Look on the Fields: February 2024

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Look on the Fields February 2024

ITEMS FOR PRAYER AND PRAISE With Daily Scripture Readings

‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel’ Mark 16:15

Canada Day: 1 St Lucia Day: 2 Scotland Day: 3, 5, 11, 12, 28 Nicaragua Day: 4 Norway Day: 6 Botswana Day: 7, 15, 18 Romania Day: 8, 23 England Day: 9 Venezuela Day: 10 Angola Day: 13 Spain Day: 14 Ireland Day: 16, 27 Mexico Day: 17 India Day: 19, 29 Ethiopia Day: 20 Tanzania Day: 21 Anaman & Nicobar Islands Day: 22 Brazil Day: 24 Nepal Day: 25 USA Day: 26 Ukraine Day: 27



Thursday 1st CANADA

Our ministry focus is at home in Halifax, one of Canada’s fastestgrowing cities, with a current population of about half a million people. Over the past couple of years, believers from a variety of backgrounds have begun to visit the local church here and we praise the Lord for quite a number who have been added to the fellowship. This includes brothers and sisters from China, South Korea, India, Mexico, the Philippines, and Rwanda, as well as family connections of local believers.

Lev 8-10

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The testimony of the brother from Rwanda is a great story. He considered himself a Christian from his youth, but after arriving in Canada for university, he met some other believers and as they discussed the gospel, he learned that he had really been part of a cult-like group in Rwanda and had never truly been saved. The Lord saved him as he spoke online with a friend from his youth who was studying in China at that time - the links in the chain are remarkable. Rejoicing in his discovery of the true gospel, the words “Gospel Hall” caught his attention as he passed by on the bus, and he began to attend and really appreciated the preaching of the Word. While Tim Burton, a young brother from Prince Edward Island, was with me here in Halifax for gospel meetings in the Spring, we met with him a couple of times and our conversations were very encouraging, but owing to his background, he was hesitant to formally attach himself to any group. But he continued to attend, and then travelled with our family to a conference in September, immensely enjoying the teaching and fellowship, and was baptized and received into fellowship here shortly thereafter. The friend in China had a younger brother back in Africa who shared the gospel with a young woman, originally from Chad but then in Rwanda, and she also trusted Christ. She moved to Halifax for school in September and got in touch with the Rwandan brother here who invited her to the hall. We expect to baptize her in January. The Korean brothers and sisters with us were initially contacts through our weekly ESL (English as a Second Language) Bible class. We commence each Tuesday evening together with some refreshments and informal conversation and then have a 75-90 minute class. We go over a list of vocabulary from that night’s reading, having preselected words which we anticipate will be challenging for them. After discussing pronunciation and definitions, we read a chapter together - one of the students reads a couple of verses, then one of us native speakers rereads those two verses, then the next student follows the same pattern. Our regular reading material is a chapter from the Bible - normally the gospels - but recently we have been using The Stranger

Teaching the ESL Bible Class on the Road to Emmaus, which is a summary of the Bible. We then give the students time to ask questions, or else I ask questions that are directed towards an evangelistic conversation. This has been a fruitful work over the years and is a source of great joy for us. Years ago, we sometimes had thirty immigrants attending, while at other times down to three or four. Lately, we have six to ten attending regularly, from China, South Korea, Pakistan, and Mexico. Please pray for wisdom, for ourselves and others here, in working with a significant number of believers who are new to this assembly, several of whom are still learning to communicate fluently in English, as we seek to help them integrate in the fellowship and grow in Christian maturity and responsibility. C. 2005 (Canada)




It is with great sadness that we confirm the homecall of Jonathan Bradford, who passed away on the 9th January in the Philippines. Jonathan served the Lord in the Philippines for over 30 years. A report from the Bradford’s, including a lovely photograph of them, appeared in last month’s ‘Look on the Fields’ (January 19th). In it, Jonathan refers to the recent passing of his mother-in-law, and her growing desire over many months that the Lord would take her home. Now Jonathan is also enjoying the presence of the Lord in heaven. Please pray for his dear wife Jingle, who laboured faithfully with him in the Philippines. Also remember Jonathan’s father and mother, David and Norah, who live in England.

Friday 2nd

Lev 11-13



In the month of November, a short series of gospel meetings was held with the Ciceron assembly. It was a time of real encouragement to us all as the Lord saw fit to draw in many unsaved to the gospel preaching. There were individuals who came who used to attend children’s meetings in past years, there were family of the believers (some of whom had never been to a gospel meeting before), and some friends and neighbours who heeded the invitations. We are praying for the continued work of reaching out to each one to gauge their interest and understanding of the gospel. While the vast majority came just once or twice, we do pray for the few that showed an interest and earnestly pray for their salvation. A few of the other assemblies supported these meetings and so the fellowship among believers in this work was good to see. The responsibility of the gospel preaching was shared by my dad, along with the local brethren and myself.

A women in Anse la Raye at her souvenir shop having received a calendar

As it is now the month of December, the work of calendar distribution has begun in earnest. We have been delivering thousands to the assemblies around the island as they take responsibility for reaching out to the areas around their assembly buildings and surrounding communities. As a family we will work on covering areas that we have sought in past years to sow the Word of God. Even last week already in the town of Anse la Raye, I had at least 4 or 5 individuals stop me on the street to ask if the International Bible House Calendars for calendars were available yet. It is a great 2024 opportunity for getting the Scripture into homes and businesses. While it is truly the scattering of the seed, we know it is the Lord who gives the increase – Mark 4:26-29.

Believers gathering for the conference in Soufriere The annual Conference was hosted this year by the Soufriere assembly. As many believers wouldn’t travel much or be with other assemblies often through the year, this was a real good time of fellowship enjoyed as we listened to the ministry from God’s Word. C. 2017

Saturday 3rd



Lev 14-15


Throughout August and into early September we were engaged in gospel tent meetings in our garden along with brother Jack Hay and Alasdair Baijal. Over 110 ‘locals’ came to the meetings, and many of our immediate neighbours attended. One man, Thomas, aged 39 was saved in those meetings. It was the first time he had ever heard the gospel. As soon as the meetings finished, he contracted pancreatic cancer, and he died on Sunday Nov 19. We were with him on Friday Nov 17 singing together ‘what shall wash away my sins, nothing but the blood of Jesus’. He is the only one saved in his family and he asked another brother from the assembly and myself to conduct the funeral service, over 80 of the family came. He is now safe with our Saviour. He has been able to witness to his family of the grace of God. Another boy Danny has been attending ever since and so have a few others with real interest. We leave it all with the Lord. I was then in Port William, Galloway in September preaching in a portable hall for a fortnight in fellowship with the Newton Stewart and Glenluce assemblies. Many came to hear the gospel from non-church backgrounds. Alasdair was with me. (I also had a weekend of ministry meetings with the saints in Stoke and also in North Leigh at the weekends during this time). A young girl professed salvation in the first week of the meetings and an older lady on the last night for which we thank God. She is a

remarkable case. Her son died with cancer recently but was wondrously saved before he died. Now he will meet his mother in glory. I spoke at two baptisms in September. One of them was a young girl in Kinross and the other was a man in New Stevenson. The man in New Stevenston was saved after receiving our invitation/tract to meetings earlier in the year, reading a bible and listening to the online gospel message but he never came to any of our meetings physically! Salvation is a miracle. We had several extended ministry meetings in October, in Sussex (Canada), Limassol (Cyprus), as well as a few meetings in Kinross. I also helped in the bible exhibition week in Glencraig in late October where eight of the local schools came to the Gospel Hall over the week and 300 children heard a very clear gospel message and left with a gospel of John. May their young minds grasp the simple truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. All eight schools who have attended have asked for school assemblies! These opportunities might not be afforded to us much longer and it is a privilege to share the Word of God with so many schools. The month of October ended with a baptism of a Ukrainian lady, Lina, who was obedient in the waters of baptism. Her husband, Ivan, is still fighting on the front line in Ukraine. He was wounded the week of her baptism and when she was being baptised, he was in a hospital in Kiev having shrapnel removed from his body. They think he will survive. Please pray for his preservation and salvation. It was a moving night with another 20 Ukrainians attending. I took three local funerals of people in the village of Glencraig at that time as well. On these occasions many unsaved have heard the Word of God. At the end of one of the funerals a young man approached me to ask me to visit him. I said I was going to Canada the next day (to Sussex), and I would come and visit his home as soon as I was home. I arranged to see him when I returned but sadly, I discovered he had tragically died the previous night. I spent the morning with his distraught father who had just found him in his room. The young man had attended a gospel meeting along with his father earlier this year. It is a complete tragedy and reminds me that I am preaching for eternity. I also took another funeral of a young man on Friday Nov 17 who tragically took his own life and we have known him since he was a young boy. The funeral was huge with many hundreds of people present as we preached the gospel. He was at the tent meetings this Summer. Please pray that out of these desperate and distressing times that eternal blessings will come to the family and friends who are all not saved. His mother, sister and other members of the family have started to attend the gospel meeting. In November we also had two special bible study weekends of ministry meetings in Gorgie and Longford and a few nights mid-week in Galston. We also were able to join the Gorgie assembly for the open-air meetings in the Centre of Edinburgh which were particularly encouraging as there are many young men in the assembly who are enthusiastic and gifted in the work of the gospel. We then left for fifteen days in India with brother Josh Jacob. We visited the translators of the Present Truth magazine and had meetings/conferences in the assemblies that they are in. We were in five different states, and we thank God for preserving grace. CRAIG & HANNAH MUNRO


Sunday 4th NICARAGUA

Conferences Nicaragua Independence Day (September 15th) was a National Conference for all of the assemblies in the country. We enjoyed a wonderful day with almost 500 Christians and guests. There was excellent teaching given, the Gospel was shared, and we enjoyed some delicious meals together.

Lev 16-18

Correos Managua

Brenda and I were able to travel in September to the Spring Creek annual conference. It was a wonderful weekend with encouraging ministry from Peter Ramsay, David Vallance, and Marvin Derkson. I was thankful to participate as well, especially that we were able to share a Gospel message and teaching in Spanish for our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters. Two couples from the Managua assembly immigrated a year ago and are in fellowship at Spring Creek. It was wonderful to visit with them and hear about their new life in the United States. Masaya Gospel Meetings At the beginning of October, the Masaya assembly hosted eight nights of gospel meetings. Since the last series held in April, the assembly has been encouraged with several new believers. Some couples will be baptized in the near future. The meetings were very well attended and the hall was full and overflowing on some of the nights! One man named Junior, a brother to a lady who was saved last April, listened nightly and discovered he was lost. We are so thankful that he found a Saviour in Jesus Christ! A young Sunday School girl who lives just across the street came nightly as well, and she made a clear profession of understanding her need of Christ to wash away her sins. Managua Gospel Meetings Following the eight nights in Masaya, we started seven nights in Managua. Each evening, a different team of the Christians made supper and served it after the meeting. Different brothers took turns sharing in the opening of the meeting and we are thankful for the gift that the Lord is developing in these brothers. Mark taught through John 3, “ye must be born again”, and the difference between being in Adam and being in Christ. There was excellent attendance at these meetings as well. The very first night, a man who has attended off and on for many years realized he needed Christ. After talking after the meeting for a while, he went home and confessed his sin and his need of Jesus Christ. He has been so excited to share with others the best decision he has made in his life. Please pray for Daniel. The very next night, a young couple both told a brother in the assembly that they can now say that they are in Christ. Please pray for this young couple, Allan and Janitzia. On the very last evening, an older gentleman, a brother to one of the Christians recognized that Christ Jesus died to free him from his sins. Please pray for Julio!

Marriage & Family Conference Mark and Tony Flett shared in a one-day conference about marriage and family in the North part of the country at the end of October. It was an encouraging day with around 150 attending. MARK & BRENDA BACHERT


Monday 5th

Lev 19-21


Bridge of Weir

Around 1920 the Sunday afternoon Bible Class was started in Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison by Dr David McIntyre, the Principal of the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow. In the early 1950’s Gordon Haxton joined the team and soon took responsibility for the ongoing work. Along with others, he continued the Bible Class every Sunday at Barlinnie for 65 years. He was awarded the MBE in 2002 for “Services to Prison Welfare at HMP Barlinnie” and his service is commemorated by the Prison Authorities every year with the Gordon Haxton Award for Volunteers. The Sunday afternoon Bible Class continues each week in Barlinnie. It is a part of the wider Christian input into the prison which the Chaplains and Prison Fellowship volunteers provide throughout the week. I have the privilege of being part of a team of 10 brothers in Christ who work on a rota basis with 3-4 of us there each week. The Bible Class takes place between 2-3pm. Men put their names down to attend and there is a limit to the numbers which is determined by the availability of prison officers. We usually have 12-14 men and one officer in attendance. We sing hymns with the men and one of us will then speak from the scriptures and usually have some discussion time at the end. At present we are limited to hard copy hymn booklets and Bibles and are not permitted to take in any electronic equipment to use Powerpoint or other digital material. Thankfully, some of the team can play the guitar and that is a great help with the sometimes-unusual singing!! For over 100 years the Sunday afternoon Bible Class has provided some men in Barlinnie the opportunity of hearing the Gospel and having contact with Christians. Meeting with these men is often the best Gospel moments of my week. Barlinnie is quite a bleak building, and it is a joy to speak of hope, forgiveness, faith and repentance to men who spend their days within that environment. Please pray for the whole team who contribute to the Barlinnie Sunday afternoon Bible Class, as well as the Chaplains and Prison Fellowship workers who do so much to bring the Gospel to the men within the prison. STEPHEN & SHARON GRANT


Tuesday 6th

Lev 22-23



Greetings from a cold and wintry Norway! Surrounded by snow we find some time to write and thank you as the year draws to a close for your love, kindness, fellowship, prayers and practical support in 2023. Please be assured that we do not take any of these for granted but are eternally thankful for all you have meant to us! Limited as we have been to travel with the gospel these last number of years because of Jenny’s brain cancer, one feels like Paul in prison in Rome, closed in by 4 walls, yet knowing God has a purpose in it all! We feel we now live in reverse compared to the years of service already given to this beautiful country and its people. Instead of going out with the gospel, the Lord has brought many to cross our path here in Skien, enabling us to witness to the goodness and kindness of our God. Modern technology has made it possible to keep in contact with many of the believers we know in Norway and beyond. We also maintain a contact with the prison in Skien, providing literature and encouraged when we hear of the blessing it has been to a number of inmates. In 2023, we were encouraged to receive a number of phone calls from friends living in the southern part of the country. Early in the year, God’s Spirit moved in a special way, starting in a small congregation we had visited in previous years, especially for Youth Meetings, Summer Camps and Bible teaching. With small beginnings with some local brethren, numbers grew within a short time. The believers eventually had to rent a Sports Hall to accommodate at one time over 2,000 who were attending the services. This we can assure you is most unusual for Norway! People of all ages came to faith in the Saviour. Since then, others have benefitted, not with so many attending, but with souls being saved, lives transformed, believers encouraged and God’s name being glorified. Looking back, we feel a little part of that blessing, having with others sown God’s word. Thank you for your prayers for both of us. Jennifer’s health, physical condition, and ability to remember have deteriorated, as is her ability to walk without assistance. A new MRI scan is planned, and depending on its results a consultation with a Neurologist is also in the pipeline! Thankfully I (Nat) keep reasonably well and can still care for Jennifer at home 24/7. I call it “The service of feet washing!” Your continued prayers for us therefore will be deeply appreciated. This Christmas we celebrate it with our daughter Lynne and her family who live close by. It is soon 42 years since we arrived in Norway with two little girls, Lynne 9 and Louise 6. Now both happily married, we have four grandsons – the oldest 21 the youngest 12. As we consider this, the words of James come to mind: ‘What is your life? It is a vapour that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away’ (James 4.14). Such a blessing it is and has been to serve the Lord, as the vapour begins to disappear! C. 1982



Wednesday 7th

Lev 24-25



About 9 years ago these two young women started a Saturday morning Sunday School in a village nearby. A friend of theirs came from that village and through the connection they went to see the local chief to ask permission to gather children to teach them weekly. He was very keen to help them and gave permission for them to use an area in the kgotla. Their work started with some interesting results. The chief also asked if they could also organise a meeting for adults, and so the assembly had a couple of weeks of gospel meetings there. The Sunday School work continues even now but these young women have since married and two other young sisters from the assembly now go to that village to carry on the work. Opportunities with children’s work is very dear to our hearts. Please pray for groups of children who are under the sound of the gospel throughout Botswana that we will all continue to have liberty to gather them and teach them the Scriptures. The school where I teach 5 classes of 12-year-olds (160 children) has a new head teacher. I have not yet met her, and I would value prayer for permission to carry on there. I have a very short slot with each class - just 10 minutes but it’s surprising what you can fit into 10 minutes. I have been teaching there since 1994 when the school opened, and each new head has so far been very happy to have me come along. The individual teachers are really friendly and very keen that their class should get the lesson. I usually teach at the school on a Wednesday morning. Things are changing everywhere, and we cannot take it for granted that things will continue to be so open for the gospel. We really need your prayers for Botswana as we see changes around us. Please pray for these opportunities with children that the Lord will keep the doors open for His glory and honour, not only in Gaborone area but all of Botswana. It was so encouraging to see over 100 parents attend Sunday School prizegivings recently. Some of them made sure we recognized them from years ago when they attended themselves. We had some very good literature to pass on which was heartening. We rarely see the parents come at other times to the hall, but we do have an open-air gospel meeting on a Thursday evening around the roads near to the assembly hall and there we see them come and sit and listen. It is good to see them. Please pray for God’s Word sown in their hearts that it will yield good fruit in salvation. Your prayers are much appreciated. C. 1990



Thursday 8th

Lev 26-27



2024 Calendars – Enquiries about calendars are received towards the end of the year as people look forward to receiving them. This year over 135,000 calendars and 125,000 A5 gospel texts with a gospel message on the back were printed. For special distribution in the large city of Iași 75,000 A6 gospel texts were also printed, primarily used by an 82 year brother, reminding us of the words of Caleb at the age of 85 (Joshua 14:10-11) – Age is no barrier in the wonderful service of the Lord! Calendars have been distributed in shops, offices, prisons, hospitals, marketplaces as well as being given to friends, neighbours, and relatives of believers. They were also sent to the Romanian diaspora in Belgium, Italy and the UK. In Belgium, when believers see Romanian names at the entrance to apartment blocks, they put gospel literature in their post boxes. In London and Birmingham Romanian believers give out gospel literature and engage in gospel outreach. There are good opportunities for conversations with people during the distribution of calendars and literature on the streets. Calendars given out in a variety of settings – Special gospel meetings and carol services take place in different areas during the month of December. Paul was invited to preach in public culture halls at opposite ends of Romania – Păltiniș (County of Botoșani) on the northern border with the Republic of Moldova and the Ukraine, and Găujani (County of Giurgiu) on the southern border with Bulgaria – on both occasions there were over 200 present to listen to the preaching of the gospel. Păltiniș - Culture hall - Special gospel meeting

It is good to encourage and support smaller local assemblies – in Bible teaching and gospel outreach: For the last few years, we have spent a few days with a group of brethren on the streets in towns in the Counties of Hunedoara, Gorj and Mehedinți giving out calendars and

A5 gospel texts. With these brethren and some believers from small assemblies we were able to distribute calendars and gospel literature in the mining valley of Jiu (Petrila, Petroșani and Vulcan), Hunedoara, Deva, Baia de Aramă, Motru and Târgu Cărbunești. Bible studies – During the month of November Paul was very busy with different opportunities for Bible teaching, including four days with a group of believers in Suceava (09.00 to 13.30) on the principles of leadership in the book of Nehemiah; two days of Bible studies (7 hours) with believers from assemblies in the city and County of Bacău; also ministry meetings in different assemblies in the County of Suceava. The third visit this year to two Romanian speaking assemblies in Italy (5 nights with the large assembly in Villalba, Rome, and the weekend with the Spoleto assembly) for systematic Bible studies was most encouraging.

Everyday Evangelism Book

The book Everyday Evangelism (sharing the gospel in conversation) by Paul McCauley and David Williamson was printed in September (625 copies) and it has been much appreciated by believers throughout Romania and it has met a need. PRAYER POINTS Pray for spiritual fruit from the distribution of the Word of God and gospel literature. Pray for those who have heard the gospel message over the Christmas period. Pray that the good seed sown will bear fruit and that many will be saved by God’s grace. Pray for young believers who are getting involved in the Lord’s work. Pray for younger men developing as Bible teachers – it is a great encouragement to see. C. 1992



Friday 9th

Num 1-2



There has been both discouragement and encouragement in the first term of the 2023/24 academic year. A couple of schools that have been regularly visited over the past few years failed to respond to the usual contact for assembly visits. Both schools have recently become part of the same academy trust so we suspect that there may have been changes in management leading to the loss in contact. Please pray as we try again this term that they would respond, and we would be able to continue to visit. Things to give thanks and pray for: Clubs in schools The after-school club on a Monday has had a regular group of 6-9 children aged 5-7 who became increasingly calm and responsive over the term. This term we will be having older children and would appreciate prayer for them to settle quickly and respond well. The Thursday lunchtime club is well established. We generally have 15 children from different stages of the school each half term, so all the age groups have an opportunity throughout the year. About a month before the Christmas break, we were able to restart a lunchtime club on a Tuesday. The 18 children were some of the most responsive we have had in this school, and the school were also more organized in ensuring that they actually came if they signed up for it! The age group that we had is the same that we will give children’s Bibles to at Easter, and it was good to hear them asking if we were going to give the Bibles to them early at the club! School assemblies in Peterborough (organized by the assembly at Orton) It was especially encouraging to have a new school contact us for a visit and book up for the three times Michael visits through the year. Another one that had only been visited once before also asked for a couple of visits. Please pray for the assembly at Orton as they develop the opportunities in the area. RE Lessons Michael was invited to two schools in Peterborough in November, one of which he has visited for lessons previously, the other a complete surprise although he does visit it for assemblies. One theme was ‘The Incarnation and the Holy Spirit’, answering some questions the class had from the terms work. The answers led to further questions including what someone needs to do to become a Christian, the Trinity, and Creation/Big Bang. The teacher suggested that she might invite Michael back to speak to the older children on the subject of ‘Faith & Science’ so please pray that this might happen, and wisdom would be given if it does. The theme in the other school was ‘Why do Christians believe that Jesus is the ultimate (or final) sacrifice?’ An excellent opportunity to explain why a sacrifice was needed, and why none need to be offered since Christ. Thank you for your ongoing prayers for the school’s work in Grantham and Peterborough. MICHAEL & EMMA BUCKERIDGE


Saturday 10th

Num 3-4


San Carlos

We are very grateful that we finally got the official code for our school at the end of October! The Lord is faithful. It has been a very long journey, but we can joyfully say: Eben-ezer! As many of you know, the school is functioning in our old house with a few classrooms added on (as well as many obligatory changes). Currently there is room for two levels of kindergarten and grades 1, 2, and 3. We can officially give up to grade 6, but we don’t have the room for it yet. There are several of our oldest children that are in grades 4, 5, and 6. I give them classes in the living room of our house. There are six of the children from our own home as well as a few others that also come. It has been quite a challenge to give multiple grades at once, but the Lord provides the needed strength. The Lord has also continued to provide to give the children and staff both breakfast and dinner every day. There are 70 meals served twice daily. We thank Him for supplying our daily bread according to His riches in glory. For the incoming year, we would ask that you join us in prayer to be able to add on the two grades that we lack. We would need two more teachers and the construction of two more classrooms. We are very grateful that the Lord has provided to purchase and install a transformer (of electricity) for our property. Several years back, the transformer that supplies this area of houses burnt out. Then the overload on the transformer down the road also caused it to malfunction. A dear brother who is an electrician advised us that the best option would be to get a transformer set up on our property itself, since waiting for the government to solve the public supply would be almost hopeless. The electricity problem has been a real test of our patience as it has damaged many electrical appliances such as our fans, fridges and washing machines, which we have to repair or replace frequently. We finally gave up on repairing the washing machine and we have been several months doing all the wash by hand! It has been a good experience for the children as they have learned how to wash their own clothes by jumping on them in a barrel of water. The legal process to get the official permits for the installation does take some time. We pray that it will go through without a problem and the installation can be concluded safely. In October, we had the blessing of having some help from outside the assembly. A Venezuelan preacher from the east of the country was able to accompany us for three weeks of ministry meetings and Bible studies. Currently, the brethren are now approaching a month of ministry meetings with brethren from the assemblies in the state. It does the Christians well to have daily teaching and encouragement from the Word. The assembly also has three children’s Bible class outreaches, and an end of year presentation was held with recitations of memory verses and prizes for attendance. This weekend the two national conferences were held. They are always well attended with around 1,700 present in the larger one and 650 in the area that has a smaller hall. We are thankful we were able to travel with the family and 11 of the children of the home. As another year begins, we earnestly ask for your continued prayers. We can trust fully only in Him to preserve us until His coming again. C. 1995 (Ven)



Sunday 11th

Num 5-6




Since last writing I have been involved in only one Gospel series, tent meetings in Craig Munro’s garden, with Craig, Alasdair Baijal and myself all having an input. Many heard the Gospel, and some who did have subsequently passed into eternity which is very sobering. Happily, one of those indicated that he had been saved at the tent, and when diagnosed with a terminal condition gave a clear testimony of his conversion to his relatives. We were cheered too to hear about a man being saved in New Stevenston in May. He never attended the hall during the series but was listening to the live-streaming and got saved at home, and only then came to the hall. He has subsequently been baptized. Technology featured in news of a man from Prince Edward Island who got saved. Two preachers from the Maritimes contacted me to let me know about him. He had been wakened up to his need through attending meetings, and then sitting in his car listening to me preaching on Romans 10.13, he “called on the name of the Lord”. He is now in fellowship in the O’Leary assembly PEI. ANNUAL EVENTS The “Bushmills” Bible Readings in Coleraine were in July, and we covered the Epistle by James, with valuable help from many contributors. Numbers were good, with many young believers attending. Apparently, some were doing business with God and so we bless Him for every encouragement He gives. The Larne Bible Readings at the end of August were well attended and it was a privilege to be part of a happy atmosphere, with helpful contributions, sharing with brethren Dan Gillies, David Gilliland and Wesley Martin. While there, a Limavady brother told Gospel meeting at Hatton me of a man from England getting saved listening to their Internet Gospel presentations, and he has since been baptized.

Applewood Heights (Greater Toronto area) resumed their annual Bible Readings after Covid and David Gilliland, Clark Logan and I were privileged to participate. I also helped at a country conference at a place called Victoria Road. WEEKS OF MINISTRY It has been a busy last quarter of the year with visits to Ballylintagh, Derby, Ballymoney, Redditch, Caerphilly, Ballywatermoy, Wick and Barrow. There have been weekends at Shieldhill, Tayport and Cullen. SRI LANKA Paul McCauley and I visited the island at the beginning of October, and while the main purpose of the visit was for teaching in Colombo and on the east coast, literally hundreds of people heard the Gospel. A photograph showing almost 200 Hindus listening to Paul at Hatton is on the previous page. In Colombo on the next Lord’s Day, many dozens were present at the hall, mainly from the Dematagoda district of the city where there is a thriving children’s work. God willing Leonard Currie and I will go back in February. Amidst all the “routine” of preaching and teaching it was a joy to conduct the wedding of Gareth & Gillian Edwards. We wish them well, and attach photographs of two happy couples!!!

Jack & Lillian C. 1972

Gareth & Gillian Edwards JACK & LILLIAN HAY


Monday 12th

Num 7-8



In October I once again had the pleasure of spending a week in ministry with the assembly at Collier Row in London. My subject was the Feasts of Leviticus 23. It was a wonderful blessing that on the Thursday night a young man in his 20s professed salvation. Please pray for his encouragement and spiritual development.

During November I had the privilege of visiting The Republic of Moldova for 4 days of ministry. In Chisinau, the capital, I was teaching a group of believers through Galatians and then ministering in various places in rural areas in the evenings. It was a real encouragement to see a hunger for the Word of God. God willing, I will be returning to Romania in March to teach for a week in Talmaciu. The evenings are usually spent ministering in various nearby assemblies in the countryside. Over the last two years I have had a weekly online Bible Class with a group of believers in southern Kenya, near the border with Tanzania. They have a real thirst for the truth of Scripture, and it has been a joy for me to engage with them. We have covered subjects such as: The Person of The Holy Spirit; Church Truth; Gospel basics and The Second Coming. Please pray for wisdom regarding a possible visit to Kenya at some future point, as the Lord leads. I am delighted to have regular opportunities to join Douglas Young in open-air work in Paisley town centre. There have been some wonderful conversations as well as some challenging moments! This is a relatively new area of work for me and one which, though nerve-wracking, I really enjoy. I would appreciate your prayers as I seek to do more of this in 2024. An area of real encouragement here in the Renfrew assembly has been our monthly ‘Meal with a Message’. Just after the summer, the numbers of unsaved people attending increased suddenly with a very good number of Nigerian parents attending with their children as a result of contact through our summer Children’s mission. They are Roman Catholics and very receptive to the simple Gospel message and literature they receive. Please pray that the Lord will touch hearts and open blind eyes. As a Trustee of the OPAL Trust (Overseas Publishing and Literature), it has been a huge encouragement to see how the ministry has grown in recent years. The Trust has relocated to a new depot in Darvel, East Ayrshire. The aim of OPAL is to help the Lord’s people in those parts of the world where affordable Bibles and sound literature are much harder to obtain. I have recently finished a tract entitled ‘Far from home’ designed for outreach to refugees and migrants. Please pray as this is translated and distributed. Rebekah and I are so grateful for your prayerful fellowship and partnership in the gospel. C. 2023



Num 9-11

Tuesday 13th ANGOLA


We are personally doing fine – but have recently experienced an avalanche of difficult news. We have just buried Jone’s 2-year-old son, who’s been ill briefly, his chest cavity filled with secretions. Then, an elderly brother in the assembly called Sajita has developed bowel cancer and has now got a stoma after an operation in Luena; sadly, there are no stoma bags available to use, and no morphine available to him either. The brother who spoke at the funeral of Jone’s son, Ferreira, and his wife were knocked of their motorcycle yesterday on the way home from the funeral. They suffered neck and rib injuries. They went to hospital but there was no x-ray taken to determine the extent of their injuries. The same day the Leprosaria (hospital for leprosy patients) was hit by a thunderbolt which damaged the generator, also burning out almost every electrical item in 30 homes nearby. Horano’s car suddenly broke down on Friday and we discovered today that the timing belt snapped and the crankshaft seal has been leaking oil into the timing case. Not good news! This evening we’ve heard from Kalwiji, our man in the capital Luanda, that his son has tried to kill him with two machetes, and if it wasn’t for the presence of a family friend, Kalwiji would almost certainly be dead. So, all in all, we’re feeling under a fair bit of pressure at the moment and are wondering what’s next! Spiritual warfare indeed, and we look to the Lord for His grace each day. We would appreciate prayer at this time. C. 1993

Wednesday 14th SPAIN



Num 12-14


Many thanks to all of you for your faithful, prayerful, and practical support over the past year and years! We are truly grateful. This has been a very hard year in many respects, but the Lord never fails in His faithfulness in the midst of the darkness, and we pray His purposes will be fulfilled in each of us until He comes.

In September I saw a milestone in my service for the Lord in Spain… 40 years here in Soria. Seems like yesterday in many ways. Many of you have been there beside me in these 40 years, encouraging and correcting, praying, rejoicing, and crying with us; standing together in the battle for souls in this needy area of Europe. The Lord knows and sees and will reward your faithfulness to Himself and His work in Spain. And so, we look forward to a new year and new challenges as well as ongoing ones. •

Please pray for each gospel daily reading calendar we are giving out that they will bear eternal fruit in salvation.

Please pray specifically for two friends who are thirsty for spiritual reality in their lives, one suffers from depression and is currently in hospital for treatment, the other is a younger girl who literally turned up a few Sunday mornings ago at our morning meeting looking for answers to her questions. I am meeting regularly with her to try to answer them!

Please pray for my health. Fibromyalgia hinders me a lot with very low energy levels, and I get all the viruses going as well!! November saw two different flu episodes which put me off my feet for nearly three weeks! So, it is a case of making good use of good days!

Jesús and I really enjoy looking after Abi’s wee 9-month-old daughter Alana when her mum is at work. She’s doing fine, as are Kilian and Milan (Rubén’s 2) on the Swiss/French border who we see less of but thankfully WhatsApp keeps us in touch!! Tony is more involved in church and evangelism and keeps busy working, so we are thankful for that.

May our Lord bless each of you as you await His return in this confused world that so desperately needs Him and yet does not want to know Him. Maranatha!! C.1983



Num 15-16

Thursday 15th BOTSWANA


After a 2-month visit to the UK, we flew back to Botswana on the 8 January – the school year in Botswana begins on 9th January and we always like to be back in good time for the start of our Sunday School, Bible Class, weekly Children’s Meeting, for preaching again in the schools, and to recommence tent meetings, God willing. th

Please pray that the Lord’s guidance will be experienced as to the first village we should go to. There is one we have not preached in before called SEHUNOU, but a good number from that village have heard us preach in the next village of Mabuo in the last 2 series of meetings we’ve had there. We pass through Sehunou on the way to Mabuo so we were collecting folk by the side of the road on the way through each day. In addition, Seabenyane Dichabeng (from the Serowe Assembly, with whom we labour closely in all our gospel outreach in that region of Botswana) has done a number of practical jobs to help people in that village, which we hope will ‘pave the way’ for a good response to the preaching of the gospel. Another village is TSHIMO YA PULA where the village chief arranged for us to have a meeting at the Tribal Customary Court (the tribal meeting place, called the Kgotla) on 12th June last year, when 60 villagers turned up and we had a marvellous opportunity to preach the gospel that day. Chiefs from surrounding villages were present and we were treated as honoured guests. We had a short series of Gospel Meetings in the village of MABELEAPUDI and when the meetings were finished, Seabenyane had contact with the village chief who hadn’t been

able to get to the meetings at the time. He said we must go again, and he promised to attend as he knows ‘all the good work done by Rra Judy’ (the name by which Jim Legge was known in Botswana) in that village and surprisingly, the chief also mentioned the work being done in Palapye too. We have no idea how he knows us in Palapye, as we are 90 minutes away from his village, but we’ll no doubt find out in due course. He even knew that we’re known as ‘Rra Andrew and Mma Andrew’ in Palapye, so there must be a connection between that chief and people in Palapye somewhere. Quite intriguing! So that’s 3 villages that we should take the tent to at our earliest opportunity in the will of God and prayer would be valued. C. 1991


Num 17-20

Friday 16th IRELAND


Writing from N Ireland

This year’s calendar distribution around health facilities and prisons in the Republic of Ireland was again encouraging, albeit very tiring. It was good that almost all venues that received calendars in previous years did so again, with some contacting us for additional copies, and others to thank us for what they had received. Again, it was good in some receptions to see the previous year’s Calendar displayed. We are thankful for all who helped, either in preparation of the calendars, or in the distribution. Certainly, the task is now far beyond what we could do ourselves. The last of the individual requests as a result of calendar work should be posted tomorrow. Let us pray that many of the calendars will be displayed and that the Scriptures read each month will result in Salvation. Pray also that as we continue with the help of others to organise the display of Scripture in public places that we will be guided of the Lord, and that His Word may be blessed as it is displayed also. With the Calendar season past, we look forward to other activities now in the new year. Meetings are planned for the Swords area with brother Mark Sweetnam, and this will be a good opportunity for the area, and indeed for the Christians to bring along friends and neighbours. A number of the Christians in the Rathmines assembly live nearby and we hope it will be an encouragement to them also, in their witness. We have had opportunity to cover areas both north and south with literature but had held off in Swords in anticipation of meetings in the area. Meetings had been arranged there for spring 2020, but for obvious reasons they were not possible. We trust that this timing is of the Lord and ask you to pray that the result of this effort may be an eternal harvest of blessing. Remember also Athenry and the wider Galway area in prayer. We normally have a gospel meeting there on the first Friday of every month, and this is tomorrow, God willing. Although the meeting in Athenry has continued for many years, we are thankful that there are more who attend now, since a series had in Galway during August. Brother David McAlister also had ministry meetings in a public venue in Galway during early December and these were well attended by believers living in the city and surrounding area. Pray that assembly testimony will prosper as a result of activities there. C. 2017



Num 21-23

Saturday 17th MEXICO

A few months ago, the Lord brought us into contact with a family interested in the gospel and understanding New Testament doctrine. They live in another small town half an hour away, which has opened the door for the start of a new work. We are very pleased to see their growth and interest in seeing others attend the meetings which are held in their home twice a week. We continue to help the assemblies in Ciudad del Carmen and Emiliano Zapata and the newer work in Villahermosa with efforts in the gospel, house meetings, teaching, and discipling on a regular basis. Whenever possible, we also try to help a group in the Yucatán Peninsula for a weekend at a time. In October we were able to visit Oaxaca, where we had lived during 2020 seeing a work started. Unfortunately, the lockdown measures there hugely affected the group that had formed but laterally we have been encouraged to see some renewed interest. This group is a 13-hour drive for us, so please pray that the men there would continue to have the courage to preach the gospel and hold meetings on their own. According to custom, 2024 gospel calendars have been distributed in several different towns in this area. We were particularly encouraged by the response in one where we have never before worked in the gospel. Please pray that in God’s will, doors would open in Puerto Rico. Trips to Cuba and Colombia are planned for the next few months; please pray that they would be times of blessing to all. Our online ministry continues to be a vibrant, joyful work. We have tried to be a help to many throughout Latin America in need of good teaching by regularly publishing articles, books, and messages, as well as a monthly magazine, Bálsamo. Kindly remember the South of Mexico in your prayers: that believers enjoy renewed zeal in their Christian lives and that more unsaved would be reached with the gospel. C. 2008



Sunday 18th

Num 24-26



In November we were busy with the preparation for nine Sunday School prizegivings in Francistown and in nearby Tati Siding, our home village. The Sunday Schools vary in size and are the exercise of different believers and were conducted throughout the 3 terms of 2023. The generous and loving help of believers from various parts of the UK in this work is acknowledged, as the items that arrive in the container are a huge help in this aspect of the work. We sincerely thank Francistown Prize Giving all who contributed the various items, packed, transported and stored them, as well as the packing and shipping of the container. The children, many thousands of miles away, were delighted with their gifts. We leave this labour with the Lord, trusting that the precious seed sown in young hearts will yield precious fruit in due season. Earlier in the year we were able to distribute many Bibles to standard 7 pupils at some of the primary schools in Francistown. It was great to be able to distribute the Word of God, looking to Him to bless the reading of these precious volumes. The book-room is a mini Bible and book depot which can help meet the literature needs that arise, from Bibles to study books to Gospel literature. A book-table is School Visit for Bible Distribution also set up at conferences. Thus, good literature is distributed, with each book or Bible moving to places where it can do its own work; especially the Bibles.

Some of the men and women at the Centre for Illegal Immigrants at Gerald Estates in Francistown have been doing some Bible lessons from The Way of Righteousness Bible study course. For most, English is not their first language, and ability in the language varies. But we continue to share the lessons with them, encouraged by positive comments that are sometimes written for our benefit in the answer papers. Some of the students are finishing the 100 lessons, covering Genesis to Revelation. We continue to help the Francistown Assembly where we can, with some spiritual and practical responsibilities. We are thankful to the visitors that come amongst us, some of whom may not be saved, but we look to the Lord to bless in salvation. In April Thomas and James were baptized; Thomas being received into fellowship a few weeks later.

The Boipuso conference at the end of September was again large, with visiting brethren from the UK and Zambia. David McKillen from Northern Ireland was with us, as were Levi Zulu and Evaristo Yamboto from Zambia. We trust that the ministry of the Word of God, the preaching of the Gospel and the fellowship will continue to prove to be of help, blessing and encouragement to each and everyone. Family News: Rejoice has Tati Siding Prize Giving settled well into her first year of studies at the University of Botswana at Gaborone, commencing in August. Thomas and James have continued at school in Francistown, with next year being a very important academic year for them. We sincerely hope they do well. Mixed in with these academic pursuits has been driving lessons for Rejoice and Thomas, so the driver compliment in our household is increasing! Our most grateful thanks to you for your continued prayers for us and the work of the Lord here. C. 1999

Monday 19th INDIA



Num 27-29

Bethany Hospital, Thane

“How good is the GOD we adore, our faithful unchangeable Friend; His love is as great as His power and knows neither measure nor end.” – Joseph Hart

How precious are these words in this hymn and how thankful we are for its truth. He changes not while all around us is in turmoil and flux. And where would we be if our faith was in a God of love who had no power, or had power but no love? Both are needed and both can only be found completely in Him……Hallelujah what a Saviour! On the family front we have now become proud grandparents. In April, Josh and Janelle became proud parents of Theodore, and as his name declares ‘a gift from God.’ We were able to spend a month with them shortly after his birth and again in September in India when we had a family get together celebrating Stephen’s mums 90th birthday. Most of the family were able to be here for that happy occasion. And we are able to meet them again in December when we will be in England for Christmas, the first time in about 27 years. We are so thankful for these special times with family.

The hospital continues to have 100% occupancy for most of the time, for which we are thankful, but also comes with stresses and strain on the staff and infrastructure. The hospital has also had a few instances of opposition and complaints that the hospital is converting people. While there are people who will visit patients and will pray with them, this is never forced and only done with the permission and willingness of the patient. Please pray for wisdom and sensitivity and yet not be ruled by a sense of fear and apprehension. JSK (the community HIV/AIDS and palliative care programme of the Bethany Trust) has also faced opposition when they go to care for patients in their homes. Recently two of the female staff were threatened and shouted at and a video posted on social media of the incident complaining of forced conversion and other issues. While these instances are unpleasant, it is something that has happened throughout the ages; love, wisdom, and grace needs to be the response. Construction work at Shiloh (the hospice) continues at a steady pace, although we always want it finished quicker! A garden has been planted adjacent to the centre, and over 400 trees around the perimeter are planted. We hope that this place will be a place of tranquillity, beauty, as 'Shiloh' means ‘a place of rest’. We hope the centre will open in October 2024. Claire and I are doing well, and the assembly continues to grow spiritually, for which we are thankful. DR STEPHEN ALFRED

Tuesday 20th ETHIOPIA


Num 30-31

Writing from Scotland

My cataract operation seems to have had an excellent result as I haven’t worn glasses since the operation. I was encouraged by some who have come from Islam to Christ, which I will share with you. Abdu Said* was born to a Moslem Sheik in the village of Dagan. He commenced primary schooling in the school which was opened by Mary Breeze. He also attended Sunday School and it was evident from an early age that he had a very good memory. All the memory texts that he was given he was able to memorise. He went on to secondary school and finally to University in Addis Ababa.

Abdu wanted to become a doctor, but the communist government placed him in social sciences. He did not like this subject and in his second year he was given low marks, and as a result he left the university. After some time, he went to Bulgaria, where they said he could continue his education. By this time, he had rejected Islam and had become a cadre in the communist government. After some time, he returned to Ethiopia and got a job in a Post office. Sometime later, Robert Revie’s son Crawford went to Ethiopia on business. He went into a Post office and asked for ten stamps. The clerk wondered how he spoke such good Amharic. He told the gentleman that his parents worked in Dagan. Abdu heard this conversation and ran out to meet Crawford. Crawford told Abdu that his parents were coming to Addis Ababa in the next month. The Revies met Abdu and spent many hours studying the word of God together. Abdu said he was reading and studying Luke’s Gospel and after three months he said that he now believed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. After some months Abdu was married to one of our sisters in one of the assemblies in the capitol. They now have a lovely family and Abdu is also an elder, and able Bible teacher in one of the assemblies in the south of Addis Ababa. Sheik Kidir* had a desire to know more of the teaching of Islam so he went to an Islamic Seminar between Batie and Dagan. He spent 13 years in this Seminar learning all about Islam and learning to read Arabic. During his time studying, one of his teachers had a Bible in Arabic. He was taking the Bible daily and was tearing out pages from the Bible and giving the pages to his students, to be used as a bookmark for the Koran. Sheik Kidir got the story of Abraham and Isaac, and he was so thrilled at reading this story, that he asked the teacher’s son if he could buy the rest of the Bible. After reading the Bible for some time, he was unwell, and he went to his local clinic. At the clinic there was a helper, and while he was preparing the clinic, he was singing a hymn. He came from the assembly in Batie and Sheik Kidir approached him and wondered if he knew anything about the book he held in his hand, which was the Bible. The brother told him at the end of the clinic the message of the Gospel and he invited the Sheik Kidir to come and speak with the evangelist in Batie. After some time, he came to visit the evangelist, who had the joy of leading him to the Lord. After some time, Sheik Kidir was baptised and is now a great help in one of the assemblies in Ethiopia. He teaches how believers can reach Muslims with the Gospel. I trust that these stories will be an encouragement to those who prayed for the work in Batie and Dagan for 10 years with little results, but are now hearing of ‘fruit after many days’. Please keep on praying for the developing work in Ethiopia. * proper names are altered C. 1969



Wednesday 21st TANZANIA

Num 32-33

Dar es Salaam

Another couple of months have flown by, so we thought it was time we updated you on the happenings here in Dar es Salaam. This morning, Gill took 15 children and teenagers, whom we support with their Primary, Secondary and College education to a local shoe shop to buy them leather shoes for the coming year. Most are associated with the assembly and are regular at Sunday School and the gospel meeting. This act of kindness helps relieve the burden on their parents, who have so many other responsibilities to meet. Last week, Watoto Wa Thamani Day Care Centre (WWT) held its Christmas Nativity assembly for parents. Lesley had worked hard with the children preparing the backdrop for this, which had the addition of twinkling lights and a shining star! The Class One children acted out the various parts in costume, Class Two children narrated what was happening, and they all sang the songs and carols and recited the scriptures related to prophecies and events of the incarnation. It was very well attended with only one child not having a family representative present. We just long that the Lord would use such opportunities to challenge hearts about their eternal salvation, found only through faith in Christ. Last week, we also decided to give out pencil cases and teddies as Christmas gifts at Friday’s Kids’ Club a week earlier than normal to avoid an unmanageable horde on the last week. There were 487 of them, and we succeeded in distributing these presents in an

orderly manner. Yesterday, our last session before returning to the UK for a medical visit, saw 650 children inside and more than 50 outside. Maybe word had got out that presents had been received, and others wanted one too. Fortunately, we had enough 2024 Calendars for them to take home after a meeting of much singing, memory verses, and many questions and prizes, which included bananas(!). Needless to say, we returned home late, tired but thankful that so many had heard the gospel message. Yesterday evening was their final chance to say the memory verses and we were thrilled that more than 120 have succeeded in total. On Thursday, we held our first Thursdays Kids’ club for four weeks as heavy rains had prevented us holding the meetings in the open. We also had a visitor, in Dar es Salaam on business, who was once in the Sunday School at Thundersley Gospel Hall when, many years ago, Stephen was the Sunday school superintendent. We enjoy having surprises like this, sharing with others about the Lord’s work here, and having fellowship. Lesley flies back with us tomorrow at the end of her 6 weeks of helping in the work. We have valued her friendship and fellowship, as she has endured with us some disturbed nights, because despite objections being raised by local residents, a petrol station is now being built opposite our gate (yes, in a residential area). They work with heavy lorries and machinery, sometimes to the early hours of the morning, without care or thought for anyone else. Welcome to Africa! We thank you for your interest and support. C. 2002



Num 34-36


The Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a union territory of India. It consists of about 570 islands, of which 38 are inhabited. They sit at the junction of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. The assemblies in Bathu Basti and Bambooflat are going on well. God willing, we will conduct a baptismal service on 17 December. Please pray for the young men who decided to obey the Lord in baptism. Many local believers are currently unwell. Please pray for Chamberlain, Michalammal, Nirmala, Babu Rao and Kanaka. Thank God for the miraculous healing of God in the life of Sheena and Jaswintha. Both were suffering with cancer, but the Lord showed His grace to them and heard our prayers. Nirmala is a young widow sister with two little girls. She is now suffering with some gynaecology problems. A surgery was done and sent for a biopsy. Please pray. Babu Rao was admitted to hospital recently with a major heart problem. He has nobody to help him. My son and myself try to help him as much as we can, visiting him to encourage and comfort him. We still have many unemployed young folks. We need your prayers. My family keeps fine. Shiny is keeping better health. My elder son recently qualified as a medical doctor. He is now working here in the Medical College as Junior Resident doctor for a short period. He is hoping to do further post-graduate studies, but getting admission is a great challenge. Please pray for him. My younger son is also preparing for the post-graduate studies. God willing, I will be going to the mainland to minister God’s word at a few conferences. Please pray that God may use all who are involved for the blessing of individuals gathered in these meetings. I am diabetic and I need your prayers for good health. MANGADAN & SHINY SUNNY


Friday 23rd

Deut 1-2



May we take this opportunity to wish everyone of you a blessed and happy new year, and to thank you for your prayerful interest throughout the last year - indeed, for the past 21 years! As we write, the snow is falling, but we thank the Lord that it has been a fairly easy winter so far. However, we know that here in Romania the months of January and February are always colder and more severe than December! We were able to buy and distribute 30 food bags to poor families who live close to us and gave them Gospel calendars too.

Nicu and Marta and their family joined us for our Christmas dinner, and we visited some Christians in Gilau. On Boxing Day, we took what remained from our Christmas dinner around to a gypsy grandma who is bringing up her 3 great grandchildren. They were grateful and told us it was the best Christmas dinner they had ever had! It is very humbling to see such gratitude for leftovers! In November we prepared 116 children’s Christmas gift bags; 30 were given to a brother in the next village who works with gypsy families there, 20 were taken by our friends Lucian & Rodica up into the mountains to remote families with whom they have contact, and we took 66 up to our friend in Sighet, from where they were then taken into Ukraine and given to children in need there. Jenny has had 2 of her Bible Story Colouring books translated into the Ukrainian language, and each bag had one in it.

Ukrainian gift bags

During 2023 we welcomed 57 clients as well as some family members into Casa Luca. We thank the Lord for opportunities we have had throughout the year to share with them the love of our Lord Jesus. Each one received a bible and pot plant with John 3:16 on it, and Gospel calendars. Praise the Lord for those who were baptised last year, having received the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour! Emanuela, Doina (and her daughter Dana), and Gavril and Liliana! Others tell us that they read the bible placed in their bedrooms while they stay here! We do thank all of you who regularly remember us in your prayers. C. 2002



Deut 3-4

Saturday 24th BRAZIL

San Joaquim da Barra

December is always a busy month, with one activity and another. At the beginning of the month, we held our 14th Bible Exposition in the centre Square of town and on the Saturday night both assemblies gathered round the booth and the gospel was preached by our Brazilian brother Paulo Magri, from Uberaba. Looking back on 2023 there are many reasons for giving thanks. 1.

For the young people who were saved and baptized.


For an increase in the numbers of children who come to Sunday School, and that they will understand the only way to Heaven.


For good times of blessing and fellowship at the annual conference and on Children’s Day.


For Jackson’s life and his testimony with the doctor’s and pray that God will miraculously help him.


For some of the children who have finished their first level of education and now have a different future and difficult choices before them.


For the house meetings on our street on a monthly basis. We get quite a few visitors, relatives who are not normally out at the Gospel Hall.

Getting ready for the meeting

Motives for prayer: 1.

Pray for Lucimara’s salvation and her health as she is now having radio and chemotherapy.


Jackson – (her son) these days as his immune system is very low, he has contracted an infection once again, which holds things back for his heart transplant.


Elaine, my friend’s uncle, is far from well. He is saved, but his siblings are not. Please pray that through these difficult times the Lord may speak to their hearts.


Pray for salvation as the message is proclaimed week after week.


Pray for the Assembly Magazine “The Christian Pathway” which is going on. We will now need to look for new articles, as the ones that Mum had translated have finished.

May 2024 be a year filled with God’s blessing as we await His return. MARGARET CRAWFORD


Sunday 25th

Deut 5-8

NEPAL Aiyabari

After a long journey from Belfast, we arrived safely into Nepal. Due to the travel restrictions from India into Nepal, which have never been changed since Covid, the only way is through Katmandu, which is full of hassle and takes an extra day per journey, involving an additional flight. I started my journey on Wednesday afternoon (27/12/23) and arrived into Aiyabari on Saturday afternoon (30/12/23) with 2 hours to spare before the first gospel meeting. It was encouraging to see so many with a Saturday night start, and also to remember the Lord with them on Sunday morning. With about 70 being present, which is a big increase since my first visit there 9 years ago, it is evident that the Lord has blessed and added over the years. Most assemblies here break bread at 7am due to the fact Sunday is a normal work/ school day. The plan is to be here and then to Santi Chowk, ending up with a few meetings in Dhulabari as the Lord leads. At the end of the breaking of bread many leave for school and work commitments, but it was encouraging to see the number still left for ministry. The numbers coming for the gospel has increased every night, with a good interest in the message of the gospel in the local area around the hall. It is wonderful to report some blessing in salvation already in the meetings. The assembly shows great care, and provides a meal to all who come, which takes a lot of work for the believers. The people in Nepal, like so many other places, are so appreciative of some food to eat which can be seen on their faces. Continue in prayer for the assembly at Aiyabari as they seek to be an effective witness around them to the saving and keeping power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Santi Chowk It has proved a very fruitful time in the small rural village of Santi Chowk. The numbers coming increased every night, with the last night needing most of the chairs removed to give greater seating capacity on the floor. There was great rejoicing as a young woman whose husband is abroad in Malaysia professed faith in the Lord Jesus. She was so

happy. Others waited behind concerned at having no knowledge of the Saviour. Remember them in your prayers at this crucial time. Providing 300 meals is a big job, especially outside in temporary facilities, but they manage. As they say ‘they do it for the Lord and His witness’, and the people are so grateful. It is always so good to spend an hour in the local primary school where, because of a Christian influence, we have liberty to sing choruses, learn verses and tell a bible story. We move on today for 2 nights in Dhulabari on the border with India, continuing with the gospel. Your continued prayers for the need in Nepal is appreciated.

Santi Chowk


Monday 26th USA

As 2023 comes to a close and a new year begins, we have cause to consider the two times the Lord uses the word year. Was it an “acceptable year”, or just “another year”?


Deut 9-11


Our year was very busy in the gospel and conferences throughout the US and Canada. Our primary field of service here in the United States is the upper midwest States of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan. There are approximately 36 assemblies in these states. Since being commended in September of 2016 we have not been to all of them. At the time of writing, we are in the sixth week of gospel meetings with the Hitesville Gospel Hall in central Iowa, with Brody Thibodeau. The attendance has been very encouraging, the Lord has given much help nightly and 3 have professed Christ as Lord and Saviour. Others are

listening with interest, and we look to the Lord to finish the work he has started in these souls in their salvation. When these meetings are over, in the will of the Lord, we will be heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a series in the gospel with brother Joseph Baker. When we return home again, we will immediately commence gospel meetings in small villages about an hour and a half from our house. Last year we had the privilege to take the gospel to 7 different villages here in Wisconsin that haven’t been worked for a long time. Different assemblies unified in the spread of gospel literature and invites. Three of the villages gave no response. The other 4 were very encouraging with an average of 20 visitors in each new place. The Lord blessed in salvation. This year we are working Reedsburg, Wi and Loganville Wi. I just recently learned that in 1886, P.P. Bilhorne composed the hymn “I Will Sing the Wondrous Story” while having revival meetings in Reedsburg. May the Lord do a true work in that place again for His glory. We have purposed meetings in Stout, Iowa and Jackson, Michigan later in spring and into summer. Along with these small endeavours, we would appreciate prayer for this nation. The fields are white unto harvest and the labourers are few. Pray unto the Lord of the harvest. If you look at the map you will see that as far as “listed” full time workers, we have 32 in all of this vast nation of 340 million people. There are an estimated 12 full time workers under the age of 70. We have many states with no known assemblies, we have several Spanish speaking assemblies and hundreds of thousands of Spanish speaking people coming in annually. Like your part of the vineyard, the need is vast. Thank you for remembering us in prayer! C. 2016



Tuesday 27th UKRAINE / IRELAND

Life in Lviv continues, although things are difficult and stressful for our many friends there. The Christians in the assembly are encouraged by the prayers of the Lord’s people across the world. They have great strength and dependence upon God, and deeply appreciate the material support they receive from the Lord’s people. The small assembly, although weak numerically, continues to meet and remain steadfast in the things of God.

Deut 12-14

Writing from N Ireland

Ruslan and his wife continue faithfully in the Lord’s work visiting many orphanages, homeless shelters, as well as helping some larger refugee families. They also send aid and food to Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, while fighting continues there, and there is great need for clothing and food. Ruslan also includes in these parcels children’s bibles, New testaments, and Gospel calendars. Please continue to remember Vasil from Lviv, who suffered leg injuries but is recovering slowly. In October we designed a Ukrainian Gospel calendar 2024 with enormous help from brother Lawerence McHugh. We had 7,000 printed with pictures of Kiev, Lviv, Kherson and Carpathia, with clear gospel verses from God’s Word. These are being distributed among refugees across Ireland. A further 4,000 were printed in Lviv for distribution in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. We had a request for 2,000 calendars from Polish assemblies who are housing Ukrainian refugees. We also were able to place the Ukrainian calendars in nine Faith Mission shops in N Ireland to be taken free of charge by anyone who had contacts or knew any refugees in their areas. Ards Bible Bookshop was most helpful again this year in displaying the calendars for anyone to take. Ballyliffin, Malin, Letterkenny, Co Donegal. In early December we were back again in Letterkenny with the refugees and with the assembly on the Lord’s Day. Firstly, we visited Ballyliffin, where there are approximately 140 refugees who have been living there for 18 months. Many are tired of small hotel rooms and so miss their families back in Ukraine. We met with Allina; she was crying and distressed – she had just returned from Kiev having buried her son-in-law who was brutally killed at war. Her daughter and little granddaughter were broken hearted. We prayed with them and commended them to the ‘God of all comfort’. We left some sweets and chocolate for the kids and Gospel calendars. We then went to Malin where there are 25 Ukrainians staying in a small hotel. Again, we left some calendars, miniature 'two road' charts and Gospel tracts.

One Sunday evening in the Letterkenny Gospel Hall, over 40 gathered to hear the Gospel, including 7 Ukrainians, to our surprise. My message on “The Cross” from John 19 was interpreted. I felt it was just like being in Ukraine, and then realized that God had brought these people to Ireland, and he was using us to bring them the Gospel on Irish soil – “His ways are past finding out”. Longford, Mullingar, Athlone In mid-December we spent 3 days in the Midlands of Ireland, visiting 5 different groups of refugees residing in Nursing Homes and Hotels in Longford, Mohill, Mullingar, Athlone and Lanesborough. Our exercise was to leave the Gospel calendars with the Word of God clearly displayed on pictures of the different cities of Ukraine. These were very well received, and we leave the results with God. On the last day of our trip, we visited a large hotel (Creggan Court) in Athlone to find 150 refugees including children and a few men. We pray the calendars, tracts and New testaments will be used of the Lord to bring blessing to these souls. We sincerely thank all for their prayerful interest in us and the work of the Lord in Ukraine and Ireland. C. 2010


Wednesday 28th SCOTLAND


Deut 15-17


I have recently been engaged in the work of calendar distribution. For a few years I have obtained permission to leave a box of calendars in our local Co-op for customers to help themselves. Once again, this opportunity has been afforded to us and when I put the box in place, I hadn’t left the shop before the first calendar had been taken! It is encouraging that over five hundred were taken from the box. We trust that those folks who have taken them voluntarily will be inclined to make use of it and so read the scriptures from month to month, God willing. I once again went round all the shops and businesses in the town centre, and all were happy to accept the calendar. One business had already picked one up from the box in the Co-op in readiness to replace the one that they keep on their shop counter. There are at least five other shops and business premises that we know of who have the calendar on display. We commend God’s Word to Him, that it might please God to cause a fulness of blessing which will be to His eternal glory. I have once again been invited into a few homes as I visited around those that I have contact with throughout the year. One man reminded me that he hangs this calendar above his bed. What a thought that every night, perhaps the last thing he sees is the Word of God. We pray that the scriptures will be an eternal blessing to his soul. One lady was out when I dropped off her calendar, but a few days later she stopped me in the street to thank me for it. She had been brought up attending the Salvation Army in her childhood and one night outside the hall treated me to a rendition of “Give me oil in my lamp” and one or two other choruses that she learned in Sunday School days. We continue to pray.

Some of these folks we visit are believers who associate with various denominations. It is good to be able to encourage them in their faith in Christ. One lady told me that our discussions always give her assurance. I reminded her that our confidence rests in the promises which God Himself has given to us in His Word. It gives further encouragement when, having read the scriptures, some of these dear souls ask for a note of the scripture reference so that they can read the Word of God for themselves later. Saints need encouraging and there is nothing brings more comfort to the soul than the living Word of God. We thank you all once again for your continued prayerful support. AINSLIE & SHELIA PATERSON


Thursday 29th

Deut 18-20



We are grateful to be able to share a report on the ongoing work of CMCT, a work commenced by Colleen Redit from New Zealand in 1964, who had a burden for the forgotten, the poor, and the destitute, and to whom she would bring the Gospel. The vision of CMCT is ‘Lives transformed in India through the love of Christ’. Education Bethany Nursery, Primary and Higher Secondary Schools Within the Education outreach we have a school for 1,200 children beginning at 3 years up to 17 years. The school is for village children mostly from very poor needy families. Recent 12th grade (A level equivalent) examinations results saw 92% pass marks. Bethany Hostel for Girls Our girls hostel has 60 residents comprising various ages, some at school, some working in the Centre and 10 doing Nurses Training. Bethany Industrial Training Institute We also run an Industrial Training Centre for boys who have finished school early, either through learning difficulties or poverty. The present course has 20 participants, and this is the 38th course where approximately 1,000 boys have been trained over the years. Health Care We run a Health Care Centre which is open for 24 hours daily and provides free medical care to those who need it. Our staff conduct regular surgeries in the suburbs of Chennai and further afield. We also have a busy Dental Surgery and an Ophthalmology Centre.

Community Development a) Relief The Community Development work includes relief work, rehabilitation and development activities. Included in the Relief work are 7 Soup Kitchens providing a hot meal daily for 200 elderly and destitute people. We have a monthly ration distribution for 300 families who receive a bag of essential food. Each time they come they gather for a message given by one of our staff. We are greatly blessed by the free gifts of wheelchairs which we are able to give to deserving folk whose lives are immediately changed for the better. Most would never be able to afford a wheelchair. b) Rehabilitation Included in our rehabilitation work is a home for lonely, elderly people. This home is on our camp site and was opened last year. We also have a Centre for HIV/Aids sufferers and also a work in four leprosy colonies where people have been affected by leprosy. c) Development Other Development activities include a Handicraft Centre where 58 women and teenage girls are employed. They are trained by us and as we sell their work in India and overseas we are able to pay them a monthly salary. Our Sponsorship Department gives educational help to 1,700 children from extremely poor backgrounds and is a valuable help not only to the children but ultimately to their families. We have a Women’s and Child Development Programme in four different areas of the city of Chennai. Since the Tsunami of 2004, we have been working with fishing communities, starting with the rebuilding of 140 homes washed away in the flood in the village of Chinnakuppam, and now reaching to adjacent villages. As we give thanks to the Lord for the privilege of serving Him, we solicit your prayers for the ongoing work and it’s pressing needs. Christian Missions Charitable Trust (Chennai, India)

C=Date of Commendation Published by: LORD’S WORK TRUST 42 Beansburn, Kilmarnock KA3 1RL Tel. 01563 521098 E.Mail: lwtrust@lwtrust.co.uk www.lordsworktrust-kilmarnock.co.uk Charity No. SC008740 Alistair Buchan (Aberdeen) David Grant (Kilmarnock) Andrew Grieve (Belfast) Kevin Oh (London)

Stephen Trimble (Ballykeel) Raymond McNair (Glengormley) Alastair Sinclair (Crosshouse) Gordon Stewart (Wallingford)

Secretary: Leonard Currie (Kinross) Total gifts received during December 2023.

Total: £1,521,648.00

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