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Why did we start the Loser Zine? I have always been amazed by how talented my friends are. So one day after getting some of our pictures rejected from a zine, Olivia suggested that we make our own. So we took some of our friends to get pancakes and talk about the possibly starting a zine and having them contribute pictures to them. We gave them the theme DAYDREAM for the first issue. We picked daydream because it was specific enough that the pictures would work together but broad enough that they’d be different from each other. And why call it loser? I always liked how much of a cliche the term was and thought the connotation of angsty kids at school was particularly fitting for a group of 12-14 year old girls. So there you have it. I hope you enjoy reading the first issue of Loser! -Lucy So I guess it’s okay to admit the fact that trying to find the right words for what ever this is exactly seems difficult. And I guess that is because the idea of being amidst a collection of art makes you feel as though every single aspect of that collection has to take your breathe away. I think what I'm trying to say is that that isn't what this zine is about. It isn't about perfection, as cheesy as that sounds. It is about ideas and colors and light and the translation of feelings into a media and the translation of that media into feelings. And so with that I bring you a collection of those feelings in the sincerest hope that you enjoy what ever comes with it. Love Olivia

Dreaming of Escaping my Emotions By Hana Cruz

Model- Nora Youngelson & Julia Sperling

Teenage Daydream By Lucy Johnston

Modeled by Mia Slate & Skye White

DISTRACTION By Sofia Garcia-Pena

Modeled by Megan Koenigsberg

By Mavis Simpson-Ernst

By Sasha Avrutsky Modeled by Coco Hill


VACANT By Olivia Wein Modeled by Sofia Garcia-Pena

Absence of Minds By Sam Rapkiewicz

Modeled by Mina Ekstrom, Kiyan Fawaz and Mia Slate


Sam Rapkiewicz @samrapkiewicz

Sofia Garcia-Pena @sofbarcelona

Hana Cruz

Sasha Avrutsky

Mia Slate




Thank you for reading the first edition of LOSER and make sure to follow @loser.zine on Instagram. DM us for any inquiries or submissions. Thank you!

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LOSER: issue 1  

Theme: Daydream

LOSER: issue 1  

Theme: Daydream

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