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Planning Great Project Evaluation 13th September 2012 Evaluation of Session 1. Purpose of session:

The purpose of this session was for applicants of Dudley Public Health Small Grants projects to develop a shared understanding of the value of good evaluation and to be supported to plan effective and creative evaluation of their projects. The objectives were to enable participants to: 1. Understand what evaluation is 2. Identify who evaluation is for 3. Explore the benefits of evaluation 4. Explore fun and creative ways of carrying out evaluation activities 5. Develop effective and creative evaluation plans

2. Participants:

 Donna Roberts, DMBC  Jenny Hartnell, Dudley Street Teams  Diane Shenton, DMBC  Tom Hayden, Summit House Support  Ali Mohammed, DMBC  Valerie Woodhouse, Bethel Chapel  Kathy Olley, Samaritans  Graham Woods, Aquarius  Lorna Cork, Yes We Will

3. Session outline 1.15pm 1.30 1.40 1.45 2.00 2.30 3.00 3.20 3.30 4.00 4.05 4.15pm

Arrivals and refreshments Welcome and introductions Overview of workshop – what we’ll be doing Sharing your project ideas with others Group discussion about evaluation Our experiences of taking part in evaluation Presentation on monitoring and evaluation Making evaluation creative and fun Developing your evaluation plans Summing up and information about support available after the session Evaluating this session Close

4. Trainers

The session was delivered by Kate Green and Lorna Prescott both Senior Development Officers at Dudley CVS.

5. Feedback from ball evaluation activity: Evaluation questions How much has this session helped you to understand what evaluation is? How much has this session helped you to understand the benefits of evaluation? How much has this session helped you to understand how to plan for evaluation activities? Did you find this session fun and creative?

Not at all

A little

A lot

A great deal

9 2




1 9

6. Participant feedback: “The session has helped me to think creatively. I liked the funding jargon buster, I will pass this on to my colleagues”. (Donna Roberts, DMBC) “The session brought it home to me how important evaluation is and how we do it”. (Diane Shenton, DMBC) “The session helped me to understand the importance of using different evaluation methods according to different groups of people”. (Lorna Cork, Yes We Will) “I found the session really helpful. We have budgets to help us carry out evaluation. I have learnt how evaluation can motivate staff and help us to review how things have gone”. (Ali Mohammed, DMBC) “The session has helped me to see how important it is to plan evaluation activities at the beginning of a project”. (Kathy Olley, Samartians)

“I liked the open, honest dialogue about how to do evaluation. I really enjoyed the session and now see evaluation differently”. (Jenny Hartnell, Dudley Street Teams) “I will incorporate more fun evaluation activities in my work”. (Lorna Cork, Yes We Will) “I will continue to fight against the usual evaluation forms and encourage others to share how valuable evaluation is - a lively thing when done in a different way”. (Graham Woods, Aquarius) “I have learnt the importance of keeping evaluation lively, fun and creative”. (Tom Hayden, Summit House Support)

7. Additional support needs and information following session Participants requested: More samples of evaluation method tools. Links to further reading. Cancer and Alcohol grant application forms

8. Contact details

Lorna Prescott, Dudley CVS, Tel: 01384 267421. Email: Kate Green, Dudley CVS, Tel: 01384 267418. Email:

Planning great project evaluation training - feedback  

An outline of a training session delivered by Kate Green and Lorna Prescott from Dudley CVS and participant feedback