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Hey and welcome to LOSER. We had an incredibly hard time trying to pick a theme for this issue. It came down to either femme or modern love. So we decided to do both, making this our first double issue! This issue focuses on how people portray both love and femininity and the idealization that comes with that. We hope you enjoy and thank you for reading issue 2 of Loser! -Lucy & Olivia


photo by Olivia W

What is Modern Love?

Modern love is about how love is perceived/ thought of/ interpreted/ wanted/ expressed in this day and age.


Modeled by Kai and Mia

By Sofia GP

ANONYMOUS LOVE CONFESSIONS Submitted by people about people

Kiss me. Kiss me hard, kiss me slow.

maybe we can sing together, or watch old movies.

Loving the people who hurt you the most is an unfortunate inevitability photo by Olivia w

Love is one of those things that you constantly think is happening and then it ends up just being a phase. Maybe it's only love when you don't know what's happening, but you can't bring yourself to stop it.

I can't see myself when I'm with you. I can only see you.

Fear was

always our biggest factor

I had interesting taste as a 6 year old.

Photo by Olivia W

I don't just like your face.

Immature Love By Bella GP Modeled by Abby


1. Modern Love / David Bowie 2. Everlasting Light / Black Keys 3. Love Will Tear Us Apart / Joy Division 4. Love Will Keep Us Together / Captain & Tennille 5. Do I Wanna Know? / Arctic Monkeys 6. Telephone Line / ELO 7. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out / The Smiths 8. Let’s Stay Together / Al Green 9. I Summon You / Spoon 10. True Love Will Find You in the End / Daniel Johnston CLICK FOR PLAYLIST LINK

Skye & Amon

By Lucy J

LOVE by LJW A HAZE ALL SENSES CLOUDED IN A THICK HAZE your emotions talking all at once trying to get your attention FEAR JOY ANXIOUSNESS all at once all jumbled

“Only in the Books�

About how we all look for the boy in the books. And how the books themselves are being replaced by tech.

By Olivia W Modeled By Sofia P


What is femme? French for woman, femme is about feminine culture and what it means to be feminine or “girly�.


Iconic Girls

FEMME PLAYLIST songs about girls + girl culture 1.

femme fatale / velvet underground


fell in love with a girl / the white stripes


there she goes / the la’s


whatsername / green day


platinum blonde / blondie


girlfriend / matthew sweet


girl, you'll be a woman soon / neil diamond


god help the girl / god help the girl


criminal / fiona apple

10. suicide girl / belle & sebastian 11. queen bitch / david bowie 12. feeling myself / nicki minaj + beyoncĂŠ 13. come on eileen / dexys midnight runners 14. jacqueline / franz ferdinand 15. cherry bomb / the runaways playlist link

by Ava C

THERE SHE GOES by Olivia W modeled by Lucy J

there she goes again

Anonymous Since when and why is it okay to scrutinize girls or anyone for what they wear. People can wear whatever they want. Since when has clothing become such a big deal? It’s a way for people to express themselves and I feel other people think way too much into it and judge way too much for no reason. People can dress however they please, everyone needs to mind their own business. I personally enjoy being more put together and putting my outfits together. To me having a good outfit makes me have a good day and feel confident. But another thing about how I like to dress is very “provocative”. I like showing my stomach and not covering everything. Why? I don’t really know, it’s something I do it makes me feel good and confident. Like I can conquer the world.

But from me dressing so “scandalous” I’ve been subjected to bringing tension many places I go. To the point where many guys have told me to chill out. And another one has said “I don’t mind how you dress but you might get a bad reputation because of it.” To which I responded I don’t give care what other people say or think about how I dress because I like it. Maybe it’s just a phase because I’m 13/14 and my hormones are everywhere and I’m still figuring myself out. But this is what I believe right now. I’m very in touch with my body and very open about it. Which can possibly be because my mom never was and still isn’t.

I’ve always been very comfortable in my body. Less clothes I don’t care I feel free Back to how I dress. I dress how I dress for ME and no one else. Not for the boys in my school. Not to be “rebellious” Or to piss off my mom But because I like it and I want to. I feel confident in how I look and will continue to dress how I do if I feel like it. And I hate it when my own friends criticize me for how I dress or pull my shirt up or down. Like I get they’re trying to help but I’ve explained to them that I like how I dress and they still think I dress like that for boys even though I’ve told them I don’t let boys influence every move I make. And I don’t want them characterizing me because of how I look. Everyone needs to mind their own business.

By Mavis SE

FELL IN LOVE WITH A GIRL Modeled by Skye White and Mia Slate

by Lucy J

thanks for reading and happy international women’s history month!

By Phebe M

from LOSER @loser.zine

LOSER: issue 2  
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