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Winter 2013-2014

Volume 55, No. 3

But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. St. Luke 2:19

... Nicaragua

Healthy, loving mothers and babies from Lorettoassociated work in ...

... Florida

... Ghana


About this issue . . .

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We work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us.


he cover logo marks this Loretto Magazine as the Winter 2013-2014 edition, and appropriately so. In addition to a wonderful piece on Loretto Christmas traditions and the memories it is bound to evoke, page 16, the issue is full of warm wishes for a joyous New Year. With you, our readers, we anticipate Loretto’s many plans for ministry, the achievement of ambitious goals, and easier, more accessible ways for our readers, donors and friends to discover what Loretto is doing and where it’s going this year. Starting on page 4 news stories detail the recent protest march against the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (a war school) involving Loretto, other religious communities, volunteers, and supporters. The Loretto support for rescinding several 15th century Papal Bulls from the Vatican should interest many readers. Also, a project set in motion by Loretto’s Archivist Eleanor Craig SL, is gathering one-on-one interviews with 100 Loretto Community members about the work they chose to do to meet the needs of the times during the past 40 years. Natalie Wing SL has written a beautiful piece about the spiritual nature of the Kentucky protesters against the Bluegrass Pipeline’s planned path through the heartland of Kentucky, including Loretto Motherhouse grounds, page 8. Loretto Volunteer Molly Butler, assigned to Sally Dunne and Loretto’s United Nations NGO, covers the exciting U.N. celebration, “Day of the Girl,” page 12. We’re certain you’ll enjoy these stories.

Contents Notes & News ..................................................................4 Compassionate Resistance: Bluegrass Pipeline .............8 Loretto Active in United Nations ‘Day of the Girl’...........12

Loretto Community members teach, nurse, care for the elderly, lobby, minister in hospitals, provide spiritual direction and counseling, resettle refugees, staff parishes, try to stop this country’s nuclear weapons build-up, work with the rural poor, and minister to handicapped, alcoholic, and mentally ill adults. Our ministries are diverse. The Loretto Community, founded in 1812 as the Sisters of Loretto, is a congregation of Catholic vowed sisters and lay co-members. Loretto co-members are those who, by mutual commitment, belong to the Community through a sharing of spirit and values and participating in activities that further our mission. For more information contact: Loretto Community Membership Staff 4000 So. Wadsworth Blvd. Littleton, CO 80123-1308 Phone: 303-783-0450 Fax: 303-783-0611 Web: Loretto Magazine is published three times a year by the Loretto

Then and Now: Loretto Christmas Traditions ................16 Remembrances ..............................................................19 Memorials & Tributes of Honor ..................................... 22

Winter 2013-2014

Volume 55, No. 3

But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. St. Luke 2:19

... Nicaragua

Healthy, loving mothers and babies from Loretto missions in ...

... Florida

... Ghana

On the Cover: Loretto Magazine editors wanted to pay homage to the Christmas nativity story on our Winter edition cover. With superb responses from Loretto sisters and co-members who work in U.S. missions and faraway foreign projects, we were able to publish photos of mothers and babies whose health and outlook have improved with loving Loretto hands and generous support from our Loretto friends. See related story, page 5.

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Dear Loretto Family and Friends, “A people who walked in darkness has seen a great light; for those dwelling in a land of deep gloom, a light has shown.� Isaiah 9:1



Pearl McGivney SL Loretto President

Denise Ann Clifford SL Loretto Development Coordinator

notes & news

Thirteen Catholic groups — in solidarity with indigenous people — join their request to ask Pope Francis to rescind Papal Bulls from 15th century


St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome. Illustrated by Mark Tenney.

Today’s relationships between governments and indigenous people in the Americas, Africa and Oceania have as their foundation the “Doctrine of Discovery.” It is a principle of international law with roots dating back to 15th century papal bulls. These decrees largely were used to justify Western Europe’s dominion over lands occupied for thousands of years by indigenous peoples. They made possible the European age of “discovery,” sanctioning and promoting the conquest, colonization and exploitation of non-Christian lands and peoples.

notes & news

Loretto supports School of Americas vigil and protest, Fort Benning, Ga.

Shown is the Loretto contingent who joined with 4,000 other peace-and-justice advocates in November to protest the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly School of Americas), Fort Benning, Ga. Loretto has participated for years.

“Jose Antonio, 16 years old. Presente… Adrian Ramirez, 2 years old. Presente…” “This is Maureen Smith from the gates of Fort Benning.

Photos for Loretto Magazine front-and-back covers arrive from across the world The Advent and Christmas seasons are times when Christians think about Mary and Joseph and the birth of the Savior. For 20 centuries the Madonna and Child have been depicted in paint, stone, clay, and in many other forms. Loretto Magazine put out a call for photos of 21st century mothers with their babies from the missions where Loretto members actively serve. The result is as you see . . . amazing! We thank Catherine (Kitty) Madden SL in Nicaragua, Co-member Alicia Zapata RSM in Florida, Marie Ego SL who worked 18 years in Ghana, Mary Ann Gleason SL in Uganda, and Jessica Cockrill and son Beau Matthew Cockrill in El Paso, Texas.

notes & news

Ambitious new interview series captures Loretto endeavors during past 40 years

By Carolyn Dunbar


Photo by Donna Mattingly SL

decided we would not assign individuals File photo of Loretto Archivist Eleanor Craig SL (standing right) demonstrating the automated capabilities of the computer system that manages access to Loretto information and records. The system is available to the public who visit the Archives Heritage opened during the Loretto Community’s 200th Jubilee Homecoming celebration at the Motherhouse in late April 2012. Many patrons have used the system since then. Eventually the “100 Interviews” transcripts and audio interviews will be access through “Pass the Word,” the Kentucky Oral History Commission’s website,

was trained to do, and various works or

Next steps

loretto community members to remember


Ann Francis Gleason SL

Julia Anne McEntee SL

July 31, 1920 — Nov. 29, 2013 Sister Ann Francis was 93 years old at the time of her death and in her 71st year as a Sister of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross. She served for many years as secretary, registrar, and volunteer at Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, Calif., formerly St. Lawrence High School. Ann Francis also taught high school French, was a high school principal, and served as dean of women at Loretto Heights College in Denver, team coordinator of the Loretto Denver Center, and bursar for the Loretto Motherhouse

Dec. 29, 1932 — Oct. 29, 2013 Sister Julia Anne was 80 years old at the time of her death and in her 59th year as a Sister of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross. Even at a young age, she had a goal to serve God and a desire to be a Sister of Loretto. She served for many years in El Paso, Texas, as maintenance director of Loretto Academy and in the Denver area as a clerical worker, where she received many commendations for her outstanding work. Later, she began a second career as a nurse, serving in hospitals in Colorado and Arizona and at the Denver Loretto Center. She also taught grade school and was secretary to the president of the Sisters of Loretto. In her early retirement years she served in pastoral care.

autobiography, Sister Ann Francis wrote, “I believe, deeply, that God entered my life way, way back and that, as it unfolded, I was moved in ‘mysterious ways.’”

Readers are encouraged to read detailed remembrances at, select News.

Pass the word www.

two Loretto interview collections are


Compassion in action:

Loretto resists the Bluegrass Pipeline Opposition grows as pipeline builders plan to span Kentucky’s heartland By Natalie Wing SL

II. Here where the dark-sourced stream brims up, In its stepped fall from cup to cup Of tumbled rocks, singing its round From cloud to sea to cloud, I climb Under a wind that batters limb On limb, still roaring as it has Two nights and days, cold in slow spring. But ancient song in a wild throat Recalls itself and starts to sing In storm-cleared light; and the bloodroot, Twinleaf, and rue anemone Among bare shadows rise, keep faith With what they have been and will be Again: frail stem and leaf, mere breath Of white and starry bloom, each form Recalling itself to its place And time. Give thanks, for no windstorm Or human wrong has altered this, The forfeit Garden that recalls Itself here, where both we and it Belong; no act or thought rebels To be eternal. Such a bliss Of bloom’s no ornament, but root And light, and saving loveliness,


ave you ever walked the grounds of the Loretto Motherhouse? local poet

continued on p. 10

Photo by Donna Mattingly SL

Loretto Motherhouse Community members in Kentucky protested the Bluegrass Pipeline last summer. Photo by Peg Jacobs CoL.

creation, is a core value underlying my work to prevent the Bluegrass Pipeline here in Kentucky.” “We’re just doing what people of good will have always done when threatened by something that could destroy what they love.”

“At the onset, we met to share how we can be effective in a nonviolent way.” “We act as a collective response to a situation that threatens the well-being of the statewide community.” “We felt called by the Spirit to respond to the love of our planet.” “The sacredness of the earth, water, and all life impels us to act and to share as family to a need with love and care.” “We respect one another for our individuality and what we offer at the table.” “Our call to reverence all of God’s creation, especially earth, and to recognize our interdependence as one part of earth’s

An Energy Vision from the Heart of Kentucky’s “Holy Land”


2013 Bluegrass Pipeline Protest Timeline By Katie Jones, Loretto Volunteer Coordinator

February: Kentuckians begin to hear about a proposed natural gas liquids pipeline that would cut through central Kentucky.


July: ask permission to survey Motherhouse property and nearby Trappists’ Gethsemani property. Both refuse. July: Loretto Pipeline Committee forms to organize resistance to the pipeline. Members go door-to-door in Marion County and set up tables at church picnics, talking to neighbors about the dangers of this project. Members organize a well-attended town hall meeting for the residents of Loretto, Ky.


August: Members of the committee prayerfully held vigil at an open house sponsored by the pipeline company. Organizing at the town, county and state level continues. Media attention on the religious response to the pipeline grows. September: The pipeline company goes on record to say that they do not plan to route the line through the Loretto Motherhouse property. The community continues its efforts against the pipeline – making clear its belief that “all land is holy.”


November: A faith-based organization circulates a petition, asking for people of faith everywhere to stand with the sisters against the pipeline. The Loretto Community, along with other local religious leaders, delivers the 36,000-name petition to Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear.

For more information on resistance to the Bluegrass Pipeline visit or follow the pipeline blogsite at To support the work of the Bluegrass Pipeline resistance please visit

December: The Loretto Community, the Dominican Sisters of Peace, and the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth write an “Energy Vision Statement,” which articulates the ecological and spiritual values that motivate their work on this issue. More than 100 communities of many faiths and from many locations signed the statement.

Girl activists SPEAK OUT at the United Nations By Molly Butler, Loretto Volunteer 2013-2014

Photos by Pratik Doshi


The United Nations “International Day of the Girl� eve and Social Council conference chamber at U.N. Hea member, and a number of Loretto volunteers organiz

ent in October drew teenaged girls, young women, and career advocates for girls’ rights across the globe. They packed the U.N. Economic adquarters in New York to both speak out on and listen to issues of girls’ rights. Loretto’s U.N. NGO Representative Sally Dunne, a Loretto cozed the Community’s participation in the “Speak Out.”

continued on p. 14

U.N. “International Day of the Girl” participants vote with pride and excitement in the Economic and Social Council chambers in mid-October.

From left: Girl advocate Lizzy; panelist Yeimy; panelist Sophie; and girl advocate Julia. Panelist Diana, active in the New York State Youth Leadership Conference, opened her spirited talk declaring, “I am undocumented, unafraid, and unapologetic.” Diana said she recognizes the critical importance of education for all girls, including the undocumented.

The Loretto U.N.- International Day of the Girl panelists and girl advocates gather for a little fun and relaxation. From left: Malika, Diana, Sophie, Anita, Yeimy, Christina, Julia, and Lizzy.

303-783-0450, ext. 1724

U.N. General Assembly prepares to roll out next global development agenda in 2015 Annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) set for March 2014 Loretto at the U.N. gears up to host largest delegation of Loretto students and members to attend CSW By Molly Butler As a non-governmental organization (NGO) with consultative status at the United Nations, Loretto works to bring the values of the community and voices of marginalized communities into the global decision-making process at the United Nations. We work in collaboration with other NGOs and members of civil society as well as with U.N. member states and agencies to advocate for human rights and a social-justice-oriented framework for creating international policy. Given the U.N. General Assembly is now preparing to implement the next global development agenda in 2015, we as civil society are faced with a unique and critical opportunity to participate in this visionary process. Member states have agreed to prioritize sustainability in the next set of development goals — considering the urgent needs of the planet — while continuing to work toward poverty eradication and systemic change that respects the human rights of all people. With these priorities in mind, John W. Ashe, president of the 68th U.N. General Assembly, and his team are working diligently to promote engagement with all relevant stakeholders in preparing this development agenda to incorporate a shared vision of a sustainable future for all. To encourage global participants to collaborate in creating concrete goals and strategies for implementation, Ashe has outlined six thematic areas to facilitate global dialogue over the next year.

Contributions of South-South cooperation*, triangular cooperation*, and information communication technology for development The role of partnerships Ensuring stable and peaceful societies Water, sanitation, and sustainable energy Loretto and its partners are actively following this important process, participating in multistakeholder discussions around these major themes and advocating for those voices traditionally excluded from the dialogue. We work the rights of women and girls around the world, and the rights of migrants, indigenous peoples and other excluded and marginalized groups. In addition, we advocate for a human-rights-based approach to energy extraction that respects the rights of Mother Earth. Loretto at the U.N. is gearing up for the annual Commission on the Status of Women in March 2014, where Loretto will host the largest delegation of Loretto students, faculty, and members we’ve ever had. Students from Loretto high schools in St. Louis, Denver and Kansas City will join this global discussion to advance the rights of women and girls, to raise their own voices and listen to those of women and girls around the world. We have a lot to look forward to over the next few

These areas include: Contributions of women, the young, and civil society Human rights and the rule of law

to work on an array of cross-cutting justice issues that relate so closely to the heart of the Loretto Community.

* South-South cooperation refers to collaboration among countries of the global South in political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, and technical domains. Triangular cooperation is collaboration among traditional donor countries and multilateral organizations to facilitate South-South initiatives through funding, training, management, and technological systems.

Beloved Loretto traditions link rich past with vibrant present By Carolyn Dunbar

Photo by Carolyn Dunbar


Marie Joann Rekart SL created this Advent wreath at the Denver Loretto Center.




near and

Savior, and

O Wisdom

a scriptural

O Wisdom, O Holy Word of God, You govern all creation with your strong yet tender care: Come and show your people the way to salvation. after graduating

O Radiant Dawn O Radiant Dawn, splendor of eternal light, sun of justice: Come, shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death.

O Lord of Israel

To master the art of plainsong and polyphonic chanting, Loretto postulants and novices were required to learn an ancient form of musical notation with squares representing musical notes on four-line stanzas. The texts were sung in Latin.

O Sacred Lord of ancient Israel, who showed yourself to Moses in the burning bush, who gave him the holy law on Sinai mountain: Come, stretch out your mighty hand to set us free.

Memories of music still fresh

in Latin can

continued on p. 18

O Root of Jesse

O Flower of Jesse’s stem, you have been raised up as a sign for all peoples; kings stand silent in your presence; the nations bow down in worship before you. Come, let nothing keep you from coming to our aid.

O Key of David O Key of David, O royal Power of Israel, controlling at your will the gate of heaven: Come, break down the prison walls of death for those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death; and lead our captive people into freedom.

focusing on

practicing, of course, for

O King of All Nations

We sounded like

O King of all the nations, the only joy of every human heart; O Keystone of the mighty arch of man: Come and save the creature you fashioned from the dust.

Photo by Mary Pius Fagan OP

was a special

O Emmanuel O Emmanuel, king and lawgiver, desire of the nations, Savior of all people: Come and set us free, Lord our God. took Ward, and it was a wonderful

A display of brilliant poinsettias graces the chapel at the St. Louis Loretto Center.

to awaken us to go get dressed and

tradition during Loretto

girls, Loretto postulants and novices

Photo by Donna Mattingly SL

electronic representation is a faint

The morning dawns

Photo by Janet Rabideau SL


continued on p. 20

Photo by Peg Jacobs CoL

Traditions from old to new

Loretto Sisters of Loretto Marie Ego, Lupe Arciniega, and Sandy Ardoyno showcase their handiwork on the Motherhouse 2013 parade.

Photo by Peg Jacobs CoL

Above: Charlotte Marie Schwartz SL, in Santa hat, rides as 2012

Photo by Peg Jacobs CoL

Christmas parade, Loretto, Ky. Below: The 2013 Motherhouse entry in the small-town parade, complete with large decorated tree and traditional Christmas star. The townspeople and Motherhouse actively participate.


Memorials and Tributes of Honor September - November 2013 In Memory of: Requested by:

Throughout this list of Memorials and Tributes, an asterisk ( * that person as a Loretto Co-member.

Kay & Bernie Ambre Mary & Joseph Highland

Jerry Hayes The Loretto Community

Charles Ansbacher Hunt Alternatives Fund

Marie Noël Hebert SL James Hebert

John & Mary Antoine Albert & Valerie Antoine

Clare & Earl Highland Mary & Joseph Highland

Lauretta Bedard Robert & Patricia Triggs

Joseph Holoubek The Loretto Community

Dan Burke The Loretto Community

Mary Annie Howard Roberta Davis*

Eugene Calzetta Tony & Joellen McDonald

Barbara Hudson The Loretto Community

Mick Candlin The Loretto Community

Amanda Jones The Loretto Community

Aldea Caron SL Jean & Arthur Taylor

Bernice Juen SL Miriam Chen

Adolfo Codinach Maria Codinach

Patricia A. Kaiser Jerry & Valorie Becker

Michaela Collins SL Joan Schlueter

Rev. Paul Kersgieter The Loretto Community

Nellie Bru Coskrey Janice D’Alonzo and daughters Anne and Mary Beth

John (Jack) F. Knapp Betty Knapp

George Craig The Loretto Community Ann Dercher Cathryn & John Ulmer Carolyn Dicken Kevin & Julie Dicken Bill Domenico The Loretto Community Doris Frances Meiman

Ann Francis Gleason SL The Loretto Community Elizabeth Harmon The Loretto Community

Madeleine Marie Koch SL Catherine & Paul Czysz Abby Marie Lanners Patricia & Larry Lanners Appreciation for all Sisters of Loretto, my teachers, grade one through college Mary K. Schmidt Gillis Sister DeLellis Judge & all Sisters who taught at St. Mary’s School, Moberly, Mo. Sue Clement Sisters of Loretto who taught me Verlene Daniel Rogalin Marie Mailander The Loretto Community

The Newton & Marasco Families Helen Teter Barbara Mietzel McCormick The Loretto Community Julia Anne McEntee SL The Loretto Community Mr. & Mrs. G. C. McEvoy Patricia Kabler Jenny McNut The Loretto Community Bill Minelli Sally Minelli Jesse James Moody Denise Ann Clifford SL Kevin Nelan The Loretto Community Ruth Mary Olszewski SL Nancy Luger JoAnn Pelliccia The Loretto Community Ann Monica Pierce SL Carol & Lawrence McDaniel Anthony & Judith Piana Frances Ratermann SL Julianna & R. Noel Longuemare, Jr. Loretto Academy Faculty, El Paso, Texas The Loretto Community Suzanne & Bob Mapes Andrew & Lucille Ratermann

Patricia Clancy Schuerger Thomas Schuerger Leoann Schuler SL Barbara Hagan Rose Alma Schuler SL Barbara Hagan Helen Sullivan Tony & Joellen McDonald Susan Swain SL Alicia Ramírez SL Eugenia Thompson SL Miriam Chen Lucy Thompson SL Betty Knapp Alice Eugene Tighe SL Mary Bickel Jim & Peggy Bischof Dr. Mohamed & Hanar Marzouk Shaden Marzouk Youssef & Stephanie Marzouk John & Fiona Tighe Thomas Tighe & Margaret Green The Toolen Family Patti Toolen Kratschmer Rita Triggs Robert & Patricia Triggs Mary Susan Truitt Lucy Weiss Valeria Usinger SL Anthony & Judith Piana

Paul & Mary Jane Reinhart Pat Reinhart

Ann Patrick Ware SL Deborah Barrett Virgie Luchsinger SFCC

Francis Louise Ritter SL Helen Ritter

Wayne Wexler The Loretto Community

Ann Lucille Ryan SL & Paul Sheffer

Joe Zapata The Loretto Community


In Honor of: Requested by:

Sandy Ardoyno SL Marianna Finch

Donald K. Harmon The Loretto Community

Claudia Calzetta Karen Cassidy

Donna Hinds The Loretto Community

Angelus Caron SL Jean & Arthur Taylor

Cecily Jones SL Martha J. Alderson*

Eleanor Craig SL, 50th Jubilee Pat Egan Berne Linda Cecil Yvonne &Tom Foley Mary Hargadon Mary & Joseph Highland Andrea Macmillan Wanda Russell Linda & Richard Scott Karlyne & Thomas Tedesco Carol Thompson

Theresa Kinealy* Jo Ann* & Lawrence* J. Purcell

Donna Day SL Kathleen Kaiman & Michael Peterson

Sisters of Loretto who taught at St. Patrick Central High School, Kankakee, Ill. Donald & Jane Granger

Denise Elder Sally Minelli Nancy Finneran SL Shirley & John Edmonson Jeannine Gramick SL Joan O’Neill Mert Preston

Appreciation for all Sisters of Loretto, my teachers, grade one through college Mary K. Schmidt Gillis Retired Sisters of Loretto Margaret Hayes Sisters of Loretto in Shanghai Luciana & Arthur Young

Sisters of Loretto who taught me Verlene Daniel Rogalin Mary Fran Lottes SL Katherine D. Lottes

Gabriel Mason SL Margaret Wasaff Carpenter Pearl McGivney SL Bette Wilbers Mary Jo & Heather Moana Mary & Joseph Highland Cathy Mueller SL Anne Kelly Maureen O’Connell SL, 50th Jubilee Pat Egan Berne Linda Cecil Yvonne & Tom Foley Mary Hargadon Mary & Joseph Highland Andrea Macmillan Wanda Russell Linda & Richard Scott Karlyne & Thomas Tedesco Carol Thompson

For any questions, comments, or corrections, please contact Denise Ann Clifford SL at the Loretto

303-783-0450, ext. 1724 or deniseann@

Marie Joann Rekart SL Jeanette Hof Mary Swain SL Alan R. Miller

The Newton & Marasco Families Helen Teter 303-783-0450, ext. 1724

Small ice-covered pine tree at Loretto Motherhouse in January. Photo by Donna Mattingly SL.

Loretto Magazine


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1 Corinthians: 13-13

So faith, hope, love remain, these three . . .

... Uganda ... El Paso . . .but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians: 13-13

Loretto Magazine - Winter 2013/2014  

Loretto Magazine is published three times a year. The publication highlights how the Loretto Community works for justice and acts for peace,...

Loretto Magazine - Winter 2013/2014  

Loretto Magazine is published three times a year. The publication highlights how the Loretto Community works for justice and acts for peace,...