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Getting Leads With Your LinkedIn Presence What Every Business Owner And Wellness Professional Should Know About Using Linkedin Effectively

Louisa Chan

Get New Contacts With LinkedIn What Every Wellness Professional Should Know About LinkedIn

Louisa’s marketing courses are approved by AAMT and accredited by the Australian National Education Committee. She is published in US and APAC and has been featured on Boston Globe, Fox News, CBS, NBC and ABC etc

Louisa Chan Louisa is a Social Media Specialist working with Massage Therapists, Physiotherapist, Chiropractors, and other Wellness Professionals. She increases their customer base via Online and Digital Marketing with a focus on Social Media.

Today, Louisa speaks, trains and helps solo entrepreneurs and wellness professionals use Social Media to grow their business. Louisa has worked with Corporations like ING, KPMG, Hewitt Associates, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bank of China, F&N Malaysia and Thailand etc


Introduction: Why LinkedIn? ………….….…4 Getting Found and Showing Up……………..6 Additional Resources …………………………..18

CHAPTER 1: Introduction. Why LinkedIn?

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CHAPTER 1: Introduction. Why LinkedIn? Why LinkedIn? If you have not heard of LinkedIn yet, it is a fantastic networking tool for a lot of reasons.

1) To date, it has over 238,000,000 members and growing. 2) The average income per member is $107,000. 3) You can generate a lot of leads and business using LinkedIn especially if you’re in a professional services industry (which you are). I’ll show you what to do to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile account. // Page 5

CHAPTER 2: Getting Found And Showing Up CHAPTER 2:

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CHAPTER 2: Getting Found And Showing Up Search Engine: LinkedIn is its own search engine – and it’s one of the best there is for scoring potential clients. It’s far better than Google in that regard. However, those who are performing searches often can’t find what they are looking for on LinkedIn. Why? Most user profiles aren’t optimized or set up properly or If someone types in “Melbourne Chiropractor,” and you were a chiropractor in Melbourne… would you show up at the top of the LinkedIn results? // Page 7

On the right hand column of your profile page you will see this:

Not too impressive huh!

How Often Do You Show Up? In this particular case, this person’s profile has only shown up 6 times in LinkedIn search results in the past 90 days.

We can easily improve on these numbers. This is a stark contrast to another profile we’ve worked . Let’s take a look at it here.

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152 search results in the past day! How is it possible?

Optimization. The answer lies in optimizing your account with keywords that your ideal clients would be searching for on LinkedIn. Optimizing your profile is not something difficult at all.

Activity: Right now, you can do a search on LinkedIn for you city name + your service and see what you get. // Page 9

If you’re a Massage Therapist in Denver, type in “Denver Massage Therapist” into the LinkedIn search. After you do the search, you will see a list of Massage Therapist from Denver showing up. Now if you are on the first page, you have done well. Congratulations! If not, do not despair. We can get you to optimize your profile and who up on page one if you follow our tips. Activity: Go to the first Massage Therapist that shows up on your search. At the top right corner, you will see the word “sort by” with a drop down list. Choose sort by keyword… // Page 10

This will give you an indication of who is currently at the top for the term you’d like to rank for. Click on that profile. Then open a new browser tab and go to this site: Once there, click on “create” on their home page – we’re going to create a word cloud. // Page 11

You should be able to see something that looks like this:

Now go back to the profile that appeared at the top of the list for the keyword you’d like to rank for. Go to “Edit->Select all” at the top of your browser window… See diagram shows on next page.

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Once you’ve selected all the text on the profile that is currently number one in LinkedIn, go back to Edit->Copy to copy it. Then go back to Wordle and paste everything you have copied into Wordle and click “Go”.

You’ll end up with Wordle cloud. Here is one I created for “Denver Massage Therapist “…

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Use These Words. These are words that you’d want to incorporate into your profile, if they make sense to you. Try to get the following words (if they are relevant to you) into your profile if you were a Denver Massage Therapists. // Page 14

• • • • • • • • •

Massage Therapy Shiatsu Oriental Therapist Results Expert Months AOBT …

Activity: Repeat the above steps to get keywords for the profiles who are appearing second and third and see if their words are relevant to you. The more content you have on your profile, the higher you are likely to rank in LinkedIn Search.

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Additional Notes: Ideally, you would mention the surrounding suburbs, counties and cities you have also serviced, so hopefully you show up in their results as well. Finally, the more content you have on your profile, the higher you are likely to rank in LinkedIn search, and also the more terms you’ll likely get ranked for. You should try as much as possible to fill out as keyword rich, and with detailed information, each section in LinkedIn.

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Conclusion: These are the basics of LinkedIn. Yet if you implement these you are already ahead of others in your industry.

Check out the free 1-hour training on setting up an optimized LinkedIn Profile as well as the 5-minute stepby-step video guide on setting up your LinkedIn account.

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“238 Million Professionals are on LinkedIn searching for your expertise. Do you want to show up and attract your prospects to contact you?�

Additional Resources (Short 3 to 5-min video tutorials)  How To Login To LinkedIn: Sign In With Step By Step Video

 How To Set Up A LinkedIn Vanity URL  How To Use New LinkedIn Features For Professional Networking

Business Network For Chiropractor, Massage Therapists and Physiotherapist

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Additional Resources Free 60-min video tutorials for MTs - CPE points awarded LinkedIn For Massage Therapists Free 60-min video tutorial

LinkedIn For Chiropractors LinkedIn For Professionals

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