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provideInc Annual Report June 2015 - May 2016



efinitely the word for the year. The close of the 2015-2016 fiscal year brings with it a great deal of change, both personally and professionally. When launching provideInc back in May of 2008, one of our primary motivators was introducing and exposing our three children to lives consistently focused on giving, serving, and others.


ydney, the youngest of our three children, graduated from high school in June. She recently shared an essay written as part of her Senior Exit Presentation with her father, Steve, and me - including the following excerpt: “Serving became a very integral part of my life early on...Everything I’ve participated in through provideInc and E4:12 has altered my life for the better. I have found that I have a passion for helping others, especially those in underprivileged countries or areas, and being a light in their lives. I have found that serving is something I truly love doing, and I will continue to volunteer in any way I can after high school ends.” 1

Congratuations and thank you to all of the E4:12 graduates and their families!


hese words, combined with our eldest son Nicholas’ request to serve with provideInc as our first-ever Summer Intern, inspired encouragement, gratitude, pride in our children, and fresh motivation. The timing was right as well. As provideInc turned the corner on our eighth year, the Board of Directors was revisiting and re-tooling our mission statement. As we move forward, saying goodbye to some programs and welcoming others, we look forward to partnering with you and would greatly appreciate your contributions and involvement. With Gratitude,

Lori Naseef

NEW MISSION STATEMENT: Providing individuals and families opportunities to help those in need - both locally and abroad through short term, high impact serving programs.

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Thank you to Ericka Seidel for sharing her talent and photography skills again this year by taking the majority of the portraits featured in this report.

Thank you to our 2015-2016 provideInc Board of Directors (left to right): Rick & Lana Seidel, Steve & Lori Naseef, and Frank & Kay Ryde.

John & Kathy Richardson photo credit: Sarah Galecki of iGate Photography Peyton Benjamin photo credit: Andrea Rutledge of Maisie Jane Photography

STUDENTS “Earning forty hours of community service is a minimum graduation requirement at my high school. I had the opportunity to volunteer with provideInc throughout my four years. I came to love the experience of giving back and helping others. Additionally, I learned a lot about what many people go through and how important community service truly is.� - Peyton Benjamin, Lake Orion H.S.



Gleaners Food Bank of Pontiac, Kids Against Hunger food packaging, Union Grace Coat Drive, SpringHill Camps Teen Service Team



Easter baskets for 70x7 Ministries, Kids Against Hunger food packaging, pillow cases and care packages for our US troops, Project Night Night bags for children impacted by domestic violence



SMALL GROUPS “I always thought that being called to serve others through Christ was only meant for the religious hierarchy. I never truly saw Jesus in other people until I started serving through my small group, E4:12. I quickly learned that we are ALL called to serve God by serving others. I have been empowered to bring the beauty of His Kingdom to my local community by sharing His love and hope. I couldn’t be more thankful to E4:12 and provideInc for the experience I have gained.” - Katarina Kovac 6 Notre Dame Prep

STUDENTS “I could have pursued an internship at any number of companies or organizations. However, I felt drawn to do something where I could genuinely make a difference in my corner of the world. Using my gift for communication to help provideInc grow and get people interested in volunteering seemed like a far more worthwhile venture than some other alternative. I look forward to seeing what sort of lasting impact I can have on provideInc.� - Nicholas Naseef Oakland University 7


Some of Nick’s history with provideInc: Big Family of Michigan book drive (2011), College Panel speaker for E4:12 (2015), Bensonton, Jamaica clothing drive (2012), and Kids Against Hunger (2014, 2015 and 2016)


STUDENTS July 20, 2015 - “Today our bus took us to the village of Source Matelas so that we could host “Kids Club”. When we arrived, I saw the cutest baby. She had a wound on her head. Her brother told me that she fell running on the cement, so I picked her up and held her until she fell asleep - one of my favorite moments of the trip!...As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. I am so happy to be part of that!” - Madi Farstvedt

July 20, 2015 - “It was such an honor knowing that it was God’s will for my daughter Madi, Jacob, Lori, and me to be there when our MOH Village Champion, Papitass, felt prompted to bring us into Betty’s house. God had plans for all of us and I am grateful we could help execute those plans and get emergency care for Betty during her sickness and distress in the days before the birth of baby Bernadine. God is good!” - Kim Farstvedt 9


More at our Haiti Team Blog: hopeforhaititeam.weebly.com Betty and Baby Bernadine

Kim and Madi Farstvedt

FAMILIES Ajani, Khamani, Amari

Jabari, Ayana, Paul

Potts family - Paul, Ayana, Tina, Heather, Ajani, Khamani, Amari, Anaya, Jabari, & Samaya Potts family in action via provideInc: Elevate Detroit CommuniD BBQ, Kids Against Hunger (2014, 2015, and 2016), “Action Packs” for Christian Refugees, and Flint H20 Project




Anaya & Ayana


Heather, Ajani, Amari

AS A TEAM “Serving is a gift. Serving with my heart brings me joy. Serving with my family is a privilege. provideInc enables my family to be a part of the entire serving process and enables us to serve as a team. As a team we realize what a difference we can truly make. These opportunities have led to more sharing, giving, and leading - all of which make life worth living.� - Ayana Knox-Potts

FAMILIES “Mark 10:45 says ‘For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.’ Part of our family motto has always been to serve others and provideInc offers serving opportunities for all ages and stages so it’s been a great fit for us and our friends! We enjoy the diversity of the serving projects as well as the flexibility provideInc offers us.” - Daniella Medford 13


Daniella has connected four different families in serving with us...so far: “Resurrection Baskets� for our friends at 70x7 Ministries, prepping for and helping with the Mom to Mom Sale Fundraiser, coloring pictures and writing letters to our troops and sponsored children



Bra sorting for Free the Girls, meal packaging for Kids Against Hunger, hygiene sets for 70x7 Easter Baskets, prep for Newborns in Needs bibs, paperwork filing for provideInc.



VOLUNTEERING FROM HOME “It is ideal for me that provideInc reaches out in many different directions to help others, resulting in a variety of options through which I can volunteer my time - often from the comfort of my own home. In addition, my employer - The Doctors Company - matches monetary donations dollar for dollar as well as donating money directly to provideInc as an acknowledgement of the hours I serve. I’ve very much enjoyed being a small part of a giving organization and am grateful for the generosity of my company.” - Sherry VanLoon

SEMI-RETIREES “Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.’ provideInc has long embraced telling, teaching, and involving others to impact lives for Christ - thus it is a blessing for Apples of Gold to become provideInc’s “new” mentoring program. “Apples” provides unique opportuities for young moms to experience cross-generational relationships while learning practical home skills, addressing challenges, and praying together.” - Kathy Richardson



The Richardsons have sponsored Apples of Gold since 2002

John & Kathy Richardson mentoring via Apples of Gold and E4:12 some of the mentors and mentees at the first ever Apples retreat weekend (2016), sharing a meal at a traditional Apples meeting, serving as Speakers at E4:12, part of the “Parents of Daughters” E4:12 panel

THANK YOU Thank you KIDS AGAINST HUNGER program donors: Jerry Sawyer Kevin & Colleen Everett and family Kohl’s Associates in Action program Thank you Auburn Hills store manager, Karin Wells Ladies Luvin’ Charity Chapter #815 members & guests Mike and Sherry VanLoon Norma Lamar

Phil and Renee Klebba Simply Marcella Thank you Marcella Costin The Doctors Company Thank you Sherry VanLoon Ush & Brenda Jaacks Woman’s Life Insurance Society

Our third annual Kids Against Hunger event was a great success with 13,750 meals packaged! Partners: E4:12, Ladies Luvin’ Charity, First Congregational Church of Clarkston, provideInc. Special thanks to Michael Burwell, Executive Director Michigan Kids Against Hunger Coalition.


- AL Corey & Beverlee Galstan - PA David & Betsy Sonnier - VA Frank & Kay Ryde
- MI

Jamie & Kris McBride - MI Joslyn Presbyterian Church - MI Laura Hogue - AL Lizzie Vojtisek - MI

Malcolm & Marcy Blacken - VA Mary Beth Hodapp - AL Providence Baptist Church - AL Jim & Rita Thomas McBride - MI

7-17-15 Philogene’s “house” when we met them

7-18-15 Day after the rainstorm

“While in Haiti, serving the Philogene family was a life-changing experience for our mission team. God brought us together and we had an instant connection with the family - talking, praying, and playing with their sweet children. When we learned - the following day - that their meager house washed away in a rainstorm, our team knew God was calling us to help them. Our combined AL and MI team decided, together, to raise the $6,600 needed for Mission of Hope Haiti to build them a sturdy block home. We are grateful to all who contributed. Serving and giving in this way showed us how BIG our God is and what is possible when we love God and others.” - Kris McBride

12-1-15 Philogene family’s new home! “Congratulations on your new home!”


THANK YOU YOU TO OUR THANK Aaron Thomason Al & Judy Buskirk Allison Iversen Anna Leonard Annalise Iversen Anne VanHeukelom Avery Reid Barbara Barratt Barbara Pote Bob & Lauren Beras Bob & Nola Cucheran Brandon & Lyndsay Wilson & family Brian & Kim Farstvedt Brian & Maureen Buck Brian, Sandy & Laura Garry Brian Vargason Calum O’Brien Carrie Gerdeman Chase Hoffman Cheyenne Lada Chris & Liz Zarbaugh Christine Bertram Cole Schaefer Crates Coffee House Daniella Medford Dante Seeterlin David & Anita Leonard David & Mallory Reed & family Don & Tonia Harrison Elaina VanLoon Eli Medford Emily Medford Emily Wood

Ethan Waller & Nicole Lucio Frank & Kay Ryde Fred & Jennifer Coleman Gary & Kathy Housey Gary & Mary Jo Houck Generations Dental Gayle Kowalchick Giving Orphans Hope (GO Hope) Gus & Stefani Miller Henry Keating Howard, Suzie & Russell Pann Jack & Donetta Malloy Jack & Kathy Wilson Jacob Arenz Jacob McBride Jamie & Kris McBride Jason & Bobbie LeVeque & family Jason & Jen Arapoff Jenna McBride Jillian Rodrigus Jimmy & Lamia Banyai & family Joe & Kappy Graney John & Kathy Richardson John & Maya Kovac John & Stacey Dewey John & Sue Dankovich Jolie Tremonti Josh & Meghan Sanborn & family Josiah Rogers Judy Simony Julie Keating Justin Kane Kaci O’Brien

SUPPLY DONORS AND VOLUNTEERS Katarina Kovac Katelyn Rusz Katherine Keating Kappy Graney Kevin Jordan Kevin Parsons Kyle Stocker Ladies Luvin’ Charity Laura Garry Lauren Dysarz Lauren Iversen Lauryn VanLoon Lexie Medford Liz Brockman Macey Reid Madi Farstvedt Maria Helner Maria Mukrdechian Mark & Beth Vojtisek Mark & Donna Miller Mark & Kelly Redd Mark & Marisol Spencer Mark & Stacy O’Brien Marley Redd Maureen Buck Matthew Arenz Megan Vargason Mike & Debbie Franks Mike & Pam Woloson Mike & Sherry VanLoon Milena Spencer Naif & Gail Naseef Nicholas Naseef

Noah Denver Paul & Ayana Potts & family Paul & Elizabeth Lelli Penny Shults Pete & Janine Tremonti Pete & Sonyia Pfeiffer & family Peyton Benjamin Philip & Renee Klebba Reaghan Stephens Rachel Klebba Randy & Terri Rusz Reed & Mel Fraley Rick and Lana Seidel Rilee Harris Rochester Soccer Club Rod, Lisa & Morgan Moore Ruth Nelson Sage Crocker Shari Crocker Stephen Oberhiem Steve & Karen Buskirk Steve Naseef Steve Norman Susan Sylvester Sydney Naseef Tatianna Bragg Tim & Jennifer Dysarz Tom & Renee Stocker Tracy Gorski Tracy Gribben Wes & Mavis Miller Zach & Shannon James & family Zachary Mikulec


THANK YOU E4:12 Graduation congratulations to the members of E4:12 and thank you for the many hours of selfless service performed with provideInc over the past four years! You will be missed! Maria Helner Anna Leonard Marley Redd Cheyenne Lada Milena Spencer Elaina VanLoon Morgan Moore Jolie Tremonti Peyton Benjamin Katarina Kovac Rachel Klebba Katelyn Rusz Sydney Naseef Lauren Dysarz All the best as you begin your college careers! Tatianna Bragg Madi Farstvedt Our first E4:12 service project of senior year encouraging and cheering on “A Mother’s Wish” walkers and runners in honor of Kathy Luby.


FOUR-YEAR VOLUNTEERS Thank you to the volunteer speakers who served the E4:12 members over the course of their senior year, addressing CRU’s (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) “Top Ten Questions College Students Ask About Jesus and the Christian Faith” as well as “Money Smarts for College and Beyond”.


Aaron Thomason Ayana Knox-Potts Chris & Liz Zarbaugh Christine Bertram Jack Malloy John & Kathy Richardson John & Sue Dankovich Maria Mukrdechian Rick & Lana Seidel Steve Norman Tracy Gorski Sunday, Sept 13, 2015 the first E4:12 “speaker meeting” of senior year with provideInc Board Members, Rick & Lana Seidel, addresssing the foundational question:

“Can the Bible be trusted?”



Brian & Maureen Buck - MI Chris & Liz Zarbaugh - MI Eric & Michelle Kasten - KY Guy & Linda Beauregard - MI Isaac & Yetta Pann - MI John & Geraldine Sawyer - MI Kaye Moeller - MI Larry & Sue Heiserman - OH Michael & Stacey Garrison - VA Mitchell & Barbara Barratt - MI Pam Gumns - MI Patrick & Julianne Reyes - MI Rick & Anne VanHeukelom - MI Rob & Barb Pote - MI Scott Family Trust - MI Tim & Jennifer Dysarz - MI Ush & Brenda Jaacks - MI


Brian Milby - AL Brian & Kim Farstvedt - MI Dick & Judy Baumhauer - MI Donald & Deborah Osbourne - MI Donna Bur - MI Eddie & Isabel Thomas - MI Elizabeth Lin - MI Frank & Joan Ryde - MI Gary & Mary Jo Houck - MI

Gary & Wendy Warner - MI Howard & Suzanne Pann - MI John & Lorraine Andary - MI John & Mary Cox - MI Judy Martin - VA Malcolm & Marcy Blacken - VA Mark & Beth Vojtisek - MI Steve & Beth Jaekle - VA Tammy Pruitt - AL Tom & Renea Stocker - MI


Anonymous - OH Bob & Meg Schubert - MI Bob & Nola Cucheran - MI Carl & Sheila Messing - MI Corey & Beverlee Galstan - VA David & Angie Okonski - MI David & Anita Leonard - MI David & Gaye Luch - MI Fred & Jennifer Coleman - MI Fred & Robin DeSantis - MI Jimmie Sesi - MI Jody & Daniella Medford - MI Keith & Sue Williams - MI Kroger Community Rewards - OH Margaret Hale - AL Marybeth Hodapp - MI Mike & Debbie Franks - MI Mony & Rose Chabria - IL

FINANCIAL DONORS Paul & Elizabeth Lin - MI Richard & Linda Moran - FL Rick & Joyce Schaefer - MI Ryan & Gwynne Bambach - MI


Dan & Susan Shoemaker - MI David & Betsy Sonnier - VA Frank & Kay Ryde - MI Kevin & Colleen Everett - MI Mark & Julie Davis - MI Melody VanderPloeg - MI Mike & Sherry VanLoon - MI Perry & Sarah Fri - VA Pete & Janine Tremonti - MI Phillip & Susan Bosma - GA Steve & Karen Buskirk - OH William Bohon - TX


JP & Kristen Aragon - TX John & Sue Dankovich - MI Laura Hogue - AL Greg & Patty Wernette - MI Brian & Kim Daenzer - MI Charlie & Katie Biele - Dubai, United Arab Emirates Q3 Asset Management - MI Thank you Brad Giaimo


David & Karin Wells - MI Jeff & Gina Petherick - MI Mark & Donna Miller - MI Mike & Carol Verville - MI Pat & Adele Gipson - GA Paul & Ayana Potts - MI Philip & Renee Klebba - MI Phillip & Lorraine Landfried - VA


Naif & Gail Naseef - MI The Doctors Management Company - CA Thank you Sherry VanLoon


Alan & Jennifer Bosma - GA Jamie & Kris McBride - MI Josylyn Avenue Presbyterian Church Congregation - MI

OVERWHELMED Al & Judy Buskirk - VA Bill & Lee Ellis - RI

ASTOUNDED Anonymous - MI



Because even the youngest of kids can help to make the world a better place! Your local Lake Orion coffee shop! Serving hand crafted coffee with genuine heart! 1472 Lapeer Road Lake Orion, MI 48362


118 Indianwood Rd Lake Orion, MI 48362 Owner: Gabrielle Boger GBLiveFit@gmail.com (248) 520-8474 an acoustic, intimate music


Find us on Facebook: 20 Front Street

venue and social cafe offering

loose leaf tea,

coffee, deserts, and a seasonal creamery with house made ice creams and custards.

Coming Soon to Downtown Lake Orion

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Penny Shults, Orion Township Clerk

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STATISTICS “Employ whatever God has entrusted you with, in doing good, all possible good, in every possible kind and degree.� - John Wesley

*2014-2015 number includes mission trip fundraiser donors.



Expenditures 2015 - 2016

Project Expenditures 2015 - 2016

E4:12 Program expenditures includes contributions and/or supply provisions for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) of Michigan, A Mother’s Wish 5K/10K Run/Walk, ESTHERS Brazil, Flint H20 Project, and Union Grace Baptist Church Coat Drive.


provideInc.org c/o Lori Naseef 4166 Bandury Drive Lake Orion, MI 48359

provideInc.org Lori@provideInc.org 248-420-8816

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