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The best garage sale

ever in the history of ever

LAKE House in Daylesford is synonymous with elegance and style and has been for 30 years. In that time they’ve had many refits, have rearranged and updated furniture and fittings and have amassed a collection of ‘things’ of very high quality, in excellent condition, that no longer have a use at the hotel. So the lovelies at Lake House have decided to have a one-off garage sale to clear the lot. They’re selling ex-Lake House furniture, (chairs, tables, a full dining setting, a massive wine rack, lounges and chairs, sofa beds, recliners, etc) linen (think gorgeous merino blankets, etc) old doors, lamps, mirrors, decorator items, crockery, cutlery, and loads more stuff, even a golf cart and an old Holden Rodeo ute! Best. Garage. Sale. Everrrrr. Venue: Daylesford Primary School gym (Vincent St.) Sunday, June 1, 10am-12pm. All proceeds go back to the school’s kitchen garden program. (Told you they were lovelies, how awesome is that?!)

Bespoke bits and bobs

and heavenly hand-made-ness-ness

THERE’S a new makers’ market in town… Ooooooh! The inaugural Vincent St Makers’ Market will be held on Sunday, June 1, at the Daylesford Town Hall, 10am ‘til 4pm. Now, the Daylesford Town Hall ain’t exactly massive… and we hear there were… like, actually billions of creative crafters and marvellous makers vying for a space to sell their hand-made treasures at this brand new market space. Wow. The market organisers had sleepless nights trawling through oodles of applications, and through a heart wrenching process of elimination picked the very bestest of the best artisans to host their own stall on the day. This is some high quality stuff people. Come along and meet these talented local and regional designers and artists, and buy something unique and wonderful. Choose from art and clothing, children’s thingames, treats and treasures. For more info on the market follow 2

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Touchy, feely, warm & fuzzy textile art

IN AN era when spare time is eaten away by Candy Crush and reality cooking shows it’s good to know that some people actually deny themselves screentime to create. (Yeah, we know… wow!) Textile artists from across the land have been busy stitching, knitting, weaving and working their patooties off to create a wild exhibition of contemporary creations for the Contemporary Textiles Award and Exhibition, to be held at Buda, Sunday, June 1, ‘til Sunday, June 15. The award has only one category this year: ‘Contemporary Textiles’, so it’s an all-in freeflowing fest of crafty creativity and fine works of textile art. There are four prizes up for grabs including a student/apprentice encouragement award. Visit Buda Historic Home and Garden (42 Hunter Street Castlemaine) to see the best textile art happening in Victoria right now. For more info call Buda 5472 1032 or go to

ANZAC Day 2015

we will remember them

NEXT year marks the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli. It is a significant date for many Australians, as we remember those who landed on that beach in 1915, and others who have served for our country throughout the years. There will be many services and events to commemorate the 100th anniversary next April. One such event is to fill Fed Square in Melbourne with a sea of 5000 hand made poppies as a community tribute of respect and remembrance. (…we have a hunch they’ll eclipse that 5000!) Trentham Neighbourhood Centre is hosting an afternoon to make knitted, crocheted or felted poppies to add to this stunning visual tribute to our service men and women. Meet at Trentham Neighbourhood Centre (Cnr Market and High Sts) Thursday, June 5, 2pm-4pm. For more info call Trentham Neighbourhood Centre 5424 1354. More info on the project at: 4

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A Lifestyle Store.

For Everyone.

108 Main Rd, Hepburn Springs Tel: 5348 4353 Wed-Sat 10-5 Sun & Pub Hols 10-4

Delicious dining delivered

YOU know when you arrive to town on a Friday or Saturday night and the very last thing you feel like doing is cooking? Ohhh yes. Rachel Roberts knows that feeling only too well. Over the years Rachel and her family have visited the region, bringing with them their favourite recipes to cook here on their weekends away. Many years later, Rachel is a local girl now, and has finetuned her amazing home cooking skills (and accumulated a mighty-fine collection of le Creuset pots – ooh la la!) and has decided to offer a home delivery service of her delicious home cooked meals to those arriving in town. Daisy Dining is the name of her brand new business. Daisy Dining caters for couples and small group gatherings (up to eight people), dinners, lunches and even special brekky packages. Her menu is all online, you pre order your dinners in advance, then she delivers them to your door. Lovely! All you have to do is just heat it up and enjoy the deliciousness of a divine country home cooked meal. The Daisy Dining menu is seasonal and features the most lovingly grown local produce. Everything is made from scratch, is super fresh and is scrumptiously, elegantly packaged. But the Daisy Dining love is not limited to visitors to town, Rachel will happily cater for lovely locals who just want a night off from the cooking. (We love that!) Rachel can also cater for special occasions and create personalised menus for small dinners and events throughout the Hepburn region. Want a gourmet picnic to take on a wine tour? Sure! Feel like a luxurious lunch in your boutique accommodation? Sorted. The menu will feature traditional favourites delivered with French panache. To find out more about this delicious new service to town like Daisy Dining on Facebook, call Rachel on 0412 199 526, or go to Bon appÊtit! 6

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Think global eat local

WORLD Environment Day is Thursday, June 5. For more than 40 years this day has been recognised around the world as a day to reflect on the current state of our local and global environs. It is an opportunity to consider how our environment is coping with how us human types treat it (and what we can do to treat it better). This year the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group and the Trentham Sustainability Group have joined together to commemorate this day and are hosting a dinner at the Cosmopolitan Hotel (Cosmo Road, Trentham) with a very special guest speaker: Mark Wakeham, Acting CEO of Environment Victoria. Mark will discuss the options we have as a state right now to act positively to bring environmental issues back into the spotlight in a state election year. The dinner starts at 6:30pm. Cost $30. For more info and bookings call Glenda 5424 1727 or go to

Weeeee Ahhhh yay fireworks!

WHY do we like fireworks so much? Huh? It’s kind of a weird thing. Someone shoots some explosives into the air, we ooh and ahh and then go home. Except for dogs and toddlers, they Freak. Out. And perhaps they actually have the right idea… they’re loud bangy explosions of fire set off kinda a bit too close. Yet, fireworks fascinate us. Look at Sydney Harbour on NYE… kabillions jostle for a vantage point to ooh and ahh at the annual epic fireworkarama. This month the Woodend Winter Arts festival begins (as always) with a bang (or 50) at their Festival Fireworks display, Friday, June 6. This spectacularly sparkly family friendly evening starts at 5:30 with live entertainment and food stalls (so you can grab a bit of dinner before the fireworks begin). The fireworks will be held at Buffalo Stadium Oval, Forest Street Woodend. For more info on the Woodend Arts Festival see page 12 or go to 8

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I’m in a Glenlyon state of mind…

NEW York City is a very long way from Glenlyon. (Google tells us it’s 16,710 kilometres away. Yep. We checked.) Australian born songstress/performance poet Meryl Leppard traveled to NYC and that wonderful city did what it does to most of us… it seduced her with its awesomeness and wouldn’t let her go. For four years Meryl immersed herself in the city. She performed in cabaret venues, composed off-Broadway shows, wrote and recorded many songs inspired by the city and lived a fabulous New York life. Glenlyon could be described as off off off off off off off off Broadway, and on Friday, June 6, it will be indeed, as Meryl performs at The Old Glenlyon General Store (63 Barkly Street) accompanied by Nicolas Lyon. Close your eyes and you could be almost 17,000 kms away as Meryl takes you to New York and back with her amazing tunes. For more info call: 5348 7922 or follow

Hepburn’s Got Talent

…happy birthday performance night

BEFORE the era of ‘touchdowns’ and spin-around-chairs the humble performance night at the Old Hepburn Hotel was creating musical stars of all genres and styles. On Friday, June 6, Performance Night celebrates its 14th birthday. (Wow!) This night has a great history, welcoming new acts from around town, around the state, even musos on tour from the UK and Europe have hit the stage, producing some pretty major talent along the way: Think Mia Dyson and Declan Sykes. Not bad huh? Traditionally the audience votes with applause and the best act wins the door money. Ch-ching! The celebrations will kick off at 6pm and you’re guaranteed some massive entertainment for your $4 entry fee with Lizanne Richards on stage with Old Man River, Ariane Sewell, Soul Choir, Indi Eisner and loads more, in fact, six hours of live music awesomeness. Yay! For more info call the pub 5348 2207 or go to 10

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The hills are aliiiive

with the sound of the Arts Festival

THE Woodend Winter Arts Festival is now in its 10th year. This festival has gained an impressive reputation as being one of the most important festivals on the arts calendar, attracting remarkable international performers, with well worn passports from their world-wide concert careers. Each year the team of festival organisers wave their high-powered magic wands and conjure a program packed with superduper international and local performers. This year is no exception and includes musical and literary events, a visual arts program and children’s events. International musical guests include the Quaternaglia Guitar Quartet from Brazil, The Koehne String Quartet from Vienna, virtuoso cellist Li-Wei Qin from Singapore, Baroque harpist Maria-Christina Cleary from France and violinist Davide Monti returns from Italy. (Yeah… wow!) This year the WWAF is presenting the Opera Euridice. This opera, penned in 1600 by Jacobo Peri, is touted as the first opera. A new edition has been created by John O’Donnell especially for the festival and it will be conducted by him, and directed by Rodney Hall, with Jacqueline Porter as Euridice and Robert Macfarlane as Orfeo. The Macedon Ranges will be treated to this amazing production at St Ambrose Hall in four performances across the four days of the festival: Friday June 6, ‘til Monday June 9. Tickets: A Res. $85/$75conc. Or B Res. (GA) $65/$55 conc. The festival will flaunt a bit of Argentinean tango with Sidewalk Tango performing Martini Tango Milonga, the most famous masterpieces by Chopin performed by Alexey Yemtsov, there will some beautiful Baroque strings, spicy Brazilian guitar, Motets of Bach and Brahms, A performance of Peter and The Wolf with Max Gillies and the Scotch College Orchestra, an evening of Russian music with Li-Wei Qin and Alexey Yemtsov… Ahhh! There’s so much more to mention but alas, this magazine is too small! So for the full program, ticket and venue information go to


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The buzz on bees

BEES get a bit of a bad rap. Which is sooo unfair. Bees are the good guys of the garden, sure they’re packin’ a nasty sting, but they only use it in self defence (your Honour). Bees are the nerds of the garden, all that perfect hexagonal geometry in the hive and clever cross pollination they get up to, not to mention the litres of honey they whip up for us, they’re anything but a pest, unlike the delinquent good-for-nothing European wasps that crash your barbeques and sting at random. Buzz off. If you’ve ever pondered the possibility of becoming a backyard bee keeper Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre is hosting a Beekeeping for Beginners weekend Saturday, June 7, and Sunday, June 8, 10am-2pm. Discover what you need to do to produce your very own honey and look after these awesome garden pals. The workshop is $80 (includes equipment) For more info and bookings contact DNC 5348 3569 or like them on Facebook.


passion ‘n’ soul

IF YOU haven’t heard of Joe Camilleri you’ve been living under a rock. A large one. Perhaps Uluru? Yes. A VERY large rock. Joe Camilleri has been writing recording and playing music since, like, forever. He has the kind of back catalogue that you have tucked away upstairs (in your head, der, not the attic), and if one of his tunes starts on the radio you’ll be singing along even though you didn’t realise you knew all the words. He’s subliminal baby. Joe is rolling out a huge new (not so subliminal) show. Joe Camilleri’s R’n’B All Star Spectacular featuring Garland Jeffreys and the Black Sorrows (and Daniel Champagne on support) is coming to the Theatre Royal (30 Hargreaves St, Castlemaine), Saturday, June 7. Garland Jeffreys is just one of the total heroes of American music, he has played with Springsteen… say no more. This promises to be a gig full of passion and soul. Get tix ($49 show only/$84 dinner & show) at 14

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Cold days hot jazz

YOU know what it’s like when an uninvited guest does the drop in, and you’re not ready for it… and it’s not cool… We’re kinda feeling a little bit like that with good ol’ Aunt June this month… hmmm. It goes like this… “Oh June! You’re here again! And who did you bring with you this time? Your friends Fog? Oh and Mr. Drizzle I see. Hi Icy Winds and Uncle Sleet. Yes yes… We remember you. (Greaaaat). Come in, come in, let us take your puffy ¾ length Kathmandu coat and would you mind taking off your Hunter wellies at the door? Thanks”. *cringe* Seriously. How on earth is it June? Again? We’re all well aware that winter can be a bit of a drag around here. Fortunately we live in a region full of creative peeps who organise amazing events to keep our mind off the freezingness. June means it’s time to bust out the mittens and boots and hit the winter festivals. One such event is the Castlemaine Jazz Festival. Hello…. red wine, open fires and cruisy jazz. That’s gotta be the perfect cure for the winter blues right there. For two days over the long weekend, (Saturday, June 7, and Sunday, June 8,) more than FIFTY jazz acts (wow) will converge on Castlemaine to play their patooties off. The bands range from talented trios to the super 20 piece Daylesford Swing Band. Many of the bands on the program have national and international careers, so you know it’ll be a bit completely awesome. The bands on the bill all play such a hugely diverse range of jazz, so they’re promising something for everyone… but to be honest, you had us at red wine and jazz. Ticketing includes Day and Weekend passes allowing access to all seven venues. For more information, including the full Castlemaine Jazz Festival program and tickets go to or drop in at the office in the Ray Bradfield room off Mostyn Street (between Victory Park and the IGA). Sorry Mr. Drizzle and Uncle Sleet, you’re not welcome.


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Oh love

the Olive

OLIVES are useful little nuggets of joy aren’t they? Love ‘em. And how luscious is that first press of olive oil? That colour and fragrance… (+ balsamic + a wedge of sourdough). Love. Kyneton Olive Oil is hosting their annual open weekend Saturday, June 7, till Monday, June 9, 10am – 4pm. They are opening their gates to all to sample fresh extra virgin olive oils, (including their wild range of delicious infused oils – think: lemon, ginger, basil, chili, garlic and rosemary oils… yum) table olives and naturally processed tapanade. Take a tour of the processing facilities, enjoy wine tastings from local wineries, browse the local produce market and enjoy a bit of lunch. (Olives are most definitely on the menu.) You’ll find Kyneton Olive Oil at 2090 Kyneton-Heathcote Road Barfold (near Kyneton) For more information and directions go to or call 5423 4240. Entry is free.

Bubbles and brews a watery feast

DID you know that Daylesford/Hepburn Springs is the mineral water capital of Australia? Uh huh! We’re a bit proud of it. We love pumping the tingly minerally water from our mineral springs and guzzling it by the litre. How lucky we are that we live above these ancient aquifers. The Swiss and Italian settlers to this region fought to save our natural mineral water springs from fevered gold miners back in the 1850s, and so we can still enjoy mineral water straight from the pump as they did then. The Daylesford Mineral Water Festival will be held Saturday, June 7, to Monday, June 9, at the Daylesford Town Hall (Vincent Street). There will be cooking demos where local kitchen whizzes will dish up deliciousness created with mineral water. Try everything from Mayan hot chocolate to risotto. Entry: $12 adult, $2 kids (10-17 years) under 10 free. For more info like Daylesford Mineral Water Festival on Facebook. 18

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Warm hands warm hearts

OK WE realise we’re banging on a bit about the fact that it’s winter now, but it’s kind of a big deal around here. One day it’s 44 degrees in your loungeroom and your CFA app is going off in your pocket with fire alerts and warnings and the next it seems we’re living on Australia’s northernmost Antarctic station. Brrr. SO! What to do to keep warm this winter? Other than a move to the Tropic of Capricorn, your best option for some deep, core warming cosiness is to book yourself in for some day spa indulgence. Daylesford Day Spa is now in its 10th year at 25 Albert Street, and just reading their winter menu of massage treatments, facials and packages warms the bones. This winter, Daylesford Day Spa could possibly be the warmest place to be (other than a wood fired pizza oven). Everything they do is geared toward relaxation and warmth. Each double treatment room has an open fire, the treatment beds are made toasty with electric blankets, towels are warmed and even their tiled floors are heated. The whole space is warm and earthy with candles and scented oils, far, far away from the cold grey outside. Daylesford Day Spa’s warming winter treatments include aromatic candle massages, with silky hydrating warm soybean and essential oils, classic hot stone massages, exclusive bamboo massage treatments (think: warmed bamboo rods rolling over your bod soothing away tension, warming as they work) and the Sothys oriental cinnamon scrub and stone poultice massage, (heaven!) This month if you book a two or three hour double treatment, the 2nd person will receive 50% off the price of their treatment (split the difference friends, it’s a great deal!) See the website for doubles packages. And! As a special offer for lovely lost readers: if you, (yes, YOU) want to partake in a little Daylesford Day Spa core warming indulgence, book 24hrs ahead and you’ll get $10 off your treatment. Yay! (Just mention you read it in lost!) See the full menu of luscious treatments at or book: 5348 2331. 20

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A Unique Cafe & Dining Experience... BREAKFAST • LUNCH • DINNER

Open 7 Days! Fully Licensed Sun to Thur - 7am - 5pm Fri to Sat - 7am - late


127 STURT ST, BALLARAT PH: 5338 7312 LOST half page col 1

16/4/13, 3:58 PM

Furry feathered freaks no more

OUR furry and feathered friends are super cute. No one’s arguing that. But damn if they don’t look like freak alien monsters when you try to draw them. Ann Jeffree is a wildlife and pet portrait artist and knows how to capture their furred and feathered good looks... without turning them into freaks. Ann will be sharing her animal painting skills and tips and tricks (yay, thanks Ann) at the Feathers and Fur creative workshops at Creswick Neighbourhood Centre, Sunday, June 8, and Sunday, June 15, 10am until 1pm. Sign up for two relaxing mornings of illustration and painting and build on your animal drawing skills. All materials will be provided. Cost $85 ($60 conc.) For more information and bookings call Creswick Neighbourhood Centre: 5345 2356 or go to

Playing chicken

in your backyard

HOW good are chooks? Keeping chooks is like having a fun, fluffy, little gossipy mother’s group in your backyard. But there’s less goss, and more eggs (win!) A happy backyard chook has pretty basic needs, a safe shelter, food, water, and some space to bust out her sassy chicken walk. It helps if you have a garden where they can strut their stuff, they’ll take care of the grubs and pests, and any kitchen scraps, they’ll fertilise your plants, (and eat them too if you’re not onto it). Chooks are a commitment though, so if you’re thinking about taking the plunge into the realm of chooks (and it is a realm... just watch that pecking order) best you get a heads up. Diggers Club at Garden of St Erth (Simmons Reef Rd, Blackwood) is hosting a Chooks in the Backyard workshop, Sunday, June 8, 11am. Find out all the chicken goss from Fleur the chook guru. The session is $35. Book through St Erth: 5368 6514. More info at 22

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A winter garden

under an autumn sky

A WINTER garden can feel a little snoresome. Dormant trees and pruned back plants sleeping ‘til spring don’t exactly inspire you to be out there. The Spa Country Sculptors Association know how to revive a hibernating garden, and have planted more than 20 pieces of exciting sculpture at Lavandula (350 Hepburn-Newstead Road Shepherds Flat – just out of Hepburn). The Under an Autumn Sky outdoor sculpture exhibition is on now until Monday, June 9. More than 20 talented local sculptors have created bold pieces in stone, metal, wood and reclaimed materials. Follow the sculpture trail at Lavandula to discover these wonderful works (most of which are for sale... hint hint if your winter garden needs an injection of awesomeness). The exhibition is free. Entry to Lavandula is $4 ($1 for school aged kids). More info at: or call the Spa Sculptors Association: 0481 326 009.

Haloumi, I love you,

won’t you tell me your name?

HELLO cheese. We love you. We are mighty happy to have you in our lives. No really. A little bit obsessed is the best way to describe our relationship with those wondrous wheels, wedges and blocks. You know how some people swoon over the windows at Tiffany? Yeah, that’s us in the dairy fridges at the deli. Creswick Neighbourhood Centre is offering a one day cheese making session for beginners, Wednesday, June 11, from 10am ‘til 4pm. Create a selection of deliciousness: including haloumi, feta, and camembert. Stop. It. Charlene Angus from Bellarine Craft Cheese Makers Group will teach you everything you know to create your own DIY Fromagerie. (We’ll bring the crackers!) Cost is $160, all materials included. For more info and bookings contact Creswick Neighbourhood Centre 5345 2356.


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It’s good

to be the King

BY KING Maxwell’s reckoning, he is just two words away from being world famous. We kind of love that. Using this awesome logic we are just a couple of words away from being able to time travel. You know it. King Maxwell has a rich blues repertoire and experience. He revels in 1920s, 30s, 40s acoustic blues, rag and swing. King Maxwell has been playing and singing for over 30 years. No mean feat for royalty. He has played solo, in duos, trios and big bands at all manner of events: from house parties to tree plantings to rodeos to festivals. (Yes. Tree plantings. So awesome.) King Maxwell doesn’t mind the odd spot of busking too, but will put the hat away for his gig at the Old Glenlyon General Store (63 Barkly Street) Friday, June 20. Start your weekend with a bit of acoustic blues and head down early for a 6:30pm start. For more or call 5348 7922.

Everyone relax

it’s almost summer

OK, SO slight exaggeration there… but guess what happens on June 21? It’s the winter solstice baby… which means from that date, the days are getting longer, and the nights are getting shorter till high summer friends. (Though it’s not quite time to bust out the banana lounges just yet…) To celebrate winter solstice and the return of light, Samantha at Vlinder Holistic Fitness Studio is leading Chakradance Saturday, June 21, at her studio (37-39 East Street, Daylesford) 6:308pm. The dance is freestyle, and everyone is welcome (aged 18+). Be guided through the chakras with Sam, or just move the way you want to the uplifting, music. Bring a favourite cushion to sit and feel the music or bring drawing materials to create, instead of dance. This session is yours to experience the solstice, and celebrate the return of light the way you want to. Cost $15. For more information and bookings (limited numbers) call Samantha 0433 848 292. 26

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e lov ! We rties ut pa s abo s! ku As event Alla Wolf-Tasker’s café & store in the enchanting surrounds of the Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens. Enjoy breakfast and lunch in the café or select from our picnic and take home range. Sit inside by the fire, on the indoor shared tables, pull a stool up to the bar or bathe in the sunshine in the lovely north facing kitchen garden. Country Cheap Eats Champ – The Age Cheap Eats Guide 2014

Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, Car Entry off Central Springs Road Daylesford, Victoria, Australia Open Thursday – Monday from 9am ‘ till 4pm. No reservations.

Keeping Daylesford warm one beanie at a time

OUR little community is pretty awesome. We are a friendly, positive bunch, with a green conscience, an enthusiastic, strong creative pulse, and a caring, humanitarian heart. Awww. This time of year can be a bit tough on some of the most vulnerable members of our little community, so a couple of lovely locals have decided to give something back, and are inviting everyone to help out. Keeping Daylesford Warm is the plan! Everyone who can, is invited to create and donate hand-crafted warm winter woolies for those who really need them this year. So… knitters and crocheters of the Hepburn Shire… Unite! It’s time to clickety clack! Whip up a beanie or two, mittens, scarves, slippers, squares for blankets, whatever you can muster. They are looking for items of all sizes, for babies, children and adults. And if you’re not a knitter or crafty type, the knitters are always after donations of wool. Please donate full or nearly full balls of wool, or new hand-made items made with love to give to those in need this winter. Keeping Daylesford Warm is hosting a very special Knit-In: Saturday, June 14, 1pm ‘til 4pm at the Daylesford Community Health Centre (13 Hospital Street). Bring along your KDW project, (or feel free to drop in with a ball of wool or two for the knitting crew) and spend the afternoon knitting with friends. Share a cuppa and take a peak at other KDW items people have made. The winter woolies will be distributed through Daylesford and District Food Aid. There’s no deadline on this project, our winters are long, there’s always someone who could use a nice warm beanie, so it’s never too late to start your own gift for someone who needs it. (Perhaps this could be the project you need to start that knitting/crocheting dream you’ve always had….*hmmm… note to self.) If you have a finished item (or wool) that you wish to donate, drop it off at 4/34 Smith Street, Daylesford or call Mell and she’ll pick it up. For more info on the project call Mell on: 0404 165 275 or join 28

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Doing donuts

and being cute

HOW cute is Glenlyon? No really… it’s cute. We totally have a town crush on Glenlyon. Each month the local Glenlynions (Glenlyonites? Glenlyonese?) raid their gardens for excess fruit and vegies to sell at the Glenlyon Village Market. It’s like the most delicious, cutest vegie swap meet you’ve ever seen. It’s held on the third Saturday of each month (this month Saturday, June 21) at the Glenlyon Shire Hall. (Barkly Street.) Gorgeous organics and lovingly home harvested bits and bobs for sale, as well as preserves, bikkies, cakes, pastries, olive oils and other deliciousness… like the most amazing donuts made to order… So here’s the plan, dress in your warmest scarf and boots, head to Glenlyon, grab a takeaway coffee and a couple of handmade hot donuts and get all Glenlyon. (Make sure you grab a few local vegies to make a big soup later on… look at you go you winter wonder, sooo cute!) For more market info call Dan Harris 5348 7662.


this article may contain nuts

ANY fool can grow a lettuce. (Pretty much) And as great as it is to pick a fresh mixed leaf green salad on a sunny evening barefoot in your vegie patch… at the end of the day it still just lettuce. What is really cool is if your garden produces nuts. How great are nuts? If you dream of sitting under your hazelnut/almond/pistachio/chestnut/walnut tree shelling fresh plucked nutty treats in the glorious afternoon sunshine, glass of local pinot grigio by your side… (or is that just us?) you’ll want the lowdown on how to grow them. The Diggers Club at the Garden of St Erth is hosting a ‘Nuts about Nuts’ workshop: Sunday, June 22, from 11am. Learn everything you’ll need to know about which trees grow where, how to plant, and how to create a bumper harvest you’ll go nuts over. Cost $35/Diggers members $25. For more info and bookings call The Garden of St Erth 5368 6514 or go to lost the guide to where to find it


Friday night

make it a double… bass

AHH Liz Frencham. We are happy/proud/thrilled and feeling a bit show-off-y to count you as one of our own. Can we claim that? Please? You might know Liz Frencham as the lovely double bass totin’ lass who plays that wondrous monstrous instrument around the traps. She writes, she sings, she plays, and she has everyone mesmerized with her remarkable talent, honesty and wonderful words and voice. Liz has toured the world with bands of various shapes and sizes and since she lives in this neck of the woods these days, Liz is hitting the Old Glenlyon General Store, (63 Barkly Street) Friday, June 27, to play some tunes and ease you into your weekend. Thanks Liz! You’re ace. She’s playing from 6:30pm. For more information like Glenlyon General Store on Facebook or call 5348 7922, or check out Liz and her loveliness and awesomeness and brilliant doublebassiness at

Takes one

to know one

WE LOVE the story of Graveyard Train. A few Melbourne mates used to get drunk and play dive bars around the place… but the problem was they were actually a bit good, and *shazzam* now they’re about to embark on a European tour. Along the way their 2012 album Hollow scored five star reviews, wormed its way onto album of the year lists and the single I’m Gone was the #1 most played tune on community radio. They landed the golden boot at Meredith, they’ve festivaled everywhere, and have just released the new album Takes One to Know One, which they’re dragging around the countryside on a much anticipated Aussie tour before heading to Europe. They’re zipping around everywhere from Brissy to Perth, to the Dark Mofo Festival in Tassie, and stopping in at the Old Hepburn Hotel (236 Main Rd) Sunday, June 29 from 4pm. Yes. Tickets are $25. For more info and bookings go to 30

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No more whingerfest it’s WinterFest time!

AAAAAARRRRGHHHH!! The winter school holidays are almost upon us!! And they are the hardest. Two full weeks. Inside. Sure summer holidays are longer, but the sun is on your side during those long, sunny, school-free weeks. Like a close ally, the sun gives you a knowing wink and a pat on the back in summer and says, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered here, let the kids outside, let them run off some steam, ride bikes and play in the trees. All good. However, when the sun takes her northern hemisphere sojourn this time of year, and the weather turns from bright to blah, it is a little harder to keep the kiddos from climbing up the walls and killing each other. It’s ok everyone. No need to panic. There is an amazeballs winter festival for the kids these hols held for two solid weeks across four venues in Daylesford. The Daylesford WinterFest for Kids is on Saturday, June 28, ‘til Sunday, July 13. It’s two full weeks of awesome fun stuff to do. All indoors, but not at yours. (Sweet). Monday, June 30, WinterFest treats the lucky local kids to a super circus/magic show starring superperformer Justin. It seems it’s just a normal day, until Justin turns on his radio and it mischievously directs him into some crazy antics. Justin tries magic, circus and music to help fix his situation. The show is at 2pm, tickets $5, (parents free) at Court 3 at the ARC (Smith St. Daylesford). Perfect for primary aged kids. Other events throughout WinterFest include indoor soccer and Tang Soo martial art trials, (give it a go and see if you like it!) an interschool disco, theatre sports, rock climbing yep! The ARC has a rock climbing wall – hello awesomeness! (better they climb the walls at the ARC than the walls at home). There will be Circus/Trapeze/Tissu workshops lead by an ex-Circus Oz, Flying Fruit Fly Cirque Du Soleil performer (strictly limited places… boy you’re lucky Daylesford kids!) and more stuff that we’ll talk about next month! For info go to lost the guide to where to find it


Event/Gig guide June Old Hepburn Hotel - 236 Main Rd, Hepburn (03) 5348 2207 The Cosmopolitan Hotel - Cnr Cosmo Rd & High St, Trentham (03) 5424 1516 Glenlyon General Store - 63 Barkly St Glenlyon (03) 5348 7922 Theatre Royal - 30 Hargraves St, Castlemain (03) 5472 1196 Savoia Hotel - 69 Main Rd, Hepburn Springs (03) 5348 2314 Sunday 1st Jarrod Shaw 1pm Friday 6th Meryl Leppard 6.30pm The Performance Night 14th Birthday 6pm Saskwatch 8pm Saturday 7th Untapped 9pm Sunday 8 June Sarah Wilkinson 1pm Harry Hookey 4pm Friday 13th Jennie brown & Bruce Millar 6.30pm Jessey Jackson 9pm Saturday 14th Michelle Parsons 9pm Sunday 15 June Kat & Clint 1pm Matt Katsis 4pm Friday 20th King Maxwell 6.30pm Callum and The Big Order 9pm Saturday 21st Gabe Atkinson ‘Under the Covers’ 9pm Sunday 22 June King Maxwell 1pm The Band Who Knew Too Much 4pm Friday 27th Liz Frencham 6.30pm Saturday 28th Lloyd Cole 8pm Sunday 29 Charlie & Annie 1pm Graveyard Train 4pm

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The Cosmopolitan Hotel The Glenlyon General Store The Old Hepburn Hotel Theatre Royal The Old Hepburn Hotel The Cosmopolitan Hotel The Old Hepburn Hotel The Glenlyon General Store The Old Hepburn Hotel The Old Hepburn Hotel The Cosmopolitan Hotel The Old Hepburn Hotel The Glenlyon General Store The Old Hepburn Hotel The Old Hepburn Hotel The Cosmopolitan Hotel The Old Hepburn Hotel The Glenlyon General Store Theatre Royal The Cosmopolitan Hotel The Old Hepburn Hotel

Spa Guide ABANDON STRESS MASSAGE 0401 369 743 mobile, 7 days

HEPBURN BATHHOUSE & SPA 5321 6000 Mineral Springs Reserve Rd, Hepburn Springs

ACQUA VIVA DAY SPA 5 Tenth St, Hepburn Springs,

5348 2111

INN TOUCH DAY SPA 2891 Ballan Rd, Daylesford

5348 2774

ALBERT DAY SPA 12 Camp St, Daylesford,

5348 4337

MINERAL SPA @ PEPPERS 124 Main Rd, Hepburn Springs,

5348 2100

ALYANYA MASSAGE & BEAUTY 0481 236864 3/32 Vincent St, Daylesford,

NALINI RETREAT 0417 783 087 mobile massage for singles, couples & groups

BODY ISLE DAY SPA 5348 3498 10-16 Forest Ave, Hepburn Springs,

OM REIKI CENTRE 5348 1864 42 Tipperary Springs Rd, Daylesford OMADA DAY SPA 5348 4499 106a Main Rd, Hepburn Springs


5348 2331

ENDOTA DAYLESFORD 5348 1169 cnr Vincent St &Central Springs Rd,

QUEENSBERRY STUDIO 23 Queensberry St, Daylesford

5348 3653

REDSPA SANCTUARY 0422 130 569 studio 20, 37-39 East St, Daylesford SALUS SPA AT LAKE HOUSE King St, Daylesford,

5348 3329

SAMADHI RETREAT & SPA 6/57 Vincent St, Daylesford

5348 7926

EKO Skin.Care.Spa 0429 681 030 1 Camp St, Daylesford SHAKTI MASSAGE - DAYLESFORD 5348 1629 1 Rosella Lane, Daylesford SHIZUKA RYOKAN 5348 2030 7 Lakeside Drive, Hepburn Springs lost Spa Guide


Winery Guide BARCALDINE HOUSE 238 Dairy Flat Rd, Musk Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm

5348 2741


5348 1823

CAPTAINS CREEK Kangaroo Hills Rd Blampied Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm

5345 7408

GRANITE HILLS 1481 Burke & Wills Tk, Baynton 7 days 11am-5pm

5423 5227

CHANTERS RIDGE 0427 511 341 440 Chanters Ln, Tylden Saturday & Sunday by appointment

HANGING ROCK WINERY 88 Jim Rd, Newham 7 days 10am-5pm

5427 0542

COBAW RIDGE 5423 5227 31 Perc Boyers Ln, East Pastoria MonThuFri 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun 12-5.30pm

HERBAL LORE LIQUEURS 5348 1920 Lot 2 Railway Crescent, Daylesford Friday to Monday 10am-5pm or by appoint.

CURLY FLAT 263 Collivers Rd, Lancefield Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm

5429 1956

KYNETON RIDGE 90 Blackhill School Rd, Kyneton Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm

5422 7377

ELLENDER ESTATE 260 Green Gully Rd, Glenlyon Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm

5348 7785

PASSING CLOUDS 30 Roddas Ln Musk 7 days 11am-5pm

5348 5550

FONTANELLA WINE & VINEYARD 5348 7908 1225 Malmsbury Rd Glenlyon Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm

PARAMOOR 439 Three Chain Rd, Carlsruhe 7 days 10am-5pm

5427 1057

GISBORNE PEAK WINERY 69 Short Rd, Gisborne South 7 days 11am-5pm

ROWANSTON ON THE TRACK 5425 5492 2710 Burke & Wills Track, Glenhope 7 days 10am–5pm

5428 2228

GUILDFORD VINEYARD & CELLAR 5476 4457 6720 Midland Hwy Guildford Saturday & Sunday 11.30pm-5pm

SAILORS FALLS ESTATE 1073 Telegraph Rd, Sailors Falls Saturday & Sunday 11am–5pm

5348 6626

ZIG ZAG RD 5423 9390 201 Zig Zag Rd, Drummond North Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm 34

lost Winery Guide

Gallery Guide BENCHMARK COLLECTIVE 14 Templeton St, Castlemaine Thu-Sun 10am-5pm BOKEH GALLERY 10 Howe St, Daylesford Thurs–Sun 10am-5pm

5472 1346 OVERWROUGHT 0403 675 170 61 Central Springs Rd, Daylesford Fri-Sun Garden art, furniture, gates 0403 136 655 PARADISO ARTS 1089 Telegraph Rd, Sailors Falls Phone for opening times

BRICK LANE BAZAAR 34 Vincent St, Daylesford Daily 10am-5pm

5348 6600

5348 3500 PENNY SCHOOL GALLERY 5475 1911 11 Church St, Maldon, Daily 11am–5pm Dinner Fri–Sun 6pm

CASTLEMAINE ART GALLERY 5472 2292 14 Lyttleton St, Castlemaine Mon-Fri 10am-5pm Sat/Sun 12-5pm

PORTAL 108 5348 4353 108 Main Rd, Hepburn Springs Wed-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun p/h 10am-4pm

CLAYSPACE GALLERY SHOP 0419 405 016 Door 3 Gallery, 37 East St, Daylesford Sat-Sun 12pm-5pm

RED PEPPER GALLERY 5348 3111 35 Vincent St, Daylesford Daily from 10am

CHRISTOWEL DESIGN GALLERY 10 Forest Ave, Hepburn Springs 0407 809 920 Daily

STOCKROOM 98 Piper St, Kyneton Thurs-Sun from 10:30am-5pm

5422 3215

CONVENT GALLERY 5348 3211 Cnr. Hill & Daly St, Daylesford Daily 10am-4pm, Seven Galleries

STONY CREEK GALLERY 10 Stony Creek Rd, Daylesford Thurs-Sun from 10am

5348 1884

FALKNER GALLERY 35 Templeton St, Castlemaine Thurs-Sun 11am-5pm

5470 5858 THE CLAY FIRE GALLERY 63 Vincent St, Daylesford Daily 10am-5pm

5348 3733

MOONGATE ORIENTAL ANTIQUES&GALLERY THE WOODSHED GALLERY 5348 4050 106 Main Rd, Hepburn Springs 5348 4396 21a Raglan St. Daylesford Thurs-Sun 10am-5pm Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10-5pm Sun 10-3pm

lost Gallery Guide


Market Guide BALLAN FARMERS MARKET 9am-1pm, 2nd Sat of month Mill Cottage 96 Inglis St, Ballan

LANCEFIELD & DISTRICT FARMERS MARKET 9am-1pm, 4th Sat of the month, (3rd Sat in Dec) High St, Lancefield

CASTLEMAINE FARMERS MARKET 9am-1pm, 1st Sun of the month Mostyn St, Castlemaine

MALMSBURY VILLAGE FAYRE 10am-4pm, 2nd Sun of month Bot. Gardens, Calder Hwy, Malmsbury

CRESWICK MARKET 9am-1pm 3rd Sat of the month Napier & Victoria St, Creswick

RIDDELLS CREEK FARMERS MARKET 9am-1pm, 3rd Sat of month (exc. Dec) Main Rd, Riddells Creek

DAYLESFORD FARMERS MARKET 9am-1pm, first Sat of month Daylesford Primary School Vincent St

TALBOT FARMERS MARKET 9am-1pm, 3rd Sun of month Scandinavian Cres, Talbot

DAYLESFORD SUNDAY MARKET 8am-4pm, every Sun Daylesford Railway Station Midland Hwy

TRENTHAM FARMERS MARKET 9am-1pm, 3rd Saturday of the month A Lions Club Project, Trentham Town Square

GLENLYON VILLAGE MARKET 9am-12pm, 3rd Sat of month Glenlyon Hall

TRENTHAM SUNDAY MARKET 9am-2pm, 4th Sun of month Main St, Trentham

GREAT GISBORNE MARKET 9am-2pm, 1st Sun of month Hamilton & Aitken St, Gisborne GISBORNE ALL SEASONS MARKET 9am-3pm, 1st Sun of month Brantome St, Gisborne KYNETON FARMERS MARKET 8am-1pm, 2nd Sat of month St Pauls Park, Piper St, Kyneton


VINCENT ST MAKERS MARKET Sat June 1, 10am-4pm Daylesford Town Hall, Vincent St WOODEND FARMERS MARKET 9am-1pm, first Sat of month High St, Woodend WOODEND LIONS CLUB MARKET 9am-3pm, 3rd Sun of month High St, Woodend

lost Market Guide

Restaurant/Cafe Guide ANSHUMANN DA DHABA 5348 2982 74 Vincent St. Daylesford L&D Daily, fine dining Tandoori cuisine ARGUS DINING ROOM 5348 4199 124 Main Rd. Hepburn Springs L & D Daily Contemporary local/seasonal dining BOCCONCINI DELICATESSEN CAFE 5348 4555 59-61 Vincent St. Daylesford B&L daily, European style deli & providores BOOKBARN CAFE 5348 3048 Lake Daylesford, Daily Coffee, cakes and light snacks BREAKFAST & BEER 5348 1778 117 Vincent St. Daylesford B,L&D Tues-Sun craft brews, coffee & regional Aus cuisine BUFFALO GIRLS 0423 250 713 97 Main Rd. Hepburn Springs Thur-Mon Locally roasted coffee CLIFFY’S EMPORIUM 5348 3279 30 Raglan St. Daylesford, B&L daily fine produce in historic deli/cafe COCOA CHY 5345 1150 84 Albert St. Creswick L daily chocolate and pastries COFFEE BASICS 5470 6270 1 Halford St. Castlemaine B&L Mon-Fri, Castlemaine’s own roastery & euro style cafe COLLIBAN FOODSTORE & CAFE 5424 1774 18 Market St. Trentham B L Thu-Tue, Continental breakfasts & light lunch CONVENT GALLERY 5348 3211 Cnr Hill & Daly St. Daylesford B&L 7 days Hearty fare in the bad habits cafe THE COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL 5424 1516 Cnr High St. & Cosmo Rd. Trentham L&D Fri-Sun, upmarket meals in historic gardens/stables COSY CORNER 5348 2576 3 Tenth St. Hepburn Springs B 8am Sat-Sun / L&D Thur-Tues traditional & modern cuisine & curry night

lost Restaurant & Cafe Guide

DAYLESFORD BOWLING CLUB BISTRO 10 Camp St. Daylesford, 5348 2130 L&D Wed-Sun homestyle & modern bistro DAYLESFORD HOTEL 5348 2335 2 Burke Sq. Daylesford daily pub meals DU FERMIER 5424 1634 42 High St. Trentham B&L Wed-Mon French style farmhouse cafe/provedore ELLENDER ESTATE 5348 7785 260 Green Gully Rd. Glenlyon L Sat-Sun wood fired pizza in winery garden EMPORIUM ON PIPER 5422 6611 89 Piper St. Kyneton B&L daily light meals, coffee and cakes THE FARMERS ARMS HOTEL 5348 2091 1 East St. Daylesford L&D daily modern Australian FLOUCH’S 5422 3683 12-14 Piper St. Kyneton L&D Wed-Fri B,L&D Sat-Su French inspired fine dining FOOD GALLERY 5348 1677 77 Vincent St. Daylesford B&L daily cafe style food GARDENS OF ST ERTH 5368 6514 Simmons Reef Rd. Blackwood L Fri-Sun cafe in garden setting GLENLYON GENERAL STORE 5348 7922 63 Barkly St. Glenlyon B&L Daily Quirky cafe, corner store & gallery GRACENOTES CAFE 5348 4946 1/123 Vincent St. Daylesford B&L daily / D Fri-Sat Australian cuisine GRANGE BELLINZONA 5348 2271 77 Main Rd. Hepburn Springs B Sat/Sun D Fri/Sat High Tea Sat Australian cuisine THE TYLDEN HARVESTER 5424 8119 43 Trentham Rd. Tylden B Sat-Sun L&D Wed-Sun Food/Wine/Music


GUILDFORD HOTEL 5473 4215 Midland Hwy. Guildford L Sun / D Fri-Sat pub fare pizza, pub and curry nights HARVEST 383 RESTAURANT 5345 9600 1500 Midlands Hwy. Creswick L&D daily - Novotel Forest Resort contemporary Australian cuisine HARVEST CAFE 5348 4022 29 Albert St. Daylesford B&L Mon-Sun vegan & gluten free foods HEPBURN GENERAL STORE 5348 2764 102-104 Main Rd. Hepburn B&L daily hot food, sandwiches & provisions HEPBURN PAVILION CAFÉ 5348 1900 Mineral Springs Reserve Rd. Hepburn Springs B&L daily, speciality - morning & afternoon tea HOLGATE BREWHOUSE 5427 2510 79 High St, Woodend L Tues-Sun D daily pub meal in brewhouse HOT CHOCOLATE CAFE 5476 4208 5451 Midland Hyw. Mt Franklin Tues-Sun hot choc, coffee, teas and milkshakes INNER BISCUIT 5422 1129 34 Piper St. Kyneton B&L Mon, Thurs-Sun organic patisserie and cafe INNSPIRED @ DAYLESFORD INN 5348 2554 158 Ballan Rd. Daylesford L daily D Wed-Sat local contemporary Australian JIMMY’S BAR & DINING ROOM 5348 2363 82 Vincent St. Daylesford L Fri-Sun, D Thurs-Sat Modern Australian KAZUKI’S AT THE RAGLAN 5348 1218 1 Camp St. Daylesford L Fri-Mon / D Thurs-Mon Regional, seasonal, French-Japanese inspired KOUKLA CAFE & PIZZERIA 5348 2363 82 Vincent St. Daylesford B, L&D Mon-Sun, Thurs only B&L lunch & dinner specials from wood fire oven LE PECHE GOURMAND 5345 2731 69A Albert St. Creswick B&L Tue-Sun Boulangerie-Patisserie


LARDER DELI 5348 4700 57a Vincent St. Daylesford B&L daily, D Wed-Sat licensed exotic deli fare LAKE HOUSE RESTAURANT 5348 3329 King St. Daylesford L&D daily local, seasonal modern fine dining LAVANDULA SWISS ITALIAN FARM 5476 4393 350 Hepburn-Newstead Rd. Shepherds Flat L Sat-Sun Mediterranean fare LITTLE SWALLOW CAFE 5422 6241 58a Piper St. Kyneton B&L Wed-Mon modern Australian LUCINI’S HISTORIC PASTA CAFE 5348 4345 64 Main Rd. Hepburn Springs L Fri-Mon / D Fri-Sun Italian meals in macaroni factory MERCATO @ DAYLESFORD 5348 4488 32 Raglan St. Daylesford L Sat-Sun / D Thurs-Tues regional, seasonal fine dining MR CARSISI 5422 3769 37 Piper St. Kyneton B, L & D Fri-Tue Turkish inspired mezze MRS SMITH’S 5422 6844 91 Piper St. Kyneton L Thurs-Sun / D Thurs-Sat Fine food and wine MUFFY’S 5348 3711 28 Albert St. daylesford B&L daily, muffins, pies and snacks OHARA’S BAKERY AND CAFE 5345 3700 24 Fraser St. Clunes B&L Daily pastry and cafe food OLD HEPBURN HOTEL 5348 2207 236 Main Rd. Hepburn L Wed-Sun / D daily generous pub meals PEPPERMILL CAFE 5348 4332 105 Central Springs Rd. Daylesford daily cafe meals at ‘The Amazing Mill Markets’ PIZZERIA LA LUNA 5348 4123 24 Albert St. Daylesford D Thurs-Mon, gourmet and traditional pizza, take away. delivery (fri & sat nights)

lost Restaurant & Cafe Guide

RADIO SPRINGS HOTEL 5348 5562 Cnr High St. & Main St. Lyonville D Thurs-Fri L&D Sat-Sun Contemporary Italian pub meals REDBEARD HISTORIC BAKERY 5424 1002 Old Bakery Ln. Trentham B&L daily organic bakery and cafe RED GINGER 5348 1163 31 Albert St. Daylesford L Fri-Sun D Wed-Mon authentic Thai cuisine RED NONNA 5348 3367 3 Howe St. Daylesford B&L Thu-Tues Art Gallery and Cafe, Italian inspired RED STAR CAFE 5348 2297 115 Main Rd. Hepburn Springs B&L daily / D Fri-Sat relaxed, contemporary dining ROYAL HOTEL & CAFE NOSH 5348 2205 Cnr Vincent & Albert St. Daylesford L&D daily hearty pub fare and snacks RUBENS 5348 2843 70 Main Rd. Hepburn Springs L Wed-Sun, D - 7 days Mediterranean cuisine & take-away SAULT 5348 6555 2349 Ballan-Daylesford Rd. Sailors Falls L Fri-Sun / D Wed-Sun modern Australian cuisine SAVOIA HOTEL 5348 2314 69 main Rd. Hepburn Springs L Tue-Sun / D daily bar snacks, bistro meals, seafood SMOKEYTOWN CAFE 5345 1557 77 Albert St. Creswick L Daily / D Fri-Sat, country comfort meals ST-MEL CYCLERY & CAFE 5348 3637 Shop 5, Park lane. Daylesford Wed-Mon Coffee and Treats SWEET DECADENCE AT LOCANTRO 5348 3202 87 Vincent St. Daylesford B&L daily chocolates, sweets and cakes TANGLES AT THE MAZE 5345 2847 Cnr Midlands & Smokeytown Rd. Creswick L daily D Fri CafĂŠ at the maze / mini golf

lost Restaurant & Cafe Guide

TASTE OF SPICE 5348 4183 51 Raglan St. Daylesford L Fri-Sun / D daily Authentic Indian cuisine THEATRE ROYAL 5472 1196 30 Hargraves St. Castemaine L&D daily traditional italian pizza & atomica coffee THE CONSERVATORY 5348 2202 (at Peppers) 124 Main Rd. Hepburn Springs B, L daily Relaxed casual dining THE ELECTRIC SITAR 5348 1676 4/27 Albert St. Daylesford D Wed-Sun / L Fri north, south indian cuisine. limited seats THE GOOD FOOD STORE 5348 1654 8 Howe St. Daylesford B&L Tue-Sun Brekkies, Gourmet food, take home dinners THE GOOD TABLE 5472 4400 233 Barker St. Castlemaine L&D Thu-Sun local, seasonal, fine dining THE LONDON CAFE AND GALLERY 53483990 The Rex Arcade 47 - Vincent St. Daylesford B&L Wed-Mon Coffee, Cafe food TOGS 5470 5090 58 Lyttleton St. Castlemaine B&L daily cafe food on rooftop garden TUKI RESTAURANT 5345 6233 Stoney Rises Smeaton L daily ultra fresh trout specialists WATER GARDEN 5348 3592 111a Vincent St. Daylesford L daily/D daily Sat-Sun - Yum Cha traditional Chinese WINE AND THE COUNTRY 0458 617 025 97 Vincent St. Daylesford Thur-Sun Wine, Coffee & Produce WOMBAT HILL HOUSE 4373 0099 Central Springs Rd. Daylesford B&L Thurs-Mon Cafe, store & vegetable garden


Essential Services TAXI SERVICE Daylesford 5348 1111 / 5348 3333 AMBULANCE/FIRE 000 POLICE DAYLESFORD 5348 2342 STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE 132 500 SECURITY Central Highlands Security 0407 881 918 DENTISTS 13 Hospital St Daylesford 5321 6550 54a Hargraves St Castlemaine 5472 3437 21 Lyttleton St Castlemaine 5472 1377 MEDICAL CENTRES 10 Hospital Street 5348 2227 Mon, Wed 8.30am - 7.30pm Tue, Thu, Fri 9am - 6pm Sat 9am - 12 COMMUNITY HEALTH 5321 6550 PHARMACY 39 Vincent St, Daylesford 5348 2301 Mon to Fri 9–6pm Sat 9–4pm, Sun 10–1pm HOSPITALS Hospital St Daylesford 5348 2371 VETERINARY PRACTICES 77 Raglan St Daylesford 5348 1088 86 Main Rd Hepburn 5348 4851


WILDLIFE LINE 1300 094 535 INTERNET ACCESS Hub at Neighbourhood House 13 Camp St Daylesford 5348 3569 9am–5pm Monday–Friday VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE 98 Vincent St Daylesford 5321 6123 POST OFFICES Daylesford – 86 Vincent St Hepburn Springs – 108 Main Rd VIDEO LIBRARY Videoland 8/11 Howe St Daylesford 5348 1196 ATMS Commonwealth Bank 39–40 Vincent Street Daylesford Westpac 45 Vincent Street Daylesford ANZ Bank 52 Vincent Street Daylesford Bendigo Bank 97 Vincent Street SUPERMARKETS Coles Supermarket Albert Street Daylesford 7am –10pm Mon – Sun IGA Daylesford 26 Vincent Street POOL TABLES Savoia Hotel 69 Main Rd Hepburn Daylesford RSL Vincent St Daylesford Old Hepburn 236 Main Rd Hepburn

lost the guide to where to find it

124 Main Rd Hepburn Springs 03 5348 2100


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lost - the guide to where to find it, Daylesford & Surrounds

lost magazine June 2014  

lost - the guide to where to find it, Daylesford & Surrounds