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A monthly ministry of Lord of Life Lutheran Church of Maple Grove, Minnesota

holy week services Palm Saturday, March 31 Worship at 5:30 pm Palm Sunday, April 1 Worship at 8:30, 9:45, and 11 am Maundy Thursday, April 5 Worship at 7 pm Good Friday, April 6 Family worship & service project at 10 am Tenebrae worship at 7 pm Easter Saturday, April 7 Worship at 5:30 pm Easter Sunday, April 8 Worship at 8, 9, 10, 11 am and 12 noon

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!

Stories of Resurrection


n the Christian calendar, Easter is the holiest day of the year. Because of Jesus’ victory over sin and death, we believe in the resurrection and the life everlasting. As Christians we celebrate the individual day of Easter on the calendar; yet in our day-to-day lives throughout the year how do we live reflecting His power and promise? Do we live in joy and hope and trust in His will—or do we cower in trepidation at a future filled with fear? On a daily basis by God’s grace, we believe in and live by victory through Christ in this world and in the world to come. Death does not have the last word; eternal life awaits those who believe. As we study the Gospel of John this year, specifically John 20:31 says, These words have been written so that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that through believing you may have life in His name. From your family of faith, several personal and powerful stories of resurrection, hope, and joy have been shared in this issue. These stories are found on Pages 10 and 11 along with two God moments on Pages 7 and 17 and poems shared on Pages 8 and 18. And as always, LifeTIMES provides faith formation and ministry opportunities to serve next-door neighbors and neighbors around the world. Our global ends policy sums it up: Lord of Life exists to proclaim the saving grace of Jesus Christ and for its faith community to witness and serve God gratefully in daily life.


Happy Easter!

“For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

April 2012

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1978 Lord of Life Lutheran Church Charter (ELCA) Lord of Life is a community of people called together by God’s Holy Spirit who confess Christ as Lord. We wish to be a church whose door is open to all people. And with the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will strive to educate, comfort, aid and spread the word of love in Christ’s name. We believe worship is of most importance in our life together as we receive God’s love through Word and Sacrament. We will be involved with seeking justice in our community, state, nation and world. We hold high the dignity and worth of every human being as created in God’s image and forgiven in Christ. We hope to be a serving church, in the name of Him who came as Servant of all.


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April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Living in the Moment!



reams can be quite revealing. One evening a few weeks ago I dreamt that I was chasing after a train that had just left the station. Unfortunately, the faster I ran toward the train—the faster it moved away. As hard as I tried, I could never quite catch up. Not too surprisingly, I woke up from that experience feeling drained. It takes a lot of energy to chase after a train, even in a dream.

Pastor David

Reflecting on the experience, it dawned on me how much of life is spent “chasing after trains,” metaphorically speaking, that is. We all chase after dreams that seem to be just outside of our reach. The writer of Ecclesiastes refers to this as “vanity and a striving after wind.”

God wants so much more for His children. God wants us to experience genuine joy and serenity. God wants us to let go of our worries and anxiety. Jesus points this out in the Sermon on the Mount where He says, “Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.” Above all, God wants us to live in the moment. The question is: How do we live in the moment? Well, let me suggest a few mindfulness-related disciplines that I have found quite helpful in my own spiritual journey. First of all, breathe mindfully. Like Adam and Eve (and every other human being) it was God who first breathed life into us. Unfortunately, most of us fail to use that which is a normal, essential, and involuntary action. Mindful breathing—where we intentionally focus on the in-breath and then on the outbreath—grounds us and calms the churning waters of our own troubling thoughts and emotions. Secondly, meditate mindfully. Meditating on portions of God’s Word (especially those portions we call wisdom literature, like Psalms and Ecclesiastes) in relation to our various issues and concerns can be very therapeutic. Meditating enables us to bring to the forefront of our consciousness those behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and feelings that keep us stuck. Once we recognize these patterns, we can give them over to God. Finally, pray mindfully. Like focused-breathing and meditating, prayer is a conscious act in the “now moment” which keeps us grounded and improves every aspect of our life. According to Philip Yancey, “any therapeutic value to Christian prayer comes as an outgrowth, not a goal…as Jesus promised, the fruit will grow if we remain attached to the vine…our job is to remain attached, to abide.” I hope these suggestions are helpful. Above all, remember…

Pastor Phil on leave of absence Pastor Phil has taken a leave of absence from his position as Executive Pastor at Lord of Life. He is working as General Manager of Partnership Services at LifeView. LifeView provides care through a virtual medical clinic with video telehealth and patient monitoring. We wish Pastor Phil well.

spirit/worship 3-7

giving culture of generosity 8

adult/outreach 9-15

cyf/faith formation 16-19

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it! —Psalm 118:24 Power and Peace, Pastor David

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Tried and True Easter Ideas by Lynn Leisen, Faith in the Home


eyond chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, here are a few faith-based ways to celebrate Easter. Families of all shapes and sizes and ages— especially the young at heart—may enjoy doing these tried and true Easter ideas together!

reflection Open your Bible on Easter morning and read aloud the story of the resurrection in Matthew 28:1-10, Mark 16:1-7, Luke 24:1-10, or John 20:1-8

Wrap biscuit dough around a large marshmallow sealing well on the edges. Bake as directed. Talk about Jesus in the tomb on Good Friday and the great sweet surprise of the empty tomb on Easter Sunday.

Write a prayer to use on Easter morning or at a special Easter dinner.


butterflies There are many ways to make beautiful butterflies. Try coffee filters decorated with watercolor markers, then lightly mist with water. The body can be made with a clothespin or a pipe cleaner. Cut butterflies out of colorful wrapping paper. Make colorful mosaic pieces out of pictures from glossy magazine pages. Draw a large outline of a butterfly and use the pieces to decorate it. Remember the lifecycle of the butterfly—it emerges from a cocoon that appears to be dead. Just like Jesus emerges from the tomb!

Everyone can show Christ’s love by serving others on Easter. Make a bed. Greet guests at the door. Help set or clear the table. Put out clean towels in the guest bathroom. Invite out-of-towners into your home for the holiday meal. How do you show Christ’s love?


He is risen



resurrection biscuits


is risen ...



April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


worship Saturdays at 5:30 pm with Holy Communion Sundays at 8:30, 9:45 and 11 am with Holy Communion the first & third Sundays Third Wednesday worship on April 18 at 2 pm at Rose Arbor Assisted Living Healing Service on the third Saturday April 21 at 6:30 pm March 31/April 1 Palm Saturday/Palm Sunday Preaching: Pastor Peter Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Joyful Noise (8:30 am), Canticle Choir (9:45 & 11 am) Maundy Thursday, April 5 worship at 7 pm with soup supper in Fellowship Hall at 6 pm Good Friday, April 6 10 am Share Event (see details at right) 7 pm Service of Tenebrae by Canticle Choir and Orchestra April 7/8 Easter Saturday/Easter Sunday Preaching: Pastor Peter Saturday worship at 5:30 pm Sunday worship at 8, 9, 10, 11 am, 12 noon Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Canticle Choir and Lord of Life Brass April 14/15 Preaching: Pastor Todd Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: New Life and Preludes April 21/22 One Mission One World (see details at right) April 28/29 Preaching: Pastor Karen Special Music Saturday: Praise Band Sunday: Quartet (8:30 am), Canticle Choir (9:45 and 11 am)

Please note worship & music schedules may be subject to change.

family share event good friday, april 6 10 am

Family Worship

11 am

Family 363 Hunger Ministry sandwich-making service project

11:45 am Family-friendly lunch No preregistration required for this event—open to anyone 3 years and older. Childcare will be provided for those under 3 years during the sandwich-making time. Freewill donations to cover the cost of lunch and service project. Questions? Contact Kirstin Delp.

One Mission One World


he work of One Mission One World will be featured during the weekend of April 21/22. Worship will include stories from our missionaries and include music from areas served through One Mission One World. There will also be ministry information on narthex tables and treats from our mission locations served in Fellowship Hall. Our congregation is actively sharing God’s love through word and action around the world. The April 21/22 weekend will bring together many of the ways the congregation serves in the United States, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Tanzania, and Uganda. Missionaries who have participated in A Work of Love (AWOL), Acts 29, and international mission trips will share through music, scripture and personal testimony how they have seen God’s work. Everyone at Lord of Life has participated in some way in the One Mission One World ministry—going, sending, supporting, praying. All are equally important actions of our congregation. In addition to how we’ve seen God work in and through our missionaries, Lord of Life has supported numerous mission partners in the United States and around the world through our congregation’s benevolence. On April 21/22, you will see and hear examples of the great work you are doing through these mission partners.

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Lord of Life Lives Christ Together bereavements


Prayers of sympathy for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one; may they be comforted in the promise of the resurrection.

February 25 Erin Landecker & Justin Uecker

Dani and Nick Anastasia and family at the death of their father

baptisms February 5 Louis Vaughn Bolnick Mason David Fuller February 11 Peyton Rose Holthe

Allie Beyer and family at the death of her friend

membership information

Lisa Campo and family at the death of her stepfather

Are you interested in becoming a member at Lord of Life? The process is pretty simple involving four steps:

Mary Dorholt and family at the death of her father

February 12 Elijah Cole Blake Zachary Robert Hoag

Karen, Peter, Matthew, and Elizabeth at the death of Esther Geisendorfer Jackie Griffin and family at the death of her father

February 19 Liam Tyler Craig Caleb Allen Hansen Emma Rose McGarry

Lois Hehn and family at the death of her father Bob & Bonnie Hewitt and family at the death of their sister-in-law John Jenneke and family at the death of his mother

February 25 Theodore Jed Berg Jackson Paul Krueger February 26 Logan Alexander Black Owen Robert Petersen Benjamin Matthew Wiitala At Lord of Life, we baptize individuals at any age. The next baptism class is Saturday, April 14, 10-11 am in the downstairs Theater; no preregistration is necessary.

Tim Jenneke and family at the death of his grandmother MaryLynn KenKnight and family at the death of her father Bradley Krogman and family at the death of his mother Nicole and Rachel Lund and family at the death of their father Darlene Mickelberg and family at the death of her sister Jodi Olson and family at the death of her father Micaela Olson and family at the death of her grandfather Jill Pennings and family at the death of her grandmother Nathan Perry and family at the death of his mother Derek Roufs and family at the death of his mother

1. Complete a New Member form. 2. Complete a Membership 101 class. 3. Submit a photo of family member(s) joining at this time. 4. Share ‘your story.’ In a paragraph or two, share what you would like to share about yourself: family, career, hobbies, interests, particularly how you were introduced to Lord of Life. Those steps mark the beginning of your ‘official’ relationship as a member with Lord of Life. Forms/class videos are at Membership at Lord of Life means you make a commitment to be an active participant in congregational life. The expectation of not only new members—but all members—is to worship regularly, grow in faith, serve others, and support the church & its programs financially. You are invited to become a part of the Lord of Life family of faith. If you do not have internet access or have any questions about being a member at Lord of Life, please feel free to contact Lori Schwartz directly.

Would you like to share a baptism or wedding photo or artwork or poetry or a God moment with your Lord of Life faith family? We would love to share it in a future issue; you are encouraged to contact LifeTIMES Editor Bev Mello.


April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


A God Moment by Meredith Iken Matson


volunteer making grocery deliveries to people who are homebound. By the time Audrey was added to my delivery list she was in the end stage of her battle with breast cancer. She did not have a strong support system in her life, but she and I shared a special connection from the start. On Valentine’s Day when I make deliveries I bring each of my ladies a rose. Audrey did not have an order that day but I got her a rose and planned to make the stop to be sure she got her flower anyway. Even before I knocked on her apartment door I could hear Audrey crying. It took her a long time to answer the door and when she opened it, it was clear she was having a very difficult day physically and emotionally. I gave her the rose and a hug and stayed to talk to her awhile. What I remember most is the whole time I was there she just clutched that pink rose to her chest. After I closed her door I remember standing there thinking God put me in her life and at her door and at that time because she needed an act of kindness. Audrey kept that rose for weeks. Now even after her death, I carry with me the memory of a God moment when He placed me where He needed me to be.

Thank you to Meredith for sharing this God moment; see Page 17 for “A God Moment through A Child.” “My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” —John 14:2

Heaven is for Real by Karen Greimel, Pastoral Associate


od has promised a better place for those who trust in Christ and encourages you to console yourself with that hope. This fulfills the promise in John 11:25-26, “Jesus said…I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” Heaven is real and everyone on earth has the choice to go there. In heaven there will be no pain, no suffering, no hardships, no misunderstandings, no arguments, no wars or injustice. Heaven offers you the choice to anchor your thoughts and your heart’s desires beyond the things of this earth. We are all invited to live on another plane and operate on a different platform from that of this world. A friend once shared that the death of her father was one of the most excruciating moments in her life. Yet it was also the moment when the last breath on earth was taken and the first breath in heaven was taken in the very presence of God. A place has been prepared and this brings us hope—heaven is for real.

Grief Share is a safe place for you to learn healthy ways to navigate through and live with grief. Every Tuesday, you are invited for dinner at 6-6:30 pm with Celebrate Recovery friends and/or meet with the Grief Share small group from 6:45-8:15 pm. Questions? Contact Karen Greimel or Michelle Welinski.

You Are Invited—

All who are weak, all who are weary Come to the rock, come to the fountain All who have sailed on the river of heartache Come to the sea, Come on be set free by Karen Greimel, Pastoral Associate


ealing prayer is for all people for all reasons. God desires that we are whole; He has taught us that prayer is one way to welcome the healing we so desperately need. Recently when asked about the healing ministry, I explained it included intercessory prayer. Intercessory prayer is quite simply the act of praying on behalf of others. An intercessor is one who takes the place of another or pleads another’s case before God in prayer. Actually, all Christian prayer becomes intercession since it is offered to God through and by Christ. Jesus closed the gap between us and God when He died on the cross. Because of Jesus’ mediation, we can now intercede in prayer on behalf of other Christians or for the lost, asking God to grant their requests according to His will. The book of Timothy tells us, “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” So when you are weak and weary, sailing on the river of heartache come and let us intercede in prayer for you.

All are welcome to this month’s healing service on Saturday, April 21, following worship about 6:30 pm; individual prayer appointments are also available. Questions? Feel free to contact Karen Greimel directly.

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a




Autobiography If you should ask me, “Who are you right now? Where are you? What road have you taken? What have you become?” I needn’t give you fifty pages, or even five, or one. My check stubs are enough. —Gerhard E. Frost

his poem by noted Lutheran author Gerhard Frost seems a bit dated. I don’t think I ever had a checkbook that included check stubs. Some of you may have no idea what a check stub even is. I remember my Dad carefully going over his check stubs and making sure his total was correct to the penny. Today people use credit cards and debit cards and the checkbook seems to be going the way of the telephone landline.

to have had the ability to help our children receive a college education. There are other checks I’m not so certain about. Do I really need to give Comcast and Verizon that much money? One check I never question is the one to Lord of Life. I believe there is nothing more important than the support we give to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to look at your own bank or credit card statement this month. Who are you right now? Where are you? What road have you taken? What have you become? How you spend your money is one of the most important ways your autobiography gets written.

This poem, however, is only dated in terms of check stubs and not in terms of content. Because we can still accurately write an autobiography by looking at where we spend our money. Karen and I have recently written our last check for tuition to St. Olaf College. I am happy to be done, but also grateful

—Pastor Peter

Lord of Life Weekly Giving — February 2012 $100,000

february 2012 budget year-to-date Actual


Total member contributions All other


Total receipts

$499,429 $493,166 $50,475


2/5 2/12 2/19 2/26

Actual $74,944 $52,716 $51,461 $64,931 Budget $61,822 $61,822 $61,822 $61,822



$549,904 $542,461


Would you like to give an offering to Lord of Life via online giving? Simply scan the QR code at right, which will bring you to the “Give a Gift” page on Lord of Life’s website. Fill out the form and use your credit card to complete payment.

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



$40,000 $20,000

Budget Difference

adult/ outreach

Fifth Anniversary!

by John Rodvik, Military Families Support Ministry


hat started out as an idea for three Lord of Life ministries to join together has now become an annual Lord of Life tradition (and a great example of One Mission One World at work). Mother’s Day 2012 marks the fifth anniversary that Mission Tanzania, Mission Uganda, and Military Family Support Ministry will be hosting a Mother’s Day Breakfast. The breakfast began as a way to honor mothers in Minnesota and around the world, and of course, enjoy a gourmet breakfast! In the past, the proceeds from the freewill offering have supported these three Lord of Life ministries. Funds for the Military Family Support Ministry have been used for many causes such as: •

supplies for combat support hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan

care packages for deployed soldiers at Christmastime

yoga equipment for the Poly Trauma (massive head injuries) unit at the VA Hospital

emergency financial aid for soldiers and their families

Mother’s Day Breakfast Sunday, May 13

This year’s proceeds will be used for a new and very exciting program associated with the VA Hospital. The program provides a means for veterans to tell their story and have it published in a book. Not only is this an excellent way for stories to be preserved—it is also proving very beneficial in the healing process for many vets who often have kept their experiences pent-up inside.

serving from 9 am-1 pm in fellowship hall

Got Scissors? Got Sewing Machines?


nother sew-a-thon is scheduled for April 28 from 9 am-12 noon to sew pillowcase dresses for girls (see photo at left of Faith in her dress!) and britches for boys in support of Mission Uganda. There will be step-by-step directions for the expert or novice seamstress. Never sewn? That’s okay. Helpful hands are needed to cut fabric, press seams, pin pockets on, and string waistbands. The britches and dresses are easy to cut out and assemble; they sew up quickly and can be decorated as desired. The day of the sew-athon we will need a few sewing machines and willing volunteers. A couple ironing boards, irons, and cutting boards will be provided. Extra fabric scissors and sewing machines are always welcome! Not able to attend the sew-a-thon? You can help by donating sewing supplies such as new pillowcases, new or gently used tshirts (no white or light colors, please), 1+ yard lengths 28 of polyester knit in ‘boy’ colors, packages of double-fold bias tape, ¼- to ½-inch elastic, thread, and notions such as like buttons, 9 am-12 noon ribbon or appliqués. Leftovers and supplies from never-started projects are welcome. You may also choose to make dresses and britches in your own home. For patterns, instructions, and more details, visit

sew-a-thon! april

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



A Story of Resurrection a mother’s perspective

a daughter’s perspective

by Clair Lambrecht

by Leesa Avila


t was determined 35 years ago that my daughter Leesa needed a kidney transplant. The six months leading up to this had been a time of sickness and failing health for her. Up until this point she had been a healthy and active child—it came as quite a shock to our family. Transplants were not very common at all 35 years ago! Our family was told that a living-related donor would give her the best outcome. It was determined that I, her mom, was not the best match, but I was the only one at that time. Needless to say I was very afraid, but I knew I needed to do this so she could have a chance to live. I knew I needed help spiritually as well as physically. I turned to my pastors and I really learned how Jesus is present in our everyday lives. Pastor David Olson and Pastor Gary Knutson prayed with me weekly, sometimes even daily. This helped me feel that God really cares and is with us in everything. The night before surgery Pastor Gary came to the hospital to pray and give communion. Leesa was on the first floor and I was on another floor. As we started to receive communion everyone including me could feel the Holy Spirit fill the whole room. The Holy Spirit’s presence was absolutely real. For the first time in months I felt at peace. I was able to let go and turn the outcome over to God. There have been bumps along the way these past 35 years but I always turn to God in prayer for everything. I know for sure that nothing is too large or small and that God is always there and I can trust His outcome.



hirty-five years ago it was determined I needed a life-saving kidney transplant. At fourteen years of age this wasn’t even comprehensible. However, this became the moment when I began to live a life of believing in Christ. At fourteen one isn’t even certain about their faith, yet I needed something to cling to as the fear was insurmountable. Those around me said I was in denial about my situation. I on the other hand was listening to the words of our pastor who encouraged me to have faith, and to not let this fear consume me. During the bumpiest time, a virus was taking over my body day by day. There weren’t any options left that hadn’t been tried for me. I recall telling my Dad—I didn’t want anymore “trial drugs” and if I was going to make it then God would see me through. It was then when I learned this Bible passage: Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” I have carried this verse with me ever since. My life has been focused on if you trust in God no matter what the outcome—God is with you, guiding you along the way, giving strength. I continue to lean on this verse daily, giving thanks to God, for all the wonderful blessings in my life.

The above photo of Clair and Leesa was taken on the “Top of the Rock” in New York City. Another photo of Clair and her three daughters is shared on Page 20.

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Gently Cross Another’s Path


by a Lord of Life staff member


s we journey through this life, our paths cross with thousands of people. People who are not our direct family relatives. People who have no obligation to know about or care for us. Yet, they choose to become involved. Why do some of them become our best friends? Why do some of them impact our lives forever? I think God puts them in our paths. Lord of Life was blessed for many years with the presence of Warren Mohrenweiser as a dedicated volunteer. This man was a gentle giant. He was soft-spoken, hard-working, and cared about all of us. Yet, as mild-mannered as he was, Warren called us all to action each and every day he joined us. He set such a strong example of how we should act as Christians. He showed us kindness towards each other through his actions. He demonstrated patience daily. He was generous in giving of his time, driving back and forth from Minnetonka, and working sometimes two or three times a week to print bulletins and mailing materials. He nourished us physically with the amazing produce he grew in his garden. During the peak of the growing season, he would often make a daily trip to church to make sure we all had fresh tomatoes. He was an amazing steward and caretaker of all he had. Warren passed on in 2009. Now, nearly four years later his spirit still influences my actions. Thoughts of Warren guide me to take that extra minute to wipe a smudge off the copier, to empty an overflowing paper bin, not to waste, to be prepared for others who come to serve, to help someone find their way around, to question if I am doing all I can to serve those around me. Perhaps I can be the one to gently cross another’s path as Warren crossed mine.

“God redeems things in His ways but provides hope when we put His ways in place.” Dr. Henry Cloud

Redefining Hope into Trust by a Celebrate Recovery partcipant


uring a recent Tuesday evening, I learned an invaluable life lesson about hope and myself. The lesson is so universal and yet powerfully personal. As a Lord of Life member I had long considered attending Celebrate Recovery, not because I am struggling with a particular addiction (though Celebrate Recovery is the ideal, God-centered place to go if you do have addiction issues), but more as a means to get in touch with the hurt I carried inside of me. There have been many times when hurt wouldn’t stay down “inside” and instead would creep to the surface and wrap itself around me, weighing me down and affecting my life tremendously, as well as those close to me. I have only been attending Celebrate Recovery for a few months but each and every week I gain insight and learn something about myself. When I walk out of the small group I have a new tool to help me become the woman God knows I can be. Celebrate Recovery is such a healing ministry; I now wonder why I didn’t begin

this healing journey long ago when God was whispering in my ear. Now I wouldn’t conclude based upon my experience with Celebrate Recovery that I am a woman without hope… not at all! For today and for the future, I have redefined hope as being far more than a wish or desire for a certain outcome. And I am living each day with less hope and more trust. It is trust that I am following God’s plan for my life. Dr. Cloud’s quote above this article spoke to me in this regard. I believe and trust in the power of resurrection in my life. Every Tuesday evening, Celebrate Recovery welcomes you for an informal meal at 6 pm followed by brief worship. Following large group, you participate in a genderspecific small group to gain support and tools to work through hurts, habits and hang-ups. Every Tuesday evening, come to Celebrate Recovery (adults), the landing (youth 12-18) or Celebration Station (children 5-11) from 6-9 pm. Childcare is provided. Questions? Contact Michelle Welinski or Pastor David.

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a



Older Wiser Lutherans (OWLs) Valentine Party—

Love Stories to Warm the Heart


early a hundred enthusiastic OWLs celebrated Valentine’s Day together in the Youth Room. International Storyteller Pati Kachel warmed our hearts with her singing, sense of humor, and personal and family treasures of love stories. Pastor Todd reminded us of the never-ending and boundless love for each one of us. Whether our love and kindness to others is large or small; in so doing, we are giving thanks to God for His love and kindness to us.

...older, wiser, or Lutheran? If so, you will be warmly welcomed at all OWLs activities. Questions? Contact Joyce or Gordy Martin directly at 763.497.7355 or by

OWLs events Due to Holy Week, there is no Faith, Food & Fellowship on April 5.

Wednesday, April 18: Worship at 2 pm in Rose Arbor Assisted Living Thursday, April 19: Come along to Inver Grove Heights and Gerten’s which began as a small truck farm in the early 1900’s with the motto: “Buy from the Grower.” Generations later it has grown to over 40,000 square feet; you still buy from the grower! A tour will take us from seedlings to finished plants. We’ll have a shopping discount as well. Transportation is $6; lunch on your own at Old World Pizza. Leave church at 8:30 am and return about 3:30 pm.

Friday, April 20: Service project in Fellowship Hall labeling LifeTIMES at 9:30 am—coffee’s on! Thursday, May 3: “Support Those Who Protect Us” with guests John and Lucy Rodvik with Lord of Life’s Military Family Support Ministry for May’s Faith, Food, and Fellowship. Begins at 10 am in the Youth Room.

Memorable Museum Visits by Diane Erickson


he OWLs were out and about in February visiting the Minnesota History Museum and the Russian Museum. The 1968 exhibit covered an extremely eventful year: video of news reports from Vietnam, President Lyndon Johnson’s announcement not to seek reelection, Hubert Humphrey receiving the Democratic presidential nomination, Robert Kennedy’s assassination and more. We enjoyed seeing old record players as well as kitchen and living room ‘antiques.’ We could pull the lever in an old voting booth! The Russian Museum had a wonderful exhibit covering ancient history artifacts from the Kiev in the Ukraine to Romania. Pottery and gold artifacts were amazing in detail and artistry. The guide gave us a better understanding of changes in Russia due to warring tribes, commerce of the breadbasket area, and religions through to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Lunch and laughs always make OWL events THE BEST.

Thursday, May 17: Join the OWLs for one of the last coffee concerts at Orchestra Hall before their yearlong renovation. Osmo Vanska directs with Russian pianist Yevgeny Sudbin in Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 24. They will also perform works of Prokofiev and Sibelius. Late lunch on your own at a downtown restaurant. Cost for transportation and ticket is $31. Leave church at 9 am and return by 4 pm.


April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Let There Be Light


hen electrical is completed in any building project— it seems the end is in ‘sight’ literally! Lord of Life’s building expansion is nearing completion. The contemporary circular fixture is located above the new stairway. The center photo shows the main entrance with its fixtures. And Sandy Zappa, main office receptionist, is pointing out a lovely sight (and site!) of our existing labyrinth/ prayer path through new prayer room windows. Certificates of occupancy are just around the corner; please stay tuned for information on open house/dedication plans as they develop.

relay for life This year’s Relay for Life will be on July 20 at Osseo Sr. High. Watch for more information in the May issue of LifeTIMES.

Workshop on Saturday, May 12—

Building Men for Christ by Jeff Mason


he vision of Lutheran Men in Mission (LMM) is for all men to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through an effective men’s ministry. My involvement with LMM has enabled me to grow in faith as I have more clearly defined a mission statement for my life. As a result, I have had a renewed interest in using the gifts and talents God has given me to serve Him by focusing on building effective men’s ministry within churches. Since coming to Lord of Life, I have used the methodology taught in the LMM-sponsored Building Men for Christ workshop. Together with a group of other Lord of Life men, we have begun to define a vision for men’s ministry and to design events for men who are at different stages in their faith journey. LMM is offering a one-day workshop to help church leaders develop and sustain a life-changing men’s ministry. Workshop details and registration materials are at Registration is $69 ($59 if registered by April 12) and includes a workshop manual, two resource books and lunch. Visit foundations for more details about this workshop. Registration deadline is May 1. Questions? Contact Pastor David or Karen Nelson.

memorial blood drive The next blood drive at Lord of Life is on Tuesday, April 3, from 2:30-6 pm. To make an appointment, visit searchdrives then enter sponsor code 0022. You may also call Lord of Life’s main church office to schedule an appointment. Remember to bring a valid photo ID to the blood drive. Thanks for giving the gift of life!

women’s golf For the past several years, Wednesday has been a time for women to play nine holes—and more women are welcome. This is not a league, simply a golf group for Lord of Life women. All skill levels welcome! Following golf, enjoy dinner at a nearby restaurant and build friendships. Tee times are between 4:30-5 pm. Golfing is at Brookview in Golden Valley; there is a $12.50 greens fee. Questions? Contact Jean Campbell (763.557.8638). Register at

men’s breakfast Saturday, April 28 from 7:30-9 am is time for men to gear up for spring and summer activities including Acts 29 mission trip, Habitat for Humanity projects, men’s golf league, men’s annual retreat, and more. There will be presenters for each activity; if you don’t see something that interests you, come anyway. Food is great, conversation lively, and always opportunities for new interest groups.

bike group re-organization If you haven’t already, it’s time to bring your motorcycle out of hibernation for another safe and exciting season of biking. On Saturday, April 21, at 9 am is an organizational meeting for any motorcycle enthusiasts at Lord of Life. For more information or if questions, contact Pastor David.

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Earth Day!


by Julie Jones


ord of Life’s Creation Care Team (CCT) will be in the Narthex between worship services April 21/22 in celebration of Earth Day. CCT will provide folks with tree seedlings, non-toxic cleaner, and information on how to properly dispose of common household items. If people want to pledge to take an action to reduce consumption of electricity or toxic materials in their home, they will have their name entered in a drawing for environmentally-conscious prizes. CCT members encourage everyone to take some time on Earth Day weekend to praise God for this amazing creation we enjoy and to learn more about what we can do to care for it.

Dessert on Thursday, April 12, at Lord of Life—

Hope Lodge Celebration by Paula Thomas


ast year when a group from Lord of Life went to check out what Lord of Life might do at The Richard M Schulze American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, I never imagined how this ministry would grow and develop. This past year, we have served almost 2,000 meals and have (by request) shared numerous recipes with the guests and caregivers. Over 120 volunteers have come to Hope Lodge to prepare and serve a meal. A mention of a poorly operating grill led one volunteer to find the resources to provide Hope Lodge with a new grill. We have provided spiritual support with countless prayers, hugs, and over 75 prayer shawls. Care ministers and others have provided a listening ear to guests and caregivers who are far away from home. Many ideas have been shared. One suggestion resulted in ‘Grab and Go’ bags. A bottle of water and some snacks make the wait for an appointment or treatment a little easier. A hockey team, the OWLs, some family get-togethers, and Word for Women are a few of the many groups who have embraced the idea and made these bags.

Above: LifeTIMES’ February ‘cover girl’ Carly Glomstad is reading the book that started it all to Lyle’s wife, Faith. Lyle, who recently passed on, was a resident at Hope Lodge and immediately bonded with Carly last year. Below: Carly and brother Bryan are making the rounds at Hope Lodge!

Families have gone to Hope Lodge to call bingo, do some light housekeeping, and make cookies. Some have decided to volunteer on a regular basis doing what is necessary to keep Hope Lodge clean and comfortable to those who stay there. Joy of Giving monies provided numerous linens and products for Hope Lodge. We want to celebrate our connection to this great place and celebrate YOU…all the people who have made this possible. Please join us for dessert on Thursday, April 12, at 7 pm at Lord of Life. You will get an opportunity to meet Mary Wiles, Hope Lodge Manager, and Debbie Nelson, Assistant Manager. If you have served at Hope Lodge or are interested in doing so, please come, and hear what YOU can do to make a difference! Jenna serving Terry’s famous milkshakes and also providing some dinner music at Hope Lodge.


April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Introducing a new Lord of Life outreach ministry—

Good Samaritan Society by Georgia Helvick


ord of Life welcomes a new outreach ministry with the Good Samaritan Society of New Hope. Come to an ice cream social at Good Samaritan on April 22 at 2 pm to learn more. This new ministry will focus on the following opportunities: •

Do you have a gentle pet who loves people? Pet therapy is so much enjoyed by the residents! We are looking for handlers and their pets (rabies vaccinated) to visit with residents. We are seeking individuals, groups and families interested in visiting residents, providing entertainment, giving manicures, playing cards, gardening, etc.

We are looking for woodworkers interested in building an altar for their new chapel.

We are looking for seamstresses to design and sew altar paraments and banners for their new chapel.

We are looking for worship leaders—individuals or a group— interested in leading a worship service on the third Sunday of every month at 9:30 am, guidelines will be available.

Families & young people, C3ers & seniors are all welcome to participate and share their gifts in any or all of the areas above. Good Samaritan is located at 8100 Medicine Lake Road in New Hope. For more details, visit Questions? Contact Jane Bergstrom or Georgia Helvick at or 763.416.4577.

Informational Meeting, April 22—

Acts 29 Mission Trip by Michelle & Merle Waldron


his year’s Acts 29 mission trip will be to Minot, North Dakota from July 29-August 4. In the summer of 2011, Minot was devastated by flooding with 25% of Minot’s houses destroyed and over 11,000 people evacuated. We will be partnering with Lutheran Disaster Relief doing rehab work. This trip is open to persons age 16 years and older and to all skill levels. If you are interested in this mission trip, stop by the narthex tables on the weekends of April 14/15 or April 21/22 for more information. Also, an informational meeting will be held on Sunday, April 22 at 12:15 pm. Questions? Contact mission trip leaders, Merle or Michelle Waldron at mmwaldron@comcast. net or 763.420.5388.

May 17-20 men’s weekend, May 24-27 women’s weekend—

Via de Cristo


ia de Cristo originated as Cursillo© in the 1940s in Majorca, Spain. The Lutheran movement is called Via de Cristo in Spanish, meaning Way of Christ. Via de Cristo is a structured time to strengthen and renew the faith of Christians and bring them into a new awareness of living in God’s grace. The weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ends on a Sunday evening. Participants live, study, worship, and commune together daily. Through 14 progressive talks, Via de Cristo gives attendees a living understanding of basic Christian truths. There is music and singing, food and fellowship, a time for laughter and a time for prayer. The next Via de Cristo is on May 17-20 for men and May 24-27 for women. If interested in receiving an application or if you have questions, please contact Tony and Diane Sjolander at 763.494.3433 or Merle and Michelle Waldron at 763.420.5388.

emergency foodshelf network (EFN) Want to help your community? Sort food or make fresh or frozen food packages for distribution to many local foodshelves in the Twin Cities. C3ers earn service hours! EFN work is easy and a fun way to meet other Lord of Lifers. Sign up as an individual or a small group to help on Monday, April 9, from 4-7 pm. EFN is located at 8501 54th Avenue North, in New Hope. To sign up visit lordoflife. org/efn or contact Jane Bergstrom.

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


faith formation

Like Breakfast?

Palm Sunday, April 1 (no foolin’!)

Senior highers serve french toast on Palm Sunday, April 1, from 9 am-12 noon. Money raised will support their ELCA National Youth Gathering and A Work of Love (AWOL) mission trips this summer. recharge Sunday, April 15 we’ll be rockclimbing at LifeTimes Fitness in Plymouth from 7-8:30 pm! Cost is $10; make sure you print out and bring both a permission form and a climbing waiver. Find the forms at jrhighrecharge. Recharge also meets on April 22 (movie night!) and April 29 from 7-8:30 pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm; Recharge starts at 7 pm. Bring a friend! jr. high leadership team Jr. High Leadership Team meets on April 15 from 5-6 pm. Pizza dinner will be provided. jr. high mission trip The sixth annual jr. high mission trip is June 17-23. Our past experiences have been awesome! We work on low-income housing in the Rockford, Illinois area and help their foodshelf organize and serve food. Cost is $350; visit for more information and to register. jr. high camp On July 15-20 (Sunday-Friday), we’ll be going to Luther Park in beautiful Danbury, Wisconsin. Camp week is an action-packed, high-energy, wild week of adventure for jr. highers (who have completed grades 6-9). Take part in all the wacky activities and hang out with the coolest of counselors while you learn more about your faith. Visit lordoflife. org/jrhighcamp for more details.

confirmation photos Photo nights for all confirmands are set for April 25 and May 2. To sign up for your 5-minute photo session contact the main church office (not the CYF office). There are no make-up dates scheduled, so be sure to attend one of the nights. When planning what to wear, please consider that your shirt collar will show outside of the confirmation robes so dress shirts and ties, shirts with collars, blouses, and dresses are encouraged. 2012-13 C3 registration Registration will open May 1. The program and offerings for next year have changed, so review the website and consider which options will work best for your family. All youth, even returning C3ers, need to register every year. Registrations should be received before June 1. Contact Gerad with any questions regarding C3. Interested in leading a small group? Be sure to let Gerad know! sr. high living room Join us at our next monthly sr. high gathering on Monday, April 2. peer ministry training The next session of Peer Ministry Training will begin Wednesday, April 4, meeting for six weeks from 6:30-8 pm. All sr. highers who want to help with Summer Stretch or other leadership opportunities must complete this training. Details and sign up at peerministry.

Saturday, April 21

Formerly known as the Applebee’s Breakfast, the CYF Pancake Breakfast this year is moving to Lord of Life on Saturday, April 21. All you can eat pancakes from 8-10 am! Buy tickets starting April 1.

Fun Run/Walk!

Saturday, June 2


ooking for a fun, healthy event for you, your family and/or friends?! Please join us on Saturday, June 2 as we run or walk (or volunteer!) in support of our children and youth participating in Lord of Life’s summer trips and camps. The Fun Run will be at Freedom Field on Rice Lake. The 1-mile run starts at 9 am; 5k+ walk/ run starts at 9:20 am. Funds raised will help offset the cost of camp and jr./ sr. high summer trips. Volunteers are needed and registration is open now! Visit Questions? Contact Elizabeth Pedersen.

No matter what life may bring—it’s all about landing in God’s loving arms.

souper bowl of caring

Way to go! Lord of Life collected 574 cans of soup during the 2012 Souper Bowl of Caring. Each year our donations are given to CROSS, our local foodshelf. Lord of Life’s four-year total is 2389 cans of soup given to feed hungry people in our community. A special thank you goes to the Word for Women group who delivered that heavy load to CROSS for the third year. This year some of the group’s children did not have school and were able to help with counting cans and delivering them to CROSS. It was a great experience for all involved!


...feel trapped by hurts, habits, hangs-ups, circumstances or addictions? the landing is a confidential gathering for hope & support which meets weekly on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Youth Room. all youth ages 12-18 are welcome. snacks are provided; no registration necessary.

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

children children youth youth family family

A God Moment through A Child by Elizabeth Pedersen, Senior High Youth Ministry


s I was sitting at the Youth Booth a couple weekends ago, I watched Madyson, a fourth grader, chatting in the hallway with a woman who had a cast on her foot using one of those leg scooters to help get around. Madyson is always a very friendly young lady—I know her because she stops and says hello to me most Sundays at church. As the woman and Madyson were talking, I heard Madyson tell the woman that she was going to pray for her foot. It was so sweet and the woman was moved to tears as she thanked Madyson for such a generous offer. It made my day watching this little exchange and reminded me that our young people are just as much a part of the ministry here at Lord of Life as the rest of us. How blessed we are to have them!

A God moment may take many forms: a moment of blessing or healing, an incredibly powerful moment in awe of God’s creation, or perhaps an amazing more-than-coincidental way out of a difficult situation. Please share your God moment with Lord of Life’s family of faith! Questions? Contact LifeTIMES Editor Bev Mello. 1 Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity”

Club 56!


lub 56 ventures to Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America on Sunday, April 29! The cost of $24 includes unlimited ride wristbands, transportation to and from the Mall of America, lunch, and a service project planting flowers. Additional cash may be taken for extra food or souvenirs. As always, our 5th and 6th grade friends are invited to join! Many adult hands are needed to make this a positive and safe event. We will be forming small groups of five kids per adult, which means at least 11 adult leaders are needed to ensure small groups stay small to be manageable. Club 56 will be wrapping up Church School and kicking off summer events with an All Night Party at the end of May. Clancy is looking for a team of adults to help prepare for and plan this large event. If you have a knack for party planning—come loaded with ideas. Meetings begin April 11 and run every other following Wednesday from 6:30-7:15 pm in the Gathering. Interested? Contact Clancy!

summer 2012 registration is open visit

First Communion


ost of our 5th graders and other young people in our congregation will be receiving Holy Communion for the first time on April 14 and 15. They have prepared for this special occasion by attending a Communion Festival with their parents which prepared them with instruction, reflection on their baptism, and the making of a stole marked with symbols of communion. As the family of God sharing bread and wine together, let us welcome these newest members to the table in prayer: Thank you, Jesus, for welcoming these young people to the Lord’s table. May the table of Christ nourish us and the light of Christ shine in us all. Amen.


Lots of UthINK writings have been received so “stay tuned” to the May issue of LifeTIMES to read how Club 56ers share their faith!

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


faith formation

Parent of a preschooler, Holli Aparicio, wrote this poem dedicated to the Karing Kingdom staff and “all the little hearts that pass through these walls”--

Hunger Banks


e have been on a Lenten journey for 40 days. For millions of people around the world, hunger is no journey. It is a daily struggle. On our Lenten journey we have been using banks from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) World Hunger Appeal in hopes of providing relief to people so they can help themselves and to advocate and educate. It is now time to return those filled hunger banks to Lord of Life. They may be returned to any Church School class, the CYF Youth Booth, or the CYF Office downstairs during the month of April. Thank you for sharing your blessings.

Noah’s Ark Nursery is available during all worship services at Lord of Life for ages birth to 3 years—

Two-by-Two in Noah’s Ark

by Heather Hjelmstad, Ministry of Inclusion and Noah’s Ark Nursery


oah’s Ark Nursery staff is experienced and trained to care for your child during all worship services and many other activities at Lord of Life. In order for us to get to know you better and for you to know us better—we’ll be introducing staff “two-by-two!” Please let us know how we can serve you and your child better.


ello, I’m MacCall Whiteis. I’m 18 years old and graduated with the class of 2011 from Maple Grove Senior High. I am currently attending North Hennepin Community College working toward an associate’s degree then will transfer to a university for a bachelor’s degree. I work part-time in Lord of Life’s nursery and parttime at Fashionista, a boutique. Most of my free time is spent studying or with my friends. I enjoy traveling, shopping, boating, and hanging out with friends and family. I have attended Lord of Life for my entire life and am proud to be part of such a wonderful, growing community. I am looking forward to see what the new expansion has to offer to help us grow in faith!



’m Kimberlee Brehm and have worked in Lord of Life’s nursery for eight years. During those years it’s been so fun seeing how these little babies and toddlers have grown up when I run into them at church! I was born in North Dakota and have lived in Maple Grove since 1997. My husband Scott and I have been married for 28 years and are busy raising our 5-year-old son Dallas. Besides my husband and son, the love of my life is my 9-yearold bichon Bailey. I spend my spare time listening to music and reading, especially biographies. I am passionate about animals and hope to work with them in some capacity one day.

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

Karing Kingdom Preschool

April Bible Verse: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life.” John 3:16

children youth family

Pastor Peter playing Jesus Loves Me in Chapel Chat

If you give a mouse a cookie...

“Little Travelers” visiting Jamaica & making “Anansi the Spider”

Happy April — Happy Spring!


ith this season of change we are celebrating our recent move into our new and spacious Karing Kingdom classroom. It has been quite a journey, and we are so very happy and thankful for this beautiful place in which to learn and grow. The month of April begins with the observance of Easter. Chapel Chat, palms, and the sacred tomb are included in Holy Week lessons. Then it’s to infinity and beyond as we learn about out solar system. We’ll make a big splash with ponds, lakes, and oceans. We end the month in my garden using our green thumbs to do springtime planting. Please note year-end conferences will be held Monday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 1. We continue to take registration for the 2012-13 school year.

Questions about Karing Kingdom Preschool? Call 763.420.5015 x127 or email

JESUS CALLING: 365 Devotions for Kids by Sarah Young

Every Which Way to Pray by Joyce Meyer

Here’s the key to keeping your kids on track all year. Short personal messages along with daily Scripture will plant the seed.

These funny animals explore all kinds of life lessons together—and discover that prayer is simply talking to God.

April 2012 “For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a


Nonprofit US Postage Paid Maple Grove, MN


Permit #14

LifeTIMES is a monthly ministry of Lord of Life Lutheran Church (ELCA) printed by Wallace Carlson using ecofriendly inks. To receive LifeTIMES in the mail or electronically—call 763.420.5015 or stop in the main church office or email with your name and address. We invite you to share faith stories, Lord of Life ministry events, photos, poetry & artwork. The deadline for the May issue is April 1 (no foolin’!). © 2012 Lord of Life Lutheran

Caught Reading LifeTIMES

(left to right) Michelle Welinski, Stephanie Perron, Clair Lambrecht, Leesa Avila are caught reading LifeTIMES in New York City at Ground Zero. On Page 10, read about Clair’s kidney transplant to daughter Leesa 35 years ago.


Just a few of the Mission Jamaica missionaries and heavenly helpers caught reading LifeTIMES after serving breakfast & made-to-order omelets in the newly opened Fellowship Hall. Bon appétit!

“For me to live is Christ” Philippians 1:21a

April 2012 Lord of Life LifeTIMES  

The April issue of Lord of Life's monthly magazine

April 2012 Lord of Life LifeTIMES  

The April issue of Lord of Life's monthly magazine