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Who’s Got It Better Than Us?

I’m a sports fan. I’ll watch most any sport, even if my favorite team isn’t competing. So that’s how I found myself watching the Rose Bowl this year. My favorite college football team wasn’t in the game, and I didn’t particularly care for either team (Michigan and Alabama) but I was still watching. I even watched the trophy presentation and listened as Michigan’s coach shouted out a question to the fans in attendance and they all responded in unison. This scene repeated itself about 10 days later when Michigan won the national championship and the coach (Jim Harbaugh) again called out to the crowd, “Who’s got it better than us?” and they all replied, “Nobody!”

Well, of course, I thought. They just won the national championship for the first time in about 30 years. Good times for all! I heard the announcer say something about the coach’s dad saying this phrase, so I decided to look into it a little more. Here’s what I found. Apparently, when Jim and his brother John (a Super Bowl-winning coach in the NFL) were growing up, their dad was an assistant football coach at Michigan, making very little money but making lots of memories. The brothers shared a room for 16 years, and instead of longing for their own room, the mantra was “Who’s got it better than us?” Having a shared family car meant having to walk places many times, but hey, “Who’s got it better than us?” The idea their parents taught them was to

appreciate what they had and that what they had was enough.

And now, fellow dentists, I ask you the same question: “Who’s got it better than us?” Think about that. According to the 2024 U.S. News & World Report, three of the top nine best paying jobs in the U.S. are oral surgeons, orthodontists, and general dentists. That’s pretty interesting. Let’s think about the variety of practice modalities available to dentists. Would you like to own your own business and be your own boss? Would you prefer to work in partnership with several other dentists in possibly a larger practice? Maybe work as an employee for an even larger company that would handle managing the practice for you? How about work for the government in the military, VA system or a FQHC? Or maybe even work in an educational setting and teach the dentists of tomorrow? Any of these options (and many more) are possible and readily available to dentists!

Raise your hand if you work four days a week and consider yourself working full time. Flexibility and the ability to control your schedule is a draw for many dentists. A healthy work-life balance is often cited as a popular reason people consider dentistry as a profession, especially when compared to medicine. Do you like dealing with insurance? If your answer is “yes”

then there are a myriad of plans you can sign up for that will make you happy. If your answer is “no” then have a fee-for-service practice and don’t deal with a single one. The choice is yours and you do actually have that choice. In dentistry, unlike medicine, the federal government isn’t involved much with our profession in dictating fees and such at this point. In this dentist’s opinion, that’s a good thing.

And then there’s the patient care aspect of dentistry, which is why many of us got into the profession in the first place. The relationships we build with patients spread across generations and are special to everyone involved. The feeling of helping to relieve someone’s pain and the appreciation that is often shown to us is hard to describe. Or the feeling when you’ve restored a visible tooth (or teeth) and the patient sees it for the first time. They might shed a happy tear (or tears) for the work you’ve done and the difference you’ve made for their smile and possibly their life. Wow. What a feeling.

For all these reasons and more, I’m grateful to be a dentist and to be a small part of a profession that can impact so many people in so many different ways. I know if someone were to ask me the question, “Who’s got it better than us?” my answer would be a resounding “Nobody!”

2 LDA Journal • Spring 2024
Visit ladental.org

I’m now more than halfway through my first year and am really starting to see how all the tedious details we’ve been filling our brains with for the last six months are going to be useful. Those hand skills learned in morphology came in handy way sooner than I thought they would once we started operative in late October. We started out by mounting extracted teeth in plaster and sectioning them to observe the thickness of enamel and dentin on real teeth. Not too long after, we had our loupes fair where about 10 different vendors came to sell their loupes and lights with all kinds of frame styles, colors, and lens types. I ended up picking ergonomic-style loupes, and I love them so far! Since getting my loupes, we have started an operative lab where I’m learning how to do class 1 and 2 amalgam fillings on the desktop, then in the mannequin. Learning proper hand position, technique, and pressure to apply has definitely had a large learning curve and taken a lot of getting used to. I’ve discovered drilling certain preps in upper back teeth in the manikin is definitely a challenge, and that’s without saliva or a patient’s tongue trying to fight back! I have a newfound respect for

Finally, Teeth!

everything practicing dentists do on a daily basis. As we’ve moved farther into the course, things have started to come easier, and I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with both drilling and filling. I’ve spent many long nights practicing for our dreaded lab exams and practicals! Following Christmas break, we have started many new courses, including occlusion, microbiology, pathology, and physiology. While the latter

school, I worked in a lab and I soon had to utilize the skills I learned in the lab plaster department. Learning how to mount them on a semi-adjustable articulator was certainly a new experience.

three courses are entirely didactic, occlusion allows us a chance to learn how to take alginate impressions on our classmates. I never realized that doing impressions on people I’ve known for months would be so nerve-racking! Thank goodness my partner doesn’t have a strong gag reflex, because I think I captured about half of his throat when impressing the maxillary arch and most of his tongue when doing the lower! Definitely a lesson learned the hard way. Before dental

Life lately hasn’t been all school though. In January we had Gross Revue (basically a dental school Prom) to celebrate the end of our gross anatomy course, which was a ton of fun! As a class we voted for and handed out class awards such as Golden Apple award, the most helpful classmate and other superlatives. In the last few weeks, I got to see all the craziness surrounding my first Mardi Gras living in New Orleans and how much of a challenge it is to get places around town (No wonder we get the week off of school!). Being from North Louisiana where we have a total of three or four parades, it was quite a bit different than what I’m used to. A few of my friends came down to surprise me for my birthday, which perfectly lined up with the Mardi Gras weekend this year, and we all got to experience New Orleans Mardi Gras together. Who would’ve thought we would have so much fun catching cups, footballs, and plastic beads all day! I’m certainly thankful to be able to enjoy some of the fun this city has to offer while getting my dental education. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

LDA Journal • Spring 2024 3

Interview with the Incoming President: Dr. Lance Savoie PRESIDENT

As all of our members might not know you, can you tell us a little about your background, education, family, and hobbies?

I was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where I graduated from Sam Houston High School, and later McNeese State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. Upon graduation, my father-in-law, Dr. Carl Churchman Sr., encouraged me to apply to the LSU School of Dentistry. I was not aware then that I would become part of a great dental legacy in Southwest Louisiana. To date, there are fourteen dentists in the family, including myself, who are all graduates of LSUSD.

Lake Charles is also home to my wife of 31 years, Debra Churchman-Savoie, who supported me through my higher education. Together we have three wonderful children. Malory is a graduate of LSU Baton Rouge, a recent Law School graduate, and a practicing attorney in Dallas,

Texas. Philip is a second-year student at ULL in Lafayette, and his twin brother Nathan is currently a sophomore at LSU Baton Rouge.

As a family, we have enjoyed traveling together on many exciting adventures. Hunting and fishing are often a part of our travels; we are big proponents of conservation and sustainability. With the bounty of nature at our doorstep, I have developed some pretty good cooking skills and enjoy cooking for friends and family. Gardening, cooking, hunting, fishing, and spending time with my family are some of my favorite activities. We also love supporting our LSU Tigers!

Upon graduation from LSUSD, I left New Orleans and started a family practice in Erath, Louisiana, and subsequently moved to Abbeville after building a new office in 2006. I’ve grown a successful practice in my community focused on the wants and needs of my patients and have developed many friendships and professional relationships along the way. I have truly enjoyed the life of a small town “Doc.”

What inspired you to take an active role in LDA leadership?

Initially, it was more of an expectation than an inspiration. My father-in-law, Dr. Churchman used to say, “Take care of your profession, and it will take care of you.”

My involvement in organized dentistry and leadership started in dental school, where I served as class president and was a member of ASDA. I was also invited to attend the LDA’s House of Delegates as a LSUSD student representative. That was my introduction to organized dentistry on the state level. It was an enlightening experience that started me on my journey to participate actively in the organization that helps protect my profession.

After graduating from dental school, I was invited by a colleague to join my local dental component in Acadiana, where I

soon became an active member. I like to have control over my life, my practice and my profession, so stepping into a leadership role in organized dentistry was a natural progression for me.

What are your goals for the LDA during your term as president?

The LDA plays an important role in advocacy for our profession. Improving our grassroots effort is crucial for long term stability in dentistry. Because the LDA has limited resources, it is important that we continue to create, build, and cultivate personal relationships with our legislators through our contact dentist program. We are the authority in the dental field and we need our members to make connections, advocate for themselves, donate, have tough conversations, or do anything else to elevate our presence at the Capitol. We should always be the ones our representatives turn to for answers when faced with questions regarding dental health.

On a national level, the ADA has been experiencing a decline in membership. Thankfully, in Louisiana, we have been able to increase our market share slightly over the years. However, without sustainable membership, an organization ceases to exist. We have made great strides in our

4 LDA Journal • Spring 2024
LAMOM in Lafayette, August 2023. Annette Droddy, Colin Zvosec, and Dr. Lance Savoie, at the ADA’s 2023 President-Elect Conference in Chicago. The Savoies.

outreach efforts to students at LSUSD, but we should continue to create a culture of engagement among our future colleagues by educating them about the importance and benefits of organized dentistry. The question of membership should not be “If you join,” but “When you join.”

Access to care is important to me. In 2023, our members stood with us, and we made some real impacts! Last year, we secured a $52 million increase for dental Medicaid and spearheaded efforts to request $60,000 for the Donated Dental Services Program and $48 million for the LSUSD modernization project. I had the privilege to serve as the Local Chairperson for the Louisiana Mission of Mercy, hosted by the Acadiana component. I saw dentists and volunteers from all over the state come together to give their time and make an impact one person could never make alone. We provided over $1,060,000 in free comprehensive dental care to over 900 patients.

I am a past president of my local Rotary club and its motto is “ Service above Self. “ I believe in a strong sense of community and have seen this expression of service through my professional colleagues. I wish to continue to develop a strong community of service and inclusion within the LDA.

What, in your opinion, are the most critical issues facing dentists right now, and how would you like the LDA to respond to these issues?

Work force staffing issues are a major concern among Louisiana dentists. The lack of hygienists and trained dental assistants has become a significant problem. The LDA board has created a task force to work with ULM and LSUSD to hopefully expand hygiene programs at both schools. The LDA has also been instrumental in securing funding for the new dental hygiene program at LSU Alexandria. The LDA has also taken over the Expanded Duty Dental Assistant (EDDA) course and is offering continuing education leading to EDDA certification. Those courses are being offered in various locations throughout the state.

Third party pay interference is another concern. Insurance companies have long been problematic in their methods of managing patient claims and disagreements on reimbursement. Corporate entities are interfering with the dentist-patient relationship, and I believe we should advocate for our patients and push for more transparency in the system.

Rising student debt is also a huge concern. The average student debt upon graduation is upwards of 280,000 dollars, and still increasing. These numbers are unsustainable and will eventually lead to the inability to start a private practice and the loss of autonomy in our profession. We are constantly advocating for additional funding for higher education in hopes that we can help stabilize the cost of a quality dental education in our state.

What issues are you looking forward to becoming more involved with during your term as president?

Because I have been so deeply involved with the LDA for so long (24 years!) I’m not sure that I will be involved more, per se, but differently. I think bringing the experience I have to the role will allow me to navigate the role more effectively. I have served in leadership roles for the committee on government affairs, LADPAC, the LDA House of Delegates,

the LDA executive board, and have been a delegate to the ADA House of Delegates. I am excited to use this new role to connect with even more members and be more involved in the community as a whole.

The issue I am expecting to be most involved with is the push to get Medical Loss Ratio legislation passed. If we can make that happen, it will be an incredible win for dentists and patients alike.

What are your future predictions for organized dentistry, as well as dentistry as a profession? How do you think dentistry will change and develop?

I believe the future of dentistry is bright, so long as we stay focused and connected. Different practice modalities have evolved, and we all still have a choice in how we choose to practice. Whether it be corporate, DSO, group, solo, or in an institutional setting, I believe we all still have a responsibility to our profession and should be given an opportunity to participate in organized dentistry. It seems, from a business standpoint, we are trending more to group or DSO type practice models, but I feel there will always be room for the solo private practitioner who provides quality service in a caring atmosphere.

We are healthcare professionals and the architects of our future. The advent of artificial intelligence and the advancement of technology will bring many new and exciting changes to our profession. We must continue to be vigilant and work together to ensure that whatever the future holds, we have done our part in molding and shaping the dental profession.

Overall, am thrilled to be leading you this year. Stay close, stay connected, and together we will make some important changes in Louisiana dentistry!

LDA Journal • Spring 2024 5
Dr. Savoie and his wife, Debra, at his ACD Induction. A recent gator hunt with the Savoies. Dr. Savoie and his daughter Malory at the Dentists’ Day at the Legislature reception at the Capitol.

ILittle Fish in A Big Sea, But Making Waves

2024 Regular Legislative Session Started March 11

recently found out that for the fiscal year 2023/2024, the percentage of Louisiana dental Medicaid relative to the total Medicaid budget is 1.34%. I’m not sure what I expected, but I assumed it was more than 1.34%. It is amazing that for the size of our organization and the size of our profession, we are strong advocates for dentists. Even in reference specifically to dental Medicaid, we have a good program and fair reimbursement rates because of the hard work and dedication of our providers.

Dental Medicaid reimbursement rates are always on the LDA’s legislative agenda and we are always asking for additional support for providers. There are a few states that have not had increases in 20 plus years! After the $52 million increase, July 1, 2023, a number of those states contacted us to ask how we made it happen.

The answer is simple. It is the collective action of the group who can move an issue forward. It is not always easy, and we are not successful every year, but the group of “organized dentists” and our lobbying team work diligently to make sure that we are successful.

The LDA has two political action committees (PACs). We have the Louisiana Dental Political Action Committee (LADPAC) and the Dental Access and Prevention Political Action Committee (DAPPAC, specifically focused on Medicaid reform).

Ensuring that the doctor and patient are the key decision makers

in the treatment of dental disease is always at the forefront of our Council on Governmental Affairs focus when lobbying for or against certain legislation. Over the past few years, the LDA has been successful in our efforts to have key legislation end in favor of patients and dentists! Many times our members find out about legislation that the LDA files, but you don’t always know about all the bills we monitor or fight against during the session. It is not out of the ordinary for the LDA to monitor

approximately 50 bills throughout a regular legislative session.

How can you help? Our hope is that future issues have the same successful outcomes, and we continue to enjoy practicing independent of major insurance or government intrusion. Support the PACs. You can check the box on your dues statement, call the LDA office, or go online on the LDA website to support LADPAC. For DAP-PAC, you can call the LDA office or respond when the Medicaid Task Force Chair Dr. Don Donaldson reaches out to you.

What else can you do? Respond! Respond to the call-to-action emails and text messages that will be sent out during the legislative session. In a matter of minutes, you can contact your legislator and let them know how an issue related to dentistry will impact you, their constituent.

Collectively, we can do much more together than we could ever do separately. Collectively, we are a team that is fighting for the betterment of dentistry. Your LDA leadership and staff are working hard to promote, advocate for, and protect the dental profession.

To learn more about our efforts, visit ladental.org/advocacygroups.

6 LDA Journal • Spring 2024
LDA Secretary Treasurer Dr. Mike Luminais presenting a LADPAC contribution to Senator Mike Fesi. Senator Fesi is on the Senate Finance Committee.

That’s why we’ve made volunteering easy for compassionate dental professionals like you.

From screening those in need to managing coordination seamlessly, we’ve got it all covered.

When you volunteer with Dental Lifeline Network’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, you change lives, find your purpose, and redefine success.


Volunteering is easy.


A potential patient applies for the program through an application


A DLN/DDS coordinator reviews and screens the applicant


Coordinator matches qualified patient with a volunteer dentist


Volunteer dentist sees patient in their own office

Dental Lifeline Network is a national nonprofit and strategic partner of the American Dental Association. More than 12,700 volunteer dentists and 3,200 laboratories participate in DLN’s Donated Dental Services programs nationwide.

LDA Journal • Spring 2024 7
Your “Why” and let’s do good together
At Dental Lifeline Network, your time and skills matter.

T2024 In Full Swing

he first few months of the year are always a busy time at the LSU Health School of Dentistry. Several significant events are taking place, admissions are finalizing for next year’s entering class, and seniors are preparing for graduation.

Our students are as committed as ever to leaving a positive impact on LSUSD for future oral health providers. Through member engagement, philanthropy events, advocacy, and education, our student groups like the LSU chapter of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) continue to lead the way. The group was recently selected as a district finalist for ASDA’s Gold Crown Award. To be recognized in this category, the ASDA chapter must excel in all six of the Gold Crown categories: member engagement and value, community service, advocacy, health and wellness, member communications, and professional development and leadership. One Gold Crown ASDA Chapter is selected from 11 district finalists. The Gold Crown ASDA Chapter will receive a $1,000 monetary award.

The Academy of General Dentistry awarded the LSU AGD Student Chapter with its “Chapter of the Year Award” for 2023. In 2023, the chapter was able to increase its membership by more than 50% and was able to offer nine continuing education sessions.

With student driven leadership and support, LSUSD also hosted our annual “Give Kids a Smile” event. LSUSD dental and dental hygiene faculty, along with dental students, residents, and dental hygiene students teamed up to screen local school children and apply sealants as needed. The 2024 theme was “Your Smile Is Out of This World.” In addition to the dental screenings, children were treated to educational programming and craft time. The dental students provided oral hygiene instruction and interacted with the children, who also received a visit from the tooth fairy.

With regard to admissions, the incoming 2024 class has been finalized. Out of 1,100 applicants, 108 were interviewed and 75 were selected. With an average grade point average of 3.65 and an average DAT score of 21, acceptance continues to be very competitive. Dental hygiene and dental laboratory technology admission interviews are happening now.

On May 16, LSUSD will celebrate our graduates with the LSUHSC at the 150th Commencement Exercises. The

degree candidates include 79 dental, 37 dental hygiene, and three dental laboratory technology students.

A special thanks to our partners at the New Orleans Dental Association and the Louisiana Dental Association. Soon we will team up to welcome leaders in dental education and research to New Orleans. Conferences for the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) and The International Association for Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Research will be hosted at the convention center in New Orleans this March.

We will also welcome our alumni back to campus this year. I want to invite you to attend our Alumni Day 2024 programming on April 6. Save the date for a day of continuing education, fun, and camaraderie.

We look forward to more success in 2024 and beyond!

Your future. Your practice. Our trusted expertise. You may be closer to achieving your financial goals than you think. Discover what many of your colleagues are already talking about. Enjoy the retirement you deserve. Call today. Your local PARAGON dental transition consultant Bob Huston PAff�GO� DENTAL PRACTICE TRANSITIONS 866.898.1867 info@paragon.us.com paragon.us.com LOUISIANA- FEBRUARY 2024 - GENERAL #1 - 2/C - 3.5"(W) x 4.75"(H) 8 LDA Journal • Spring 2024

Moderate Pediatric Sedation Review Course 2024

Friday, August 23, 2024

Via Zoom (Counts toward in-person hours)

8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

(Lunch break 12-12:30pm)

Instructor: Dr. Priyanshi Ritwik

Moderate Sedation for Pediatric Patients: Review and Updates (6 hours)

The Louisiana State Board of Dentistry requires that dentists with sedation permits for pediatric patients attend a live course once every two years. This course meets the requirements for renewal of a moderate sedation permit for pediatric patients in Louisiana.

Course Description

This course provides dentists with the basic knowledge and core competencies that promote safe and effective dental sedation in children. The course focuses on patient selection and risk assessment (safety), the general approach to procedural sedation in pediatric dentistry, sedation monitoring, sedative drug pharmacology, and the recognition and management of the more common sedation-related adverse events.


LDA Journal • Spring 2024 9

IAn Exciting Year Ahead

hope the start of this new year has been happy, healthy, and prosperous for all. I am Dr. Jay Dumas, the new president of the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry. Since my appointment to the board in 2017, I have represented District 5, New Orleans.

Over the years, I have noticed that many of our licensees are reluctant to call the board when they have an issue. I would like to encourage all of you to communicate with the board, as sometimes these issues can be resolved quickly with a simple phone call. Executive Director Arthur Hickam, Jr., DDS, and his assistant Rachel Daniel are available to answer any questions you may have regarding disciplinary matters. Assistant Executive Director Erin Conner and her assistant, Iris Pourciau, are here to help with licensing matters along with Alex Smith, Office Inspector. Meg Issacs, the receptionist, will ensure you reach the proper contact to address any concerns.

In other news, this year’s legislative session began March 11, 2024. Although the board can change rules, the rules must fit within the framework established in statute by the legislature. For this upcoming session, we hope to make several changes.

The first proposed change is to reserve one seat on the dental board for a pediatric dentist. Dental board members screen complaints, and we feel that the clinical expertise of

a pediatric dentist is important to address some of these issues.

The second proposed change is to allow dentists with a sedation permit to perform sedation in offices outside of their own. Currently the statute only allows oral surgeons, MD anesthesiologists, and CRNAs to provide what we refer to as “third-party sedation.” As the statute is written and interpreted by the Attorney General’s office, this would preclude dentists who have completed a dental anesthesia residency from providing this service in dental offices other than their own unless we can get the legislature to make this change.

The third proposed change would allow the dental board to recognize licensing exam scores for five years instead of three. The three-year limitation has caused some problems for dentists who are in a residency program but have not obtained a full license, despite having passed the licensing exam.

The final proposed change the board would like to see is for the legislature to change the domicile of the dental board to the New Orleans area so the board can be closer to LSU School of Dentistry.

In addition to the legislative changes, the dental board has made

a couple of rule changes. First, we have voted to remove the requirement of using a lead apron when taking digital radiographs. The standard of care has recently changed so that routinely using a lead apron with digital radiographs is no longer necessary. Second, for dentists who hold sedation permits, the board voted to change the C.E. requirement from 12 hours every four years to 6 hours every two years. This change will align the sedation C.E. requirement with the existing two-year cycle of required C.E. The lead apron rule change is not final yet, but the dental board has approved the change and we do not anticipate any issues before it becomes final. The sedation rule was finalized February 20. For those of you who have sedation permits for the next renewal cycles, the board will accept either the 12 hours every 4 years or the 6 hours every 2 years.

Lastly, I would like to thank my fellow board members and dental board office staff that worked diligently throughout 2023. I look forward to serving as the President of the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry this year.

10 LDA Journal • Spring 2024
LOUISIANA STATE BOARD OF DENTISTRY Contact the LSBD Board www.lsbd.org | (225) 219-7330
LDA Journal • Spring 2024 11 APP-SOLUTELY RE-IMAGINED! Designed for dentists, with dentists, the new ADA Member App is here and ready to put the resources you need in the palm of your hand. • Chat 1:1 or with your network • Newsfeed customized to your interests • Digital wallet to store your important documents • Stream the new “Dental Sound Bites” podcast Tap into possibility at ADA.org/App

LHow to Make Sense of Your LDS Benefits

ouisiana Dental Services exists to offer LDA members outstanding goods and services at outstanding prices. However, we find that many members have little to no knowledge of the savings we provide. As LDS President, I can’t let that happen! If you’re a new LDA member or just want to know more about what LDS can do for you, try these resources to get you started.

The LDS Webpage: ladental.org/LDS

The LDS page on the LDA website is a great place to start when you’re evaluating an LDA-endorsed company. We’ve posted a company profile for each of our endorsements that includes a description of the organization, what they offer, and how to contact them. Even if you’re established with an endorsed company already, I’d still encourage you to look around on that page. We endorse new companies often, so you might find your new favorite brand soon.

The Member Perks Breakdown

The page to the right of this article features a breakdown of most of our endorsed companies’ offerings in simple terms. This flier is great to email to your colleagues, share with your staff, or keep in your back pocket when you’re budgeting for the year. Download your copy at ladental.org/LDS.

The LDA Staff

The LDA maintains close working relationships with our endorsed companies and is prepared to educate members about the benefits of our endorsed companies. Call (225) 926-1986 or email rebecca@ladental.org for more information about any of our endorsed companies.

The LDS Endorsed Companies

If you’re curious about a specific company or discount, reaching out to that company directly is another great way to get started. Many of our endorsed companies have contact information listed in the LDS webpage on the LDA site, and you are also welcome to connect

with these companies through social media, email, or by phone.

LDA Communications

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Don’t miss out on everything LDS has to offer you. If you still feel overwhelmed by the options, I recommend picking one company that looks interesting to you and starting there. You might be surprised by how much you can save.

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LDA Member Perks Breakdown

The following are some of our endorsed companies. Please visit ladental.org/LDS for a complete list of member savings and discount details.

Endorsed Company Savings


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0.25% rate discount on loans.

Up to 30% off the public web price of Lenovo products.

Up to $3,500 toward a down payment or cash due at signing.

Up to 55% off on office supplies.

Save 50% or more compared to other payroll services.

25% discount off the initial website set-up.

$3,112: Average savings per LDA Member TDSC shopper in 2023

10% off. Free logo set up, decoration, and ground shipping.

10% discount on a monthly subscription.

30% on Ground Commercial / Residential shipping.

LDA members can save an average of $8,000 per year just by utilizing these five services listed below that are essential for all dentists.

IThe Resourceful Dentist

wrote The Resourceful Dentist: A Guide to Financial Success in 2018. Resourcefulness is the ability and creativity to cope with difficult situations. “It is about problem solving and getting things done in the face of obstacles and constraints.”1 Although defined in different ways, resourcefulness is using your knowledge, abilities, and the resources available to you to make informed choices and skillfully deal with new situations. If you are reading this article today, it is likely you already have a sense of resourcefulness and adaptability. To enhance your toolbox, here is an overview of The Resourceful Dentist

The resourcefulness you exemplify in your everyday life extends to your family, business, and financial worlds. It’s a skillset that can be learned and built upon. I’ll go over general attributes of resourcefulness, and then extend the discussion to your financial world.


Resourceful people are:

• Problem Solvers: They are the ones making the best of tough situations. This can include making informed decisions in a timely manner, learning from mistakes, and getting assistance when needed.

• Always Learning: They tend to have an open mind, approaching each day with confidence, proactivity, and preparation.

• Time Managers: They know that time is one of the most valuable yet limited resources. Conversely, they are also generous with their time and patient when the situation calls for it.

• Intentional with their Money: The rest of the article will focus on this point.2 Resourceful people know consistency over time is the key to growing successful in their careers and in their financial planning world.

Resourcefulness in Financial Planning

An effective financial plan manages your current and future assets, debts, and liability coverage. It also positions those assets in the most tax-efficient manner. Just as you’d expect your dental patients to go to the best professional for the treatment they need, resourceful dentists who have been working to build and maintain their wealth hire the highest qualified professionals to help protect that wealth. There is a difference between advice and selling. Resourceful professionals think critically when approached with different sales tactics. Remember, to develop a truly effective plan, you should have different investment products and insurance vehicles.

It’s important to research and choose an independent Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner to work with. In addition, its best to develop a comprehensive financial plan, meet with your Certified Financial Planner™ professional to discuss the evolving intricacies of your individual situation and lastly, ensure the practitioner fits well with you and your goals.

Your CFP® professional can help you plan for your financial goals that are specific, actionable, and measurable. These goals are met by developing financial habits that build consistency over time. Bringing awareness to poor financial habits starts with making a detailed monthly budget. There should be a plan to appropriately address debt, always being thoughtful and intentional about how your practice is leveraging debt in order to grow.

There are various components of a comprehensive financial plan, including; planning for insurance needs, investment strategy, retirement goals, estate planning, and succession work.

When addressing your insurance needs in your financial plan, a resourceful person should make sure that you,

your assets, your family, and your businesses are monetarily protected through proper insurance. The insurance arm of the plan is detailed and scenario specific and there is not a one-size fits all product. The investment element of your plan involves proper diversification among asset classes, whilst monitoring your risk tolerance and income needs. Retirement planning has evolved over the years, and the earlier you start planning for your retirement, the better. Planning your estate at length can assist in smoothing the transfer of your assets and ensure your estate passes on to your beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner. Also included in your comprehensive financial plan is business succession planning. Succession planning is multi-faceted and can embody how your business will continue after you leave it.

Being resourceful is a valuable attribute in building and maintaining forward momentum for yourselves and your business. It is beneficial to use resources wisely when it comes to your financial world. To request a copy of The Resourceful Dentist, please visit oliviergroup.com.

1 Resourcefulness in the Workplace, April 2021, Yale University 2024; your.yale.edu. accessed January 31, 2024.

2 Olivier, Chad, The Resourceful Dentist: A Guide to Financial Success; Outskirts Press, 2018.

This material is not intended to provide specific legal, tax, or other professional advice. For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor. Neither Cetera Advisor Networks LLC nor any of its representative may give legal or tax advice.

Chad Olivier, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, is the author of What Medical School Did Not Teach You about Financial Planning and The Resourceful Dentist and owner of Olivier Group in Baton Rouge, LA, which specializes in wealth management for physicians, dentists and affluent families. If you have any questions about this article please call (888) 465-2112 or visit us at www.oliviergroup.com or 4609 Bluebonnet Blvd., Ste. A, Baton Rouge, LA, 70809 or call 225-757-9484. Securities offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through CWM, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Cetera Advisor Networks LLC is under separate ownership from any other named entity. Carson Partners, a division of CWM, LLC, is a nationwide partnership of advisors.

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LDA Journal • Spring 2024 15 Contact us for a consultation to learn more about what AG Dental CPAs & Advisors can do for you and your practice. (225) 767-1020 www.AGDentalCPAs.com (A Division of Apple Guerin Company) 6421 Perkins Rd • Bldg A, Suite 1B • Baton Rouge, LA 70808 You Benefit From Our Expertise at Every Stage of Your Dental Career. At AG Dental CPAs and Advisors, we are a firm of experienced Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors with a passion for service. Our team specializes in providing personal attention, accurate data, and proven strategies for success. Our intense focus on the unique needs of dentists and dental practices makes AG Dental CPAs and Advisors a financial partner you can trust. • Practice Management • Startup Services/Consulting • Bookkeeping • Tax Preparation • Tax Minimization Techniques • Retirement Planning CPAs & Advisors beyond accounting. Dental

DUnderstanding HIPAA Obligations Is Key to Preventing Fines

ental offices have an obligation to patients to protect their sensitive information, which is why HIPAA compliance is vital. Practices that are HIPAA compliant not only protect patients, but also their business’s reputation. Two recent Office of Civil Rights (OCR) settlements highlight the importance of compliance.

In one case, a medical center came under fire for disclosing patient information to a news reporter. The other case involved poorly implemented security measures, ultimately leading to a ransomware attack.

Medical Center Settles Potential Privacy Rule Violation

On November 20, 2023, the OCR announced a settlement with Saint Joseph’s Medical Center to resolve an incident involving the healthcare provider disclosing patient information to a news outlet.

During the height of the COVID19 pandemic, the medical center was the subject of an article discussing their response to the public health crisis. While touring the medical center’s facility, reporters took photographs of patients receiving treatment for the virus. The images exposed protected health information (PHI), such as patients’ COVID-19 diagnoses, medical statuses and prognoses, vital signs, and treatment plans.

As a result, the medical center agreed to pay the OCR $80,000 and implement a corrective action plan.

Under the corrective action plan, the medical center must amend its policies and procedures, and retrain its workforce.

In a press release discussing the settlement, OCR Director Melanie Fontes Rainer stated, “When receiving medical care in hospitals and emergency rooms, patients should not have to worry that providers may disclose their health information to the media without their authorization. Providers must be vigilant about patient privacy and take necessary steps to protect it and follow the law. The Office for Civil Rights will continue to take enforcement actions that puts patient privacy first.”

First OCR Settlement from Ransomware Incident

On October 31, 2023, the first OCR ransomware agreement in history was announced – a settlement with a HIPAA business associate (BA) for $100,000.

In 2019, Doctors’ Management Services, the business associate in question, reported a ransomware attack to OCR. According to the filing, the incident affected the PHI of 206,695 patients.

As is customary following a largescale breach, the OCR launched an investigation into the BA’s HIPAA compliance.

OCR’s investigation determined that Doctors’ Management Services potentially:

• Failed to conduct a thorough security risk assessment,

• Had insufficient monitoring of its health information systems’ activity, and

• Lacked policies and procedures to protect electronic protected health information.

“Our settlement highlights how ransomware attacks are increasingly common and targeting the health care system. This leaves hospitals and their patients vulnerable to data and security breaches,” said OCR Director, Melanie Fontes Rainer. “In this ever-evolving space, it is critical that our health care system take steps to identify and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities along with proactively and regularly review risks, records, and update policies. These practices should happen regularly across an enterprise to prevent future attacks.”

Ransomware and hacking are very real threats faced by the healthcare industry, and the threat continues to grow. OCR has seen a 239% increase in large breaches reported involving hacking, with a 278% increase in ransomware incidents.

How to Prevent HIPAA Violations

Not every healthcare breach results in fines. When an organization can prove that they made reasonable efforts to comply with

16 LDA Journal • Spring 2024

HIPAA, they are usually offered assistance from OCR rather than punishment.

While the Saint Joseph’s Medical Center incident is not typical, several healthcare organizations have been fined for the improper use or disclosure of PHI. Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, PHI may only be disclosed for treatment, payment, or healthcare operations without obtaining patient consent. Before a healthcare provider may disclose PHI for another purpose, they must receive explicit written authorization from patients.

Hacking incidents, however, are the most cited cause of healthcare breaches. In 2023, hacking incidents accounted for 77% of large breaches reported. Breaches are bound to happen, but there are ways in which you can mitigate your risk of succumbing to one.

OCR recommends that healthcare organizations:

• Review all vendor and contractor relationships to ensure business associate agreements are in place,

• Conduct a risk analysis regularly and when new technologies and business operations are planned,

• Ensure audit controls are in place to record and examine information system activity,

• Implement regular review of information system activity,

• Utilize multi-factor authentication to ensure only authorized users are accessing ePHI,

• Encrypt ePHI to guard against unauthorized access to ePHI,

• Incorporate lessons learned from incidents into the overall security management process, and

• Provide training specific to the organization and job responsibilities on a regular basis.

LDA Journal • Spring 2024 17
Contributed by Compliancy Group Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to streamline compliance, Compliancy Group’s software includes everything you need - from employee training to policies and procedures. Give your practice peace of mind. Automate, track, and manage all of your HIPAA and OSHA requirements with software. New Member customers save 15% on services. Creating Financial Legacies for Medical Professionals Since 1996 Author of The Resourceful Dentist: A Guide to Financial Success Exclusive Book Offer For LDA Members Securities offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through CWM, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Cetera Advisor Networks LLC is under separate ownership from any other named entity. Carson Partners, a division of CWM, LLC, is a nationwide partnership of advisors. CFP® and Certified finanCial PlannerTM are certification marks owned by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. Chad Olivier CFP®, CEPA CEO, Certified finanCial PlannerTM 4609 Bluebonnet Blvd., Ste. A | Baton Rouge, LA 70809 | 225.757.9484 | oliviergroup.com Congratulations to our LDA Raffle Winners
Dr. Maria Burmaster
Dr. Brent Benoit
Dr. Chris Saal
1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:

LSustainable Dentistry: A Two-Fold Strategy to Recession-Proofing Your Dental Practice

ong-term success for a dental practice is centered around the ability to be adaptable, innovative, and ready to apply tools that can weather the storm. In a rocky economy, it becomes even more necessary for practice owners to be adaptable, not just for survival, but to ensure growth and stability during those times.

Let’s look at a practical plan to build a solid foundation for your practice that can weather economic turbulence. These are functional tools and tips you can use both inside and outside your dental office, that will help you run things better, keep your money in good shape, and build strong connections with your patients that last.

Internal Tools for Dental Practice Resilience Practice Management Systems and Supporting Practice Automation

Using a robust Practice Management System combined with a supporting practice automation solution can assist in the efficiency of a dental practice and its sustainability during economic downturns. Having a state-of-the-art practice management system that integrates electronic health records and a supporting HIPAA-Compliant Portal with online patient forms can streamline administrative processes that significantly enhance the operational efficiency of a dental practice.

According to a study by the American Dental Association, practices with integrated PMS reported a 20% increase in operational efficiency, allowing staff to focus more on

patient care. Top automated features practices reported being the most impactful include:

• Automated appointment scheduling,

• Online bill pay, and

• Automated billing requests and record-keeping.

These features not only reduce the administrative burden but also contribute to a more seamless patient experience. By optimizing workflow and improving team collaboration, a well-implemented PMS combined

with automation solutions contributes to cost-effectiveness and better use of resources, key factors in maintaining the financial growth of a dental practice during a recession.

Additionally, the integration of EHR systems can improve communication and collaboration among dental team members. Real-time access to patient records allows for more informed decision-making and ensures that all members of the dental team are on the same page, ultimately contributing to enhanced patient care.

18 LDA Journal • Spring 2024

Cost-effective Supply Chain Management

Disruptions in the supply chain can have a considerable impact on practice revenue during unstable economic times. Delays, shortages, and increased costs for essential dental supplies can lead to operational challenges and financial strain for dental practices. During the early stages of the Covid19 pandemic, dental practices faced challenges with the availability and accessibility of PPE. This didn’t just negatively impact the ability of practices to do procedures safely but also led to increased costs due to the high demand for PPE globally.

Managing the dental supply chain is a critical part of a practice’s day-to-day operations and plays an important role in keeping the money side of things steady. It’s all about talking to suppliers, finding smart ways to manage costs, and making sure you’re not drowning in too much of what you don’t need or running out of what you do need.

By conducting a thorough analysis of supply needs and consumption patterns, dental practices can identify opportunities for cost savings without compromising the quality of patient care. This strategic approach to supply chain management not only minimizes financial risks but also positions the practice for sustainable growth.

External Tools for Dental Practice Resilience Marketing and Online Presence

In today’s tech-savvy environment, being online is a big deal for bringing in and keeping patients. BrightEdge found that more than half of a business’s online visitors come from people searching online. So, having a solid plan for digital marketing – like being easy to find online and using ads that reach the right people – can really make your dental practice stand out and connect with more patients in your area.

Especially when the economy is uncertain, many businesses tend to reduce their spending on advertising. Surprisingly, the right move is

somewhat the opposite – increasing marketing efforts into channels that align with your practice goals can help keep a steady stream of patients. For example, dental practices that use ProSites for their paid advertising see a 30% decrease on average in their cost per lead. Creating a professional website, staying active on social media, and using online ads can all play a part in making your practice more visible online.

Telehealth and Virtual Consultations

Bringing telehealth services into dental practices is like having an extra tool to keep patient care going strong, especially when it’s tough for folks to drop by in person. With virtual consultations, dentists can check in on non-emergency cases from afar, giving advice on oral health concerns and freeing up chairs for more revenue-producing services. It’s not just about making it easier for patients –it also shows that the practice can roll with the changes in healthcare.

Getting into telehealth means investing in technology that’s both safe and easy to use. Dental offices can use different tools to have online visits, share helpful info, and connect with patients from a distance. Some of these features can be integrated into your practice’s website reducing the initial cost investment and providing a seamless experience for patients. It’s not just about solving today’s problems – it’s also getting ready for innovative new ways of giving dental care down the road.

Community Partnerships and Networking

Getting involved with the local community and teaming up with nearby businesses and health providers is like building a friendly circle that helps your dental practice get noticed, especially when things are tough economically. When you partner with local organizations, you can refer patients to each other, and it also makes your practice stand out more in the community.

The American Dental Association found similar findings in a recent

survey. In that survey dental offices that actively connect with their community saw a 15% boost in new patients. So, by being part of local events, supporting community projects, and reaching out to people, not only do you help the community, but you also get more potential patients noticing your practice.

Recession-proofing a dental practice requires a dual-focused strategy that combines internal and external tools. By focusing on efficient practice management and supporting practice automation, cost-effective supply chain management, and patient retention strategies, dental practices can strengthen the foundation of their operations. At the same time, using things like online advertising, virtual health services, and teaming up with the community helps make your dental practice strong and flexible.

Keeping up with the changes in dentistry, being ready to adapt, and making strategic moves to withstand tough times ensures your dental practice not only survives but does well in challenging situations. At ProSites, we have been helping dental practices build the bridge between patient care and practice success for over 20 years. We understand the evolution of the dental industry and we’re committed to helping your practice succeed with cost-effective marketing and practice solutions. To learn more and claim exclusive discounts as part of your LDA membership, visit ProSites.com/LDA.

Ashli Klingaman is a versatile professional with a rich background in sales, training management, human resources, and marketing within the retail and SaaS industry. Passionate about developing people and optimizing organizational performance, she’s accumulated expertise in effective training, HR practices, and fostering positive workplace culture. Having spent several years in training management, she has honed her skills in designing and implementing effective training programs that empower teams to excel. Her time in Human Resources equipped her with a deep understanding of employee engagement, talent acquisition, and fostering a positive workplace culture. Known for her adaptability and strategic mindset, Ashli Klingaman continues to make meaningful contributions at ProSites, consistently seeking innovative ways to bridge the gap between human capital development and business success.

LDA Journal • Spring 2024 19

Meet Your New Component Presidents

Dr. Jacob Deniakos

I got involved with organized dentistry when I graduated and have always been involved at some level. When I originally joined, it just seemed like the right thing to do! Over the years, I’ve grown to know and love the dental community through local, statewide, and national meetings, and it’s opened some amazing doors for both networking and collaboration. As a community, I think it’s important that all dentists join and take an active role in preserving our beautiful profession. Today, more than ever, there are forces out there trying to divide us or make us weaker as an organization. I sought out a leadership role to be a voice for our local component and to serve Acadiana in whatever capacity I can.

My goals include: (1) Focusing on some of the big issues facing dentistry in 2024, including our relationship with insurance. (2) Hosting some world-class speakers and continuing education. (3) Having fun!

Acadiana President

Bayou President

Dr. Lauri Daigle

My first experience with organized dentistry was when Dr. Stephen Morgan approached me to take on the role as president-elect of the Bayou District Dental Association (BDDA) last year. Since then, I have been enlightened on everything the ADA and LDA are capable of and have accomplished for our profession. With my continued role as the president of the BDDA, I hope to continue to grow my understanding of what these entities do, and to help prepare for the future. It has truly been an eye-opening and rewarding experience being a part of an organization full of dentists that share the same goals. I look forward to continuing my leadership role this year and helping my fellow dentists in whatever way I can. Though our Bayou District is small, we have a great presence in LDA leadership. In the next year, I will try and reach out to some of our current non-members to show them the true value of membership. I look forward to an exciting 2024!

Dr. Jade Moreau Central President

After graduating in 2020, my involvement in organized dentistry began almost immediately when Dr. Troy Babb and Dr. John Moylan approached me to serve as an officer for the Central Louisiana Dental Association. Involvement in organized dentistry has been an eye-opening experience and incredible opportunity for me. After attending the monthly component meetings and my first Bowden Leadership Conference, I quickly realized how much the ADA and LDA provide and advocate for dentists all over the nation. Our concerns, interests, and goals are truly taken into consideration, and I want to continue to be a part of this unified voice that advocates and protects our field at the local, state, and national levels. I believe our support and involvement in organized dentistry as individuals and a community is vital to protect our remarkable profession. My goals for this year are to increase the attendance at our monthly meetings, generate more camaraderie among our fellow professionals, and instill pride in our members as we continue to play an important role in organized dentistry.

20 LDA Journal • Spring 2024

Greater Baton Rouge President Dr. Bryant Bourgeois

Before being accepted into dental school, I knew that I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my mentors and become a part of organized dentistry. During my four years in dental school, I was part of the Student Government Association and became its president during my senior year. After finishing school, I naturally decided to attend meetings of the Greater Baton Rouge Dental Association, as I enjoyed staying informed and being able to contribute to any necessary change. Although becoming president of GBRDA was a goal of mine, I did not expect it to happen so early in my career. However, with encouragement from former presidents and colleagues, I decided to take on the role.

One of the greatest benefits of being involved in organized dentistry is the relationships that you can develop with others in the dental field. These relationships often start off as professional but can develop into deep personal friendships over time. Organized dentistry is full of incredible individuals who are dedicated to advancing our profession and providing the best possible care for patients. The tripartite organization of the ADA allows even those in small cities to protect the interests of doctors and patients alike. It is an honor to be part of a group of professionals who are committed to such a high standard of care.

As President of GBRDA, my primary goal is to increase attendance at meetings, particularly among younger dentists. While Covid-19 impacted our ability to gather in person, it is essential that we restore the sense of community and purpose that comes from organized dentistry. I believe that an emphasis on the benefits of organized dentistry and what it has achieved for our profession will encourage younger dentists to get involved and help our association continue to grow and thrive for years to come.

Dr. Chris Robinson

Northeast President

I became involved in organized dentistry in dental school as an active member of the American Student Dental Association for all four years. Seeing the power of numbers in making policies and promoting change made a huge impression on me. After residency, my childhood dentist who later became a good friend, Dr. Les Tarver, came and picked me up for my first NELDA meeting. He was so passionate about getting involved and staying involved. His influence has motivated me for the last 23 years of private practice. I have always stayed involved at some level whether being on the executive committee for my second term, helping with Give Kids A Smile Day, or simply being a regular at the local meetings. Dr. Tarver always said, “If you don’t protect it, you will lose it.” I have found that statement to be true in many areas of life. I try to stay active and positive in all aspects of my life whether it is promoting organized dentistry, educating patients on good home hygiene, or raising my kids. Being involved means that your voice will be heard. Staying involved means you will always be heard. Don’t lose it! Thank you all for being members.

NODA President Dr. Linda Cao

I have been an active member of the ADA since I graduated in 2004. I never considered letting my membership lapse.

I was invited to join NODA as secretary four years ago, serving under then-president Dr. Peter Tufton. Since then, I moved on to my current position as president for 2024. Being part of the board of NODA, I see the passion and commitment of our members and leaders. I hope to continue to lead by their examples and encourage more diversity and involvement of our members in our community to join our mission to advocate, inspire, and mentor our future generations. Our goal is to increase membership, support organized dentistry, and educate our profession with new or current continuing education programs.

LDA Journal • Spring 2024 21

Northwest President

Dr. Jeffrey Kerst

My journey with organized dentistry started with the American Student Dental Association. I had no idea how effective organized dentistry could be in doing something bigger than just treating patients. It has shaped my practice, and I find that organized dentistry constantly gives me more than I could ever give it. My hope in seeking out a leadership role is to leave the world slightly better than I found it. I don’t think that any of us can make a huge difference by ourselves. But, together, we can do things that are far more powerful and long-lasting than we ever imagined.

My goals as President of the NWLDA over the next year include trying to demonstrate the value of the tripar tite membership while reducing the cost and increasing the camaraderie. That includes the specific steps of allocat ing our existing resources towards C.E. events that bring our community closer together and reducing the price to partic ipate. I also hope to build legislative relationships to make lasting changes for the current landscape of dentistry. I think we can ensure the cost of membership is clearly worth the price by focusing on demonstrating value to our membership.

Northlake President

Southwest President

Dr. Erin Moore Seale

I became involved with organized dentistry during dental school, serving as my class’s ASDA representative. Upon entering private practice, organized dentistry seemed more important than ever. The ADA and LDA provide us with the unified voice necessary to protect and progress the profession that we all love. My goals for the Southwest District are to increase awareness of the ways in which the LDA is working for us and to make sure that our members aware of the benefits that membership provides.

Dr. Philip Puneky

Becoming involved with organized dentistry seemed like an automatic part of graduating from dental school. Organized dentistry offered solidarity with colleagues and a network for sharing information. Also, it provides services such as valued continuing education and legislative influence to protect our interests both locally and nationally. As such, I have long benefitted from organized dentistry and felt the need to give back and become more involved. My participation began with filling empty committee positions at Northlake Dental Association, and I was glad to fill the offered leadership roles. As president of Northlake Dental Association, I plan to carry on the good work of my predecessors by providing important services such as continuing education, an active voice to protect our collective interest, and the chance to build long-lasting friendships.

Acadiana District Dental Association

Bayou District Dental Association

Central District Dental Association

Greater Baton Rouge District Dental Association

New Orleans District Dental Association

Northeast District Dental Association

Northlake District Dental Association

Northwest District Dental Association

Southwest District Dental Association

22 LDA Journal • Spring 2024

SA sneak peek at SmileCon® 2024: New Orleans meeting highlights dental needs of veterans

This article is from the ADA and ran online Feb. 29 and in print March 4.

mileCon® will be the place to be when it rolls into the Big Easy later this year with engaging learning experiences, the latest dental trends and technology, and lots of fun.

The meeting will take place Oct. 17-19 in New Orleans at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Registration opens May 8, and the agenda builder with course details will be available for attendees beginning April 15.

Those attending SmileCon® can choose from four registration options this year: the one-day Hall Pass for exhibits only and the Opening Session if purchased for Oct. 17; the Dental Central Pass for all activities in the Dental Central exhibit hall; the Smile Pass for most continuing education courses and events, with the option to purchase hands-on activities and master classes; and the Platinum Smile Pass for all C.E., including hands-on activities and master classes, and all events.

Pricing was released in mid-March. Early-bird pricing ends May 31.

The Give Veterans A Smile program, which is currently in development and will be housed within the ADA Foundation, seeks to shine a light on the unmet dental needs of veterans. New this year to SmileCon® is comprehensive programming dedicated to veterans’ care, including C.E. courses and information regarding organizations addressing access to care issues for veterans.

“In partnership with the ADA Foundation and dental professionals nationwide, we’ve witnessed the extraordinary compassion of our dental members,” said Jo Holiday, PhD, senior director of continuing education for the ADA. “Together, we’re committed to addressing the oral health needs of veterans through the Give Veterans A Smile program. Through SmileCon®’s top-notch continuing education, we’re equipping our members to reach even more veterans in need.”

Also new this year will be a tailgate party Oct. 19, a social and networking event that will gather participants together in Dental Central one last time to connect and enjoy refreshments before they conclude their time at SmileCon®. Dentists are encouraged to represent their dental school at the event and socialize with fellow alumni. Another signature event of the meeting will be a festival the night of Oct. 18.

Dental Central will be the center of excitement throughout the meeting, featuring some education, exhibitors, and good times. Returning this year will be the Dental Team Hub and Podcast and Influencer Hub, while the ADA Forsyth Institute will fuel the new Innovation Hub.

In Dental Central, dentists can get the scoop on the latest trends in dental products, services, and technology and visit the booths of internationally known exhibitors and new and exciting companies for demonstrations and show specials. Unexpected delights in the exhibit hall could include a chance encounter with the tooth fairy, treats at a pop-up snack station, or performances by a New Orleans-style brass band.

The ADA Dental Olympics will also be back this year for the third time, bringing dental schools together to compete for bragging rights. The event is sponsored by Pacific Dental Services. Participating schools will be announced in May.

Dentists will have a wide variety of C.E. at their fingertips during SmileCon®. Masterclasses are a new course format this year, offering a deeper focus on practice management. Returning formats include presentations, hands-on activities, and experiences and conversations.

C.E. themes will center on innovation, wellness, veterans, and re-licensure requirements. Innovation courses will highlight the integration of cutting-edge technology and science in practices, while wellness courses will help dentists focus on their self-care and career longevity. Courses related to veterans will empower dentists and their teams to serve veterans in their community and beyond.

Completing state re-licensure C.E. credits will be easy at SmileCon®, with courses designed to meet those requirements all available on-site.

24 LDA Journal • Spring 2024
learn more, visit SmileCon®.org.


Dr. Perry Hollembeak

LDA President, 1974-1975

Dr. Perry Whitman Hollembeak, DDS, passed away on Monday, December 18, 2023, after a brief illness. Perry was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, on December 5, 1932, to Trebie Arlene and Loren Whitman Hollembeak. Awaiting him in heaven is his beloved wife, Anita, with whom he enjoyed many happy years of marriage.

Perry was a graduate of Centenary College of Louisiana in Shreveport and Loyola Dental School in New Orleans. Upon

graduation from dental school, he joined the United States Naval Reserves and served for ten years, including a tour of active duty on the U.S.S. Hector.

Over the years of his profession, he was passionate about sharing his expertise with others, and traveled the United States and its territories to do so. He served as President of the Louisiana Dental Association from 1974 -1975. He was a wise, loving, and charming gentleman, congenial to all who crossed his path.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to First United Methodist Church, 500 Common Street, Shreveport, LA 71101.


Dr. Vincent Nat Liberto

LDA President, 1989-1990

Dr. Vincent Nat Liberto, a longtime resident of the city of New Orleans and resident of the city of Plano, TX for the last 12 years, passed away peacefully on February 7, 2024. He was 89 years old.

Born the first child to his parents, Ignatius and Mary Liberto, in New Orleans on September 7, 1934, Vincent’s early life was indelibly formed by his beloved St. Stanislaus school in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

After high school, he attended Loyola University for undergraduate and graduate programs and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1957.

Following graduation, Vincent served for two years in the U.S. Navy Dental Corps and was assigned to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, CA.

He completed a postgraduate masters in pediatric dentistry at the University of Tennessee in 1960 and then returned to New Orleans and became the first pediatric dentist to practice in Louisiana. He ran his private practice for 36 years. He became the director of continuing education at LSU School of Dentistry. In 2006, he became the head of the department of pediatric dentistry at LSU.

Throughout his career, he received many honors, including the Outstanding Service Award from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and Outstanding Faculty Award at LSU Dental School in 1992, he was named Honor Dentist by the New Orleans Dental Association. In 1994, he received the Distinguished Service Award from the Louisiana Dental Association. He received the Dr. John Adriani Medical Award for his outstanding contributions to the medical profession and his dedication to patient care.

His imprint on pediatric dentistry was impressive. He served as the president of numerous entities: New Orleans Dental Association (1976), American Association of pediatric dentistry (1981-1982) Louisiana State Board of Dentistry in 1989, and Louisiana Dental Association from 1989-90.

He played a significant role in shaping the future of dentistry for children and individuals with disabilities by helping to establish the Committee on the Future of Dentistry for Children.

In 2008, he was installed into the St. Stanislaus Hall of Fame, a fitting tribute for having demonstrated a lifelong commitment to serving others and giving of himself for the greater good. He was, as one of his friends once said, a person of unwavering character, “a man among men.”

26 LDA Journal • Spring 2024
Background photo by


April 24, 2024

The entire dental team is invited to attend Dentists' Day at the Legislature. Dentists' Day is a grassroots event celebrating the dental profession that offers dentists the opportunity to meet their lawmakers. After visiting with your legislators, don't forget to enjoy the reception, with food, music, and fun!

Schedule of Events

2 p.m.

4:30 p.m.

Briefings TBD (Walking distance from the Capitol)

Visit House and Senate chambers and leave notes for legislators

5:30 p.m. or upon adjournment

Reception for dentists, guests, and legislators at Pentagon Barracks


LDA Foundation Fishing Rodeo

July 19-20, 2024

Grand Isle Marina, Grand Isle, LA

Friday: Fishing only. No rodeo events.

Saturday: Fishing, weighins, dinner, shirt pickup, and awards. Times TBA.

Scan For More Information
or visit ladental.org/fishingrodeo

LDA Expanded Duty Dental Assistant Courses 2024

The Expanded Dental Duty Assistant (EDDA) certification is the next step for dental assistants who want to perform expanded duty dental assisting functions as specified by Louisiana law.

This is NOT a beginner course. You must have 6 months of chair-side assisting experience to register for this course.

*Registration coming soon!

Location Date New Orleans EDDA Course May 9-11, 2024 Lafayette EDDA Course May 30-June 1 New Orleans EDDA Course August 15-17 Gonzales EDDA Course September 12-14 Lafayette EDDA Course* October 10-12 New Orleans EDDA Course* December 5-7 Powered by

Looking for solutions? Contact your Henry Schein Sales Consultant or visit: www.henryschein.com/relyonus

LDA Journal • Spring 2024 29
Rely on Henry Schein’s network of trusted advisors to help take care of your business, so you can focus on taking care of your patients.
BECAUSE SO MANY RELY ON YOU... ADS LOVELACE AND ASSOCIATES, INC. (225) 927-8015 LovelaceAndAssociates.com Endorsed by Make today YOUR day with ADS Lovelace and Associates Your Practice Transition Team PRACTICES FOR SALE Alexandria • Baton Rouge Cut Off • Donaldsonville Perio - Houma Jeanerette • Lafayette Orthodontic and Perio - Monroe Morgan City New Orleans • Oakdale Shreveport • Thibodaux ASSOCIATE POSITIONS Alexandria • Baton Rouge Carencro • Covington Lafayette Lake Charles Lutcher Shreveport View updated Listings and Associate Positions on our website! All ADS companies are independently owned & operated. Please congratulate Dr. Dov Glazer for transitioning his New Orleans practice to Dr. Erin Katz Please congratulate Dr. Pamela McCalister for transitioning her Natchitoches practice to Dr. Jason Gambill and Dr. Corey Cloud

Awards THE 2024 LDA

The Distinguished Service Award

Dr. David Carlton III

Dr. Carlton has been a dedicated tripartite member of the LDA, the American Dental Association, and the Central Dental Association for 26 years. He has a passion for education and leadership. He earned a Bachelor of Science from Centenary College of Louisiana, a doctorate degree in dental surgery from the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, and later earned fellowship status from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Learning which specializes in aesthetics, full mouth rehabilitation and Physiologic Dentistry. His concentrated post-graduate studies focused heavily on both dental sleep medicine and Temporomandibular Dysfunction. He has lectured to fellow dental professionals and has appeared in publications regarding these topics.

Dr. Carlton is involved in many professional organizations, has served in various leadership roles and regularly volunteers for his profession. He is the past president of the LSU School of Dentistry Alumni Board, a member of the Louisiana Academy of Sleep Medicine member, a member of the American College of Dentists, a clinical instructor of the LSUA Hygiene Program, an LDA Governmental Affairs Committee member, and recently served as the president of the LDA. Dr. Carlton is a volunteer provider for Community Health Worx and Donated Dental Services for Alexandria.

Because of his dedication to his community and to the field of dentistry, Carlton was an LDA New Dentist Award winner, an LSUSD White Coat Ceremony Keynote speaker, and a Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies Alumnus of the Year.

Dr. Gary Caskey

Dr. Caskey has been a tripartite member of the LDA, the ADA, and the Northwest Louisiana Dental Association for 42 years. Dr. Caskey is a 1983 graduate of the LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans, LA. He was born and raised in Shreveport, graduating from Captain Shreve High School and Louisiana Tech University.

For 40 years, Dr. Caskey has provided dental care to the residents of the Ark-La-Tex area, with the goal of delivering the highest level of care possible. Since entering private practice in 1983, he has made it his mission to treat each patient as though they are family, with compassion and empathy.

Since becoming a dentist, Dr. Caskey has been a member of the American Dental Association, serving in a variety of roles, with over two decades on the editorial board of the Louisiana Dental Association

Journal . He has spent much of his career advocating for patients on a state level. Dr. Caskey was inducted into the Pierre Fauchard Academy, where he remains an active fellow. He is also a member of the Ark-LaTex Academy of Dentistry.

In his free time, Dr. Caskey enjoys snow skiing, backpacking in the Rockies, and attending events at Broadmoor Baptist Church. He is a classically trained pianist and plays the trumpet with many music groups in the Shreveport area.

Dr. Glen Corcoran

Dr. Corcoran been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. He has been a member of the American Dental Association for 35 years, and a member of the LDA and the Northlake Dental Association for 31 years. After graduation from the LSU School of Dentistry, he served as a captain in the United States Air Force during Operation Desert Storm. During his military service in the Dental Corps, he was named Company Grade Officer of the Quarter and received the Air Force Achievement Medal for Meritorious Service. He was also named Dental Health Officer and was responsible for implementing the clinic’s Children’s Dental Health Program, which included screening over 1,500 children yearly.

After Dr. Corcoran’s military commitment, he returned home to Louisiana and entered private practice as an associate dentist for eight years. Then, he opened his own private practice in Mandeville, Louisiana. For over 24 years, he has served the residents of his community and has visited many local elementary schools to promote dental health. He also volunteered with the 2023 Mission of Mercy in Lafayette, Louisiana, to help provide dental care for the less fortunate in our state.

In addition to his practice responsibilities, Dr. Corcoran served as treasurer, president-elect, and president for his local dental component, the Northlake District Dental Association. Eventually, he served the LDA as a Board of Directors member, president-elect, and president (2021-2022).

Currently, he is serving as Louisiana Dental Political Action Committee Treasurer, ADA Foundation Vice President, and LADPAC chair for the Northlake component. In addition, he is a delegate to the ADA for District 12.

Dr. Jeffry Leeson

Dr. Leeson has been a tripartite member of the LDA, the American Dental Association, and the New Orleans Dental Association for 33 years. His involvement in organized dentistry is staggering. He was the longest-serving LDA Board member and has served as a NODA representative to the LDA Board.

30 LDA Journal • Spring 2024

For NODA, Dr. Leeson served as a delegate to the LDA, NODA President, chairman of the 2016 New Orleans Dental Conference (NODC), and currently serves on the NODC, Insurance & Hospitalization and New Orleans Dental Enterprises committees. In the past, Dr. Leeson was involved with the following NODA committees: Honors & Awards, Scientific Program, Arrangements and New Orleans Dental Enterprises.

Dr. Leeson began his career in dentistry with pre-dental curriculums at the Universities of Loyola and New Orleans. He then earned his DDS degree at the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry. He has practiced dentistry for over 30 years and has worked as a private practice owner for much of that time. Dr. Leeson is currently a member of the International College of Dentistry and is a passionate advocate for organized dentistry.

The Humanitarian Award

Dr. Maria Burmaster

To begin her dental career, Dr. Burmaster earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Loyola University, then attended the Louisiana State School of Dentistry and earned a Doctorate in Dental Surgery. Since then, she has worked in her practice, Barataria Dental, for over 30 years. She works in partnership with her sister, Dr. Valerie Hemphill, and provides high-quality dental services to adults and kids alike. Dr. Burmaster has been a tripartite member of the ADA, the LDA, and the New Orleans Dental Association member for 31 years.

In addition to her responsibilities as a practice owner, she is a Donated Dental Services Provider, a Crescent City Dental Study Club charter member, a Louisiana Dental Services Board member, and a Louisiana Dental Association Star Award recipient. She has been playing the organ and piano at her Catholic church since the age of 10, which has brought her to almost every church in the Archdiocese of New Orleans for funerals and weddings. Currently, she is the pianist for 2 churches on the Westbank. For the past 6 years, she and her husband have taught the Confirmation class at their church. She received the Integritas Vitae award from Loyola University in 2014.

In her pro-life efforts, she started the Westbank Committee for Life, which operated from 1992-2000. Its focus was to bring attention to the locations where abortions were being performed in her community by holding peaceful Rosary marches in front of these locations.

She began her association with Mission of Mercy as the local chair for the ADA Mission of Mercy in 2013. She also served as the Louisiana Mission of Mercy State Chair from 2014-2015 and was perhaps the most dedicated supporter of our 2023 Mission of Mercy in Lafayette. This Mission of Mercy served over 900 people and provided over $1,060,000 in free dental care to Lafayette and its surrounding communities.

Dr. Steven Latiolais

Dr. Latiolais’ humanitarian service includes a series of dental mission trips to Monterrey, Mexico; Potrerillos, Honduras and La Esperanza, Honduras. These mission trips provide critical dental care to residents of these locations who have little to no access to dental care. In addition to these missions, Dr. Latiolais is heavily involved in his church activities at First Baptist Moss Bluff and coached youth sports in his hometown in his younger years.

Outside of his charitable work, Dr. Latiolais has served as a delegate for the LDA House of Delegates, a member of the LDA Distinguished Award Committee, president of the Southwest Louisiana Dental Association, president of the Calcasieu Parish Study Club, a fellow in the American Endodontics Society and a member of the Christian Dental Society.

Dr. Latiolais has been a tripartite member of the ADA, the LDA, and the Southwest Dental Association member for 45 years. He began his career with a BS degree in Biology and an MS degree in Zoology from McNeese State University. He then received a DDS degree from the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in 1979 and has membership in the Orthopedics and Orthodontics arm of the United States Dental Institute. He practiced family dentistry for nearly 40 years in Moss Bluff, La.

He is grateful for the continued support of his wife, Renee Bordelon Latiolais, and their four children: Stephanie Hall, Melanie Davis, Emily Latiolais and Philip Latiolais, as well as their spouses and six grandchildren. He is also thankful for the encouragement from his four siblings: Judy Heiman, Mary Lanier, Dr. Thomas Latiolais, and Joe Latiolais.

New Dentist Award

Dr. James Lowder

Dr. Lowder was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, and graduated from C.E. Byrd High School. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then completed dental school at LSU School of Dentistry and obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree.

Dr. Lowder started Southern Roots Dentistry with his partners in 2017. Southern Roots Dentistry is based on three core values: Faith, Family, and Community. There they see patients of all ages and pride themselves on putting patients first through general dentistry. Dr. Lowder is Faculty Gratis Clinical Assistant Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at LSUHS Shreveport, where he is the assistant program director of the General Practice Residency Program. There, he specializes in treating individuals with mental or physical disabilities. He is a member of the Special Care Dentistry Association, the American Dental Association, and past president of the Northwest Louisiana Dental Association. He has been a tripartite member of the LDA, the ADA, and the Northwest District Dental Association for 7 years.

Dr. Lowder finds joy in spending time with his wife, Katie, and his three sons, Huck, Camp, and Crew.

LDA Journal • Spring 2024 31

Magic is in the Air!

Wow, we had an amazing crew for the 2024 Winter C.E. with Character at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, a 3-day continuing education conference with endless family fun! We had a little over 120 dental professionals join us from multiple states. Everyone loved both our speakers, Dr. Pedro Cuartas and Dr. Jacob Dent, who kept their attendees’ attention even when the Disney World parks were steps away! When our attendees were not being entertained by Dr. Jacob Dent’s suit collection at the conference, they enjoyed family fun in the parks. We also hosted our dessert reception at the Grand Floridian Hotel with the beautiful Magic Kingdom fireworks in the background.

We can’t wait to do this all over again next year at Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel March 2-4, 2025. If you are interested in attending this tax-deductible C.E. trip, visit our website www.ladental.org/disney2025 to learn more. Don’t wait to book your hotel rooms within our block, as space is limited and rooms fill up quickly.

32 LDA Journal • Spring 2024
LDA Journal • Spring 2024 33 STAY CONNECTED with the LDA Website: www.ladental.org Text LDA to 22383 Scan the QR codes to be directed to the LDA social media pages. Instagram Facebook Facebook & Instagram: search @louisianadentalassociation WINTER CE WITH CHARACTER 2025
2-4, 2025
We hope to see ’ya real soon!


What’s Going On? Component Happenings from Around the State


Cameron Ducote, son of Dr. Colten and Mandy Ducote, went to the Little League World Series for Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas this past summer. His all-star team from Benton, Louisiana placed 3rd out of 176 teams that started the process. Cameron played 2nd and 3rd base and hit plenty of “dingers” as he would say. He looks forward to playing for LSU one day just like his favorite player, Dylan Crews!

Dr. Jeffrey Kerst and Dr. Brenton Bird attended the Pankey Institute and completed the rigorous Pankey Essentials Curriculum to improve their abilities to provide optimal care for their patients. Dr. Kerst wants to reassure his colleagues, “You’ll be glad you became a Pankey dentist.”

Greater Baton Rouge

LDA Executive Director Annette Droddy’s son Jacob was on the court of Artemis in Baton Rouge and Annette rode in the parade with him as his valet. (Photo submitted by Dr. Billy Hall.)


Mardi Gras 2024

We spotted Dr. Joey Lacoste in the Mad Hatter Parade!

LDA President Dr. Vince DiLeo, spent this past December traveling all around Italy, visiting Rome, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Positano, Capri, Venice, Murano, Pompeii, Milan, Pisa, and Florence.

34 LDA Journal • Spring 2024
Center: Dr. Jeffrey Kerst Center: Dr. Brenton Bird

Dr. Phil Puneky (left) & Dr. Catherine Hebert (right) honored Dr. Glen Corcoran (center) at the Northlake Dental Association Installation meeting for his selection as an LDA Distinguished Service Award winner.

Dr. Phil Puneky (left), president of the Northlake Dental Association, presented the Northlake New Dentists Awards to the recipients: Drs. Todd Firmin, Conner Allison, Haley Miller, and John Michaelis.


Dr. Brian Basinger and Drs. Jeffrey and Allison Haynie Kerst enjoyed a rare snow day with their families in North Louisiana!

Dr. Catherine Hebert presented a prize to the Christmas C.E. Winner Dr. Joseph Ferrara.


The Southwest Academy of Restorative Dentistry has inducted Dr. L. King Scott, an LDA member, into its ranks!

The Southwest Academy of Restorative Dentistry focuses on contemporary developments in restorative dentistry and its membership has expanded to include a variety of restorative and restorative-related specialists.

Send us some component news!

Scan this code or visit ladental.org/componentnews.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

LDA Journal • Spring 2024 35
Pictured: Dr. Mark Palmer of Dallas, Texas, and Dr. L. King Scott at the Southwest Academy of Restorative Dentistry.

LDA Events Calendar ladental.org/events

LDA Foundation Fishing Rodeo

July 19-20, 2024

Grand Isle Marina ladental.org/fishingrodeo

Catch up with friends and spend some time on the water.

Pediatric Sedation Renewal Course

August 23, 2024

Live Via Zoom ladental.org/pedssedation

Review and update your knowledge of moderate pediatric sedation.

Summer Education Conference

June 12-15, 2024

Hilton Pensacola Beach ladental.org/summerconference

Relax on the beach with your family and earn C.E.

Last Chance Seminar

December 13, 2024

Baton Rouge Marriott ladental.org/lastchance

Get some last-minute C.E. before the end of the year.

Dentists’ Day at the Legislature 2024

April 24, 2024

Louisiana State Capitol ladental.org/dentistsday

Learn about dental advocacy during this grassroots event held at the Louisiana State Capitol.

Kick-Off C.E.

Tentatively: September 20, 2024

Live Via Zoom, will count towards your in-person C.E. ladental.org/kickoff

Kick-off the Fall season with some great C.E.

Winter C.E. - Walt Disney World

March 2-4, 2025

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn ladental.org/disney2025

Experience the magic of a vacation with builtin C.E.

ADA SmileCon® 2024

October 17-19, 2024

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center New Orleans, LA ada.org/smilecon

Join dental professionals from around the nation for SmileCon® 2024.

36 LDA Journal • Spring 2024

Dynamic CE at SmileCon!


Agenda Builder goes live April 15!

Registration opens May 8 at SmileCon.org! SmileCon is Oct. 17–19 in New Orleans.

Your one-stop solution to fulfill your relicensure needs! Including:

Cutting-edge CE taught by top-tier dental leaders and directors from major dental schools

CE Pathways focused on innovation, wellness, relicensure, and veteran care

Mainstage sessions covering the industry’s hottest topics

Master Classes – three-hour courses designed to help you emerge as a true master

SMILECON is a registered trademark of the American Dental Association.




Exceptional Dental on Highland Road is looking for full or part-time dentists to join the team. Ownership potential available. Established patient base, full office staff in place, great location. Contact Dr. Darrell Bourg at dbourg@ bamgp.com or (504) 232-6624

Dental Office on the Northshore for sale!

Ready to start your new location?

Perfect for a new, boutique, satellite, or specialty dental office! Great area of high visibility with a nice dental setup consisting of 3 working operatories. Equipped with CBCT and microscopes. Located in Madisonville, Louisiana. northlakeendo@gmail.com

Now Hiring - Associate Dentist

Juban Crossing Modern Dentistry, 10129 Crossing Way Ste 400, Denham Springs, LA 70726

Dr. Christine Walters is pleased to welcome an Associate Dentist to her thriving practice of Juban Crossing Modern Dentistry. With owner, Dr. Christine Walters, a Louisiana State University graduate, you can expect a comfortable and welcoming environment for both you and your patients. Her dedication to actively listening to each patient’s wants and concerns, speaks of her commitment to providing exceptional patient care. With her expertise and

the supportive atmosphere of her team, an associateship with Dr. Walters will be a rewarding experience to serve the community’s dental needs.


• Competitive Compensation and Benefit Package

• Healthcare Benefits (Medical, RX, Dental, Vision)

• 401(k) and Roth

• Offices equipped with the latest technology.

• Malpractice insurance

• Mentorship from owner and peer associate dentists

• Industry-leading continuing education with over 600 hours of CE

• Collaboration with in-house Specialists

• Fully digitized practices equipped with the latest proven CAD/CAM technology.

• EPIC health records

• Option for future practice ownership/partnership

The average full-time PDS-supported dentist earns $160,000-$390,000 Apply today! Text 512-508-4750 or email: angela.darling@pacden.com

Pediatric Dental Practice for Sale on the North shore near New Orleans

Looking for a pediatric dental practice in a beautiful, safe, and growing area? Why start from scratch? We have been here for 23 years and are well known in the community! Building is fully stocked with updated equipment! Office has wonderful charm fitting for a pediatric dentist! Lots of opportunity to have the practice you envisioned.

Email nspracticesuccess@gmail.com or call (504) 905-2460

Up to $20,000 Welcome Bonus

Hi! My name is Celeste Babineaux, DDS, and I am a graduate of Louisiana State University. I have been practicing since 2012 and come from a family of dentists

in South Louisiana. My practice is rapidly growing, and I am thrilled to announce I am hiring an Associate Dentist at Lafayette Modern Dentistry, in the heart of Louisiana. When I’m not practicing dentistry, I love spending time with my husband, Dr. Jimmy Babineaux, and our three children Jaxon, Jillienne, and Jolie.

As an Associate with Dr. Babineaux, mentorship is forefront, whether you are newly graduated or an experienced Practitioner. With access to the latest proven technology, you will have the opportunity to provide high-quality care to patients, helping you refine your clinical skills and patient management.

The proactive engagement with Dr. Babineaux in establishing a common understanding of her clinical culture, patient outcomes, and standards of care, will foster a cohesive and patient-centric approach resulting in the Perfect Patient Experience. This collaboration will contribute to a positive and harmonious work environment benefiting the dental team and creating Patients for Life.

Apply today or email: angela.darling@ pacden.com

38 LDA Journal • Spring 2024

Grand Family Dentistry is seeking a Full-Time Hygienist to join our team.

This is an outstanding opportunity to join one of the most successful private practices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. State-of-the-art facility, impressive team with efficient systems that literally run the practice so you can focus on the practice of dentistry! Again the position is in the family-oriented community of Baton Rouge, LA, with work hours being Monday-Thursday.

At Grand Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves in providing the very best oral healthcare services in a friendly, community focused practice setting. We strive to be leading edge dental providers of comprehensive dentistry while providing the absolute best care and service to our patients. The services we provide range from routine cleanings to implants, periodontal care and endodontic services. Our hygienists practice in a collegial atmosphere with a professional operations team, allowing the hygienist to focus on quality patient care.

We provide a competitive compensation package, including comprehensive health benefits (health, dental). Life Insurance, Continuing Education Allowance Program, 401 (k) program and leadership opportunities. Please contact Dr. Grand (985) 705-3786 or Email: granddds@ grandfamilydentalcare.com

Grand Family Dentistry is seeking a fulltime general dentist to join our team.

This is an outstanding opportunity to join one of the most successful private practices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. State-of-the-art facility, impressive team with efficient systems that literally run the practice so you can focus on the practice of dentistry. Again the position is in the family-oriented community of Baton Rouge, LA, with work hours being Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

At Grand Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves in providing the very best oral healthcare services in a friendly, community focused practice setting. We strive to be leading edge dental providers of comprehensive dentistry while providing the absolute best care and service to our patients. The services we provide range from routine cleanings to implants, periodontal care and endodontic services. Our doctors practice in a collegial atmosphere with a professional operations

team, allowing the doctor to focus on quality patient care.

We provide a competitive compensation package, including comprehensive health benefits (health, vision, dental). Life Insurance, Continuing Education Allowance Program, Professional Liability Insurance, 401 (k) program and leadership opportunities. Please contact Dr. Grand (985) 705-3786 or Email: granddds@ grandfamilydentalcare.com

Ready for a change?

General Dentist needed for practice with locations in Bossier City and Springhill. Focus on complete patient care including extractions, RCT, esthetic and general restorative, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, and removable. Very established patient base, full office team, updated equipment and technology. Potential for buy-in/partnership or buyout over time. Contact (318) 458-3871 for more details. Can start Jan. 1, 2024.

Charpentier Family Dentistry is a thriving, privately owned dental practice, located in New Iberia, LA. We are searching for a full or part time associate dentist to complement our dental practice Monday-Fridays.

What we have to offer:

We see 70-90 New Patients a month; we provide the patients, the marketing, and the dental management, hassle-free to you.

We have 10 dental suites fully stocked with cutting edge technology including: 3 iTero scanners, Nitrous Oxide, AI Technology, Fotona Laser, CBCT, intraoral cameras and so much more!

Make our home your home! For the right fit there will be an opportunity to buy into our practice.

Income Potential:

Unlimited earning potential

A performing dentist should expect an average of $250,000-$300,000 annually.


• DDS or DMD from an accredited university

• Quick learner, with a desire to continue to grow

• Great communication skills

• Eager team player, ready to build lasting patient relationships

• Must be able to perform molar endo, extractions, pediatrics, and cosmetic dentistry

Please email resumes to Lacie.cfd@gmail. com for consideration.

Got Dental Waste Disposal Headaches?

Take advantage of our “Low cost, Reliable, Compliant Guarantee” so you can save money and get the best service in Louisiana. We handle it all, so you don’t have to. Get your fixed rate now at: https://www.biomedicalwastesolutions. com/locations/louisiana/

Classified Advertising Online

Go to www.ladental.org and click on the Classified Advertising link. For all classified advertising, payment is required in advance and ads will be placed on the LDA website on the next possible business day after payment is received. Make checks payable to the Journal of the Louisiana Dental Association. Placement of a classified ad up to 30 words is $30 for LDA members and $55 for non-LDA members. For each additional word, LDA members pay $0.15 and non-LDA members pay $0.30. Ads will remain on the LDA website for three months and will appear in one issue of the LDA Journal. A photo with an ad is an additional $50.

For more information or to place a classified ad, contact Rebecca Bordelon at rebecca@ladental.org or (225) 926-1986.

LDA Journal • Spring 2024 39


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Ihave a confession to make. The other day I was coming out of Walmart and I ran into my ex-dealer.

I had prayed and thought that since it had been a year, those days were over. But there she was, holding a sack of goods that she knew I would want. I am only human. So, I paid her quickly and left. Once I got home, I opened my package and proceeded to devour a whole line of thin mints.

But it didn’t hit me until one day in the grocery store. I grabbed a box of mac and cheese to see how many servings it had and realized that it was for a family of four. Well, just so you know, eating badly can eventually catch up with you.

Like many Americans, I now suffer from high LDL cholesterol levels. LDL (low-density lipoprotein level) makes up the majority of our body’s cholesterol. Unfortunately, high levels of LDL can promote plaque buildup on arter ies and lead to a high risk for heart disease or stroke.

On the other hand, HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol is good to have as it can actually absorb LDL and send it to the liver to be disposed of, lowering risks of heart disease and/or stroke.

So what does a normal person who has never met a French fry he didn’t like do? My doctor has suggested diet and exercise along with various medications to lower my LDL. The side effects were not fun, especially the diet and exercise part. However, now I believe there is an alternative.

I am truly excited to tell you about a cutting-edge medical breakthrough that our own LDA has developed through its subsidiary, LDS: Cholesterol Credits!

Many of our members suffer from the same high levels of bad LDL as I do and struggle with keeping it under control through endless dieting and exercise. But now, you can purchase, at a member discount, the LDA Cholesterol Credit Calculator.

Here is a good example of how it works: Last night I was craving an extra slice of chocolate pie but my CC Calculator said I needed 5 Credits to bring my bad cholesterol down. The Calculator can and will connect to all the Calculators within our program, and that is where the magic begins. It quickly hooked me up with one of our members who has a naturally high level of good HDL and I was able to purchase those additional 5 credits from him/her (anonymous) and enjoy that extra slice of pie. Any credits purchased will automatically show up on your next blood test and completely offset your high LDL levels. With continued judicious use of the LDACC Calculator, your cholesterol will be normal in no time.

This program will be offered first to our LDA membership before being rolled out nationwide. The CC Calculator can be deducted as a medical device and many medical insurance companies should cover all or part of its cost. It is also waterproof and can be used while showering in case you have a craving for banana pudding at the same time.

I must tell you that this Cholesterol Credit thing is still in the early beta testing phase and must go through a few more months of trial with some of our volunteer members before it will be ready for prime time. One of the problems so far, and it’s a big one, is that many of us volunteers have actually gained weight. I believe this problem will be overcome soon.

Meanwhile, if any of you have any extra boxes of thin mints laying around, I would be most interested in acquiring more and can be reached through this publication. Please hurry.

40 LDA Journal • Spring 2024
Endorsed Companies New LDS Endorsements LDA members save 15% on OSHA software. Early booking discounts of $250 are available on select trips. ladental.org/LDS ONE-STOP PROMO SHOP
PRESORTED STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID BATON ROUGE, LA FPI NG30 Louisiana Dental Association 5637 Bankers Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70808 Brown & Brown of Louisiana, LLC-Association Services Programs KNOWLEDGE YOU CAN TRUST™ The LDA’s Endorsed Insurance Broker Insurance Solutions to Smile About. ASSOCIATION SERVICES PROGRAMS Contact Stormy Blair at 888-503-5547 for more information Malpractice Personal Umbrella Cyber Liability Buisness Insurance Worker’s Compensation and more
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