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God’s Work. Our Hands. let your light so shine


o doubt about it, the stained glass window above our altar is beautiful. It is a strong focal point during prayer, song, and sermon reflection. And when the light shines through individual pieces of glass, then it is actually spectacular. Each color has its own vibrancy and instead of conflicting with another color, they actually complement each other! Let’s reflect on this analogy as Christians particularly within the realm of service. We may be growing steadily in our faith by worship and prayer and meditation. But when the sun, or rather Son, shines through us while serving—we are spectacular as well. Our individual gifts and talents transition from blasé into a dynamic color! What color is your service at Lord of Life? How does God’s light shine through you within our congregation—would your light so shine by serving coffee? Would your light so shine by writing notes of encouragement inside greeting cards within the comfort of your own home? Would your light so shine by printing bulletins or lesson materials at a copy machine? As stated in the 1978 Lord of Life Charter: “We hope to be a serving church, in the name of Him who came as Servant of all.” Jesus came into this world as the servant of all—not to deserve—but to serve. Many have stepped forward and are serving in a variety of ways. However the reality is we are a large congregation, and we need more to do so. Lord of Lifers Sharon and Oly Quast have been serving as ushers “for a long time” which has accumulated now into 30 years. They share, “We feel good about serving as ushers and enjoy meeting new people. We would encourage others to do this or other service opportunities—you get so much out of it.” Vicki Nelson sings with Canticle Choir. She joined because “I was very moved by the music during worship and wanted to be a part of it. It has also strengthened my faith because our —continues on Page 10

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

September 2013

Lord of Life exists to proclaim the saving grace of Jesus Christ and for its faith community to witness and serve God gratefully in daily life. —Lord of Life’s Global Ends Policy spirit 2-8

generosity 9

worship Saturdays at 5:30 pm with Holy Communion Sundays at 8:30, 9:45 and 11 am with Holy Communion the first and third Sundays Third Sunday worship at 9:30 am on September 15 at Good Samaritan Society Ambassador in New Hope Third Wednesday worship at 2 pm on September 18 at Rose Arbor Assisted Living in Maple Grove

August 31/September1 Preaching: Pastor Karen Geisendorfer-Lindgren Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Lee Fuchs

adult children youth family (cyf) 10-14 15-18 contact info 19 pastoral staff Rev. Peter Geisendorfer-Lindgren, Senior Pastor, Rev. Todd Buegler, Pastor, Children Youth Family, Rev. Dr. Karen Geisendorfer-Lindgren, Pastor, Adult Ministries, Rev. Karen Sue Greimel, Pastor, Pastoral Care, Rev. Dr. David Lippitt, Pastor, Congregational Care, Rev. Dave McCarty, Pastor, Outreach and Mission,

September 7/8 Preaching: Pastor Peter Geisendorfer-Lindgren Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Canticle Choir & Lord of Life Brass September 14/15 Preaching: Pastor Karen Sue Greimel Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: New Life Ensemble September 21/22 Preaching: Pastor Peter Geisendorfer-Lindgren Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Sara Bowman (8:30 am), Canticle Choir (9:45 & 11 am) September 28/29 Preaching: Pastor Peter Geisendorfer-Lindgren Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: The Jack Brass Band

Lord of Lifer, Osseo High School principal, and cancer survivor Bob Perdaems sang a beautiful rendition of the national anthem to kick off the 2013 Relay for Life—more photos on Pages 6-7 and at


Please note worship & music schedules may be subject to change.

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Grace Grace.

I am sure that I say the word Grace most every day. Of course, there are several ways the word is used. Grace is the name of my good friend who happens to be 8 years old. Pastor Karen Geisendorfer-Lindgren

Faith is a

Grace is the name of the prayer we say before we eat.

Grace is an attribute we all would do well to possess, denoting compassion, kindness, and tact.

living, daring,


But most importantly Grace is God’s gift of love toward us. It is totally unmerited on our part and for those of us who call ourselves Lutheran, Grace defines our understanding of our relationship with God.


God’s grace. —Martin Luther

And with this understanding in mind, 372 congregations in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America call their church “Grace”…36 of those churches are in Minnesota alone. We have a “Living Grace Lutheran,” “Waters of Grace Lutheran,” and “Amazing Grace Lutheran” but most are simply “Grace Lutheran.” Grace is the cornerstone of our theology, and yet, we often have a hard time fully comprehending the meaning of grace for our lives. It is so counterintuitive. How can it be that there is nothing we can do to earn God’s favor…or to add to our salvation? And if it doesn’t matter what we do, why should we do anything? St. Paul’s words to the Christians at Ephesus speak to this question pondered by every generation. Paul writes: “For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9 So our salvation is from God alone, but then Paul goes on to explain that it is out of gratitude for what God has done for us that we respond with acts of generosity and kindness. “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10) There is no question…we are God’s children, called to serve Him with our whole lives—living lives of faith and repentance, sharing the Good News, and caring for others. But when it comes to our salvation, we are totally dependent on God. Through His death on the cross, Jesus has saved us. His action is fully sufficient. And that is Grace, Lutheran. —Pastor Karen

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Spiritual Mentoring: Growing Disciples Life2Life—

Looking For Ministry Amateurs by Jan Sower


id you know that God is looking for amateurs to make disciples? This should be an encouragement for anyone who has ever wanted to respond to Jesus’ command to “make disciples” (Matthew 28:18). The apostles were ministry amateurs. When Jewish boys were in their mid-teens, the best and brightest were recruited by the local rabbi for advanced studies. For those who didn’t qualify, apprenticeship in a vocation would be the plan. Some chose to be fishermen. These religious amateurs (Jesus’ disciples) drew lots of attention. Acts 4:13 says, “The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been re you interested in becoming a Care Minister with Jesus.” God wants to use ministry amateurs. at Lord of Life? Care Ministers are trained Making disciples may be intimidating. Why do we disqualify members of the congregation who provide ourselves, believing we have to be ministry professionals to Christian love, a confidential listening ear, and prayer make disciples? We may think, “I don’t know enough about the support to adults experiencing life transitions. They’re Bible to share it with anyone. Aren’t the pastors supposed to do also knowledgeable about additional resources within that?” We may say we’re too busy, too young or too old. We and outside Lord of Life that may help. Care Ministers don’t know anyone who would be interested in learning how to receive 16 hours of initial training, plus meeting be a follower of Christ, after all, isn’t everyone at Lord of Life a regularly for ongoing support and education. The next ‘good’ Christian? Some may say, “I don’t know everything.” Guess training is scheduled for four consecutive Thursdays what? You never will! Disciples need to continue learning. beginning October 3 from 7-9 pm and Saturday, November 2, from 9 am-3 pm. For more information Spiritual Mentoring – Growing Disciples Life2Life seeks and to register, please contact Pastor David. to equip men and women to continue life’s learning process. Despite our inexperience, fears, or excuses, Jesus invites us to carry on the Great Commission. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus recruits ministry amateurs to walk alongside others modeling behaviors such as how to love God, build friendships, read the Bible, pray with others, ask questions, and help individuals see how God’s Word is relevant in their daily lives. Discipleship is ia de Cristo is a spiritual retreat designed to passing on a life in Christ from one person to another. Gracestrengthen and renew your faith and to bring filled relationships become the path to spiritual transformation. you a new awareness of living in God’s grace. “You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed You will live in community with other Christians by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other for three days. Activities include worship with trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.” communion, singing, listening to talks, reflecting, 2 Timothy 2:2 How does one get started? laughing, sharing, eating, and sleeping. The weekend • First, pray the Holy Spirit will inspire you. All around us— starts on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday even within Lord of Life—people are searching for meaning. evening. Attempting to fill “holes” in their lives with things other than a personal relationship with Jesus leaves them struggling. You If you’ve been thinking of attending a weekend, now may be the light of Christ in their darkness! is the time to submit your application. The weekend dates are October 17-20 for men and October 24-27 • Second, attend training. In eight sessions, we model how to for women. meet with another person, Life2Life. You will learn to share topical Bible lessons. Through life application studies, along Questions? Please with lively discussions, you will be equipped with practical, contact Tony & real-life ways that reflect how Jesus modeled disciple-making. Diane Sjolander at tdsjolander@ God wants to use ministry amateurs. Are you qualified to be or Merle an amateur? & Michelle Waldron Life2Life disciple training for men and women will be on Monday at mmwaldron@ evenings at Lord of Life, October 7-November 25 from 7-8:30 pm. There for more will be a registration table in the narthex on September 21/22 between information or to get worship services. To register, visit an application.

Care Minister Training


What is Via de Cristo?


Questions? Feel free to call or text Jan Sower at 612.812.4423.


September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Lord of Life Lives Christ Together baptisms


July 7 Tyler James Centko

Prayers of sympathy for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one; may they be comforted in the promise of the resurrection.

July 13 Zander Matthew Brown July 14 Mitchell Gordon Martin Ashley Marie Meyer Ava Rose Meyer July 20 Reagan Grace McCormick July 21 Alexa Justine Adams July 27 Jack Joseph Podratz July 28 Quinn Lucille Eull Gianna Marie Vega Sophia Guadalupe Vega At Lord of Life, we baptize individuals at any age. The next baptism class is on Saturday, September 14, from 10-11 am; no preregistration is necessary. To schedule a baptism, please call the church office.

Hailey Bruss and family at the death of her cousin Jon Collins and family at the death of his mother

welcome to new members Rick & Cleo Groves Kevin & Lisa Muellerleile with Ava

Membership at Lord of Life means you make a Dawn Fowler and family at the death of her brother commitment to be an active participant in congregational Terry Frovik and family at the death of his mother life. The expectation of not only new members— Dale Freeberg and family at the death of his mother but all members—is to Diane Freeberg and family at the death of her mother worship regularly, grow Lee Fuchs and family at the death of his cousin and his uncle in faith, serve others, and support the church & DiAnn Johnston and family at the death of her niece its programs financially. Contact Lori Schwartz Dinna Kreft and family at the death of her father or Karen Klevar or visit Greg Myhr and family at the death of his father for more information. You Kathy Vogel and family at the death of her father are invited to become a part of the Lord of Life family of Paul Welinski and family at the death of his aunt faith. Tom Wilson and family at the death of his sister Nancy Cossette and family at the death of her brother

weddings July 12 Megan Hammarberg & Charles Hieb July 19 Holly Reinking & Gregory Truso July 20 Erica Hynes & Michael Christian Gabrielle Weinzetl & Matthew Kaliszewski

a God moment What is a God moment? Some in the secular world may say things just seem to happen as an uncanny coincidence or chalk it up to fate. Yet for Christians we acknowledge and recognize the presence of a living God who loves us and orchestrates sometimes even the smallest moments in our lives. Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “It was a God moment!” A God moment can take many forms and often when we least expect it. Whether it be a moment of blessing or healing, a moment of directing our path or receiving a helping hand, a moment giving us inner peace or a way out of a difficult situation—they can be so amazing that you simply have to share the experience with others. Have you experienced a God moment and would you like to share it? We invite you to send your God moment to LifeTIMES Editor Bev Mello at

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a




Wednesday, September 18 at 9:30 am—

Welcoming the Chilstroms

L Word for Women kicks off on September 11—



utheran! will be the theme for the Word for Women fall session beginning September 11…all women are invited to gather together on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11 am as we explore together what it means to be Lutheran. We will talk about what Lutherans mean when they say the Word of God. We will identify key elements of Lutheran theology—including justification by grace through faith. And we will lift up Christ’s calling to us to share the good news with others and put our faith into action through loving service. Word for Women sessions begin with a large group time which includes a presentation by Pastor Karen Geisendorfer-Lindgren or Pastor Karen Sue Greimel and also at various times, worship, service projects, coffee and treats. After gathering in a large group, we break into small groups for further study and conversation. All are welcome and childcare is available. For more information or to register, please visit

ord of Life is excited to announce that Herb Chilstrom, the first presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), will be our guest on Wednesday, September 18 at 9:30 am. He will speak about the 25th anniversary of the ELCA using his autobiography, “A Journey of Grace” as the focus for his comments. In addition to sharing some stories of his own faith journey, he will describe how the ELCA was formed and some of the challenges it faced in its early years. He will also introduce the group to some of the fascinating persons he met while in office, such as Pope John Paul II and other outstanding leaders. Chilstrom and his wife, the Rev. Corinne Chilstrom, will also sign copies of their devotional book “Every Morning New,” a year-long daily inspirational guide. All are welcome to attend this event in Fellowship Hall.

Blessing of the Animals


ord of Life’s annual Blessing of the Animals event is sponsored by the Creation Care Team. Rain or shine—it is planned for Sunday, October 6 from 2-3:30 pm. After a parade around the building by animals and their humans, the animals are invited to receive an individual blessing by a pastor. Horses, a hedgehog, fish, cats, dogs, hamsters, ferrets, and even a hermit crab have all been blessed in past years’ events. Whatever the creatures may be who are part of your family, you are all warmly invited to attend.

Thank you to LaVerne Kinvig for the photos on this page of 2013 Relay for Life cancer survivors and their supporters—


September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends



re you hurting? If you are divorced or divorcing you probably are. It’s natural, expected, even healthy to hurt. The pain you’re going through is “nature’s way of telling us that something in us needs healing.” Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends is designed to help you make the crisis—the end of a love relationship—into a creative experience. If the pain can be embraced and used as motivation to grow and adjust, it can help you to take charge of your life as you move on. The 10-week seminar is based on the book Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher and Robert Alberti. The format consists of presentations, small o what does recovery look like group sharing, and skills building activities. The class will meet Tuesdays if you’re not a drug addict, (beginning September 10) from 7-9 pm. Childcare will be available. The cost is alcoholic, sex addict, love addict, $25 for materials. The primary facilitator will be Pastor David. food addict, work addict or some

Healing’s Here

Visit for more details on this class and to register. Questions? You may contact Pastor David directly at 763.420.5015 x122 or

Men’s Cancer Support Group


ave you been newly diagnosed with cancer, currently undergoing treatment, or have you had cancer? Whatever stage you may be experiencing, you are welcome to become a part of the Men’s Cancer Support Group. They meet on the first Monday of the month from 6:30-7:30 pm at Lord of Life. September’s meeting will be on September 9 (due to Labor Day). If you have any questions, feel free to contact Gregg Backstrom at


other kind of “addict?” When you get to the root of it, these are only the symptom struggles—a way of masking what is underneath. Anyone who has ever experienced a hurt, been “stuck” or been terrified (seemingly for no reason or maybe for a reason) has something to recover from. Come and experience Celebrate Recovery every Tuesday night. Give it a chance and you may find healing and recover what was lost, too! Dinner is served from 5:45-6:30 pm, followed by large group worship and teaching, then genderspecific small groups. Childcare is provided. Questions? Contact Michelle Welinski.

Women’s Cancer Support Group


he Women’s Cancer Support Group will begin their monthly meetings in September. Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at Lord of Life beginning at 7 pm. Due to Labor Day, the first meeting will be on Monday, September 9. For more information, contact Jessica Nord at or 612.590.4422 or Jayne DeGroote at or 763.670.9060.

Showing solidarity during the first survivor lap, these women are ‘living proof’ of victory over cancer.

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


spirit SESSION 1 Week of September 15-Week of October 13, 2013 SUNDAY MORNING

8:30 Reading the Psalms Pastor Donna Rohrer

2B REAL Men As announced in last month’s LifeTIMES, a time of fellowship and fun is planned for Saturday, October 19 from 11 am-1 pm when fishermen share their passion for catching “the big one.” Cost is $7 for adults, $5 for children 10 and under, sign up online then pay in the church office. Boys 12 and under may participate in a Fishing Contest! Visit for more the details about this event.

tshirts Help promote and support Lord of Life’s 2B REAL Men ministry by purchasing a shirt. Purchase one and proudly wear it to any REAL Men event, Bible study or even worship. Shirts are available in blue and either long ($18.50) or short-sleeve ($15.50); add $1 for size XXL. To order, visit The shirts may be picked up at the October 19 REAL Men fishing event.

9:45 Remember that you are a child of God, loved beyond measure. Come spend some meaningful time learning and growing with others and living in the warm embrace of your Lord and Savior. Registration is open online or forms are available at church. We are happy to be able to offer L5 classes free of charge. Individual classes may be using books that will be available for purchase by participants.

Book of Romans 1 Pastor David Lippitt

Wiser Women 1 Joan Freeberg

11:00 Prayer School Pastor Karen Sue Greimel with Larry and Cynthia Pivec

As Families Grow Older Lisa Toms

FaithfullyFIT: Spiritual Health Beth Kanthak SUNDAY EVENING

6:00 - Alpha 1 - Tom Brady/Larry Pivec/Larry Stokes MONDAY EVENING

7:00 Book of Romans 1 Pastor David Lippitt

Make a Difference as a Church School Leader Clark Hjelmstad


6:45 Wiser Women 1 Joan Freeberg

Reading the Psalms Pastor Donna Rohrer


6:30 Navigating School Special Needs Leesa Avila

Parenting Teens 1 Pastor Todd Buegler

For class descriptions, see the August issue of LifeTIMES or visit


September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


july 2013 budget year-to-date




Total member contributions $1,698,210 $1,660,512 All other Total receipts


$123,341 $143,803 ($20,462) $1,821,551 $1,804,315


When There’s A Will There’s A Way


n the past year Lord of Life has received two bequests from the estates of members of our church who died. Upon receiving these gifts I thought about how faithful those folks had been, not only in life, but in death. It made me smile.

Here is an interesting statistic. While 72% of Americans give to churches or charities every year, less than 2% include a bequest to those churches or charities in their wills. And here’s an even more shocking statistic—well over half of all Americans don’t even have a will. Actually, every Minnesota resident does have a will, one written for you by the state legislature. You may not agree with its provisions, and the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after you die is to have your own will or estate plan. Wills are important for people of all ages and incomes. Some people believe that you have to be rich to include estate gifts in your will, but the truth is that many middle-income people discover that their will is the best—and perhaps the only— opportunity they have to make a significant gift to a cause they believe in. Here are some suggestions: The simplest form of the planned gift is the bequest, which is a provision in one’s will. Bequests may be for a specific dollar amount or a percentage of one’s estate. Many Christians who have practiced tithing throughout their lives may consider designating 10% of their estate as a continuing witness of their faith. You may fund your gift with real estate, securities, cash, or a percentage of your assets. Bequests may also be residual, meaning that a legacy will be provided only if assets remain after expenses and other specific people have been provided for. Other possibilities include naming Lord of Life as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan. Or you could consider a Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust naming your church as the final beneficiary. Talk to your financial planner for more Lord of Life Weekly Giving — July 2013 information about the possibilities. A study was done to find out why more Americans haven’t planned a gift to the church in their wills. Two answers came back: “I didn’t know I could.” and “Nobody ever asked me.” Consider yourself asked. —Pastor Peter

$70,000 60,000 $50,000 $40,000 $30,000 $20,000 $10,000 $0





Actual $53,343 $49,766 $64,390 $50,280 Budget $61,203 $61,203 $61,203 $61,203

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


adult “I just enjoy providing a meal to a family in need as it gives them one less thing to worry about and time they can spend together as a family.”—Kathy Brown “We are on a worship team,” say Dave & Vicky Preimesberger, “and we feel that is a very special privilege to help serve the body of Christ.” “Speaking for Church School or C3, Lord of Life provides tremendous resources to help someone who isn’t that comfortable with the Bible for every level class so you don’t need to be an expert at the Bible before you can teach. Teaching will make you an expert if you let it.” —Bert Weigel ?

Al Peterson has found his niche working with food for Celebrate Recovery one week every month. “Besides,” he says, “I love spaghetti!” “I wanted to do something helpful, but a behindthe-scenes kind of job,” shares Terri McCarthy. What color is your service?

—continues from cover page

music coincides with the message from the pulpit.” A dedicated worker in Lord of Life’s LifeGARDEN, Barb Mewaldt shares, “Each one of us has unique talents. I may not be suited for mission trips or faraway adventures, but LifeGARDEN fits my interests and skills. We all have something to offer. In a church as large as Lord of Life it is easy to assume that someone else will always volunteer, but a community is only as strong as the sum of its parts. Stepping forward isn’t always easy—it certainly isn’t for me— but I knew there was a strong support system that would help me to succeed.” Lord of Life’s membership rolls have recently totaled a tad over 8,500 baptised members. A high percentage of this total is infants to lower elementary. Without the involvement of parents, sr./jr. high youth, and other committed volunteers,

faith formation for our children would be a daunting task. Bert Weigel states, “I believe one of the most important things I need to do as a father is help my children develop their faith, so it seemed like a natural fit to teach/co-lead the classes they go to on Sunday or in C3.” And has teaching strengthened his own faith? Bert replies, “Hearing a child talk about their understanding of a Bible passage in a way that you hadn’t thought of it or understood it makes me realize how much I need to continue to read, discuss, and learn. And since I’ve been with a group of kids for a couple years, it’s inspiring to hear and see their faith grow over the years and that also inspires me to grow in my faith.” A variety of service opportunities abound at Lord of Life; a key component for a rewarding experience is finding the right fit. Terri McCarthy serves on the Altar Team plus bakes for or helps

serve at funerals or memorial services. She shares, “I had been wanting to volunteer for something new at church and thought this might be a good fit; I’ve been baking for years. When extra servers were needed, I knew that was something I could do. Trying something new always requires moving away from your comfort zone. A willing heart is really all you need. I like going to church, but I really like being “part” of the church. Serving makes me feel like being “part” of the church.” With gratitude for all who serve at Lord of Life—thank you for sharing your gifts and talents to the congregation. For others who may be hesitant and have not yet stepped forward, it is our hope you will prayerfully consider what color is your service. May you be encouraged to let your light so shine!

God’s Work. Our Hands.

To find a listing of opportunities to serve at Lord of Life, visit


September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Movie Night Under the Stars sponsored by Celebrate Recovery


ome for worship and stay for a movie on Saturday, September 14. A special viewing of HOME RUN will be shown on the front lawn. Bring a lawn chair or blanket. The movie will begin at 7:15 pm. Free popcorn will be provided and hotdogs and walking tacos will be available for purchase beginning at 6:30 pm. In the event the weather is bad, we will show the movie inside. HOME RUN (rated PG-13) made its debut in limited theaters across the country earlier this spring. If you missed seeing it or want to see it again, here’s your chance to see it at no cost! Based on thousands of true stories, HOME RUN is a powerful reminder that with God, it’s never too late…our God is a God of second, third, and even more chances. Remember, “Nothing great happens when you hold back.” Be sure to invite a friend!

Fare For All and Emergency Foodshelf Network (EFN)


xciting news—Lord of Life will now be one of EFN’s express locations for Fare For All! For those who would like to stretch their food budget, this is a smart way to save up to 40% off on fresh fruits, vegetables, and frozen meats. EFN passes on their bulk savings by purchasing from wholesalers—the same place grocery stores get their food. Community-supported and open to everyone, Fare For All’s structure means the more people who participate, the more buying power, and the lower the overall price. This opportunity is open to everyone who wants to save on groceries regardless of income. The first Fare For All at Lord of Life will be on Thursday, September 5, from 4-6 pm. Cash, credit/debit cards, and EBT cards will be accepted; unfortunately, they do not accept personal checks. It’s “food that makes cents!” Lord of Life’s staff is looking forward to shopping at this convenient and cost-saving Fare For All. Carry-out help and other service opportunities are available; it will be a great time to earn C3 service hours.

Volunteer…lend a hand…we need you to be a part of the solution at EFN. Sign up as an individual or as a small group. There are monthly opportunities to sort or pack food and the next opportunity is Monday, September 9 from 4-7 pm. C3er’s—you can earn service hours! Consider helping out, and no training is needed. Families with children ages 12+ are welcome to serve (those 12-16 years old require a parent or guardian to serve with them). EFN can accommodate 10-50 volunteers. You may work the whole shift or as long as you are able to volunteer. Please wear closed-toe shoes for safety and dress appropriately, as you may get dusty. EFN is at 8501 54th Avenue North in New Hope. To sign up visit or contact Jane Bergstom. Join in and see what a difference your time and effort can do for our community in need. Another part of the solution is to donate food. A bin has been placed in Lord of Life’s Service Center for those donations to be given to EFN. Questions? Contact Jane Bergstrom. adult ministries Jane Bergstrom, Administrative Assistant, x142, Karen Nelson, Administrative Assistant, x138, Michelle Welinski, Pastoral Care/Missions/Ministries/Wedding Supervisor, x118,

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


adult/ outreach

Lutheran Social Service Projects by Sandy Munson


ord of Life has been busy with projects at Lutheran Social Service (LSS). The Third Annual Children’s Clothing Store is quickly approaching on Saturday, October 12; we will again be asking for donations of gently used and new children’s clothing, birth through high school. Linda Zwick included a great article with many details in the July issue of LifeTIMES. Please consider volunteering as this has become a very popular event at LSS. We want to continue to keep it running smoothly and to do so we need your help!

Save the date: Saturday, October 5—

Faithfully FIT


ord of Life’s FaithfullyFIT ministry is sponsoring a community Health Fair on Saturday, October 5, from 8-11 am. There will be educational breakout sessions for spiritual, relational, emotional health, and nutrition. Also available will be cholesterol testing, body fat testing, health coaches, personal trainers, registered dieticians, and an exercise session. The exercise session will be an educational, family-friendly experience. The Memorial Blood Center bloodmobile will also be here. For more details on this community Health Fair, please visit be


We have also started our Cleaning Kits project for LSS housing clients who are moving from one apartment to another or who are moving into their very first subsidized housing unit following a long history of homelessness. Our kits consist of a pail, a floor mop, and several other necessary items for maintaining a clean home. The housing specialists work with each family to educate them on how to do the basic cleaning chores you and I may take for granted. The program director was thrilled to be able to give their clients things they would need to keep the bathroom and kitchen clean, as these products are not included in eligible welfare purchases. Each month we will provide one of these kits for each family who is moving to a new place. It usually will be 3 to 5 kits a month. But we need donations of these cleaning products. Some of you gave Joy of Giving gifts last Christmas, and we have been able to buy the products for the first several kits through your generosity—a huge thank you to all who contributed! There are lists of what we need in the Service Center, and a bin in which you may leave your donations. Thank you for your generosity with this project. It is much appreciated. Our final LSS event at Como Park was in August. Clients of the Family Roots Alliance, a program of Lutheran Social Service and Simpson Housing Services, which provides low-income housing for families with a long history of homelessness, had an exciting day at the Como Zoo and Como Town amusement park. Lord of Life provided a wonderful picnic lunch complete with cotton candy and sno-cones for dessert. These families have not had much experience, if any, with zoos and amusement parks, so it was a day of great fun. Thank you to our volunteers who helped with the meal and explored the zoo with these families. It was a memorable day. All of these events are so greatly appreciated by the clients and staff of LSS. Thank you for your generosity of clothing and cleaning product donations, and your valuable time. These things could not be done without you.

for the

purpose of

godliness If you would like more information about any of these projects or are able to volunteer, please contact Sandy Munson at or Jane Bergstrom at


September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Acts 29, 2013 by Merle and Michelle Waldron


adult/ outreach

his year’s Acts 29 trip went to Minot, North Dakota. Fourteen of us lived and worked at Hope Village, a disaster recovery ministry located on the property of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. The city of Minot is still recovering from the devastating flood of 2011. On our first Acts 29 trip to Biloxi, Mississippi, we along with the other volunteers were encouraged to share “Face of God” stories with the whole group. Specifically, where had we seen God at work that day? We still continue to share “Face of God” stories on our trips and would like to share a few from this trip. We saw the “FACE of GOD”:

in the homeowners whose homes we worked on. Each one of them thanked us for being there and told us their story about the flood.

in Pastor Paul, from Our Savior’s Lutheran, who had the vision for Hope Village. His church put their building plans on hold so that they could support Hope Village.

in being assigned to a house that needed the stud walls put in. There was no plan for the house and one of our team members was able to draw the plan.

in Van, who had taken a leave of absence from the company he owns so that he could be the maintenance man at Hope Village. He was a flood victim and told us he was working at Hope Village so that he could help Minot recover.

in Pastor Ken, from First Lutheran, who spent the week working with our crew while he was on sabbatical. Also, in his wife, Marcella, who brought homemade cake, brownies, and coffee to our worksites.

in the volunteers from Florida, Wisconsin, and North Dakota who were at Hope Village with us. They joyfully did whatever jobs were assigned to them—especially the women who spent four days getting the mud out of a basement. One of our teams joined them for a morning.

in the people whose homes we worked on last year. Even though 14 of us just dropped by, they invited us in. We had a great time visiting with them. For many, it was the highlight of the trip.

in each member of our team as we lived and worked together for a week. This group did whatever needed to be done and they did it well! We were blessed with wonderful devotions led by various team members.

We often find it easier to see the “Face of God” when we are on a mission trip. All of the distractions of daily life are gone. We challenge each of you to see how God is at work each day. Then remember to share those stories with others. God is at work in our world! We just need to open our hearts and eyes to see Him. For more details and pictures of this mission trip, visit If you are interested in going to Hope Village on your own, visit their website: They need to finish 50 houses by October 31—their last day of operation—and they are looking for volunteers.

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


adult Did you know a group of owls is called a parliament? On July 25, a parliament of OWLs enjoyed a cruise on Lake Pepin. Photos/articles are at!

OWLs Events

Thursday, September 5: “Maximizing your Living” with special guest John Jenneke of Thrivent. Faith, Food, and Fellowship begins at 10 am in Fellowship Hall. We will be collecting freewill donations for children’s new socks and/or underwear for the Lutheran Social Service clothing drive. Lunch is provided. Don’t miss it! Wednesday, September 18: Worship at Rose Arbor Assisted Living beginning at 2 pm. Thursday, September 19: It’s a Mystery Trip! We can’t tell you where we are going, but it will be a day filled with new sights and fun for everyone! Leave church at 8:30 am and return about 5 pm. Cost is $25 and includes lunch. Friday, September 20: Service project labeling LifeTIMES in Fellowship Hall beginning at 9:30 am.

save the dates Thursday, October 3: Hear special guest Dr. Anne Lambert of the HCMC Burn Center. Faith, Food, and Fellowship begins at noon with a freewill donation lunch. Bring a friend! Thursday, October 17: Tour the Basilica of St. Mary and Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church. Both have amazing art and architecture and are rich in the history of Minneapolis. Lunch is on your own at a downtown restaurant. Leave church at 9 am and return by 3 pm. Cost is $6 per person. Thursday, November 7: “Travel to the Dominican Republic with Pastor Dave McCarty.” We begin our sightseeing at 10 am. Thursday, November 21: Cedarhurst Mansion Tour and 9-course Tea. This historical house is located on 10 acres of rolling hills and has hosted many Minnesota social and political events. Leave church at 10 am and return by 3:30 pm. The $35 cost is all-inclusive.

...older, wiser, or Lutheran? Even if you are not, you will be warmly welcomed at all of the OWLs’ events. Please sign up for all activities on the bulletin board near the welcome desk in the narthex. Visit for more photos as well as stories of recent events. Questions about this vibrant seniors’ ministry? Contact Joyce or Gordy Martin directly at or 763.497.7355.


September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Children, Youth and Family Ministry Team Leaders

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children youth family

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Water Is Life

by Lynn Leisen It’s not just about clean drinking water. If a mom does not have to walk 3 miles per day for clean water she

Where are Ministry Team leaders used?

...has time to raise animals or plant a garden which the family an income which .....allows the family to afford medical care which ......makes it possible for the children to go to school which children an education which…

Amanda Clancy at left and Julie (Hagen) Wilson at right joyfully received a pie in the face! That’s because kids raised over $800 during one of the Vacation Bible School weeks—learn more about the Water Project in sidebar on this page. children youth family (cyf) Amanda Clancy (“Clancy”), Middle School, x106, Kirstin Delp, Early Childhood and Childcare, x113, Raul Garcia III, AiM, Confirmation (C3) and Grades 7-9, x121, Julie (Hagen) Wilson, AiM, Grades 1-4, x129, (new email!) Heather Hjelmstad, Ministry of Inclusion, x143, Lynn Leisen, Faith in the Home, x107, Elizabeth Pedersen, Grades 10-12, x130, Kim Pietrzak, Childcare, x124, Pennie Soppeland, CYF Support, x132, Debbie Zaic, CYF Office Manager and Registrar, x128,

Well, now you understand. It’s not just about clean drinking water. Water is life! This summer, Lord of Life Vacation Bible School students and families have given over $3840 in order to bring water to a village desperately in need of safe, clean water. We surpassed our $2500 goal! Thank you for using your hands to do God’s work.

Photos courtesy of Karl Burkum September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


children youth family

Sundays nights @ 7 pm Sr. High Sundays! Every Sunday at Lord of Life, sr. highers gather for worship, hanging out, having fun and talking about Jesus.

7-8:30 pm Sundays September Explore dates are 8, 15, 22, and 29

7 pm—Ecclesia worship

Come check out Explore and hang out. It’s a fun time with worship and games and just exploring our faith together.

7:45 pm—Express sr. high youth group what did you do on your summer vacation? I went awol!

Sr. High Summer 2013


hat an amazing summer it was! About 80 youth and adults ventured out on our AWOL (A Work of Love) mission trips to work with Habitat for Humanity in Bozeman, MT and Charleston, SC. Both trips were fantastic and fulfilling for all who participated. A huge thank you to all of those who prayed for and supported us along the way!

sr. high ministries—fall 2013 awol bozeman

Are you a 10-12th grader and wondering how you can be involved this fall at Lord of Life? Here’s what we’ve got!

sr. high leadership network

Want to be a leader? Already leading? The Leadership Network exists to support and uplift our leaders. We meet once a month to check in, share a meal, and work on our leadership skills. More info at shleadershipnetwork.

sr. high sundays

awol charleston

Every Sunday night we gather for community, worship, hanging out and talking about our faith. We start at 7 pm with Ecclesia worship in Samaritan Hall and continue with Express sr. high youth group at 7:45 pm. All are welcome! More info at

sr. high small groups

Want to stay connected with your C3 or AWOL small groups or want to connect with new people? Join a sr. high small group! Meet regularly to go deeper in your faith and process life together. Small groups can choose when and where to meet—either online or in person— and what to talk about. More info is at shsmallgroups.

awol sea island


September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

after school program

For children in grades 1-4, the After School Program begins on Tuesday, September 17. We meet each Tuesday and participate in a service project, art, science experiment, games, music, and so much more! Bus transportation is provided from Basswood and Rush Creek Elementary schools but the program is open to all students. For more information, visit

release day

Mark your calendars for Release Day, Thursday, October 17, from 9 am-5 pm! This fun fall day includes a hayride and bonfire at Bunker Park Stables. Open to all children in grades 1-6 and cost is $20. Please bring a lunch and a canned food item to donate.

Junior High

C3 Sundays in September 8, 15, 22, 29 5-6 pm: Family Meal 6-7 pm: C3 Groups and L5 7-7:45 pm: Ecclesia Worship 7:45-8:45 pm: Explore C3 Wednesdays in September 11, 18, 25 4:30-5:30 pm: C3 Groups 5:30-6:30 pm: Family Meal 6:30-7:30 pm: C3 Groups and L5 C3 Retreats 7th Grade Retreat at Camp Onomia October 5-6 8th Grade Retreat at Camp Onomia October 12-13

church school

Church School begins the weekend of September 7/8 for 3 year olds to 6th graders. The first class for 2 year olds is October 5/6 with parents.

children youth family

Registration for Church School is at lordoflife.churchschool.

parent night out

Parents! On October 4 from 6-10 pm, drop off your children ages birth-6th grade. Volunteers from One Mission One World will be here to entertain and lead your children, along with some CYF staff, while you get a night out, a night off, some time for you. There is no registration fee for this event, AND you are invited to make a donation when you drop off your children to help support One Mission One World. Register online at Looking ahead to November 8-10—

Kalahari Family Retreat


ord of Life family retreat at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells is focused around having purposeful family bonding, fellowship with other Lord of Life families, and worshiping God! The weekend is set up to be family-focused. Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome to join us: grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, etc.! You do not need to be a member of Lord of Life to participate.


There are three activities that Lord of Life staff organizes: a gathering on Friday night, dinner and large group gathering Saturday night, and worship Sunday morning. We will provide tools and resources to grow your family’s faith! The rest of the weekend is yours! Enjoy the waterpark, mini-golf, ropes course, bowling, arcade, and more.

C3 leaders training

September 4, 6-8:30 pm in The Gathering If you are a new C3 small group leader or C3 small group leader with 10 years experience, we want you here for this training. We will learn about C3, the changes, learn how to lead a small group, tips and tricks for small group leading, and much much more.

The dates are November 8-10. Spend an extra day on Thursday, November 7 if you’d like! For more information on cost and registration, visit familyretreat.

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


children youth family

September Bible Verse: “I can do all things through Christ, because He gives me strength.” Philippians 4:19

A Warm Welcome

by Angie Schiebel, Director of Karing Kingdom Preschool

September Book Pick


s Karing Kingdom Preschool begins its 19th year, we would like to extend a warm welcome to our students and their families! Yes, it’s hard to believe that it’s time for school already, however, September is overflowing with special welcoming events and activities. Our month begins with “Get Acquainted Day” on Thursday, September 5. Please see the August LifeTIMES or visit for scheduled times. This special day gives students and parents alike an opportunity to meet their future classmates and teachers, and to familiarize everyone with our classroom setting.

“Hooked on the Book” by Liz and Jack Hagler This book is not another children’s Bible storybook but a book about the BIG IDEA of each of the Bible books. It is a great way for children of all ages to learn something about each book of the Bible, an adventure with fun poems and colorful illustrations.

Our first week of school begins on September 9 for Monday/ Wednesday/Friday students and Tuesday, September 10 for Tuesday/Thursday students. We begin the month with a “Welcome to Preschool!” Each following week will have an alphabetical theme. We will introduce the letter “S” for School, “H” for Harvest, and “F” for Farm. The Teddy Bear Band will also be making an appearance at our all-school picnic on Friday, September 20. Lots of fun guaranteed!

karing kingdom preschool Angie Schiebel, Director, x127, Teachers: Jennifer Ellingson, Maureen Murphy Hanson, and Carly Tappe

Make a Joyful Noise!

C Psalm 100:1-2 Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come into his presence with singing.


ome join in the fun and sing with the Lord of Life Children’s Choir, Joyful Noise!, this fall. This choir is for 1st-8th graders who love to sing. The rehearsal schedule will be Thursdays at 6 pm for 1st-4th graders and 7 pm for 4th-8th graders. Fourth graders have the opportunity to decide which group they would like to take part in. Rehearsals will begin Thursday, September 5 with an open rehearsal and parent meeting. Parents are invited to stay and watch a 30-40 minute rehearsal and then attend the parent meeting. This group will sing as a whole (grades 1-8) in church once a month and also be part of the children’s Christmas musical, “Ring Christmas Bells!” (see audition information at right). Please register online at Registration forms can also be found at the Youth Booth. Questions? Contact Dana Brinton at

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

We continue to take registration for the 2013-24 school year. For more information about Karing Kingdom Preschool, please contact us at kingdom@ or call 763.420.5015 x127 or visit karingkingdom.


This year’s children’s Christmas musical will be “Ring, Christmas Bells!” presented on Sunday, December 8 at 5 pm followed by dinner. Auditions will be held on Thursday, September 19 between 5-8 pm for ages 6-14. Questions? Contact David Frank at 763.420.5015 x117 or

contact info WEB PHONE 763.420.5015 FAX 763.420.7286 ADDRESS 7401 County Road 101, Maple Grove, MN 55311-4313 V isit for a full staff listing with photos. PRAYER NETWORK FACEBOOK

One Mission One World—

1978 Lord of Life

Carnival Fun

Lutheran Church


ain and wind did not dampen the spirits at the St. Olaf Lutheran Church neighborhood carnival on July 27. About a dozen Lord of Life volunteers helped set up and ran booths during the annual afternoon event. Local children were treated to sno-cones and cotton candy. Thanks to everyone who helped make the carnival a great success. If you would like to get involved in our One Mission One World Urban Ministry programs, contact Suzanne Olson at

Charter (ELCA) Lord of Life is a community of people called together by God’s Holy Spirit who confess Christ as Lord. We wish to be a church whose door is open to all people. And

Lord of Life volunteers and members of

with the guidance of the

St. Olaf Lutheran Church by the Lord of Life

Holy Spirit we will strive

booth before the carnival began.

to educate, comfort, aid and spread the word of love in Christ’s name. We believe worship is of most importance in our life together as we receive God’s love through Word and Sacrament. We will

The cotton candy booth was a favorite for neighborhood kids whose appetite kept Peggy Goshaw busy.

be involved with seeking justice in our community, state, nation, and world. We hold high the dignity and worth of every human being as created in God’s image and forgiven in Christ. We hope to be a serving church, in the name of Him who came as Servant of all.

September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Nonprofit US Postage Paid Maple Grove, MN


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Courtesy of Ann Little

caught reading lifetimes

Back row: Tom Wilson, Oly Quast, Kermit Amann, Gary Modlin Middle row: Bill Carlyon, Gehry Sower, Al Peterson, Michelle Waldron, Barb Modlin Front row: Merle Waldron, Missy Benson, Sharon Quast, Linda Carlyon

Who’s caught reading LifeTIMES between Sunday worship services?

Lord of Life’s Acts 29 mission trip to Minot—story on Page 13.


September 2013 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Lord of Life LifeTIMES September 2013  

The monthly magazine of Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Maple Grove, MN, September issue