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This set of images was created for a project of Wiccanism. I juxtopositioned sets of ancient symbols on different coloured marbled backgrounds to represent each of the four seasons. Each of the symbols means something different, for example: Goddess, sunset, bonfire, wind. The symbols were selected to show information about how a given solstice or season is celebrated. For example, Litha (midsummer): people gather as the sunrises to give thanks to the Gods for a hopefully fruitful harvest; Goddess, sunrise, fire, harvest.

These were clothing tags I produced which paired with some screen printed T Shirts with seasonal designs. Each contains a calendar showing the day of the seasonal solstice (on the inside of the tag it said how it was celebrated).

I produced these collages for a set of Christmas cards, each had something to do with deaths or unfortunate happenings at Christmas time. Brits dying from mistakenly eating real decorations instead of chocolate ones, watering the tree with the lights turned on and Christmas cracker related accidents.

These are collages I produced on the subject of Voyeurism and Femininity, according to the writings of John Berger.

This is a hardback book I bound, printed, illustrated and wrote for my FMP on my foundation course. The book was called My First Music Festival and it was all about how to mentally prepare, what to bring, and what to expect from a festival, all images hand drawn and then screen printed.

This was a zine project on the sujbect of Iconic Hairstyles. I enjoyed experimenting with the layout - choosing a primarily image based book with bold relative text on the evolution of hairstyles.

This zine was called ‘Twitterpated’. It was on the subject of what birds would tweet if they had twitter, poking fun at the mundane thing people tweet. I really enjoyed doing a primarily hand rendered piece of work, and got some great feedback at Handmade and Bound festival.

These images are taken from a series of illustrations I did for the Decemberists’ ballad, The Rake’s Song. I hand drew the images first, adding colour in Photoshop and Illustrator.

These are some online recipe cards I designed for my cookery blog. I really wanted to create something simple and eye catching.

This was a booklet I produced, bound and printed on the subject of Radio4’s program, ‘In Our Time’; the subject was perception and the senses. I relished the opportunity to experiment with natural photography and layout.

Lucy Rossell-Evans Portfolio  

Lucy Rossell-Evans, Graphic Design student at University for the Creative Arts.