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elcome to the White Room Beauty and Spa Lounge!

At the White Room, we focus on all aspects everyone may need to attain a unique, attractive, confident and modern personality. Whether you choose from any of our wide range different treatments, you can now enjoy a rejuvenating experience right in the heart of this thriving cosmopolitan hub! Savor our exclusive spa packages dedicated respectively for the new-age & jet-setting ladies who truly appreciates the finer things in life. Calm and serenity, comfort and real beauty is what we promise. We look forward to welcome you at the White Room.

Laila Neiro



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8/29/12 1:12 PM


NAIL SERVICES Essential Nails Essential Manicure French Manicure Polish change for Hands Polish change French for hands

Gelish Wonders 30 minutes | 60 aed 35 minutes | 70 aed 15 minutes | 35 aed 20 minutes | 40 aed

Gelish long lasting manicure 60 minutes | 110 aed Gelish long lasting french manicure 60 minutes | 120 aed

Eye Catching Toes Essential Pedicure French Pedicure Polish change for Feet Polish change French for feet

Gelish long lasting pedicure 60 minutes | 120 aed

30 minutes | 70 aed 35 minutes | 80 aed 15 minutes | 40 aed 20 minutes | 45 aed

Gelish long lasting french pedicure 60 minutes | 130 aed

Perfect Combination Essential Manicure & Pedicure French Manicure & Pedicure Polish Change for Essential Manicure & Pedicure Polish Change for French Manicure & Pedicure

Gelish long lasting Essential Manicure & Pedicure 120 minutes | 230 aed

60 minutes | 120 aed 60 minutes | 130 aed

Gelish long lasting French Manicure & Pedicure 120 minutes | 250 aed

30 minutes | 70 aed 35 minutes | 80 aed


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8/29/12 1:12 PM


NAIL ENHANCEMENTS French Gel or Acrylic Overlay 1 hour & 30 minutes | 270 aed


Natural nails are brushed with a gel or acrylic French manicure overlay protecting & shielding the natural nails from breakage.

Treat your self to the most fashion nail trend adorned by celebrities like Victoria Beckenham, Rihana, jennefer Lopez and more. Minx nail offers latest designer style.

French Gel or Acrylic refill 1 hour & 15 minutes | 190 aed

Minx Manicure 45 minutes | 130 aed Minx Pedicure 45 minutes | 140 aed Minx perfect combination 90 minutes | 240 aed Minx Removal 15 minutes | 25 aed

Recommended every 2 to 3 weeks to fill the re-growth and restore your overlay to perfection.

Silk Wrap or Fiberglass Full set 1 hour & 30 minutes | 300.00 aed

Natural Gel or Acrylic set 1 hour & 30 minutes | 300 aed

To strengthen, lengthen and repair the nails.

An artificial enhancement done in place of natural nails. It includes a full set of tips or sculpted nails painted from our wide range of colors.

Silk Wrap or Fiberglass Full Overlay 1 hour & 15 minutes | 250 aed

Natural Gel or Acrylic Overlay 1 hour & 15 minutes | 250 aed

Silk Wrap or Fiberglass full refill 1 hour | 170 aed

Natural Gel or Acrylic Refill 1 hour | 170 aed

Weekly Buff and Shine 70 aed

French Gel or Acrylic Set 1 hour & 45 minutes | 330 aed

Nail Repair Full set removal Per Nail removal

15 aed 70 aed 7 aed

Nail Art

10 aed per nail

To have the look of more sophistication.

Natural nails are brushed w/ gel or acrylic overlay to protect & shield the nails while they grow strong and long.

Recommended every 2 weeks to fill re-growth & restore perfection.

This treatment will refresh your nails and look good as new. Recommended every 2 weeks.

Leaving it more smooth , shiny and back in good shape.

To create an elegant look and are best preserved with a coat of top coat.

A decorative designs on your finger nails that would contribute more on your look of perfection.


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8/29/12 1:12 PM

Bio Sculpture Gel is an exceptionally durable gel treatment that nurtures the nail bed whilst allowing the nail to look immaculate. It is a healthy nail system that will not chip or damage your nails, protecting and strengthening the natural nail in the process. BIO SCULPTURE GEL French Tips French Moulded Colour Moulded Natural Moulded French Overlay Colour French Overlay Colour Overlay Natural Overlay Lavander Base Treatement Glass Nails Gradation Moulded Gradation Overlay

390 aed 300 aed 365 aed 325 aed 325 aed 325 aed 250 aed 200 aed 140 aed 400 aed 400 aed 300 aed

 Maintenace  Refill Colour / Natural 210 / 170 aed Rebalance 305 aed Weekly Check 20 aed Buff and Polish 80 aed Manicure + UV Gel 110 aed Soak off/Lavender Base 60 / 30 aed



Nail Repair French Tip Natural Tip French Overlay Natural Overlay Natural Overlay (Half) Moulded nail repair add

55 aed 45 aed 45 aed 40 aed 30 aed 5 aed

Bio Sculpture for the feet just add 10% from the prices above.


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8/29/12 1:12 PM


HAND & FEET TREATMENTS REJUVENATING Oriental softness for hands and feet:

Your hands & feet are the language of your body. They speak for you. The Oriental softness treatment is dedicated to those who desire to magnify their beauty while experiencing a soothing and peaceful moment using the Eucalyptus black soap and honey scrub follow by Shea butter, Argan oil and honey soft cream.

Oriental treatment for hand Oriental treatment for feet Oriental treatment for hand & feet

30 minutes | 60 aed 35 minutes | 70 aed 60 minutes | 120 aed

REVITALIZING The Paraffin Treatment:

An intense treatment for dry skin and blood circulation on the hands and feet. Warm Paraffin Wax is blended with pure essential oils.

Paraffin for hand Paraffin for feet Paraffin for hand & feet

20 minutes | 40 aed 25 minutes | 50 aed 40 minutes | 80 aed


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8/29/12 1:12 PM

The Essie Spa Experience (100% Essie Spa):

A sensational treatment for your tired & aching feet! This helps cure cracked heels by dissolving dry skin in one go. Feet are soaked in a warm salty bath and scrubbed with a cooling lotion and massage with a moisture mask of Kaolin, Glycerin, Algae & Menthol leaving the skin ultra-soft with a last touch of a pressure point massage using essential oils.

Essie Spa for Hand Essie Spa for Feet Essie Spa for hand & feet

30 minutes | 60 aed 35 minutes | 70 aed 60 minutes | 120 aed



STIMULATING The Callus treatment

30 minutes | 60 aed

A specialized treatment for the soles of your feet, designed to melt and remove hard and dry skin. A special sloughing lotion is applied to the feet which eliminate dry and cracked heels leaving it soft to touch.


20 minutes | 35 aed

Earthenware Stone Scrub

30 minutes | 40 aed

This treatment is designed to polish & buff the feet for 20 minutes leaving them soft and glowing.

Wet feet are covered with Black soap, left for few minutes and callosities are scrubbed with the stone in circular movements, followed by a moisturizing massage.


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8/29/12 1:12 PM


MASSAGE IN THE CHAIR: Have quick massage or makeup‌ from pick up menu while you enjoying your mani and pedi. STRESS REDUCTION Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Head, Neck and Shoulder

20 minutes | 40 aed 30 minutes | 50 aed

Aromatherapy for the feet

20 minutes | 50 aed

Foot Reflex

30 minutes | 70 aed

A reviving and rejuvenating treatment that brings a deep states of relaxation

A therapeutic technique which combines the natural properties of essential oils and healing power of massage therapy that will give your mind clarity, relaxation, stress and headache alleviation.

BEAUTIFUL YOU Beautiful Brows

Whether you are for your pedicure , manicure or just simply having your back massage try the wonders of the Beautiful Brows for only 10 aed.. It is a semi permanent powder that fills in the gap of your brows. And serve as a treatment. And what it makes more exciting, Its sweat proof, water proof and smudge proof.

Unique Casual Make up

Unique Cosmetic from Paris come with a revolutionary make! We can transform your look while you are busy pampering yourselves . Let our professional make up artist transform your looks. Try our Unique Casual Make up for only 100 aed


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8/29/12 1:12 PM

REVITALIZING Aromatherapy Massage

60 minutes | 200 aed

A relaxing and calming treatment designed to revitalize, calm & soothe the tired spirit.

STIMULATING Swedish Massage

60 minutes | 225 aed

Is also similar to deep tissue massage. It is a power point massage that goes deeper into the muscle to release tension.



WELL BEING Shiatsu Massage

60 minutes | 200 aed

Is a Japanese treatment applied using pressure to specific points in the body.

REJUVENATING Hot Stone Massage

75 minutes |3 50 aed

Hot stone massage is a moderate massage treatment which releases the tension in the muscles & aids blood circulation and stress.

RELAXING Preganacy Massage

60 minutes | 300 aed

Back Massage

30 minutes | 130aed

Simulatng and relaxing massage for woman who are expecting.

To soothes the lower back pains and relieve the tension from the upper back muscles. A back massage stimulates circulation and increase blood flow to the area.


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8/29/12 1:12 PM



45 minutes | 150

A special skin pampering for the whole body , face and hair. Result: : Skin will be softer & firmer w/ tightening effect. You will leave feeling relax & enjoying the fragrance.

Jambes Toniques

45 minutes | 200 aed

Gommage Marin

45 minutes | 200 aed

Aroma – Luxe Massage

60 minutes | 250 aed

Contour Drainant

60 minutes | 250 aed

Hydralessence Body

80 minutes | 300 aed


90 minutes | 300 aed

Phyto- Fermete

90 minutes | 300 aed

Anti-fatigue leg treatment exclusive for those client who have heavy legs after long day shopping or vigorous exercise. Can be a single treatment , course or as a routine.

A invigorating exfoliation (w/ Guerande marine salt & essential oils) toning, aromatic and personalized exclusive salon treatment.

A relaxing, energizing & aromatic massage. A pause for well being that leaves you invigorated & energized.

A professional exclusive treatment for clients who suffer from water retention and wants to sculpt their figure. Can be a single or a course of 4

A deep moisturizing treatment for 2 hrs. that will provide your skin with precious repairing ingredients for a divine soft skin.

Slimming Marine therapy with seaweed or marine mud. Used as part of an intensive course of treatment or to maintain your figure.

Used as part of intensive treatment for maintenance after a change of weight, after pregnancy or to combat the passage of time.


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8/29/12 1:12 PM

Step inside to the World of Beauty and let us create a ‘’ Special You“. Our professional hairstylist offers you the latest trends on cuts, color, texture and finishing services tailored to fit your style! Blow Dry Hair Cuts Hair Colour Short 60 aed Fringe 30 aed Roots 150 aed Medium 80 aed Trim 75 aed Short 250 aed Long 100 aed Fashion 120 aed Medium 350 aed Long 450 aed High Lights

Hair Up

Half head Full head Evening 250 aed 200 aed 250 aed Glamour 350 aed 250 aed 300 aed Special 550 aed 301 aed 350 aed Engage 750 aed Bridal 1,000 aed



Hair Iron or Curl Short Medium Long

85 aed 110 aed 125 aed


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8/29/12 1:12 PM


HAIR TREATMENTS Special Treatment Hair Straightening Basic hair treatment Special ( L’Oreal ) Hair Spa ( Dancoly Hot Oil

100 aed 250 aed 200 aed 80 aed

Keratin Treatment

Short Medium Long

400 aed 550 aed 650 aed

Permanent Curls

Short 1,000 aed Short 400 aed Medium 1,500 aed Medium 550 aed Long 2,000 aed Long 650 aed Hair Extensions 100 % natural finest hair and long lasting for 3 years. Whatever your occasion and what looks you would want, we got it all under covered. Price upon Request


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8/29/12 1:12 PM

Our highly trained team takes a scientific approach to the art of waxing, constantly staying abreast of the latest techniques for shaping, concealing and removing undesirable hair growth. Eyebrows 30 aed Upper UP 15 aed Full Arm 60 aed Half Arm 30 aed Under Arm 25 aed Full Arm & Under Arm 70 aed Half leg 40 aed Full Leg 70 aed Full leg & Bikini 100 aed Half Bikini 50 aed Bikini line 25 aed Brazilian 90 aed Bare as you dare 90 aed Full Back 50 aed Chest 30 aed Stomach line 20 aed Full Stomach 30 aed Full Body 220 aed




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8/29/12 1:12 PM


THREADING Seat back and relax while our experts do their to remove the unwanted hairs by the wonders of threading. Eyebrows 30 aed Upper Lips 10 aed Chin 20 aed Forehead 15 aed Neck 25 aed Full face 50 aed BLEACHING Get that Skin tone you always wanted and let our experts assists you. Upper Lip 15 aed Chin 15 aed Full face 50 aed Arms 40 aed Back chest arm 70 aed Full leg 80 aed Full body 200 aed


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8/29/12 1:12 PM

Nouveau lashes are state of the art semi permanent lash extensions that gives longer, thicker and very natural looking lashes .No need for mascara though water based man be applied to the tip for more extra definition. Using this lashes does not even feel at all as they are virtually weightless.



EYE LASH CURL Curly Lashes Lash Curl 200 aed No harsh perming techniques and will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes without lash extension. A complete natural treatment that would last for 3 months. EYE LASH EXTENSION Eyelash hair by hair:

This procedure is applied to each natural lash for a striking and defined result.

Eyelash full set Eyelash semi-full set Eyelash Refill Eyelash removal Touch up ( within 72 hours) Eyelash Curl

500 aed 300 aed 200 aed 70 aed Free of charge 200 aed

Eye lash tint:

is recommended before Eyelash extension

Eyelash tint Eyebrow tint

35 aed 35 aed


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8/29/12 1:12 PM


MAKE UP BEAUTIFUL YOU White Room is only committed with the finest product and we introduce Unique cosmetic from Paris. A mineral based make up line which is safe and natural. It only consist of all natural minerals derived from 100 % pure Mica which is a mineral found in the Earth’s crust. Mica is 100% hypo-allergenic and will not irritate your skin. Unique cosmetics are non-comedogenic & will not clog pores or produce acne, black heads or white heads . UNIQUE products are actually good for your skin. Evening Make up 300 aed Glamour 450 aed Engagement 750 aed Bridal 1000 aed


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8/29/12 1:12 PM


FACIAL TREATMENT FACE CARE Restore healthy balance to your skin with our customized facials while your senses reveal in the serenity. Our pore cleansing facial technique is proven to be gentle yet highly effective, minimizing redness and irritation of your skin. Mini Facial

30 minutes | 80 aed

Flash Beauty

45 minutes | 190 aed

Nip in for a facial even when time is of the essence. Try it while you are doing your mani & pedi. Enjoy the beautiful aromas of Yonk-Ka with this complete facial which is available to everyone.

Plasir d’aromes

60 minutes | 295 aed

Eclat Cocoon

60 minutes | 295 aed

Hydralessence Face

75 minutes | 295 aed

An aromatic and well-being radiance facial. Indulge regularly for an energizing and detoxifying effects. Result: In less than an hour fatigue vanishes, the features are relaxed, and the completion is glowing with beauty. A aromatic & well being radiance facial. Indulge regularly for the energizing & detoxifying effects. Result: Relaxed, smooth features; soft glowing skin; restored comfort. Eclat Cocoon can be enjoyed as often as needed. A long lasting and deep hydrating facial which you can choose year round as soon as the skin starts to show symptoms of dehydration. Result: The skin is renewed, soothed and rebalanced; softness and beauty are restored.

Alpha Vital

90 minutes | 350 aed

Vital Intense

90 minutes | 350 aed

Le Grand Classique

90 minutes | 350 aed


90 minutes | 450 aed

Enjoy once to boost radiance or follow a course of 4 sessions that build on one another doe a spectacular anti aging action. Result: The Skin is supple, smooth. The complexion glows and wrinkles vanish.

Rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle, invigorating, regeneration facial. This is a targeted anti wrinkle treatment. Can be a single treatment or as a course of 4. Results: The skin becomes smoother and younger is its appearance. Is fundamental facial to indulge in once a month to keep the skin healthy and in top condition. Result: A purified skin, toned complexion, and an optimum relaxation.

Enjoy one facial as maintenance follow a course of 4 sessions. Result: A visibly younger skin that is firmer and smoother, redefines facial contour.


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CLEANSING PAMPERING Morjana cosmetics are oriental products passed down from generation to generation. These magical treatments open up a mystical world of colours, light and perfumes allowing your whole body to feel truly replenished. Hamam Ritual

60 minutes | 150 aed Emperial Ritual 90 minutes | 375 aed

Black soap exfoliation is central in the hamam tradition. It is incredibly efficient ritual of purification. Once toxins are removed, the body breathes. Result: Incredible and deep feeling of lightness and well-being.

Hamam Ritual with Shea butter

Much more than body ritual , honey & honey delicious scrub , wrap &

sweet precious nectar will wrap you in richness & softness just like Imperial princess. All this ceremonial , you will be under the spell of the manificent fragrance and texture. Result: Your skin is incredibly rejuvenated and silky.

60 minutes | 200 aed

Morjana a 100% natural jasmine Shea butter for dry skin which deliver their innumerable properties. Spicy Delight Ritual Result : Soft moment of heat and comfort to reveal a velvet skin. 90 minutes | 375 aed

The Spicy delight ritual takes you in a wonderful garden where float Sweet & delicious fragrances of juicy oranges. The toning The oriental comfort ritual wraps you with a rich and benefiaction of orange & grape fruit delicious scrub, body wrap & cial cocoon thanks to Morjana Shea butters 100% natural which properties of cinnamon essential oil offer all your senses an deliver their innumerable properties. exceptional treat. Result: Soft moment of heat and comfort to reveal a radiant Result: Body is firmer & divine perfumed. Skin looks brighter skin. as ever.

Orient Secrets Ritual

90 minutes | 300 aed

Medina Treasures Ritual

90 minutes | 400 aed

Thousand and One Night Amber Ritual 120 minutes | 450 aed

The green tea and exotic verbena wrap with fresh and delicate fragrances to take you in an enchanted trip.They offer you all their benefits and let your mind lighten as air. Result: Your silhouette is visibly thinner.

This wonderful ritual takes you in luxurious oriental palace, filled mysterious and intoxicating smells of amber and spices. Amber delicious scrub , amber body wrap, amber melting honey and spices along with Atlas cedar oriental oil. Enjoy the most sensual and magical adventure. Result: A charming trip for silky skin and a refined silhouette. Eliminates dead cells, eliminate stress and tensions, mineralize, nourish and soften skin and firming.


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8/29/12 1:12 PM


LPG LPG is a natural anti-aging technique to re-densify the skin in deep down and erase the signs of aging. It will eliminate stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting by reactivating cellular activity in a natural way. 1 session

6 session

Gynoid Lipo Massage ( 60 mins. ) LPG Cellulite Smoothing ( 60 mins. ) LPG Draining AqueousCellulite ( 60 mins ) Face Slimming ( 45 mins ) Glowing Complexion Lift ( 30 min. ) Eyelift Treatment ( 35 mins. ) Collagen Activator firming ( 45 mins. ) Lipomassage Total Care ( 60 mins. ) LPG Firming & Contouring ( 60 mins. ) Endermo Draining ( 60 mins. ) Densifying Anti-Wrinkle ( 60 mins. ) Cellular Regeneration Lift ( 45 mins. )

1,750 aed 3,120 aed 1,750 aed 3,120 aed 1,750 aed 3,120 aed 1,260 aed 2,280 aed 720 aed 1,250 aed 1,260 aed 2,280 aed 1,260 aed 2,280 aed 1,750 aed 3,120 aed 1,750 aed 3,120 aed 1,380 aed 2,520 aed 1,260 aed 2,280 aed 1,500 aed 2,640 aed

350 aed 350 aed 350 aed 250 aed 150 aed 235 aed 250 aed 350 aed 350 aed 275 aed 250 aed 300 aed

12 session


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Cooperate Head Office, Gold Crest Executive Tower Cluster C, 6 Floor, Office No 611, Jumeirah Lake Tower, Dubai T: 044534152 â– F: 044534153

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