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Spring-Summer 2013

Volume 55, No. 1

Mountaintop Coal Mining . . . . . . strips coal from the earth and families of their way of life . . . Loretto’s UN-NGO sharpens focus on devastating human impact

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erhaps one of the more striking things about this Spring-Summer edition of Loretto Magazine — other than the remarkable cover photo and lead article on mountaintop mining — is the sheer number of generous donors who have contributed to Loretto during 2012 and 2013. These listings go on for six pages in small type, starting on page 18, and only reflect those financial gifts received in the Development Office from last September through this February. In our upcoming Summer-Fall edition, scheduled for release in September, we will list those donors who gave from March through August this year. And we know that list is already very long.

The many celebrations of Loretto’s 200th Anniversary in 2012 were enjoyed all over the country and in Pakistan, Ghana, Guatemala, and other countries. The year was a whirlwind of public, private and spiritual gatherings. Loretto was well remembered by our communtiy, former students, friends, and family. Loretto Magazine is intended for you, our donors, and we sincerely thank you for everything you do to help us continue our mission to those in need. We also welcome a new column from Loretto President Pearl McGivney SL, opposite. She “took the reins” for a six-year term in January, and has agreed to participate in Loretto’s longstanding publishing tradition. Won’t you welcome her, too?

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On the Cover: Photo courtesy of The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition. Maria Gunnoe, an OVEC organizer, is pictured standing on what is left of an Appalachian mountaintop after it has been stripped of coal from the top down. Nearly 400 vertical feet of the mountaintop have been removed.

2 • Loretto Magazine

LORETTO COMMUNITY Sisters of Loretto • Co-members of Loretto

We work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us. Loretto Community members teach, nurse, care for the elderly, lobby, minister in hospitals, provide spiritual direction and counseling, resettle refugees, staff parishes, try to stop this country’s nuclear weapons build-up, work with the rural poor, and minister to handicapped, alcoholic, and mentally ill adults. Our ministries are diverse. Founded in 1812, Loretto includes 215 sisters and 214 co-members. Co-members are those who, by mutual commitment, belong to the Loretto Community through a sharing of spirit and values and participating in activities that further our mission. For more information contact: Loretto Community Membership Staff 4000 So. Wadsworth Blvd. Littleton, CO 80123-1308 Phone: 303-783-0450 Fax: 303-783-0611 Web: Loretto Magazine is published three times a year by the Loretto Development Office: Development Coordinator: Denise Ann Clifford SL Communications Director: Jean M. Schildz Editing, Layout, and Production: Carolyn Dunbar Financial Accountant: Chris Molina Special Development Projects: Lydia Peña SL Advisory Panel: Denise Ann Clifford SL Jean Schildz Rebecca Sallee-Hanson Katie Jones Editorial Office: Loretto Central Office 4000 So. Wadsworth Blvd. Littleton, CO 80123-1308 303-783-0450, ext. 1718 Circulation Office: Loretto Staff Office 590 E. Lockwood Ave. Webster Groves, MO 63119 314-962-8112

Dear Loretto Friends,


s Loretto’s newly elected leader, I frequently visit with Loretto Community members. While at the Loretto Motherhouse in Nerinx, Ky., earlier this year, a sister shared a favorite saying: “Surrender to what is Let go of what was Have faith in what will be.”

This concept makes me think about Loretto’s journey as we move beyond our 200th anniversary and begin to make sense of the exploration in which we’re now engaged: “In Good Company.” This is Loretto’s theme as we move forward. The whole Community is now discerning this, our greatest reality in this time in our history. Integrated into this sense of Loretto are the relationships, the connectedness of all those who have been part of our lives, all those who are engaged in mission with us — through their contributions, through maintaining the living and ministering relationships of Loretto, and through instituting new global connections. We need to reach out and to know the entire global reality of how Loretto is being a Community in mission and being missioned in community. Ultimately, this journey takes us into our exploration into the Divine Mystery. We thank you for your presence with us along this journey and invite you to continue with us on this pilgrimage in discerning what Loretto is becoming for the next 200 years. Also, I look forward to visiting with our readers in each edition of Loretto Magazine. It’s exciting and rewarding to be a part of a Loretto publishing tradition that began in 1893 and will carry forward with us into our third century.

Pearl McGivney SL, Loretto President

Dear Readers,


he calendar year 2013 is almost half over, and the cycle of “new beginnings” for Loretto is well underway. There are some new faces in our administrative and regional staff offices, new alignments of staff members, new directives and expectations. Calendars are filled with organizational meetings, team-building and planning sessions. I expected a respite following the whirlwind of our Jubilee Year 2012. Not so! Our journey continues, literally! My travel schedule the past five months included meetings and events in Illinois, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri and Texas! The highlight of my travels is the opportunity to spend time with family and many wonderful friends whom I have come to know and love through my years of ministry as a Loretto educator and Development Coordinator. What a joy to share your life journeys and to know how your lives continue to intersect with Loretto. With you, dear friends . . . • we share the joys and blessings that your children and grandchildren bring to your life; • we seek ways to use our talents and resources to address the needs of the poor, homeless, abused, immigrants, sick and elderly, the lonely and dying among us; • we pray, work, and act for peace and justice in our families, communities, world; • we strive to preserve this planet which we occupy with all of creation through our efforts to protect our natural resources, living simply and responsibly; • we mourn the loss of love ones — family members and faithful friends — and celebrate their new life with our God; • we keep our hearts open to the Spirit of Life working within us to accomplish what we could never dream or imagine! We welcome your companionship as we continue our journey into this next century of Loretto life! We know not what lies ahead, but we face the future, confident we are not alone. Our God is present, and we have loving and supportive friends traveling with us!

Denise Ann Clifford SL, Loretto Development Coordinator Spring-Summer 2013 • 3

Loretto’s Golden and Silver Jubilarians are going stronger than ever in 2013 Twelve Loretto Community members celebrate their Golden and Silver Jubilees in 2013. Here are six of their stories. Look for six additional Jubilarians in the Fall edition of Loretto Magazine.

Golden Jubilee, 50 years

Golden Jubilee, 50 years

Claudia Calzetta SL

Eleanor Craig SL I am currently Loretto’s Archivist.

I have the privilege to serve as

the Assistant Volunteer Coordinator for the Loretto Volunteer program. I love my job. I enjoy the work with young adults. They energize me, make me laugh and inspire me with their willingness to work for justice and act for peace. The job has been a wonderful transition from my work as campus minister at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. During my 12 years at SIUE the young people showed me first hand what it is to live simply; to live with honesty and compassion; to temper hard days with honest ‘belly’ laughs; and to believe in a God who loves each created person equally and unconditionally.

Claudia Calzetta, fifth from right, and her Loretto Volunteers share a fun moment at the entrance to Loretto, Ky.

The young volunteers also allowed me the opportunity to introduce them to Loretto and Loretto values. For 12 years, the SIUE students traveled to the Motherhouse and volunteered their time and talents with community members and worked on the property. They each loved their Motherhouse experience, and many have returned to visit the Motherhouse community and volunteer their time. My transfer to Loretto was one of the best decisions of my life. I will always be grateful for a chance meeting with Kathy Sullivan at Aquinas Institute of Theology. It was here that I learned about Loretto, made new Loretto friends and made the decision to transfer and become a vowed member of Loretto. Am I happy that I did this? Without any hesitation, I say yes.

4 • Loretto Magazine

Eleanor Craig earns her Ed.D. from Boston University in1987.

My friends say the job suits me to a tee, and I agree. Wherever I walk, my feet seem to land naturally, one in the past and one in the future. I am fascinated with the rich world of past accomplishments, and yet I feel the pull and promise of future possibilities. As Archivist, I spend my days treasuring the papers and artifacts that attest to Loretto’s 200 years of dedicated service, first in schools and more recently in wider contexts. I also give a lot of attention to new ways of using digital tools to organize our documents and tell our story to a wider public. For instance, we’ve entered into a partnership with the Kentucky Historical Society Oral History Commission to create online access to Loretto’s large collection of interviews with sisters and co-members.

I attended Nerinx Hall and Webster College in the 1950s and early ‘60s. Like so many who joined the Loretto Community then and now, I was attracted by the sisters themselves: they were supportive, enthusiastic, and very smart. They laughed — a lot! And they seemed genuinely to enjoy and care for one another. At first it was Loretto teachers that I wanted to emulate. The women who taught me at Nerinx included creative and energetic young sisters, each one a thoughtful and inspiring individual. At Webster, I was part of the development of the “new math” and many other curriculum projects. It was a heady time of change and challenge! Gradually the joy and meaning that my Loretto teachers brought to the classroom attracted me to join the Loretto Community. I don’t think I have had a moment’s regret.

was helping people master. In the process, the diversity and differences spurred me to grow and to give more than I knew I could give. Although not everything has been easy for me, I have always believed that God gave me, with my Loretto vocation, a gift of energy and a passion for teaching to guide me and carry me through times of opportunity, change and uncertainty. Needing a break from the stress of community organizing, I chose to use my True to form, Eleanor makes a fast start in the Loretto Novitiate. organizing skills temporarily in the role of office manager. I worked for an arts agency, Accessible Arts, whose mission is to make arts experiences accessible for I entered Loretto assuming I would have children with disabilities. The agency’s a long and happy life in the classroom. offices were on the campus of the Kansas My goal was to become a “good school State School for the Blind, and very woman” like the sisters I admired. The soon a new passion caught hold of me. gift of life in Loretto has, indeed, enabled The Superintendent of the School and I me to be a passionate teacher, first as a created a program combining history, arts, math teacher of high-school girls, then as a teacher of teachers. Sister Marlene Spero and outdoor adventure for teens who are blind. For 14 years I planned, coordinated, and I created a master’s degree program for elementary school teachers. We started and guided summer adventures along the pioneer trails leading the program for out of Kansas City Webster University, to the West. More in the evenings and than 100 teens and summers while we an equal number of were teaching high adults took part in school at Loretto in these adventures. Kansas City. I know We were honored by from my archival regional and national work, that was a organizations, very “Loretto” thing including receiving to do, creating a an award at the new educational White House opportunity to meet in 2008. Many a specific need, and members of the beginning it while continuing other In 2008 Eleanor, left, with one of her students Loretto Community works. accept a White House Award from First Lady contributed to our success, meeting Laura Bush on behalf of The Kansas State School for the Blind. us along the Trails, Eventually, helping to arrange I moved on, for programs and accommodations, and studied adult education, and became a participating in our Kansas City events. community organizer for the Community Farm Alliance in central Kentucky. I was When our funding from the National Park doing education beyond the classroom, helping dairy farmers and tobacco growers Service was eliminated in the 2010 budget cuts, the Discovery Trails Program came address the needs and concerns in their to an end. Almost before I had closed the local farm communities. When I look books, Loretto invited me to consider back on that part of my “teaching” career, assuming responsibility for the Heritage I am amazed that I dared to work in an Center Archives and Museum. A short area so far beyond my own experience internship with the National Archives and knowledge! It wasn’t farming, but Regional Center in Kansas City quickly collaboration and coalition-building that I

convinced me that I would love the work. Now that I’m at the Motherhouse, I am sure that I am and have been the most fortunate of all the participants in all my teaching efforts, having had an astonishing array of opportunities to educate myself as well as others. And I haven’t graduated yet!

Golden Jubilee, 50 years

Maureen Fiedler SL After 50 years in religious

life, I’ve never been busier! I host a weekly public radio show called Interfaith Voices, heard on 66 stations nationwide. It’s really a “classroom on the airwaves,” informing the public about contemporary religious issues and the diverse faith traditions that enrich our world. And, since it began in the months following the 9/11 attacks, it has been a vitally important way to promote interfaith understanding and collaboration. In addition to that, I am privileged to serve on the Executive Committee and Forum of Loretto where I learn something new about Loretto every day and help shape Loretto’s future in a special way. I first “met” Loretto at a distance in the 1960s, reading about the work of Mary Luke Tobin, SL at Vatican II and elsewhere. In those days, I was a Sister of Mercy of Erie, Pa., at first teaching high school in both Erie and Pittsburgh, and later attending Georgetown University where I earned a Ph.D. in Government. I was deeply interested in women’s rights; my dissertation was on women in American politics. At the end of that time, I encountered the Quixote Center, a new justice and peace center near Washington, D.C. At the invitation of cofounders Bill Callahan and Dolly Pomerleau, I joined the staff and became a codirector until I founded Interfaith Voices in 2001. For a variety of reasons, I began to look for a new religious community in the late 1970s, and because of Mary Luke, Loretto was high on my search Spring-Summer 2013 • 5

I am also completing a Master of Theological Studies degree through St. Meinrad School of Theology. In my spare time, I enjoy reading good novels. Lately I’ve been choosing World War II resistance stories. I will wander through an occasional flea market for creative ideas.

Always on the lookout for news, radio host Maureen Fiedler SL finds an opportunity to interview a young Muslim woman at an activist gathering.

list. Mary Fran Lottes invited me to an assembly. And as I met Loretto folks, I encountered a broad and deep dedication to the ideals of justice, peace and equality, and I knew I was home. As I was in the midst of the transfer process, the Loretto Women’s Network gave me the Mary Rhodes Award in 1982 because of my participation in a 37-day fast for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. I was thrilled to see Loretto’s dedication to gender equality in so concrete a way. I formally pronounced my vows as a Sister of Loretto in 1984. (I had been received into religious life in 1963 as a Sister of Mercy).

A quest to work for civil

For me, Loretto has been a community of deep friendships and gospel ideals. The community has been especially supportive of the great variety of justice and peace involvements in my life: the quest to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, a decade of work dedicated to ending the wars against the poor in Central America in the 1980s, the neverending work for church reform in the 1990s, and now Interfaith Voices. When it comes to “words to live by,” I am often inspired by the phrase on a card that Mark Luke sent me after I joined Loretto: “Go out on a limb; that’s where the fruit is!” 6 • Loretto Magazine

Silver Jubilee, 25 years

I first became acquainted with Loretto through Sue Rogers. We served on a professional pre-school evaluation team in Iowa in 1978-1980. Sue introduced me to Elaine Prevallet for retreat and to the 1873 House community at the Motherhouse (Sisters Rose Alma, Leoann Schuler and Judy Popp). Some years later I returned to Loretto for spiritual direction. As I headed up the Academy steps, something told me, “This is home for you.” I said, “No!”— but then look what happened. I have spent my 25 years in Loretto with the St. Louis and Motherhouse communities.

Mary Gutzwiller SL I have been living and working

in the Appalachian Mountains of southeastern Kentucky since 2008. I am a fulltime chaplain with Hospice of the Bluegrass in the Mountain Heritage Harlan office. I enjoy driving the mountain roads and visiting with patients in their homes. This is an intense ministry, and it feels to be a good fit for me. I love learning about the culture and religious traditions of the area. I am renewed by the beauty of creation in these mountains; each season has its own particular delight. I also see the environmental degradation of coal mining and resultant social justice issues on a daily basis. These are complex issues for the people here.

I live alone in the mountains and return to the Motherhouse as often as I can. I believe I am called to praise God and live the Gospel as a vowed religious. This commitment continues to free me to live fully and to deepen my relationship with God and others. Loretto respects the person and gifts of each member. I find it interesting how Loretto is again learning how to integrate this value with that of discerning what is best for the common good; i.e., what is the best decision for the sake of the whole community. Loretto includes these individual and communal matters while following the mission of the Gospel in the wider world. I also deeply appreciate being a part of a religious community that witnesses to the role of women in the church today.

Golden Jubilee, 50 years

Maureen O’Connell SL My time these days is split

between serving on committees and leadership teams in Loretto, and actively volunteering with local and state community organizations in Tennessee where I’ve lived for over 40 years. Three years ago I transitioned from a staff position (first as community organizer and later as executive director) with SOCM, a state-wide, grassroots community organization addressing issues of environmental, economic, and social justice in Tennessee. These days I volunteer fundraising with the Statewide Organizing for Community cMpowerment (SOCM), with a health policy group working for affordable healthcare for all. I am volunteer coordinator for a wonderful local festival celebrating diversity and local arts and culture, and on occasion help with other social change groups in the area. I also grow a big vegetable garden and love to hike and spend time outdoors! Growing up in East St. Louis, Ill., I met the Sisters of Loretto who taught me (and most of my 10 brothers and sisters!) at St. Patrick grade school. Loretto sisters were not only good teachers, they were also fun to be around and were very kind to my family. When I felt some nudge, some leaning toward a life of service and a life with God as center, I naturally gravitated to the Community I could imagine myself being a part of. For me life in Loretto has opened doors I could never have imagined going through. So many opportunities for study, for exposure to rich scripture studies, and over the years to the invitation to go deeper into the mystery and unknowable vastness of a God who continues to

create in love. My world expanded to include new understandings of a call to look at needs of the time and, listening to the Spirit, to respond to those needs. My sense of addressing injustice in the increasing places I encountered it and of building solidarity among diverse people to work to improve their lives, came from experiences nurtured in Loretto. I am grateful beyond words for my life!

Silver Jubilee, 25 years

Marie Plowman, or my aunt Sr. Mary Ann Cunningham. One summer I helped pack up the convent in Kankakee, Ill. It was a happy- sad time. Sad that the sisters were leaving, but happy because so many people in the parish would drop by in the evenings, and tell great detailed stories of how the sisters helped, mentored, or share a favorite memory of being taught in the school. Other times we would be on a real vacation, seeing places like the Chalet, up in the mountains in Colorado or swimming in the Heights pool. Who wouldn’t want to learn a song or two in Latin from Mary Ann Cunningham, as Mary Ann Coyle would burst out in her contagious laugh (since not all of us were born to carry a tune).

Cathy Smith SL I have been working since 2007

with CSJ Care in Kansas City, Mo. It is a home-based, senior companionship/ caregiving program, which is an umbrella ministry the of the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet. I have cared for quite a few interesting clients through the years and loved every minute of it. People have such rich life stories to share. Each weekend, I am the day chaplain at Truman Medical Center, a level-one trauma center, at the heart of the city. I spend a great amount of time in the Emergency room and the Intensive Care Units dealing with many fragile, often homeless patients suffering advanced chronic conditions. This is where I often find the God-given skills of compassion and patience so I can provided a genuine calm, openness and flexibility in serving a wide variety of patients, families, and staff. I am a third-generation Sister of Loretto. My maternal grandmother used to say, “I was born into Loretto.” She was a 1926 graduate here in Kansas City, along with many great aunts and aunts graduating as well as my mother in 1952. As child during some summer vacations, I would help my great aunt, Sr. Anna

I was raised with such an amazing group of women. How could I not want to be a part of them, or help take up the current cause they were concerned with! I am always amazed at the connectedness of Loretto ties. I can be in the grocery store or meeting someone for the first time at the hospital, and as the conversation continues . . . find a Loretto connection, be it with a person(s) or place or school. When I think I am small in number, I find another Loretto connection out there in the big wide world and see how far we have reached into people lives.

Chaplain Cathy Smith SL visits with her patient at Truman Medical Center, Kansas City, Mo.

Spring-Summer 2013 • 7

St. Louis citizens receive honors for the difference they make today Loretto Community in St. Louis recognizes women whose lives and work have had a positive influence on the city Photos by Jean Schildz

By Mary Seematter CoL


hroughout 2012 the St. Louis Loretto Community marked our Jubilee year by not only reflecting on 200 years of Loretto history but also celebrating Loretto alive and well today, in our work and in the work of others. We presented a series of Loretto Jubilee Awards to shine a light on women who are continuing Loretto’s dedication to education and to working for justice and acting for peace in the St. Louis area,

naming each award for a deceased Loretto member, honoring those women whose lives and work have had an impact on St. Louis. Those receiving the awards were recognized as carrying out today the passion and commitment of the Loretto women in whose name the award was given. The idea for the awards came out of a Jubilee planning meeting with St. Louis Community members. Barbara Roche

SL, Mary Ann McGivern SL, Concha de la Cruz SL, and Mary Seematter CoL volunteered to be the committee to organize the events and asked for nominations of women to receive the awards and to choose Loretto members whom we would honor. Initially one or two ceremonies were envisioned but so many worthy nominees were proposed that ultimately five events were held and awards presented to 28 individuals and two groups. Each of the individual awardees received a certificate and a copy of “A Century of Change,” the story of Loretto’s second century. The first presentation was a part of Nerinx Hall’s Foundation Day observation, on April 20, 2012, where eight individual women, the Nerinx Hall faculty and staff, and the Karen House Catholic Worker community were honored. Many of the awardees then met with students to share their stories in greater detail. During Loretto St. Louis’ major Jubilee observance at St. Pius Parish on Sept. 15, four more women were honored. Loretto had ministered at this south-side parish for many years, and parishioners who remembered their presence where happy to share the celebration with the community at the reception that followed.

Loretto Community members stand with St. Louis Jubilee Award winner Dr. Beth Stroble, April 27, at Webster University, Webster Groves, Mo. From left: Mary Seematter CoL, Mary Ann McGivern SL, Beth Stroble, Ph.D., Barbara Roche SL. 8 • Loretto Magazine

Awards given at Webster University on November 9 were in honor of Loretto women who had lived and worked at

“We presented a series of Loretto Jubilee Awards to shine a light on women who are continuing Loretto’s dedication to education and to working for justice and acting for peace in the St. Louis area, naming each award for a deceased Loretto member,

Barbara Roche SL, left, presenting an award for ourstanding political leadership to Jeanette Mott Oxford, executive director of the Missouri Association of Social Welfare, and a former state representative.

honoring those Webster. In a ceremony held in the Winifred Moore Auditorium (the former chapel), seven St. Louis women received awards in honor of former Loretto faculty or staff members. The Alumni Office provided a reception afterward, allowing awardees to visit with one another and Loretto members attending. The next award ceremony, Dec. 8, shared the day with Loretto sisters renewing their vows at the Loretto Center St. Louis. Eight women whose lives and work reflected Loretto values received their certificates and a copy of “A Century of Change.” They joined the community for brunch and an opportunity to renew old connections or begin new ones.

women whose lives and work have had an impact on

St. Louis.

Donna Rogers Beard, right, is honored for her work in education and racial justice. She is a master teacher with University City and the Clayton School District. Betty Connor CoL, left, presented, April 20, 2012, Nerinx Hall.

Finally, on April 27, 2013, Dr. Beth Stroble, current president of Webster University, came to receive her award, given in honor of two of her predecessors, Francetta Barberis CoL and Jacqueline Grennan Wexler CoL. At the breakfast reception afterward, Beth and her husband shared their table with members of the Loretto Community who are current parttime faculty or retired from the university. Former Loretto President Marian McAvoy SL was an enthusiastic supporter of the Loretto St. Louis Jubilee Awards. She said she loved the idea of recalling what our Loretto members of the past had accomplished and connecting them to today’s women in St. Louis who are carrying on that good work.

The Catholic Worker Community was one of two groups recognized for their ongoing commitment to social justice and peace, and for emulating Loretto values in their lives and work. From left: Teka Childress, Buth Buchek, Sarah Latham, and Tim Concentino. These awards were given at Nerinx Hall’s Foundation Day observance, April 20, 2012, Webster Groves, Mo.

Spring-Summer 2013 • 9

Loretto St. Louis Jubilee Award Recipients Awards presented on Foundation Day, Nerinx Hall, April 20, 2012 To Nury Lopez in honor of Carlann Hermann SL, to recognize Nury’s life of tireless service to immigrants. To Barb Bennett in honor of Virginia Williams SL, to recognize Barb’s dedication to changing the lives of women. (Barb is Director, Women’s Self Help Center) To Cynthia Stevenson Johnson in honor of Paula Caretto SL, to recognize Cynthia’s ministry with people in prison. (Cynthia is Advocacy Coordinator for Let’s Start) To Virginia Nesmith in honor of Felicia Corrigan SL, to recognize Virginia’s years of work on behalf of peace and farm workers. (Virginia is Executive Director, National Farm Worker’s Ministry)

To Luz Adriana Giraldo in honor of Helene McLeese SL, to recognize Luz’s work with Hispanic families. (Luz works with St. Louis Public School ESL) To Patsy Byrne in honor of Rose Mary O’Donnell SL, to recognize of Patsy’s faithful service to Loretto. (Patsy is Office Manager, St. Louis Loretto staff office) To Paulette Weindel CPPS in honor of Ann Managanaro SL, to recognize Paulette’s work with refugees. (Paulette directs outreach ministry to immigrants and refugees at St. Pius) To Bonita Cornute in honor of Neysa Chouteau CoL, to recognize Bonita’s work in communications and community service. (Bonita is a journalist with KTVI, Channel 2 in St. Louis, Parish volunteer)

Awards presented at Webster University, Nov. 9, 2012

Awards presented at Loretto Center St. Louis, Dec. 8, 2012 To Joan Lipkin in honor of Lucy Ruth Rawe SL, for being an activist for disability rights. (Joan is a playwright, director, and educator with the Disability Project) To Joellen Gamp McDonald in honor of Alice Cochran CoL, for valuing and promoting local history. (Joellen researches and promotes the history of her community, Richmond Heights) To Mary Lou Richardson in honor of Rose Vincent Wander SL, for her work in music education. (Mary Lou is a teacher and promoter of the Orff method of music education) To Susan Alan in honor of Helen Jean Seidel SL, for building community. (Susan works with the National Farm Workers Ministry)

To Monica Huddleston in honor of Veronica Murphy CoL to recognize Monica’s civic involvement and advocacy for women in politics. (Monica is former mayor, City of Greendale)

To Jeanette Mott Oxford in honor of Mary Mangan SL, for Jeanette’s political leadership. (Jeanette is Executive Director of Missouri Association of Social Welfare, and a former state representative)

To Kimberly McKinney in honor of Frances de Chantal McLeese SL, for her work with Habitat for Humanity. (Kimberly is CEO of St. Louis Habitat for Humanity)

To Leila Davis in honor of Jane Frances Mueller SL, to recognize Leila’s work in promoting literacy. (Leila is a volunteer with Reading is Fundamental)

To Agnes Wilcox in honor of Deborah Pearson SL, for sharing her passion for the arts. (Agnes is Artistic Director, Prison Performing Arts)

To Holly Staley in honor of Lucy Maurice Galvin SL, for her service to seniors in the community. (Holly is the former director of South Grand Senior Ministry)

To Donna Rogers Beard in honor of Mary Mangan SL, to recognize Donna’s work in education and racial justice. (Donna is a master teacher with University City and Clayton School District)

To Anna Crosslin in honor of Edwin Mary McBride SL, for bridging cultures. (Anna is Director, International Institute) To Eileen Wolfington in honor of Helen Sanders SL, for reaching out to the “farther neighbor.” (Eileen is a facilitator for clients of Casa de Salud, a medical resource for Hispanic immigrants) To Vicky Denson in honor of Mother Edwarda Ashe SL and Mariella Collins SL, for attending to community. (Vicky is President of The Black Pages and volunteer with Project Cope)

To Jane Kosash in honor of Joanna Marie Steely SL, to recognize Jane’s educational leadership. (Jane is Principal, Nerinx Hall High School) To Catholic Worker Community to recognize their ongoing commitment to work for social justice and peace. To Nerinx Hall Faculty and Staff to recognize their ongoing commitment to promote Loretto values.

Awards presented at the St. Louis Jubilee Celebration, St. Pius Church, Sept. 15, 2012

10 • Loretto Magazine

To Adela Peugnet in honor of Felicia Corrigan SL, for including everyone. (Adela works to assist undocumented workers with immigration authorities) To Yvonne Logan in honor of Anna Barbara Sakurai CoL, for making peace among us. (Yvonne is a peace activist)

To Angie O’Gorman in honor of Helen Sanders SL, for her leadership for social justice. (Angie develops and coordinates legal service for low-income immigrants and refugees) To Marie Andrews in honor of Ruth Burgett CoL, for “Getting the Work Done.” (Marie volunteers with Catholic Worker community, active member of Catholic Action Network, there to help where need arises)

Award presented at Loretto Center St. Louis, April 27, 2013 To Elizabeth J. Stroble, Ph.D., President, Webster University, in honor of Francetta Barberis CoL and Jacqueline Grennan Wexler CoL, for Beth’s outstanding leadership of Webster University in the tradition of Loretto values.

Loretto’s NGO at the United Nations active in two ‘Women’s Tribunals on Climate Justice’

Specific environmental practices are put ‘on trial’ to focus public attention on family health issues arising from these practices


Reported by Sally Dunne CoL

he Loretto Community’s U.N. NonGovernmental Organization (NGO)

works to forge bonds with like-minded organizational allies and United Nations Member States in an effort to influence global policy. Loretto at the United Nations promotes international peace and social justice, embodying values deeply held by the Loretto Community — values that include the welfare of women and children, poverty eradication, immigration reform, and environmental stewardship.

Two Loretto co-members, Sally Dunne and Rosa Lizarde, work side-by-side to tackle these critical global concerns from a tiny, shared office in the U.N. Church Center, across the street from the towering U.N. complex on the East Side of Manhattan. Dunne, Loretto’s NGO Representative to the United Nations since 2008, says that she and Lizarde, the Global Director of the Feminist Task Force (FTF), have a strong collaborative relationship built on shared values. The FTF, a global coalition promoting the centrality of gender equality and tribunals serve as a women’s empowerment for the eradication of megaphone to amplify poverty and a member of local or private issues to the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP), the more public was launched in 2005 when leaders of international global arenas. women’s rights groups met in New York for the annual U.N. Commission on the Status of Women. These groups formed a new international alliance with the purpose of ending the feminization of poverty and ensuring feminist advocacy within GCAP and in the poverty eradication agenda.


Since 2007, the FTF has conducted 22 women’s tribunals in Asia, Africa, and Latin American on gender, poverty, and

climate justice, and two in the United States on Women and the Millennium Development Goals (2008) and Social Exclusion (2010). “Women’s tribunals have elevated the voices of grassroots and rural women to reach international forums and platforms,” said Lizarde. “The tribunals serve as a megaphone to amplify local or private issues to the more public global arenas.” Dunne and Lizarde teamed up in 2012 to champion those who have been victimized by the extractive development model, organizing two tribunals to examine issues of mutual concern in the United States. These people’s tribunals are convened to put a specific issue on trial and to focus attention on how it affects those living in the area. Priority issue: Coal “It was powerful — the most powerful day I have ever experienced,” said Dunne, referring to last year’s Central Appalachian Women’s Tribunal on Climate Justice, where the focus was on a coal-mining technique called mountaintop removal. She said the testimony of the women from West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee who came forward to tell their stories and expose the human rights abuses of mountaintop removal was stunning. In mountaintop removal, coal-mining companies use incredible amounts of explosives to remove up to 400 vertical feet from the top of a mountain, exposing the underlying coal seams. Excess rock and soil filled with toxic mining derivatives are typically discarded in nearby valleys, termed “holler fills.” Peer-reviewed studies prove that mountaintop removal mining causes loss of biodiversity and toxic watersheds, as well as ensuing human health consequences from exposure to the affected streams and airborne toxins. “The purpose of the Central Appalachia Tribunal was to raise awareness of the devastation that communities throughout Central Appalachia have been dealing with as a result of

Spring-Summer 2013 • 11

mountaintop removal,” said Dunne. “Imagine these explosions going off a mere 10-minute walk from the mountain home where your family has lived for decades.” She and Lizarde worked together with a coalition of on-theground organizations throughout the region, which have been advocating for many years against mountaintop removal. “Our main collaborator on this tribunal was the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC),” said Dunne, “whose Executive Director, Janet Keating, was instrumental in mobilizing the coalition to identify witnesses and high-profile persons to serve on the tribunal’s Panel of Jurists.” The role of jurists is to hear the testimony and respond with recommended policy initiatives that address the human rights violations. Although the tribunal process has no binding legal effect, part of its impact is measured by the amount of public attention it triggers. For example, after the Central Appalachia Tribunal, one of the local newspaper’s headline read, “Local Women Put Coal Industry on Trial.” Another paper ran an article headlined, “Coal Industry: Verdict is Guilty.” “Partnering with Loretto at the United Nations and other U.S .partners has facilitated a connection with an involved U.S. citizenry,” said Lizarde. “It has enabled a local to global linkage on the issues of mining and coal extraction.” The people Dunne and Lizarde worked with in Central Appalachia last year have been actively lobbying for 25 years for a ban on mountaintop removal. “We offered one additional way for them to get attention to their issue,” Dunne said. Another means to garner attention was inviting OVEC’s Janet Keating to accompany Lizarde and Dunne to the U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development (“Rio+20”) last year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Keating participated on a panel organized by the FTF with speakers from the 15-country women’s tribunal series, “Strengthening Voices, Search for Solutions: Women’s Tribunals on Climate Justice.” Attending the U.N. conference gave Keating the opportunity to personally lobby Lisa Jackson, then administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and give her the reports from the U.S. Women’s Tribunals on Climate Justice.

Coal ‘on trial’ again in Chicago

The second 2012 tribunal took place on the outskirts of Chicago, and dealt with the community devastation that occurs as a result of living in close proximity to coal processing power plants. Compelling testimony about the air and water pollution emitted by these coal plants, confirming its toxic effect on the health of families in neighboring communities, continued on page 14 12 • Loretto Magazine

Aerial view of the effects of mountaintop coal mining in Appalachia. Photo courtesy of The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition.

Spring-Summer 2013 • 13

are currently available on the website of Loretto at the United Nations. Those interested in watching the powerful testimony from the women who came forward can visit Click on Multimedia to view the testimony videos.

From left: Loretto’s NGO representative to the United Nations Sally Dunne CoL; OVEC Executive Director Janet Keating; Global Coordinator of the Feminist Task Force Rosa Lizarde CoL; and Loretto at the United Nations intern Emily Thenhaus. continued from page 12

was underscored by the presence of witnesses from a coalition of grassroots organizations in the Chicago area including Eco-Justice Collaborative, Citizens Against Ruining the Environment (CARE) and Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization (PERRO) — organizations that have been advocating for closure of the power plants for many years. Once a tribunal has been held, much follow-up effort from organizing partners is needed to advocate for the recommended changes. Dunne, Lizarde, and Loretto-at-the-U.N. intern Emily Thenhaus delivered a presentation about the two tribunals at the July 2012 Loretto Election Assembly. The event generated serious discussions in the Loretto Community about how the community can substantively participate in and support future events.

The OVEC website is also a rich resource of articles and other detailed information about the Central Appalachia Tribunal (visit The FTF website, www.feministtaskforce. org, contains materials on the two U.S. tribunals, along with a section on womens’ tribunals. They also host the website, www., which documents the Central Appalachia and Chicago Tribunals, as well as the 2011 FTF, GCAP, and Greenpeace International Tribunals.

Big opportunities for Loretto students

Juniors from Loretto’s St. Mary’s Academy, Englewood, Colo., served as youth delegates at the 2012 56th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), the first such event hosted by Loretto at the U.N. These delegates volunteered for a small group of 30 girls who composed a “Girls’ Statement” that was read at the U.N. General Session at CSW. It asked for world leaders to make systemic changes that will eradicate violence toward women and girls. The studens called their experience “life-changing.” The NGO assists in making opportunities available to students in Loretto schools throughout the country. Every year groups of students are invited to participate in the CSW events.

In addition, on Feb. 14 of this year, Dunne and other Loretto members traveled to Frankfurt, Ky., to participate in the annual “I Love Mountains Day” march and rally at the state capital. They gathered in support of the grassroots efforts of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and, organizations that participated in the tribunal and have lobbied the White House and Congress for many years to protect Appalachia’s water from the polluting effects of mountaintop removal. With this clear evidence of human rights violations, Loretto at the United Nations is now considering how to use the various U.N. human-rights processes and instruments to focus global attention on the abusive impacts of the use of coal as a primary source of energy in the United States.

Additional resources

Both tribunals were live-streamed and recorded in segments that

14 • Loretto Magazine

At the famous flag circle at U.N. Headquarters in New York are (from left) Julia Chowdhury, Kelly Miller, Catherine Ingersoll, Kelsey Waldron, Emily Tobler, Paige O’Hagan, Andrea Mejorada, and Kathryn Harhai. Photo by Mary Pat Mueller.

notes and news

Loretto receives distinguished ‘Civis Princeps’ Award from Regis University


n a year of events commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Loretto Community’s foundation in Kentucky, the 150th commencement of Regis University, Dec. 15, 2012, Denver, was one of Loretto’s proudest days. Regis President Fr. John P. Fitzgibbons SJ, presented the Civis Princeps award to Loretto President Cathy Mueller SL who accepted on behalf of the Loretto Community (both pictured in center column).

Photo by Marie Ego SL

school diploma in the Colorado Territory in 1875.

In Fitzgibbons’ own words, “From time to time, Regis University presents its highest honor, Civis Princeps, or First Citizen, to recognize individuals in the Colorado community whose life examplifies Regis’ Jesuit mission of ‘leadership in service of others.’ Today, we honor an entire religious order, the Sisters of Loretto, whose work has touched the lives of many people in Colorado and across the country.

“The well-respected Loretto Heights College nursing program joined Regis University in 1988 and set the foundation for the prestigious Loretto Heights School of Nursing in our Reuckert-Hartman College for Health Professions.

“Two-hundred years ago, a group of courageous young women opened the first Loretto school in Kentucky. More than 225 schools across the country and world would follow, bringing the Loretto tradition of academic excellence, community service, and responsible citizenship to countless generations of students.

“From the inception, the Sisters of Loretto have been concerned with social

“They staffed parochial and diocesan schools and established their own academies and colleges. Twenty-seven schools were founded in Colorado. . . . St. Mary’s Academy was the first Loretto school in the state, still located on South University Boulevard today, and has the distinction of bestowing the first high

“The spirit of Loretto continues to inspire students today and all the women and men who were gifted with a Loretto education.

Photo by Carolyn Dunbar

welfare, making a positive difference, and dedication to the common good. This focus resulted in the creation of a number of organizations dedicated to social justice . . . the Sisters and their co-members founded 21 organizations and nonprofits in Colorado. “Regis University is pleased to bestow its most significant honor, Civis Princeps, on the Sisters of Loretto through the hands of their president, Sister Cathy Mueller, for their commitment to education, for living a Catholic faith that does justice, and for their dedication to the common good in Colorado and beyond.”

Loretto Community Forum begins three-year term


embers of the Loretto Community Forum have started their three-year terms at the beginning of the year. The Forum has 11 members, five vowed sisters, the Loretto president, and five co-members. They lead matters of interest to the Community. The new Forum members are: Buffy Boesen SL Karen Cassidy CoL Susan Classen CoL Maureen Fiedler SL Brian Hammond CoL Pearl McGivney SL

Lillian Moskeland CoL Maureen O’Connell SL Mary Helen Sandoval CoL Vicki Schwartz SL Marlene Spero SL

Spring-Summer 2013 • 15

loretto community members to remember







Jeanne Cushing SL, formerly Sr. Jean Michael October 8, 1914 — September 30, 2012 Sr. Jean was 97 at the time of her death and in her 78th year as a Sister of Loretto.

Patricia Dressler CoL, formerly Sr. Teresine Winterer September 28, 1936 — February 23, 2013 Pat was 76 years old at the time of her death after 4 years as a Sister of Loretto and 27 years as a Loretto co-member. Georgeann Hanson SL August 20, 1933 — April 23, 2013 Sr. Georgeann was 79 years old at the time of her death and in her 62nd year as a Sister of Loretto.

Edith Anne Jaeger SL February 10, 1924 — December 9, 2012 Sr. Edith Anne was 88 years old at the time of her death and in her 63rd year as a Sister of Loretto.

Mary Keefe SL March 15, 1924 — December 30, 2012 Sr. Mary was 88 years old at the time of her death and in her 73rd year as a Sister of Loretto. Photo by Carolyn Dunbar

Ruth Lucassen SL, formerly Sr. Raymond Cecille September 12, 1915 — November 27, 2012 Sr. Ruth was 97 years old at the time of her death and in her 76th year as a Sister of Loretto. Frances Ann O’Bryan SL July 23, 1920 — April 30, 2013 Sr. Frances Ann was 92 years old at the time of her death and had just begun her 73rd year as a Sister of Loretto. 16 • Loretto Magazine

Readers are encouraged to see detailed remembrances at, select News.

Our grateful thanks are given to Loretto Archivist Eleanor Craig SL and the Archives staff for preparing these remembrances. We also thank Joy Gerity CoL and other Loretto Community members for their additional contributions.

loretto community members to remember




Gracious God, may these

Loretto Community Members live forever in the

splendor of your light and life

in the company

of all the saints.




Ellen Thomas Reynolds SL September 25, 1914 — January 11, 2013 Sr. Ellen was 98 years old at the time of her death and in her 80th year as a Sister of Loretto. Mary Nell Stevens CoL February 18, 1917 — December 25, 2012 Mary Nell was 95 years old at the time of her death and in her 16th year as a member of the Loretto Community. Mary Jean Tenhaeff SL December 24, 1923 — February 9, 2013 Sr. Mary Jean was 89 years old at the time of her death and in her 65th year as a Sister of Loretto. Ann Patrick Ware SL March 3,1920 — Feb. 23, 2013 Sr. Ann Pat was 92 years old at the time of her death and in her 72nd year as a Sister of Loretto. Ware

Idea Marie Weakland SL January 12, 1914 — October 13, 2012 Sr. Ida Marie was 98 years old at the time of her death and in her 81st year as a Sister of Loretto.

Patricia Williams SL June 1, 1939 — November 6, 2012 Sr. Pat was 73 years old at the time of her death and in her 54th year as a Sister of Loretto

Spring-Summer 2013 • 17


Memorials and Tributes of Honor September 2012 — February 2013

Throughout this list of Memorials and Tributes, an asterisk ( *) following a name identifies that person as a Loretto Co-member.

In Memory of: Requested by:

Agnes Albin SL

Clarence Zacher Lee Albin Jean & Brian York Lillian Alderson Barbara Wander* Therese Stawowy* My wife’s mother Patrick & Marianne Alpers Kay & Bernie Ambre Mary & Joseph Highland Vince Andrasko Margaret Andrasko Carol Ann & Vera Lynn Janice Dunbar Jack Ardoyno The Loretto Community Dr. Earl Bach Judy & Robert Allan Ellen Barry Ballard Mary Ann Wyrsch Deacon L. Barbato Mary & Henry Concha Florence and T.D. Bell Marian Bell Mary Bell Peggy & Mike Dunn Keith Bernard Laura Meskel & Clan Louise Beutner SL Elmira Smith Wilkey A. B. Douramane Bila Steve Sheridan Aloysia Marie Blincoe SL Jane Simile M. Nerinckx Blincoe SL Jane Simile M. Ricarda Blincoe SL Jane Simile Mary Boland* Rev. Sally K. Brown Edwardine Boone SL Rose Mary & Thomas Wargel

18 • Loretto Magazine

Mary Grace Boone SL Mary & Jim Rogers Rose Mary & Thomas Wargel Rosita Boone SL Rose Mary & Thomas Wargel Florence H. Bowdoin Barbara Rancour Rev. Kevin M. Bradt SJ Frances Entwistle Margaret & Henry Ferraioli Domitilla Brown SL Rev. Robert Osborne Mary Rhodes Buckler SL Dorothy Buckler Dottcomments Patricia Hughes* Joan & Arthur Kidnay Katrina O’Leary Judith Schuenemeyer Margaret C. Shields Margaret & John Veatch Richard & Susan Volkmann William & Alice Walsh Joan Wislinsky* Edward Bugdalski Irene Bugdalski Ancilla Marie Burke SL David & Catherine Scherer Edward Burke Barbara A. Johnson Rose Camacho Christine & Raul Santoyo Paula Caretto SL Dolores Sharp Charles & Violette Carpenter Virginia Feeney Carpenter Barbara Cassidy The Loretto Community Edward J. Cassilly, Jr. Patricia & Dallas Edwards Mary & Robert Cassin Julie & Stephen Sheridan

Thea Christofferson SL Cathy Reeves Contance & Joseph Clifford Kathleen & Tom Dostal Jane Winburn Close Mary Jane & Charles McCarthy Marcella & Howard Cole Colleen Cole Conley Julieanne Conley Stefani & Cliff Conley Thomas & Elena Connolly Katy Connolly Allison Pat Connolly Baugh Tessy Connolly Berger Mary Margaret Conter SL Sharlene & Raymond Hower Ann Carita Corbett SL Barbara J. McCarville Felicia Corrigan SL Mary Joan Kenny Jack & Betty Costanza Jackie Koroshetz Judy Crawley Martha Crawley Doris M. Cuddihee Donald F. Cuddihee, Sr. Jean Cushing SL Loretto Community Robert* & Marjorie* Riggs Elizabeth Dacanay SL Michael & Shelly Wilson Aline Dalton SL Margaret Brisnehan Bill & Dorothy McAuliffe Jane De Chantal SL Frances A. Candlin Apolinario H. DeLeon, M.D. Cecilia & Armando Mata Patricia Ann Denny SL John E. Wrobel, Jr. Ann Raphael Dermody SL Catherine E. Reeves Ione & Joe Dernbach Theresa Dernbach

Celine Marie DeSmet SL Marion & Robert Budz Carolyn Belke Dicken Sharon Angermeier Elizabeth Ann Croom SL Judith Dicken Kathleen & Michael Dicken Leslye K. Dicken Agnes Marie Hagen SL Janet Marie Hensel Ronald Ketterer Ellen & Oliver LaJoie Benjie Levine David Levine Scott Linker Rebecca & Randolph Meredith Vycki Minstein Norman V. Noltemeyer Barbara & Charles Simmons Rosalyn Slyn The Smart Family: Steve, Michelle, Stephen & Kathleen, Jerald, Justin, Meghan & Libby Steinberg Judy Sullivan Deborah & Roger Tevis Taffy & John Williams Ann & Nathan Zimmerman Al J. Dickhaus Mr. & Mrs. Walter Burtelow, Jr. Maria Ann Dillon SL Barbara Rancour Mary Ellen Dintelmann Ann Dintelmann Marian Disch SL Steve Disch Julia Dooling SL Rev. Msgr. Leo Horrigan Dorothy Dorlac Carol & Clay Chapman Sophie & Anthony Dostal Kathleen & Tom Dostal


Members of the Dow Family Sara Dow The Driscolls Margaret L. Driscoll Dorothy Ann Dunn SL Mary Ann Seitz-Hart Bob Dusselier Geraldine Dusselier Albertina Goessling Dwyer Mary Alice Dobbin Elizabeth Dyer SL Jacquelyn & John Dear Jr. Robert Leona Edelen SL Mary Louise Cusack Mary & John Geraghty Charlotte Ann Ell SL James Lynch Margaret Grace Elsey SL Ruth Billings Luckey Mary Ely SL Mary Ann Sullivan Emmett J. Evans, Jr. Susan Evans Rose Anne Farman SL Anne Chandler Elizabeth Mary Farrell SL Elizabeth Walter Diehl, M.D. Robert & Evangeline Feeney & Families Virginia Feeney Carpenter Mary Elizabeth Byrnes Felton Joan & James Costello Jackson Fenstermaker Marguerita Fenstermaker Winifred & John Ferris Mary Ferris Virginia Fetters SL Margaret Shields Patrick Finnegan Frances Finnegan Rosemary Fiori SL Tim & Kathy Farrell Robert & Wilma Fiori Mr. & Mrs. Michael Markham Mary McAuliffe SL Kathleen & Larry Nichols Catherine Fitzpatrick John C. Fitzpatrick Ann Flanagan John & Patricia Scherr Brock Eleanor Warzoha Mary & Ethan Fonte Virginia & Patrick McGrail Edna Frett Nadine & Pete Kuhns

Carlotta Lubeck Fugazzi Ronald Fugazzi Conal Furay The Loretto Community Virginia Gabriel The Loretto Community Norbert Garrett Carol F. Garrett Jody Ritter Gates George Gates, Jr. Jason Gembra Edward & Velma Gembra Doris Frances Meiman Gettelfinger Robert Gettelfinger Margaret S. Goessling Mary Alice Dobbin Jean Patrice Golden SL Frances A. Candlin Ester Marie Goodrow SL Frances A. Candlin Frances Anne Kelly Joann Orovitz Mr. & Mrs. David M. Grant Gail Milissa Grant Gondina Greenwell SL Bill & Elizabeth Mariner Esther Grene Arthur & Alice Wissing Matthew Marie Grennan SL Charles & Joan Grennan Paul Mary Grennan SL Charles & Joan Grennan John D. Guest Ellen Guest Francis Therese Halloran SL Col. & Mrs. Robert C. Morris, Jr. Isabelle Hamilton Ann H. Mudd George Hanafee Nancy & John Vincent Barbara Hand Theresa Cannon Roberta Hardesty SL Lynn Fischer Thomas W. Harding Yvonne Harding Catherine Hart Kay & Leroy Ellgass Dorothy Hart Col. Raymond Hart James Hayden Elizabeth Ann Croom SL Mary Ann Johnson The Loretto Community Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Haydon Robert N. Haydon

Marie Noel Hebert SL James C. Hebert Eileen Marie Heckman SL Mary Heesacker Col. & Mrs. Robert C. Morris, Jr. John Marco Henderson Helen Chew & Mark Henderson Agnes Patricia Hennessey SL Mary Pat & Charles Himmelberg Jim Hierath Teresa & Harry Vogler Clare & Earl Highland Mary & Joseph Highland Dorothy Jane Van Hoogstrate SL Frances A. Candlin Ellen Jane Hummel SL Frances A. Candlin Mary Jane Hummel SL Dominic & Ellen Grisanti Jane & Norb Hummel Jennifer & Joe Hummel Kathleen Vigil Iaia Alyssa M. Iaia Robert Ivancic Jean M. Ivancic Edith Anne Jaeger SL The Loretto Community Ann Johnson SL Wald Family; Robin, Dan, Sam & Lana Marina Trujillo Johnson Richard Johnson Bernice Juen SL Miriam Chen Mary & Gene Kaiser Terry & Collette Purcell Mr. & Mrs. Anton Kapfensteiner Edith Kapfensteiner Elizabeth and Raymond Karst Bette & Richard Wilbers, Sr. James & Margaret Keane Robert & Mary Seelbach Mary Keefe SL The Loretto Community Eileen Kelly SL Rita Kennedy Hill Francis Eileen Kelly SL Rita Kennedy Hill Katharine Kharas* Phyllis Keeney Aloys & Frances Knecht Estate of Margaret M. Lee

Madeleine Marie Koch SL Catherine & Paul Czysz Martha Ann Koch SL Catherine & Paul Czysz Emily Marie Kohl SL Betty Bolt Katherine Therese Kohl SL Betty Bolt William Kranz Eileen Kranz Wayne A. Kraus, Sr. June Kraus David Lang Maureen Flanigan* & Brad Buckner Abby Marie Lanners Patricia & Larry Lanners Gerald A. Lawless Patricia Lawless Winifred & Edmond Leach Carol Selig Gilbert L. Lederhos Thelma Lederhos Mary Leibman* Marilyn Koncen Maureen Smith* Bette Lesch Edward Lesch Gloria Lewis SL Dolores Sharp Rose Annette Liddell SL Ann Wall Richards* Carl Lindwedel Marie Joann Rekart SL Paschalita Linehan SL Mary Catherine Cernicek Tim & Kathy Farrell Ella Heilmeier Lilly Huppert Julie McGrenera-Morley Stanley & Karen Walton David Long The Loretto Community Brune & John Lopiano Rosemary Lopiano All Loretto Sisters who taught me from third grade through college Verlene Rogalin All of the deceased Sisters of Loretto Roberta & Errett Harding All the Sisters of Loretto who taught at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, St. Louis Pat & Bill King All who taught and cared for me Patricia Buhr

Spring-Summer 2013 • 19


Deceased Sisters of Loretto Sharon Mickelson Loretto Sisters of Loretto who taught at Sacred Heart Grade School, Webster College, and Loretto Academy, especially Ancilla Marie Burke SL Estate of Margaret M. Lee Sisters of Loretto who taught at St. Anna ’s, Arlington, Va. Kathy & Charles Titterton Thanks to all of the Sisters of Loretto who taught at Loretto Heights College (Class of 1942) Mary (Betty) Schroll Alice Ann Love Joy & Roman Gales Ruth Lucassen SL The Loretto Community Dorothy Lusser Rene Lusser Karen Madden SL Leo J. Boyle Rosemary A. Leberer Rev. Msgr. Edward Madden Jeanne Sabet Jo Ann Slater Loretto Ann Madden SL Leo J. Boyle Frances A. Candlin Rosemary A. Leberer Rev. Msgr. Edward Madden Mary & Ed Madden John J. Erger Theresa Madden SL Rosemary A. Leberer Rev. Msgr. Edward Madden Mary Mangan SL Marie Markowski Richard Fox Rosemary Voelker Ann Manganaro SL Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Kohl Joan Markley SL Dolores Sharp Martin Martelli Therese M. Martelli Susan & Gerald McAuliffe Mary McAuliffe SL Edwin Mary McBride SL Susan & Christopher Congalton Margaret G. Couvillon Cynthia Giguere-Unrein

20 • Loretto Magazine

Sheila & Michael Sise Margaret & John Veatch Julienne O’Toole McCarthy The Loretto Community Sheila Marie McCormick SL Barbara & Louis Roehm Larry C. McGinn Yvonne McGinn Margaret McGlone The Loretto Community Frances de Chantal McLeese SL Corrine Kuester Columbiere McNamara SL Frances A. Candlin Mary McNellis SL Jeanette Evans-Hamilton Rita Maureen Hurtt SL The Loretto Community Patricia McCarty William & La Verne Saxbury Therese Stawowy* Brigid Triggs Barbara Wander* Rose Clare McWhorter SL Gloria Tabacchi Ozella & Howard Meredith Theresa & Dennis Vertrees T. J. Meyer Anonymous Our deceased parents Samira & Victor Mikhaeel Josephine Miklic SL Anna Curenton Everett & Lydia Miller Alan & Peggy Miller Lorena & Harold Miller Anna C. Miller Bill Minelli Sally Minelli Cathy Mohatt Celia & Robert Holt Michael Mohin The Loretto Community Jane Fitzsimons Molgaard Mary Ellen & Al Molgaard Rev. Edward T. Moore Carole & James Moore Jane Mary Mouradian SL Frances A. Candlin Bonaventure Mudd SL Katherine L. Carley Ann Mueller SL Linda & Bob Mueller Jane Frances Mueller SL Linda & Bob Mueller

Monica C. Mueller Robert Mueller Rose Richardson Mueller Mary Martha Mueller Charles Mulhall Alice Mulhall Stephen P. Murphy Thomas J. Burke, Jr. The Loretto Community Sidney Milzer Loretta D. Riss St. Mary’s Academy, Littleton, Colo. Ruth Ann Zook Steve Murphy Mary Jo & Vince Boryla Steven Murphy Elizabeth Croom SL Veronica “Vron” Murphy* The Ferrell Family William “Bill” Neff Paula Belleville Carolyn Jaramillo Ann Mary Mehling Greg & Annamae Neidermeyer George & Emma Steen Alva Nicholas Beatrice & Harold Combs The Nockels Family David Nockels Margie Lottes Noekles Dorrit & Neil O’Hallaron Bill O’Connell The Loretto Community Doloretta Marie O’Connor SL E. Kaye Smith Lois Elliott O’Connor Joanne Rickard Mary Benedict O’Daniel SL Nelle & Jerry O’Daniel Elizabeth O’Leary SL Rosemary O’Leary Timothy P. O’Leary Katrina O’Leary Kathleen O’Malley SL Emily O’Neill Ann Wall Richards* Naomi O’Meara SL Judy & Robert Allan Thomas B. Osborne Viola F. Osborne Aurelia Ottersbach SL Carol Mattingly Elizabeth Owens Marilyn Koncen

Eleanore Palotay Paula Palotay Charles Marie Parsons SL Dolores Sharp Phil Payne Georgia Payne Eddie L. Peña The Bridge Community Fred & Maxine Davine Fannie Fiddmont The Loretto Community Rose Community Foundation Fermin Peña The Bridge Community Fred & Maxine Davine Georgia Peter Mary Lou Sherman Dan Peters The Loretto Community Avis Pfluger Laura Meskel & Clan Anna M. Philipp Nancy & Fred Schweiger Ann Monica Pierce SL Carol & Lawrence McDaniel Marie Catherine Pohndorf SL Margaret & John Veatch Vicki Quatmann SL Maureen Smith* John Radovich Carol Radovich Jean Louise Rafferty SL Galen & Sandra Graham Sarah & Antonio Jimenez Lucy Ruth Rawe SL Donna Campbell Jacquelyn & John Dear Jr. Bettie & John Rawe Pauline & Johnie Reed Pat Reed Jane Reich Peggy & Mike Dunn Margaret Reidy SL Mary Beth Moorhead Michael & Jean Reidy Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Reiman Donald A. & Jane Reiman Anne Ferras Remedios Vincent Remedios Joey Reuter Susan & John Reuter Ellen Thomas Reynolds SL Helen Burns The Loretto Community


Ginny & Howard Schmidt Dorothy Zmolek Aggie Rieger Frank Rieger M. Albertina Riordan SL Marguerite M. Allan Alma & Marius Risley Mr. & Mrs. David Wagner John Ritchie Madeline Ritchie Francis Louise Ritter SL Lilly Huppert Claire & Jerry Nix David M. Robinson Reginald Hsu Marjorie Ann Rogers Steve Gray Vicky & John Hopkins Vivian & John Hopkins The Loretto Community Thomas O. Rogers Ida Romero Bernadette & Roger Seick Ann Lucille Ryan SL Paul & Joan Sheffer Anna Barbara Sakurai* Charles Brady Louise Collins Helen Sanders SL Dr. Rita Don Leo & Marie Scherer Mr. & Mrs. Richard Maher Mary & Frank Schiavo Frank Schiavo, Jr. Leonore Mary Schierman SL Rene Lusser Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Schmidt Regina H. Schmidt Patricia Clancy Schuerger Thomas Schuerger Leoann Schuler SL Alma Schuler* Rose Alma Schuler SL Donald F. Cuddihee, Sr. Deacon Lyndie Duff Kay Mullen Martina & Roque Sedillo Jeanette & Orlando Sedillo Helen Jean Seidel SL Jacquelyn & John Dear Jr. Jeanne Sabet The Sharpe & Mobry Families Gertrude M. Sharpe Ann Rita Sheahen SL Kay & Leroy Ellgass

Gertrude Sheridan Steve F. Sheridan Lola May Shirley Rose & Laurence Bradley Magdalen Mary Skees SL Jayne Miller Sheila O’Donnell-Schuster Mary Nell Stevens* The Loretto Community Christina Stuart SL Maura & Clyde Graven Mary L. Sullivan Cathryn & John Sullivan Susan Swain SL Dr. Fran Armstrong Sharon Welch Callaghan Jacquelyn & John Dear Jr. Tim & Kathy Farrell McGeeney & Linda George Ed and Jean Hurley Peg Jacobs* Ann Koets Heather Roark Barbara Schroeder Maureen Smith* Patrick & Gerry Welch Joan Wislinsky* Marjorie Hanson Sweeney Francis X. Sweeney Mary Jean Tenhaeff SL The Loretto Community Teter, Newton & Marasco Families Helen Teter Jeanne Sward Thebado Charlotte Kilpatrick Regina Ann Thomas SL Joseph Hafner Rose Marie Thomas The Loretto Community Christine Thompson SL Rev. Msgr. Leo Horrigan Eugenia Thompson SL Miriam Chen Judy F. Wright Richard & Marie Thompson Mary Talapek, Jerome Thompson & Angelita Thompson Theresa Thompson The Loretto Community Ann Virginia Tighe SL Tom Tighe Carolyn Mary Tighe SL Tom Tighe

Charles J. Tighe The Loretto Community Helen Tighe The Loretto Community Tom Tighe Mary Lucina Tighe SL Tom Tighe Mary Luke Tobin SL Kay Mullen Mary Ogles Mary Lou Todd Mary Ann & Gayle Rogers Patricia Toner SL Frances A. Candlin John & Mary Geraghty Dr. Eliza Young Emmanuel Tonne SL Janice Murphy Doris & Joseph Walsh Toolen Family Members Patti Toolen Kratschmer Ruby Torres Laura Meskel & Clan Allie Van Der Beck Ann E. Mullally Virginia Fetters SL Margaret C. Shields Michael Voeltzke The Loretto Community Annemary Vogelweid SL Maureen Smith* Ann Patrice Wagner SL Dr. Ann Stoddard Austin & Andrew Walker Cathy & Dennis Walker Rose Vincent Wander SL Clarence Zacher Ann Pat Ware SL The Loretto Community Ida Marie Weakland SL The Loretto Community Robert* & Marjorie* Riggs Faith Dumas Webb The Web Family The Wheatley Family Mary Myers Helen Francis White Frances A. Candlin Mary Elizabeth Whitson Kathleen Whitson Rosemary Wilcox SL Vince & Mary Jo Boryla Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fisher Robert & Mary Gronemeyer Robert & Irene Hentschell

Ed & Diana Hester The Loretto Community Amy & Susan McCarthy Patrick & Suzy Michel Catherine Owens Patricia Parry Linda Quintero Rt. Rev. Msgr. James Rasby Robert *& Marjorie* Riggs Nancy DeHaven Sterr Norman & Lily Zink Patricia Williams SL Susan Lammert The Loretto Community Steve Wise Steve F. Sheridan Dick Wittwer The Loretto Community Jacqueline Grennan Wexler* Charles & Joan Grennan Rita Burrows Mona P. Wood Brenda & Donald Brown Dorothy Yates Katie Scolari Joseph D. Ybarra Mary & John Ybarra Trinidad C. Ybarra Mary & John Ybarra Mary Ann Zgiet Victor Zgiet

For any questions, comments, or corrections, please contact Denise Ann Clifford SL at the Loretto Development Office 303-783-0450, ext. 1724 or deniseann@

Spring-Summer 2013 • 21


In Honor of: Requested by: Pauline Albin SL

Ann Mary Mehling Dr. Eliza Young Sandra Ardoyno SL Emily O’Neill H. William McAtee Jacquelyn & John Dear, Jr. Judith Baenen* Mary Jane Frederick* Barbara Ann Barbato SL Donna Campbell Richard Fox Mary Bickel Nicole Stevens Elizabeth Blommer Marguerite Saule, Blommer Foundation Buffy Boesen SL Dr. Rita Don Mary Kay Brannan SL Deb & Rick Angell Kay Carlew SL Marilyn Koncen Jane Clark SL Michael & Shelly Wilson Denise Ann Clifford SL Emily & Trey Burke Drs. Nancy & Jacques Leveille Michael & Priscilla O’Leary Jean Schildz Elizabeth Ann Compton SL Frances A. Candlin Diane Nelson Mary Pat Coughlin Mary Louise Cusack Mary Ann Coyle SL Frances A. Candlin Martha Creek Anonymous Mary Anne Cunningham SL Frances A. Candlin Marion Curtis Sandra Morrison Eileen Custy SL Michael & Shelly Wilson Donna Day SL, Golden Jubilee Jacquelyn & John Dear, Jr. Carol Kaiman SL Antoinette Doyle SL Maria Codinach

22 • Loretto Magazine

Susan & Christopher Congalton Cynthia Giguere-Unrein Lucretia McCarthy Marie Ego SL Gregorina Cooper Cornelia Dietz Jean M. Ivancic Ann M. McConnell Argentina Parker Ann Salter Mr. & Mrs. David Wagner Maureen Fiedler SL Thomas Bower Irene J. Fitch Kenneth Fitch Margaret Fitzgerald SL Frances A. Candlin Patricia Frueh SL Fritz Hitchcock, Jr. Mary Nelle Gage SL Kathleen Hibbets Joanne Gates* Thomas & Jane Kensok Sylvia Ginder SL Mary Ogles Ann Francis Gleason SL Martha Joan Bennett Frederick & Carol Hodes Helen Ryan Kindler Carol Mattingly Eleanor Finnegan Warzoha Mary Joe Zeillmann Marietta Goy SL Amy & Susan McCarthy Jeannine Gramick SL Thomas Bower Eileen Burgess Rosemary & James Jepson Mary Jo Maher Ellen K. Radday Rev. Paul Thomas Richard & Mary Walsh Agnes Marie Hagan SL Pat & Aggie Noonan Poor orphan children in Haiti Elena & Eduardo Garcia Mary Katherine Hammett SL Marilyn Montenegro Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hammett

The Haydon Family Robert N. Haydon Joseph Highland, Heather & Mary Jo Moana Mary & Joseph Highland Gabriel Mary Hoare SL The Ferrell Family Ellen Hummel SL Jennifer & Joe Hummel Margaret Ann Hummel SL Dominic & Ellen Grisanti Jane & Norb Hummel Jennifer & Joe Hummel Patricia Hummel SL Dominic & Ellen Grisanti Jane & Norb Hummel Jennifer & Joe Hummel Catherine Hupp* Jeannette Auman Simone Inkel SL Sheila Zipse Carolyn Jaramillo* Mary Ann Johnson Cecily Jones SL Deacon Lyndie Duff Emily O’Neill Goof Kaldenhoven Marcia* & Joop Kaldenhoven Sharon Kassing SL Jacquelyn & John Dear, Jr. Jean Kelley SL Thomas Kelley Eileen Kersgieter SL Regina & Steven Hermann Beatrice Klebba SL Paul Archambault Margaret Rose Knoll SL, Happy Birthday Laura Henson-Peles Anna Koop SL Arthur Carbonell, Jr. Marybeth Leary Colette & Terry Purcell Annette & Stephen Lenox Gay & Jim Lenox All of the Sisters of Loretto Roberta & Errett Harding Barrie Ryan

All Sisters of Loretto who taught me from third grade through college Verlene Rogalin All Sisters of Loretto who entered in 1964 Kati Woodward All the Sisters of Loretto who taught at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, St. Louis Pat & Bill King All the wonderful Sisters of Loretto Mary E. Silva Loretto Academy, Class of 1948 Patricia Buhr Loretto High School Class of ’57 Louisville, Ky. Martha Voll The Retired Loretto Sisters Margaret Hayes Sisters of Loretto who taught at St. Anna’s, Arlington, Va. Kathy & Charles Titterton Mary Frances Lottes SL, 90th Birthday Arthur E. Lottes III Bobbie Sue M. Carolyn Ann Dimarcello Patricia Jean “PJ” Manion SL Melissa Brechon Patricia W. Owen Rae Marie Taylor Gabriel Mason SL Frances A. Candlin The Medical Practice of Armando B. Mata, M.D. Cecilia and Armando Mata Donna Mattingly SL Michael & Priscilla O’Leary Marian McAvoy SL Rosemary Voelker Samuel & Paula Reid Maureen McCormack SL Michael & Kathy Riordan Pat McCormick SL Marilyn Sue Morris Dinah McMichael Theresa Cannon Fr. Bernard Meyer Michael & Priscilla O’Leary


Kate Misbauer SL Carol & Larry Pike Roxanne Monterastelli* Maureen Flanigan* & Brad Buckner Evelyn Houlihan SL Cathy Mueller SL Leo J. Boyle Angela Murphy SL Mary Ann & Walter Schaecher Mary Lee Murphy SL Frances A. Candlin Mary Louise Murphy Mary Louise Tidwell Barbara Nicholas SL Beatrice & Harold Combs Ella & Dan Niedermeyer George & Emma Steen Lydia Peña SL Leo J. Boyle Frances A. Candlin Mary A. Heesacker Marla J. Williams Iffat Peter SL Jeanne Orrben* Rosalie Marie Phillips SL Barbara J. McCarville Michael Stevison Judy Popp SL Angela & Jerome Booth

Elaine Marie Prevallet SL Frances A. Candlin Patricia W. Owen Rae Marie Taylor Carol Ptacek Jacquelyn & John Dear, Jr. Sr. Raphael Quinn’s 40th Anniversary as Principal of S.S. Simon & Jude School Thomas McCabe Marie Joann Rekart SL Carol & Don Brunnett Jeanette Hof Rosemary Reu Nancy & John Vincent Jane Marie Richardson SL Melanie DePorter Diana Snell Honore Roat Anne Chandler Helen Santamaria SL Jacquelyn & John Dear, Jr. Anthony Mary Sartorius SL Sheila Beims Virginia St-Cyr Rev. Ken Schmidt Mary Jane Frederick* Barbara Schulte SL Natalie Blecher Lynn & Nicholas Davis

Sylvia Sedillo SL Jeanette & Orlando Sedillo Marlene Spero SL Natalie Blecher Lynn & Nicholas Davis Margaret & John Veatch The Spirit of Christ in All Creation Steve F. Sheridan St. Mary’s Academy, Littleton, Colo. Barbara Butler Marie Lourde Steckler SL Marilyn Koncen Mary Joe Zeillmann Michael Steen, 38th Birthday George & Emma Steen Mary Swain SL Jacquelyn & John Dear, Jr. Shannon & Anthony Drury Adeena Tabor-Bila & Amara Tabor-Bila Steve Sheridan Teter, Newton & Marasco Families Helen Teter Alice Eugene Tighe SL Phyllis & Phil Fellin Bill & Elizabeth Mariner Linda & Charles Winston

Bill Todd Mary Ann & Gayle Rogers Richard D. Turelli Loretta Blessinger Mary Louise “Billie” Vandover SL Jacquelyn & John Dear, Jr. Cella & Russell Kirchner Mr. & Mrs. John Vandover Lucy D. Walsh Sarah Walsh Ann Patrick Ware SL Melanie DePorter Linda Sands Jenkins Kathleen M. Owen Carole G. Pentony Margaret S. Thompson Gloria Wells Barbara Wasmer Mary Wasmer Beth Wasmer Mary Wasmer Ann White SL, 87th Birthday Bertha M. Timmel Inez & Dave White George & Margaret White Janyce White Angel Mary Jo Whitson Kathleen Whitson

The Sisters of Loretto 18th Annual Golf Tournament 2013 for the Sisters of Loretto Retirement Fund Saturday, August 24, 2013 7;30 a.m. shotgun start

To register or for more information call the Loretto Development Offrice 303-783-0450 Sr. Denise X1724; Chris Molina X1714

Arrowhead Golf Club at Roxborough Park 10850 W. Sundown Trail, Littleton, Colo.

Spring-Summer 2013 • 23

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Sisters Theresa Louise Wiseman (back left) and Bernadine Wiseman enjoy using the new computers at Loretto Motherhouse, Nerinx, Ky.