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Page Mission 2 Glossary of Terms 2 Structure of Distance Learning 2 Student Expectations 3 Teacher Expectations 3 Academic Integrity 3 Attendance Procedures 4 Norms of Student Conduct 4 Online Learning "Netiquette" 5 Video Conferencing Platforms 6 Technology Guidelines & Tutorials 6 6 Essential Technology 6 Technology Support Protocol for the Digital Classroom 7 8 Placement Examinations 8 AP Exam Procedures & Policies 9 Grading & Assessments 9 Subject Assessment Window 9 Final Exam Week 10 End of School 2020 Graduation & Baccalaureate Mass 10 10 Class of 2024 Academic Info Student Mental Health & Well-Being 11 11 Cubs In Need 12 Adult Mental Health & Well-Being 12 Articles for Maintaining Health 12 Counseling Department Directory 13 Student Health During Covid-19 13 Workouts with Coach Woodert 14 Athletics 14 Student Activities 15 Center for Service & Justice 15 Equity & Inclusion 15 Community Resources 16 Student Ministry 17 Community Feedback

MISSION Loyola High School of Los Angeles will continue to form men who are loving, open to growth, committed to justice, developing as a leader, religious, and intellectually distinguished in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and subsequent disruption to on-campus instruction. Loyola faculty are professional, flexible, and determined to create the best academic experience possible via distance learning platforms. Digital learning is not an equal substitute for in-person instruction, but we are confident that our faculty and student body are ready to rise to this unique challenge by creating an environment that pursues academic excellence as well as personal aspirations for all Cubs.

GLOSSARY OF TERMS Asynchronous - students working at their own pace, not at the same time Synchronous - students and teachers working digitally together Landing Page - location where teachers post daily agendas and coursework Canvas - digital learning platform where all assignments are posted PowerSchool - digital platform for attendance and posting grades Video Conferencing - digital platform for "face-to-face" interaction Discussion Board - digital platform for messaging interaction Turnitin - software solution for promoting academic integrity

STRUCTURE OF DISTANCE LEARNING The school day will follow the school calendar as published on the website Three periods a day each for 60 minutes in length Subject specific assessment window in the afternoons (see page 9) Instructors will post daily class agendas on their Canvas Landing page Classwork and homework assignments will be posted on Canvas Class periods will consist of synchronous and asynchronous activities Attendance will be taken and inputted in Powerschool each period Teachers and students should have interactions within the class period School Protocol for Distance Learning

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Loyola High School - 3

School Protocol for Distance Learning

STUDENT EXPECTATIONS Establish a daily routine for the school day Be available to interact with your teacher and/or classmates synchronous within class period meetings according to the published school calendar Check Canvas and email daily Find a distraction-free environment to interact in classes, and complete coursework Communicate with your instructors regularly Submit coursework through Canvas via Turnitin when applicable Uphold academic integrity according to the policies published in the student handbook Schedule breaks for exercise, family time, and off-screen activities Be available for teachers who schedule a session in a Subject Assessment Window

TEACHER EXPECTATIONS Post class agendas, video conference and/or discussion board meeting times, and appropriate links to a Canvas Landing page Post assignments with a due date on Canvas Interact synchronously with students for at least 20 minutes within the period window Assign meaningful asynchronous tasks Grade submitted assignments, and input grades, within a reasonable amount of time Digital assignments should include a rubric, and assess basic fundamental skills Be flexible Require students to submit assignments through Canvas via Turnitin when applicable Establish a routine and reliable way to account for attendance for each class period, and record attendance via Powerschool

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY All policies published in the student handbook are in effect and strictly enforced Do not plagiarize Do not work with other students, without the explicit permission of an instructor Do not copy & paste from the internet, use online translators, dictionaries, or other reference materials (teachers will use Turnitin) Be a leader and a man of high integrity UCSD - Academic Integrity in Digital Learning

ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES A student will be considered “present” in a class if there is evidence of daily participation in academically-related activit(ies) during the class period window. All students must log in to the course and complete assignment(s) and/or other activities, at the determination of the instructor. To take accurate attendance teachers will: Establish a criteria of attendance beyond a “here” vs. “not here” process. Log attendance in PowerSchool at the beginning or the end of every period. Email the parents, counselor, and the Dean about any student who develops a pattern of “disengagement” over more than two class periods.

REPORTING ATTENDANCE: ILLNESS, LONG TERM ABSENCES Call the attendance line at Loyola to report an absence at extension 1212 or use PowerSchool's Safe Arrival application to report the absence. Students are responsible for contacting their course instructors to discuss any missed assignments, assessments, or deadline extensions. For a prolonged illness or injury, contact both Mr. Moscicki (Student Health Coordinator) and Mr. Annarelli (Dean of Men) by email.

NORMS OF STUDENT CONDUCT The Student Handbook remains applicable in the online learning environment with an important emphasis on the Responsible Use Policy. Students who are in violation of the Norms of Student Conduct or the Responsible Use Policy will be referred to the Dean and may face disciplinary action. Students should adhere to the following norms of student conduct: Clothing must be "school appropriate" Appropriate body language (sitting upright), proper speech, good hygiene, and paying close attention by listening carefully are expected behaviors Separate yourself from TV, music, games, social media, etc during class Separate yourself from your cell phone unless essential for class participation Do not eat or drink during class (water is the only exception) Your language, images, written reflections, etc are recorded and representative of your character and this institution. The Dean will be notified with any/all concerns Use your Loyola username and password for all required course/school progams


ACCEPTED VIDEO CONFERENCING PLATFORMS Zoom Google Hangouts Meet Canvas Conferences Twitch

TECHNOLOGY GUIDELINES & TUTORIALS Student Responsible Use Policy Digital Citizenship (Canvas student course) Canvas Instructor Guide Canvas Student Guide Zoom Video Tutorials Google Hangout Meet Guides

ESSENTIAL TECHNOLOGY Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox Respondus Lockdown Browser Improving wifi at home Apple Store Online for Loyola High School

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT OPTIONS Faculty/Staff - Email helpdesk@loyolahs.edu Students - Visit IT Support Portal

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School Protocol for Distance Learning

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School Protocol for Distance Learning

PLACEMENT EXAMINATIONS FOR 2020-21 Placement for 2020-21 Honors & AP courses will be determined by a combination of factors including (but not limited to) performance on placement exams, semester grades, grade point average, and teacher recommendations. English placement exams were taken in March Spanish placement exams were taken in March Science does not offer placement exams Fine Arts does not offer placement exams Theology does not offer placement exams Social Science does not offer placement exams Math did not give placement exams. Math course placement for 2020-21 will be determined by: 1st semester grades, GPA, & Teacher Recommendations Honors/AP Acceptance lists were posted to Canvas on Tuesday, April 7 Petition for Reconsideration Deadline has passed

AP EXAMINATION PROCEDURES & POLICIES Loyola AP Exam Policies for Students The College Board Updates Covid-19 The following information has been released: a. AP exams will take place May 11-22 b. 50-minute online free-response exams c. students can take exams on any smart device d. exams will only include content covered through early March e. students will receive credit for passing scores f. students who have documented accommodations with the College Board will automatically receive extra time g. Loyola Attendance Policy - Students are not required to attend Loyola online classes on a day in which they take and AP exam, however they are highly encouraged to attend online class(es) if they don't pose a conflict. h. Loyola Attendance Policy - Students who cancelled an AP Exam are required to attend online courses on the day of the cancelled exam.

GRADING & ASSESSMENTS Loyola teachers have been asked to maintain their PowerSchool Gradebook as they normally would. Principal Kozakowski will announce a grading decision and rationale regarding the spring semester on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. School leadership understands the difficulty of properly assessing students in an online environment, and will continue to monitor the expectations of colleges, as well as how other high schools decide to award academic grades. Teachers have daily opportunities to investigate various online assessment ideas, and to develop comprehensive rubrics during Virtual Faculty Room Zoom meetings (11:00am-12:00pm). Teachers and students have been working extremely hard in the world of digital learning. Loyola is determined to award meaningful grades that properly represent the enormous effort put forth by the our students and faculty.

SUBJECT SPECIFIC ASSESSMENT WINDOWS Teacher optional assessment windows will offer formative and summative assessment opportunities in a way that does not detract from online class time. Assessment windows will be added to the current distance learning schedule beginning Monday, May 4. Students are required to be available during subject specific assessment windows as announced, and scheduled, by their instructors. Assessment windows will occur every week through the end of the spring semester 2020. Monday: English (1:30-2:15pm) Tuesday: Social Sciences & Health/PE (1:30-2:15pm) Wednesday: Science (1:30-2:15pm) & Fine Arts (2:30-3:15pm) Thursday: Math (1:30-2:15pm) & Theology (2:30-3:15pm) Friday: Foreign Language (1:30-2:15pm)

FINAL EXAM WEEK - SPRING SEMESTER '20 Loyola will not require, or schedule, a formal final exam for each academic course. However, teachers have been encouraged to give a meaningful summative assessment before the end of the semester. The summative assessments may be in the form of a project, a paper, a presentation, or any other type of major assignment that displays a student's comprehension of content understanding.

School Protocol for Distance Learning

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END OF SCHOOL 2020 Loyola will not return to on-campus instruction for the spring semester 2020. The school calendar has been updated through the end of the spring semester. The final day of online class meetings for seniors is Thursday, June 4, 2020. The final day of online class meetings for underclassmen is Thursday, June 11, 2020. If quarantine restrictions are loosened and group gatherings are deemed permissible before June 6, 2020, then seniors may be invited to campus for a final non-academic related farewell.

GRADUATION & BACCALAUREATE MASS Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation are at the forefront of our discussions. President Goethals along with Principal Kozakowski will send detailed information regarding these important events soon. Regardless of mass and graduation ceremony arrangements, seniors in good standing with passing spring semester grades will receive academic course credit and officially graduate from Loyola on June 6, 2020.

CLASS OF 2024 ACADEMICS Class of 2024 academic schedules will include: Two semesters of Theology Two semesters of Science (Physics) Two semesters of English Two semesters of Classical & Modern Languages One semester of Health One semester of Physical Education Either two or four semesters of Math, dependent upon math placement scores *Two semesters Performing Arts (*with two semesters math) Math and Classical & Modern Placement Exam Information Mathematics Placement Info (mandatory) Classical & Modern Language Placement Info (optional)

School Protocol for Distance Learning

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MENTAL HEALTH & WELL-BEING FOR STUDENTS Student well-being is our #1 priority. The Counseling Department offers the following insights about dealing with uncertain situations, and ways to promote good mental health. It is ok to feel upset or uncertain. While this is an unprecedented situation in your life, it is important to recognize the goodness around you, and focus on what is in your control. Your mental health and wellness is just as vital as maintaining good grades. Here are a few ideas and suggestions for how to move forward in a positive way: Create a Routine: Get up in time to take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed appropriately, have breakfast as you usually would. Stay Social: Have lunch with your friends virtually, or while talking on the phone. Schedule group chats and games to be shared communally. Be a Good Student: Participate in the virtual classroom environment and on discussion boards. Interact with classmates and teachers. Take a Break: Set aside time every day for taking care of yourself. Go for a walk, run, meditate, read, or merely rest quietly. Get outside - sunshine is essential! Without appropriate time for breaks, our minds and bodies become overwhelmed, which can lead to burnout. Create Healthy Distractions: It is helpful during times stress and anxiety to create distractions to help deal with things that are out of your control. Take a Deep Breath: When things get challenging, center yourself — breathe. Seek Support: Talk to family, friends, teachers and counselors - recruit them in understanding your needs. Self-advocate, and ask for help when you need it. cubsinneed@loyolahs.edu - For ALL needs during this time. College Deadline Changes (3/24/20) Cialfo SAT - College Board ACT

College Kickstart Virtual College Tours YouVisitVirtual UC College Tours College Board Covid-19 Updates

CUBS IN NEED Under these extraordinary circumstances in society, students and families may be in need of assistance from our community (i.e. personal illness, family issue, mental health concerns). If you feel the need to reach out to the Loyola administration to divulge a particular hardship for yourself or your family, please send an email to: cubsinneed@loyolahs.edu

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School Protocol for Distance Learning

School Protocol for Distance Learning

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MENTAL HEALTH & WELL-BEING FOR ADULTS The Loyola adult community should also practice techniques in lowering stress, and prioritizing mental health. In addition to the aforementioned methods in the Mental Health for Students section, parents, faculty, and staff can benefit from the following activities: Limit your family’s exposure to news coverage of the event, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting. Take time to talk with your family about the COVID-19 outbreak. Answer questions and share facts about COVID-19 in a way that is honest, and understandable for your teen. Share with your son how you deal with your own stress so that they can learn how to cope from you. Try to keep a regular routine. Create a schedule for learning activities along with fun and relaxing activities. Take care of your body. Take deep breaths, stretch, exercise, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and avoid alcohol or drugs. Make time to unwind. Try to do some activities you enjoy. Connect with others. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling. Connect with your friends and family members. Take breaks, get plenty of sleep, exercise, and eat well.

ARTICLES FOR MAINTAINING MENTAL HEALTH “How teenagers can protect their mental health during coronavirus (COVID-19)” NASP Online: Helping Children Cope With Changes Resulting From COVID-19 “Being Mindful of Your Mental Health During the COVID 19 Outbreak”: CDC: “Stress and Coping”:

LOYOLA COUNSELING DEPARTMENT DIRECTORY Paul Jordan - Director Daryl Crowley Michael Denison Kelly Farland

Tom Gallagher Yoojin Han Gina Liberotti Evelyn Mabra

Kieron Miller Jesse Rueter Angela Reno Carol Hampson - Office Coordinator

STUDENT HEALTH DURING COVID-19 Please limit yourself to the news and social media frenzy. Below are a few helpful links that you can use for reliable and updated information. This should be your primary source for information dealing with Covid-19. The following is information as it relates to Loyola High School: Your health is Loyola's number one primary concern. If you feel ill please call your doctor and talk to them first. Remember that not every illness is Covid-19. People are still suffering from the flu, bronchitis, allergies etc. If your doctor suggests you need a Covid-19 test there are numerous sites that perform them; use this link to find the site nearest you. Notify Mr. Annarelli and Mr. Moscicki immediately if you are suspected of, or test positive, for Covid-19. We will reply to you directly, please include a phone number. It is not necessary to contact your teachers directly. We will make sure teachers are notified and will coordinate your classwork in a manner that is manageable. Links for accurate and reliable information on Covid-19: Los Angeles Department of Public Health California Department of Public Health

WORKOUT SESSIONS WITH COACH WOODERT Coach Woodert is posting workouts so Loyola students to stay active and healthy while away from school. Workouts are posted to TrainHeroic which can be accessed online at https://www.trainheroic.com/ or via the TrainHeroic app. Students will need to create an account using their LOYOLA email address, then enter the access code CUBSTRONG to have access to the workouts. Students can form training groups to challenge each other, and hold each other accountable. Stay tuned for group fitness challenges in the near future!

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School Protocol for Distance Learning

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School Protocol for Distance Learning

ATHLETICS All athletic activities including games and practices have been cancelled for the spring semester 2020. Coaches may have contact with their team through email, text, discussion boards, and/or video conferencing. Coaches are encouraged to provide a workout / drill / exercise calendar for their teams as long as it doesn't require special equipment or cause players to congregate together, or with others. Student-athletes that were training in the weight room with the strength and conditioning staff prior to the initiation of online learning were given homebased exercise programs. These workouts give student-athletes an opportunity to feel connected to their sport, their team, their teammates, and their coaches. Each workout is designed to last 30-40 minutes.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES The Student Council is finding creative ways to keep our community connected while we away from campus. Student Council Applications: Due by Friday, May 8 Teacher Appreciation May 4-8: Submit a video or picture of your appreciation. Loyalist Online: Loyola journalists have moved to an online edition of the paper. Virtual Car Show: Loyola's Car Club will host a Virtual Car Show on Wednesday, May 13. Submissions are due to ethansalmeron@lhsla.org by Friday, May 8. Spring Break Enrichment Courses: Faculty members engaged with over 250 Loyola students by conducting 30+ enrichment courses including lessons on Managing Money during the Covid-19 Crises, Living in the Wilderness, BBQ 101, Life Skills, Virtual Basketball Horse, as well as many other unique courses that kept students connected over the break. 2K20 Gaming Tournament: Over 100 students took part in Loyola’s own version of March Madness with a Loyola 2K20 Tournament. Cubs Got Talent: A talent show allowed students to capture their own individual talents, and send in for a chance to win prizes. Top Chef Loyola: Canvas Page to share recipes and cooking videos. The Meditation Club is working on details to host a meditation thru Zoom for interested students. Reach out to Mr. Chris Walter or Ms. Mara Baltazar for more information.

THE CENTER FOR SERVICE & JUSTICE THE OFFICE OF EQUITY & INCLUSION The Center for Service & Justice and the Office of Equity & Inclusion are mindful of our students and service partners that have been impacted by the epidemic. There is no expectation for any student to volunteer given that a number of our partnering agencies are either closed or have limited their volunteer workforce. Students should continue to visit Canvas for further updates. All spring and summer immersions have been cancelled. Those that have registered for a spring Urban Plunge or summer immersion will receive a refund. On Wednesday, March 25th, we participated in a robust discussion with over 30 Jesuit institutions across the US on how to keep a service and justice mission alive during these uncertain times. A key takeaway was to create opportunities for connection and service, not additional sources of stress. Therefore, we will be rolling out opportunities for service using different platforms and approaches. Please continue to open all Canvas Announcements.

COMMUNITY RESOURCES The Center for Service & Justice and the Office of Equity & Inclusion have collected a list of helpful resources. Included here are articles and resources meant to inform our community about this uncertain episode in our history as well as organizations that are providing guidance and assistance to our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. Please follow this link to view over 100 resources compiled for the benefit of the Loyola community. The document includes resources related to to: Covid-19 CARES Act Working Virtually Healing, Inspiration & Strategy Frontline Workers & Community Members Funds for Communities to Access and to Donate to Organizations who Support Loyola and our Mission Parenting through COVID-19 Teaching through COVID-19 Distance Learning through COVID-19 Free Educational Opportunities The Intersection of Pandemic and Inequity

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School Protocol for Distance Learning

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School Protocol for Distance Learning

STUDENT MINISTRY Daily Morning Prayers Curated Resources for prayer and spirituality Morning Break (9:15 - 9:45am) - Campus Ministry hosts students on Zoom. This is an opportunity for Cubs to connect. Information can be found on the Campus Ministry Instagram, Student Activities Instagram, and on the Digital Ignatians website. Digital Office Hours - Members of the Campus Ministry Staff are available for 1on1 video conferencing with students who would like to talk. Sign up information will be shared in a link on the Campus Ministry Instagram and on the Digital Ignatians website.

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School Protocol for Distance Learning

COMMUNITY FEEDBACK Loyola's school leadership is recurrently seeking feedback as we progress through this unique digital learning journey. The data on the next few pages were gathered from a third survey of its kind which was distributed to Loyola parents, faculty and students (April 20-27, 2020). Our administration, faculty, and staff are committed to providing the best possible distance learning experience, so your continued participation in these surveys are extremely important as we make data-driven decisions about how to proceed.


"Extremely Effective" = 10 "Extremely Effective" = 10

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School Protocol for Distance Learning

FACULTY FEEDBACK - MAY 1, 2020 "Extremely Effective" = 10 "Extremely Effective" = 10 "Extremely Effective" = 10

Loyola High School - 19

School Protocol for Distance Learning

STUDENT FEEDBACK - MAY 1, 2020 "Extremely Effective" = 10 "Extremely Effectively" = 10 "Extremely Engaged" = 10

"Extremely Heavy Workload" = 10

"Extremely Challenging" = 10

"Extremely Effectively" = 10

"Extremely Stressed" = 10


School Protocol for Distance Learning Loyola High School -20

Directory Frank Kozakowski Principal fkozakowski@loyolahs.edu

Paul Jordan Assistant Principal for Student Life Director of Counselors pjordan@loyolahs.edu

Robert Gorr Assistant Principal for Academics rgorr@loyolahs.edu

Daniel Annarelli Dean of Men dannarelli@loyolahs.edu

Terence Stephenson Director of Information Technology tstephenson@loyolahs.edu

Matthew Schaeffer Director of Campus Ministry mschaeffer@loyolahs.edu

Chris O'Donnell Director of Athletics codonnell@loyolahs.edu

Tim Moscicki Director of Student Health tmoscicki@loyolahs.edu

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