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Summer 2014 04 | STYLE Shape up your wedding with geometric accessories; save money with stunning separates; Swiss dots establish themselves in wedding attire; the suit dictionary; creating your perfect ring 19 | PLAN New wed tech companies to help plan your perfect wedding; tiny cakes with extraordinary taste; the hottest handsome palettes; interactive food stations that will leave you drooling 30 | LOOK Juicing tips to make you look and feel your best; spas for men; inspiring nail art 37 | INSPIRE Three real weddings for you to fall in love with

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ON THE COVER We love the bow accent on this Houghton blouse—a delicate touch to balance out the tuxedo jacket. Photo by Ryan Carville Makeup/Hair by Face the Day NY


51 | HONEYMOON Swim in style with unconventional bathing suits 54 | RESOURCES Talented, equality-minded vendors copyright drye publishing, llc

editor’s letter

Change is coming. With a recent whirlwind of court rulings, from Colorado to Kentucky, striking down states’ anti-marriage bans, the momentum for marriage equality is stronger than ever. We were inspired by this positive surge of change for our latest issue, integrating content that has never before been seen in a wedding magazine, such as our in-depth guide to suits (page 13), palettes that are more dapper than darling (page 24) and swimwear that deviates from the gender-driven retail racks (page 52).

Founder | Editor-in-Chief

Brittny Drye

Art Director | Designer

Abby Downing Fashion Editor

Krista Roser Copy Editor

Jill Baughman Editorial Intern

Kaitlynn Moquet Contributing Writers

photo credit: ryan carville

Clair McLafferty Michael Dougherty

For our fashion spread (page 6), we took the word “change” quite literally, showcasing the hot new separates trend to transform your look from ceremony to reception by mixing and matching individual bridal pieces. And as always, the heart of our issue is our real weddings, all of which will inspire you on both an emotional and wedding planning level. Michela and Luca’s Italian countryside nuptials illustrate the very essence of family (page 38), Anna and Elise’s secret garden-esque soiree is positively dreamy (page 42) and Joel and Mike’s sweet love story is beautifully captured in their cozy Catskills wedding (page 46). And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the wedding tips, trends and inspiration you’ll find in our second issue (20 percent more content than the first to be exact!). So pick a page and let the planning begin!

Contributing Photographers

Ryan Carville Josh Milliken

@loveincmag /LoveIncwed @LoveIncMag

founder & editor-in-chief


Striking shape accessories 05 Smokin’ hot separates 06 Swiss dots make a style statement 12 Suits made simple 13 Inside scoop on custom rings 17 4 LOVE INC.

photography by josh milliken

| produced by krista roser


Shape up your wedding day style with

bold, geometric accessories

(Top, CLOCKWISE) Alejandra G. Torino heels, $218; This Loves That geometric clutch, $20; Periwinkle Nuthatch chevron cufflinks, $18; Jemma Wynne gold hexagon bangle ($1,470) and Zoe Chicco diamond ring ($704) available at Greenwich Jewelers; Jonathan Adler Greek key printed bow tie, $69.50; Modcloth. com Rays Your Spirits necklace, $34.99; Dibi pocket square available at The Label, $44.99; Charles Albert Twin Pyramid earrings, $45; Getana mother of pearl earrings available at Greenwich Jewelers, $3,175



When Two Become One Separates are stealing the spotlight in the bridal fashion world. We show you how you can mix and match pieces to transform your look in lieu of purchasing an entire second dress (another trend on the rise), taking you from ceremony to reception in money-saving style. photography by ryan carville styling by krista roser makeup/hair by ellen b and eve whittington for face the day ny models: karin agstam and piper werle of msa models venue: deity events


left side Pronovias Kalonice bodice, $2,600; Peter Langner Tchaikovski skirt, $6,369; Nina Shoes Belinda sandals, $129.99; Halo & Co necklace (in hair) Style J15/240 available at Group 868, $565; Anzie white topaz starburst earrings ($1,100), Greenwich Collection diamond bangle ($4,940), Greenwich Collection diamond bracelet ($8,675), Danhov Eleganza ring ($5,320) available at Greenwich Jewelers right side Pronovias Kalonice bodice, $2,600; Pronovias Kameko skirt, $3,000; Nina Shoes Belinda sandals, $129.99; Halo & Co necklace (in hair) Style J15/240 available at Group 868, $565; Anzie white topaz starburst earrings ($1,100), Greenwich Collection diamond bangle ($4,940), Greenwich Collection diamond bracelet ($8,675), Danhov Eleganza ring ($5,320) available at Greenwich Jewelers



left side Houghton Annie blouse, $950; Houghton Elena pant, $850; Houghton Lupe blazer, $1,750; Hops and Lollipops flats, $34.99; Alexis Bittar shark tooth hoop earrings ($195), Danhov solitaire engagement ring setting ($1,400) available at Greenwich Jewelers right side Houghton Annie blouse, $950; Houghton Faye trouser, $5,900; Susan Spring for The Wedding Dresser leather moto jacketavailable at Group 868, $1,875; Alexis Bittar shark tooth hoop earrings ($195), Danhov solitaire engagement ring setting ($1,400) available at Greenwich Jewelers


left side Rembo Styling Ange dress available at Group 868, $1,740; Trousseau vintage wax flower headpiece ($315) and Blossom band ($127) by ; Anzie white topaz bracelet in gold ($970), Getana pink amethyst bracelet ($620), Arik Kastan rose gold bangle ($4,095), Marcia Moran rose-plated drop earrings ($75), Anne Sportun raw diamond ring ($6,530) available at Greenwich Jewelers; Alejandra G. Gijon shoes, $274 right side Rembo Styling Ange dress available at Group 868, $1,740; Uniquely Y belt; Heart of Gold Designs Blossom band, $127; Anzie white topaz bracelet in gold ($970), Getana pink amethyst bracelet ($620), Arik Kastan rose gold bangle ($4,095), Marcia Moran rose-plated drop earrings ($75), Anne Sportun raw diamond ring ($6,530) available at Greenwich Jewelers; Alejandra G. Gijon shoes, $274


style left side Della Giovanna Dylan corset, $1,000; Della Giovanna Hayden skirt, $3,000; Della Giovanna Avery belt, $150; Alexis Bittar flower earrings ($275), Gorjana goldplated bangle bracelet ($110), Anna Sheffield marquis diamond ring ($4,460), Gorjana goldplated ring ($75) available at Greenwich Jewelers; Marion Ayonote Couture Conqueror heels, $950 right side Della Giovanna Dylan corset, $1,000; Della Giovanna Aaron skirt, $3,800; Della Giovanna Peyton belt, $212; Alexis Bittar flower earrings ($275), Gorjana goldplated bangle bracelet ($110), Anna Sheffield marquis diamond ring ($4,460), Gorjana goldplated ring ($75) available at Greenwich Jewelers; Marion Ayonote Couture Conqueror heels, $950






Connect the Dots

The typically sweet Swiss dots turn chic in the latest wedding fashions

(Top, clockwise) Turnball & Asser tie, $190; Victoria KyriaKades dress, price upon request; Paul Smith London Swiss dot print cotton shirt, $285; Twigs & Honey French-inspired lace cap, $350; Menbur Adelia satin clutch, $89; Charvet pocket square, $125



The Love Inc. Guide to Suits

Don’t speak suit? We break down the basics for your big day. Produced by Krista Roser | Illustrations by Chrisolux


Fashion-forward, this most basic style looks great on all body types.


Two buttons are classic and currently on-trend.


Tall? You’re the best at pulling off the three-button look.





White Tie:

The absolute dressiest with tails and white pique shirt and bow tie

Black Tie/ Formal: Think tuxedo

Business Attire: Suit, shirt and tie 14 LOVE INC.

Black Tie Optional: Tux or dark suit

Business Casual: Sport coat and slacks or a suit without a tie


CUFF STYLES must have cuff links



notched: Classic




PANTS Tip: This look is more traditional and is best on those with full, athletic legs.

flat front: no cuff


pleated: Cuff






business: SUIT

formal: TUXEDO




White tie attire

skip the studs!

Your traditional black tie with Point or wing collars







From the save-the-dates to the send-offs, couples have long been putting their own personal stamp on the wedding day elements, but that customization is now being seen from the very first step: the engagement ring. “The past three to four years is where we’ve really seen clients wanting to do custom,” says Jennifer Gandia, coowner of the downtown New York City jewelry boutique Greenwich Jewelers. “Whether it’s a combination of metal colors or taking a detail from a designer’s line and adding it to a different ring, they want to have a hand in the design process themselves.”

Thinking of going the custom route? Be sure to ask these questions: How often do you do custom? Would I be able to see sketches? How many revisions can I do in the pricing that you’re giving me? What if, at any point, I don’t like the design and want something completely different? Gandia warns to be wary of answers such as “Don’t worry about it” or “I’ve never had that situation before.” “Every jeweler has had that situation before in which the client at the end says ‘I’m really unhappy, what can we do?’ and you have to know how they’re going to handle that.”

Diamond Myths Debunked Myth: I can’t afford it. By balancing the Four C’s or getting the gem from a nonlabel source, there are budgetfriendly options. “People think that custom is too expensive but oftentimes, you can be very surprised,” notes Gandia. MYTH: I don’t know enough about design for custom. If you’re working with a reputable jeweler, they will hold your hand throughout the process. “We have such a wealth of imagery at our fingertips— anything at all that’s attractive to you, bring it in because that gives us information,” says Gandia. “You don’t need to know anything technical because it’s our job to direct you.” Myth: I don’t want to design an entire ring. The spectrum of custom ranges from tweaking a setting (many jewelry designers these days welcome the idea of altering their designs) to a from-scratch sketch. MYTH: It’s too risky … I’m afraid he/she won’t like it. Design it together! “Around 6065 percent of couples do some part of the custom process together,” adds Gandia.




Bezel: Bezel-set has a lower profile, perfect for those who desire a simpler look. “It also protects the gemstone since it’s surrounded by metal, making it ideal for softer stones, like emerald or tanzanite,” says Gandia. Pictured: Danhov sapphire in 14K white gold diamond engagement ring in 14K white gold

Prong: Prong settings are the most common, as they can be used with all diamond cuts. Pictured: Greenwich Ceremony Collection onecarat diamond ring in 14K white gold

Half-Bezel: A contemporary take on the bezel, this design frames and displays the natural gem, which can help make it stand out more. Pictured: Sholdt half-bezel engagement ring in 18K white gold


Round: The round brilliant cut is the most classic and desired cut. Pictured: Danhov round brilliant diamond engagement ring in 18K white gold

Cushion: Cushion cuts are particularly popular in color diamonds, as it is the optimal way to bring out their intense hues. Pictured: Schachter & Co. “Bouquet” yellow diamond engagement ring

Princess: “Quite literally the ‘edgy’ sister of the round brilliant, the princess features the same fiery sparkle and displays geometric shapes and clean lines,” says Gandia. “A person who wants a princess cut typically knows this preference right away.” Pictured: Sylvie Bridal Collection 0.50-carat princess cut diamond engagement ring

Oval: The oval is a very traditional cut that is becoming popular once again. “Though typically set vertically, rings with horizontal ovals present a fresh way to wear this cut,” adds Gandia. Pictured: Sylvie Bridal Collection oval-shaped engagement ring in 18K rose gold

diamond Marquise: More rare than the other brilliant cuts, marquise-shaped gems are perfect for the client who wants a one-of-akind look. Pictured: Anna Sheffield marquise diamond engagement ring

Pear: “Pear-shaped diamonds have a regal presence and can look great in a variety of settings,” notes Gandia. Pictured: Sylvie Collection pear-shaped ring

Emerald: The emerald cut diamond has a timeless, regal look and helps elongate the finger. Pictured: Megan Thorne “Picture Frame” in 18K gold

Asscher: “The asscher was created in 1902 as a way to create an emerald with more brilliance and it works wonderfully with vintageinspired settings,” says Gandia. Pictured: Beverley K asscher cut engagement ring

Wed tech takeover 20 Scrumptious cakes come in small packages 22 Four handsome palettes to inspire 24 Food stations with entertaining flair 28 LOVE INC. 19

Wed Tech 2.0 You’ll want to bookmark these sites STAT. By Brittny Drye A new generation of entrepreneurs is on the rise in the wedding industry, but they care more about coding than centerpieces. These seven wed tech companies are each bringing something unique to the (rose petalsprinkled) table with innovative, virtual tools to help you with your wedding planning process.

Creating a guesterly puts a focus on your guests— you and your partner get to really remember why the people you invited are important to you. — Rachel Hofstetter, co-founder

What is it? Guesterly is like a yearbook for your guests. Sent out before the big day or with welcome bags, this custom glossy magazine is filled with photos and fun facts about your guests, breaking the ice even before the first toast. Secret to success: “We’re not trying to be another thing you ‘have’ to do,” says Hofstetter. “We’re sharing a concept that might be a great fit for your goals and hopes for your wedding—everyone rocking the dance floor, friends and colleagues hitting it off, both sides of your families talking like they’ve known each other for years.”

Venue Report Verified has replaced the three-ring binder with a cloud-based planning solution. — Kellee Khalil, founder

means our team has been out to visit the venue and can completely verify, swear up and down and shout to all who will listen with their party pants on that this venue is the place to be. — Cortnie Purdy, founder

What is it? In just the two years that it’s been around, has become a top planning resource for couples, aggregating the best of the best from wedding blogs and magazines into an easy-tonavigate digital realm. Secret to success: “From finding and saving inspiration to discovering and hiring their vendors, the process is becoming much more tech-focused,” explains Khalil. “Our highly curated and searchable nature allows us to surface the most relevant and on-trend content.” Did you know you can browse images from Love Inc. on


What is it? The Venue Report is a luxe online search tool for venues, curated by adventure seekers and celebration aficionados, that strictly grades on style, LGBT-friendliness, amenities and that certain “x” factor. Along with the expected barns and banquet halls, they seek high and low for creative spaces, such as a cave in Thailand for a wedding or a glamping rehearsal dinner. Secret to success: “We have spent an incredible amount of time curating the venues based on online reviews, industry feedback and overall aesthetic,” says Purdy.

Our goal is to eliminate the stress and drama that comes with planning bachelorette parties. — Joanne Barken, founder

What is it? No more backand-forth emails when planning the bachelorette party! The Bach brings everything you need—party ideas, venue recommendations, inspiration blog—to one space with planning tools that allow you and your BFFs to vote on venues, build an itinerary, send out e-vites and RSVP. Secret to success: “We spent a lot of time designing the site so it’s as easy to use as possible,” notes Barken. “This has really paid off because visitors are able to jump right in and start planning.”

With AllSeated, everyone works on one master floor plan and one master guest list.

— Sandy Hammer, co-founder

What is it? AllSeated is an easy-to-use tool for creating seating charts and floor plans using to-scale virtual blueprints that you can share with your planner, vendors and any other planning VIP. Secret to success: “We built it with top event professionals so every feature is designed to meet the customers’ needs,” explains Hammer. “Secondly, the concept is unique and completely matches the way they work. It’s pretty amazing.”

Availendar adds feasibility to inspiration.

— Amanda Goetz, founder

What is it? Ever fall in love with a vendor on a website only to be disappointed when they responded saying they’re booked? Availendar is a handy plug-in that showcases vendors’ availability upfront on the wedding blogs and websites so you know immediately if your dream photographer or designer’s calendar is open. Secret to success: “Availendar is trying to do one thing really well: create public-facing availability calendars,” says Goetz.

We’re targeting the mature, design- and stylesavvy folks who are looking for chic home wares and outsideof-the-box gift options.

— Amanda Allen, founder

What is it? Partnering with 50 boutiques and artisanal brands, Newlywish is the registry site for modern couples that ranges from registry classics like kitchen items to personalized picks such as food, wine and experiences. Secret to success: “In today’s world, we crave choice, convenience and personalization,” explains Allen. “The registry market has done little to evolve and continues to be dominated by superstores. We enable couples to register for all the goods and experiences they truly want.”


Mini Cakes, Major Impact

“A good cake stand is important. Height is a plus, but the serving surface should not be much bigger than the cake base.”

“Choose festive colors. The icing can be wedding white but don’t be afraid to go bold on the accents or cake topper.” — Amy

— Jennifer Choi, Jennifer Choi Dessert Catering

Jennifer Choi Dessert Catering

Noelle, Sugar Flower Cake Shop Sweet And Saucy Shop

Maggie Austin Cake

Cake Alchemy

“Creating an interesting shape with a full floral design gives the illusion of grandeur.” — Lauri Ditunno, Cake Alchemy

Butterfly Bakeshop

Maggie Austin Cake Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Vouex Cake Design

Photo credit: Sweet and Saucy Shop cake by Scott Michael

You don’t have to sacrifice your cake style when you go small scale. These single-tiered cakes pack a lot of flavor with wow-inducing details.

The 3rd New York NotWedding

Tuesday, September 23 The Green Building

A bridal show alternative in the form of a big, fake wedding.

Z:Z W+îđ2W:îć'Č1ð Ć2ö LOVE INC. 23

Handsome Palettes Punch up your palette with spectrum-rich color schemes.




A modern update to a traditional preppy palette that is unfussy yet still stylish.

(Top center, clockwise) Classic twill tie from, $15; Donna Morgan bridesmaid dress, $189; rock candy from, $9.99; Swallow My Words custom macaroons, $10 for set of 5; cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes; Miss Sarah cake topper, $29


plan Black


Add geometric details to this luxe pairing to keep it feeling fresh.

(Top center, clockwise) Todd Reed palladium ring, price upon request; Sarah’s Stands cake stand, $95; cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes; Zonin mini prosecco bottle favors available at for $3.49/bottle; The LA Table dinner plate, $10.95 for a pack of 10; After Six bridesmaid dress available at, $260; Minted invitation, $204 for 100


plan GRAY



This trio lends a sophisticated punch of color to a vintage-tinged affair.

(Top center, clockwise) Wedding Paper Divas invitation, $179 for 100; Alfred Sung bridesmaid dress available at, $114; tie from, $4.95; cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes; BHLDN coasters, $16 for a set of 8; Jack Spade watch, $298; Sticks and Stems moss-covered table numbers available at, $90





Decadent and dreamy, anchor the bold cerulean with neutral and metallic accents.

(Top center, clockwise) Sweet Lulu tissue decor, $2-$4; stud earrings from White House Black Market, $28; cake by Gimme Some Sugar; Moscow mule copper mug from Sur la Table, $19.95; Bella Figura invitation, $1,365 for 100; Richard James tie available at, $110; Block and Hammer copper cuff links, $20.99


INTERACTIVE EATS Featured OYSTERS XO found in Miami, New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia

Why You Need It:

Want to serve oysters but worried the shucking process may be difficult and messy? Oysters XO executed an idea straight out of Amsterdam, bringing expert “Oyster Guys and Oyster Girls� to interact with guests as they shuck delicacies exclusively from East and West Coast oyster farms. Featured Veraci PIZZA found in Washington & Oregon

Why You Need It:

Featured Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls found in New Orleans

Why You Need It:

Sno-balls are the perfect sweet to serve at a summer wedding. A variety of catering companies create these light and refreshing ice balls on-site and from a variety of flavors. Imperial Woodpecker has a menu of 46 flavors including mango, root beer and wedding cake so each guest can indulge in the perfect dessert that suits their tastebuds.


Photo credit: Oysters XO image by Rodney Bailey

Pizza makers are putting their pies on wheels to personalize the experience for clients. Since the Italian-style pies are prepped, cooked and served right from a wood-fire oven, guests can create customized pizzas by requesting specific toppings while enjoying a buffet-style meal at wedding receptions.

Think a three-course meal is fancy? The latest reception food trend is cuisine that’s served with entertainment flair thanks to caterers who will interact with, and impress, party guests. Whether you intend on serving unique, gourmet delicacies or a more traditional menu, there are interactive reception ideas that range from freshly shucked seafood to hand-torched treats. Featured Paella Project found in Los Angeles

Why You Need It:

Between the mussels, shrimp, chicken and chorizo in paella, it is clear the dish is served best when made fresh. This is why we recommend catering your wedding reception with a vendor who specializes in on-site paella preparation. Not only will the ingredients be more flavorful, but the colorful presentation is a bonus! Featured S’amore found in New York City

Why You Need It:

Photo credit: S’amore image by Mikkel Paige

Guests can satisfy their sweet tooth while being entertained as they watch S’amore experts torch homemade marshmallows into a golden delicacy. Between the handmade s’more ingredients and unique flavor options such as bourbon, salted caramel chocolate and amaretto, these tasty treats are a sophisticated upgrade from your childhood bonfire days. Featured Fluffpop found in Dallas

Why You Need It:

Tap into fairground flavors with cotton candy as hors d’oeuvres, in a cocktail or for dessert. We love how Fluffpop DJs spin gourmet cotton candy with flavors ranging from lychee and guava to sriracha and cappuccino.


Juicing 101 Spa sanctuaries for men Nail art inspiration 30 LOVE INC.

31 33 36



Squeeze Juicing guru Suzanne Boothby, author of “Coming Clean: A Conscious Guide to Food Cleanses,” gives us the scoop on the cleansing craze and tips for introducing these healthy elixirs into your prewedding diet.

The difference between juicing and cleansing. Juicing is a type of cleanse that people can use all of the time. Cleansing is taking out certain types of food for a specific amount of time to reach a health goal. Always listen to your body. During the first day, two, three or even four, depending on where your body is at and what your diet was before you started, you may experience headaches, dizziness or tiredness … all of which are actually signs that the detox is working. What you want to watch out for is if you never get over that hump or if you have more severe effects. Something that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. Juice cleansing is so popular that people think, “My friend did one before her wedding and she looked great so I want to as well.” But you may not have the same

“My philosophy is always listen to your body.” — Suzanne Boothby

results. It’s great for skin, energy and makes you feel very good, but if someone’s never juiced before, there can be a riff. Some feel amazing while others, whether it’s their body type, metabolic type or if they have high protein intake, find it very challenging. Juicing is a very personal decision and experiment. Depending on where you live, start by going to a local juice bar or Whole Foods—somewhere you have access to a juicer—and try and experiment, focusing on what juices you like and how they make you feel. Your before and after diet matters. Going from McDonald’s to juice cleanse back to McDonald’s—that’s not always the best way to get results. You don’t have to do a full cleanse to lose weight. You can have one or two juices a day as a form of snack as opposed to junk food. Juice the rainbow. There are different nutrients in various types of fruits and veggies, depending on their color, and it’s important to get that variety. People get into a diet mentality and think they should drink the same thing for 10 days but there are certainly ways to enjoy it while getting a better array of nutrients.


Proportion to your palate. To get the best health benefits from a juice, you want 80 percent vegetable and 20 percent fruits, but if you’re a beginner and veggies are more of a stretch, you can play with that ratio. Watermelon and cucumber or kale is a great way to start off. Veggies such as cucumber and celery are neutral but when you get into bitter greens, such as Swiss chard or arugula, those have more robust flavors. Don’t do it just for weight loss. The myth is that you’re going to look and feel great while losing a bunch of pounds but people don’t always think about their longterm health goals. Cleansing is a beautiful way to explore your body but it’s so much more than weight loss. It can be something that sets you on the right path to healthier habits and lifestyle. Start at least three to six months before the wedding. My favorite way to add juice into my diet is as a snack during midmorning when I want to grab a croissant. And it’s wonderful around that afternoon slump by replacing an unhealthy snack with a juice. You can see really nice results in three to six months just from that.


Suzanne’s Juice Recipes Watermelon Cooler 1/2 watermelon (removed from rind) 1 lime (peeled if you like) 1 big bunch of basil You can actually make this in a blender (which is great if you don’t have a juicer yet). Simply blend all ingredients and enjoy!

Green Lemonade 3 large lemons (peeled if you like) 2 apples 1 cucumber 6 kale leaves (you can also use spinach or Romaine lettuce) Put all ingredients through the juicer and enjoy.

Sports, Shave, Spa, Repeat

By Michael Dougherty

A gentleman’s guide to barbershops and spas

When it comes to salon and spa treatments, guys tend to get the short end of the stick. Most salons cater to women, offering a menu filled with body contouring, makeup applications, blowouts and gel manicures, with the occasional service on the list dedicated to men (typically littered with “masculine”-sounding ingredients and sports references). As guys have become more discerning in their appearance, the demand for male-centered sanctuaries has grown in popularity. Whether you want to look your best or have a relaxed bonding session with the boys, men-only spas and barbershops have been popping up across the U.S. and we’ve got you covered on some of the greatest in grooming meccas.




JA’s Razor Club

Exclusively Men’s Barber & Spa

(IMAGE ON OPPOSITE PAGE) Located on the second floor of the John Varvatos boutique in San Francisco, the Razor Club is one of seven John Allan salons with others in New York City, Beverly Hills and Toronto. The Razor Club’s signature full-service package, which includes a scalp massage, conditioning treatment, haircut, manicure and shoeshine, will have you looking and feeling your best in no time. Address: 152 Geary St. Phone: (415) 398-2707

In this comfortable, friendly environment, men are welcomed to relax and enjoy a little pampering of their own. Their suite of services include haircuts, wet and dry shaves, nail care and facials. Address: 16459 N. Scottsdale Rd., Phone:

Suite 113 (480) 656-0802




ManKind for Men

FLEXSpas is a great option for the guy who wants the total experience. Intense full gym workouts followed by massage therapy and a dip in the pool are just some of your many options at this trendy club-inspired spa. Not in Atlanta? FLEXSpas are also located in Cleveland, Phoenix and Los Angeles. Address: 76 Fourth St. NW Phone: (404) 815-0456

Grab a beer and relax while the groomers of ManKind pamper you to perfection. You can get a variety of massages, a manicure and pedicure, a basic hot shave or a “One of a Kind” shave, which soothes the recently shaved skin by applying moisturizer that’s made in-house, along with other healing ingredients, to the sensitive area. Address: 501 SE Second St.,

Suite 103

Phone: (954) 525-9209




The/One Men Spa

Barbershop Lounge

Clean lines and modern décor create a zen-like atmosphere in this men’s spa located in Chelsea. Whether you pop in for a hot stone massage or a green tea pedicure, the luxury services are sure to summon your inner calm. The spa also offers couples’ packages to help you relax before and after the big day.

Reminiscent of an old school gentlemen’s club, Barbershop Lounge brings the social aspect back into salon services for men. Shoot a round of pool or watch the game between a shave with the guys and still leave fresh and ready to take on the night.

Address: 163 Eighth Ave. Phone: (212) 203-9313

Address: 245 Newbury St. Phone: (617) 450-0021



The Shave

The Boardroom

The Shave evokes an Old World barbershop feel while in the posh Beverly Hills. This luxury barbershop provides traditional masculine services like the wetand-dry shave along with less spoken about gentleman services, which range from facials to sweater removal. Taking it a step further, The Shave also offers personal shopping services for their clients to achieve a full gentleman’s transformation.

The Boardroom takes you straight from the office and into the world of Jay Gatsby. Inspired by country clubs of the 1920s, this salon and spa will get you shaped, trimmed, clipped and polished so you’re ready to impress. Address: 5550 W. Lovers Lane

Suite 169 Phone: (214) 358-7565

Address: 230 S. Beverly Hills Drive Phone: (310) 858-8281



MANI MUSE Joey Lin from Primp and Polish in New York City shows us how to draw nail art inspiration from your wedding dress to create a perfectly polished manicure.




The Dress


“ The lower part of the dress resembles large beautiful roses so I drew garden roses to reflect the elegance of the dress,” notes Lin. Dress by Monique Lhuillier

“ The design of the flowers is concentrated on the corner, which was inspired by the placement of the flowers on the lower part of the dress.” Dress by Marchesa

Photo credit: Ryan Carville


“ A light pink gemstone was used to give it a more sophisticated look. The rest of the nail is drawn in a bridge-like lace pattern, inspired by the pattern of the dress.” Dress by Ersa

That’s Amore Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn A Cozy Catskill Wedding

38 42 46


That’s Amore

Michela and Luca blended traditional with a no-holds-barred Italian reception, creating a day that celebrated fun, love and family in the purest of forms. Written by Brittny Drye Photography by Fibre di Luce


Young and in love, Michela and Luca were together for 10 years after meeting on an Italian mountaintop when they were just 16. Their devotion to each other grew throughout the decade, and on May 25, 2013, surrounded by 140 of their friends and family, they exchanged vows in a beautifully traditional ceremony followed by a party that relinquished all rules, allowing the couple, and their guests, to have the time of their lives.

Our theme was family, in its simplest meaning—the place where one meets another, where one can be welcomed and accepted, when you can have fun and be genuine.

and accepted, when you can have fun and be genuine,” says Michela of the day. “When I say family, I mean a very extended, joyful, loud family, the one with all the dearest friends, no matter how long you know them or how often you meet them. In short, our birth family and our family of choice.” THE CEREMONY The blushing bride wore a classic dress by Elvira Gramano and carried a bouquet of frothy white peonies as she was escorted down an aisle sprinkled with white hydrangeas and olive branches. The priest, who had known them both for years, led them through a spiritual ceremony and exchanging bands inscribed with “Ovunque proteggi,” which translates to “Everywhere protect.”

THE RECEPTION After the heartfelt ceremony, the guests retreated to a rustic chic, eco-friendly farm reception near Rome, with walls filled with bottles of wine and a breathtaking exterior that overlooked the Italian countryside. The couple spruced up the shabby chic-style decor with candles and glass jars brimming with blooms THE INSPIRATION It was important to and olive branches. “The olive tree is Michela and Luca that their guests felt so symbolic,” explains the bride of her like they were part of the celebration, floral choice. “It means renewal, birth and goodness. That’s why we wanted whether it was through DIY details, ceremony readings or reception music. olive leaves to be included in all floral “Our theme was family, in its simplest decors with white peonies and baby breath.” meaning—the place where one meets another, where one can be welcomed They opted for a shorter dinner, LOVE INC. 39

preferring to get a jumpstart on the party. “We had a seated dinner, but we wanted to avoid the endless duration of the typical Italian wedding,” says the bride. A few of their musically talented friends kicked off the evening with live music, followed by a playlist put together by other friends that kept guests dancing all night long. Drinks flowed seamlessly and, in true Italian fashion, a soccer ball even made an appearance onto the dance floor. The happy newlyweds cut into a heartshaped pistachio-flavored Bavarian cake, topped with two wooden soccer cake toppers as a nod to the newlyweds’ love of the sport. Guests could also satisfy their sweet tooth with their dessert buffet and candy bar.

TOP TO BOTTOM: With the help of friends, Michela created her own invitations. | Luca recites his vows

to Michela.


“I remember the merry feeling surrounding us for the whole day, the dumb smile of my groom-to-be when he first saw me at the church entrance, my father holding my hands very tight while we walked through the nave, my Grammy’s smile when she saw me wearing my bridal dress, our friends’ prayers during the ceremony,” exclaims Michela. “I guess I’d never forget that day, and even if my memories would somehow fade, I could never forget the feeling I felt. In Rome we say ‘Il friccico nel core,’ which I suppose the closest meaning is something like ‘A ripple in the heart.’”

TOP TO BOTTOM After the ceremony, the couple took portraits in the Italian countryside. | The reception was held at a rustic, eco-friendly farmhouse. | A friend made the couple’s wooden cake topper. | The farmhouse was nestled amongst the pastoral rolling hills outside of Rome. | The bride and groom danced with loved ones long into the night.

Photography: Fibre di Luce VENUE: Ceremony at San Policarpo, Reception at Agriturismo 4.5 Catering & cake: Agriturismo 4.5 wedding dress: Elvira Gramano SUIT: Armani


Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn Anna and Elise tapped into the talents of local vendors to create a magical evening brought to life with rich foliage, a mouthwatering menu and a rockin’ band. Written by Brittny Drye Photography by Heather Phelps-Lipton


One thing we will never forget is what it felt like to be surrounded by so much love and support.

who owns their own business knows it is pretty much non-stop—we wanted wedding planning to be as stress-free as possible!” Their search led them to the nearby Wythe Hotel, a chic industrial-style space in Williamsburg with a wide variety of rooms to host the ceremony, reception and after party.

The Ceremony Anna, clad in a custom wedding dress from Stone Fox Bride, exchanged vows with Elise, who Anna and Elise’s New York love story looked dapper in rag & bone separates, begins with a mutual friend introducunderneath a suspended chuppah in ing the two knowing they would hit front of 110 of their nearest and dearit off. Chapters of love-filled romance est. With the creative direction of the ensued, complete with taking a busiDUMBO-based dream team Tinsel & ness leap together to own a restaurant Twine, the room was transformed into in their Brooklyn neighborhood, and a secret garden-style enclave, with lush soon after, Elise was asking Anna to be greenery hanging from the ceiling and her wife. “The proposal was completely candles casting a romantic glow. Their natural—Elise is a chef and works long ceremony was a perfect blend of Judahours. She came home from work late ism, Buddhism and Paganism elements, one night with a bouquet of flowers, paired with readings by Elise’s brother sat me down on the couch and asked from Emily Dickinson and the Dalai to spend the rest of her life with me,” Lama. reminisces Anna. “I said yes and we The Party Natural elements weaved celebrated with Champagne and our into the reception room with wildtwo Chihuahuas, Shye and Lo.” flower arrangements of king protea, With a business to manage, the two dahlias, scabies pods, ranunculus and knew that proximity was a priority. ferns spilling over the industrial ves“We had originally hoped to have our sels made of mixed stone, wood and wedding outside of the city but knew antique silver. “Everything just felt so there was no way we would be able to lush and magical,” adds Anna. Dipplan something long distance,” notes dyed cheesecloth runners lined the Anna of their venue hunt. “Anyone tables that housed the family-style LOVE INC. 43

dinner consisting of a menu that met the high expectations of the restauranteurs. “We wanted to avoid the typical wedding fare. Our menu ranged from frisée salad to seafood toast, housemade sausage, beautifully roasted trout and the most delicious short rib,” says Anna. “The kitchen was kind enough to provide us with a mid-course sunchoke velouté, one of our favorites!”

While guests were dancing their hearts out, Elise and Anna snuck away for an intimate cake-cutting ceremony and later surprised guests on the dance floor with passed root beer floats. “Those were a big hit,” adds Anna.

Though the reception came to a close, the party was far from over. Guests were invited into another area of the Wythe, which the couple and their design team transformed into a sexy, They kicked off the dancing portion gothic space, featuring a rich palette of the evening with “Harvest Moon” of deep pinks and burgundy and was by Neil Young, performed by their hip wedding band, The Affections. “Photos decorated with black bat orchids, dahlfrom our first dance perfectly capture ias, animal skulls, antique shoe forms and pipes with candlelit mood lighting. the essence of our wedding night,” “It was so cool to surprise guests with exclaims Anna. “Happy and relaxed, dancing alone while the people we love a totally different vibe,” says the bride. the most watched from a distance.” Af- “Our guests said this part of the night ter a few rounds on the dance floor, the looked more like a Santeria altar.” lovebirds invited everyone to join. 44 LOVE INC.

“One thing we will never forget is what it felt like to be surrounded by so much love and support. To have all of the people who love you and whom you love in one room is a remarkable feeling,” reminisces Anna. “At the same time, there were moments throughout the evening where we felt as if no one was watching, it was only the two of us.”

LEFT TO RIGHT “Before you get married, everyone tells you to take in every moment because the day will come and go quicker than you can imagine, and it’s true,” says Anna. | Anna’s gorgeously unruly bouquet consisted of king protea, dinner plate dahlias, scabiosa pods, green ferns, ranunculus and Leucadendron. | Lush greenery draped from frames to create an enchanting ambiance. | The couple swayed to “Harvest Moon” by Neil Diamond for their first dance.

Photography: Heather Phelps-Lipton Weddings Wedding planning/design: Tinsel & Twine Venue: Wythe Hotel Florist: Tinsel & Twine

Cake Designer: Wythe Hotel Wedding GOWN: Stone Fox Bride WEDDING SUIT: rag & bone WEDDING BAND: The Affections MAKEUP/HAIR: Soon Beauty Lab


A Cozy Catskill Wedding With the Northeast region’s rich fall foliage and loved ones surrounding them, Joel and Mike celebrated a day that was deeply personal and reflective of their unconditional love. Written by Clair McLafferty Photography by Ali Rosa Photography


Joel and Mike first caught each other’s eyes in the winter of 2009. At the time, they were on opposing teams in an LGBT volleyball league in New York City. “After weeks of making eyes across the net, we found ourselves at the sports bar around the corner,” says Joel. They eventually started their lives together in Brooklyn, moving into an apartment and becoming proud fathers of their dog—and ring bearer— Baxter. The ENGAGEMENT After three years of flirting and dating, Joel and Mike took a vacation to Hawaii where they went on a hike along the volcanic coastline. “We were literally in the middle of nowhere, completely alone, overlooking the most amazing cliffs and crashing surf underneath,” says Joel. “Mike got down on one knee and proposed to me. I said yes.” Mike had another surprise up his sleeve. Following his proposal, he pulled another ring out of his pocket and made Joel propose back. “I happily obliged,” laughs Joel. THE VENUE Since New York City and the surrounding areas can be prohibitively expensive for weddings, Joel and Mike chose a newer venue in the middle of the picturesque Catskill Mountains—the gorgeous Inn at West Settlement. With space for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, it was the perfect

place for the fall wedding they’d dreamed of. “It was a lovely barn situated next to a spring-fed pond,” says Joel. “The rolling hills, country setting and gorgeously appointed rustic chic space made it our clear choice.” With all of the natural beauty surrounding the inn, the grooms didn’t have to do much to decorate. “[Our venue] had an entire room full of props and decorations that we could use, including tons of vintage mason jars and cool bottles.”

It was maybe the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my life, and also the most fulfilled. Paired with the burgundy-accented sunflower centerpieces, the venue’s rustic chic flair shone. This aesthetic was embellished with custom vintage-fabric pennants, the grooms’ burgundy, mustard and navy color palette and gorgeous reclaimed wooden farm tables and mismatched chairs. LOVE INC. 47

The grooms incorporated their rustic color scheme into their accessories.

THE CEREMONY “We really wanted our ceremony to be a reflection of us,” says Joel. They tapped into their friends’ talents for the layered guitar, accordion and jazz vocals processional. “We began with our guitarist playing “La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf, and then had our groomsmaid walk down the aisle, strap on her accordion and join the guitarist, followed by our other groomsmaid who added the vocals after her walk down the aisle,” explains Joel. “It was unexpected, and the crowd loved it.” “In a perfect world, both of our 48 LOVE INC.

mothers would have walked us down the aisle,” says Joel. “However, I lost my mom to cancer the year before, so this was a tough moment for me.” But Joel’s dad insisted on walking him down the aisle while Mike’s father escorted their furry ring bearer, and it ended up being “just the right touch.” The grooms’ officiant had one condition: that they write the ceremony. “It was perhaps our vows that truly made the ceremony what it was,” says Joel. “It was maybe the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my life, and also the most fulfilled. To share

our own words with our loved ones really made the ceremony all the more special, genuine and honest.” THE FASHION Both grooms had custom gray suits made by Suitsupply. “We decided to wear gray suits so we would stand out against our color scheme and would accessorize with our wedding colors to bring it all together,” notes Joel. THE PARTY During the cocktail hour, the two set up lawn games, a photo booth and a guitar-clarinet duet that serenaded the attendants from above. For the main event, they scripted table numbers on old window panes directing their guests to their tables, where they were served a delicious seasonal menu, family-style. After dinner, the party began in earnest. Joel and Mike had their first dance to “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes, and halfway through the song, they invited the rest of the couples to dance for what would end up being the only slow tune of the night, kicking off a dance party that would last until the wee hours of the morning.

TOP TO BOTTOM Guests wrote well wishes on a vintage typewriter while vintage vessels were filled with wildflowers. | “We really wanted our ceremony to be a reflection of us,” says Joel.


LEFT TO RIGHT The grooms offered local, seasonal fare during cocktail hour, including butternut squash soup bites and a station of meats and cheeses. | In addition to the cake, they offered an “Opposites Attract” candy bar with Joel’s favorite fruit candy and Mike’s preferred chocolate. | “We gave the DJ a few suggestions of songs to play, but told him we ultimately wanted a big gay dance party. He delivered!” Photography: Ali Rosa Photography Wedding planning/design: Jason Mitchell, author of Getting Groomed Officiant: The Honorable Allyne R. Ross Venue: The Inn at West Settlement Florist: Catskill Flower Shop


Cake Designer and Caterer: Sweet Nothings by Linda Laestadius Wedding suits: Suitsupply DJ/Band: Steven Paul Makeup/Hairstylist: Hair by Tom Mantel Others: Videographer Blake Drummond Films

Diving away from stereotypical swimwear




Heading to paradise for the honeymoon but the thought of shopping for a bathing suit fills you with anxiety? Don’t let the gender-driven retail racks intimidate you. We’ve selected styles that fall all across the spectrum.

or alone e Worn , th runks with t pression om high c c ts as top a er. a bind

Wildfang Hella Hibiscus shorts, $52

Outplay Flatsea top ($55) and Boi shorts ($35)

Billabong Making It rashguard, $38

TIP: Mix-and-match one-pieces or swim tanks with board shorts for full-coverage that doesn’t skimp on style.

Danae Transvormer 302, $140

Planner Picks Hurley Surfside swim tank and bandeau, $83

A few of our favorite wedding planners tell us their must-have honeymoon products. Bernadette Smith founder & principal planner at 14 Stories

Sperry Top-Sider board short, $42

Piz Buin Sunscreen: Simply the best sunscreen! Smells great, is light, non-greasy and protects you for hours. DII Tablecloth: This tablecloth doubles as a lightweight beach blanket and is easy to pack and bring with you for a romantic picnic in the park, on the beach, or anywhere your honeymoon takes you. Jason Mitchell,

author of “Getting Groomed” and planner at Shiraz Events

Trunkettes Harlow top ($47) and Sunny trunks ($55)

Jack Spade Color Block Tote: Nothing says masculine style more than a Jack Spade bag with a pop of bright color to carry your towel, sunglasses and iPad to the beach. Anthony Wake Up Call Hydrating Gel: This product is a savior for the skin after a late night. Those honeymoon cocktails cause dehydration, which this gel aids, and it also contains caffeine that literally wakes up your skin. Ashley Douglass owner of Ashley Douglass Events COOLA sunscreen spray: I became acquainted with this brand last year because I planned the owners’ wedding. The product feels good on your skin, is light and airy, has great ingredients and doesn’t come off easily. Tory Burch Thora Sandal: It is your honeymoon so don’t go too casual the whole time but rest as well! Pack some fashionable flip-flops instead of heavy wedges or uncomfortable sandals. LOVE INC. 53

Your guide to equality-minded vendors


Resources Equality-minded vendors ANNE ALMASY PHOTOGRAPHER: Anne Almasy is a wedding and lifestyle photographer whose quirky, intimate images emphasize the connectedness of family, the joy of community and the necessity of love. Anne’s photographs have been published worldwide and awarded by the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Based in Atlanta, 404-496-8349 COLOR POP EVENTS: Color Pop Events is a New York City-based event planning company specializing in vibrant, charming and bold events for a wide variety of clients. At the end of the day, Color Pop Events is here to make you happy and your event POP! Based in New York City, 706-461-5200

DASH ENTERTAINMENT: Dash Entertainment is a boutique DJ, AV production and entertainment booking company. We create whole experiences— forging musical elements with well-crafted sound design, thoughtfully orchestrated lighting design and fantastic live entertainment. We’ve launched thousands of events and created crazy-happy memories for clients across the country. We hope you’ll soon be one of them. Based in Los Angeles and New York City, 213-924-3280 CURTAIN UP EVENTS: Curtain Up Events is the brainchild of Danielle Bobish, who discovered that her own professional theater background was the perfect training ground for planning large affairs. Now, Danielle helps her clients put on dramatic, unforgettable events—without all the drama. Based in New York City

DEITY EVENTS: Deity is a cutting-edge, nontraditional wedding and event venue. Our artful renovation to a 150-year-old synagogue brings a boutique ambience to every special occasion. Inspired by ancient Pagan religions, local Brooklyn artists were commissioned to install original art for the event space, including custom stained glass, goddess light fixtures, an iron branch gate and a Tree of Life centerpiece. Brooklyn, New York JOSE ROLON EVENTS: A nuptial maestro, José specializes in bringing comfort to a process famously filled with tough decisions. With his chill vibe and generous command, he leaves his ego out and gets the job done. Every José Rolón event is a seamless wonder. Parents adore him, vendors respect him and brides and grooms bestow their trust. Based in

New York City, 917514-4106 KATIE FISCHER DESIGN: We’re a boutique design studio with a love of all things paper, bespoke invitations and day-of stationery. Katie and her super-talented team are dedicated to innovative timeless designs, high craftsmanship and a graceful experience for our clients. Based in New York City, 212-390-8385 MIKKEL PAIGE PHOTOGRAPHY: Colorful and crisp imagery truly reflects this photographer’s vivacious and outgoing personality that couples immediately find comfort in. She is an avid traveler, who adores capturing love and laughter at local and destination weddings. Based in New York City, 646820-6645


MIXTAPE: A COVER BAND FOR HIPSTERS: Actively not your parents’ wedding band, MIXTAPE is a disco-free band whose infinite repertoire spans indie rock, classic rock, ‘80s, ‘90s, and even some choice pop. Designed to be like a live performance of your favorite mixtape, MIXTAPE: a cover band for hipsters is the nuanced icing on the cake that is your wedding. Based in New York City, 347-750-6994

love what we do and do it in a way that is uniquely our own. Based in New York City, 917-968-4366

POP KARMA: Pop Karma makes irresistible gourmet popcorn out of sustainably grown, real food ingredients. Their elegant packaging, fun flavors and customization options allow you to create unforgettable wedding favors. Pop Karma’s delicious flavors start with a base of pure organic, air-popped popcorn, PHOTO PINK: which is then layered Photo Pink is a Brook- with top-quality inlyn-based collective gredients to provide led by photographer a uniquely delicious Liesl Henrichsen. treat. Based in Inspired by fashion New York City, editorials, this group 917-675-5450 consists of six artists SANDRA COSTELLO all with degrees in PHOTOGRAPHY: photography and a Nothing makes me drive to make artful, colorful images. At happier than a wedPhoto Pink we’re not ding. It is one of the greatest celebrations afraid of color, grit between two people. or trying something new. We can find the I want you to be yourbeauty in almost any self on your wedding day. Nothing more, situation and being educated in our craft nothing less. I can’t wait to load my camgives us an ability to era with moments shoot anywhere. We


that reflect the love radiating from those who love you. Based in Holyoke, Mass., 413-427-1676

and strategic taxidermy. Based in New York City, 917-208-2536

VIVA MAX SUGAR FLOWER WEDDINGS: CAKE SHOP: Viva Max Kaley is an A cake can look stun- experienced New ning, but how does York wedding planit taste? At Sugar ner with a style that Flower Cake Shop, brings practicality, our custom wedding know-how and a few cakes are made for high-fives and hugs savoring. We highlight into your wedding natural flavors, with planning process. ripe ingredients, silky Your event may be buttercream (no gross a year away or a fondant!) and sugar few weeks out but flowers as vivid as through her enthunature intended. Give siasm, dedication us a call for an inviand spunk, Viva Max tation to one of our helps you create your tasting parties! Based perfect wedding. in New York City, Based in New York 212-993-6441 City, 646-504-8482 TINSEL & TWINE: Tinsel & Twine is a DUMBO-based event design company specializing in floral styling, custom light installations, signage, prop curation and planning. Our team incorporates details to reflect each couple’s unique style and love story, which have so far run the gamut from (literally) gilded lilies to Ouija boards


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