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Cloud Fleet Manager Digital ship management

Modern communication meets practical application: Discover a new way of efficient worldwide collaboration Reviewing and analysing information is a well-known

30 different apps that are specially adapted to the

problem in both shipping and business companies.

requirements of the different departments of your

Searching for further information is difficult and

company lead users through their processes in an

time-consuming, this way often only allowing a

intelligently structured way.

partial view of current situations. The consequence:

Distinct colour coding helps users to identify cri-

Data is found several times or is incomplete and

tical incidents and to set priorities. The intranet,

the accuracy of information cannot be guaranteed

which serves as your point of entry, provides you


with a clear view of your shipping company and

Cloud Fleet Manager provides you with worldwide

centrally pools the most relevant information out

access to central and uniform data without loss or

of all modules. This allows a quick overview of

recurrences. Due to the exchange of information on

upcoming and critical tasks at any time and with-

an intuitively designed platform, media breaks are

out the need to search for information. Even on

avoided, and the efficiency is increased. More than

the move you always have access to your data.



All relevant information is always

Connect your employees on land and at

available in a central solution.

sea to globally operating teams.



Immediate access. Time- and cost-

With the mobile app CFM Go, all your

consuming trainings are history.

relevant data is always with you.

Cloud Ship Manager

One complete suite, eight packages:

With Cloud Ship Manager as an offline application



action between land and sea.


Monitoring Plans

Cloud Fleet Manager provides apps that help you


Data Evaluation

to integrate the processes of your crew into the


3rd Party Integration

you can easily handle tasks that require an inter-

processes of your fleet. An intelligent synchronisation mechanism provides full transparency.

Companies Partner Portal Ports & Yards Vessel Particulars

Purchase Warehouses Budgeting

Worldwide access The cloud-based design of the application gives you the freedom to use Cloud Fleet Manager anytime, anywhere and browser-independent. Even on your smartphone you always have access to

Crewing Planning

CFM Go complete our solution.

Integrate your partners

Mobile Approval Shipserv Integration

Payroll Rest Hours


the most important information. Powerful apps, like the Inspection Report, Purchase Mobile or

Supplier Webform


Blog Disturbance Report

Fleet Jobs



Event Reporting



Connected to Purchase

Garbage Disposals

Equipment Register

Data not only has to be exchanged internally but also with external service providers and partners. In order to make the communication and the exchange of information with your partners as easy as possible, we have developed the Partner Portal. Give your partners insight into relevant data – in real time. You always have full control over what

QHSE Operation

Inspection Report



Schedule & Agents


Offhires & Claims

Risk Assessment

World Map


data is shared.

About Hanseaticsoft Hanseaticsoft, founded in 2009 by Alexander Buchmann,

Hanseaticsoft is realizing their and their customer’s ideas

is the leading provider of cloud-based software solutions

of a new software concept, which provides access to new,

that address the whole range of shipping processes

more efficient technologies and is characterized by its

and operations. It was formed in Hamburg, third largest

ease of use. Today Hanseaticsoft has more than 50 em-

container port in Europe. Mr. Buchmann and his team ga-

ployees and since March 2017, Lloyd‘s Register, one of

thered experience in an IT department of a medium-sized

the world‘s largest ship classification societies, holds a

shipping company. By developing Cloud Fleet Manager,

share in the software company.

Version 2.0

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Cloud Fleet Management factsheet.  

Digital ship management.

Cloud Fleet Management factsheet.  

Digital ship management.

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