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BRAND EQUITY logo designs by louis fishauf

ALIAS SYSTEMS is a leading developer of 3D software for the product design and entertainment industries

SYMPATICO is the largest internet service provider in canada

ROOTS is an iconic canadian retailer of sportswear and leather goods

ADBEAST provides online tools and services to ad agencies and production companies

INTERACTIVE ONTARIO is a non-profit industry trade organization advocating for the interactive digital content industry in ontario

MAYA is an oscar-winning 3D software program used by animators and special effects professionals in film and video games

18 YORKVILLE is a residential condominium development in downtown toronto

AVION FILMS is a film production company that makes tv commercials

OZZ CORPORATION is a leading provider of metering and energy management services to electric and gas utilities


20 BEES is a winery in ontario’s niagara peninsula, founded by a group of local grape growers in 2004

THE DIRECTORS FILM COMPANY represents directors of music videos and tv commercials

TRIPHARBOR.COM is a travel website dedicated to the planning and booking of cruise vacations

TORCH TORONTO is a proposed commercial real estate development in downtown toronto

EXPRESTO SOFTWARE is a developer of easyto-use movie authoring and design software for the education market

Z RAYS is a gesturebased graphical user interface developed for artists and designers

ETERNAL SYSTEMS is a developer of fault-tolerance software solutions for critical, distributed embedded applications

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