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CENTENNIAL DONOR HONOR ROLL recognizes those who made gifts to Loyola University New Orleans in the past year. It celebrates the direct impact that donors have had on Loyola’s ability to provide outstanding Jesuit education as we have for 100 years, and our ability to move forth with confidence into our second century.

’’3 1924 | WWL grows into a media empire.

5 3 CENTENNIAL DONORS Class of 1935 undergraduate

Mrs. Mildred C. Peiffer

Class of 1937


Mr. Robert A. Pascal

Class of 1938


Mr. Daniel J. Barrett, Jr. Mr. William F. O’Toole Mrs. Anna Lou Van Pelt

Class of 1939

graduate and certificate

Mr. Robert A. Pascal

Class of 1940


Mrs. Eula A. Cobena Mrs. Anne L. Ganucheau Mr. Arthur N. Smith Mr. Verne W. Tripp

Class of 1941


Mr. Harold A. Buchler, Sr. Ms. Gertrude J. Kluchin Mr. Frank L. Lombardo Mr. Philip J. Pizzolato Mrs. Mary Ann Valentino Mrs. Randle L. Vulliet

Class of 1942


Mrs. Phyllis B. Jones Mr. Laurence W. Mazzeno, Jr. Dr. Francis X. Wegmann

Class of 1943


Mr. Charles I. Frey Mrs. Marie B. Guidry Mr. Joseph L. Horil Mrs. Bluma G. Klein Mr. Anthony J. Larocca Mrs. Mary Anna R. Miranne Mr. Calvin J. Worrel

Class of 1944


Mrs. Laura P. Culotta Mrs. Elaine W. Duvic Mrs. Rennette B. McColloster Mrs. Gertrude Pavur Mrs. Jeanette R. Pou

Class of 1945


Mr. Louis J. Bartels Mrs. Helen B. Brierre Mrs. Alice A. Broussard Mrs. Dorothy C. Burguieres Mr. Salvadore J. Federico Mr. Warren J. Fortier Mrs. Mae C. Leftwich Mrs. Nellie M. Schott Dr. Francis X. Wegmann Mrs. Elaine L. Wingerter graduate

Dr. Joseph A. Failla Dr. William B. Tenney

Class of 1946


Mr. Hubert D. Bero Mrs. Marie R. Carriere Dr. John S. Foreman Mrs. Marie T. Frey-Baehr Dr. Gerard H. Hilbert Miss Grace O. Hogan

a century of giving In 1924, a young Jesuit priest and Loyola physics professor named Fr. Orie Abell received a gift of $125 from the pastor of the Holy Name of Jesus Church. Fr. Abell used that money to buy a microphone for the first regular broadcasts of what would become WWL radio, which grew into a media empire that not only transformed Loyola, but helped shape the history of communications in the Southern United States. Other gifts have had tremendous impacts over the course of Loyola’s history. Often, the size of the impact is relative to the size of the gift—several million dollars to help build the J. Edgar and Louise S. Monroe Library, or the Tom Benson Jesuit Center, or Miller Hall, will most likely create more positive change than a $100 gift to the Loyola Fund, but you never know. Gifts of $1,000 toward endowing a scholarship might lead to the education of a woman or man who will change history, and gifts large and small are instrumental to ensuring Loyola can provide outstanding Jesuit education for another 100 years. In this document, we honor all donors to Loyola University New Orleans during our centennial year. Whether your donation was great or small, each gift is the result of generosity—from the foundations that endowed programs and professorships to the new alumni who allocated small sums from their first post-collegiate earnings—and for this generosity, we are grateful.

Along with the names of donors listed in the honor roll, you will find testimony from students who received scholarships, excerpted from letters to those who funded them. They explain how:

donations by generous members of the Loyola community propelled their educations—and, often, quite literally changed their lives. As we continue to celebrate the centennial of Loyola University New Orleans, we recognize that the university could have never provided 100 years of outstanding Jesuit education without generosity such as yours. Thank you.

Entries in the Centennial Donor Honor Roll reflect contributions made to Loyola between August 1, 2011, and July 31, 2012. 3

1937 | Students gather on the steps of Marquette Hall.

4’’ 5

Dear Loyola community members,

Mr. Rene J. Lazare, Jr. Mrs. Beatrice G. Mestayer Mrs. Marguerite H. Montagnet Mrs. Flerida T. Sullivan

5 5 graduate

Dr. John D. Martin

Class of 1947


Mr. Daniel B. Alexander Mrs. Jeanne M. Borie Hon. George C. Connolly, Jr. Ms. Wanda de Nux Frey Mrs. Joan W. Garitty Dr. Henry A. Garon Mrs. Edwina P. Hughes Mr. Octave P. Montagnet Mr. William C. Nelson Rev. Norman B. O’Neal, S.J. Dr. Milton M. Rougon graduate

Mr. Harold A. Buchler, Sr.

Class of 1948


Mrs. Vera H. Catalano Mr. John G. Frick, Jr. Mrs. Mary Lee G. Gibson Dr. Angelo J. Giorlando Mr. Cecil A. Haskins Mrs. Elizabeth G. Labarre Mr. Joseph G. Meiman Mr. John W. Parham Mrs. Merle Rehm Mr. Richard B. Spangenberg Mr. Leo A. Welcker graduate

Dr. Antonio Cucalon, Jr.

Class of 1949


Mrs. Dorothy D. Althans Mr. Anthony B. Baiamonte Mr. Bernard J. Barrett Mr. Robert W. Breeden, Jr. Mr. Stanley L. Bridges Mr. Lloyd Burkenstock, Jr. Mr. Charles J. Canepa Mr. Russell G. Cresson Mr. Jack V. Eumont Mr. Peter P. Finney, Sr. Mr. Frank A. France Mr. Henry E. Fransen Mr. Charles G. Glueck Mr. Leo A. Guenther Dr. Edwin J. Hughes Mr. Raymond J. Laborde Mr. Emile T. Magendie, Jr. Ms. Evelyn R. Merritt Mrs. Katherine C. Mumme Dr. Ray J. Oschwald Mr. Julian B. Quigley Mr. Joseph T. Ruli Ms. Mary L. Suhor Dr. Anthony M. Tang Mr. Aurelian Thibodeaux Mrs. Beverly G. Tomeny

graduate and certificate

Dr. Anthony B. Carimi

Class of 1950


Ms. Joel Brennan Mrs. Marion T. Bruno Mrs. Constance Burkenstock Dr. Robert J. Cangelosi Mr. Salvador Cinquigranno Mrs. Rose Mary G. Collins

a message from the president

Our centennial marks a significant milestone in a major pursuit—100 years of operating a Jesuit university that focuses on educating the whole person for the benefit of the human community. Loyola University New Orleans has established itself as a major institution in New Orleans, propelled positive social change in our community and beyond, and cultivated a robust, living tradition of Catholic Jesuit thought and service. It is also important to remember that our major pursuits and accomplishments are the result of countless smaller—yet essential—efforts that our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends undertake. To continue to build a great institution, Loyola must continue to update our physical campus and academic programs, provide financial aid to deserving students, and cover the continuous costs inherent in a large enterprise. We are currently renovating Monroe Hall—our largest and most diverse facility for student instruction and scientific research—as well as other classroom and residential campus buildings. Our Common Curriculum and first-year programs have been revamped, and our faculty has welcomed dozens of outstanding new scholars. We are focused on increasing the amount of need-based scholarships we provide in the face of rising national higher education costs. We continue to scrutinize our day-to-day expenditures to ensure we remain fiscally sound in an unsure economy. Each of our pursuits—large and small—depends on the generosity of the Loyola community and the gifts—large and small—you provide us. The beginning of Loyola’s second century is an event of historical significance. Thank you for your support of our students, our pursuits, and our mission. With prayers and best wishes,

Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J., Ph.D., President 5









scholarship spotlight Wadner Pierre | a RECEIVED Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation Scholarship STUDENT

Before enrolling in Loyola University, I was a freelance photojournalist. I published articles and photos on the grassroots of Haiti, focusing on social justice and human rights violations. One of my principal goals, after my education, is to return to my beloved country, Haiti, to continue working for social justice.

At Loyola, I have learned not only to become a photojournalist, but also to be the voice of the voiceless, advocating for all who are part of the social justice movement around the world. This is what Ignatius of Loyola stood for. Because of the grant you have offered to students who are in need, the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation Scholarship stands for a world of social justice.

Wanda Ashley | b Jack and Sarah LaNasa Scholarship

I am a sociology major with concentrations in history, philosophy, and criminal justice. These areas of study will enable me to continue my work with incarcerated women and their children. I am a non-traditional student and a caregiver. My husband is a stroke patient, and his ability to function on his own has deteriorated. I am no longer working so that I may care for him.

This scholarship has made it possible for me to continue my studies at Loyola. It is my ambition to help people who have difficulty moving back into society once they have been incarcerated—particularly women who are mothers. With the support of the LaNasa Scholarship, my degree will be a stepping stone to doing more for the good of these individuals.

Cameron McCormick | c Francis A. Benedetto, S.J., and Rev. Karl A. Maring, S.J., Scholarship STUDENT


I am a physics major, and I plan to go to graduate school for engineering. My interests include wave properties and their propagation through and reflection from materials. That is a large part of why my ultimate life goal is to become an acoustical engineer, working in architecture. Because of this scholarship, I have been inspired to be more ambitious in my education. I am now considering adding a chemistry minor onto my physics major, as well as a math minor. I have realized that I love not only physics, but sciences of all kinds, and would like very much to be able to teach when I retire. In this way, I would not only be able to participate in the world of science that I so love, but I would like to think that I might inspire a similar love in others.

’’5 Amadee J. Castenell III | d Josephine Spato, Joseph Spato and Sarah Spato Scholarship STUDENT


I grew up in poverty with a single mother of three. Life was tough for everyone. When I was 10 years old, my mother passed away. My world was torn apart, and my sister and I moved to Massachusetts to live with my father.

Music set me free and changed my life. My father had been a musician in New Orleans. He gave me a clarinet and made me practice each day. Music helped me make my first friends in Massachusetts and solidified my identity.

I am a music therapy major at Loyola. Music helped me find out who I was and cope with the stresses and depressions of life. It has helped me get through the loss of my friends from Katrina, the death of my mother, and the hardships that followed. On my father’s budget, I would never have been able to attend college. My scholarship made my education possible.

Jancarlos “J.C.” Romero | RECEIVED Msgr. Edward David Frugé Scholarship of Social Justice STUDENT


Having grown up in a low-income community that was filled with crime, I have always been eager to make a positive difference in the world. I believe that an education is the foundation towards a successful and more productive future.

Being a Frugé Scholar will allow me to use the education I receive at Loyola to better serve our community.

On behalf of myself and all of those who strive to better serve our society, thank you for being an advocate for education success and for giving students like me the opportunity to further our education.

Mr. Sidney L. Farrell, Sr. Mr. Allen G. Ford Mr. Joseph P. Foto, Jr. Dr. Frederick W. Frey, Jr. Hon. Richard J. Garvey Mr. Frank J. Golemi Miss Rita N. Hebert Dr. Stephen J. Herbert Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hobley Fernandez Mrs. Janice Houck Mr. Louis C. Houck Dr. Charles Karst III Mr. Frederick W. Kunz Mr. Maurice A. Larue, Jr. Dr. F. James Mc Cutchon, Sr. Mr. Charles J. McGinty Mr. George H. Meiman Mrs. Shirley G. Miester Mrs. Isabelle Pointer Mr. Ellis M. Quigley, Jr. Mr. John R. Saussaye Mrs. Dorothy Cuccia Schmidt Dr. Edward L. Schmidt, Jr. Mr. Paul F. Steen Mr. Paul F. Steen Mr. William Thomas, Jr. Mrs. Mary E. Tinto

Sara Rodriguez | f Octave Pierre and Marguerite Hitter Montagnet Endowed Scholarship STUDENT

50 Class of 1950

graduate and certificate

Dr. Francis R. Abadie Hon. George C. Connolly, Jr. Dr. Benjamin J. Legett, Jr. Dr. William C. Wilkins, Jr.

Class of 1951


Mrs. Elizabeth A. Armstrong Dr. Gene Ashby Mr. Joseph A. Barreca Mr. Merritt C. Becker, Jr. Mr. Raymond C. Breaux Mr. Erroll F. Broussard, Jr. Mrs. Odile Cabirac Dr. Grace N. Cieutat Mrs. Blanche M. Comiskey Mrs. Elizabeth J. Constantin Mr. James C. Corcoran Prof. Thomas F. Daly Mr. Floyd E. del Corral Mr. Joseph H. Duggan Ms. Gwendolyn B. Dwyer Mr. Melvin M. Falgout Mr. Joseph Fontana Dr. Albert J. Gelpi Mr. Warren B. Kirsch Dr. Santo J. Lo Coco Mr. George E. Marzloff Dr. Charles E. Myler, Jr. Mr. Salvador J. Peperone Mr. James M. Roos Mr. Richard J. Toledano Dr. Herbert A. Trenchard Mr. John M. Weeks Mr. John E. Worrel Mrs. Marianne T. Young Dr. Betty Zimmermann

graduate and certificate

Mr. Thomas O. Collins, Jr.

Class of 1952


Mr. Robert B. Anderson Mr. Blake G. Arata, Sr. Mr. Samuel A. Barbara Dr. John W. Barron Mr. Erroll F. Broussard, Jr.


My desire to become an immigration lawyer arose after Hurricane Katrina.

I was in the 8th grade when Katrina hit, and it opened my eyes to the ways immigrants were being taken advantage of. It inspired me to fight for their rights.

I have chosen the perfect school for my undergraduate education in terms of preparation for law school. Loyola has an amazing English program and an outstanding philosophy program. I am pleased to say both have helped me learn about not only academics but life in general. Without donors like you, students like me would not be able to finance their education. You have given me one of the greatest gifts of all time—the chance to continue my education at an amazing university. I guarantee your gift will not go to waste.



Justin Frank |


Drew Wilkie Scholarship

The Drew Wilkie Scholarship has made it possible for me to take the extra classes I need to graduate on time and pursue my career goals. I intend to graduate with 120 hours and pursue a master’s degree in taxation. Upon completing my master’s degree, I want to go to law school and begin a career as a tax attorney. My career plans have changed, but the vigor with which I pursue them has not. At this point in my junior year, school is becoming very difficult. I have a heavy course load and I am the treasurer of the accounting/finance fraternity here at Loyola. But every day I keep Drew and his memory at the forefront, and this pushes me to work even harder. I can only hope that all the hard work and effort I am putting in is contributing to Drew’s legacy at Loyola. Freshmen student headshots found in Theimages Wolf. | 19507 1950s Students……… 1950s | | various yearbook

the importance of unrestricted giving Many generous members of the Loyola community listed on this honor roll elected to allocate their gifts to the Loyola Fund. The Loyola Fund is the unrestricted account the president uses to address challenges and seize opportunities as they arise, and to ensure Loyola’s day-to-day operation continues unencumbered. The Loyola Fund dollars are flexible and can be accessed immediately. The Loyola Fund is essential to the university’s work and is one of the most important areas to which donors can give. The vast majority of the Loyola Fund is dedicated to people—the talented students, faculty, and staff who make Loyola a vibrant academic community.

When you give to Loyola without restriction, you ultimately provide an individual the ability to perform an essential task—whether a student’s ability to use new technology, a technician’s ability to install energyefficient cooling systems, a professor’s ability to engage undergraduates in research, or an administrator’s ability to provide equipment and insurance to student athletes.

Scholarships receive the most support from the Loyola Fund, allowing Loyola to enroll students from a wide variety of economic and ethnic backgrounds who share a common commitment to academic excellence. A large portion of the Loyola Fund also goes toward supporting our ambitious, extraordinarily talented faculty, more than 50 percent of whom have been hired since 2006. Many of our new professors come from the nation’s best graduate schools and help cultivate an elevated level of academic rigor. Whether in these or other ways, giving without restriction to the Loyola Fund is among the best ways to ensure Loyola’s leadership has the resources to pursue Loyola’s mission and boldly lead the university into its second century.

’‘5522 Mr. Thomas A. Casey Hon. George C. Connolly, Jr. Dr. Emilio D. Echevarria Mr. Joseph C. Fuselier Mr. Joseph Garcia Mrs. Patricia M. Groetsch Mrs. Jane B. Harrison-Short Ms. Jean C. Hecker Mrs. Joan M. Herbert Dr. David G. Keiffer, Jr. Ms. Joan M. Kissinger Mr. Thomas H. Kloor Mrs. Margot D. Koch Mr. Alces J. Laiche, Jr. Hon. Moon Landrieu Mr. Mathew R. Lease Mr. J. Kenneth Leithman Dr. E. Ralph Lupin Mr. John A. Mallette Mrs. Joyce C. McCall Sr. Marie Jeanne Mouledoux, R.S.M. Ms. Laurence S. Neeb Mr. Thomas W. Nielsen, Sr. Mrs. Claudette M. Quigley Mr. Isaac A. Rabb, Jr. Mr. Maurice E. Riley, Jr. Mr. J. Parker Schneidau Dr. Samuel J. Stagg, Jr. Mrs. Marcelle B. Wolfe

Class of 1952

graduate and certificate

Mr. James D. Clause Hon. Richard J. Garvey Dr. Jack A. Hudson

Class of 1953


Mrs. JoAnn G. Arata Mrs. Mary E. Bagert Mr. Anthony J. Capritto Mrs. Katherine Casey Mr. Roland P. Constantin Mr. Adrian B. Cordes Mrs. Janice H. Demarest Dr. Warren J. Ferrand Mrs. Elinor Frantz Mr. Carleton A. Graham Hon. Joseph J. Grefer Mr. Maurice A. Guillerman Mr. Frederic J. Gutknecht III Mr. Louis J. Hauth Mrs. Alice F. Hymel Mr. Gene J. Hymel Mr. Roland J. Hymel, Jr. Mr. John M. Jewell Mr. Louis M. Kiefer, Jr. Mr. Andrew J. Martin Mr. Anthony E. Maurin, Jr. Mrs. M. Elise Pearce Mr. Vincent J. Perez III Mr. Raymond P. Prasifka Miss Clare V. Rodriguez Dr. Robert I. Stearns Mr. Henry J. Trochesset Mrs. Margaret R. Vizzi Br. Thomas A. Ward

graduate and certificate

Mr. Blake G. Arata, Sr. Dr. Benjamin C. Baugh Dr. F. Ralph Dauterive Dr. Niles F. Guichet Mr. Emile T. Magendie, Jr.

Class of 1954


Mr. John E. Becnel

Dr. Joseph R. Berrigan, Jr. Mr. John A. Bessolo Mr. Patrick D. Breeden Mrs. Diana G. Brown Ms. Bessie M. Caluda Mrs. Beth A. Christensen Mr. Jacob J. Cohen Mr. Ted F. Craft Mrs. Mary Ann B. Curtin Mr. Joseph E. DeCuir Ms. Carrel M. Epling Mr. Marcel Garsaud, Jr. Mrs. Anne T. Gaudin Dr. Felix A. Gaudin Mrs. Marie A. Hatrel Mr. Gary G. Hymel Mr. Arthur J. Keenan, Jr. Mrs. Angela B. Kelly Mrs. Verna S. Landrieu Mrs. Cynthia Leithman Mr. Thomas L. Lorio Mr. Bernard McGinty Mr. Howard P. Mendelson Mr. Eugene J. Murret Ms. Mary J. Phelan Mrs. Elisabeth A. Rareshide Mr. Jessie J. Roussel Col. Roy L. Schutzmann Mrs. Janet W. Varga Mrs. Evangeline M. Vavrick Mr. Irvine J. Vidacovich, Jr. Mr. Edward J. Vinet Mrs. Jane T. Wicker

graduate and certificate

Mr. Joseph A. Barreca Hon. Pascal F. Calogero, Jr. Hon. Moon Landrieu Mr. Henry F. Mestayer

Class of 1955 U ndergraduate

Mr. James W. Brandau Mr. Jacob J. Cohen Mr. Charles J. Comeaux Mrs. Gwendolyn Crane Dr. Edmund H. Crane, Jr. Mr. Anthony Cutrera, Jr. Mr. Marion G. Dauphin Mrs. Mary G. Dauphin Capt. Cy G. Dearie Mr. Carl J. Dolce Mr. Thomas J. DuBos Mrs. Marie R. Garon Mrs. Jean A. Gaul Mr. Paul J. Hebert Mr. Frank P. Lorentino Mr. Maurice L. Maspero, Jr. Dr. Francis L. Miranda Lt. Col. Frank R. Newman Col. James P. O’Shaughnessy Mr. Theodore J. Pfister, Jr. Mrs. Marilyn A. Stamm Mrs. Lillian M. Trent graduate and certificate

Hon. Marcus A. Broussard, Jr. Mrs. Vera H. Catalano Dr. Robert H. Charbonnet Dr. Norman C. Francis Ms. Jean C. Hecker Mr. John L. Olivier Dr. James L. Padgett Dr. John H. Park, Jr. Dr. Howard L. Snider, Sr. Dr. Albert H. Stone, Jr. Mr. Frank J. Varela

2 52 Class of 1956


Mr. Sam W. Ascani Mr. William T. Blessey Mr. Lee J. Boudreaux Mr. John T. Browne Mr. Lloyd Burkenstock, Jr. Mr. Peter J. Butler Mrs. June F. Butler Mr. Peter J. Butler Mr. Erwin A. Caswell, Jr. Dr. Ronald J. Deck Mr. Louis J. Ferry, Jr. Mr. Alfred C. Gravel, Jr. Dr. J. Keith Guillory Miss Frances E. Hecker Dr. C. William La Salle II Mr. Maurice L. Maspero, Jr. Ms. Carmen A. Monjure Mrs. Marguerite M. Sobert Mr. Kenneth T. Urquhart Mrs. Henryetta R. Waguespack Mr. Earl L. Weiser graduate and certificate

Mr. Thomas A. Casey Dr. Lawrence J. Derbes Mr. Frank A. France Dr. Orlando Munoz Mrs. Inell M. Potter Dr. Byron N. Smith Dr. William P. Walsh

Class of 1957


Dr. H. Dale Abadie Ms. Mary H. Arroyo Sr. Jane Aucoin Dr. Carl H. Brans Mrs. Judith A. Conrad Mr. Emory N. Cousin, Jr. Miss Yvonne M. Dietrich Mr. Raphael J. Eiffert, Jr. Mr. Thomas M. Finney Mrs. Johanna Garcia Mr. Frank A. Golemi Mr. Kenneth G. Gregory Mr. Carl E. Hellmers, Jr. Mrs. Yvonne Hellmers Mrs. Barbara B. LaNasa Mr. James J. Le Blanc Mrs. Carol M. Leach Mr. Robert A. Lind Mr. Peter J. Marrero, Jr. Mrs. June S. Menard Miss Myra D. Monahan Mr. Robert N. Morgan Mrs. Isabelle Pointer Mrs. Lydia Rives Mr. Curtis P. Rome, Jr. Miss Marlene L. Ruckert Mr. Daniel J. Salzer Mrs. Elizabeth A. Satterlee Mrs. Mary N. Saunders Mr. Matthew J. Schott, Sr. Mrs. Maureen M. Seabury Mr. Claude J. Simon, Jr. Mr. Kevin F. Trower Mrs. Lorrie Vanderwall Mrs. Barbara Vignes Mr. Gerald C. Vite Mrs. Betty C. Wild Mr. Karcher C. Wild, Jr.

graduate and certificate

Mr. John C. Ciolino Dr. Andrew J. Douglas

9 Students gather on the front lawn of Marquette Hall. | 1950

1942 | Chemist at work in laboratory


Mr. Thomas J. DuBos Mr. Nicholas J. Gagliano Dr. Lathan W. Garcia Mr. William C. Nelson

Class of 1958 undergraduate

Mr. Gerald Bodet Rev. Horace L. Brignac, Jr. Mr. Philip J. Carroll, Jr. Mr. A. Bernard Cox Mr. Donald R. Flukinger Mr. Raymond E. Ganucheau Mr. Pierre F. Gaudin Ms. Joan E. Gaulene Mr. Clark W. Giffin, Jr. Mrs. Marjorie Meryl Gilkes Mr. Hugh J. Holderith Mrs. Suzanne C. Madoc-Jones Mrs. Loretta L. Martin Dr. I. Ricardo Martinez, Jr. Mr. Leon F. Maurer, Jr. Mr. Leo R. McLean Dr. Michel S. Medawar, Jr. Mrs. Pamela J. Patron Mrs. Beverly J. Pecunia Mr. Anthony Pizzitola, Jr. Mrs. Charline I. Provenza Mr. Rodney A. Ranson Mr. Jerome J. Reso, Jr. Mrs. Olga Rome Mrs. Joel L. Schmiegel Mrs. Patricia F. Scibilia Mr. Henry J. Sepulveda Mr. Mettery I. Sherry, Jr. Mrs. Suzanne B. Smith Mr. Gustave E. Walsack, Jr. Mrs. Mary V. Wilson

58 graduate and certificate

Mr. Gerald P. Choppin Mrs. Barbara B. Dildy Mr. Peter E. Duffy Hon. H. Charles Gaudin Mr. Paul E. Hurley Sr. Marie Jeanne Mouledoux, R.S.M. Dr. Carroll L. Wood III

our campus transforms A quick look around Loyola is enough to know that our campus is improving. This year, we were pleased to open the doors of the Thomas Hall Visitor Center as a one-stop center for student services after a renovation that lasted a year and a half. Thomas Hall was one of the first buildings built on campus and served as a residence for Loyola’s original Jesuits.

Class of 1959


Mr. Eugene J. Blanchard, Jr. Mrs. Janice Bodet Mrs. Joy B. Choppin Hon. Thomas J. D’Aquila Mr. Chester J. Doll Ms. Julia Donahue Mr. Gordon A. Drozeski Miss Marie M. Federico Ms. Marjorie A. Frugé Mrs. Jean A. Geraci Mrs. Estelle P. Gregory Mrs. Erin B. Harty Mr. Ronald J. Haydel Mr. Jerome F. Hoskins Mr. Milton P. Masinter Mr. Peter F. Maunoir Mr. John W. McShane, Jr. Mr. William F. Miller, Jr. Mr. Robert M. Minke Mr. Hillar C. Moore, Jr. Dr. Jules M. Morris Mrs. Carmen Moy Mrs. Virginia G. Peterson Mrs. Joycelyn C. Ramsden Mrs. Carol Schutzmann Mr. Frank J. Sclafani Mrs. Jacquelyn F. Tomich

Among the features of the renovation, which seamlessly blended its classic Tudor gothic design with contemporary updates, is the state-of-the-art Whitney Bank Presentation Room, which was named for the bank that generously donated to the project. Loyola’s College of Law gained an updated facility, as well—its renovated Broadway Building now features increased office and instructional space, along with Loyola’s Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice, the Gillis Long Poverty Law Center, the Office of Law Skills and Experiential Learning, and the Career Development and Law Practice Center. The Broadway Building is an outstanding resource for the law school, and was made possible in part by a generous gift by law alumnus Stuart H. Smith and other benefactors.

A substantial number of other Loyola buildings are undergoing transformations that depend on donor support. Construction is underway in Monroe Hall—Loyola’s largest and most diverse facility for classroom instruction, scientific research, and public presentations—that will add additional square feet to the building and update its architecture, façade, and facilities. Plans are proceeding for the Tom Benson Jesuit Center, stimulated by a generous gift from Tom Benson in 2010. We are also renovating Cabra Hall, the residence hall on Loyola’s Broadway campus, which will allow us to accommodate the large number of students Loyola has recently been able to attract and retain and will contribute to our goal of enhancing our thriving residential campus community.


0 0 ’’6

Mr. Richard A. Webre Dr. Tadeusz K. Wiewiorowski Mr. John D. Wilmot Dr. Betty Zimmermann

graduate and certificate

The decreasing presence of Jesuit priests on campus is a challenge for Jesuit colleges and universities worldwide. However, in recent years, Loyola has attracted a large and impressive cadre of new faculty members, and among them are several renowned Jesuit scholars and teachers.

loyola’s new jesuit scholar

In fall 2012, Loyola welcomed Edward Vacek, S.J., Ph.D., as its new Reverend Stephen J. Duffy Chair in Roman Catholic Systematic Theology. Fr. Vacek, a Jesuit priest and former professor at Boston College, will teach classes in the humanities that use an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing Catholic culture. His teaching and research will emphasize the values and ideas that the Catholic tradition shares with all religious traditions, and he will work to deepen students’ knowledge of Catholicism’s intellectual heritage. Fr. Vacek’s professorship was made possible by a gift from the late Stephen Duffy, a former Loyola religious studies professor, along with other philanthropic support. Fr. Duffy held an intense belief in the importance of systematic theology, in critically thinking about God and Christian life. His gift to Loyola and its result—the hiring of Fr. Vacek—reinforces Loyola’s mission of enhancing our Jesuit character and making the campus a vibrant nexus of Catholic life.

Mr. Peter J. Butler Mr. Anthony J. Capritto Mr. Oliver P. Carriere, Jr. Mrs. Mary Ann B. Curtin Hon. Thomas J. D’Aquila Hon. Thomas A. Early, Jr. Dr. Harold G. Edwards Mrs. Iluminada Ronquillo Gabriel Mr. Marcel Garsaud, Jr. Hon. Joseph J. Grefer Dr. Paul P. Hatrel Mr. Eugene J. Murret Mrs. Lillian M. Trent* Dr. E. Victor Vignes

Class of 1960


Mrs. Cynthia A. Allen Mrs. Anita L. Barrios Mrs. Earleen F. Bergeron Mr. Palmer H. Bleichner Mr. Milton J. Boackle Mr. Joseph P. Briuglio, Jr. Mr. Clifford L. Brown Mr. Joseph G. Casanova Mr. George J. Cassard III Mrs. Mary A. Coker Ms. Deanne Colligan Dr. Frank J. D’Angelo Mr. Kenneth P. Ducote Dr. George Q. Flynn Mr. Fred R. Hartlage, Jr. Mr. Lawrence F. Henneberger Dr. Allen M. Hermann Mrs. Mary S. Kenney Mr. James J. Kenney, Jr. Dr. John Lopiccolo, Jr. Ms. Ruby C. Lyons Mrs. Isabelle Marrero Mrs. Donna O. Mc Namara Mrs. Henrietta M. McArdle Mr. Lawrence L. McNamara Mr. Robert L. Menard Mr. Stewart P. Rozas Mr. Robert C. Schroeder Mrs. Bernadette Talbot Mr. Joseph A. Taranto Mr. Howard P. Vollenweider,Sr. Mr. H. D. Wallace Dr. Robert G. Weilbaecher graduate and certificate

Mr. Philip S. Brooks Dr. Louis Le Blanc, Jr. Dr. I. Ricardo Martinez, Jr. Mr. Richard K. Mazeau Mr. Robert L. Menard Mr. Robert N. Morgan Mr. John S. Sciambra Mrs. Evangeline M. Vavrick Dr. Terence E. Walsh

Class of 1961 undergraduate

Mrs. Gail C. Becker Mr. John D. Becker Mrs. Mary Jane Becker Mr. Paul C. Bossle Mr. Manuel V. Calamari Mr. Timothy A. Caserta Mrs. Vivian M. Castellano Mr. Charles A. Castille, Jr.

Mr. Albert A. Demarest, Jr. Mr. William M. Detweiler Mr. Robert F. Dumaine Mrs. Carolyn B. Galendez Dr. Raymond J. Garrity Mr. Richard K. Hale III Mr. David E. Heintz Mr. John R. Henneberger Mr. Donald O. Jansen Ms. Kathryn E. Killeen Mrs. Lynn Walsdorf Knoepp Mr. Paul M. Lapeyre Mrs. Genevieve B. Liljeberg Ms. Carol A. Long Mr. Anthony Macaluso Mr. Louis A. Menard Mrs. Martha S. Moise Mrs. Judy B. Morris Miss Bonnie C. Nelson Mrs. Estelle R. Papania Mrs. Danna S. Piazza Mr. George A. Rizzo, Jr. Mrs. Patricia R. Rokoske Mr. Thomas L. Rokoske Mrs. Ane J. Ruli Mr. Arthur L. Schmitt Dr. Rosemary J. Seidler Mr. Jerry P. Sherle Mr. John R. Sherwin Mr. Oliver W. St. Pé, Jr. Dr. Robert D. Stipanovic Dr. Devron P. Thibodeaux Mr. Maxime J. Verret Mr. Lloyd G. Webre, Jr. Mrs. Maria E. Winn Mr. Robert E. Winn Mr. Joseph E. Woll

graduate and certificate

Mr. Patrick D. Breeden Mr. Maurice L. Maspero, Jr. Mr. William F. Miller, Jr. Dr. Edward D. Moise Mr. Jerome J. Reso, Jr. Mr. Mettery I. Sherry, Jr. Dr. Charles E. Tomich

Class of 1962


Mr. Paul C. Aguillard Colonel Anthony J. Bonfanti Mr. Gerard J. Brady Mr. Sam L. Briuglio Mrs. Suzanne T. Browne Mr. Patrick J. Browne Mr. Warren F. Caire Mrs. Barbara L. Caputo Dr. Rhoda V. Carr Ms. Kate Cole Mr. Louis A. Coniglio III Mr. Raymond F. Danahay Dr. Jean B. deKernion Mrs. Carol R. Estorge Mr. Leonard F. Estorge Dr. Edmond T. Gonzales, Jr. Mrs. Gerrie Gough Mrs. Eleanor R. Hartlage Mr. James L. Hingle, Jr. Mrs. Rosalyn C. Indovina Mrs. Gayle I. Jimenez Mr. Tristan C. Jimenez Mrs. Gail W. Jock Hon. Nancy M. Konrad Mrs. Constance K. Leglue Mr. John H. Lindorfer Mrs. Kathleen Lloyd Mrs. Alice C. Mc Donald

0 0 Mrs. Louise B. Mount Mrs. Judith W. Phillpott Mr. Robert W. Phillpott, Sr. Mr. Michael D. Shepard Mrs. Mary A. Sherry Dr. Richard C. Stoebner Mrs. Constance P. Tiliakos Mr. Kevin F. Trower Mrs. Judith H. Tujague Mrs. Carol A. Waguespack Mr. William E. Wahden, Jr. Mrs. Linda H. Walsh Mr. David H. Wessel Mrs. Linda T. Wessel Mr. Albert G. Wichterich, Jr.

graduate and certificate

Colonel Anthony J. Bonfanti Mr. Patrick J. Browne Dr. Nelson D. Castellano Mr. Frank C. Dupepe Mr. Salvadore J. Federico Mr. Irvon J. Gomez Mr. Lawrence F. Henneberger Mr. Arthur G. Kingsmill Mr. Vincent T. LoCoco Mr. Milton P. Masinter Mr. Clyde D. Merritt Hon. Salvadore T. Mule Mr. Theodore J. Pfister, Jr. Mr. Kevin F. Trower Mr. Robert E. Winn

Class of 1963


Mr. H. Kenneth Adolph Mrs. Odelia Allen Mrs. Patricia F. Arnold Mrs. Ann Berrigan Mr. Thomas J. Bevans Mrs. Eugenie E. Brooks Mrs. Jo Ann P. Burkley Mr. Edward C. Cronin, Jr. Mr. John J. Dardis, Sr. Mr. Robert A. De Witt Mrs. Judith L. Drez Mrs. Elaine W. Duvic Mrs. Anne Elmer Mr. Robert E. Fictum Mrs. Yvette D. Fleckinger Mrs. Lynn Friedman McCue Mrs. Margaret C. Gravois Mr. Peter P. Guarisco Mrs. Irene B. Hebert Dr. Joseph G. Hebert, Jr. Dr. Judy A. Henneberger Mrs. Doris Gibson Lackey Mr. Henry M. Lambert Mrs. Ann V. Meaux Dr. Francis J. Meyer Mrs. Mary L. Morrow Mrs. Margaret F. Mule Dr. Diarmuid E. Nicholson Ms. Kathleen C. Perez Mrs. Paula D. Prat Mr. Harry P. Prieto, Jr. Mr. Robert M. Raphael Dr. Marion B. Reine Mr. Lucien Salvant Mr. Tom T. Schwaner Mr. Eugene A. Smythe Ms. Flora L. St. Pé Mr. Wilfred J. Vosberg, Jr. Mrs. Kathleen Wichterich Mrs. Jeanne A. Yeager


graduate and certificate

Mr. Robert E. Becker Dr. Hamil M. Cupero Mr. William M. Detweiler Mr. Chester J. Doll Dr. Guy A. Favaloro Dr. Felix A. Gaudin Mr. Donald O. Jansen Mr. Paul M. Lapeyre Hon. Harry T. Lemmon Dr. John R. Mc Cranels Mr. Lawrence L. McNamara Dr. David Earl Simmons Dr. and Mrs. Jordon N. Steele Dr. Robert G. Triplett

Class of 1964


Mrs. Elizabeth F. Adolph Mr. Alan C. Arnold Mrs. Angeline N. Barber Mrs. Carolyn E. Berthelot Mrs. Kathleen K. Bevans Dr. Joseph F. Bianca Dr. L. Maximilian Buja Dr. John R. Connolly, Jr. Mr. R. Joseph D’Avignon Mrs. Maureen Detweiler Mrs. Marilyn V. Dittmann Mrs. Carolyn S. Duplessis Dr. Douglas J. Giorgio, Jr. Mr. Paul J. Gonzalez III Mrs. Cynthia S. Graves Mr. Richard W. Hare Mr. Maurice H. Hart Mr. Arthur M. Hayes, Jr. Mrs. Yvette E. Hebert Mrs. Linda R. Ingles Mr. Luis I. Ingles, Jr. Mrs. Catherine Ipser Mr. James R. Ipser Mrs. Margaret V. Keenan Sr. Joan Laplace, CSJ Mr. Clement W. Lartigue IV Mr. John J. Logreco, Jr. Dr. Herbert W. Marks, Jr. Mrs. Ruth A. Meyer Mr. Edward T. Moore Mrs. E. T. Moore Mr. Robert S. Morrison, Jr. Mr. Beauregard J. Parent, Jr. Mrs. Laine S. Parrott Mr. Gordon G. Prat, Sr. Mrs. Margaret Prieto Mr. Bernard J. Rauch, Jr. Mrs. Kathleen M. Reine Mr. Robert P. Roger Dr. Lawrence J. Rouse, Jr. Ms. Janice R. Roussel Mrs. Mary Ruch Mr. Gary J. Schwartz Mrs. Linda D. Sharp Mr. James R. Shaw Mrs. Catherine J. Theriot Ms. Laurelee R. Toscano Mr. C. Taylor Walet, Jr. Mr. Charles E. Young

graduate and certificate

Mr. Thomas J. Bevans Dr. Robert J. Brooks Dr. Ronald F. Carr Mr. Leonard F. Estorge Dr. Joseph D. Kirn Mr. Victor I. Koock Hon. Mary A. V. Lemmon

Dr. Floyd J. Malveaux Dr. James W. Rogers Mrs. Evangeline M. Vavrick Mrs. Carol A. Waguespack

Class of 1965


Mrs. Wanda M. Aizpurua Dr. Ramon A. Aizpurua Dr. J. Robert Barnes Mr. Robert J. Bentel Dr. John M. Berthelot, Jr. Mr. Thomas R. Blum Mr. Edward E. Carriere, Jr. Mrs. Ann T. Cassidy Mrs. Mary Clark Ms. Marjorie C. Corwin Mrs. Nancy L. Daly Mr. Donald D. Drury Mr. Willard A. Eastin, Jr. Mr. Michael A. Eck Mr. Paul S. Fiasconaro Hon. Anita H. Ganucheau Mr. J. Wayne Gillette Mrs. Patricia Giorgio Ms. Jane M. Gisevius Mr. Louis G. Greer Mrs. Alys J. Hurley Mr. Lawrence H. Iverson III Mrs. Joan Gisevius Johnson Mr. Joel L. Jurgens Mr. George D. Keenan Mrs. Lois M. Kiefer Ms. Gertrude J. Kluchin Mrs. Charlotte A. Knauer Teresa B. Lachin Ph.D. Sr. Myra R. Landry Mr. Morris P. Marlbrough, Jr. Dr. Lynn M. Matherne Mrs. Mary E. Miller Mrs. Kay S. Morgan Mrs. Stephanie P. Parrino Mrs. Christie Perdigao Mr. Robert L. Perez Mr. Wayne R. Pietri Mrs. Carol G. Raphael Mr. Norbert Roessler Mr. Gerard E. Ruch, Sr. Mr. Barry A. Shaw Mr. Arthur P. Sierra Mr. Patrick O. Strickland Mr. Louis J. Triche III Mr. Ronald E. Virgets Mrs. Mary Ellen L. Wilson Mr. J. Fred Woessner, Jr. Ms. Winifred J. Worley

graduate and certificate

Ms. Constance L. Birabent Capt. Robert J. Bitowft, Sr. Mr. Louis M. Kiefer, Jr. Hon. Nancy M. Konrad Mr. Henry M. Lambert Mr. Michael D. Shepard Mr. Joseph A. Taranto

Class of 1966


Mr. John G. Amato Mr. Albert C. Armbruster Mrs. Ann C. Bresson Hon. Robert J. Burns, Sr. Mr. David M. Cambre Mrs. Paula S. Campbell Mrs. Michele W. Cassidy Dr. Gilbert G. Caver Mrs. Sharon C. Chaney

Mrs. Mary L. Dasburg Miss Joanne M. Dell’Osso Mr. William G. Deris Mr. Dennis G. Diecidue Dr. Sheila Diecidue Mr. William D. Douglass Mr. Louis N. Elmore Mrs. Jacqueline R. Gilkey Mrs. Mary Josephine B. Gonzalez Mrs. Olga T. Guillot Mr. Ardley R. Hanemann, Jr. Mrs. Gwendolyn C. Kellogg Miss Peggy A. Kleinschmidt Hon. Jeannette T. Knoll Mr. Emile P. Lafourcade, Jr. Mr. David E. Le Blanc Mrs. Bette Marks Mr. Edwin J. Mazoue, Jr. Mr. Carrol P. McBride Ms. Kathleen I. McGoey Mr. Louis A. Menard Mr. Dwight D. Merkl Dr. William L. Peters III Mr. Thomas J. Sartory Mrs. Margaret C. Shaw Mr. Peter J. Stafford, Jr. Mr. John E. Stephens Miss Valerie L. Thibodaux Mr. Craig H. Tolbert Mr. Joseph J. Vizzini Mrs. Sandra K. Young graduate and certificate

Hon. James U. Downs Dr. Whybra J. Duay, Jr. Dr. Raymond J. Garrity Mr. Pierre F. Gaudin Mr. William J. F. Gearheard Mr. Anthony J. Guarisco, Jr. Mr. Peter P. Guarisco Dr. Philip L. Haik, Jr. Mr. Jerold E. Knoll Mrs. Alice C. Mc Donald Mrs. Lynne K. Raphael Mr. John C. Wick III Mrs. Katherine S. Yeargain

Class of 1967


Mr. David Assaf, III Dr. William Barnett II Mr. Bryant L. Bird, Sr. Mr. Edlar B. Blanton III Dr. Edward T. Brett Mr. Ariel A. Campos Sr. Mr. William J. Cassidy III Mrs. Diane L. Centanni Mrs. Jane F. Chambers Mrs. Kathryn M. Chandler Mrs. Anne C. Dardis Hon. Elaine W. Dimiceli Mrs. Sheila W. Doepp Mrs. Sharon K. Dooley Mrs. Catherine C. Downs Mr. John C. Erb Miss Marie M. Federico Dr. Joseph A. Garcia Prats Mr. Gaston L. Gaudet Dr. Robert H. Giardina Dr. James M. Gross Mr. Michael E. Guarisco Dr. Barbara J. Karcher Mr. Thomas M. Kelly Mrs. Dorothy R. Kightlinger Ms. Susan M. Kinler Dr. Herman H. Klein, Jr. Hon. Richard A. Lazzara

Mrs. Terry Vaccarello Lubman Ms. Michaele A. Lux Dr. David W. Moore Mr. Eugene K. Owen Mrs. Lauralee Perez Mr. Warren M. Pulich, Jr. Dr. Paul A. Tibbits Mrs. Margaret T. Titus Mrs. Betty B. Trachtman Dr. Donald J. Voorhies Mr. Roland J. Wiltz graduate and certificate

Mr. Edward E. Carriere, Jr. Dr. Vincent A. Chiara Mr. Robert P. Edel Dr. Douglas J. Giorgio, Jr. Mr. Richard W. Hare Mr. Arthur M. Hayes, Jr. Mr. Dennis E. Lastrapes Dr. T. C. Morgan, Jr. Mr. Robert L. Perez Mr. Robert M. Raphael Mr. Michael X. St. Martin

Class of 1968


Mr. Hal Baker Mr. William F. Bologna Mr. Gerald R. Chapple Ms. Rosemary S. Cole Mrs. Patricia P. Crum Mrs. Barbara C. Cullerton Mr. Raymond J. Culotta Mrs. Nathalie M. Culotta Mr. Michael T. Dawson Mr. Nestor Fernandez Mr. Charles O. Flickner, Jr. Mrs. Susana S. Foster Mrs. Karen Fritz Mrs. Mary J. Gillette Mrs. Jocelyn D. Guarisco Mrs. Gail A. Klingenberg Dr. Rosemary A. Lambie Dr. Richard Le Boeuf Mr. Howard S. Linzy Dr. James L. Llorens Mrs. Dariann Lopez Mr. Howard G. Maestri Dr. Donald H. Mahoney, Jr. Mr. Michael D. Mazerall Ms. Kathleen I. McGoey Mrs. Diana P. Moore Mrs. Judy E. Ness Dr. Richard G. Ness Ms. Kathleen Grunsky Oleson Mrs. Pat Quigley Mr. Michael H. Ripp Dr. Gary E. Sander Mrs. Nena M. Schivera Ms. Mary C. Springstead Mrs. Carol Staiano Ms. Marylinda Stawasz Mrs. Ellen B. Tenney Mr. Richard P. Terrebonne Mr. Henry J. Thiele III Mr. Earle A. Thompson, Jr. Mr. Alexander J. Tiliakos Mrs. Carol E. Wells Mr. James J. White Mr. Raymond S. Wilson graduate and certificate

Ms. Jeannette F. Abadie Mr. John G. Amato Dr. Theodore W. Burns Mr. John W. Carpenter Mr. Jules A. Carville III

Mr. Paul S. Fiasconaro Miss Katherine P. Gage Mr. J. Wayne Gillette Ms. Jane M. Gisevius Mr. Louis G. Greer Miss Claire E. Kleinschmidt Mr. Honore J. Lartigue Mr. John J. Logreco, Jr. Hon. Robert A. Pitre, Jr. Mr. Don M. Richard Hon. Lee J. Romero, Jr. Mr. Stanley J. Roux, Jr. Mr. Barry A. Shaw Mr. Joseph J. Vizzini Ms. Lottie S. Williamson

Class of 1969


Mr. Richard L. Abbrecht, Jr. Mr. Clarence C. Andressen Mr. Carl L. Aspelund Mrs. Toni M. Aspelund Ms. Linda T. Barbalich Mr. Ralph W. Bond III Mr. Richard A. Brown, Jr. Mrs. Janet A. Brown Mrs. Betty A. Cambre Mr. Michael A. Cardinale Mr. Joseph P. Celano Mrs. Diane L. Centanni Dr. Stephen G. Cochran Mrs. Margaret S. Condron Mr. Stephen R. Davezac Mr. Richard E. Davies, Jr. Mr. James R. Gasper Dr. Patricia A. Giangrosso Mrs. Mary E. Granskog Mr. J. Ferrel Guillory Mrs. Mary Beth Gulotta Mrs. Denise J. Hildebrandt Mrs. Mary A. Ince Mr. Joseph E. Ingraham Mr. Richard L. Jacob Mr. L. Kenneth Jones Mr. Michael T. Kellogg Sr. Mr. John M. Kelly Mrs. Randy R. Kelly Mrs. Dorothy R. Kightlinger Mrs. Carol S. Kohl Ms. Carol M. Lanasa Mr. Philip D. Lorio III Mrs. Lynne H. Louviere Mrs. Chickie Martin Mr. Michael A. Mc Connell Miss Carmen C. Moore Mrs. Katherine Nunemacher Mrs. Judith E. Pardue Polidori Mr. Beauregard J. Parent, Jr. Mr. Ronald H. Patron Mr. Optimer J. Roussel Mrs. Eva G. Schneidau Mr. Mark V. Silverio Dr. George R. Simno III Mrs. Pamela D. Sipple Mrs. Margaret Corbett Sullivan Miss Rosemary D. Van Antwerp Miss Sheryl R. Wentworth Mrs. Mary E. Wiemann Dr. John M. Wiemann III Mrs. Ora D. Williams Mr. Joseph Yost, Jr. graduate and certificate

Mr. Joseph D. Babineaux Mr. Daniel E. Becnel, Jr. Mr. Stephen K. Bellaire Hon. Robert J. Burns, Sr.


Mr. David M. Cambre Miss Amilynn M. Clesi Mr. Robert J. David Mr. William G. Deris Mr. Donald D. Drury Mr. Lawrence J. Fritz Mr. Robert J. Fritz Mr. Theodore M. Frois Mr. Philip A. Gattuso Mr. Michael E. Guarisco Miss Frances E. Hecker Mr. Morton H. Katz Hon. Jeannette T. Knoll Mr. John G. Poteet, Jr. Mr. Benjamin B. Saunders Mr. John E. Stephens Mr. Craig H. Tolbert Miss Lynnette C. Wise

Class of 1970 undergraduate

graduate and certificate

Hon. Carl J. Barbier Mrs. Dolores R. Branan Miss Gwendolyn E. Brou Mr. Clifford L. Brown Mrs. Shirley A. Brown Mr. Ariel A. Campos, Sr. Mr. Erwin A. Caswell, Jr. Mrs. Anita Dalferes Mr. Willard A. Eastin, Jr. Mr. John J. Finan, Jr. Mrs. Julia Gill Wagner Mrs. Jocelyn D. Guarisco Dr. LeRoy A. Harper Mr. Robert R. Hawkins Mr. Edmond F. Heyd, Jr. Sr. Jeanne M. Keller Ms. Rosemary J. Korndorffer Mrs. Cynthia Leithman Miss Marjorie C. Mc Kay Ms. Maureen O’Dwyer Mr. Thomas F. Schexnayder Mr. Tom T. Schwaner Mr. Henry J. Sepulveda Miss Valerie L. Thibodaux Mr. William J. Vosper, Jr. Mr. Joseph E. Woll*

Mrs. Carol Fitzwilliam Mr. Frank P. Fortunato III Mr. Louis B. Fournet Mrs. Marie R. Garon Mrs. Kathleen R. Gray Mr. D. Philip Guilott Mr. Richard B. Gulley Mrs. Henrietta V. Guste Mr. Bernard R. Guste, Sr. Mrs. Pauline F. Hardin Mr. Allain F. Hardin Mr. Gary P. Hildebrandt Mr. Thomas M. Kelly Mrs. Jeannette Kopko Mr. Clinton J. Kuzmich Mr. James E. LaPorte Mrs. Marie G. Leckert Ms. Danielle S. Lehon Mr. John W. Mc Kirahan, Jr. Ms. Carol Verges McPherson Mr. Warren E. Mouledoux, Jr. Mr. Thomas D. Mouras Mr. Charles J. Naples Mr. John C. O’Connor Mr. Francis B. Oschmann Ms. Susan Plaeger Mrs. Julia F. Punaro Mr. Gerald L. Ray, Jr. Mr. Edward M. Ruane Mr. Gary I. Rumick Mrs. Bonnie Salzer Mr. Wallace B. Schneidau Mrs. Catherine B. Schneider Mr. Donald J. Schulingkamp Miss Jeanne M. Sievert Dr. Claire D. Simno Mr. Richard R. Smith Mr. Stephen D. Swander Mr. Richard D. Unangst Ms. Dolores Valtierra Hon. Plauche F. Villere, Jr. Mr. Alton L. Weekley Mr. Richard E. Yeadon

Mr. William H. Geiger Mr. Norbert M. Gobin Miss Marie C. Godelfer Mrs. Carol B. Hatchett Mrs. Irene T. Hofstetter Ms. Joan Jones Mr. George R. Kupstas Dr. Harry J. Lader Mrs. Alice F. Lastrapes Mr. Benjamin J. Le Compte Mr. Anthony I. Madere, Jr. Mrs. Sandra M. Matejich Mrs. Cheryl D. McWilliams Mr. Vernon H. Miller, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth H. Mohre Mr. André J. Mouledoux Mr. René J. Mouledoux Mr. John M. Najolia Mrs. Christine J. O’Brien Mrs. Debbie Olson Mr. Otis L. Page Mrs. Alice F. Petagna Mr. John C. Petagna, Jr. Mr. James B. Phillips Mr. Edward A. Rodrigue, Jr. Mr. Douglas J. Roome Mr. John D. Ruf Mrs. Cheryl Schafer Rye Mr. Arthur O. Schott, Jr. Mrs. Christine Screen Mr. Christopher T. Screen Mr. W. Roudet Smith Dr. Gerald Vocke Mrs. Margaret R. Wheeler Mr. Gregory E. Wilde Mrs. Sharon M. Wilde

‘‘7 ‘7 ’7

Mrs. Carol L. Ahles Mr. Ronald F. Ahles Mr. Thomas P. Anzelmo, Sr. Mr. J. Patrick Beauchamp Mr. Michael Bosworth Mrs. Christine Bosworth Mr. Gerard A. Brechtel Maj. Roy A. Broussard Ms. Janet Ann C. Calvert Miss Jean M. Cannella Mr. Frank H. Carbon, Jr. Mrs. Jane R. Carrell Mrs. Cynthia J. Cochran Mrs. Kerry L. Coleman Mr. William D. Colledge Mr. Mark J. Comarda Mrs. Elizabeth M. Copps Mrs. R. Ciarly Crain Dr. Anthony A. Decuir Mr. Philip M. Delony Mr. Donald A. Dupuis Miss Marlene R. Duronslet Mrs. Janice Foulks Mr. Raphael R. Fransen, Jr. Mr. Lloyd N. Frischhertz, Jr. Mrs. Josephine M. Fuller Mr. Clifford J. Giffin, Jr. Dr. Bruce M. Guenin Dr. Ann M. Guillory Mr. Michael J. Guma Mrs. Cheryl A. Guma Mrs. Jeanne A. Ingraham Mrs. Le’Anza D. Jordan Mr. Thomas T. Keating Mrs. Gayle D. Keating Mr. Benjamin C. La Pointe III Mr. Bryan L. Laiche Mrs. Jane Le Boeuf Hon. Ronald A. Legendre Dr. Sarah A. Leonhard Mrs. Mary E. Looney Mr. Joseph W. Looney Mr. Thomas J. Lutkewitte Miss Judith L. Martin Mrs. Jan Mc Callon Mr. Earl R. Mc Callon III Miss Marjorie C. Mc Kay Mrs. Wendy W. Michell Ms. Elizabeth L. Moore Mr. J. Patrick Morris, Sr. Ms. Maureen O’Dwyer Mr. Kenneth C. Pailet Mr. Joseph S. Pappalardo, Sr. Mrs. Linda J. Pappalardo Mr. Jordan N. Pfuntner

Mrs. Patricia M. Prejean Mr. Varney A. Prejean, Jr. Dr. Robert C. Ryan Mr. Victor J. Salzer Mrs. Nena M. Schivera Mrs. Marylee K. Schmidt Mrs. Virginia A. Schumert Mr. Daniel R. Sheehan Mrs. Susan I. Sierra Mr. Alfred E. Stacey IV Sr. Joycelin Staempfli Mr. Gregory L. Sterck Mr. Patrick E. Stolleis Mrs. Sandra D. Sumich Mrs. Sharmon Taylor Mr. Henry J. Thiele III Mr. Paul M. Thompson Mr. Richard S. Vale Mr. David C. Whitmore Mr. Charles F. Wilson Mr. Clifford S. Wright

Class of 1971


Mr. Albert S. Andry, Jr. Mr. Dudley C. Arledge Mr. M. Bernard Atkinson Mrs. Mary A. Atkinson Mr. Kent P. Barrois Mrs. Mary D. BeVard Mr. Bryant L. Bird, Sr. Mr. Gregory E. Blum Mr. Gary J. Bono Mr. Henry J. Borchers Mrs. Elena A. Borchers Mrs. Cheryl A. Buchert Mr. Ronald J. Caruso Mrs. Sharon C. Chaney Mr. Edgar L. Chase III Mrs. Suzanne Colledge Mr. Gilbert J. Crochet Dr. Nicholas A. Danna III Miss Mary A. Delmarmol Mr. John D. Demarest Mr. Michael S. Denny Mrs. Jamie Emerson Rev. William J. Farge, S.J. Mrs. Candace P. Fisher Mrs. Carla H. Fishman

graduate and certificate

Mr. Alan C. Arnold Mr. Carl L. Aspelund Dr. Darlene T. Bassett Dr. Russell L. Bizette, Jr. Mr. Stanley G. Brown Mr. Joseph P. Celano Mr. Richard W. Earl Mr. Carl E. Hellmers, Jr. Mrs. Gloria C. Larche Mr. Leo D. Prevost Mrs. Adelaide C. Sprague Mr. Dennis F. Trosclair

Mr. Richard L. Abbrecht, Jr. Mr. J. Robert Ates Mr. Robert J. Bentel Mr. Milton J. Boackle Mr. Joseph W. Boullosa, Sr Mrs. Sharon K. Bourgeois Mr. William D. Colledge Mr. Norman J. De Lapouyade, Jr. Hon. Elaine W. Dimiceli Mrs. Janice Foulks Dr. Ann M. Guillory Mrs. Alyce S. Houskamp Mr. Charles P. Mackin, Jr. Mrs. Alice Manson Mr. Edward B. Middleton Mr. Anthony J. Rieger, Jr. Mr. George J. Roux Dr. George R. Simno III Mr. Gregory L. Sterck

Class of 1972

Class of 1973



Mr. Robert J. Almeida Mr. Harold J. Anderson Hon. Rex M. Barbas Mr. Theodore M. Bennie, Jr. Mr. Theodore D. Brandon, Jr. Mrs. Lynn A. Busby Mr. Robert R. Caballero Miss Mary F. Carter Miss Paula M. Cascio Mrs. Patricia F. Corales Ms.Terri Naylor Mrs. Marguerite Demarest Mrs. M. Diane DePaula Dr. Kay M. Dicharry Mr. James D. Enright II Mr. John M. Estes Miss Mary E. Gehman

Mr. Shannon J. Battle Mr. Joseph J. Bernardi Mr. Dennis J. Berner Mr. Richard W. Bloom Mr. M. Robert Bosso Mrs. Anne B. Bosso Mr. John P. Catalanotte Mrs. Eileen H. Chapoton Mrs. Mary V. Christiansen Mr. Gerald J. Compagno Mrs. Mary T. Cook Mr. Thomas A. Corona Mr. Eric P. Cretini Mrs. Marcia A. D’Amico Mr. William J. Davy Dr. Randolph T. Dupont Mr. Harry Farley, Jr.

graduate and certificate

Dr. Donald C. Faust Mr. Brian A. Ferrara Mrs. Martha H. Fitzgerald Mr. Louis H. Fouquet, Jr. Mrs. Peggy E. Fransen Mrs. Marcelle Frischhertz Mrs. Catherine E. Garcia Prats Mr. Samuel R. Giglia Mrs. Sue L. Gisclair Mr. S. Derby Gisclair Mrs. Tamah W. Goad Miss Myriam G. Griffith Mrs. Susan C. Hanemann Mr. Richard T. Hedley Mrs. Donna Herrera Mrs. Mary A. Jeffcott Jones Mrs. Claudia R. Jenkins Miss Gayle A. Jones Ms. Marilyn Kennedy-Streeter Dr. Stephen T. Kent Mrs. Denise O. Lirette Mr. Henri M. Louapre Mr. John B. Lowe Mr. Daniel J. Mack, Sr. Mr. Terry P. Meilleur Mrs. Patricia C. Miller Mr. James T. Mullen Mr. Peter T. Murnane Mr. David A. Newton Mr. Clarence J. Nicholas, Jr. Mrs. Virginia D. Olander Dr. Johnny Penny Dr. Judith M. Perry Mrs. Debbie L. Pierce Mrs. Ann Pope Mr. William G. Pope, Jr. Mr. Charles N. Pyeatte Mrs. Peggy O. Roush Mr. Ronald C. Russo Mr. Kieran J. Schrader Mrs. Jane G. Shaw Mr. Gerard J. Smith Miss Sompunee Srirath Miss Sally E. Stanton Mrs. Mary T. Thomas Mr. Timothy A. Todd Mrs. Geralyn A. Toujas Mrs. Dorris J. Ware Mrs. Christine H. Wise graduate and certificate

Mrs. Wanda M. Aizpurua Mr. Thomas P. Anzelmo, Sr. Mr. J. Patrick Beauchamp Mr. Michael Bosworth Mr. Mark J. Comarda Mr. Raymond J. Culotta Mr. Alan P. Dussouy Mr. Edwin R. Fleischmann, Jr. Mr. Lloyd N. Frischhertz, Jr. Mr. Lawrence J. Gaithe, Jr. Mr. Lloyd W. Hayes Mr. Carlos A. Hernandez Mrs. Kathryn V. Lorio Mr. Thomas J. Lutkewitte Mr. Ross V. Mancuso Mr. William A. McNutt Mr. Antonio J. Rodriguez Mr. Alexander J. Tiliakos Mr. Richard S. Vale

Class of 1974 undergraduate

Mr. Roy R. Alberts Mr. Patrick A. Ault Mrs. Marie O. Bastian Mrs. Constance K. Berner

Mr. James C. Betbeze Mr. Claude H. Bourgeois, Jr. Mrs. Beatriz M. Brockman Mrs. Felicie F. Brown Mr. John P. Brown Mr. Edward F. Bukaty III Mrs. Rebecca D. Carl Mrs. Suzanne T. Colligan Mrs. Frances I. Collins Mr. Louis J. Cosenza Mr. Charles M. Credo Miss Kathleen C. Cresson Ms. Barbara A. Cruthirds Mr. Glenn M. Davis Dr. Elizabeth M. Dupont Mr. John E. Eckerle, Jr. Mrs. Valerie M. Faciane Mrs. Mary R. Fein Mrs. Priscilla F. Ferrara Mr. Emile J. Gauchet II Mr. Richard A. Gautreaux Mr. Gregory G. Grisaro Mr. Michael J. Guimont Ms. Photine V. Hagicostas Mr. Joseph C. Hookfin Mrs. Leah E. Janik Mrs. Cynthia G. Johnson Dr. Rachel B. Kent Mr. Joseph L. Lambert Mrs. Jane D. Landry Mr. Anthony M. LaRocca, Jr. Mr. Brian T. Leftwich Mr. Lawrence M. Lehmann Ms. Cynthia Littlefield Mr. John F. Marie, Jr. Mr. Stanley E. Mathes, Jr. Mrs. Nancy G. Mc Duff Mrs. Elizabeth S. Milne Mr. John P. Moraites Mrs. Alice V. Murchison Mr. Karl J. Naumann Mr. Fredrick Pfalzgraf, Jr. Mrs. Susan K. Pizzo Hon. Mark A. Pizzo Mr. Lawrence J. Radosta, Sr. Mr. Gordon G. Ramsay Hon. William S. Richards Mrs. Mary T. Richer Miss Marsha A. Robert Mr. Michael F. Russo Mrs. Lois D. Smith Mrs. Gretchen T. F. Smith Mrs. Cynthia J. Straus-Strul Mr. Steve J. Theriot Mr. Daniel P. Tsui Mrs. Sheila A. Vocke graduate and certificate

Mr. Frank J. Achary Mr. Herman L. Bastian, Jr. Mr. William L. Brockman Mr. Russell M. Cornelius Mrs. M. Diane DePaula Hon. James T. Genovese Mr. Michael E. Katz Mr. George L. La Marca Hon. Ivan L. R. Lemelle Mr. Terrence J. Lestelle Mr. Philip D. Lorio III Mr. Kent A. Moeckly Hon. Robert M. Murphy Mr. Joseph S. Pappalardo, Sr. Mr. R. Scott Ramsey, Jr. Mrs. Deborah Ryan Mr. Christopher B. Siegrist

Class of 1975 undergraduate

Dr. Virginia M. Angelico-Tatum Mrs. Anne C. Blanchard Dr. Steven G. Blanchard Ms. Madelyn Bonnot Mrs. Sarah H. Burnette Mrs. Sylvia S. Bush Dr. Gertrude Byers Mr. Philip B. Cady, Jr. Mr. Richard J. Carlson Mrs. Jane Casselli Mrs. Giselle Connick Dr. Guy G. Cresson Mr. James M. Dall Mr. Conrad J. Davillier, Sr. Mrs. Phyllis P. Dubuclet Mrs. Suzanne K. Farrar Mrs. Nanette A. Gibbs Mr. Dennis E. Hogan Mrs. Cheryl C. Huck Mr. Jules H. Killelea, Jr. Mrs. Michelle O. Llewellyn Dr. Thomas J. Lovinguth Dr. Francis G. Martello Mr. Charles N. Miller, Jr. Mr. Thomas W. Nenos, Jr. Mr. Julius M. Nunn Mr. Kirth M. Paciera Mr. Joel G. Piazza Ms. Denise M. Pilie Mr. Wallace V. Pontiff Mr. Frank M. Provenza Mr. Dennis A. Roubion Ms. Melinda J. Rushing Mr. Rudy S. Smith Dr. Marcus G. St. Julien Mr. Maurice Toval Mrs. Jan L. Umphrey Ms. Paulette A. Ward Mr. Conrad S. P. Williams III graduate and certificate

Mrs. Marilyn L. Alm Hon. Rex M. Barbas Mr. Charles C. Bass III Mr. Henry E. Braden IV Mrs. Carol A. Cascio Mr. Michael D. Cassity Dr. Anthony A. Decuir Mr. Robert W. Drouant Mrs. Donna D. Fraiche Mr. Walter F. Gavigan Ms. Angela K. Hart Hon. Charles R. Jones Mr. Robert A. Kutcher Mr. Clayton E. Lovell Mr. Donald A. Mahoney Mrs. Rosalind A. Mathes Mr. Joseph H. McCusker III Mr. Warren E. Mouledoux, Jr. Mrs. Dorothy H. Schmit Ms. Mary C. Springstead Mr. Mtumishi W. St. Julien Mr. Richard V. Stenson Mr. Joseph R. Streva, Jr.

Class of 1976 undergraduate

Mrs. Anna Arshad Mr. Ralph J. Aucoin Mr. Richard A. Bergez, Sr. Mrs. Nancy V. Bernadas Mr. William A. Blase, Jr. Mrs. Anna M. Brans Mrs. Darlene P. Brunet Mrs. Mildred S. Carrethers

’’80 80

Mr. Paul D. Connick, Jr. Mr. Calvin C. Cranfield III Mr. Frank P. De Fino Ms. Melanie A. Dey Dr. Kenneth R. Dombroski Mr. Joseph P. Fasullo, Jr. Ms. Terrell Fulghum Fisher Mr. Vincent C. Grosso Ms. Marian G. Heaney Ms. Marian E. Kaderbek Ms. Maureen B. Kelley Hon. William L. Knopf Mrs. Ruth M. Lapeyre Mr. H. Kenneth Lefoldt, Jr. Mrs. Mary Lou Mahoney Mr. Joseph E. Mahoney Ms. Monica A. Malouf Rev. Ernest Marcelle, Jr. Mrs. Maureen S. Mc Cann Ms. Melanie R. Mc Guire Mrs. Elaine T. Mogabgab Mr. Russell H. Myerson Mr. William F. O’Brien Mr. Paul A. Patterson Maj. Robert O. Reynolds Mr. Arch W. Shero Mr. N. John Simmons, Jr. Mr. Mike E. Skehan Mrs. Belinda G. Teague Mrs. Nancy Morrissy Van Grinsven Mrs. Margaret M. Walker Mrs. Mary Lise F. Weimers graduate and certificate

Hon. Paul A. Bonin Mr. Harold A. Buchler, Jr. Mr. David L. Carrigee Mr. Richard J. Clair Mr. Walter L. Comeaux II Mr. Dennis C. Cuneo Mr. Michael M. Davis Mr. Clement P. Donelon Mr. Charles F. Gay, Jr. Ms. Joan L. Goldberg Mr. Michael F. Grennan Mr. David D. Haynes Mr. Daniel V. Hiatt, Sr. Mrs. Martha A. Hiatt Mr. Daniel M. Melesurgo Mr. John B. Morthland Ms. Kathleen Grunsky Oleson Ms. Vivien A. Oliva Mr. Jeffrey D. Singer Mr. Richard G. Stewart, Jr. Mr. Brad G. Theard Ms. Earlin M. Vincent Mr. Jerry A. Walz Mr. James S. Weidner, Jr. Rev. P. Donald White, Jr. Mr. John W. Yeargain

Class of 1977 undergraduate

Mrs. Margaret P. Albert Mrs. Celeste B. Aud Mr. John A. Bannon, Jr. Mrs. Michele Beauchamp Mrs. Evie Greenburg Berger Dr. Richard A. Boothby Ms. Holly Brandon Dr. Mary M. Brazier Mrs. Karen Ann Buterbaugh Mr. Neil S. Clemmons Mrs. Downie D. Codd, Esq. Mr. James R. Doherty Mr. Michael J. Doyle

Dr. Catherine T. Fitzmorris Mr. Michael K. Fitzwilliam Ms. Sandra L. Freedman Mr. Kenneth G. Gale Mr. Edward J. Gleeson, Jr. Mr. Walter T. Gorman Mrs. Renee B. Gusman Miss Gwendolyn M. Hanhart Mrs. Deborah H. Harris Mr. George H. Hasseltine Mrs. Taline Infante Dr. Lloyd Johnson, Sr. Miss Wendy E. King Mrs. Mary S. Kliebert Mr. John T. Lambert, Jr. Mr. Mark C. Landry Mrs. Cynthia Smith LeBreton Mr. Joseph J. Lepow Mr. Michael A. McKenney Mrs. Yolanda O’Brien Mr. Sean C. O’Keefe Mr. Frank Oliveri III Mrs. Mary K. Petherick Mr. Anthony Radosti Mrs. Sharon Ram Mr. William D. Roche Miss Susan C. Saseen Mr. Thomas W. Shepard III Mr. Edgar S. Starns, Jr. Dr. Kurt F. Summersgill Ms. Carolina C. Thompson Dr. Melanie B. Verges Mr. Michael W. Whalen Mr. John L. Wisinger

graduate and certificate

Ms. Carmelite Bertaut Mr. Samuel O. Buckley III Mr. Richard J. Carlson Mrs. Diane R. Cosenza Mr. Louis J. Cosenza Mr. Lawrence N. Curtis Hon. Elaine W. Dimiceli Mr. Stephen R. Doody Mr. John E. Eckerle, Jr. Mr. Joseph G. Gallagher, Jr. Mrs. Frances W. Geary Mr. James J. Gillespie, Jr. Mr. Kenneth R. Given Mr. Thomas M. Griffin, Jr. Mr. George P. Hebbler, Jr. Mr. Robert A. Lacobelle Mr. Brian T. Leftwich Mr. William J. McDermott Mrs. Alexandra C. Miles Dr. David J. Miller Mr. André J. Mouledoux Mr. René J. Mouledoux Mr. Robert H. Murphy Mrs. Veronica M. Murtha Mr. Robert T. Myers Mrs. Marjorie D. Paulsen Hon. Mark A. Pizzo Mr. William P. Quigley Hon. Kern A. Reese Mr. Alan R. Sacks Mrs. Janine S. Simerly

Class of 1978


Mr. Daniel W. Arroyo Mr. Gary M. Barrett Ms. Mary B. Baudouin Miss Catherine A. Bienfang Dr. Keith D. Bonin Mrs. Marian V. Bonin Mr. Richard A. Bordelon

Mr. Damian P. Boudreaux Mr. Robert L. Brault Mr. Donald J. Brignac Jr Mr. Romalice J. Brown Mr. Mark R. Buese Ms. Lynn Campisi Dr. Timothy F. Carr Dr. Claudia M. Champagne Mr. Mark P. Dauer Mrs. Zaida C. Elias Mrs. Clara S. Engles Mrs. Dale W. Eppling Mrs. Diane Falck Scully Ms. Christy A. Frederic Mrs. Jane A. Frosch Dr. Thomas F. Gambon, Jr. Mr. Mark W. Gardner Mr. John H. Gregory Dr. Patrick A. Grusenmeyer Mrs. Linda H. Grusenmeyer Mr. Robert F. Guise Mrs. Joyce M. Hammond Mr. Jeffrey L. Hawthorne Mr. Wayne G. Hymel Ms. Lee A. Jobes Mrs. Sandra M. Kamen Ms. M.A. Kirkwood Hon. Thomas J. Kliebert, Jr. Ms. Julia R. Krenzel Hon. Joseph B. Landry Mr. George H. Long Ms. Diane M. Mack Mrs. Stephanie R. Margavio Mrs. Cynthia H. Meister Mrs. Elizabeth Mouledoux Dr. Charles E. Murphy Mrs. Deborah G. Nisa Mrs. Katharine C. O’Callaghan Ms. Dena O. Olivier Mr. Francis B. Oschmann Ms. Stephanie M. Prunty Mr. Robert B. Pumphrey Mr. Rafael A. Ramirez, Jr. Mrs. Sharon T. Rouquette Dr. Robert M. Serino Mrs. Diane E. Shepard Mrs. Honie W. Smith Mr. Salvadore V. Spalitta Mr. Donald J. Sprague Mrs. Stephanie M. Stangel Dr. Mary Stanton Mr. Robert K. H. Stevens Mrs. Kathy E. Stevens Dr. Elizabeth A. Stine-Morrow Mrs. Karen P. Swanson Mr. Robert E. Tarcza Mrs. Claudia L. Tufts Mr. Virgilio Vega III Mrs. Phyllis G. Walker Mr. William E. Watson Mr. V. M. Wheeler III Mr. Clayton J. White Ms. Margaret A. Winter Mrs. Susan G. Young Mrs. Andree C. Zamarlik graduate and certificate

Mr. Ardy A. Arani Mrs. Jean M. Aratingi Mrs. Deborah B. Bledsoe Mr. Stephen V. Bledsoe Mr. David A. Bowers Mr. Edward F. Bukaty III Ms. Ann M. Burke Mrs. Mary Louise Cassingham Hon. Thomas F. Daley

Mrs. Mary E. Granskog Mr. Jeffrey L. Hill Ms. Anne Hills Ms. Patricia M. Joyce Hon. Howard F. Knisely Sr. Therese Leckert Mr. Patrick D. McTernan Dr. Kathleen A. O’Gorman Mrs. Susan M. Peterson Mr. Bruce A. Scott Mr. David L. Simerly Mrs. Kathleen B. Varela Mr. Warren P. Villemarette Mr. Earl G. Xaiz

Class of 1979


Mr. Joseph R. Ballard Mr. Edlar B. Blanton III Mrs. Esther Boudreaux Mrs. Elaine R. Bready Mr. Bruce W. Carter Mr. Daniel V. Cassin Dr. John K. Dooley Mrs. Melissa H. Dovie Mr. Edwin B. Edwards Mrs. Jill T. Evans Mrs. Lori F. Fabian Mrs. Dana Cusimano Farley Mr. Bart Folse Mr. J. Patrick Gates Miss Carey J. Herman Mr. Andrew M. Hitchcock Dr. Kathyrn Holten Mr. David G. Huffman Mrs. Leslie B. Jallans Mr. Richard V. Kirk Mrs. Geralyn M. Koch Ms. Alicia A. Kriz Mr. Michael J. Le Jeune Hon. Rosemary Ledet Miss America Lopez Luis Mr. Gregory J. Mainguth Mrs. Cynthia H. Meister Mrs. Sylvia L. Palmer Ms. Virginia Parent Mrs. Susan E. Perkins Mrs. Joyce S. Pulitzer Mrs. Marcia Ann Reck Dr. Kenneth A. Richeaux Mrs. Donna E. Samolyk Mrs. Eva D. Schexnayder Ms. Karen B. Smith Mrs. Joyce B. Smith Mrs. J. Berard Smith Hon. Raymond S. Steib, Jr. Mr. Kenneth A. Trahan Mrs. Mary A. Wells Mr. John F. Young, Jr

graduate and certificate

Mr. Stephen M. Barbas Mr. Thomas P. Barrett Hon. William J. Bennett Mr. John P. Bogdanovicz Hon. Roy M. Cascio Mr. Gregg M. Charest Mrs. Suzanne T. Colligan Mr. Paul D. Connick, Jr. Miss Kathleen C. Cresson Mr. James M. Dall Mr. Paul S. Devine Hon. B Jeffrey Doran Ms. Elizabeth B. Earnest Mr. Frank A. Flynn Mr. Bart Folse Mr. Warren A. Forstall, Jr.

Mrs. Sandra N. Friedman Mr. Allain F. Hardin Mr. Daniel E. Holder Mrs. Joan Gisevius Johnson Mrs. Gay N. Jordy Ms. Maureen B. Kelley Mr. Kenneth H. Laborde Mr. Gary S. Levin Mr. Lawrence J. McDermott, Jr. Mr. Sidney D. Meeks Mr. Charles N. Miller, Jr. Mr. Donald A. Pellegrino Mr. James G. Prator Mr. Lawrence J. Radosta, Sr. Ms. Brenda S. Smith Miss Sharon M. Williams Mrs. Linda Wisinger Mr. D. Brent Wood

Class of 1980


Mrs. Patrice G. Becker Mr. J. Timothy Betbeze Ms. Terrye R. Braden Mrs. Maureen H. Bryan Mr. Patrick D. Burke, Jr. Mrs. Catherine L. Cammarata Mr. Dwain H. Celistan Mrs. Michele D. Clark Mrs. B. Michelle Comiskey McCarthy Mrs. Nancy J. Cortner Mr. James L. Cronin Mr. Marc O. Dedman Mr. Donald A. Dovie Mr. Timothy J. Durbin Mrs. Dana Cusimano Farley Mr. Robert J. Farrell Rev. Eduardo Fernandez, S.J. Mrs. Marilyn D. Franson Mr. David V. Gillin Mr. Stephen P. Hidalgo Mr. Lee M. Jeff Mr. Rodney P. Jordy Mr. Todd F. Kolich Mrs. Judith Kolich Mrs. Lawrie W. Landry Ms. Cecile A. Levert Mrs. Sheila C. List Mr. Salvador G. Longoria Jr. Miss Lisa C. Martin Mrs. Marylou McCall Mrs. Alyce M. McLamb Rev. Beatrice Michals-Brown Mrs. Lisa G. Mire Mrs. Maria E. Monahan Mrs. Maria S. Muth Mrs. Olga G. Nosal Mr. William H. Perkins Mrs. Barbara L. Pierce Mrs. Jane C. Prue Mr. Thomas J. Radecker Mr. William P. Rigney Mrs. Michele L. Ryan Mr. Michael J. Semmes Dr. Daniel E. Shannon Ms. Peggy J. St. Romain Mrs. Mary E. Stegall Mr. James C. Thomas Mr. Syamasundaran T. Unnithan Dr. Joseph T. Vuong Mrs. Laura Lorenzo Wojcik Mrs. Mary K. Zervigon graduate and certificate

Mr. Ralph J. Aucoin Mr. Raymond P. Augustin, Jr. The Hon. Mary H. Becnel

*denotes deceased 15

2012 | Loyola University Baseball Team

Rags Scheuermann photo | 1967

*denotes deceased 17

‘90 ’ 9 0 ’90 ’’8 5 Mr. David F. Bienvenu Miss Rebecca A. Bush Mr. Elwood F. Cahill, Jr. Mrs. Downie D. Codd Mr. Thomas C. Codd Hon. Thomas R. Duplantier Mr. Eugene F. Dwyer Ms. Arlene C. Edwards Mrs. Deborah P. Eutsler Mr. Barry M. Evans Mrs. Anne T. Gaudin Mr. Henry T. Graham, Jr. Mr. Michael P. Jester Mrs. Carolyn C. Kurt Mr. Herbert V. Larson, Jr. Mrs. Andrea S. Lestelle Mrs. Margaret M. Murphy Mrs. Suzanne Jones Myers Mrs. Virginia D. Olander Mr. Andrew J. Schiro Mr. Robert K. H. Stevens Ms. M. Lizabeth Talbott Ms. S. Gina Trippi Mr. J D. Tufts III

Class of 1981


Mr. Salvador Alvarez Dr. Robert Fortier- Bensen Mrs. Mariangela M. Brungardt Mrs. Patricia E. Carls Mr. Stephen G. Carnilla Mrs. Theresa J. Ciolino Mr. William M. Cortner IV Mr. Robert M. Davidsen Mr. Clay G. Dixon Julia P. Doolin Ph.D. Dr. Gregory P. Dupont Mrs. Catherine J. Dupont Hon. Jules D. Edwards III Mrs. Tracey R. Everett Mr. Anthony T. Frigo Mr. Antonio J. Garcia Dr. Christopher C. Glaser Mrs. Lisa A. Hoskins Mrs. Dee Dee Johnson Mr. Dennis A. Koehler Mr. Ed L. Leckert III Mr. Clement A. Lescale Mrs. Claudia H. Levy Ms. Alice Lieux Mrs. Daphne Y. Maingot Mr. Larry R. Marquez Mr. Mark J. McCarthy Mr. Gerald J. Nielsen Mrs. Eileen J. Oddo Mr. Francis Olivier III Mr. Robert G. Pavlovich Mr. Mark H. Perenich Mr. Keith N. Quick Mr. Gregory N. Rattler Mr. John E. Rook Mr. Frank V. Rovirosa Mrs. Daria S. Rutledge Mrs. Ana M. Schmit Mrs. Phyllis G. Shames Mr. Edward T. Suffern, Jr. Mrs. Barbara A. Wagner Mr. Martin J. Wong Mr. Andrew H. Woolls graduate and certificate

Ms. Marguerite L. Adams Mrs. Denise D. Ammons Mr. Joseph C. Candilora Mr. Richard E. Chandler, Jr.

Ms. Margaret J. Copernoll Mr. Raymond R. Eutsler Mrs. Mary MacConnell Ferry Dr. Henry A. Garon Mrs. Cynthia Gillard-Johnson Mrs. Felicia H. Higgins Mrs. Virginia B. Holder Hon. Thomas J. Kliebert, Jr. Hon. Joseph B. Landry Mr. Michael P. Mentz Mr. James R. Morton Ms. Louise H. Neville Mr. Andrew Nosal Mr. Michael G. Pennison Mr. Rafael A. Ramirez, Jr. Mr. Salvadore V. Spalitta Mr. Robert E. Tarcza Mr. Nicholas W. Woolverton III

Class of 1982


Mrs. Susan S. Adam Ms. Lisa G. Adams Mr. Guillermo M. Alvarez Mr. Carlos F. Arazoza Ms. Carmen Batista Ms. Deborah M. Bird Mr. Jose J. Blanco Mr. Paul A. Carleton Mr. Andrew G. Clark III Mrs. Debra M. Cooper Mr. Andrew D. Cuccia Mr. Charles F. Del Marmol Mrs. Jan M. Dye Mrs. Janet B. Eisenberg Mr. Craig E. Frosch Ms. Aivin M. Fuentes Mr. James A. Gallagher Mr. Jeffrey W. Gardiner Mrs. Rebecca J. Gleasman Mr. Ramon R. Gonzalez Mrs. Stephanie F. Hornsby Ms. Aimee C. Iturralde Ms. Sandra D. Jetton Dr. William S. Johnson Mrs. Monica Kalozdi Mrs. Ruth M. Katz Mrs. Donna A. Kern Dr. William J. Kozlovsky Mrs. Constance S. LeBlanc Mrs. Harriet H. Mc Callum Ms. Mary H. Michals Mr. Richard L. Mortellaro Mr. John B. Piane Mrs. Michelle C. Reuter Ms. Julie K. Rogers-Martin Mrs. Cathy C. Secours Ms. Adrianne Serrano Mrs. Earline B. Stennis Mrs. Teresann W. Stoffer Dr. Cleven J. Trahan Mrs. Patricia A. Wattwood Mr. Mark D. Williams Mr. Siegfried Zelt Mrs. Karen B. Zollinger

graduate and certificate

Dr. William Barnett II Dr. John W. Barron Ms. Judith Doussan Mr. William B. Gaudet Mr. Jay A. Ginsberg Miss Gwendolyn M. Hanhart Ms. Eileen M. Kenny Mr. Barry D. LeBlanc Mrs. Teresa V. LeBlanc

Mr. David W. Leefe Mrs. Patricia L. Lohan Mr. Larry R. Marquez Mrs. Elizabeth H. Mohre Mr. N. Gerard Montalbano Mrs. Dorothy Duval Nelson Mrs. Olga G. Nosal Mr. John C. O’Brien Mrs. Yolanda O’Brien Mrs. Marcia Ann Reck Mr. Collins C. Rossi Mrs. J. Berard Smith Hon. Raymond S. Steib, Jr. Mr. James C. Thomas Mr. John F. Young, Jr.

Class of 1983


Mrs. Theresa F. Bauman Ms. Ellen Collins Mrs. Ann P. Cook Mr. Martin F. Cunniff Ms. Sara B. Davis Dr. Juan A. Dumois III Mrs. Lisa R. Flair Mrs. Elizabeth A. Foshage Dr. Cheryl S. Jones Mrs. Lynnette F. Judge Mrs. Tonya L. Kinlow Mr. Stephen J. Landry Mrs. Maria Lopez-Knowles Mr. Robert M. Lundin Mr. Robert Martin Mrs. Bonnie C. Mc Cullar Mr. E. Paige Sensenbrenner Ms. Billie Crowe Shoemaker Mrs. Mariane M. Sisti Miss Moira A. Smith Mrs. Janelle J. Sprick Mrs. Stephanie F. Stemmler Mrs. Patricia H. Suffern Mrs. Teresita M. Walsh Ms. Emma J. Williams Mr. Stephen R. Williams

graduate and certificate

Mr. Brian E. Adorno Mr. Daniel W. Arroyo Mr. Gary M. Barrett Mrs. Laura C. Broders Mr. Edgar L. Chase III Mr. P. Kevin Colomb, Sr. Mrs. Mary J. Cutler Mrs. Nancy S. Degan Mr. Alan J. Horowitz Mrs. Lisa A. Hoskins Mr. Keith C. Hotard, Jr. Mr. Curtis M. Howard Mrs. Leslie B. Jallans Mrs. Patricia S. LeBlanc Mr. Kevin P. Lohan Mr. Salvador G. Longoria, Jr. Ms. Stephanie M. Prunty Mr. J. Fred Riley Mr. Lance P. Schiffman Ms. Flora L. St. Pé Dr. Joseph T. Vuong Mrs. Mary K. Zervigon

Class of 1984


Mr. Jack S. Armstrong Mr. Thomas Bagwill Mr. Harry E. Bruns Mr. Thomas J. Cortazzo Mrs. Ann S. Cortazzo Mrs. Tricia B. Davies

Mr. Dean C. Duet Mrs. Donna A. Earles Mr. John R. Emory Mrs. Kerri B. Fontenot Mrs. Margaret M. Franz Ms. Paula M. Guibault Dr. Mary W. Hrivnak Mr. Erik K. Hymel Mr. Gregory S. Johnson Mr. Jay F. Joyner III Mr. Douglas Leal Mrs. Edrie R. Lyons Ms. Carol A. Magendie Ms. Maureen R. Maloney Mrs. Pascale S. Martin Ms. Susan C. Mc Clellan Mr. William G. Merritt Ms. Karen O’Donnell Meyer Mr. Brian Morgan Mr. Sean M. O’Connor Mr. Matthew J. Reilly Mrs. Cynthia J. Rocamora Mr. Eduardo J. Ruiz Mrs. Michele M. Smith Mrs. Sherry L. Sorensen Ms. Leslie J. Taylor Ms. Agnes R. Velez Mrs. Leslie B. Welliver Mr. Richard H. Yancey IV

graduate and certificate

Mrs. Dara L. Baird Mrs. Yvonne Chalker Mrs. Cassandra M. Chandler Ms. Barbara A. Cruthirds Hon. Jules D. Edwards III Mrs. Orida B. Edwards Mr. T. Kevin Fitzpatrick Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman Mrs. Jennifer L. Henry Mr. Michael S. Hertzig Mr. Steven J. Hubbell Mr. Richard E. McCormack Mrs. Janice Slusser Menniti Mr. Richard S. Menniti Mrs. Lisa G. Mire Mr. Gregory J. Noto Mr. Timothy J. Palmatier Mr. Mark H. Perenich Ms. Denise M. Pilie Hon. Ronald J. Sholes Mr. Edward T. Suffern, Jr. Dr. Elisabeth Tetlow Mrs. Victoria P. Vega Dr. Louvinia E. Wallace Mr. Conrad S. P. Williams III

Class of 1985


Mrs. Kristin Valley Albarado Ms. Roxane D. Assaf Dr. Judith C. Blaise Ms. Cherie E. Caluda Mr. Ronald D. Cambias, Jr. Mr. John Cerise Mrs. Martha W. Cummings Mr. Matthew G. Cummings Mrs. Madeline T. Fleischmann Mrs. Rachelle Franklin Mr. Paul E. Fremaux Ms. Daphne Glindmeyer Mrs. Alison B. Greffenius Dr. Jeffrey A. Hobden Mr. Patrick M. Julian Ms. Virginia Kindelan Ms. Sharon A. Kirkpatrick

Mr. Guy C. Larsen Mrs. Ann B. Lockhart Mrs. Eileen Lumar-Johnson Ms. Lourdes M. Miro Mrs. Karen C. Nelson Ms. Tracy A. Petruccelli Mrs. Maria M. Price Mr. Lyndon J. Saia Ms. Linda R. Santi Ms. Mary Jo Sapp Mrs. Deborah M. Weld Mrs. Cheryl T. Wessely

graduate and certificate

Mrs. Johanna S. Averill Mr. Timothy F. Averill Mr. Jose J. Blanco Mr. Steven W. Copley Mrs. Jill T. Evans Ms. Nancy E. Graham Mrs. Renee B. Gusman Mr. Steven A. Homan Mrs. Lucy P. Landry Hon. Rosemary Ledet Ms. Janet L. MacDonell Mrs. Edith H. Morris Mr. Gerald J. Nielsen Mr. Gregory N. Rattler Ms. Paula Shields Mr. Donald J. Sprague Mr. Jack S. Truxillo Mrs. Ninette P. Webster

Class of 1986


Mrs. Diana F. Baker Mrs. Rachelle DesVaux Bedke Mrs. Catherine V. Bouchon Mrs. Kelley M. Broussard Mr. Jeffrey J. Cave Mr. Anthony A. Dagradi Mr. John W. Egan Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald Mr. Rogelio J. Fontela Mrs. Lucia P. Fontela Mrs. Patricia F. Frederico Mrs. Mary L. Gandolini Ms. Monique M. Garsaud Mr. E. Morris Gray III Mr. Stephen P. Hacala Ms. Sarita L. Harris Mr. Dennis L. Hogan Mr. Mark G. Holden Mrs. Barbara A. Hornsby Ms. Tara L. Hulen Mrs. Michelle H. Hutton Mrs. Raegan Hymel Dr. Laurie M. Joyner Mrs. Victoria L. McCarthy Mrs. Leslie R. Merritt Mrs. Kathy M. Messersmith Mrs. Nicole M. Mier-Romeu Mr. Robert C. Mohler Mrs. Brenda B. O’Connell Dr. Patricia F. Pearce Mrs. Terese D. Rachal Mrs. Kim O. Ramsey Mrs. Valerie T. Schexnayder Mr. Robert J. Shannon Mrs. Carol Zengel Smith Mr. Jeffrey P. Turner Mrs. Michelle D. Tyler Ms. Lucy T. Unger Mrs. Dianna L. Webb Mr. Terry L. Williams Ms. Anne D. Wittmann

graduate and certificate

Mr. Robert S. Angelico Sr. Mary P. Bordelon Mrs. Linn F. Freedman Mr. A. Kirk Gasperecz Mr. M. Andrew Gayheart Mr. Philip J. Greene Mr. Lawrence H. Iverson III Mrs. Stephanie W. Jumonville Mrs. Enid Chandler Keidel Mr. William R. Kilker Mr. Larry J. Landry, Jr. Mr. Kenneth A. Mayeaux Ms. Joan L. Miller Mr. Francis Olivier III Mr. Eduardo J. Ruiz Mr. Stuart H. Smith Mrs. Lyn B. Vizzi

Class of 1987


Mrs. Shawn M. Bone Mrs. Colleen M. Borne Mr. Michael S. Bourg Mr. Daniel P. Bradley Mr. Marc D. Buller Ms. Ann M. Caballero Mrs. Michelle Colville Ms. Georgia M. Craven Mrs. Laurie A. Dampier Ms. Noelle Deutscher Dr. Blake O. Escudier Ms. Anjanette C. Gonzalez Ms. Rebecca C. Grenn Mrs. Betty Hacala Mrs. Debra B. Hanzo Mr. Craig M. Harmon Mrs. Eva H. Hill Dr. Dennis R. Holmes Mr. Douglas G. Hoskins Mr. John Wesley Huguley IV Mr. R. Skiles Kelley, Jr. Mr. Alan J. LeVasseur Mrs. Dawn Litterio Mr. Domingo J. Lopez Mr. Thomas Lovince Mrs. Brucetta Lovince Mrs. Joy P. Mehrtens Mr. Thomas L. Moore, Jr. Mr. Christopher S. Mottram Mr. Kerry J. Nichols Mrs. Diane L. Pavlovich Mr. Andreas A. Preuss Ms. Gloria J. Roberson Mr. Stephen J. Roppolo Mr. Louis G. Schott Mrs. Ginger S. Schwartz

graduate and certificate

Mr. George D. Angelich Ms. Jill N. Benoit Deacon James E. Bowen Mr. Arthur J. Brewster Mrs. Mariangela M. Brungardt Mrs. Andrea D. Bukaty Mr. Thomas J. Cortazzo Ms. Debra Danna Mr. Nicholas D. Doucet Mr. Vincent William Farrington, Jr. Mrs. Susana S. Foster Mrs. Marjorie M. Frederic Mrs. Judith W. Giorlando Mrs. Elizabeth C. Harling Mrs. Jeanne M. Harper Mrs. Lynnette F. Judge Ms. Kathryn E. Killeen

‘93 ‘93 0 Hon. Madeleine M. Landrieu Mr. William G. Merritt Mr. Martin J. Nussbaum, Jr. Br. John O. Olvera, S.J. Ms. Carol A. Ridder Mr. E. Paige Sensenbrenner Ms. Carla D. Seyler Ms. Billie Crowe Shoemaker Mrs. Michele M. Smith Mr. J. Kean Songy Ms. Agnes R. Velez Mr. Barry P. Vice Ms. Kathryn S. Ward Mr. Dale E. Williams

Class of 1988


Mr. John M. Beaulieu Dr. Florence C. Bourg Mr. Arthur J. Branan, Jr. Ms. Margie T. Brown Mrs. Angela M. Bryant Ms. Carolyn M. Callahan Mr. Steven M. Cervantes Ms. Sherri L. Christiana Mrs. Tara Condon-Tullier Mr. David R. Crais Dr. Curtis W. DeSena Mrs. Jeanne M. DeSena Mr. John J. Deveney Mrs. Michelle C. Dietrich Mr. Leroy Divinity Ms. Laura J. Donnaway Mrs. Marlene L. Donovan Ms. Ramona G. Fernandez Mrs. Stefanie D. Gilheany Ms. Alisa Gomez Ms. Yvette M. Gregoire Ms. Marlene A. Jagot Mr. Brett E. Kelley Ms. Lindsay H. Kersker Ms. Stacy A. Koch Mr. Brennan P. Kreller Mr. David S. Landry Mrs. Nadine A. Laurent Mrs. Cara P. Lee Mr. John C. Legan Mrs. Sybil F. Marcello Mrs. Susan L. McEvoy Mrs. Helen H. Myers Mrs. Germayne L. Nash Miss Han N. Nguyen Mr. John D. Reilly Mr. M. James Schott, Jr. Mrs. Julie M. Shreve Ms. Sharon R. Singleton Mr. Brien J. Toso Mrs. Jennifer L. Traina Mrs. Susanne Tucker-Lulich Ms. Michele Barrere Tymkiw Ms. Jacqueline E. Viteri Mrs. Sandra V. Waters Mr. Mark J. Wegmann Dr. Janeen M. Whitmore Dr. Christopher Wiseman Dr. Pamela J. Wiseman

graduate and certificate

Mrs. Ann M. Arnold Mrs. Gwen E. Barron Ms. Louise M. Bienvenu Mr. Clayton J. Borne IV Mr. John Cerise Mrs. Amy Chaisson Ms. Leila A. D’Aquin Mr. Clay G. Dixon

Ms. Mary L. Dumestre Mrs. Louana H. Frois Mrs. Marie R. Garon Mr. Michael C. Ginart, Jr. Hon. Todd D. Jacobson Mr. Francis V. Liantonio, Jr. Hon. Joyce C. Lobrano Dr. E. Ralph Lupin Mrs. Laura M. McVey Mrs. Hope R. Mouhot Mr. Albert J. Nicaud Mrs. Beatrice C. Ollinger Ms. Tracy A. Petruccelli Mrs. Robin Rafferty Mrs. Therese T. Stuckey Mr. Mark S. Taylor Mr. Michael T. Tonti Hon. Robert L. Wilkie, Jr. Mrs. Susan B. Williams Rev. Linda L. Zimmer

Class of 1989


Mrs. Liliana Ayala-Berlyn Mr. Kevin Baroni Mr. John L. Beckmann III Mr. Robert C. Bell Mrs. Sabrina P. Brown Mr. Stephen Charbonnet Mr. Rodney L. Crenshaw Mr. Gerald J. Duhon, Jr. Mrs. Melissa Y. Duhon Mr. Mark Dvorak Mr. Eric J. Eckholdt Mrs. Eugenie J. Encalarde Mrs. Dana Cusimano Farley Ms. Marlow L. Felton Mr. John M. Foster Ms. Zully Francisco Mr. John Gerrets Dr. Lynne M. Gleiber Mrs. Maureen B. Grefer Mr. Scott M. Harrell Mrs. Nicole Baute Honoree Ms. Cynthia L. Lecount Mr. Charles O. Lee Mrs. Kelly M. Legier Mr. Wayne G. Lockhart Mr. Adam F. Mandel Mrs. Elizabeth C. Manshel Mrs. Laura June Frick McDuffie Mr. Mark H. Myers Mrs. Stacey E. O’Malley Ms. Bonnie L. Powell Mr. David P. Pryor Mr. Philip E. Reso Mrs. Michelle L. Schlafly Mr. Mark Sheridan Mr. C. Monk Simons IV Ms. Amy B. Smith Mr. Brian M. Stratton Dr. Carlos M. Suadi Dr. Peter D. Vizzi Mrs. Jeanne S. Vizzi Mr. William J. Wallace graduate and certificate

Mrs. Mary G. Algero Mr. Ronald S. Barron Mr. Jeffrey B. Burgan Mr. Val Patrick Exnicios Mr. Gary G. Hebert Mr. Gregory S. Johnson Ms. Susan R. Laporte Mr. William J. Martin Mr. David M. Prados

Mr. Lee W. Randall Ms. Jan E. Sutton Mr. Robert E. Thomas Mrs. Marie D. Tufts

Class of 1990


Ms. Milagro Adan-Garza Mr. Justin D. Angeles Mr. James L. Arruebarrena Ms. Patricia Browne Mr. Bobby D. Butler, Jr. Mrs. Mary V. Carroll Mr. Bertrand M. Cass III Mr. Eric L. Chambers Ms. Mary V. Chapman Ms. Maureen A. Corbett Mr. Patrick S. Cusick Ms. Danielle M. Dayries Ms. Mary C. Degnan Mrs. Mary-Ellen L. Doyle Mr. Christopher J. Doyle Mrs. Angela G. Ensminger Mr. Paul C. Fleming, Jr. Ms. Kathleen M. Foley Mr. Ralph Fontcuberta Mrs. Millie C. Gaines Ms. Sondi Galanti Mr. Bryon C. Garrety Mr. Joseph G. Glass Ms. Chimene A. Grant Mrs. Carol F. Guidry Mr. Carl E. Hellmers III Mrs. Stephanie H. Hellmers Mr. Gregory A. Johnston Mrs. Michelle R. Jones Ms. Kathryn J. Kuras Mrs. Laura L. LaBauve-Maher Mrs. Karen L. Laborde Miss Annalaura Le Blanc Mr. R. Michael McCann Mrs. Kristin F. McCann Mrs. Penny A. Menge Ms. Lucie M. Milanes Mrs. Laureen T. Montgomery Mr. Thomas G. Moran Jr Mr. John F. O’Gorman Mrs. Andrea D. Pieri Miss Paulette Riley Mr. Mark W. Rivero Mrs. Pegeen M. Romero Mrs. Andrea L. Rosenbaum Dr. David A. Scoma Mrs. Theresa F. Sigurdson Ms. Renee F. Smith Mrs. Marta Torres Dr. Steven G. Waguespack Mr. Ellis F. Wells II graduate and certificate

Mrs. Lisa P. Birnbaum Ms. Edith C. Boudreaux Mr. Charles C. Bourque,Jr. Ms. Maria C. Cangemi Mr. Dean P. Cazenave Mr. Mark P. Dauer Ms. Allison S. Elsee Mr. Joseph S. Exnicios Dr. Barbara J. Fleischer Mr. Benjamin N. Gialloreto Ms. Linda H. Gullo Mrs. Julia M. Hauber Hon. M. L. Lemmon Mr. Joseph T. Locascio Mr. William J. Marak Mrs. Judith L. Matherne

Mrs. Joy P. Mehrtens Mr. Theodore A. Monjure Ms. Victoria Pellecchia Mrs. Cynthia L. Warren Ms. Anne D. Wittmann

Class of 1991


Ms. Barbara T. Baltazar Ms. Christy R. Bergeron Mrs. Kore T. Breault Mr. John T. Buckman Mr. Anthony L. Clark Mr. Walter C. Cody Mr. Michael C. Comar Mrs. Carol J. Cortazzo Mr. Paul J. Cudahy Ms. Raquel M. D’Antoni Ms. Shawn M. Donnelley Dr. Gwendolyn R. George Ms. Catrice A. Johnson-Reid Mrs. Julie Brintnall-Karabelas Mrs. Christine M. Kyhl Mr. Mark D. Lagrange Miss Grisette E. Lockhart Mr. Kevin M. Massey Ms. Angela R. Maverick Mrs. Karen May Mr. Michael G. Mayer Mr. Philip A. McCann Mr. Christopher P. McGill Mrs. Blanche F. McManus Mr. Mulubwa Munkanta Ms. Pam Occhipinti Ms. Constance S. Parker Mr. Constantine Pelias Mr. Christopher N. Pipkins Mrs. Louise M. Renaudin Mr. John E. Reynolds Mrs. Wendy D. Rock Mrs. Kelly A. Schellang Mrs. Gloria F. Simpson Mr. Elmore Washington Mrs. Patricia H. Wells Ms. Charlotte Wright graduate and certificate

Mr. J. Timothy Betbeze Mrs. Janice B. Borowicz Mr. Arthur J. Branan, Jr. Mrs. Brenda S. Braud Ms. Roberta D. Bruck Mr. Philip R. Bulliard Mr. James C. Burgess Ms. Diane E. Courselle Dr. Wayne J. del Corral Mrs. Thania S. Elliott Ms. Roma G. Gibson-King Hon. Stephen C. Grefer Mr. John W. Heinrich Mrs. Marcelle C. Highstreet Mrs. Suzanne Banks Kelly Sr. Diane Koorie Mrs. Dorothy S.W. Lawrence Mrs. Glenda D. Llorens Mrs. Katherine J. Magri Mr. Joseph C. Mandarino Mrs. Stephanie W. Mandarino Mr. Hilton C. McManus Mrs. Germayne L. Nash Mrs. Ann S. O’Blenes Mr. W. Evan Plauche Mr. Timothy H. Scott Mrs. Lola M. Tilton Mr. Brien J. Toso Mr. Jeffery S. Williams

Mrs. Laurie Briggs Young

Class of 1992


Ms. Susan M. Anthony Mrs. Sheri L. Bergeron Mr. Daniel P. Bourgeois Mr. Daniel D. Collum Mrs. Marcia D. Daigre Mr. Thomas P. Daly Mr. John J. Dardis, Jr. Mr. Rene Dorsey Dr. Troy U. Drewitz Mr. Michael E. Ensminger Mr. Gustave B. Flair Ms. Ashley Francis Mr. Henry F. Griffin Mrs. Robin F. Grunwald Mr. Samuel Guillory Mrs. Maria P. Huete Ms. Nicole P. Johnson Mrs. Sandy J. Juarez Mr. Prescott J. Kerutis Mrs. Tamara Kok Mr. Matthew M. Lambert Ms. Renee A. Lapeyrolerie Mr. Randall J. Laumann Mr. Patrick Morris Ms. Michele C. Neumann Br. John O. Olvera, S.J. Mrs. Anna Pham Mr. Hoan T. Phan Ms. Rosario Ruiz Velasco Ms. Marlene E. Sharp Mr. Christopher H. Smith Mrs. Anne M. Smith Dr. C. Christopher Smith Mrs. Georgia P. Smith Ms. Christina I. South Mrs. Julie R. Toporek Mr. Stanley S. Toporek Mrs. Diana R. Velazquez Mr. Eli Velazquez, Jr. Mr. Richard D. Vogel Mr. Harold J. Werling II Mr. Patrick J. Werling Mr. Richard D. Wilson

graduate and certificate

Mr. Eloy A. Arcia Mr. Robert P. Balzebre Mrs. Kathleen Brennan-Haug Ms. Georgina A. Caso Mrs. Sharon C. Chaney Mr. Brett M. Dupuy Mr. E. Morris Gray III Mr. Charles L. Hamling Mrs. Stephanie H. Hellmers Mrs. Joan C. Jamason Ms. Kathleen T. Janssen Ms. Susan E. Johnson Mrs. Michelle R. Jones Mr. Clement W. Lartigue IV Mr. Mark R. McLean Mr. Julius M. Nunn Mr. Leo M. Prange III Ms. Marie R. Rinaudo Sr. Mary G. Sen Mr. James Keith Short Mrs. Earline B. Stennis Mr. William F. Tice, Jr. Mr. Richard L. Traina Mrs. Carol A. Waguespack Dr. Roland S. Waguespack, Jr. Mrs. Tamera S. Washburn

Class of 1993


Ms. Cheryl D. Bacon Mr. Devin M. Brand Hon. Tiffany G. Chase Mr. Peter L. Cho Ms. Gwendolyn M. Clement Mr. Benjamin C. Clement Mrs. Jessica U. Coughlin Mr. Joel M. Denaro Ms. Christina E. Dimaggio Mrs. Maria E. Egan Ms. Katherine M. Fisher Mr. Gregory O. Freeman Ms. Ingrid E. Fritz Ms. Mary E. Gallagher Mr. Clayton F. Hellner, Jr. Mr. Scott Hightower Mr. Mark R. Holloway Ms. Tami L. Hotard Mr. John F. Huber Ms. Christy R. Kern Mrs. Heather A. Kerutis Dr. Lawrence B. Lewis Ms. Maria M. Martinez Mr. Christopher P. Mc Crory Ms. Michelle F. Midkiff Mr. Kyle Murray Dr. Patricia F. Pearce Ms. Dana M. Pellegrin Ms. Laura Pierz Ms. Noelle Ponce Mrs. Eileen M. Quint Mr. Arthur B. Reif Ms. Stephanie C. Reuther Mrs. Andrea Frasca Rosenstein Mrs. Leah C. Schlater-Brown Ms. Joan F. Schuette Mrs. Greta J. Sharp Mrs. Sara Shipley Hiles Ms. Ramona Skidmore Ms. Earnrolyn C. Smith Mrs. Stacie E. Stanley Mr. Greg J. Stepkoski Mrs. Michele S. Tate Ms. Jane Tebbe Shute Mrs. Dawn Townsend Mr. Mark A. Tullos Mr. Eric M. Vincent Mrs. Judy S. Vogel Mr. Lee S. Waldron Mrs. Christine Y. Yontz-Orlando graduate and certificate

Mr. James L. Arruebarrena Ms. Yuiko Asano Mr. Thomas F. Brannon Mrs. Cheryl A. Buchert Ms. Aviva J. Bush Mr. Timothy S. Cragin Mr. Clancy DuBos III Dr. Blake O. Escudier Mr. Marion D. Floyd Dr. Vernon J. Gregson Mrs. Eleanor M. Henley Mr. Keenan K. Kelly Mrs. Melissa C. Kelly Mr. Dennis P. Lauscha Mrs. Kelly M. Legier Mrs. Benita A. Lobo Ms. Carol A. Magendie Mr. Michael G. Mayer Mrs. Annette L. Meric Mr. Michael T. Palmer Ms. Christina M. Panzarella Mr. James E. Relleke

*denotes deceased 19

’’955 Mr. Philip E. Reso Ms. Rita M. Vivero Mr. Clayton J. White Mrs. Arlene G. Wiltz

Class of 1994


Mr. Roderick Alvendia Mr. Jaime A. Avila Dr. Edgar A. Belardo Marrero Ms. Susan L. Brady Dr. Renan Bu Contreras Lt. Edward Claughton III Mrs. Catherine M. Comiskey-Marsh Mr. Mark K. Dean-Goodman Dr. Paul C. Deichmann Mrs. Renee F. DiGiovanni Ms. Kirsten E. Early Mr. James P. Egan Mrs. Ana S. Ferris Ms. Gayle M. Gelpi Mrs. Schoen R. Heier Bonura Ms. Christine A. Henry Mr. Matthew N. Johnson Mrs. Christy F. Kane Mrs. Amy H. Keeler Mrs. Kathleen W. Kelly Ms. Gertrude J. Kluchin Ms. Kristin L. Krebs Mr. Benjamin C. LaMonte Dr. Monica A. LeDee Ms. Gina Leggio Mrs. Karen A. Litolff Mr. Ralph A. Litolff, Jr. Mr. Rudolph L. Mappus IV Mr. Leon W. Mathes Mrs. Natalie S. Mesko Ms. Pamela S. Mouton Mrs. Amber L. Rabo Mr. Kurt S. Robinson Mrs. Tiffany C. Sims Ms. Monica M. Smith-Banks Mr. Charles V. Soper Mrs. Janet L. Swartz Mrs. Monica P. Vehige Mrs. Kristy A. Wade Mrs. Cynthia D. Walsh-Lemle graduate and certificate

Mrs. Kelly Altman Mrs. Mary Sue Babb Sr. Janine Beniger, C.S.J. Ms. Christy R. Bergeron Mr. Peter L. Cho Mr. Walter C. Cody Mr. Karl J. Connor Mr. Barry J. Cooper, Jr. Mr. Paul C. Fleming, Jr. Mr. John P. Griffith Mr. John A. Hernandez III* Mrs. Ellen H. Hewitt Mr. Roger C. Hull Mrs. Karen H. Mathews Ms. Karen O’Donnell Meyer Mr. Sterling A. Millet, Jr. Ms. Donna Mousa Ms. Pam Occhipinti Sr. Judy Resta, S.F.C.C. Ms. Renee F. Smith Mr. Michael A. Winters Mr. Patrick H. Yancey

Class of 1995


Mr. Pedro Alamo Ms. Riza V. Ayson Ms. Sheila A. Bella Mr. Parker J. Bigley Mr. Darrin W. Blystad

Ms. Loren M. Breithoff Sr. Katherine Broussard Ms. Glenda P. Butler Ms. Vivien S. Carbia Mr. Winston Connolly, Jr. Ms. Maria G. Crespo Ms. Megan M. Dearie Mr. Forrest R. Eldridge, Jr Mrs. Corina L. Eyermann Mrs. Elizabeth M. Floyd Ms. Erica A. Ford Clark Ms. Stephanie A. Galendez Mrs. Linda L. Goodwin Mr. Joshua J. Guilbeau Mr. Wayne L. Johnson Mrs. Katherine D. Johnston Mr. Derrick P. Jones Ms. Emily L. Kavanaugh Ms. Lisa A. King Mr. Alex D. Lambert Mrs. Gretchen M. Ledet Ms. Jennifer L. Ledet Mrs. Kathleen A. Markus Mr. Jerome J. Maurice Mrs. Rebecca K. Merrill Ms. Colleen M. Miller Mr. Eric K. Morgan Mr. Jason M. Murphy Mrs. Denise Overby-Reyes Mrs. Beth W. Pesses Ms. Kristina E. Peterson Mr. Jason R. Price Mrs. Theresa U. Ramon Mr. Hector J. Ruiz Ms. Tommeka Semien Ms. Antonia Sereno Mr. Jeffray A. Teague Ms. Darleen Trueblood Ms. Rosalind G. Washington

graduate and certificate

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Anderson Ms. Mary S. Arthur Mrs. Helen T. Barnett Ms. Lois K. Berns Mr. William A. Broussard Mr. Peyton B. Burkhalter Mr. John C. Caron Mrs. Catherine C. Creed Mr. Christian C. Creed Mrs. Denise Donahoe Mr. Duane A. Evans Mrs. Eileen Feldsott Mrs. Ana S. Ferris Mrs. Leah Foley Mr. Mark F. Gates Ms. Celeste A. Gauthier Mr. Kenneth J. Gelpi Ms. Teresa M. Hawk Mrs. Yvette E. Hebert Mrs. Mary Henchy Mr. Ernest P. Legier, Jr. Rev. Robert G. Marcell Miss Lisa C. Martin Mr. Philip A. McCann Mrs. Lynn A. Meyer Mrs. Linda L. Miller Mr. Steven L. Pettus Mrs. Dolores Pflumm

Class of 1996


Ms. Anne L. Alper Mrs. Angela J. Arnold Dr. Steven A. Benko Mrs. Meredith W. Benoit Mr. Brent P. Benoit Mr. Brian S. Berg

Ms. Laurie L. Bonura Ms. Donna H. Bourgeois Mr. Carlos A. Calix, Jr. Mr. Scott M. Cernich Ms. Sacha B. Clay Dr. Scott F. Davis Mr. Derek D. Dehoog Ms. Erin R. Duggins Dr. Noah A. Emerson Ms. Rosemary A. Hall Mr. Sean M. Kane Mrs. Eugenie M. Kreutzjans Dr. Lance Lege Mr. Jose M. Lopez Mrs. Elena V. Mappus Dr. Clayton G. Mazoué Ms. Molly Mazzolini Mr. Mark E. McNally Mrs. Caroline G. Mills Ms. Katy Montgomery Mrs. Robyn C. Oubre Ms. Kristen S. Provenza Mr. Lee C. Reid Ms. Karen M. Rodrigue Mrs. Catherine Rogers Mrs. Melissa R. Roth Mr. Peter G. Schlack Mr. Brett D. Simpson Mr. Scott E. Thompson, Jr. Mr. Robert M. Tortorich Mrs. Amy E. Treibly Mrs. Jena M. Troxler Mr. Jean-Paul B. Villere Mrs. Yvonne B. Winchell

graduate and certificate

Mr. Pedro Alamo Mr. George C. Aucoin, Jr. Hon. Tiffany G. Chase Ms. Barbara H. Coreil Mr. James J. Drysdale Mrs. Peggy H. Estes Ms. Ramona G. Fernandez Mr. David M. Ferris Mr. Tim L. Fields Mrs. J. Diana Hall Mr. Keith B. Hall Ms. Monique M. Lafontaine Mr. Glen A. Lillquist Mrs. Tana D. Louria Mr. Tristan E. Manthey Ms. Elizabeth C. McCourt Mr. George J. McDonnell Mr. George S. Mentz Mrs. Margaret B. Patout Mrs. Lauralee Perez Ms. Stephanie C. Reuther Dr. Sherif K. Sakla LCDR Ellen J. Sharp Mr. Joseph C. Simpson Ms. Mary L. Stowe Mrs. Angelle Schmidt Stuart Mrs. Helen R. Thibodeaux Mrs. Margaret C. Womack-Hart Ms. Charlotte Wright

Class of 1997


Mr. Steve E. Alfonso, Jr. Ms. Paula A. Ates Dr. Stephen A. Back Ms. Summer E. Bosch Dr. Alison N. Cernich Mr. Lisandro J. Chanlatte Mr. Christopher T. Chocheles Mr. Jason T. Comboy Ms. Diane W. Dooley Mr. Emmanuel M. Fyssas

Ms. Hillary Gulden Mrs. Cynthia S. Hallam Ms. Kristine M. Haskett Mrs. Rebecca Howerton Finley Ms. Hope Jaregui Mr. Kenneth W. Kuhn Mrs. Natalie B. Lemoine John D. Levendis, Ph.D. Mr. Michael E. Lovelace Mr. Howard R. Marcotte III Ms. Tondra P. Marks Mrs. Melanie M. Meder Mr. Stewart E. Morlier IV Ms. Katie C. O’Reilly Fr. Richard J. Robyn Mrs. Catherine E. Rumph Mr. Jared P. Schoch Mr. Albert E. Sidhom Mr. Royal K. Simmons Mrs. Theresa A. Smith Dr. Anthony J. Stanonis Mrs. Allison B. Steigleder Mr. Andrew W. Steigleder Ms. Cynthia W. Swain Mr. Alberto Thompson Mr. Michael D. Toups Mr. Jaime J. Vega Ms. Velonese L. Williams Mrs. Holly B. Wright Mrs. Eileen E. Yeates graduate and certificate

Mr. Paul R. Briere Mr. Joseph C. Chautin III Dr. Moureen B. Coulter Ms. Monique M. Garsaud Ms. Cynthia A. Gerken Mr. Joseph G. Glass Ms. Alice J. Lewis Mr. James D. Lewis Mr. Erik J. Lien Ms. Ann B. Newton Ms. Lieu T. Nguyen Mr. Hoan T. Phan Mr. John C. Purkey Mrs. Dawn Townsend

Class of 1998


Mr. Benjamin D. Allen Ms. Djuana T. Adams Mrs. Joy J. Allen Ms. Jessica Anderson Mrs. Catherine Barnett Mr. Jakob S. Bauman Mrs. Angi Nicole Bell Mr. Michael O. Blackstock Mrs. Angelle D. Brown Mr. Matthew Bruns Dr. Anna L. Burns Dr. Kevin M. Casey Mrs. Christine E. Cerniglia Brown Mr. Brian D. Chadwick Mr. Clayton P. Cummings Mrs. Helga M. Drewitz Mr. Alan P. Dussouy Mrs. Eileen M. Fauver Mrs. Kendra K. Gaudet Mrs. Joyce J. Green Mrs. K B. Hall Miller Mr. Bryan J. Harden Ms. Nora S. Hennessy Mrs. Carolynn Jester Ms. Mary K. Klinefelter Mrs. Andrea E. Lam Mrs. April R. Leach Mr. Christopher D. Lee Mr. Lewis M. Lemoine

‘‘0 0 ‘0

Ms. L. Julia Liu Ms. Brianna C. Lopez Mr. Fletcher J. Mackel Mr. Travers E. Mackel Mr. Robert C. Manning Mr. Dominic J. Massa Ms. Cheryl E. McCaffrey Mr. Christopher V. McLellan Dr. Ginger M. Mentz Ms. Elizabeth Nelson Mrs. Robin E. Noel Mrs. Elizabeth A. Parker Ms. Gabrielle R. Patout Mr. William J. Pina Ms. Johanna M. Rebollo Ms. Kristen L. Rouse Mrs. Jamie A. Rye Mrs. Kara M. Samuels Ms. Paula Saurage Ruiz Mr. Carl J. Servat III Mr. Jason A. Shartzer Mr. George R. Simno IV Mrs. Amy C. Sins Mr. Eugene G. Squires Mrs. Adine G. Stoulig Mr. Stephen B. Stuart Ms. Leyla M. Tran Ms. L. Nicole Turner Ms. Rebecca Whittemore

graduate and certificate

Mr. Roderick Alvendia Mrs. Nicole H. Armstrong Mrs. Sharon M. Carelli Ms. Kathleen M. Cuneo Ms. Mary C. Dean Mr. Russell C. Elmayan Mr. Richard C. Ely Mr. Philip N. Fluhr, Jr. Mr. Hester M. Geithman, Jr. Mrs. Diana A. Harris Ms. Joan S. Harris Mr. Carl E. Hellmers III Mr. Roger A. Javier Mr. Alex D. Lambert Mr. David S. Landry Mr. Brandt M. Lorio Mr. James A. Lovegren Ms. Deana B. Martin Mr. George S. Mentz Sr. Doris L. Moore, D.C. Mrs. Elissa F. Moran Mrs. Mildred Morgado Mr. Mark E. Morice Mr. Jason M. Murphy Mr. Richard L. Pouey Mrs. Patricia L. Ruddy Mrs. Kathleen M. Scott Ms. Therese A. Simon Ms. Jo Ann Van Deven Mr. K. Todd Wallace Mrs. Monica Hof Wallace Mrs. Mary G. Wartick

Class of 1999 undergraduate

Ms. Christine Y. Albert Mr. John C. Alcott Mr. Micah G. Backer Mr. Richard Barnett Ms. Barbara M. Bell Ms. Emily R. Bizjak Mr. Ross M. Blackstone Ms. Tiffany S. Bradford Mrs. Angela Brocato Hoffer Ms. Milagros H. Carrasquel Mr. Gary R. Chai Mrs. Jennipher L. Cole

Mrs. Karen B. Cordero Mr. Erick Cordero Mr. John D. Dale Mr. Matthew F. Damico Mr. Patrick C. Dickson Ms. Maura M. Doherty Mrs. Giselle D. Eastlack Ms. Rachel A. Encalarde Ms. Raynette M. Gilyot Lumas Mr. Ryan J. Haas Ms. Mary E. Hamilton Ms. Eleanor J. Hanks Mr. James T. Hannan Ms. Teresa M. Hernandez-Acosta. Mrs. Tanya D. Ickowitz Mr. Jan M. Jander Mrs. Sarah A. Keith Mr. Ryan P. Kelly Mrs. Virginia S Kirtley Mr. Dung N. Lam Ms. Natika J. Manego Dr. Jarret A. Mathwig Dr. Lacie M. Michel-Bogen Mr. Craig A. Mihalik Ms. Claire Mouledoux Ms. Dawn Ofodile Ms. Mary Pirosko Ms. Sarah W. Robbins Mr. Joseph P. Schott Mrs. Andrea H. Sheppard Mr. George F. Sins III Ms. Deelee Szczurek Mrs. Jenny Thomas Mrs. Olivia R. Ventola Mr. Sean L. Wallace Mr. James P. Walters graduate and certificate

Hon. Regina H. Bartholomew Mrs. Rita L. Brandt Mrs. Josephine L. Chasse Ms. Juanita M. Fields Mr. Edward M. Gans Ms. Jane E. Hubbard Mr. Louis F. Jacquet Ms. Patricia Kennedy Mr. Robert G. Kenney Mr. Walter J. Little III Mrs. Erin F. Lorio Mr. Stanton F. McNeely III Mr. Gregory L. Mosser Ms. Cathy P. Nguyen Mr. Joseph M. Poggi Mr. Kyle L. Potts Mr. Lee C. Reid Mr. Michael J. Witka

Class of 2000 undergraduate

Mr. Christopher G. Abele Mr. Joseph W. Bellows Mr. William Black Mr. H. Jude Boudreaux Mr. Jarett J. Braniff Mrs. Kelly L. Braniff Mr. Paul D. Brauninger Mrs. Alison P. Cherenek Ms. Nancy C. Coffey Dr. Suzanne M. Collins-Allen Mr. Ricardo Colon Olmo Ms. Holly A. Donegan Mrs. Alison A. Durkee Mr. Alexander F. Eagle IV Mr. André H. Eustis Mr. Joseph F. Forte, Jr. Ms. Amy A. Gardenier Mr. Keith C. Gardner Ms. Paulette M. Gautreau

0 0 0 21 Students gather on the steps of Marquette Hall. | 2012

‘05 ’0 5 ’05

Mrs. Autumn C. Giusti Mr. Michael D. Giusti Mrs. Wendy M. Gremillion Mr. Damien C. Jackson Mr. Michael D. Joines Ms. Regina M. Kendall Mr. Richard L. Landry Mr. Robert A. LeBlanc, Jr. Mr. Scott M. Losavio Mrs. Anna M. Mahoney Mrs. Lorrie A. Mahony Mr. Stephen Maloney Mrs. Virginia L. Melchior Mrs. Jentel S. Ougrah Worrell Mr. Michael J. Plaisance Mrs. Allison L. Plaisance Dr. Shona Rabon Ms. Theresa M. Ryan Mrs. Frances W. Sagona Ms. Jennifer M. Schlotbom Mr. Michael T. Scripps Mrs. Jill Rochon Selico Mr. Erick J. Torres Mr. Raymond G. Willhoft III Mrs. Laura L. Wolfson Mrs. Alia S. Wynne graduate and certificate

Mr. Eric A. Badger Mrs. Jean W. Bargiel Mr. Jakob S. Bauman Mr. Barry J. Cooper, Jr. Ms. Dana M. Douglas Mr. Edgar L. Ensley, Jr Mr. Thomas H. Fields III Mr. Edward C. Gleason Ms. Hillary Gulden Mr. Erik R. Gyr Ms. Joan M. Janoch Ms. Tammy L. King Br. John Kummer Mr. Bruce E. Lancaster Mr. Edward H. Lapeyre Mrs. Carolynn S. Leonard Mr. Cedric T. Leslie Mr. John J. Maceluch, Jr. Mr. Joshua F. Mandell Ms. Aubri G. Masterson Mrs. Lisa S. Mills Mrs. Simonia E. Milton Marie E. Powers Ms. Julie Rhodes Ms. Marla R. Robertson Ms. Kathy F. Schatzle Mr. H. Lee Strayhan III Mr. Jacobus A. Vanderpark Mrs. Jean R. Winkel Sr. Aurelia L. Wurmnest Mr. Clifford M. Yeary

Class of 2001 undergraduate

Mrs. Elena J. Anderson-De Lay Ms. Amanda K. Bauer Ms. Sarah G. Camania Mrs. Elizabeth S. Centanni Ms. Margaret E. Currie Mrs. Jacquelyn Damico Mr. Neil M. Digiovanni Ms. Maria Dilorenzo Mrs. Latesha W. Drewery Dr. Emilio D. Echevarria Ms. Kathryn Fowler-Wilkes Dr. Kelly Gabler Dr. Sarah K. Galfione Ms. Erin A. Garland Mr. Kurt W. Gerwitz

Mr. Scott H. Gremillion Ms. Elizabeth B. Hamilton Mrs. Kara L. Hannan-McGinn Mr. Charles A. Henry Ms. Marisa T. Hodgett Mr. Joseph L. Jones II Mrs. Katie Ladomerszky Mr. John E. Laughlin Mr. Thomas E. Llamas Mr. James Ludwig, Jr. Ms. Heather Mack Mrs. Martinique D. Mickal Mr. Michael C. Miley Mrs. Amelia B. Miley Mrs. Leslie O. Monson Mrs. Gloria B. Papa Ms. Sarah E. Pelch Ms. Maureen A. Perkins Mr. Brad M. Petitfils Mr. Mark A. Piazza Mrs. Nancy S. Polidi Mrs. Jamie Price Pressly Ms. Mary S. Rasure Mrs. Julie DesOrmeaux Rosenzweig Mrs. Helen I. Roubion Ms. Patricia K. Ruf Ms. Analia Saban Mr. Deon D. Sanders Mrs. Stephanie S. Soublet Mrs. Courtney E. Sutherland Mrs. Jessica E. Tizzard-Perdue Mr. Robert J. Treadway Ms. Katherine A. Wingfield

graduate and certificate

Ms. Paula A. Ates Ms. Dominique Bright-Wheeler Mr. G. Leighton Ciravolo Hon. Angela Y. Cockerham Mr. Michael C. Dordan Mr. James Gleason Mr. Winston H. Hermann, Jr. Ms. Leah R. Hinman Mr. Anthony J. Kestler Ms. Angeline M. Kinnaman Mrs. Dorien R. Mahoney Mr. Brian J. Mills, Esq. Mr. Douglas J. Moore Mr. Anh-Dung Nguyen Mrs. Julianne J. Stein Ms. Dawn R. Tezino Ms. Evangeline A. Vavrick Ms. Sharonda R. Williams

Class of 2002 undergraduate

Ms. Lisa A. Alexander Mr. Seth J. Alexander Mr. Casey Almonte Mr. James H. Anderson Dr. Robert G. Azzarello, Jr. Ms. Sara N. Baxley Mrs. Bethany J. Bordelon Mrs. Margaret Bove-LaMonica Dr. Christopher P. Bruti Mrs. Theresa C. Camilli Mr. Christopher A. Clement Mrs. Marilyn Cosenza Rose Mr. Dennis R. Coughlin, Jr. Mrs. Muriel R. Croom Mr. John A. Crutti, Jr. Ms. Anna C. Drinkwine Ms. Ashley C. Fowlkes Mr. Matthew D. Gillott Mr. Gregory M. Gremillion Mr. Carl G. Hintmann Mrs. Mary C. Hull

Ms. Mitzy A. Joubert Mrs. Kimberly C. Klosterman Ms. Derika A. Legg Capt. Michael Leiva Ms. Dionne Magness Ms. Angela M. Mannino Ms. Ylan Q. McClintock Mr. Arthur L. Meyers Mrs. Amanda B. Nalley Ms. Maura M. Nobile Mr. Nathan R. Ohlsson Mr. Leo J. Olivier Mrs. Dana M. Parks Ms. Christine M. Poist Prof. Zachary J. Powers Mrs. Twyla N. Rattler Mr. Samuel V. Richards Mrs. Sarah S. Richter Mr. Eric A. Rust Mr. Michael J. Scaglione Ms. Linda C. Schleicher-Dilks Mr. Christopher S. Schonberg Mr. Robert D. Sheesley Ms. LaWanda J. Smith Mr. Nicholas A. Smythe Ms. Altreca S. Stark Ms. Maryann Terjersen Ms. Julie A. Thibodaux Mr. Tracy S. Toups Mr. Brian J. Van Haverbeke Mrs. Courtney E. Van Haverbeke Mrs. Rachell B. Vicknair Mr. Nicholas R. Volz Mrs. Haley E. Williamson Pardo

graduate and certificate

Mr. Roger Bailey Mr. Gregory J. Bordelon Mrs. Carin J. Brock Mrs. Joan E. Busche Mr. Joseph C. Cooling Ms. Bridget A. Falcon-Villa Ms. Therese Fumich Mr. Jackson R. Gualco Mr. Stephen C. Hanemann Ms. Sharon M. Horne Mrs. Sarah A. Keith Mrs. Mary A. Kirsch Mr. Edward Littelmann Mrs. Alyssa A. Maurice-Anderson Mrs. Melanie M. Meder Ms. Amy M. Paulsen Mr. Brad M. Petitfils Mr. Basil H. Pflumm Mrs. Barbara S. Pociatek Mrs. Opal C. Quintero Mrs. Elise M. Stubbe Ms. Rebecca M. Urrutia

Class of 2003 undergraduate

Ms. Kaveri E. Advani Mr. Robert D. Anding II Ms. Carmen M. Balthazar Mrs. Marie E. Bellows Mr. Frank H. Boehm IV Mr. Glenn G. Bohne, Jr. Mrs. Catherine E. Boineau Ms. Tiffany A. Boveland Mrs. Nicole E. Bradford Ms. Rachel N. Brooks Mr. Casey A. Buck Mr. Jason W. Burge Mrs. Michelle H. Burge Mr. Nolan A. Cella Mr. Gerard A. Clesi Ms. Jennifer A. Costa

Mrs. Jeanette E. Delery Capocaccia Mr. Tyler Drinkwine Mr. Ravi P. Dubey Mr. Thomas D. Elfmont, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth W. Fabrega Mrs. Denise H. Farrington Mr. Thomas P. Ferguson Ms. Melissa L. Fertitta Mrs. Crystal Bolner Forte Ms. Elizabeth A. Gaudet Mr. Nathan M. Gaudet Mrs. Lauren E. Gokhale Mr. Terrance E. Green Ms. Elizabeth A. Guilbeau Ms. Anna C. Hall Mrs. Rebekah E. Harris Ms. Hannah C. Harris Robinson Ms. Karen A. Howe Mrs. Emily M. Hunter Ms. Melanie D. Johanson Mr. Joseph R. Joseph Ms. Melissa A. Kaintz Ms. Janet T. Kennedy Mrs. Janell L. Lefebvre Mrs. Laurie L. Leiva Mrs. Jennifer L. Llamas Mr. Adam L. Loftin Mrs. Kristen A. Marchiafava Mrs. Alexis Mueller Mr. Nicholas A. Poche Ms. Melisa A. Rivera Ms. Lynette Roberson Mr. Christopher R. Rogers Ms. Amber C. Roussel Mrs. Meredith Smythe Ms. Katherine M. Staiano Mrs. Cassandra J. Terry Mrs. Alexandra R. Thomas Ms. Leigh M. Thorpe Ms. Christina M. Tichenor Mr. Jeremy T. Toohey Mr. Michael P. Traverse Mr. Patrick C. Triplett Ms. Kathryn D. Underwood Ms. Tu-Anh A. Vo Mr. Matthew L. Waldron Mr. Philip G. Watson Ms. Erin M. Williamson Mr. Michael E. Winters, Jr. Ms. Suzanne G. Zornes

graduate and certificate

Ms. Sandra J. Bean Mr. Bradley D. Becnel Mr. Carl P. Benoit Mrs. Angela Brocato Hoffer Mrs. Christine E. Cerniglia Brown Mr. Francisco J. Cestero Mrs. Teresa M. Chang Ms. Patricia M. Crowley Br. Jason J. Darensbourg Mr. Daniel R. Fejes Ms. Nancy Frachtman Ms. April L. Gonzalez Mrs. Wendy M. Gremillion Ms. Paula C. Haydel Mr. Benjamin D. Heller Mrs. Maria Thornton McClain Mrs. Carol H. Michot Mr. Michael Morgan Mr. Sean C. O’Keefe Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ritter Ms. Suzanne Scalise Mr. Brett D. Simpson Ms. Bernice Viccillian Ms. Jeri D. Winkleblack

Mrs. Shelley F. Zeringue

Class of 2004


Mr. Jeremy P. Ancalade Ms. Callie N. Beard Mrs. Cherie Beasley Mr. Stewart J. Becnel Mrs. Aimee L. Blanchard-Grubbs Mr. Todd R. Buese Ms. Mary D. Burckell Ms. Brittany L. Butler Ms. Lacey R. Chandler Mr. Ian J. Clark Mr. James A. Clary Mr. Corey K. Cloninger Ms. Kieone H. Cochran Ms. Bonnie F. Cody Varney Ms. Kelly E. Covington Dr. Daniel J. D’Amico Mr. Joshua E. Daly Ms. Sarah E. Dhane Ms. Shannon M. Duplantis Mrs. Kathleen G. England Mr. Ronald Y. Evangelista Ms. Tiffany M. Fleming Mrs. Lori A. Follette Ms. Beatrice C. Forlano Ms. Janel M. Glynn Ms. Joan L. Hall Mr. Joseph P. Halm Ms. Caryn L. Hein Mr. Robert W. Hjortsberg Ms. Juanita M. Holmes Mr. Daniel E. Holt Ms. Kimberly A. Honoré Ms. Stephanie A. Hotard Ms. Sandy N. Hubble Mr. Jordan D. Huck Mrs. Michelle M. Huck Mrs. Rachel B. Humer Mr. James T. Jarc Ms. Tiffany R. Johnson Ms. Mary K. Leonard Ms. Mary C. Lorenz Ms. Abby B. Lyons Captain William N. Macaluso Ms. Laura M. Marques Mr. Timothy R. Marsek Mrs. Coby C. McElroy Ms. Tammie N. Merheb Ms. Anna C. Morgan Mr. Brent A. Munster Ms. Julie M. Parker Mrs. Bethany L. Paulsen Mrs. Lauren E. Pitz Ms. Jamie L. Pollet Mr. Christopher J. Posner Mr. Henry P. Powers Mr. Randall G. Prather Ms. Lauren A. Prejean Mr. Jared W. Prolo Mr. Francis A. Ragan III Mr. John A. Rahael Mr. Ashifur D. Rahman Mr. Randolph L. Reid Mr. Fernando A. Rivera Saad Miss Kristen A. Rivero Ms. Erin E. Rodgers Mrs. Jennifer C. Romano Ms. Christina N. Scelsi Dr. Joseph J. Schlesinger Ms. Stephanie M. Screen Mr. Michael V. Senna Mrs. Kristi B. Stanley Ms. Jacqueline Y. Steager

Ms. Mary G. Stewart Ms. Jasna Sulejmanagic Mr. Brandon K. Thibodeaux Ms. Susan H. Tran Mr. Nicholas R. Trovato Mrs. Kristen M. Turner Mr. Colin D. Williams graduate and certificate

Mr. Seth J. Alexander Mr. Roger T. Baker, Jr. Mr. Peter J. Bernier Mr. Patrick M. D. Breeden Ms. Jessica L. Brown Mr. Christopher A. Clement Mr. Robert E. Cleveland, Jr. Mr. Marcel Garsaud, Jr. Mrs. Carol A. Giguere Ms. Heather G. Lambert Ms. Kelly E. Lambert Ms. Krista S. Martina Mrs. Diane McCain Mrs. Ellen M. Meli Mrs. Anne O. Miller Ms. Bridgette E. Miller Mr. John G. Mueller Ms. Linda G. Naughtin Ms. Oanh L. Ngo Mr. Aaron K. Rives Mrs. Frances W. Sagona Mrs. Kara M. Samuels Mr. Daniel H. Schwarzenbach Mrs. Madelyn A. Suriel Byrd Ms. Susan E. Woods Mrs. Alia S. Wynne

Class of 2005 undergraduate

Ms. Monica J. Alleman Ms. Aimee L. Alleman Mrs. Katherine L. Almon Ms. Lauren C. Andrews Mr. David A. Beasley Ms. Jacqueline M. Bodet Ms. Shannon E. Bultemeier Mrs. Gillian E. Burgess Mr. Noah J. Bychurch Mr. Juan J. Calix Mrs. Sarah E. Chrestman Ms. Vickie L. Conner-Berry Mrs. Mary T. Conway Mr. Brian R. Conway Mrs. Ann M. Crapanzano Ms. Jenna C. Cronin Ms. Mary A. De Verges Mrs. Paige A. Devall Mr. Collin T. Driscoll Mr. Justin R. Eagle Mrs. Jennifer Mahnke-Garnand Ms. Caroline C. Gehrig Ms. Kelly A. Hearty Dr. Catherine M. Hudson Mr. Daniel Irizarry Ms. Elizabeth J. Kelly Ms. Serena N. Lee Ms. Jessica Leon Ms. Corinne G. Levy Mr. Christopher S. Liuzza Dr. Dermot P. Maher Ms. Maureen E. Mahoney Mr. Patrick B. McDermott Ms. Martina D. Mills Ms. Bich N. Nguyen Ms. Ellen M. Nguyen Ms. Anita M. Oubre Mrs. Nicole E. Parks Ms. Catherine P. Patriarca

Ms. Elizabeth R. Richard Mr. Osmin E. Rivera Saad Mr. Timothy P. Roberts Mr. David M. Rodriguez Ms. Christine C. Rowley Mrs. Anne M. Seiler Emrick Ms. Brenna M. Siemssen Ms. Rachel C. Sokalski Ms. Elizabeth W. Talley Mrs. Alison C. Tate Ms. Leslie A. Tucker Mrs. Delaney M. Vollmer Mr. Mark J. Williams, Jr. Ms. Schuyler G. Williams Ms. Sara E. Wrye Ms. Josie A. Zeiger graduate and certificate

Mr. Todd J. Amick Ms. Erica N. Beck Mr. Christopher D. Becnel Mr. Casey A. Buck Mr. Jackie C. Crane Ms. Alona R. Croteau Foy Ms. Nannine K. Dahlen Mr. John S. Evans Mrs. Melissa A. Flores Dr. James B. Fox, Jr. Ms. Elaine D. Kimbrell Hon. Moon Landrieu Mrs. Verna S. Landrieu Mr. Thomas C. Meyer Ms. Christine M. Poist Ms. B. Lynn Rogers Mrs. Katarina P. Sowerby Mr. Matthew J. Sutton Ms. Julie A. Thibodaux Ms. Carolina C. Thompson Mrs. Carol M. Waner Mr. Robert P. Wynne

Class of 2006 undergraduate

Ms. Andrea G. Adams Mr. Charles P. Alexander Ms. Ellen J. Altamirano Mrs. Kate Merrill Balart Mrs. Valerie E. Bernard Mr. David S. Bode Dr. Yandace K. Brown Mr. Brian B. Burgess Mrs. Alicia L. Chauvin Ms. Michelle J. Clarke Mr. Richard L. Currier III Ms. Susan Do Ms. Aimee L. Falgout Ms. Katherine A. Frisa Ms. Andrea M. Ganier Mr. Michael A. Greenberg Ms. Joy A. Guerin Mr. Gene D. Guillot Mr. James P. Hausman Mrs. Laurel J. Hess Ms. Elizabeth B. Hodges Ms. Chantel F. Hoheb Ms. Jessica K. Howard Mr. Johmyrin J. Johnson Ms. Katherine R. Kennedy Ms. Alicia J. Labat Mr. Robert J. Laviolette IV Mr. Alexander S. Lew Ms. Victoria A. Luwisch Mr. Robert W. Lynch Ms. Melissa A. Lyons Mrs. Patricia L. Masson Ms. Georgia B. McBride Ms. Emily J. McWilliams

Ms. Jacqueline M. Mosier Mr. Robert J. Nelson Mr. Daniel A. Nenninger Mr. Emanuel Ohlsen Ms. Jessica L. Orgeron Mrs. Erin M. Osman Ms. Sarah J. Pinkney Mrs. Katherine O. Pitre Ms. Troavé A. Profice Mr. Christen G. Ramirez Ms. Maria A. Rivera Mr. David W. Robinson-Morris, Jr. Ms. Maren T. Rosen Mrs. Malinda G. Russo Templet Mrs. Ruthie O. Simno Mr. Donald R. Simoneaux, Jr. Ms. Lindsay V. Southall Mr. Marcus C. Stanley Ms. Sarah L. Stickney Mr. Nathanael M. Straight Mr. Brett M. Sudderth Ms. Cherie A. Taylor Mrs. Isabel Thompson Ms. Meagan M. Toulouse Mr. Nam H. Tran Ms. Alejandra Velasquez Ms. Candace N. Walker Mrs. Renee M. Yesso graduate and certificate

Mrs. Sherry A. Aucoin Mr. Ian C. Barras Mrs. Katrina W. Berger Ms. Elaine K. Butler Mrs. Quinn N. Carlson Mrs. Jeanne T. Caron Ms. Melanie B. Coddington Mr. Ricardo Colon Olmo Mrs. Michelle M. Comboy Ms. Krista P. Connell Mr. John S. Creevy Ms. Darcy E. Decker Mrs. Beth A. Degeorge Biven Ms. Mikella DiSiena Ms. Rita J. Finn Ms. Amanda Wingfield Goldman Mr. Jefferson B. Goldman Mrs. Mary Z. Guditis Ms. Angelique Guillory Mr. Mehul N. Hajari Mrs. Marilyn N. Hammett Mrs. Cay Hudnall Mr. Bryan G. Jeansonne Ms. Tanya J. Joseph Ms. Sarah J. Lanneau Mr. James Ludwig Jr. Mr. Peter F. McArdle Ms. Marlene K. Moser Ms. Courtney H. Payton Mr. Jon B. Robinson Ms. Shontee A. Smothers Ms. Cameron Strayhan Ms. Helen M. Telep-Gonzalez Ms. Elizabeth K. Westley

Class of 2007 undergraduate

Ms. Sadiah B. Ahmed Ms. Kristin Barone Ms. Michelle R. Bergeron Ms. Nichole M. Bloomer Ms. Catherine L. Booth Mr. James R. Bunn Mrs. Amy McElhaney Butler Mr. Casey P. Cadella Mr. Warren J. Chambon, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth M. Clendenin

Ms. Allison E. Cooley Mr. Michael W. Cowen Mrs. Nicole M. Csintyan Mr. Conrad B. DeBaillon Mr. Edward J. Delery, Jr. Mrs. Camille M. Ducos Bidot Ms. Michelle E. Dunnick Ms. Amanda D. Eshghi Ms. Amie B. Falgout Mr. Jordan M. Ferrage Ms. Courtney E. Fisher Ms. JoEva P. Flettrich Mr. John L. Fury III Mr. Anthony J. Garrison-Engbrecht Mr. Tom E. Goicoechea Mr. Andrew M. Goodwin Mrs. Kristen E. Haro Ms. Sarah A. Hedges Mr. Jason L. Herndon Ms. Lyse M. Herrera Ms. Emily A. Hilbig Ms. Stephanie A. Hilferty Ms. Susan A. Hilty Mr. Jonathan D. Hinchey Ms. Elizabeth A. Kearney Ms. Denise Knight Miss Rachel C. Kopczyk Ms. Mary B. Kratky Mr. Colin J. Lacy Ms. Lauren M. Lewandowski Mr. Kevin M. Marshall Ms. Annie G. McBride Mr. Matthew C. Meyers Ms. Caegan A. Moore Ms. Amy E. Motichek Ms. Laurie Norman Ms. Katharine B. O’Flaherty Ms. Coleen M. O’Lear Ms. Keelia M. O’Malley Ms. Rebecca A. Ohler Mr. Bret M. Pennison Ms. Angelique M. Perez Ms. Evann R. Pichon Ms. Terese D. Sahuque Mr. Fernando L. Sanchez Mrs. Kimberley Sanchez-Rastanis Ms. Andrea R. Savickis Mr. John W. Shirley Mr. William J. Sines Mr. Matthew V. Thiel Mr. Nicholas M. Thomas Ms. Angelique Torres Mr. Daniel E. Vance Ms. Kathryn L. Watson Mr. Timothy M. Zasly, Jr. Ms. Katheryn H. Zumo graduate and certificate

Ms. Michele R. Birch Ms. Nancy C. Coffey Deacon Thomas R. Dubois Ms. Anne Marie Frohnmayer Ms. Janel M. Glynn Ms. Jessica A. Guinn Mr. Charles A. Henry Mr. David M. Higingbottom Mr. Robert W. Hjortsberg Ms. Sarah B. Hodgson Ms. Sandy N. Hubble Mr. Jordan D. Huck Mrs. Rachel B. Humer Mr. Stefan J. Humer Ms. Cynthia L. Lecount Ms. Kathleen I. McGoey Mrs. Cindy A. McLaughlin Mr. Philip R. Mervis

Mr. James P. Mooney Mr. Michael J. Plaisance Mr. George Renaudin II Mr. Michael H. Rodrigue, Jr. Mr. Hector J. Ruiz Mr. Lawrence H. Schmitt Ms. Kathleen H. Schott Ms. Stephanie M. Screen Mrs. Anne M. Seiler Emrick Mr. Albert E. Sidhom Mr. Ronald A. Stein Ms. Theresa W. Stewart Ms. Elizabeth W. Talley Mrs. Martha M. Tansey Mr. Dean T. Warren Mr. Clayton J. White

Class of 2008 undergraduate

Ms. Brianna C. Bennett Ms. Catherine M. Blume Mr. Charles D. Borison Mr. Andre M. Breaux Ms. Lisa N. Buell Ms. Margaret E. Calmes Mr. Fionn W. Casey Ms. Elizabeth J. Cronvich Ms. Jeanie Donovan Mr. Ryan M. Dumas Mrs. Chelsea A. Elwick Martinez Ms. Laura M. Fluke Ms. Christina N. Gaspari Mr. Joseph R. Goddu Ms. Shirley Gray Ms. Annette K. Hawkins Ms. Vanessa E. Howell Ms. Ann M. Johnson Mr. Michael D. Jordy Ms. Marilyn Kearney Mr. Ghermann Y. Magana Mr. Alexandre R. Marte Mr. Michael S. McCleery Ms. Stephanie L. Moody Ms. Natalie C. Nelson Mr. Jacob M. Parvino Mr. Rory J. Payne Col. Nancy L. Pearson Ms. Mary E. Pendarvis Mrs. Deborah B. Pennison Mr. Carl Phillips Ms. Karen H. Ressue Ms. Khadijah N. Rogers Mr. Elliot M. Sanchez Ms. Jordan C. Schneider Mr. John Shalbey Jr Mr. Matt D. Simmons Ms. Brigette Sweeney Ms. Megan M. Tribble Mr. Benjamin L. Triche Mr. Francisco J. Villanueva Mr. Jonathan R. Villien Mr. C. Garlan White Mr. Luke A. Zumo graduate and certificate

Ms. Monica J. Alleman Mrs. Lyzbeth M. Arellano Ms. Nadege A. Assale Ms. Jane K. Bell-Pitts Mrs. Meaghan M. Bonavita Mrs. Ann Burghardt-Dieck Mr. Michael J. Busada Mr. Eric M. Carter, Sr. Ms. Natalie A. Carver Mr. Andrew H. Chrestman Ms. Susan Cronk Ms. Jennifer C. Deasy

Ms. Esther P. Evans Ms. Tiffany M. Fleming Mr. Benjamin R. Granger Mr. William T. Hale Mrs. Kristy Ivancic Ms. Bonnie A. Kendrick Mrs. Dawn F. Kregel Ms. Elizabeth A. Mcginnis Ms. Stephanie D. McNeill Dr. Elizabeth L. Montgomery Ms. Marilee E. Muncey Mr. Binford E. Parker III Ms. Rosemary M. Partridge Ms. Lauren M. Soliz Mr. Nathanael M. Straight Ms. Christy Stubblefield Ms. Paulette A. Ward Mrs. Patricia H. Wells Ms. Deborah A. Westerfield

Class of 2009 undergraduate

Mr. John R. Adams Ms. Jennifer A. Alvarez Ms. Megan E. Aucoin Ms. Erica L. Babycos Mr. Alex K. Bachari Mr. Matthew N. Baughman Ms. Lauren S. Bennett Mr. Braxton J. Bernard Ms. Jo A. Burke Ms. Catherine A. Busot Ms. Emily C. Carlson Mr. Roy A. Cerrillo Ms. Ashlee N. Christianson Mr. Miles D. Colley, Jr Ms. Courtney E. Collins Ms. Katherine E. Conley Mr. Brett C. Cooper Mr. Joseph E. Daher Ms. Nathalie N. Delise Mr. Donald C. Faust, Jr. Mr. Gregory J. Fontenot Ms. Jessica C. Forrester Mr. Gregory Gavel Ms. Jyme H. Gordy Mr. Chaseray L. Griffin Ms. Caitlin C. Hayes Ms. Allison R. Hjortsberg Mr. Peter J. Honan Ms. Kathryn M. Johnson Ms. Lisa M. Kociubinski Ms. Samantha J. Ladd Mr. Jonathan A. Langlinais Ms. Cristina I. Mas Mr. Roy L. McGrath Ms. Sara M. Melton Mr. Alexis R. Mendoza Ms. Madeleine M. Mouledoux Ms. Lydia D. Mulero Ms. Amanda M. Naldjieff Ms. Lauren A. Navarro Ms. Tuyen M. Nguyen Mr. Alex W. Norman Mr. Herbert J. O’Conor Ms. Sybil K. Paulson Ms. Eva M. Pesta Ms. Megan K. Plagman Ms. Emily A. Ramirez Mr. Robert W. Rinker III Ms. Kelly L. Roth Mr. Matthew W. Smith, Jr Ms. Kelly A. Steyer Mr. Michael Swantek Ms. Victoria N. Voelker

graduate and certificate

Ms. Megan E. Algero Mrs. Sarah E. Back Ms. Carmen M. Balthazar Ms. Winoka Banks Mr. Jose A. Batres Mr. Ramiro J. Bernal Ms. Delores A. Bukowski Mrs. Tammy L. Bush Ms. Margaret K. Camino Ms. Anya K. Canache Ms. Erin L. Cordle Ms. Mary C. Degnan Mr. John D. Donohoe Mr. Stephen R. Doody Ms. Amie B. Falgout Ms. Ginger Geiger Mrs. Jacqueline N. Hanemann Mr. Kyle M. Huling Ms. Margaret P. Kimber Ms. Rae L. Kusnit Ms. Vashti J. Lemelle Ms. Lauren M. Lewandowski Ms. Wendy Lutgring Mr. Joseph K. Mollohan Ms. Emily Y. Moran Ms. Michelle L. Neil Dr. Anita K. Ochsner Ms. Susanne Rallis Ms. Elizabeth R. Richard Ms. Ashley E. Van Meter Ms. Susan Whelan

Class of 2010 undergraduate

Ms. Kayla M. August Mr. David T. Buttrey Ms. Jessica Camp Ms. Erica R. Castellano Mr. David A. Castillo Mr. Stephen T. Cunningham Ms. Elizabeth M. Daino Mr. Liam L. Deegan Mr. Blake J. Gable Ms. Tracey A. Garcia Ms. Rebecca A. Gardner Mr. Alexander L. Girau Ms. Abigail E. Gordon Ms. Hilary K. Gunnels Ms. Norma Y. Hernandez Mr. Lyle L. Hunter Ms. Danielle R. Jenkins Ms. Anna Lee Ms. Christina M. Luwisch Ms. Elizabeth Margiotta Mr. David S. McChesney Mr. David J. McManus III Ms. Vesna Milojevic Mrs. Heather A. Mistich Mr. Brandon W. Mueller Mr. Casey Munson Ms. Brooke R. Neal Mr. Daniel H. Ocariz Mr. Roberto P. Pasquariello Ms. Sofia A. Pena-Moya Mr. Jason A. Picou Mr. Derrell J. Plaisance Mr. Brendan P. Ryan Ms. Atoyia A. Scott Ms. Claire C. Simmons Ms. Deborah Smith Ms. Francesca Sussman Mr. Alexander J. Tellers Ms. Constance E. Thompson Ms. Megan L. Vonk Mr. Eric T. Walsh *denotes deceased 23

Ms. Sarah C. Wild Ms. Kathryn R. Wood graduate and certificate

Ms. Sharina Arceneaux Mr. Michael Begley Mrs. Joanne M. Bonnot Mr. Stanley J. Bordelon II Mr. Richard Bryan Mr. Brian J. Danos Ms. Susan Do Ms. Sallie C. DuPont Ms. Mary S. Elick Ms. Crystal B. Forte Mr. Brodie G. Glenn Mr. Ra’Shaud Haines Mr. Ryan C. Higgins Ms. Susan A. Hilty Mrs. Kirsten S. Hooker Ms. Stephanie A. Hotard Ms. Bridget H. Hyde Ms. Lillie E. Joyce Ms. Darnell Kohlenberg Mr. Colin J. Lacy Ms. Donna Larrabee Ms. Angel A. Leblanc Ms. Dorothy McClain Ms. Lorraine J. Miller Ms. Natalie Nelson Mr. Robert J. Nelson Ms. Catherine P. Patriarca Ms. Cassie E. Preston Mr. Ron R. Ramirez Mr. Frank B. Reedy Ms. Renee W. Reine Ms. Laurie Salas Ms. Alexis A. Scott Ms. P. S. Selph Ms. Mary C. Stafford Ms. Kamala Steele Mr. Craig T. Stillings Ms. Beth S. Toups Ms. Marisa Valdes Ms. Patricia G. Wheeler Ms. Paula O. Zanker

Class of 2011 undergraduate

Mr. Alexander R. Auger Ms. Reba J. Billips Ms. Megan E. Bourg Ms. Edie M. Burns Ms. Samantha P. Fenimore Mr. Jesus J. Garcia Ms. Amanda L. Gary Ms. Fiona P. Giblin Mr. Monty Goulet Ms. Jani D. Jackson Ms. Kathryn J. Johnson Ms. Kris L. Johnson Mr. Brian C. Lussier Ms. Sarah M. Macom Ms. Karla R. Martinez Ms. Lisa A. McKinley Ms. Jessica E. Mirshak Mr. Russell R. Mistich Mr. William J. Nunn Mr. Kelly M. O’Leary Mr. Brendan G. Parker Mr. Nicholas A. Payne Mr. Corey L. Phillips Ms. Briana R. Renfrow Ms. Gabriela C. Rivera Mr. Brian M. Samuel Ms. Soraya S. Schwartz Mr. Roger A. Valladares Ms. Melanie A. Ziems

graduate and certificate

Ms. Heather J. Ansert Ms. Audrey S. Bennett Mr. Frank H. Boehm IV Ms. Terri Bollinger-Foster Ms. Donna H. Bourgeois Ms. Megan A. Cambre Ms. Laken N. Davis Mrs. Jeanette E. Delery Capocaccia Ms. Lauren A. Favret Ms. Shirley M. Fontana Ms. Abigail E. Gordon Mrs. Carol F. Guidry Ms. Annette K. Hawkins Ms. Lyse M. Herrera Mr. Felix Hien Cao Ms. Vanessa E. Howell Mr. Ebbed Joseph Mr. Ghermann Y. Magana Ms. Georgia B. McBride Mrs. Alexis Mueller Ms. Sybil K. Paulson Mr. Carl Phillips Ms. Julie Tuttle

Class of 2012 undergraduate

Mr. Nicholas Adams Mr. Eric A. Ambrose Miss Carmen Arellano Mr. Francisco G. Arrieta Mr. Christopher Beamon Ms. Irene Bean Ms. Gabriella M. Bertrand Miss Kaitlin E. Bertschi Mr. William J. Bickle IV Mr. Sherard V. Briscoe Ms. Kayla L. Butler Mr. Joshua D. Campbell Ms. Paulette Carter Mr. Jethro Celestin Ms. Brittany E. Chandler Ms. Kaitlin N. Christopherson Mr. Mark A. Clayton II Mr. Michael Clem Mr. Simon Cross Ms. Elizabeth N. Dao Ms. Paula M. Dizon Mr. Foster P. Douglas Mr. Gary R. Elzey Mr. Ross M. Farbe Mr. Keller F. Fisher Mr. Jacob F. Frady Ms. Lauren E. Frederick Mr. Raymond T. Freire Ms. Alexie D. Gaddis Mr. David G. Garcia Mr. Jesus J. Garcia Miss Nicole Goldin Mr. Steffon M. Gray Ms. Joni R. Gremillion Mr. Chad M. Guidry Mr. Kingsley A. Hansen Mr. Austin C. Heck Mr. Michael S. Hertzig Miss Ellen M. Horgan Miss Ellen M. Horgan Ms. Kathryn J. Johnson Ms. Kris L. Johnson Mr. Christopher D. Joseph, Jr Mr. Dylan E. Kremer Ms. Kristen A. Lee Mr. Jonathan D. Lewis Mr. Kevin A. Lytle Ms. Sharron D. Mangum Mr. Adam P. Mayon

Mr. John C. Mccann, Jr. Ms. Juliet A. Meeks Mr. Victor A. Miles Miss Maria C. Missura Mr. Alex W. Norman Ms. Clarissa M. Parodi Mr. Hector R. Pineda Mr. Andrew B. Pummer Mrs. Gail Refuge Jackson Ms. Michelle E. Rau Mr. Christopher J. Rengel Miss Raquel F. Sauceda Mr. Ross R. Schneider Mr. Lee A. Slan III Mr. Joshua P. Smith Mr. Wesley R. Smith Mr. Nolan G. Storey Ms. Olivia Q. Taylor Mr. Dominic M. Traina Ms. Tuong-Vi T. Tran Mr. John L. Valdespino Mr. Andrew N. Vo Ms. Lalisa Wade Mr. Clinard G. Walker Ms. Khephra C. White Miss Elizabeth Whiteside Ms. Shawn M. Wolkart Mr. Matthew C. Zarba graduate and certificate

Ms. Andrea M. Agee Mr. Francisco G. Arrieta Mr. Jeffery D. Blue Ms. Tiffany A. Boveland Ms. Paulette Carter Ms. Kieone H. Cochran Mr. Paul D. Cordes III Ms. Latanja L. Divens Ms. Maria E. Dugas Ms. Chanelle N. Gaither Ms. Yolanda R. Hill Mr. Vincent P. Impastato Mr. Victor M. Jones Ms. Janet Kelchner Mr. Conor T. Lutkewitte Ms. Michelle McClure Ms. Michelle F. Midkiff Ms. Alicia M. Moon Mr. Kenneth R. J. O’Rourke, Jr. Mr. Daniel Ogbeide Ms. Frances M. Phares Ms. Mary N. Smith Mr. Taylor C. Stone Ms. Constance E. Thompson Ms. Angelique Torres Ms. Lalisa Wade Ms. Anne L. Watkins


Mrs. and Mrs. Peter Abendschein Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Acosta Mr. Babatunde Adams Mr. Brian Adams Mr. and Mrs. Eric Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Allan Mr. Guillermo M. Alvarez Mr. Walter J. Alves Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ambeau, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Ancelet Ms. Darlene Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Tony Antoon Mr. and Mrs. Carlos F. Arazoza Mr. and Mrs. Rickey J. Ashley Mr. and Mrs. Albert Asta Mr. Mark D. Aubert Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Austermann Ms. Monica C. Babcock

Mr. and Mrs. Wassek Badr Dr. Thomas Baeker Mr. Patrick X. Bailey Dr. Ronald F. Baldo Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Barbier Mr. and Mrs. Dana M. Barkley Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Bauer Ms. Myrtho Beauvais Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell Mr. Jeffrey B. Bellelo Mr. and Mrs. Foyce Benford Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bensen Mr. Richard Berne and Ms. Susan Schraft Ms. Kandy W. Berner Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Berner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berthier Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bertschi Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Beverstock Dr. Kurt R. Birdwhistell Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bischoff Mr. David Bloomfield and Ms. Vicky Vossen Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Bombaci Ms. Julia H. Bone Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Bonin Hon. Paul A. Bonin Mr. Jose M. Bonnin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Boston Ms. and Mrs. Douglas C. Bowman Ms. Rebecca Brignac Mr. and Mrs. Berkley B. Bristow III Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Britcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Broadbent Ms. Sharon S. Broussard Mr. Blair Brown and Ms.H.Susan Gerone Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Buchholz Mr. and Mrs. Joe Burnett Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Byram Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Cain Mr. and Mrs. Calvin J. Campeaux Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Cannon Ms. Maria Capasso Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Carbonari Mr. and Mrs. Sterling J. Cardon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Carsman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Casper Mr. and Mrs. Paul Castille Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Catalano Mr. and Mrs. George F. Cawley Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ceponis Ms. Susan Cheever Mr. and Mrs. Guy Cheney Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cheramie, Sr.. Mr. and Mrs. Luke Cibilich Ms. Marilyn Ciolino Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Clark III Ms. Arlene Q. Claveria Mr. and Mrs. David Clayton Mr. and Mrs. Karl Clifford Ms. Lucile Clifford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Codd Mr. and Mrs. William L. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cole Mr. and Mrs. Neal Collier Mr. and Mrs. Brian Collyer Ms. Judith Connolly Dr. Dennis W. Coombs Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Billy Cornay Mr. and Mrs. James Cornelius Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corso Mr. Agustin Crespo Ms. Maria Cristini Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crockett Mrs. Mary A. Cruickshank

Mr. and Mrs. Kevan Cullins Mr. and Mrs. John Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cutler Ms. Carrie Daigle Mr. Paul Danaher Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Davis Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Davis Mr. Richard A. Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Devine III Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dietze Mr. and Mrs. William A. Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Donkle Ms. Laura J. Donnaway Ms. Gail M. Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Donovan Ms. Diane M. Dougherty Ms. Carolyn Drblik Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Duffy Mr. and Mrs. James Duhamel Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Durkin Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dwyer Mrs. Donna A. Earles Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Edel Ms. Caroline Eisenhood Mr. and Mrs. Eyal Enav Mr. and Mrs. Laurence England Mr. and Mrs. John Evans Mr. and Mrs. Richard Everett Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Failla Ms. Charlene Fannell Mr. Mark Farnham Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Fath Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Fein Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ferguson Dr. Mark F. Fernandez Dr.and Mrs. Eduardo Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Darrien Fincher Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Finizio Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Fisher Ms. Terrell Fulghum Fisher Mr. Mario Font Dave and Liz Horner Foshage Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Fossier Mr. and Mrs. Luis Frascarelli Mr. and Mrs. Kyle D. Frederic Mr. and Mrs. David A. Friedrichs Mr. and Mrs. Donald Furlow Mr. and Mrs. Mark Futral Mrs. and Mr. Lones Gagnard Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gaines Mr. and Mrs. William F. Gallagher Mr. G. William Gallops Ms. Aida Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Julio Garcia Dr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Gaspari Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gatto Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Gergen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Gillis Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gooch Mr. and Mrs. David Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. John Gore Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Gosciniak Ms. Janie Gotts Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie C. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Walton Greer Mrs. Regina L. Grelle Ms. Rebecca C. Grenn Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Groover Mr. and Mrs. Cary J. Guidry Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Gulotta Ms. Archana S. Gupta

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gurney Mr. and Mrs. James J. Hagan Ms. Melissa Hagen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hall Ms. Angelle Hammond Dr. Jeffery Hanrahan Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Harbaugh Ms. Rebecca Harwell Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Hasty Mrs. Laura Hawkins Mansur Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Henriquez Mrs. Jennifer L. Henry Dr. Thomas E. Herman Ms. Michelle L. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel J. Hidalgo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Hildebrand Ms. Linda L. Hill Mr. and Mrs. James Hillis Mr. Warren Hinckle III Ms. Andrea Hines Mr. and Mrs. Randy P. Hinojosa Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Ho Ms. Mary S. Hoffpauer Mr. Mark G. Holden Ms. Victoria L. Holt Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Homar Dr. Trent Hovenga and Dr. Lisa Hovenga Mr. and Mrs. David G. Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hutchinson Ms. Shari Huval Mr. Ben Huynh Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Hyde Dr. and Mrs. George C. Ibars Ms. Angela Irvin Ms. Willie M. Jackson Mr. Shalom Jacobovitz Mr. Cedric D. James Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Parvinder Jhita Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Johns Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. David F. Jones Mr. Ralph F. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jordan Dr. Michael Katich Ms. Melanie Katsoupis Mr. and Mrs. Henry Keeshan Mrs. Chere Bergeron Keller Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Keller Ms. Maureen B. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Kern Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kimbro Ms. Deborah W. Kirk Ms. Nancy Kline Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kneib Mr. and Mrs. Jack Koehler Mr. and Mrs. William Kopec Mr. Stephen M. Kovach Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kransdorf Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kratz Mr. and Mrs. Chris T. Kremer Dr. and Mrs. Emile J. LaBranche Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. LaBranche Mr. Michael J. Lacour Mr. Bryan L. Laiche Ms. Lori A. Lamorelle Mrs. Carolyn Y. Lanclos Mr. and Mrs. Rodney P. Landrum. Jr. Ms. Pamela A. Lange Dr. Gregory Langston Mr. and Mrs. James F. LaPatka Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lattyak Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Leary *denotes deceased

Ms. Amanda LeBeau Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. LeBlanc Ms. Lee Ann LeBlanc Ms. Judith S. Lee Ms. Patricia Lee Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Leon Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio LeSage, Jr. Mr. Robert E. Leslie Mr. and Mrs. James Lilly Mr. Merlin Lirette Dr. Mark Livesey Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Logan Mr. and Mrs. David G. Loos Mr. and Mrs. Rolando A. Lopez Mrs. Deborah P. Lopreore Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Lorio III Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lovaglio Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Lyons Mr. Peter MacEwen and Ms. Elizabeth Rhinelander Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Machado Mr. and Mrs. Mariano Macias Mr. and Mrs. Juan T. Magallanez Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Maher Miljana Mandich, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Steven Marcello Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Martin Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Martin Mr. Terry Martin Mr. and Mrs. Rene H. Martinez Dr. and Mrs. John S. Maxwell Ms. Angela Mayes Mr. and Mrs. Byron A. Mayon Mrs. Bonnie C. Mc Cullar Mr. Michael C. McCall Truax and Ms. Damaris Delgado Vega Mr. and Mrs. Keaton M. McCarty Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. McClure Ms. Lisa McCord Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. McDonald Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. McGinn Mrs. Tara K. McGowan Ms. Edna McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Paul McMahon Mr. and Mrs. John McMasters Mr. Melton McMullan Mrs. Sarah M. McNally Mr. and Mrs. James R. McNeil Mr. David H. Meeks Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Melton Mr. and Mrs. Jose Mendoza Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Mikuls Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Miller Mr. Phillip B. Miller and Ms. Mary E. Infante Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard Millet Mr. Allan Mitchell and Ms. Cristina M. Stiles Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. William Mitzian Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Moldthan Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Monley Mr. Dennis Monmouth Mr. and Mrs. Keith Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Moore, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Sean J. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Moritz Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Motsinger Dr. Altrena G. Mukuria Mr. and Mrs. Carlo J. Mulvenna Mr. Edward V. Mungia Ms. Laura Munilla Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy

Ms. Charlene M. Nelson Mr. Karl Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Nessler Mr. and Mrs. Allen Newman III Ms. Ann B. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nielsen Ms. Patricia A. Norman Mr. and Mrs. Patricio Northland Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Nunez III Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Puis A. Obioha Mr. Francis Olivier III Mr. and Mrs. Ismael Oria Mr. David Owen Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Pabst Ms. Vicki Padilla Mrs. Sylvia L. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Paparo Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Paternostro Mrs. Shirley B. Pechon Ms. Dorothy Pellessier Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Pena Mr. and Mrs. Desmond F. Perschall, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Peters Rod Ms. Karen Pfau-Martinez Mr. Craig Pfister Dr. Mary C. Phelan Mr. and Mrs. George Pivach II Mr. and Mrs. Carlos E. Pla Mr. and Mrs. Clint Plant Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Poelker Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Pollard Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Pouliot Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pray Ms. Daisy Pujals Mr. John G. Puma Mr. Christopher Pummer Mr. and Mrs. James Quern Ms. Jennifer A. Quezergue Mr. and Mrs. Mario Quintanilla Ms. Paula A. Quintanilla Ms. Carol J. Rabideau Mrs. Terese D. Rachal Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Radosti Ms. Joan Rakowski Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Ramon Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Randall Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Randall Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Randazzo Mrs. Marian R. Raphael Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rawls Mr. and Mrs. David Ray Mr. and Mrs. Brian Reaney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reel Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Regozin Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Rehm Mr. and Mrs. Urs Rengel Mrs. Gail Reynolds Mr. and Ms. Brian J. Richoux Ms. Lisa P. Rickert Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Riley Mr. and Mrs. Arian Robaina Mr. and Mrs. Suyapa B. Rodas Dr. and Mrs. Terrence Ross Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ross Mr. Collins C. Rossi Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Roubion Mr. and Mrs. Gerard R. Rousselle Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Rousseve Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Rowland Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rutledge Mr. and Mrs. Dale Saladino Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Saliba Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Sampson Mr. and Mrs. Flavio Sanchez

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Mr. and Mrs. Peter van Roden Mr. and Mrs. Juan Vega Mr. and Mrs. Barry P. Vice Mr. and Mrs. Duc Vo Dr. Paul Voss Mr. Robert Vucic and Ms. Catherine Barron Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Waddell Mrs. Barbara A. Wagner Dr. William Walkenhorst Ms. Arc Brenetta Walker Mr. and Mrs. Brent Walker Ms. Laura Walker Mr. and Mrs. William Walker Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wallace Mr. Sean L. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. David W. Wangler Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Warren Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Bryan R. Webster Mr. and Mrs. John Webster Ms. Elizabeth Wehrwein Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Weigand Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weinstock Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. Wendt Mr. Clayton J. White Mr. and Mrs. James White Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. White Ms. Sherri White Mr. Charles Whitman Mr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery S. Williams Ms. Lola Williams Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Williams Mr. Michael Williams and Ms. Shelley Capretto Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Williams Ms. Vahness Williams Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Wink Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Worthy Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zajkowski Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Zansler Jr. Ms. Margaret Zelaya Mr. and Mrs. David R. Zemmels Mr. and Mrs. Bill Zobrist Mr. and Mrs. Jeff K. Zoller

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Adams and Reese, L.L.P. Dr. Katherine H. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Almeida Alpha Sigma Nu National Honor Society Alvendia, Kelly and Demarest, L.L.C. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Amato Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Andressen Mr. and Mrs.Thomas P. Anzelmo, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Arnold Ashcraft and Gerel L.L.P. AYCO Charitable Foundation Babovich and Spedale, P.L.C. Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Back Baldwin, Haspel, Burke and Mayer Bank of Louisiana Barbas Enterprises, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Barbas Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Barreca Mr. Richard Barnett Dr. and Mrs. William Barnett Morris Bart L.L.C. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bart III Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Becker Mr. and Ms. Michael T. Bell Mrs. Frances B. Bendana Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Benandi Mrs. Margie Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Warren Benoit Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Berner Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Biundo, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Bishop Mr. William Black Dr. Judith C. Blaise Mr. William A. Blase, Jr. Mrs. Gita Bolt Dr. Donald R. Boomgaarden Mr. and Mrs. Damian P. Boudreaux Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Braden IV Mr. Arthur J. Brewster Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Brooks Mr. Blair Brown and Ms. H. Susan Gerone Dr. Dorothy H. Brown Mrs. Leah C. Schlater-Brown Brown Sims, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Brown Bruno’s Tavern Mr. Harold A. Buchler, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Buckman Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Buese Mr. and Mrs. Peyton B. Burkhalter Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Buterbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Elwood F. Cahill, Jr. Ms. Carolyn M. Callahan Mrs. Leonora A. Callahan PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc. Mr. Leo Caillier California Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Carbon, Jr. Dr. Ann H. Cary Dr. Kevin M. Casey Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Castille, Jr. CCI Pipeline Systems Chaffe, McCall, L.L.P. Mr. and Mrs. Gregg M. Charest Mr. Brian D. Chadwick Ms. Kathleen K. Charvet Mr. Edgar L. Chase III Mr. Dane S. Ciolino Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Christiansen Mr. Walter L. Comeaux II Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Condron Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Connick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James C. Corcoran Courtyard Grill NOLA Mr. Thomas C. Cowan Mr. and Mrs. David W. Crippen Dr. Jo Ann Cruz Ms. Margaret E. Currie Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Davezac Dr. Anthony A. Decuir Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. del Corral Mr. Derek D. Dehoog Dr. Jean B. de Kernion Department of Labor Joint Bar Association Mr. and Mrs. William G. Deris Mr. John J. Deveney Ms. Sarah E. Dhane Mrs. Marilyn V. Dittmann Dodge and Cox, Inc. Dr. John K. Dooley Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. Dongieux Mr. Nicholas D. Doucet Downman Family Foundation Hon. and Mrs. James U. Downs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. DuBos Mr. Frank C. Dudenhefer, Jr. Mr. Alexander F. Eagle IV Dr. and Mrs. Emilio D. Echevarria Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Eck Ms. Arlene C. Edwards Eiserloh Company Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Exnicios Mr. Robert J. Farrell

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Fasullo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Julian B. Feibelman, Jr. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Financial Planning Center Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Fisher Mrs. Martha H. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Fitzwilliam Mr. Thomas M. Flanagan Ms. Marguerite Rey Florent Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Forstall, Jr. Carl Forstmann Memorial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David G. Foshage Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Foulks Fowler, Rodriguez, Valdes-Fauli Mrs. Victoria A. Frank Franke and Salloum, P.L.L.C. Frischhertz, Poulliard, Frischhertz and Impastato Mr. and Mrs. Abelardo Gabriel Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr and Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Garsaud, Jr. Ms. Monique M. Garsaud Mr. William B. Gaudet Mr. Pierre F. Gaudin Mr. Charles F. Gay, Jr. Dr. Gwendolyn R. George Dr. Robert H. Giardina Gibbs Construction Inc. Ms. Jane M. Gisevius Dr. Lynne M. Gleiber Dr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Glaser Mrs. Rebecca J. Gleasman Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Gregory Grove Creek Fund Mrs. Elaine T. Grundmeyer Dr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Guenin Mr. and Mrs. Kurt S. Grunwald Ms. Archana S. Gupta Ms. Paula M. Guibault Mr. Lee Halford, Jr. Mrs. Betty N. Hand Mr. Sidney L. Harp II Dr. and Mrs. Walter Harris Mr. Lawrence F. Henneberger The Henry Foundation, Inc Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Herbert Herman, Herman and Katz Mrs. Sara Shipley Hiles Dr. Catherine P. Hill Mr. Mark R. Holloway Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Holmes Dr. Craig S. Hood Mr. and Mrs. Will S. Hornsby III Mr. Patrick R. Hugg Mr. and Mrs. Merl M. Huntsinger Mr. and Mrs. Erik K. Hymel Mr. and Mrs. Roland J. Hymel, Jr. Irwin Fritchie Urquhart and Moore, L.L.C. Hon. Mary Jo Jacobi-Jephson Jamaican Sunset CLE LTD. The Javier Law Firm, L.L.C. Ms. Joan Gisevius Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Jones Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevent, Carrere and Denegre, L.L.P. Juge, Napolitano, Guilbeau, Ruli, Mr. and Mrs. Morton H. Katz Kean, Miller, Hawthorne, D’Armond, McCowan and Jarman, L.L.P. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kelly Lt. Col. Michael J. Keenan King, Krebs and Jurgens, P.L.L.C.

Kinney, Ellinghausen, Richard and DeShazo Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kloor Hon. Nancy M. Konrad Krebs, Farley and Pelleteri, L.L.C. Krewe of Tucks, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kutcher LA Chapter-American Corporate Counsel Association LA Department of Public Safety Mr. and Mrs. John P. Laborde Mr. Henry M. Lambert Mrs. Elizabeth M. Landis Hon. and Mrs. Moon Landrieu Dr. C. William La Salle II Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Leithman Lemle and Kelleher, L.L.P. Liberty Mutual Group, Inc. Liskow and Lewis Dr. and Mrs. James L. Llorens Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Looney Lott Ship Agency Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel Trial Academy Louisiana State Bar Association Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lovaglio Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lutkewitte Ms. Ruby C. Lyons Mr. John W. Mc Kirahan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. McCabe Ms. Michelle Mcclure Dr. Mary Ann A. McCay Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. McCormack Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McIntire Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McKenney Mrs. Sarah M. McNally Mr. and Mrs. Mariano Macias Ms. Sharron D. Mangum Mrs. Elizabeth C. Manshel Marco Outdoor Advertising Dr. and Mrs. I. Ricardo Martinez, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Menniti Mercer Law Firm, L.L.C. Mr. and Mrs. William F. Miller, Jr. Dr. Luis Miron Mrs. Marcia S. Montero Mr. Douglas J. Moore Dr. and Mrs. Lee R. Morgan, Jr. Mr. Mark E. Morice Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand and Brackett, L.L.C. Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Mouledoux, Jr. The J. K. Mullen Foundation Hon. and Mrs. Robert M. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Myerson NOLA Couture L.L.C. New Faith Church New Orleans Chapter Federal Bar Association New Orleans Luxury Rentals, L.L.C. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nosal Mr. Kevin O’Donnell Omaha Community Foundation Overture to the Cultural Season Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Pastorek Mrs. Gertrude Pavur Mr. and Mrs. Curtis A. Pellerin Dr. Marcia L. Petty Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Pfister, Jr. Pitts and Mills Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Plaisance Mr. and Mrs. William G. Pope, Jr. Mrs. Jamie K. Proctor Mr. Frank M. Provenza Mrs. Julia F. Punaro

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney C. Pulitzer Mr. and Mrs. William P. Quigley Mrs. Susanne Rallis Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Randall Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Randazzo Mrs. Joan Rathe Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Ray, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Reso, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Renwick The Rallis Richner Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Riley Ringler Associates Metairie, L.L.C. Mrs. Marvel Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Rodriguez Ms. B. Lynn Rogers Mr. Collins C. Rossi Mr. Frank V. Rovirosa Mr. Edward M. Ruane Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo J. Ruiz Ms. Darla H. Rushing Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Ryan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William F. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Fernando A. Rivera Saad Mr. David Saint St. Martin and Bourque A.P.L.C. Ms. Analia Saban Dr. and Mrs. Sherif K. Sakla Ms. Jane Savage Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seals Mr. and Mrs. Klaus K. Schmiegel Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Schwartz Dr. and Mrs. George T. Schneider Mrs. Lee Anne Sciambra Mr. Michael T. Scripps Dr. Milton W. Seiler, Jr. Ms. Carla Seyler and Mr. Mark Winter Mr. Thomas W. Shepard III Sher, Garner, Cahill, Richter, Klein and Hilbert L.L.C. Mr. and Mrs. Mettery I. Sherry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Siegrist Mr. and Mrs. George F. Sins III Smith Stag L.L.C. St. Charles Ave. Presbyterian Church St. Joseph’s Texas, Roman Catholic Congregation, Inc. Ms. Earnrolyn C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. George F. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Smythe Mr. Tony Sofio Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Stacey IV Stone Pigman Walther Wittman L.L.C. Dr. Carlos M. Suadi Sullivan Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Tarcza Dr. Robert A. Thomas Dr. William E. Thornton, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Tomich Mr. Jeremy T. Toohey Mr. Jeffrey M. Toups Mr. Michael P. Traverse Mr. Charles Trunz Urban League of Greater New Orleans Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Van Haverbeke Dr. Lydia Voigt Mr. Lee Vorisek and Ms. Patricia Joyce Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Wallace Mr. Gustave E. Walsack, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Roland S. Waguespack, Jr. Mrs. Ninette P. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weinstock Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Weiser

Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. Wendt Ms. Mary A. West Mr. V. M. Wheeler III Mr. Clayton J. White Rev. and Mrs. P. Donald White, Jr. Whitman Family Foundation Mr. Stephen R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Roland J. Wiltz Fanny Edith Winn Educational Trust Mrs. Marcelle B. Wolfe Mrs. Mary K. Zervigon


Adams and Reese, L.L.P. Alerion Bank Almar Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John G. Amato Dr. and Mrs. Jack A. Andonie J. Aron Charitable Foundation AT&T Louisiana Dr. Carl Baldridge* Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bart III Bank of America Credit Card Division Bellsouth Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Benjamin, Jr. Mrs. Brenda M. Bezou* Mr. James O. Blackwell, Jr. Ms. Beatrice Bonomo* Mrs. Maedell H. Braud Joseph A. Breaux Foundation Mr. Joseph A. Breaux* Mrs. Gladys E. Brennan* Mr. John F. Bricker* Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Brooks Dr. Brendan F. Brown* The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation Dr. Renan Bu Contreras and Dr. Monica A. LeDee Bush Clinton Katrina Relief Fund Mr. William A. Cahill* Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Calenda Dr. Elise M. Cambon* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Canizaro Capital One Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Castille, Jr. Catholic Society of Religious and Literary Education ChevronTexaco Foundation ChevronTexaco, Inc. Christian Health Ministries Foundation Mr. J. Kerry Clayton and Ms. Paige Royer Mr. Thomas J. Clements College Bookstores of America, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Miles D. Colley, Sr. Mrs. Mary C. Collins* Collins C. Diboll Private Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Cosse Mr. Joseph M. Costello III* Ms. Susan L. Couvillon Mrs. Germaine A. Danna* Mr. John B. Dauenhauer III* Mr. Eberhard P. Deutsch* Mr.* and Mrs. Harold S. Dey Mr.* and Mrs. David F. Dixon Miss Delia I. Donnaud* Ms. Shawn M. Donnelley and Dr. Christopher Kelly Hon.* and Mrs. Adrian G. Duplantier Entergy Corporation ExxonMobil Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Farr Mrs. Cynthia F. Fayard Mr. Robert E. Fictum Mrs. Marcelia C. Fisher*

Dr. Milton F. Flagg* The Ford Foundation Foundation for Louisiana Dr. and Mrs. John Fraiche Ella West Freeman Foundation Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Frois The Frost Foundation Ms. Marjorie A. Frugé Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ganucheau, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Gerald N. Gaston Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Gause* Gauthier, Houghtaling & Williams, LLP The Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Gheens Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. S. Derby Gisclair Mr. Frederick J. Gisevius, Jr.* Frederick Gisevius Foundation Mrs. Beverly A. Graham* Hallmark Cards, Inc. Mr.* and Mrs. Stephen C. Hartel Mr.* and Mrs. Arthur M. Hayes William Randolph Hearst Fund, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Higgins Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Merl M. Huntsinger Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hutchinson* Mr. and Mrs. Roland J. Hymel, Jr. ICF Consulting Group, Inc. JP Morgan Chase Dr. Keith W. Jacobs* Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Jacobs Jesuits of the New Orleans Province Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevent, Carrere & Denegre, LLP Mrs. Rosemarie Kaskell Katz Media Miss Katherine Kearney* W. M. Keck Foundation Mr. Charles Keller, Jr.* Keller Family Foundation W.K. Kellogg Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kloor Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation Koch Industries, Inc. KPMG Foundation Kresge Foundation LA Outside Counsel Health and Ethics Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Alden J. Laborde Mr. and Mrs. John P. Laborde Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. LeBlanc Mr. John Legier* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Lemann Lemle & Kelleher, L.L.P. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Levert, Jr. Libby-Dufour Fund Eli Lilly and Company Lilly Endowment, Inc. Liskow and Lewis Louisiana Independent College Foundation Louisiana Land & Exploration The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Lupin The Lupin Foundation Miss Mona A. Mailhes* Mr. Edward C. Mathes and Ms. Ann Schmuelling Mr. Harold M. Mayeur* McDermott International, Inc. McGlinchey Stafford, PLLC Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. McLean Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Messmer, Jr. Miss Alice J. Miller*

Mrs. Edna K. Miller* Mr. and Mrs. Martin O. Miller II Mr. and Mrs.* René J. Mouledoux Mr. and Mrs. Grover E. Mouton III Mr. Henry R. Muñoz III Kell Munoz Architects Mutual Savings Life Insurance Dr. Charles E. Myler, Jr. National Endowment for Humanities The Samuel Newhouse Foundation, Inc. Northrop Grumman Litton Foundation Dr. Charles F. Nunemaker Estate Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah J. O’Keefe III Mr. and Mrs. Sean C. O’Keefe Mr. and Mrs. William F. O’Toole Ocean Drilling and Exploration Open Society Institute Pan-American Life Insurance Group Phelps Dunbar, L.L.P. Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Poorman Pritzker Foundation Mrs. Joan Rathe Mrs. Vada Reynolds* Miss Janet Mary Riley* The Roosevelt Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Roussel III Mrs. Dorothy D. Roy* Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Rusovich Mr. and Mrs. William F. Ryan Mr.* and Mrs. Louis J. St. Martin Miss Florence E. St. Paul* Dr. and Mrs. Sherif K. Sakla Mrs. Isabel Salvant* Mr. Leon Sarpy* Ms. Ashley C. Schaffer and Mr. James Grinwis The Selley Foundation Mrs. Juanita Sendker* Seymour Weiss Foundation Shell Oil Company Silicon Valley Community Foundation Lt. Col. and Mrs. George L. Sirgo, Jr. Mr.* and Mrs. James E. Smith, Sr. Mrs. Bonnie M. Spencer The Starr Foundation Percival Stern Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Stewart, Jr. The Times-Picayune Mr. and Mrs. T. Allen Usry Kendall Vick Public Law Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Vicknair Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Voelker, Jr. Dr. Alexis Voorhies, Jr.* Mr. Leo A. Welcker Hon. John D. Wessel* Fanny Edith Winn Educational Trust Mary Freeman Wisdom Foundation Zemurray Foundation

University Founders of The Society of St. Ignatius

Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Adams, Sr. Mr. Carlos M. Ayala* Baptist Community Ministries Mr. and Mrs. Tom Benson Booth-Bricker Fund Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Rev. Stephen J. Duffy* Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gerald N. Gaston Mrs. Anne B. Gauthier Wendell H. and Anne B. Gauthier Family Foundation Mr. Frederick J. Gisevius, Jr.* The Goizueta Foundation J. Edgar and Louise S. Monroe *denotes deceased 29

Foundation LaNasa-Greco Foundation Miss Margaret E. Lauer* Mrs. Jennie S. LeBlanc* Ms. Rita Benson LeBlanc Mr. Clarence A. Legendre* Loyola Jesuit Community Ms. Mary E. McLaughlin* Mr. and Mrs. J. Edgar Monroe* Mr. Donald Palmer People of Qatar RosaMary Foundation Mr. Louis J. Roussel, Jr.* Edward G. Schlieder Educational Foundation Mr. Stuart H. Smith and Mr. Barry Cooper Sodexo Inc. & Affiliates Mr. and Mrs. Michael X. St. Martin State of Louisiana Board of Regents Mr.* and Mrs. Richard L. Voelker, Jr. Whitney Bank Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Mr. Harold E. Wirth*

The Heritage Society

Dr. Nancy Fix Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Anderson Dr. Jack A. Andonie Dr. Virginia Angelico-Tatum and Mr. Joe F. Tatum Rev. Michael Artim* Dr. Nina K. Avant Mr. Carlos M. Ayala* Dr. Carl Baldridge* Mr. Joseph A. Barreca Mr. J. A. Baudean* Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Becker Mr. John H. Bellemin* Mrs. Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin Dr.* and Mrs. John M. Berthelot, Jr. Mrs. Brenda M. Bezou* Ms. Karena J. Bierman Miss J. Euphemie Blanc* Dr.* and Mrs. J. Russell Bond Mrs. Pamela R. Bonura Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Bourbon Mrs. Maedell H. Braud Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Broussard, Jr. Dr. Dorothy H. Brown Mr. Philip R. Bulliard Mr. L. Milton Cancienne, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Castille, Jr. Mrs. Mary Cazalas Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Charbonnet, Sr.* Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Colligan Mr. Philip R. Collins* Mrs. Mary C. Collins* Mr. Joseph M. Costello III* Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Cresson Dr. John W. Crowther, Jr.* Dr. and Mrs. Antonio Cucalon, Jr. Mrs. Julie Cusachs* Mrs. Germaine A. Danna* Mr. John B. Dauenhauer III* Dr. and Mrs. F. Ralph Dauterive Mr. Irl J. De Silva, Jr.* Mr. John J. Deveney Mr.* and Mrs. David F. Dixon Ms. Shawn M. Donnelley and Dr. Christopher Kelly Mrs. Marlene L. Donovan Ms. Patricia C. Doran Rev. Stephen J. Duffy* Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Duignan* Mrs. Gertrude Dumesnil Hon.* and Mrs. Adrian G. Duplantier

Dr. Nancy M. Dupont Dr. Emilio D. Echevarria Mr.* and Mrs. Paul E. Emenes Mr. Henry J. Engler, Jr.* Dr. David C. Estes Mr. and Mrs. Jack V. Eumont Dr. Maria J. Falco Dr. Deborah M. Ferrara* Dr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Ferrari Dr. John A. Fischer* Dr. and Mrs. Alton K. Fisher* Martin B. Flamm, M.D. Dr. George Q. Flynn Mr. Aristide J. Fortier, Jr.* Dr. Louis J. Gallo* Mr.* and Mrs. William C. Gambel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garcia Dr. Francisco J. Garcia-Torres Dr. and Mrs. Felix A. Gaudin Mrs. Evelyn B. Gaudin* Ms. Joan E. Gaulene Mr. Clark W. Giffin, Jr. Mr. Raymond J. Goodspeed* Mr. Emile Harrosh Mr.* and Mrs. Charles F. Hodgins Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hoffman Kathyrn Holten, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Roland J. Hymel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Kabacoff* Mrs. Rosemarie Kaskell Miss Katherine Kearney* Mr.* and Mrs. John B. Keenan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Kennedy III Mr. Robert G. Kenney Mr.* and Mrs. James J. Kenny Mr. Vincent P. Knipfing Mrs. Frances H. Lachart* Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Lamy Hon. and Mrs. Moon Landrieu Mrs. Darleen Landry Miss Margaret E. Lauer* Miss Lucille T. Lee Mr. Paul W. Leech Mr. John B. Levert, Jr. Mrs. Barbara R. Lota* Mr. Samuel A. Love, Jr.* Mr. David J. Lukinovich Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Mahoney Miss Mona A. Mailhes* Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Malphus Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B.. Marino* Mrs. Joan May* Mrs. Walter W. May* Mr. John J. Mc Aulay* Mr. Christopher P. McCrory Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. McNamara Miss Martha McNeely* Mrs. Edna K. Miller* Mr. Bernard D. Mintz* Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Miroue Mr. and Mrs. Octave P. Montagnet Dr. and Mrs. Walter G. Moore Miss Isabelle B. Murphy* Mrs. M. Vincent Murray* Mrs. Mary Anne O’Neil Mr. and Mrs. William F. O’Toole Ms. Jeanne D. Ory* Mrs. Catherine Palisi Mr. Donald Palmer Mrs. Ann K. Peragine Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Perez Mr. Wayne R. Pietre Mr. Louis H. Pilié* Miss Shirley A. Poché* Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rathe, Sr.

Mr. A. Louis Read* Mrs. Nathalie O. Read Mr. and Mrs. Frank Readinger, Jr. Ms. Mary Reed Mr. John P. Reilly Mr. Jerome J. Reso, Jr. Ms. Lynne Reso* Mrs. Vada Reynolds* Miss Janet Mary Riley* Miss Adele M. Rivet* Mrs. Mary Romagosa Mr. E. M. Rowley, Sr.* Mrs. Dorothy D. Roy* Dr. and Mrs.* Wallace Rubin Ms. Mildred F. Rubit Mr. and Mrs. Leon Sarpy* Hon. Preston L. Savoy* Mr. Edgar V. Schafer, Jr.* Mr. Herman F. Schexnyder* Mr. and Mrs. Klaus K. Schmiegel Mrs. Charles P. Schulze* Mrs. Juanita Sendker* Mr. Joseph P. Sendker* Mr. Charles L. Sens, Jr.* Mr. Michael D. Shepard Mrs. Joyce Smith Mr. Joseph C. Spalding* Miss Florence E. St. Paul* Mr.* and Mrs. Moise S. Steeg, Jr. Miss Irma M. Stiegler Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Surprenant Miss Evelyn A. Swander* Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Tomich Mrs. Cassandra Tydings Mrs. Evangeline M. Vavrick Mr. Richard A. Vavrick* Mr.* and Mrs. Frederick W. Veters Mr.* and Mrs. Andre L. Villere Mr.* and Mrs. Richard Voelker Dr. Donald J. Voorhies Mr. Gerard P. Walsh Mr. Anthony W. Wambsgans* Mr. Earl L. Weiser Mr. Leo A. Welcker Mr. V. M. Wheeler III Mr.* and Mrs. J. Hampden White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Winters Mr. Harold E. Wirth* Mrs. Mary Z. Wirth Mrs. Gloria Woods Mr.* and Mrs. John A. Woods Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Young


Dr. Katherine H. Adams Ms. Lisa G. Adams Ms. Patricia A. Aguillard Mrs. Laura Alexander Ms. Lisa A. Alexander Dr. Sherry L. Alexander Miss Tyon C. Alexander Mrs. Mary G. Algero Mrs. Joy J. Allen Mrs. K Michele Allison-Davis Mrs. Valerie G. Alombro Mr. Jon L. Altschul Mrs. Denise D. Ammons Ms. Blanca Anderson Ms. Eboni M. Anderson Mr. Robert D. Anding II Ms. Valerie Andrews Ms. Karen E. Anklam Mr. Jon H. Appleton Ms. Andrea C. Armstrong Dr. Karen K. Arnold Ms. Yuiko Asano

Mrs. Jean M. Augustin Mr. Patrick X. Bailey Ms. Tamara A. Baker Ms. Carmen M. Balthazar Mr. Robert L. Barnes Mrs. Helen T. Barnett Dr. Kathleen Barnett Dr. William Barnett II Ms. Linda S. Bauer Dr. Elizabeth L. Beard Mr. Stewart J. Becnel Mr. Craig W. Beebe Ms. Nona K. Beisenherz Mr. Richard W. Bell Mr. Robert C. Bell Ms. Cecelia M. Bennett Mrs. Marla Bennett Dr. Adrienne G. Bethancourt Ms. Barbara Bihm Mr. George L. Bilbe Mr. Kurt J. Bindewald Dr. Kurt R. Birdwhistell Mr. William G. Bishop Mr. Richard T. Blanchard Mrs. Adrienne D. Blanco Dr. Walter Block Mrs. Martha K. Bodker Ms. Gita P. Bolt Dr. Donald R. Boomgaarden Ms. Sonia Bordes Mr. David J. Boudreaux Dr. Florence C. Bourg Ms. Donna H. Bourgeois Dr. Patrick L. Bourgeois Dr. Alicia A. Bourque Ms. Amy Boyle Mr. Zachary Bracey Ms. Barbara Brainard Ms. Kim B. Brannagan Dr. Mary M. Brazier Ms. Kathleen Breaux Mrs. Rhonda E. Brehm Mrs. Angela Brocato Hoffer Ms. Kelly L. Brotzman Ms. Susan Brower Mrs. Jacee Brown Mr. John O. Brown Mr. Wayne Brown Dr. Maurice P. Brungardt Mrs. Cheryl A. Buchert Dr. Peter Burns Mr. Mark Bush Mr. Sean A. Cain Dr. Maria Calzada Mr. Andy Canegitta Mr. Gerald L. Cannon Dr. Nicholas Capaldi Dr. George Capowich Mr. Arthur E. Carpenter Ms. Veronica E. Carter Dr. Ann H. Cary Mr. Gerald A. Cassard, Jr. Mrs. Jane Casselli Mrs. Eileen H. Chapoton Dr. Ronald Christner Mr. Thomas A. Cimino Mr. Dane S. Ciolino Ms. Alice V. Clark Dr. John P. Clark III Mr. Sean Clark Ms. Tatiana G. Clay Mr. Benjamin C. Clement Mrs. Katherine O. Clouatre Ms. Cynthia R. Collins Mr. Michael J. Connick

Ms. Cheryl F. Conway Dr. Bernard A. Cook Mr. Francis P. Coolidge, Jr. Ms. Judith Corcoran Ms. Lana A. Corll Mrs. Carol J. Cortazzo Ms. Emily Cosper Mrs. Shon Cowan Baker Dr. Michael A. Cowan Mr. Andrew Crawford Prof. Mitchell F. Crusto Mr. John A. Crutti, Jr. Dr. Jo Ann Cruz Ms. Dominique M. Custos Mr. Anthony A. Dagradi Mr. Joshua E. Daly Dr. Daniel J. D'Amico Ms. Debra Danna Mr. Julia M. D'Antonio-Del Rio Mr. Fagan Davis, Jr. Mr. Glenn M. Davis Mr. Michael Decker Dr. Anthony A. Decuir Rev. Joe Deegan, S.J. Ms. Mary C. Degnan Ms. Susan M. Dempsey Mr. Mahmet Dicle Mr. Larry Dixon Mrs. Eileen J. Doll Ms. Diane W. Dooley Ms. Patricia C. Doran Dr. Patricia L. Dorn Dr. Sonya Forte Duhé Ms. Shannon M. Duplantis Ms. Erin C. Dupuis Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Durkin Mr. Timothy Dwyer Rev. Ted Dziak, S.J. Ms. Hillary C. Eklund Mr. Zubin Engineer Dr. Kim Ernst Ms. Brooke Ethridge Dr. Barbara C. Ewell Rev. William J. Farge S.J. Mr. Robert J. Farrell Ms. Lynda H. Favret Mr. Robert P. Fenger, Sr. Ms. Laurie A. Ferguson Dr. Mark F. Fernandez Ms. Ramona G. Fernandez Ms. Davida Finger Ms. Terrell F. Fisher Ms. Kathleen J. Fitzgerald Dr. Barbara J. Fleischer Mr. Paul C. Fleming Ms. JoEva P. Flettrich Mrs. Mary Ellen Fleury Mrs. Elizabeth M. Floyd Dr. Wing M. Fok Mr. Bart Folse Mr. Patrick A. Forester Ms. Crystal B. Forte Mr. Joseph F. Forte, Jr. Mrs. Susana S. Foster Ms. Ashley Francis Ms. Rosetta M. Francois Mrs. Victoria A. Frank Mrs. Ellen P. Frohnmayer Mr. Philip B. Frohnmayer Mr. James A. Gabour Ms. Andrea M. Ganier Mr. Robert A. Garda, Jr. Mrs. Monique G. Gardner Mrs. Jennifer Mahnke-Garnand Mr. Arthur E. Gassen III

Ms. Daniella Gassen Ms. Joan E. Gaulene Mr. Charles P. Gendusa Dr. Gwendolyn R. George Dr. Patricia A. Giangrosso Ms. Roma G. Gibson-King Ms. Raynette M. Gilyot Lumas Dr. Michael F. Giorlando Mrs. Alice F. Glenn Prof. Valerie W. Goertzen Ms. Ilyse S. Goldberg Dr. Jerry Goolsby Mr. Keith E. Gramling Mrs. Lisa Gregoire Mr. Gregory M. Gremillion Mrs. Kellie L. Grengs Mrs. Kathy R. Gros Mr. Robert S. Gross Rev. Gregg Grovenburg, S.J. Mr. David W. Gruning Mr. H. J. Ha Mr. Seth D. Hagler Ms. Allyson Halperin Mr. Thomas P. Harold Dr. Walter Harris, Jr. Mrs. Vera Harrison Ms. Meredith Hartley Dr. Donald P. Hauber Dr. Joseph G. Hebert, Jr. Mr. Nathan Henne Ms. Carey J. Herman Ms. Lyse M. Herrera Ms. Lynnette Hess Dr. Tom Hickman Mr. Sanford E. Hinderlie Ms. Mary Hines Ms. Laila L. Hlass Mr. James B. Hobbs Ms. Virginia L. Hoffman Ms. Stacy N. Hollowell Dr. Craig S. Hood Ms. Laura L. Hope Mr. William P. Horne Ms. Allison Hotard Ms. Stephanie A. Hotard Ms. Gail G. Howard Ms. Jessica K. Howard Mr. Brian T. Huddleston Mr. David G. Huffman Mr. Patrick R. Hugg Mrs. Mary L. Hughes Ms. Judith L. Hunt Mr. Michael O. Indest, Jr. Ms. Karin M. Iwasaka Miss Tammy K. Jackson Mr. Bret L. Jacobs Ms. Hazel E. James Mrs. Lacrecia A. James Dr. Denis R. Janz Ms. Laura A. Jayne Dr. Michelle K. Johnston Dr. Frank Jordan Dr. Laurie M. Joyner Mrs. Stephanie W. Jumonville Ms. Anna L. Justice Ms. Johanna Kalb Mr. Greg Kampen Mr. George Karamessinis Ms. Roberta E. Kaskel Mrs. Amy H. Keeler Ms. Alexandria A. Kelch Ms. Regina M. Kendall Ms. Kellie Kennedy Mr. Robert E. Kizer Prof. James M. Klebba *denotes deceased

Dr. Lynn V. Koplitz Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kordahl Dr. Alice Kornovich Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Krug Mr. Richard J. Kuhn Mrs. Deborah M. La Marca Dr. Anthony E. Ladd Mr. Matthew M. Lambert Ms. Heidi T. Landry Mr. Michael T. Landry Mr. Randall J. Laumann Mrs. Nadine A. Laurent Mr. Lloyd M. LeBlanc Ms. Carmen Leerstang Mrs. Laurie L. Leiva Mrs. Kristine David Lelong Ms. Chunlin Leonhard Dr. John D. Levendis Dr. Lawrence B. Lewis Ms. Maria Lewis Dr. Jing Li Dr. William Locander Mr. Joseph T. Locascio Mrs. Susan G. Locascio Ms. Janice Long Prof. Gerardo R. Lopez Mrs. Maria P. Lopez Mrs. Kathryn V. Lorio Mr. Stephen F. Lousteau Mr. John A. Lovett Mr. James R. Luwisch Dr. Patrick M. Lynch Dr. Cassandra P. Mabe Ms. Heather Mack Mr. Edwin D. Madera Mr. John A. Mahoney Ms. Daphne Main Ms. Joelle B.Malott Ms. Sharron D. Mangum Mr. Ricardo J. Marquez Mr. Charles B. Marshall Miss Lisa C. Martin Mr. Nathan C. Martin Mrs. Katherine Massimini Miss Ana M. Matei Dr. Brett P. Matherne Mr. Leon W. Mathes Dr. Janet R. Matthews Mrs. Bonnie C. McCullar Dr. Melanie Mc Kay Ms. Georgia B. McBride Ms. Maria R. McBride Dr. Mary Ann A. McCay Mr. H. Jac McCracken, Jr. Mr. Timothy McElroy Mr. Marcel McGee Ms. Denise R. McGraw Mr. Mark R. McLean Ms. Emily J. McWilliams

Ms. M. Isabel Medina Ms. Trimiko C. Melancon Mr. Alexis R. Mendoza Dr. Jean A. Meyer Dean Luis Miron Dr. Behrooz Moazami Mrs. Claire Moldthan Hiram Molina Ms. Luz M. Molina Mrs. Cecilia T. Montenegro Mr. Jean Montes Dr. David W. Moore Ms. Elizabeth L. Moore Ms. Jan A. Moppert Dr. Constance L. Mui Dr. Cyril Mundell Dr. John Murphy Mrs. Germayne L. Nash Mr. Robert J. Nelson Ms. Doris Newman Mr. John Nielson Mr. Allen Nisbet Ms. Diana Noveck Mrs. Patricia A. Nugent Mrs. Rebecca B. Nunn Dr. Justin A. Nystrom Ms. Pam Occhipinti Ms. Anastasia E. Ochoa Mr. Herbert J. O'Conor Mrs. Mary S. Oehlke Dr. Kathleen A. O'Gorman Mrs. Virginia D. Olander Mr. Ronald P. Ordoyne Mrs. Mary D. Oriol Mrs. Robyn C. Oubre Mrs. Elizabeth S. Parent Mrs. Dana M. Parks Dr. Leslie G. Parr Dr. Michael M. Pearson Ms. Dana M. Pellegrin Ms. Sofia A. Pena-Moya Mr. Bret M. Pennison Mrs. Deborah B. Pennison Mr. Michael G. Pennison Dr. Marcia L. Petty Mr. Anthony Van Pham Ms. Laurie Phillips Mr. Andrew L. Piacun Ms. Denise M. Pilié Mrs. Suzanne M. Plaisance Ms. Kathleen S. Plasse Mr. Mark A. Poepsel Ms. Deborah Poole Ms. Wendy L. Porche Mr. Joe M. Porter, Jr. Ms. Artemis S. Preeshl Mr. Theodore A. Quant Dr. Uriel Quesada Mr. William P. Quigley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rachal Mrs. Elizabeth A. Rainey Dr. A. Duane Randall Mr. John Rankin Mrs. Marian R. Raphael Mr. Thomas J. Raymond Mr. Robert A. Reed Mrs. Gail Reynolds Mrs. Linda R. Richard Ms. Jerilyn Richoux Ms. Semaj Riley Ms. Donna P. Rochon Dr. Cathy Rogers Ms. Jessica A. Roma Mr. Herbert J. Roth Ms. Heather R. Roundtree Ms. Nancy Rowe Mrs. Catherine C. Roy Mr. Hector J. Ruiz Ms. Darla H. Rushing Ms. Theresa M. Ryan Dr. Thomas F. Ryan Mr. Vincenzo A. Sainato Mrs. Petrice M. Sams-Abiodun Ms. Janna K. Saslaw Ms. Paula Saurage Ruiz Ms. Jane Savage Dr. Katarzyna Saxton Ms. Suzanne Scalise Mr. Christopher S. Schaberg Ms. Jennifer M. Schlotbom Mrs. Amy E. Schwarzenbach Mr. Christopher T. Screen Mr. Thomas M. Screen Dr. John T. Sebastian Mr. Robert Self Prof. Craig R. Senn Mr. James Shields Ms. Jennifer L. Shimek Ms. Bonnie J. Shoemaker Dr. Claire D. Simno Mr. George R. Simno IV Ms. Cathy Simoneaux Mr. Brett D. Simpson Mr. Michael J. Sistrunk Mr. Demond P. Smith Ms. Karen B. Smith Ms. Sally Smith Dr. Tyler H. Smith Mr. John Snyder Mrs. Stephanie S. Soublet Dr. Thomas Spence Ms. Kari A. Stone Mr. Nathanael M. Straight Miss Terry L. Sulli Mr. Brian A. Sullivan Ms. Christi K. Sumich Ms. Carmen F. Sunda Ms. Erin S. Sutherland

Rev. Sylvester G. Tan, S.J. Ms. Rae Taylor Ms. Amy Thiaville Dr. Evelyn R. Thibeaux Dr. Robert A. Thomas Mrs. Carolina C. Thompson Trapani Dr. William E. Thornton, Jr. Mr. Rian Thum Mr. Len J. Trevino Mrs. Marie D. Tufts Mrs. Angela M. Turnbull Mrs. Victoria P. Vega Mr. Robert R. Verchick Ms. Jenna R. Vercillo Mr. B. Keith Vetter Mrs. Judy S. Vogel Dr. Lydia Voigt Mr. Michael J. Volpi Mr. Nicholas R. Volz Ms. Aniko von Hadnagy Mrs. Allison R. Waldron Dr. William Walkenhorst Mrs. Monica Hof Wallace Mr. Eric T. Walsh Ms. Lindsay N. Weidman Mr. Frankie J. Weinberg Dr. Susan M. Weishar Ms. JoAnn Wellmeyer Ms. Lindsay E. Werntz Dr. Roger W. White Ms. Malia Willey Mr. Raymond G. Willhoft III Ms. Courtney E. Williams Ms. Ebonie S. Williams Ms. Stephanie M. Willis Mr. Richard D. Wilson Mrs. Arlene G. Wiltz Dr. Christopher Wiseman Mrs. Traci Wolff Lucas Mr. J. Stuart Wood Mr. Thomas W. Woody, Jr. Dr. Lee J. Yao Mr. Rustin T. Yerkes Ms. Janet C. Yochim Ms. Susan Zengel Mr. Brooks Zitzmann Dr. Evan L. Zucker

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