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January 8, 2020

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Sean Conway Announces Resignation as Weld County Commissioner at Large Effective End of January 2020

by Troy Coverdale Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway has tendered his resignation from the board, telling 1310 KFKA that there are personal reasons for him stepping down effective the final day of January. Conway has held an at-large seat on the County Commission the past 11 years and previously worked in Washington D.C. for former U.S. Senators William Armstrong and Wayne Allard. Today’s board meeting would’ve marked the first of his final year on the panel as he would have been term limited. Current State House 49th District Representative Perry Buck had previously announced a bid for that seat, though the County Council will now be tasked with naming a replacement.

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Keenesburg Election of Municipal Offices, April 7, 2020 Weld County 4-H Showcase Held at Island Grove

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The Fort Lupton Police Department and our community were shocked and then saddened after the officer shooting that occurred on the night of December 2nd. As the shock was at its peak, we noticed that others were at our sides. Fellow officers, officers from nearby agencies, and members of both our and other communities stepped in to help manage all the things that needed to be done. It is a tremendous relief when this happens. It immediately provides hope that the situation will work out the best it can. All of those immediately involved and those pulled into it as time progressed were able to breath and accomplish what need to be done. We really don’t know how to thank all those who stepped up. Whether it was being with our officers, providing food and comfort, providing financial support for Sgt. Pelton, visiting both the Department and Sgt. Pelton, and most of all the prayers. Sgt. Pelton has progressed faster and farther than we could have wished. We are thankful and look forward to him being in a position to return. Having fewer worries helped in this process. Even though some will be missed on this list, we don’t want to miss thanking all. We would like to mention some of those who helped: The officers and deputies from the Dacono PD, Weld County Sheriff’s Office, Platteville PD, Colorado State Patrol, Loveland PD, and Greeley PD who were at the scene. I can’t forget the Dispatchers from the Weld County Communications Center, firefighters from the Fort Lupton Fire District and EMT’s and Paramedics from the Banner ambulances that lived through it with us. The officers from the Erie PD, Dacono PD, Brighton PD, and our Chaplains who helped with Peer Support. The Victim’s Advocates from Weld County. The Chavarria Family. The Fort Morgan PD for their urgent response. The medical staffs at the Northern Colorado Medical and the Swedish Medical Centers. All those who brought food for our staff during the initial days including both individuals and churches (Destiny & First United Methodist). Sara Metz from Code-4 Counseling The Centennial Crisis Team. NOCO Police and Fire Families. Colorado Police Foundation. Jennifer Witkowski and Blue Lives Matter/Colorado Those who contributed to the Pelton Family sponsored “Go Fund Me” account. There is a special thanks for the Brighton Police Department (in total) who stepped up with Peer Support in so many ways, City coverage while we had recovery meetings, and so much more. The Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 48 for their help with fund raising (through Chase Bank), in support of Sgt. Pelton’s family and counseling services for our staff. Again for the Englewood PD (Supervisors, officers, advocates and the therapy dog) who helped so much at Swedish with being there and caring for Sgt. Pelton, his family and those of us who sat vigil. They welcomed us all. All those who visited and were so concerned about Sgt. Pelton’s recovery from Brighton PD, Denver PD and their Union Reps, Cherry Hills Village PD, Commerce City PD, the Colorado Rangers, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, Adams County Sheriff’s Office, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Longmont PD, Greeley PD, Sheridan PD, Aurora PD…. And so many other individuals who helped. I won’t be able to say how thankful we are. In support of all the thanks, Sgt. Pelton continues to improve rapidly and should be leaving Swedish for longer term rehabilitation at the Craig Hospital weeks ahead of schedule. An example of his strength, character and drive to get well facilitated by those we have listed. Chief John Fryar

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Keenesburg Election for Local Offices Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Town of Keenesburg April 7th, 2020 election will have the position of Mayor and three Trustees positions up for election. There will be one drop off collection point for ballots at the Two Hall. This location will be open Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and will begin accepting ballots on March 16th, 2020. On Election Day the polls open at 7:00 am and will close at 7:00pm. All ballots must be received by 7:00 pm to be counted. The ballot will ask voters to consider candidates for the Mayor’s office and Trustee positions. The Mayor in the Town of Keenesburg serves a two-year term and member of the Board of Trustees serve four year overlapping terms. Qualifications for Office: Each candidate at the time of the nomination and election, shall be United States Citizen, at least eighteen (18) years of age by the date of the election, a registered elector of the Town of Keenesburg and shall have been a resident of the Town of Keenesburg for twelve(12) consecutive months immediately preceding the election. Petition Requirements: Candidates must submit a minimum of ten (10) valid signatures of registered electors residing in the Town of Keenesburg limits, on the Nomination Petition provided by the Clerk’s Office. Nominating Petitions maybe circulated beginning January 7th, 2020 and must be returned to the Clerk’s Office no later than close of business (4:00 p.m., on Monday January 20th, 2020. The petition turned in must include a Circulator’s Affidavit. Candidates must also submit a completed form of Acceptance of Nomination. All materials should be returned to the Town Clerk’s Office at 140 South Main Street, Keenesburg, Colorado. Fair Campaign Practices Act: The reporting requirements of the Fair Campaign Practices Act apply to all Town candidates. ALL FORMS ARE TO BE FILED IN DUPLICATE WITH THE Town Clerk. It is the responsibility of the candidate to become familiar with and comply with the provisions of the Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA). For any questions, please contact the Keenesburg Town Clerk’s Office at 303-732-4281

Clerk and Recorder Koppes: 2019 Recount concluded

Greeley, December 5, 2019 – Clerk and Recorder Carly Koppes announced today that the 2019 Recount for the City of Greeley At-Large and RE-5J Johnstown – Milliken School District has been completed. The City of Greeley At-Large race and RE-5J ballot issue 5A fell under C.R.S. 1-10.5 automatic recount requirements which is one half of one percent separation. Candidates Kristin Zasada and Stacy Suniga trigged the recount for the City of Greeley and ballot issue 5A trigged the recount for the RE-5J Johnstown-Milliken School District. Here are the final Recount totals: City of Greeley At-Large (Vote for two) Stacy Suniga 8008 Kristin Zasada 8023 5A – RE-5J Johnstown-Milliken School District (this does not include Larimer County totals) Yes 3027 No 3031 The Recount has been certified and made official. Koppes stated “everything went smooth with the recount and the Election Team and Election Judges did phenomenal work to complete it in a timely manner. The process once again has proven the secure, transparent and accurate elections we run in Weld County.” The Election department is already working on the 2020 March 3rd Presidental Primary Election.

Publisher’s Comment: And you don’t think your vote Counts!!!

January 8, 2020

TRIVIA Who’s likeliest to be robbed - a bank teller, building manager or taxi driver? TAXI DRIVER What African country do Germans know as Agypten? EGYPT How many members of Twisted Sister studied to be ministers? ZERO What country’s citizenship did Albert Einstein give up in 1933? GERMANY’S Who falls in love with Vixie, in Disney’s The Fox and The Hound? TOD How many legs does a sloth have? FOUR Who did Disneyland sponsor for president in 1972 - George McGovern, Richard Nixon, or Winnie-the-Pooh? WINNIE-THE-POOH What country serves the most turtle’s blood and sake cocktails? JAPAN Was Michael Jackson ticklish? YES What three Disney characters have most often taken top billing on the screen? DONALD DUCK, GOOFY, MICKEY MOUSE What kind of pet belongs to the species Canis familiaris? THE DOG Which Walt Disney World structure is higher - Big Thunder Mountain or Space Mountain? BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN What northern U.S. state has the highest percentage of people who walk to work? ALASKA What English group has hit the British charts most often? THE ROLLING STONES What’s the English translation of the Lation world “luna”? MOON

January 8, 2020

Also on This Day

LATIN AMERICA 1959 Atriumphant Fidel Castro enters Havana, having deposed the American-backed regime of General Fulgencio Batista. Castro’s arrival in the Cuban capital marked a definitive victory for his 26th of July Movement and the beginning of Castro’s decades-long rule U.S. PRESIDENTS 2002 President George W. Bush signs the No Child Left Behind Act into law. The sweeping update to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 created new standards and goals for the nation’s public schools. 19TH CENTURY 1867 African American men gain the right to vote in the District of Columbia despite the veto of its most powerful resident, President Andrew Johnson. US GOVERNMENT 1835 President Andrew Jackson achieves his goal of entirely paying off the United States’ national debt. It was the only time in U.S. history that the national debt stood at zero. CRIME 2016 Mexican authorities apprehend the drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. It was the third time that the law caught up to El Chapo, a figure whose crimes, influence and mystique rival those of Pablo Escobar. ART, LITERATURE, AND FILM HISTORY 1963 At the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, is exhibited for the first time in America. WORLD WAR II 1916 Allied forces stage a full retreat from the shores of the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, ending a disastrous invasion of the Ottoman Empire. The Gallipoli Campaign resulted in 250,000 Allied casualties and greatly discredited Allied military command. 1940 ART, LITERATURE, AND FILM HISTORY 1946 Elvis Presley receives his first guitar



This Day in History - January 8, 1877 Crazy Horse Fights Last Battle

On January 8, 1877, Oglala Lakota warrior Crazy Horse and his men—outnumbered, low on ammunition and forced to use outdated weapons to defend themselves—fight their final losing battle against the U.S. Cavalry in Montana. Six months earlier, in the Battle of Little Bighorn, Crazy Horse and his ally, Sitting Bull, led their combined forces of Sioux and Cheyenne to a stunning victory over Lieutenant Colonel George Custer (1839-76) and his men. The Indians were resisting the U.S. government’s efforts to force them back to their reservations. After Custer and over 200 of his soldiers were killed in the conflict, later dubbed “Custer’s Last Stand,” the American public wanted revenge. As a result, the U.S. Army launched a winter campaign in 1876-77, led by General Nelson Miles (1839-1925), against the remaining hostile Indians on the Northern Plains. Combining military force with diplomatic overtures, Nelson convinced many Indians to surrender and return to their reservations. Much to Nelson’s frustration, though, Sitting Bull refused to give in and fled across the border to Canada, where he and his people remained for four years before finally returning to the U.S. to surrender in 1881. Sitting Bull died in 1890. Meanwhile, Crazy Horse and his band also refused to surrender, even though they were suffering from illness and starvation. On January 8, 1877, General Miles found Crazy Horse’s camp along Montana’s Tongue River. U.S. soldiers opened fire with their big wagon-mounted guns, driving the Indians from their warm tents out into a raging blizzard. Crazy Horse and his warriors managed to regroup on a ridge and return fire, but most of their ammunition was gone, and they were reduced to fighting with bows and arrows. They managed to hold off the soldiers long enough for the women and children to escape under cover of the blinding blizzard before they turned to follow them. Though he had escaped decisive defeat, Crazy Horse realized that Miles and his well-equipped cavalry troops would eventually hunt down and destroy his cold, hungry followers. On May 6, 1877, Crazy Horse led approximately 1,100 Indians to the Red Cloud reservation near Nebraska’s Fort Robinson and surrendered. Five months later, a guard fatally stabbed him after he allegedly resisted imprisonment by Indian policemen. In 1948, American sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski began work on the Crazy Horse Memorial, a massive monument carved into a mountain in South Dakota. Still a work in progress, the monument will stand 641 feet high and 563 feet long when completed.



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January 8, 2020

Weld County 4 H Showcase Held at Island Grove Regional Park at the 4H Exhibition Hall

The 4-H Showcase was held at the Extension Exhibition Hall at Island Grove Regional Park from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Kim Sterkel, Weld County Extension 4-H Youth Agent, was there coordinating with the many volunteers who put the program on. There was an opportunity for young people and their parents to have hands on with model rocketry, cake decorating, pinwheels, leather craft, scrapbooking, live animals and a whole bunch more. A special feature was the 4-H Shooting Sports trailer which offered hands on target practice. A big thank you to all the 4-H volunteers including parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers and uncles and aunts and just those who believe in helping our young people. You can tell by the photo’s that this is a group that enjoys what they do as well as helping our young people. Keep up the good work!Any questions feel free to contact Kim Sterkel whose email is: ksterkel@co.weld.

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The Tributary January 08, 2020  

The Tributary January 08, 2020. Where opinions and knowledge flow!

The Tributary January 08, 2020  

The Tributary January 08, 2020. Where opinions and knowledge flow!