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OUR CHOICE FOR INSURANCE COMMISSIONER As California’s Insurance Commissioner — and our only openly gay statewide elected official — Ricardo Lara has been a champion for LGBTQ+ equality and for all Californians: ▮Protecting consumers and saving billions for California drivers during the pandemic. ▮Fighting back against attacks on abortion access and reproductive freedom, including enforcing a new law protecting abortion access in California. ▮Taking bold action to address our climate crisis and protecting wildfire victims from losing their insurance coverage. ▮Expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare and guaranteeing universal healthcare for all California children. Ad paid for by Equality California Political Action Committee. Committee major funding from: LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) Caucus Leadership Fund California Apartment Association Not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate.


Santiago: Boost food access to undocumented Californians nounced in January that he intended to extend

alition, in partnership with UCLA Center for ed Californians face food insecurity.

said Santiago.



Assemblymember MIGUEL SANTIAGO (Twitter/Assemblymember Miguel Santiago)

Gas prices continue to set new records Screenshot/KCBS LA

“The reasons for the increase are not just the war




Right-wing SF archbishop bars Pelosi from receiving communion ‘A Catholic legislator who supports procured abortion, commits a sin’

By BRODY LEVESQUE In a letter to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who represents a part of the city of San Francisco in her role as a Democratic Representative, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said Friday that she will not be admitted to receive Communion in response to her support of women’s reproductive rights and legal abortion. Cordileone warned her that she should not present herself for Holy Communion at Mass adding that if she did priests will not distribute communion to her. The actions by the archbishop underscores the rising tensions in a decades-long tension between the Roman Catholic Church and progressive Democratic politicians on abortion. “A Catholic legislator who supports procured abortion, after knowing the teaching of the Church, commits a manifestly grave sin which is a cause of most serious scandal such persons ‘are not to be admitted to Holy Communion,’” Cordileone wrote. The archbishop noted that The Catechism of the Catholic Church is unambiguous on the question of abortion, both in procuring one and assisting in the practice: “Since the has not changed and remains unchangeable.” “Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law,” it says, before calling abortion and infanticide “abominable crimes.” It also declares that “Formal cooperation in an abortion

nonical penalty of excommunication to this crime against human life.” Cordileone wrote in the letter that he had written to Pelosi last month on April 7, informing her that “should you not publicly repudiate your advocacy for abortion ‘rights’ or else refrain from referring to your Catholic faith in public and receiving Holy Communion, I would have no choice but to make a declaration, in keeping with canon 915, that you are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.” According to the archbishop she has not done so. “Therefore, in light of my responsibility as the Archbishop of San Francisco to be ‘concerned for all the Christian faithful entrusted to [my] care” (Code of Canon Law, can. 383, §1), by means of this communication I am hereby notifying you that you are not to present yourself for Holy Communion and, should you do so, you are not to be admitted to Holy Communion, until such time as you publicly repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion and confess and receive absolution of this grave sin in the sacrament of Penance.” he said. The archbishop then doubled down on his stance in a tweet issued Friday afternoon. “After numerous attempts to speak with Speaker Pelosi to help her understand the grave evil she is perpetrating, the scandal she is causing, an the danger to her own soul she is risking, I have determined that she is not to be admitted to Holy Communion,” he tweeted. Cordileone’s actions comes nearly a year after he and

I was Bishop of Oakland, I lived at a residence at the Cathedral, overlooking Lake Merritt. It’s very beautiful. But across the lake, as the streets go from 1st Avenue to the city limits city neighborhoods plagued by fatherlessness and all the

U.S. House Speaker NANCY PELOSI

Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego became embroiled in a debate over excluding from Communion politicians who support abortion rights like Pelosi and President Joe Biden, also a Catholic.

Biden, should make their decisions from a “pastoral” viewpoint and not a political one. “The problem is not theological, it’s pastoral,” Francis told reporters while traveling from Slovakia to Rome last Fall. “How we bishops deal with this principle. We must be pastors, also with those who are excommunicated. Like God with passion and tenderness. The Bible says so.” “The pastor knows what to do. In every moment that he leaves the church’s pastoral path he immediately becomes a politician,” Francis said.

setting up a potential public rebuke of the President and conversely Speaker Pelosi. California State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) issued a statement condemning Cordileone’s decision to deny the House Speaker communion because she supports abortion access: “After supporting Prop 8 and refusing to get vaccinated, our right wing Archbishop is now attacking one of the most supports reproductive health and safe access to abortion. The Archbishop’s refusal to give communion to Speaker Pelosi is shameful. He is deeply out of step with San Francisco and should be removed,” Wiener said. In addition to his stance on women’s reproductive healthcare choices, Cordileone is opposed to LGBTQ equalUSA Today, the archbishop responded to questions posed on same-sex marriage: Q: What is the greatest threat posed by allowing gays and lesbians to marry? A: The better question is: What is the great good in protecting the public understanding that to make a marriage you need a husband and a wife? I can illustrate my point with a personal example. When


gangs, school dropouts, and incredibly high murder rates. Walk those blocks and you can see with your own eyes: A society that is careless about getting fathers and mothers together to raise their children in one loving family is causing enormous heartache. To legalize marriage between two people of the same sex would enshrine in the law the principle that mothers and fathers are interchangeable or irrelevant, and that marriage is essentially an institution about adults, not children; marriage would mean nothing more than giving adults recHow can we do this to our children? marriage in California (or beyond), what will be the result? A: If the Supreme Court overturns Prop 8, this will not go No matter what the Supreme Court rules, this debate is not over. Marriage is too important and the issues raised by treating same-gender unions as marriages are too funthe conversation about abortion, so a ruling that tries to import same-sex marriage into our Constitution is not going to end the marriage debate, but intensify it. Q: You have spoken of gay marriage as a “natural imposopposite-sex couples who are elderly or infertile? A: Our bodies have meaning. The conjugal union of a man and a woman is not a factory to produce babies; marriage seeks to create a total community of love, a “one ingness to care for any children their bodily union makes together. Two men and two women can certainly have a close loving committed emotional relationship, but they can never wife do. Infertility is, as you point out, part of the natural life cycle of marriage (people age!), as well as a challenge and disappointment some husbands and wives have to go through. married because they can no longer have children. Adoption can be a wonderful happy ending for children who lack even one parent able or willing to care for them. But notice, when a man and woman cannot have children together, that’s an accident of circumstances, the exception to the rule. When a husband and wife adopt, they are mirroring the pattern set in nature itself. … severing by government of the natural link between marriage and the great task of bringing together male and female to make and raise the next generation together in love.

Sick of STDs? Free STD Testing · AHF Wellness Centers Long Beach

3500 Pacific Coast Hwy (562) 494-4983

Wellness on Western 1811 N Western Ave (855) 783-2434

West Adams

2146 W Adams Blvd (888) 836-5946


California readies 3,000 miles of network infrastructure By BRODY LEVESQUE Governor Gavin Newsom announced that California is one

Russ Nichols, acting director of the California Department of “With this milestone in place, we can continue our planning

to communities throughout the state on Friday, awarding new The California Department of Technology, as part of the to two vendors totaling nearly $225 million that will allow the

The 2021 legislation included:

amount of materials as needed to complete construction over prove access to education, health services and employment

munities, regardless of technology used, on equal economic

sure California has the supplies it needs for construction of the

nians so they can participate equally in digital society,” Tong


cilitate distance learning at school districts in need across the internet or an appropriate computing device at home with


Newsom gets second booster, urges eligible Californians to get theirs

By BRODY LEVESQUE Amid rising COVID-19 cases across the country, and following the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s emergency authorization of a booster dose for healthy 5- to 11-year-olds, Gov. Gavin Newsom last week received his second Moderna booster at a clinic in Bakersto get boosted to keep their immunity strong against COVID-19.

Gov. NEWSOM receives his second Moderna booster dose.

oNTech or the Moderna vaccine is available to all Californians 50 and older, as well as those who are immunocompromised or received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. “Vaccines have saved tens of thousands of

Newsom. “The best protection against serious illness and hospitalization is getting vaccinated and boosted. I encourage all eligible Californians to get your second booster – for you, for your

ister 200,000 vaccinations and 500,000 tests per day. The California Blueprint includes another $2.4 billion for COVID response, which ensures California will be on the best possible footing against future waves. ed an estimated 1.5 million coronavirus infections, nearly 73,000 hospitalizations, and almost 20,000 deaths in California. The Governor received his booster shot at Clinica Sierra Vista, one of hundreds of health clinic locations around the state where people can receive their free vaccine and booster. The Governor was joined today by California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly and Clinica Sierra Vista has administered nearly 100,000 COVID-19 vaccination doses. “Vaccines remain the best protection against hospitalization and death from COVID-19. Our state, like much of the nation, is beginning to see an increase in COVID-19 transmission. For-

ifornians age 50 and over are encouraged to get their additional booster dose to keep their According to the California Department of Public Health, the statewide test positivity rate is 5 percent as of Tuesday, about double the positivity rate a month prior, with some regions seeing positivity rates as high as 9 percent. Unvaccinated people are 4.8 times more likely to get than boosted individuals. California’s response to COVID-19 has led the nation with the lowest COVID death rate among the country’s most populous states. More than 8 in 10 Californians have received at least one dose, representing 59.1 percent of those eligible for a booster. Additionally, 22 percent of eligi-

outreach and education. Its community-based organization network, in partnership with philanClinica Sierra Vista is a comprehensive health care organization serving the primary medical, dental, and behavioral health needs of about 200,000 people in Kern and Fresno counties. With the continued support of federal, state, and local governments, they have been able to reach those they serve over a vast geographical region in the heartland of California. 08 • MAY 27, 2022 • LOSANGELESBLADE.COM


GOP lawmaker claims Texas school gunman was transgender By BRODY LEVESQUE

A spokesperson for the Texas Department classroom at the Robb Elementary School in

Families gather at a Uvalde, Texas, civic center to wait for news about their loved ones. (Photo courtesy of Niki Griswold/Twitter)



How a pro-trans memo sneaked through Trump administration By CHRIS JOHNSON | cjohnson@washblade.com By the time the Trump administration ended, it had so-

President TRUMP’s administration was overtly hostile to transgender Americans but at least one agency enacted protrans policy.











JUNE 3-5


Gay man shot to death on NYC subway train A gay man became the latest victim of a New York City subway shooting on Sunday when police say a male suspect shot Daniel Enriquez, 48, in the chest in an unprovoked random act inside a subway car traveling from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Police on Tuesday arrested Andrew Abdullah, 25, who they identi-

ing, after attorneys representing him from the Legal Aid Society attempted to arrange for his surrender, acDANIEL ENRIQUEZ (Photo courtesy of the NYPD) cording to a report by NBC 4 News in New York. Police said the shooting occurred around 11:42 a.m. while the train was traveling over the a crowd of people when the train stopped at the Canal Street station minutes after Enriquez Possibly based on the viewing of images from video surveillance cameras, police sources

Adam Pollack, Enriquez’s partner of 18 years, told both the Times and the New York Post that Enriquez took the subway to meet his brother for brunch. According to Pollack, Enriquez previously had taken Ubers into Manhattan, where he worked and socialized, from the couple’s home in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. But in recent weeks the cost of taking an Uber rose dramatically to more than $80 for the round-trip fare, prompting Enriquez

to begin taking the subway, Pollack told the Times and Post. “I don’t love the subway,” the Post quoted Pollack as saying. “I know how dangerous New York is. It took me two years to get back on the subway. I don’t feel safe on the subway,” he said. Frank R. James began shooting inside a crowded rush-hour subway car in Brooklyn, injuring at least 23 people. Pollack told the Times his partner was a native New Yorker who worked as a researcher dren and a beloved uncle known for taking his nieces and nephews for ice cream in local parks and out to amusement parks when he visited them, Pollack told the Times. When asked by the Washington Blade if any evidence has surfaced to indicate suspect Abdullah targeted Enriquez because he thought Enriquez was gay, a police public informa-

yet.” The Times reports that court records show Abdullah, who is now in police custody, was charged along with others in 2017 in an 83-count indictment for alleged gang related activity. The following year he pleaded guilty to criminal possession of weapons and other charges in 2018 and was sentenced the following year to a prison term and released on parole several months later. According to the Times, he faced new gun charges in 2020, was charged in 2021 with assault and endangering a child, and in April of this year was charged with possession of stolen property and unauthorized use of a vehicle. “We are devastated by this senseless tragedy and our deepest sympathies are with Dan’s LOU CHIBBARO JR.

Delaware governor vetoes legalization of marijuana possession

“I have been clear about my position since before I

Delaware Gov. John Carney on Tuesday vetoed a bill that would have legalized the possession of marijuana in the First State. House Bill 371, which passed the House on May 5 and the Senate May 12, would legalize the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana and remove criminal and civil penalties associated with the non-remunerative transfer of marijuana for individuals ages 21 or older. “I do not believe that promoting or expanding the use of recreational marijuana is in the best interests of the state of Delaware, especially our young people,” Carney said in his veto statement Tuesday. “Questions about the long-term health and economic impacts of recreational marijuana use, as well as serious law enforcement concerns, remain unresolved.” Current state laws deem the possession of one

times,” he added. The Delaware Center for Justice called upon the General Assembly to override the veto in a Tuesday press release, emphasizing that legalizing marijuana is of particular importance to low-income communities These communities “experience police harassment and arrest for marijuana at disproportionate rates usage rates being almost the same,” DCJ Director of Policy Kailyn Richards noted in the press release. She added that DCJ believes state legislators should further “pass a companion bill that sets up a safe and legal marketplace.” The American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware also emphasized that the General Assembly should override the veto.

one ounce of marijuana remains a misdemeanor — a designation that would remain unchanged with the passage of the bill. In the statement, Carney acknowledged that marijuana can help individuals with certain health conditions, and said that possession and private consumption of the substance should not lead to imprisonment. But in state legislation, following his passage of marijuana decriminalization in 2019. 14 • MAY 27, 2022 • LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

JOHN CARNEY vetoed a bill that would have legalized the possession of marijuana. (U.S. Air Force photo/Greg L. Davis)

ers, advocates, and residents of Delaware who have shown consistent and overwhelming support for this measure,” Mike Bichner, ACLU of Delaware executive director, said in a statement Tuesday. “The criminalization of cannabis has been a tool of the failed, racist War on Drugs, which has caused irrevocable harm to our Black communities.” JACK WALKER



cials say cannabis oil was found in her luggage. (Russian television screenshot)

Monkeypox cases found in gay, bi men in Europe


Army considers allowing LGBTQ troops to transfer from hostile states

A service member wears rainbow socks during Pride Month Five Kilometer Pride Run at Joint Base Andrews, Md., June 28, 2017. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Valentina Lopez) 16 • MAY 27, 2022 • LOSANGELESBLADE.COM




JUNE 3 7:10 PM










Ticket package includes a ticket to the game and an exclusive 2022 Dodger LGBTQ-themed jersey. LIEUTENANT BELITA EDWARDS MILITARY HERO OF THE GAME





Jimmy Biblarz

is a candidate for City Council in District 5, which runs from Bel-Air, through Palms, and east to Hancock Park, bordering most of West Hollywood. Born and raised in West LA, Jimmy is an educator, policy expert, and housing advocate. He lives with his partner Harry, in Beverly Grove.

Representation matters: Why I’m running for LA City Council ability as their top concerns. As a candidate for Los Angeles City Council’s Fifth District, I’ve heard the concerns of worried and frustrated residents and the impact both have had on their lives.

portive housing includes the slate of medical and mental health vest in methodical and sustained street engagement teams led

family was evicted from our apartment and we moved all over the city due to housing costs. Compounding this was growing up gay under the cloud of Prop. 8, which temporarily enshrined People don’t usually associate the LGBTQ+ community with

periencing homelessness nationally live in California, with Los be poor than their hetero and cisgender counterparts, especially

Simultaneously, we must ensure wages rise in tandem with L.A.’s cost of living via indexed minimum wage increases that exceed

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the cost of housing. If we don’t act to reverse this trend, more



ing market; housing providers are less likely to respond to rental

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This is why representation matters. Amidst calls for more permanent supportive housing, shelter beds, or tiny homes, the LGBTQ+ story is too often missed, especially trans voices.

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ty minorities. That’s why queer people are much more likely to

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Isaac Amend

(he/him/his) is a transgender man and young professional in the D.C. area. He was featured on National Geographic’s ‘Gender Revolution’ in 2017 as a student at Yale University. Amend is also on the board of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia. Find him

Traveling while trans

Airport personnel need gender sensitivity training The State Department last month announced that it will allow Americans to use the neutral “X” gender marker on passports, if they are nonbinary. The new change on transgender passports was also paired with other changes in travel for trans people as well. more major reforms. screening technology to not target trans Americans with bodies and clothing pieces that stray from the norm. This means that if a transgender man is wearing a binder, that he will not be unfairly targetdirection, it has yet to be seen if they will live up to their promise. Sometimes, security teams override new protocol in order to be as radical as possible in their attempt to safeguard a scene. rience” of trans and nonbinary people. such as Jet Blue and United to make sure that travelers can use “X” in their booking systems. dards when evaluating a traveler’s identity. They will take into account “X.” While these reforms are a step in the right direction, there is one more thing in gender sensitivity training. Gender sensitivity training would involve coaching TSA agents in how to speak to trans and nonbinary people when they are scanned, searched, checked, and


potentially questioned. Agents will learn about pronouns, and how to address Every trans guy I know has had a horror story about TSA lines and airport security. We both give each other a mutual look and mutter the same complaints over and over, knowing very well that our hands will be shaking and sweating

teach TSA agents how to appropriately perience might still be miserable at the airport. During one body scan, I had to confess to a TSA agent that I was a trans man, to which he confronted me and asked “so you’re a girl?” At other points in time, woman pat me down, instead of a male agent, because I’m more comfortable in that kind of scenario. Some of these female TSA agents couldn’t understand why a man wanted a woman to pat him down, and some of these female agents with protocol for which kinds of agents will pat down trans and nonbinary people. We should have a choice in who pats us down. These interactions all took several minutes at a time and caught the attention of many passersby, further adding discomfort to the situation. In order for the Biden administration to fully accommodate trans people in airports, they have to not only implement the X marker, which they did, but also change the way TSA touches and searches trans people.

!"#$%&' ($)*+,$(

/.+'$0+ -)$).+

The Point Foundation rejects Don’t Say Gay, transphobic anti-healthcare and sportsrelated bills, and all hate laws that discriminate against and seek to erase LGBTQ+ people. For 20+ years, Point Foundation has celebrated the pride and resilience of the community by providing financial, community, and educational support for LGBTQ students in higher education. No matter how much hate is trying to block you from speaking, from showing up, or from a healthy happy life, we will always work to make sure there is space for you in higher ed, exactly as you are.


Blow your mind with today’s hottest queer TV 2nd annual OutFronts features plenty of LGBTQ content

Back in the day, getting a hint of any queer media, whether it was a short “gay” movie or a quick queer-themed storyline, was hard to come by. Sure, there was OutFest started in 1982 by some UCLA students. Roseanne kissing a girl, a lesbian wedding on Friends, and Ellen’s bursting media’s mind before it crashed and burned her. Not anymore. OutFest has made that clear with its second annual OutFronts, a four-day hybrid festival. Queer television is here, and it is just


looking to create the next icons spotlights actors who have created some of the most impactful queer characters of recent years, including Harvey Guillen

FLAG MEANS DEATH). Presented as virtual panels, these programs feature discussions of hot

rainbow belts, this unicorn is ready to The festival combines free-to-view virtual panel discussions with ticketed in-person events as part of the Los Angeles area’s Pride season. The fes-

Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Zackary Arthur, and Bjorgvin Anarson; a one-on-one career-spanning conversation with comedy legend Paula Pell upon the

features episodic premieres, advanced screenings, and both in-person and virtual discussions with the talent from

Peacock; a discussion with the cast and creators of Freeform’s MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM in advance of the

programs available on television today. The in-person festival events include: QUEER AS FOLK presented by

and actor Lydia Leonard; a focused conversation with the queer talent and characters from Showtime’s smash-hit

screening of the new Peacock series, a vibrant reimagining of the groundbreaking British series exploring a di-

turing talent from HBOMax’s SORT OF VH1’s RuPaul’s DRAG RACE, Prime Vid-

The program includes a panel talkback with cast and creative team. “Love, Victor” presented by HULU young cast present to discuss the impact of the show’s run, what we might expect from real-life counterparts to discuss being queer and saving lives. The in-person discussion will include Ronen Rubenstein (9-1-1: Lone Star), Brian Michael Smith (9-1-1: Lone Star), Traci Thoms (Station 19), others. conduct a talk-show style look back at some of the most earth-shattering moments from the show’s history, and a candid talk about all the unfolding drama of the current season. The virtual events include: Presented as virtual panels, these panels cover hot queer television topics. These inacting world – with Gigi Gorgeous, Kalen Allen, and Boman Martinez-Reid. Another panel


three-dimensional queer characters on


rector of Festival Programming, Mike Dougherty. “The OutFronts by no means represents an exhaustive account of all that is queer in TV, but they do gather a multitude of brilliantly talented queer artists and allies whose diversity of perspective and experience are on full them with the world.” be in a happening LA theater, or in your own living room, your piece of the rainbow awaits! All panel discussions will be free of charge to view online and via Outfest’s OutMuseum Blade, ABC7 Los Angeles, Clear Channel Outdoor, Edge Media, KCET/PBS SoCal, Pride Media, Queerty, Rainbow Media, Autostraddle, and Variety. RSVP and view the full calendar of

The Los Angeles Lakers are proud to support LA PRIDE and the LGBTQ Community.

Own your


Meet the man taking WeHo Pride into a new era By JEREMY KINSER

What are your criteria for determining which acts you want to book to perform?

What were some of the challenges in producing WeHo Pride this year since it’s separate from L.A. Pride?

Describe JJLA for those unfamiliar with your company.

You’ve managed to assemble a very impressive entertainment lineup this year, with A-list headliners like Lil’ Kim and Years & Years. JEFF CONSOLETTI is founder and CEO of JJLA.

How diverse is your team? So, this concert series went online so everyone could experience Pride virtually?



Golden State Pride is bursting out all over Hit the highway to experience festivities all over California By JEREMY KINSER It’s been a very long two years since many people in the LGBTQ communities have been able to casually mingle, which adds not just poignancy but a sense of joy to Pride 2022 season. Eat, drink, march, and be merry or Marys (your

your comprehensive guide to every Pride fest in the Golden State. Plan your summer around attending these Pride festivals throughout California.

June 1-12

June 3 Women’s Freedom Festival activists will be at the Pride stage. Entertainers include BOI Band, Native Latina, and Vixen Noir. Thelproject.org

June 4 Fresno Pride

The theme of the 30th annual celebration is “In Pride,” will honor the memory of late Pride director and community

check out the most coveted zip code in the country as it will


June 4-5 Venice Pride

with a special outdoor event featuring live entertainment month including a party at the fabled Greystone Mansion. Beverlyhills.org

Cities all over California are preparing to celebrate Pride.

exhibitor booths, sponsor activations, food and beverages, for the kink and sober communities. Come prepared to have fun. Lapride.org

June 25 O.C. Pride thing blowing during this festival. Prideoc.com

June 2-5 Sonoma County Pride


Considered the country’s second gayest metropolitan area, revelers can enjoy a June 3 concerts by Spencer Day

June 11-12 L.A. Pride in the Park

July 8-10 Long Beach Pride Jiménez, and Paulina Rubio while the ocean glistens in the


Pose la Jae. Expect an entire day of activities, music, vendors, and

WOMEN’S FREEDOM FESTIVAL ets, and activists, including BOI Band, Native Latina, Vixen Noir. Special guests include actress/activist Joely Fisher,

enous artist/activist, who will all deliver rousing speeches. Thelproject.org


dors and activations to keep the massive crowd entertained. Longbeachpride.com

The return of Pride

Your guide to all the best of the season JUNE 1 WEHO PRIDE LGBTQ ARTS FESTIVAL Assorted Locations The gay epicenter’s LGBTQ Arts Festival offers a monthlong array of readings, art exhibits, plays, and concerts at venues around the city. Through June 30. Pride.weho.org. A RAINBOW OF COLOR Since the original L.A. Pride parade will turn to the place of its origin, the lights of Hollywood Boulevard will illuminate the night sky in a rainbow of color throughout the month to pay homage and radiate love and unity in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ communities. The installation of state-ofa hundred tree canopies along Hollywood Boulevard between McCadden Place and Vine Street. Each light will be equipped to project any color in the spectrum and can be used to celebrate various holidays and causes, in addition to its positive impact on public safety. JUNE 2 A BEVERLY HILLS PRIDE CONCERT Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Hills will feature an evening of live music, poetry, and performances by local luminaries such as Celeste X, Jeshua, and San Cha. Pride.weho.org. DIGITAL L.A. LGBTQ+ CREATORS AND INFLUENCERS Stache West Hollywood An annual WeHo panel with LGBTQ+ creating content, engaging with viewers, and working with brands. Digitalla.net. THRIVE WITH PRIDE AT THE BEVERLY CENTER The Beverly Center The landmark L.A. shopping mall is Thrive with Pride events (also part of Beverly Hills Pride) featuring gay-themed movie nights, special performances, and rainbow cocktails.

Lapride.org. JUNE 3 LGBTQ+ PRIDE NIGHT Dodger Stadium The Los Angeles Dodgers are teaming up with L.A. Pride for “Pride Night at the Stadium” as they square off against the New York Mets. A special pre-game ceremony will recognize frontline workers and feature surprise guests. A post-game celebration Bowie J. Mlb.com/dodgers. OUTLOUD RAISING VOICES MUSIC FESTIVAL West Hollywood Park WeHo’s 2022 Pride weekend kicks off with a rollicking three-day concert series at the newly refurbished West Hollywood Park featuring a lineup of musical acts like Lil’ Kim, Marina, and Years & Years who’ll perform anthemic hits. June 3 through 5. Weareoutloud.com. JUNE 4 PRINCE AND PRIDE L.A. Kings Burbank Sports Center Who wouldn’t want to go to a funky roller-skating celebration of Prince’s birthday and Pride month? Lakingsburbanksportscenter.com TRUE COLORS: LGBTQ+ OUR STORIES, OUR SONGS Hosted by Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider, this special which begins airing today on PBS explores the personal journeys of remarkable individuals, the program connects these heartfelt stories with the history of the LGBTQ+ movement. Featured are interviews with Cynthia Nixon and Jason Collins, plus musical performances by Chris Colfer, the Indigo Girls, Peppermint, and many others. PBS.org JUNE 5 THE WEHO PRIDE PARADE WeHo’s pride extravaganza kicks off at noon along Santa Monica Boulevard at Fairfax and ends up at Robertson.

CHERRY BOMB WEHO PRIDE TAKEOVER Hotel Ziggy Cherry Bomb, a social group for queer women and gender expansive folks, is colonizing the entire hotel for a weekend of female-friendly dinners, pool parties, comedy performances, and VIP open bars. PRIDE PAWTY Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel Reserve your spot for pawdicures and fun activities like a dog-friendly photo booth and crafting matching pup and human accessories. Free puptails and $15 cocktails will be available. A portion of the proceeds will go to the L.A. LGBT Center. Loewshotels.com. OFF SUNSET FESTIVAL For folks who live, work, and play in Silyouth programs with an emphasis on the LGBT community. Not only is this street fair an exciting day of music, culture, art, food and fun, but it also brings a way for us to offer our support for the place and people we love. https://seetickets.us/event/OFF-SUNSET-FESTIVAL/481119 JUNE 9 POP TILL YOU DROP Go underground when Catch One, perhaps L.A.’s most legendary queer club that’s still in existence, will curate a fantastic evening of entertainment that highlights the crossroads between the queer community and the hyperpop movement. Performers include Babelord, PeaNut, and Saem with drag shows by Meta World Piss, Die Anna, and Guide. Catch.one/events JUNE 10 THE YARD X LEZ CROIX Catch One The special Pride lineup at the historic venue that provided a safe place for queers performers and a band of musicians who universe. Catch.one

Masterbeat’s four-day Pride fest will begin with a lively Saturday afternoon pool party on the rooftop of the Andaz Hotel. Among the other highlights are a Saturday night dance party with tunes from DJs Deanne and Tom Stephan at the Avalon nightclub and a Sunday evening Pride tea dance at Academy L.A. June 11 through 14. Masterbeat.com. JUNE 12 FUTURE LOVERS BLOCK PARTY The inaugural Pride L.A. Pride Hollywood block party will shut down a section of Hollywood and Vine with three stages in the Capitol Records and Avalon parking lot, in addition to performances taking place inside of Avalon. Kiesza will headline the event with additional performances by Felix Da Housecat, and numerous RuPaul’s Drag Race vets. Theapgalaxy.com JUNE 16-18 Trans Pride Returning after two years of taking place virtually, Trans Pride returns to the LALGBT Center’s Village at Ed Gould Plaza and Anita May Rosenstein Campus with an array of and the Trans Pride VarieTy Show. Admission is free. JUNE 25 BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER Even if you’re buried with party invitations this month, you’ll want to make time for this Hollywood Forever cemetery screening that’s a partnership between Cinespia and L.A. Pride. The 1999 queer comedy classic is a don’t miss satire set in a gay conversion camp that stars Natasha Lyonne, Melanie Lynskey, and RuPaul. (Other screenings during June include tributes to iconic entertainers such as Judy Garland with The Wizard of Oz and Selena with the biopic starring J.Lo. Check the website for details.) Cinespia.org JUNE 28 JEREMY ATHERTON LIN ON “GAY BAR: WHY WE WENT OUT” Book Soup Strobe lights and dark rooms, throbbing

house music and drag queens on counterlong been a place of solidarity and self-expression. The author will discuss his book, as well as the decline of America’s gay bars in a Pride Month chat at the venerable L.A. bookstore. Booksoup.com JULY 8 LONG BEACH PRIDE Long Beach’s three-day Pride festivities start on Friday night and continue all weekend. The annual event attracts over 80,000 revelers from across the SoCal area and conclude with a dazzling concert featuring Iggy Azalea and Natalia Jimenez. June 8 through 10, Longbeachpride.com. JULY 9 VENICE PRIDE TEA DANCE AT THE JAMES James’ Beach The famous monthly dance party preis hosting a special Pride Month party at James’ Beach, the longest operating gayowned bar in Venice. DJ Spencer H will be spinning. Jamesbeach.com. JULY 14 OUTFEST: SUMMER FILM FESTIVAL Various Locations SoCals’s premiere showcase of queer festival, which began in 1982, will offer premiere screenings and schmoozy parties at movie theaters all around Los Angeles. Outfest.org. AUGUST 5 DTLA PROUD ’22 Pershing Square Founded by a group of local residents, business owners, and community leaders, the annual Pride event at the main stage of Pershing Square will offer an exclusive screening of the fascinating documentary “Proud in a Pandemic,” as well as two days of stage performances, DJs, art, food trucks, and a dance party at the waterpark. Dtlaproud.org.


By TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER There is one alternative to growing older. Never mind, though, it’s not on your radar. You’re more focused these days on not groaning when you get up each morning, and keeping your joints oiled enough to work. Years don’t really mean much when you’ve got places to go and people to

That’s because this is an adorable book. It’s funny in all the right parts, good-naturedly grumpy where it needs to be, and nudges her readers to think about their own futures and what

you’ve had a teensy little heart attack and walking makes you

readers a handful of charming characters that fuss at one another, argue, make up, scheme, and fuss some more. It’s a little better.

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‘Fire Island’ delivers pride, prejudice, and a whole lot more There’s a reason why the work of Jane Austen strikes such a chord with members of the queer community. The 19th-century author – a woman in an age when literature was overwhelmingly the province of men – is still renowned for her sharp observations about the manners, mores, and social hierarchies of her age, and the double-edged style that blended her satirical commentary with full-hearted romanticism. These qualities have an inherent relevance for anyone who lives in a society that relies on codi-


tionally engaged as needed to deliver an elevated aesthetic of pure cinema – is an impressive and wholly original work of art in itself. While it hits the main points of the original, it’s not slavish to Austen’s plot, and and re-imagines situations and characters to bring its observations to a modern audience – particularly in the way it transworld into the modern day by weaving the language and behavior of varying class and privilege into almost everything that

of things to keep them forever on the outside, and it’s hard to imagine a description that sounds more like the experience of being queer than that. -

while the novel takes place across several pressed to a matter of days – something perfectly feasible in the faster-paced world of 2022, and especially in a geographic setting where, as multiple characters point

Kim Booster and director Andrew Ahn, which begins streaming on Hulu June 3 – is so much more than just another rom-com. BOWEN YANG and JOEL KIM BOOSTER in ‘Fire Island.’

queer fans who adore Austen’s shrewd, bemusing, and ultimately breathlessly romantic saga what they may not have even realized they’ve always wanted – an unabashedly, unapologetically gay version of the story that’s as inclusive and heartfelt as we deserve. changed for the titular modern gay mecca, and the Bennet sisters become a band of queer

While it gives plenty of nods to its 19th-century literary origins along the way,

references, a parade of right-on-target queer fashion, and a dizzying array of infectiously familiar contemporary music. Best of all, perhaps, it’s genuinely funny, and peppers its digroup ourselves. None of these things feel like compromises, nor do they pander to the age of the short attention span; instead, they are expressions of modern queer identity that feel as much like celebration as they do satire. – even when they are judging each other – and presents them with the kind of humanistic

on the island with his own group of friends; but thanks to the intricate interplay of classism spark an intense feeling of disdain from Noah – though it’s not long before another kind of

the talented cast deserves endless kudos. a giant heart and keeps it from ever becoming cynical. As their romantic counterparts,

unnecessary to say that the author’s take on the social pretensions of her own time and the characters here are no less governed by class distinctions and economic privilege, and connections with each other is just as blatant; given the fact that four of the principal players are Asian, and numerous others are people of color, ethnic identity takes its place criminatory factors that drive wedges between members of what might otherwise be a united community, making those themes hit even closer to home for modern LGBTQ viewers. -


the grounding presence of a whole generation of queer elders who gained wisdom living messy lives even before there was such a thing as Grindr. Nick Adams deserves mention sometimes wish we didn’t. All these qualities and more make Booster and Ahn’s ambitious opus a cut above the respond to it is yet to be seen – but for at least one queer reviewer, watching it conjured waiting for, one that is so comfortable and genuine in its own skin that it’s free to rise above both parts of that label to become simply a great movie. We’d like to think Jane Austen would be proud.

A timely read for middle schoolers about book banning

‘Answers in the Pages’ a ripped-from-the-headlines summer treat for kids, adults In “Answers in the Pages,” the acclaimed queer children’s and young adult author David Levithan’s newest novel for middle-schoolers, just one sentence (less than a paragraph) in a book disrupts the lives of the students in Mr. Howe’s In this book-banning age, few books (for children, parents, teachers, librarians and all who cherish the freedom to read) are more timely than “Answers in the Pages.” Mr. Howe has assigned the class to read “The Adventurers,” an action-adventure middle-school novel about three has conjured.) As you’ve likely guessed, the sentence that creates the uproar implies that, maybe, there’s a queer quotient involved in the love that Rick and Oliver in “The Adventurers” have for each other. “At that moment Rick knew just how deeply he loved Oliver,” the sentence says, “and Oliver knew just how deeply he loved Rick, and the understanding of this moment would lead them to much of the happiness and adventure that came next.” the class, says, “a bit long.” Few people would have paid attention to this sentence “if it had been said during a TV show,” Donovan says, “or appeared as a quote in the middle of a newspaper article.” But the sentence appears at the end of “The Adventurerybody’s buzzing about it. Neither Mr. Howe, who’s gay, nor his students are worried that Rick and Oliver might be gay. But Donovan’s mom is. Donovan brought “The Adventurers” home to read. After reading for a while, he got up and had a snack. While he was snacking, Donovan left the book on the kitchen counter. That was a big mistake, but it jumpstarts the narrative of “Answers in the Pages.” loves her son. But like many kind people, she’s homophobic. Mrs. Johnson glances through “The Adventurers.” Like many who browse a book, she doesn’t read the whole thing.

By KATHI WOLFE Her eyes land on the sentence about the love Rick and Oliver feel for each other. Mrs. Johnson believes that “The Adventurers” is “inap-

As so often happens in these situations, the kids involved are caught in the middle. Do they side with their parents who challenge a book? Or with their teacher and the kids who support the book? This is tough for Donovan. His mom won’t tell him why “The Adventurers” is inappropriate. Donovan is fairly sure he’s not queer. But he likes the book and has gay friends. One of the girls in his class has two moms. Book banning is so much in the news. It would be easy to tune out “Answers in the Pages,” if it had been written by an author without Levithan’s prodigious talent. Levithan tells Donovan’s story in an engaging, nuanced fashion. Donovan’s mom, though homophobic, isn’t an ogre. what it’s like for the people in the school community to go through a book challenge. Most important for young readers, Donovan and his that you can take action when faced with censorship. Levithan intertwines two other narratives with Donovan’s story. Excerpts from “The Adventurers” are deftly spliced throughout “Answers in the Pages.” Rick and Oliver’s adventures may not be interesting if you’re over 12, but they’ll entertain middle schoolers. the Pages.” A generation before Donovan and his classWhite become friends when they’re assigned to work on book by queer author Louise Fitzhugh.

‘Answers in the Pages’ By David Levithan

“Answers in the Pages” is a fab, ripped-from-the-headlines summer read for kids and the adults in their lives.


c.2022 Alfred A. Knopf $17.99 | 176 pages | Ages 8 to 12

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