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A monthly ministry of Lord of Life Lutheran Church of Maple Grove, Minnesota

January 2012

For many people, a new year may bring a bit of self-reflection. As Christians, what is our identity? In a large congregation such as Lord of Life—who are we or who is the person sitting next to you during worship? Here is just one of the faces of faith in Lord of Life and her name is Jessie Kolb.

Living Out My Faith


hat do you recall most about growing up in the Lord of Life congregation…retreats?…your C3 small group or leader?… worship with your family?

I have been a member at Lord of Life since first grade—about 20 years ago! I had my first communion in the old building and was confirmed at the new location. It has been a big part of my spiritual journey. For me, Lord of Life has been a place of growth and learning through C3 groups and an AWOL (A Work of Love) mission trip. I joined Lord of Life because my best friend went here and I thought it would be fun to go to Church School with her. This is one thing I like best about Lord of Life—it is inclusive and welcoming to everyone. I still love Lord of Life’s former mission statement of ‘Gather joyfully, Grow spiritually, and Go faithfully, so that all may have LIFE and have it abundantly in Jesus Christ.’ The AWOL trip reminded me of the importance of serving others, and this has continued to be central to my life. It was probably on that trip when I discovered that my life would never be complete without living out my faith in service to others—along with the joy that brings when you are with friends and a community. What countries/organizations have you served in, Jessie, and what were your responsibilities/tasks? Why did you decide to serve with these organizations? While in college I interned at Minnesota International Health volunteers, where I helped make an informational DVD about health care for Somali families. After graduating from St. Olaf, I joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Kazakhstan—on the steppe of Central Asia—to serve in a women’s rights organization. My organization provided business training for women and promoted awareness about domestic violence. After my first year of medical school, I went to Haiti to work at a boys’ orphanage and clinic. While I was there, I discovered an amazing organization, Maison de Naissance. This is a free birthing center in southern Haiti that not only offers a safe place for women to give birth, but also prenatal care, birth control, and HIV testing. It was truly remarkable. As the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti has many challenges. One is having the highest maternal fatality rate in the —continues on Page 10

a prayer for the new year Dear Lord, please give me A few friends who understand me and remain my friends; A work to do which has real value, without which the world would be the poorer; A mind unafraid to travel, even though the trail be not blazed; An understanding heart; A sense of humor; Time for quiet, silent meditation; A feeling of the presence of God; The patience to wait for the coming of these things, with the wisdom to recognize them when they come. Amen. —Anonymous

“For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

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1978 Lord of Life Lutheran Church Charter (ELCA) Lord of Life is a community of people called together by God’s Holy Spirit who confess Christ as Lord. We wish to be a church whose door is open to all people. And with the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will strive to educate, comfort, aid and spread the word of love in Christ’s name. We believe worship is of most importance in our life together as we receive God’s love through Word and Sacrament. We will be involved with seeking justice in our community, state, nation and world. We hold high the dignity and worth of every human being as created in God’s image and forgiven in Christ. We hope to be a serving church, in the name of Him who came as Servant of all.


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Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Thoughts for a New Year


anuary is a prime month for those of us who are list makers. It all starts with those New Year’s resolutions…all those things we vow to improve in ourselves in the next 12 months. But I don’t only make that annual list, I often find myself making daily lists of the things I need to do. I make lists of :

Pastor Karen

1) The things I need to do for my work at church. 2) Projects and chores I need to do at home. 3) People I need to connect with. 4) Stuff I need to buy at the grocery store.

And as you can see, I sometimes make lists of my lists. Our Word for Women group has been studying the book of Philippians and we have discovered that the Apostle Paul is also a list maker. In the 4th chapter of Philippians, Paul encourages us to not only be concerned with all the things we need to do, but to take a step back and be concerned first with the things we are thinking. Paul reminds us how important it is be aware of our thoughts, because they guide and influence who we truly are and who we will become.

global ends policy

Lord of Life exists to proclaim the saving grace of Jesus Christ and for its faith community to witness and serve God gratefully in daily life. spirit 3-7

It’s been said that your thoughts become your words; your words become actions; your actions become your habits and your habits become your character…so be mindful of your thoughts. St. Paul agrees. What we think is really important and Paul offers us Christians a list to guide our thoughts in the New Year.

giving 8

He says, think about these things:

1) Whatever is true 2) Whatever is noble 3) Whatever is right 4) Whatever is pure 5) Whatever is lovely 6) Whatever is admirable )7 Whatever is excellent or praiseworthy

adult/outreach 9-15

I invite you to join me in embracing Paul’s list for our thoughts as we begin this new year. Imagine the benefit to our lives if we woke up each morning and asked God to guide our thoughts that day…to keep them pure and lovely and admirable and true.

cyf/faith formation 16-19

And then he adds, and the God of peace will be with you.

May the God of peace encourage you in your faith walk, and remind you that you are loved. —Pastor Karen

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Healing Ministry Experience

by Rachel Dodge


had never attended a healing service or thought much about what I would ask for. I have always prayed for others, but never thought much about what I could ask for. I went up for prayer with the intention of just a general prayer. Then Pastoral Associate Karen Greimel asked, “Is there anything I wanted or needed to be healed from?” That was the moment when I realized, I am a child of God and he wants me to ask. With great hesitation and guilt, I asked if my back could be healed. I had been hit by a drunk driver and left for dead in my mangled car. I have always been grateful that the injury was never worse, grateful to just be alive and able to walk and live with the pain. The problem was the pain was becoming exhausting to the point of giving me daily struggles that were even keeping me from sleeping at night for more than a few hours at a time. I have suffered with major back pain for about 26 years. Later that evening after the healing service, we were sitting around in a small group; I thought this is odd, my back isn’t hurting as much. That night for the first time in years, actually since I can remember, I slept through the night. I awoke refreshed, and pain free! I thought it was odd and couldn’t be true. I thought maybe it’s because I actually got a decent night’s sleep, maybe that’s why I am feeling better. Yet in my heart, I knew, I just knew God had healed me! Yet when you have had back pain for so many years and anything you do will cause it to go out and cause you to buckle in pain, you just walk differently, you are aware of every step you take, everything you do that might cause you pain. Days went by, then a week, then two—I think I am on my third week now and no pain. God can and will heal you if you are ready, willing, and open to his gifts! To think I never thought to ask!

Via de Cristo

New Year’s Resolutions

    


ia de Cristo is a spiritual retreat. It is designed to strengthen and renew your faith and to bring a new awareness of living in God’s grace. You will live in community with other Christians for the three days. Activities include worship with communion, singing, listening to talks, reflecting, laughing, sharing, eating and sleeping.

Exercise & lose weight Get rid of clutter Organize photos GET CLOSER TO GOD GET A SPIRITUAL MENTOR

We all have good intentions to make positive changes in the NEW YEAR! How many resolutions do we actually keep? A spiritual mentor can help you stay on track to get closer to God by meeting with you regularly throughout the new year. He or she will guide you through a series of discipleship studies pointing you in the direction in which you want to go. No matter where you are on your faith journey, you will learn how the Bible relates to your life today! Find out how you can get connected with your own personal spiritual mentor. Contact Jan Sower (763.421.1524 or or Pastor David or visit for more information.



The first set of 2012 Via de Cristo weekends will be held on January 1922 for men and on January 26-29 for women. This would be a great way to start the new year. Other 2012 dates are May 17-20 for men and May 24-27 for women. The last weekends of the year will be held on October 18-21 for men and October 25-28 for women. Please contact Tony and Diane Sjolander (763.494.3433) or Merle and Michelle Waldron (763.420.5388) for more information or to get an application.


Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

adult confirmation is coming


Beginning February 5 through March 18, you are invited to learn and grow in your faith with adult confirmation classes. Pastor Karen will be leading these sessions on Sundays at 11 am. An Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation Service) will be on March 24 at 7 pm followed by a reception. More details on adult confirmation will be shared in February’s LifeTIMES.

Get out your study Bible and refer to Luke 2:25-39 with this article!

worship Saturdays at 5:30 pm with Holy Communion Sundays at 8:30, 9:45 and 11 am with Holy Communion the first and third Sundays Third Wednesday worship on January 18 at 2 pm at Rose Arbor Assisted Living Healing Service on the third Saturday January 21 at 6:30 pm December 31/January 1 Preaching: Pastor Phil Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Brava! (women’s chorus) January 7/8 Preaching: Pastor Peter Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Joyful Noise, Canticle Choir and Bel Canto January 14/15 Preaching: Pastor Karen Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: New Life Ensemble January 21/22 Preaching: Pastor Peter Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Canticle Choir (8:30 and 9:45 am), Victoria Brinton (11 am) January 28/29 Preaching: Pastor Peter Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Paige Poyer, Soloist Please note worship & music schedules may be subject to change.

What Did You Expect?

by Alice Woodard Cummings, AIM, Director of Worship and Garden Ministry


t starts immediately after December 25. Well-meaning people ask “How was your Christmas?” I always smile and say “Great, thanks, how was yours?” But I want to ask what they mean by this question. Were the decorations festive? Was there plenty to eat? Did the family all get along? Did you receive the gifts you hoped for? Was the music glorious? I guess I probably had a good Christmas, but I don’t really know how to answer the question because I’m not sure what I was expecting. Sure, I enjoyed the decorations, the food, the family, the gifts, the music…but it never quite measures up. Something is missing; I don’t know what. What am I expecting? In Luke 2:25-39, Simeon was positive about what he was expecting. He was “looking forward to the consolation of Israel.” In other words, he was expecting the promised Messiah. In fact, he had been told by the Holy Spirit that he would not die until he saw the Messiah with his own eyes. So when Simeon went to the temple and saw Jesus there with his parents, he knew right away that his expectation had been met. He began to sing the song of praise associated with him (Simeon’s Song, or Nunc Dimittis, in Latin): Master, now you are dismissing your servant in peace, according to your word; for my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel. Simeon literally could die happy. He had waited to see the Lord’s Messiah, and he had. And now I realize my dilemma. The expectation that the message of Christmas can be fulfilled through decorations, food, family, gifts, even music, is false. There is only one fulfillment of the message of Christmas, and that is that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is born. That’s why we sing “Come, thou long-expected Jesus” as Advent begins and we sing “O come, let us adore Him” on Christmas. Remembering this I can answer the question, “How was your Christmas?” this way: It was perfect—I saw how the lights brightened the darkness, I ate at the Lord’s table, enjoyed the love of family, sang the songs of the angels, and, best of all, received the greatest gift ever—the Son of God, born in a manger. It was all I had hoped for and desired, exactly what I was expecting. Let us pray: Lord Jesus, your coming can sometimes take us by surprise. We expect many things in, happiness, success...but we don’t expect you to come to us, here in this place, as our Lord and Savior. Teach us to expect you and only you, and to know that this is the fulfillment of all our hopes and dreams. Amen.

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Lord of Life Lives Christ Together bereavements


Prayers of sympathy for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one; may they be comforted in the promise of the resurrection.

November 5 Catherine Cobb & Jeffrey Brown Lindsay Rekstad & Andrew Olsen

Mellisa Anderson and family at the death of her father

baptisms November 5 Amelie Puspa Boolchandani Ryan Jacob Overskei November 6 Ava Marie Courtney November 12 Hunter James Fisher Jessica-Rose Marie Fisher Josie Ann Fisher Nicole-Marie Gail Fisher November 13 Aurora Ann Behm-Koep Kinley Rose Fuerstenberg Sydney Nicole Long Soren Reed Mattson Jax Joseph Pottebaum Conner Daniel Rothenbueler November 20 Taylor Marie Hagen Tonya Marie Hagen November 21 Alex Dean Heitman November 22 Landen Matthew Zink November 26 Ethan James Schwalbe November 27 Wynn Anthony Weiland At Lord of Life, we baptize individuals at any age. The next baptism class is Saturday, January 14, 10-11 am in the Theater; no preregistration is necessary.

Patti Boehmer and family at the death of her father Kevin Busch and family at the death of his grandmother Rick Busch and family at the death of his mother Angela Denker and family at the death of her grandmother Kathy Evavold and family at the death of her mother Wendy Hansen & sons Ian, Marc, Rich and family at the death of their husband/father

November 12 Alexis Campbell & Jordan Schwabe November 26 Christina Juelson & Joseph Winegar

welcome new members Larry & Jan Barber Irene Hamann

David Kircher and family at the death of his mother

John & Claire Julian

Jessie Kolb and family at the death of her aunt

Peter & Jill Masterson with Cole and Jack

Mary Ann Kolb and family at the death of her sister Andrea, Daniel, and Rachel Neveaux at the death of their grandfather

Casey Pflueger & Christina Siemers

Connie Neveaux and family at the death of her father

Don & Elisabeth Raasch with Charlie, Margret, Teddy

Jane Rekstad and family at the death of her brother

Kirk Randall & Carolina Avendano

Gerad Remus and family at the death of his uncle Mylla Urban and family at the death of her aunt Joe Wenker and family at the death of his mother

Would you like to share a photo from a recent baptism or wedding at Lord of Life? We’d love to include it in a future issue. Please send to bevm@ or drop off a photo in the church office to the attention of LifeTIMES’ Editor Bev Mello.

(left to right) Godmother Heather Mattson, Father Joshua Mattson, Mother Lindsey Mattson holding Soren Reed, and Godfather Nathan Marsh


Membership at Lord of Life means you make a commitment to be an active participant in congregational life. The expectation of not only new members—but all members—is to worship regularly, grow in faith, serve others, and support the church & its programs financially. If you are interested in membership, new member courses are at membership101 or contact Lori Schwartz directly.

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

God blesses those who mourn for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

Journey from Mourning to Joy


by Karen Greimel, Pastoral Associate


s I look back on my experience with grief, I realized that I totally shut down. I was running from the pain caused by my grief. Maybe that’s why I never reached out or participated in a GriefShare group. We need to remember that no matter how far or fast we run from grief, it’s waiting for us and it will catch up. When we face grief and walk through it, there is healing. You do not have to take this journey alone. Please consider participating in GriefShare. This is a supportive and loving group moving from mourning to joy at each person’s own pace. GriefShare meets every Tuesday evening from 6:45-8:15 pm. We are invited to join our Celebrate Recovery friends for dinner from 6-6:30 pm in Fellowship Hall. For more information, please contact me or Pastor Karen or Michelle Welinski.

Gracing Our Table


he liturgical color for the season after Epiphany (beginning January 14 and lasting through February 12 in 2012) is green; the color of the parament or altar cloth reflects this. This year Lord of Life is honored to have on loan a handcrafted piece of needlework as the parament for Epiphany. Lord of Life member Lisa Gerber tells the story of her grandmother’s gifts and talents in needlework with this family heirloom in particular: My grandmother was Dorothy Sandberg (or if you’d like the Swedish version—Dorothea Christina Gustafson Sandberg!). She was born in 1900. Back in Sweden all the women took classes in needle arts and gardening. My grandmother was one of the finest in her classes and continued to do needlework into her 80s. She created this wool piece probably in the 1920s. All the wool was hand-loomed and dyed in Sweden. The embroidery is called crewelwork. It is her own design. It was a seasonal piece rotated with other table toppers according to the time of year. My grandmother also did Hardanger (pulled threadwork), Scandinavian knitting (four-needle mittens, intricate sweater patterns and, not to be forgotten, knitted slippers!), cross-stitch, needlepoint, and smocking. I find it interesting that her friends would never just sit and talk—they would sit and ‘do something with their hands’ and talk. They tried to instill this in their children. Some listened, some didn’t. I wonder if the computer generation has replaced the ‘do something with their hands’ with the iPad/iPhone? —Lisa Gerber

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

women’s cancer support group Join Beth Kanthak for a two-part meeting about how to center yourself in Christ towards meeting your physical, inner spiritual and emotional needs. Beth is a licensed wellness coach, certified trainer and a member of the Lord of Life Care Ministry Team. This two-part series will be on Monday, January 2 and Monday, February 6, at 7 pm in the Maple Grove Byerly’s Community Room. There is no need to register. We warmly welcome you. Questions? Feel free to contact Jessica Nord directly at 612.590.4422.

a God moment My wife Jeanne and I shared a God moment watching the northern lights (aurora borealis) over Lake Superior. —Lee Nelson What is a God moment? A God moment may take many forms. Perhaps it is a holy moment of reverence & awe with God’s creation. Perhaps it is experiencing a blessing or receiving a helping hand. Have you experienced a God moment and would you like to share it? We welcome you to send it to LifeTIMES Editor Bev Mello.



November 2011 budget year-to-date


Budget Difference

Total member contributions $2,536,433 $2,601,957 ($65,524) All other Total receipts

$214,209 $208,124


$2,750,642 $2,810,081 ($59,439)

A Good Thought to Remember


e will approve our 2012 budget at a congregational meeting on Sunday, January 22. As is always the case at Lord of Life, it will be a realistic assessment of what our leadership believes we can expect to receive in offerings and where that money would be best spent to accomplish God’s mission. Budgets are necessary. But congregations often make the mistake of saying that stewardship is about our ability to pay the bills. It is not a mistake to say that Lord of Life has bills. We do. The mistake happens when the congregation focuses on its need to receive members’ money rather than the need for the members to give generously as a part of their relationship with their Lord. Jesus talks about money a lot in the Gospels. And His focus is always on the place of money in the individual’s relationship with God. Sometimes Jesus talks about money as a threat to a person’s relationship with him. “No one can serve two masters” summarizes Jesus’ words in this regard. On other occasions, Jesus talks about the duty that accompanies having money. “Those to whom much is given, much will be required.” Although Jesus talks about money a lot, it’s never about paying the bills. Jesus always talks about the need of the giver to give. A good thought to remember throughout the coming year.

Lord of Life Weekly Giving — November 2011

Ken & Owen’s Construction Corner Ken Carraux, Lord of Life’s Maintenance Engineer/Systems Administrator and Owen Slettedahl, Kraus-Anderson’s On-site Project Superintendent

$80,000 $70,000 $60,000

Shown at left: The new entryway canopy is up!

$50,000 $40,000 $30,000 $20,000 $10,000 $0


11/6 11/13 11/20 11/27

Actual Budget

$69,659 $72,381 $51,309 $41,782 $75,734 $75,734 $75,734 $75,732

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Other updates: Brick finished at west face of North Addition also with parapet framed and blocking completed at west face of the North Addition. Fellowship Hall roof completed. For more information on our building expansion and weekly updates, visit

Veterans Day Dinner


by John Rodvik, US Army Retired


oly smokes, what a great night—Lord of Life served close to 110 veterans and guests in November on Veterans Day! Pastor Phil is already looking ahead to next year with an expanded Fellowship Hall! A special thank you to Lord of Life’s benevolence committee providing funds so there was no charge to the veterans and their guest(s) for the wonderful meal including hors d’oeuvres. Thanks to everyone in the Military Families Support Ministry for their great efforts as it turned out to be another wonderful Throughout the evening, John Rodvik was master of ceremonies with storytelling such as evening.

family in military? Does your family have anyone currently serving in the military? Whether they are deployed near or far, Lord of Life would love to know about it. Please send an email to along with their name, location, and branch of service. Thank you!

Saturday, January 7 from 7:30-9 am

Men’s Quarterly Breakfast

this one from a fellow Iraqi Freedom veteran.

For more photos of the event & details about this ministry, visit militaryfamilies.


ave you ever wondered about the church building’s design, structure, or mechanics? Are you eager to see the inside of the new expansion? During the next Men’s Quarterly Breakfast on Saturday, January 7, you will have an opportunity to see the workings of the Lord of Life building and to ask questions about it. The event will begin at 7:30 am with a scrumptious breakfast actually served in the new expansion. A freewill offering will be received for breakfast. Following the meal until 9 am, Ken Carraux, Maintenance Engineer/Systems Administrator, will lead us on a tour of both old and new areas of the building–every nook and cranny! Sign up at Questions? Contact Jane Bergstrom.

Christmas Lights Recycling by Julie Jones, Creation Care Team


In November the Kassulke family chose to have their holiday photo taken on the steps in Lord of Life’s sanctuary. Here’s a merry Christmas smile from Justin & Deanne, Landon & Tate!

Photo courtesy of Erica Gullickson

id you buy some of those new LED Christmas lights this past holiday season? If so, you did a great thing for the environment. LED lights take significantly less energy than your old ones. But, if you find yourself struggling with limited storage space and not wanting to throw away your old Christmas lights, know that there is an option to recycle the old strings of lights right here in Maple Grove. No, you cannot put them in your recycling bin, but you can drop them off through the end of January at different locations locally who are partnering with Minnesota companies to recycle every part of those old light strands. There are two American Community Bank locations in Maple Grove that accept them and Jerry’s Hardware at 13151 Weaver Lake Road (next to Cub Foods) also has a drop off bin. If you want to check onsite hours or other details about this program, visit This Recycling Association of Minnesota website also has information about recycling old laptops and car seats.

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


cover story

—continues from cover page

western hemisphere. The fact is 1 in 16 women die in childbirth (200 times the rate in the US). Many of these deaths would be preventable if health care was more accessible. While in Haiti, I helped convert patient information to electronic medical records improving patient care. I really don’t think I decided where to serve—I truly think that God guided me to these positions and I have been amazed at how much they have formed me. I am most interested in improving health care for groups that have been at a disadvantage. When you were overseas, Jessie, how did your faith grow or was your faith challenged in any way? As a Christian and as an American, were there moments when these “identities” conflicted?

Jessie Kolb along with a young Haitian friend

just handing out care, but empowering women to sustainably care for each other!

Living abroad was challenging in many ways, but I think Now you’re in medical school at the University of that it provided me the opportunity to grow in my faith and Minnesota, why did you decide upon medicine? Where do my understanding of the world. It was isolating to be so you see your life, your ministry, in 5 years? 50 years? far from family, especially because it was difficult to find a church and community there. I am grateful I first decided on medicine when I was for the podcasts communicated by Lord of about ten years old and held a sheep Life. I listened to all of the pastors while Through podcasts… heart in science class—I was amazed going on walks through the steppe. There was at its intricacy in physiology. When I one sermon I listened to many times and I listened to all of the was 16, I was in a serious car accident which inspired me when I felt discouraged. with six of my friends. I saw firsthand pastors while going Pastor Peter preached about the feeding of the how much of a difference health care five thousand. He illustrated for me that even on walks through the professionals make—all of my friends when we think we have nothing, God will bless recovered in part because of excellent it and make it enough. I found strength in this steppe [of central Asia caregivers. I decided I wanted to serve when I felt unprepared for the challenges I saw others in that way. I travelled abroad in Kazakhstan]. with poverty in Haiti, violence in Kazakhstan, to Asia in college to study disease, and or even just loneliness. When you serve with I really saw inequalities that exist in God, whatever you have is enough. One of health care and was inspired to become a my favorite Bible verses is “if ye have faith as a mustard seed, doctor to try to alleviate the disparity. I believe that medicine nothing will be impossible to you.” Being abroad really helped is my vocation, and that God has given me the wonderful me to discover that no matter how lonely I am, I am never opportunities to discover this calling and go to medical school. alone; no matter how little I think I have to share, God will make it enough. Sometimes it seems like medical school and residency will last forever! In five years, I hope to be practicing family medicine, When seeing firsthand women’s health and economic issues with a possible focus on geriatrics or disability. I would like in Haiti—did it seem insurmountable? Do you see any to serve in underserved populations—either in rural US opportunities for improvement in their society—how? communities or abroad. I will definitely make going abroad a part of the rest of my life—it is important to me to learn about Challenges facing women in Haiti are immense—as new cultures and to get a better understanding of the world by referenced earlier the maternal death rate is 1 in 16 women working with different groups of people. I hope to stay close to and 1 in 12 babies die before their first birthday. It is my family and friends in Maple Grove and Lord of Life...and challenging not only because of financial hardship, but I will definitely continue to listen to the podcasts! also because of the shortage of doctors and difficulty with transportation to health care facilities. In spite of these Thank you to Jessie Kolb for sharing her story with hardships, there is hope! There are wonderful organizations LifeTIMES. Jessie is the daughter of Emil and Mary Ann such as Maison De Naissance, which has delivered more than Kolb in Maple Grove and sister to Elizabeth. For more 2,500 babies in the last six years with no maternal deaths. information about sermon podcasts, visit None. In addition, there are scholarships to attend midwifery sermons. school, so medical leadership is entirely Haitian. They are not


Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Global Health Administration Partners (GHAP)


GHAP Update

by Cindy Wilke, Founder and Director, GHAP


n October 1, we enjoyed a wonderful time during GHAP’s 2nd Annual Chocolate Lover’s Evening. Anna Bonavita, of Chocolate BonaVita, wowed us with her knowledge and luxurious chocolates. Raising over $3500, these funds will provide GHAP services to a clinic in an area of 35,000 people. I would like to thank all of the Lord of Lifers who made this event possible. Jim & Clair Lambrecht allowed us the use of their association’s event room. Janet Seim organized and ran the silent auction along with door prize drawings. Several Lord of Life members donated goods and services to the silent auction. Carol Berg took photographs. Joyce Sager and Diane Solmonson donated decor items and display expertise. We are excited to announce upcoming GHAP consultations. In addition to consultations with current GHAP clients, the Health System of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon (August 2012) and Ilula Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania (January 2012), we are consulting with two new clients: the Health System of the Malagasy Lutheran Church in Madagascar (November 2011) and Aira Hospital in western Ethiopia (February 2012). These hospitals provide life-saving health care in a combined area serving nearly 4 million very poor people.

Front row third from left is Cindy Wilke, Director of GHAP, along with GHAP consultants and Cameroon Board Members

GHAP is also pleased to announce it has received several grants in 2011 to expand its impact on people in dire need throughout the world. Grants have been received from Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Deaconess Foundation, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation, and the Zimmer Family Foundation. The combined total received from these grants will provide GHAP services for a year to hospitals and clinics that serve 500,000 people, all of whom live in some of the poorest areas of the world.

I want to tell you about one example of the services GHAP delivers. In Cameroon, we are improving the lives of children, women and men due to GHAP’s assistance with good governance and a financial system at the hospital. Administrative improvements result in qualified, experienced staff receiving regular pay which leads to staff retention. GHAP helped the hospital install patient management software which helps make sure that the right supplies are on hand for mothers/ newborns and for medical/surgical patients. Having a sterile Foley catheter means the difference between health or chronic bladder infections for a C-section patient. To learn more about GHAP and to view photos of the 2nd Annual Chocolate Lover’s Evening, visit

memorial blood drives in 2012

emergency foodshelf network (EFN)

For the new year of 2012, dates have been set for Lord of Life’s bloodmobile drives by the Memorial Blood Center. The dates are April 3, June 19, and November 13 from 2:30-7 pm in Lord of Life’s parking lot. Please mark your calendars and stay tuned to future issue of LifeTIMES for more details on giving the gift of life. Thank you to so many who have made this a personal and family tradition!

Sign up as an individual or a small group at EFN on Monday, January 9, 4-7 pm. C3ers can earn service hours! EFN work is easy and a fun way to get to know other Lord of Life members. We sort food or make fresh or frozen food packages for distribution to many local foodshelves. EFN is in New Hope at 8501 54th Avenue North. Come and help our community in need. To sign up, visit or contact Jane Bergstrom.

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Older Wiser Lutherans’ (OWLs) Faith, Food, and Fellowship—

...older, wiser, or Lutheran? If so, you will be warmly welcomed at all OWLs activities. Particularly for events involving food preparation, please sign up on the bulletin board outside the church office or contact Karen Nelson. Questions? Contact Joyce or Gordy Martin directly at 763.497.7355 or by grjsmartin@embarqmail. com.

History of Favorite Hymns by Joyce Martin


hat’s your favorite hymn? Pastor Karen shared interesting facts about each of the OWLs’ favorite hymn writers. The majority of these hymns were written in Britain during the 1800s. Special occasions, people and memories made each hymn very memorable. Led by David Frank on piano, the OWLs made a “joyful noise unto the Lord” (Psalm 100:1) during this November 3rd Faith, Food, and Fellowship event!

A Mighty Fortress…


he OWLs saw the new Church Basement Ladies production of A Mighty Fortress is Our Basement at the Plymouth Playhouse. It’s a musical comedy set in the 1960s. Lots of new songs and zany antics kept the OWLs smiling while faith and friendships were strengthened!

OWLs events Thursday, January 5: Faith, Food and Fellowship begins at 12 noon in the Youth Room for “Lunch and a Movie.” It is a freewill donation lunch. Celebrate the beginning of a New Year! Wednesday, January 18: Worship at Rose Arbor Assisted Living at 2 pm Thursday, January 19: “Hairspray” award-winning Broadway musical comedy at Chanhassen Dinner Theater. Leave church at 10 am and return about 4 pm. Cost of $54 includes play, meal, and transportation. Start the new year off with a smile and a song! Friday, January 20: Service project labeling LifeTIMES in Fellowship Hall at 9:30 am Thursday, February 2: Valentine Party begins at 12 noon in Fellowship Hall with a freewill donation lunch. Our theme is “Love Stories to Warm Hearts” with special guest International Storyteller Pati Kachel. Through music, and a few stage props, she will entertain and bless us with stories to warm our hearts. Mark your calendar and invite a friend. Don’t miss it!! Thursday, February 16: See TWO nationally recognized exhibits! In the morning we’ll view 1968 at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul—an unforgettable exhibit of an extraordinary year. After lunch at the History Center’s Café Minnesota, we will go to the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis to see Antiquities From Ukraine: Golden Treasures and Lost Civilizations—one of only three American venues hosting this private collection. Watch for further details.


Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Professional Insurance + Marketing Associates Serving in the Dominican Republic

Where’s God Going with This? by Dave McCarty, Pastoral Intern



ne of the rules I learned early on in business was that there are two things you just don’t talk about: politics and religion. And while it may be OK in the right setting to talk about politics—NEVER bring up religion. I played by that rule for a long time but at some point in my life, it became difficult to separate my personal life from my business life and as a result, it became impossible not to talk about my faith. The area that provides for the greatest amount of deep dialogue is the Great Commandment: Love your neighbor. It seems that commandment transcends all denominations—even all religions. The idea of serving our fellow human being is something everyone agrees is a good idea, so I guess it is no surprise that when my wife Lisa and I were in social settings over the years the topic of our mission work was one that people were very interested in learning about. As we told stories about building clinics, schools and churches, serving the local community and playing with the children, people would often say they’d like to join us some day. Well, after several years of hearing that comment, last February at a conference I attended, another insurance executive and I decided we simply needed to pick a date and tell everyone that WE were going to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip—and they were invited to join us! That opened a door that very evening as I was asked to announce the plans to a group at a large dinner hosted by one of the insurance carriers. From that point on the invitations began. Then, this past October, twelve individuals traveled to the Dominican Republic. The group was fairly small, but our number and the number of Jesus’ apostles wasn’t lost on us as we wondered aloud many times: “I wonder where’s God going with this?” During that one week in the Dominican Republic these twelve servants repaired a water system that had been destroyed by Hurricane Irene so the local school and ten other families could again have clean water. They built a cement floor for a young family that was living on a dirt one. They brought water into an entirely new area that didn’t have water before. And they worked alongside homeowners building gardens for their families. Additionally they visited people in their homes and learned about life in a new culture and had a great time doing numerous activities with the children at the local school. All the while, relationships were being built and eyes were being opened as we experienced the Great Commandment in an up-close and personal way, and experienced our God in a new way as well. Talking about my faith in the workplace isn’t that hard when I realize that I’m simply talking about my life (and my faith is a big part of that). In this case, a group of twelve individuals served others, grew in their faith, and built friendships that will transcend anything business could ever bring.

View a video from the participants on this mission at onemissiononeworld. Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Word for Women



hat do you say when you talk to yourself…? We talk to ourselves all the time. We evaluate everything we do, compare ourselves to others, and even call ourselves names. We disparage who we are instead of telling ourselves the truth about who God says we are. Make a new year’s resolution to clean out your thought closet of old, outdated and unattractive styles of thought! Me, Myself and Lies: A Thought Closet Makeover by Jennifer Rothschild encourages us to clean out the junk of negative thoughts and replace them with positive truths from God’s word.

fierce white This world is weathering, full

Me, Myself and Lies deals with destructive, unrealistic self-talk. We will explore the power of self-talk and work through things we commonly say to ourselves. We will learn to practice godly and biblical self-talk, clearing out the old useless patterns, exchanging them for truth.

of time symbols. Leaves drop, scattering brown

grape merge into blue gray farewells.

Cleaning is more fun when we can do it together! Join us at Word for Women for Me, Myself and Lies: A Thought Closet Makeover beginning Wednesday, January 4 from 9:30-11 am with large group teaching and small group discussion. Childcare is available. This seven-week Bible study is sure to get your thoughts cleared up, cleaned out and organized! Please sign up online at or contact Karen Nelson.

Ahead, the cold white,

Destined for Great Things

curled bodies across gray shined sidewalks. A new evening sky spills tints of pink as marching clouds of dusky

ghosts, circling clumsy monuments to of the thin, black shadows of my regrets. Eventually, seduced by pure white coverings, I take up walking. Walking in the clean solitude of dark nights, admiring curved drifts of snow and the frozen stillness of small trees. Punched out animal footprints give evidence of life moving through. I can find hope. I find hope. —Margot Storti-Marron


ick start better health in the new year with Lord of Life’s small group coaching class, Exercise Daily...Walk with the Lord. Learn Biblical instruction on how to deepen your walk with the Lord in spiritual health, emotional health and physical health. Come experience growth, inspiration, inner peace and a personal touch from God. You are destined for great things through Christ! This six-week class is designed to support and encourage you to follow God’s will in your life. You will learn practical tips on how to enrich your spiritual health, how to center your emotional health in Christ, and how to enhance your physical health to better serve the Lord. After attending class and putting principles into action, you will be motivated to serve Christ in a stronger, more godly way. Meeting on Thursdays from 6:30-7:30 pm, class dates are January 12, 19, February 2, 9, and March 1, 8. Registration is required, visit walkwiththelord. Questions? Contact Beth Kanthak directly at beth@ or 763.229.4896.

Reprinted with permission from Lord of Life member Margot StortiMarron. To enjoy more of Margot’s work, visit


Also offering this as a video study on Thursday evenings beginning January 5, 7-8 pm.

by Beth Kanthak

internal months, visiting old my mistakes and catching sight


Original watercolor by Bev Mello

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

In the Kitchen at Hope Lodge by Paula Moon



oday I made fudge that was out of this world. I’ve never made fudge before and it hadn’t really crossed my mind until I watched my new acquaintance Karyl make a batch in the kitchen at Hope Lodge. Karyl’s tray of freshly concocted fudge sat on the countertop cooling, looking delicious and silky smooth. I commended her on how beautiful it looked. In return, she showed me how to make it while I took detailed notes. I couldn’t wait to try her recipe. This was just one of the gifts I took away from a day spent volunteering in the kitchen at Hope Lodge. How did I get involved with Hope Lodge? Last spring Debbie Nelson spoke to Word for Women about the free services Hope Lodge provides to guests Leesa Avila’s (center in black) Sunday night Bible study recently served at (who live more than forty miles beyond the Twin Hope Lodge. For more details, visit Cities) needing overnight accommodations while receiving cancer treatment. Debbie’s message struck a chord with me. I never stopped pondering how I could contribute to this incredible facility run mostly by generous volunteers. Recently, I consulted with Lord of Life’s Paula Thomas who gave me a tour of the facility followed by hands-on by Kelly Rodenberg housekeeping. Shortly thereafter I returned for training and orientation t began with a simple phone call. so I could volunteer on my own. Knowing that I am not fond of changing Eager to meet others within our faith linens, I said a small prayer to find an assignment that would best suit me. family, a call of inquiry was placed to I was drawn to the kitchen where I could manage meaningful tasks while the church office asking if they thought a interacting with the guests. What I’ve discovered is working in the kitchen Bunco group might succeed. The response at Hope Lodge makes me feel at home and brings me true joy. was, “Bunco?! I love Bunco!” Since May 2011, two Movers & Shakers Women’s Bunco groups have been meeting monthly in alternating homes (7 pm on the second Tuesday or the fourth Monday). Not here is no better time than now to start long afterwards it was rumored the men working on the hurts, habits and hang-ups wanted in on the dice game laughs, so an preventing you from leading the life you occasional gathering of Couple’s Bunco want to live. We begin the New Year at Step 1 began (7 pm on specific Saturdays). The on January 3. Throughout the year, large group objective was simple—to get to know session teachings on the 12 steps will be given, the people who are sitting next to you educational videos will be shown and personal in worship. With life’s many stresses, it’s testimonies will be shared. Come for dinner at nice to grab a sitter for the evening and 6 pm followed by brief worship. Following large enjoy fellowship with other ‘Holy Rollers.’ group, you will participate in a gender-specific Learning later this game has curbed small group to gain support and tools to work shyness, helped ease the loss of loved through hurts, habits and hang-ups. ones and created lifelong friendships—it’s pretty safe to say we’ve accomplished our goal. Join in the laughs—all adult ages are welcome. More information is at lordoflife. org/social or email me directly at kelly@ to be added to the rosters. Let’s roll!

Bunco Fellowship


Celebrate Your Recovery


See Page 20 for a “caught reading LifeTIMES” photo during a Bunco break!

Every Tuesday evening, come to Celebrate Recovery (adults), the landing (youth 12-18) or Celebration Station (children 5-11) from 6-9 pm. Childcare is provided. Questions? Contact Michelle Welinski or Pastor David.

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


faith formation

Easy Faith at Family Dinner


e know that the most important faith formers for all of God’s children are their parents. But parents may be busy, overwhelmed, or daunted at the prospect of doing faith formation at home. Join Marilyn Sharpe to discover easy, effective, everyday ways to braid faith into your family’s life together. We’ll begin by discovering all of the things we are already doing right to stir up faith in our families. At dinner, we’ll have the chance to practice a few simple, doable new ideas. You will leave Lord of Life with a bag full of resources to do faith formation at home.

easy faith at family dinner Who: Families with children from birth-grade 4 What: When: Where: Cost: Register:

Easy ideas to grow faith at the dinner table

(includes dinner and resources)

Sunday, January 15, from 5-7 pm Lord of Life Freewill offering for dinner Sign up online at

Would you like to learn more about our presenter and author, Marilyn Sharpe? For over 33 years she has been a Certified Family Life Educator helping parents and congregations work together to pass along faith and values to the children we all cherish. Marilyn Sharpe knows it’s all about faith! Her complete bio is at

Message from Pastor Todd


am very excited to let you know that Kirstin Delp has agreed to serve as our Associate Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministry/Early Childhood, on a permanent basis.

a conversation starter Think of the new year as a journey. What name would you like for the 2012 journey?

Kirstin was brought in to serve as an interim staff member in this role, and typically, folks called as interim leaders are not considered for permanent positions. However as we moved through the fall, and our work really began on program development for the future, the directions Kirstin was taking the program were exactly in line with where we were hoping the program was going to go. At the same time, I was becoming more and more aware of and grateful for the gifts Kirstin brought to our community. One day in conversation the light bulb went on for both of us and we began to realize that this might be how God was calling Kirstin to continue her work at Lord of Life. Kirstin is married to Don, and they have three children. She has a B.A. in music education from Luther College and also studied at Denver Seminary. She has a great deal of congregational experience, working both in Denver and here in the Twin Cities. I’m very excited that Kirstin is going to remain at Lord of Life. Please join me in welcoming her to our staff. Kirstin & Don Delp along with Raymond, Ellen, and Johanna (in front)


Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Karing Kingdom Preschool January Bible Verse: “We love because God first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

children children youth youth family family

Reindeer fun!

The Crown on Your Head by Nancy Tillman Gorgeous pictures and rhymes celebrate what is special about each child— and show that anything is possible.

On the wall behind the children are brightly colored turkey feathers expressing how “I am thankful”

Happy New Year!


h, what adventures await in the coming new year! We are anxiously watching the physical transformation of our classrooms and can’t wait for the wonderful possibilities our new school will hold. We are so very excited!

We begin January with a celebration of Our Karing Kingdom with castles, kings and queens. Our next venture is filled with the wonders of winter. A blizzard of fun is guaranteed! Next we’ll snuggle up in PJ’s and teddy bears as we visit some favorite bedtime-story friends. Then it’s Under the Big Top with a circus full of joy and excitement! Our final week we visit some fair weather animal friends, who just happen to love winter. Also included is a trip to the Maple Grove Library to introduce this great resource. A special in-school field trip will be on Tuesday, January 17, at 10 am. Our guest will be Jack Pearson, Mr. Song-Strummin’ Storyman. Registration for the 2012-13 school year begins for currently enrolled families on Tuesday, January 3. Registration for alumni families begins on Thursday, January 5. Open registration for the general public begins on Monday, January 9. For more details including registration forms, visit

Questions about Karing Kingdom Preschool? Call 763.420.5015 x127 or email

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


faith formation


Get your climb on at Vertical Endeavors indoor rock-climbing facility. On Sunday, January 22, Club56 is takin’ it to the wall with two full hours of climbing and hanging out with friends. Vertical Endeavors just opened a new facility in Minneapolis and it ROCKS (literally)! Visit for more details on their facility and visit to register for the event. Bring a friend!


We want to know what you our youth THINK! Each month a new question will be proposed and we want to know what our 5th and 6th graders have to say about it. Write a 1-2 paragraph article and you may see it published in LifeTIMES! January’s question is: What Bible event do you wish you could have been at and why? Due no later than January 30 to Clancy!

First Communion Festivals “Very meaningful, excellent refresher!”

“Loved the Seder meal and learning about Passover.” “It was very meaningful because I wasn’t raised Lutheran!” “We loved being together learning new things about our church, God, and ourselves. Encourage both parents to come.” —from parents attending last year’s Communion Festival


oly Communion is one of two sacraments observed in the Lutheran church; baptism is the other. Communion instruction is an extremely important part of a child’s Christian education and a milestone in their faith journey. At Lord of Life, this instruction happens in fifth grade. In February, fifth graders and their parents will receive a letter regarding First Communion instruction. In order to receive Holy Communion on April 14/15, fifth graders and their parents will attend one of two Communion Festivals which provide preparation and instruction. The dates for the festivals are Saturday, March 17, 9-11:30 am and Monday, March 19, 6-8:30 pm. The letter you will receive asks you to choose a date and sign up online. The Communion Festival is also open to any 6–9th grader who has not yet received communion instruction. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Lynn Leisen.


Operation Christmas Child (OCC)

Thank You 825 Times!

by Amanda Clancy, Associate Director of Upper Elementary


ver since I can remember, I have been packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child (OCC). Trips to the dollar store, Target and WalMart to get just the right thing that would make a little girl, age 5-7, smile. Coloring books, crayons, candy canes, and the ever popular beanie babies all found their way into the tiny shoebox. My shoebox was dropped off in a pile at church and sent to places I couldn’t even locate on a map at the time. Making boxes all those years and I still had no idea what happened to them after that pile at church disappeared! Again this year, there was a service opportunity for the Lord of Life staff to help at the OCC Processing Center. I saw what happens to the disappearing pile of boxes. Before being shipped to the kids, they come to a processing center to be checked, double-checked, stuffed, Lord of Life taped, scanned, packedfathers and like-a-puzzle, and finally, daughters sent. On this afternoon, my dropping off their OCC job was to check inside to boxes! make sure the boxes didn’t contain inappropriate objects such as food, liquid, or war-related items. I opened, checked, and restuffed around 300 boxes! I, like many others, always made a box for a girl, age 5-7, so was glad when I’d see a box for a 7-12 year old girl, and especially excited when I saw one for a 7-12 year old boy because there were just far too few of them coming through my work line. Some of the best ideas I saw for the older kids were little sewing kits and jewelry-making supplies for girls, and tiny tackle boxes for the boys. Flip-flops, fun t-shirts, deflated soccer balls and flashlights also made great contributions. I also realized that my overstuffed boxes I made as a kid for one child could have been spread out to make two or even three children smile. In fact, OCC states one box actually may touch the lives of ten people. I already have the urge to shop for next year’s boxes! Volunteering at the processing center really gave me insight for packing as well as how much work goes into the operation & how many people need to be involved. Thank you to everyone who provided 825 boxes from Lord of Life. Your hard work & warm hearts are sure to bring joy to a child. If you are tracking your OCC box, visit the bulletin board in the main hallway and place a sticker on the map where your box was sent!

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

C3 saturday retreats

For all 7 and 8 graders still needing to complete a retreat this year, we have two remaining C3 Saturday retreat dates: February 4 and March 3. This retreat is a fun-filled 14-hour day from 8 am10 pm. Space is limited so sign up right away. For more information, visit th


summer stretch

Summer Stretch is a service program where youth spend mornings serving in our community and then spend afternoons in recreation. Registration will open in February for youth completing 6th-9th grades. Dozens of senior high youth will be needed as leaders and college-age staff are hired to lead the teams. For more details on summer stretch and leadership or staff positions, visit summerstretch. Questions? Send an email to Gerad at

ultimate lock-in

On Friday, January 20 from 10 pm—6 am is the annual Ultimate Lock-in at Maple Grove Community Center! Cost is $25 plus a canned food item for the local foodshelf. Register by January 18. Youth from churches all around Maple Grove will participate. They will enjoy the pool, ice skating arena, teen center, great music, inflatable games, laser tag in the Maple Maze, karaoke, dodgeball tourney, dance, movies, food and much more!!!


On January 29, we’ll be tubing at Elm Creek Park! Cost is $15 from 7-8:30 pm. Dress warm and bring some friends.

sr. high living room

Living Room is a time for sr. high youth to hang out together, worship together, serve together, and learn together while we engage our faith and grow in community. We meet the first Monday of each month— January 2 at 7 pm!

children youth family

sr. high ski & snowboard retreat

We still have some spots left! All senior high youth are invited to come to Bozeman, Montana on our annual Ski & Snowboard Retreat! We’ll be gone February 16-20. Friends are welcome too! Cost is $465 and includes: • 3 days of skiing/snowboarding (2 at Bridger Bowl, 1 at Big Sky) • 3 nights lodging at the Days Inn with 3 continental breakfasts • Program costs and transportation by deluxe motor coach

Register at or pick up a paper registration and turn it in to the CYF office with a $200 nonrefundable deposit before January 15 (trip may fill before that). Final payment due at the parent/participant meeting on February 1.

awesome summer ahead

Boundary Waters Adventure in June (dates tbd), ELCA National Youth Gathering in New Orleans from July 13-23, A Work of Love (AWOL) in Kentucky from July 28-August 7. And we’re trying something new this year—a super-sized AWOL trip! Informational meetings for all senior high summer trips will be Sunday, January 8 at 12:15 pm or Monday, January 9 at 6 pm. For more details, visit srhighsummer or contact Elizabeth directly at elizabethp@

sunday night festival

SNF...blending fun, good humor, great music, fantastic speakers, devotions and a whole lot more! Next one is January 8! Worship and music by Taylor Wilson and Lord of Life Youth Band and the speaker is to be decided upon.

jr. high ski & snowboard retreat

On February 17-19, we’re headed to Lutsen Mountain Ski Resort! The cost is $285 and more details are at

...feel trapped by hurts, habits, hangs-ups, circumstances or addictions? the landing is a confidential gathering for hope & support which meets weekly on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Youth Room. all youth ages 12-18 are welcome. snacks are provided; no registration necessary.

youth quake on march 9-11

Held at the Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells, youth groups from around the Midwest gather for fun, fellowship, music, workshops, dances and more! Music will be Captive Free and Peder Eide! Pack your swimsuit, Bible and fun attitude! Cost is $250 now until February 1 then $280. For more details, visit youthquake. Questions? Contact Raul.

Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

No matter what life may bring—it’s all about landing in God’s loving arms.


Nonprofit US Postage Paid Maple Grove, MN Permit #14


LifeTIMES is a monthly ministry of Lord of Life Lutheran Church (ELCA). It is published by Wallace Carlson Printing using ecofriendly inks. To receive LifeTIMES in the mail or electronically—call 763.420.5015 or stop in the main church office or email We invite you to share faith stories, Lord of Life ministry events, photos, poetry & artwork. The deadline for the February issue is January 1. ©2012 Lord of Life Lutheran

Caught Reading LifeTIMES Four generations of Waldrons are caught reading LifeTIMES— welcome into the world, Elaina Grace! Elaina’s father Jason, grandfather Merle, and greatgrandmother Marilyn Dalchow

The Ostaffe family: Michael (#86), Mike, Xander (#43), Karen, and Kate caught reading LifeTIMES on a windy day on Mount Washington, overlooking downtown Pittsburgh Lord of Life’s “Movers and Shakers” Bunco group was caught reading LifeTIMES in ugly Christmas sweater attire. See Page 15 for more details on Bunco!


Januar y 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Lord of Life LifeTIMES magazine January 2012  

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