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Flying high at United The high-altitude career of Jimmy Samartzis ’94

Robert R. McCormick Foundation memorial scholarship honors the legacy of James C. Dowdle ’52 Ellen and Peter G. Leemputte ’75

open doors to the arts for every Rambler with a generous gift

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4 The High-Altitude Career of Jimmy Samartzis ‘94

16 Ellen and Peter G. Leemputte ‘75 Support Fine Arts Initiative 23 Calendar

Celebrating Catholic Education with Chicago’s New Archbishop


Chicago Archishop Blase J. Cupich shared an evening of faith and friendship with the Loyola community on January 30 as he wrapped up his tour of Chicago-area Catholic schools during National Catholic Schools Week. As we welcomed Chicago’s ninth archbishop to Loyola, we also honored our Ignatian educators with a skybox dinner at the Loyola vs. St. Ignatius Jesuit Cup basketball game. Archbishop Cupich joined our teachers, staff and board members at the catered dinner, which marked the culmination of our Faculty and Staff Appreciation activities held in conjunction with National Catholic Schools Week. After sharing food and thoughts about faith with his Chic ago’s dinner companions, Archbishop Cupich mingled with the new Arch bishop vi Loyola du si ted ring Natio hundreds of sports fans gathered in our East Gym for the Jesuit nal C atho Schools W lic eek, whic h celebra Cup game. As the game’s start time C atholic ted schools as commun faith, kno grew near, he led the capacity ities of wledge an d service. crowd in St. Ignatius’s Prayer for Generosity. Our Rambler athletes, their athletic rivals from St. Ignatius College Prep and the fans joined in—–filling the gym with a profound sense of spiritual harmony and Catholic faith experienced in community. Although our basketball team played an inspired game, St. Ignatius won out by a single point and brought the Jesuit Cup back to Roosevelt Road with a 43-42 victory. “Archbishop Cupich truly enjoyed his time at our school and was very impressed by life at Loyola,” wrote President Rev. ac n G omb Patrick E. McGrath, SJ, in a letter to the school community cher Fra . glish tea ndrew M n A E r la le b yo m Lo a R after the visit. “He asked that I pass along his gratitude to all of , e n th so t ha ed her p Cupic introduc rchbisho A you for living the mission of Catholic education.” to , 6 3 0. ac ’1 ary G omb on Janu up game Jesuit C


> View video highlights of Archbishop Cupich’s visit at goramblers.org/loyolamag/winter2015#archbishopcupich.

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Rev. Patrick E. McGrath, SJ President Kathryn M. Baal, PhD Principal Office of Advancement Robert O. Miller Vice President of Advancement Communications Depar tment Lynn Composto Communications Manager Robin Hunt Director of Public Relations O’Donavan Johnson ’00 Campaign Manager and Director of Social Media Timothy Sassen, PhD Director of Web Development and Communications Development Depar tment Thomas J. Cramer Principal Gifts Officer Karen Diener Associate Director of Database Management Elizabeth Kadison O’Connor ’02 Director of Annual Giving Martha S. Ortinau ‘05 Principal Gifts Officer Joan Schniedwind Special Events Coordinator Lesley J. Seitzinger ’88 Principal Gifts Officer Dennis R. Stonequist ‘90 Director of Alumni Relations Sandra M. Taggart Director of Prospect Research Tammy Tsakalios Gift Processor

LOYOLA magazine is published twice a year by the Office of Advancement and posted online at goramblers.org/loyolamagazine. Please send class notes, correspondence, address and email updates and subscription requests to editor Robin Hunt at rhunt@loy.org or Loyola Academy, 1100 Laramie Avenue, Wilmette IL 60091.

They have brought their unique talents and gifts to the great questions, struggles and dreams of our world today.


I have yet to find a place in our good world where God hasn’t sent a Rambler or two. In recent

President’s Message


I am fueled by the stories of our alumni who have hit the road after graduating from Loyola and have moved to the frontiers.

The mission of Jesuits is to reach out to the frontiers. We are called to be at the places where cultures meet and dividing lines seem to be drawn. To go to the frontiers means that we feel comfortable asking questions at those intersections where faith meets science or where one culture meets another. We don’t fear these places, but rather we enter into them with the confidence that God can be found in the midst of these places of contrast and conflict. And so all of us who are a part of the Jesuit mission have a role to play on the road in the pilgrimage of life. We seek to find God and to serve God wherever we might be sent, wherever the road might take us. days, in conversations with Rambler alumni and friends all over the world, it has been confirmed for me how significant and how important our mission is here at the corner of Lake and Laramie. As we continue to live out the great vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola, I am fueled by the stories of our alumni who have hit the road after graduating from Loyola and moved to the frontiers. They have brought their unique talents and gifts to the great questions, struggles and dreams of our world today.

I invite you to peruse this magazine, which highlights Loyola alumni in many parts of the

world—–alumni who have gone on to do interesting, creative, thought-provoking and generous things. Like them, all of you who are Ramblers have moved on from this place into the next best steps of your lives. I hope that you have made those moves with a confidence that has been instilled in you by the education that you received at Loyola. Our task here is not simply to provide an outstanding college preparatory education. Our mission is to equip young people to take that step off of our campus onto the highways and byways of thought and intellectual curiosity. We challenge Ramblers to hit the road and find their passions. We are called to seek out those places where the world’s needs speak to us most profoundly and then to give of ourselves—–to be women and men for others who have learned the great wisdom that to find yourself you have to give yourself away.

I thank you for all that you are and all that you do. I am inspired by all of the ways that you have

followed the path of your pilgrimage, applied your gifts and talents and shared yourselves with a world so desperately in need of hope and light. As always, I invite you to consider supporting the ongoing mission of Loyola Academy. You can make an extraordinary impact in our world by investing in the Ramblers of today and tomorrow. By supporting us with your prayers, with your good words and with your financial contributions, you make our mission possible and help fuel future generations of Ramblers for the journey ahead.

Know that you and your families are in our prayers here on campus. Go! Ramblers!

Rev. Patrick E. McGrath, SJ President, Loyola Academy

W I N T E R 2 015



Reaching for


With environmentally friendly aviation fuels made from algae and cornhusks, 21st-century customer service innovations and elements of hospitality borrowed from the hotel industry, United Airlines Vice President Jimmy Samartzis ’94 is transforming air travel as we know it. Jimmy Samartzis ’94 has always been fascinated by airplanes. As a kid growing up in Chicago, he loved the high whine of their revving engines as they gained speed on the O’Hare Airport runways near his family’s Northwest Side home. He loved the ear-numbing roar just before takeoff—–and the spine-tingling thrill of watching those giant silver birds ascending into the Midwestern sky. “Every couple of months, my dad would drive us to the spot where one of the airport runways went right over the road,” Samartzis recalls. “I remember standing outside of the car near Mannheim Road with my brother, Dino, and my sister, Kelly, and being completely awed by the mechanical feat of such large pieces of equipment becoming airborne.” Looking back from the vantage point of 2015, those plane-spotting excursions seem almost prescient. But, at the time,




no one could have predicted that the awestruck boy standing open-mouthed on Mannheim Road would mature into one of United Airline’s most successful leaders and innovators. Not even Samartzis himself. His path to United was a circuitous one—–a path that goes back to his Rambler years, when Doc Aiello’s Honors U.S. History course and Mike Barry’s A.P. Political Science course sparked his interest in government and politics. After graduating from Loyola, he headed to the University of Chicago with plans to get an undergraduate degree in political science and apply to law school. But when fellow Rambler Steven R. Dagdigian ’94, who was studying at Georgetown University, encouraged him to apply for a summer internship at the White House, Samartzis jumped at the chance to pursue his

growing interest in politics. He mailed off an application and wrote personal letters to White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta and Senior Advisor George Stephanopoulos. Although his application was rejected, a Stephanopoulos staffer contacted him two days later with an internship offer—–and the 19-year-old headed to D.C. to serve as an intern in the Executive Office of the President. At summer’s end, when he was preparing to head back to Hyde Park and his undergraduate studies, he was invited to stay on in the West Wing instead. “I realized that this was an opportunity of a lifetime,” says Samartzis. “I was seeing the President and his staff on a frequent basis, and I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t have an opportunity like that again, so I decided to put my studies on hold.” When he returned to the University of Chicago a year later, he was so inspired to serve in government and politics that he

the Sky applied for an internship in Mayor Daley’s office, where he was involved with Neighborhoods Alive, an initiative launched to revitalize inner-city neighborhoods. The internship led to a part-time position in the mayor’s office, which he held while completing his undergraduate degree. Meanwhile, he’d begun to interview with consulting firms and investment banks, including the New York City-based Goldman Sachs, but his heart wasn’t in the game. “I realized that I wanted to have an impact in government and politics, so I shifted my focus to Washington, D.C., where I got involved with an initiative called The March: Coming Together to Conquer Cancer. That time in D.C. gave me a chance to get reacquainted with my Clinton administration contacts, which led to an opportunity to work for the U.S. Secretary of Labor.” Between 1999 and 2000, Samartzis went into hyperdrive, pursuing a master’s degree in government at Johns Hopkins University by night while working during the day as a security consultant for SRA International, where he was involved in the development of a Y2K national preparedness program for the White House, as well as the first national plan to protect critical U.S. banking, finance, transportation and

power infrastructures from cyber attacks. By 2001, he’d moved on to the Washington, D.C.-based global strategy consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. As he moved deeper into the field of international business, he decided to take a year’s leave to earn an MBA at Oxford University’s Said Business School. In 2002, Oxford degree in hand, he proposed to his girlfriend, Elizabeth, during a well-deserved vacation on the southern coast of Spain and then returned to Booz Allen to spend the next five years building a successful consulting practice. He loved the work that he was doing at Booz Allen, which ranged from the development of an international strategy for the U.S. missile defense system to the development of critically needed medical interventions for U.S. troops at risk of exposure to chemical and biological weapons. But he and Elizabeth had married in 2003—–and his priorities had begun to shift. “My son, Stephen, was born in Virginia in 2005,” he recalls. “Elizabeth and I didn’t have the sense of community that we wanted in D.C., so I began to think about moving back to the Chicago area.” A United Airlines posting for a director of integrated planning solidified his resolve.

Rambler ascending (left to right): Samartzis tutoring a child from a low-income family during his Rambler years; with his brother, Dino Samartzis ’92, in Athens in 2006; interning with Mayor Daley in 1997; discussing innovations in aviation with a Boeing executive during Chicago Ideas Week in 2011; with his parents at the White House in 1996; with his parents at his Oxford graduation in 2002; gathering for a photo op after United’s first commercial flight using an algae-based jet fuel; with Vice President Al Gore in 1999; leading the Midwest Alternative Sustainable Biofuels Initiative in 2013; and greeting employees at a new United terminal in 2014.

He landed the job and, by 2007, the family had relocated to Wilmette, a community he remembered fondly from his Loyola years. “United was just coming out of bankruptcy, and I was energized by the transformation that the company was going through,” explains Samartzis, who has played the role of change agent consistently throughout his career. “I’m not a guy who is interested in maintaining the status quo.” By 2010, he was leading efforts to

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Samartzis continued from page 5


Loyola taught me how to think bigger to achieve the change I wanted to see —–whether it was in my community, —– Jimmy Samartzis ’94 in the environment or in the world.


reduce United’s impact on the environus,” he adds. “One of the first things that ment as managing director of global I’ve done in this role is establish what good environmental affairs. He introduced service means and roll out new customer biofuels from non-crude-oil sources such service standards for our 85,000-person as cornhusks, industrial waste gases and workforce: Be gracious, be predictable, be algae into United’s fleet; spearheaded the the solution and be the brand. These core Midwest Alternative Sustainable Biofuels service principles get to the heart of what Initiative to promote the use of renewable our people do day in and day out. It’s about resources and cleaner aviation fuels; and inspiring them and bringing into focus traveled around the world to help one of the shape a global agreement to curb carbon emissions from aviation. During this period, United was recognized for its leadership in advancing global climatechange policy, renewable fuels and sustainability initiatives. The airline flew the first commercial flight using an algae-based jet fuel in 2011 and signed the industry’s first deal to buy commercial quantities of lower carbon, renewable jet fuel for daily use in 2012. By 2013, United Sam artz is w ith his wife, E had been named Eco-Airline of lizabeth, an d Rambl ers Ale future xis (5) an d St the Year. ephen (9) in 2014 With its environmental initiative well underway, United promoted most important aspects of Samartzis to vice president in December a customer’s journey with United, which is 2013 and tasked him with a new challenge: the interaction that they have with us. We enhancing the passenger experience. are also introducing elements of hospitalWhen he was charged with pulling off the ity into the airline business. I have hired company-wide paradigm shift in customer executives from the hotel sector to inspire relations, he was 37 years old—-one of the a different way of thinking about how we airline’s youngest officers. engage our customers and create a memo “Loyola taught me how to think bigger rable experience for them.” to achieve the change I wanted to see—– While his Loyola years may have whether it was in my community, in the inspired him to set and achieve lofty goals, environment or in the world,” he reflects. Samartzis was always ahead of the curve in “At United, which has a rich history and terms of his leadership skills. heritage, I am continuing to serve as a “Jimmy was a pretty complete package catalyst for positive change by combining even during his high school days,” notes a customer- and service-centric culture lifelong friend Robert P. Sieland ’94, who with 21st-century passenger experience worked with Samartzis on Loyola’s 1994 innovations. yearbook. “He was smart, caring, driven, “As United’s vice president of cusorganized and great at managing people. tomer experience, I am essentially the He was also unusually mature for his age, customer ombudsman—–the person on with extremely well-developed executive the lookout for those who journey with function skills, so he was a natural fit for his




role as the yearbook’s co-editor-in-chief. He did a nice job of managing what was probably, in retrospect, a pretty challenging group of smart, ambitious kids. We set a high bar for a good product and put together a yearbook that won national awards.” While his leadership skills may have been innate, Samartzis’s formidable work ethic was forged during years of watching his father (who left his Greek homeland with $200 to his name) labor long hours to build a new life in the U.S. “I remember accompanying my dad, who serviced and installed HVAC systems for Chicago-area restaurants, to his job sites,” Samartzis confides. “I have vivid memories of the times when his truck was broken into and his tools and equipment were stolen. Every time it happened, we’d head over to Maxwell Street to buy everything back. Those years taught me a lot about life and what it takes to get ahead.” His father’s early hardships also made Samartzis keenly aware of the need to help others who were struggling. As a Rambler, he tutored children from a nearby trailer park and served the developmentally disabled residents at Misericordia. Most recently, he has pursued his passion for serving others as a board member for Urban Initiatives—–a nonprofit led by James W. Dower ’98 to empower underserved children to adopt healthy lifestyles, improve their academic performance and build strong character through sports-based youth development programs. “My brother, Dino, and I often talk about how Loyola inspired us and helped us become who we are today,” reflects Samartzis. “I look up to Dino as he improves people’s lives through innovations in spine medicine—–truly making a difference in communities throughout Asia, Europe and here in the U.S. Our careers are very different, but the core principles that have shaped both of our lives are rooted in our upbringing and in our Loyola experience: never settle, never give up and push for the change that you want to see.” 4


A Tribute to Two Extraordinary Men for Others Fr. McGrath and the Loyola community honored William T. O’Donnell Jr. ‘67 with the President’s Medal for Distinguished Leadership and Service to Loyola Academy.

A Legacy of Leadership and Generosity


William T. O’Donnell Jr. ’67 has never forgotten one of the most important lessons that his father, a self-made man, taught him: “It’s not what’s in your pocket that’s important, it’s what’s in your heart.”

In O’Donnell’s heart was the

quiet call to serve—–and to follow in the footsteps of his father and mentor, William T. O’Donnell Sr. ’40, who gave generously to support

On November 7, 468 alumni, parents and friends gathered in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Chicago to support Jesuit education while honoring two dedicated leaders in service at our 57th annual President’s Dinner. “It is our privilege tonight to celebrate what’s right with the world—–and to celebrate two men who have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place, especially for young people,” stated Loyola Academy President Rev. Patrick E. McGrath, SJ. Fr. McGrath presented the President’s Medal to William T. O’Donnell Jr. ’67 for his W e b E x t r a > View a video of Rev. Michael J. distinguished leadership and Garanzini, SJ, receiving the Lord Award in October at goramblers.org/loyolamag/winter 2015# service to Loyola Academy. presidentsdinner. “Like his father before him,” said Fr. McGrath, “Bill has been a trusted advisor to several Loyola presidents and a generous benefactor to the school.” Loyola University Chicago President and CEO Rev. Michael J. Garanzini, SJ, was the recipient of the 2014 Daniel A. Lord, SJ, Award for Distinguished Service in the Cause of Youth. Fr. Garanzini received the award on October 21 because he was in Paris on the night of our President’s Dinner, serving in his new role as secretary for higher education for the Society of Jesus. Although he was an ocean away—–convening a gathering of Jesuit scholars at the request of His Holiness Pope Francis and Superior General of the Society of Jesus Rev. Adolfo Nicolás, SJ—–we are sure that Fr. Garanzini was with us in spirit as we celebrated his service to youth through higher education.


President’s Dinner 2014


T 19 0 9


William T. O’Donnell Jr. ‘67

Loyola’s mission.

In 2006, O’Donnell (a record-

President’s Dinner Chaircouple Mary S. and Roger P. Hickey ’79 (right), Co-Chaircouple Susan H. and Thomas E. Gordon and Fr. McGrath welcomed the Loyola community to our 57th annual President’s Dinner, which raised more than $257,000 to support Loyola’s mission of Jesuit education.

L E F T:

setting quarterback and brilliant defensive back during his Rambler years) and fellow football great Thomas D. “Tim” Foley ’66 made an extraordinary combined gift to fund the construction of Loyola Academy’s Foley-O’Donnell Athletic Commons, a state-of-theart stadium with a turf football field and world-class running track.

“Bill has picked up where his

father left off in the many ways that he cares for the mission of Loyola Academy,” reflects Fr. McGrath. “Decades of Ramblers have benefited from his leadership, loyalty and generosity.”


> View our 2014 President’s Dinner photo gallery at goramblers.org/loyolamag/ winter2015#presidentsdinner.

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I n d ivi d uals Colin J. Falls ’03 Basketball Carl A. Favaro RIP General Nomination Terrence D. Glavin ’91 Football Olga M. Gvozdenovic ’99 Basketball and Tennis

Loyola Trustee Peter C. Lee ’97 (second from left) celebrates his induction with former classmates (left to right) Christopher M. Wolf ‘97; Michael A. Lowe ‘97, the emcee for the evening; and Thomas G. Cronin ‘97.

Honoring Loyola’s Legendary Coaches and Athletes On Friday, October 17, more than 300 sports fans gathered in our East Gym to witness history in the making as eight individuals and two teams were inducted into the Loyola Academy Athletic Hall of Fame. Our Athletic Hall of Fame Weekend is always a feel-good event. But our 2014 induction ceremony and awards presentation took on a new dimension as Loyola rolled out an engaging new format, with Fox News Milwaukee reporter and anchor Michael A. Lowe ’97 serving as master of ceremonies and conducting onstage interviews with the evening’s award A former Rambler recipients. athlete reflects on the Former volleyball coach lessons he learned from Jennifer A. Morris, who Coach O’Loughlin ris and received the Frank J. Amato ifer A . Mor nn Je ch “Coach O’Loughlin taught us Coa . Lowe ‘97 Michael A Excellence in Coaching how to play hard, Award, talked to Lowe about her philosophy how to play fair of coaching and thanked the outstanding athletes who and how to play had energized her and made her coaching career so through and memorable. live through John A. O’Loughlin ’59, who received the John E. adversity....For Hoerster Athletic Medal of Honor for five decades of service the past 50 years, John A. to the Loyola community as a teacher and coach, spoke O’Loughlin ‘59 he has been a about what a unique joy it had been to be able to serve truly remarkable Loyola’s Ramblers for 50 years. example of how to live life the In one of the night’s most emotional moments, the late right way, with never-ending Carl A. Favaro was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame generosity, compassion, grace as his family members stood by. Favaro died in May 2014 and dignity. He epitomizes all after 34 years of outstanding service as a physical education that a Rambler strives to be: a teacher and football and wrestling coach for our Rambler man for others and a champion athletes. The following day, prior to the Loyola vs. St. Rita both on and off the court.” football game, Fr. McGrath dedicated a tree near Hoerster —– Michael J. Neville ’01, who Field to Coach Favaro’s memory and blessed the memorial presented the John E. Hoerster as Favaro’s family, friends, fellow 2014 inductees and other Athletic Medal of Honor to members of the Loyola community looked on. John A. O’Loughlin ’59




Peter C. Lee ’97 Football and Basketball Kathleen McCabe ’00 Track and Field Laura A. Sobieszcyk ’99 Basketball Christy J. Williams-Sykes ’02 Volleyball

T eams 1999 Women’s Basketball Team 2001 Men’s Basketball Team

F rank J . A mato E xcellence in Coaching Awar d R ecipient Jennifer A. Morris Volleyball

J ohn E . H oerster Athletic M e dal of H onor R ecipient John A. O’Loughlin ‘59 Basketball and Baseball


W e b E x t r a S > View our 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame photo gallery and video highlights at goramblers.org/ loyolamag/winter2015#halloffame.

Emcee Michael A. Lowe ’97 interviews inductee Terrence D. Glavin ’91 (right).

Loyola Academy Athletic hall of fame

2014 Inductees



In 2014, Loyola Academy Athletic Director Patrick M. Mahoney ’90 was voted in as president of the venerable Chicago Catholic League (CCL), which has served Catholic high school athletes in the Chicago area for more than a century. We caught up with Mahoney in early 2015 to find out more about his growing influence in the Catholic athletic arena, his commitment to Catholic education and the Jesuit values that will guide him as he leads the Chicago Catholic League through its 102nd year.

1 Why are you so committed to leading the Chicago Catholic League? I believe in Catholic education, and I appreciate and respect the Chicago Catholic League’s longstanding tradition of excellence in Catholic high school athletics. I had served on the league’s executive board for several years, and I felt that the time was right to step up and expand my involvement. I also thought it was important for Loyola Academy to have a strong voice and a leadership role in the league.

2 How does your service as CCL president align with your commitment to Jesuit education?

As a Jesuit educator, I’m strongly influenced by the Ignatian imperative to be a leader in service. This position enables me to achieve that goal by serving Chicago-area Catholic schools and the studentathletes who attend these schools.

3 What are your goals as CCL president?


My goals are to continue to run the league in a positive fashion, update the league’s constitution and bylaws, evaluate the league’s financial operations and create a stronger presence in social media. As a Loyola alumnus, do you have any enduring memories of the CCL from your days as a Rambler athlete? I remember people talking about the Chicago Catholic League. Everybody knew somebody from the league or had a great story about someone who attended a school in the league. I’ll never forget what a great feeling it was to win the Lawless Award for most outstanding senior baseball player in the CCL. I felt a huge sense of pride and accomplishment. The award, which is presented annually to an outstanding coach and athlete in each sport, was named after Tony Lawless, who helped found and develop the Chicago Catholic League. The CCL played a pivotal role in my life and in the lives of generations of other Catholic high school athletes. It is an honor to be able to give back to the CCL and support its mission to promote excellence in athletics and academics. 4

Girls’ Swimming and Diving Team

Sports Recap F all 2 0 14 The Girls’ Swimming and Diving Team made history when it won Loyola’s first IHSA state title, scoring 148 points and ending New Trier’s four-year reign as state champs. Head Coach Michael A. Hengelmann ’00 was named the Illinois Swimming Association’s Coach of the Year. The Girls’ Golf Team placed second in the IHSA championship. The Girls’ Volleyball Team placed fourth in state.

Girls’ V olleyb

all Tea


S pring 2 0 14 The Girls’ Lacrosse Team defeated New Trier 12-8 in the IHSLA state championship. The 2014 state title is the sixth in a row for the team and the 10th in program history. The Boys’ Water Polo Team captured the IHSA state title after a pressure-packed, double-overtime 11-10 win over Fenwick. The title was Loyola’s first since 1978, and the first since water polo became an IHSA sport in 2002.

ater Polo Boys’ W

Team W I N T E R 2 015




1948 S. Joseph Moran published Not All for Love, a book of six one-act plays available on Amazon.com.

1955 William M. Plante celebrated 50 years at CBS News in June. Bill served as the network’s White House correspondent during the Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. Read more about Bill’s career at cbsnews.com/team/ bill-plante.


A Tribute to a Giant in Business and Philanthropy



es C . Do wdle ‘52 In January 2015, the Robert R. RIP McCormick Foundation made a $500,000 gift to Loyola Academy to establish the James C. Dowdle ’52 Memorial Scholarship.

Spearheaded by Loyola graduate parent, retired Tribune Company CEO and McCormick Foundation Board Chair Dennis J. FitzSimons, the scholarship honors James C. Dowdle ’52 RIP, who played a key role in the transformation of the Tribune Company into a major media conglomerate and served on the boards of numerous schools, charities and foundations, including Loyola Academy and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, as well as Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Junior Achievement of Chicago, Loyola University Medical Center, Mundelein Seminary and the Big Shoulders Fund, which supports Catholic schools in the neediest areas of inner-city Chicago. The James C. Dowdle ’52 Memorial Scholarship will carry on Jim’s legacy of philanthropy and service by providing tuition assistance for Loyola Academy students from Catholic schools supported by the Big Shoulders Fund. The scholarship will also cover academic expenses, transportation costs and summer enrichment programs. “This scholarship is especially meaningful for a number of reasons,” says Loyola Academy President Rev. Patrick E. McGrath, SJ. “It pays homage to a revered alumnus, parent and former member of our Board of Trustees, while assisting students who matriculate to Loyola Academy from Big Shoulders Fund schools. The mission of the Big Shoulders Fund was near and dear to Jim’s heart, just as it remains a priority for Loyola Academy and the McCormick Foundation. It is our hope that the McCormick Foundation’s exceptionally generous gift will inspire others to follow the foundation’s lead by providing additional funding for this scholarship. Nothing would please me more than to witness Jim’s wide circle of friends and admirers honoring him by making additional contributions to increase the impact of this scholarship in his name.” To contribute to the James C. Dowdle ’52 Memorial Scholarship, please contact Vice President of Advancement Robert O. Miller at 847.920.2421 or bmiller@loy.org.




John A. O’Loughlin completed his 50th year teaching social studies at Loyola Academy in June. He continues to teach a full schedule, including his popular History of Chicago course. John received the John E. Hoerster Medal of Honor at Loyola Academy’s Athletic Hall of Fame dinner in October for his accomplishments as a baseball and basketball coach. See story on page 8.

1960 John A . O’L James E. Davitt oughlin ‘59 was elected to the Maine House of Representatives on November 4, after running against a five-term incumbent. This was his first run for state office.

1964 See 50th Reunion story on page 14.

1965 Thomas M. Lera, a research chair and forensic scientist at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, received the Smithsonian Secretary’s Research Prize for his book, The G. H. Kaestlin Collection of Imperial Russian and Zemstvo Stamps. Dennis M. O’Keefe was the recipient of the Ozanam Award from the Society of St.

Class Notes

Vincent de Paul for his many years of service.

1967 Peter A. Derenski was honored in September by his alma mater, Saint Louis University, with a 2014 College of Arts and Sciences Award for his accomplishments in the field of aviation and public safety, primarily as a Boeing Technical Fellow in Human Systems Integration for the past 30 years. Robert B. Hamilton, cofounder and former chief executive officer of Gewalt Hamilton Associates Inc., has retired after a successful 40-year civil engineering career. He plans to fill his retirement days by coordinating internships for low-income minority students from Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep in Waukegan; offering free airplane rides to children through the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Young Eagles program; and providing free air transportation for Angel Flight, an organization that connects volunteer pilots with patients who are financially distressed or in a time-critical, nonemergency situation. Mark S. Seeberg has entered the blogosphere with his basketball blog, betterthanalayup.com. Mark began compiling notes about the game in 1973, while serving as a coaching assistant for Loyola’s first sophomore basketball team. He continued to add to the collection over the years with the intention of writing a book—–until he became intrigued by the immediacy and interactivity of a blog.

1968 J. Brian Hancock, MD, FACEP, received the American College of Emergency Physicians’ highest honor, the John G. Wiegenstein Leadership Award, for his extraordinary leadership in emergency medicine. As chief medical officer of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Dr. Hancock provides clinical oversight for the VA Healthcare Systems in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, and Battle Creek,

James A . Tracy ‘6 8 (left) an Richard J. d fellow R W it ry ‘68 amblers (center) an Conrad ‘6 d Charle 4 (right) vi s J. si ted C aesa June. The rea, Israe trip was o l, in rganized the Holy by the Co Cross. llege of

Michigan; Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Danville, Illinois.


1974 Michael J. Murray Jr.’s Christmas movies, The Christmas Shepherd and The Tree That Saved Christmas, aired on the Hallmark channel in November. Michael wrote the screenplays for both movies, which were chosen by the New York Times as two of the top five Christmas movies for 2014. Gregory P. Opelka wrote the music and lyrics for The Beverly Hillbillies, The Musical, which played last summer at the Theatre at the Center in Munster, Indiana.

1975 Peter G. Leemputte —– see story on page 16.

Mary S. Barbera LDM ‘75 and Joseph F. Barbera ‘72

Joseph F. Barbera and Mary S. Barbera LDM ’75 (above), opened Aida Bistro and Wine Bar 12 years ago in Columbia, Maryland. They were recently named Entrepreneurs of the Year by their local chamber of commerce. The restaurant, named after Joe’s mother, is the second largest wine bar in the state. Patrick J. Foley, the voice of the Chicago Blackhawks, was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in November and named as the 31st recipient of the NHL Broadcasters’ Association Foster Hewitt Memorial Award in June for his outstanding contributions as a broadcaster.

1977 Anton T. “Tony” Schirmang Sr., president and chief financial officer of Skokie Valley Beverage Company in Wheeling, was Anton T. “Tony” elected to the Schirmang Sr. ‘77 Board of Directors of the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois for a three-year term beginning December 2013.

1978 Brian F. Righeimer has retired as an officer from the Lincolnwood Police Department.

W I N T E R 2 015



Mark A. Rolfes and his wife, Amy, quit their jobs last March and moved to Komga, South Africa, to serve as the co-executive directors of the Open Arms Home for children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic. To learn more, visit openarmshome.com.

World War II veteran Jack Barrett (seated) with (left to right) John P. Orr ‘14, E. J. Orr III ‘07 and E. J. Orr Jr. ‘79

1979 Edmund J. “E. J.” Orr Jr. (above) accompanied his father-in-law, Navy Seabee veteran Jack Barrett, on the Honor Flight Chicago, along with his sons, Edmund J. “E. J.” Orr III ’07 and John P. Orr ’14. The Honor Flight Chicago program honors World War II veterans by flying them to Washington, D.C. for the day to visit the World War II memorial.


Daniel J. Osman and Dr. Kimberlea A. Schiro-Osman ‘86 celebrated the birth of twin girls in October 2013. The couple and their five children live in Boulder, Colorado, where Daniel is a police officer and Kimberly is a child psychologist.

Christopher A. Baer, executive vice president of VIPAR Heavy Duty Inc. in Crystal Lake, Illinois, received Christopher A. Baer ‘81 Northwood University’s Automotive Aftermarket Management Education Award in November for his educational advocacy.

Richard D. Wieth, a professional artist, was profiled in the Aspen Business Journal. He credited his Loyola art teacher, Eugene Avergon, for encouraging him to take art seriously and pursue it as a career. He and his family have moved from their longtime home in Colorado to California. His artwork was recently exhibited in the Santa Monica Museum of Art’s Incognito Show.

John H. Baxter II (below) has joined the University of Michigan’s Wolverines football team as the special teams coach.

1983 Pieter C. Devos has relocated to Zurich, Switzerland, where his company, Credit Suisse, is headquartered.


Dr. Jeffrey A. Rzepiela and his wife, Leanne, celebrated the birth of their son, Matthew Parker, in January 2014.

1985 Senator Daniel W. Kotowski received the Inspire Award for Community Service from Presence Holy Family Medical Center in April 2014.

1986 Christopher W. Helt received the Chicago FBI Director’s 2013 Community Service Leadership Award for playing an instrumental role in the development of the Edwin C. Shanahan Memorial Post 1920, a charitable organization that pairs FBI special agents and other agency volunteers with young people from Chicago’s West Side. Christopher received the award in Chicago in January 2014 and traveled to Washington, D.C., in April to meet FBI Director James Comey.

John H. Baxter II ‘81 returned to Loyola in June to speak to our football team about leadership and service.

G. Pres ton Ke

ndall III ‘80


G. Preston Kendall III, a member of the leadership team that founded the original Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in the Pilsen neighborhood and current president of Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep in Waukegan, was honored by the Ignatian Volunteer Corps in April at the organization’s annual Evening of Gratitude event.





1987 Lawrence J. Mongoven and his wife, Kelly, announced the birth of their third child, Mark Mark Thomas Mongoven, Thomas, in son of Lawrence J. Mongoven ‘87 October. Mark joins his two brothers, Nicholas and Michael.

1988 Jeffrey J. Balcerzak was promoted to information services manager for PEER Bearing Company. William C. Berghoff married Lyndell Werling in Founders Chapel at the University of San Diego in April. Bill is president of Sportsplex USA.

Loyola’s mock trial team was honored at the Loyola Academy Bar Association Luncheon for its winning legal maneuvers at the 2014 Howlett Cup Mock Trial Tournament. Named in memory of Loyola graduate parent Michael J. Howlett Jr. (1948-2014)—–a celebrated judge and law professor who gave generously of his time to educate and mentor attorneys—–the tournament brought students from Chicago-area Jesuit high schools together to compete in five mock trials over a two-day period. S hown above : Howlett Cup founder and tournament organizer Conor J. Heaton ‘96 (third from right), with Loyola’s 2014 Howlett Cup winners (left to right) Coach Martin D. Syvertsen ’00, Patrick E. Dillon ’15, Kelsey E. Donohue ’16, Andrew J. Kubicek ’15, Davis P. Shugrue ’16 and Coach Mark A. Javier ’97.

Lunching with Loyola’s Legal Eagles

I Newlyweds William C. Berghoff ‘88 and Lyndell Werling

1990 James P. Moorhead published his first book, Tenant Leasing 101: The Essential Business and Legal Strategies for Negotiating Your Lease, which is available on Amazon.com.

In February, Loyola Academy alumni, parents and friends in the legal profession gathered at the University Club of Chicago for the second annual Loyola Academy Bar Association Luncheon. “We packed the University Club with close to 200 Rambler lawyers, honored the Loyola Academy Mock Trial Team for winning the Howlett Cup and remembered Loyola Academy parent Judge Michael J. Howlett Jr., who recently passed away,” reports Loyola Academy Bar Association Founder and Chair Matthew R. Devine ’85. TO P: The luncheon—–which included an Loyola Ac ade and Ch my B a r air Ma invocation and remarks by Fr. McGrath, A s socia t thew tion Fo Judge R. Div under W illiam J ine ’85 reflections by Phil Andrew ’85 and . Baue (r life and ight) w r, who ith work o re flec ted f Loyola Elizabeth Maddock ’06 and a memorial Michae on the gradua l J. H o te pare wlett J nt Jud r. tribute to Judge Howlett by Judge ABOV ge E : Me mbers William J. Bauer—–was sponsored by Matt A s socia of the Loyola tion —– o Ac ade ne of L ac tive Devine ‘85 of Jenner & Block, Mark E. my B a r oyola’s profes larges sional Februa t and m n etwork r y at th McNabola ‘77 and Edward W. “Ted” os t s —– gath e Univ ered in ersit y C lub of McNabola ‘84 of McNabola Law Group, Chic ag o. Joseph B. Carini III ‘81 of Johnson & Bell Trial Lawyers, Daniel Q. Herbert ‘86 of Daniel Herbert Law Offices, Richard A. “Dick” Devine ‘61 of Meckler Bulger Tilson Marick and Pearson LLP and Cezar M. “Cid” Froelic ‘63 and Judge Howlett’s widow, Kathleen F. Howlett, of Taft.

W I N T E R 2 015



Commemorating a 50-Year Milestone with a Record-Breaking Gift


Half a century after graduating from Loyola Academy, nearly 100 members of our Class of 1964 reconvened for a weekend of reminiscing and reconnecting at our Wilmette campus. The reunion, which took place on the weekend of September 19-21, “exceeded all expectations,” according to a post-reunion report issued by the reunion committee, and offered a welcome opportunity to “share stories, renew relationships and develop new friendships.” It was a weekend defined by superlatives: a spectacular turnout, glorious September weather—–and an extraordinary act of collective generosity as class members commemorated their 50-year milestone with contributions totaling more than $358,000—–the largest class gift in Loyola history. We are deeply grateful to reunion committee chairs E. Paul Dunn and Gerald F. Waldron and their committee members for organizing this memorable weekend, as well as the members of the Class of 1964 for giving so generously to provide tuition assistance for today’s Ramblers in need.


Web Extr a

> View our 1964 50th Reunion photo gallery at goramblers.org/1964classpage.

Still rambling after all these years —–

f i r s t r o w ( left to right) : Thomas P. Fitzgerald, Richard E. Nugent, Michael J. Plunkett, E. Paul Dunn, Michael W. Hoversen, Thomas F. White, William J. McDonnell, Thomas L. O’Gara, Franklin J. Bak, Joseph H. Kiefer, Robert C. Philips, Mel J. Thillens, Anthony J. DeMonte and Thomas J. Mikos. s e c o n d r o w : Douglas R. Kaiser, Charles V. Lobraico, Daniel E. Sullivan, Richard J. Schinler, Brian F. Crowe, Daniel J. O’Donovan III, Michael C. Conway, Alvin G. Dempsey, Philip E. Collins, John L. Bassing, J. Patrick Spellman, John A. Baier and James E. Degnan. t h i r d r o w : Brian M. Henehan, Joseph P. Dunne, James A. Roche, Ronald A. Papini, Michael D. Groark, Michael J. Pettinger, William H. Edwards Jr., William M. Stover, Barry J. Mitchell, Michael J. Hogan, Alex T. McIntosh, James E. Vahey and Gerald F. Waldron. fo u r t h r ow : Stephen T. Quinn, John E. “Jack” Liess, Mark S. Pelletier, John P. O’Callaghan, Vincent C. Scully III, John L. Brice, Richard P. Ryan, Kevin W. Rassas, Charles J. Conrad, John M. Struhar Jr., Richard J. Fleming, David L. Kabat and John N. Gavin. fif t h r ow : Richard L. Krause, William J. McDermott, Philip J. Rettig, Horst J. Metz, Robert A. Innocenzi, Richard J. Mancuso, James F. Segerson, Allan M. Tumolillo, Dennis J. Cech and Bob Timm. si x t h r ow : Thomas M. Kennedy, James L. Lubawski, George C. Delaney Jr., Robert D. Leydon, Philip A. Marineau, J. Peter Maloney, Thomas Kehoe, Robert G. Ratcliffe Jr. and Joseph R. Lentino.




1992 James M. “Jamie” Baisley launched Frontage Search Partners, a boutique national executive search firm specializing in retained executive management assignments for the Fortune 500. The firm focuses on the industrial, CPG and financial service sectors. Contact Jamie at jbaisley@ frontagesearch.com. Jay W. Padar, a Chicago police sergeant, coauthored the book, On Being A Cop, with his father, retired Chicago police lieutenant Jim Padar. Profits Jay W. Padar ‘92 from the book benefit the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and the Police Chaplains Ministry. Mike J. Reed has been named one of Chicago magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Chicagoans for 2014. Mike was recognized for his role in developing the Pitchfork Music Festival; his experimental jazz collective People, Places & Things; and the impressive programming at his music club, Constellation, a hub for the city’s avant-garde.

1994 Thomas G. Foley Sr., senior director of member services and business development for the Professional Convention Management Association, was named one of the Association Forum of Chicagoland’s 2014 Forty Under 40 award winners. The award is presented annually to professionals in the nonprofit sector. Michael S. McGrory, a partner in SmithAmundsen’s Aerospace and Commercial Transportation Practice Group, has been named one of the Illinois Law Bulletin Publishing Company’s 40 Attorneys Under 40. Mike also serves on the Board of Directors for Mental Health America of Illinois, chairs the Chicago Bar Association’s Aviation Law Committee and coaches youth sports.


Mark E. Fi




1995 Mark E. Fitzgerald (above) opened Butcherknife Brewing Company in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He and his wife, Dana, are the proud parents of Caroline and Patrick.




er C . Ma ria T her esa L no ‘98 an . Ma riano d ‘01

Christopher C. Mariano and Theresa L. Mariano ‘01 (above) have opened Kawayan Chicago, a Filipino restaurant near the Jefferson Park train station on Milwaukee Avenue. Kevin C. Rynes, assistant varsity boys’ lacrosse coach, and his wife, Kelly, announced the birth of their son, Parker Duke, in April.


Peter C. Lee ‘97 was inducted into Loyola Academy’s Athletic Hall of Fame in October for his athletic achievements in football and basketball. See story on page 8.

Peter C. Lee, a Loyola Academy trustee and director of wealth and investment management at Barclays, was named to Crain’s Chicago Business’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2014. The Yale University Academic All-American and University of Chicago MBA graduate–‑–whose dream of being an NFL quarterback was cut short due to an injury‑––now helps professional athletes manage their wealth and avoid the financial pitfalls that leave many in poverty after their athletic careers end.


Henry James Glass, son of Kasia Krynski McCormick ‘98

Kasia Krynski McCormick and her husband, David, announced the birth of their first child, Henry James Glass, in October 2013.

David E. Walsh Jr. was Parke r Duke one of the subjects of R y nes sis ter, and h Paige is big Inc.com’s series on Aubre childr y R y ne en of K s, evin C the top 10 traits . R y ne s ‘98 exemplified by Inc. 500 entrepreneurs. After career stops in the U.S. Navy and the CIA, Dave now heads Prescient Edge, a security integration and technology development business in McLean, Virginia. Marc R. Wezowski married Jordan C. Carqueville, MD, in Naples, Florida, in April. Marc is an associate specializing in patent litigation at the Chicago law firm Leydig, Voit & Mayer.

2000 Cristin McAuley earned her master’s degree in counseling psychology from Northwestern University and trained at the university’s Family Institute. She has joined the Center for Self-Actualization, a private psychotherapy practice in Evergreen Park. Adrian Guerrero and his wife announced the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth Aubrey, in October.

Elizabeth Aubrey Guerrero, daughter of Adrian Guerrero ‘00

W I N T E R 2 015




Mike P. Hengelmann, head coach for Loyola’s Swimming and Diving Team, was named the 2014 Illinois Swimming Association Coach of the Year. Christopher Lentino and Anne E. (Korajczyk) Lentino ‘01 announced the birth of their daughter, Grace Dorothy, in February 2014.

2001 Anthony S. Wallace, a museum specialist with the Collections Processing Unit of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, was featured in the Smithsonian Channel’s presentation of “Planes, Cranes and Rockets.” The program documented his efforts to transport a Vietnam-era F-100 Super Sabre Jet from the Smithsonian’s Garber Facility in Maryland to its permanent display at the Udzar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia.

2002 Michael Carney ‘02 married Brooke Ellison in April at St. Ignatius Catholic Church at the University of San Francisco, with a reception at the Asian Art Museum. Michael practices law at Donohue, Brown, Mathewson & Smyth, LLC, in Chicago.

Newly we

l C ar ney ds Michae

roo ‘02 and B

ke Ellison

Michael P. McCourt (opposite page, top left) married Chrissie Pasquesi in May at Chicago’s St. Alphonsus Church. Mike is an associate in the investment banking division of William Blair & Company in Chicago.




Opening Doors to the Arts


Peter G. Leemputte ’75 and his wife, Ellen, contributed $1 million to Loyola Academy’s Fine Arts Initiative in July 2014. Their extraordinary gift will support the development of a comprehensive fine and performing arts center at Loyola, as well as expanded programming in art, design, photography, filmmaking, architecture, theatrical performance and production, music and dance. “Loyola Academy has always stood for the development of Ellen and the whole individual, integrating Peter G. Le empu tte ‘75 the religious, intellectual, artistic and athletic abilities of a diverse group of men and women,” says Peter Leemputte. “Ellen and I want to contribute to that mission by ensuring that the school’s fine arts facilities are enhanced to a high level of excellence.” “The Leemputtes are loyal and longtime champions of Jesuit education,” notes Principal Gifts Officer Les Seitzinger ’88. “Although their children—–Mary ’04, Peter ’08, John ’10 and Daniel ’12—–have all graduated from Loyola Academy, their passionate support continues through their scholarships for students in need, their ongoing participation in events such as our Ramble and President’s Dinner and their most recent gift to our Fine Arts Initiative.” “Since the first Jesuit school opened nearly five centuries ago, the Jesuits have understood that the arts play an important role in the enrichment of the human spirit and the development of creative thinkers with the potential to transform society in positive ways,” comments Fr. McGrath. “We are deeply grateful to Peter and Ellen for their continued generosity, which will give Rambler artists and non-artists alike the facilities they need to explore the world’s diverse cultures, the beauty of nature and the presence of God in all things through the fine and performing arts.”

Elizabeth B. “Ela” Chrzanowska graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Pharmacy in May and is now completing her residency at Northshore University Health System.

2007 Newlyweds Michael P. McCourt ‘02 and Chrissie Pasquesi

2005 Bridget Carney was promoted to community engagement coordinator at the San Francisco Food Bank. James L. Rubly married Lillian Ocampo.

2006 Melissa A. (Swanner) Brackmann married Ryne Brackmann in June at St. Anne’s Church in Barrington.

Melissa A. (Swanner) Brackmann ‘06 with her husband, Ryne Brackmann

Ela C

hr z an Ryan M. ow s k a mothe ‘06 wit r, Barb h her ar a Ch Freedman, who r z ano wska earned his master’s degree in marine biology from California State University Long Beach in 2014, has been selected as a California Sea Grant State Fellow. Ryan, who studied the movements of juvenile sharks and sport fish during his master’s program, is currently living in Santa Barbara and conducting research on shipping lane Ryan M. Freedman ‘07 traffic and its potential impact on whales with other scientists in the Channel Island National Marine

Sanctuary. He plans to pursue a PhD and work for a government agency. William E. “Billy” Kirland, classmate Thomas A. Demetrio and a friend have started a film and television production company called Rose Land Trio Entertainment. Although they have not yet been able to quit their day jobs, the trio has written several short and full-length film screenplays. Billy’s screenplay, Stan’s Killing Himself, won Best Comedy at the Woods Hole Film Festival in Cape Cod.

2009 Gina C. Vrablick is an assistant swim coach for the University of Chicago’s NCAA Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Team. She works in the Department of Statistics at the university.

2010 Paige C. Brunett graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in sociology in May 2014. She is currently working as the coordinator for AmeriCorps at the university’s Center for Community Action and Service Learning, where she oversees elementary school mentoring programs in Spokane, Washington.

Stacy (Delvo) Subida’06 and Joseph C. Subida ‘06 were married in January 2014 at Queen of All Saints Basilica in Chicago. B A C K R OW (left to right): Mark G. Gameng ‘05, Raquel zazi ‘06, Adrian Arevalo ‘06, Julie M. Rosendo ‘06, Arthur d. Wanandi ‘06, Sean P. doyce ‘06, Marc R. Godwin ‘06, XX XX drew M. Bryant ‘06 and Jade C. Narrido ‘08. F R O N T R O W : Oliver R. Bolusan ‘05, the newlyweds, Katherine M. “Kat” Magdongon ‘06, Nina M. Ottolino ‘06 and Karen A. Gameng ‘08.

W I N T E R 2 015


and Pat Green donated an additional $200,000 before singing his closing song. Jeffrey W. Toraason was named most valuable performer on the Illinois Wesleyan Men’s Track Team for 2014.



C . Br

une t

t ‘10

back‘10, who . Griffin the T in rt a g M lle e, at ‘10 and from co ld g n ra ti e a n u a zg rad hail d A . Fit g Mai, T a after g Colleen east A si of Chian th e u id o S ts u in mp, o packed han t C a iam Elep Chang S

Grace L. Carini was selected to make a documentary film about the Sauganash Mural Project. Grace studied film and television at the University of Notre Dame and is a longtime resident of Chicago’s Sauganash neighborhood.

graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in finance. Martin works as a consultant for FTI Consulting in Chicago in the Forensics and Litigation Consulting Division.

Colleen A. Fitzgerald (top right photo) graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. in business administration in May 2014. She studied abroad for a summer in Barcelona and a semester in Dublin. Colleen is now a federal consultant for Deloitte in the Washington, D.C. area.

Colleen M. Smith was the recipient of the Yeardley Reynolds Love Unsung Hero Award for her significant contributions to the Princeton University Women’s Lacrosse Team and for bringing joy to her teammates. She also was named an All-American.

Holly A. Hovenac is studying veterinary medicine at the University of Wisconsin.

Holly A. Hovenac ‘10

Martin T. Griffin (top right photo with Colleen A. Fitzgerald ‘10) studied abroad in Dublin for a semester before





Emily R. Collins, a Western Kentucky University senior majoring in organizational communications, spent part of the summer interning at the Junction, a community outreach group in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland. She explored the centuries-old Catholic-Protestant conflict and supported the organization’s mission to discourage young people from participating in paramilitary groups. Allison A. Pierce accepted membership in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Brittany M. San Roman and her Indiana State soccer teammates visited Morocco last spring, where they met with students from their sister school, Hassan I University, and played in the fifth annual Sous le Haut Patronage de Sa Majeste le Roi Mohammed VI tournament. Anna M. Schueler, as a freshman at the University of Michigan, was the first player in women’s lacrosse history to earn postseason recognition when she was named Lacrosse Conference Second Team All-American in May.

Alexander J. Amato—–who Brian G. “Cal” Callahan was started his named the J. J. O’Connor philanthropic Player of the Year for his work here performance on Loyola’s at Loyola by Gold Team at the Blackhawk collecting Alumni luncheon in March. used The award is presented computers and annually to the best high donating them school hockey player in to schools Alex Amato ‘11 (right) with country music Illinois. At the lunch, Cal in need—– artist Pat Green learned that he had also chaired his been named to the Blackhawk Alumni University of Texas fraternity’s second High School All-Star Team—–an honor annual benefit concert, Horns for Heroes, that included a two-day experience with funding scholarships for the children the Chicago Blackhawks. Cal is currently of our fallen veterans. Alex convinced playing lacrosse at McGill University in country music artist Pat Green to Montreal. 4 perform. His fraternity raised $40,000,



A Day of Golf and Generosity


> View our 2014 Golf Outing photo gallery and “All in My Head,” a short documentary by Colleen Shaw ’07 about Patrick Stein’s battle with lockedin syndrome, at goramblers.org/ loyolamag/winter2015#golfouting. Web ExtraS



The sun was shining, the mood was congenial and the golf clubs were swinging on September 8 as 128 Loyola alumni, parents and friends convened at the North Shore Country Club for our 20th annual Ramblers Golf Outing. The event, which was organized by Ronald E. “Reb” Banas ‘81 and his committee members, raised more than $14,775 to cover a full year of tuition for a Rambler in need, including books, uniforms and travel expenses. These golfers for others also raised $17,500 for the Loyola Academy Needy Family Fund. The funds will be used to provide nursing care for Patrick Stein ’11, who is suffering from lockedin syndrome, a form of paralysis caused by a brain aneurysm. Patrick is an inspiration to us all as he continues to face his physical challenges with resilience, humor, faith and courage. We are grateful to our alumni golfers for giving generously to support Patrick and his family. Congratulations to our low-gross winners (above, left to right): James R. Sullivan ’88, Timothy J. Haggerty ’81, Charles K. “Chas” Stevens ’85 and Ronald E. “Reb” Banas ’81. The Peoria scoring winners were Daniel P. O’Brien ’89, Timothy D. O’Brien ’84, Loyola parent Douglas P. Boersma and Mark P. Nugent ’80. John J. Waris ’08 won closest to the pin, and John D. Nimesheim ’91 won the longest drive.

for our 21st annual Ramblers Golf Outing on September 14, 2015. W I N T E R 2 015



The Loyola Academy community joins in prayerful

remembrance of those who have passed away and offers condolences to their families. Julian Abraham, father of Michael Abraham ’86. Fred Accomando, father of Thomas J. Accomando ’88 and Ellen Accomando Monson LdM ’78. Marilyn Edwards Adams, mother of Thomas J. ’67 RIP and Shawn A. Edwards ’84 and grandmother of Brian T. ’01, Kathleen I. ’05, Jennifer R. ’10 and Meghan L. Edwards ’10. Marina Adams, sister of Marko R. Markovich ’82. Joe Aiello, grandfather of Frank J. Aiello ’12. Georgia Alexander, grandmother of Kristina M. ’11 and Steffani Alexander ’13. Jeanne Almeroth, mother of David M. Almeroth ’61 RIP. Lynn A. Amos, sister of Hon. Mark J. Ballard ’74. Raymond A. Andrew, father of William J. ’82, Daniel J. ’84, Philip J. ’85 and Michael J. Andrew ’94 and grandfather of Olivia G. Andrew ’17. Frank J. Apel ’48. Joan Therese Arden, mother of John W. Jr. ’72, Peter F. ’74, James D. ’76, Thomas P. ’77 and Patrick C. Arden ’79. Paula Armstrong, mother of Harrison ’13 and Allyce Armstrong ’16. Robert P. Austin, Loyola Academy faculty member 1963-98. Joyce Bailey, mother of Mark H. ’76, Christopher P. ’83, Paul B. ’85 and Richard P. Bailey ’92. Fred J. Barbara, father of Fred A. Barbara ’05 and Jacqueline Barbara Evenboer ’06. Edward J. Barrett ’39, brother of Charles V. Barrett ’37 RIP. Edward C. Bechtold ’61, brother of Joseph A. Bechtold ’52. James H. Benbennick ’44, brother of Claude ’43 RIP and Thomas C. Benbennick ’46. Vincent E. Bentivenga Jr., father of Mark V. ’79 and Scott C. Bentivenga ’81 and grandfather of Rachel N. Bentivenga ’14. Margaret A. Biang, mother of William A. Biang ’73. Dorothy L. Bohdan, mother of Michael Barry, Loyola Academy faculty member 1981 to present; grandmother of Timothy ’06, Patrick ’10 and Sean Barry ’13; and mother-in-law of Ann Zehold Barry LdM ’79. Frank L. Bondi Jr. ’53. Peter D. Bormes ’79, brother of Gregory W. ’82 and James X. Bormes ’80. Philip J. Bornhofen ’53, brother of Thomas M. Bornhofen ’61 RIP. Edward P. Bourke, father of John J. ’80, Timothy E. ’83 and Patrick J. Bourke ’91 and grandfather of John J. Bourke ’16 and Nora G. Fabre ’13. Catherine “Katie” Boyle, mother of, Robert W. ’98, James ’03 and Charles P. Boyle ’06 and Colleen Boyle Konopka ’07. Sue Brady, wife of Charles A. Brady ’50 RIP and sister of Dr. John R. Durburg ’56. Joseph J. Bredemann Sr. ’44, father of Joseph J. ’70, John P. ’72, Thomas P. ’76 and Martin J. Bredemann ’80 and grandfather of Kathryn M. ’00, Julie M. ’02, Joseph J. ’05, Bridget M. ’08, Andrew M. ’09, Elisabeth T. ’10, Brian N. ’12, Mark M. ’14 and Annie G. Bredemann ’17; Ellen S. ’08, Jack N. ’12 and Grace E. Richmond ’16; and Sarah A. ’00, Katharine E. ’03 and Mary E. Travnik ’06. Martin A. Brennan Jr., grandfather of Eileen E. ’14, Julia T. ’15 and Jack P. Dempsey ’17.




Thomas P. Brennan Jr. ’75. William H. Bright, father of Frank T. ’79 and Matthew E. Bright ’92. Jeffrey A. Bronken, husband of Susan Manna Bronken LdM ’78. Mary Grace Buckingham, mother of Richard A. Buckingham Jr. ’67 and grandmother of Colleen A. ’07 and Charles H. Shaw III ’09. Gregory M. Bulava, MD, father of Christopher M. Bulava ’12 and stepfather of Jakub Piechnik ’04. Col. Jerald Charles Burns ’57, brother of James E. Burns ’57 RIP. Kathleen A. Burns, grandmother of Emily Reynolds Fiorilli ’04 and Molly A. ’02, Sheila B. ’06, Louise ’07, Sherman F. ’09 and Rose Q. Reynolds ’14 and mother-in-law of Sherman F. Reynolds ‘74. Richard P. Byrne ’59. Mariellen G. Callahan, mother of Timothy J. ’69 and Charles J. Callahan ’74 RIP. Dorothy J. Carey, mother of Patrick W. Carey ’67. Joseph B. Carini Jr., father of Julia Biasco, Loyola Academy staff member 2008 to present and Christian A. ’76, David J. ’79, Joseph B. III ’81 and Daniel J. Carini ’87 and grandfather of John J. Jr. ’02, Michael F. ’04 and Daniel J. Biasco ’06; Patrick J. ’07, Frances C. ’09, Grace L. ’10, Kailey A. ’12, Catherine M. ’12 and Joseph B. Carini IV ’14; and Kelly C. Dugan ’97. Mary Carrigan, mother of Richard E. ’89, Christopher ’91, Kevin M. ’95 and Brian P. Carrigan ’98. Dorothy Chartier, grandmother of Paul J. Jr. ’04, Anne M. ’06 and Erin C. Laughlin ’09. Winifred T. Claffey, mother of Timothy J. Claffey ’70 and grandmother of Timothy E. Claffey ’08. Peggy Coha, mother of Courtney A. Coha ’09, daughter of James J. Maloney Jr. ’47 and sister of James J. ’77 and Kevin P. Maloney ’78. James C. Collonton, grandfather of Megan ’04 and Caitlin F. Ursini ’08. Wayne D. Comstock, father of Jon Comstock, Loyola Academy staff member 2009 to present. Maureen H. Cooney, grandmother of Patrick ’07, Abigail M. ’10, Siobhan E. ’11 and Maureen T. Cooney ’14. Edward Corcoran, grandfather of Eddie J. ’16 and Anna M. Trapp ’18. William F. Costigan, grandfather of Briggs T. ’11, William C. ’11, John C. ’14 and Colleen F. King ’18. Gregory Cotton, brother of Kevin L. ’76 and J. Spencer Cotten ’84. Seamus T. Coyle, father of Megan Coyle Childs ’99 and Rory T. Coyle ’93. William D. Creaney, father of Daniel A. ’66 and William J. Creaney ’71. Ralph F. Curtis, father of Gregory B. Curtis ’88. Linda Dahm, mother of Joseph Dahm, Loyola Academy faculty member 1980 to present, and grandmother of Peter J. ’10, Mary L. ’11 and Jane E. Dahm ’14. Carol Dann, mother of Michael H. Dann ’67 RIP. Michael H. Dann ’67. Mary K. Del Fava, mother of Daniel N. ’68, Richard J. ’71, Don F. ’73 and Raymond M. Del Fava ’82. Douglas Desherow, brother of Robert “Beau” Desherow ’93, Loyola Academy staff member 2004 to present. Domenica DiClementi, mother of Joseph H. ’68 and Gene DiClementi ’69.

David D. DiPaolo ’82, father of Hope ’13 and Thalin DiPaolo ’16 and brother of Dawn DiPaolo Barrett LdM ’84; Debra DiPaolo Semple LdM ’90, Loyola Academy staff member 2013 to present; and Denise DiPaolo Waltz LdM ’88. Michael G. Doody ’80. James C. Dowdle ’52, father of James C. Dowdle ’82; grandfather of Elizabeth C. ’06 and Sarah O. Burke ’11, Erin E. ’09, J. Charles ’12, Colin A. ’13 and Ryan P. Dowdle ’16 and Conor J. ’07, Spencer ’07, Patrick J. ’08, Brenden F. ’10 and Patricia A. Dwyer ’13; and brother of Raymond R. ’38 RIP and John A. Dowdle ’41 RIP. Rosemary Drake, wife of Frederick D. Fix ’51 RIP. Mary Duffy, grandmother of Daniel P. Gott ’90. Michael J. Duggan, father of John C. Duggan ’03. Peter Finley Dunne, father of Mary Jo Dunne Jean-Francois ’00. Alison Ebert, sister of Christopher A. Ebert ’78. Lois H. Eckland, mother of Peter T. Eckland ’77 and Amy Eckland Younkman LdM ’76. John D. Edelman, father of John T. Edelman ’80. Marie Therese Egan, mother of Robert J. Jr. ’81 and Frank G. Egan ’84, sister of Frank J. Gillespie Jr. ’47 RIP and daughter of Frank J. Gillespie ’17 RIP. Kyle C. Eichhof, son of Arnold R. Eichhof ’80. Michael E. Elisha, father of Kate Elisha ’16. Donato “Don” Elmi, father of Francesco “Frank” Elmi ’76 and grandfather of Cristin Elmi ’05. Joan Enright, wife of John J. Enright ’41. John D. Faber Jr., father of Thomas J. Faber ’72. Mary Jerome Farrell, grandmother of Emily L. ’98, Donald T. III ’03 and Michaela M. Farrell ’10 and Colleen Farrell Walsh ’99, Loyola Academy faculty member 2005 to present. Carl Favaro, Loyola Academy faculty member 1980-2014, father of Jennifer Favaro ’09. Theodore A. Feifar, father of Thomas M. Feifar ’75 and grandfather of Thomas M. ’10, Anne E. ’12 and Brian A. Feifar ’14. Virginia Flynn, mother of Geryl Cerney, Loyola Academy staff member 2005 to present; grandmother of Brian ’04 and Carolyn A. Cerney ’08 and Lauren Cerney Frye ’99; and mother-in-law of William B. Cerney ’74. William M. Flynn, father of Geryl Cerney, Loyola Academy staff member 2005 to present; grandfather of Brian ’04 and Carolyn A. Cerney ’08 and Lauren Cerney Frye ’99; and father-in-law of William B. Cerney ’74. Richard E. Foley, grandfather of Mary C. ’04, John J. ’08, Eileen M. ’10 and Clare E. Waris ’11. Robert J. Foley, father of Robert J. Jr. ’69, Michael P. ’70, Patrick J. ’75, Timothy F. ’79, Mark T. ’81 and Bryan M. Foley ’83 and grandfather of Katheryn V. Goodrich Calderson ’01; Sean P. ’09, Grace E. ’13, Micaela H. ’15, Molly M. ’16, Claudia A. ’17 and Anne A. Foley ’18; Julie M. ’03 and Thomas R. Goodrich ’08; Margaret Goodrich Hammond ’99; and Matthew R. ’09, Brian J. ’11, Madeline M. ’08 and Thomas J. Hinkamp Jr. ’08. Phyllis Foreman, mother of John B. ’62 RIP, Robert B. ’64 and Frederick L. Foreman ’75 RIP. Edward G. Forester Jr., father of Jeffrey E. Forester ’80.

Ruth Anne Hugo, grandmother of Joshua P. ’03, Maria C. ’05 and Zachary J. Hugo ’08 and mother of Michael V. Hugo, Loyola Academy staff member 1988-2012. Joan Hybiak, grandmother of Daniel E. Hybiak ’02. Robert F. Jacks Jr., son of Robert F. Jacks Sr. ’63. Bronislaw “Bruno” Janus, grandfather of Rene ’04 and David P. Janus ’14. Edwin P. Janus, grandfather of Scott Janus ’06. Therese Murphy Jones, wife of Eugene L. Jones ’45 RIP. Henry M. Juiris, father of Peter C. Juiris ’92. John R. Keller, grandfather of Lee Anne Keller ’99 and Hayley Keller Ropiequet ’04. Robert S. Kelling Jr. ’53. Nancy Kelly, mother of Donald M. Kelly Jr. ’60. Clifford F. Kennedy Jr. ’44, grandfather of Nate S. ’11 and Gabriel M. Kennedy ’14 and brother of Daniel R. Kennedy ’52 RIP. Conradine “Connie” Kepner, wife of Robert W. Kepner Jr. ’62. Patricia Cotter Kiggins, sister of Daniel A. Cotter ’53. Carolyn Killackey, grandmother of Margaret M. ’93, John E. III ’95, Bridget K. ’98 and Michael B. Killackey ’03. Dennis J. King, brother of Emmett P. Jr. ’68 and Patrick J. King ’81. Patricia Klingler, mother of Charles E. ’68 and Alan J. Klingler ’72. Dorothy Kloser, mother of Cathy Kloser Munoz LdM ’74. Katherine Kralik, grandmother of Alexandra Kournetas ’04. Karl Kreiner, grandfather of Karl Kreiner ’03. Cecilia Kuhlmann, mother of Theodore P. ’96, Thomas P. ’98 and Terence J. Kuhlmann ’01 and sister of John T. Groark ’69. Katherine T. Kuhn, sister of Philip J. III ’74, Thomas H. ’75, Charles J. ’79 and Daniel W. Kuhn ’81. Rosemary C. LaCroix, grandmother of Michelle LaCroix Hazenfield LdM ’91, Matthew P. LaCroix ’89 and Marie LaCroix Maurici LdM ’86. Patricia M. Lahey, mother of Mark K. Lahey ’67 and grandmother of Patrick J. ’96 and Timothy D. Lahey ’99. Patricia J. Lambert, grandmother of Grace M. ’11, Emma K. ’13 and Macklin J. Kerrigan ’16. Rita Larsen, mother of Richard W. Jr. ’66 and Thomas S. Larsen ’71 and grandmother of Clara A. Ignich ’02. Gregory S. Laughlin ’92, brother of Patrick K. Laughlin ’88. Karen M. Leslie, wife of Robert F. Leslie ’61. Nancy A. Licht, sister of David J. Damm ’77. Richard J. Linehan II ’56, father of Richard J. Linehan III ’88 and brother of Dennis C. Linehan ’58. Sam A. LiVacari, father of Gary L. LiVacari ’63 and grandfather of Gary J. LiVacari ’03. Homer J. Livingston Jr., father of John Livingston ’85 and grandfather of Nicholas J. Howard ’18. Joseph A. Lo Galbo, father of Manny A. Lo Galbo ’77. Elaine Lopatka, grandmother of Luke S. ’09 and Lars C. Lopatka ’12. Louis J. Lovas Jr., grandfather of Michael A. Lovas ’95. Mary L. Luna, grandmother of Branden C. ’09 and Bryan D. Luna ’10. Michael W. Lynch II ’78, father of Shannon K. Lynch ’11 and brother of Kevin P. ’84, Sean P. ’85 and Brian D. Lynch ’88. Terrence J. MacLean ’54. Margaret M. Marnell, grandmother of John E. ’87 and Carey M. Kenny ’89. Timothy James Martin, father of Calvin J. Martin ’16. Josef P. Mayer, grandfather of Evan J. ’10 and Stephanie R. Fay ’15. Attracta McAleer, mother of Delia McAleer-Degner LdM ’84. Doris McAuliffe, mother of Jeremiah D. McAuliffe Jr. ’76. Mary McCauley, mother of Michael A. ’84 and Thomas McCauley ’85. Charles B. McCormick ’46. Charlotte McCourt, wife of James P. McCourt ’42 RIP; mother of J. Patrick ’69, Sean B. ’71, Brian J. ’74 and Kevin D. McCourt ’76; and grandmother of Colin C. ’98 and Michael P. McCourt ’02. John C. McCurdy, father of Kevin G. ’76, Christopher ’77 and Patrick E. McCurdy ’80 RIP. Joan M. McDonaugh, grandmother of Sean M. ’02, Matthew J. ’03 and Daniel J. McDonaugh ’08. Walter J. “Wally” McGovern Jr. ’65, father of Brian J. McGovern ’96. Kathryn Frayne McGuinn, wife of Edward B. McGuinn Jr. ’43 RIP; mother of Katy McGuinn LoSasso LdM ’71 and Bart ’73 and Frank P. McGuinn ’80; and grandmother of Emily C. McGuinn ’07. Walter G. McGuire, father of Selina E. McGuire, Loyola Academy staff member 1994 to present, and Walter G. III ’67, Peter H. ’69, Mark E. ’70, Christopher ’74 and Michael G. McGuire ’81; grandfather of R. Patrick ’97 and Brendan M. Bedell ’98, Aileen McGuire McAnally ’01 and Peter H. Jr. ’96, Brian P. ’00, Mark Jr. ’04, Grace A. ’06, Mark ’06, Mary E. ’08 and John W. McGuire ’11; and brother of John A. McGuire ’35 RIP.

InMemoriam Memoriam In

Gerald Frake ’64, brother of Ronald F. ’62, Joseph G. ’68 and Robert K. Frake ’76 and Karen Frake Kolod LdM ’78 and Marlene Frake Reagan LdM’72. James D. Frederick ’89, son of Edward L. Frederick Jr. ’58. Pauline Fugazzotto, mother of Joel P. Fugazzotto ’60. Richard F. Gaeding, father of Linda Gaeding Cook LdM ’82. Thomas P. Galuppo, father of David W. Galuppo ’87. Donald C. Gassmere, father of Donald C. Jr. ’88, Timothy F. ’90 and Julie R. Gassmere ’98 and Jo Anne Gassmere Tagliamonte LdM ’87. Richard I. Gavin, father of Patrick M. ’73, Thomas J. ’75, Daniel S. ’77, Michael J. ’81 and John R. Gavin ’82. Eileen T. Gawenda, grandmother of Katie Kelly ’08. Gilbert A. Gay Jr., father of John T. Gay ’88. Roberta Gesicki, mother of Glen J. ’88 and Daniel E. Gesicki ’90. Frank Gesualdo, father of Ralph J. ’75 and Gregory F. Gesualdo ’78 and grandfather of Richard H. ’09 and Vivien G. Fisher ’17 and Francis A. ’01 and Jeneane Gesualdo ’03. Sharon Ghilarducci, mother of Jon C. ’88 and Todd J. Adams ’90. Sharon D. Girard, mother of Mark A. ’92, Scott A. ’94 and Timothy D. Girard ’99. Dorothy N. Gleason, sister of George P. Bott ’52. Miguel A. Gomez, son of Charles A. Gomez ’78. Edward J. Gordon, grandfather of Anne M. ’09, John H. ’12, Michael H. ’13 and Matthew T. Gordon ’17. William L. Gorman, grandfather of Lawrence J. IV ’09, Carleigh J. ’10 and John R. Thalman. William D. Gourley, Loyola Academy staff member 1963-64. Joan F. Graeber, grandmother of Patrick S. ’16 and Catherine C. Kane ’18 and mother-in-law of Timothy P. Kane ’86, Loyola Academy faculty member 1997 to present. William A. Graf ’55, Loyola Academy staff member 1960 to 2001, father of William P. ’79 and James L. Graf ’81. Paul R. Greening, father of Richard P. Greening ’79 and Janet Greening Jackson LdM ’80. Robert E. Griffith, father of Patricia Griffith, Loyola Academy staff member 1986 to present. Brian J. Grundei ’86, brother of Robert A. Grundei ’83. Robert P. Hanrahan, grandfather of Michael A. ’01, Christina S. ’03, Kaitlin D. ’04, Nikolaus R. ’05, Joseph J. ’07, Robert ’07, Christopher M. ’11 and Colin V. Hanrahan ’11. Clara M. Haser, wife of Harry W. Haser Jr. ’49 RIP. Joseph F. Hayes ’71. Thomas J. Hebson ’51. Daniel J. Heffernan ’44, father of Daniel J. Heffernan ’69 and brother of Neal ’39 RIP and Bart T. Heffernan ’43 RIP. James F. Heinz Sr., grandfather of Patrick J. ’96 and Timothy D. Lahey ’99. Creighton Robert Helms, grandfather of Robert E. Helms ’10. Bernard A. Hennig, father of Bernard A. Jr. ’58, George ’61, Richard P. ’63 and Michael J. Hennig ’74 and grandfather of James A. ’88 and Joseph W. Hennig ’99 and Susan Hennig Janquart LdM ’91. Margaret Herguth, mother of Robert C. Herguth ’88. Jose Hernandez, father of Salena Hernandez Flint ’97 and J. R. Hernandez ’95. Erin C. Hickey, granddaughter of Lawrence M. Hickey ’41 RIP. John “Jack” T. Hickey Sr. ’43, father of John T. Jr. ’70, Michael J. ’72, James P. ’75 and Roger P. Hickey ’79; grandfather of Alison Hickey Girard ’99 and James P. Jr. ’01, John T. III ’01, Ashley E. ’03, Patrick ’04, Caroline L. ’05, Claire G. ’08, Matthew K. ’08, Irene E. ’09, Katherine ’10, Michael H. ’13, Sara K. ’14, Margaret M. ’17 and Peter M. Hickey ’17; and brother of Thomas P. ’48 RIP and Jerome E. Hickey ’55. Gertrude “Peaches” Hillstrom, grandmother of Amanda M. Wagner ’96. Donald E. Hines Sr. ’46. Donald J. Holbrook, father of John P. ’91 and Scott D. Holbrook ’93. Thomas J. Holmberg Sr., grandfather of Mary Ann ’06, Hope H. ’07, Thomas J. III ’09, William F. ’10 and Daniel F. Holmberg ’14. Joseph Hornback, brother of Peg Culhane, Loyola Academy staff member 1996 to present, and Mary Ann Egan, Loyola Academy faculty member 1993 to 2013. James L. Hough, father of Jason J. ’00, Justin R. ’01 and Jessica E. Hough ’06. Christopher Howe, father of Christopher K. Howe, Loyola Academy faculty member 2008 to present. Hon. Michael J. Howlett Jr., father of Catherine C. Howlett ’02. Dorothy Plunkett Hudash, wife of John T. Plunkett ’49 RIP; mother of John R. ’72, Hugh P. III ’73, Jamie M. LdM ’74 and Mark T. Plunkett ’77 and Madelon Plunkett Queenan LdM ’79 and Michelle Plunkett Steen LdM ’84; grandmother of John ’04, Claire ’07, Hillary ’07 and Matthew A. Plunkett ’11 and Brighid E. ’97 and Brendan P. Reedy ’00; and sister of Robert U. Tuohy ’51.

Loyola Mourns the Passing of Four Exemplary Jesuit Educators Robert P. Austin

RIP French and Spanish teacher from 1963 to 1998

Carl A. Favaro

RIP Physical education teacher and coach from 1980 to 2014

William A. Graf ’55

RIP Athletic director and administrator from 1960 to 2001

James G. Serpe

RIP Math teacher from 1963 to 2008

W I N T E R 2 015



William D. McKechney ’67, brother of John M. ’65 RIP and Thomas D. McKechney ’70 and son of William L. McKechney ’33 RIP. Barbara Ann “Bobbie” McNabola, mother of Thomas M. ’76, Mark E. ’77 and Edward W. McNabola ’84 and grandmother of Molly C. McNabola ’16. John F. McNellis, father-in-law of Mark Porcaro, Loyola Academy staff member 2010 to present. Joan T. McNulty, wife of Thomas J. McNulty ’44 RIP. Gilinda McPhail, mother of Deantrium King ’13. John C. Melaniphy, father of John C. III ’77 and Michael J. Melaniphy ’78. Benedetta Mentesana, grandmother of Mario G. ’96 and Adriana B. Weber ’97. Anthony R. Miceli, grandfather of Nicholas W. Miceli ’09. Iris Y. Miller, wife of Richard N. Miller ’61. Susan Miller, wife of Loren Miller III ’63. Ann Ross Minifie, sister of Lloyd H. “Mike” Minifie ’62. Richard E. Minwegen ’80, father of Christopher P. Minwegen ’18; son of Peter A. Minwegen ’41 RIP; and brother of Peter A. Jr. ’72, Thomas A. ’75 and Andrew P. Minwegen ’79. Mary Colleen Monckton, mother of Daniel W. Jr. ’74 and Mark E. ’80 and Hugh M. Monckton ’81. Christopher P. Moran Jr., father of Christopher P. Moran III ’72 and grandfather of Grace M. ’12 and Mary Elizabeth Moran ’10. Edward J. Morley, father of Kathleen Morley McKinzie ’99 and Michael A. ’02 and William E. Morley ’06. Alan E. Morrill, father of Richard ’67, Stephen S. ’77 and John R. Morrill ’78. Jennifer Mosher, sister of Richard P. Jr. ’82 and Daniel N. Mosher ’86. Germaine Mulvihill, wife of Walter F. Mulvihill ’44 RIP and mother of Michael F. ’71 and Martin J. Mulvihill ’73. Walter F. Mulvihill ’44, father of Michael F. Mulvihill ’71 and Martin J. Mulvihill ’73. Hugo H. Muriel, father of William H. ’81, Robert H. ’83 and Michael J. Muriel ’88. Frank J. Murnane Sr., grandfather of Jennifer Wehmer Lucas ’99 and Edward J. Jr. ’01, Erin M. ’05, Mary Ali ’07 and Christopher M. Wehmer ’12 and mother-in-law of Edward J. Wehmer ‘72. Thomas E. Murphy, father of Timothy J. Murphy ’87. William K. Nash, father of Robert A. Nash ’83. Doreen L. Neiweem, grandmother of Patrick J. Neiweem ’08. Daniel J. Nemmer ’71, brother of Alan J. Nemmer ’74. Leo Newcombe, father of L. Raymond Newcombe ’67. Nicholas G. Nicolandis, father of Gregory J. Nicolandis ’93. Lorraine M. Noll, mother of Arthur D. Noll ’75. Robert Noonan, father of Meris R. Noonan ’01. Joseph R. Nora, MD, father of Joseph T. ’71, John C. ’74, Michael B. ’74, Lawrence S. ’76, Matthew G. ’77 and Daniel J. Nora ’89 and grandfather of Olivia D. ’14 and Elena F. Gatti ’15 and Andrew D. ’16 and John J. Mullins ’18. John D. Norcross ’54. Francis X. O’Boyle, father of Brian F. O’Boyle ’83 and grandfather of Robert F. ’13, Joseph P. ’14 and Claire R. Kummerer ’17. Catherine D. O’Brien, wife of William P. O’Brien ’63 RIP. Jean V. O’Brien, mother of John D. O’Brien ’74. Robert A. O’Brien Jr. ’73. Robert T. O’Brien ’43, father of Robert T. Jr. ’79, William J. ’80 and John C. O’Brien ’88 and grandfather of Kelly M. ’11 and Kacey E. Anton ’15, Megan C. ’09 and James W. O’Brien ’14. John E. O’Connell ’55, brother of Philip J. O’Connell ’57 RIP and son of Lawrence J. O’Connell ’22 RIP. Robert J. O’Connell, brother of Frank T. ’43 RIP and Jerome D. O’Connell ’48 RIP. Claire A. O’Connor ’05, daughter of William E. O’Connor ’71; sister of Margaret J. ’97, Matthew F. ’99, William G. ’01 and Catherine A. O’Connor ’08; and granddaughter of John B. O’Connor ’39 RIP. Geraldine O’Connor, grandmother of Sean C. Driskill ’98. Lorraine P. O’Connor, mother of Francis D. Jr. ’70, Timothy J. ’74 and Stephen M. O’Connor ’84. Marilyn E. O’Connor, mother of Robert B. O’Connor ’70. Thomas O’Connor, father of Sarah O’Connor Kutschke ’99, Loyola Academy faculty member 2003 to present; Thomas O’Connor Jr. ’03; and Anne O’Connor Parker ’01. Bernice E. O’Malley, mother of John James O’Malley Jr. ’67 RIP. Reneé O’Neill, mother of Jeffrey W. ’70, Timothy F. ’70, Kevin J. ’72 and John A. O’Neill Jr. ’81 RIP. Donald E. Olson, father of Ragnar R. Olson ’95. James M. Pabich, brother of Brian T. ’60 and George J. Pabich ’62. Armando Pagnucci, grandfather of Christopher A. ’06 and Patrick W. Marquard ’09. Laurence A. Pahlman ’69. Vasilios A. Papachristos, father of Andrew V. Papachristos ’94. Rosemary Pattullo, wife of Robert L. Pattullo Jr. ’44 RIP.




Kathryn Pecho, mother of Robert A. Pecho ’80. Edward J. Perchess, grandfather of Jessica Thunberg ’99. Harlan Peterson, grandfather of Ryan T. ’02 and Shane Turner ’04. Patrick Phelan ’56, father of Thomas P. ’80, Christopher J. ’81, Michael J. ’84 and Matthew R. Phelan ’87 and brother of Richard J. ’55 RIP and James C. Phelan ’62 RIP. Marguerite Phelps, mother of Martin E. Phelps ’78 and grandmother of John A. III ’06 and Paul P. Lambert ’08; Sean P. Owens ’98; and Clare ’05, Brian T. ’08, Emily E. ’15 and Joseph M. Phelps ’15. Donna Picchietti, mother of Patrick J. Picchietti ’82. Harry C. Piper, father of Patrick M. Piper ’85. John Orteig Plante, brother of Brian M. Plante ’83 and stepson of William M. Plante ’55. John L. Polelle ’49, brother of Michael J. Polelle ’55. Lee A. Polk, father of Lee T. Polk ’63 and grandfather of Angela Polk Fogel ’00. William H. Powell, father of William P. ’62, Thomas J. ’68 and James L. Powell ’69. Walter J. Powers Jr. ’55. Sara J. Prouty, grandmother of Carlton F. Prouty Jr. ’98 and Carrie Prouty Smey ’95. Michael J. Radziewicz ’77, brother of Robert A. Radziewicz ’71. Claudia Reardon, mother of Emily E. ’02, Katherine ’05 and Margaret Reardon ’07. John M. Reed ’44, brother of Joseph C. Reed ’42 RIP. Violet M. Reego, mother of James A. Reego ’80. Mary E. Regan, mother of E. Quinn ’75 and Sean P. Regan ’77 RIP. J. Philip Reichmann Jr. ’47, father of James P. III ’74 and Mark G. Reichmann ’77 and son of James P. Reichmann ’20 RIP. E. Robert Reynolds ’45. Suzanne Reynolds, wife of Thomas A. Reynolds Jr. ’45 RIP; mother of Thomas A. III ’70, Sherman F. ’74, Timothy C. ’78 and Stephen B. Reynolds ’80; grandmother of Jennifer R. ’08, Amy C. ’10, Martha M. ’13 and Susanna K. Hick ’15; Suzanne R. ’06, John M. ’07, Catherine C. ’10 and Thomas R. Joyce ’13; Peter ’04, John F. ’05, Clare P. ’07 and Anne R. Lanctot ’10; Robert E. III ’16 and Charles R. Largay ’18; and Thomas A. IV ’95, Kathleen C. ’99, Molly A. ’02, Sheila B. ’06, Louise ’07, Samantha K. ’08, Sherman F. ’09, Olivia C. ’10, Timothy ’13, Rose Q. ’14, Isabelle M. ’14 and Mary Faith Reynolds ’17. Denis G. Richards ’52. Edward J. Roberts ’64, brother of Richard A. Roberts ’64. Ted J. Rudnick, father of Edward J. Rudnick ’75 RIP. Miriam Stephan Russell, sister of Edmund A. ’29 RIP and Robert F. Stephan ’43. Carmella Ryan, grandmother of Christine Ryan Dowling ’96 and mother-in-law of Faye Ryan, Loyola Academy faculty member 1990 to present. Richard J. Saigh Sr., father of Richard J. Jr. ’80 RIP, Mark W. ’81 and Peter E. Saigh ’87 RIP. Lazaro “Bill” Salinas, former Loyola Academy staff member. Edward J. Sanders ’43, father of Edward M. ’70, John P. ’71 and Thomas J. Sanders ’72 RIP. Wanda S. Sanders, mother of Carolynn Sanders Kent LdM ’72 and Walter C. ’66, Richard T. ’67 RIP and Theodore J. Sanders ’68 RIP. Dr. Fern Rusteberg Sanner, mother of Louis A. ’69, John A. ’80 and Joseph M. Sanner ’85. Barbara Rowe Schaid, wife of Arnold R. Schaid ’48. Richard E. Scherer, grandfather of Bryan A. ’08, Matthew V. ’14 and Stephanie C. Scherer ’14. Charles K. Schindler, father of Louise Schindler Rosiere LdM ’72 and William C. Schindler ’72. William H. Schramm, father of Ellen Schramm Myers LdM ’74 and William H. Schramm Jr. ’75 and grandfather of William H. III ’03, Margaret ’04, Laura ’07 and Kathryn M. Schramm. Nicholas J. Scopelliti, son of Joseph A. Scopelliti ’81. Denise Seng, wife of John Daly Seng ’54 RIP. Edward J. Senini Sr. ’45, brother of John L. Senini ’51 RIP. James G. Serpe, Loyola Academy faculty member 1963 2008, father of John S. ’62 RIP and Gerald R. Serpe ’74. Richard R. Seward, husband of Linda Benthaus Seward, Loyola Academy faculty member 1999 to 2004. Robert F. Sharp, father of Matthew C. ’92 and Daniel J. Sharp ’93. Michael J. Sheehan ’66. Elizabeth J. Sheridan, mother of Philip H. Sheridan Jr. ’78 and grandmother of Caroline A. Collins ’10; Elizabeth J. ’02, Daniel ’04, Justin M. ’10 and Meghan G. Pappano ’12; and Abigail M. ’07, Emily R. ’10, Molly E. ’10, Madeline C. ’13, Sarah C. ’14 and Nancy C. Sheridan ’17. Timothy M. Shields ’82. Richard G. “Dick” Shuma, father of Suzanne Shuma Coffey LdM ’73, Lynn Shuma Evans LdM ’74 and Richard P. ’75, Matthew G. ’77 and Douglas D. Shuma ’79.

John P. Slattery ’68, brother of James J. Slattery Jr. ’64. Kent T. Smith, brother of Colleen Smith Bajjalieh LdM ’77 and Kathleen Smith Hahn LdM ’81. Ottilie Speer, mother of Phillipp M. Speer Jr. ’76. Martin J. Stich ’66. John M. Sullivan, father of John E. Sullivan ’89. Terrence John Sullivan ’84, brother of Leo J. ’81, Michael C. ’82 and Sean P. Sullivan ’87. Kathleen P. Sweeney, mother of Patrick J. ’74, Timothy E. ’79 and Michael A. Sweeney ’86. Marialyce Taaffe, grandmother of Maggie M. Taaffe ’17. Donald A. Tarjan ’67, father of Terra A. ’96 and David E. Tarjan ’98 and brother of Robert W. ’61 and Michael J. Tarjan ’65. Joseph T. Tedesco Sr., grandfather of Nicholas A. ’10, Stephanie L. ’11 and Natalie Tedesco ’13. George J. Tennison III ’78. Robert J. Theisen ’80, son of Robert C. Theisen ’47 and brother of Christopher T. ’82, Thomas M. ’84, William A. ’87 and Michael F. Theisen ’93. John O’Connor Tuohy ’50, father of John O’ Tuohy II ’80. Christine Dombrowski Uba LdM’85. Dusan Urukalo, father of Milan G. Urukalo ’14. Kathleen Phalen Valenta, grandmother of Sean P. ’01, Amy E. ’03 and Erin K. Babington ’06. Vera Van Arsdale, mother of Richard F. Van Arsdale ’66 and grandmother of Christopher H. ’00 and Katherine C. Fretland ’03. Frederick J. Vander Kloot ’55. Joseph H. Vinci, father of Joann Vinci Ugent LdM ’73. Walter L. Vitale ’64. Colleen Pope Vitu, wife of Joseph F. Vitu Jr. ’89 and sister of Matthew R. Pope ’97. John R. Vukits, father of David G. Vukits ’76. Kenneth J. Vydra, father of Ellen Vydra Metrick LdM ’88. Maureen Walsh, sister of James F. ’67 and Stephen P. Walsh ’76. Richard O. Walsh ’52, brother of Vincent A. Walsh ’54. Thomas J. Ward Sr., father of Thomas J. Ward Jr. ’83. Mickee Parent Warnemuende, sister of J. Dennis ’59 and Gerard T. Parent ’63. Paul F. Weaver III, father of Paul Ford IV ’06 and Alexandra C. Weaver ’08. Edana Blesius Westrich, mother of Jonathan B. Westrich ’76. Gloria Whalen, mother of James E. ’73 and Thomas F. Whalen ’76. Barbara M. White, mother of Kevin R. White ’88. Vincent J. White Jr. ’66, brother of Harold J. White ’69 RIP. Ludmila A. Wiecek, grandmother of Susanne C. Wiecek ’15. Bernadette Wiermanski, mother of Katherine Wiermanski Ercolano LdM ’78, Ann Wiermanski Halvorsen LdM ’76, Mary Wiermanski Kauper LdM ’71, Richard Wiermanski ’74. Oliver A. Williams Jr., father of Daniel C. ’78 and Paul A. Williams ’80. Anna Marie Winter, grandmother of Megan C. ’09 and Jamie W. O’Brien ’14. Susan Wolf, sister of Raymond A. III ’78 and Steven A. Wolf ’82. James E. Wolfe ’47, father of John E. Wolfe ’84 and brother of Thomas F. Wolfe ’44 RIP. Jeffrey T. Woods ’65. James F. Woodward Jr. ’60, brother of Garry A. Woodward ’62. John M. Wozniak, PhD, father of Dr. Robert H. ’62 and John R. Wozniak ’65. William A. Wrase ’39. Virginia Yasdick LdM ’76. Laurence T. Youhn ’51, brother of Richard A. Youhn ’55 RIP. Jerry Zank, Loyola Academy faculty member 1970-77. Michael J. Zasiebida ’65, brother of Richard N. ’62 RIP and James E. Zasiebida ’70 RIP. Mary Margaret Zellner, mother of Paul Zellner ’72 and grandmother of William R. ’90, Thomas J. ’94 and Peter B. Hartman ’96. John P. Zimmer, father of Katherine “Katie” Zimmer ’07.

As of January 14, 2015

To include your departed loved one, please contact Patricia A. Griffith at 847.920.2421 or pgriffith @loy.org. For an alphabetical listing of all deceased Loyola and Marillac alumni on record, visit goramblers.org/alumnidirectories.

Ramblers Golf Outing

Noon to 1:00 p.m. Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush Chicago Steakhouse 437 North Rush Street, Chicago

Monday, September 14

We are pleased to announce that our updated PrayLA app is now available as a free download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The app features a more mobile-friendly interface, enhanced graphics and an audio recitation of St. Ignatius’s Daily Examen of Consciousness featuring the voices of Rambler alumni and community members. You can use the app to send prayer requests and set reminders to pray the Examen or read the daily reflection.

Join fellow Loyola alumni, parents and friends for a midday meal and a casual discussion of shared interests in this monthly lunchtime networking series cosponsored by the Loyola Academy President’s Leadership Council and Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush.

Prizes and hors d’oeuvres follow.

Online now...

Thursday, May 28

There’s an APP for that...


al Re por

t 2 0 13 –

View our 20132014 Loyola Academy Annual Report at goramblers.org/ annualreport. Flip through LOYO LA for the year’s ACAD E MY top stories, reports from our leadership and a complete listing of the generous benefactors who make our mission possible.

Thursday, March 26 Host: Patrick Eilers, Private Equity Manager and Defensive Quality Control Assistant, the University of Notre Dame

Thursday, April 30 Host: Jim Phillips, Athletic Director at Northwestern University 2 0 14

Host: Liz Livingston Howard, Associate Director at the Center for Nonprofit Management at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management

Thursday, June 25 Host: TBA Admission is free and lunch is on us, but space is limited. To register, contact Dennis R. Stonequist ‘90 at 847.920.2443 or dstonequist@loy.org. Find out more at goramblers.org/alumninetworking.

Ramble 2015: Inspiring Hearts and Minds Saturday, May 2

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Join our Facebook community of more than 6,000 alumni, parents and friends at facebook.com/goramblers to keep your finger on the pulse of local and global Loyola life. Tap into our LinkedIn community of more than 2,700 members at linkedin. com/company/loyola-academy and select alumni or parents from our featured groups to join this growing professional network.


Join our community of nearly 2,700 followers on Twitter @ LoyolaAcademy (twitter.com/ loyolaacademy). Follow Fr. McGrath at @frpatmcgrath.

5:30 p.m. Mass in the Loyola Chapel 6:00 p.m. Cocktails and silent auction 7:30 p.m. Dinner and live auction See back cover for details.

Reception for Scholarship Donors and Recipients Saturday, May 9 3 p.m. Mass in the Loyola Chapel 3:45 p.m. Reception with hors d’oeuvres If you’re a scholarship or tuition assistance benefactor or are considering becoming one, you won’t want to miss this inspiring afternoon as our tuition assistance recipients share their stories and express their gratitude.


Web Extra

North Shore Country Club 1:00 p.m. Shotgun start Hit the green to benefit Ramblers in need at our 21st annual Ramblers Golf Outing. For more information, please contact Dennis R. Stonequist ‘90 at 847.920.2443 or dstonequist@loy.org.

Rambler Reunions Class of 1965 50th Reunion Weekend

2015 Calendar

Noon is for Networking

Friday, October 9, through Sunday, October 11 Join us for a weekend of reunion activities, including the Class of 1965 official reunion dinner on Saturday, October 10. Sign up for our Class of 1965 reunion committee and help us plan an unforgettable weekend. Visit goramblers. org/1965classpage or contact Dennis R. Stonequist ‘90 at 847.920.2443 or dstonequist@loy.org for details.

Reunions for the Classes of 1975, 1985, 1990 and 1995 Saturday, October 24 5:00 p.m. Mass for all four class years in the Loyola Chapel, followed by separate cocktail receptions and dinner celebrations for each class year. Make a day of it and join us for the Athletic Hall of Fame football game at 1:30 p.m., with tailgate festivities beginning at noon. Additional reunion activities for the weekend will be announced soon. To join your class year’s reunion committee, please contact Alumni Director Dennis R. Stonequist ’90 at 847.920.2443 or dstonequist@loy.org.

Rambler 5K Run for Someone Sunday, October 25 8:00 a.m. Start time at Hoerster Field Run or walk in memory of someone special in your life at our annual 5K run/ walk to raise funds for the John D. Aiello Endowed Scholarship.

> Visit goramblers.org/schoolcalendar for additional upcoming school events

and goramblers.org/athleticcalendar for sporting events.

Non-profit Org US Postage PAID Chicago, IL Permit 6534 11o o l a r a m i e a v e n u e


wilmette, Illinois 60091–1089

Our Mission To form women and men for meaningful lives of leadership and service in imitation of Jesus Christ through a college preparatory education in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.

Winter 2015

Ramble 2015

Inspiring Hearts and Minds

Save the date and join us for our 46th annual Ramble—–a celebration of Loyola’s mission to nurture the hearts and minds of a diverse population of young people and inspire them to use their skills and talents to build a better world.

Join the Ramble 2015 team. Our annual Ramble transforms the lives of hundreds of young people from all over the city and its suburbs by providing critically needed support for our Tuition Assistance Program. Your gifts of time, talent and treasure will help make these Ramblers’ dreams of a Jesuit education come true.

Become a volunteer. To join us, please contact Loretta at omalleyloretta@gmail.com or Anne at annepmichels@comcast.net.

Be an event sponsor. For information about Ramble sponsorships, please contact Vice President of Advancement Robert O. Miller at 847.920.2428 or bmiller@loy.org.

Be a guardian angel. Help a Rambler experiencing unexpected financial need by making an online donation to our Guardian Angel Fund at goramblers.org/ramble.

C H A I R CO U P L E S Robert L. Michels ’81 and Anne P. Michels Francis W. O’Malley and Loretta A. O’Malley LdM ’83

Donate an auction item. Donate an auction item online at goramblers.org/ramble.

Saturday, May 2 Ramble 5:30 p.m. Mass in the Loyola Chapel Chairs Lo retta O’M and Ann 6:00 p.m. Cocktail Reception and Silent Auction in the West Gym e Michels alley 7:30 p.m. Dinner and Live Auction in the West Gym

Please RSVP by April 15. Black Tie Preferred

Advertise in our auction catalog. Promote your business or congratulate a Rambler on a job well done. Download an advertising form at goramblers.org/ramble.

Questions? Please contact Special Events Manager Meghan Huffman ’07 at 847.920.2429 or mhuffman@loy.org.

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