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A monthly ministry of Lord of Life Lutheran Church of Maple Grove, Minnesota

May 2012

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is the thing wi th feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune wi thout the words, And never stops at all… —Emily Dickinson

Songs in the Tune of Hope


usic and worship go together like praise and prayer. For some Christians, music may be a preferred form of worship with instrumental, melodies, or lyrics in glory to God. For others, worship may be most meaningful through Bible readings, testimonies, or sermons. Here at Lord of Life both music and worship are integrated to be an inspirational time of refreshment and renewal in our Lutheran faith. Perhaps during a recent worship service, you’ve listened to a young child’s sweet voice singing Amazing Grace. Although you may have heard that song many times before, perhaps it brought tears to your eyes and tugged on your heartstrings. It may be within those precious beautiful moments when the Holy Spirit is at work within us. So strong were Martin Luther’s beliefs about music and worship that he wrote these fiery words: “Next to the word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world. It controls our hearts, minds, and spirits. A person who does not regard music as a marvelous creation of God does not deserve to be

building hope

A world of hope begins at home. At first glance that statement seems pretty simple, but there is more. While many of us were blessed to grow up in a safe and healthy home environment, unfortunately nearly 20 percent of the Twin Cities’ population cannot say the same. Many families’ annual income is under $35,000; they spend a majority of that income for housing not leaving enough for needs such as good nutrition, health care, transportation, education, and saving for the future. Building hope for better days can be ahead—be a part of that hope! Last year with the help of churches including Lord of Life, corporations, and volunteers, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity made home ownership a reality for over 50 families. It was a very good year for building hope. Jobsite dates this year are June 4-15. For more details, visit Questions? Contact Steve Monson at

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“For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

contact us WEB PHONE 763.420.5015 FACEBOOK ADDRESS 7401 County Road 101, Maple Grove, MN 55311-4313 PRAYER NETWORK FAX 763.420.7286

1978 Lord of Life Lutheran Church Charter (ELCA) Lord of Life is a community of people called together by God’s Holy Spirit who confess Christ as Lord. We wish to be a church whose door is open to all people. And with the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will strive to educate, comfort, aid and spread the word of love in Christ’s name. We believe worship is of most importance in our life together as we receive God’s love through Word and Sacrament. We will be involved with seeking justice in our community, state, nation and world. We hold high the dignity and worth of every human being as created in God’s image and forgiven in Christ. We hope to be a serving church, in the name of Him who came as Servant of all.


pastoral Rev. Peter Geisendorfer-Lindgren........... Senior Pastor........................................ x105 Rev. Todd Buegler................................... Pastor, Children Youth Family............... x109 Rev. Dr. Karen Geisendorfer-Lindgren.... Pastor, Adult Ministries.......................... x104 Rev. Dr. David Lippitt............................... Pastor, Congregational Care................. x122 Karen Greimel......................................... Pastoral Associate................................ x144 Dave McCarty.......................................... Pastoral Intern....................................... x147 administrative suppor t Nancy Bourbonais................................... Main Office & Database Manager......... x126 Diane Carlson/Lu Chretien/Sandy Zappa... Main Office Receptionists..................... x100 Rhonda Evans-Hofer............................... Kitchen Lady......................................... Lori Schwartz........................................... Membership, Funerals, Hospitality........ x111 adult ministries Jane Bergstrom....................................... Administrative Assistant........................ x142 Karen Nelson........................................... Administrative Assistant........................ x138 Michelle Welinski..................................... Missions, Ministries, Pastoral Care, and Wedding Supervisor.............................. x118 children youth family (cyf) Amanda Clancy (“Clancy”)...................... Grades 5-6............................................ x106 Kirstin Delp.............................................. Early Childhood Ministry....................... x113 Raul Garcia III, AIM................................. Grades 7-9............................................ x121 Heather Hjelmstad................................... Ministry of Inclusion/Nursery Mgr.......... x143 Lynn Leisen............................................. Faith in the Home.................................. x107 Elizabeth Pedersen................................. Grades 10-12........................................ x130 Gerad Remus.......................................... Confirmation (C3).................................. x102 Pennie Soppeland................................... CYF Support......................................... x132 Debbie Zaic............................................. CYF Office Manager and Registrar....... x128 communications Lori Buegler............................................. Communications Director...................... x146 Bev Mello................................................. Editor, LifeTIMES.................................. x108 Stephanie Smith...................................... Web ....................................................... finance Colleen Anderson.................................... Finance Director.................................... x103 Lenora Little............................................. Finance & Stewardship Assistant.......... x139 Sandie Saar............................................. Finance Assistant.................................. x101 karing kingdom preschool Angie Schiebel......................................... Director, Karing Kingdom Preschool..... x127 Jennifer Ellingson, Maureen Murphy Hanson, Carly Schiebel systems and custodial Ken Carraux............................................ Maint. Eng./Systems Administrator....... x120 Joel Kivi................................................... Custodial Supervisor............................. Jim Deger, Jon Doerrmann, Matt Greenfield, Jim Lambrecht, Karen Nilson worship and music Dana Brinton............................................ Children’s Music Ministries.................... x135 Alice Woodard, AIM................................. Worship and LifeGARDEN Ministries.... x114 David Frank............................................. Director of Music................................... x203 Lee Fuchs................................................ Adult Choirs and Bel Canto................... x202 Jordan Lippitt........................................... Audio/Visual Technician........................ x145

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Jesus Our Mother


few years ago twin hippopotami were born in the Memphis Zoo. The former model/actress Cybill Shepherd, herself the mother of twins and a native of Memphis, was asked to name them. The only hitch was that the mother hippo wouldn’t let anyone close enough to the babies to determine their sex.

spirit/worship 3-8

The two 40-pound babies paddled or walked under their mom and nobody wanted to upset a momma who weighed more than a large SUV. So there was a long delay in naming the baby hippos, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Pastor Peter

The mother continued to care for her babies: feeding them, protecting them, keeping them close to herself, away from danger. And the babies, untroubled by their nameless state, didn’t stray from mom. They knew a good thing when they saw it—that good thing being a two-ton, grey & pink creature who provided them with just what they needed. Young animals: chicks, kittens, hippos, and baby human beings have sense enough to stay close to mom; close to food, protection, warmth, and nurture. On the second Sunday in May we remember and honor these women who were so important to us. And in the book of Luke, Jesus uses some surprising imagery to describe his relationship with us. Jesus says in Luke 13:34, “How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings.” God is many things: father, brother, friend, savior, shepherd and in this text Jesus is our mother. Jesus wants to protect us, feed us, love us, and nurture us as a mother does for her child. God has called to us when we were born in the water of baptism, into His family, His holy brood. Through our baptism God births us and pledges to us the fierce devotion, love and protection of a mother. This Mother’s Day remember that Jesus calls us to the shelter of protecting wings. He calls us to trust Him, no matter what our fears, hurts, or troubles; to trust that His outstretched arms are strong enough, wings broad enough to keep us safe, now and forevermore.

You are invited to honor and celebrate mothers around the world! Sponsored by Lord of Life’s Military Families Support Ministry, Mission Tanzania and Mission Uganda. Freewill donations will support these ministries specifically in providing veterans a means to publish their stories, purchasing school supplies and window screens, plus providing educational scholarships.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Sunday, May 13 serving from 9 am-1 pm in fellowship hall

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

giving/culture of generosity 9

adult/outreach 10-15

cyf/faith formation 16-19

global ends policy Lord of Life exists to proclaim the saving grace of Jesus Christ and for its faith community to witness and serve God gratefully in daily life.


spirit Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law? Jesus replied, “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all you soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment, and the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”—Matthew 22:36-39 There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death.—Romans 8:1-2


by Karen Greimel, Pastoral Associate


t’s not unusual for those who are grieving to experience the powerful emotion of regret. I personally experienced this after the death of my father. If only I had made that appointment sooner, mentioned that to the doctor in more detail, pushed for more testing. This type of thinking is exhausting especially when dealing with grief on top of it all. It’s like I was punishing myself for my father’s death. All the “what-ifs” were filling me with overwhelming regret. The reality was that the doctors, hospital staff and me—we all did everything we could just the way it was supposed to be. A dear friend reminded me that, “God knows your heart and he would not want you to live your life in a state of regret.” I believed that and decided it was time to lean into it and stop questioning and regretting. Needless to say none of us can do this on our own; this was the perfect opportunity for a specific prayer. Our Lord wants to set us free from regrets and heal us as we walk through the grieving process. If you are journeying on a road of grief, don’t walk it alone. Grief Share is a safe place where you will learn healthy ways to navigate through and live with grief. You are invited for dinner served at 6-6:30 pm with our Celebrate Recovery friends and/or meet with the Grief Share small group from 6:45-8:15 pm. For more information please feel free to contact me or Michelle Welinski directly.


Care Ministry by Kim Haines, Care Minister


hen our children were young we had to deal with very serious health issues. The church we belonged to at the time sent pastors to meet with us. We also have family and friends in the area who offered us support. One of the people who brought me the most comfort, however, was a woman from our church trained in a program much like Lord of Life’s Care Ministry. We met or talked on the phone once a week or so. She helped me to grow in my faith and trust in God by giving me Bible verses to meditate on and discuss with her. She prayed with me. As Care Ministers it is as simple and as important as that. No matter what type of life event you are experiencing, if you need a Christian friend to lend an ear, to help you carry the load, please contact Pastor David or Michelle Welinski.

Hope is the thing wi th feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune wi thout the words, And never stops — at all.

And sweetest — in the Gale — is heard And sore must be the storm That could abash the li ttle Bird That kept so many warm. I’ve heard i t in the chillest land, And on the strangest Sea; Yet — never — in Extremi ty, It asked a crumb — of me. —Emily Dickinson Source: The Poems of Emily Dickinson Edited by R. W. Franklin (Harvard University Press, 1999) Cover Photo: Thank you to Will Folland for sharing his photo of a blue gray tanager taken in Santa Rita, Costa Rica in October 2009.

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


the busiest month of the year....

worship Saturdays at 5:30 pm with Holy Communion Sundays at 8:30, 9:45 and 11 am with Holy Communion the first and third Sundays Third Wednesday worship on May 16 at 2 pm at Rose Arbor Assisted Living Healing Service on the third Wednesday, May 16 at 6:30 pm Please note: Healing services have changed to Wednesdays (from Saturdays) May 5/6 Preaching: Pastor Peter Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Joyful Noise and Canticle Choir (8:30 and 9:45 am), Quartet (11 am) May 12/13 Preaching: Pastor Todd Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Canticle Choir and Bel Canto (8:30 and 9:45 am), to be announced (11 am) May 19/20 Preaching: Pastor Peter Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: New Life Ensemble and Preludes May 26/27, Pentecost Preaching: Pastoral Associate Karen Griemel Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: to be announced

Please note worship & music schedules may be subject to change. no longer September! Look at your May calendar. Most of us see weddings, confirmation services, fishing opener, Mother’s Day, dance and music recitals, sporting events, Memorial Day picnics, and cabin time. Whew! But wedged between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are two significant church holidays that deserve our attention: Ascension Day and Pentecost. Ascension Day celebrates the day that Jesus ascended into heaven. After Jesus rose from the dead, the disciples saw Him many times, and He taught them more about the kingdom of God. Forty days after Jesus’ resurrection, He ascended—rose up—into heaven. Read about the ascension in Mark 16:9-20, Luke 24:44-53, and Acts 1:1-11. This year, Ascension Day is Thursday, May 17. Pentecost is the third major church festival of the year, following Christmas and Easter. The Day of Pentecost is seen as the last day of the Easter season. The Holy Spirit came to all who gathered with Peter and the disciples. Pentecost is often called the birthday of the Christian church. Find the story of the coming of the wear red Holy Spirit in Acts 2:1-47 and read Christ’s command to worship and promise in Acts 1:8. The Day of Pentecost this year is May 27. Wear red to worship on May 26/27 for the fire of may 26/27 the Holy Spirit descending upon the first Christians and pentecost also coming to us. —Lynn Leisen, Faith in the Home Ministry

Grow Your Faith: Be A Mentor by Jan Sower


piritual Mentoring ministry at Lord of Life is offering the opportunity for fifteen men and women to train and become spiritual mentors for our C3 confirmation small group adult leaders. An eight-week training course for mentors will be provided. Your faith and confidence will grow as you develop skills to guide another person through a series of discipleship Bible studies and learn how Biblical teachings relate to everyday life.

Spiritual Mentoring


The apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, “You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.” 2 Timothy 2:2. You are invited to pray about this exciting opportunity! Having a spiritual mentor will benefit not only C3 leaders and their students, but your own Biblical foundation and relationship with Christ will grow as well. Register for mentor training at For more information and training schedule, contact Jan Sower at or 763.421.1524.

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Lord of Life Lives Christ Together bereavements Prayers of sympathy for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one; may they be comforted in the promise of the resurrection. Bob Adams and family at the death of his mother

baptisms March 10 Avery Sienna Gerads Isaiah Jeffrey Needham

Jacquie Bair and family at the death of her mother Katie Cady and family at the death of her father Christina Cornell and family at the death of her father

March 11 Jocelyn Leone Bury Aubrey Lee Dittbenner Jayden Ray Dittbenner Charles Thomas Holmes Erianna Denise Ness

Jan Cornell and family at the death of her husband

March 18 Abbott Anthony Cain Jaxen Delmar Pohl

Bonnie Mallberg and family at the death of her uncle

March 25 Colton James Griffin Gatlin Jax Hernandez Makenzie Elizabeth Klatt Joshua David Pedersen March 31 Aria Faith Gardner Grace Amelia Harrington Jackson Dean Harrington Kaylie Anne Phad At Lord of Life, we baptize individuals at any age. The next baptism class is Saturday, May 12, 10-11 am in the downstairs Theater; no preregistration is necessary.

Karen Davidson and family at the death of her husband Sheri Greenfield and family at the death of her mother Susan Heruth and family at the death of her sister Dick Huseth and Alex and Dawn at the death of their daughter/sister Amanda Nash and family at the death of her father Christine Raatikka and family at the death of her father Mary Robertson and family at the death of her brother LeAnn Sargent and family at the death of her father Darlene Swanson and family at the death of her mother Shelley Tenquist and family at the death of her brother

blessings for your daily life A blessing is a hope, a prayerful desire that God will be with us and help us as we go on with our lives. We often ask God to bless others when we pray for them. We ask for God’s blessings when special things happen in our lives. If you’ve moved into a new home, are celebrating a wedding anniversary, have experienced the loss of a beloved pet, or welcomed a new pet into your home, we have a blessing to use for this special occasion in your life. Blessings may be found at —Lynn Leisen, Faith in the Home Ministry

Would you like to share an original photo or artwork or poetry or a God moment with your Lord of Life faith family? We would love to share it in a future issue as space allows; you are encouraged to contact LifeTIMES Editor Bev Mello.


While on the subject of blessings— Long-time members Don and Sharon Asp are delighted to share the news of their granddaughter, Makayla Belle, born on Thursday, March 22, 2012. Proud parents are Jesse and Alysa (Asp) Larson of Castle Rock, Colorado. Makayla was born on her great grandmother’s 92nd birthday!

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

spirit welcome Luke & Catherine Borman with Carina and Owen Patrick & Amy Conlon with Paige Tom Dorn Samuel & Amy Gross with Jocelyn

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.—John 10:10

Who Do You Say That I Am? by Karen Greimel, Pastoral Associate


Brent Krause Jim & Karri Lindell Trevor & Kayla Long John & Susan Manrodt Summer Minnich with Nolan Chad & Laura Nelson with Alissa and Owen Landon & Jyll Pohl with Jaxen James & Donna Rohrer Mary Sandretsky with Corrin Thell Mark & Penelope Smiley with Donnie Taylor & Noelle Smith Jeffrey & Nancy Vold Membership at Lord of Life means you make a commitment to be an active participant in congregational life. The expectation of not only new members—but all members—is to worship regularly, grow in faith, serve others, and support the church & its programs financially. You are invited to become a part of the Lord of Life family of faith.

he Gospel is good news for all of us. Jesus healed every kind of disease, physical ills, demon possession and sin. He still heals today. The Bible recounts God’s activity to reconcile, redeem and reclaim all in creation. Jesus brought this to life in His ministry of preaching, teaching and healing. It is from that gift of Jesus that the Holy Spirit leads the churches to continue preaching, teaching, and healing in the power of God. Consider this…how we pray and what we pray for are directly related to how we think of God. For example, if you view God as demanding of perfection, you might be fearful praying for help about anything because this could reflect that you are less than perfect. Or if you think of God as merciful and forgiving, then your prayers would most likely be open and honest with a willingness to receive his grace. How do you think of God? What does this reveal about the way you pray and the things you pray for? How does this impact your expectations of the answers to your prayers? Remember that there is healing for your spiritual relationship with God along with all areas in your life—there are no limits to God’s healing power.

Please note going forward, the healing service schedule has changed to Wednesday evenings (from Saturdays). All are welcome to this month’s healing service on Wednesday, May 16 at 6:30 pm. Individual prayer appointments are also available. If you have any questions about Lord of Life’s Healing Ministry or to schedule a prayer appointment, please feel free to contact Karen Greimel.

For more details, visit newmembers. If you do not have internet access or have questions about being a member at Lord of Life, please feel free to contact Lori Schwartz directly.

Thank you to Mark Erickson (via Lorraine) for this lovely spring photo of May flowers emerging from a pile of dead leaves near Gull Lake, Minnesota.

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Did You ‘Come and See?’


uring Thursday midweek Lenten services, Lord of Life worshippers heard monologues from several Biblical characters. When worshippers exited the sanctuary, all characters shared a symbolic memento of their message. For instance, the boy who gave his lunch to Jesus handed everyone a small snack bag of Goldfish® crackers. The Samaritan woman at the well shared small bottles of water. Thank you to everyone who shared their gifts and talents during these memorable worship experiences: • Nicodemus on March 1 by Pastor David Lippitt • The boy who gave his lunch to Jesus on March 8 by Nathan Buegler • Miriam on March 15 by Rox Anne Engelke • The Samaritan woman at the well on March 22 by Dawn Dahlberg • The man born blind on March 29 by Jim Larson A very special thank you to Wendy Showalter who wrote, directed, and produced all performances which were such a wonderful part of Lord of Life’s Lenten worship experience. Missed Lenten worship services? Visit comeandsee for videos.

Give Yourself the Gift of Intercessory Prayer by Joyce Sager


t was my great pleasure to attend the “Walking on Holy Ground” prayer experience at the beginning of Lent. That first Saturday morning in March provided an opportunity for silent prayer and also prayer with an Intercessor (one who prays with you and for you). This experience reminded me that it is such a privilege to have someone pray with you…I encourage everyone to give themselves the gift of praying with a member of the Intercessory prayer team. (They are available every time we have communion over in the “prayer chapel” area at the right of the sanctuary.) The Holy Spirit works through us and in us and when we pray together, God the Holy Spirit is present in a real and powerful way. Intercessors—the folks that pray with us—are there to pray not only for special needs we might have, but for anything who is on our hearts. One of the ways to think about the kinds of things we can pray with an Intercessor about is to think of the acronym ACTS. In addition to using ACTS as a guideline for our personal prayer lives, we can invite the Intercessor to pray with us about any of the following: A – Adoration.

Praising for God.

C – Confession.

Lifting up the things for which we are penitent and experiencing God’s gift of forgiveness.

T – Thanksgiving. Expressing our gratitude for God’s goodness, kindness, and grace. S – Supplication.


Asking God to provide for our needs and the needs of others.

After praying with an Intercessor during worship—you may see me return to my seat with some tears. It can be a moving experience to feel the power of God in such a real way. But I invite you to see for yourself, how God uses these opportunities to touch your heart. So in the weeks ahead, when you have the opportunity, I hope that you will join me in giving yourself the gift of intercessory prayer.


May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Building Gifts


eautiful views from the Prayer Room, great lighting in Samaritan Hall and the new stairway, and a warm, welcoming Caring Community…have you had the opportunity to check out all of the gathering spots in the new addition? We received the Temporary Occupancy Permit from the City of Maple Grove at the end of March and are gradually moving into the new space. Permanent Occupancy Permits are issued when the outdoor work is also completed, which we anticipate to be mid-summer.

While the rooms are ready, all of the furnishings are not yet purchased or in place. Your tax-deductible gifts towards furnishings and landscaping items are appreciated. Gift envelopes are available in the pew racks or you may stop in the main church office with your gift. You may designate a gift from the list below or give a general furnishings gift. Visit or stop by the main reception desk for the most upto-date listing of needed items. If you have questions about donations, please contact Lori Schwartz. Thank you! Folding chairs ($15)

Wireless microphones ($635)

Chair racks ($250)

Youth Room high-top tables ($150)

6-foot tables ($65)

Youth Room tall chairs ($75)

congregational meeting

8-foot tables ($85)

Padded arm chairs ($400)

Blu-ray disc player ($175)

Sofas/padded benches ($600)

LCD projectors ($2,400)

Common space high-top tables ($150)

Fabric stacking chairs ($70)

Common space tall chairs ($75)

Sunday, May 6, at 12:15 pm is the next congregational meeting. All Lord of Life members are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting in Fellowship Hall.

Lord of Life Weekly Giving — March 2012 $100,000

march 2012 budget year-to-date $80,000


Total member contributions


All other Total receipts


Budget Difference

$743,431 $740,316 $64,983




$808,414 $805,160


$20,000 $0

3/4 3/11 3/18 3/25

Actual $71,422 $56,009 $54,398 $76,681 Budget $65,674 $65,674 $65,674 $65,674

Would you like to give an offering to Lord of Life via online giving? Simply scan the QR code at right, which will bring you to the “Give a Gift” page on Lord of Life’s website. Fill out the form and use your credit card to complete payment.

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Yes, it’s a miniature Martin Luther in Lord of Life’s Easter Garden.

—continues from cover page

called a human being; he should be permitted to hear nothing but the braying of asses & the grunting of hogs!” Luther’s passionate beliefs led him to write both words and music for several hymns, including “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” Luther’s first hymnal was published in 1524. It contained eight hymns, four written by himself. Later hymnals were also published for congregational use. He urged people to use the hymns at home and encouraged parochial schools to teach them to their students. Working with skilled musicians, Luther also created new music for church choirs, organ, and other instruments during his life. And after his death in 1546, the first line of “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” was inscribed on his tomb.1 A rich Lutheran heritage of worship and music is enjoyed in our congregation. Summertime worship adds an additional service Monday evenings at 7 pm. Particularly for those who may be out-of-town on Saturday/Sunday, Mondays at 7 pm may be a preferred worship service during June, July, and August. If ‘up north’ or away from Lord of Life in Maple Grove, you are encouraged to visit and follow the homepage link directing you to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) website. Enter the zip code of where you will be on the weekend, then ELCA congregations will be listed within your specific mileage radius. Wherever the compass takes you for worship this summer, please bring back a worship bulletin! Bulletins may be shared with Director of Worship Alice Woodard or dropped off in the main church office. If many bulletins are received, a ‘worship travelogue’ of sorts may be created identifying where we’ve glorified God during the summer. Wherever your paths may take you—may all of our praise and prayer, worship and music be in glory to God sung in the unending tune of hope! The gift of song in voice or instrumental music, the ministry of ushering or serving the Lord’s Supper, the assisting with lighting or choreography—what other treasures may be within Lord of Life regarding worship and music? Prayerfully consider your service and if questions, please feel free to contact Director of Worship Alice Woodard or Director of Music David Frank for more information. Paragraph excerpted from detail/martin-luther, permission to reprint requested. 1


A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing; our Helper frees us from the flood of mortal ills prevailing. For still our ancient foe, forsworn to work us woe, with guile and dreadful might is armed to wage the fight: on earth there is no equal. If we in our own strength confide, our striving turns to losing; the righteous One fights by our side, the one of God’s own choosing. You ask who this may be: Christ Jesus, it is He, the Lord of hosts by name. No other God we claim! None else can win the battle. Though all the world with devils fill and threaten to devour us, we tremble not, we trust God’s will: they cannot overpow’r us. Though Satan rant and rage, in fiercest war engage, this tyrant’s doomed to fail; God’s judgment must prevail! One little Word shall triumph. God’s Word shall stand above the pow’rs, shall end all their thanksgiving. The Spirit and the gifts are ours, for God with us is living. Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also; though all of these be gone, they yet have nothing won. The kingdom’s ours forever! —Martin Luther, 1483-1546

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Emergency Foodshelf Network (EFN)



his past March there were 29 (count ‘em!) volunteers from Lord of Life who sorted 7,951 lbs. of donated food. Volunteers completed projects totaling 246 mega meat and 174 meat only. What is a ‘mega meat’ or ‘meat only’ package? Come on May 7 from 4-7 pm to learn more and help directly in your community. Now with warmer weather no sandals are allowed in the warehouse, please only closed-toe shoes. C3ers may earn service hours! EFN work is easy and a fun way to meet other Lord of Lifers. Sign up as an individual or a small group. To sign up, visit or contact Jane Bergstrom.

fare for all Are you looking for a way to stretch your grocery dollars? Every other Monday from 9:30 am-7 pm in New Hope, Fare for All is an EFN program open to everyone regardless of income. Fare for All is similar to a co-op with fresh, frozen or packaged food purchased from large food suppliers. To learn more about Fare for All, visit EFN is located at 8501 54th Avenue North in New Hope.

Veronica’s Kitchen by Kent Dirks


pproximately five years ago, Lord of Life began a ministry helping the people in the village of Juba, Uganda. Their small mud hut nursery school of 16 students has grown into a small campus teaching facility for primary through junior high level classes. The petite yet strong and energetic woman, Veronica, who prepares and serves breakfast and lunch for the students, is not your average food service worker. She prepares food for nearly 400 kids over an open fire in a smoky, mud hut building with a dirt floor (or sometimes prepares it outdoors if it is not raining). Naturally, Veronica is looking forward to the completion of a new kitchen building that I had the privilege to work on in March. Inside the new kitchen, food will be prepared over a wood stove—Veronica won’t have to breathe in smoke all day! All of the school staff express their extreme gratitude for the blessings that God has given them. Through Lord of Life’s generous benevolence, when we share our blessings in Maple Grove they in turn may become blessings across the world for the children in Uganda.

Stay tuned to future issues of LifeTIMES for more about mission trips to the village of Juba and other projects in Uganda. Visit for more photos and details about this ministry.

Our sister in Uganda, Veronica is shown here serving the many students in the village of Juba. Learn more in story above.

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Older Wiser Lutherans (OWLs)—

Seeing Sea Life by Joan Holmes


n March 15, the OWLs headed to the Mall of America visiting Sea Life Aquarium. During a behind-the-scenes tour, guides told of the care and feeding of the 5000 sea creatures and how the water in the tanks is monitored to keep them healthy. The OWLs were allowed to walk out on platforms above the 14 ft. high tank to watch the fish and turtles swimming below. The OWLs then went down to aquarium exhibits and touched sea stars and crabs, visited the fascinating newly-opened jellyfish displays, and saw colorful tropical fish in tanks. The view was amazing in the glass tunnel as saltwater sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and other fish swam beside and above continuing to a freshwater area with sturgeon, turtles and other fish. After a delicious lunch in the Rainforest Café and a short time to shop, the OWLs headed home. What a wonderful adventure!

...older, wiser, or Lutheran? If so, you will be warmly welcomed at all OWLs activities. Questions? Contact Joyce or Gordy Martin directly at 763.497.7355 or by

OWLs events Thursday, May 3: “Support Those Who Protect Us” with guests John and Lucy Rodvik with Lord of Life’s Military Families Support Ministry for May’s Faith, Food, and Fellowship. Begins at 10 am in the Youth Room.

Wednesday, May 16: Worship at 2 pm in Rose Arbor Assisted Living Thursday, May 17: The OWLs will attend one of the last coffee concerts at Orchestra Hall before a yearlong renovation. Osmo Vanska directs with Russian pianist Yevgeny Sudbin in Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 24. They will also perform works of Prokofiev and Sibelius. Late lunch on your own at a downtown restaurant. Cost for transportation and ticket is $31. Leave church at 9 am and return by 4 pm. Friday, May 18: Service project in Fellowship Hall labeling LifeTIMES at 9:30 am—coffee, too!

looking ahead Thursday, June 7: Mark your calendar and invite a friend to come enjoy food, fun and fellowship at the OWLs annual picnic with guest Marjorie Johnson, the Blue Ribbon lady. Marjorie has won 2500 ribbons which includes over 1000 blue ribbons for her baking at the Minnesota State Fair. She will entertain us with her enthusiasm for life and baking. We begin at noon in the Fellowship Hall with a freewill donation lunch. Don’t miss it! Thursday, June 21: A day of summer fun for EVERYONE—watch for details!


May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Everyone is welcome! Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 2 at 9:30 am—

Author Sandy Jerstad


veryone is invited to attend Word for Women on May 2 at 9:30 am for a special guest speaker, Sandy Jerstad. Sandy is a former South Dakota State Senator and the author of Letters of Love; Sermons and Reflections. Her book was written as a response to sermons her husband had written over the years. Sandy’s husband, Randy Jerstad, was the president of the Good Samaritan Society as well as campus pastor at Augustana College in Sioux Falls before his death. No registration is needed for this event. Childcare is provided during Word for Women. Hope you can participate.

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit? Therefore honor God with your body.—I Corinthians 6:19-20

Fitness for a Life Goal by Joyce Martin


n March 1 for the OWLs Faith, Food & Fellowship, Beth Kanthak with Lord of Life’s health and wellness ministry encouraged the OWLs to be active. As a group, we did some stretching and walking-in-place movements. Beth encouraged us to do everything in moderation. She also advised us not to compare ourselves with others—just our own personal best! Beth gave the OWLs helpful hints and suggestions for making the best of physicial exercising as well as daily diets in order to keep our temples of the Holy Spirit healthy.

Rain or shine event in LifeGARDEN on April 28 at 9 am—

Thriving in its Third Year

by Alice Woodard, AIM, Director of Worship and LifeGARDEN


his summer will be the third season for LifeGARDEN, the community garden at Lord of Life. The garden consists of individual plots where gardeners grow vegetables for their own use, and a communal garden where food is grown for CROSS, our local foodshelf. This year we are adding something new—raised beds to provide accessible gardening for those who need it. A generous grant from Thrivent Community-Crossroads will provide funds for the new raised beds. The project will start with a kick-off event on Saturday, April 28, beginning at 9 am and continuing through lunch. Everyone is invited, gardeners and non-gardeners. There will be lots of opportunities to help build and prepare the raised beds and to meet Thrivent Community-Crossroads as well as CROSS (Christians Reaching Out in Social Service) representatives. Thrivent Community-Crossroads is one of nearly 1,400 units of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans that brings their members together for charitable, social, and educational activities. Crossroads primarily serves members living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. All are welcome to LifeGARDEN on April 28 beginning at 9 am and continuing through lunch—rain or shine!

Praise the Lord for all the OWLs!

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Save the Date: Friday, July 20, at 7 pm—

On Your Mark…Get Set…Go!

by Michelle Welinski, Director of Missions, Ministries, and Pastoral Care


t’s time to plan for Relay for Life! Now is the time to start forming our teams—Relay for Life will be here before we know it. Relay for Life will be held on Friday, July 20, at 7 pm at Osseo Senior High football field. Each year Lord of Life continues to have a strong presence at this community event and this year will be no exception. Teams consist of 10-15 people, all ages are welcome to participate. You can join an existing team or start your own team. While this is an overnight event, you do NOT need to walk all night. Each team member commits to walk at least one hour during the event, and each team commits to having one person on the track each hour. It’s that simple! The event is festive with music, lights and activities to help you through the night. Many people camp overnight as well. There is a $10 registration fee (includes a t-shirt) and each team member is encouraged to raise $100 in support. Each year Lord of Life teams raise between $16-18,000. Money raised through Relay for Life helps to support Hope Lodge—a new favorite place to serve for many of our members. Why do we walk at night? While family and friends are supportive, those with cancer may experience solitary evenings or early morning hours left alone with their thoughts and prayers. This is the timeframe where Relay for Life literally “steps in” with an all-night walk. We walk through the night as a symbol to the people we love that we are with them.

Linda Gaetke

Why does Lord of Life participate in this event? It seems these days almost everyone’s life has been touched by cancer. Lord of Life members walk to show members of our congregation and community they are not alone. There is HOPE.

Greg and Cheryl Myhr

Why do I walk? My Word for Women small group member Linda Gaetke had cancer. Linda passed away in January of 2011. Linda absolutely LOVED Relay for Life. Linda shared with our small group time and time again, what a blessing cancer had been. While she certainly did not like all the treatments and side effects, her faith soared and got her through each difficult treatment and setback. The women from our Bible study and the women from the Women’s Cancer Support Group made a real difference in Linda’s life. Linda made a difference in our lives. So this year, same as last year, I walk in memory of my dear friend Linda. I know she will be with us in spirit. What is your next step? Check out the video at lordoflife. org/relayforlife, then contact me to get registered. Mary Kroggsgard and Michelle Welinski


See you on the track!

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Mission Tanzania Update by Jan Sower


eginning May 1-June 3, Mission Tanzania missionaries will be accepting donations of items to take along on their upcoming mission trip to the Iringa Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, East Africa, later in June. Categories of donations include: personal hygiene supplies, birthing supplies and school supplies. Teachers and pastors, sponsored students and others attending secondary schools, medical dispensaries, mothers and their newborn babies are among those who will benefit from the donated items. A complete list of items to donate is available at missiontanzania. You may bring your donations to the Service Center. Lord of Life’s Service Center and Caring Community areas are located through the new main entrance then to your right after you have entered the building. A group of nine adults and youth, led by Marty Sager, will be visiting Lord of Life’s partner congregation, Ifuwa parish and its preaching points in area villages. While in the villages, the group will be guests of Ifuwa residents. Mission Tanzania will include visiting secondary schools attended by students sponsored by members and friends of Lord of Life, seeing completed wells, checking progress of wells being drilled, and learning how the agricultural training program is progressing. A three-day, two-night safari in a nearby national park will be enjoyed prior to the missionaries’ return to Minnesota.

In 1987 the congregation partnership program known as bega kwa bega (Swahili for shoulder to shoulder) was established between congregations in the Twin Cities, primarily the St. Paul Area Synod of the ELCA and the Iringa Diocese in Tanzania. Since then, the number of ELCA parishes has grown from 20 with 20,000 members, to over 70 parishes with more than 85,000 members. Besides the Lutheran companion congregations in the Iringa Diocese, other Bega Kwa Bega affiliates include: secondary school for scholarships, water projects for clean water, Tumaini (Hope) University, Ilula Lutheran Hospital, an agricultural institute partnering with the University of Minnesota, Huruma Orphanage, food distributions including Feed My Starving Children, and Radio Station Furaha (Radio Joy) which broadcasts health world hunger banks and economic education along with Christian music and teaching in the local languages. Still time to return your Lenten hunger banks. Please bring them to your Church School class, the CYF Questions? Contact Joyce Sager at or office downstairs, or the main office. Thank you for visit Thank you. helping provide food, water, seeds, tools, trees, animals, education, life, and hope. Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest, and let these gifts to us be blessed. Blessed be God who is our Bread; may all the world be clothed and fed. Amen.

Christine & Paul Lagerquist plus Rachel Ross’ Junior Girl Scouts packed Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) food in March. The next packing date for Lord of Lifers is May 12 at 9 am. For more details about FMSC or to register, visit

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


faith formation

From July 14-23, twenty-eight Lord of Life youth will be in New Orleans—

Time to Emcee!

by Kaelie Lund


This prayer and illustration was created by Kaelie Lund in February 2005. All Church School students in grades 1-6 worked in the Computer Lab and a book was compiled of their prayers and drawings.

And I knew I wanted to experience that feeling again, but from the other side of the stage.

Maris Ehlers Photography

hen I went to the ELCA National Youth Gathering in 2009, I’ll never forget the first night: waiting outside the dome for hours, running as fast as I could and jostling others aside as Pastor Todd says “in a loving, Christian way” to get front-row seats, and the worship service that followed. But it wasn’t worship in the traditional sense. There was a 100-foot cross, pyrotechnics, live bands, and a team of five students acting as emcees that led us through the entire three days. I’ll never forget the feeling of being whole, being one with Christ and those around me when 35,000+ people put their arms around each other and swayed to the music.

Last fall, when I heard they were accepting emcee applications for the 2012 Gathering, I wanted to at least try to become one. With the help of Dan Petit and Parker Morehouse (who thankfully know more about editing videos than I do), I filmed an emcee video at a lake near my school. The video (per requirements for application) included an introduction of myself, the presiding bishop, multiple bands and speakers, and finally, a closing prayer. With the sun setting during the filming of the prayer, I forgot about the script I had so carefully written, and prayed for peace, kindness, and openmindedness.

After I sent in the video, I mostly forgot about it. Life continued until I received a message during winter break, not long before Christmas, that went something along the lines of: “Hello, my name is Pastor Steve and I just called to discuss your application to be an emcee for the 2012 ELCA National Youth Gath—” I screamed, my hands began shaking, and I breathlessly dialed the call-back number. After he answered, he told me how impressed the Dome Team had been with my video and how this year there would only be two emcees, and I had been chosen as one of them. I burst into tears and jumped up and down like a child on Christmas morning—it was the perfect Christmas present. With the Gathering only a few months away, and college only a short time after that, I have a lot to look forward to this summer. Every time I think of standing on that big stage in the New Orleans Superdome in front of nearly 40,000 people, I feel bursts of excitement, and terror. Terror at the fact that I might trip, or sneeze at an inappropriate time, or forget my lines and panic—but I also feel an inexplicable excitement at the opportunity No matter to be able to help inspire, and guide, and praise God with everyone in the what audience. I am so blessed for life may this opportunity and can hardly bring—it’s what’s a youth gathering?! wait for the moment when I all about Every three years, the ELCA hosts a gathering step out onstage to welcome landing of 36,000+ youth from around the country. The week is spent in service, worship, learning, everyone to the 2012 ELCA in God’s fellowship, practicing our faith. It is a unique, loving National Youth Gathering. life-changing opportunity to experience the arms.

...feel trapped by hurts, habits, hangs-ups, circumstances or addictions? the landing is a confidential gathering for hope & support which meets weekly on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Youth Room. all youth ages 12-18 are welcome. snacks are provided; no registration necessary.


A special thank you to Kaelie for sharing her story and ‘break a leg’ for the Gathering in N’orlins!

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

WHOLE church and what we are capable of as a community united in Christ. We will be challenged to be a witness to others, to practice discipleship, and to strive for peace and justice. May God be with us! —Elizabeth Pedersen, Senior High Ministries

children children youth youth family family

Club 56

by Amanda Clancy (you can call me Clancy!)


riday, June 1 is an END-OF-YEAR PARTY! Join us at Lord of Life for a night that is sure to be unforgettable. A team of parent party planners will help plan the event; meetings will begin on April 25 then run every other Wednesday from 6:30-7:15 pm. Please feel free to email me if you have some great party ideas—all ideas and all parents are welcome! It’s a secret, but this much is true, there will be plenty of food, entertaining entertainment, and TONS of activities to choose from.

graduation recognition sunday

the wrong thing. But it’s how you respond to it that makes it easy or not to follow Jesus.

We would like to invite all graduating seniors to join us at the 11 am worship on Sunday, May 20 as we bless and give thanks for each of you and the great accomplishment completing high school. Friends and families are encouraged to come help us recognize this important milestone in our young people’s lives...and there will be cake. :) Visit for more May activities!

writes: Yes, it is easy to follow Jesus. It is easy because He is always with you.

summer s t r e t c h —

This month’s UthINK (get it—youth ink and you think?!) question is: Do you think it is easy to follow Jesus?

Baylee Beulke writes: It’s not always easy to follow Jesus. It’s not easy because your friends sometimes want you to do Jackson Hay Luke Houge

writes: No, it is not always easy to follow Jesus, I think this is because sometimes it can be hard to tell right or wrong, and peer pressure makes it even harder. Also it might be hard to make sacrifices to do the right thing.

Laura Paine writes: It is not always easy to follow Jesus because sometimes your friends want you to do the wrong thing.

Megan Paine writes: I don’t think it’s always easy to follow Jesus. I don’t think so because there are a lot of things that try

to get us away from Jesus and we don’t always make the right choices. I think that even though it is hard to follow Jesus if we try to learn about Him it will be easier to follow Him.

Allie Roberts writes: No, it’s not always easy to follow Jesus because sometimes times are hard and you don’t want to follow Jesus. Like sometimes when something bad happens to me or I’m sad I don’t always want to follow Jesus. But even when times are tough you should always praise Jesus because He loves you.

Jake Rogalski writes: Most of the time yes, but if you’re angry or sad it’s a little harder.

parent meeting! Parents and Summer Stretch youth—plan to meet Sunday, May 20 at 7 pm to receive small group assignments, schedule and shirts and to complete any additional waivers or permission slips. training! Staff and high school leader training is on Sunday, May 20. College-aged staff will gather at 1 pm; high school leaders join in at 3 pm. Training runs through the parent meeting at 7 pm and ends at 8 pm.

C3 no make-up dates for photos... Dates

are April 25 or May 2, sign up for your 5-minute photo session contacting the main office (not CYF office). If planning what to wear—a shirt collar will show outside of confirmation robes so dress shirts or ties, shirts with collars, blouses or dresses are encouraged not required. ...and registration opens may 1! Changes coming with a new curriculum and schedule! Visit lordoflife. org/c3 for more details and stay tuned for more information junior high mission trip parent meeting If your child is attending this summer’s junior high mission trip, the parent meeting is Sunday, May 20 at 12:30 pm. Check monitors for the room location. ¡Gracias!

1 Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone

summer 2012

look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, register at

in faith and in purity”

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

register now at


faith formation

Noah’s Ark Nursery is available during all worship services for ages birth to 3 years—


by Heather Hjelmstad, Ministry of Inclusion/Noah’s Ark Nursery Noah’s Ark Nursery staff is experienced and trained to care for your child during all worship services and many other activities at Lord of Life. In order for us to get to know you better and for you to know us better—we’ll be introducing staff “two-by-two!” This is the second article introducing our awesome staff. Please let us know how we can


serve you and your child better.

y name is Patricia (Patty) Monge (see photo below). I was born in the state of Sonora, Mexico bordering Arizona. I lived in Arizona for about 10 years and moved to Minnesota almost 8 years ago. My husband Paul and I have three wonderful children: Jonathan, Megan, Claire. I work full time and really enjoy my job; it gives me the opportunity to use my language skills and interact with customers and coworkers throughout the world, especially Latin America. This is my second year as a C3 leader, which I really enjoy. I have 10 wonderful boys in the group and have learned so many great things from them. I am grateful to God for giving me this great opportunity. I am also blessed with the opportunity to share my time on Sundays with wonderful babies and toddlers in Noah’s Ark. It is great to be able to teach God’s wonders and Scriptures not only to teenagers in C3, but to little minds that are rapidly expanding in these precious young children.


y name is Sidney Whiteis. I am 16 years old and began working in Lord of Life’s nursery in June 2011. In junior high during the wintertime, I skied for the nordic team for two years. In the spring I play lacrosse; it’s my fourth year in that sport and am now playing 9th grade varsity. In my free time I like to be with my friends and family. I really enjoy taking trips up north to our cabin where our whole family can just ‘get away’ and spend time together. My sister MacCall also works in the nursery part-time (she was introduced in the April issue of LifeTIMES). I also enjoy going on the boat, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing at the cabin.

Patty Monge and her C3 group of ten young men studying their lesson together. See Patty’s story above!


May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Karing Kingdom Preschool May Bible Verse: Tell the good news to everyone.—Mark 16:15

children youth family

Pastor David during Chapel Chat

Look—a leprechaun!

Happy May!


es, April showers do bring May flowers and grass and leaves and BUGS! We begin May exploring the fascinating world of insects. Next up we’ll celebrate Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May), Mexico’s Independence Day! Festivities do not end there as we will have our Unbirthday Parties along

with honoring Moms with handmade gifts topped off with a Mother’s Day Tea! During our final week of school, we will learn about many community helpers with a visit from Maple Grove Firefighters and a field trip to the Hennepin County Sheriff ’s Office. Our end-ofthe-year Student Recognition and Family Night will be

Thursday, May 17, at 7 pm in the sanctuary. It has been a wonderful year; we feel so blessed to have shared it with every one of our preschool friends and their families. Have a safe, fun and relaxing summer! Karing Kingdom Preschool continues to take registration for the 2012-13 school year.

Questions about Karing Kingdom Preschool? Call 763.420.5015 x127 or email

Along Came You by Karona Drummond A mommy’s life is sometimes noisy & messy— yet filled with JOY! A touching tribute to motherhood

Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld Cloudette dreams of doing big things— like making crops grow and helping streams flow!

May 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Nonprofit US Postage Paid Maple Grove, MN


Permit #14

LifeTIMES is a monthly ministry of Lord of Life Lutheran Church (ELCA) printed by Wallace Carlson using ecofriendly inks. To receive LifeTIMES in the mail or electronically—call 763.420.5015 or stop in the main church office or email with your name and address. We invite you to share faith stories, Lord of Life ministry events, photos, poetry & artwork. The deadline for the June issue is May 1. Submissions may be edited. © 2012 Lord of Life Lutheran

caught reading lifetimes

Back (left to right): Bryan O’Neil, Ann Little, William Berne Front: Greg Janssen, Glorianne Svitak, Jennifer O’Neil Visit for audition information!


Tim Czech (left) and a co-volunteer outside a hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti where the happiest man is one who makes ‘good health and happiness’ for others.

“For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Lord of Life LifeTIMES May issue  

LifeTIMES magazine features stories and upcoming events from Lord of Life Lutheran Church.

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