Lou Baker, Safety net, For Art's Sake, CMS, 3.3.20

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Lou Baker’s Safety net at ‘For Art’s Sake’ conversations day,

CMS, Oxford, 3.3.20

9.21am: The Prayer Room at CMS, before installation

10.36am: Safety net installed and ready for participants. Setting up Safety net always feeling rather like drawing in space or stitching a room ‌. this time with netting and elastic. It’s a site responsive installation so it’s different every time. Here, I was able to attach the structure to the ceiling by carefully pushing up the ceiling tiles and tying the elastic to the metal ceiling grid. Perfect!

An invitation to participate‌

I provide labels, clip boards, pens and multi coloured strips of cloth for visitors to add to the net.

11.15-11.45am: There was a short break so people were able to interact with Safety net

I’m always very conscious that I don’t want to intrude on other people’s experience and reflections, or influence what they write, so I usually spend my time outside the net, weaving coloured strands into it quietly. Some people want to talk, others don’t. And that’s fine with me.

I love seeing the different ways that people respond to the invitation to participate.

11.45am: After just half an hour of interaction, the transformation of the space begins

Some people very quickly become engaged in thinking, writing and adding strips of cloth.

I also love the very creative ways that people attach the coloured strips of cloth. It often looks as if they’re drawing with it.

Others pause and watch and take their time before joining in, or not.

Some like to read what other people have written. It becomes a silent conversation.

Several people took their shoes off before going into the space.

Others want to talk to me about their responses.

I don’t need to be there, but if I am, I enjoy being part of it.

It feels very inclusive.

It’s as if connections are made, whether or not people are in the space at the same time.

15.52pm: A collective response to a provocation What makes you feel safe or unsafe? Comfortable or uncomfortable? What is your safety net?

Thank you for being part of Safety net www.loubakerartist.co.uk

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