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Alright so, Let's start this issue off with an apology. An apology for the fact that this wonderful gift from god-knows-who of two or so undeniably lazy, reckless, (did I say) lazy, and incredibly-constant-sense-of-mundanefun months of freedom have taken a toll on our motivational juices. And as an effect.. We have drifted away from our typical routine of an issue every month but screw that. Summer wasn't made for routine. So with that we give you a magazine shaped suitcase of our favorite souvenirs, showcasing the feelings, moments, and incredible places of summer 2k16. Enjoy!! Lots of love,  LOSER  p.s. We still haven't forgotten about the Music issue! Stay tuned for next issue ;)

Photo by Jessica Esposito

Can describe your perfect summer? “Waking up and capturing the beautiful sunrise early in the morning. Going outside and breathing in the warm air and looking up at the cloudless sky. Taking long walks with people you enjoy being around and soaking up the sun. Driving around late at night, long enough to see the sun set and remember all the beauty the world has to offer. Going home and staying up late, only to sleep in the next morning and do it all over again.� -Anon


A perfect summer day for me is a day with no worries. A day that I get to enjoy with my loved ones, and look at the beautiful summer sky, wherever I am, and not have to think about anything other than the moment I'm in right now. -Sasha A


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“Sh*t man… well well II guess guess like like nothing nothing really really going going wrong, wrong, not not too too hot hot or or sunny, sunny, and and just just like like being being “Shit man… with with people people II care care about about and and people people that that care care about about me.” me.” -Lisle -Lisle J. J.

by Ron Chertakovksy ig: ronchertakovsky

by Ron Chertakovksy

“Calm but selective.. perfectly serene but also active.. like being an unemployed adult but without the, ya know, heavy stuff. It makes me feel like I'm one of those yoga moms thats about to go on a retreat or something.. I mean I love it man.. its great.� -Lucy, 14


Dear sun, I do dub t hee a thief of the night a hero, a curse, a promise I do dub thee a thief of the night -Olivia W

BACK midsummer



-Kayleigh Marie (@mariekayleigh_)

Destinations Past by Amanda Chandler

The trip to France lightened me like a breath of helium. Montpellier, an absolute dream of a city, put me more in touch with my artistic side than ever. The creativity lingered in my blood; even the long flight back to Arizona inspired me. I dreamed of my possible life paths and future works for hours. I pictured beautiful visions of color and emotion on a canvas. An anticipatory tension dwelling in my ribcage compelled me to create. Visiting France was like falling into a pool, sinking to the bottom, and staying there. It was a constant state of peace, cool water washing over me, refreshing every cell in my body. A muffled thump signaled the plane’s contact with the runway, jarring me out of my fantasy. The placid feeling of floating through life vanished, replaced by the realization that my luggage will hold me down the entire way home. Everyone but me, overwhelmed, stands up to disembark. I stand as I remember that I’m scared of planes. I breath in time with the ticking of my watch, carefully weaving my way through the other passengers, before I am granted the relief of solid ground again. I feel as though my family and I are wading through sludge, as we navigate the terminal impassively. I stand in a patch of sun coming in through a window and can already feel the rays burning through my epidermis. Goosebumps set down my arms and spine. The crowds only seems to expand as we walk. If the airport is a maze, I’m lost in it. The everyday world I jumped out of for a fortnight has snatched me by the ankle, tearing me from the stars to land safely back on Earth. The long drive home induces a state of drowsiness, and I manage to rest despite the bumpy roads. When I wake up, finally home, I am greeted by the familiar: the smell of the purple detergent, the sounds of nature buzzing around me, and the softness of my cat’s fur. I abandon my suitcase at the door and collapse onto the couch, feeling more jaded and jetlagged than I did before. I closed my eyes again, letting my mind wander to fantasies of many destinations: places I’ve been, places I want to go, places I call home.

by Max R



by Max R

bout two months of freedom how do you spend it? do you waste your time hoping they'll extend it? do you spend your time with a broken family to make up for a year of silence? do you go to camp to meet strangers, make love and talk nonsense? do you go to a foreign land and discover something new? do you stay in your hometown chilling with your crew? thousands of things you can spend your summertime doing but it's what you don't do that for another year you'll be rueing -Lisle J.

by Olivia W


by Yami Diaz (@cheezeburgerslut)

SHORE SUMMER by Hana C (@hanacruise)


POOL DAY by Olivia W. (@ollygolly123)

“my perfect summer day? 24 hours of moments filled with feelings like when the wind blows on our hot bodies like a gift, without a grudge.� -Olivia W.

by Jonas Bardin (@straightalterego)

s But a perfect summer day for me would be hanging with friends either at convey island or upstate somewhere hiking or just lounging about… making art and… good memories..” Bella S.


by Jonas Bardin

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LOSER: issue 5  


LOSER: issue 5