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What women needs: Always catch me when i fall

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If you are a women reading this, then you would understand what the title means. Its not just about catching you when you fall, like when you trip at something and they are there at your back ready to catch you. At some point, yeah it sort of like it is but the whole point of the catching when you are fall is that when a woman is feeling down, or having problems at something or someone. They are there to comfort them and make their woman feel that no matter what happens they are there at your back watching over you. Women are not weak, but they sure want some man to protect them. Its the feeling of being safe and secure when they are around with their man. Its one of the best feeling when you are sure that you are in good hand and they are there to protect you. When a woman is felling down or about to fall with problems in life, they just want someone they can talk to and count on. Girls don't really ask that much from man, only their compassion, love, and the most important thing of all, their time. Time is really important because its running like crazy. You can't stop time, so if a woman is about to fall, time won't stop them from falling, a man would. In every relationship, you can't expect anything because if things happens for a reason, then you can't change it. Like when your woman is thinking a lot about your relationship, no matter how bad or good she is thinking. 2|Page Copyright Š Blog/

Always let them know that you are there to be with them for as long as you live. Make them feel like you are present at every important or least important events. Anything that is really important to them and feel like they could use a company. Women are not needy, but like men, they also need something. Something that they can cherish for all the years that may come. When a women wants something, its just a simple thing but when a women needs something, its practically a whole lot important than their career. Falling in love means that you eventually might really fall, but thinking that you have someone at your back ready to catch you. Then falling in love would be the least problem you could ever think of.   

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What women needs: Always catch me when i fall  

Falling in love means that you eventually might really fall, but thinking that you have someone at your back ready to catch you. Then fallin...

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