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Expedited International Shipping | FTL Freight Transportation | Warehouse Storage Solution

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Important Things to Learn about Expedited International Shipping


Understanding the Benefits of Expedited International Shipping


Learn Why and How to Use FTL Freight Transportation for Your Business


Understanding the Difference between LTL and FTL Freight Transportation


Choosing between LTL and FTL Freight Transportation


Warehouse Storage Solutions – All You Need to Learn about Pallet Racking


Shelving – A Good Warehouse Storage Solution for All


Top Warehouse Storage Problems with Solutions

Important Things to Learn about Expedited International Shipping •

Different shipping companies may have different definitions for expedited delivery services. In most cases, expedited delivery means that your consignment or cargo get a higher priority, which in turn improves the delivery speed. Most courier services offer standard shipping, which means that your parcel or consignment will take at least three days to reach its destination. They may also offer expedited delivery service, but they use this term to describe a number of services that have a faster delivery speed.


In case of expedited delivery, you may have a number of options available to you. For instance, you may get express delivery services that usually complete deliveries within a couple of days. Next-day deliveries mean that you will have your parcel delivered the next day of booking your shipment. Finally, there are same-day delivery services that ensure that your parcel reaches its destination within 24 hours of booking a shipment. What it means is that you should be very clear about exactly how long it is going to take to deliver your parcel even when you opt for expedited international shipping.


Another important thing to understand is that there is a subtle difference between an expedited service and an express service. Essentially, they both refer to the same thing and usually mean that your parcel will be delivered in the shortest time possible. Some freight forwarders and courier companies mean a next-day service when they use the word "Express Delivery", whereas some courier companies use the word "Expedited Service" for a 1-3 day service. Again, different companies may use different terminology to refer to different things, which is why it is important to get clear information regarding how much time is needed to complete your delivery. Do not just assume that because you have selected an expedited service, your shipment will reach its destination within hours.

Understanding the Benefits of Expedited International Shipping •

It is true that you can often rely on standard shipping in most cases, but some international deliveries have to be made quickly, and when you want long routes covered in a short time, you should look no further than expedited international shipping services. Many courier companies now have this service available, and you should consider your needs to see if your business will really benefit from this service or not.

More and more businesses are now opting for expedited shipping because it helps them stay above their competition. Offering expedited delivery to your customers will certainly give you a competitive advantage over your rivals, and that is the reason why it makes sense to choose this option. Expedited shipping is mainly the process of delivering shipments faster than normal. You can use these services when you have a tight deadline to catch. Sometimes, you deal in perishable goods, and when this is the case, you cannot afford any delays during delivery. Expedited shipping service ensures a timely delivery to help you meet your customers' expectations.

Interestingly, you can now find courier companies that help you manage rushed deliveries in an efficient way. By opting for expedited delivery, you will be able to find customized solutions that help you meet your customer's expectations. Some of the biggest benefits of expedited shipping include reduced touch points, transit speed, and improved visibility. What it means that not only will your shipment reach its destination in a short time, you will also be able to track it in an easy way. Therefore, you may seriously think of using this option if you have lean inventory strategies.

Learn Why and How to Use FTL Freight Transportation for Your Business •

FTL or Full Truckload shipping is one outstanding way to have your cargo delivered to wherever you want in a timely manner. While you should consider the size of your shipment and your deadlines, FTL freight transportation is usually the safest option to choose. You may also benefit from the shipping option when you have shipment containing sensitive or fragile materials. Some people think that they can save money by opting for LTL shipping, and it is true as well. Less than Truckload shipping means that you will have to share the truck space with other shipments, which is surely going to help you save some money. The problem is that you should worry more about the safety of the materials you are shipping, and this is when you will be better off putting your money on FTL shipping.


While FTL freight transportation is certainly a reasonably good option, you need to ensure that you select a right logistics company to help you with your deliveries. Not all freight forwarders are in a position to offer quality service, and that is the reason why you should take your time and conduct some research before finalizing a decision. You need to ensure that you are putting your money on a company that handles thousands of shipments each year. It shows that you will receive quality service because the company has enough resources to meet all your needs.

Understanding the Difference between LTL and FTL Freight Transportation •

LTL: It stands for Less than Truckload shipping. Essentially, this mode of transportation combines shipments from several customers. Since there will be shipments from multiple customers, the option is going to cost you less. In fact, it is the most budget-friendly option in many cases. Moreover, the option suits small businesses because they can save a lot of money simply by having their shipments shared with other companies. LTL means that your shipment is not large enough to take up the all available space in the truck, so you do not mind sharing the space with others who may also have smaller shipments. The rates depend on the number of products you want shipped and the final destination of your shipment. When going for this option, you should always expect delays in delivery. The reason is that LTL shipment usually makes several stops. It also involves unpacking and repacking goods, which results in a loss of time. Therefore, you should choose this option only when you are more concerned about the shipping cost and not the delivery time.


FTL or Full Truckload Shipping is a much better option for large shipments. You should select this option if you know you have enough products to consume the space available a truck. Even when you have a relatively small shipment, you can still opt for FTL shipping if you want a dedicated truck because of the nature of your products. In many cases, FTL is a suitable choice when you have more than 10 pallets to ship. It is also a great choice when you cannot afford any delays in delivery.

Choosing between LTL and FTL Freight Transportation •

You should choose LTL shipping when you want to save money, but avoid it when you cannot afford any delays in delivery. FTL freight transportation is the best choice when you want your goods delivered in a timely manner. However, you should be ready to spend more money to take advantage of FTL shipping. Ideally, you should take some time and find a middle ground by comparing your needs with the options you have available.

Warehouse Storage Solutions – All You Need to Learn about Pallet Racking •

Made of metal, wood, or plastic, pallet racking is probably the most common component of stock movement and storage. Items that can be stored in boxes and have the need for inventory logging are quite suitable for pallet racking. While pallet racking is a popular option, you need to pay attention to weight limits first. You should not store more than what is recommended, and it is equally important to check those racks for stability at regular intervals. You should also consider your space limitations and requirements to determine the best aisle space, but depending on your unique needs, you can also have a turning circle used with a pallet.

Once you have decided to put your money on pallet racking, it is important to learn a bit about the sub-categories of pallet racking:  You can opt for carton flow racking, which comes with bays and roller tracks. You can easily store your cartons on these racks and roll them down to access those items. However, you will benefit from this warehouse storage solution if you have unboxed stock that is relatively small too.  You can opt for cantilever racking, especially if you want to store piping, timber, or other long loads. The racking system utilizes beams to function properly.  You can put your money on coil racking. It is exactly the same you find in DIY stores. Such racking systems are used to store cables and chains.  You can go with double deep racking as well. It allows you to store items two rows deep, and though it allows for better storage, it requires specialized forklift for handling.

Shelving – A Good Warehouse Storage Solution for All •

Shelving is one of many warehouse storage solutions and allows you to store items on static shelves. Since the stock is on static shelves, you cannot use forklift to retrieve them. However, shelving is probably the simplest storage option with easy access to stock. It is just like working around aisles at a grocery store. You have to keep in mind though that shelving is a right storage solution for small, light items. The items that require manual picking and placement are quite suitable for this storage solution. It means that you should consider opting for static shelves to store clothing, agricultural produce, small products, and machine parts and components. Shelving may not be the most suitable choice for anything too heavy to carry.

After weight, you need to consider the height of your shelves. Since you cannot use forklift to place items on these shelves, you cannot go very high with them. You may require ladder access but you should take safety measures first. For bigger items, you can opt for long span shelving, which is a relatively safer option.

If you are not that interested in static shelving, you may consider using another alternative called mobile shelving. It is quite suitable for data storage because they are fit with a traction system. You should consider this storage option when you want to store something that does not require continuous access. Therefore, this particular warehouse storage solution works great for retail store back areas. Moreover, mobile shelving is an ideal choice with small warehouse spaces. It helps you to utilize the available space in a most professional manner.

Top Warehouse Storage Problems with Solutions •

One of the biggest issues is inefficiency. Many businesses complain about an inefficient and slow warehousing operation. That inefficiency could be the result of several smaller issues in the process. When ignored, those small issues can turn into bigger problems. Of course, you need to switch to right storage solutions as per your needs, but it is equally important to pay attention to keeping your staff motivated. Your staff needs to be trained enough to handle different storage solutions with authority. It means that you may have to invest in training to help increase efficiency and productivity.

Issues related to the overall capacity of your warehouse can also keep you from running your business successfully. This is exactly the time when you have to think serious of finding correct warehouse storage systems. If there is not enough storage or you fail to utilize the available storage space correctly, you will end up experiencing several problems. Your organization skills will also have a role to play here. Simply by organizing your stock better, you can free up valuable space. Moreover, you can also put some thought into using the right equipment. You can place racking closer simply by making use of narrow-isle equipment. Different types of warehouse storage solutions are also available to help you store items in a safe and efficient way.

Stock control can also become quite challenging for large business organizations. Using the right type of warehouse storage solution will certainly help, but you may want to use a warehouse management system to keep track of everything you have in your warehouse. Some storage systems allow you to organize things properly, but you may have to take some time to find exactly what works for your business. Even when you have right warehouse storage systems available, it is a good idea to invest in a warehouse management system. A right management system allows you to record everything that goes out or comes in.

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Expedited International Shipping | FTL Freight Transportation | Warehouse Storage Solution  

1. Important Things to Learn about Expedited International Shipping. 2. Understanding the Benefits of Expedited International Shipping. 3. L...

Expedited International Shipping | FTL Freight Transportation | Warehouse Storage Solution  

1. Important Things to Learn about Expedited International Shipping. 2. Understanding the Benefits of Expedited International Shipping. 3. L...