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NOVEMBER will  see  the  first national  protest  organised  by The National Union of Students (NUS) since November 2010.  NUS President Liam Burns in  a  series  of  Youtube  videos said: “You’ve got a lot to be angry about.  You’ve  had  EMA  stolen, tuition  fees  tripled,  you’ve  had your  education  systematically attacked across the board by the coalition.  And  even  if  you’re lucky enough to get to the other end, what have you got to look forward to? Youth unemployment is at an all-time  high,  getting  on  the property ladder is next to impossible and we don’t even have the safety net of pensions to look forward  to  any  more.  It’s  about

Revealed: Get to see DJ Zane Lowe at the Welcome Ball on September 22, 2012. See page 13.

time  that  we  did  something about it. In a year in which there are no  votes  in  parliament  and  no legislation coming before politicians, it’s about time we started setting the agenda, not reacting to  it.  It’s  about  time  that  we start creating activists that will be  there  for  years  to  come  on your campus.”  In another Youtube video emblazoned with the protest Twitter  hashtag  #Demo2012,  the disputed  Gandhi  quote  ‘First they  ignore  you,  then  they ridicule you, then they fight you, and  then  you  win’  is  flashed across the screen, followed by ‘I am  the  change,  We  are  the change.’ The march is planned for November 21 however shows worrying  signs  for  any  hope  of

success.  Burns’ speech indirectly admits the past failure of the previous protests as they’ve failed to set an agenda. The NUS website states that ‘if students don’t demand that politicians listen to us we’ll be ignored’.  Without a clear agenda, question marks hang over the NUS and  whether  they’ve  prematurely  called  for  a  demonstration.  Burns  added: “We  need  to know  from  you  what  it  is  that students on your campus are really angry about. What is it from us  that  you  need  to  make  sure that this is a moment a generation will never forget?”  The November 2010 protest that  saw  up  to  50,000  people take  part  was  marred  by  violence  as  demonstrators  sieged the Milbank Tower that houses the  Conservative  Party  headquarters,  breaking  in  and smashing windows and lighting fires.  The NUS condemned the violence as then President Aaron Porter said: “I’m disgusted that the actions of a minority of idiots are trying to undermine 50,000 who  came  to  make  a  peaceful protest.” It was only earlier this year that  the  NUS  called  upon  students to walk out of lectures as part  of  their  Come  Clean  campaign, demanding debate on university  reforms  and  student funding.  Students  in  London  marched upon  the  Department  of  Business, Innovation & Skills on Victoria  Street  to  (unsuccessfully) demand  the  Minister  of  State for... Continued on page 2.


THIS YEAR  LiverpoolSU’s  very own Scholars Bar are going back to basics. It is no longer trying to be a Costa, or an eat in, or a subway it is  your  student pub. There is a new menu that has been professionally  designed,  with  an  increased  range  of  food  and  drink options.  The bar has undergone new rebranding  and  now  has  three  set student led evenings each week; Monday Quiz Nights, Pre-Medication  Wednesdays  and  Karaoke Thursdays,  organised  by  the Raise and Give society. The  bar  have  recently  been searching for a new quiz master to recruit, also. Assistant Commercial Director for  LiverpoolSU,  Nadine  Taylor said: “I think what is important to try and get through to students is that we are a non-profit organisation. So all of the money that students spend in our bar, shops and

at our events is reinvested to support the great services we provide and to ensure they are life changing for our students. “Services include sports cubs and  societies,  with  over  eighty sports clubs and societies on offer, there  really  is  something  for everyone.  “Every programme at LJMU has at least one Course Representative who works alongside LiverpoolSU  to  voice  any  opinions students may have about the education  they  are  receiving,  and work  to  improve  this.  We  offer Hall Representatives. “Our Community Representative  Scheme  aims  to  build stronger relations with the wider community,  and  we  encourage students to get involved in, look after and feel proud of their local communities. “In  our Advice  Centre,  students requiring academic advice can receive free and confidential support from the LiverpoolSU Advice Centre team.... Continued on page 3

Read our Sports Editor’s exclusive interview with Katarina JohnsonThompsons’ coach, Mike Holmes and his views on the comparison of private and publically educated Olympians on page 18.


See Liverpool in pictures submitted by Looprevil readers and photographers in the city on pages 10-11.

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GET ONLINE BRAND  new  this  September, Looprevil Bloggers is a branch of Looprevil Press, dedicated to helping  LJMU  and  Liverpool  based bloggers  grow,  develop  and  gain the best experience they can out of blogging. Blogging, or “web logs”, have become  popular  outlets  for  likeminded  people  to  share  valuable and unique content.

(Continued  from front page)  ...Universities  and Science David Willets to sign their 40,000 signature strong petition. LJMU’s answer to rising fees and the youth unemployment  was  reported  in  the  Liverpool their journey, too.  Throughout the year, participants  will  get  the  chance  to  promote  their  own  blog,  talk  to bloggers with the same interests. Members will have the chance to share inspiration sources such as Pinterest parties, gain friendly followers,  come  to  social  gatherings  and  perhaps  meet  some  life long friends.  More so, bloggers will be able to  gain  skillful  knowledge  about design and coding for their blogs with help from other members.

Daily Post as a response to the Come Clean campaign.  Carolyn Williams, LJMU Director  of  student  Recruitment said: “We recognise that £9,000 a  year  is  a  lot  of  money.  However, our figures show that the rise in tuition fees is not pricing students out of education and in fact, the number of prospective students who have accepted an offer  of  a  place  is  higher  than this time last year. The primary reason for this is  that  young  people  see  the value in higher education. A degree not only gives students indepth knowledge of their chosen subject  but  also  helps  them  develop  workplace skills. This is particularly true at LJMU where we have the unique, employer backed World of Work programme which aims to ensure every student has the skills they need to succeed in employment.

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LSU  want  your  feedback  about Welcome  Week,  New  Improved Scholars  bar,  New  Health  & Safety  Policy,  and  promotion  of NUS Demo.

22ND NOVEMBER 2012 LSU  want  to  help  you  plan  and run your own event! What events do  you  want  to  see  happening? Mini  SU’s  (their  roles,  what  do you want from your mini SU’s?) & location  location,  location!  What you would want from a new student union building?


Identity Forum, Varsity, One big match, kit, tour, access and inclusion in the SU. How can we make the identity of LJMU and student union  bigger  and  better?  Lets champion our clubs & societies.

7TH MARCH 2013

Summer in the SU (what people want,  how  can  we  help?),  information  about  Grad  Ball,  LSU Loves you awards, hustings, Club &  Society  Alumni  scheme  –  life time  membership  with  the  SU, what would you want for it?

GOING UP IN SMOKE by JADE BAGNALL Writer RETAILER  surveys  show  that 47% of people are aware of tobacco products  being  sold  illegally  in their area; but are they aware of the effects?  A survey by the Tobacco Retailers Alliance found that 31% of independent  retailers  nationwide (33% in the North West) are considering cutting down on staff because of illegal tobacco smuggling across  borders  with  13%  (11% North West) closing down. And  the  issue  shouldn’t  be ifnored. The loss of more job positions in the  UK  can’t  be  seen  as positive.  Whilst  it’s  tempting  to  buy cheap and legal cigarettes abroad, it’s still adding to the problem. Taking business away from the small retailers seems easy. Treat yourself  on  holiday  and  now you’re the bad guy; so maybe it’s not  so  bad,  maybe  these  businesses  are  just  suffering  the  aftermath of the 21st century. 

With  new  technology  it’s  not shocking that easy travel has rendered  simple  independent  businesses unneeded. If cigarettes aren’t being sold by these retailers they have to be sold  by  someone  though,  and  if they’re brought into this country illegally  then  you  can  bet  your bottom  dollar  they  will  be  sold that way.  In a retailer survey 16% are aware of smugglers supplying underage smokers. No  one  can  suggest  exactly how to abolish tobacco smuggling. Some suggest that decreasing the tax  on  tobacco  will  help  fix  the problem; as it’s the high tax which makes England such a profitable place for smuggling.  Others think that simply increasing the penalties for committing the crime might help.  Despite these suggestions, 64% from  the  retailer  survey  predict that the problem will increase in the next 12 months.  So if you like your local shop, start using it. 

WITH  back  to  school  and  the  new  university year starting, UK households looking to purchase a new computer could save up to £397, just by simple memory upgrades. We’ve all been there; your computer is at snail’s pace, the cursor starts pausing and your window is “Not Responding”.  But whilst most of us wouldn’t think twice about getting rid of a brand new car with a flat tyre, it has been revealed that Britons have a costly “out with the old and in with the new” mentality when it comes to computers. As the academic year has started, a boom in computer  sales  is  anticipated.  For  university students, who are already growing grey hairs over the rising fees and cost of living, wasting money on computers should be an unnecessary worry. But computers are now an essential tool to studies. Computer upgrade site has revealed that UK households could make a saving in the region of £1.78billion every year by simply upgrading their computer rather than

(Continued from front page, “Back to Basics”) ... “We also encourage, support and lead campaigns on behalf of our students. We organise forums that are open, friendly discussions where you can voice any concerns and share your experienes so we can help make your time at LJMU even better. “Therefore the more students that use our commercial areas, the more money we can generate and reinvest into making these services bigger and better and continuing to support the student voice and the student experience.”



WHAT WE would give to be able to get to our lectures, seminars, exams, events, revise and see our friends without sleep and without problems. But every student knows that they should get a full nights sleep before all of that.

Whether we do or not is a different story. Blame Facebook, Twitter or your attempts to cram in an extra couple of hours before your exam; we’re all familiar with the concept of “pulling an all-nighter.” Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have found that even if you spend the entire day studying, if you sacrifice sleep, you will always struggle the next day. Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Science at UCLA, Andrew Fuligini said: “Sacrificing sleep for extra study time is counterproductive.” 

replacing it.  2000 Briton’s between the ages of 18 – 70 were surveyed and admitted they were looking to purchase a new computer this season, due to frustrations  with  current  computers. And  instead of prolonging the life of their existing computer  and  paying  up  to  £64  for  a  memory upgrade,  they’d  rather  spend  £400  on  a  new one. Roddy McLean, marketing director of, said: “People are unaware of just how  easy  it  is  to  save money  simply  by  upgrading the memory in  their  poorly  performing computers.  “As a nation we should have a better understanding of our home computers to ensure  they  perform  at their  best  and  last longer.”


> The bells in the Anglican Cathedral are the heaviest in the world? 13 bells weigh in at a total of 17 tonnes and Great George, a 15 tonne monster is larger than Big Ben and has to be rung with a hammer. > Liverpool has the largest collection of Grade II-listed buildings outside London. The city has 2,500 listed buildings and 250 public monuments. > And is also the most filmed city outside of London.


New this year, LiverpoolSU are offering a programme of tailord Give It A Go trips by faculty, to allow students to meet and get to know others on their course of study. Trips will occur throughout the year. Children and partners are also welcome on trips, unless otherwise stated. Please go to for more details.

The research involved 535 students from different socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds at several high schools in the Los Angeles area.  The students were slected from 9th, 10th and 12th grades, and used diaries to report how they studied, how long they slept and whether they experienced academic problems. Problems included not fully understanding information taught, performing poorly in a test or in their homework. Researchers initially expected that those students who spent more time studying overall, would show the best performance in class. However, the results showed that those who let study time cut into their sleepign

time were actually doing more poorly on tests. So next time you see that person sat in the library, at their desk, asleep with their faces in their midnight feast, and you’re going home to do sweet f-a, at least you’ll be comforted by the prospect that you may just beat them by a few points in your next exam. These results do not mean that students should spend less time studying overall, but perhaps work out a more efficient study timetable to ensure that they get enough work done, whilst allowing them enough time to rest. Fuligini added: “Although these nights of extra studying may seem necessary, they can come at a cost.”




QUIDCO, one of the UK’s biggest cashback sites, has revealed that shoppers in the North West are focusing more on saving their cash after surveying 2000 individuals; including Liverpool.  Since the start of the recession, the region has earned its place as eighth in a list of the UK’s savviest when it comes to scrimping the extra pennies. A whopping 87% of local  residents  agreed  that  it  is cooler to be frugal now than it was before  the  hunchback  of  society, also  known  as  the  economic slump.

In an era where every penny is blessed, Quidco also discovered that 89% of shoppers in the North West  are  now  happier  to  sling  a voucher  and  discount  code  here and  there  when  spending  their hard-earned cash. Shoppers in the North West are saving £884 a year by tightening purse strings and coming up with creative ways to be careful, including  knitting  clothing  and shopping in budget supermarkets. 64%  of  locals  collect  reward points, 60% are using discount vouchers in shops and restaurants, 42% use price comparison  sites  and  24%  are  using cashback sites. 

Andy Oldham, Managing Director at Quido, said: “In a continually  trick  financial  climate,  it’s reassuring to see shoppers in the North West embrace savvy spending  behaviour  and  use  fantastic resources  to  make  their  cash  go further.”

BETTER UNION, BETTER UNIVERSITY, BETTER CITY exclusive by SHAUNA WATERMAN Writer DID YOU know that you have four elected student officers who make decisions for your student union?  Paul Abernethy, Kate Wilkinson, Curtis Reid and Tom  Aldus  are  your  student  representatives  who take a year out of university to run a student union that is student led.  Paul said: “When you do something that really makes  a  change,  the  highs  are  probably  the  best highs you’ll ever have, and that’s when all it really pays off”.  The ‘reps’ listen to the student body and take monthly reports to show what they have been doing for the union and what impact they are making.  Mr Abernethy added: “It’s actually seeing the changes that you want to happen being made and realising  that  they’re  potentially  going  to  change 24,000 people’s lives for the better. That sounds so cheesy I know!” Each representative has a different role within the union.  Paul is the President of the student officers.  Describing his role he said: “lobbying the university for changes for students, and that’s all studentinformed and based on what they want”.  Kate is Vice President Academic Quality, Curtis is Vice President Community Engagement and Tom is Vice President Activities.  Explaining his goal and the impact of his job, Tom said: “my goal is to have more engagement in sport and to create a development plan in this field that rivals the likes of Loughborough, Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle. “I really like the campaigning that we do and it’s


surprised  me  how  much  weight  we  actually  carry with the higher levels of the university.” Curtis explained what community engagement is and said: “I deal with landlords, the council, police services as well as interacting with students at this level. “I am their first port of call if they have issues regarding their landlords. My remit is mainly welfare”.  Having students as representatives means that we can have a say in how our university should be shaped.  Mr Abernethy said: “Our positions really mean something now. “In the past it was a lot more tokenistic, we’re now in a position to really make a change and make a difference to the university. “That’s changed massively in the last five years. Now the university really respects us”.  The job of being a student officer is also very beneficial to those involved. It of course acts as work experience  and  demonstrates  great  responsibility  to future employers.  Mr Reid said: “It’s been absolutely brilliant. I’ve met lots of new people as there’s lots of networking involved, new things to do every week. It’s great just being  able  to  shout  about  all  the  things  that  our union does”.  As stated, the student union is student led and that means that they need your support.  Offering advice to freshers, Curtis said: “take advantage of all the opportunities you get. Engage with your course as much as possible and don’t be afraid to ask course leaders for help, even if you think it’s a silly question.  “You don’t want to be in a position where you feel as though you’re slipping behind”.  Paul agreed and said: “we’re always desperate to get feedback on anything to do with the academic experience at John Moores”.

the biennial by ALEX MARTIN Proofreader LIVERPOOL will launch its seventh  biennial  on  September  15, 2012, attracting over 600,000 visitors  to  the  city  from  across  the world.  The Biennial runs until November  25,  2012  and  is  based around the theme of hospitality, a fitting concept for a year in which the  UK  has  already  welcomed millions  of  tourists  for  the Olympics and Queen’s Jubilee. The Biennial was founded in 1998 by James Moores and runs in conjunction with art establishments  including  Tate,  FACT, Open Eye, Bluecoat and the Liverpool Museums Organisation. For ten weeks every two years, the city comes alive with exhibitions, performances and installations  by  contemporary international artists both within these  institutions  and  in  public spaces across the city.  Past biennial contributors have included Ai Weiwei, Yoko Ono and Yayoi Kusama.  This year over 270 artists will flock to the city to display existing or newly commissioned artworks in the largest international contemporary arts festival in the UK. A  highlight  of  this  year’s  event will be Doug Aitken’s first public artwork  display  in  the  UK,  the brainchild  of  the  Tate  and  Sky Arts.  A purpose-built pavilion, designed  by  conceptual  architect David  Adjaye,  is  being  constructed beside the Tate to house the exhibition until January. By day, visitors will be encouraged to step  inside  the  pavilion  to  view video interviews with celebrities including Tilda Swinton and Jack White  amongst  others,  but  by night the videos will be projected and played on the outside walls of the pavilion.  About the display, Aitken said: “This project is about the roots of creativity. Many of the people in this  project  are  working  in  very diverse  mediums  and  it's  that common  thread  that  I'm  interested in.  “The project is very much about the empowerment of the viewer. I want the installation at Tate Liverpool to be a destination: a place

that one can go to and walk into this field of ideas.  “It will be a celebration of the power  of  the  individual  and  the forging  of  a  borderless  new  creative territory – I'm incredibly excited.” The renowned John Moores Painting  Prize  also  runs  in  conjunction with the Biennial, holding  an  exhibition  of  submitted works in the Walker Gallery.  The Prize was founded in 1957 by Liverpool  philanthropist  John Moores and notable winners have included  David  Hockney  and Richard Hamilton.  Five finalists win a cash prize and the winner £25,000. There is also a ‘Visitor’s Choice’ prize selected by the public during the exhibition, the winner of which will receive £2,012.  Both The Copperas Hill building  of  John  Moores  University and  The  Cunard  Building  will play host to parts of the biennial projects, including the City States and  The  Unexpected  Guest, which is opening its doors to the public for the first time. One such project, by L.A. artist Fritz Haeg, will see the creation of a community garden in Everton Park and a public harvesting during the first week of the Biennial. Elmgreen and Dragset’s I’m on the  Guestlist!  will  contemplate misrepresentation  by  displaying a  freestanding  iron  door,  protected  by  bouncers,  displayed  in the middle of the city, and Israeli artist  Oded  Hirsch  will  explore the theme of concealed space with an elevator exploding through the floor of Liverpool ONE. Possibly the most exciting display  of  the  exhibition  comes  on the opening night of the Biennial, in the form of Rhys Chatham’s A Crimson Grail.  The  guitarist  and  composer called for 100 volunteers to play guitar and 8 to play bass in a prolific  performance  at  Liverpool’s Anglican  Cathedral.  The  grand scale  of  both  the  musicians  and the  building  itself  will  no  doubt set a high standard for the rest of the Biennial.  Free admission. Dates and times can be found at

Autumn 2012



famous Cavern Club (3) and Cavern Pub. There’s a Wetherspoons, Hardys bar, The Grapes pub, Vivienne Westwood store. There’s The Tube  80’s  Bar  and  The  Glass Onion pub. There’s Boogie Nights, Erics, Flanagan’s Apple, The Slug and Lettuce and The Living Room.  Revolution,  Lennon’s  Bar,  The Curzon, The Lisbon and The Rubber Soul. Basically, if you went out at  11am,  there  would  be  enough places to visit to take you through until 6am.  CONCERT SQUARE:  The  other hotspot of nightlife in the city centre  of  Liverpool.  You’ve  MODO, Walkabout,  Allure,  Reflex,  The Lime Kiln, Baa Bar, Zoo Bar. The majority of student nights can be found  in  Concert  Square;  there was  once  a  time  when  you  could buy  50p  Sambuca  shots.  Lethal. Nearby,  just  off  Duke  Street  is Parr  Street  Studios  (2),  another Looprevil venue. SEEL STREET: One of Looprevil’s favourite streets; there’s The Peacock, Heebie Jeebies, The Masque, Alma  De  Cuba,  The  Zanzibar Club,  and  nearby  is  MOJO,  on Back  Berry  Street.  Both  Heebie Jeebies and The Peacock offer free meals  on  first  come  first  served basis  on  Fridays  and  Saturdays; perfect when you fancy going out but you haven’t the spare pennies to actually feed yourself.

FRESHER? LOST? OUR TEAM ARE HERE TO HELP YOU OUT. LIME  STREET  STATION:  For most  of  you,  Lime  Street  will  be your entry point to your new home city.  Central  in  the  city,  Lime Street  Station  is  your  portal  to neighbouring  havens,  like  Manchester,  Southport,  Leeds,  Newcastle  and  London.  It’s  easy enough to get tickets, and the station  isn’t  too  big  that  you’ll  get lost.  M O U N T  P L E A S A N T  L J M U CAMPUS;  For  those  based  at Mount Pleasant campus, this will be your home and hell for the next three years. You will find the new Richmonds Building around here, John Foster Building, Art and 

Design Academy, the Aldham Robarts  Library  and  your  drinking hotspot,  Liverpool  Students Union.  This  is  where  Looprevil Press is based, in the Haigh Building.  Walking  down  Hardman Street, where The Magnet is situated, you will come to Bold Street and  one  of  Looprevil’s  previous venues,  LEAF  (1).  Definitely worth a stop for lunch.  Bold Street is one of the shopping areas of Liverpool, situated opposite Church Street. Here you will find millions of comfortable independent  shops  and  coffee  shops, including  Bold  Street  Cafe.  Cafe Tabac can be found at the top, a favourite of Looprevil’s. HOPE STREET:  The  only  street in Europe with two houses of 

religion  on  either  end,  the Metripolitan  Cathedral  and  the Anglican  Cathedral.  Unless  for personal  religious  reasons,  the only times you’ll spend time in either  is  for  exam  purposes.  Each provide visitors and tourists with events frequently throughout the year. The Anglican Cathedral is to be transformed into a living canvas  to  host  Treasured,  a  production  inspired  by  one  of  the  most historical  tragedies;  the  story  of the HMS Titanic. It will be hosted in  the  Cathedral  from  the  1st  to 6th October 2012, details can be found  on MATHEW STREET:  One  of  the most  iconic  streets  in  Liverpool, home to the Mathew Street Festival each year, home to the world

WHAT’S ON Jess Gascoigne The Shipping Forecast September 22, 2012 10pm - 3am, free entry

The UK’s Big Vintage & Fashion Fair The Hub, Garden and Sandon Rooms with additional spaces at The Bluecoat September 22, October 27, November 24 and December 15 10am - 5pm, £4.00 tickets

Liverpool Irish Festival Across Liverpool venues October 11 - 21, 2012 More information on

DSLR Training FACT September 18 and October 25 10am, £125 all day course

Record Fair The Bluecoat October 6, 2012 10am - 6pm

Marina and the Diamonds O2 Academy Liverpool October 4, 2012 7pm, £20 admission

The Craft Creative: Book Binding Workshop

LIVERPOOL ONE:  Where  else would  you  go  shopping  in  Liverpool?  Opened  in  2008,  L1  is  a favourite  for  residents  and tourists, with a mass selection of shops and restaurants at your disposal. Ranging from ALDO and All Saints  to  Zara  and  Whistles, there’s stores to fulfill a range of tastes and styles. Just be careful when you’ve opened your student account; it’s easy to lose track of your spenditure. 

LEAF on Bold Street September 18, 2012 6.30pm, £15 tickets from

ALBERT DOCK: One of the most famous docks in the country, the Albert  Dock  offers  bars,  clubs, restaurants, shops, tours and museums.  The  dock  is  the  home  of Tate Liverpool, the Beatles Story and the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum. You can jump on the Yellow Duckmarine tours from the dock,  famous  for  taking  tourists from the Mersey itself and around the  city.  There’s  a  Revolution, Circo,  Gusto,  Vinea  and  Spice Lounge.  Tate  Liverpool  always has exhibitions and things to see on offer, sometimes with a small fee, but definitely worth the price. Until the end of October, visitors can see the works of JMW Turner, Claude Monet and Cy Twombly.

Liverpool Philharmonic September 22, 2012 8pm, £24.50 tickets

Bodies Revealed L1, Paradise Street September 1, 2012 - January 2, 2013 9am - 9pm Mon - Sat, 10am 5pm Sun £13.75 - £15.95 tickets

Marc Almond

Capstan’s Bazaar: Arts & Crafts Fair LEAF on Bold Street September 29, 2012 12pm - 5pm, free entry

An Evening With Derek Acorah Envi September 16, 2012 6pm - 9pm, £10 tickets

German Beer Festival The Ship & Mitre September 24 to September 30, 2012 10pm - midnight, free entry



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STARTING LJMU last year I had one thing on my mind; what on earth was I going to wear to on nights out during fresher’s week? I can’t remember when I last had that much time on my hands to plan what I was wearing. Today it’s the ‘grab and go’ outfit. Going into my second year of my degree now I realise time is something I wish I had a lot more of, not just for group projects or essays, but for my boyfriend and my job.  It was only half way through my first year at LJMU that I got into the routine of juggling doing essays and projects with a weekend job.  This year I’ll be juggling working Monday through Friday,

essay deadlines and reading with spending time with my boyfriend on the weekends, and I can’t wait to get started! Managing your time when you start university can be quite daunting at first. You know you should stay in and read for your seminar in the morning, but you’re torn between that and going out for Mad Monday. I used to try and get all my essays completed within days of receiving them, panicking I wouldn’t be able to fit everything in.  Now thankfully I’m more relaxed and realistic about what I can do in an evening and what I want to be doing by the weekends.  This article is not a guide on how anyone should manage their time. In fact it’s far from it, I wanted to make the point that I

don’t think there needs to be a one or the other when it comes to what you should or would rather be doing. Who’s saying we couldn’t have our cake and eat it too? Aside from gaining a degree at the end of it, that’s what university is all about. It gives us the opportunity to be independent in a number or ways. You choose what you learn, what you do, and how you live. The priorities I have now in comparison to last year have changed quite a bit, in the sense that I didn’t really have any, my time was spent between work and university.  As cliché as it sounds, if you really want to do something then you only need to set your mind to it and I bet you’d be surprised at what you could juggle if you tried.

> Scouse is a type of stew. It was eaten by Liverpudlians living in poverty before the 1900s. Ingredients include lamb or beef, cabbage, carrot, potatoes and onion. Get cooking! > The annual Mathew Street Music Festival held every August Bank Holiday is the largest city centre-based free music festival in Europe. they like the five people before me better?”    But I went,  and  stayed  myself throughout. I shared my work experience,  showed  enthusiasm and  remained  bubbly.  The  interview  itself  isn’t  too  much  of  a worry - the Disney representatives are lovely and welcoming.  One tip, however, is that Disney  as  a  company  have  a  huge focus  on  something  called  “the Four  Keys”:  Safety,  Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. By adapting your  experience  to  these  specific areas,  you  should  have  a  lasting effect on your interviewer.  When your acceptance email arrives, you find out your working dates  and  the  area  you  will  be working  in.  When  I  received  my email it said attractions, and I was over the moon! What I would  say  is though  don’t  get your hopes up too much on one specific area. You get  to  know  people  in every  area  and  all


HAVE you ever wondered what it would be like to work for the happiest place on earth? With the help of LJMU and ‘Yummy Jobs’, students get the chance to become a member  of  staff  for  Walt  Disney World, Florida during the summer months. From June until mid August, I partook in the Walt Disney World International College program, a program created to enable you to immerse yourself into the Disney lifestyle, to gain valuable experience working within a world wide credited company. This I’m sure, on anyones CV, will raise a lot of questions in future interviews, as how many people  do  you  know  have  said  they have  worked  for  Walt  Disney World? And  as  well  as  the  work benefits,  students  meet  some  of their best friends from all four corners of the world.


My determination to work for Disney began in 2006; holidaying in Orlando,  a  friendly  waiter  let magic happening; telling me that I would be able to come to work for Walt  Disney  World  at  the  age  of 18, and attend Disney University. Come  18,  I  began  searching  and carried it through. Excitement  blossomed  after learning through University that Yummy  Jobs (  gave  students the chance to work for Walt Disney  World  on  their  International  College Program.  Students apply online,  followed by  a  Yummy Jobs  representative,  and  then with a Disney representative.  Of  course, nerves  set  in.  I thought: “what  if they  don’t  like my  personality”, “what if 


of  them  will  love  their  job.  The downside  to  working  in  attractions; it is a     lot of  hard work, long hours and a lot of guest interaction. Some guests of which  might  scream  at  you  because they want to seat four in a three person car. Every role has its pros and cons, as with any job. You will spend the remaining months counting down, preparing to  go  to  Disney,  which  Yummy Jobs will help you with every step of the way. From booking flights to the  “Disney  look”  to  something every Cast Member has to abid by. There is a lot of paper work, from DS190’s  to  Visas,  in  which  case you have to visit London to undertake an interview. (Warning: mine took 4 and a half hours.)  But when you are finally on the flight  outwards,  knowing  where you’ll land, all the stress of organising  it  disappears.  Because  you know  in  nine  hours  you  will  be starting the best summer of your life. Yummy Jobs is now accepting applications for summer 2013, and as  long  as  you  are  currently  in University.

I saw her leap into the air higher than her own head in that arena twenty/twelve standing ovation, Katarina my allegiances shelved too green for gold jumping in her first Olympics clearing, failing, then a wonderful clip— after the bar falls she smiles to camera with a ‘Whoops, stuffed!’ side thrust of her bottom lip —and— I don’t want to cheer for stony-faced droids only here for one thing, too intense to enjoy the moment why won’t they disappear, these only place bores? no more bows left to string after the race runs its course alone with their broken childhoods and their bitter regrets their could-have-would-haves and their cannot-no-mores their cries of anguish leave me quite apathetic I won’t countenance these do-or-die caws —but— Katarina, she’s the proof of Liverpudli’n demeanour not the usual spiel hip-hip-heptathlon, here’s an athlete with a sense of what’s real I hope she’ll shrug off all those expectations on her shoulder blades and braid Olympic spirit through each competition day I hope she’ll pin her crinkled ears and back herself come what may —all the while smiling because— I can’t stand the leer of hard gargoyle faces where the will to succeed precludes the joy of the chase no contest why can’t they live, not die, each meet nursed by grace? never cursing defeat through gritted teeth, body braced I want less cold war mentality and laying down lives talk of redemption and assumption of blame life orphans plumping for the love they’re denied contorted, slumping, haggard, flagless and lame —dux— Don’t they know that the bronze, the silver, gold they long to hold— just trinkets lustred the sheen of divine Katarina, she might place or she might not and that’s fine —with me it doesn’t matter— I threw the javelin back in school and that’s it didn’t have tin commandments or a dummy to spit and polish shot put— I took a shot, ran fourth in each race set a new high jump low and hurdled flat on my face demolished she’ll rouse my smiles this Scouser girl who competes by straining, striving, giving all that she can and that won’t mean her day hangs by a PB not Katarina— love her laidback élan

Autumn 2012


DISTANCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER by JADE THOMAS Writer THE WORDS ‘long distance relationship’ always used to make me cringe.  What is the point? Surely if you’re in a relationship you want to have easy access to one another, share  cuddles  when  times  get tough and the obvious, have regular sexy time.  Long distance, for many people, is unchartered territory that many either tread very carefully into  or  get  dragged  kicking  and screaming into; like I found myself several months ago. The  day  when  my  beloved man, who will be named X for the duration,  joined  the  Royal Marines.  World ending moment right there.  After many awkward conversations  and  months  later,    we’re still going strong. Strong – ish.  From personal experience and also  being  a  devoted  magazine junkie, I’ve picked up such different advice, information and some quite awful but supposedly ‘helpful’ tips from friends and family, which in all honesty I found use-

less. It mainly involved game playing.  People  in  love  don’t  play games.... Do they?  That  old  saying  women  are from  Venus,  men  are  from  Mars really does suit this topic, as the way the two sexes view long distance relationships is too planets apart.  When asked on the streets of Liverpool  to  describe  their thoughts, men answered with the following:  “too  hard”,  “challenging”, “a total graft”, “tedious”, “really tiring”. One gent did say, “less likely to take each other for granted”. However  our  more  feminine counterparts answered; “hard but rewarding”,  “freedom  but  still  a loving person when you need one”, “terrible  at  times  but  worth  it”, “time together is more special”. As a result, it seems us ladies are  apparently  more  positive about long distance relationships. Maybe  it’s  down  to  years  of watching Disney films and dreaming about the elusive ‘happily ever after’ that we all crave. Or maybe these  men  questioned  just  don’t beat around the bush and admit that at times long distance rela-

What are your views, let us know at


10 years ago... tionships are pretty terrible. Don’t let all this mixed emotion turn your head away from becoming involved in one, though. My personal experience is that the longer you have been together - prior to the long distance starting - the easier it will be to decide whether it’s actually a lifestyle for you.  At  first  when  X  left  for  his Royal Marine training I was mortified and so lonely, but when he made a real effort to keep in touch and  still  make  me  feel  just  as loved  as  he  did  when  he  was  at home, that was the moment when I knew that we may just be able to make it work.  Regardless of your thoughts on long distance relationships, until you and your significant other are in one it’s impossible to judge.  But no matter where in the world you both are, as long as you both  still  feel  loved  and  happy then there’s no reason to doubt if it can work.  So to answer the question, does absence  make  the  heart  grow fonder? All I can say is yes.

THE UNIVERSITY SURVIVAL GUIDE: 30 WAYS TO SAVE YOUR MONEY by HAYLEY MINN Entertainment Editor IT’S A KNOWN fact that University is expensive, as is living away from home, so here are 30 ways to save  just  enough  money  to  buy that dress, video game or album you want. 1. Don’t  buy  textbooks!  Loan them  from  the  library  as  and when  you  need  them.  If  you  do need to buy them, get them from Amazon Marketplace. 2. Share  a  Netflix/Lovefilm  account  with  your  flatmates  and

split  the  cost,  instead  of  buying DVDs or boxsets. 3. Buy food with your flatmates, on a weekly basis, and share the cost. 4. It may sound obvious, but walk to uni, instead of taking the bus, although this will be a struggle if you’re on IM Marsh campus! 5. Get your hair cut at a beauty college, rather than a hairdresser. This goes for beauty treatments as well. The Academy Salons, part of Liverpool Community College, are situated on Duke Street, and do a cut and blowdry for £7. 6. Buy an NUS card from the SU

straight away! They only cost £10, and you will definitely save more than  that  throughout  the  year. Once you have it, ALWAYS ask for a student discount! 7. Don’t order fast food after going out. Instead, munch on some cereal or bread when you get back. 8.    Before  going  out,  check whether  you  can  put  your  name on guest lists for clubs to save on entry prices. 9.  If  you’re  on  Orange,  Magic Numbers are a life saver. 10.    Use  on  your laptop  to  watch  TV,  rather  than buying a TV.

August 21, 2002 saw Ian Huntley charged with the murders of Holly Wells and Jessican Chapman. His girlfriend Maxine Carr was charged with peverting the course of justice and both were remanded in custody.  On September 22, there was an earthquake in Dudley, which was felt throughout England and Wales.  A memorial service was held at St Paul’s Cathedral for the victims of the Bali bombing on October 23, which killed twenty six UK citizens.  On November 1, the late Diana, Princess of Wales’ former butler, Paul Burrell, was cleared of stealing from the Princess’ estate after it was revealed that he had told The Queen that he was keping some of her possessions.  And on November 15, Moors Murderer Hyra Hindley died in West Suffolk Hospital at the age of sixty after being hospitalised with a heart attack.

50 years ago... August 18 saw popular Liverpool band The Beatles play their first live engagement with the line-up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star at Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight. The first broadcast of the long-running television quiz programme University Challenge was aired on September 21, 1962. Also on this date, Ford launches the Cortina, a family saloon costing £572 and was similar in size to the Vauxhall Victor, Hillman Minx and Morris Oxford.  October 5 saw Dr No, the first James Bond film released, with 32 year old Edinburgh born Sean Connery playing the lead, a British Secret Service agent.  Also on this date, The Beatles’ first single in their own right, Love Me Do, was released by Parlophone.

100 years ago... Norwich was flooded on August 27, 1912. On November 5, the British Board of Film Censors (BBFC) was established. A non-governmental organisation, funded by the film industry and responsible for the national classification and censorship of films within the UK. November 27 saw concerted Suffragette attacks on pillar boxes.    11.  Always shop around – don’t go for the first price you find. 12.  Join Lifestyles gym. It’s free membership for all JMU students up  to  4.30pm.  If  you  want  to  go after then, it’s only £9 a month. 13.    Budget  your  money  every week,  and  don’t  go  over  that amount! A good way of doing this is  taking  that  amount  of  money out  of  your  account  every  week, and then putting your card away somewhere. 14.  Eat in as much as you can, but if you are going to eat out, look for vouchers on beforehand, and go to a restaurant with an offer. 15.  Find your cheapest pub and stick to it. 16.  If  you  want  to  go  to  the  cinema,  go  on  a  Wednesday  for  the Orange  2  for  1  offer,  and,  if  you need food during the cinema, buy it from the pound shop on the way, and then sneak it in! 17.    Phone  people  for  free  using services like Skype and Viber. 18.  Get a Young Persons Railcard, especially if you live quite a way from  Liverpool.  It  saves  you  a

third off your train fare. 19.  Get rid of your car – do you really need it at uni? 20.  Stop smoking.  You could save around £2555 a year! 21.  Ask for a better deal on your phone contract. 22.    Make  a  shopping  list  whenever  you  shop  for  food  to  ensure you don’t buy anything unnecessary. 23.    Buy  online  as  it  is  usually cheaper  (although  not  always), and when buying online, use cashback sites, such as Quidco. 24.  Download OpenOffice instead of paying for Microsoft office. 25.  Bid on eBay in the middle of the night, for the cheapest deals. 26. Wait for Free Listings Weekends to sell your stuff on eBay. 27.  Find your cheapest supermarket using  28.  Book train tickets early-ideally 12 weeks before you travel.  29.    Don’t  buy  ready  meals, preparing your own food is usually a lot cheaper. 30.  Make the most of your degree, as people with good degrees generally earn more! 7


OVER the summer, British author E.L.James has taken the country - and their dirty minds - by storm. And we set Gemma Jones with the task of finding out what Liverpool students think of “kinky fuckery” and Christian Grey. SINCE Twilight and Harry Potter I  never  imagined  a  book  would ever again gain so much publicity, critical acclaim and crazy-fan-girl praise.  Alas  I  was  very  much wrong.  Ever  since  April  2012,  E.L James’s debut novel Fifty Shades Of Grey has taken the UK by an erotic  storm  and  has  dominated the best selling list of bookshops

all across the country for months. Surprisingly it is the fastest selling  UK  book  of  all  time.  It  even beat  Harry  Potter.  It  has  even been  reported  that  J.K  Rowling cannot stop crying every waking moment into her jammie dodgers and cup of tea... Yes, the book is so pervasive now  in  today’s  culture  even  our own  mothers  and  grandmother are starting to read it. But what is it that makes the book such a seductive success?  Is the book in fact actually a good well thought piece of literature or is it the other end of the spectrum? Has the media promotion and hype of the novel swung too far?  Here is what some of our readers  thought  of  the  trilogy  and whether  it  will  be  winning  a Pulitzer prize anytime soon. Have your own thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey? Let us know! looprevilpresspaper Looprevil_Press

Jade Davies, 20, studying Fashion Design from Liverpool said:  “I’ve  read the  books and I can see the  appeal. Christian  seems  like  the  sexiest and  perfect  man  ever  but  it  is completely unrealistic. If only he existed  around  here.  Can’t  wait for  the  film  to  be  released,  Ana doesn’t know how lucky she is!” 

Adam Kelly, 19, studying Criminology at LJMU said:  “My  girlfriend  absolutely loves  them and  I  had  a sneaky  read  of  them  when  she wasn’t in and was shocked by how explicit  it  was.  I  found  the  sex scenes  to  be  more  funny  than erotic. And  yes,  I  found  the  rest quite boring.” 

Jodie Cameron, 20, studying Marketing at LJMU said:  “I read them but  wasn’t too  impressed with them to be honest. Just reinforced gender stereotypes about women, especially  towards  the  end.  I wouldn’t  recommend  them  as something to read. I think it’s just another media hype.”

Lucy Wilson, 18, studying Biochemistry at LJMU said: “I found the story line to be really exciting  and made you think differently about conventional relationships. That is what drew me to the books. I don’t care about the erotic bits, I just like how Ana and Christian’s relationship builds up.” 

WOMEN, Y NO FUNNY? sional careers and undeniable wit?  I suppose such misogyny stems from dawn of time. Simply, men feel the need to IT’S ALWAYS  the  same  non  humorous “save” women.  chestnut.  It’s like Miranda says on Sex and the A girl likes a boy. The boy likes the girl. City, a single man with no prospects as long Not only is the girl pretty, she’s also bright, as he is “good looking” is usually considered bubbly, intelligent and above all else, funny.  a catch to women.  However a single woman with a sucSo you have to ask yourself... What is there not to like? Well, I’d say nothing.  cessful job  and a sense of humour akin to A pretty, intelligent and hilarious girl to that of Peter Kay is considered as “tragic” me is practically someone I’d jump on/prac- or “sad” instead.  Also men want to be the funny ones. tically stalk to be best friends forever with. They want to be pioneer of all jokes and to Alas if only men shared this philosophy.  Because most men (not saying ALL men) pretend they are their royal holiness The recently are becoming more and more in- Arch Bishop of Banturbury or something.  If a woman on the other hand tells a timidated by funny and successful women.   Therefore to cut a long story short, the funny  joke,  appears  funnier  than  him  or end of our hypothetical love story goes like earns more money in her salary (God forthis:  girl  and  boy  meet.  Girl  opens  her bid!), a man for some unbeknownst reason mouth. Explains to the boy her successful to me,  believes his masculinity has autojob role and braves telling him a joke. The matically shrivelled down to the small size boy  leaves  and  then  moves  onto  the  next of a prune.  Ah yes, the biased and interpolating replain Jane girl.   So, why is this? Why don’t men appreci- ality of it all is enough to want to make you ate our inner Bridget Jones’s, our profes- believe  in  Father  Christmas  again by GEMMA JONES Features Editor


(and to consider shooting yourself in sexist despair).  So “Small Man” syndrome is a growing disease that is definitely leaving a pungent smell in the air. The question is, can it be cured?   Of course it can (if that Mohammed can go to  the  mountain  then  anything  is  indeed possible, believe me).  First step is to acknowledge it. Now it needs to be challenged. Most will claim that such a societal viewpoint stems from biology and cave man theory.  It’s in men’s bloods to perpetuate this domineering and governing nature.  They are  only  trying  to  “provide.”  Men  are stronger  than  woman.  Women are more emotional. And more other gut retching and condescending clichés.  Balls to them all!  We’re living in a world  where there’s  a  new Iphone every 5 minutes

The jury then is still undecided on its ultimate verdict.   So will YOU be exploring Ana and Christian’s sensual world this semester? I think E.L James has made another dichotomy book series.  Fifty  Shades  is  thus  like Marmite.  You are either going to love it or hate it. 

fifty shades of facts It originated as Twilight fan-fiction. It was originally called Master of the Universe and was published for a Twilight fansite, with the lead charaters named Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. But after concerning comments, E.L.James removed it, rewrote it as an original piece and renamed the characters to Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. The books have their own soundtracks. E.L.James created playlists on her site; Britney Spears’ Toxic, Frank Sinatra’s Witchcraft and King’s Of Leon’s Sex On Fire are in the mix. It’s coming to the big screen. Hollywood heavyweights Universal have purchased the movie rights to Fifty Shades, and soon we’ll be able to have the story acted out for us in cinema.

therefore modern thinking and gender relations should be evolving steadfast too. So, funny crazy ass girls of the world, next time a handsome man ignores you because you have a degree or stops talking to you because you banter is just “too” much to handle, then do what you do best: smile that goofy smile, keep working for your dollars like a boss and move onto the next one.  Because like I said, not ALL men are intimidated by your good virtues and Mr IAppreciate-Your-Jokes-And-Hard-WorkingCareer will be comedy walking into your life before you know it. After all who honestly wants to live with an  Elizabethan patriarch  who can’t  take  a joke?  You’ll be  beheaded  before  you know it. 

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Alex Martin, August 2012, Liverpool Waterfront - the Mersey

Alex Martin, August 2012, Liverpool Wheel and the Echo

Artist unknown, outside LIPA, August 2012

Liverpool Fashion Live preview, July/August 2012

10 Ben Brown, August 2012, Albert Dock padlocks and chains

Author unknown, July 2012, View of Metripolitan Cathedral from LJMU’s new Richmods Building

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Alex Martin, August 2012, the Albert Dock and Liver Building Artist unknown, fountains in Williamson Square

Denise McKeown, August 2012, Sefton Park Denise McKeown, August 2012, landscape view of Liverpool city centre

Denise McKeown, August 2012, Bold Street and the Bombed Out Church




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the white shirt by GEMMA JONES Features Editor Styling by Gemma Jones Hair & Makeup by James Sephton IT HAPPENS to us fashion messiahs every year. You’re  poor  all  summer. You hate all your clothes. You want to rip them up and throw them out your window in a sulk.  Then all of a sudden you get your  student  loan.  The  glorious loan. The world suddenly then becomes  more  magical  for  you  and for your wardrobe.  Therefore it is very easy to find yourself spending your money on excessive  amounts  of  excessive clothes you don’t need and to find yourself  spiralling  into  a  web  of fashionable debt.  Every term you tell  yourself  it  needs  to  stop  be-

cause living on cheese and crackers  the  rest  of  the  year  isn’t  exactly riveting.  But why buy the same useless items that you’re only ever going to  wear  once  such  as  that  party dress or floral playsuit when you can buy simplistic key items that transcend time? And nothing has a  longer  wardrobe  life  span  that the trusty white shirt.  Classy, minimal and versatile, this  effortlessly  statement  piece has it all.  But if you are a bit less adventurous with your outfit choices or are not so good at styling outfits yourself then how can you make your white shirt stand the test of time? How can you wear it in different  ways?  What  way  can  you wear it to in keep with your own style? So many questions but the answers are simple. 


I RECENTLY arrived, pretty much penniless,  back  in  England  after  spending  my summer abroad in Orlando, Florida in the United States.  I knew what I was letting myself in for before I went to America, and that it would cost me a fair amount to get over there and fund myself once arrived. The big question; however, was it worth the money?  Luckily  for  me,  I  would  be  earning money whilst I was over in America. I had secured  a  job  in  Walt  Disney  World,  and would be working in one of their shops in either a resort or theme park. It turns out; I would  be  working  in  the  largest  Disney store in the world, World of Disney in the Downtown Disney Marketplace.  Although I would have my wages com-

Here are four different ways to rock your own white shirt this season (Model is wearing Zara shirt and Miss Selfridge boots):   Picture 1 - Formal Attire. If you work in a professional environment, are going for an interview or dressing up smart casual  for  the  afternoon,  then  this would be an ideal look for you.  A good pair of tailored pants would accentuate a slim waist and add a trendy androgynous flair to your  style.  Plus  trousers  luxe  is bang on trend for AW 12 too. Picture 2 - All Tied Up. This  look  is  very  “back  to school” and is a prime example of a good outfit to wear in between the  transitional  periods  of  Summer  and  Autumn.  Very  casual, very chic and very understated. Wear with high heels, brogues, jackets  or  converse.  The  white

ing into my bank weekly, they still wouldn’t have been enough to cover my rent, food, shopping and anything else that I was going to experience.  I had thought long and hard about this a great deal of months prior to me actually leaving, as I wouldn’t have to just save for dollars to take over with me.  There are a fair few things to pay for prior  to  leaving;  your  visa  appointment, transport money to London/Belfast for the Embassy,  your  visa  itself,  deposits  on  accommodation, background check and plane tickets. I don’t want to add up how much all this cost, especially with the price of airfare!  I don’t want to put anyone off, but this would be my advice for anyone who is actually considering moving abroad for a summer – starting to save your money now.  I began saving back in October, and I wasn’t  moving  until  June.  Although  this may have meant that I didn’t have as much money to go out or buy things as regularly

shirt world is your oyster after all. Picture 3 - Glamour Granny. One of the best things about a white shirt is the collar. Who can resist  the  endearing  appeal  of  a white  shirt  collar  poking  from under a dress or a jumper?  Instead of spending a fortune on  built  in  peter  pan  collars  in shops,  layer  one  up  yourself,  either  with  a  dress  or  with  a  cute grandma jumper. Not only will it make you look adorable but it will keep you warm when it gets colder too.  Picture 4 - Trenching It Up. And as the colder months start to descend ,we all need a new coat. So why not team another classic item with another? It is to bring about the return of the trench coat people.  Be as oversized as you like as that is another trend in vogue this

as I may have done before, I knew that it would be worth it as soon as I touched down in the States.  As students, I know this may not seem the most logical option at the time, as you already don’t have a ton of money and all your friends are going out and you feel left out, but surely if you have made the decision to spend a summer abroad, you may as well make it the best experience you possibly can?  After all, as soon as you come back home, September is on your doorstep with the delights of fresher’s week and you make up for lost time then. Granted, like me you may not have a great deal of money coming back home with you as you have blown it all on amazing experiences abroad, I’m sure you can scrape a few pounds together for some jaeger bombs and a pizza on the way home. So you have started to save, it’s nearly time for you to leave, you’re on a plane and then all of a sudden the summer is over and

season and you’ll be sure to ooze classic British heritage style. That was just four different style avenues to get you started. There are various more ways you can covet the white shirt and you  can  bet  your  bottom  dollar that wearing it twice in the space of a week won’t guarantee you any snotty or pitying looks of others. You  can  wear  it  again  and again  again...  and  did  I  mention again?  Nobody  can  look  down their nose on such a classic piece. And neither should you.  Be sure to bag your own white shirt when your loan comes in. Ignore  the  alluring  shop  displays around you when walking through Liverpool One. Don’t listen to the voice  in  your  head.  Just  walk. Walking  all  the  way  to  get  your own  shirt.  One  white  shirt  and that’s it you hear me?! 

you’re on that plane coming back home.  It really goes that quick.  My summer at Walt Disney World now seems like a bizarre dream, but whilst I was there it was an incredible dream. I got to experience things I never thought I would like going  in  a  helicopter,  seeing  Tom  Cruise, daytrips to Miami Beach and doing a lot of shopping!  It was worth every penny I saved, and although at times I just wanted a big pan of scouse and my own bed, I knew that I would never  have  an  experience  like  this  again and that whilst I was there I had to make the most of every magical minute.  If  you  have  the  opportunity  to  move abroad this summer, I would encourage you to take the chance. I did and I don’t regret it. Although I may not have a ton of money at the moment, the money that I saved and spend meant that I now have a ton of memories and new friends – and that is priceless. 

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by REBECCA FIELDING Editor WITH Freshers week well on the way  across  the  country,  it’s  arguable  new  LJMU  students haven’t seen the best of what Liverpool has to offer... Just yet.  You’ve had a taste of detention at  Liverpool  SU’s  school  disco, raved  out  in  KOCO  and  been smothered  with  foam  in  Walkabout. You’ve met Liverpool’s own Cheeky  Monkey  at  MODO.  Did you get your first batch of Medication  on  Wednesday?  Everyone spread  gossip  in  Garlands,  and you’ve probably already fallen in

love  with The Magnet  now. Right?  You’re probably still hungover from the secret warehouse event. Well grab your advil and vodka because the next week is a treat. Hollyoaks’ Riley is in the city, and there’s a Made in Chelsea special at Garlands.  But  of  course,  the  Welcome Ball is every Fresher’s chance to get  their  claws  on  one  of  their favourite celebrities, and this year, LSU  are  treating  you  with  BBC Radio  1’s  and  MTV’s  very  own Zane Lowe. The Welcome Ball is the 

ultimate end  to  the  Welcome Fest 2012, and is taking place at the Guild of Students on September 22. The event is set to be one of a kind; join in with 3000 students, with  three  music  rooms  and  an outside fairground for everyone to enjoy.  But don’t worry, despite the name, you can still throw on your glad rags!



Infuriatingly addictive, Sam and the Womp have managed to get even the most dull of human kind to sing “bom, bom, BOM!” And whether you like the song or not, we can guarantee it’s a song you won’t forget the lyrics to. You know what they say, whether good or bad gossip, at least everyone’s talking  about  it.  And  we  at  Looprevil  love BOM’ing each day.


by SARAH O’HARA Writer LIVERPOOL’S music heritage is infamous and  illustrious,  with  artists  like  Frankie goes to Hollywood, Dead or Alive, Echo and the Bunnymen and of course those four famous blokes from the 1960’s conquering the music world (you know the one’s I mean!). I spoke to the founder of Liverpool band Grey Water Balloons, Larissa Bollig as part of my mission to find new artists ready to make their name in music history…

What  was  the  influence  behind  the  name Grey Water Balloons? The "story" behind is it actually ridiculous, I saw  something  on  the  internet  that  said "Take  the  colour  of  your  shirt,  your  last drink and the last word of the next song on your  iTunes.  That's  your  band  name."  so that's where it comes from. I was working on some songs at that time and it sounded ok so I decided to use it. Where and when did your band form? Well, the thing is that it's more like a music project than a band (yet). I just started playing  around  in  Garage  Band  and  ended  up with finished songs so that's when it started. That was about October 2011 shortly after I'd moved to Liverpool. You are a Two Door Cinema Club fan. Would you say their music has influenced you? Yes I am! I would say I'm currently quite influenced  musically  and  lyrically  by  bands like  Two  Door  Cinema  Club,  The  Cast  Of Cheers, Foals, New Navy and lately Austra as well.

Do  you  have  any  plans  to  perform/release any music in the future? Yes, I'm planning to release a single in September  which  will  be  available  from  all major  digital  music  retailers  like  Spotify, iTunes, Amazon  MP3  and  Then my plan is to release my EP in October on Bandcamp like my previous single. This is all  subject  to  change  obviously  as  I  don't know exactly when I have the time to finish recordings and mixing.

wHat’S lEFt?

Liverpool is a city, with a rich musical heritage. Do you think the city is a great place for musicians and if so, why? It's a good city for musicians I think. There are  loads  of  bars  you  can  play  at  and  no shortage of gig opportunities. Also the concept of the "rich heritage" is realised well; at the moment there are pianos in town everyone can play on, how often do you see that in other cities? You work for the Looprevil Radio station at the Student's Union. Tell us more about the show. I do! I hope to have my show again this year. I'll  probably  have  to  change  my  slot  but  I will still deliver the same show! It's called Record Player and I basically just play music I like. Any other comments you would like to add? If  you  like  my  music,  go  buy  it!  It  really means a lot to me.  >>



REAL FASHION, REAL PEOPLE by REBECCA FIELDING Editor IN AN EFFORT  to  raise  money for Claire House Children’s Hospice and to make fashion more accessible  to  everyone,  Liverpool Fashion Live is a new and exciting fashion event for the North West.  Focusing on real fashion for real  people,  the  event  will  host catwalk shoes from top fashion designers  and  well  known  high

This issue’s unlikely style icon?


The Bo Selecta and Celebrity Juice star has recently claimed his own spot in Hollywood, with his film Keith Lemon: The Film (released August 24, 2012). Leeds lad Keith has often shocked viewers with his bare ass fiascos, language, MOT’ing, style

choices and frequent insults to costar Fearne Cotton’s nose. It’s not a rare sight to see him in leopard print tighties. Blazers, suit shorts, white jackets, hand bandages, shark teeth, vibrant shirts, leopard print, monochrome shirts, mixmatched outfits, loafers, bowler hats, bling bling. We all love him, and we’re all secretly envious of his wardrobe.

AS YOU are all arriving in Liverpool for the start, or next instalment, of your student life here in the self confessed beauty capital of the North, we’re sure you’ve probably seen there are a few beauty essentials  us  girls  in  Liverpool have. 

Leopard kimono by Oh My Love via Topshop, £20 | Wolf necklace by KUKEE ( £3 | Light beige chinos by River Island, £30

Where every day is a beauty day, and being Stunning is a priority, not an option.

10% off any full price treatment* Valid until 30th November 2012 *with the showing of this paper *one voucher per person


Although  many  ‘Scouse  Brows’ you have seen people rocking, are probably scarily fierce and may intimidate  most  make  up  and beauty lovers out there, don’t be afraid you can have your own version of ‘Scouse Brows’.  If you want to experiment with your own version of ‘Scouse Brows’ you should start with an eyebrow wax and tint (by a fully qualified technician), getting your eyebrows tinted  will  define  your  eyebrows and getting them waxed will give you  a  much  crisper  and  precise shape than plucking or threading will.  After you have had your eyebrows preened to perfection in the salon go grab yourself an eyebrow pencil and begin to experiment, a top tip is to start at the beginning of  your  eyebrow  (nearest  your nose), only add pencil where you have hair! Drawn on lines are not a good look.  To  give  yourself  an  instant brow lift do all your pencil work from the top creating a fuller eye look, adding all the bulk of your eyebrow to the bottom will draw the eye in. 

street  labels,  as  well  as  popular local brands.  The night will be filled with live  entertainment  from  well known musicians, amazing dance acts  and  talented  new  performance artists. As part of the event, organisers are  launching  a  competition  to find a froup of real Liverpool Style Icons, as their team will be scouring the city searching for stylish people of all ages. The  competition final  will  be  held  at LFL and will be judged by yet to be named influential  Liverpool faces.  Winners  will have the chance to participate  in  a  unique photoshoot  reflecting the  differing  generations of Liverpool Style icons. LFL will be offering guests  the  chance  to spend  some  pennies throughout  the evening;  stalls  from  a range  of  national  and local  fashion  and

Here  in  Liverpool  tanned  is  the new holiday! This brings us on to our next beauty essential: your tan can be sprayed  on,  store  bought  or  the real  mccoy  from  partying  your summer away.  A good tan will leave you feeling  ‘BOSS’  however  not  all  tans are good. There are bad tans also known  as  blorange  tans  (not  so ‘boss’) -avoid this like the Freshers flu.  Here at Stunning we offer spray tans to students all day every day for £13, so you can avoid having a bad tan.  Some tips for getting the most from your tan are: Exfoliate the night before. Shower again on the day of your spray tan and avoid applying products (shower          gel, deodorant, perfume ETC) Be freshly waxed or shaven to avoid unnecessarily breaking the tan down too soon. Wear  loose  clothes  after your tan to avoid removing or streaking the product.  As you have probably noticed here in  Liverpool  nails  are  no  longer just nails they are accessories and can be as creative, colourful or as blinged up as you can imagine.  A  good  tip  for  looking  after

lifestyle  brands  will  take  their place in the LFL Boutique, offering  customers  everything  from  clothes and beauty products  to  personal styling and  holidays. 25%  of all  ticket sales  will be donated to Claire  House, which is based in Wirral, a charity which provides respite, end of life and bereavement care for children and young adults with complext  medical  needs.  (More information  can  be  found  at: Tickets are £10 for students, £15  standard  and  £30  for  VIP. Each guest will receive a good bag on entry and a chance to enter a free  prize  draw  to  win  shopping vouchers to spend on the night. The  event  is  on  October  18, 2012, 7pm until 1am at Pan Am, Albert Dock, Liverpool. your nails is to always keep your cuticles  well  oiled  and  maintained.  There are different products to experiment with where nails are concerned, so if your not into the talon  look  like  Lady  Gaga,  Kim Kardashian and Rhianna are into at  the  moment  you  can  always join in the fun without the extension.  The different systems you have to choose from on your quest for fabulous  nails  are  Acrylic  nails (extensions), Gel nails (extensions or  on  your  own  nails),  Shellac Nails,  nail  art,  fibreglass  nails, the  list  is  endless  but  these  are the most popular for the moment. Where ever you decide to go for your nails to be pampered make sure that is what they are doing, don’t  let  anyone  near  your  nails with a drill! It will ruin them and it will not feel nice.  Now you know the top beauty essentials  us  girls  in  Liverpool have as a must have in our beauty regime  go  forth  and  enjoy  your first semester of 2012/2013, good luck.  Why not be friends with us on maybe follow us on Twitter on @Stunning_BR or visit us: 2B Maryland  Street,  Liverpool,  L1 9DE  (next  door  but  one  to  the Haigh Building). 


Autumn 2012



THIS past year has provided cinema goers and film lovers with a delectable choice of films to feast our eyes with. Here are some of our favourites, and what Rebecca Fielding and Hayley Minn thought of them.


the amazing spiderman by JADE BAGNALL Writer I WOULD CALL myself a bit of a Spiderman fanatic, growing up I loved the 1994 cartoon series. So there was no surprise how excited I was when the 2002 films came out, with Tobey Maguire playing my hero; however I was always a little disappointed with those films, though I could never figure out why. It had everything right? A red haired damsel in distress, an always angry J. Jonah Jameson and upside down kisses, what more could I want? Well I soon realised when The Amazing Spiderman hit the screens. It seemed to bring to life everything that I loved about the 1994 cartoons: hits of humour in the mist of raw emotion, a subtle background of Oscorp science over fantasy, pows of action, cheesy life lessons and this time the film didn’t forget Gwen Stacey, Peter Parker’s first love. It’s worth a watch just to see the Stan Lee’s hilarious appearance in this Marvel masterpiece. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey’s budding geek romance wasn’t just for the cameras, the actors Andrew Garfield (‘The Social Network’, ‘Never Let Me Go’) and Emma

Stone (‘Friends with Benefits’, ‘Superbad’) fell for each other offscreen too; so maybe there’s more magic than being able to stick to walls in this action packed adventure with director by Marc Webb, who previously directed ‘500 days of Summer’ and the TV series ‘The Office’. Although the streets of New York were nothing new, and seeing them in countless films lessens the appeal; the Oscorp building however was quite impressive with the feeling of a real lab. Rhys Ifans (‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1’, ‘Hannibal Rising’) plays the infamous bad guy who missed his right arm so dearly that he turned himself into an overgrown lizard to get it back- bit far-fetched I know, but that’s what you expect when you pack a kids comic book full of wondrous effects and spit it out in 3D. It may not be loved by everyone, but should be by every big kid.



Highly  anticipated,  Christopher Nolan  once  again  didn’t  disappoint fans of the man in a bat suit. Eight  years  since  the  death  of Two-Face Harvey Dent, the anticrime Dent Act appeared to have suppresed street crime to a minimum. Until a cunning Anne Hathaway  cat  burglar  shows.  And  it may be the first time the villian is more fanciable than the hero, with Tom Hardy as Bane, who sets out to accomplish “revolution” and return the control of Gotham City to the people. But what is supposed to be the end of the Nolan-Batman relatinship concludes with a “to be continued” attitude,  and  the  revival of his sidekick, Robin.

leading star is a handsome, 30-ish blue-collar  construction  worker emplued as a roofer by day and a star  striptease  artist  by  night. Tatum  mentors  Adam,  British actor Alex Pettyfer, and is drawn to  his  sister,  Brooke,  played  by Cody Horn. Alongside dressing as cops,  firemen,  trench-coated  private eyes, hoodies and other parodic macho males with bits of the mafia thrown in, the film isn’t especially  original  and  takes  few real risks. The opaque veil covering  their  unmentionables  after stripping? Ruined it. Rating


does a more nuanced take on his likable  loser  persona,  playing down the cliché and sentiment in his  reaction  to  the  apocalypse. Knightley  smokes  spliffs,  can sleep through anything and waxes lyrical about the joys of vinyl. Naturally serious, Knightley registers laugh-out-loud  moments  and comes into her own in a low-key emotional phone home to her family. Director Lorene Scafaria lets the characters and their predicament take centre stage and as the film moves towards its downbeat end, she finds some balance without copping out.  Rating:

LP LP LP LP LP the five year engagement


LP LP LP LP LP battleship

Peter  Berg  produces  and  directs Battleship,  a  supposedly  epicscaled action-adventure that unfolds across the seas, in the skies and over land as our planet fights for  survival  against  a  superior force. However, inspired by Hasbro’s classic game, Battleship, the film doesn’t sink, really. It just sits there booming endlessly as viewers  look  on  aghast.  Too  loud, poorly written and a shamelessly chosen cast. You’d think even the presence of Liam Neeson would be enough to make this film worthy of a watch.  Rating

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane  took  the  right  approach  of using  a  teddy  bear  as  the  main character in TED, as the result is surprisingly  honest  and  sweet, even with all the crude sex jokes and racially charged humour from the  outset.  Despite  being  1  hour and 45 minutes, the film felt long. But  much  like  the  most  recent Family  Guy  seasons,  the  best jokes were laugh-out loud funny, while the rest were greeted by silence. And the animation of Ted is actually pretty spectacular. However,  Mila  Kunis  and  Mark Wahlberg’s  relationship  seemed very fake, as there was practically no chemistry between the two of them. If not for a few inconsistencies, TED rises above its faults to be  a  very  fun  bit  of  comedic  cinema. Rating

LP LP LP LP LP seeking a friend for the end of the world




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magic mike

Inspired  by  the  teenage  experiences  of  Channing  Tatum,  the

The movie deploys an odd-couple pairing: goofy Jason Segel with elegant Emily Blunt. Artlessly persuasive,  the  film  certainly succeeds in swathing the audience with the romantic storyline, yet at the same time giving us gags, and also a sense that the story should happen in a place vaguely resembling the real world, populated by relatable  people  with  real  problems.  Segel  is  an  up-and-coming chef in San Francisco; for a year he has been dating, a British research  student  in  experimental psychology.  After  they  get  engaged, Violet is offered a two-year appointment in Michigan, so their wedding is delayed while they’re out there. Inevitably, this leads to problems.  The  film  does  have laugh-out-loud moments, notably a scene between Blunt and American Alison Brie, her sister with an incredible  British  accent,  where they talk about sex in the voices of Cookie Monster and Elmo. But the film is very drawn out, and could definitely have been made shorter.

Once  a  riot  throws  Steve  Carell and Keira Knightley together, we are thrown into an episodic, familiar-feeling road trip with the pair running  into  quirky  characters. Pairing the two suggests the pairing  in  Eternal  Sunshine  Of  The Spotless  Mind.  However,  Carell


by REBECCA FIELDING Editor LIVERPOOLSU’s Raise and Give Society have a lot planned for the year ahead. Leaving students without an excuse not to join in. The society host karaoke every Thursday night in Scholar’s Bar, the Haigh Building. And lucky new students will have the chance to pick up a free song

voucher to use on any karaoke night and grab their chance to serenade the punters. And alongside the regular karaoke, RAG have organised a lot of treats throughout the year.  September sees the first silent disco of two on September 27, 2012. For those of you who don’t understand the concept of a silent disco; basically, participants are given headphones to listen to their music.. The room they’re in is actually quiet, and individuals can only hear the music played to them from their headphones.  October brings forth the first of three Party for Charity (PFC) events, and the charity the money is being raised for will be announced prior to the night. That’s on October 25, 2012. In November there is the unforgettable Moustache Party - Movember, anyone? That’s on November 8th, and basically after a week of growth or attempts of spurting a hair on a chin, men (and possibly women) will be able to show off their facial creations. On November 14, 2012 students can get involved in RAG’s Spot Party where you will be able to witness RAG President Stephen Stewart bieng waxed from the neck down.




AS A SELF-PROCLAIMED “metalhead” and member of the Georgia  Metal  Alliance  Heavy  Metal Club,    I  often  find  that  a  decent venue in Liverpool is hard to come by.  For students who are new to the  city  and  wish  to  seek  out metal  friendly  venues,  then  this task becomes a lot more difficult. And as it is the beginning of a new academic year, there is no better time than to direct all the fans of hard rock and metal in the right directions.  Most people have heard of the Krazyhouse,  even  if  you  are  not from  Liverpool  and  have  never been to Liverpool, you have most likely heard of the Krazyhouse, or The  K,  as  it  is  affectionately known.  The K has something for almost everyone.  Three  floors  of  ram-packed music is my usual Thursday night out. K1, the first floor you reach, is for the metal heads and naturally  is  my  favourite  floor.  K2  is rock  and  indie  music.  K3  being your  usual  club  anthems  and cheesy  pop.  The  2-4-1  drinks  offers usually outweighs the price of entry for most people.  Personally, I like to start my nights at around 8pm in a small yet significant little pub on Wood Street near Concert Square.  The Swan Inn is over a century old  and  was  once  known  as  a “Biker Pub”. The jukebox at 'The Swan' is packed full of metal and rock legends from Judas Priest to Anthrax to Jimmy Hendrix. The beer  is  cheap  and  the  variety  is quite large for a small establishment.  Any  rocker  or  metalhead will  be  warmly  welcomed  in  the Swan.  A special mention also has to go  to  the  Chartreuse  Herbal Liquor  that  is  on  offer.  The  55% shot  packs  a  punch  and  if  you know of any other pub in the city centre  that  sells  this  then  point me in that direction. You will often find  me  here  on  a  Wednesday

FRESHERS anywhere is renowned for mass numbers of fancy dress nights, and such nights will continue throughout your university education. So where do you go to get that costume with a little bit more something? Lili Bizarre ( on Hardman Street or Smiffy’s ( on Bold Street are two great places to start.



evening if you want to pop in and say hello.  If  it's  live  gigs  that  you  are after, there are two venue's which seem to stand out the most. They are The Lomax and the Zanzibar.  Both venues are on opposite sides  of  the  city  centre,  The Lomax  being  on  Cumberland Street, just off of Dale Street. The Lomax has played host to music heavyweights Oasis, Radiohead and The Verve and the original marketing posters adorn the walls of the downstairs bar, which hosts regular open mic nights.  It  makes  for  an  interesting night for music fans of any kind. The  Lomax,  much  to  the  joy  of many, reopened in 2011 after closing it's doors eleven years earlier and now is home to many metal bands, my favourites being Bludvera, RamRaid and Coronach.  The Zanzibar holds a special place  in  my  heart  as  being  the first ever bar I visited for a metal gig.  Since  that  date  I  have  frequented countless times and you will always find live music on at the Zanzibar.  Outside, the Zanzibar has remained faithful to it's plain brick facade with just a single blue door as it's entrance. The walls in the male toilets are covered in graffiti and you are welcome to bring your own permanent pens and add to the spectacle while taking a leak. The  Zanzibar  has  a  unique character which I do not think can be matched anywhere else in Liverpool. The low level lighting accompanied by sweaty mosh pits, thrashing guitars and thundering drum kits is just something that no other place in Liverpool has to offer.  So budding Rockers and Moshers and all you fellow Metalheads, I  hope  that  this  has  helped  in showing you were to find the best in metal and rock in Liverpool.  I hope that you find me sat in the Swan near the front door and can enjoy a pint and a chat, hell I'll even buy you a Chartreuse. 

Autumn 2012



FOUR years ago, LJMU’s Men’s Football Club was cut from five teams to three due to a lack of funding.  Since, the club has struggled to meet the demands of the hundreds of students interested in joining and playing for the team, and found it difficult to give all students the chance to play for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams. The 100 players from the original 5 times reduced to only 60.  Until September, as the club have made a huge effort to expand and restore

the original five teams, catering for the influx of interested students in the coming months.  Chairman Sam Pullinger, 25, said: “Between 300 and 500 people signed up last year, so there has been a big demand for expanding. So a 4th and 5th team will be implemented, which will ensure new students will have a chance to play.   “We’ve been lucky this year, not many team members have graduated, so they’re still helping. “Over the summer, we’ve advertised for manager positions, which have received a few replies. So we will have 3 or 4 new managers to help run the addi-

tional 4th and 5th teams.” Training days are Mondays, 8pm until 10pm and games take place on Wednesdays at 2pm, either at Heron Eccles playing fields or IM Marsh.  Mr Pullinger added: “I think it is important for new students to be involved in a club or society. And joining the club will give players the chance to play on an FA listed pitch. “Trials will either be at Heron Eccles or IM Marsh, over five days for 3 to 5 hours per day. Dates are yet to be confirmed, but those interested can contact us directly or sign up at the Freshers Fair.”


by OLIVER AUCKLAND News Editor SOME TIME  ago,  something  peculiar happened.  As children bounced on beds and everything British from The Shipping Forecast to Dizzee Rascal’s  Bonkers  filled  our  ears, Britain smiled as it forgot about the terrible weather and instantly became excited over the prospect of seeing every possible sport you could think of via a red button.  The first week passed with relative ease. Britain was doing well in  the  medal  table,  the  casual racism by the media towards Chinese athletes went unnoticed and we all felt brilliant. 

But then it came. The public’s genuine pleasure and  togetherness  had snowballed  into  this  behemoth  of  superiority that  unnecessarily  saw the  need  to  ruin  something special by comparing  it  to  the  nation’s game.  Football. Tweets, articles and the  customary  inane Facebook statuses along the  lines  of  ‘Love  the Olympics,  so  nice  to  see true  sportsmen  for  a change’ were aplenty.  Apparently the days of using football as a yardstick for social injustices weren’t over. Despite the game’s  roots  as  a  working  class sport,  football  doesn’t  represent society. Football is corrupt. Football  is  everything  that’s  wrong with the World. It’s greed, racism and Rupert Murdoch.  The  Olympics  on  the  other hand are a celebration of fairness, dedication, sacrifices and a chance to get one over rivalling nations in a spirited manner. Well that’s what we’re led to believe isn’t it? Thanks to the likes of Murdoch, football’s saturated coverage runs all year round in a never ending  cycle  of  pre-season  tours  to

> LJMU students also have the chance to join Intramural sports, including 11-aside football, netball, yogo, Zumba, an end of year Sports Day and an annual Dodgeball Demolition Tournament. > The Meet. Shop. Eat space has been officially launched at IM Marsh this September.


Hong  Kong  and  international tournaments. The over dramatisation of televising football has led people  to  believe  that  the  only thing that matters is winning.  Judgement Day, Super Sunday, Transfer  Deadline  Day  are  all names used by Sky to liven up the game and exaggerate the importance of winning and succeeding.  There is no grey area in football. There isn’t the win-win attitude  that  the  BBC  had  towards the Olympics where every British athlete got a slap on the back and told they performed admirably.  When the men’s double sculls pair Mark Hunter & Zac Purchase were almost carried off their boat by  Olympian  legend  Sir  Steve Redgrave, the whole nation wept and  thought  how  magnificent  it was. They were still heroes.  So where was Alan Shearer to console  every  English  footballer unfortunate  enough  to  miss  a penalty?  Or even, where was the BBC’s own  Geoff  Shreeves  to  tell  our swimming flops that they weren’t going to be in the final? Beyond the Olympics, the level of interest isn’t there. The average domestic  viewing  figures  for  the 2009 Berlin World Championships was  3.2m,  less  than  the  average audience  for  the  2011  World Snooker Championship final. 

With less interest and audience, the papers aren’t going to fill their  columns  with  stories  of Christine Ohuruogu’s night out on the  town.  Ohuruogu  has  something that footballers don’t have; the chance to hide.  The swimmers won’t face a media storm after failing  because  everyone  had switched over to something else. The slow motion replays of every tumble-turn  and  every  throw aren’t scrutinised for days on end unlike fouls, goals and offside decisions. This inability to do wrong isn’t exclusive  to  athletes.  Wales  forward  Andy  Powell  was  caught drink-driving a golf buggy up the motorway and the England rugby team  had  their  alleged  midget tossing  and  other  sexual  misdemeanours brushed off as ‘banter’.  So maybe if the newspapers and television channels gave athletes  the  same  exposure  as  footballers,  then  the  Mo  Farah  who we think we know will be yet another prima donna. All he does is run around a track isn’t it? 

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL LJMU Women’s Basketball Club is a squad made of novice through experienced players. They are a team that not only aims  to  win  games,  but  to  also enjoy  each  others  company through  various  events;  nights out,  dinner  dates  and  watching the Mersey Tigers. Team members enjoy the luxury of attending Tigers games for free through the teams kit dealer, Fitwell Ltd.  The team trains twice a week, Mondays, 7-8pm and Thursdays, 9-10pm.  Treasurer Lauren House said: “Last  year  we  were  placed  mid table in the league, however our aim this season is to be placed in one of the top two positions of the table. “We are a friendly team that encourages  everyone  to  come along  and  give  it  a  try  -  alot  of players have improved since joining, often having played basketball  for  the  first  time  at university.” There are also opportunities in the team to not only play, but to become  a  qualified  referee  or table. Contact Club Captain Hayley Ashton or Vice Captain Amy Goulding for more details.

FREE MEMBERSHIP AT LIFESTYLES FITNESS CENTRES ALL STUDENTS studying at LJMU this academic year (2012/13) and University staff are entitled to apply for free off-peak membership to use Lifestyles Fitness Centres across Liverpool.  Discounted peak-rate membership is also available for students, ranging between £4 and £9 per month and for staff, ranging between £7 and £15 per month. Liverpool  City  Council  is  committed  to  make,  More People, More Active, More Often help you continue an active lifestyle whilst in the city. To  download  your  application  pack  go  to Now you have no excuse. 17


by JACK MCILROY-REID Sports Editor I WASN’T in England for the summer of 2012, a summer that will be  remembered  in  the  country’s modern day history as it’s proudest, it’s most glorious.  Proud is the word that as the leaves  turn  brown  is  still  imprinted on my brain.  As  the  Queen  celebrated  60 years  on  the  throne,  people  who spend every other day of the year complaining about paying taxes to fund her lifestyle took to the social networks,  declaring  how  they were ‘proud to be British’.  If there were annual trending topics,  2012s  would  certainly  be that phrase.  Then came the Olympic Games. In New York City, a city that itself applied to host the games, with no television  network  I  frantically searched  the  internet  for  somewhere to watch the opening ceremony.  It  was  impressive  but  once again  I  scrolled  through  Twitter searching for something original. Unsuccessfully. Everyone declaring their pride as if it was them walking into the stadium dressed like Michael Jackson.  What was this chip on my shoulder?  Determined  to  find  something  to  criticise,  where  did  it come from?  I discovered the answer a week or so later on the BBC website. I had thought it would be necessary to check there for updates on the games but it turned out that once again Twitter would suffice, with this generation so thumb happy I knew  the  results  of  all  of  the events before the people watching live in the stadium.  Nonetheless an article entitled ‘Olympics ‘dominated by privately educated’’ caught my eye, and my suspicions that all of this was too good to be true were confirmed. The  article explained  how that  in  Beijing 2008  over  50%


of  Team  GB  medal  winners  had come  from  privately  educated backgrounds  and  that  this  year was looking to emulate that statistic.  With only 7% of the British population  attending  independent schools, the imbalance is plain to see,  something  Lord  Moynihan, the  British  Olympic  chief,  described as ‘wholly unacceptable’.  I certainly agree with him. My own  personal  resentment  probably derives from a first year experience  when  a  University  of Liverpool  student  asked  how  it felt to know that one day he would be my boss, despite both of us having very contrasting career ambitions. Snobbery is a characteristic of British society that I am certainly not  proud  to  be  associated  with, and despite the likes of Sir Chris Hoy, Ben Ainslie and Andy Murray being hugely impressive athletes in their own rights, the fact that  their  financial  backgrounds clearly gave them an advantage to become  Olympians,  doesn’t  sit quite right with me.  Should the British Olympic Association  have  a  Twitter  page, ‘proud to be rich’ would more accurately  describe  the  countries legacy of the games. At that moment  I  was  glad  to  be  far  away from everything going on in London. Reading this the probability is that  you,  like  me,  reside  in  the other 93% and just I was about to abandon  all  hope  of  British  success at London 2012 being something  we  could  relate  to,  the athletics events began.  In one night Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford and Jessica Ennis all won Gold medals. One of the most successful days for the country in the history of athletics and in the headlines, 3 people who had gone to humble comprehensive schools, and had had no financial advantage to give them a boost onto the podium.  Ms. Ennis won the Heptathlon in  great  style  but  she wasn’t the only Briton to  be  trending  on Twitter  from  that event. 

Katarina Johnson Thompson proved  to  be  a  huge  fan’s favourite, especially among the male population of Twitter and a 15th place finish was a fantastic achievement  for  the  19  year  old who, after winning Gold’s at international youth and junior competitions,  will  be  an  even  bigger name in Rio 2016. Katarina,  or  ‘KJT’  as  she  is sometimes  known,  restored  my faith in the Olympics and in Team GB, and on learning that she was a previous LJMU student I felt a surge  of  pride  bigger  than  anything Danny Boyle, Paul McCartney  or  Zara  Phillips  could  stir from within me.   Born  on  Merseyside  and  a member of the Liverpool Harriers, KJT studies Psychology at LJMU and I was desperate to get the opportunity to talk to the Universities own Olympian.  Alas it was impossible as she took herself away from the attention she was flooded with during the games for a personal holiday; luckily  I  had  the  opportunity  to speak to Mike Holmes, the President of the Liverpool Harriers and Katarina’s coach.  Mr Holmes said: “In the year leading up to the 2012 Olympics, Katarina  trained  four  days  a week. This, of course, provides 3 recovery  days;  a  very  important component of the training week. “This may seem rather light for high performance levels, but some sessions  can  last  3-4  hours  and over  the  week  some  15  different components will be covered. “Clearly, training needs to address the seven events of the Heptathlon;  namely:  100m  Hurdles, 200  metres,  800  metres,  High Jump,  Long  Jump,  Shot  and Javelin.  “Apart from the technical demands of the various events, the foundations are set in the weights room and in high level conditioning; set around hill running, circuits,  medicine  ball  work,  core workouts and the like.” All of this combined with a degree  and  a  social  life  tweaked  a nerve of guilt within me as I enjoy spending as much time horizontal as possible. 

Mr  Holmes,  who  has  been KJT’s  coach  for  4  years  now, added: “As the world leading Junior  Heptathlete  (U20)  in  2012, Katarina’s aims have to be to take that level into her Senior career. “There are now just 4 athletes ahead of Katarina in the UK Senior  All-Time  rankings,  including Olympic  gold  medallists  Jess Ennis and Denise Lewis.  “She has outscored their Junior  performances,  so  medals  at major games have to be a realistic target, longer term. In 2013 there are  the  European  U23  Championships to target. “She has always said that the High Jump is her favourite event within  the  Heptathlon.  But  it  is possible to fall in and out of love with  one  particular  event  when that  one  goes  badly  or  another goes  particularly  well!  The  200 metres is also featuring highly, at the moment, as a favoured event. “Regarding hobbies, Katarina is well into her music and has attended Festivals in the past and certainly won’t let a good concert involving  a  favourite  artist  pass her by.” Amid all the positivity and inspiration I couldn’t help but weigh the  conversation  down  with  a question about the disproportionate  medal  count  between  publically  and  privately  educated athletes. Mr Holmes said: “It’s a bit of political hot potato and wide ranging in terms of all the factors involved  and  deserves  a  more thorough debate.  “For example, the Olympics themselves  are  skewed,  historically,  in  featuring  those  sports which require ‘bank rolling’ due to their high inherent cost. The bias is not to be seen in athletics.  “Then there are issues involving the minimum PE  content  in  schools required  by  Government,  which  state schools  may  work down to and which private schools

might  choose  to  more  highly value. Thereby raising the opportunities and experience available to the private sector students. “That is not necessarily a direct consequence of “privilege” any more  than  a  lack  of  reasonable provision, determined by national policy.  “Then there is the selling off of playing fields. Altogether a tricky issue.” I can’t help but think that Mike is right and my fury at Chris Hoy just because of some remark from a Liverpool Uni student might be slightly dramatic.  Although  the  imbalance  is clear  and  for  all  to  see  the  fault does not lie with the athletes, nor fully on the Olympic Association, although their hands are certainly not clean.  The main reason the 93% aren’t given  a  good  enough  go  is  ultimately down to the government, and the education system. Future Olympians are founded on the school playing field but as long as David Cameron bleeds dry any  funding  that  might  enable schools  to  provide  facilities  and training,  there  will  be  little change come Rio 2016.  What the situation does do is make you appreciate the achievement of athletes such as Katarina Johnson-Thompson.  In  hindsight  it  is  a  shame  I wasn’t in England at the time of the Olympic games and I can sleep tight  in  the  knowledge  that  no matter  who  I  follow  on  Twitter, nothing the Prime Minister does will ever prompt the tweet, ‘Proud to be British’.

Autumn 2012



Sunday 23rd September:

Liverpool v Man United KO 13:30 Man City v Arsenal KO 16:00

Join in with any of the sports clubs below at LSU: American Football Athletics  Boxing Badminton Basketball Men/Women Cricket Football (Mens) Football (Womens) Gaelic Football (Mens) Gaelic Football (Womens) Hockey (Mens)

Hockey (Womens) Lacrosse Netball Rugby League Rugby Union (Mens) Rugby Union (Womens) Swimming Tennis Volleyball (Mens) Volleyball (Womens)

FOOTBALL IN LIVERPOOL by RHYS WILLIAMS Writer THE FEAR of the unknown can be a  particularly  scary  feeling,  but once you meet your flat mates and share  your  first  drunken  story ramblings, you will soon feel right at home.  There are also other ways to settle yourselves into the city.   You will of course be given flyers and posters telling you what to do  and  where  to  go  during  the year.  European Capital of Culture in 2008, Liverpool is home to a variety of museums and galleries, and if you haven’t heard, The Beatles came  from  here  originally,  although they don’t mention it that much.   However to me, the biggest attraction in Liverpool is its world famous  passion  for  the  beautiful game. Here football is more than just a  game.    It  acts  as  a  form  of  escapism from the pressures of reality.    It  brings  people  of  all  ages, shapes  and  sizes  together  for ninety minutes to become one big, rather excitable family.    Most  of  you  will  have  spare time  on  the  weekends,  so  apart from  actually  playing  the  game yourselves (and on the xbox doesn’t count) what better way is there to spend a Saturday afternoon? Admittedly, you may have to forgive the odd expletive but you cannot expect any different when you mix a pint of Stella with a disgruntled fan.  You will go through every  emotion  possible  during  a game  which  will  offer  a  rush which  will  be  hard  to  find  anywhere else.   The next question is majorly important  for  you  yourselves;  is watching  a  football  match  really affordable for students?  In an attempt  to  answer  this  question,  I have compiled a report on the football clubs in the city which should

help to give a better idea of how much  you  will  have  to  spend  to witness and enjoy the passion that scousers have for football.

Liverpool Football Club I will attempt to keep my bias views to one side when speaking about the club I support.  Therefore, I will instead do as the infamous  Mr  Rafa  Benitez  once  did and speak about FACTS. Liverpool Football Club is one of the most famous and iconic football  clubs  in  the  world,  and  its home is right on your doorstep. The  reds  have  won  eighteen league titles, five European cups, seven FA cups, eight League cups and three UEFA cup titles.  So by choosing  Liverpool  as  your  new local team you will be supporting the most successful English football club in history (which I’m sure will  rattle  the  cages  of  the  Manchester  United  supporters amongst us).   Their home is Anfield stadium, which is recognised as one of the most intensely atmospheric stadiums in world football and no matter  what  allegiance  you  have,  I challenge anyone to experience a chorus of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ without getting goosebumps.  However, all of the history and the atmosphere comes at a price, with  tickets  to  watch  Liverpool being  the  most  expensive  in  the city.  They  are  divided  into  categories with regards to the calibre of the team and the importance of the  game.    Therefore,  as  a  poor student a category C game would be ideal.   £39 will buy you a seat in the Kop for a match against the likes of  Swansea  or  Stoke  but  should you want to experience the fierce rivalry  between  Manchester United you will be paying closer to £50. As Liverpool have shown over the  past  seasons,  games  against the  minows  tend  to  be  the  most

Saturday 29th September:

Scholars Bar will be open for business and showing the following football fixtures:

Arsenal v Chelsea KO 12:45 Man United v Tottenham Hotspur KO 17:30 Sunday 30th September:

Everton v Newcastle United KO 20:00

Nottingham Forest v Derby County KO 13:15 Aston Villa v West Brom KO 16:00

Friday 21st September:

Monday 1st October:

Monday 17th September:

Blackburn Rovers v Middlesbrough KO 19:45

QPR v West Ham KO 20:00

Saturday 22nd September:

Swansea v Everton KO 12:45 difficult  for  them,  so  a  game against Swansea is potentially extremely entertaining for the nuetral.  The  biggest  problem  for  us students  is  not  normally  the  finances  but  in  fact  the  timing  of some of the matches.   Due to television rights, I’m afraid to tell you that a large percentage of Liverpools games will be as early as midday which trust me, will feel like 6am very soon. Therefore,  getting  yourselves  up and  down  to Anfield  could  be  an issue, despite it being geographically  the  closest  stadium  to  the SU.   If you’re a football fan or if you would just like to sample the atmosphere,  watching  Liverpool play  is  a  realistic  option  for  students.    Perhaps  not  every  weekend, but if you get the chance to go at  least  once  during  this  year  I would really encourage you!

Everton Football Club It is difficult not to praise this great football club.   As a Liverpool fan you would imagine that this may be a problem for me, however having lived with a huge Everton fan in my second  year  I  have  a  new  found  respect for the club.   The rivalry between Liverpool and Everton is a friendly rivalry, as you will often find fans of both clubs  in  families  and  groups  of friends.  I also have to be kind to Everton  as  they  seem  to  be  in  a healthier position in the league at the moment. A short distance from Anfield across  Stanley  Park  is  Goodison Park  which  has  its  fair  share  of history and an atmosphere reputation  of  its  own.  The  Toffees  as they are known have been league champions  nine  times,  FA  cup winners  on  five  occassions  and UEFA  Cup  Winners  Cup  once  in 1985.  In the present day it is undeniable  that  the  best  football  on

Mersyside  is  played  by  Everton and just like their rivals they also have a reputation for stepping up for  the  big  occassion  one  week then  loosing  to  bottom  of  the league the next. Everton  categorise  their  fixtures  in  a  similar  way  to  Liverpool, with regards to importance and quality of opposition.  Thankfully for us students, the matches are slightly cheaper and the times usually don’t coincide with hangovers.    Although  a  Mersyside derby could sting you for £43 you could also see a game against the likes of Arsenal for as little as £31. It will just mean that you may have  to  spend  a  night  in  off  the beer to save for it, but it is worth it.

Tranmere Rovers Fooball Club Oh  yes,  if  you  thought  there were only 2 Merseyside clubs you were very much mistaken. Lastly, we come to the mighty Tranmere Rovers.   Admittedly the standard of football may not be as high as the Premier League, and you will have to brave  it  and  take  a  trip  over  to Birkenhead but the passion is still just as intense and the prices are much more suitable for our good selves. Tranmere is a proper football club,  with  passionate,  loyal  fans who travel the country supporting them  wherever  they  go  and  yes

the stadium isn’t as shiny as Anfield or Goodison but I can guarantee  that  not  only  will  a  steak and  kidney  pie  at  half  time  be cheaper  but  will  also  taste  even better because of it.  You cannot ignore of the slight decrease in standard, if you are interested in going to Prenton Park, you will need to rid your mind of the  Steven  Gerrard  and  Nikica Jelavic’s  of  this  world  and  start thinking about the likes of Adam McGurk and Jake Cassidy - they are your heroes now. Ticket prices will be the main attraction to the student football fans  amongst  you  and  unlike Everton and Liverpool, they have separate prices for young people, which is news I’m sure you’re all delighted to hear.  Again, similar to the other clubs, Tranmere uses the category system.   However, for people between the ages of 17 and 22, this is irrelevant,  as  the  prices  are  all  the same  whoever  visits  Prenton Park. The maximum price is £15 with them going as cheap as £10. Liverpool is an incredible city, full of diverse culture and plenty of things to keep you all occupied. Hopefully, having read this introduction to football in your new home  you  will  take  the  opportunity to see some professional footballers at the  top  of  their  games regardless of whether you choose Anfield,  Goodison  or  Prenton Park.


Autumn 2012



TORRENTIAL rain may have ruined the August Bank Holiday for the  revellers  of  Creamfields  and Matthew Street but there were no such concerns for the thousands of fans  of  the  egg  shaped  ball  who made their annual pilgrimage to Wembley  for  Rugby  League’s Challenge Cup Final.  In a repeat of the 2010 final, which saw Warrington retain the trophy, Leeds Rhino’s met NorthWest side Warrington Wolves for Rugby League’s oldest prize.  Warrington entered the game as  favourites  against  the  World Champions  who  have  endured  a difficult season and were looking to avoid the unwanted feat of losing in three consecutive finals.  The Capital did not escape the showers  that  blighted  the  weekend for the north of the country, but rather than ruining proceedings the weather only added to the drama.  Unsurprisingly  the  rain  resulted in numerous handling errors  as  the  ball  appeared  to  be quickly transforming into a bar of soap.  The error prone and penalty riddled first half resulted in tit for tat scoring with Warrington taking the slenderest of leads, 12-10, into the half time break thanks to the  unflappable  goal  kicking  of Man of the Match Brett Hodgson. As the thunderclouds rumbled on  over  Wembley  stadium’s  picturesque  arch,  they  appeared  to do so prophetically and it was to

be Warrington who were to go on the  rampage  in  the  second  half. The  Wolves  struck  early  in  the second  half  with  Winger  Chris Riley sneaking over in the corner to  round  off  a  fine  Warrington passing move, and from there on in the result never really looked in doubt. Inspired by the mercurial Lee Briers,  the  side  famed  for  their Primrose and Blue colours raced into an unassailable lead thanks to three tries in ten minutes midway  through  the  second  half. Briers himself further hammered home the Wolves advantage with a typically cheeky drop goal.  Leeds did manage to summon some Yorkshire pride late on and valiantly  fought  their  way through the Warrington defensive line to claim two late tries, but ultimately it was to be Warrington’s day enjoying 35-18 win. Victory gave the Wolves their third  challenge  cup  title  in  four years and surely guarantees the side a place in rugby league folklore forever.   The Rhinos must now lick their wounds  and  prepare  to  defend their  Super  League  crown,  won last  season  at  another  Mecca  of the footballing world Old Trafford, where they could well have to lock horns once again with the Wolves. If the Challenge Cup final left you hungry to tackle the challenge of Rugby League LJMU may well be  able  to  satisfy  your  appetite. Trials for all sport teams will be coming thick and fast so why not give it a go. 

LIVERPOOL ATHLETES Daniel Purvis 21 years old, Artistic Gymnast  A member of the Bronze Medal winning men’s team in London, the best result from a British gymnastics team for a century. Originally from Crosby and a 3 time British all round champion Daniel was part of the team that did fantastically well to reach the podium this summer, controversially being demoted from the Silver position after a Japanese appeal. 

marc powell

in the spotlight

23 years old, Judo  Originally from Liverpool, Marc trains at the British Judo Performance Institute in Dartford, where he lives now. He enjoyes the competitive element of Judo and the sport has become an important part of his life. He is relishing the opportunity to represent his country. Marc said: “I am over the moon to be selected to ParalympicsGB and a home Games will be unforgettable.”

NAME Michael Rock Anyika Onuora Katarina JohnsonThompson Thomas Stalker Natasha Jones Peter Charles Daniel Purvis Martin Stamper





Aquatics Swimming Athletics: 100m & 200m Athletics: Heptathlon


Stockport London

Liverpool Liverpool

13/03/1987 28/10/1984




Boxing Boxing Equestrian: Jumping Gymnastics: Artistic Taekwondo: -68kg

Liverpool Liverpool Alton, Hampshire Southport Manchester

Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool

30/06/1984 18/06/1984 1/1/1960 13/11/1990 21/08/86





Abdi Jama

Wheelchair Basketball Liverpool

Ade Orogbemi Dan Highcock

Wheelchair Basketball Liverpool Wheelchair Basketball Liverpool

Dan Powell



David Devine George Fletcher Heather Frederkisen Jamie Burdekin

Athletics Football 7 a side Swimming Wheelchair Tennis

Liverpool Liverpool Lowton, Chesire Liverpool

Jon Pollock

Wheelchair Basketball Wigan, Lancashire

Lora Turnham


Altrincham, Chesire

Marc Powell



Burao, Somalia

Wolverhampton Rhinos Lagos, Nigeria Capital City, London Whiston, Merseyside Wolverhampton Rhinos Liverpool British Judo Performance Institute Liverpool Liverpool Harriers Liverpool Billinge, Merseyside City of Salford Liverpool South Ribble Tennise Centre Liverpool Wolverhampton Rhinos Liverpool National Cycling centre, Manchester Liverpool British Judo Performance Institute

NEW FOUND LOVE FOR CYCLING THIS YEAR? THIS SUMMER has been described as the greatest ever time for women and sport, and British Cycling’s Breeze is playing its part by hosting “Breeze in the Park”.  Sunday, September 23 will see Philips Park in East Manchester transformed into a bike riding haven. Women will be taking to their bikes with friends and family to join others in celebrating the success of women’s cycling. The Breeze bike ride is set to kick off at the Home of British Cycling, and will take in picturesque sights of this brilliant and unique park, with the final pit stop being at a local cafe where participants can celebrate with a Breeze tea party. And party they will as this year’s Olympics has been one of the most decorated for women thus far.  Natalie Justice, Women’s Network Manager for British Cycling said: “London 2012 has turned out to be the Women’s Games and this extraordinary and unprecedented time de-


serves a celebration. “We want every single woman out there who has been inspired to bring their bike and kids along to the National Cycling Centre and join us for a special Breeze bike ride around Philips Park.” The day will last from 10am until 1pm, starting off at the National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester M11 4DQ. All you need is a bike, your pals and kids and a smile. 

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