Look on the Fields: October 2023

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Look on the Fields

October 2023


With Daily Scripture Readings

Wales Day: 1

Brazil Day: 2, 12, 20, 22, 24, 30

Mexico Day: 3, 19

Botswana Day: 4

Thailand Day: 5

India Day: 6, 15

Peru Day: 7

Nepal Day: 8

Armenia Day: 9

Zambia/Namibia Day: 10

Scotland Day: 11, 13, 18, 21, 27, 28, 31

England Day: 14

Zambia Day: 16

N Ireland Day: 17

Spain Day: 23

Argentina Day: 25

Colombia Day: 26

Romania Day: 29

‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel’ Mark 16:15

Sunday 1st WALES Cardiff

It has been a very busy time over the past few months with the various works that the Lord has entrusted to us. It has been our privilege to baptise a young man and see others coming into fellowship here with us in Cardiff.

The summer months are always a little hectic with outreach at shows and various other opportunities that come our way. It has been a privilege to be involved with drive-in preaching opportunities and to be able to present the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to those that may otherwise never enter a place of worship to hear words by which they might be saved.

I was speaking again at the Kingfisher camp where around 80 youngsters heard the Gospel each day and were taught about early steps on the Christian pathway. It was great to hear of youngsters confirming that they were saved, and a number asked to be baptised after being at camp.

We held our Holiday Bible Club and this year’s theme was ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. It was good to see about 50 children coming along each morning and on the Friday Evening we had a themed meal with our prize giving, where 110 came along and heard the Gospel. Please pray that this will lead to more coming in each week to learn more about salvation.

The prison visits continue, where prisoners in HMP Cardiff hear the Gospel each week through Christianity Explored and the numbers have increased in the Bible class at HMP Usk. Those that have trusted the Lord Jesus recently continue to make good progress and are a huge encouragement to me.

The homeless work has been very busy with quite a crowd visiting the horsebox where food is distributed to them. We have been encouraged by donations of

Truth in a Trailer
Matt 7-9
Holiday Bible Club meal & prizegiving

food and clothing for this work and this facilitates so many witnessing conversations. One example of this was a long conversation with a man in his thirties who was thrilled to hear of God’s love and took a John’s Gospel. Through tearful eyes he exclaimed that he was too bad to be forgiven. Many others listened on that night and seemed moved by the Gospel. Pray that there would be salvation in that man’s life and that others who are witnessed to regularly would be saved. There is a great team that support this work, pray for them as they witness so readily in this challenging work.

We are currently preparing for Bible Experience 2, which is the Old Testament version of the original Bible Experience, our interactive Bible Exhibition. We have around 900 pupils booked to come through the hall in the last 2 weeks of September, and we are hoping more will sign up once the new term starts. Please pray that the Lord will bless this activity and that these doors into local schools will remain widely open.

Monday 2nd BRAZIL Rio Grande do Sul

Matt 10-11

Obituary to the late Harry Wilson, called Home on 14 August 2023

Kindly provided by his son David Wilson

Henry Morton Wilson arrived in Brazil in March of 1952, a young man of 22 years of age. Harry initially lived with the McCann family until getting a grasp of the language. While at home on his first furlough, Harry met and married Beth McKinley, a nurse from Dungannon, in May 1958. Shortly thereafter they both set sail for Brazil making the capital city of Porto Alegre their permanent residence.  There they decided to live their lives and raise their family looking only to God to provide for their needs and those of the family. Gospel work began by tract distribution, offering of Bibles for sale, following up some contacts from previous years who had moved to Porto Alegre for work. Slowly as the work developed a few got saved, were baptised and an assembly was formed. Over the years the assembly in Porto Alegre grew and other assemblies in neighbouring towns were also formed, but the method of work never changed. Series of gospel meetings, running for 6 to 8 weeks at a time, 5 nights a week, changing the location according to the interest shown and as the Spirit of God directed - sometimes alone, sometimes with another Brazilian believer or fellow missionary. Also, teaching new believers assembly principles from the Word of God, watching assemblies follow those principles, those were his main concerns in life. A man of discipline, modesty, and integrity who lived what he preached. Privately, a man of constant prayer who depended and waited upon God to preserve and prosper His work. For over 71 years he and his family proved that God is faithful. At the large funeral service Roberto Ploia said: “It isn’t only the Wilson family which is bereaved today, but every believer and assembly in Rio Grande do Sul.”


We enjoyed a visit to Northern Ireland in May for Ruth’s brother’s wedding. Upon our return, we started back into Spanish classes for a few weeks until the university closed for the summer break. The month of July began with a visit to Coscomatepec, a town 2.5 hours away where there are a few people who continue to show an interest in hearing the gospel after many years of visits. The following week, the assembly in Veracruz had a small, local conference, where I was asked to give a word of ministry, along with brother Timothy Stevenson and two local brethren. Later in the month, with a number of believers from Xalapa, we drove four hours to Oacalco for the bi-monthly day of ministry, where we received helpful teaching on the first few chapters of 1 Samuel.

Also in July, we had a two-week series of gospel meetings. During the first week, each gospel meeting was preceded by a children’s meeting. Timothy was responsible for sharing the gospel with these young people, using stories about the sea in Scripture as a basis for each message. We were encouraged to see some new faces, along with the attendance of others whom we hadn’t seen for a long time. Brother Melvin Mendez (Hatboro, Pennsylvania) arrived towards the end of the first week en route from Philadelphia to his native country of Honduras. We were very thankful for his help in the gospel, and although we didn’t learn of anyone trusting Christ, the meetings were an encouragement, and we leave the results with God.

A couple, who profess to be saved and who show good interest, have been attending the meetings recently along with their two young daughters. They have been able to influence others to come to the gospel meeting, including one of the former students at the school where this brother is a teacher. Although it is a Christian school, the student had never before accepted an invitation to go to any type of church service, so it is quite remarkable that she has started to come regularly to the gospel meeting. This has surprised her teachers and colleagues and made an impression on her father. Although an atheist, he recently attended the gospel meeting for the first time. It’s wonderful to see how God works through various circumstances in people’s lives to bring them into contact with the gospel.

There is much to encourage, but much to pray for. The work is vast, with many open doors, and we greatly feel our limitations as we continue to strive to become fluent in Spanish so that we may be of more help in the work of the Lord. We appreciate your prayers for us and for the work of the Lord in Xalapa and surrounding areas. C.2022 SAMUEL & RUTH CHESNEY 21/8/23

Tuesday 3rd MEXICO Xalapa
Matt 12-13
Children's meetings

Wednesday 4th BOTSWANA Palapye

Gospel Work

There is a nucleus of young people who are not saved attending most of our meetings here in Palapye, for whom prayer is requested. A number of adults attend regularly, and we continue to pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Over the past 18 months, Seabenyane Dichabeng (from the Serowe Assembly) and I have had the privilege of preaching the gospel (using our gospel tent) in 7 small villages within a radius of up to 90 minutes from Serowe. Typically, the meetings are arranged for 3.30 or 4.00 pm as only a limited number of people in the rural areas go outside the village to work. Within Serowe itself, we have had 2 series of meetings in the outreach hall in GorraLeina as well as meetings in people’s yards.

Work in the Schools

For the past 23 years in Palapye, we have had the privilege of preaching the Word of God in Primary and Secondary Schools. We are currently visiting schools 5 days a week, reaching over 3000 students each week. The preaching at the ‘school assemblies’ in the secondary schools, which we began in Serowe in 1992 and then in Palapye in the year

Serowe midweek meeting
Palapye Sunday School 14-16

2000, continues and we are thankful for the liberty enjoyed. Teachers regularly express their appreciation, and we are able to help the various schools we visit in practical ways (repairing school desks, providing Bibles, distributing Seedsowers texts, or taking a Scripture Union class on a weekly basis).

Children’s Work

Through the Sunday School Work and the Bible Class each Lord’s Day as well as the Children’s Meeting each Friday afternoon, we are able to sow the good Seed of the Word of God into many young lives, looking to the Lord for a harvest. The number attending the Children’s Meeting was well over 200 earlier in the year which presented many challenges trying to maintain good behaviour and reverent attention in the meetings. We are very thankful for the team of saints who are involved in the children’s work week by week.


Seabenyane Dichabeng and I have the privilege of preaching in Mahalapye Prison once a month to prisoners in both the male and female sections. Security is tight, so it takes time getting to the locations where we preach, but the attention is excellent. Seabenyane also preaches in Serowe prison each week. Interestingly, I first learnt to preach in Setswana in 1992/3 in the Serowe male and female prisons (they were a captive audience!) – we are thankful to God for progress made since those early days of preaching in Setswana!

Bible Teaching

Here in Palapye we continue with Bible teaching each Lord’s Day evening as well as in our Saturday evening Bible Reading. We also seek to help the saints in Serowe each Thursday evening in their Prayer Meeting and Ministry Meeting.

Thursday 5th

Matt 17-19


Here in Bangkok, every Thursday evening, we have an English Bible Study and at present we are going through Luke’s Gospel. About 10 people attend - a married couple from the Philippines, an elderly man from Singapore, and the rest are Thai.

We ask prayer especially for the Singapore man Allan. He has lived in Thailand for 40 years and has been a faithful Buddhist all these years. Earlier this year he was seriously ill and on the point of death and his older sister, who is a believer, wrote to him and told him to seek the Lord. He started attending the meeting, trusted the Lord, and was baptized about 2 months ago. Allan is 70 years old and a businessman and is now facing many difficult moral decisions in his work. Do pray the Lord will strengthen him and guide him in the days ahead.

C. 1991 COLIN & CHRISTINE RAGGETT 31/8/23 C. 1973/77 TOM & NUI HILL 11/9/23

Friday 6th INDIA Narsapur

Greetings to you from Bethesda Hospital in India. Here are some points for prayer and praise.

1. Bethesda continues to do well in regard to patient care (outpatient and inpatient), leprosy and HIV patients.

2. We have 118 children in the campus. 24 children from George Muller Home (HIV Children) and 94 children from Dr. Edward Short’s Hostel (leprosy & HIV background). These children stay with us in the campus, and it is our prayer that they may come into the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. A few believing children are also there.

3. Bethesda staff have just completed nine Bible studies from the Book of Lamentations. We are blessed. Our chairman Mr Satyanarayana took the classes.

4. An HIV positive girl by the name of Mounika is recovering from her mild spinal injury. We pray for her further recovery. She is studying 12th Grade in a local college. Please pray for her future.

5. Dr. Martin Emerald who committed his life to the work of Bethesda is presently doing his post-graduation in surgery. Kindly pray that he may be led to come back and join Bethesda after completing his studies.

6. During the past 100 years of Bethesda’s existence the Lord proved Faithful. We continue to look to Him for His help, guidance and blessing. The ministry at Bethesda is encouraging, patients are being blessed and the staff are working faithfully.


Dr.Edward Short - Boys Dr.Edward Short - Girls
A Leper's dressing in the ward



“good hand of the Lord”

(Nehemiah 2.18) we were introduced to the general manager of the local council in Pachacámac, who invited me to visit him in his new offices. He told us that he would be glad to help us in any way possible and that he believed the Lord had arranged our meeting. I explained to him that we wanted to visit the poorest outlying areas to distribute New Testaments and literature and he assigned 2 of his employees to arrange this for me.

For 2 months, I was given a schedule of 2 or 3 daily meetings for 4 days each week. They arranged a sports arena or a community hall and sent out invitations to all of the neighbours in the area. Before they commenced the work of registering those living in the district, I had liberty to speak for 15 minutes, to explain our work in Perú and the message of the Gospel, and then to give out a small pack that contains a Gospel of John and literature to all present. It brings us much joy to sow the “good seed” and also to see many who are so glad to receive a copy of the Word of God. Most received the Word, however one group of older ladies were fiercely opposed to any kind of preaching and asked me not to open the Bible. It was evident that they were badly affected by demonic activity, it was sad to see the effects of lives spent in darkness.

Saturday 7th PERU Lima
Priale district (Childrens work)
Matt 22-23
Pachacamac Preaching

Through this work, we were guided of the Lord to commence weekly children´s meetings in Sector B, Manchay. It is located in the historic valley of Pachacamac and there are large Inca ruins on the hillsides. The population is located in the arid upper part of the valley, while there are large farms further down towards the sea. We have a group of about 25 children and adults who come to the local community hall each Tuesday afternoon. It is a nice hall, with toilets, electricity and a roof, which is quite different to our other children´s works! In each of our 6 children´s works we are encouraged by the number of adults who attend. In Los Rosales, Jicamarca, each Sunday morning we have been very pleased to have at least 10 adults present and all of them learn their memory verse with the children. Please pray specifically for –

• Yampiere and Lilian come to our Gospel meeting each Lord´s Day in Santa Clara. They sometimes bring their daughters, and we would love to see them reached and saved to be a testimony in the district. Please pray for them and their salvation.

• Carlos – a young man who formerly attended meetings and wept over his soul. Ensnared by the world he has not come to meetings in a while and knows he must make a decision.

• Los Rosales, Jicamarca – please pray for the many adults that come to listen to the Gospel each Lord’s Day morning.

Sunday 8th NEPAL Eastern Region

Matt 24-25

Many years ago, my forefathers used to live in Phaiba. As time passed, they migrated to Aiyabari due to persecution on faith and the establishment of an assembly there. There are now nine houses of believers in Phaiba. A few months ago, four new believers were baptized. Among the eighteen believers, ten are in fellowship. Phaiba is a place located about 1.5 miles away from the local assembly in Furketar. However, due to the mountainous terrain, it takes them more than 1 hour of walking to reach Furketar for the ‘Breaking of Bread’. For the past year, the believers from Phaiba have been praying along with the Furketar assembly for a new local assembly to be established in Phaiba. A few months back, brother Asish Limbu from Dhulabari went to Furketar along with some believers from Damak and Santichowk. He reported to us that the Furketar assembly has been waiting for a long time to receive Bible teaching. Due to their mountainous location, there have not been any visits during the past 5 years. They are now planning to have a Bible teaching conference from October 23 to 27 2023, God willing. We have been invited to do a series of ministry sessions, spending three days in Furketar and two days in Phaiba for the encouragement and upbuilding of both new and long-standing believers in those areas.

As we may be aware, reaching Furketar and Phaiba can be quite a challenge due to the tough journey by vehicle. We’re hoping for a safe trip and getting everything ready for it. We truly appreciate your prayers.

Update from brother D (Nepal) 1/9/23


Monday 9th ARMENIA Writing from N Ireland

I have visited Armenia six times since 2016. It is a small country about twice the size of Northern Ireland with a population close to three million. So far as we know, there is only one assembly in the country (in the capital, Yerevan), though the believers tell me there are a few other gospel-grounded churches in the country. The assembly is very small with just ten gathered at the breaking of bread when I met with them (including three brothers). But it was encouraging to see that number almost triple for their gospel meeting which followed. The believers have a good witness among friends and neighbours, and it would be encouraging to see these connections result in the salvation of their souls, their commitment to the Lord in baptism and to His people through gathering with them. There are also some believers scattered around the remote villages and many of the sisters connected with the assembly have husbands who are not yet saved. There is a great need for evangelism and Bible teaching in Armenia.

My connection with the saints has been through the children’s work, for which the assembly must be particularly commended. The believers labour much with the children, running not one but two Sunday Schools. One is held in the hall in Yerevan, while another is held in the village of Dvin. They also visit another village, Pushkino, where they hold a children’s meeting twice annually in a local believer’s home. The most prominent work of the assembly however is their summer camps. The work of these camps far exceeds what you might think possible for such a small assembly. It is no mean undertaking. They hold three successive camps, each for a different age group, ranging from 8 to 18 years old. The first couple of camps had 40 or 50 children each, with the final, teenagers camp having just 17. The main limiting factor is the number of camp leaders that can be mustered. For those leaders who help with all three camps, the work is very exhausting indeed. But this is an invaluable opportunity to share the gospel with so many.

Matt 26
Gospel Meeting

Communication can be difficult when visiting Armenia, as few people speak English (though Russian is a second language for many). Finding believers with the availability and sufficient English fluency to translate for me has been difficult. I believe the work in Armenia would greatly benefit from missionaries who would be prepared to learn the Armenian language.

I did have a couple of opportunities this year to take teaching sessions with the teenagers through translation and it was encouraging to see them prompt thoughtful questions afterwards. Please pray for a couple of young people in particular who may have come to faith and are taking an interest in the scriptures. With a mixture of broken English and Armenian, it was a pleasure to answer their questions about baptism, the temple, and (seemingly!) unanswered prayers.

As a final note, our brother Wendall Webb (Ireland), who has regularly visited Armenia over the last two decades, has made me aware of an issue concerning the building used for the meetings of the Yerevan assembly. The situation is complex and there is concern over the future ownership of the building. This is a particularly pressing matter for prayer.

We thank God for establishing his testimony in this land, and for the fruit borne among the saints. The prayers and exercise of the Lord’s people for the work in Armenia is greatly valued.

Teen Camp

Tuesday 10th


Writing from Zambia

To find like-minded Christians that have a zeal and determination to spread the gospel and also preach a fundamentally sound message is rare here in Loloma, Zambia. We have been able to work alongside four young Zambian men who fit this description. Working together with them we have been able to do outreach in areas that don’t have a local assembly presence. We camp out in the bush in tents and go home by home sharing the gospel through the day while my wife cooks every meal over an open flame. At night we make a large bonfire and people assemble to hear a gospel message and answer questions. We have seen some interest from the villages of Kanyanzi and Kakoloko.

Looking towards Namibia we stay in contact with some individuals that have shown much interest in the gospel. WhatsApp is very helpful with this. We are planning a twoweek series of gospel meetings at the end of October and into November in the town of Swakopmund. We look forward to working with a few fellow believers from different parts of the globe who plan to join us and help with this endeavour. We hope to have the opportunity to arrive earlier in order to do more tract distribution in different towns and villages where we have not been before. Outapi and Opuwo are two towns near the border of Angola where Oshiwambo is spoken. We have been able to print tracts in their language for the occasion. Please pray for this endeavour and that souls would be won for His honour and glory.

A project that we have started here in Loloma is the dismantling and moving of a water tank tower. It has been on the mission a long time and the tank that was on top rusted away. We are moving the tower to where a new borehole has been dug for the hospital. We are doing all this so that the hospital and the mission will be on their own separate water supplies. The plan is to connect both tanks to both locations so water supplies can be shared in the case of an emergency such as a failed pump in one or the other. We have been able with our garden to supplement some greens for the patients, along with providing oranges and tangerines. This will help the patients get more nutrients as well as relieving the hospital of a little of its financial burden. Along with physical food I also visit the hospital and go ward by ward preaching the gospel. It is a wonderful opportunity that is afforded to us.



Wednesday 11th SCOTLAND Bridge of Weir

“The sower went forth to sow …”

We have recently finished outreach work at the Edinburgh International Festival and Military Tattoo. This year we were able to buy 40,000 bags and fill them with a Gospel of John. These were packed in one evening with over 60 people helping with the task. We had them stored in Graeme Paterson's portable hall at Plains. We then got a free hire of a large van from Arnold Clark and used this as the base in Edinburgh each day. The Free Church College kindly gave us the use of two parking spaces at the Mound in Edinburgh which enabled us to base ourselves there for the week. Over a period of 4 days the many younger and older helpers worked very hard, and we distributed the 40,000 bags into the hands of people from all over the world.

The visual image of these bags everywhere in the centre of Edinburgh is quite something to see, especially in the middle of the Edinburgh Arts festival and among all the Fringe performers. There are so many anecdotes from a week like this which are so encouraging. We are getting feedback through the UtG (Understanding the Gospel) site which was branded on the cover of the Gospels, as well as our Gospel for Scotland contact details. From terrible and ignorant hostility to long meaningful conversations, the young people have experienced that and everything in-between on the streets of Edinburgh. It was also a joy to have Robert Revie and Wallace Hewiston with us, which raised the average age considerably! My main encouragement is to see a younger generation fearlessly witnessing in our capital and giving a week of their time to do so. It is hard work and not easy and yet they are on the streets from early afternoon late into the evening.

I will be travelling to a retreat camp near Seattle with the Clearview assembly. I was there last year and enjoyed it very much. The idea is to take the leaders from the various summer camps and outreaches in that area and give them a week of Bible teaching and fellowship for themselves. The 40 or so young people who attend are in their late teens and early twenties and actively involved in their assembly outreach. It is a good opportunity for getting alongside them and encouraging them.

The following week I start back with schools in the Overtown area back here in Scotland. I have a longstanding working relationship with the Overtown assembly and Jimmie Johnston. He is getting older now and not able to attend the schools with me but still does the planning of the visits and I have lunch with him each day. He has built a

Mark 1-2
Tattoo outreach

wonderful work and connection with many schools in his area over the last number of years and used Gordon McCracken and myself to do the school assemblies and classes.

Graham Stannard of the Perth assembly has been in hospital to have a heart operation. He is the main editor of the UtG articles and sorely missed from that work while undergoing treatment and recovery. This has meant additional tasks for the UtG project in the short to medium term. The project continues to develop in podcasting, writing, videos, social media and other areas. We now have around 100 people involved in one capacity or another and an organisational structure which spreads the load and responsibilities. The numbers continue to be an encouragement, with between 10,000 to 12,000 new people engaging with articles and material each month.

Thank you again for your interest and fellowship as we continue to serve the Lord in various areas of the work.

Thursday 12th BRAZIL Sapucaia

Thankfully, both Beth and I are very well, seeking to do what we can here as we “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Philip. 3:14).

Brother Carlos Adeni and I have just ended a 5 week series of gospel meetings in Alvorada (pop. 215,000). There is a thriving assembly in this town, but in recent years it has suffered severe setbacks and disappointments. However, the saints, continuing to be gospel minded, are still reaching out to their fellow citizens with the Glad Tidings. About 60 people met in a house in a populous area of the town each night to hear the gospel. A young married woman professed to be saved. She is a neice of the sister in Christ who gave us the house for the meetings. Please remember Patricia, this young girl who professed. Sadly her husband shows absolutely no interest in the gospel. He might even be somewhat against her now that she is demonstating a change in her lifestyle. Others showed an interest, but we had to close the meetings without hearing of their blessing.

Please pray for our brother Carlos Adeni as he, the next week after closing the meetings, commenced treatment for prostate cancer. We are hoping that this problem was detected in its early stages.

Living in Sapucaia do Sul (pop. 140,000), Beth and I help as much as possible in the nearest assembly: São Leopoldo (pop. 240,000). The assembly, having been seriously affected by the loss of 2 sisters due to Covid 19, needs your prayers. Our regular gospel meeting on the Lord’s day gives us much concern as our numbers are well reduced in recent months.

We continue with our Saturday night gospel meeting in Sapucaia do Sul. During the pandemic a few of our neighbours started to attend. Since then 1 or 2 of them have professed to be saved. The most recent is a widow lady named Eva. She was dissatisfied with her pentecostal “church”. Since coming to our meetings she quickly learned that, even though she was baptized four times in her life, she still needed to be saved by the grace of God. Listening to the gospel in São Leopoldo some Lord’s days back, she

Mark 3-4

professed to be saved. The transformation in her life is remarkable. Please pray that we may see the good hand of God yet again in blessing in our town.

The printing work goes on still here at our house. Tracts and invitations continue to be made as well as two quarterly magazines: one for believers (1200 copies) and the other for children (600 copies). We have just completed preparing our 148th edition of the magazine for believers. This 24 page booklet is filled with suitable material for the saints to read. Our prayer is that this effort may result in the edification of the Lord’s people.

Since the end of the series of gospel meetings in Alvorada, we have been involved with ministry meetings in Itati, São Jerônimo and Alvorada as well as in local Bible Readings in the Porto Alegre area. The brethren in Porto Alegre are arranging a conference for the 7th of September, so we trust that, with your prayers, that day may be very profitable.

Please continue to remember in prayer our boys, Bruna and our two grandchildren: Pedro and Maria Clara. They are all well, but they still need to be saved.

Many thanks again for your continued remembrance of us and the Lord’s work in Brazil. May the Lord bless you richly.

Friday 13th SCOTLAND Aberdeen

During the 2022/23 Academic Year I was able to continue teaching the ‘Explore the Essentials’ programme for upper stage pupils (8-11 years old) to 8 local primary schools. During the year approximately 700+ children received 24 hour-long lessons from the Bible. Do pray that this door of opportunity will be kept open as the schools restart for the 2023/24 academic year.

In June Fernielea Gospel Hall hosted the Ultimate Adventure Exhibition. All the slots were filled quickly, and such was the demand to attend we even had school classes on a waiting list. Over the five days 17 classes attended. For each child, after a 60-minute tour they compete in a review quiz before leaving with a scripture literature gift pack. During the tour every child completes a worksheet and the best two from each class receive a gift book at a prizegiving assembly. Some prizegiving assemblies did take place before the summer

C. 1992 LINDSAY & BETH CARSWELL 7/8/23 Mark 5-6

break but the remainder will be taken (DV) in September. This whole process is a great way to have deeper engagement with local schools, as the whole experience is provided free-of-charge to the schools.

The summer months have provided a new outreach opportunity, as we have been able to host a stall at some Highland Games. During June we were able to erect a large Gazebo at three different shows. For each event we provided face painting for children, John 3:16 shopping bags for adult attendees and free books and tracts for all ages. It was a great delight to work with the saints from Inverurie Gospel Hall at the Oldmeldrum games and the saints from Fernielea Gospel Hall at the Aberdeen Highland Games and the European Pipe Band Championships. Many bags and books were distributed at all the events and many good conversations took place as people stopped to speak during the early summer sunshine. These days enabled the Lord’s people to work together and outreach in the local parks to tens of thousands of people. During July and August camps have taken place at Faskally House. Although tiring, it was a delight and privilege to be involved in this work for both weeks of NECYC (North East Christian Youth Camp). The Senior and Junior camps were fully subscribed with over 60 campers at each camp. Jamie McIllree brought very helpful and challenging messages to the senior campers, as he looked at the identity of the Christian from 2nd Timothy and then considered various passages as The Cross of Jesus Christ was made a central focus. For the Junior week I delivered messages looking at pictures of the Lord Jesus from the Old Testament, using Luke 24:25-27 as the theme text. We continue to pray that the seed sown will have an impact in the lives of the young people.

As the school summer holidays end, I have the honour of working with the saints at Riverside Christian Assembly (Aberdeen) for a children’s holiday bible club called ‘Riverside Explorers’. Over 60 children have signed up for the club, so we are looking forward to a great time of proclaiming God’s word to the young people and providing a variety of wholesome activities for them to enjoy.

We give thanks that the Lord has opened many doors of opportunity to make His Salvation known. May we all have the desire, wisdom, courage and boldness to serve where He has placed us.

Saturday 14th

ENGLAND Bracknell

Reflecting on the past few months, it has been a privilege to travel to various places in the UK and beyond to seek to encourage the saints through the teaching of the word of God. It was once again a pleasure to visit Devon & Cornwall, the county of my birth. Please pray for these small assemblies and the faithful saints who are seeking to maintain testimony in trying circumstances and with limited resources. The need for a full-time evangelist in this area is evident. I have also recently visited Malaysia. The schedule was full, including a four-day conference organised by Paramount Gospel Hall in Kuala Lumpur. The whole occasion was greatly blessed by the Lord – it was such an encouragement to see so many of the Lord’s people keenly interested in the study of the word of God. There are young people with great potential which we pray will be realised for the glory of God.

As far as local work and evangelism is concerned, we hosted the annual “Bible Study Day” in June. This is one of my favourite occasions in the year, with over 130 young people actively engaged in the study of the word of God. This year we had four sessions on the theme of “Studying the Gospel of Luke”. The resources and ministry were well received, and we have enjoyed hearing of many young people enthusiastically discussing what they had learned.

In July we had a stall at the local school fayre and made our annual distribution of bibles to 60 children in the reception classes. It is a good way of making new contacts and introducing local people to the activities of the assembly, particularly the children’s meetings. Also in July, our youngest, Esther (11) was baptised which was a great joy to us all. The hall was well filled, and a number of Esther’s school friends came, with parents and relatives. It was a good opportunity in the gospel.

After a long, exhausting year, August affords an opportunity to rest a while before meetings begin in earnest again in a few weeks. We have recently returned from a family vacation to Ontario, Canada where we were able to relax and enjoy the fellowship and kind hospitality of saints in Sarnia, Clinton and Kitchener. It was good to renew fellowship with brother Brody Thibodeau who was engaged in a two-week tent campaign in Sarnia with brother Joseph Baker. The gospel was faithfully preached, and the Lord blessed in salvation.

C. 2014 DAN & ELIZABETH RUDGE 9/8/23
Mark 7-8
The Gospel Tent in Sarnia, Ontario

Sunday 15th INDIA Gantok

Our dear brother Charles Davidson returned to Gangtok after a year on 2 September 2023. We had just got home the previous day from Canada. It was a curious case of jetlagged hosts receiving a jetlagged guest. The meetings were scheduled to start on the day of his arrival. Charles, as he always does, preached his first message without showing any sign of fatigue and jetlag. The hall with 90 percent occupancy must have partly inspired him. It was such an encouraging meeting with so many of our gospel contacts and new invitees present. Given that we no longer distribute invitation cards due to security concerns, the public response was tremendous. We couldn’t have asked for a more promising start. The attendance increased on the second day and the trend continued as the days progressed until the hall was filled each night, forcing some believers to leave the hall to make rooms for the guests. The audience was a blend of people of varying age ranges and walks of life. Here is a break-down of the audience as per their age range and backgrounds:

1. Many university students who have been attending the Friday gospel meetings at our house attended the meetings the whole week. One of them, Swechha professed faith on the second night. She didn’t miss a single day.

2. Chinjay assembly (planted in 2016) brought all their gospel contacts every day. One of the most encouraging things was to see Prem bringing his friends to the meetings. Chinjay, located around 40 minutes away from Gangtok has been witnessing a steady increase in new house construction. The assembly there has been working among the construction workers and Prem, a contractor, has been one of the fruits of that labour. Many of his workers have been regularly attending meetings.

3. Sujata’s Dental Clinic staff attended the meetings. Penjola, a sweet and kind girl, looks to be resisting the truth of the gospel. She is overwhelmed with the responsibility of looking after her mother who has serious mobility issues, an unemployed brother at home and working long days at the clinic. Despite her extremely busy schedule, she has been making an effort to attend a few gospel meetings. Melina and Assang listened well but do not seem to realise their need of the Saviour. Nisha told Sujata that she was being spoken to.

Gangtok city from Chinjey side of the mountain

4. Jorethang-Sisney assembly (planted in 2021) has been fully involved in these gospel meetings. All the brethren attended the meetings. They also brought a jeep-load of their gospel contacts to these meetings.

5. Two young men came from Nepal to hear the gospel. Atit Chamling professed faith during the meeting. Yakub another young man has been spoken to. He was undergoing a drug detoxification program in Nepal. Bhupal paid his fees and got him discharged so that he could attend these meetings. He trusted the Lord on the final night. He will need special care as he is recovering from substance abuse. He will be staying in Jorethang for a few more months which will not only keep him away from his drug addict friends in Nepal but will also keep him in the company of believers. Hanok, himself a young believer, has taken a great interest to help Atit and Yakub. These three boys need prayer support as they will try to build a friendship and have Christian fellowship amongst themselves.

6. Some young couples attended the meetings regularly. A couple who are renting Om Prakash’s house (an elder in the Gangtok assembly) attended all the meetings. It turns out that they are a Christian couple who are not going to any church. They have decided to attend the assembly meetings on Sunday.

7. It was heartening to see the young children of believers attending the meetings regularly and listening with great interest. John, aged 16, Om Prakash’s son said that he was able to gain the assurance of salvation through these meetings.

8. Some professors and the Deputy Registrar from Sikkim Central University (the premier university of Sikkim) attended the meetings. The deputy Registrar commented that he really liked the fact that the meeting has no entertainment element and no puffing up of human pride. It was just the gospel presented in the most straightforward manner. Another young professor attended the meeting on the final night.

Assemblies working together passionately and unitedly is a great blessing. There was great teamwork – fishers bringing souls to the meetings, drivers looking after the transportation, cooks cooking, young boys and girls serving and doing the dishes, cleaning the hall, shopping. Pray that the Lord will continue to bless His work in Northern India.

Chinjey from Gangtok side of the mountain

Monday 16th ZAMBIA Chitokoloki

The hospital has been particularly busy this year.  We have had a lot of surgical marathons (including paediatrics, orthopaedics and plastic surgery).  I’m often asked by folk what exactly a “marathon” entails.  Out of interest I checked the definition and was amused to see it described as an activity which takes a long time and makes you very tired, a test of human endurance.  I’d say that’s a very accurate description.  A specialist surgeon from Lusaka or overseas comes for a couple of days or up to a week.  The visiting doctor operates on many patients within his specialist skill set.  Within the short time frame, we work long hours in order to help as many people as possible.  In the case of our orthopaedic marathons, which are a two day clinic every two months, we do a clinic to 10pm seeing around 100 people. We then operate on about 20 of them (a solid 22 hours session) the following day.  In July we had over 140 inpatients – most of whom were recovering from major surgery.  The wards and corridors were full with floor beds.  We have just 93 physical beds in the hospital, so the rest of the patients were on mattresses in whatever free space is to be found.  It is wonderful that each patient as well as their families and all our staff hear the gospel on a daily basis.  The gospel is shared through multiple modes including one-to-one conversations, literature distribution, preaching of gospel messages and praying with patients.  Please pray for our very keen believers who are active in outreach.  This is most encouraging, and we pray for much blessing as God’s word goes forth.

We are excited for the recommencement of English gospel meetings in the bookroom across from hospital.  In the past, they have been well attended.  The hospital covers a large catchment area, and we often get patients from towns who speak English.  Our staff and students are also mostly English-speaking.   The majority of outreaches are in the local languages of Lunda and Luvale so it is wonderful to have a ministry that captures a different audience.  Please pray for this work.

A large building project is ongoing to help meet the demands of a growing medical work.  The roof is now on the new doctor’s clinic and a team are currently working on the foundations of the hospital extension.  This will include much needed isolation side wards and two additional main wards.  Please pray for safety for those on the work site.  There is much manual labour and in due course the team will be working at heights with

Mark 11-12
Floor beds

heavy trusses.  Please pray for all the requirements to finish the work and that these new buildings will be a blessing to the Lord’s work.

Tuesday 17th

N. IRELAND Moneymore

This week Adam Ingram and I conclude a three-week spell in the gospel at Cashel, Co. Donegal. This is near to the town of Creeslough, and the meetings are in the same field where we had a spell in the Gospel two summers ago with David McAllister. We have been encouraged to have a good number of locals in over the three weeks and indeed tonight again we saw new faces in the audience. We have also enjoyed the support of believers from the assembly at Letterkenny, with some traveling almost every night. This is an area that has seen much sowing of the seed over the decades by brothers Gilbert Stewart, Sam Patterson and Harry Hunter. We look to the Lord that there would be an abundant harvest for His glory. During the first week of these meetings, we had a lot of help to distribute literature and invitations around the county and we are very thankful for all who gave of their time to help with this, in a variety of different ways. That first week we also had Children’s Meetings in a tent in the afternoons. As we look back, we have been encouraged that we were able to gather a good number of different children in, along with our own over the course of the week. Nathan Agnew had the responsibility of speaking to them, and we feel it was profitable, trusting that it will bear fruit in the future.

Today we were able to finalise arrangements for the posting of a few more billboards across the country. The three designs being used presently are based on John 3:36, Romans 5:6 and 1 Peter 3:18. Do pray that His Word displayed, while it is still permitted, will result in Salvation. Do pray for the gospel activity planned for Galway over the next two weeks and indeed for meetings planned in Westmeath on Patrick Bowers farm during September. We need the Lord’s help and indeed His hand upon our efforts.

C. 2009 JULIE-RACHEL ELWOOD 29/8/23 C. 2017 PAUL & LINDA KISSICK 9/8/23 Foundations started for new wards New doctors' clinic Mark 13-14

Wednesday 18th SCOTLAND Glencraig

For prayer and praise, here is an update on our recent activities:

So far in 2023 I have visited various assemblies for series of ministry including Rathmines (Dublin), Growell (NI), Bicester, Prestwich (Manchester), Holburn (Aberdeen), Newry (NI), Tayport and Mayfield.

In February I made a trip to South Africa for two weeks of ministry meetings there. I visited assemblies in Hermanus, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. This was my first trip back to South Africa since we left in June 2022. It was good to see the believers. Many assemblies there have struggled to get back to normality following the pandemic. There is much to discourage the saints there. Please pray that the Lord will give the saints the encouragement and help they need to continue with zeal in the work of the Lord. In May, I made a very quick, unplanned visit to South Africa following the death of a young brother, Deanian, only 35 years old, who went to be with the Lord very suddenly. He leaves a young wife, Nicole, and a 1-year-old little boy. He was on fire for the Lord and a dear friend. He will be greatly missed in the work of the Lord in South Africa and especially by his loved ones. I was asked to speak at the funeral which was attended by over 400 people with many of them unbelievers, including Deanian’s unsaved twin brother Damian. God willing, I will visit South Africa again at the end of September. Your prayers would be appreciated. In March I was with the saints at Gorgie (Edinburgh) for a series of Gospel Meetings. There was very good interest with the saints working hard at bringing friends, colleagues and other contacts. Every night there was a good number of unbelievers in attendance. Some people had never attended a Gospel Meeting before, in particular two muslim individuals. We are looking to the Lord for His hand in blessing.

In June, Craig Munro and I were with the assembly at Wick for a series of Gospel Meetings in a tent. This is the northernmost assembly on the UK mainland. In total over 120 outsiders attended across the series. Many of these people would be unbelievers. The assembly are encouraged but we are still hoping for news of souls being saved. One man who attended is now in very poor health and may not have long to live. We are especially worried about his soul. A number of others who came are continuing to attend the regular Gospel meeting each Lord’s day.

In relation to the local work, I have been able to help a little with visiting schools in the surrounding area. I would like to see a few more of these opening up to us if possible. God willing, we are due to have the Bible Exhibition in Glencraig in October so we are hoping this might give us a connection with more schools round about. Please remember also the ongoing work in Kirkcaldy which we assist with alongside a number of other believers. By God’s grace things in the assembly at Glencraig are well. We have seen the hand of the Lord in blessing recently with various baptisms, including our own son, Alexander. Some have also recently been received into fellowship. We have been continuing with our weekly drive-in Gospel Meeting at Lochore Meadows Country Park throughout the summer with good interest from the community.

Looking forward, God willing, in September Craig Munro and I plan to go to Port William, Wigtownshire for a series of Gospel Meetings in a Portable Hall. Craig Munro, Jack Hay, Dan Gillies and others have previously been involved in Gospel Meetings in that area with some blessing. Prayer is always valued.

18/8/23 Mark 15-16

MEXICO Cancun Qta. Roo

We were very happy to have Charles and Roberta Davidson (Cardy, Northern Ireland) here in Cancun again, along with their whole family, during the first two weeks of July. It was an encouragement for the assembly to have their visit and the believers really enjoyed it. We appreciated their help in the various meetings including Gospel, Sunday morning Devotional, Ministry and Sunday School.

From the 7th to the 11th of August, we had an encouraging week of Children’s Bible Classes. There was a good number of children, young people and adults in attendance. Some came who had never been to a meeting or a Bible class. We really appreciated the help of our fellow co-worker here in Mexico, Eleonor Mosquera, who came to help us. Before the classes started, we went out with a group of believers from the assembly to distribute invitations to the homes surrounding the hall. We also got the invitation printed on canvas and we put it up in front of the hall. Quite a few of the believers invited various contacts and family members. We were surprised with the number of people that were out that week. It was also a joy to see the believers involved in the different aspects of the classes and helping out wherever they could.

Along with our co-workers, David and Saly Cadenas, we have been focusing on doing personal visits with the believers, as well as other contacts. It has been valuable to speak to the believers and hear how they’re progressing in their Christian walk. It is a time for encouraging them and answering questions that have come up. There have also been several who are interested in salvation, so we have been uplifted with those visits, as well. We are very happy with three people who professed to be saved here recently - two young people and a middle-aged woman. We ask for prayer for the believers, as they grow spiritually in the Lord, as well as for the preservation of the assembly here. It is hard to believe that we are now looking at the final four months of the year. We look to the Lord for His guidance regarding His will for the work here in the remainder of the year.

C. 2013 (Ven) TIMOTHY & AMY TURKINGTON 5/9/23
Luke 1
Bible Class on Children's Day 30th April

Friday 20th BRAZIL Três Passos

This month Rio Grande do Sul sustained a tremendous loss as our much loved and highly esteemed brother and fellow worker, Harry Wilson, was called home to be with the Lord he loved and served.  Tuesday 15 August found us in Porto Alegre Gospel Hall where fitting words of tribute were spoken of a true pioneer who “finished his course” and has gone to his reward.

We continue in Três Passos and the surrounding area of the northwest of the state of Rio Grande do Sul where we have been living since January 1999.  Our late brother Harry Wilson and others had been to this area back in the 60’s and it still had a place in his heart.  In March 1998 Harry and I travelled the 300 miles in the car packed with wooden seats and a tent on the roof rack and we had the first series in 1998.  There was a good interest and God blessed in salvation.  In those early years our brethren in the south stood by us and all the missionaries and national workers have helped us in gospel series, Bible readings and ministry meetings.

When the hall was completed, in March brother Harry came back and in that first series Sr Balduino was saved.  Over the years he has steered a steady course and today I can truthfully say (as Paul wrote of Tychicus) he is “a beloved brother and a faithful minister and fellow servant”.  His wife left him a short time after he was saved and he has not had life easy.

We visit around the doors with tracts and invitations in Três Passos and the surrounding small towns but nowadays there is great indifference, and we are finding it hard to get new people to come to meetings.

As well as the usual assembly meetings we have two ongoing outreach works.  In Braga, a small town some 28 miles away Tiago, a young man of 28 and a woman called Dona Elisangela are faithful attenders and never miss a meeting.  They both seem to be desirous of salvation.  Others also come from time to time and there are several homes where we are welcome to visit and speak of God’s salvation.

Linha São Paulo is a country district where we have meetings in a covered area at the front of the home of a widow called Dona Lourdes each Friday night.  We have had several series of meetings but presently we go there every Friday night, pick up some neighbours in our 9-seater Kombi and it is a joy to present the gospel to these hardworking country people.

We are looking forward to being in Candelária for their annual conference on 7th September and trust that it might be a day of much spiritual profit. ‘Brethren, pray for us’ 2 Thess. 3:1

C. 1988 GREGG & ELIZABETH BUCHANAN 31/8/23 Luke 2-3

We had our annual Highland Outreach Week in Culloden at the start of August. It was really encouraging to have the help of some folks from different places and the week went well, with a number of challenging conversations. Andy Mullan (Birmingham) gave timely teaching and training in evangelism. Please remember T, a young man, who is brought by a Christian friend to listen to God’s Word. He seemed remarkably changed since our last meeting about two months ago. He had been searching through the religions of the world and I had had an opportunity back then to point him towards Christ, and answer some of his questions. He arrived on the first evening of the outreach week and seems to now profess faith in Christ. Time will tell how deep this is. He is very interested and came to the Bible teaching and evidently enjoyed it.

Also remember a number of contacts made in Inverness town centre and at the Black Isle Show. I will mention a few for prayer. Please remember an Indian family, with a Catholic background who came past us in the street. They were really interested and took away quite an array of literature. They are staying with their daughter in Birmingham, where Andy lives and labours. It was clearly orchestrated of the Lord. They promised to contact Andy when he went back home as he said that he could put them in touch with others from their community. Their daughter goes by the name Dolly. Louise from Lithuania came to our stall at the Black Isle Show, she was distressed but seeking to get ‘back to God’ – she had had a Catholic upbringing that had confused her. Brother Tomek, who came from a Catholic background, and also from eastern Europe, shared the gospel directly with her and pointed out her need of Christ. She seemed deeply affected and took away John’s gospel and our contact details. Wesley and Carashan, an Elgin couple with a number of children stayed around our stall chatting to a number of us. They were open and friendly. It transpires that they had a friend who had recently been converted who was constantly speaking to them. I was able to build on this and explain to them why this friend seemed so concerned for their souls.

Finally, I will mention Hussain, who is a Muslim from Bangladesh and who works opposite the Culloden Hall – he came over just yesterday to say that he wishes to attend the church meetings! We were able to point to the Lord Jesus not just as a prophet but as a Saviour - We had just had training on Friday from Andy on witnessing to Muslims, so God was at work!

I’m heading over to Northern Ireland for a few days early in September, to catch up with my mother, as she had an unexpected light heart attack and ended up in hospital for a short stay.

Saturday 21st SCOTLAND Inverness
Luke 4-5

Lindsey is getting back into the swing of the academic year with the children. Please remember Isaac, Hannah and Hope in your prayers. She been encouraged by a number of new mums who have come along to the Toddler group at the hall. It has been a useful work in building relationships with other mums in the area and has allowed her to help both Christians and non-Christians. Please pray for the work.

Sunday 22nd BRAZIL Bahia

We carry on with the various meetings in São Cristóvão, Candeias, São Sebastião do Passé (Conceição and Araçatiba), Teodoro Sampaio, Rio dos Paus and Caatinga. We are very thankful that the Lord has opened so many doors in Bahia for the preaching of the Truth. There are another 10 places in the state where we have interesting contacts, but we look to the Lord of the harvest that others would be called to pioneer in these last days. Each place is different with varying degrees of interest and progress, some close to home and others quite a distance away. When there is something to discourage in one place there is always something to encourage in another and so with God’s gracious help and guidance we carry on.

In the large towns and cities, it is very difficult to get people in to hear the Gospel, however in rural communities and small villages the people are more receptive and the Lord has been leading us to some of these places. There is no doubt that the only way to see something done for God is to stick at it and keep plodding on. The believers in the assembly in São Cristóvão carry on steadily. The Thursday evening children’s meeting is always encouraging as many children and teenagers learn something of the word of God each week throughout the year. We keep going in Candeias with three meetings per week. There is always a reasonable number present and recently a few different neighbours have come to hear the Gospel. In our hometown of São Sebastião do Passé we have two children’s meetings each week, one at each end of the town. Because of the drug gangs the town is divided up and it wouldn’t be wise to take children from one area to another due to the ongoing conflicts. We haven’t had much success with adults so far but are thankful for young lives which are being reached with God’s word. The monthly open air children’s meeting in the hamlet of Caatinga continues on the last Saturday of the month. At the last meeting we had a nice group of children and 4 adults turned up as well which was very encouraging.

We are disappointed that we had to cancel our trip to N Ireland on doctor’s orders. Heather has not been well for a couple of months, but we are thankful that in the past few days she has made a good improvement, however she needs a break and some time to recover. The initial test for TB was negative but she will have a further follow up in a few weeks, God willing. More than ever, we appreciate your fellowship and prayers as we carry on with the responsibilities that the Lord has filled our hands with.


Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer. The battle is fierce, and Satan is seemingly having success in his dastardly attempts to wreak havoc on the individual, the family and the church. However, we know that our Lord is on the throne and firmly in control. Let’s cling to Him and His promises in these unsettled and difficult times.

As a family we have been so blessed by the arrival of little Alana, in March, our daughter Abigail’s first child. We are supporting Abi and Alana almost full time and I have decided to devote myself to this precious little life for as long as needs be! Please uphold us in prayer in this vital change of circumstances that the Lord would keep our vision fresh of Himself.

Our assembly is going through a very difficult time, and we would value your prayers for each of us as we are all being affected by various ongoing situations that are causing much confusion and pain. As I said earlier, it would appear that the enemy is gaining so much ground, and we sometimes wonder why the Lord does not intervene. Pray for a truly powerful intervention of the Holy Spirit’s power in each of the believers here in Soria that repentance and restoration would be real and that the Lord would be glorified in it all.

I am getting the calendars ordered for the winter distribution campaign and we need a larger number than in previous years as more and more people are asking for them. That is besides giving out the app for mobile phones so that people can read the daily reading on their phone. This sowing of the word is so encouraging, and we trust the Lord for the increase.

• Please pray for each person who reads the little gospel presentation each day. There are several friends/contacts with whom we have been able to share the gospel in a clear way recently. Our heart’s desire is for their salvation.

• Please pray for Asterio and Aurelio , German and Tasicio from our village. Jesús has had long and in-depth conversations with each of these men and two of their wives have shown interest in talking more with both of us. Praise God for such opportunities.

• Pray for Clara, a friend who suffers from depression who I accompanied through a bad bout recently and she opened up to the Lord as a result. She has come to a Sunday service, and we are going to start a Bible study in September when she gets back from her holidays. She is such an answer to prayer. Another mutual friend and neighbour has also come along on Sundays as a result of ‘gospel coffee chats’ as I call them, sharing the gospel naturally as a friend at home or in a coffee shop. This is a very effective tool for me in this Spanish culture and people do open up in this relaxed atmosphere reasoning and debating who Jesus Christ really is.    C.1983 JESUS

Monday 23rd
Luke 8-9
& HELEN ORTIZ 17/8/23

Tuesday 24th BRAZIL Santarém

We are very thankful for the constant prayers of the saints in different parts of the world for the work of God in the northern region of Brazil. Visits and gospel meetings on the ARAPIUNS river are encouraging, many residents are arriving to hear the gospel. There is still a lot of resistance from residents who are religious but thank God we already have the freedom to walk in most communities and sow the true and genuine gospel. Each trip can last up to 10 days, during which time Bible school is held with children and gospel meetings are held in 7 riverside and indigenous communities.

In the last month, three residents understood the gospel and believed in the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour, Benjamin (72 years old), Vailson and Valbemir (two teachers at the indigenous school where we have been distributing Bibles) Praise God!

Residents of the community of São Pedro, where we have held gospel readings on Rádio Floresta, have expressed an interest in hosting frequent gospel meetings, and have offered us a place to establish a fixed point of gospel meetings for them and for the Bible school with the children. São Pedro is the largest community on the indigenous reserve in that region, through which we have access to several communities by water and by land. Please pray for this, for each community in Arapiuns, for the newly saved Benjamin, Vailson and Valbemir, and for the weekly gospel program on Radio Floresta. In August and September we will return to dozens of schools in riverside communities on the Amazon River to deliver the sequence of evangelism material (Biblical Hour). The education secretary of the city of Curuá (3 hours sailing from Santarém) issued a document authorizing us to deliver Bibles and evangelistic material to all schools in the municipality. Approximately 20,000 students were reached with Bible literature and Bibles throughout the Santarém region. Please pray for these students.

Two young sisters were baptized in the local assembly where we are in Santarém and this encouraged the assembly, as they are daughters of brothers who are members of the locality. Pray for them.

My wife Debora is my great helper in the preparation of classes and the large amount of evangelistic materials for schools, in addition to the three Bible schools that are held in three neighborhoods of Santarém.

Luke 10-11
Bible reading with children at schoolCommunity of bacuri - Rio Arapiuns

Some brothers, including young people, have been awakened to the advancement of the gospel and have accompanied us on the Arapiuns River and on visits to assemblies on the islands of the Amazon River. Young brother Jeremias has been a great companion on the boat trips.

We appreciate your prayers for the assemblies and outreach points for the gospel throughout the Santarém region; there is much work ahead. We recognize our weakness and total dependence on the Lord, so that in the time we have left in the flesh, we may patiently run the race that is set before us.

Wednesday 25th


We really appreciate your prayers for us and the assembly here in Paraná. We have been going through some exciting times as a local church. The assembly was mobilized to do door-to-door work with a 4-lesson-course with the message of the gospel, which meant visiting them each week like the postman and building relationships but not being invasive. We were joyful at the amount of people from the assembly that took on the challenge (around 25). It was done in 6 places at the same time. Most did it in the area they live in. We were pleased at the amount who did the course (around 130).

We plan a follow up 6-week Bible study in various individual’s homes, with a few neighbours getting together. We hope to start this in September, God willing.

A group of 7 from our assembly and a couple from a neighbouring assembly went to Antonio Tomás each week to meet with the new believers there in the school. At the same time Heber and I went to Pueblo Brugo (5 miles away). We didn’t manage to visit all the village but did make some good contacts. As most of you will have experienced in your own sphere of labour, when the people of God are active the devil tries to hinder it. Erica is a woman who has had a hard life who Fiona & Miryan were visiting and one day she wrote asking for prayer for a difficult family situation. We offered to go and pray with her. When we went, we were able to preach the gospel and she gave her life to Christ.


Thursday 26th COLOMBIA Santa Rosa de Cabal

Our recent visit to the Medellin area was both encouraging and disappointing. The elders of three of the assemblies were encouraged to correct issues not in accord with the Word of God, and as a result two gifted teachers will be visiting the assembly in Bello this coming weekend, to give timely ministry on Church truth. Unfortunately, the central assembly in Medellin decided not to teach the head covering of the sisters as a needful doctrine and have elected to withdraw from our government approved permit to function as a local church. Your prayers have and will continue to be appreciated.

Here at the Bet-Seán property in Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia, the Lord provided funds which enabled us to build a new dormitory, storeroom and workshop in a section which was previously part of the vegetable garden. The dormitory is for conferences and family camps in replacement of the original one which is now an indoor recreation area of the Christian College Timotéos. The same ablutions block of 12 showers and 12 toilets was able to be adapted as part of the new dormitory, by closing the entrance and opening a door into the new area. It is really a matter of praise to the Lord, as to how the Home for the Aged Believers, which functioned here for 27 years, has been changed to accommodate the various classrooms and other needed facilities such as the library, computer room and office. This year there are 115 students that receive biblical teaching each day of primary school and government permission is being requested to continue next year with secondary level of teaching. The assembly meetings are also held at this location.

Germán and I were able to visit Giradot, Ibague and el Líbano last weekend after a break of a few months because of other commitments, and the believers were encouraged by the visit. Sister Flor Maria, mother of Paola Hennessey known to some of you, (the family is now back in Australia) is keen to sell her apartment in Giradot and move to a city or town where there is an assembly, so the future of further outreach in this city is uncertain. We had a meeting in her lounge last Saturday and two ladies were present, one a believer and the other very interested but not saved yet. The time was profitable for all of us. Sunday morning, we travelled the hour to Ibague for the Breaking of Bread meeting followed by the ministry of the Word. It was an encouraging time. Please pray for Octavio Hennessey, father of Javier and father-in-law of Paola mentioned earlier, who is studying the theme of baptism with two of the brothers of the assembly. He was saved some months ago and desires to go on. From there we moved on to el Líbano, with full time worker Gabriel Contreras accompanying us.

I have been back to Guática a couple of times recently and the believers there always appreciate a visit. They are planning a one-day conference for the 16th October which is a public holiday, to mark 40 years of assembly testimony. It is a small country assembly, so it was good to see some new contacts last visit.

This coming weekend is the annual conference in Pereira. Also, my nephew Robert Knott from Canberra, Australia will be visiting us briefly from Saturday evening until Monday early afternoon as he is on a business trip to Chile and from here goes on to the States. The believers would like to hear a message from him so I will need to act as interpreter.

Janelle, Ricardo and Jonathan have moved to Bogotá where they are renting an apartment. Ricardo has been teaching at a University there since the beginning of the year and when

Luke 14-16

Johnny finished his secondary college at the middle of the year they decided it was best for him to study at a University in Bogota. They attend the assembly in San Fernando which is reasonably close to where they are living. Johnny is studying Physiotherapy.

Many thanks for your prayers.

Friday 27th SCOTLAND Moray

Luke 17-18

At the time when Covid restrictions were being lifted, I began visiting a few people whom I had contacted in previous years. This was initially to gauge the level of anxiety that many still had following the devasting effects of the virus and the various lockdowns. To begin with there were those who preferred to speak briefly at the door, but there were some who invited me into their homes. In the months that have followed this work has grown. It has been quite solemnising to think that two of these folks that I had visited and had the opportunity to read the scriptures with, have since been called into eternity. Both of them had contact with the gospel over the years. One had come through the Sunday School back in the 1950s. The other, his mother-in-law had been in assembly fellowship. Both were happy for me to read the scriptures and pray while I visited. At one of the funerals the family told me that they had come across some prize books that their mother had received from the Sunday School over sixty years ago. As far as I know one of her daughters has kept these books. What an encouragement to us all. The good Seed that was sown so long ago, by a generation now in the glory, still has the potential to bring forth fruit for the glory of God.

I was encouraged when a man that I have visited for some time recently invited me into his home. On my previous visits we had stood and conversed on the doorstep. Although there wasn’t a great deal of spiritual content to our conversation on this occasion, it is good to see the contact developing. Having attended a church in the town for many years, he does have a measure of interest in things relating to the scriptures. On a previous visit he asked what happens to someone when they die, which gave a good opportunity to present the claims of the gospel and the outcome of our individual response to Christ. We value prayer for this dear soul who also struggles with a number of health issues. Once again, with the help of our brother Tim, I had the opportunity to set up the literature stand at the Forres Highland Games. The favourable weather meant that many people came for the day out, although the blustery wind prevented having as many tracts on display as usual. Many could be seen reading the large scripture texts as they passed by. A few people stopped to speak; some overseas believers expressed their delight to see the scriptures on display. One young lady, who visited the stall a few times, came back near the end with her brother. She told us that she had been saved six months earlier and wanted her brother to come and see the scriptures etc. Tim had a brief conversation with him, explaining the simple truth of the gospel. We continue to pray that this young man may yet be rejoicing, with his sister, in salvation.


Saturday 28th SCOTLAND Ayrshire

Hope by the Roadside began in May 2016 when we first displayed God’s word on a billboard trailer beside the very busy M77 motorway in Ayrshire. The Lord has been incredibly faithful, and Hope by the Roadside now has billboards or trailers in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Canada and most recently St Lucia. Each day it is estimated that in excess of 5.5million people pass our billboards! It is almost a full-time job in itself creating new designs and maintaining these billboards!

At the end of 2022 we visited Ayr United football club where we signed up to 9 pitch side billboards for the remainder of this season and next season (approx. 18 months). We are excited that many football fans will be put into direct contact with God’s word in such an unlikely location.

As I am sure you are aware, the Trinitarian Bible Society outdoor posters have been faithfully used for many years. Recently we have designed our own range of attractive, outdoor posters suitable for the generic snap-lock frames that can be purchased, at cost price, directly from ourselves. The full range can be seen on our Hope by the Roadside facebook page. We have been very pleased at the uptake of these posters already and we have a sizeable stock ready to be shipped.

The assembly in Kilwinning, Ayrshire asked me to share with local brothers in drive-in Gospel meetings every Sunday afternoon in June at a local park. We were delighted by the response to these and each week there were people attending in their cars and hearing God’s word. Because of this the assembly decided to extend the drive-in meetings for the month of July also.

It was a joy to serve in June at the Woodpark assembly in Ayr, both in a Seedsowers day and in a 2-week Gospel series. We received 25 Bible requests and there were unsaved souls under the sound of the Gospel each evening.

I have just returned home from 13 nights of drive-in Gospel meetings down in Fleetwood with brother Huw Rhys, working with the assembly in Thornton Cleveleys. Our days were filled by a Bible exhibition in the hall in the morning followed by open airs and door work in the afternoon. There were unsaved in attendance every evening, some brought along by the saints and others who came in their own car. On the 2nd last night a lady arrived ¾ of the way through the meeting. She told us that she lived 2 miles away and she had been working in her garden when she heard the name of Jesus being spoken so she jumped in her car and followed the sound of the preaching to the car park. She

Luke 19-20

told us she always believed she was a Christian but she now realises she does not have the assurance of salvation. Please pray for this lady and the many others who heard the good news.

Rachel and I have a burden for the people of our surrounding area and have organised regular monthly Gospel meetings in the community centre of our local village of Symington on the first Wednesday of every month. The first of these meetings was in June and two people from the village have attended.

On August 30th I begin another four week series of weekly contributions on BBC Radio 2 ‘Pause for thought’. The radio station choses the subject and they often do not lend themselves well to a Gospel message. It is a very delicate balancing act being faithful to the Gospel whilst staying inside the boundaries set by the radio producers and I would greatly value your prayers for this work that many souls will hear and understand the word of God.

On September 18th, myself and brother Stephen Baker begin a 2 week series of Gospel meetings down in Liverpool. Then immediately after I have 2 weeks of Gospel meetings in Kilmarnock in the Northwest Area centre from Monday-Thursday in the first 2 weeks of October.

We are incredibly grateful for your interest and care and are comforted in the knowledge of your prayers as we seek to serve our Lord and Saviour.

Gospel Tract Publications

Mr Sam Johnston spent most of his life in Glasgow, where he established a successful business as a builder. However, his burning ambition was to see good quality Christian tracts and books published and distributed as widely as possible. To this end, he started Gospel Tract Publications (GTP) in the early 1980s and proceeded to print millions of tracts and tens of thousands of books. For many years Sam was actively and ably supported by his dear wife Hetty, who would often proofread into the early hours, sometimes for days on end! Heaven alone will be able to estimate the value of this legacy spiritually.

After a short illness, Sam was called Home to be with the Lord that he loved and served earlier in 2023. His family have now very kindly granted John Ritchie Limited (Kilmarnock) the rights to print and distribute any of the GTP titles. We are very grateful that we have been given this opportunity to continue the work that Sam started over 40 years ago.

Many of the GTP titles are now available to purchase in Kilmarnock or online at www.ritchiechristianmedia.co.uk. A catalogue of titles has also been produced and can be obtained by telephoning the Office (01563 536394).


Sunday 29th ROMANIA Ploiesti


Having completed the building near Suceava, northern Romania, and moved a large part of the literature there, it was a major disappointment to find a pipe had burst under the foundation and completely flooded the floor space. Once the mopping up had finished the drying process started and continues to go well. Thankfully most of the stored items were on shelving and weren’t affected, but there was a loss of some gospel literature. It is beneficial having literature stored in a strategic location with easy access. God willing, we hope that by the autumn the repair work will be completed.


For the Easter period 75,000 A5 and 110,000 A6 gospel texts (2 Timothy 2:8) with a gospel message on the reverse, and 100,000 gospel tracts, were printed and distributed on the streets in towns and cities and by believers engaging in personal evangelism. We are currently working on three new gospel tracts and also preparing suitable gospel literature for distribution throughout Romania in December with the 2024 calendars.

When the literature storage facility is fully operational later in the year we will need to start printing very large quantities of gospel tracts and booklets as we had been running down our stocks due to lack of storage space.

Prayer is valued for the Lord’s timely provision to print large quantities of gospel literature. Despite the cost of printing increasing 250% during the last 18 months we are committed to meeting the need, thus enabling gospel workers and believers to engage in personal evangelism with appropriate gospel literature.


Sue continues the huge task of checking the translation of the Precious Seed books on the Old Testament. The book Everyday Evangelism (sharing the gospel in conversation) by Paul McCauley and David Williamson is ready and will be printed in early September.


I had the wonderful opportunity recently to preach at some baptisms. Five believers were baptised in an assembly in Bârlad, County of Vaslui, and over 200 people were present, including 30 unsaved people. Then six believers were baptised in the Bănești assembly, County of Suceava and the gospel hall and balcony were packed with believers and unbelievers. What a joy!

The monthly Saturday Bible studies in Craiova, SW Romania, continue, alongside visits to assemblies in the area on Lord’s day.

Spending a significant amount of time in the North has meant regular visits to 20 local assemblies in the city and County of Suceava. It has been encouraging to see large numbers of keen young people in the meetings. Also, monthly series of three ministry meetings in the County of Neamț (in the Urecheni 1 and 2 assemblies and Păstrăveni) with believers from four assemblies gathering together has seen encouraging numbers and good interest in the ministry of the Word.

Having a base for the work in the region of Moldavia (N & NE Romania) will help in the consolidation of the literature work, the expansion of gospel outreach and many opportunities for Bible teaching in the Counties of Suceava, Iași, Neamț and Botoșani.

Luke 21-22

Please pray for spiritual growth and maturity amongst believers.

Working alongside local elders and assemblies we are seeking to develop different aspects of the Lord’s work with a younger generation of believers living in a constantly changing society.

Monday 30th

BRAZIL Writing from N Ireland

During the past four weeks, I joined brother Gary Woods in Gospel Meetings using a tent, located in the Omagh Showgrounds. The believers from the assembly in Omagh, have worked hard in covering most of the large town, from door to door and their work has been rewarded by the number of visitors who have come in to hear the Gospel, some for the first time. Other Christians have brought their families nightly and we thank God for the liberty experienced in the preaching of the Gospel. We highly value prayer, that we may yet see blessing in souls being saved at this time.

God willing, I fly back to Brazil on the 26th of September and plan to be there until around the New Year. Farewells never are easy, but Christine hopes to join me between her monthly treatments during October/November, if she keeps well. The home call of our esteemed brother Harry Wilson is keenly felt by all who are involved in the work in the southern part of Brazil. He was a faithful labourer and consistently so, during the 71 years that he devoted to the work. We value prayer for his dear wife Beth and for all the family at this very sad time. His loss, along with the absence of our dear brother Tom Matthews, reminds us all, of the need to see others called by God, and sent into the harvest field. We remember the words of the Saviour “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the Harvest, that He will send labourers into His harvest” Matt 9v38.

The work in Santa Maria continues in our absence. We are thankful to hear of contacts who attend the Gospel Meetings, along with some new folks who we have never met. One elderly Roman Catholic lady comes to most meetings, and her son also attends. Please pray for Maria and Roque. Both of them listen with interest but are still unsaved. Prayer is also valued for the wife and son of one of the believers. Every other Saturday the Gospel is preached in their home and at times the son comes to the meetings in the hall in Santa Maria. He works as a soldier in the local military base. C.1988 JOHN & CHRISTINE McCANN

C. 1992 PAUL & SUE WILLIAMS 1/9/23
31/8/23 Luke

Tuesday 31st SCOTLAND Lanarkshire

It’s been quite a summer of outreach! here’s a little outline of the work we were able to have over recent months:

Firstly, we had our senior camp week at Faskally which went very well. The youngsters were very attentive and seemed to really be engaged in the meetings. There were a number who were burdened about baptism and fellowship and several baptisms have already taken place. We also had a few who came for the first time; one girl who isn’t allowed to attend any kids work in her area was allowed to come to camp!

I then moved onto Shetland for the week of summer outreach. Unfortunately, due to practicalities, they were unable to have a camp this year on the camp site. However, they organised an activity week based in Sound Gospel Hall. The week went very well with 90 children attending each day. We had 2 meetings each day with a leader/helper Bible teaching session in the evenings. Please pray for the children, most of them have no background.

Next, we were in St Andrews for the week of summer outreach. Things went very well. We had a team of around 25 (mainly younger) and had a full week of activity. Each day we begin with prayer and thought for the day then headed out with flyers and tracts. We managed to cover St Andrews, Leuchars, St Monans and all the outlying villages. We then had lunchtime gospel talks and thankfully had people in each day. In the afternoon

John 1-2

we conducted a gospel tour around the reformation sites and a children’s bible club on the beach. Again, we had good numbers attending both. We ended each night with a Bible study then prayer.

Edinburgh went very well with 40,000 bags going out in 4 days! we have had good feedback from those who have received them. Some handed the bag back and kept the John’s gospel! Please keep on praying for the work and the scriptures as they go out to thousands. I even spotted bags on the ferry to Orkney and got chatting to a lady from New Zealand who was delighted with her bag! We really had a great team of helpers, in the main these were 15–21-year-olds, however we did have some older saints with us for the week of distribution. These are long days, yet they were a great benefit to the work.

Blair Martin and I then held two weeks of drive-in gospel meetings in my area. One week we were in the car park of a local garden centre each night and so far, the meetings have been very well attended. On Monday we had about 20 unbelievers and some have returned each night.

Then to a country park near Whitburn for a week of drive-in meetings. This is a great location as people are coming and going all the time, so many will have heard the gospel. We also had a series of children’s meetings in this park at the beginning of the holidays and had 50 children attend, so we are known in the area. One man attended most of the week and each night strangers attended and others in the park stopped to listen.

This fortnight Craig Mackie and I are in Lanark for a fortnight of children’s and gospel meetings. They have got off to a slow start however we have had a Ukrainian family attending over the last few nights and one local man attended last night. We have also had the man from the drive-in meetings also attend.

It is wonderful to have so many opportunities to preach the Word and we ask that you pray for these varied outreaches.

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