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WILL – Illinois Public Media is a non-profit public media outlet for central Illinois and affiliate station for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR). It is a part of an academic unit for the University of Illinois’ College of Media. MISSION WILL’s mission is to be “the model for public media, engaging our communities and audiences in media, programs and services that support a healthy democracy and culture” (WILL). GOALS WILL's goals are to enrich people’s lives through programs and services that educate, entertain, inspire and empower.

WILL offers news and entertainment to listeners and viewers, providing them with inspiration and knowledge. ONLINE WILL offers news and entertainment to listeners and viewers, providing them with inspiration and knowledge through their website, live Twitter RSS Feed, Facebook, YouTube channel, and on the phone for viewers to call in with questions. This incudes:

MARKET ASSESSMENT A lot of current commercial cable competitors are offering commercial-free programming targeting the same demographic as public television, they offer the same channels to the same audiences (chan-olmsted, Kim, 300).PBS has begun to harness the power of the PBS brand,getting themselves more involved in sponsorships, branding agreements, shopping sites, and has increased its promotional budget to keep up with the competition. Since there is multichannel competition to PBS (See Social Media Competitive Analysis), they need to adapt and develop new services, make innovative partnerships, and serve the local needs and interests. This is something that WILL does through their Midwest gardening show, however, they need to sell more programming to produce more revenue and consider working with more companies to receive more advertising dollars. If they can reach out to more media outlets they will stand out as a local, community staple.

>> Live streaming of the WILL-AM signal >> News stories >> Archived audio of local talk shows and agricultural market reports. >> Weather maps and forecasts >> An education site for teachers and parents about our work with the community; and more information about Illinois Public Media programs, services and projects. RADIO WILL also hosts an AM radio station (580) that is a comprehensive alternative to quick-fix news through local and regional coverage, as well as a local talk show, weather and agricultural news, and coverage from NPR and BBC. WILL also has a FM station (90.9) that offers programming to nourish the spirit and the mind, with classical music along with local news and NPR’s news magazines, “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.” TELEVISION WILL-TV blends a core of PBS programming with locally produced documentaries and programs such as “Mid-American Gardener” that focus on central Illinois.



research CURRENT BRAND AUDIENCE WILL is currently more “attractive” to older ChampaignUrbana Residents simply because content like “Mid=American Gardener” is more geared towards them. The current audience consists mostly of women ages 55 and older. This may be because employees are mostly middle age, and may not quite understand how to target younger audience or use social media effectively. COMMUNICATION EFFORTS This includes WILL’s website, using integrated media across social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, MTD advertisements and outdoor billboards. The challenges that WILL has faced with these efforts include; media proliferation and fragmentation, the fact that federal funding for public broadcasting is in decline, that there are many sub-brands within brand (PBS, WILL, NPR) and finally, an unorganized and decentralized social media presence. However, with challenges comes opportunities. These include helping WILL reach a younger audience, embrace emerging media and make content relevant through a concentrated approach ADVERTISING EFFORTS WILL's current advertising slogan is “Open up, Say Aha!” which hopes to get people exploring WILL – Illinois Public Media and feed into peoples curiosity. WILL's current advertisement placements are: MTD buses, electronic billboards in Decatur, Permanent billboards in Champaign, Newspaper, and public radio spots. WILL's social media efforts along with competitive analysis of social media efforts can be found on the next page. TARGET MARKET INSIGHTS Univesity of Illinois college students are Millennials, part of Generation Y. They are idealistic, socially conscious, individualistic, anti-corporate, and speak their minds. Because of

their strong sense of independence they are likely to remain single throughout their 20’s and early 30’s, which delays the onset of parenting. They also tend to have been employed since high school and therefore place less of an emphasis on family life. They are more liberal and accepting of a broad range of lifestyles. They care about community and global problems as well as environmental issues, potential of war, unemployment and lack of job opportunities, more concerned than non-students about their employment prospects (58%) and are 36% more likely than the average adult to participate in volunteer organizations. This is why we decided to implement both WILL-Power to do good as well as WILL-Power to succeed.

MEDIA USAGE 45% socialize online compared to 23% of all adults. They use their phones to feel connected to the social world and see them as an expression of who they are. Also the average 18-24 year old has 406 Facebook friends compared to 231 for all Facebook users. Finally, 26% use twitter frequently and that number is growing daily. Surveyed students (74%) are considerably more likely than surveyed non-students (48%) to report having visited a social networking site in the last seven days. This is one of several indications that social media campaigns can be an effective way of reaching college students. Reflecting the fact that many students are avid internet users, students are also more likely than non-students to engage in a variety of online activities, such as watching movies, listening to or downloading music, and gaming. This suggests that online advertising in general can be an effective way to reach students. Finally, college students want to stay informed with pressing issues, current events and feel cultured. They want to be challenged with hard-news information. They most likely are passionate about their political stance, and seek out news information. This is the reasoning behind WILL-Power to be informed and #WILLPower to discover. 4




PBS Springfield

PBS Peoria: WTVP

PBS Charleston: WEIU


Facebook --1,647 likes Twitter --589 following --794 followers --4,438 tweets --Retweeting from followers --Good use of links --Seem to have a good handle on how Twitter works. Youtube --147 subscribers --61,118 video views

Youtube --Well organized --Different playlists --153 subscribers --45,997 video views -- Promoted well through twitter

Facebook --477 likes --Wall info, photos, shop.wtvp --Good consistent updates

Youtube --35 subscribers --30,529 views --Great organization --Many playlists* Twitter --WEIU radio --258 followers --55 following --2,894 tweets


Facebook --Low interaction with users. Youtube --Low views per page.

Facebook --359 likes --Have not updated since February --Hardly any interaction with fans Twitter --314 tweets total --642 following --324 followers --Posts same as FB page

Facebook --Low interaction with fans Twitter --21 tweets --20 following --28 followers Youtube --8 subscribers --5,694 views

Twitter WEIU news watch --303 tweets --54 following --53 followers WEIU Hitmix --109 tweets --6 following --44 followers Facebook WEIU hit mix --26 likes WEIU TV -69 likes

*WEIU playlists include:News Watch Video (news videos),Being Well (healthy lifestyle),EIU Conversation (videos with important EIU facultry),4 Rivers Ag Report (agricultural videos),Heartland Highways (travel videos),Hobbies. Crafts, and Collectibles (antique lover videos),Issues and Attitudes (public affairs program),News Watch In-Focus (local news),Panther Sports Talk,Veterans Matters (veteran living in East Central Illinois),WEIU Special,WEIU Sports



research PRIMARY RESEARCH included the in class survey that was distributed to the students in advertising 491, a group survey that was distributed via Facebook as well as a media touch focus group. CLASS SURVEY included 99 respondents, 65 of which were female and 34 male. The questions we specifically chose to analyze from the survey were the following: >> What are your 3 favorite media for news? >> What are your 3 favorite media for entertainment? >> What are your 3 favorite media for social purposes? By analyzing these questions we found out that the majority of the students in our class utilize national news sources and social media to retrieve news. Only 4% utilize local sources and 7% utilize Chicago sources for their news. Finally, the number one social media source for news retrieval for our class was twitter. The number one thing we can conclude from this information is that college students are not very interested in local news sources, we need to figure out away to get them interested. GROUP SURVEY We created a Facebook group and invited as many people as possible to participate in our survey. The survey was formulated based on findings from class data, need to find more about opportune local interests of college students, lack of knowledge on student lifestyles, group's personal knowledge of student media usage and attentiveness. *A sample of the group survey is in the index. By analyzing our results we found that 50% of students are interested in the local music scene. Also, in regard to local news students tend to be more interested in campus life and entertainment.

MEDIA TOUCH FOCUS GROUP We asked subjects to complete a list of the media they interacted with during a 24 hour period on a weekday and weekend day. We had 10 subjects participate, 5 male and 5 female varying in ages from 18-22. We found that Facebook was by far the most used media platform and that the most popular medium to use was a computer, phone coming in second. SECONDARY RESEARCH The secondary research that prompted our strategy was a national report from Walden University entitled “Social Change Impact Report” that polled 2,148 adults ages 18 and older. The report stated that “younger generations are more likely to engage in positive social change to help get ahead in their careers.” This lead us to the idea of WILLPower to do good. The report also pointed out the following behaviors: >> 52% of adults say that, in the future, they are most likely to get involved in social change as individuals acting on their own or informal groups. >> 85% of adults agree that they can make the world a better place by their actions. >> 9 in 10 adults agree that digital technology can turn interest in a cause into a movement more quickly than anything else. >> 88% of adults agree that the best way to have an impact on the world is to make change at a local level. >> 77% of Americans agree that what happens to communities in other parts of the world affects their local community.



strategy POSITIONING STATEMENT In order to appeal directly to our target market, we plan to position Illinois Public Media as an outlet appealing to issues students care about through community outreach, career development, and music. By using the tagline #WILLPower, we will reach college students and connect their hopes and aspirations of success and making a difference in the area with that of Illinois’ own public media, which is very involved in community outreach and local events in Champaign Urbana. TARGET MARKETS WILL presented us with the challenge of making their brand more appealing to college students as a whole. We focused on University of Illinois students ages 18-24, even more specifically those interested in campus and local events and the furthering of their career through events and internships that can be added to their resume. Through this execution, WILL’s large array of content will be divided and organized in a way with which to attract the younger target. By using the hash-tag symbol as an integral part of our strategy, we are integrating Twitter as the main source of social media and news within the target, and are marketing WILL as a ‘trending topic’ within the community.




strategy TO DO GOOD By empowering students to volunteer in community projects that WILL nourishes like Neighbors, Growing Hope Against Hunger, C-U Fit Families, Young Learners Initiative, Smile Healthy and so on.

TO SUCCEED By inspiring students to do better inside and outside the classroom through opportunities much like a WILL – Illinois Public Media internship will help these young professionals’ careers grow.

TO BE INFORMED By opening students to social issues of national and global concern as they relate to community projects in the Champaign-area.

TO DISCOVER Lastly, as many students are not currently aware of the local music scene, WILL – Illinois Public Media will engage students through live and local music entertainment.





In order for the #WILLPower campaign to achieve successful results, campaign messaging must reach the targeted college students on the University of Illinois campus at the right place and at the right time. This means fitting seamlessly into students’ campus lives. Our various oncampus promotional events and contests achieve this, and so must the media. Because of college students’ on-the-go lifestyles and active pastimes, the prosperous opportunities lie in non-traditional media.

The CU-MTD is the bus system serving the ChampaignUrbana community, including the university community. Its daily boardings total 55,131 riders (2010). Of the riders, an estimated 65% is a combination of university students and faculty. With an increase in student bus usage during the winter months due to weather, CU-MTD bus stops are a relevant, high traffic placement which fits in with a student’s everyday life. >>3 static full-screen display ads at 3 bus stops Unlimited creative and copy change >>$500 for 120-180 days $1500 for 3 stops



COMMUNICATION >>Increase brand awareness from 47% to 80% MEDIA >>Achieve a reach of 75% and a frequency of 4x within our target students at the University of Illinois >>Increase Twitter engagement and drive traffic to YouTube page

STRATEGIES >> Utilize non-traditional media to capture attention of target >> Reach target through on-campus media sources relevant and useful to a student’s everyday life >> Schedule media placements during opportunities for high reach >> Use social media to connect and engage with target on a continuous basis

In addition to its career development focus, the WILL Power to Succeed aspect of the campaign will also encourage students to succeed on their current studies at the University of Illinois. This will continue to foster a positive brand relationship between students and WILL because it shows that WILL cares about the University and its students. During finals weeks, students are vigorously studying at libraries, campus buildings, and coffee shops. To seamlessly incorporate WILL Power to Succeed into this time of a student’s life, branded coffee sleeves will be placed at various Espresso Royales on campus. This will reach students where they already are. >> $278.50/5,000 coffee sleeves 2,500 per semester Espresso Royale on campus locations Champaign: 602 E. Daniel St. Illini Union Café Business Instructional Facility Undergraduate Library Krannert Art Museum Urbana: 1117 W. Oregon St.



media DIGITAL – CAMPUS RECREATION DIGITAL SIGNAGE With state-of-the-art facilities, utilizing Campus Recreation opportunities at the University of Illinois is a very popular pastime among college students. 89% of University of Illinois students use Campus Recreation. Students frequent these facilities many times each semester to work out, play sports, participate in a variety of programs, or socialize at the ice arena. More specifically: >> 91% of all College of Business undergrads used Campus Rec on average 12 times each semester >> 89% of all Applied Health Science undergrads used Campus Rec on average 19 times each semester >> 86% of all College of Education undergrads used Campus Rec on average 16 times each semester >> 83% of all College of Engineering undergrads used Campus Rec on average 14 times each semester >> 82% of all College of ACES undergrads used Campus Rec on average 14 times each semester Placements in Campus Recreation locations ensure both high reach and high frequency of our target. This is an opportunity for WILL to gain high brand awareness. >> 1185x885 (pixels) advertisement on all 12 digital screens throughout Campus Recreation 10 in the ARC, 1 in CRCE, and 1 in the Ice Arena >> Rotates every 15 seconds for up to 16 hours a day, totaling 240 rotations per hour per screen >> Can change creative at any time; no limits on how often it is changed $250/month o 3 months in fall o 3 months in spring o $1,500

SOCIAL MEDIA RATIONALE College students at the University of Illinois utilize social media for various reasons and at various times throughout their days. Of websites the target uses for social purposes, 91% named Twitter or Facebook. For entertainment purposes, 24% use Facebook, 24% use YouTube, and 15% use Twitter. In addition, 29% of students use social media for their primary news source. Because of this, it is vital for WILL to be active and relevant in the social media space. >>Organized Facebook updates with relevant page links >> Strong Twitter presence and active re-tweeting and responding to followers >> Utilization of #WILLPower when relevant >> YouTube organization and integration through Facebook updates and Tweets >> Active throughout entire academic year >> No seasonality because social media is an avenue for both real-time updates and interaction with audience Winners of intern contest will continue social media efforts and implement new tactics that they develop.

TIMING RATIONALE Campus Recreation digital signage will run during September, October and November in the fall to promote the various WILL events and contests during this semester (concert, RSO competition, intern contest). There will also be general branding creative running during this time. The spring semester WILL messaging will run in January, February, and March to coincide with college students’ new years and spring break goals. CU-MTD bus stop ads will run during the months of November, February, and March in addition to 2 weeks in December and 3 weeks in January to fill the 120 day ad rate. This timing is ideal in reaching the maximum number of students using public transportation due to the winter 10 weather conditions.





promotions | pr Our main goal is to keep WILL on students minds. We will publicize the internship competition, RSO competition, kick-off concert at the beginning of the year and WILL’s news content. We rely in part on Twitter and YouTube to publicize events and show videos of local talent. Social media is an effective way to cultivate engagement with real conversation and with little to no financial investment. By posting on these sites, we will get articles out to the community and develop a community built on the relationship between Illinois Public Media – WILL and students at the University of Illinois. Healthy, real time interaction will keep this relationship strong. We want the community to know that WILL cares about the interests of students and the greater good.

EVENT SCHEDULE QUAD DAY is the kick off of events for WILL. Quad day is when we will present to the campus community what WILL has to offer this year. It will give them a chance to show the community how they are going to reach out to them this year. We will have four booths set up at Quad Day, each symbolizing our strategy and what they are correlated with. During quad day, we will announce the upcoming concert and how students can get involved, the internship and RSO competition and how listeners can hear more about WILL by following them on Social Media sites. This event will run on Quad Day which is August 26th.

OBJECTIVES >> Maintain a relationship with the target market. >> Increase feedback and input from target market to improve brands values and goals. >> Promote events through social media by increasing followers and ‘like’s >> Increase Twitter engagement and drive traffic to YouTube page

STRATEGY >> Create events which help the community engage with WILL. >> Publicize these events by utilizing social media to keep brand presence up. >> Follow up with target market through constant Twitter and YouTube posts. 12


promotions | pr #WILL POWER TO DO GOOD WILL will provide all the RSOs on campus an opportunity to win money towards their club. This will be a semester long competition with 3 possible winners with the most accumulated points. First prize winners will be rewarded $1000, second $500 and third $250. Each RSO will have a representative who will get updates via social media and email regarding all the opportunities at WILL, which will allow them to achieve points. WILL community outreach programs encourage RSO’s to get involved and will give a point to each person from each RSO who participates. We will encourage that students take pictures while at the events and share them on Facebook as another part of the competition. Sharing pictures and posts will allow the RSO to gain even more points. We will track these posts by searching for the appropriate hash tag (#WILLPower) WILL will provide incentives such as food and beverages that are donated from sponsors at each of these events. They will also post random opportunities outside of these events on their social media sites to provide more ways to be rewarded points throughout the semester. We realize that every RSO participates and seek out for philanthropic opportunities. By providing them a wide array of different volunteer events with the final money incentive, many people and RSOs will be willing to participate. We want our audience to interact with the brand and get a good feeling for what they stand for. We hope to achieve an increase of 56% in brand awareness and believe that this campaign will bring enough attention and inquiry for WILL. All RSOs on this campus get little to no funding for SORF and heavily rely on dues to fund all activities and fees. An opportunity to win money and help the community is just what the campus needs and we believe that WILL has many


volunteer events already to fulfill this competition. The RSO competition will begin on Quad day and continue throughout the year. The Money will be distributed before Finals week, second semester. #WILL POWER TO BE INFORMED The execution of #WILLPower to be an informed focuses on WILL’s news value and information about the Champaign community. For this strategy we will focus on the client’s wide range of local and national news, and focus on college student’s survey responses regarding their interest in local matters. Using this hash tag and slogan urges the target to engage and explore, to become an active citizen of both Champaign and Illinois, and to know what’s going on around them. This strategy will be present especially on CUMTD bus ads, with various taglines including #WILLPower to be alert, #WILLPower to engage, and #WILLPower to know what’s happening, #WILLPower to break out of the bubble. This slogan focuses on college student’s tendency to shut themselves off to the outside world and only focus on what’s happening on campus. Using the WILL Power tagline will push college students to seek out information and remind them of what’s important. This is a year-long campaign with constant Social media site posting. They will also be posting new content each week and stay up to date on posts by responding to people. WILL can ensure this by using SNS scheduling sites like Hootsuite. COFFEE SLEEVES We also came up with the idea to place the WILL brand within coffee shops in Champaign. We will purchase 5,000 coffee sleeves and get them branded with the WILL logo and the hash tag #WILLPower. This will allow students to see that WILL is with them along the way to success. It is a great way to get in the students hands and really help them see the brand and understand what WILL stands for. This will take place before and during first and second semester 13 finals.


promotions | pr #WILLPOWER TO DISCOVER is a kick-off concert at the beginning of the year. It will occur on the first week of October at Canopy Club. It marks the start of the campaign to kick WILL into high gear by introducing their plan to get people to discover what else WILL has to offer. The concert will help students interact with WILL’s Live and Local segment by voting for their favorite bands. This will drive traffic to WILL’s YouTube page. It also gives bands an incentive to promote this concert and initiative, generating free publicity for WILL. The concert will work as follows: >> Feature 8 bands in total, 5 that are the most popular bands featured on WILL’s Live and Local segment and the remaining 3 will be WILL’s choice. >> The 5 bands will be chosen based on who has the most views on Live and Local YouTube video. >> Emcee of concert will be one of WILL’s own radio personalities. >> #WILLPower will be announced many times to the crowd to encourage Twitter and social media discussion to attendees. In addition, the emcee and the bands will promote various WILL and community events between songs. >> #WILLPower Concert will take place Canopy Club on October 3rd, one month after Quad Day to give time for promotion and to encourage students to “vote” for the bands they most want to see by viewing their YouTube videos. >> This will be promoted through our Quad Day #WILLpower to Discover booth, Twitter, Facebook, and a digital screen at the ARC and CRCE during the month of September. This event will be announced on Quad Day. The concert will actually take place on October 3rd and they will follow up with video posts to YouTube and link it to Twitter to gain more publicity from the event.


#WILL POWER TO SUCCEED is based off of the fact that students want to get experience in the field they are studying. WILL will introduce an internship contest, which ultimately leads to an internship at WILL, where the intern will learn the everyday tasks of a news and radio station. This will get kicked off at Quad Day. WILL will have a booth with a flier for the twitter contest explaining how they can enter to be one of the WILL interns. We have left money in the budget to allocate for the internship program and left it up to WILL as to whether the interns should be paid or not. In order to get the internship, WILL will have contestants post a video on YouTube demonstrating their creativity as well as what they think it will take to be a star intern at WILL. They will then repost this video on Twitter and publicize their post in 140 character or less to gain more retweets. The top 10 applicants whose video tweets have been retweeted the most will move on to the next level. During the final level, WILL will choose who they think will represent WILL best and have the ultimate decision in deciding the interns. WILL’s intern decision will be made by the end of the first semester and restart the following semester to recruit more interns. The intern’s duties are as follows: >> Drive more traffic to WILL’s site by incorporating new media techniques to share content. >> Post videos to YouTube page and Twitter. >> Gain a presence on SNS to give WILL a personality and following. >> Publicize upcoming events and post news content which is relatable to target market. The internship competition is a great way for students to learn more about the media industry, get their feet wet and understand what it takes to work in this fast paced world. They will be gaining valuable experience in social media, analytics and evaluating their target market to distribute information accordingly. Overall, the internship competition helps WILL get students more involved and teach them that they are a vital component when keeping a company in tune with new media. The internship competition will begin on Quad day. The first round will end on September 20th, then WILL will decide the interns by October 3rd and announce them at the kick-off concert. The interns will start the following week and work heavily on concert follow up videos. They will continue with the internship throughout the year. 14


rough creative executions FRONT












Our goal with the budget was to keep it low and still get the most out of it. We looked to place our content efficiently throughout the year by using the most effective resources. We first thought about quad day and the preparation that would go into making that work. We did our research and found that is would only cost us a very small fraction or $84 of our budget. After quad day, we broke it down by each event, did our research to determine how much it all would costs and started to generate our budget. We did figure that the ARC and MTD were our main advertising locations and decided to position our ads in those locations during high traffic times. This was decided by location for the MTD stops and when people typically worked out at the ARC. Ultimately, we left some room for WILL to decide where the money would go. This could either be spent on the intern or more shirts for volunteers. We felt that our total budget of $7, 372 was enough to get us through the year since a lot of our publicity would be held on Social Media sites. The thing that really stood out to us was that Social Media sites didn’t just provide excellent coverage but are free. We incorporated this into our plan since everything today is headed towards social media. We also wanted to make sure our strategy related back to Social Media so that our target can log on and see what WILL has in the works. Overall, our budget included the RSO competition costs, Social Media, MTD add placement for three months, 1,500 coffee sleeves, Tshirts for the volunteers, the quad day costs, and ARC advertising costs. The extra money would go towards other expenses and maybe tax.




specific posts, what receives the most comments, how many times our page is viewed daily and basic demo/psycho graphics of our fans.


We will monitor or Youtube page daily to track out views and fans. We are using YouTube for a variety of projects including voting for the concert as well as well as our WILLpower to succeed internship, it is important be able to efficiently track our progress. We will keep our Youtube page fresh and updated by taking the feedback we get from our viewers.

In order to evaluate how effective our campaign was and how much awareness we generated we will send out a mass survey much like we did during our primary research. This survey will be sent out after all of our promotional and advertising efforts have been completed. It will focus on our CUMTD and Campus Recreation advertisements as well as all of our WILL efforts to see if people have become more aware of local news, entertainment, volunteer opportunities etc.

OBJECTIVE 2: INCREASE TWITTER ENGAGEMENT AND INTERACTION WITH WILL TWITTER ENGAGEMENT We will monitor our twitter followers by using Twazzup. Using this we will be able to check the power of our twitter profile. This includes the number of followers we are attaining and how well we are engaging with them. This allows us to be notified every-time someone mentions us in a tweet and can even categorize our results by link popularity, contributors, tagging clouds and users. This is also an important tool because it allows us to find out more details about the people who are tweeting about us so we can put up relevant information that may interest them further. This will also help us follow our WILLpower to succeed internship competition. INTERACTION WITH WILL We will use Facebook analytics to track our Facebook fans and see who is responding to what. How many likes are on

OBJECTIVE 3: PROMOTE LOCAL MUSICIANS AND SOCIAL CHANGE THROUGH COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROJECTS SUPPORTED BY WILL. #WILLPOWER CONCERT Track the amount of people who attend and how many “votes” bands received. Use Twazzup and Facebook analytics to see how people responded to the concert as well as create Facebook and twitter updates that asks our followers what they thought of it, for example “Who was your favorite performance at last night WILLpower concert?” This will ensure that our next concert will be an even bigger success. RSO COMPETITION We will evaluate our competition by conducting interviews with the RSO presidents who were involved with the competition. We will conduct these interviews after the competition is over to gain some insight on what we did well and how we can improve. If the competition turns out to be successful we will continue it in the on coming semesters. QUAD DAY We will evaluate how strong our presence was on quad day by the number of people who signed up at each of our booths. 18




For listening to what we have to say. We know it’s not easy to change. It’s even harder to think that you can instill in college students minds that they can be the change they want to see in the world. You can do this with a rock star internship program, relevant content that relates to issues of social concern on a local level, and by tugging at our heartstrings. You have the power, the WILLPower that is. !


WILLPower Campaign  

For a course in Account Planning and Management, I worked with a group of classmates to develop a strategy for PBS affiliate WILL. For the p...

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