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Body Wash for Men

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The 1960s has hit the United States with a wave of great change, and since it is 1962, Germany’s Beiersdorf is looking to expand its highly trusted and innovative brand, Nivea to the United States. As this is a period of change, instead of marketing to women, Nivea Body Wash for Men is exclusively offered for men. This innovative product is likely to make a giant leap for the hygiene industry and chal-

NIVEA COMPANY ANALYSIS Ever since researchers at Beiersdorf discovered the revolutionary emulsifying agent, Eucerin in 1911, Nivea as a brand is internationally recognized as an agent of tradition and innovation in both the health and beauty industry. Beiersdorf is one of the leading global companies for skin and beauty care, and with more than 50 years in the business, Beiersdorf believes in of fering high-quality products at an affordable price. HERE AND NOW IN 1962 Within the past two years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the ways in which we as individuals carry out lives. People are cry ing out for social change and social order protesting racial discrimination and the like. The economy is in an upswing, which

dent of modernity, for he is an icon and a leader of change for this age. US VERSUS THEM Even though women’s products dominate the soap and hygiene market, competitors like Old Spice have realized the potential for the male hygiene market. Our secondary competition is Dial soap because they are the leader in the soap and hygiene industry overall. Nivea Body Wash for Men is to be campaigned as a luxury that all men should use and want because it is a lightly scented and fresh alternative to competitors.

CONSUMER RESEARCH Our primary market consists of men ages 15-30 that are either single or recently in a relationship, and our secondary market is comprised of older men ages 30-45. Research proves that most of these men still hold a concern for looking fresh and smelling clean for their wives and others. ADVERTISING STRATEGY Nivea for Men will best reach its target audience through using a variety of media platforms, including but not limited to television, magazine, and outdoor. Our objectives for building usage, maintaining usage and brand loyalty are simple: BUILDING USAGE -- A simple print advertisement will be featured in major cities in the United States on vehicles of public transportation and in public places until July of this year. MAINTAINING USAGE -- The product will stay on the modern edge of the Men’s Grooming industry, by using a gel lather, fresh packaging and hip advertisements. MAINTAINING BRAND LOYALTY -- Nivea will provide the same tradition and innovation that the brand has sustained for over CREATIVE STRATEGY Our strategy is to position Nivea Body Wash for Men as an image of innovation, masculinity, and prestige by showing how it should like advertisements. We know why men want to look, feel and smell fresh and we know that for a man on the go, Nivea Body Wash for Men is his only true option. MAIN IDEA -- “To be a Nivea man...” The consumer will to want to live their life like a Nivea man and incorporate Nivea Body Wash for Men into their active lifestyle and everyday routine. VISUAL APPEAL Nivea Body Wash for Men holds on to its brand name well, as it maintains the widely recognized color scheme of blue and white to promote prestige in its most simplistic form. Advertisements will feature simple headlines and display one of the aspects of what it is to be a Nivea man through the purchase of the product. MEDIA PLAN Media will be placed on prime television stations, popular magazines that men read, outdoors and point-of-purchase displays promoting a contest. PUBLIC RELATIONS Nivea Body Wash for Men will offer a range in promotions from contests for a Nivea spokesman, 100% rebates, outdoor concerts with promotional merchandise, and chances for free bottles of the product itself.

COMPANY HISTORY 1910s Soon after its launch in 1911 by Beiersdorf, Nivea becomes a well-recognized and popular brand in 34 countries worldwide with 42% of its sales generated abroad. During this time, Nivea focuses on innovative advertising techniques with Hans Rudi Erdt’s

vertisements “Eulalias Verjüngung” (“Eulalia’s Rejuvenation”) which promotes Nivea Creme in a tube.

1925 Nivea is re-launched, going blue and white and promoting advertising themes of naturalness, freshness and activity. Beiersdorf

drawing pictures with the tube is given the chance to have their entry published.

1947 As Beiersdorf lost its trademark rights to Nivea in many countries during World War II, the development of products and adver tising still heavily remains in the hands of different local owners around the world.

1954 use of Nivea among all ages.

1962 As Beiersdorf works to regain Nivea trademark rights worldwide through innovative, luxury products at an affordable price, they are now ready to appeal to an unrecognized but lucrative market with Nivea Body Wash for Men.


Since the early 1900s, the American health and beauty industry has focused on getting America clean by promoting bar soaps,

hair creams and shampoos mostly for women and to, women.

Right now in the industry, many companys, who make bar soaps, fail to acknowledge the male market and instead target females.

Recently, other companies like Old Spice have promoted bar soap on a rope to men. They are one of the only brands at this time

to tap into the male market, beyond the sale of hair cream, or pomade, products.

making the men feel good, smell good and live free.

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES 1890 Hamburg, Germany-- Dr. Oscar Troplowitz acquires Beiersdorf from its founder Paul C. Beiersdorf and begins to produce technical

1911 later that year as the base for the innovative cosmetic cream, Nivea Creme.

1910 Nivea extends its product range with Nivea Soap for the body and Nivea Hair Milk for the head and scalp.

1920 1962 men.

PRODUCT SITUATION ANALYSIS Nivea Body Wash for Men is not just one product; it is an umbrella of especially-made body washes created to suit the needs of men.

Let this cool, blue gel frejuvenate your senses. This body wash for men removes dirt and sweat, invigorating your skin, leaving you feel fresh and cool.

A body wash, moisturizing shampoo and foaming shave gel all combined into one product to leave your skin clean and smooth. This three in one solution to your grooming needs uses advanced MICRO TEC-Technology to give you a nice, fresh shave.

With a hint of mint and a fresh soap-free formula, this body wash for men removes dirt and sweat, without drying out your skin, and ultimately, stimulating your senses.


It’s 1962. The American economy is thriving, which means that people want to spend more money on luxurious products for them selves, much like health and hygiene products. Women’s products dominate the soap and hygiene market, although some soap com panies are just beginning to tap into the male market. Another recent trend within this industry is that natural, or lightly, scented bar soap is preferred by most in this day and age.

PRIMARY COMPETITION Strengths: Old Spice for Men dominates the men’s hygiene market, mainly because they are one of the only, if not the only, brand dipping into this category. As number one in the market with their popular shaving soap and after shave lotion, they promote masculine scents for masculine men through a wide range of products offered on store shelves and in gift box sets. These products have proven quite popular with consumers, since they are sold at a lower price than individual bottles themselves. Their best seller, bar soap-on-a-rope, which is included in the gift sets along with shaving soap and after shave lotion, is an alternative to the ordinary bar soap which can easily slip out of your hands. Weaknesses: Old Spice’s days in the men’s hygiene product category are numbered, since Old Spice is typically associated with the

scent of old men. Just a sniff of Old Spice is likely to send you running in the opposite direction for your eternal youth.

Even though Old spice has managed to counter the problems of every day shower usage with soap-on-a-rope, they are still using

the same technology of yesteryear, the bar soap.

SECONDARY COMPETITION Strengths: Right now, Dial Soap dominates the overall market for soap, because they offer deodarant and antibacterial soap;

fectiveness. By using natural


additives, they acheive a natural scent that everyone loves. Weaknesses: Dial Soap has that natural scent because it is actually a by-product of a meat production process, tallow. That’s right, it is produced at a meat processing plant, Armour and Company. Other than the fact that this best-selling soap comes

from the same place as your meat from the butcher, they do not offer any soap exclusively for men, and they mostly adver-

tise towards women.

CONSUMER RESEARCH TARGET MARKET DESCRIPTION Our target audience is the image body conscious ladies man. Men between the ages of 15 to 30, who have an interest in staying fresh and active to keep their game up with the ladies. PRIMARY MARKET The primary market consists of men ages 15 to 30 that are either single or recently in a relationship, who are ultimately looking to mpress the ladies in their lives. These men, economically, are considered middle class to upper class and take real pride in trusting the brands they use on a daily basis. We chose this particular group of people since men are expected to be

fresh is one of their main priorities. Unlike the overbearing Old Spice smell, Nivea Body Wash for Men serves as the middle ground for this problem as it is lightly scented. Nivea Body Wash for Men. The market that we have chosen to appeal to is the ideal market for a higher-end product at an affordable price like NiveaBody Wash for Men. Old Spice is essentially the only competitor in the made-for-men body wash category, which gives Nivea an upperhand since the surrounding competition is not only minimal, but since they position themselves toward women and not men. Beiersdorf is the German parent company of Nivea that produces many products in the personal hygiene and beauty mar kets. Internationally Nivea hygiene and beauty products have been rather successful. In many European countries, the brand

lease in stores across the United States. o men who use it.


The name’s James, just James, and I’m in my

The name’s Micahel, and I’m 16. I believe in

late twenties. I’m a man who works hard and

lookin’ good and smellin’ fresh, whether it’s

plays even harder --a real ladies man. I’m also

after the big game or when I’m getting ready

a modern man, and I like things that are con-

for a night out on the town with Susie cour

venient, easy-to-use and on the cutting edge.

tesy of yours truly.

CONSUMER RESEARCH SECONDARY MARKET The secondary market for Nivea Body Wash for Men consists of older men ages 30-45. This is the ideal secondary market because although most of these men are married, they are still young enough to still concern themselves with looking good and feeling fresh for their wives and employers. Even though they are older than the primary market, they will still identify with the advertising campaign set into place. While they maybe aging and have already found Mrs. Right and have a solid career, this group still grasps the importance of grooming because it helps them maintain an elite status. UNDEVELOPED MARKET The potential market for this product consists of women who want to buy grooming products for the men in their lives. Since women are most likely doing the grocery shopping, this is an ideal potential market because although the product is not for them, they could easily pick it up for their husband, boyfriend and even their teenage son while on their weekly trip to the super market.



I’m Jason and I’m in my thirties. As a man of great wisdom, I feel that staying young, dressing your best and feeling fresh is the key to success.

I’m Greg and I would consider myself a family man. The wife likes when I come down for breakfast in the morning because that’s when I’m refreshed and looking my best. I may look all because I know how to balance my career and family while still maintaining an active lifestyle.


new product-line to the United states, we want sales to increase by 100 percent over the next two years, holding 40 per-

forms of communication widely used by men ages 15-45, such as print ads in magazines, newspapers, television, radio and the outdoors. We will appeal to these men by positioning Nivea Body Wash for Men as a product that suits a superior lifestyle available exclusively for men at the extremely low price of 85 cents.

ADVERTISING STRATEGY BUILDING USAGE To build usage for this product, we will feature a simple print advertisement in major cities in the United States on ve hicles of public transportation, store windows, sports arenas, gyms, country clubs and bus stops. The print advertisement will feature a simple white poster with a question mark in the middle. at the bottom, copy will read “We’re at the top of our game around the rest of the world, but simply a mystery in the States” with the Nivea Body Wash for Men logo at the bottom corner. These print ads will run until the product is released in mid-June just as summer begins, when the need to stay and feel fresh requires more attention. MAINTAINING USAGE In order to maintain usage for Nivea Body Wash for Men, Nivea Body Wash for Men will maintain hip and cutting-edge packaging, as well as advertisements that will continue to appeal to a lifestyle that men hope to acheive. Men will feel proud to use our product and spread the word because it offers luxury and prestige available to anyone in an easy-to-use manner and at an affordable price. New scents will also be released periodically throughout the year so that consumers MAINTAINING BRAND LOYALTY In maintaining brand loyalty, we will continue to provide the same tradition and innovation that Nivea has sustained feel opulent after a hard day’s work or play. As Nivea Body Wash for Men serves as the Nivea Brand’s introduction to the United States, will continue to introduce new products to the country that have been a part of the Nivea brand for years. rior brand for men on to women and children once more Nivea products are introduced to the United States.

MEDIA PLAN To best reach the target audience, the media plan will focus on nationwide advertisements on a variety of media plat reach most men who fit into our target market description. Through television commercials, placement readily available and popular magazines for men such as LIFE and Playboy, print advertisements, billboards and newspa pers, the word will spread quickly to the male consumer across the United States on how to embrace their man hood, keep it cool, fresh and young through the purchase of Nivea Body Wash for Men. TELEVISION -- 35% Let’s face it, people are watching more and more television nowadays and with the introduction of color television people are paying even more attention to programs like CBS’ Ed Sullivan Show and NBC’s Bonanza. MAGAZINE -- 28% What do men like? Men like women in tasteful magazines such as Playboy. Men also just happen to like catching up on LIFE. That’s why a product exclusively available for men is hitting the magazines. OUTDOOR -- 15% We are appealing to men who like to live outside and also to businessmen, so it is only natural that the campaign would feature outdoor advertisements like billboards and posters at bus stops. OTHER -- 12%




35% -

15% 28%


CONTESTS AND PREMIUMS “NIVEA MAN” CONTEST ualities of Nivea -active, sociable, a man’s man, a leaders and a ladies man. Consumers and their wives will be made aware of this contest through point-of-purchase displays featured along the aisles in stores where Nivea Body Wash for Men will be readily available. Contestants are offered to be the next “Nivea Man,” and will be featured in a 30-second commercial where they individually explain how they live the life of a man who uses Nivea Body Wash for Men. The contestant that receives the title of the “Nivea Man” is to be a spokesperson of the product line and will be paide all expense travel for his service. DEALER PROMOTIONS Consumers will be offered the chance to collect the proofs of purchase from all of the products within the Nivea Body Wash for Men product line. By collecting a proof of purchase from each different scent, it will add up to a free bottle of body wash. By doing this, consumers are encouraged to try all of the scents and have motivation to continue purchasing the product.

a concern with the product should write to the company requesting a refund. Consumers who address concerns to the compa ny are likely to provide remarks about the possible faults of this product, which will allow Nivea to further perfect their prod uct in the future (that is, unless it’s not perfect). DEALER PROMOTIONS Nivea will sponsor a Bob Dylan outdoor concert in the summer of this year, 1962, as his album currently tops the billboard 100. Armbands with the Nivea Body Wash for Men logo will be given out at the concert to go along with the ideals of Nivea.


Our strategy is to position Nivea Body Wash for Men as an image of innovation, masculinity and prestige by showing how

target markets. We also want to stay with the unique and simple look that Nivea has established and maintained for over the past twenty years so that we can build visual brand awareness throughout the nation.

CREATIVE STRATEGY COPY ELEMENTS Copy elements are simple and easily understandable. Because the product’s name includes body wash, the copy does not need to describe the actual use of the product, but rather why it is so innovative and why it should be the primary choice in washing up for men. Using this mindset, our approach to the campaign was to create an ad featuring the diverse range in men that would use this body wash. That’s why we have chosen the tagline below to be used on a variety of media platforms throughout the cam paign. COPY PLATFORM Make Nivea the choice of men. The way we portray this is through the use of various images of different types of men.

VISUAL APPEAL Since Nivea has already set a standard for itself when it comes to keeping things simple, the ads visually will encompass the blue and white simplistic theme. By using these colors, it displays a unique and recognizeable visual for the identity of the

nedy, Sean Connery and also the everyday man. Because well-distinguished and successful men use Nivea Body Wash for Men, it will attract the target audience to become purchasers.




Music Start: “I Wanna Be Your Man”- The Beatles


I wanna be your lover baby, I wanna be your man

NOTE: This song will serve as The Beatles semiintroduction to the United States next spring in 1963 when the song is released in the UK.



I wanna be your lover baby, I wanna be your man

Scream: whaaaaaa To be a man is to perform like a champion. Nivea it’s all in one bottle.

TELEVISION COMMERCIAL #2 (Man reading the newspaper puts it down and looks towards the audience) Hello there, I am a man who indulges in life. A real ladies man-a man who works hard and plays hard. But when I use soap it makes me smell like a rose. Why would I want to smell like her when I can smell like a Nivea man? With a pinch of cool and a gel that’s fresh, Nivea Body Wash for Men it’s the first of its kind and it’s all in one bottle.

(Picks up a bottle of Nivea Body Wash for Men. Opens the cap and sniffs it) Nivea for

Body Wash



men. It’s the smell of masculinity.

TELEVISION COMMERCIAL #2 (Man reading the newspaper puts it down and looks towards the audience) Hello there, I am a man who indulges in life. A real ladies man-a man who works hard and plays hard. But when I use soap it makes me smell like a rose. Why would I want to smell like her when I can smell like a Nivea man? With a pinch of cool and a gel that’s fresh, Nivea Body Wash for Men it’s the first of its kind and it’s all in one bottle.

(Picks up a bottle of Nivea Body Wash for Men. Opens the cap and sniffs it) Nivea for

Body Wash



men. It’s the smell of masculinity.

Nivea Body Wash for Men  

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