc 2,3



"Don't mean to push, but I'm b~iU shoved[ Oh, I'm just like you, tl · · we've had enough. I can't believe thing they want us to ... oh ... Oh, we all• got scars, they should have 'em too ... " Eddie Vedder


St. Vincent de Paul Football 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Second Honors 1,2,3,4; Japanese Club 4 ::You see things as they are and ask why, · · I dream of things that never were hy not." J.F.K. sanRoad


Patrick Bevilacqua 1000 Susan Road Philadelphia, PA 19115 (215) 677-8683 Maternity B.V.M. Forensics 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; csc 3,4 "Even when you know you never know." Richard Dreyfuss

Brian J. Binder 2250 Boyd Road Apartment B Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 947-1627 St. Albert the Great Crew 1,2,3,4; Coss Country 4; Intramurals 1; Second Honors 1,3,4 "I love them high school girls, I get older, they stay the same age." Wooderson, Dazed and Confused

Michael A. Brinkos

Michael T. Brown

948 Clyde Lane Philadelphia, PA 19128 (215) 482-1429 Holy Family Latin Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Gazebo 3,4; Computer Club 1; Yearbook 4; Second Honors 1,2,3; Scholastic "L" 4 "When you are down, keep on going. Determination will change your luck. If you believe that you've had enough, then you must keep on going and never give up." Deborah Harry

456 Yale Drive Southampton, PA 18966 (215) 396-0148 Our Lady of Good Counsel Band 1,2; Theater 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Photo Club 3,4; CSC 3,4; Stage Crew 4 "It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself." Ralph Waldo Emerson


Scott Bfrisfeld /,


1315 Georg~J:~:r:r:a.ce Southampton, PA 18966 (215) ~6~,'.:8222 ~·li.ady of Good Counsel ''~soul in tension that's learning to fly ·•<condition grounded but determined to try." David Gilmour

Nicholas Brunetti 9327 Glenloch Street Philadelphia, PA 19114 (215) 331-2516 St. Katherine of Siena Soccer 1,2,3,4; Crew 1,2,3,4; CSC 11,12; Intramurals 1 "Let the world know you as you are, n as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where ai you?" Fanny Brice

Philip J. Bocchino 557 Applewood Drive Fort Washington, PA 19034 (215) 646-5179 St. Luke Soccer 1,2,3,4; Crew l; Track & Field 1 "It is better to be feared than to be loved." Sonny, A Bronx Tale

Brendan J. Burke 8328 Elliston Drive Wyndmoor, PA 19038 (215) 836-2148 Our Mother of Consolation Second Honors 1,2,3,4; CSC 3,4; Drama 2,4; Wisterian 2; Latin Club 2 "It's easy to grin when your ship comes ln, and you've got the stockmarket beat. But the man worthwhile is the man who :an smile when his shorts are too tight .n the seat." Judge Smails, Caddyshack

Edward J. Bongard III 1812 Loney Street Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 342-3258 Resurrection of our Lord Football 1,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4 "Your biggest challenge is the voice inside you that yells, 'Can't!' You push harder. And then you hear the voice whisper, 'Can!' You discover that the person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are."

Michael G]~IJurleigh 401 Vernon Road Jenkintown, PA 19046 (215) 572-1309 Immaculate Conception NHS 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Crew 1,2,3;'1; CSC 3,4; Yearbook 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2~9; Intramurals 1,2; Scholastic "L'~ 1,2,3,4 路路 "So it goes." Billy Pilgrim

Matthew Brannon 1292 Lindsay Lane Meadowbrook, PA 19046 (215) 886-1538 St. Hilary of Poitiers Football l,2,3,4; Stage Crew 4; Wisterian 3,4; CSC 4; MCC 4; Japanese Club 4 "There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief. There's too much confusion. I can't get no relief." Bob Dylan

Christopher V. Burns 1913 Appaloosa Road Warrington, PA 18976 (215) 343-4723 St. Robert Bellannine Ice Hockey 3,4; Golf 2,3,4 "You shackled the mind that was left on the cross. When ignorance reigns life is lost!" Rage Against the Machine


Jona.than M. Burton ;91~0 Germa?town Avenue •Philadelphia,.PA 19118 (215) 247-2159 Our Mother of Consolation Baseball 2,3,4; CSC 2,3,4 "So if you wake up with the sunrise, and all your dreams are still as new, and happiness is what you need so bad, the answer lies with you." Robert Plant

Andrew D. Buschmeier 9056 Convent A venue Philadelphia, PA 19136 (215) 969-6614 St. Jerome Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,4; Art Club 1,2,3,4; Mathletes 3,4; NHS 3,4; MCC 4; WEXP 4; Wrestling 2,3; Traci< Field 2,3,4; Cross Country 3; Scho.l · "L" 1,2,3,4 ··•··· .. L "My cat's breath smells lik~siJood!" Ralph Wiggum, The Sim~~qtzs

sco ing 1,2,3,4 Captain; Stud.ent cil 1,2,3; CSC 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; Intramurals 1,2 1 'The devil tempts every man, but an idle man tempts the devil."

Brian J. Carberry

Daniel P. Catrino

Joseph F. Chiarantona

808 Keely Place Philadelphia, PA 19128 (215) 487-0374 Immaculate Heart of Mary Forum 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; LaSallian Youth 3,4;.NHS 4; Yearbook 4, Wisterian 4 "ToWhom: much is given, much is expected.'' Jesus Christ

240 Shoemaker Road Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 947-3586 St. Albert the Great Soccer 3,4; Track & Field 2,3; CSC 3,4 "We used to see in color. Now it's only black and white. It's only black and white because the world is color blind." Scott Weiland

1115 Jericho Road Abington, PA 19001 (215) 884-1214 Our Lady Help of Christians Swimming 1,2,3,4 (Captain); Soccer 1,2,3; Track & Field 2,3; CSC 1,2,3,4; MCC 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2; LaSallian Youth 4; Student Council 3; WEXP 4 "Life is like film; it will only develop if you take your best shot." Bazooka Joe


Jared M. Calamia

Justin E. Capetola

Christopher J. Cappelletti

l07 Nursery Drive \Jorristown, PA 19401 610) 277-4064 ioly Savior 'Evil will always triumph over good )ecause good is dumb." Dark Helmet, ,paceballs

6097 Hidden Valley Drive Doylestown, PA 18901 (215) 794-8612 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Baseball 1,2; CSC 4; Second Honors t2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3 "Tums out not where but who you're with that really matters" Dave Matthews Band

507 Faith Drive Norristown, PA 19403 Holy Savior Intramurals 1,2; Ice Hockey 4 "Burn, burn, yes, you're gonna burn." Rage Against the Machine

07 Woodlyn Drive .anghorne, PA 19053 215) 322-7231 ~ssumption B.V.M. :ross Country 1,2,3,4; Track & Field ,2,3,4; Ice Hockey 3,4 Mental will is a muscle that needs xercise, just like the muscles of the ody." Lynn Jennings

1669 Dillon Road Maple Glen, PA 19002 (215) 628-4290 .. . . . > St. Alphonsus Scholastic "L" 1,2,3; CorriRJJ-t~r C Intramurals 1,2; Science Cluli3,4; 3,4 "Supreme executive power deti~~~); a mandate from the masses, not ttf 路 some farcical aquatic ceremony!" Monty Python

3 Marian Circle Chalfont, PA 18914 (215) 822-8214 St. Jude Scholastic "L" 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4 "I've conquered my past, the future is .ere at last and I stand at the entrance to w world I can see. The good times iends beside me and the knowl路路~twill guide me forever sets me

John F. Clark


Alvin Clay IV

Joseph Colasante

20.15 Btittonwoo.d Lane Himtingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 657-4886 hnmaculate Conception Intramurals 1; Science Club 1; Crew 1,2; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; NHS "Life is sweet; live. Life's accomplishments mean nothing unless you had fun doing them. So, be cool, enjoy yourself, stay happy and healthy, and everything will be all right."

1317 Bronco Circle Warrington, PA 18976 (215) 343-3141 St. Robert Bellarmine Band 1,2,3,4; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; CSC 3,4; Spanish Club4 "Be there no question of certain l-lX,~l:i,ni:>r strengths. Know this stronger than all." Philip

Thomas Curran

Paul D'Orazio

Timothy Danaher

101 Nursery Drive Norristown, PA 19401 (610) 275-2056 Epiphany of Our Lord Crew 1,2,34; Cross Country 1,2,3; Science Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; NHS 3,4 "Those bananas worth having are those 路 which must be shaken from the tree."

1984 South Broad Street Lansdale, PA 19446 (610) 584-1149 Corpus Christi Intramurals 2,3,4; CSC 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4 "Funny how? I mean funny, like I'm a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I'm here to amuse you??" Tommy, Goodfellas

1833 Mifflin Drive Lansdale, PA 19446 (610) 584-6539 Corpus Christi Soccer 2,3,4; Track & Field 3; MCC 3,4; csc 3,4 "Take life as it comes: straight, no chaser." Bush



'3,4; CSC 2,3,4; Football l; Base11; Student Council 1 "The man who has everything figured out is probably a takes a very smart fella to say 'I don't know the answer."' Jerome Lawrence and Rober E.Lee

Thomas Crean

Stephen Crognale

Thomas Cross, Jr

15123 Kovats Drive Philadelphia, PA 19116 (215) 676-3688 St. Christopher Basketball I; Soccer 1,2,3,4; CSC 3,4; mtramurals 1,2,3,4 "The clock of life is wound but once; no man has the power to tell just when the hands will stop: af late or early hour, now is the only time you own. Live, love, toil. Place no faith in tomorrow for the clock may then be still."

3220 Aquetong Road Doylestown, PA 18901 (215) 297-5325 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Band 1,2,3,4; Theater 1,2,3,4; CSC 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1; Drama Club 4; Art Club 2 "Life has its many twists and turns; each of us must learn to deal with them on our own. We cannot listen to anyone but ourselves."

2377 Greensward South Warrington, PA 18976 (215) 343-0786 St. Robert Football 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; CSC 3; NHS 3,4; Student Council 4 "I hope if dogs ever take over the world, and they choose a king, they don't just go by the size, because I bet there are some chihuahuas with some good ideas." Jack Handey

Marvin Dandy '.555 North 28th Street )hiladelphia, PA 19132 215) 225-3676 ;t, Martin de Porres ~and 1,2,3,4 'There is only one thing in the world vorse than being talked about, and that s not being talked about." Oscar Wilde

Anthony Depasquale 1137 Wakeling Street Philadelphia, PA 19.124 (215) 535-8852 St. Martin of Tours Soccer 1,2,3,4; Scholastic 1~L" l; Cr Second Honors 2,3; CSC 1,2,3;1; Sci Club4 "You gain strength and confideriei['?Y every experience where you really';,!~.P to look fear in the face. You must doi:l:fe1/ thing you cannot do." Eleanor Roosevelt

26 Lawson Drive Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 357-4478 St Christopher Football 3,4 "Speak with your actions and no one will misunderstand you."


Saurabh Desai

Christopher DiLeonardo

4l32AnnaLynn Lane Hbrsham, PA 19044 (2.15) 654:-9197 Yearbook 2,3,4 (Editor); CSC 2,3,4; Intra.murals 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Stage Crew 3,4; MCC 3,4; LaSallian Youth 2,3,4; Mathletes 3,4; Drama Club 4; Japanese Club 4; Mock Trial 4 "I no doubt deserve my enemies, but I doubt I deserve my friends." Walt Whitman

1239 Jeffrey Lane Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 752-1606 Our Lady of Grace Football 1,2,3,4; Track & Field 1; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Theater 3; Band 1,2,3,4 "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and,,,, . determination that whether \Al~ft~·i:ft . or lose we have applied the ~¢.sf of ourselves to the task at h~J~:" Vincent Lombardi

Kevin Dwyer 372 Paxton Lane Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 752-5374 St. Ignatius Ski Club 4; Scholastic "L" 1 "None is more hopelessly enslaved than thbse who falsely believe they are free."


Matthew Elliott 6409 North Sixth Street Philadelphia, PA 19126 (215) 927-4942 St. Helena Intra.murals 1,2,3,4; CSC 3 "The race is not to the swift or the battle to strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

, • 6~key 3,4; Second Honors 2; C 1,2,3,4; MCC 4; Intra.murals 1,2,3,4 "You' re telling me I have to change, you're telling me to act my age, but if all that I can do is just sit and watch everyone go, Then I will have to say goodbye, because life's too short to watch it fly." Goldfinger

Scott Emrich 1101 Sherman Ave Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 663-1874 St. Hilary of Poitiers Wisterian 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Computer Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Soccer 3; Wrestling 1,2; Yearbook 3,4; CSC 4 "Bought a ticket for a runaway h'ain like a madman laughing at the rain little out of touch little insane just easier then dealing with the pain runaway train never corning back runaway but it always seems the same" Soul'Asylum

Hugh Do1melly Alexis Drive ower Gwynedd, PA 19002 (15) 699-8545 :. Rose of Lima )otball l,2,3,4; Baseball l,2,3,4; :udent Council 2,4; Scholastic "L" 2,4; NHS 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4 (ou will make all kinds of mistakes; 1t as long as you are generous and .1e, and also fierce, you cannot hurt e world or even seriously distress ir. She was made to be wooed and )11 by youth." Winston Churchill

Brendan Dougherty 204 Hamel A venue Glenside, PA 19038 (215) 887-0492 Queen of Peace "It is impossible to escape the impression that people commonly use false standards of measure, that they seek power, success, and wealth for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what is the true value of life." Sigmund Freud

Kevin Dougherty 5950 Loretto A venue Philadelphia, PA 19149 (215) 537-5869 St. Martin of Tours WEXP 2,3,4; CSC 4; Wisterian 4; Mock Trial 4 "True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass others at whatever cost, but to serve others at whatever cost." Arthur Ashe

Terence Fallon · Loney Street ladelphia, PA 19111 5) 742-3583 ::::ecilia : 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1; Art Club 1 e need someone, something new, tething else to get us through.'' Jim :rison

50 Sunshine Road Southampton, PA 18966 (215) 355-7413 ·. ·• Our Lady of Good C01.1t1~el Soccer 1,2,3,4; Track l,3,4';~SC "He who dies with the most}mone dies."

515 Toll Road Oreland, PA 19075 (215) 885-9042 Holy Martyrs Band 1,2,3,4; Science Club 3,4; NHS 3,4 "And no one showed us to the land. And no one knows the where or · · hy's. But something stirs and :i,~thing tries. And starts to climb 51.s the light." Pink Floyd


Robert Farrell 5p,5M.ii.tks Road Orelan:d, PA19074 (21,5) 884~1114 . Holy Martyrs Hockey 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; CSC 2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Crew 1 "It's hard to live a reputation down. Especially when your actions live up to it." Michael Lewin

Kevin Fitzpatrick 9 Winston Circle Horsham, PA 19044 (215) 641-0674 St Catherine of Siena NHS; Scholastic "L"; Wisterian; Yearbook; Band; Chorus; Theater; Latin Club; Japanese Club; Photo Club; MCC; Drama Club; Gaming Club "Nothing so strong as gentleness ... nothing so gentle as real strength."


Daniel Felix 16 Morris Road Ambler, PA 19002 (215) 654-0749 Hockey 3,4 all 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Ski tib.1,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; SADD4 "Make new friends, but keep the old. Those are silver, these are gold."

Philip Freiler 1274 Thomson Road Roslyn, PA 19001 (215) 886-1777 St. John of the Cross CSC 3,4; Yearbook 4; Photo Club 2,4 "My advice to people today is as follows: if you take the game of life seriously, if you take your nervous system seriously, if you take your sense organs seriously, you must turn on, tune in, and drop out." Timothy Leary

Ryan Gallagher 410 Magee Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 742-3480 St. William Football 2,3,4; Track & Field 1,2,3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Second Honon 1,2,3,4 "The more things change, the mon things stay the same." House of P:

Michael Greger 666 Meadowbrook Ave Ambler, PA 19002 (215) 646-8493 St. Joseph Scholastic "L" 1,2; Second Honors 3; Intramurals 1,2,4; Wisterian 1,2; Crew 1,2,3,4; WEXP 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; CSC 3,4 "All my life I kept trying to go up in society, where everything higher up was legal. But the higher I go, the crookeder it becomes. Where the hell does it end?" The Godfather, Part.III

Craig Gugger 4195 Shoemaker Road Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 675-0428 St. David Crew 1; Lacrosse 2,3,4; CSC 1,2,3,4; SADD 3,4; Student Council 2; Ski Club 4; Cross Country 4 "Seeking to understand requires consideration; seeking to be understood takes courage."

Robert Hamby 1244 Tulip Street Warminster, PA 18974 Nativity of Our Lord "Many times I've lied. Many times I've listened. Many times I've wondered how much there is to know." Led Zeppelin

Francis Hevener L55 Lower Holland Road :.iolland, PA 18966 :215) 322-8316 3t. Bede the Venerable :::sc 3,4; Lacrosse l; Wrestling 2; :Jhotography Club 4; Yearbook 4; )rama Club 4; WEXP 4; Ski Club l,2,3,4; Stage Crew 4 'Experience is a hard teacher and there ire no graduates, degrees, or survirors." Jason Heim

8004 Winston Rdad Philadelphia, PA 19118 (215) 248-1737 ... St. Paul's Episcopal Stage Crew 1,2,3,4; WEXJ_),2,3,4; Wisterian 3,4 ...... "I've conquered my past. Th~tt~~ire i here at last. I stand at the a new world. I can see the ruins to'ili'e: right of me. Will soon have lost sigh:t\, 1 ofme." U2 路'

6204 Shelbourne Street Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 342-2122 St. William Cross Country l; Track 1; CSC 3,4 "Now it's my turn kid, so watch me .. ~hum. There's only so many spots. 路 '.hey're hard to earn." House of Pain


James Hoagland

Matthew Holbert

1285 Holstein Court Blue Bell, PA 19422 (610) 279-8499

1469 Swamp Road Furlong, PA 18925 (215) 598-3006

St. Helena WEXP 2,3,4 "Protect the country, stand by my family and friends, plan for my future, don't stop 'til I've reached my Hollywood dreams." Stephen Serbin

Our Lady of Mount Carmel CSC 1,2,3; Football 1; Lacrosse 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Stage Crew 2,3,4 "Our lives have really just begun. It i time to move on. We were all stran each other once. Sometimes asJ bring great healing to your HJ~. . . ow we all must start over again ,,:~c:Become strangers to others." 路

Nicholas Incollingo

Matthew John

5904 Loretto Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19149 (215) 744-4084

130 Brittany Way Blue Bell, PA 19422

St. Martin of Tours WEXP 3,4; Track & Field 2,3,4; Peer Ministry 4; Second Honors 1,2,3,4 "I pity the fool..." Mr. T

St. Rose of Lima Tennis 1,2,3,4; SADD 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Soccer 1; Football 1,2; CSC 3,4; Basketball 1 "I gotta send someone from this squadron to Miramar. I gotta do somethin' .. .I still can't believe it. I must give you your dream shot. I'm sending you up against the best. You two characters are going to Top Gun." Stogie Top Gun


(215) 699-4262

, . dnors 1,3; Wisterian 1,2,3,4; ttb 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Yearbook "Roses are red and violets blue. And all the sweetest flowers, that in the forest grew." Edmund Spencer

Charles Johnson 3004 Congress Road Norristown, PA 19403 (610) 584-1136

St. Titus Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Art Club 2,4; CSC 4; WEXP 4; Tennis 1,2; Track and Field 4; Bike Club 1; SADD 4; Intramurals 2,3,4 " ... running down a dream never would come to me; working on a mystery, going wherever it leads." Tom Petty

Kristian Houser 467 Meetinghouse Road

lmison, PA 18929 n5) 343-3628

t. Cyril of Jemsalem :sc 2,3,4; Lacrosse 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; 1tramurals 2,3,4; SADD 3,4

NO HOPE = NO FEAR" Peter Steele

Michael Hunsicker 3 Pin Oak Lane Horsham, PA 19044 St. Catherine of Siena Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; CSC 1,2,3,4; Japanese Club 4 "Look at the stars .. .I haven't seen them in a while ... Guess I should look up more often." M.K.H.

Jeffrey Huntzinger 819 Brushtown Road

Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437 Golf 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Basketball 3,4

"Some people look at the glass half empty, some half full. I think. .. someone drank out of it." George Carlin

Joseph Kaupas DOl Country Club Drive ioylestown, PA 18901 ~15) 343-0224 t. Robert Bellarmine occer 1,2,3; Cross Country 4; Track 4 There are many here among us who !el that life is but a joke. But you and I, re've been through that, and this is not ur fate, so let us not talk falsely now, 1e hour is getting late." Bob Dylan

2315 Lexington Court Lansdale, PA 19446 (215) 368-0789

Corpus Christi •.. . .·. Forensics 1,2,3,4; WEXP 2;3,/1; The "Time, don't let it slip away:/~aisey drinking glass. Here's to yester~§l.Y: " Steven Tyler ·

3523 Vinton Road Philadelphia, PA 19154 (215) 632-8761

St. Anselm Theater 1,2,3,4; Art Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Chorus 4; CSC 2,3,4; Science Club Wisterian 1,2 en choosing between two evils, I ys like to try the one I've never .ore." Mae West


Christopher Kebler

Peter Keller

8590 Old Line Road Philadelphia, PA 19128 (215) 482-7030

427 Gilpin Road Narberth, PA 19072 (610) 667-0497

Immaculate Heart of Mary "Good friends are hard to find but memories with them will last a lifetime." Anonymous

St. Margaret Band 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Science Club 4 "The order is rapidly fadin' and the first. one now will later be the last, for the times they are a-changin." Zimmerman

Michael Knowski 1224 Summit Court Warminster, PA 18974

Kevin Kohler, Jr 1842 Howe Lane Maple Glen, PA 19002

ckey 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; and Field 1,2 "I have another sip, no skip it in the back of the ride and bust out the whippet, rope a dope Dookies all around the neck, woo hah, I got them all in check.' Beastie Boys

James Kouch 1100 Norfolk Road Philadelphia, PA 19115

(215) 443-9135

(215) 643-7610

(215) 671-1787

Nativity of our Lord CSC 1,2,3,4; Art Club 3,4; Drama Club 4; NHS 3,4; Wisterian 2,3,4; Swimming t2,3,4; Theater 3,4; Band 1,2; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3,4; German Club 3,4 "Each of us is given a pocketful of time to spend however we may. We use what we will. We waste what we will. But we can never get back a day." Roger Wilcox

St. Alphonsus Crew 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; CSC 2,3,4; Cross Country 1; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3 "Face your fears; live your dreams."

Maternity BVM Ski Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Lat: Club 3,4; CSC 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3 "I am recognizing that the voice inside my head is urging me to be myself ani never follow someone else, because opinions are like voices - we all have different kinds." A Tribe Called Que:


Donald Kerper 87 Martin Street 'hiladelphia PA 19128 n5) 487-0975 t, John the Baptist owling 2; Lacrosse 1; LaSallian Youth 2 Back in the days there were Irish ways nd Irish laws standing up for the ause." House of Pain

Christopher Kerrigan 11705 Stevens Road Philadelphia, PA 19116 (215) 698-7685 St. Christopher "In my mind I'm everyone without a care in this whole world, without a care in this life, it's what you take that makes it right." Billy Corgan

Vin2enzo 070 E. Allegheny Avenue 'hiladelphia, PA 19134 215) 425-6427 ,t. John Cantius :horns 2,4; Science Club 1; Scholastic "L" ,2,4; LaSallian Youth 4; NHS 4; Drama ]ub 4; MCC 2,3; German Club 1,2 Would you realize what revolution is, all it progress; and would you realize vhat progress is, call it tomorrow." 'ictorHugo

425 Gwynedd VaH~y Gwynedd Valley, PA,J9 (215) 699- 2473 St. Joseph Forensics l,2,3,4(Presiden.1:}i\vVis 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Latin Club2iq,4:( President); Student Council l;'~re Yearbook 2; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3~. "Yossarian rejoiced, holding both aloft triumphantly as though hoping . squeeze revalations from them. 'Danb you dope! There is hope after all"' Josepl Heller

Jonathan King 78 Manor Place Oreland, PA 19075 (215) 576-5960 Holy Martyrs Ice Hockey 1,2,3,4; Crew 1; Wisterian 2,3,4(Editor); Yearbook 3,4; Photo Club 3,4; Mock Trial 4; WEXP .4 "Until the day when all people have achieved total equality, our nation has not lived up to its full potential."

Giuseppe Laguda 716 Collins Avenue Lansdale, PA 19446 (215) 699-5160 St. Anthony Student Council 3,4; Athletic Trainer; 2,3,4; Tennis 1,2; Football 2,3; WEXP .2,3,4; Theater 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; 路 ptball Manager 4; CSC 2,3 路路路.er give a sword to a man who ance." Gaelic Proverb


Anthony Leonard 2716 Brown Street l'luladelphia, PA 19130 (215) 232.:3309 St. Francis Xavier Ice Hockey 1,2,3,4; Crew 2,3,4 "Forget about it." Donnie Brasco

Kevin Lyons 27 Hickory Lane Chalfont, PA 18914 Mary, Mother of the Redemer Football 1; MCC 1,2,3,4; Theater 2,3,4; Stage Crew 2,3,4; Yearbook 4 ''1:'pday is the tomorrow we dreamed aboutyesterda:y." Bazooka Joe


James Liberi 226 Abbey Lane Lansdale, PA 19446 (215) 855-6869 Mary, Mother of the Redemer Football 1; Golf 3,4; CSC 4 "It is said that you should leave a mark wherever you go. I hopefully left my mark on my friends, my school, all:~f>~, of all, myself. It's time for chang~0~rtf;niy life. And as long as it's in my:.pqntrol, it's for the best" · · ·

Patrick Maholland 230 Birch Drive Lafayette Hill, PA 19444 (610) 825-1495 St. Philip Neri Guitar Ensemble; Wisterian 4 "You never knocked me down, Ray. I'm still standing, you never knocked me down." Robert DeNiro

106 Lenape D~W~ijrft Lansdale, · · '9l:146 (215) .~ of tl;i.e Redemer ey 3,4; MCC 3,4; WEXP 4; Theate1 ramaClub4

William Markmann 202 Propert Drive Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 947-5939 St. Albert the Great Swimming 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Crew l; Scholsatic "L" 1,2,3,4; Stage Crew 3,4; NHS 3,4; CSC 1,2,3,4 "Some people say that nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day!" Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger, tool)

Bradley Longosky l Hidden Turn ewtown, PA 18940 15) 860-6668 •.Andrew )otball 1; Crew 1,2,3,4; CSC 4 want everyone else I meet in the hole world to like me, except the =ople I've already met, handled, ,und inconsequential, and forgot )out." Joseph Heller

Michael Lorusso

Matthew Luhks

1418 Tanglewood Drive Gwynedd, PA 19436 (215) 699-0555 St. Rose of Lima Student Council 1,2,3,4; Football l,2,3,4; Basketball l,2,3,4; Crew 1,2,3,4; LaSallian Youth 3,4; SADD 3,4; MCC 3,4; Attack Pack 3,4 "Men show their character in nothing more clearly than by what think laughable." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

645 Burgundy Place Yardley, PA 19067 (215) 369-0670 St. Ignatius Student Council 1; Intramurals 1,2; Latin Club 2,3; Forensics 2,3; Lacrosse 2,3; CSC 2,3,4; Wisterian 3; NHS 3,4; SADD 3,4(President) "I never let schooling interfere with my education." Mark Twain

Joseph Marquis 18 Bartlett Street Philadelphia, PA 19115 (215) 673-0793 3t. Albert the Great CSC 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Science Club 2 "A gold medal is a wonderful thing, but if you're not enough without it, you'll never be enough with it." fohnCandy

Nicholas Mattiacci 3525 Vista Street . Philadelphia, PA 191% (215) 624-0889 . St. Matthew NHS 3,4; Football 1; tlasKet10.a11 Baseball l,2,3,4 "Frustration is knowing as I'm here the best you can second place."

1146 Fox Chase Road Rydal, PA 19046 (215) 884-8773 Immaculate Conception Football l; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Second Honors; CSC; Student Council; Intramurals 1,2,3,4 t is not whether you get knocked >n, it is whether you get up." Vince ·· ardi


> .·•.·. .·.

,l\ifichael Mauriello

..•• 2~~ Br,ofld.i\qes Ro~d \ U~nsgale,PA 19446 ··. ··(215) 997-9714 Mary, Mother of the Redeemer NHS 3,4; Ice Hockey 2,3,4; Band 2,3; Scholastic "L" 2,3; CSC 3 "They don't ask you how; they ask you how many!" Derek Sanderson

Scott McCarry 1126 Tabor Terrace Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 342-5273 St. Cecilia Scholastic "L" 1,2,3; NHS 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4 "There must be some kind of way out here, said the drunkard to the thief There's too much confusion; relief." Jimi Hendrix I

fPoitiers ~2,3,4; CSC 3,4; Latin Club 3,4 i Gan called out to himself every day, "Master." Then he answered himself, "Yes, sir." Then he added, "Beco1ne sober." "Yes, sir." And he continued," "Do not be deceived by others." "Yes,sir, yes, sir," he replied. Ma-Man-Kwan

Colin McManus 841 Rodman A venue Jenkintown, PA 19046 (215) 887-0624 Immaculate Conception NHS 3,4; CSC 1,2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Inti;amurals 1,2,3,4; Science Club 34 r;, \",<:'.',:>I,:: "Ti:rneisneyer, time at all, you can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth, and our lives are forever changed; we will never be the same." Smashing Pumpkins


1260 Cherry Lane Blue Bell, PA 19422 (610) 277-9576 St. Helena Student Councill; Latin Club 2,3; Science Club 2,3; Track 2; CSC 2,3 "Give an Irishman lager for six months, and he's a dead man. For his insides are lined with copper, and the beer corrodes it. But give an Irishman whiskey, and he will live forever." Mark Twain

5 Cypress Place Lafayette Hill, PA 19444 (610) 825-5477 St. Philip Neri Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Trackl,2,3,4; csc 2,3,4 "Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches. us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. · This is what it's all about." Patti Sue Plumer

Daniel McFadden 58 Meadowbrook Drive Iuntingdon Valley, PA 19006 n5) 914-0886

t. Hilary :sc 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Science :lub 2,4; Latin Club 2,3,4

I judge wisely - as Hnothin' ever urprise me - loungin' between two ,mars of ivory - I'm lively - my :omepiece is like building stones in ;reece - I comb da deep - from ancient l1rones I speak - I'm overwhelm as my aind roams the da realm" - GZA

Colin McGinley 3512 Ridge Pike

Collegeville, PA 19426 (610) 631-9647

St. Eleanor Track & Field 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4 "All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten." Robert Fulghum

Brendan McGlone 1312 Disston Street Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 722-7236

Resurrection of Our Lord Football 1,2,3,4; Crew 1,2,4; Scholastic "L" 3

"Who would have guessed reading and writing paid off?" Homer Simpson

Matthew Mee )925 Norwalk Road ?hiladelphia, PA 19115 Visitation BVM ,cholastic "L" 1,2,4; CSC 4 ''Individuality is founded in feel:ngs; and the recesses of feeling, the :larker, blinder strata of character, the only places in the world in which we catch real fact in the making." William James

3344 Wellington Street Philadelphia, PA 1914.9 (215) 331-5908

613 Wade Avenue Horsham, PA 19044 (215) 628-8746

St. Matthew Football 1; Basketball ... ,... ,..,,~â&#x20AC;˘. ¡ "I often sit back and think, I'd done that," and find out I already have." Richard

St. Catherine of Siena Soccer 2,3; Track 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; MCC 1,2; Science Club Second Honors 1,2,3,4 uccess comes before work only in dictionary."


Neil Mikulski .)'422 Ov~rhill Road 路 . Melrose Park, PA 1.9027 路 (215) 782~1148 路 路 St.Joseph Football 1,2,3,4; Golf 3,4 "Maybe you'll find direction around some corner where it's been waiting to meet you." Grateful Dead

Christopher Murphy 29 Timber Road Horsham, PA 19044 (215) 657-3393 Cross Country 1,2; Track 1; Ice Hockey 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2 ":The key to success is hard work, and the key to hard work is determination."


Kevin Miller 5720 Weymouth Street Philadelphia, PA 19120 (215) 722-4248 St. William Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Track & Field 1,2,3,4; csc 3,4 "Dream until your dreams come

Michael Murphy 6006 Old Eagle Lane Fort Washington, PA 19034 (610) 828-8743 St. Philip Neri Baseball 1; Wrestling 3; Band 1,2,3,4; WEXP3,4 "We learned a lot as you can see; we won't be back because we're free." Plow United

g 2,3,4; CSC 1,2,3,4; Japanese 4; Latin Club 4; Intramurals 1,2,3/ , 'Fishing Club 1,2 "Many times I've gazed along the open road, many times I've lied, many times I've listened, many times I've wonderec how much there is to know; many dreams come true; I live for my dream." Led Zeppelin

Dennis Murray 1220 Bethlehem Pike Flourtown, PA 19031 (215) 233-3815 St. Genevieve Crew 1,2,3,4; CSC 1,2 "My advice to you is to start drinking heavily." John Belushi

Patrick Moore L02 St. Andrew Place \Jewtown, PA 18940 '.215) 860-0230 ,t. Andrew 3aseball l,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; Ski ::::lub 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3; CSC 1,2 'All I want out of life is to be able :o walk down the street and have Jeople point at me and say, 'there ;oes the greatest hitter who ever ived."' Ted Williams

Ryan Mulrain

Matthew Morace 8410 Strahle Terrace Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 722-1172 St. Cecilia CSC 2,3,4; Science Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; NHS 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Intramurals 4 "You say the hill's too steep to climb ... you' d like to see me try climbing. You pick the place; I'll choose the time .. .I'll climb the hill in my own way." Pink Floyd

5281 Rogers Circle Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 (610) 828-2209 St. Philip Neri Football 3; Baseball 1; Intramurals 2; Student Council 2; Art Club2 "We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams." Willy W onka

Peter Nocero III 9 Joshua Drive '.ichboro, PA 18954 t. Vincent de Paul ootball l,2,3,4 Life's short and too hard like a odybuilding elf." The Bloodhound ;ang

1010 Hereford Drive Blue Bell, PA 19422 (610) 272-3451 St. Helena Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2/3,,4; L 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; SADD 4; Band 1; Sf Council 3,4 · .•• "Success is doing more than yotl~~ElA to before you're asked to, not because y'i:J~: . have to, but because you want to." M:~t:,

1009 Davis Road Ambler, PA 19002 (215) 643-1985 St. Alphonsus Fishing Club 1,2,3; SADD 2; CSC 3 "Almost every man wastes part of his life in attempts to display alities which he does not possess, .to gain applause which he Jkeep." Dr. Johnson 1


Rajesh N oronha 729 South Roberts Road Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 (610) 527~5480 路 St.John Neumann CSC 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Forum 1,2,3,4; Science Club 2,3,4; Band 1; Chorus 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4 "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." Robert Frost

Teague O'Malley 608 Grace Lane Flourtown, PA 19031 (215) 233-5967 Holy Martyrs Swimming 1,2,3,4; Crew 1,2; CSC 1,2,3,4; Theater 3,4;Scholastic "L" 2,4 "Be ridiculous, make friends with freed9m, drink sunsets, take moonbaths, stamp ot'lt conformity, hug trees, bang pots and pans, be advanced, draw on the walls, laugh a lot, cultivate moods, just strive to be happy!"


Paul O'Connor 278 Batleson Road Ambler, PA 19002 (215) 283-2447 Theater 2,3,4 "The saddest thing in life is wasted talent" A Bronx Tale

William O'Shaughnessy 7612 Rockwell Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 742-5640 Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4 "I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I feel my fate in what I cannot fear. I learn by going where I have to go." Theodore Roethke

Football 1:Z,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4 s a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man." JackHandey

Jason Olcese 411 Maplewood Drive Norristown, PA 19401 (610) 275-4876 St. Paul Scholastic "L" 1,2,3,4; Ice Hockey 3,4 "Now this is not the end. It is not the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Winston Churchill

Peter O'Donnell

Andrew O'Hara

Brendan O'Hara

52 St. Georges Road 'hiladelphia, PA 19119 215) 248-0297 :rew 3,4; Spanish Club 2,4; Tennis 1,2 When all else fails lower your stan_ards."

860 Belfry Drive Blue Bell, PA 19422 (610) 275-1908 St. Helena Crew 1,2; Bowling 3,4 "Out here ya gotta remember the book, and learn a thousand things that have never been printed. Probably never will be, ya gotta learn right and ya gotta learn fast." John Wayne

811 Nesbitt Road Maple Glen, PA 19002 (215) 643-9749 St. Alphonsus Swimming 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; CSC 2,3,4; Track & Field 2,3; Art Club 1,2,3,4; Japanese Club 4 "Just remember the time it was and oh what a time it was, it was ... " Neil Young

L20 Grakelow Drive rrnison, PA 18929 :15) 343-0753 :. Cyril ttramurals 1,2,3; Ski Club 2,3,4; Fishing lub3 {emember, the lucky rabbit's foot ldn' t work for the rabbit."

7733 Ardleigh Sfr~_et Philadelphia, PA 19~!8 (215) 247-1873 ...... Germantown Jewish c;p.ter Chorus 3; Forensics 3; MCJJ.3,4; Club 1; Theater 2,3,4 . ¡â&#x20AC;˘. "To dream of the person your~b like to be is to waste the person" you are."

1636 Hancock Road Gwynedd, PA 19436 (215) 699-7063 St. Rose of Lima Scholastic "L" 1,2; CSC 1,2,3,4; Forum 1,2,3,4; MCC 2,3,4; Wisterian 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4 .a man will begin with certainties, \1all end in doubts, but if he will 'stent to begin with doubts, he in certainties." Francis

James Palmieri


Jeremy Palo ··1758 Palomino Drive Warrington:, PA 18976 (215) 343~2083 St. Robert Bellarmine Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 3,4; Soccer 1 "The American people ... they want leadership, they're so thirsty for it they'll crawl through the desert toward a mirage and when they discover there's no water, they'll drink the sand." Lewis Rothschild

Justin Primus 222 Windsor Way Doylestown, PA 18901 (215) 230-0495 Student Council 1; CSC 2; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4 "The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust, sweat, and blood. So that his place shall never be with those who know neither victory nor defeat."


Charles Peterson IV 2235 Edge Hill Road Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 659-5188 Our Lady Help of Christians Wisterian 2,3,4; Scholastic "L" 1,3; Bowling 3,4; Photography Club 1; NHS .... 3,4; Intramurals 1; Computer Club 2 · "If you're not confused, you don't know what's going on."

Dan Purtell 320 Moyer Boulevard North Wales, PA 19454 (215) 699-4363 Baseball 1,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; CSC 1,2,4; Fishing Club 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4 "I believe that any man's finest hourhis greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted." Vince Lombardi

teHeart of Mary · bn't wanna change the world, I ·' don't want the world to change me." Ozzy Osbourne

all l,2,3,4

Gregory Queen 22 Crestview Road Hatboro, PA 19040 (215) 674-3894 St. Joseph Wisterian 2,3,4; Yearbook 2,3,4; Photoi raphy Club 2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4 "Life is a journey, not a destination, and you just don't know what tomorrow brings." Aerosmith

Jeffrey Pietrak

Daniel Ponisciak

Christopher Plachta

059 Allengrove Street 'hiladephia, PA 19124 215) 535-2072

1839 Lansing Street Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 342-7234

t. Martin of Tours ,aseball l,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; NHS ,4; Scholastic "L" 1; Second Honors ,3 Have your fun now, because once 1.e season starts, it's all me."

St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Catholic Church Art Club 1,2,3,4; Theater l; CSC 4; Science Club l; Photography Club 1 "And how high can you fly with broken wings? Life's a journey, not a destination. And I just can't tell just what tomorrow brings." Aerosmith

St. Hilary of Poitiers CSC 1,2,3,4; Baseball l,2,3,4; NHS 4; Basketball l,2,3,4; Scholastic "L" 3,4; Yearbook 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Second Honors 1,2 A life is not important, except in the impact it has on the other lives." Jackie Robinson II

Gilbert Ramos 15 Linden A venue :Ienside, PA 19038 ~15) 572-7951 1.tramurals 1,2,3,4; Ice Hockey 3,4;

ishing Club 3; CSC 3 You never become successful by reaming. You become successful by rorking to the best of your ability nd having faith in yourself. To ~ach your goal, three main ingredints: self discipline, determination, nd desire." Bernie Parent

14001 Trevose Road . Philadelphia, PA 19116> (215) 677-3211

St. Christopher Basketball l,2,3,4; 1Ja,:,c:L•nu.;.1.,,r..,v, Football 1; Student "Leave the gun, bring the ~~..~.~~',t.· Clemenza

9 Danbridge Drive Horsham, PA 19044 (215) 542-1442

Calvary Chapel Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2 ..... "Every man dies, or every man really ··lives." William Wallace


· ·•·. William Reid ·~'.\[,8l?E~b11Ayenue ";. fhilad~lphia, PA 19116 ·.•(215)676-1561 ..·· .·.·St Christopher Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Track & Field 3,4; Tennis 1,2; lntramurals 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; CSC 3,4; SADD 3,4; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3,4 "You can't steal second base and keep one foot on first."


Brian Romanzo 5 Baron Lane Ambler, PA 19002 (215) 628-8425 Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Crew 1,2,3,4 (Co-captain); Football 1; NHS 3,4; CSC 1,2,3,4 "As >the;C?strich when pursued hides his head putforgets his body, so the fears of a· coward expose him to danger." Dalai Lama


Timothy Reiley 496 Sanger Street Philadelphia, PA 19120 (215) 722-8927 St. William Scholastic "L" 1,2,3; Theater 1,2,3,4; WEXP 3,4; NHS 3,4; Wisterian 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Mathletes 3; Computer Club 1,2; CSC 2,3,4 "It's morphin' time!" White Ranger

Mark Ruegg 121 Plowshare Road Norristown, PA 19403 (610) 631-1531 Visitation BVM Baseball 1; Football 1; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; CSC 4 "All you live and how fly, smiles you'll give and tears. You'll cry, all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be." Pink Floyd

•..· <•~y 1,2,3,4; Football 1; fotramu1,2,3,4 1~1 don't feel pain, it's all in the mind." Onyx

Andrew Sayers 6004 Loretto A venue Philadelphia, PA 19149 St. Martin of Tours Scholastic "L" l; Second Honors 2; WEXP 3,4; Track 4 "Until my death my goal's to stay alive, survival of the fit, only the stroni survive." Mobb Deep

Adam Richards L6 Village Drive :;easterville, PA 19053 :215) 322-0379 Christopher 3aseball 2,3,4 'Some days you eat the bear and some lays the bear eats you." Rosemary ~ichards


Kevin Robinson

Andrew Romano

430 Vernon Road Jenkintown, PA 19046 (215) 886-5034 Immaculate Conception Soccer 1,2,3; Lacrosse 1,2; CSC 1,2,3,4; Track 3 "Mother's in the kitchen washin' out the jugs, sister's in the pantry bottling the suds. Fathers' in the cellar mixin' up the hops, Johnny's on the front porch watchin' for the cops." Prohibition Song

141 Cherry Blossom Drive Churchville, PA 18966 (215) 355-6517 Nativity of Our Lord Cross Country 1; Crew 1,2; Swimming 1,3; Lacrosse 2,3; Scholastic "L" 2; Second Honors 1,3 "Standing on the hill and the mountain of dreams telling myself it's not as hard, hard, hard as it seems." Led Zepplin

Eric Seiferth 530 Kingsley Drive Varminster, PA 18974 215) 674-9410 t. Joseph Visterian 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; 'heater 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 4; CSC ,4; Scholastic "L" 1; Bowling 2,3,4; :omputer Club 1,2; Science Club 4; VEXP 4; Chorus 2,3,4; School Mascot

200 Forrest Avenue Elkins Park, PA 1902Z (215) 572-8151 , . St. James Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Sche>las.tic "L' 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; WEXP 3,4t'.Jlli~at Wisterian 4; Yearbook 4 "Time misspent in youth is so~etifues? all the freedom one ever has." A.fl Brookner


1220 Warden Way Fort Washington, PA 19034 (215) 542-1464 St. Genevieve Baseball 1,2,4; Football 1,2,3,4 "We did whatever we wanted. We were wise guys. Anyone complained, .... ey got hit so hard, believe they ' 路 f complained again. We did it 路 .d now it's over." Henry Hill,

All the world is a stage; it must be ttacked from every angle." C.D. apowski


S. Paul Sharkey


524 Willow .Grove A venue Glenside, PA 19038 (215) 884-7209

108 Hazel Avenue Westmont, NJ 08108 (609) 858-9891

St. Luke the Evangelist Sh1dent Council 3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; CSC 2,3,4; Theater 2,3,4; LaSallian Youth 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3,4 "I care not whether I die tomorrow or next year if only my deeds live after me!" Cuchulainn, Warrior of Ireland

SS. Peter and Paul MCC 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Crew 3,4 "Innocence; when the neophyte is ....· ignorant of learning, affect; the mind. · controls every move causing a ·· deliberate and uninspired exe Trancendence, technique ~~#( n, to allow motions to flow u~~peded by analysis and criticistB}·f'£YArt of a Swordsman · •··

Gavin Smith

David Spangler

203 Runnymede A venue Jenkintown, PA 19046 (215) 884-0357

Immaculate Conception Crew 1,2,3,4; CSC 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3; Scien.ce Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; LasallianYouth 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Yearb.ook 4 "The will to win is not really as important as the will to prepare to win."


• Street 19122

t?s no such thing as chance: And at to us seems merest accident, springs from the deepest source of destiny." Johaim von Schiller

Christopher Stack

3017 Green Ridge Drive Norristown, PA 19403 (610) 584:-5064

1750 Sheffield Drive Blue Bell, PA 19422

Visitation BVM Soccer 2,3; Baseball 2; Track & Field 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; CSC 2,3,4; MCC 3,4; Scholastic "L" 2,3; NHS 4; Student Council 4 "All I'm saying is I want to look back and say that I did the best I could while I was stuck in this place. Had as much fun as I could while I was stuck in this place. Played as hard as I could when I was stuck in this place."

Epiphany of Our Lord Soccer 1,2,3,4; Golf 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; SADD 3,4; CSC 3,4 "Now I am a mindless drifter on the road of life." Neil Young

(610) 277-7407

Joseph Siravo 9121 Verree Road

Philadelphia, PA 19115 (215) 676-1143

Maternity BVM CSC 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 1 "I often sit back and think: 'I wish I had done that,' and find out later I already have." Richard Harris

Christopher Small

Mark Smalley

213 Avon Road Narberth, PA 19072 (610) 664-7419

421 Drayton Road Oreland, PA 19075 (215) 885-6471

St. Margaret Crew 1; Theater 3,4 "I took the [road] less traveled by." Robert Frost

St. Genevieve CSC 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Japanese Club 4; Football 1; y\lrestlii1g 4 "Upon my podium, as theknow-it scholar down ii1 my seat ofjudgment.c gavel's bang - uphold the.lawupon my soapbox, a leader . out to change the world ... " Dave Mustaine 0


Gary Staffieri Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

1405 Glen Echo L Dresher, PA 19025

(215) 947-6539

(215) 542-8319

3t. Albert the Great [ce Hockey 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 3,4 "Far better it is to dare mighty things; win or fail, than it is to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much; nor suffer much; for they live ln that grey twilight thatknows not victory, nor defeat." T. Roosevelt

St. Alphonsus Science Club 3,4; Japanese; MCC 4; Second Honors 1,2; "L" 3; German Club 1,2,3 "An open road where I can brea where the lowest low is calling to But I can pull myself back up, back down." Beck

385 Welsh Road

8048 Pine Road

Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 725-2052

St. Cecilia Lacrosse 1,2; NHS 3,4; Intramurals 1,2; · Art Club l; Scholastic "L" 1 · :million things go through my · ·· ,. and I find, you ain't gotta be in · .e doin' time." Makaveli




Matthew Styer

.路 1108 Oo~ood Circle Hltte Bell, PA 19422 (610) 279.:.1782

Our Mother of Consolation NHS 3,4; CSC 1,2,3; Science Club 3,4; Scholastic "L" 1,3,4 "It is to the interest of mankind that there should be some one who is unconquered, some one against whom fortune has no power." Seneca

Michael Sullivan II 1832 North Mascher Street Philadelphia, PA 19124 (215) 427-3425

St. Michael "I was tired. So I lay down. My lids grew heavy. So I slept. Slender memory, stay with me." Lee

Jan1.~;~\1~We~ney 8306 HulL

b 1,2,3,4; Second Honors l; airos 4 路 路 "Sandra's seen a leprechaun, Eddie touched a troll, Laurie danced with witches once ... Susy spied an elf, bu all the magic I have known I've has tc make myself." Shel Silverstein Wher1 The Sidewalk Ends

James Trappler 528 Hoffnagle Street Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215) 742-4812

St. Cecilia Football 3,4 "And it makes me wonder." Led Zeppelin.


John Travers

John Tucker

932 Netherwood Drive Blue Bell, PA 19422 (610) 277-8609

802 Southampton Avenue Wyndmoor, PA 19038

Epiphany of Our Lord Student Council 3,4; Second Honors 1,2,3; Football l,2,3,4; Baseball l,2,3,4; Track 2; CSC 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; SADD 4; Wisterian 2 "There is no pain in the wound received in the moment of victory." Publilius Syrus

Our Mother of Consolation Baseball 2,3,4; Football 4; Student Council 4; CSC 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Intram1 rals 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3; SADD 2

(215) 233-9657

Mark Szczech 320 Kingsky Street Philadelphia, PA 19128 (215) 482-8521 St. John the Baptist Bowling 2,3; La Sallian Youth 3,4 "Going the extra round, when you don't think you can, is what makes all the difference." Rocky Balboa, Rocky IV

Ryan Tuman Atwood Road rdenheim, PA 19038 :15) 233-5269 :. Genevieve Nimming 1,2,3,4; Baseball; CSC 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2; SADD 3; Kairos )1

Alexander Tatunchak 1504 Hollow Road Worcester, PA 19426 (610) 584-5479 Tennis 1,3,4; Soccer (Manager) 3; Ski Club 1,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4 "No one told you where to run, you missed the starting gun ... The time is gone, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say ... " Pink Floyd

Jonathan'F~tk 1112 Melrose Avenue. Melrose Park, PA 19027 (215) 635-2508 St. James Soccer 1; Intramurals 1,2,3

Gregory Thomas 419 Summit Avenue Fort Washington, PA 19034 (215) 646-0843 St. Alphonsus SADD 2,3,4; Wisterian 2,3,4; Scholastic "L" 2; Second Honors 1,2,3,4; CSC 2,3,4; WEXP 4; Theater 4; Soccer 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 3 "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of the dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

Matthew Valentine 8328 Anderson Street Philadelphia, PA 19118 (215) 242-5016 Our Mother of Consolation Crew 1,2,3; Wrestling l; Science 2,3,4; C:SC 4; Tennis 4 f!po or do not. There is no try." Yoda

\Jo sir, I didn't see you playing with )ur dolls again!" Spaceballs


. Henry Van Horn

Thomas Vlahos

5141MerganserWay .Bensalem, PA 19020 (215)638-7747 St.Ephrem Jee Hockey 2,3,4 "To do injustice is more disgraceful than to suffer it." Plato

316 Whitemarsh Valley Road Fort Washington, PA 19034 (215) 619-0618 St. George Track & Field 1,2; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; WEXP 3; SADD 3,4; CSC 4 "How do you know where you're goi if you don't look back? What's of having ends if you lose all friends?" House of Pain

242 Comly Street Philadelphia, PA 19120 (215) 722-6790 St. William Basketball l,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; CSC 3,4; Stu.dent Council 2,4; Scholastic "L" 1,2,3,4. . . "A coward dies a thousand deaths ... a soldier dies but once." Unknown

1128 East Oxford Street Philadelphia, PA 19125 (215) 634-2257 Immaculate Conception Soccer 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4 "It's hard to be humble when you're so great." Sean Westfield


fLima 1,2,3,4 (Co-captain); CSC 1,2,3,4; 0 . s ing Club 1,2,3,4 ''We appear to be watching the ocean.. What do you see? Chandler

183 Hillcrest Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118 (215) 247-2585 Immaculate Heart of Mary Crew 1; Tennis 3,4; NHS 3,4; Intramurals 1,2; CSC 3,4; SADD 3; Scholastic "] 1,2; Second Honors 3; Drama Club 3,4; Wisterian 4; Spanish Club 4; Science Club 2,3,4 "The Zen philosopher Basho once said flute and a donut without a hole is a danish. He was a funny guy." Ty Webb

Christopher Ward 81 Helene Place hiladelphia, Pa 19116 ~15) 676-6685 t. Christopher occer 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Baseball .2; Student Council 3,4; NHS 3,4 [t is better to deserve honors and not ave them than to have them and not eserve them." Mark Twain

Paul Weinacht

Michael Weinert

1867 Merlin Road Philadelphia, PA 19116 (215) 698-7796 Maternity BVM Football 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; SADD 2,3,4; CSC 1,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; Track & Field 2,3,4 "You'll never forget my name, but I might forget yours." Noel Gallagher

Christopher Winward OOrchard Lane vyland, PA 18974 215) 598-8291 It. Vincent de Paul :rew 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4 Blame it all on my roots, I showed up 11 boots, and ruined your black tie ffair, the last one to know, the last ,ne to show, I was the last one you nought you'd see there." Garth ,rooks

2011 Greymont Street Philadelphia, PA 19116 (215) 934-6926 Maternity BVM Bowling 1,2,3,4; CSC 2,3,4; WEXP 2,3,4 "I don't really care about all the shows you did, how many rhymes you got or who knows you did, cause I don't know you. Therefore show me what you know. I'll come sharp as a blade and I'll cut you slow." Wu-Tang

Robert Zebik 1820 Carmel Place Maple Glen, PA 19002 (215) 641-1059 ,. St. Alphonsus Student Council 1,2,3; NfI$3,4; 2,3,4; Yearbook 2,3,4; Latin Cl~1t2,3;1 Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Crew 2,3,4; Bot\tl:ing'. 1 2,3,4 ° 1 t1, ••. "Hey don't break the mold kid, just~~( . f around it- yeah that's what I did ... " Si\~t) •

St. John Cantius Science Club 4; Gazebo 4 "Count no mortal happy till he has passed the final limit of his life secure from pain. There is sometime danger in too much silence." Sophocles



Michael Abbott: Thanks Mom, Dad, Kevin, P Sean. I love you guys. Als CG, TC, TF, TM, TC, BK, DS,SO, Du + CBL- it's

Coqui. CK car ride. DM car ride. My mentor J Dwyer. Tag Team. Milwaukee, our home. Lexus crash. Carr's Halloween. K 37-1. Ambrose's 8/15/ 97-0ur Loop-Willy. T.J. Bartkowski: Mom, Dad, Brad thank you for everything. Colin, that's not a horse, don't mess with the devil! Jim, you're weak! Haney and Moore, the fridge lives on! Kevin use a rope. Brian, I'll sell you my truck, yeah right. Rick C. King of the monkeys! Greg, Al, Jeremy, Tom C., Lil pup and the rest of the X-C team, it's been fun! Mr. Devine, thank you for your support!

Brian Binder JV4x2...Chu Nariz, The 84, Krusty' tern, Joe Morasco Really? Ya k so? Jen .. erous nippers, th B- qusar, BFAT, EZYAXS turday nights, E er, the Gibber, erine!! Flying WaWa stopsg etti, Migge OTHING,D

Lloyd Beck: Thanks to my family! "CHDIWY" Spain trip ... the roof. H-Hole, "Yo Sup" Ecotrail, post-prom, boyz in the hall...thirsty rug ... "the nun" ... morning party ... newps ... Rocky's ... tray ledding keys ... "You want it?" JP azy driving ... sev run ... Bro. dead uy ... sold for a goat...cubans thanks r the ji Shouto to: MH, MB, B, JL, B, JP, P M, NM, JW, FH, MJ,

ngard: m, Dad, Karyn, a . To all my boys, BG, JC, NM, AR, r boys, let's have lives. Yo Eric, w What are you do owling. My sop baseball PCL ch

y family, for all their port: Mom, Dad, Brian, Dan. sup to all my boys- W.P. La Salle Football #1. I'll see you on the other side. Andrew Au: Mom, Dad, Alex, and Eric- thanks. Hey Ron, want some Chuckles? Surely, tremendous, choice, not evena-little, you're such an ox; right Charlie? Thanks JR; Hey big guy!; MGP; Awesome Jim; thanks Dibarnone; whitey; showtime; Clarkbariward; Tate; Jerms; Nick; Cleard; suave; Hazemat; Roo-nothing; YWZUP. Christian Barbato: Thanks, Mom & Dad. To all my boys: Loru, Shist, Brett, Nev, Buddha. The beginning- Cal, Ru, & Shist. Showboat. H.O.P. MGD nite. JD nite. Showers. Lees. My bud JK 9AM. Run. FLASHER. KIM. MNMAECCW. 3:1- Boch, Ru. Pete's lawn. Bike Posse.


m,Da suppo anks t KR, E , CB, SH, . Offensive line is unstoppable JW. La Salle Lacrosse is #1. Summer of 97. Great memories. Thanks Smith 5/23/97. LAX Defense #1. Thanks Lisa for putting up with me. Also, Iris, Jaime, etc. To Duke and Mary, love ya. Good luck class of 98. NANTS. Patrick Bevilacqua: Thanks Mom, Dad, Gabe. Why should I practice? Shark, your money baby. Fish, throw strikes! Thanx McCabe brothers-DMB-Bevilacqua get up! I'm sick of hearing your darn name. CC-JF, BM, VJ, CV, thanx for your help. Bill, watch those oncoming cars. What are you talking about, I'm a very pleasant person! Adios senor. Read my mind. So long, I'll miss you all!

n posse; are Jin it tight; I the ecotrail d; I yell aty ibrary fun; tta give my people; good luck it's been fun!!

made for me. Katie and re the best sisters! What ask for? Thanx to PS, SD, CD, JK, CK, SK, KL, JO, for making my years at rgettable. To my Kairos and sister: Live the 4th!

'98 is the best! Are you ? Remember that trip to Spain?? zebo is published! Thanks to everyone at La Salle who made my years here memorable- special thanks to Mr. Dolan, Paul Sharkey, Kevin Lyons, and Chris Small. Good luck to the class of 1998!! :-)

ly, 6th Peri ilCrewKO ,PK,PEW thfinder Po odigy. Jonathan Burton: I want to thank my mom, dad, J, Darryl, my family, and my love, I love you all. JP+AD, JB+LC Ge Luck Josie's. 6/7 /97 DMB-Limc Prom party at Hun's. CW's in SJ '97. We had good times POD. Springfield house in Avalon. ct ML, JD, DD, CR, PM, CD. LS Ba #17. W.T. Me and you forever I Superstar-BF 46596 47522 5/7 /5 8/7 /97, W vs. Neumann, S vs. K Goin to College! Andrew Buschmeier: Al EZB Timmy pet the p Tina Bl Capricho Piiym NVR Endin Stry Ganking Greger Ha Ha Giggle S Stwen Plie of Humus that dog h

y tail Lisa Boop I love Physics . Floyd stuff La Nariz Yee-uh MB )C BB Simpsons 54 84 Katherine \merican outpost. PEZ is the d of life; I know I should not eat but...chomp. MMM, Sacrilicious. 1ael Byrnes: 1x to the fam and the boys. T-bell. t breaks. Kairos. Shark-just w up/Liberi's/JR. Prom/ hyrized/Frosh Footy I JV Style/ it Adventure/Relax/Jersey Tix/ vn Sth/BTD /Fun in da cars/Da :e and da Captain/ Arboretum/ tt's/Yo Byrnes, where da girls/ tub Parties/Screamin' Match .t's that smell at Libe's/Thanks to King/Cobden/Busted by Dog. d Calamia: mid like to thank my family for ling me here. I made a lot of 1ds here I won't forget. I will ays remember going to the hill hanging out with my friends rr the Prep. I also will never forget Mount in Capetola: JUid like to thank my mom and for all their love and support. :ey -I love U forever PTP '96 DS What was the Heinerfest? - who's ? JP - I don't like 'em? just :!in' .. .I don't live at St. s ... tossed from the library lOOOx. v Year's '97 I Avalon '97 311/ B/Phish-SP-thanks 4 rything ... days into yrs. It's been a 1t 4 years. Thanx everyone!! Take 1sy! 'is Cappelletti: ,nks to Mom and Dad. Big bad mo, Leon, Beware the Tick, The menator, the Big Stiff, T Fallon I the kid from the party, Sween;, Fast Fran K, the Small Dog, and Last Great Ape.

m Carberry: re and thanx Mom n Dad, same to t Cris n Matt. Great meeting you ,e, Marc, Oscar, Kebs, n Hammy. re you Blake, GW, Shinmmy, Moe kMonha, Jesse, Giegert, Bill, Ray, Kebs. Pier ten all the guys at the . Z SCAP TV, AV,SD, Walt,Joe, sses Z come, girls, Nick. Jen, Iren, Dawn, Acorn Projects, ught u knew! 2 Latin, the Cabes n all. Festina Lente! C ya m, Family, GPJMSM, Tom, Za!!

hickey."lOPCL's, Carnal-Stones, Horde96, Dmatthews- Where are my keys? Phil, Dave-sic speedo club, Wallyworld, NHCC, K37-l, Lipfungus, Russell, Keith's barrels, celeb-rip, Brad's raid, Kev- where's FSB? Tim- cafe, Mixer, KL, RY-Swim Parties, PSSC, Bud, Toby's, Summer '97, Thanx to all my boyz & gals that made high school unforgettable. Thomas Chmielewski III: Thank you Mom and Dad for sending me to LS. Thanks to all my teachers for making my LS experience. X-C x 4 Indoor Track x 4, Track x 4, Belmont Deuce, Briarwood Asics, Miller & Briarwood, Liam & LSC- deuce locker-room, boxing Vicki, Ford, Miller, Liam, Mike, Chris, TJ, Colin, Phil, Mr. Devine, Renberg, Corvette, Colt, Green Day, Legion of Doom, Phillies-Dykstra & Daulton. Goodbye everybody! YAY! David Citro: AP-I thought you knew! To the empire! K37. D'oh! Ni! Help! Help! I'm being repressed! Mom, Dad, Greg, Meg, MA, MS, BC, Ray-Ray, BH's goals, JB, EVH, GT, AB, TR, SD, KD, PO, RN, JC! All my K37-1 buds. Everyone else, and who could forget the KOP? The bus. APCS. Ace! The Assassinator, The regulator. StyerWhat time you leaving? Let's go Flyers! Local 1. Poser. LT4th. Spoooon! John Clark: Thanks, Mom and Dad- I spent my whole running, you spent your time running after me. Pete, thanks for putting up with me. Thanks JP, NJ, OBI, KM, DF, Ward, and everybody else- you know who you are. Clarkbar, Barnone, Hazmat, Colonials, U2, G-love, track camp, shocker. Just have fun Clarkie. It's go time, Nick. Hardcore highjump. Philly is a suburb of Chalfont. Alvin Clay: Busch, Binder, Gregs, Timmy, Lisa, Pile of humus, La Nariz, saflam, yeeuh, woohoo, capricho, straight edge, I love physics, 12 toes, Yeha, Blaah stuff, XC, Track, CM, TJ, JP, GB, PB, AC, TD, SB, MD, GC. All the Family. Run Run Run in the sun, it is fun. It's all been wacky stuff fellas, have fun and a kickin' time. Later!?!

niel Catrino: ould like to thank my mom, Dad, ?mom, stepdad, Joe, Kerri, Kyle. eaty, Gui.nee, Colombo, Lorse, mk, Riggly, Zebik, Stackhouse. JV :cer Pride. "There it is." Stevers, ldoggy, Kane, JiP, Pipdog, Chucky, :ci, Lennie Krob, Wardy, Spause. ?al1 Right" Sweaty. "Paneez" em Class. "What about that guy?"

Joseph Colasante: Special thanks and love to my parents. Shout out to La Salle bandit's been 4 great years! Bandmates KH, EM, and alterna-Chuck- it's not a tuner! RH, GS, PS, SD, TF, and rest of grade schoolers. Downtown Warrington (and vicinity) crowd. Finally, inspiration of Page, DG, Sabbath, Tool, Mhead, FF, Sep, SY, TON, AJ, slayer and all who maintain artistic integrity!

eph Chiarantona: anx and love to Mom, Dad, Jill, q. "It's a birthmark not a

Joseph Crane: Thanks to Mom and Dad for all your support and efforts. Best of luck to

all. Never forget, to those who may know; "Don't worry about it" "Sometimes" "Don't come around here no more." "It's league night" Words of advice: whistle, ride a bike, don't jaywalk, never cut what can be untied, observe the speed limit, join a slow pitch softball league, W AISKIO. Thomas Crean: Thank you Mom, Dad, Michelle, and Bridget...Thanks everyone for their support, I probably could not have done it without you .. .Thanks to my friends for being there. Bill R and Chris W for the best car rides to school...Thanks ... Stephen Crognale: Thanks to my family and Jackie. Special thanks to Jackie, without your constant love my four years would have been dull. My car rules, long live the Maxima. Long live me! I'm finally awake! Plastic and hoagie will always be crazy. I'm not alone anymore. Thomas Cross: Mom, Dad, Kevin, Julie & Jenn, thanks for being with me through the good times and the bad. I love you all. To the crew: SOC, MA, TF, JC, Guggs, TC, TM, GS, Jer, & the boys from football & lacrosse. Never forget the memories. PCL Football Champs 95-96. Lax 95, 96, 97, and we're not done yet! DMB & BNL; Did you just light me on fire? Good idea/ Bad idea. Christmas ski trip, Chipmunk races (I won Bean). Tinman thanks you all ... Thomas Curran: Thanks Mom, Dad, Adrian, Jimmy, & Michael- love you all. Sweet. oldie. ptp. tag that? Forget about it. Kairos 37-1. Juggler. Drzzenched. He's got a gun! Raining at the wake. Under the stars. Bellicose at concerts. Awesome. Ski trips. Lost again? Efficient roads. To all my pals: Craig, Ashley, Mike, Brendan, Dave, Mattern, Phil, Kevin, Tim, Tim, Jason, Gavin. Paul D'Orazio: Footy, 95, 96, 97; yo big Boch, Rocko franchese, thugs, tin-man #20, green eggs, Hunta, Seif Dog, Bean, Byrnes, Pinks, Chang, Primus, Peaches, Sweates, Shark, Footy #'s 51, 75, 7, 9, 14, 40, 50, 33, 43, 54, 37, 24, 32, 30, 11. Camp Canadensis, you're not doing what were're asking. NAH, Thanks Neely, Lemon-Lime, post proms, Noone's house, Thanks everyone, Mom, Dad, Dina, Nikki. Timothy Danaher: Thanx Mom and Dad for all your support. Thanx, Katie and all my boys: K-Rob, Spank, Joe, PB, CG, KL, PO, GP, BM, MR, RT, and all my NP and Souderton boys. 311 concerts. Kef, do you still hear the ringing? "Spank, I heard that hit the cup." Joe, got any money? Prom '97. How about the miracle at AG? Remember

the shrine. Is this the soda line? Party of Five, Shore parties. Marvin Dandy: Thanks to everyone who has supported me. Thanks to the teachers, etc! I'd like to give a special thanks to my parents for making it possible to attend La Salle. Also thanks to my favorite sister Sohora for providing a positive influence. Thanks to anyone who has given me a ride in the past 4 years. Thanks to my good friends. To all my classmates: good luck! Philip Danvers: Thanks Mom & Dad for being there when I needed you. Thanks for everything. Jeanette, thanks for being a great sis. Grandma, you're the bomb. Thanks. Yo! Glow worm, you're blushing. Skinny and a #4 to go ..Is that a picture of your daughter?..CAP & the PTP Crew .. JP & designer clothes. Trips to Mimi's house. No longer a nun .. the bus driver's daughter..MACK & Tom's ..Thanks to everyone ... Colombo, you stink! Anthony DePasquale: AKA: MADDOG. Thanks to: Mom, Dad, Aunt Rosie, Uncle Dennis. I couldn't have done it without you. Also, hello to my boys: Jerry, Big Craig, Matt (AKA: Chat), Jim, Matt, Fran, and John B. Kim, Thanks for everything. It's been a great 4 years. Howard Rules! F-Jackie, Chewy, and Chris. Soundwave is The Man! Saurabh Desai: Thanks Mom and Dad for having faith in me for the last four years. Suketu, thanks for being the greatest brother. Shoutouts: H-H Bus Crew, Special Seats go out for y'all. Kairos 37-1 PK, MM, CB, KL, KR, DC, and MD Live the 4th! Yearbook memories, hell and US ....Stayin Alive! Chimp and Slugger, best wishes for next year. Greg, no, you don't have keys! Wis, I got a BFJP for you. Special Shoutouts: RH, KF, JH, JM, GQ, JRK, MB, ML, AAA Crew, KM, BG, KD, BC, PH, Albany Peeps (No more water balloons!) Crowd surfing at the junior prom. Longest 3rd Period Ever. Deez Nugai. Book Nazi. -> GAY! Waterguns? Enough with the pennies ... Pump and Dump. Cop? Oh I thought you said ... Re, I've never been in Chicago before ... You can't deny my black heritage from me. Gilroy did what to Dr. Carl? Been an amazing four years, thanks La Salle. Christopher Dileonardo: Thanks Mom & Dad for all the time and sacrifice. To Chrissy, John, and Joe thanks for your support. Gwynnthrough the good times and the bad ... no doubt...thanks for getting me through the last six years ... Love ya. Tracey, thanks for the talks at 1:00 in the morning. Columbian ... number G super-size. Danvers ... you stink. Benante ... you're my brother. Ron .. .I love you too. Greg ... Mmm bop &


Spice Girls. AP Reading Crew. LBRG-app Rules-Like ah Like ah you idiot-RZ. Christopher Dolan: Thanks to my family. Oach, Head, BCat, P, Oy-Toy-Fierro, Juan. TKO. Cooped-up bunny hutch to Kev. It has been niiiccee and definitely the fixx. Good luck Lil' Leprechaun. Gary, Brant, Mike, Gorman, DrewYeeaahh!-All of Vl + V2. MurphDestinos. Holbs you goat. Phat Systems. Wubbs-Yo! BT+ you got gun. GB Pack #1. Jackie's House. Smoky in the Tempo. The N.E. Crew. Cliff. Tressel. Hugh Donnelly: Thanks Mom, Dad, Dave, and Kate for everything. Footy 95+96 (undefeated) PCL champs. "You're not doing what I'm asking ya to do." Thanx Mr. Colistra + teammates for some unforgettable memories. Marv, Floyd. Thanx Mr. Parisi, It's been fun John. Italy+ Greece - "Bingo, Bango, Bongo", Cut the Malarkey Sharkey, SC '98, DB+ OF Pride. Thanx BFD. Final thanx go out to all my teachers, coaches, and friends. Brendan Dougherty: To everyone who helped me through my high school years. Matt, remember the shore. Bums, you're the man. Citro, I own you. Gil, lets get all the ladies. Dwyer, Don't drink too much Duff. Brannon, the pharmacy and the train station. Mike B, Wilson, the axe murderer. Thank you to Cori, you have meant everything to me and always will. .. Kevin Dougherty: To my Mom and Dad who took the extra time and effort to send me to private school. To my grandmom also, who helped support me throughout my four years at La Salle. To my friends who always remained so loyal. To my brother for showing me how to drive people crazy. To the rest of my family for always being so close. And finally, to my grandfather for showing me how to be a true family man. Thanx! Kevin Dwyer: Guilty Parties: Chino Moreno, Fred Durst, Jonathan Davis, J, K, Mike, Absolute Zero, Brendan, I own you, KOP, Citros, Weekends at Arnold's (SH, DJB, JP), Scott from Local H, ADIDAS, Homer Simpson, South Park, Flatulence is bad, McGinley, AP Computer Science, Feildy, Monkey, Dave, Head, Vermont, Utah, LTJ, NIN, My family. Anyone that isn't on here, I am very disappointed with you-Mr. Burns sXe Matthew Elliott: 35th UB, JR, AP, SB, SK, RIP BIG, GMC. Ceca St. Hillary's A&C Da Chef, RZA, Olney, Eagles, EM, HJ, DR, ML, DS, SW, MB, TM, S, Special Thanks: Coaches Skip Vern Ed-#1 In Phila, JM, PW, AYO, Seyi, Sam, Mike,


Carlos, San Ro Open Gym Squad, JT, MW, GR, DO, Hildes to all the people that support me; my parents for bringing me in and putting up with me and my brother-Good Luck Ty 2 PG, JW, JW, GR, MW, John 3:16, Ecclesiastes 9:11, Cream. Scott Emrich: Thanks Mom, Dad, Shawn, Chris and Colin. I couldn't have done it without your help and support. What!? The pages have to be done in 30 minutes! Jeremy, continue to keep the Wis real. ClnDrv. Pastoral. Thanx to all I have played soccer with. I had some great times on and off the field. JRK, GQ, KF, DF, SC, KS, SD, MH, CEP, AK, C1'2 and all who I have hung with under the lights. Let's hope that the good times will continue this year and beyond. Stalled and won't start - need I say more. J.V. Enderle: Thanks Mom and Dad, Leen, Peter, Scott, Vinny, Miller, McFadden, Weinert, Trapp, Lloyd, Marquis, Jamie, Ellis Dee. Halloween '96, Pennypack in April. Bathroom stall and the ride home from March '97 mixer. Andy's party... "Vinny+ Scott jailed 2 times. Go run home to your mommys you donkey." Girl at the party that looked like Dave. Roman Escobar: Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your support. CD "Number six, supersized." CM "You're so sensitive" Sharkey MB "Hola, Qu pasa?", Colombians do it better (play soccer), DM Fatter Boy, JT "What's the Dealy Yo", "Satan", JT "They don't like you" DD "How is your wife" Change, JC "Before You ... " Es "Senor Rap" Gav "Pit Volley Ball" Palmeri, Capatola, Big Daddy, Big Bob Zebik, GOOD LUCK.

Terence Fallon: Thank you Mom and Dad for sending me to La Salle, Roni and Maggie, and all of my family. I would like to thank all of my teachers. Thanks to my firends, to the pew crew, KOP, the Forum, everyone from AAA, from the HM youth group. Thanks to MS the warrior, "Raul", FF, the bowling alley vending machine, the pool hall, ENT' s Finest, the FSB, LOD, NWA, NL, SI, Orange Slice, SDD, RR, and THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE. Robert Farrell: Thanks Mom, Mike, Mr. V. Luv u guys, Jen, I love you Baby Doll! 6-24-97, Mosquito bites - How do I live? Movie. 5683. 8. Rook/Vettube. Jenny Bobby. Zoo. Octopussy. Rings. 350. Lotb. Fiancee. D&D JA Promise. Jen u r the greatest. Es. I'm w /you. PB, were lost. P.N., I won-where's Calvitti. Hi Pete - White trash wiffle ball. I believe ya. JKB, hey-KB + RC, good luck. No more PN. A pair of star crossed-lovers take their life. Daniel Felix: I want to thank my parents for their love and support through my years of hockey and school. I wish all the best to all of my friends in school and in the future. Timothy Fenningham: Thanks Mom, Dad, Maura, Brian, and JP for the opportunitiy to succeed. MA, TC, TC, CG, TM, and GS. Is that the Tin Man? Flaming Timmers. TPK. I read ya, loud and clear, hoowah. Tom, that's a bad idea. So this is Russia? DMB, BNL always on an adventure. Would I lie? Seif, don't bite. 1st drink in Lido. He's coming towards us! Team Optimistic. LS Footy, DB Pride 30, 32, 18. Yo Koss! 68, 7-3. Coke Cap Game. Nice story Bean. 24.

Daniel Fineberg: Pht Dng; 4317 marble migite; Kai 37-1! What's that, 8 lbs. in 30 min Sure, coach! Twss; JIF; Boomchicka ... POOP ... Cruz' parti, Summerblonde? Utah baby! You Weisenheimer- Mel. Yo, whatuF MB, CJ, KH, KF, JC, SM, MC, SM, AB,DS, MH, SC, AK, UJ, KJ, HB, CRAZY SD, KB, MB, GQ, AL, BR MR, CS, HM, HK, EL, GRATED GOGO GP, KL, AO, DWI, DP, BARBIE, MELLOW, MRBBT; WLDWOOD. Mom, Dad, Matt, I thanks - you're the best. to all ill) boyz - good luck, Thanks and ha\ fun! Surfs up - Gotta Go! John Fisher: Mom + Dad-Thanx for all you've done. I love you! Ke!, Klaff, Birdmiss you guys .. Ferf-Moo ..I don't I care. Gil-uh-huh yeah, Mike the s, come out TUG-SSBS.. Hockey loxcouldn't imagine us on South Street.Mr. C-you're the best! G + Boots-You taught me a lot 98 Compband-Best ever! MR. Parisi98PC: champs! Boo-NYC Maryell1 +Nina Pat + Bill-zmanyzname RU Zinch very LIVE THE 4TH! 1st T[ Sorry girls! Kevin Fitzpatrick: To all the people: My family, All t friends, MSJ, LS, Aikido, Mr. J, Dr JH, PK, MB, SD, JRK, Sensei, The Ruckus, Wis Office Slacker, Infinit Physics, Kirsch, Lorraine, Pat, the parties, Kosko; all the dances, the parties, the music, the fun , las chi, & the love-Thanks for making m what am; face up to it, it's your fa 8-)>

Philip Freiler: THANKS to my parents and my sisters. Also Mr. Fitz, Mr. Colistra, Mr. Roche, Mr. Dolan, and all the boys who supported me. Thanks t,

Maryellen, lets stargaze; Kev, UR my brother; Praise, never stop the song; Zone- u rock the PGA; DONT LET THE MAN GET U DOWN; Jess, 9 times in 1 month! Mr. G, how's Tina? I'm Zeus! Laguda, u da man; I DID CARNEGIE! Be the light; Ali- you are my hero- your love will never die. Brant Heaton: Thanks mom and dad for making my life as easy and enjoyable as possible. I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me. Above all thanks for putting up with me.

te teachers I had. Mr. Miller and Tim- you guys rock. Eileen, ks for all your help. To the comer and everyone else I chilled with, it real. Don't forget ASBS. Scott, , and Matt, I love you guys. To vone, good luck, be cool, keep it

Gallagher: tks to Mom+Dad, Kev, Chris, all eachers, MB, the Dalai-lama, JT, =olumbian, MW, Bones, KM + football crew", La Salle footy, ,-"Gal" ... "Fenningham, he's got house!" ... Hand shadows at :ice ...JV pride ...Thanks to BR, SH, :s, KG for one messed up ner! Thanks to anyone I ed ... Burlington-Bristol bridge.


Garzone: 1y Mom, Dad, Chris, and ,one who believed in me. And to ! who helped get me where I am where I'm going-Thank You. 'BODY GOT ANY GUM, fDY, JUJUBEES, DOTS! GET OFF NUTZ. We need to have more nunk races. To everyone who with me on Prom weekend. To y boys. Good luck to all my ds. THANKS! Gaydos: ....sounds foreign. GOD ZONEFellas, it's all good. I forgot my lock again. Hi to all my Basils . Chizario. I like cold beverages, wasn't such a weenie do you : you'd still love me?" -The ,ring. Thanks to my family for >eing themselves. Gibbons: NKS to MOM and DAD, :IANNE, JOHN, CAITLIN. n at the gate>before school 1g chased by Turner#?!$. Thanks my friends; you know who you :eep it real. We gotta make a run

to nickels. LAX pride. Kairos was phat. Jim Goldner: Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I'll never forget those early morning drives to La Salle for speech tournaments. And, those long rides to hockey rinks. Thank you for all the love and support you have given me. Steve, Andrew, Tommy, Peter, and Susan: Remember those hockey games on the pond, our soccer games, and those long hikes? I could have played forever. You have made my childhood a blast! Brett Gordon: To the entire senior crew-love all of you-JD Night, La Salle Football 95, 96 What's that, Pal? Bongard's after the Ryan win Sophomore year. Relaxthose in college Rands, Morsell, and Rick. Mom, Dad, Jaclyn and Caroline thanks for your support. Buddha in D.C. - Thanks, Kristie, I love you. Matthew Gorman: Thanks to: Mom and Dad, You are the Best! Behl, Bitting, I'll miss you guys the most! Cohen, Bathgate, Murphy, Felix, Lipski, Heaton, Kaz, Salvitti, Becker, Heron, Urban, Morris, And to all of my Boys, Thanks! Crew Michael Greger: EZB Mrs. Brown- 3rd period english. Akinyele. Biggity Binder LAP 40ZDZNTZ. BBCC. SEI DUN Big SAUTTS. Ajpride. AL PAGINO= ME CREW- Ltwt4 TROLL WESTISIDE EZAXESS TL-BEEF. The legend 86Wood. Heim- 6th pd 69. Sevstop Rob & FSD. I want bass. MGD. The BUICK nice, nice! GMA CLAY, FRANK'S C45. ALL EYEZ ON ME2P AC. UD-BUS #4. B&T KEEP IT ON THE DOWN LOW. The

Sandman BDB. NA TTIES MEIER. PACKSEASY, TASTES GREAT. THEY WILL COME AT WHAT YOU LOVETHANKS MOM & DAD. Craig Gugger: Tommy- car ride. Craig! Craig! Craig! .. .TC she's a lollypop .. BNL enough said ... Kairos 37-1...rough nite at Keiths .. .SM Monkeys ... Burnt at Busch ... GA "drizzzenched" ... TPK. .. "he's got a gun" ... Etrip to Dtown ... 6th period SEIF. .. Flaming Timmer ... "I'rn not fired up you're fired up." It's sub-degrees out." Its been fun: TC, MA, TF, TM, BK, DS, JC, TC, ES, MB, BMGS .. .Thanks Mom, Dad, Doug, Chile & Spunk- I love you. Robert Hamby: To mom & dad, what can I say, it's been real! I thank both of you. To Beth, I'll love you 4 life! To all my great boys and girls, Val, Laura, Noelle, Paul, Tim, Juni, Derek, Kevin, Dave, Chuck, and for all those I can't remember, you know why I can't remember! To all of my La Salle boys, I'll remember u all! To my teachers, I'm sorry! And lastly, to the administration, I do know the rules! Peace! Kevin Hannon: First, the family, thanks. The Peakcock Family: Luke, Am, Kelly, Katie, Amanda, Pam, Joan, Heidi, Krys, & Rachel. I love you all. Let's see .. .Sara, Ryan, Joh1my, Bill, Brian, Paul, Liz, and of course, Lin & Yam. The Saunders Clan, The Bank, The Troe & Evolution. DS, the evil CB, JH, JK, DC, LD, KF. The Grassy Knoll! NNY. My Glitter girl- the everything but the kitchen sikn thingie! moo! I say moo to you! Joseph Haughton: M/d- luv u! dog3- preschool bud! Paul, can I use your car? Hey Boo, nice lips! K, my better half- Kit; Ranae, ginkos and chloriseptic;

Shaun Heim: Thanks Mom and Dad for everything, Marty for all the help. Ski trips with Coggins. 6th period Crew-Wawa/ Micky D's. Bros luv ya tanx. Stage crew with Derrick and Fines. 2nd cafgettin lost wit stiffy thanx. Pop-pop and Gram. Utah, Baby. Weekends at Arnold's wit KD, JP, DJ, SS, BG, LO, LB, DB, MA, JH, MH, NH, JH, JS, AS, PK, JR, DP, JP, GQ, KF, KH, RO, CM, JT, TF, JS, CJ, MB, MG, GS, DF, MB, CB, ZD, CS -To all my boyz - Good Luck. Michael Heinsdorf: Thanks Mom & Dad for being patient and understanding, Have fun Paul. YO! Relax - Rules of procrastination it was a great four years. Best hair award - I'd like to bestow that on my 'fro. Best cars - Tempo of Love and Civic of Seduction. By the way, it's hard to hide a little red car - Sue, my very wise girlfriend. Underclassmen, have fun. Why drive when you can get someone else to? Dress shopping, anyone? "I can't go to detention because ... " Ad Mountum Post Scholam! Francis Hevener: Thanks Morn, Dad, Karen, Uli, and Sean. I wanna say what's up to the Pebble and Log Crew, Welsh, Bake, Buff, Shady, Lou Dog, Luke, Conor, Dave and The Neon, Kunfer, my boys in La Salle (you all know who you are), and everyone else who stuck with along the way. Don't ever forget all the fun we had, it was great. James Hoagland: Thanks to Grandpop, an American Patriot, mentor, most of all a true friend. UOF PBTeam for following my lead. Family for paying and pushing me. Licorice for listening to my problems. Guys for being there. America for my freedom. Olympics for inspiring times. BT for two great classes, Flood-a strong and good teacher I friend, Nicoletti-expanding my mind and insight. Look for me in Hollywood. Matthew Holbert: Thanks Big Jean and Chico. Thanks MS, TT, MM, and MJ, for sending me in the right direction and helping me set my priorities straight. Thanks to all my La Salle boys for all the great


times. Thanks BD for being my best boy. Thanks CH for always making me feel good, Love you. Peace to all my boys. D-Town rules. Cd, thanks for hookin it up. Strictly foreign baby. Sub-zero kids. Quattro power. Peace! I'm out. John Horstmann: Thanks to my mom and dad, of course. The teachers who brought me through four years. My brother and sister and all of humanity in general. I would like to mention my good friends Kevin, Joe, Brian, Bill, Chris, Ron, Jo, Kathleen, Jackie, etc. and thank them for those times of companionship and happiness in youth in which we shared. I wish good luck upon all of my classmates and hope for their success. Michael Hunsicker: Thanks Mom, Dad, Sean, Andy, Judy, and Ross. D'Raz ... trip to nowhere in the caddy ... You Carter ... BKRUN?. Spain Trip ... Post-Prom ... Bring the ruckus. Die Homestead! ... A wacky Dr. Pepper on a Monday afternoon. L.S. Footy ... Byrnes ... to the Zephyr! Tp Wawa at 4 AM. Yo Pinky-rollin it tight...steal some cake ... 2, JB, LB, NM, FP, MJ, MC, RM, PD, K-ROB, JH, TC, MB, BF, PG, DA. Ecotrailcrew ... Hunt's out. Jeffrey Huntzinger: Thanx Dad, Mom, Steph, and Eddie. Of course Chang, Guinea, Petie Od's. If I have to have words, then lay hand's, I'm going to take him down to the 29. TD and 309. McGold, Laru, Shist, Hey Huntz, Bobby, and Newt. No Am1aconda's. Thanks B Rog and Chad and JKB. J to the C Roman numeral II. NHCC and PIPE. TF, hey uh, JW, thugs 'n stuff, GS what about that guy! Oh yeah, hey budds, hi ya <loin' budds. Nick Incollingo: I'd like to thank my Mom & Dad and my Grandmom for paying for my tuition- I know it was alot! I'd also like to thank the Doughertys for all the rides. I have to give respect to the Oxford Circle where I hail from. Especially: Scan, the Firth, the Big "A", Lampl ugh, Shock Doc, Big Doc, 40 Tim, the crew at Raschal's Roost, Amy, M.S., Krista, and anyone I forgot, much respect & thanks- Nick Matt John: Dobby, Sculdog, Pedro, Barly, PSU, DTD, Fayh, Phantoms, Animal, Yo, Yo, that House ... Gone! Hey, my name's Mike, 6th Per. Hardcore96-97, DannyG, Erfdog, no-neck, 2:30 Sevrun, Giza, Riza, Who yicked on the screen?, The trend is dead, UDSC, MD stylin, where we from, D-town, Naddy Madness, Da Butch-man for hookin me up, like it was my job, woofs-never forgotten, Mom, Dad, Andrew, Thank God it's over and they never saw me again


Charles Johnson: Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, Beau, Grandpa & Ma. Always remember Spain;"The Roof", Rockys, Cubans. Jim, slow down, son. Hunts THNX Girls & late nights/ Angora lounge/Calv's shelter/ skiing: "Go Golfing". Lloyd, Byrnes, Bill; Kinetix, Matt K. All the stories; "random creeps!", SHARK, MG, BL, DM, MURPH, JB, KA, PD, CD, PG, JMc, JW I "Mom wouldn't care about these things if she didn't keep finding out about them" Nicholas Jorda!: Dad, Mom, Rick, Erica, and Chris, thanks. Good luck Jer, Tom, and Clark on next four years. To all my fellas: Hanes, Dev, Bolger, Clement, Bileck, Lepore, Gene, and Donahue. In memory of the college crew: Richie, Kev, Shue, Matty, and Gitts. See ya when I see ya. "OK Edge, play the blues" Paul Kahan: Thanks one and all-to my friends, who always had "just a little change," to my teachers, especially Mr. Bloh for all of his hard work and trust. Thanks also to "Doc" (Ivy Joe) D'Angelo just because. You only go around once. Thanks mostly to my parents, who have sacrificed so much so I could be here. Joseph Kaupus: Thanx to my family and friends (you know who you are!) Way too many jokes to list, Art Trips, La Salle Theatre, CDL, yeah you're all jealous the voices talk to me! Bebe and Elaine are my Goddesses. Baby Burgers. "To going against the grain, going insane, going mad, starving for attention, hating convention." I won't say goodbye because tlus won't be fue last you'll ever hear of me, and all that Jazz. Chris Kehler: First I want to thank my parents for backing me up through all four years. I also would like to thank my friends for being there for me, you guys know who you are! Matty C., Carbs, Tom, Anfuony, Nick, Walt, Oscar, and Seamu. Peter Keller: First off, thanks to my parents for everyiliing. Also, thanks to Sass and Mark, and congratulations on their baby. Thanks to everyone involved in Kairos, it was a great experience. Thanks to Mr. C., and of course to Mr. Bene and Mr. Vettori. Brendan Kelly: Mom, Dad, Aileen, Conor, God-thanx, Boy2-Tommy, Craig, Mike A., Big Boe, Mattern, Joe, Tuman, Scootch, Tuck, Bob, J King, JP, Ruegg. D-Town run, fightin' dirt with Pops, Vision Brothers, U.D., Choda, Coqui, Devils Pool, Night at Adams', Pliant & Page, Blues Fest, Horde, 'Tm Hot" Christian-Thanx, V-Ball, Kairos, NT,

BTD, Ice Hockey, Old-E, Seif-where you Been?, F-Truck, GP-Thanks Chang's out, '98 Peace.

your wings up. Dedicated to the memory of Nicholas Paolino (1980 1997)-Rest In Peace.

Sean Kerper: First thanks to my parents for sending me here and to the rest of the Kerpers for dealing with me. I'd also like to thank those who pushed me to do better, Treavor, Szczech, Gram, Boo, and God. Hope to all my boys in years to come: O'Hara, Moore, Trap, Jim, Brend, Pfeil, Glova, Carb, all the rest and Szczech; Good luck Guys. Hope to see you all later. And I can't forget all my teachers, Thank you all. Kerp-Roxborough*

Vincenzo LaRuffa: Thanks Mom, Dad, Carlo, and Dai love you all. MB, ML,VL = The Gr BC. Rise Strawberry Rise! TF-Teflc TR-Loyal Enforcer. MS, BM. Forur Thanks for the fun! Latin Club for, "Advantage Burns" "Sacrilicious!' Good luck everybody. DG, MC, E1 JG, GH, RF, RM, TF, RS, JG, SKAspire to be Mr. Burns.

Christopher Kerrigan: Thanks to all who've helped guide me, you know who you are. J. R. King: Thanks to my family and all my friends. Never forget all the great times we had. Special shouts to all my boys at La Salle (esp. GQ, SD, MB, KF, MH, PK, JRC, SE, IV, EC, BK) and all my chicas at GMA and MSJ. -> GAY! Watch out forpemues! B&G, we don't want to see your BFJP. 5 formals. South St. Manayunk. DMB '96. Chocolate Milk. DD4PQ. That Queen kid will get me pictures. Stalled - won't start. The Hammock. Arboretum. Valley Green. Ad Mountum Post Scholam. Golden Brown. Cealy's. Stayin' alive. The Iron Curtain. It's the Tempo! Jeremy, take care of my paper. Go Flyers! Michael Knowski: Thank you Mom, Dad, Rich, Nan, Pop, Grandmom, Grandpop, all of my family and friends: you were always there to guide me, support me, and love me. Sci. Dept: Thank you for 3 o'clock afternoons. LS Swim Team: 10 in a row! AK; PTP '96 & esp. '97 DC; play 97, 98; Jake w / love; Pete U2; BOH, Cloreese, KMD, JK, TOM, PS, BM, PD, ML, BG, LB, AD, U know Amanda? Dmb '96; SATS: Dad- You know it; Thank U 4 all the Mems. @ LS & every 1 who was ever apart of them. Kevin Kohler: Thanks to Mom, Dad, Brian, Frank, everyone I've rowed with. Frosh-8 Gold, JV-4, Mid-8 + the good luck charm; "T.J., Where's my kayak?", Space Cowboy, Everyone in OC, Everybody else, you know who you are. James Kouch: All praises + thanks due to God + My Fanuly. Peace 2:my boys- JC, FH, JM, SM, DM, JP, AS, VS, JV, JW, MW, The Goof Troop (PD, PG, JH, MR, TS). The 12% Nation, Lackman, Woodfern, Am1en, All those who returned to the essence, Club G, MM, The entire Wu-Family+ To all fue girls (CH). Watch out.NE Philly Pride. Keep it real,Quest on + Throw

Giuseppe Laguda: Thank you Mom, Dad, Frank, and Tony. I like this place so much, Id want to leave. I must move on through. I could not have done it without my girlfriend Colleen Cai and my friends Paul, Joe, Kevin, II Thanks to all my wonderful teach here, esp. Coach Colistra and Doc D' Angelo. Thank everyone who n my 4 year stay here so great. Thar me for getting through it all. God La Salle. Anthony Leonard: What are you talking about? Bow of the Novice-8, Hard Core, Live ~ FAYM, Dominator, I h8 ergs, Gip, MD's on da subway, Giddy up, ghettin rider, Kairos, Mid-4, pops the cross, JV ice hockey, 13579 everybody on the bus, go g-mone bone, I don't even know what's g, on, settle down, ya think, whatev, dude, hay you enjoying that soda Brits, LSU. lt's finally over. Than~ Mom, Dad, pit v-ball. James Liberi: Thanks to Mom and Dad and farr VFMA go golfin', snowball, fireb, hot-tub around foam pre-mixer. JI You know how we do things! Ml\ Broad St. and all the times. BMW Enough said, Zepherized. Myrtle seamist baby". Sega runs. Jim, tin clean up. To all the memories of a times ... MM, MB, CJ, MH-NeonizE LB, Bl, JM, NM, JH, CB, MG, OM, Tim Reff, MJ, KA, DB, to all: Goo, luck. Robert Lonergan: My family, friends, Paul, Shawn, Mike, Matt, Suum Cuiqui, Kevin, Team, Weekends at American Bil South Street, thanks to those who don't think I'm crazy, I'm not wo it anymore, Mr. Leahy, stop blam me. Way to go, Gilroy. Burns is a again. What happened to your ar Dan? It's far better to die like a m your feet than to live forever like slave on your knees - Black 47. Bradley Longosky: Love ya S.A.M., Ronni, John. C.R honeys. Thanks to all my boys at Salle. Thanks Mom, Dad, Gram, l and especially Leslie, I love you! Michael Lorusso: Thanks Mom, Dad, Vince, Fred, , Caroline. The Crew: Poop, Shist,

ha, & Nev. My Mentors (alias) JD, Brent and the CHA crew. zing" on JD Night. Lexus. '. Milwaukee. Lee's. DMB irt. 2 Pts@ Palestra. Blue Crew. crew:#9;14,54,40, 75,51,33, 路ew guys:Ennis,Quinnie, i,Bernie,Wall,Pat. TD Dance. 1d JK. Zeppelin III with Kane. boat. Push-ups@BC. Pete's lawn. 81597, debut w /Willy. Josse. Coqui + Rock & Roll. se? Bobby Clarke's house. JR'S Willie, EC, MN, KB. Thanks ... Jacuzzi's. Hi/low. Broken 50th Anniversary Party. 路ose's. Lynclunob. LS football's t "TheHawk" tewLullks: . Craig, Erin, and Sean: Thank )r everything you have done for would not be the person I am ut you. To my friends (Burl, VL, iiZerk, WM, SM, JC, NS, & SG): uys hurt my work ethic but d just about everything else. 11 thanks to the BUDDHA for 路ation and enlightenment! asaza - sutta) Erll Lyons: <Mom, Dad, Timmy, Court, and ,ulmate, Gama!, I love you all. ien great due to my boyz (Y, Lip Fungus, Kevin R., Pooh. Core liven Grassy Knoll. la Gods. Rave On Afterschool ,ns. Was I educated? To all my s Brothers, live the Fourth. criticize what you can't :stand. For the taste or the extra unces? Woody's ordy and L's your bod to the beat. PEACE!!!!

路k Maholland: Id like to thank God for all my s, and especially my parents for i effort, support emotionally and :ially, and the patience they given to me. I would also like to the La Salle English departfor all their support and for 1g me with my writing. I would tke to thank my friends, without 1 the last four years would have no fun. tm Markmann: <s Mom, Dad, Joe, Steve, Denise, , I couldn't have done it w I out ;veryone else on the unbeaten, atholic Dryland Team, this ain't rty, this ain't no disco! Everyone love you all-(Kairos 37-1)-TO, 1, ML, Group 3 ... CC and the ,/MSJ crew, I really do like you ... PTP '97, you guys are )me (Salamina Pride!); Mr. Fox, )wder room incident down the ... need I say more. hMarquis: <S to Muz, Dad, Dottie, ielle, & everyone who has been 'or me. NE Bus 1, NE Philly , who's Nick Incollingo? The we played at Jamie's. Annen Is, Wu-Tang '97. Group 5,

Haven: Built by me & you Gump. I luv to: DM, TS, AF, RS, BJ, JK, MW, VS, SM, JH, TS, AS, JV, KM, FH. Michael Mattern: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Tom/What's up Kairos Kids/Bearback/Yo Ed! I let her/ NE Pride/ gotta be scandalous/ Tom, just keep jockin' my style/New Year's/ My throat burnz/ She's brutal/ Show me your dunce/ Puri's Prom weekend/ What are you doin' I Peaches honey brown/ DMB concert/ Dickson/ Old E/Milf/ Friday/ Paul, can I put this window down? I The Grizwald Dog/ and all my boyz ... thanks. Nicholas Mattiacci: Thanx Mom, Dad, and the family, for all your support. To all my boyz AR, Shist, Wild, Poop, Cookie, Loru, JR, IL, Pur, Sief, Boe, Ox, Snill, Thugs, Ke!, Nev, Peaches, D'Oraz, Cril, Drew, TBeaf, Westy, SR, Gugg, Abbot, Lax, JP. Junior Prom. Puri's shorehouse. Weinacht's shorehouse Thug's parties. Kairos. Cabana. System. City boyz rock. It all ANS rule. JC. Merlini, Kent, and da Crew. LP. God bless girls. Peace. Michael Mauriello: Thanks Mom, Dad, Tony, and Chris. You are the best. I love you. Go Bruins, Go Patriots! La Salle Ice Hockey #1. To all my La Salle and North Penn friends it's been a great four years, JL, DB, BH, SH, PM, AL, RM, Snickers Pearl Jam Live. Keep in touch and that's the bottom line. Scott McCarry: To Vinny my only equal, JV, Ellis, Dee, Lloyd, and the Coke machine. Mike, Jaime, Joe B., Dan, Joe M., And all those critters. Paul, Lax is cool. Matt Chris, Burke, and Bellese. It, the Cutlass, the sisters, and Mary Jane. CBL, Dar-Mom, Dad, Rob, and Goomba. Sean McCullagh: FTP, Lightweight Kings '96. I own you horseface, 6:40 ak we'll see. Love you Christine. Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, James, Michele, Pat-you are all definitely part of my insanity. Yeah, Popsicle Day O'Doyle Rules! Sabersword? Excalibur? You drew half of your hand and what is your wager? The other half!? Patef J Crew. Got the tux just in time, Amanda. Grandpop & Uncle B. The terrible Toyota. Fade to black. ... Daniel McFadden: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Colin 4 looking out 4 me and being there. To Joe for helping me get by. My boys JK, MW, SM, VS, JV, FH, JW, AS. OK, enuf of da sentimentals. NE Philly ride: I got roots. Bigup to evrel livin' in Medway and Woodfern. Bigup to Nebusl & da naked guy. Ruckus! & BTD: It began, he lost. Get out ta here you Donkies. Gearos: MM & MY dynamos. Bird Girl's. Peace to all

those mentioned. Yea: Throw your wings up: Wu-Tang Forever. Colin McGinley: Thanks to my Mom and Dad for sending me here, my '84 green tank I drive which has flipped over and survived. I'd like to thank La Salle for four years which will help me get into college. Thanks for class with BJM, Mr. Wiley's hair, candy in the college counseling center, the bookstore, D, Ecotrail, the median, T, T&F. Not a reward. Brendan McGlone: Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandmom, Mom - Mom Uncle Wayne. I luv U. Matt and Bridge, too. To all my boys .. .I gotta story ... PG, EB, TC, SOC, TF, TC, ChipmU11k races - I won. CG, PW Hook me up. JC, ML, DW, BG, JP, ES, PD'O, HD, CW, JT, JP, and all the rest. Good luck. To JW - See U at Adams Ave. To my Resso Boys -The Path- The Lot- 4th July '97. Memorabilia Day WB/TDC NESAC '97. PG 8 in 30. Animal House '98. Summer '97 an_d Delran, thanks! "That's it...the end." Timothy McGoldrick: Thanks Mom, Dad, Tom: I love you; GS, MA, TC, TC, TF, CG, JH; Sweet; Drenched at GA; Beach Frisbie; A road trip; York and Rodman; JV Pride - There it is; DMBNL; Balloons; Bumpless; So, this is Russia; summer hoops; he's gotta gun; shore and subdegree ski trips; mixer and a can; Shotzie - you're the best - always; thanks for the memories. James McLaughlin: Thanks to my fam: Mom, Dad, Dan, Mike, and Kev for all your support. Thanks also to: Steve K., Rocky, GHart, Steve M., and the local crew. My friends at school, you know who you are .... After-school sessions ... caught off late-nite ... poultry - turkey, chicken, etc...New Years '96 - 2BQ, 4th of July - caught... Springbreak '97 at the house ...JB - 8 /97, 31-8 /97, DMB - 12/96 .. .Snoop. Colin McManus: Thanks Dad, Mom, Joseph, Tim, Daniel, Mr. Devine, the greatest coach ever, and the La Salle XC and Track Team. Thanks to MBRSTR, DLAM, TJ, Col, Jaya, Bunkll, Bungalow 9, Nazareth Girls, DQLAN, KB, EM, GLS, DNF, MR, JLM, PatB, Jerp, MikeD, GregB, Haney, Dev, Bolge, KevM, GNC, Ward, ALC, CRMC, TomC, Mr. Semanick, Mr. Puntel, JMP, for all the great times!! To put it bluntly, you sneeze, you lose. Street. U2JAG2SF, Dymcol? Brendan McMenanin: Well, when beginning, I thought this would be much slower, but I guess I was wrong; way too fast for me, Thanks to all who have helped me during this period of life. Go Yankees (please win every WS ti! the first

reunion); Hi, Dan, (ND? HA!) Chris, DJ (wherever you are), Jim, Andy, Jason, Mike, and the whole senior class. Oh, and thanks, Morn and Dad, and I hope to see you all soon. Christopher McShea: First, I would like to thank my family: Mom, Dad, Erin, Kelly, and the new member of the fam. And to all my Peeps especially: JR, BK, BM, CH, RK, MH, KM, CK, JD, TS, JH, BF. And to the girls: Daisy, KT, MM, NS, CL, NS, TM, MS, DC, NG, and to anyone I missed. Thank you all for the great memories and the great time together. KEEP ALIVE always the memories at the Zoo. Remember Greensburg '93 boys. I love all of you. LP-1-24 44. Matthew Mee: Thanks Mom, Dad, Bri, Kate, Beauty Bunch, Sweetwood, Housekeeping, Poop, Big Samoas, Hot Pockets, HazMat, Bus Tokens, Drop-out-Bill Girlie Hurdles, Sideshow Bob, Moron Card, Dumpling, KM, JC, Clark Bar PMPLThanks-Mr. Devine and Jeff Stever Roller-hockey-YMCA-Chuck-Tom Pullmas. KKNNMBKBJMMCMHCM. Klats. Whitey. Unleash the beast. BARNone. Ace. Neil Mikulski: To the family, thanks for all the help and support. Hunts, Fran, Doug, Matt you're on aren't ya. Doug, Fran second Free. What are you, an idiot? Pat Mo remedial math. Footy D-Backs. Kevin Miller: Thanks Mom+ Dad. Jen. Mike. Joe. Devine. SB Champs .. late night rides .. basement nights to rnornings .. crazy Canadian .. sweet wood .. freshmen 4x8 .. tics .. 4xl.. Campbells' where it began .. big Samoan.. nike shirt.Jets .. home movies .. critter.. NE Philly pride.. Bill Taco Bell anyone .. whatever it takes .. thanks to Chmia; cm:clat. BM. LO'S. JV. JC. RC. PB. Mac. Robert Miller: Thanks to Morn + Dad. Gail, Ed, Doni, Deb, Tom, My Friends Aye Aye Aye. MS, FS, JS 3 years Deutsch. FSB, CB, BD Here light this. 56 who got a 56. FFT save those quarters. Greser 86 the sandman at BBCC. 40, 69. That horrible night. No good. T you're not driving no more. KOP. Well I was eating a sandwich. Hey Bart. JS did you do the math? Capp, no more money. Why stand on a silent platform ... JM, Turk 4 golf. Patrick Moore: Thanks Mom and Ray for making the necessary sacrifices to allow me to attend LS. You've made me tough it out and gave me the guidance to get through the past four years. Danielle, thanks for being there for me-I love you! Always remember the good


times-Dec. 24, OC trips and the same old same old thing in-Newtown. To my boys Neil, DA, Dan, Fran, MS, Dog, Trap, Kerp, MB, Travers. To everyone who has helped me in the past 4 years, Thanks.

Biz's party. Dos. Buddha, Kitties. Yamean, Mt. Loru-Msaward. Arbo, C Shore, Soc- Teas, Steffa, Draus, West, Au. Lax- Kent, 7, Wetly, Ev. CCWard, Tinman. City-NM, Eb, MM, PG, PW, JP, JL. BDB

Matthew Morace: To Mom, Dad, and JUT thanks for everything. Hey Teri, what about Franklin Mills? Pink Floyd Rocks! Andorra cucumber attacks! AP lives. Yo Miller go easy on Teri. Smalley, beat FF7 yet? all the rest - TF, MA, MS, M. Smalley, RM, FS, DC, BC, CK, JC, JV, VS, SM Facil B-Levanta el tejado! Use the force fast Eddie-2-0! MMM ... Organized Crime KOP LOD GK ALSO CB, JT, LO, and to everyone else thank you; it's time to go!

Peter Nocera: Thanks Mom, Dad,Tara, Nick. Thanks to my mom especially for pushing me to be the best I can be. I also want to thank my grandmom and grandpop for buying magazines every year from me. Danvers, you stink. .. Mark, Krag 'em ... La Salle mixers ... the Colombian... buck shot... Zebik. .. Thanks La Salle for four great years.

Ryan Mulrain: Thanks Mom and Dad for the undying support, love ya'. G-mom and the rest of the family, couldn't do it without you. Chillin at the MONTE, Prep tradition lives on JC, Peff, the corner crew, Prep Posse, Junior Clowns(you know who you are) ND girls and all the ladies that crossed my path it's not stop here ... 4:20 check the ball! Boomin' w I JC, all night on the beach, hotel parties, MT Killer Lam, Keep it real.

Rajesh Noronha: Thanks Mom, Dad, Preeya, Maya, and Nana - For all your inspirational guidance and support. Best wishes to

Liam O'Shaughnessy: Thanks-Mom, Dad, Mike, and Ka for all your love. Matt, Chris B., Brendan and Capp: We're unstOJ pable Tom C. and Kevin M.: We'] always have Belmont. Hanging c on the second floor/ Dibble stick Communist Fascist Bart/ Gorilla a ping pong. Playing quarters wil Capp. Spoon, my name isn't Leor Frank, Mark, Terry, Rob, Jim. KC

Andrew O'Hara: Thank God, Mom, and Dad for putting up with my stuff. To all the Guys at the firehouse for keeping me in check. And good luck to all my friends Kerp, SM, MS, PM, JT, JM, KB, remember the good times (in school getting in trouble). Most of all thanks

Jason Olcese: Thanks Mom, Dad, Joe, Jess ... To team, GREAT SEASON Coach, Quenzer, Burns, Lonergan, Steve McCormick, Lombardo, and Fas Eddie ... Thanks La Salle ... Well, o college. Good Bye and Good Luc Salle '98 ... Ron Olsen: Boys will be boys but La Salle bo will be ... ? Special Thanks to my ]I and Dad. Peace to all my buds JC RE, PN, CD, WG, WH, JT. Dele, I ya. AP Gym: sign me up! Don't f, your workhorse. Lisa Bonavita, y the best! Sept 12, 13, 14. Frozen Tundra of Telford. Palmieri, tell sister I'm sorry. MUSTANGS Ru Neon's Break! Bonavita has Cran PJ'S!

Chris Murphy: Thanks to my family: Mom, Dad, Kevin, Karen, and Grandparents. Thank you for putting up with me and helping me out as much as you did! Michael Murphy: Thanx Mom, Dad, Bill, Kate. ILY COL Rtte, Josh, and all that were there. Remember the Grassy Knoll. '96-'97 8th period. Place one. Thanks people for all the help. 2125 Chestnut. Rosemont MCD's. Swartley's House. BB and Septa to a show. Jolm's Wagon. Ryan, Jarad see ya'. '97 Memorial Day weekend NJ Dave Matthews Warpt tour. Party with CRD. Pumpkin Smashing. Dennis Murray: Thanks Mom, Dad, Lisa, and Kath. My good friends, Jack and AL My pals Jim, John, Bruce, and Mike. Where is Calvitti? 95th street in Stone Harbor with Bob and Calvitti. Where was Sharkey before the mixer Junior year? Burns's ticket from Taco Bell. Dan Needle: I would like to thank God for giving me the many opportunities in life. I would also like to thank my family and friends here at La Salle. Dan Neverosky: I love you Mom, Chris, Craig, & Mark. To all my boys in Class of 98, thanks for the great memories. Shist, thanks for the sessions. Loru, Blue Crew Pride. Swimming at Nova. Chillin on the stoop. Dazed and Confused. April's grad party. Poop,


are impossible, Billy+Paul-perfec me be me-live the 4th-have fun!

Pete O'Donnell: I love you Mom and I know you're always with me. Thanks Ian for helping me through everything I love you. Wuddup to: Jared, Mokie, Casey and Sunshine for being there. Ben, Sam, ADS, Where's Calvitti? Hey, Bob, sweats 2-9, Mike-Chud, Ru's House, Hun's House-Prom, Tucker's, RT, Nikki, JP, FIK, KP, DS, JC, MJ, MA, EB, EA, CB, DAS, Guin never change, EC, ML, JC, JD, PJM, GP, TJD, BK. Those forgotten, check ya later.

Gama! Palmer: Shout-out To Mom, Richie, DJ, L, Theo. Da' bomb box K32 to boyz grassy knoll Molush, Grace, Thai Lip-fungus stinks to 37-Bro's Sha spanky Kirsch we love u. To my luhks stones for 20 to my skyline partiers on EG-spo 20F G Mice C smalls modana swimmers the pl:is ringing on my God freedom o WED at da' w no go on bed Kay, da' drama live the 4th Yoda peac DC, EP, MS, GL, CW, PS, MB, ML, DN, SD, JP, BC, FS, AA, TR, JG, AR, HD, JT, DS, GS, PK, JC, BO, MK, BS, LO, MA, MM, VL, CS. To all the faculty and administration, my appreciation. "Success is a journey, not a destination." P.P.N., A.J. Paul O'Connor: Thanks to Mom, Dad, James, and Gioia- I made it - Thanks Carlos, John George, Peter, and Kiely - I survived Grandma, Grandpa, and Grandma O'Connor. Thanks Erin. And to my best friends, James and Pat. I'm alive and I'm coming home!!! Shawn O'Connor: Thanks to Dad, Mom, Tim, Ryan, Casey, Kevin and Lauren. da da da ... The coke cap game, da da da ... 4292455, da da da ... the tree comes to me, da da da ... Booyeah, da da da ... What's up self, da da da ... What me? I was gettin' beat, da da da ... Stupid Wookie da da da ... Magnetic Dust, da da da ... shout out to my peeps, da da da ... That's it, that's all, That's the end, da dada.

to my parents who influenced me to do my best at everything, never give up, so be it, whatever happens, happen;. Brendan O'Hara: Mom, Dad, Megan, and Fer I love you, and thanks for helping me to do my best in and out of school. Thanks to my teachers and coaches for always being able to help-and friends for making it fun. High school is now over, time for college. La Salle swimming forever. X-mas break, mornings, GA-the big people, troll. Good luck to everyone and have fun! I'll be seeing you. Tim O'Malley: I'm not the child of the idle brain. My kingdom is of this world. Thanx for showing me life-KIRSCH-MELJACKSON-all of you Mom and DadThanx for me/Jenn Joe Pat Bren, see you at the top! ... Art, take up space or control it? ... All-Catholic DryLand/ ain't no party, ain't no disco ... Aussi. .. 37-1+3 .. .Verona ... JYH ... DC. .. banana. ..GMA. .. bfr Mixer ... l is much and 3

Jim Palmieri: Mom, Dad, Dani, Joe, Thank yoi; You guys are the best. Lloyd, try keep up. Joe, you need a lift? W for those rocks, Cap-try one. Jai anyone? T.J.-mush head get bigi forearms; you'll need them. Col: how 'bout a pie? Lenny, see you look out for A. Anyone else, see around. Jeremy Palo: Thanks Mom, Dad, Josh, Jeff, M1 Devine remember the good time Warrington Classic, JT, MS, DW. Cross-country? Good Luck Nid Tinman, Rich, CC, GL, GB, CM, Hanes, TD, SB. Yo Bieleck. 4bal team all-Catholic yuh! U2's the路 Cara we're wimps Murphy, Nat Katie, what a party Gitts, AA, K CS, Members! Guidance crew. 路 you're God; K-lask Track wrest!路 Hi, JC, MB, TM. Erik Peterson: It's a gift ... Raise the roof, walk o hands, and the turkey dance ... Kessel' s ... Special thanks

, Dad, and Kerry ... To CM, NI, 10, and everyone else. Good ..It's been surreal...KOP ... UOF 路er. Pfeil: k you, Mom and Dad for thing you do for me, and always there for me whenever I need To all my friends that I made in 11, and to all my friends back 路 in Roxborough. I hope the best l of us, for my brother Mike, my :!mom, and all the rest of my y members and everyone in my ;od bless you, I love you all. ietrak: ks Mom, Dad, Chrissie, Katie, ony: My boys ...JC, TC, PD, PG, K, ML, NM, BM, CM, OM, AR, ', PW, JW: SP ... AR, EB, MM: ,ch.. .The Realness? Nut, how's thumb? Puri, what's that smell? .is, I'm Catholic what're you: ner of 1996 house parties ... footy peat? Baseball champs .. .Stink in red! BT you're so weak. .. e you're the best...Hinkdog ... JP ;s a lot BN, MB, and all the ers. . Plachta: ks to Mom, Dad, and everyone in ,mily. Special thanx to all the CC, SL, BS, LF, JO. God help all BA girls. These years wouldn't w I out Steve, Hoagz, Crogs, son, Justine & Mandy. Sleeping :B's class, Columnball matches, 'ice creativity for DMcG, It's just 1rance y'all, chicken party on the 'smell skunk, UOF forever.

~l Ponisciak: ally, thanks Mom, Dad, Steve + Gray Matter will live on, La Salle

B-Ball teams, Tucker, Hey Brendan, Go ND, Duke B-Ball, Disney World, 2131, 4069, 840, 1998, CS, BR, TC, CW, EB, SE, JK, JW- thanks for the Good times. French Per. 6. Mr. Kirsch, thanks for your vote of confidence. Who doesn't like the Dave Matthews Band? Blue+ Gold, thanks for everything. Paul, Hugh, + Travers, thanks for a great year! Class of '98Work hard, play hard. I'll never forget LS. Justin Primus: Thanks Mom, Dad, Ashley, Rachel, and Alexa for everything. CBL, J. Parisi, & Joco thanx. I am Primetime 32 Optimus & Birdbrain. 0-town is DA BOMB. DB Pride HD & TF to those that didn't believe! Footy and Lax pride. Thanks for the good times.

We are champions. Peace to all my boyz, you know who you are. PG, Sprout, JB, especially you three. What's up Pietrak? I'm not Catholic either. Late. Dan Purtell: Thanx Mom, Dad, & Drew for helping me through LaSalle. Thanx to all my friends for the memories. JV soccer forever! PZ ... yeah me too! Da loop! Baseball? Cancun?!! Anyone up for a late night? Class of '98 it's been fun! Good luck! Stay in touch! Gregory Queen: Thanks to Mom, Dad, Cindy, and Meri. JR, "EH-YO!" Remember Fitz's, Mark's pizza & your terrible cheesesteaks. "You did what on Fitz's

floor" It doesn't have a glossy finish but the blood will run right off! the Shadow ... 12 miles?-> GAY! Thanks to MB, OF, MB, JH, PK, MH, SE, TR, DC, and everyone I forgot. Saurabh, stay black & remember that I wupped you in F-F, and thanks for all your support Mark, keep "Gettin' popcorn" Remember penny wars, waterguns, South Street, the Tempo w Io the glossy finish, and the windshield washers on the Subaru. Never forget Mount runs! Fineberg I had her first. I quit. '98 Yearbook remember Seahag! Remember the never-ending 3rd period! Philip Quenzer: Thanks Mom, Dad, Zack, Marc, Jenny, and everyone else who helped me on the way ... thanks to all my boys. In Glenside, it's been great!!! Andrew Rakowski: Thanks Mom, Dad, Swampy, Tuner, Chalk, Gnewt, Lorn, and all my boyz. Showboat flasher, night in venice, Catholic Scranton. Kairos 37-1. Sea Isle, Delaware girls, Arbo's shorehouse. Gwynedd girls. Acme, kitties, the Catholic crew, Halloween at Cath. U Roy, let's do something mischievous ... Gilbert Ramos: Thanx Mom, Dad, Alex, Talia, Dennis, to all my boys in Horsham, Grandmom, Grandpop, James, Elliot, T, my ballin boyz. To my dog get some work. Huns and the Neon. To my cousins Mike, Peter, David good luck, to God who I could not have got .this far without Him: to my girl Ashley thanks to all the memories. To Naps for all the Ace runs. To the class of 1998: best wishes for the future. Peace. William Reid: Thanks Mom, Dad, Dan + Kelly- I love you ...Chris, Tom+ Chang for putting up with my driving .. .St Chris boys, see ya at the stores ... LL crew- Bake,


Buff, Kisty, Istik + the girls- I'll cook u some burgers ... the beast on the log .. .Snapple bottle ... Crimal put your clothes on ... TC+ Spank- PIP pride ...Scalped tickets .. .I only got 9 points .. .Drizzenched at 6 Flags..Trainer's pond ... Tim Reiley: Good luck. .. This is Funky T and, hey, peace out!! Shane Reilly: I like to give a special thanks to my mom + pop: I love ya. I like to say whatz up to my boyz roach, snake, pigeon, ruff. What's up to my fam Dre, West, Bruno, Ada. 115 represent. To my boy Nick. Hey body are you about ready? RIP EMPDE, Nick, Probe, Trap: I love ya. To all by bittys I played ya. Aw my shoe! To all my inhale bodies I'll miss you. Adam Richards: Thanks for everything Mom and Dad .. .I don't hate yous. Nick I love ya ... Crane the moons attached to your wrist. Mattern let's just chill. .. Thugs parties ... Puri's shore house ...JP .. Pit V Ball ... Mallach Pietrak my realness heads ... dog ... Nick's Cabana Room ...To my fam Westy ... Shane+Dre ... Pauli's shore pad ... 'BLAWH' ... Fab 3... Peach's sisters ... Ha tuck ... Ox take care of the JR's and dat lisp ...Thanx to aw my kind buds.. .I'm out... Kevin G. Robinson Jr.: Thanks Mom, Dad, Julie, + Laura for eveything. Spank- clean your rug; Tim townie run; dry mouth/Lucinda now? J Crew or Gap/ BMAC- road sodas/ Shore boys-TDOG, PHIL, MC- how bout some cuts? Horde, OW, 311 shows, Jamiroquai/ JC= common senseless I Nils I prom 97' I K37-l/ MH, Mr Spain/ Tim Dipovalue pak/ BT I KL & GP- a great senior year I MB, CL, PB, CG, LS, TC - sweet, RT. .... Andrew Romano: Thaks Mom, Dad, Kev, Brian, Rachel for everything. Could not have done it without you. Thanks to all my friends-the crew on the corner, Winwards, RNC, Scoot's G-Mom, the res, Kairos, Smalls, I love you all. Thanks for eveything Kate. I love you. Brian Romanzo: Thanks Mom, Dad, Noelle, Sparkey, Saittas, Pooh, Chanukah 8 National Champions, JW, JNC. Cereal To Weps, B.Y. Circles in the lot, Brits can't hang, Carpet Cleaner, You're fine, April, Tins, David Pin, Cincinnati, Chester Coperpot, N.S. Fayh, Ptop, Chicken, I saw God out there, Indeed, Goat, Good Luck, Naahean. Mark Ruegg: Mom, Dad, Ian, any one who's been there, you're appreciated. SMOKEY! P- 4th of July- DOLAN, Juan,


Wubbsoy, Head, Beakhat, any one got a moke. Buffet 97'- you guys 21. DS- horde LC- Row 1- Spain- KRDouge, YERUP-37-1 RT-MB- BK- JBNever forget that. PHT dng- dmb311- Rage- Dre' afternoon drinks- gut - all the friends, lov ya all- it's been the fix. Tempo- burnout, don't fade out- I am out. Andrew Sayers: I'd like to thank God and my family for putting me through school. Thanks to the beast for a great time out of school. I have to give respect to the Oxford Circle and Summerdale. Shout outs to my boys in Lawncrest and Bustleton. Props to all my boys in LaSalle and also a special shout out to Sean. Peace to my Meadowbrook felons and the donkeys in my basement. RIP Joey B. Thanks. David Schmel: Above all, thank you Mom+ Dad I'm the light God! LS stage! MF, DF, ZD, SC, PO, AB, PA, KB, SM, MH, PH, JJG, FI, AL, JB, MD, GC, KH, and the actors, Mr. Bloh, CD-L, FP, ME, Pit Vball! T-pump it up! Lunch Ladies! 010rus-Day Kirsch, TS, JH, MB, Fl T2-Bowling-"G" Wiley, MW, MA, MO, JL, MO, DB, BY, MS, EP,-Burno, MS-ER!-And to the teachers- BR, BM, EM, JR, SB, TG, DP, JC, BL, LO, TT, T!, AP, FJ, BG, MJS, DD, GW, PS, MO, DB. -To you all, fond farewell! Christopher Scott: Ah, my high school days are finally numbered. For getting me through them, I'd have to thank Mom and Dad. I never would have made it here without you. Besides, where would I have gotten the money to come here? To the guys ...I would still be where I am, but it wouldn't have been half as fun.:) Thanks TR, DP, BM, OS, JR, ... and all you girls from da mount. Here's to the future ... Eric Sieferth: Dad, Mom, Allyson-Thanks; What's up Boe; Ed, we gots to talk, man; BFYou will 2; "What's that, pal?"; "Purf, Loru, Dile-He called u wop!"; D'RazLa Costra Nostra; Scootch-the X; Golf course nights; MH-?; Chotathook=No way; JP-Dog; 3/17 /96; Tuman's swimming hat; 6th period Guggss; Green eggs, you mic; D-town run; JP at the mall; Hey, guys ... .! think I'm rolling with Allison tonight; GolgYou da bomb! Paul Sharkey: Thanx Mom, Dad, BFD, BT, BWD, JM, & everyone at LS. That's goin' in the yearbook. You're mine, Pompom. So sweet in the arboretum. John Wayne N da captain. Sleepin' alone at Hunts Postprom. She's a greek goddess. Garcia & Vegas W GS. TO RU writing a letter? JW - Chillin' at Watts. Sixer on a Monday. Peace to my Kairos 37 & 37-I Bros. Thanx GS, JW, TO, MB, MH, BM, MB, & all my LS boyz. Swimming lie.

Brendan Shimizu: Thank you, Mom and Dad for all you have given me, you have been my greatest source of inspiration. To both my sisters for all their love and attention, and, I can't 4-get Rascal. To all my friends who've kept itreal. To the 5th, 6th period Crew, the "Hardcore Hack", the Ezez. To the South Lawners and other 257ers, to the camouflage and fatigues ...37-1 Kairos Live the 4th. Michael Sinclair: To my mother, Jane Sinclair, who has been the greatest influence in my life, and my greatest example of how a person should his life with strength and meaning. Thank you. I also thank my entire family for being there for me through all the good and all the bad, helping to make me the person that I am. Joe Siravo: Thanx to my mom, dad, and brothers...Thanx to all my boyz ... In loving memory of my boy Nick RIP ... K-Town... Baldi ... Sue... Hollywood...Tooo sweet. .. Nazarth. .. Matt Zebik RIP ... New Years ...Special thanx to my grandparents.. .4th of July. Mixers ...Good luck in the Navy. Bum carnival...Halloween... For all my merry men...Thanx to everyone. Peace, I'm out. Chris Small: Thanks, Mom and Dad, you saved me, and thanks to everyone in my family. Mark C. Smalley: To Mom, Dad, and Christa, thanks for everything... What I'd like to have right now... The power of the warrior ... KOP ... OOOH YEAH!. .. No more pop-ins!. .. Wonder ... Keep it real ... Beware Deramus ... Bucs all the way ... Too Sweeet... That's it- You're gettin' the crab ... TF, RM, FS, JS, ES, and everyone else - Stay cool... And that's the way it's gonna be. Gavin Smith: Thanks Mom and Dad. Love ya lots. Shoutouts to TM, MA, CG, TC, TF, PS, RE, JM, and the Crew team. Fatties. "Ya wanna go down to the beach?" TC at the DMB. MA destroying TM skiing. Great 7-11 and I-Bell runs. GMA girls are awesome. Road trip with TM. Willard B-Ball. ML, CG, TC, on the scary road. TC and PS at the RR concert. JM and cigars. Ski trips. Tuck Dog. Bean. Sweet! Senior year, first quarter, what happened? Good luck next year! David Spangler: Thanks Mom, Dad, and POOH. K-Rob - What magazine is that? Tim - I found this blanket and screen. Ruegg - Sure enough. Jow - midnight swims in the ocean. Tommy - Break yourself, fool. Mac - Love those road sodas. Also, CG, G-Mal, KL, PO, RP, and to my best boy TJ. To the ladies LS, LF, MS, EM, NC, and TM, thanks for all the

advice, good and bad. ZWN, yot always give, and ask for nothing return. KAIROS37-l. Natty. Ski Bob ... 1/1/97 AM. Christopher Stack: "You keep using me like a steppi stone." -G Love ... Jesus greets mi "Looks just like me ... " -PJ. "I did way." -Sinatra. "Now I will walk long road." -Pearl Jam. Senior W 98 ... Flyers in 98 ...Thanks Mom, J Tom, and Jamie for everything... outta here. "Don't think; dumb i: strength." -PJ. Gary Staffieri: To the human suplex machine, B Burns is the Bandit. Westside Ro Rage. I'm gonna choke you out I Enter the sandman. Burns isn't I No one wants to sit in the back o ghetto ride. Cap rules. J.V.B. DI: period Wawa/crackdonald's Craazzzyyy Bob! Yo Heim, you to sneak into McDonald's Playla1 ECW rules! Thanks to all me ho, mates, Mom, Fran, Gram, Daphr Mike. Frank Stieber: To my family, I love all of you ar very thankful, and lucky, for everything that you have done f< To my friends- thanks for alway: being there. Vincent Strain: Love to Mom, Dad, Meg, Pat, & "T" om. Thanks "4" everything. S.M., JV, JW, FH, LB, MW, JK, Jt DM ... WU '97 yeah bull- critterscrew- psycho- black doritos-shac an 18? Gila monsters- city left, ft turn right- need a Ti... or a .... ?DOTTIE & MARITA (wow!)- CB LM5.0X2- that's due today?! Bo early at school tomorrow, in clas essay!" Best of luck to all you mentioned. See ya down the roa, Matthew Styer: Thank you, Mom and Dad. AP Thought you knew! ... KOP ... Loca Weis!. ..Gentlemen!. .. To the empi Long may it reign!. .. Hey guys: r:: MA, MRRM, BC, AB .. .I can neve everything into my pyramid!!! P on the glass!. .. B-isms the great fr rate ... da tick funky-monkey .. .EMBWBAM .. .Spoon li'l lighh1ir .Andorra. Cucumber attacks!. .. E Let's go Flyers! Later guys!!! Michael Sullivan: I would like to thank my mom, , and grandparents, Dad, and all I others who made it possible for come to La Salle. I would also lil say that coming to LaSalle was c the best things to happen to me i life. Most of all, I would like to s that this beginning is only the beginning of our lives. James Sweeney: Mad propz. Mom & Dad, Joey. I ya, kid. Corrie. Senior class '98 1 up now?! Let's get a hack chilly,

ub, the Nova, kickin' the bass, n - Do G 37-1 Hairy George- a al thanks to Lisa. Where would I ithout you? Also, to KJ, CS, GP, JS, MGC, AL, CC, FS, RM, KD, )B, BB, Bro. Mike, you da' man!!! ss thanks is also due to the ty and administrators of '98; it real. :Szczech: xld like to thank God for all the ;s that he has given me. Next, I d like to thank my mom and dad I the support, time, and effort have given me my entire life and :ially the money they have paid LY tuition. I would also like to , my brother and sister for all the that they have given me. Finally, xld like to thank my friends at La â&#x20AC;˘SK, PM, JW, JT, MW, PM, AO. Tatunchak: of all, thanks to Mom and Tato, sha, ULA - & the rest of my .y, all my friends at LS iCIALLY THE UKES. TAMARA U, Alex and Jane, D-VROOM! ~u, Smelly Melly! ADGO nskij!!! Glen Spey, Zora, Pawn! ,-Wallace, Great Adventure, LS es, RR Bridge diving, po9, len, Slava, Beaners, Philly, Floyd t show, Coo mo D, NYC 911, Great LS teachers and everyone

oryThomas: L, Dad, Ryan - thanks for helping ) succeed ... Love you ... HJT .. ... St. A's Alum ... Dave C, thanks eing there when I was confused ... Alumni ... Turbo ... Gokart... ~!... Ryan "Oh, dear, did I break l?" ... "Gil, I can't help you." ... Hell Lrth: Genuardi's ... Life is gooodd!" s Trappler: ,ks Mom, Dad, Rachel, and Regan lways being there. It's been fun, 'Mad Dog", Fraw, Matt, Doug, , Neil, Hunts, Winward, Tucker, y, JV, Clark, Laguda, Elliot, 1ra, Kerper, Jimbo, McFadden, es, Gallagher, Dile, Valentine, .e, McCullagh. Thanks for being : friends Dan, Bob, Christine, , Heather, JP, Nan, Kirk, Sarah, e.

guys. BT, MR. Parisi, thanks for everything on and off the field. Props to all my boys: Ab-flex, Tin-man, Green eggs, Mattern, Bean, Guru, Shark, Gav, McDigging, Primus, the baseball squad, and everyone else. Thanks, fellas. Seaweed, my boy! A deal' s a deal! Mrs. Brown - Bring the Ruckus! LAh-Ru, L.A. Ru! You never close your eyes ... Yo Bush! Heckuva play, Hughie D! 1, 2, 3, La Salle, HOOT! Relax, pal! HEY, RICH! Ryan Tuman: I love you Mom, Dad, CJ. Thanks Den, Steve, Mooney, Jim, Foleg, Erah, Craig, Toby-I love you guys. Boys-KR, KN, PB, JC, GP, KL, BK, KK, BJ, AA, DOCS! Hey, Duke, let's go for a ride, Morsell. HOP ALEX! 1/ll/97Mooney Warrant? Phishin' trips, Great tea, LS Formal and Party, ATK to Toby's! JGB -Toby you bugout. Devil's Pool. Let's go to Bill's. Senior Week '97. I'm down with Hippies. Roll up the windows, Vermont Indoor. I love U, Meg Dougherty! Jon Turk: Mom, Dad, Jer, and Ruesky, thanks for everything. Cap, I'll kill ya, the pue crew will never leave, KOP will never die, Binder, how's your girl, pick up your stuff at the baby blue Taurus, the Small doggy has got no game. Peace and love. I'm outta here! Matthew Valentine: Thanks to Mom and Dad for providing support and motivation during my years here at La Salle. I'd like to thank all my family and friends who made it an enjoyable experience. Henry Van Horn Ill: JV Ice Hockey rules. Thanks coach John for helping me improve quickly. Thomas Vlahos: Mom, Dad: Nothing I say can make up 4 all you've done - I love U: Ant listen to them, they're right - Love u too: Mad thanks to all who helped me out - U know who u r: CC, AF Thanks 4 your help from up above - I miss you!! - el camino - lod heads - the chase - Houston ZOO! - Rere, is it on? - gotta wash my car - Henry - SCAP Ridge- race me - Roxy - da center sweet - I'm late - rentacop - slow down! - It's about that time.

Travers: Mom, Dad, Karen, Katie, Ryan, A.unt Kathleen for ALWAYS ; there for me. Footy 3-Peat. LX Mr. Colistra "Bad move, dude" H!". Baseball: thanx Mr. Parisi, itudent Council - Paul and Hugh. Lpride - Regatta '97. Madden. Claw" 6th period. Crib worms rv" Ghetto locker 3rd period. to. "Shady" My Boyz: HD, PS, fat boy", Paty MO, MS, Cap don't it personal. RO, RG, MM, PF, and yone else - THANKS.

John Wall: Thanks Dad, Mom, Lauren, Kristin, and Barry. Close your eyes and go! Plugs. Brad, don't open the door. FAYH. April. Do you like spicy foods, Kenny, it's double overhead, the shore is only an hour from the boathouse. Brad, it's time to go. Look out - Old Man Brits can't hang. Adam, the score is tied at a million, your ball. Brian, don't worry; you're fine. National Champs Frosh8. Live the Fourth. Word up, Holmes.

Tucker: : to Mom, Dad, Mary, Bean - I :ln't have done it without you

Christopher Ward: Thanks Mom, Dad, Jack, Kevin, Shawn, Joe, Babes, I love you! Thank


you for all your love and support. Thanks to all my friends, AU, BR, TC, TC, all soccer players, track, 4x800. Dizzy-D, Mr Neely, Mr Pef Pup. West, Nev, Clarkbar, Obi, Palo, Cici, G.B. Hazmats. Hey Buddy you dropped your ... PD BOC RE. Paul Weinacht: To all my boys- MM, PG, EB, JC, AR, ML, EA, BG, JP, MM & all others- it's been a great 4. Bad move dude! We're not doin that! Bladw! I'll kill ya in Madden. Fatty's hook me up with some of that. The streak. My windows gor down for $100 Brett, yer dead! what, u want stinko? 75, 51, 54. OE. Bud Loafer's. Uhh, you stink! Thanx Mom, Dad, Chris, Sue, Nan for all your suppport. Whoa, I'm done HS! Michael Weinert: To Morn & Dad, I love you guys. Thanks 4 everything. If I were coach ... mom no ?'s. My boys JK, VS, DM, SM, JM, JV, AS, FH, & ATR ... Woodfern! Nebusl- harassment! Naked guy- mad crazy ruckus- Sayers' house, u donkies, night golf. Bones & their buzz. Gila monsters. Maria I lov ya. Member r deal- finally- if u eva feel stuck in life by a tough situation throw your wings up and fly away ...

Novices - Odoyle Rules. Lyon - Sorry about you head. V-4. Silent Willow's Mid8. Hey, Bro. Skeletor, sorry 'bout the ... oh well, nevermind .. Long live the RNC. Leonard - She hates your guts, GET OVER IT! ergs bite .. .Thanks Morn, Dad, Bill, Gwen, Mariah - My cowgirl, Hatfield - quit squealin'. Beau Yanoshik: Hey Mike - I don't know, I was chillin' at the PSU like it was my job. Hardcore Novice 8. Jim - Have another, Joel - Popsicle Day. Tony Live. UDSC. 3-Way. Warped. Jimmy Buffet. PSU - Noill. UD-HH. Brian & John - FAYH. Matt & MD - Gone. Whasup, Stu & MM. G hooks us up. Turkey dance. Chris - Odoyle Rules. Hi, Mom, Dad, and Jordan. Kickboxin'. Wishniak. I can run faster. Andy, Play for us. Same as it ever was. E Center Parking. Farewell to posing. Robert Zebik: Special thanks to my family for all the support they gave me and I also extend special thanks to Sabrina for inspiring me to write poetry.

John Welsh: Mom & Dad- thankx for everything- I love you. Mike & Jim- you're the best! LC Pride- Bones, Bake, Buff, Loudog, Luke, Conor, Kisty, Krirnmel, & da girls ... Chillin' at Pebble Beach ... Beast at Da Log. Phone bill- $256 ... Reid's burgers .. Saban's Bronco .. Vinny & Psycho .. aka: Istik, Ghetto, HB & Critter.. Blue Crew '96 .. .It's been fun! CU Later! Sean Westfield: Thanks to Mom, Dad, and family, to all who thought I would never be here. CMENOW Fishtown CND, Depps, RCC, KB, DEGO, 4thng my SP. Family Shane, Cole, ADAM. All my boyz Roach, Nev, Stef, Tees, Nie, Dave, Iron Lung Mookie, Zzem, Chuck, Blaze, Dorf, N, Jeep, Burke, Jon, PJ, Slug, Adam, Pef, Savo, all my Bee Girlz, Brad, Pat, BL, Suburb Parties, Mob, Els, Boe. I love ya; city REP, !YA, CYE, R.I.P. Zack. James Wilson: Thanks to Mom, Dad, Anne, Judy, Cath, and Jolm. BG's. Watt's carpet. So sweet in the arboretum. JS is a Greek Goddess. What was your name again? What 3 at the mixer, Shark? MB can't handle the foam. Hunt's Post-Prom. The Captain and the Duke.You're mine, Pom-Pom. McMakeup and the Leprechaun. Where are my keys? Chris Winward: Hey Brad - Help me flip the Jeep back over. Yo Bo - Feed it to the donkey.


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Bridy, Daniel 56 Briggs, Richard 56, 113 Brinkos, Michael A. 104, 105, 164, 198,208 \._ Brittingham, Shay 64, ~ Brogan, Ryan 56, 94 Brooks, Sean 56, 83, 126 Brostak, Ed 87 Brown, Michael 81, 164, 198 Brown, Mrs. Clare 25, 88 Brunetti, Nicholas 150, 164, 198 Bruno, Christopher 64 Bryers, Kieran 56, 126 Brzostek, Edward 64 Buckley, Daniel 48 Bui, Joseph 48, 94 Buonocore, Anthony 56, 113 Buonocore, Michael 48 Burczewski, Chad 56 Burg, Ethel 43 Burke, Brendan J. 81, 165, 198 Burke, Mr. Les 146 Burkle, Nicholas 64 ! Burleigh, Michael G. 165, 198 Burns, Christopher V. 165, 198 Burton, Jonathan M. 166, 198 Buschmeier, Andrew D. 83, 96, 166, 198 Bustard, David 56 Byrne, Robert 57, 64 Byrnes, Michael G. 106, 138, 166, 199

c Cadwell, Justin 48 Calahan, Thomas 57 Calamia, Jared M. 167, 199 Callahan, Kyle 57, 113 Callan, Daniel 57 Callan, Michael 57, 83 Campbell, Devin 57 Campbell, Havilland 57, 94 Campo, Brian 48, 208 Cancila, Steven 57 Candia, David 48 Canning, Matthew 15, 64 Capetola, Justin E. 167, 199 Capetola, Zachary 57 Cappelletti, Christopher J. 167,199 Cappelli, Andrew 48 Capponi, Emidio 64, 90, 91 Carabello, Dr. John 22 Carberry, Brian J. 82, 90, 91, 104, 166, 199, 208 Cardella, Joseph 57 Carelli, Joseph 48 Carl, David 62 Carminati, Joseph 57 Carminati, Richard 64, 116 Carr, John 49, 97

Carr, Shawn 57 Carr, Vincent 64, 81 Carroll, Paul 57 Carvalho, Steven 49 Carver, Scott 64, 87 Catinella, Daniel 64 Catrino, Daniel 120, 166, 19S Cathe, Edward 64, 113 Cawley, Raymond 49 Chander, Christopher 49, 12 Chapman, Matthew 64, 113 Chappetta, Robert 64 Cheatle, Brian 57 Checkovage, Michael 49 Chesnik, Mr. Mark 32, 87 Chiarantona, Joseph F. 84, 126, 166, 199, 208 Chmielewski, Thomas III 116, 167, 199 Ciaverelli, Anthony 49 Ciccimaro, Eugene 64 Ciccimaro, Mrs. Janice 39 Ciccimaro, Mr. Joseph 36, 81 Cifelli, Vincent 64 Ciminera, Nicholas 57, 96, 9 Cimini, Mr. Guido 42 Ciolli, Ryan 57, 134 Cirelli, Chuck 158 Citro, David F. 94, 95, 167, 199 Clairmont, Edmund 49 Clark, John F. 132, 167, 199 Clark, Peter 57 Clarke, Brian 64 Clarke, Joseph 49 Clary, Mr. Frank 22 Clay, Alvin IV 82, 116, 132, 168, 199 Clearkin, Kevin 65, 87, 92 Cleary, Kyle 49 Clement, Christopher 65 Cloonan, Michael 49 Coggins, Mr. Nicholas 26, 44, 82, 83 Coghlan, Daniel 49 Cohen,Ryan 65, 87, 134, 137 Colasante, Joseph 168, 199 Colhocker, Bro. Lawrence, FSC :z2 Colistra, Mr. Joseph 18, 36, 113, 115 \ Colistra, Paul 57, 113, 115 Comia, Andrew 57 Comisak, Adam 49 Congiliando, Ernest 57 Conlin, James 57 Connelly, Mr. Joseph, Jr 22 Connor, Sean 49 Cook, Bro. Kenneth, FSC 32 Cooke, Jeremy 65, 102 Cornely, P. Matthew 57 Cosgrove, Michael 57

170, 199, 208 Desiderio, Jeremy 49 Dever, Mrs. Patricia 23 Devine, Mr. Patrick 29, 132 Devlin, Thomas 57, 116 DeVore, Luke 65 DiCataldo, John 43 Diccicco, Michael 49 DiClerico, Gabriel 49 DiClerico, Mario 65, 82, 84, 90, 91 Diehl, Mr. David 20, 22, 208 Diehl, Ryan 49 DiLeonardo, Christopher 113, 170, 199 Dilks, Dennis 57 Dillon, Joseph 65, 113 DiNapoli, Michael 65 DiPaolo, Nicholas 49 DiPaolo, Vincent 65 DiPardo, Stephen 49 DiPasquale, Bro. William, FSC 28, 88 DiPinto, Rose 43 DiToro, Christopher 65, 81 Do,Nam 49 Doherty, John 49, 104, 208 Dolan, Christopher 170, 200 Dolan, Kevin 57, 124 Dolan, Mr. Michael 29 Domanski, Christopher 65 )ailey, Brian 49 Donahue, Mrs. Linda )'Alfonso, Bro. John, 26, 104, 105, 208 F.S.C. 27, 113 Donatelli, Gregory 65, 87, 120 )alton, Patrick 49 Donna, Mrs. Long 40 )anaher, Timothy 120, Donnelly, David 65 168, 199 Donnelly, Hugh )andy, Marvin 169, 199 87, 92, 110, 113, )anella, James 49 133, 140, 171, 200 )' Angelo, Dr. Joseph 18, 24 Donohue, Michael )anielski, Bro. Francis, 65, 83, 116, 132 FSC 21, 22, 208 Donovan, Mr. Michael 42 )anvers, Philip 120, 169, 199 Dooney, Jason 57 )avoli, Richard 65, 148 D'Orazio, Dino 65, 138 )ay, Charles 49 D'Orazio, Paul 110, )ay, Donald 65, 83 113, 168, 199 )eCastro, Nicholas 65 Dougherty, Brendan 171, 200 )eCrescio, Michael 57, 113, Dougherty, Christopher 124 57, 92, 113, 115, 138, 144 )edic, Emir 65 Dougherty, Craig 57 )elaney, John 49 Dougherty, James 58 )elaney, Martin 65, 83 Dougherty, Joseph 58 )ella Vecchia, Nicholas 57 Dougherty, Kevin )empsey, Jason 49 58, 84, 101, 113, )empsey, Mr. Joseph 126, 171, 200, 208 18, 25, 101, 122, 124 Dougherty, Philip 58 )enicola, Mr. George 144 Dougherty, Sean 58 )enny, Charles 49 Dougherty, Thomas 58 )eParo, David 49 Dowds, Thomas 65 )ePasquale, Anthony 113, Downey, Laurence 58 169, 199 Drew, J. Brelsford 56 )errick, Zachary 65, 81 Du, Vincent 58 )esai, Saurabh Dugan, Mrs. Maureen 30 81, 82, 104, 105,

:osgrove, Mike 138 :ostantini, Anthony 65, 113 :ostantino, Anthony 57, 75 :ostello, Matthew 49, 57 :oulter, Jeffrey Jr 65 :oveney, Gerald 65 :oveney, Michael 49 :ox, Matt 118 :oyle, Robert 65 :rane, Joseph 168, 199 :raver, Drew 49 :rawford, Kevin 65, 113 :rean, Thomas 120, 169, 199 :rognale, Stephen 74, 169, 199 :ross, Kevin 49 :ross, Thomas, Jr 92, 110, 156, 199 :rotty, Brendan 49 :rowe, Mr. David 39 :uback, Paul 115 :uff, David 65, 146 :ullen, Vincent 65, 87 :unane, Darlene 43 :unnane, Mr. Edward 42 :urci, Christopher 57, 81, 113 :urran, Thomas 151, 168, 199 :utuli, Joseph 57

Durkin, Donald 49 Durkin, James 58, 102, 208 Dwyer, Daniel 58 Dwyer, John 65 Dwyer, Joseph Jr. 58 Dwyer, Kevin 170, 200 Dyer, Robert 65, 83

E Edelen, James 50, 130 Edwin, Mr. Kelly 38 Egan, John 58 Elliott, Kyle 50 Elliott, Matthew 170, 200 Elliott, Peter 50 Ellis, David 58 Elmo 208 Emrich, Scott 82, 83, 96, 102, 103, 170, 200, 208 Enderle, John V. 171, 200 Erfle, Stephen 65, 122, 124 Ermola, Roger II 58, 148, 149 Escobar, Roman 118, 120, 171, 200 Evans, Lawrence 65, 113 Evans, Mr. Gerald 34, 208 F

Fagan, Ryan 58, 90, 91 Faillace, Anthony 65 Fallon, Terence 90, 171, 200 Farrell, Diane 43 Farrell, Michaelpaul 65 Farrell, Robert 134, 135, 172, 200 Farrington, Andrew 66 Fay, Brian 50, 83 Fay, John 66, 83 Fedyna, Joseph 66, 138 Fegley, William 58 Felix, Daniel 134, 172, 200 Felte, Robert III 58, 113 Fenningham, Timothy 89, 113, 172, 200 Ferro, Frank 66 Ficken, Alex 173 Filipczak, Andrew 58 Fineberg, Daniel 79, 81, 173, 200, 208 Finley, Matthew 50, 90, 91 Finore, Carmen 58 Firth, Johnathan 58. 113 Fisher, John 74, 140, 173, 200 Fitzgerald, Mr. Bernard 36, 122 Fitzgerald, Daniel 66, 113 Fitzgerald, Kevin Jr. 58 Fitzgerald, Sean 50 Fitzgibbons, Terence 58 Fitzpatrick, Kevin 79, 81, 82, 85, 104,

105, 172, 200 208 Fitzpatrick, Ryan 50 Flood, Mr. Kenneth 27, 138 Florkowski, Raymond 66, 84 Flounders, Erner 50, 91 Foglia, Paul 50 Foley, Brett 58 Ford, Mrs.Ann 41, 208 Fox, Andrew 50 Fox, C. Thayer 66 Fox, Mary 43 Francis, Robert 66, 113 Francisco, Charles 66 Frank, Michael 58 Freiler, Philip 172, 200 Frein, Christopher 50 Frendreis, Bro. Gerard, FSC 21, 22, 208 Friel, Edward 50 Fries, Justin 58, 82, 83 Frizalone, Mr. John 30 Frizlen, Dean 58, 90, 91 Froehlich, Bro. Timothy, FSC 22 Fullerton, James 50 I


Galbally, Daniel 58 Galbally, Edward 50 Galdo, Damon 66 Gallagher, Bryan 50 Gallagher, Mrs. Helen 40 Gallagher, Ryan 113, 172, 201 Gallagher, Sean 87 Gallagher, Shawn 66 Gallagher, Timothy 66 Ganter, William 58 Gardner, Joseph 66, 83, 90, 91 Garrity, Ian 50 Garvey, Patty 43 Garvin, Mrs. Theresa 30, 81, 87 Garvin, Sean 134 Garvin, Shawn 50 Garzone, Puri III 110, 113, 138, 173, 201 Gaskins-Centofante, Mrs. Melissa 18, 77 Gates, Brendan 58 Gavin, Michael 50 Gaydos, Scott 173, 201 Gdowik, Matthew 50 Geiger, Anthony 50, 83, 208 Geiger, Mr. William 16 27, 82, 85, 104, 105, 208 Genovese, Mr. R. 74 Gernerd, Mark 126, 126 Gibbons, Mr. Mark 23, 208 Gibbons, Paul 156, 173, 201 Gidjunis, Joseph 58,


85, 90, 91, 104, 105, 208 Gill, John 50 Gillespie, Daniel 66, 84, 90, 91 Gillespie, Mr. Terrence 34 Gillespie, Timothy 66 Gimpel, Kevin 58, 83 Ginty, Sean 50 Girard, Daniel 50 Girls, Spice 208 Giuffrida, Matthew 58 Glavin, Christopher 58 Goettner, Jeffrey 58 Golden, Thomas 58 Goldner, James 90, 91, 174, 201 Gordon, Brett 110, 113, 114, 122, 174, 201 Gordon, Christopher 66 Gorman, Matthew 174, 201 Gorman, Thomas 50 Grace, Mr. John 36, 81 Grady, Mark 50 Graff, Nicholas 66 Granese, David 66 Grannum, Samuel 66 Green, Anthony 50 Green, Bradley 59, 126 Green, James 59 Greger, Michael 175, 201, 208 Gregoriadis, Gus 50 Griffin-Shelley, Eric 50 Grissani, Daniel 66, 84, 91 Grossman, Darren 50, 208 Grzybowski, Andrew 59, 87 Grzybowski, Eric 59, 94 Gugger, Craig 175, 201 Gugger, Philip 50 Guiliano, Dino 66 Guthrie, Alexander 59 Gyza, David 50 H

Haenn, Matthew 50 Hagy, Shea 59 Hamby, Robert 175, 201 Hammond, Michael 50 Han, Joseph 66 Hand, Joseph 50, 130 Haney, Robert 59 Haney, Sean 66, 84, 87 Hannon, Kevin 81, 174, 201 Hanson, Mr. James 22 Hanssen,ML Tore (T) 39, 148 Harrigan, Michael 59, 126 Harrington, Brian 158 Hartnett, Matt 104, 105, 208 Hartnett, Matthew 59 Harvey, Bryan 59, 144 Haughton, Anthony 51 Haughton, Joseph 74, 79, 81,


174, 201, 208 Hayes, James 66 Heaton, Brant 134, 174, 201 Heayn, Christopher 66, 130 Heim, Mike 118 Heim, Shaun 175, 201, 208 Heineman, Mr. Dave 140 Heinsdorf, Michael 101, 175, 201, 208 Heinsdorf, Paul 59, 94 Hemerka, Bryan 51 Henwood, Mrs. Geraldine 22 Heron, Sean 66, 134, 136 Herzog, Matthew 51 Hevener, Francis 175, 201 Hicks, Jonathan 51 Higgins, Patrick 59 Hildebrandt, Patrick 59, 82, 102,208 Hilferty, Michael 51, 90, 91 Hill, David 59 Hinckle, Mr. Daniel 34, 115, 156, 158 Hoagland, Christopher 51 Hoagland, James 176, 201 Hohenleitner, Mr. George 26, 83, 87 Holbert, Matthew 176, 201 Holbert, Michael 51 Hope, Timothy 51 Hopkinson, Brett 51 Horgan, Brian 59, 122, 124 Horgan, Timothy 59 Horstmann, Jesse 59 Horstmann,John 176, 202, 208 Horvath, Joseph 51 Hosmer, Gregory 66, 84 Houser, Kristian 177 Hughes, Edward 51 Hughes, Kevin 59, 126, 127 Hughes, Michael 51 Hughes, Timothy 66 Hunsicker, Michael 113, 177, 202 Hunter, Dawson 66, 94 Huntzinger, Jeffrey 146, 177, 202 Hylinski, Gregory 60, 126

Ignas, Mr. Frank 42 Incollingo, Nicholas 176, 202 Iwaskiw, Roman 60, 83, 87 Izzi, Stephen 51

J Jackson, Mr. Martin 29, 122, 146 Jalon, Alan 66, 83 James, William, Jr. 60 Janke, David 66, 148

Jannetti, Vincent 66, 113 Janton, Fr. Anthony 40 Jenkins, Brian 60, 124 Jenkins, Pete 60, 82 John, Kyle 51 John, Matthew 148, 176, 202 Johnson, Charles 87,176, 202 Johnson, Mr. Francis 33 Jones, Christopher 66 Jones, Ryan 51 Jordal, Nicholas 116, 177, 202 Jordan, Brian 66 Jordan, Geoffrey 60, 113

K Kahan, Paul 79, 90, 177,202 Kane, Gary 51 Kane, Matthew 51 Katruk, Andrew 66 Katsis, Louis 51 Kaupas, Joseph 177, 202 Kavanagh, Michael 67 Kazmierczak, Stephen 67 Kebler, Christopher 178, 202 Keeley, Daniel 67 Keenan, Edward 51 Keenan, J.Craig 67, 87, 126 Keenan, Mr. John 29 Keller, James 67 Keller, Peter 94, 178, 202 Kelly, Andrew 51 Kelly, Brendan 52, 178, 202 Kelly, Mark 60 Kelly, Matt 134 Kelly, Mr. Edwin 90, 91 Kelly, Scott 60, 82, 102, 130, 208 Kempf, Kenneth 52 Kensey, Mrs. Paulette 74 Kent, Mr. John 22 Kent, Sean 67, 113, 156 Kerns, Christopher 67, 113 Kerper, Donald 179 Kerper, Sean 202 Kerrigan, Christopher 179, 202 Kestler, Bro. Richard, FSC 21, 208 Kettinger, Stephen 60, 83 Kilderry, Michael 60 Kilkenny, Michael 67 Kim, Daniel 60, 148 King, J.R. 102, 105, 179, 202, 208 Kitchen, Joseph 60 Kivlen, Brien 60 Klarich, Stephen 67, 83 Klenk, Robert 60 Klock, Jonathan 60 Knowski, Michael 81, 126, 178, 202, 208 Kochanowicz, Brett 52

Kohler, Brian 60 Kohler, Kevin, Jr 178, 202 Koller, Kevin 67 Koneski, William 67 Koss, Christopher 67, 113 Kouch, James 178, 202 Kovaliv, Yaroslav 52 Kowalski, Todd 52 Krauss, Richard Jr. 67, 113, 146, 147 Kriegner, Christopher 60 Kriegner, Thomas 60 Kroh, Robert 60 Krol, Matthew 67, 77 Kruczkowski, Michael 179 Kulesher, James 52 Kushto, Christopher 67, 96, 97 Kuzla, Andrew 67 L

Lackes, Bro. Charles, F.S.C. 27 Laguda, Giuseppe 81, 113, 179, 202 Laible, William 67, 77 Lang, Geoffrey 60, 94, 130 Lanzalotti, Joseph 52 Lapowski, Colleen Durkin E Larner, Thomas 52 LaRuffa, Carlo 52 LaRuffa, Vincenzo 82, 90, 91, 179, 202 Laskowski, Matthew 60 Lau, Raymond 67 Lazenka, F. Anthony 67, 83, 111 Leahy, Mr. William 33, 156, 158, 159 Lehmann, Mr. John 22 Lendzinski, Matthew 67 Leonard, Anthony 180, 202 Leonard, Michael 52 Leonard, Thomas 52 Lepore, Gregory 60 Levin, Justin 68, 134 Levine, Nicholas 52 Liberi, James 146, 147, 180, 202 Lichtner, Mr. Frank 39, 126 Lipski, Brian 68, 156, 157 Littley, Gregory 68 Lockard, Ryan 68, 97 Lofgren, David 68 Loftus, Michael II 60, 134 Logan, James III 60, 148 Logan, Mrs. Bernadette 28 Lohocki, Frank 158 Lombardo, Michael 60 Lonergan, Robert 180, 202 Long, Timothy 60 Longosky, Bradley 181, 202

ngstreth, Michael 68 russo, Michael 113, 122, 181, 202 scalzo, Mr. Al 42 ,wery, Shawn 68 ,zowski, George 52 thks, Matthew 87, 181, 203 thks, Sean 52 tschini, Patrick 52 路nch, James 60 路nch, Ryan 83 路on, Mark 68, 105, 208 路ons, James III 68 rons, Kevin 81, 84, 180, 203

acPherson, Frank (Chip) 82, 68, 104, 105, 208 :adden, Evan 60 [adden, Gregcry 52 [adeira, Brian 52 [adeira, Eric 68 [adeira, Willy 60 [adonna, Anthony 60, 83, 94 [adrak, David 60 [aher, Mrs. Julia 21, 22, 92, 208 1ahlstedt, Kiel 60 1aholland, Patrick 180, 203 1aicher, Mr. Michael 208 falara, John 68, 140, 141 fallach, Patrick 60, 144 1allon, Brian 52 1allon, Vincent Jr. 68, 113 1alloy, Michael 52 1anion, Mr. David 27 1anion, Travis 68, 113, 138, 139 Aanlapas, Anthony 60 Aanzi, Michael 52 Aarabella, Gabriel 52 Aarabella, Jonathan 52 Jariello, Anthony 52 Jarket, Brian 61 Jarkman, William 74, 126, 180,203 vlarquis, Joseph 181, 203 vlarvin, Daniel 52, 84 vlascio, Ryan 61, 81, 90, 91 vfasiak, Jeffrey 52 v1asiak, Jonathan 61 v1assino, James 52, 87 v1astronardo, Joseph 61 v1attern, Michael 181, 140, 203 \1attern, Thomas 52 \1atthews, PatrickJ. 68, 146 \1atthews, Sean 68 Mattiacci, Nicholas 156, 181, 203

Mattioli, Joseph 52 Mauriello, Michael 134, 182, 203 McAllister, Tom 61, 208 McCabe, Mr. Bernard 24 McCabe, Mr. Edward 24 McCaffery, Jon 82 McCaffery, Thomas 52 McCaffrey, Jonathan 61 McCann, Michael 61, 87, 90, 91 McCarry, Scott 182, 203 McCarthy, Duane 61, 113 McCarthy, Michael 52 McCloy, Frank 53 McCormick, Brendan 68, 122, 124 McCormick, Chauncey 61 McCormick, Shawn 68 McCort, Ryan 61, 90, 91 McCreight, Robert 53 McCullagh, Sean 182, 203 McCullion, Pat 134 McDonald, Christopher 68 McDonald, Timothy 68, 113 McDowell, Ryan 53 McElderry, Paul 61 McFadden, Daniel 183, 203 McFadden, George 61 McFadden, Marie 43 McGill, Mr. Brian 25, 122 McGill, Mr. Scott 38, McGillin, Andrew 68, 87 McGinley, Colin 183, 203 McGinn, Patrick 53 McGlaughlin, James 203 McGlone, Brendan 113, 183, 203 McGoldrick, Timothy 120, 182, 203 McGonigle, Kevin 68 Mc Govern, Mrs. Diane 39, 77 McGowan, Emmett 53 McGrath, Adam 61 McGurkin, Paul 61, 113, 124 McKeogh, James 68 McKeown, Pat 140 McKeown, Patrick 61 McKinney, Alexander 68 McLaughlin, Daniel 53 McLaughlin, James 182 McManus, Colin 116, 132, 182, 203 McMenamin, Brendan 183, 203 McNamara, Matthew 61 McShea, Christopher 122, 183, 203 Meade, Joe 122 Mee, Brian 68, 132 Mee, Matthew 132, 133, 183, 203

Meinert, Andrew 61 Meixsell, Jason 53 Meko, Mr. John 22, 23 Mele, Mr. Anthony 23 Meloscia, Alexander 68 Menna, Francis 53 Meola, Frank 53 Merlini, Kevin 68, 93, 113, 156 Merlini, Louis 134 Mezzanotte, Mr. John 115 Michel, Matthew 61 Michuda, Matthew 68, 208 Mielnik, Michael 61, 90 Mikochik, James 53 Mikulski, Neil 113, 146, 184, 203 Miller, Eric 53 Miller, Mr. Gerald 37 Miller, Gregory 53 Miller, Kevin 132, 184, 203 Miller, Michael 53 Miller, Robert 184, 203 Miller, Scott 68 Miller, Thomas 61 Moatz, Bradley 61 Moffatt, Joel 69, 87 Molchen, Gregory 61, 134 Molush, Mr. Edward 24 Monaghan, Andrew 53 Moore, Pat 69, 132 Moore, Patrick 140, 185, 203 Moore, Shawn 61, 81 Morace, Justin 53, 116 Morace, Matthew 83, 94, 185, 204 Moran, Mr. Robert 22 Morris, Timothy 69, 87 Moss, Nathaniel 53 Muehlbronner, Wally 134 Mullen, Mrs. Karen 41, 208 Mullen, Mrs. Mary Kay 28 Mullen, Raymond 69 Muller, Paul 61 Mulligan, Michael 53 Mullin, Matthew 69 Mulrain, Jordan 61, 113, 115 Mulrain, Ryan 113, 185, 204 Munn, Chad 61 Murphy, Christopher 184, 204 Murphy, Colin 69, 94 Murphy, Michael 184, 204 Murphy, Mr. Joseph 115 Murphy, Mrs.Patty 41, 208 Murphy, Steven 69 Murray, Brian 53 Murray, Dennis 184, 204 Murray, Gary 69, 138 Murray, Matthew 69, 90, 91, 97 Myers, Bro. Joseph, FSC 33


Naticchione, Pete 134 Naticchione, Peter 61 Nazi, Book 208 Needle, Daniel 113, 185, 204 Neely, Mr. Shawn 35, 86, 208 Neverosky, Daniel 87, 92, 118, 120,122, 156, 185,204 Nicoletti, Mr. Geoffrey 33, 115 Nigon, Philip 53 Nino, El 208 Nocero, Peter III 185, 204 Noel, Matt 120 Noone, Kevin 69, 87, 113 Noronha, Rajesh 90, 91, 186,204 Nowicki, James 69, 134

0 O'Brien, Andrew 53 Ockershausen, Sean 69, 83 O'Connor, Austin 61 O'Connor, Matthew 53 O'Connor, Michael 53, 91 O'Connor, Paul 81, 186, 204 O'Connor, Peter 69 O'Connor, Shawn 113, 186, 204 O'Connor, Thomas 61, 83, 204 O'Dom1ell, Andrew 69 O'Donnell, Dennis 53 O'Donnell, John 69 O'Donnell, Matthew 61 O'Donnell, Michael 53, 69, 83 O'Donnell, Peter 187, 204 O'Hara, Andrew 187, 204 O'Hara, Brendan 126, 187, 204 O'Hara, John 69, 122, 124 O'Keefe, Thomas 53 Olcese, Jason 186, 204 Olender, Keith 69, 122, 124, 140, 143 Oliver, Bro. Benedict, FSC 22 Olsen, Ronald 187, 204 Olshansky, Michael 53 O'Malley, Teague 81, 126, 186, 204 O'Meara, Brian 69 O'Neill, Eric 61 O'Neill, Patrick 61, 124 Onufrak, Nicholas 61, 87, 113, 138 O'Shaughnessy, William 186, 204 O'Toole, Mr. Michael 25, 102, 208 Overcash, Ryan 53


Overholt, Christopher 53 Owens, Dean 53 p

Palilonis, Michael 69 Palilonis, Timothy 53 Palmer, Gamal 79, 81, 84, 91, 187, 204 Palmer, Mr. Bradley 34, 98 Palmieri, James 90, 91, 187, 204 Palo, Jeremy 116, 132, 188, 204 Parfitt, Ryan 54 Parisi, Michael 61, 82 Parisi, Mr. Joseph 37, 140 Park, James 54 Parker, William 54 Parson, Michael 54 Parsons, Brent 54 Patcella, John 69 Patel, Arpit 61 Paul, Jeffrey 54, 126 Paul, Mr. John 22 Payne, Jonathan 62, 90, 91 Pedrotty, Leo 54 Peffle, Bob 120 Peffle, Michael 69, 120 Pennington, Christopher 69, 113 Penzarella, Nicholas 62 Peterman, David 62 Peterson, Charles Eric IV 103, 130, 188,204 Petitti, Nicholas Jr. 69 Petruzzelli, Gary 69 Pfeil, Francis 113, 188, 205 Phelan, William 62, 90, 91 Philipp, Robert 69 Philomena, Justin 62 Phinney, Gregory 62 Pickens, James 54 Pietrak, Jeffrey 110, 113, 140, 189, 205 Pigeon, Edward 54 Pinkerton, Sean 54 Piper, Thomas J. 69, 146 Pippet, Timothy 69, 126 Plachta, Christopher 189, 205 Poley, John 62, 113, 124 Ponisciak,Daniel 104, 105, 140, 189, 205, 208 Ponisciak, Mrs. Dorothy 34 Ponisciak, Timothy 69, 104, 105, 140, 208 Potestio, Christopher 54, 116 Prego, John P. 54 Prem, Timothy 62 Priest, Dustin 62, 82 Primus, Justin 110, 113, 188, 205 Przybylowski, Nicholas 54


Pucci, Michael 69 Pugh, Torey 70, 113 Puglisi, Brian 70 Puntel, Andrew 62, 148, 149 Puntel, Mr. Alfred 32 Purtell, Dan 188, 205 Q

Queen, Gregory 81, 85, 102, 104, 159, 188,205,208 Quenzer, Philip 189, 205 Quenzer, Zachary 70 Queroli, Robert 54, 126 Quinn, Daniel 62, 82

R Radvansky, Mr. Joseph 18, 31, 115 Raieta, Joseph 70, 120 Rakowski, Andrew 106, 122, 123, 189, 205 Ramos, Alex 70, 122, 123 Ramos, Gilbert 189, 205 Ramos, Michael 62 Ransom, Christopher 54 Ranweiler, Matthew 70, 104, 105, 126, 208 Ray, Barton 70, 126, 127 Read, David 54 Reckamp, Todd 62 Reese, Harry 54 Reid, William 89, 120, 190, 205 Reifsnyder, Gerald 70 Reiley, Christopher 62, 87, 208 Reiley, Timothy 79, 83, 96, 101, 104, 190, 206, 208 Reilly, Charles 54 Reilly, Leo 62, 94 Reilly, Shane 134, 190, 206 Remshard, John 70, 96 Rhoads, David 54 Richards, Adam 113, 140, 191, 206 Rieck, Bro. James, FSC 21, 208 Riley, Thomas IV 62 Robinson, Kevin 191, 206 Roche, Mr. James 18, 31 Rodenbaugh, Mr. John 22 Rogers, Curtis 70 Romano, Andrew 191, 206 Romanzo, Brian 190, 206 Rose, Patrick 70, 148 Rossetti, Joseph 54 Ruegg, Mark 138, 190, 206 Rueter, Brendan 54 Russell, Mr. Robert 35 Ryan, Betty 43 Ryan, Mr. Frank 22

s Sakulich, Aaron 62 Salemno,Mary 43 Salvitti, Christopher 54 Salvitti, Patrick 70, 87, 134 Santillo, Drew 70, 134 Sarracino, Robert 62 Sasso, Adam 62, 79 Saunders, Jeffrey 54 Sautter, William 70 Savage, Eric 62, 87 Savage, John 118 Savage, Michael 70, 120, 151 Sayers, Andrew 190, 206 Scali, David 62 Scanlon, Seth 208 Schafer, Casey 134 Schaffer, Mathew 70, 96, 97 Schaible, Christopher 70 Schaible, Gregory 54 Schaum, Mrs.Patricia 41, 208 Schill, Gregory 70 Schmel, David 81, 130, 191, 206 Schmidt, Kelley 208 Schmidt, Robert 62 Schmiedekamp, Brendan 54, 94, 96 Schmiedekamp, Dr. Carl 40, 96 Schwan, Eric 70 Scott, Christopher 81, 191, 206 Scott, Matthew 54 Seelaus, Michael 54 Sees, John 70, 83 Seiferth, Eric 110, 113, 191 Seiss, Colin 70 Seminack, Kevin 62, 83, 132 Seminack, Mr. Michael 35 Sforza, J.P. 70, 87 Sharkey, S. Paul 92, 126, 192, 206,208 Shay, Raymond 62, 90, 91, 208 Shepherd, Brandon 62 Sheridan, James 54 Shimizu, Brendan 192, 206 Shivers, Richard 62 Shustack, Ms. Tina 31 Sicilia, Michael 70 Sieferth, Eric 206 Sigmund, Mr. Peter 40 Simcox, Christopher 70 Simpson, OJ 208 Sinclair, Michael 192, 206 Siravo, Anthony 62, 124, 144 Siravo, Joseph 193, 206 Skoien, David 54 Slabinski, Joseph 54 Slattery, Patrick 70 Small, Christopher 193, 206 Small, Dennis 54

Smalley, Mark 193, 206 Smith, Brian 70 Smith, Christopher 70, 156 Smith, Gavin 206 Smith, Graham 54 Smith, Mrs. Mary Jo 30, 90, 9 Smolczynski, Mary 43 Smolczynski, Stephanie 43 Snyder, Anthony 70 Sondhi, Javed 54 Spangler, David 192, 206 Spause,Joseph 62,92,138 Spause, Mr. Francis 31, 144 Spieker, Joseph 62 Stabile, Paul 54, 96 Stack, Christopher 120, 192, 206 Staffieri, Gary 193, 206 Stanczak, Mr. Martin 21, 20: Stanton, Christopher 70, 12'. Stanton, Dennis 62, 124 Staub, Christopher 62 Steffa,Joseph 70, 118, 119, 120 Steffa, Michael 54 Stern, Howard 208 Sterner, Bro. Rene, FSC 20, 22, 91, 208 Sterner, Stephen 62 Stevens, Ryan 62 Stieber, Thomas 62 Stieber, Francis 94, 193, 206 Stillwell, Ryan 54 Stix, Eric 63, 208 Stockmal, Drew 120 Stocum, Matthew 70, 96 Stopper, Mr. Timothy 18 81, 76, 97 Strain, Vincent 193, 206 Stross, Alexander 63 Strzalka, John 63, 87, 104, 105 208 Styer, Matthew 89, 94, 95, 194, 206 Styx, Eric 91 Sudfeld, Karl 63 Sullivan, James 70, 122, 124 Sullivan, Michael II 194, 206 Sullivan, Robert 63 Sullivan, William 70 Swanson, Mark 55, 116 Swartz, Roger 55 Sweeney, James 194, 206 Sweeney, Joseph 70, 81, 82 Swoyer, John 70 Szczech, Mark 130, 195, 207 I


Target, Richard 71, 87 Tatunchak, Alexander 195, 207 Teesdale, Sean

71, 118, 120, 132 tai, Bro. Michael, F.S.C 27,82 t0mas, Gregory 195, 207 t0mas, Martin 55 1ompson, Brett 55 1ompson, Henry 55 erney, Michael 55 ,ole, Sean 63, 104, 105, 208 appler, James 113, 194, 207 avers, John 87, 92 113, 140, 143, 194, 207 endler, Nicholas 71 imboli, Anthony 63 oy, Anthony 71 uscott, Ken 158 1cci, David 55 1cker, John 106, 113, 140 194, 207 1cker, Sean 71, 126 1man, Christopher 55, 126 1man, Ryan 126, 195, 207 irk, Jeremy 63 irk, Jonathan 195, 207 1rner, Michael 55 1rner, Mr.Tom 36, 208 irsi, Benjamin 71, 87, 148 rrrell, James 63

u Unabomber 208 Urban, Brett 63

v Valentine, Matthew 195, 207 Vandiver, Andrew 63, 82 Van Horn, Henry 196, 207 Varalli, Stephen 71 Vassallo, Joseph 63, 113 Velasco, John 71 Vettori, Mr. Joseph 28, 74 Violi, Joseph 63 Vizza, Gregory 71 Vlahos, Anthony 71 Vlahos, Thomas 196, 207 Von Medicus, William 63 Vorgity, Gary 63

w Wahl, Matthew 63, 126 Wall, John 196, 207 Wallace, Joseph 55 Walls, Michael 55, 208 Walter, Jeffrey 55 Walter, Robert 63 Ward, Christopher 89, 118, 120, 132, 133, 197, 207, 208

Ward,Mrs. Florence 23 Warren, Jamin 63, 90, 91, 208 Weinacht, Paul 110, 113, 197, 207 Weinert, Michael 130, 197, 207 Weldon, Benjamin 71 Welsh, John 122, 196, 207 Wentz, Joseph 71 Westfield, Sean 118, 120, 196, 207 Westley, Matthew 71, 156 Whelan, Christopher 55 Whilmey, Charles 71 Whitaker, Dr. Michael 22 White,John 63, 82, 83, 90, 91 White, Jonathan 63, 138 White, Paul 71 Wiley, Mr. Gary 35, 94, 130 Williams, David 63 Williams, James 60 Williams, Patrick 63 Williamson, Christopher 71, 113, 115 Wilson, James 196, 207 Wintering, Michael 71 Winward, Christopher 197, 113, 207

Wise, Richard 55 Wiseman, Stephen 55 Wisotzkey, Kyle 63, 97, 130 Wojnarski, Mariusz 71 Wolpert, Scott 84

y Yanoshik, Joseph (Beau) 130, 197, 207, 208 Yeiter, Alice 43 Yeung, Roger 55 Young, Gavin 55 Young, Mr. Jolm 37, 102, 115

z Zaro, John 55, 104, 105, 208 Zazworskey, John 63 Zebik, Robert 94, 197, 207 Zoeltsch, Mrs. Nancy 26, 84 Zollo, Stephen 63 Zoltowski, Andrew 55

A Time

of Pride 215

"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and we know the place for the first time!" -- T.S. Elliot


1998 Yearbook  
1998 Yearbook  

This is a scan of the 1997-98 yearbook from La Salle College High School.