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FALL 2020

Laura Fuentes Woman of the Season



5 Tips to Boost Your Sex Drive

How to


this Holiday Season


Marketing Tips

to Reach Your Target Audience

Breathing for BETTER HEALTH

Founder of MOMables and CEO of Fuentes Media helps overwhelmed moms achieve their lifestyle goals, transform their mealtimes AND LIVE THEIR BEST MOM-LIFE!

Improve Your Life in 2 Minutes a Day


Fall 2020



Fall 2020




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Fall 2020



to the very 1st issue of Louisiana Women in Business Magazine. We’re so glad you’re here!

PUBLISHER: Vilardo Media


EDITOR: Chrisha Rouse STAFF WRITERS: Tabitha Vilardo & Chrisha Rouse CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: KeAndrea Anderson, Cate Emmah, Amberleigh Carter, Taylar Lane, Breea Gross, Jessica Seghers, Alliciyia George, Giovannie Espiritu CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: Hunter Thomas, Carlton Mickle, Addie Laughery, Ashley McCormick CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS: Erica Fletcher, Clyne Peak, Sarah Bernard, Dawn Rush, Elizabeth Bordelon, Aimee Supp


SALES DIRECTOR: Tabitha Vilardo ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: Vicky Starkey, Star Roberts, Amanda Summers, Casey O’Neill ADVERTISING COORDINATOR: Tabitha Vilardo

Tabitha Vilardo • Chrisha Rouse

My name is Tabitha Vilardo and I had the idea for this magazine at the beginning of 2020. I wanted to create a publication that would answer the questions that many of us have as business owners. I met with some experts and got started! I am grateful for my older sister, Chrisha Rouse, who co-founded the magazine with me, and for the first time in our lives, we went into business together! Our mission is to publish a magazine every season to recognize, inspire, educate, and empower all women in Louisiana. The support has been incredible and I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank you.” This has been such an adventure already and it’s only just begun! — TV

GRAPHIC DESIGN Angela Blake, Savannah Rouse, Tabitha Vilardo MARKETING Chief Marketing Officer: Cornerstone Marketing Agency of Louisiana PRODUCTION/DESIGN Chrisha Rouse, Angela Blake

A publication of Louisiana Women in Business Magazine Founder: Tabitha Vilardo Co-founder: Chrisha Rouse Business Address: 301 Main St., Ste 2200 Baton Rouge, LA 70801


Fall 2020

Hi, I’m Chrisha Rouse and I’d like to welcome you to our first issue! When Tabitha came to me with the idea for this magazine, I loved it! As women, I feel that we can all agree that lifting up and empowering other women is more important now than ever. We couldn’t think of a better place to start than by recognizing the hard work, dedication and success of Louisiana women following their dreams! I hope you get inspired, motivated and learn a trick or two that can make your life easier and help you all reach and exceed your life goals. I know I did. With love and light – Chrisha Rouse


WHAT’S INSIDE Living Libido Loco 06

5 Tips to Get Your “Want to” Back

Multiple Streams of Income 09 Why You Should Have Them

Community Building 10 In the Time of Covid

Two Minute Quickie 15

Breathing Your Way to a Healthier You

Tamica Lee 16

This Girl is On FIRE!

Jonah Monet 18 Shooting Star

Laura Fuentes 20 Woman of the Season

Feet on The Floor 25 Feet Off The Floor

How to Stay Sane 26 For The Holidays

6 Steps to Building 28 A Follow-worthy Brand

Balance 30

Between Work and Personal Life

Keeping Marketing Campaigns 32 Relevant During The Holidays

Marketing Tips 34

How To Reach Your Target Audience

Debbie Traylor 36 Secret to Success

Local Connections 38

Personal Relationships Are Better!

Tamica Lee Tamica shares her secrets to success and talks about her new position with ABC’s Good Morning New Orleans.

16 Jonah Monet The owner of Switch Stand Productions talks about her new movie and filming in Louisiana.

18 Debbie Traylor A member of Louisiana Music Hall of Fame shares advice that has helped keep the doors at Debbie’s Bridal open for 20 years.


On the Cover:

Woman Of The Season — Laura Fuentes An interview with our Woman Of The Season - her back story, her views on success and mindset, and a recipe from her newest cookbook!



Fall 2020


Living Libido Loca 5 Tips to Get Your “Want to” Back

Written by: Chrisha Rouse

I’m not in the mood. I just don’t feel like doing it. I WANT to want to, but I don’t. I enjoy myself DURING sex, but I just don’t care if it happens. Can you relate? If you’ve felt this way, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. It’s a common struggle. However, there’s good news! Even though it may sometimes feel like you’ll never want sex again, there ARE things you can do to help get your groove back! Let me start by stating that there are MANY reasons that people experience a low sex drive. Studies show that some of the most common causes include: • Stress (financial, work, relationship, etc.) • Anxiety or depression • Low self-esteem • Fatigue or exhaustion • Certain medications • Menopause or hormonal imbalance Sex is a healthy and important part of any relationship – even if that relationship is with yourself. Many people that experience some of these causes don’t realize the effects they can have on sexual desire. Or how the lack of desire can bleed into other aspects of their lives affecting their relationships and their health, physically and emotionally. With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are understandably feeling less connected than ever. According to the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) and the Household Pulse Survey (HPS), both administered by the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people in the U.S. experiencing depression symptoms has more than tripled. This means it’s more important now than ever to connect with your partner. How? Here are 5 things that you can do to reconnect and boost your libido: 1. Remove the pressure of having sex. Reconnect by having a conversation and planning romantic time together (maybe a massage or a make-out session). Just take time to enjoy each other with no expectations of it ending in sex.


Fall 2020


2. Have fun together. Do something that you both enjoy or better yet, have a new experience together. Bonus points if it’s physical and gets your adrenaline pumping! Laughing together and sharing those moments helps rekindle the connection and reminds you why you chose each other. 3. Take care of you. Make sure that you’re the best version of yourself—hydrate, exercise and rest. Don’t underestimate the importance of sunshine and laughter! 4. Try some all-day foreplay. Send your partner flirty or sexy messages throughout the day. Get steamier and more suggestive as it gets closer to “sexy time.” (Possibly a sneak-peek glimpse of some new lingerie.) This builds anticipation on both ends and makes it harder to use excuses to back out. 5. Last but not least, bite the bullet and just do it. Some people have found it helpful to schedule it and put it on the calendar. It may feel awkward at first, but that feeling will pass as excitement builds and you begin to look forward to that designated time together. Preplanning is especially important if one or both of you have a busy schedule. Intimate time with your partner needs to be a priority. BONUS! During sex, your brain releases what are known as “happy hormones” - dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These are known to increase intimacy and boost feelings of pleasure and happiness while lowering stress hormone levels. This means that having sex is the easiest and most fun way to increase your desire. And the more you do it, the more often you’ll want to! So if you find that you’re “not in the mood”, give these tips a try - you might be surprised at how good it feels to bring your sexy back! Chrisha Rouse, Owner of Pure Romance by Chrisha www.PureRomancebyChrisha.com Follow on social media @PRbyChrisha 16+ years of experience in educating and empowering women Ladies’ Only parties & personal consultations available.


Fall 2020


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Fall 2020


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Why You Should Have Multiple Streams of Written by Cate Emmah

What would happen if you were to lose your job?

Look for ways to leverage the two. For instance, if you embrace social media management best practices, it can be easy to gain potential customers’ attention. Clients are more likely to buy from businesses with an online presence than those without one.

How would your business hold up if one of your critical clients were to end their contract with you? Inconveniences that can threaten your financial freedom are bound to happen. The question is, how easily can you bounce back from these setbacks? While some setbacks might barely graze the surface, others will make it tough to offset bills and loans. The unknown variables in life are why you should consider diversifying your income sources. THE IMPORTANCE OF INCOME DIVERSITY Diversifying your income simply means creating different channels that can generate revenue for yourself or your business. In turn, you get to enjoy a variety of benefits, including: • Avoiding over-reliance on a single revenue stream • Creating a safety net for when/if one income stream dries up • Widening the client base for your business(es)

Posting products and services on eCommerce platforms also places them closer to your ideal client. In addition to your business website, there are many options, such as Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy.

CONSIDER PASSIVE INCOME SOURCES While passive income sources require more effort when starting, they are worth the time. Once you get the wheels moving, you can enjoy consistent income with little to no friction. Some great passive income options include real estate, affiliate marketing, peer-to-peer lending, and dividend stocks. However, just because people market passive income as ‘money you make in your sleep’ doesn’t mean you don’t have to put any work into it. It takes time to develop it into something significant.

When you have additional sources of income, the loss of a single income stream wouldn’t necessarily force you to start from scratch. It can not only keep you and your business afloat as you figure out your next step, but can also help you find ways to attract new clients, making it easier to bounce back from minor setbacks.

DIGITIZE YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES The modern businesswoman is fortunate to have access to multiple social media and eCommerce platforms. It is now easier to reach more clients than ever before.

Be sure to learn the ropes for whichever option you choose. Research before settling for a specific opportunity. Consult people who have been using these income streams, or pay for courses that offer unbiased information to help you decide. The future isn’t set in stone, and hurdles like the coronavirus pandemic will always be around to prove that. Having multiple income streams cushions you against today’s dynamic world. Make the time and effort to diversify your income sources now so that you can enjoy some financial freedom and peace of mind later.


Fall 2020



Community Building By Giovannie Espiritu


Aimee Supp, VP of Sales and Marketing of Moxey, a community of business owners based around bartering goods and services, has been passionate about entrepreneurship since she was a young girl running her own dog walking business. “My love of business began from watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,” Aimee recalls. “During a segment of the series, he would take you on factory visits and we would watch how things were made. I remember learning how everything was made from crayons to applesauce and became fascinated with business and wanted to be a part of that.” Her career took her to Holland America Line where she educated guests on the cruise ships to shop in the local ports of call. Through showcases and educational seminars and 24 hour TV programming, she promoted local businesses and artisans. She travelled internationally, promoting neighborhood commerce like matryoshka dolls in Russia, silk carpets in Turkey, and colorful saris in India. Since then, she has amassed over twenty years of experience at helping small businesses marketplace and becoming a business-to-business matchmaker for business owners, craftsmen, and artists business sectors. “There is nothing more that I love than working with people that are very talented at one thing but they’re missing one segment - whether it’s finding their true value and who they are, what they should charge for what they do, or to how to sell and market themselves,” she states. It was her penchant for finding the missing piece that elevated a small pay-it-forward photography project into a regional movement.

“It is an innate trait in us, as women, to bring people together rather than compete...In focusing on that, during this time, we can make real change.” Originally inspired by “TheFrontStepsProject,” Aimee called local Baton Rouge photographer, Jenn Ocken, a client of hers, to help support local businesses, during the beginning of the COVID by providing photoshoots to local businesses. In essence, the businesses and families would receive a free socially distanced photoshoot and would promise to “pay-itforward” by supporting local businesses during the quarantine. Their version of the movement, #TheFrontPorch ProjectUnited #TheStorefrontProjectUnited, was picked up by the media and was duplicated in several different states and cities under Aimee’s guidance and business acumen. They photographed over 4,500 families, 400 businesses raising 1.2 million for local businesses during this time. “I’m always looking for ways that I can collaborate and bring people together to scale it faster and make a bigger impact for others. This was one of those incredible series of circumstances, a big vision, solid plan and great team that just worked - people paying it forward to local businesses that were closed during this time was uplifting to our community and crucial for local businesses.” This couldn’t have been done without the collaboration of extremely talented women from our primary photographers Addie Laughery and Jenn Ocken to our social media managers Laura Siu Nguyen and Sarah Brown. Across the south over 50 people, volunteered their time in their communities. “It is an innate trait in us, as women, to bring people together rather than compete. I think we tend to look at things where everyone can win and thrive together,” she says. “In focusing on that, during this time, we can make real change.”


Fall 2020



Hey Business Owners! We want to support your business and with our #PayItForward project. There is no cost to you - only to support another local business.

(P.S. You don’t have to have a storefront!)

“Whether it’s your mental well being, or your financial well being. If that’s not solid, then you can’t help others.”

Trio Eyecare


Laura Siu Events

“Bartering is an exceptional idea. It can be clunky, but it allows you to get the things that you need without paying cash. If you have goods sitting around, you can barter with someone else to get what you need. If you are in a city where there is a company, like Moxey, who streamlines barter and amplifies what you do - reach out to them and see how they can help your business”

JOIN A COLLECTIVE OF LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE “Leverage relationships to learn, enrich and grow. When you get dialed into a group, you have access to the talents of the group and collaborate. Be brave, start making connections with people that you wouldn’t have normally connected to. You would be surprised on who will respond.”

BE GENEROUS “Ask what you can do for others twice as much than you ask someone to do something for you. If you get to a place where you don’t know what to do, reach out and ask how you can help another. The nature of being generous establishes rapport and can open doors in unexpected ways.”

DON’T GIVE UP “We are going to get through this. We’re a country of people who have always gotten through the most extraordinary of circumstances. Our grandparents had their moments where they had to step up and rise. This is our time. One of my favorite quotes is: ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’ If we look to see how we can help others. We will collectively help everyone.”

Cupcake Junkie THE OFFERING: Through our pay it forward model our volunteer photographers will come to your business and do a mini branding session, FREE OF CHARGE. ($250 - $500 VALUE!) OUR ASK: That the business pays it forward to another business by giving one of their favorite small businesses a shout out on social media and encourage them to sign up for the project.

For more information and to sign up



Fall 2020


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Fall 2020

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Fall 2020



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MICHELE MORALES Honest, thorough and professional! I would highly recommend using Michele as she went beyond expectations and provided professional service! My selling experience was stress-free and she truly looked out for my best interest. ~ R. Pourciau


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Fall 2020

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THE TWO-MINUTE Breathing your way to a healthier you!


Women, especially in business, have a tendency to put themselves last. Family, friends, and responsibilities always come first, leaving women depleted and exhausted. If a woman gives to herself, it’s often viewed as selfish, frivolous, and indulgent. Women commonly feel guilty, like they are somehow violating a fundamental law of the universe, when they take care of themselves. This is because, in a society focused on progress and success, not enough value is placed on the importance of rest. However, the state of being is just as important as doing. We are human beings, after all, not human doings. The first step to obtaining a balance begins in the morning before getting out of bed, starting with a quickie:

two minutes of breathing.

Breathing for two minutes seems innocuous, but it creates a powerful ripple effect. Firstly, it puts you first on the list during your day. That, alone, is already helpful. Secondly, oxygen is a nutrient that detoxifies the body and pushes bacteria and stagnant energy out of your cells. This kickstarts the metabolism by activating the mitochondria (the energy center of the cell) and initiating physiological functions that do everything from absorbing nutrients to boosting collagen production, enhancing nourishment and reversing the effects of aging. Thirdly, as you breathe, the diaphragm muscle massages the spine, pushing lymphatic fluid into your visceral organs. These fluids contain white blood cells that boost the immune system.

You can lose weight by breathing!

Furthermore, when toxins start to leave the body, there is a reduction in fat storage. Fat has many roles, but a major one is to protect the organs from toxins by trapping them in deposits of fat. Therefore, by detoxifying the body, it is safe to let go of this fat. Yes, you can lose weight by breathing!

The trick to receiving these benefits is breathing longer on the exhale than on the inhale.

This informs your nervous system that you are safe. When your body feels safe, it shifts from the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system that outputs stress and pre-mature aging hormones to the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system that outputs regenerative and youth-associated hormones. This process creates a cascade effect in your body’s physiology. Hormones begin to balance, improving your mood and increasing your sex drive (hello to the actual quickies!). Mindful breathing also strengthens your mental clarity and amplifies your creativity (which is great for problem-solving, creating new things, and being more efficient and productive at work).

Here is how to do the two-minute quickie:

Set your timer on your phone for 2 minutes. Close your eyes and gently place your hand over your belly. Inhale, making sure your belly is pushing out against your hand. This is the correct way to breathe, diaphragmatically, instead of breathing from your upper chest. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but the diaphragm muscle will get stronger as you do this exercise. Inhale for 5 seconds and exhale for 10 seconds, for example. Do this for two minutes and repeat throughout your day, as necessary. Enjoy!

Written by: Dr. Amberleigh Carter, DM, AMP, HHP Founder and owner of Kinection Holistic Health, Amberleigh teaches her clients how to create health & connect back to themselves by nourishing the mind, body, and soul. www.kinectionholistichealth.com


Fall 2020



Fall 2020


TamicaLee This Girl Is On Fire plays in my head every time I think of Tamica Lee. This New Orleans native has accomplished so much before the age of 40, and I am so excited to share her insights and wisdom on what it takes to be successful!

Tamica Lee is a wife and a mother of two and is a positive role model for the 200 young boys that are a part of the charity organization, sonofasaint. org, that she co-founded with her brother. A former NFL cheerleader and Director for the Saintsations, she also owns her own business, T.Lee Lashes. She’s been co-anchor of WGNO’s News With A Twist and the star of Bravo’s Southern Charm New Orleans. Having watched her show on Bravo and seeing her energy and drive, I reached out for an interview and was excited when she accepted my invite. She also said that she’s excited about being featured in our very first issue - She, like her city, thrives on people, love, and light. When I expressed how grateful I was for her time, Tamica replied that being available to connect with people who ask is one secret to her success. She’s incredibly humble and full of great advice and insights; one of my personal favorites being, “Take every opportunity to encourage and help others. The more you help people, the more you thrive!” Question: “What’s your mantra, T?” Answer: “MANIFEST EVERYTHING.” “If you want something, you have to say it out loud, and then you have to jump!” Tamica believes it’s important to surround yourself with people who support you and give you the freedom to jump and be yourself. She said her mindset is “anything can be done.” Tamica decided at 34 to change careers from professional choreographer, dancer, and director to television. With persistence, she pursued that goal and set out to meet the News Director of a local television station. It paid off and she landed her first television job as a traffic reporter on WWL. That experience propelled her forward and three years ago, she became co-anchor of WGNO’s News With A Twist. When she sets her mind to something, you can consider it done! “The word NO,” Tamica says,

“just means there’s another way to get it done”. Sounds like another key to success to me!

In September, she became the anchor for the ABC affiliate WGNO’s Good Morning New Orleans. Tamica said, “I love, love, love my job as a morning anchor for so many reasons. The station gives me the opportunity to be creative; a chance to talk to my city. I couldn’t ask for a better situation than to be my authentic self and be on TV”. Tamica’s energy and sense of humor are amazing and I’d love to share ALL of the great advice that she gave but that would take a book! Fortunately for us, she’s writing one! She’s currently writing a book of stories from her own life lessons and motivational speeches. The moral of each story is different and one that impacted me is that “a candle doesn’t go out by lighting another candle”. You can build someone up, and it doesn’t take from you - women empowering women as as a lifestyle! Check her out on WGNO and keep an eye out for her book! have an immense amount of respect and adoration for her. I think we can all stand to be a little more like T!



Fall 2020



Fall 2020


Jonah Monet







Written by Tabitha Vilardo




Jonah Monet, CEO of Switch Stand Productions, plays several roles within her company - screenwriter, director, actress, and producer. Jonah has been in the movie industry for less than a decade and has already written, directed, and starred in several films and television series. And she says that she’s proud that three of those movies were filmed right here in Hollywood South!




SWITCH STAND PRODUCTIONS in association with SSCOT directed by JONAH MONET story by SCOTT T INNES PRODUCTIONS presents “GO FISHIN” music score by NELSON BLANCHARD directorINNESof screenplay by JONAH MONET photography HUNTER THOMAS

When asked why she loves to film here in Louisiana, she replied, “The food’s like nowhere else in the world. The art, music, and culture draw people from all over. But my favorite thing about it … the people who call the state home.” When we talked about how her latest movie, Go Fishin’, came about, Jonah explained that she met Scott Innes on a red-carpet event in Tennessee. He approached her with the idea to film a feel-good, hilarious, slapstick comedy during COVID-19 to make people laugh and smile amidst the global pandemic. When he asked if she could write the script for the movie, she accepted. Teaming up with Scott Innes Productions, they pulled the script together over a weekend! Jonah, in addition to co-writing the script, she also directed and is the lead actress in the film. Her character, Billy Bass, is beautiful and funny and looks like she walked straight off the set of The Dukes of Hazard. Coincidentally enough, she ends up starring alongside actors that were actually on the set of The Dukes of Hazzard. And you might just recognize the car that Billy Bass drives in the movie. It’s none other than the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit! Jonah said that

“Seeing Burt Reynolds’ and Sally Fields’ autograph when I flipped the sun visor down put such a smile on my face.”

I had the opportunity to be on set for the last day of filming, and it brought back childhood memories of when I thought you had to move to Hollywood to be in the “movies.” It’s inspiring to see the productions and filming that are taking place locally. I was able to spend some time with Jonah earlier this year, and to say that she’s multi-talented seems like an understatement! In July, I was honored to be a guest on a talk show that she was working on. I witnessed as she determined the model that the program needed to follow and then put it into action as both director and producer. And if the writing, acting and directing weren’t impressive enough, Jonah has also produced several seasons of Trigger Time TV, where she received the highest level of training by firearm professionals. She does her own stunt work and, in her free time, enjoys riding horses, swordfighting and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Like a real-life Lara Croft, she is truly a force to be reckoned with - in life and business. Jonah Monet is an inspiration for women business owners everywhere. We should never stop learning our craft, continue to build our skillsets and knowledge and not be afraid to push boundaries. I’m excited to see what’s next for Jonah and Switch Stand Productions. You can learn more about Jonah by visiting jonahmonet.com or her profile on IMDb.


Fall 2020


Have you ever experienced the 6 o’clock mealtime struggle?

it’s TIME TO


Laura Fuentes MOMABLES.COM

How about packing daily lunches for yourself or kids? Laura Fuentes, the Founder and CEO of MOMables.com, turned that daily struggle into a business in 2012. To date, she’s helped more than 2 Million families simplify mealtimes with weekly plans, eliminate processed foods and eat healthier with her 30-day Family KickStart Program, as well as being the author of 5 cookbooks.


Fall 2020


Laura has been referred to as the “Queen of Mom Entrepreneurs,” and once I checked out her online presence, I understood why. With a combined total social following of 200,000 on Facebook and Instagram, and nearly 100,000 YouTube subscribers, more than 1 Million website visitors per month, and 100,000 active email subscribers, all I could think was, “Who IS this woman?” So, I dove into an all-day digging event to learn everything I could. I found that she’s competed on Food Network (and won!) and has appeared numerous times on media outlets like the TODAY Show and Good Morning America. And to think, this mompreneur-turned-media CEO has been hiding in Madisonville, Louisiana, this whole time. I was stoked to find that instead of being arrogant, like someone with that level of success could be, she was definitely the opposite and I couldn’t wait to learn more about this woman who started a business from home with three young kids. Laura turned out to be charming, confident and funny, with a persistently encouraging and positive attitude about living life. After the interview, I shared on social media, “Laura was even cooler than I thought she’d be!” To my surprise, she shared it, tagged me, and added:

“Moral of the story: BE YOURSELF, be kind, share your knowledge.” Laura’s reaction to my post gives a glance into her personality. Her actions are in sync with our vision for Louisiana Women in Business Magazine, which was created to recognize, inspire, educate, and empower women. She has quickly become one of my favorite people, and it is my honor to introduce her, our first Woman of the Season! So how did this “Queen of the Mom Entrepreneurs” get to where she is now? As with most success stories, Laura’s business began with an idea to solve a problem and then evolved. Born in Madrid, Spain, she moved to the U.S. in her teens without speaking English. After conquering her language barrier, she now speaks four languages. She earned a Bachelor’s in Global Economic Relations in California before moving to New Orleans to earn her MBA in Marketing and International Business Development. It was in the MBA program that she met her husband, Eric, and after graduation, she worked in the medical marketing field. Shortly thereafter, Hurricane Katrina changed Laura and Eric’s life. Having lost their medical businesses in the South Shore and finding herself pregnant and unemployed,

they moved to St. Tammany Parish to start their family. At the same time, Laura realized she needed to learn how to cook for her family. She did just that by watching Food Network and borrowing cookbooks from the local library. As she learned, she began to simplify recipes and implement time-saving shortcuts. Laura believes that “in life, we all experience things that shape our skills and talents. Choosing to use these as opportunities is up to each of us.” Her formal education taught her how to create business processes, and she used that knowledge in the kitchen to create processes for efficient cooking. Around 2008, when Laura’s daughter began attending a Mommy’s Day Out program, Laura used her creativity in the lunch packing arena. “On days where I ran out of bread, I’d whip up pancakes for breakfast and use those to make a sandwich. Or, I’d heat up leftovers and pack them in a thermos.” When the other moms asked her for recipes and tips for packing their kids’ lunches, she started an email group for the moms in the program, all while realizing she was on to something. To make the recipe sharing process more efficient, she built a website, MOMables.com. Laura soon became passionate about sharing helpful content in the form of recipes and articles that solved a problem for moms like herself, while providing value and growing a loyal tribe. “When you discover something you’re passionate about and can live it and breathe it day in and day out while helping others... it’s incredible. And if you’re lucky enough to turn it into a career that supports your family and team, that makes my life worth living.”


Fall 2020


Her mantra is “mindset is everything.” Meaning that mindset plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives. She has overcome many challenges and credits her mom for teaching her to keep the right mindset when things happen that are difficult or outside her control. Whether it be the loss of a job or business, having a deformity (which she has) or disease, or going through a rough time, keeping a positive mindset will make you unstoppable. “My hope is that by sharing how I’ve overcome challenges, I can inspire change in someone else,” Laura said. “People often find me through my recipes and articles, because they think, “I just need a solution to...” Then, they often opt into my email list and discover that there’s much more to learn about themselves or find a solution to a struggle (like picky eating). Most importantly, they learn that transformations often happen by changing one small thing and creating better habits for themselves. My content and recipes are just a tool for them to use to improve their health and wellness and, most importantly, their mindset.”


Fall 2020

She continues to create recipes and content on LauraFuentes.com and MOMables.com. In the last decade, she’s built not only a business but also the strategies needed to succeed in a digital world. “While social media can help a business be more visible, if you want to connect with your audience, email still remains to be key.” In fact, she sends out more than 7 million incredible emails per month! Those emails are handcrafted to include her recipes, videos, and articles, as well as insights “from the mom-life trenches.” After reading them for months now, I’ve found Laura to be real and down-to-earth, and I can see how she stays connected with her community.

Laura is obviously a very busy woman, and in her words, she loves the hustle. When I asked how she maintained balance between her business life and her personal life while growing a media company, her advice was “done is better than perfect.” Laura starts each day by asking herself, “What am I going to do today that takes care of me first, so I can be in


a better position to take care of everyone else?” The answer could be a run or a spin on her Peloton, to sleep in, or a cup of coffee -- always first in Laura-land. She stated that “balance is an unrealistic expectation. It’s all about juggling what we have to do and what we want to do; and, at the end of the day, being happy with the results.” That takes good habits and practicing self-care, defining self-care as “caring enough about yourself to take care of yourself.”

So, what’s next for Laura? Get ready for more video content. Laura bought a house, gutted it with her husband and turned it into a film studio so she can expand her inkitchen content to mindset, health and wellness, and so much more.

We also talked about what has factored into her success. She said, “You need to practice discipline in all areas of your life, not just in your business. You must also apply it to how you manage your time, your health, your mind and body. Discipline is about pushing through the “boring” to get to where you want to be. It’s hard work. Discipline builds habits. Habits create success. All of this builds your self-confidence, and you begin to believe you can achieve anything. Bringing it all full circle can help you live out your best life.” This is why I now refer to her as Wonder Woman.

From her small home in Madisonville, Laura has built a media company, works with some of the biggest brands we all know and love, manages her remote team, and writes cookbooks. Her newest cookbook, Clean Treats for Everyone, is available now, and she is sharing her favorite recipe with us, so make sure to check it out! Scan to order your copy!


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Fall 2020


Feet on the floor. Feet on the floor. That’s exactly what I mumble to myself when my alarm clock is going off at hours that are way too early for any human to be fully functioning. I throw my feet over the edge of the bed and plant those suckers on the floor. A small celebratory jolt of lightning races through my brain, and my body follows. I’m up! This is the moment each day when your confidence begins. Newsflash: It’s not the guy in the elevator that gives you a cheesy smile and egotistical, self-serving compliment. It’s this small instant right here. This moment is yours to decide this is going to be YOUR day! Now jump in the shower and begin. Feel the water running down your back, glistening off the beautiful, smart, insightful woman that you are. Put that “go get ‘em tiger” outfit on and that hint of a red lip. Make it a magical, enchanting day in the life of you, where only deserving people get a smile today. Flash that smile when you arrive into any room, for it is YOU that sets the tone today! Help the new coworker over there get the coffee started because helping others is the real key to successfully being YOU. Wink and flip your hair when you catch your reflection because you made the choice to boss up today. Dare life’s obstacles to come at you today and mindfully have the power to destroy them. When you know you are a woman of your word and exercise integrity, nothing can stop you! At the end of the day, when you crawl into your cozy bed, you can relax and feel amazing because you decided in that one moment to win the day.

Feet off the floor, feet off the floor. - Written by Jessica Seghers LOUISIANA WOMEN IN BUSINESS

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How to

STAY SANE FOR THE HOLIDAYS Practicing Self-Care and Reducing Stress By Taylar Lane

As the Summer months creep into Fall and rapidly move into Winter, the relentless onslaught of nearly back-to-back holidays begins: there’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, in addition to other cultural holidays that many of us celebrate, followed by the ultimate “C-word”--Christmas. Rather than anticipating this “holiday block” with excitement, many of us prepare ourselves for this time of year like we’re preparing to go to battle. 26

Fall 2020


As women, we tend to spread ourselves thin, feeling pressured to meet a list of internal and external demands every day. With the holiday season revolving around the concept of giving, it can be an extra-demanding time. We keep track of meetings, deadlines, playdates, homework, the grocery list, birthdays, doctors’ appointments, and so much more—the innumerable details of our lives and the lives of those around us. We give our time, energy, and resources to everyone else until it can feel, at the end of the day, like there’s nothing left over to give. Then the holidays roll around again, demanding even more of us than usual. THE BEST THING WE CAN DO AS BUSY WOMEN IS TO LOSE SOME OF THE SEASONAL STRESS AND (TRY TO) MAINTAIN OUR SANITY THROUGH IT ALL. One thing that can help is to realize that you don’t have to break the bank or put yourself in a financial pinch to create a happy holiday. The price tag isn’t what makes a gift special. If money is tight this year (and, amid a global pandemic, most of our wallets are likely feeling a little lighter than we’d like), don’t panic. Remind yourself that the key to a meaningful gift is the thought and care you put into it. TRY GETTING CREATIVE! ARE YOU CRAFTY? Friends and family members are just as likely to enjoy receiving a gift that was lovingly made by hand, as they are one that you purchased. You can find inexpensive materials at your local dollar store. While you’re there, make sure to check out the toys! A small child will get just as excited about the inexpensive toys you’ll find there as they will from the best-sellers at Target (bonus: you won’t have a meltdown if they get damaged or broken right away). BE ATTENTIVE. Try having a new experience with a loved one; though immaterial, this kind of gift creates memories that last. Perhaps you can perform acts of service for your significant other instead of buying that pricey present. (Maybe the household chores they’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t had the time, for instance.) Or give the invaluable gift of real quality time and your undivided attention—especially when it comes to your children. The memories that you’re making will last a lifetime. Put your phone away, set aside the cleaning supplies, forget the never-ending to-do list, and allow yourself to focus on truly enjoying the time that you spend together. Take time out of your day to bake cookies, watch movies, run with them outdoors or get down on the living room floor and play. RELAX AND HAVE FUN.

Lastly, and possibly the most challenging thing for women to do is MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO PRACTICE SELF-CARE. We cannot pour endlessly from an empty cup if we don’t stop now and then to refill it. For some, that may be a spa day or a $200 meal at a restaurant. But self-care doesn’t have to cost a thing. Just remember to give yourself a little extra time and attention, too. Maybe that means having the big glass of wine or taking that well-deserved nap on the couch instead of doing the dishes. Perhaps it means locking yourself in the bathroom, sinking into a warm bath and, if only for an hour, letting the world outside the bathroom door melt away. Schedule downtime for yourself between family gatherings, activities, and events and realize that it’s okay to say “no” when you start feeling overwhelmed, even to your relatives. Holidays should be spent with people who make you feel happy, relaxed, and loved, and your mental well-being is just as important as someone else’s feelings. Practice living in and enjoying the moments as they happen and don’t stress when things don’t necessarily go as planned. Sometimes, it’s the imperfect moments that make the best memories.


Fall 2020


Are you ready to create a brand for your business? Are you prepared to become the face of that brand? When creating a brand, it’s essential that every step is done with the clear intention of attracting your target audience. For a brand to attract, it must be clear and concise, offer value, and make an impact! Following these guidelines will allow you to market yourself as an expert in your field. Having a good strategy from the beginning will captivate your audience and create a brand that tells a story and inspires a movement! Here are six easy-to-follow steps to help you build, market, and grow a follow-worthy brand:


Fall 2020


3. IT’S TRUE: CONTENT IS KING! Written by KeAndrea Anderson

Creating highly valuable content is imperative! Just any content will NOT do. Make sure that what you are sharing is: 1. Relevant 2. Specific 3. Relatable 4. Solving a Problem Keeping your content relevant to your field will further ensure that your audience sees YOU as the expert and YOUR BRAND as the problem solver! How do you know if your content is ideal? In addition to the four characteristics mentioned above, analyze your audience’s engagement and reactions to what you are sharing. That information will allow you to focus your efforts on the topics that interest them.



To establish yourself as a leader in your field, you’ll need to understand your ideal audience so that you can communicate directly to them about the problems they might be facing. Focus your communication! Show that you understand your audience. The ability to describe a specific problem in detail will prove that you are knowledgeable and give your audience confidence in the solution that you are offering. This is the best way to attract, captivate and convert them to clients!


Build credibility around your brand. Ensure that everything looks professional and high-quality from the first moment people lay eyes on anything that represents YOU and YOUR BRAND! ● Build an eye-catching website that converts customers into traffic. Collect leads. ● Gather testimonials and endorsements from clients, family, and friends you have worked with professionally. ● Focus on how your products and services will benefit your client rather than your brand’s features.

Create strategies that will enable you to collect information at all times. At vendor events, on your website, attending networking events, at school with your kids, any place, any time. Capture those leads and use them to reach the public.


One of the secret weapons and tools I use to discover features for myself and clients is HARO (Help a Reporter Out). HARO is a free platform that connects news sources or experts with journalists. It’s an incredible way to get your business published on prominent sites, such as Forbes. You can also reach out to other sources, such as podcasts or bloggers. You want to first get on their radar by engaging on their platforms whenever possible.


Lastly, let’s talk about community! Fellowshipping with people that share interests is a great way to market you, your skillset, and your brand. Create your own community! There are several effective ways to do this: a Facebook group, a forum on your website, a LinkedIn group and even your email list!! Create a place where your ideal client can connect with you more personally. People buy from people and brands they can relate to. The great thing about this is that you also get to know your audience and see their needs, so you have more content to produce, more problems to solve, and more ways to expose yourself as the expert you are! There you have it, ladies! Six simple yet effective ways to market yourself and your brand!

● Speak directly to the needs of your ideal client and address their issues. Clearly express your level of understanding and relatability.

Do you have a tip for marketing that you have found to be highly productive? Please share it with us! Leading ladies all over Louisiana, just like you, are eager to scale their brand using proven marketing strategies and systems.

Having these systems in place will make it easier to establish yourself as an authority in your field. You want to make sure your brand is effectively showing you as a credible and trusted source.

KeAndrea Anderson, also known as The Startup Strategist, is a global project manager helping entrepreneurs launch and scale healthcare businesses all over the US, owner of Cami Jolie, an aesthetic wellness spa in Louisiana, and a proud mother of 5.


Fall 2020



Fall 2020


B•A•L•A•N•C•E Written by KeAndrea Anderson

The balance between work and personal life is an objective that many want to achieve. Although we often face detours in this road of life, the art of successful navigation, i.e., planning, can help balance your life and allow for a much smoother ride. Achieving our dreams requires both effort and dedication, but that is only possible if you first learn to enjoy life! There is a much-needed balance that must be scheduled into our lives. Let’s face it: as wives, mothers, business owners, chauffeurs, cooks, employees, on and on, time is limited and precious. Sometimes we need to face the reality that it’s become necessary to plan every detail and project, even the project of life! The first step in achieving balance is to be aware of your priorities to date. If you work long hours, focus daily on the kids, take care of everyone and everything else, it’s often easy to take care of yourself last. Learning to add YOU to your priorities is essential. Plan a date with yourself, spend a day at the spa, curl up with a good book, window shop, but learn to prioritize yourself. You can’t help others if you don’t take care of yourself first. Plan yourself as a priority.

It is crucial to define how you use the most critical resource, the gift of time. For example, suppose you are not organized in your work. Lack of planning can cause you to waste time on unnecessary activities, leaving little time to take care of the essential tasks. This lack of planning forces you to work longer hours to complete the critical duties that could advance your career.

Determine those things that are urgent versus unnecessary. Focus your energy and complete the more important tasks at the beginning of your day, and you will find your day to be much more productive. Reflect on your work/play rate. Being under constant stress and pressure because of an “all work/no play” mentality will result in terrible sleep and eating habits and begin to affect your health. Take a minute to reflect, and if this is your case, take action. Enjoy family more, take more me time, or enjoy a nice glass of champagne, but plan a balance. Learn to breathe in and out, smell the roses again, spend time resting, relaxing your mind, or any activity that’s not work-related. Did you know doing something so simple helps you recharge and refresh? Plan to be present and in-the-moment. Consider going back to basics. Remember your essence, what you are working for, what you formed a family for, why you love your partner and remember your life purpose. Keeping these things in mind will allow you to resume your dreams and renew your spirit. Last but not least, buy a cute planner! While some people prefer modern technology, such as cell phone apps, to plan and organize their lives, it’s always a good idea to have a hard copy backup. Getting back to basics and using pen and paper in your cute little planner can also make it easier to jot down your thoughts again, to plan fun getaways again, to remember the work project you have to do. You can get planners in purse sizes, briefcase sizes, all colors, designer prints, even ones to match your mood or even your shoes!

KeAndrea Anderson, also known as The Startup Strategist, is a global project manager helping entrepreneurs launch and scale healthcare businesses all over the US, owner of Cami Jolie, an aesthetic wellness spa in Louisiana, and a proud mother of 5.


Fall 2020


In retail, it is well-known that the holiday season is the busiest and most profitable time of the year, but how do businesses that aren’t product-based stay relevant and get their share of the pie? A good marketing strategy is crucial in any season, regardless of the platform. To guarantee that your promoting efforts are significant for the Christmas season, consider planning, personalization, education and innovation to ensure your efforts pay off.

PLANNING Planning for marketing campaigns is vital to ensure campaign relevance. It’s important to consider the timing when launching a campaign. Large-scale timing, like special holidays and events, should be looked at first. Then you can work in the small-scale timing - such as the days, week, month, and year into the plan. By accurately timing your marketing campaigns’ launch, you’ll see a higher response rate from your customers. By: Alliciyia George @alliciyia_the_businesswoman

Techniques to Keep Your Marketing Campaigns Relevant During The Holidays

Personalization Personalization will help you stay relevant by helping your customers know that you are making an effort to know them, manage their needs, and provide content relevant to their interests. In your marketing campaigns, make them feel valued through excellent customer service, such as addressing your customers by name. You can personalize your marketing campaign by gathering data to understand your target market’s needs. You can then utilize this information to create better content.

This keeps your business relevant by ensuring your advertisements apply to them, helping you stand out from the crowd. 32

Fall 2020


You can separate your customers into groups based characteristics they share. Tools used to segment customers can be as simple as spreadsheets or as refined as software specific to that purpose. I recommend utilizing segmentation throughout the year, so when the holidays arrive, you can target your customer base in a way to make sure your holiday campaigns are even more personalized.

Educate & Innovate To promote a more successful holiday season, I recommend that you educate your customers or clients for free and innovate. It is

Teacher Tips

FOR DISTANCE LEARNING & HOMESCHOOLING It is ok to be frustrated and to not understand something. Be mindful of how you react to the frustrations because your kids will copy you. - Erica Fletcher

easy to look at everything in business as a transaction, but we should never underestimate the impact of providing free value. For example, you could have a YouTube channel to provide your audience with educational content with a holiday theme. When your focus is on adding value and educating others, your results will speak for themselves and reflect on your finances. Another innovative option is to offer gift cards, special promotions, or new services for the holiday season. Take inventory of your team’s knowledge and skill set along with your company’s mission to reinvent your business and come up with fresh ideas for your business for the holidays. Planning, personalization, and innovation are essential principles you should use to help your marketing campaign stay relevant to your current and potential customers. As you increase your relevance, you will also see an increase in sales and business success.

Be consistent with their “school day” at home. Start the day the same time and end it every day at the same time. Lunch at the same time. If possible, subjects need to be kept as consistent as possible. Kids like a routine to be successful. - Clyne Peak

Set a schedule and stick to it. The routine helps to stay on track! Have fun!!! Learning should be fun! -Sarah Bernard

Know that one of the goals of homeschooling is to instill ownership of learning and doing the work without an adult sitting beside you. Train them to do school this way and your life will be so much easier. Be aware it will take a couple of weeks. Reserve your time for face to face instruction periods. -Dawn Rush

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Homeschooling isn’t anything like classroom learning, so don’t set unrealistic expectations and feel like a failure if they can’t be met. Every day is a new day, so on harder days, remember to give yourself a break and just breathe. -Elizabeth Bordelon

I hope these tips give you some ideas for moving your business forward during this uncertain time. Always remember that it starts with you. If you continue investing in yourself, educating others, and leveraging your different skills, it is only a matter of time that everything will fall back into place.


Fall 2020


Marketing Tips How to Reach Your Target Audience Written by Cate Emmah

Whether your business is old or new, you need to ask yourself some of these questions before executing your marketing plan: Who is your ideal customer? Where is your customer—where to find them? What do they like to do in their free time? What are their needs? These answers will help you focus your budget on advertising your brand or products to those who need them. Don’t let those long hours and valuable resources you have spent to make your killer product go to waste! Read on to find five ways how to reach your target audience.


Fall 2020


1. DO MARKET RESEARCH It’s vital to do market research before you begin investing resources into marketing. This helps you identify your target market. Know your target demographics. Get help from demographic data like age, sex, level of income, and geographical location. Narrowing your target audience based on their demographic characteristics helps you focus your marketing resources on where they will benefit you most.

2. IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET MARKET’S NEEDS Once you know who and where your target audience is, you can begin to figure out what they need. How do your competitors’ products fill or miss that need? Identify the gap and use it to your advantage. Depending on the demographic data, you may find that what you offer is more suited for one group of people more than another. It helps you decide where you need more products or less and at what prices. For instance, if you were selling clothes, you’ll find that 50% of millennial women shop for clothes more than twice a month, compared to only 36% of women from older generations. Knowing your customers’ needs will help you focus on the essentials to solve those needs.

3. DESIGN A SOLUTION Now that you know what your target audience needs, give them precisely that. This will give your business a better chance of

4. ESTABLISH A WEB PRESENCE Did you know there are more than 3 billion internet users in this world? This means that you can reach your target market by establishing a web presence rather than availing yourself physically. It’s both time and cost-effective. It’s easier now to get your business in front of your target market than it’s ever been. Learn where your target audience spends most of their time and make sure you have a presence there. Create a website and post appealing content. Consider making your website mobile-friendly - the easier it is to navigate, the more they will use it.


thriving due to relevancy. Also, be open to change your offerings

Social media is a valuable asset that every business should

based on customer feedback. For instance, Ellevest, an

utilize. It gives you a chance to reach a large population

investing platform designed for women, uses the same method

of the world and, most importantly, your target market.

to reach their target market. They identified the need women

Your team members and employees know what you offer

had to invest, and they provided a platform for them. Listen to

better than anyone. Let them be your advocates on social

your customers’ recommendations and heed them. When your

media. When people that personally know you share and

audience is satisfied with your services, they will spread the

recommend your products and services, it increases your

word to many other potential clients.

credibility and builds a sense of trust around your brand.


Fall 2020



Fall 2020



Traylor by Tabitha Vilardo

Debbie Traylor, the owner of Debbie’s Bridal in Baton Rouge, opened her business in 2000 and has been in the bridal industry for over 30 years. Her secret to success? She makes sure that she’s passionate about what she does. It just so happens that her passions include “kindness, honesty, and putting customers first.” Mix that heart and passion with unmatched talent, and the woman fits in the world of gowns as well as the glass slipper fit Cinderella. Debbie is in the perfect profession; she holds 357 crowns and titles from her time in the pageant circuit. That’s an impressive amount of experience, so we set out to seek her advice for the 230,000 new women-owned businesses that have opened in Louisiana since 2017. What advice do you have for new business owners who will face hard times? “When you open, know that customers are overwhelmed by honesty and good customer service. If a customer comes in and doesn’t find what they need, help by referring them to another shop that you know offers the same service as you and help them find what they need. Take the extra step and work to help other businesses.” That extra step has been returned in multitudes of favor for this business owner. Debbie’s Bridal has provided one-of-a-kind gowns for over 20 years. From weddings, proms and pageants to debutante and Mardi Gras balls, she has a dress for the occasion. Her business has survived floods, hurricanes, and periods of economic uncertainty. Facing the worst when her original location was flooded, Debbie Traylor persevered. She moved her inventory and started working online to continue to supply customers with gorgeous gowns, excellent customer service, and genuine care. I asked her about the perseverance she has shown throughout her years as a business owner and everything that she’s faced. “It’s a must! Keep on movin’!”, she replied with a laugh.

She moved into her new location in January of this year. You can find her in The Kendal Crossing Shopping Center at 10510 Airline Highway in Baton Rouge. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she follows safety precautions and sees customers one at a time and by appointment only, Monday - Saturday. Call ahead and make an appointment to get in to see this multi-talented Superstar! I couldn’t write about her and not explain why Superstar is a fitting title. Debbie is a professional singer/songwriter who landed her first recording contract at the age of twelve! She has multiple CDs and has performed countless times across the country. She received a medal for her song and performance at the Special Olympics and has been inducted into The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. She is also co-owner of Pelican Broadcasting. The woman has had a remarkably successful career in music and pageants and loves every minute of being in the spotlight! I am in awe that a person with those qualities, awards and talents can also make others feel like they are the star in the room. People return to shop Debbie’s Bridal time and again and now bring their daughters because they know that Debbie will help them find the perfect dress for their special day. They love not only her selection but the way she makes them feel! Learning about everything that she’s accomplished, I understood her nomination as a Featured CEO for this issue. However, after meeting her and witnessing how passionate she is about what she does, I had to share a little about who this 5’1 powerhouse is as a person and not just a successful entrepreneur. It’s evident throughout Debbie’s career that she follows the advice that she gives new business owners. Be kind, be helpful, be caring, and persevere. It pays off! And when I asked her about her favorite part of the bridal business, She replied, “The magic moment she finds her dress, and we all get emotional!” There is that passion!


Fall 2020


LOCAL CONNECTIONS MELISSA THIBODEAUX — PAPARAZZI www.paparazziaccessories.com/414810 (985)856-6698 • Houma • msthibodeaux1017@gmail.com DANIELLE HARDEE — YOUNG LIVING OILS www.instagram.com/danielle.d.hardee (225) 229-8174 • daniellehardee@eatel.net • Baton Rouge

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A non-profit all volunteer group who assist, rescue, foster, provide medical care and love for neglected and abused animals.


JACQUELINE DENNIS — COLOR STREET www.colorstreet.com/jackiesjazzymanis 225-247-4884 • jackiesjazzymanis@gmail.com • Walker CINDY MILLER — PAMPERED CHEF www.pamperedchef.com/pws/cmiller20 225-400-7304 • cindylw87@gmail.com • Walker CRYSTAL BAHAM — AVON www.youravon.com/cbaham 225-454-0186 • crystalbaham4110@yahoo.com • Denham Springs

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“Experience matters when it comes to being a Judge on the Court of Appeal.” – Johanna R. Landreneau


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