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VICTORY  FOR  TEAM  ORANGE by SOPHIE CORK Entertainment Editor THIS SUMMER will see the handover from the current Liverpool Students’ Union student officers to the newly elected team. An underwhelming 3491 students voted in this year’s Student Officer (SO) Elections and the results were announced in a joint event with Liverpool Guild of Students and Liverpool HopeSU. Yet all candidates worked hard over two weeks to promote their campaigns around LJMU campuses; some conducted videos, flash-mobs, used drums, made cupcakes, had their back waxed and one candidate even dressed as a bumble bee. Voting took place between March 7 and 15. All four candidates in the campaign group SOS (Support Our Students) won places as the next team of student officers for LiverpoolSU in the next academic year. The team, most recognisable in their orange t-shirts, had been campaigning collectively to each win individual places in the student officer board. The results were announced at the end of the Elections Results Night on March 15, which was held at JMU’s own LiverpoolSU. Curtis Reid, SOS team member and newly elected President of LiverpoolSU said: “It feels amazing to have won. The campaign has been a struggle but I really feel like all our hard work has paid off.

“I want to keep students getting the money they deserve as finance is crucial at the moment. Students are paying over £9000 a year now, so they need all the support they can get. I’m so excited and humbled to have been given this chance.’ Also running in the SOS team, newly elected Vice President Activities officer Sam Davys. She said: “The week running up to the results has been hard – it feels like we’ve been campaigning for months! “But the support has been amazing and I couldn’t be happier.’ The results night also saw current Vice President Activities Kate Wilkinson be re-elected under the same position, as well as candidate Dan Cole being elected as Vice President Community Engagement. The results for the NUS Delegates election was also announced, with four of the six positions being filled by SOS team members, alongside current Vice President Activities officer Tom Aldus and candidate Callum Hough. These elected candidates will attend the NUS National Conference next month on behalf of LiverpoolSU. Speaking of his newly elected role, Tom said: “I’m so happy to have won an NUS Delegates position, I’ve put so much effort in the last couple of weeks and my energy is completely spent, but I’m really excited about going to the

Picture: Dan Cole

conference.” Of course it wasn’t a victory for all of the candidates, and no doubt there was disappointment from those not within the winning team. Beth Redmond, a candidate running individually for the Presidential position, said: “I really wasn’t expecting to win, but I think it’s important that I stood as I was the only woman standing, and if there had been no women standing it would have been a travesty.” However, spirits were still high

as Beth added, ‘I think this was a good place to start for me as I’ve gotten to know so many people within the SU which will hopefully help me in the future as I’m planning on running for something next year too.’ Entertainment on the night was provided by the Freestyle Dance and Irish Dancing society, as well as resident DJs from the SU.

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OR OUR NEW chancellor, Brian Leveson, it is something of a homecoming. Born in Liverpool in 1949 he was educated at Liverpool College before attending Merton College, Oxford University. He began his legal career in 1970 initially practising in Liverpool. By 1998 he’d elevated to the lofty heights of Deputy High Court Judge. Not content in 2000 Leveson was appointed as a Judge of the High Court, Queen’s Bench Division, and served as a Presiding Judge of the Northern Circuit from 2002 to 2005. 2000 was also the year he received his knighthood. Arguably his most famous case, Leveson was lead prosecution council for, was the infamous Rosemary West trial in 1995. In 2006 he was appointed Lord Justice of Appeal and promoted to Senior Presiding Judge, senior to all Presiding Judges in his six judicial circuits across England and Wales.

On 13th July 2011, following a series of high profile cases of phone hacking and bribery by journalists across the media industry and the closure of the News of the World, David Cameron announced an ‘public inquiry into issues of British press culture, practices and ethics’. Lord Leveson, as he was then known, would lead this. The hearings began on November 14th 2011, and witnesses included David Cameron, Tony Blair, Piers Morgan and most significantly Rupert Murdoch. The full report containing Lord Leveson’s findings was published shortly over a year later. The phone hacking scandal was one of the most important in modern British History. The fact that our new chancellor was chosen to lead the ensuing inquiry shows just how highly respected he is. Sir Brain Leveson, as he is now known, has had one of the most distinguished legal careers in Europe.

Picture: New Student

In March this year, it was announced that he would become the new Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University, replacing Brian May, at a formal ceremony at the Anglican Cathedral on 20th May. Looprevil Press would like to thank Sir Leveson for all his work: we all know the University has made great strides under his tenure. Equally we’d like to welcome Sir Leveson to the post and look forward to another successful period for Liverpool John Moores. Sir Leveson is a fantastic ambassador for the city and his profession, and we’re lucky to have him.

by GEORGINA WILLIAMS Writer LAST MONTH, Opal Property Group went into administration with a supposed £800 million worth of debt at their feet. As one of the biggest student property groups in the country, this may cause some concern for current and future tenants. Throughout most of March, the future of both Liverpool Accommodations; Great Newton Hall and Opal court had been uncertain, but as of April 2nd, Liverpool John Moores released the follow-

ing statement; “The administrators (Ernst & Young for Great Newton Hall and PWC for Opal Court) have contacted LJMU to confirm that it is “business as usual” for existing residents at both Halls.” This will remain until both places find potential buyers, but tenants of both 2012/2013 period and 2013/2014 should not be worried, as services will remain as agreed in tenancy. For those with any concerns, the University has advised you contact the Accommodation Office; 0151 231 4166 or Wellbeing; 0151 231 6049


The end of the academic year is upon us, and sadly, this is my last

edition as Editor. My time as an LJMU student has come to an end and I will soon have to pass over the position of Editor to the next. My time as Editor has been life changing; literally, my aspiration at the beginning of my first year was to become a lawyer. Now, my plans are to pursue a career in journalism, and I have only Looprevil to thank for that. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank every single person that has been involved in the paper this year, and a big thank you to the Section Editors who I have worked alongside. You guys have been brilliant. We all hope you enjoy this final

summer issue for this year; you can read about the recent SO Elections and the newly elected SOS student officer teams. In Features you will find an array of witty articles about life after university. Entertainment has a number of reviews to make sure you guys get to the right places and have the best experiences, and Sport will update you with the recent Varsity results. Last of all, a massive thank you to you, our readers. Enjoy!  Rebecca

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by NICOLA FOSTER News Editor

COMING TO A TEAPOT NEAR YOU by AISLING DAVIS Writer THE TEABOX COMPANY is an online tea selling company, specialising in the selling of highquality loose tea which can be delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep. The team behind The Teabox Company have gone from strength to strength, securing the support of local cafes and bars across the region, with 4 currently stocking Teabox tea, and a potential 5 others to come next week. The company was started by a group of second year Business and Public Relations students as part of their Graduate Enterprise module and has achieved huge successes. Supported by volunteer business mentors, the students have received a huge amount of support from LJMU to get their company up and running as well as being supported by hundreds of fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. The Graduate Enterprise module gives students a chance to gain valuable work experience in the field of business whilst developing employability skills. Students are supported by the Liverpool Busi-

ness School and LJMU Centre for Entrepreneurship in conjunction with leading enterprise education charity Young Enterprise. Philip Perera, Head of Operations at the Teabox Company praises the support he received from the university: “They helped us with basic knowledge on how to set up your own business; the skills that you need in the entrepreneurial world like acting professional at networking events, the simple phone calls that you need to make or just how to set up your own business bank account”. The success of the company has been marked by the awards it has received. Last week the team faced off competition from hundreds, including fellow LJMU Company Simply Scouse, to secure a number of awards at the national Santander supported Young Enterprise Start Up competition. The company bagged a number of awards on the night including; Barclays Technology Award for the best use of social media and video animation, and the DWF Best Presentation Award to become the overall winning company supported by Santander. Following on from the success

at the Young Enterprise awards, The Teabox Company will now act as representatives from the North West in the national finals held in London in May, competing against ten student companies from across the UK. Philip hopes to continue expanding the company after he graduates. He said: “We want to expand our network both nationally and internationally. We want to have more affiliates and have more cafés, bars and restaurants to stock our tea. “Also we would like to increase our revenue in our online shop. We are working on a ‘make your own blend’ section on our website where our customers can choose one tea base and add whatever flavour to make it more customisable”. The Teabox Company currently stocks tea in Café Porto, The Font, The Marsh Cat South Wirral and The Grosvenor Arms in Cheshire.

Tastebuds tingling? Go to to order your own.

OVER INDULGENCE at this time of year can prove a real problem. The Easter season means line after line of chocolate in its various forms staring back at us wherever we go. But before you have a quiet word with yourself about staying well clear of the fattening delight, you may want to have a look at these. There are eight ways chocolate is saving your life: • In 2011, a study found that eating chocolate was associated with a 37% reduced risk of heart disease. • It can actually be argued to be helping you stay thin, as people who frequently eat chocolate have been found to have lower BMI’s. • Studies have found that men eating an average of 63g of chocolate a week over a 10 year period were 17% less likely to suffer from a stroke, compared to men who ate none at all. • Elderly suffering early signs of de-

mentia have been proved to have better short term and long term memory loss if they were regular chocolate eaters. • A 60-year study found that chocolate lovers tended to live a year longer, on average, than those who never ate it. • UK volunteers were once given hot chocolate and asked to do math problems and performed better on average than those who didn’t drink any. • Scientists found that ‘theobromine’, a naturally occurring ingredient in chocolate, helps to soothe a cough reflex. • A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found a direct correlation between the amount of chocolate intake per capita and the number of Nobel laureates per c o u n t r y, proving it can save your degree as well as your life.

LOOPREVIL IS USING: Here are Nicola Fosters favourite apps to read the news: AP Mobile This provides the best breaking news content. It also syncs to your local news and weather, and provides the option to customise your news feed to exactly what you want to see; whether that be entertainment, sports or news in pictures. A good variety of stories and options to share content with social media. The adverts can be quite annoying, but for a free app you can’t complain too much.

The Onion For when you need the lighter side of the news when on-the-go, US site The Onion have now produced an app. Presenting a tonguein-cheek look at the top stories, this free app also boasts a ‘shake to view’ function for the people who really don’t care which story they read. The horoscopes are perhaps the highlight of the app, designed for the more cynical in life.

Cunliffe's Property and Construction Consultancy said: “there are ongoing revenue implications and although it will not be of the same standard as the more expensive buildings, it will still undertake many refurbishments such as new carpets, floor finishes and ICT suites.” Russ Glennon, Chair of the Panel, said: “there will be qualities of the brand new Redmonds Building within the refurbishment of the John Foster building.” In addition, there were concerns about the amount of space for staff and students as all of the departments from Dean Walters and Hope Street will be moving there. However, the directors of the move affirmed that there is additional space in the John Foster building and areas will be refurbished to accommodate joint departments. The Humanities and Social Science Administration and Support Services Manager, Yvonne Mossman, said: “The Dean Walters building, which was originally built to be a retail institution, has been sold to LIPA and is estimated to be vacated by July 2013. Picture: Geograph


LJMU has announced that it is moving the Humanities and Social Sciences department from the Dean Walters building to the John Foster building. The move will commence over the summer in time for September 2013. The John Foster building, which was built in the 19th century, will undergo a renovation of a small value as there is a limited budget and the directors want to retain some character for the building. Peter Buck, Senior Building Surveyor at


“With the rise of tuition fees, it would be of unsuitable standards to remain at the Dean Walters building as it is already beginning to look run down.” However, Mossman’s beliefs are not supported by most staff and students of the department. It was claimed that the Dean Walters Building is run down, however, it was only built in 1992, and the John Foster building was built in 1850. On the contrary, staff and students would be more suited to remain in the Dean Walters building; the John Foster building should have been sold to LIPA for the issues of congestion will prove to be problematic. There has been no known consent for the move by staff at the Humanities and Social Science department. It is likely that they will not appreciate it, as moving to the John Foster building will cause unneeded problems with space. At the Dean Walters building, teaching staff each have their own office. However, it is obvious that staff will have to share offices in the John Foster building. The environment will be denser as various departments are going to be combined to work within one building. It is thought that it will become too chaotic due to how compressed everything is going to be. The move has sparked controversy as staff and students have criticised the notions behind the move. Why have the tuition fees been raised to £9000, when this could have

been avoided by not spending millions on new buildings and moves that aren’t mandatory? The grade two building has been selected for the move in the hopes that it will make the university more consolidated. The university has been criticised for the fact that it is not campus based, unlike many other universities. Liverpool John Moores University owns a large number of buildings, but this has been problematic due to the travelling distance required between each building, rather than being compact. Richard Pinnington, the LJMU Estates Project Manager said: “The move will provide better communication and collaboration between the departments.” He suggested that the university plans to be consolidated into one hub in future years: “The Copperas Hill building was purchased by the university eight months ago, which may become the hub for the university. LJMU is different to other universities as they are usually more precinct. In the future we intend for it to become more consolidated.” This isn’t the first time LJMU has introduced changes to the buildings at the institution. Over the last ten years, several new buildings and moves have been successful for the university – including the £37 million development of the Redmonds Building, which was opened in September 2012.

T E S T I N G T I M E S F O R G R A D U AT E S by SAM FOXALL Business Editor IT’S THAT TIME of the year when graduating students across the country are looking to life post- academia. It’s widely known that the graduate jobs market is depressing and the application processes are tough so we’re going to be looking at some of the tests organisations use to help turn the many applicants into the few they meet face to face. These processes perhaps apply more to the private sector than public, but it’s worth bearing in mind that this is the growth area for graduate employment. It is also worth bearing in mind that the higher paid positions in the public sector tend to shadow the application processes of business. So this stuff will be useful for you budding civil servants and intelligence officers. There are three main types of online tests used at the early stages for most graduate scheme applications: some will use all three or a combination of them, whilst others will incorporate all into what is known as an overall psychometric test. They are numerical, verbal and situational reasoning and they are no picnic. These tests are typically timed, multiple choice and require a high percentage score to pass through to the next round of the application process. Let’s take a look at all three in isolation.

Numerical Reasoning: Used by almost all private sector graduate schemes and many public, this tests numerical ability. Typically non-calculator the maths in itself isn’t overly challenging, but the test measures your ability to manipulate statistics and interpret data in graphic form. Lots of practise is recommended if you haven’t used much maths since school, bear in mind if numerical reasoning tests are used the job you’ve applied for does require good numerical skills, so time to brush up. Verbal Reasoning: In conjunction with the numerical reasoning this essentially tests your English skills. A candidate will generally be asked to qualify a statement based on a passage of information. Remember this isn’t asking for your opinion or knowledge of the subject in question, it is asking whether based on the information given the statement is true, false or something in between typically cited as cannot say. It’s important to be thorough with your reading and focus simply at what’s in the text and how it matches up with the statement. Situational Reasoning: Less used than the other two, situational reasoning tests are used to establish the candidate’s attitudes and how they would react in certain situations. There are no definitive right or wrong answers here, and practise

isn’t overly helpful. The test simply aims to establish whether your personality is suitable for the job. Try to answer honestly here, if you fail at this stage it suggests that the job isn’t right for you as much as you aren’t right for the job. If you are really keen to pass regardless, just apply common sense. A member of a development team is going to need a far more inclusive and less cut throat personality than someone on the trading floor of an investment bank. Around 80% of applicants will fall at this hurdle and this is quite deliberate from the organisations point of view. I’m sure you will have heard some of the mind blowing figures surrounding the number of applicants on average for each graduate position, and this is an effective and efficient way to whittle those numbers down. Most groups use a third party to conduct the tests, the two largest are SHL Global Solutions and Kenexa. Practice questions and full practice tests are available on their websites and I can tell you from experience practice makes perfect. Remember, businesses aren’t only looking to test your suitability: they’re also looking to see how much you want the job. These tests are intimidating, and are designed to scare off people who aren’t fully committed. So, if you really want it, even if you think

Picture: ESR Technology there won’t be a lot of maths involved and you hate maths. Tough. Get out your old school books, and practice some tests, if you want that job, you’ve got to pass.

In other business news there has been a predictably mixed response to lasts months budget. The government has provided new support for prospective home buyers with the deposit guarantee scheme and a boost for business with a further cut in corporation tax. But the bill involved no eye catching measures reflecting the lack of room available for the chancellor given the fiscal position.

There has been an endless debate about the real level of borrowing and actual size of the deficit but the overall positions are clear. Growth is flat: the deficit is still unsustainably high as is borrowing. Britain may avoid another headline grabbing piece of bad news with the economy looking like it’s grown marginally in the first quarter but given the time of writing don’t quote me on that. Most worrying of all has been the disappointing performance of both the construction and manufacturing sectors leading to minimal export growth despite favourable foreign exchange conditions. Let’s hope the weather and the economic outlook begin to improve through spring as another academic year comes to an end.

Summer 13




ED CHANGMY LIFE Dani Krist, 21

Robert Christie, 21


It’s a tough one because I study English but my favourite book would have to be Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. We did it for one of our modules and I instantly fell in love with it. I love dystopian fiction and you really feel for the characters and get lost in their world. I advise anyone to read the book over the film on this one, you can’t beat it. Although Andrew Garfield is a hottie.

Shahid Khalid, 20

Business Management

My favourite has to be Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. To be honest I am not really big on reading much but I remember studying this book at GCSE and it was better than I expected. The character Lennie makes it worth reading and the friendship aspect to the whole thing is really nice. I think it’s one of those books everyone needs to read at least once in their lives just to say that they have.

Nicola Parker, 22


Everyone needs to read The Catcher In The Rye by J.D Salinger! Many people might consider it a “cult” novel but it is one of those American novels that is never going to die. Holden Caulfield is definitely a marmite character, some people are going to love and some are going to hate him but the thing I love about him is that he inspires those opinions in readers. Everyone has an opinion on Holden.

Georgie Williams, 21 Looprevil Writer


No other book has changed my life since Harry Potter. Hands down. I used to religiously read those books every day of my life when I was 10 or 11 years old and eagerly await the next one year after year. I was so sad when the last book and films were released because it marked the ending of my childhood. But no childhood is complete without Harry and I will be eager to pass the books down to a younger generation in the future.

Books can be pretty powerful things. They can speak truths about ourselves that we can never articulate to our friends, family or even our significant others. So Gemma Jones and Georgina Williams asked LJMU students what books have left a rather large imprint in their lives so far.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is my favourite, it was given to me when I was 11 to learn to be more accepting of people. My parents never really had the time to sit me down and teach me life lessons, so they gave me books instead. This turned out to be one I cherish more than anything. Atticus Finch should be everybody's role model!

Lauren Potts, 20 History

I absolutely adore Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. Being a big fan of Audrey Hepburn I watched the film first and then read the book but the surprisingly found the book easy to read and just as enjoyable the film. I love the way Capote constructs Holly Golightly as a vulnerable character and emphasises her whole life as a performance. A must read for any fans of Audrey or for any other lost lonely girl out there.

IDENTITY CRISIS by MICHELLE DAINTRY Writer WELCOME TO The Mocha Corner. Usually I would offer you said beverage but since this is a newspaper column you may have to provide the yummy coffee and chocolate yourself. Recently, as might be the true of some of you lovely readers, I have found myself coming face to face with the daunting fact that university doesn't last very long at all. The "real" world is just around the corner and by the real world I mean a world full of applications and forms. I can hear you cry, Well obviously...But it isn't the actual idea of applying for future careers that has got me in a twist. It's the formidable part called ‘About me’. You think you're doing well when suddenly you're faced with a little white box, or a few lines that demand you to sum yourself up in a neat, concise way. It is the thing of nightmares! For a start, 'me' is made up of a lot of (mostly irrelevant) stuff and secondly, when put on the spot any solid sense of identity you did have seems to evaporate into the ether. So, eventually, you end up sounding exactly like everyone else who is friendly, creative and enjoys socialising... not to mention punctual.

This is just the tip of a exceedingly large iceberg. Who am I? What makes me - me? We are asked too often to make the big, bad world remember us and, to top it off, we need to be nothing like the 80 other graduates that are also trying to discover themselves. If you're wondering where I pulled the number from, I was told it by a career officer trying to frighten me into action. It's then that you might wonder whether we are meant to be nearly 100% certain about who we are and who we want to be before we even consider career options. I was talking to a dear friend of mine and we came to the rather sobering conclusion that we don't really have a clue who we are anymore! Are we meant to know ourselves so well that we could easily reel off any number of unique adjectives specifically catered to us? Feel free to answer that question of course but I'm implying it is probably a resounding no. Growing up is all about discovering who we are. If we were born with a readymade résumé that set in stone exactly who we are meant to be then life wouldn't be half as fun, would it? We are who we are because of our experiences and sometimes mistakes, and at our age there are so many more experiences to come. You may be lucky enough to know who you

Picture: Rebecca Fielding

want to be and you might be even luckier and be that person already. But for the majority of us our 'About me' sections are a work in progress, a 'to be continued', and that's what makes us different from each other. So, it's okay to resort to the tried and tested when you start out describing yourself. I mean, answering ‘So, tell me about yourself ’ during an interview with ‘not sure, I'm still finding out’ might be a true answer... but it isn't going to be impressing your careers advisors any time soon.


CONSUMER HOLIDAY? by AISLING DAVIS Writer IN A FACE-OFF between Jesus and the Easter Bunny, who do you think would win? According to, just one in eight people consider Easter in terms of its religious significance. It’s a time for celebration, especially after lent. However the reasons for people wanting to participate in lent may not be entirely religious ones. Instead personal reasons such as wanting to lose weight or to cut down on something unhealthy tend to be the motivating factor in lent. This year we will consume approximately 90 million chocolate eggs across the UK, making it a chocolate retailer’s paradise. As children we are taught its’ religious significance all throughout our time at school, but as we grow older we become more interested in the fact that Tesco are selling Malteaster Bunnies for 60p. We get caught up in the consumerist nature of it all. It’s impossible not too, as some su-

permarkets have their Easter eggs on the shelves straight after Christmas. Easter is traditionally the holiday where we celebrate Jesus’s resurrection from the dead according to Christian belief. It follows lent; a forty day fasting period where we usually give up something we love for forty days and forty nights. It’s supposed to be a symbol of penance and prayer, but its true significance is usually overlooked by the façade of Easter. Painting Easter eggs and the Easter rabbit are traditions passed down from generations as a way to celebrate the holiday, and then there’s the famous Easter egg hunt enjoyed by children across the world. The Easter egg is a traditional symbol used during the holiday period, said to represent the empty tomb of Christ and the hope for eternal life. The first chocolate Easter egg was created in 1873 by Fry’s, and has since been heavily used a traditional Easter gift and for egg hunts.

What does Easter mean to you?

ShaunaDuggan,20,Dublin: “I like Easter because it’s not as big a fuss as Christmas. You get time off and it’s usually alright weather instead of it being cold at Christmas.”

Jo Cabot,20,Liverpool: “Even though I’m Christian I’m not actually religious. I like the fact that Easter brings families together but I don’t celebrate it for its’ true meaning. Now that ‘m older and have left home I don’t celebrate it at all”

DavidWalton,20,Liverpool: "Easter to me means a time to relax and enjoy a bank holiday weekend. I don't think Easter is ruined by consumerism, Easter just has a different meaning to the majority of our society nowadays.”

MajellaMaguire,20,Hatfield: “It means that as a Christian we are brought closer to God as his only son gave up his life for our sins. We should renounce our sins and live the word of God.”

l a t n e par e c i v d a

ce your folks gave

vi what’s the best ad

Georgie Williams “Would you rather be driving the nice car past the bus stop, or be at the bus stop... Here's your revision books.”

Jack McIlroy-Reid “Be selfish while you’re young, life slows down an awful lot and you’re a long time dead.”

Nicola Foster “Bored... Then find something to do. Taught me to go out and make stuff happen!”

Sophie Cork “My dad’s said before exams ‘be smart be safe’. Not sure what it means but it helps.”


Ben Montgomery “Don't have sex on a waterbed, you can't get any rhythm. Thanks Dad.”

what’s the caption? Picture: Pete Carr

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What is on your mind? is our Agony Aunt column in which LJMU students can write to our Agony Aunt, Sophie to share their problems, thoughts and gain advice. If you wish to seek advice for a problem, you can email or Tweet @looprevil_wioym Dear Sophie, I’m getting really worried about one of my housemates. He seems to be drinking all the time and I think it’s become a problem for him. He always drank to excess on nights out but now he’s started drinking in the day too, and is barely seen without a can in his hand – on average 4 or 5 on a weekday and countless more at the weekend where he drinks until he blacks out. He even drinks before lectures sometimes and turns up drunk, and I’m worried about his grades dropping as a result. Whenever I try to talk to him about it he just gets angry and defensive. What should I do? Sam, 21 This sounds like very concerning behaviour and it sounds like you have your friend’s best interest at heart. Being defensive about the amount he is drinking is an early sign of alcohol addiction, and if he isn’t given the support he needs it will only get worse. Try and approach your friend when he is alone, and before he has had a drink – a clear head may help him see sense. Ensure that he knows he has friends who care about him and that you will be there for him. Make sure you research the help available, such as JMU’s Advice and Wellbeing service which offers one-to-one advice on a completely confidential basis and can offer your friend the support he needs. If he still doesn’t recognise his problem, try to get in contact with one of his trusted family members. Chances are they don’t know about the problem, and can hopefully take away the burden of worrying from you. Good luck! Sophie, I’m a first year student and I’ve never been much of a big drinker, but I’ve decided to stop drinking all together. Drinking just doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t like the taste at all! But I’m worried people will judge me for it, or stop inviting me on nights out because they won’t think I’m much fun. How can I not drink, but not be left out at the same time? Ellie, 18

Gemma Jones “Never be late and always be early... Nobody likes a late person.”

Alex Martin “My mum told me to never go out with a man who spends longer time on his hair than you.”

James Copestick “My mum told me to always separate my whites in a wash... No dodgy pink tshirts!”

First of all, congratulations on being true to yourself despite the influence of others. Deciding to sober in a student culture so obsessed with drinking is a big step and you should be proud of yourself. In terms of not being left out, your true friends should understand your decision and it should not affect your friendship with them. Those who decide to not invite you out just because you are not drinking do not sound like good friends at all and you are better off without them. Why not host a party if you are worried about coming across as boring – get a DJ, some food and even play some old school party games. Provide drinks for others, and they’ll be having too much fun to care about whether or not you’re drinking.

Summer 13


SAVE YOUR £££ THIS SUMMER by GEMMA JONES Features Editor YES WE HAVE just had our student loans and many of us may have enjoyed the materialistic joy of spending our LJMU bursaries like they were hotcakes. However if you are quite the big spender then you’ll know that funds will be dangerously low in those fatal summer months. So if you like to spend your money on loads of pointless and inane crap like we do and then fervently cry poverty when you are in your overdraft, here are some friendly Looprevil top finance procrastination tips to help prevent this major Greek-like tragedy from occurring. Thou shalt not give into financial temptation, you hear? 1. Exercise is your new best friend, sort of – Well let’s be honest here guys, exercise is not anybody’s best friend. I’m sure even Olympic champs such as Jessica Ennis probably grimaces in her head every time she gets told she has go training. Still, exercise can really change your life. Albeit running around the block, taking the dog for a walk, doing squats in your Mum and Dad’s bedroom mirror and pretending you can do back flips may not give you a Pussycat Doll body or abs like old school Peter Andre BUT it will ensure that after exercising you’ll probably be too knackered to do anything else. You won’t go out randomly and you will save money. Ah yeah. 2. Make a cultural bucket list- You always have those conversations with friends about the books and films you’ve all watched so you can prove to your friends that you are cool because you share similar interests. Then comes the awkward moment where all your friends have seen a certain film and you are the only loser in your clique who hasn’t. Instead of throwing rotten fruit at you, they pity you in your uncultured and out of touch life.

Now my friends, it is the time to turn this round. This is your opportunity to do nothing for months so why not catch up on all the shows, films and reading you have been intending to do since forever. Watch, gasp, stare, read, ponder and amaze yourself. With no academic essays in the way you might just learn something (like why two sexually attractive vampires always end up fancying the blandest girl in the land). 3. Help out around the house- Well suffice to say the words “help”, “house” and “chores” often connotes antagonistic feelings of snore-ism within all of us but please listen to me when I preach this. You are going to be home all summer. Your parents are eventually going to put salt in your boredom wounds at least 23525 times a week claiming you are a “waste of space”, “you should help out more” or “go do something productive.” So play them at their own game. Doing something domestically productive at least once a day to impress them. You might give them a really nice and considerate heart attack in doing so. Washing the dishes is probably the easiest and the less time consuming of them all. Also if you scratch their back they might scratch yours and give you some guilt money for your labours. Guilt money = alcohol money, am I right? 4. Watch YouTube- Can’t recommend this enough. You’d be surprised at all the stuff I’ve found when procrastinating for essays on this blessed gem of a website. If you want to save money then why not watch some celebrity interviews, music video, parody videos like a good old cultural cog in the machine. Or you could even make one of them v-log video accounts for yourself articulating

your own thoughts and feelings. You could be the next Jenna Marbles or Chris Crocker depending on your current emotional psychotic state. 5. Sleepovers- Instead of getting dolled up to the nines, having to wear uncomfortable clothes, having to pay an obscene amount of money for taxis and being leered at by the opposite sex why not cut out the crap and have a binge and calorie fest with your friends? Onesies, blankets, films and actually being able to hear each other speak, what could be better than that? You will be truly free to talk about “your needs”, “finding the one” and slagging off your exes all within the privacy of your home. And you can attention seek cry too without fear of mascara dripping down your chinny chin chin and looking like the girl from The Ring. And this goes for boys as well, as there is a little frugal sleepover child within all of us. Embrace that child and use it to win a pillow fight. 6. Use Facebook as little as you can- Summer is the best time of the year (supposedly) so that means you should be going out and living it up as much as you can. Obviously we are not in a financial situation to be getting the next jet to Ibiza or anything with Rita Ora and let’s be honest, neither are our fellow peers either. If you are poor then Facebook has to be the most depressing thing on earth to look at. All your stupid ass friends claiming they “had a great night”, or “the best night ever” or had “so much fun with da gurlies/lads”. Gah whatever. Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t. Just remember photos do not necessarily speak truths and people perform smiles for cameras in a desperate attempt to appear like they are having the time of their lives. Still, the small majority of your friends do have hot cash in the bank, go on holidays etc. And drive a sane person wild with inadequate jealously and depression. My advice to you then is to

deactivate your account. I know it’s hard because we all like to see and predict which next girl we used to go to school with will be pregnant next and to stalk our crush and his new bird but we must desperately try to overcome this urge. Get your friend to change your password. Or smash your smartphone on the floor to avoid the temptation of looking. Drastic action guys. 7. Do some summer reading- When you’re smart arsed teachers said reading was “really rewarding” they really meant it. Now you may not be the bookish type and might not want to read for fun but what’s stopping you reading your books for the next year or semester? You may say you “cba” or whatever but what else are you doing? I mean really. Use the time productively and try to read everything you can now so that when you go back to uni you can concentrate on your main priorities: going to freshers and getting rat arsed. And then when everyone in the lectures the day after asks you that fearful question “have you done the reading” you can proudly proclaim “yes, yes I have” and make everyone around you panic in a five mile radius. You will be some crazy intelligent smart social magician and everyone will be in awe of you. 8. Come Dine With Me Yall- Pointless carefree days mean pointless carefree activities so what could be more pointless than learning how to cook? I’m assuming that whoever reads this isn’t exactly Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith and even if you think you can run that kitchen hotter than Gordon Ramsay it probably wouldn’t hurt to sharpen up your skillz bruv. Cooking can be a real social activity so invite some friends over

and instagram the glorious cakes you’ve made. Why not even have a Come Dine With Me themed night in which you all take turns cooking something and laugh and criticise each other’s creations. And then at the end of the night you can sit in a taxi with some large white cue cards and start talking to yourself on how you would rate your friends cooking despite their being no camera crew to film you. The taxi driver will love that shit, you feel me. 9.Get a job/volunteer- If you already have a job lined up then yes, bravo, woohoo, good for you. You are a good example to humanity. However if you don’t then why not volunteer? I know you don’t get paid and you will be putting in all your hours of creative genius and no “Geek” t-shirt at the end to show the pains of your labours but at least you won’t be judged by society as being a lazy so and so. It may seem like a waste of time but any experience is going to help you career wise in the long run and the fact that you have worked for free may drive future employers wild with passion and ecstasy. Just don’t bring more ecstasy to the interview because ecstasy is an illegal drug and is wrong to impose on your fellow man. 10. Redecorate and reinvent yourself- When you’re poor and destitute, you spend a lot of time staring at the four walls of your dungeon/bedroom. After a while those walls can get really dull. So why not thrive in the bars of your own claustrophobic cage by giving your walls a makeover? Whip out some of your parents’ paint, get some new furniture and start pretending you are in a slightly longer version of 60 Minute Makeover. While you are at it why not go buy some really pretentious posters from HMV too?

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@tarynpricexx: my tutor has known me for nearly a year and still can't spell my name right?! #ljmu

@LJMU: The new ground flr coffee shop in Byrom Street opens on Wed 3 April, all proceeds going to North West Cancer Research

@willmorg93: would love to start freshers all over again #greatyear #ljmu @smholder92: i'd rather be a poly than a c***! #LJMU #varsity #hockey

@laurakwatsonRD: Feel very proud & privileged to have been nominated in the #LiverpoolSU Amazing Teacher awards. Thank you so much, lovely 7 students:-) #LJMU



ALL FOUR candidates in the campaign group SOS (Support Our Students) won places as the next team of student officers for LiverpoolSU in the next academic year. Here are a recap of their manifestos so you know what is instore for LiverpoolSU.

to deliver a quality service for its students due to the rise of tuition fees.

Curtis Reid, President Why do you want to stand? I chose to re-stand as I want to continue to represent the diverse student body that we have at LJMU. Being a student at the university for 4 years and after graduating in July, I started my sabbatical year as VP Community Engagement. I feel that EVERY student should have the opportunity to play a part in their education and a partner in their learning. I became heavily involved in the union in my second year when I joined a society. I am aware that not all students can become more involved in the union through the same channels that I entered due to differences in course structure, childcare responsibilities or various other commitments. However I aim to emphasise through my leadership that the union is much more than a place to participate in sports and socialise, but also as a tool to enhance your learning and university experience. How can you demonstrate your commitment to students? Through my time at university I have shown considerable commitment to students from being a Course Rep, Vice Forum chair of the Better City Forum, being a key choreographer of the Freestyle Dance Society and as this year’s Vice President Community Engagement Officer. I feel that these roles have enabled me to stay in touch with a wide variety of student needs and wants. It is not simply enough to assume that all students require the same things and through work outside of the university in south Liverpool I have been exposed to many different types of students from underrepresented groups, such as home, part time BME etc. Working on behalf of these students, hearing their views and lobbying for change has always been a passion of mine and I want to continue this commitment. How can you demonstrate your ability to deliver positive change for students? More than ever before there has been pressure put on the university and students union


Students understandably want more for their money and rightly should get this. As well as being involved in national campaigns we need to focus more on the students we have, hearing what they need and responding in a way that is timely and effective. Throughout my current year in office there have been many challenges that myself and my team have faced and have overcome through the use of GOAT’ing (going out and talking) to students. This has enabled us to deliver change and lobby the university much more effectively than making a decision about students without their input. I will ALWAYS strive to go the extra mile for our students and help to provide the best possible university experience. What can you offer that no-one else can? I feel that due to me currently being in post as a sabbatical officer I could continue and enhance some of my campaigns through the role of President. I know that continuing to work for students through LiverpoolSU would be a good head start on any other candidate and I feel I could really hit the ground running when starting a second year in office. This year I have learnt and gained so much experience through working on behalf of students that I feel I am the best advocate for continued improvement and change. I am passionate, creative and in touch with students needs through my personal attributes and character. Although I graduated in July I am still a member of a various societies which means I have the opportunity to meet and interact with lots of new students.

What are your priorities? A stronger student voice I feel is pivotal to increased participation by students. More financial support whilst studying at university is important to student enjoyment and building on “university experience”. I think that LJMU students making a change in their city should be a strong focal point in order to make this a “university of the people”. Stronger focus on outreach/widening participation is needed to improve involvement with under-represented groups; Home, BME etc. Better tutor and academic support for all students I think is key to maintain retention and enhance supported learning at university. Why are these priorities important to students? As I am currently an officer I know that these issues are very much still imperative to students, through the use of forums, GOAT’ing and general discussions. Due to the extremely diverse nature of the student body and each student being different it is important to try and incorporate as many aspects as possible. I strongly believe in the term “nothing about me without me” meaning I will always use the student body as a source of knowledge before making a decision that could affect them. I will focus on finances due to the nature of students being poorer than ever and in numerous cases balancing a job and university. Travel plays a crucial part in this even for home students, being a mature student or studying part time leaves many students feeling isolated and unheard in many cases, hence having better tutor and academic support to rectify this issue.

get to meet new people and share similar interests that you may not have necessarily experienced before. I would be privileged to contribute in making student’s university experiences better. How can you demonstrate your commitment to students? I consider myself to have been a part of the Student’s Union for 3 years now, and am more heavily involved this past year as I frequently attend social networking events and forums, I have supported various societies events and I hold two Zumba fitness classes of my own, twice a week. I also hold a free Zumba class once a week at I.M Marsh campus for students and any staff members of the faculty (Education, Community & Leisure). I have been involved in events within my course, such as helping to run dance shows etc. I am passionate on standing for what is right for students, and so I was supportive and an active member for previous campaign teams in past elections. How can you demonstrate your ability to deliver positive change for students? I decided to pursue my passion for the most recent fitness craze, ‘Zumba’ and turned this into a brand new society for students involved in the SU in September this year. I thrive on new ideas and wanted to bring something different for our students. I believe that fitness awareness is becoming more prominent in our society and as such responded by providing this service for our students. I did not want there to be the pressure for student’s to have a certain level of ability, but

Sam Davys, Vice President of Activities Why do you want to stand? I am eager to represent all teams clubs and societies, and help in any way possible as best I can, to make their involvement within the Student’s Union better and I will dedicate myself to this fully. I will work together with the students who are already involved in activities, but I also want to use my time in reaching out to the wider population of the student body in Liverpool, to encourage their participation within LiverpoolSU. I believe that being a part of a group of people whether it is in a team or a club, brings an added enjoyment to student life as you

to offer sessions that are beneficial to health and wellbeing and also a lot of fun. It has been challenging but very successful, rewarding, and

has turned into a society that I am extremely proud of. It has required a lot of my commitment but the students enjoy the classes which is important to me. What can you offer that no-one else can? I believe that I am highly approachable, and am willing to make time for anyone that needs help, whatever this may be. I feel over my 3 years in university I have demonstrated leadership skills which I will continue to use in this role. I can empathise with student’s needs on various levels from the typical 18-21 students away from home and part time students from Merseyside. I understand their needs and am extremely passionate about inclusivity in the union. I have been a part of the community within I.M Marsh for three years and so I understand the need for better facilities for courses, but also the role that extra-curricular activities plays in student’s lives. I am not only committed and dedicated to any opportunities I come across, but in this case, I hold great interest and passion for this role. What are your priorities? Create better communication between the students, and the union. I also want to make clubs, teams and societies accessible to all students. I think improving access to funding to all student groups. Improving access for students to start up their own club, this is something that I am extremely passionate about as I received support whilst starting my own society but feel more can be done. Finally, increasing student employability through recognition of the work they do. Why are these priorities important to students? Improve communication between the union and students so access to all clubs, teams and societies is easier than it currently is. I will encourage more involvement in extra-curricular activities along-side studying and highlight the crucial role it plays. To facilitate all student’s needs, having something for everyone is vital. Currently around 1 in 4 students at LJMU engage with us through sports teams, clubs and societies and I would embrace and strive to be part of a move to increase this number. I feel that students can boost their employability in this current climate through making full use of entrepreneurship through starting new clubs and societies of their own as it highlights various skills needed for the world of work.

Kate Wilkinson, Vice President of Academic Quality Why do you want to stand? I want to work solely for students, I have had four years within LJMU as a student at both undergraduate and post-graduate level and huge interest in representing every individual in the academic side of their university life. There are fundamental aspects of education and student experience that you have a right to and I hope to continue to ensure you have access to the best possible university experience. I hope to continue to highlight the importance of the union to you as a student body. There is still a common belief that a student’s union is solely for social and sporting purposes, although these are large parts of what the union does, there are a wealth of educational projects and services to be offered. I will work to support student’s educational welfare and the quality of the degree they attain, as well as the quality teaching and overall experience. How can you demonstrate your commitment to students? In my four years at LJMU I have shown continuous dedication to student representation; as a hall rep, course rep, forum delegate, national NUS delegate and finally as last year’s VP Academic Quality. It is through these roles that I feel I am capable of discussing the real issues that LJMU students face. This year my position has successfully enabled me to collate student feedback and work to make real positive changes to students within the university, lobbying on both an institutional and national level. I have learnt about all students whether 18-21, mature, part –time, international or from round the corner. I have realised it is not good enough to view students as a group but that each person has very individual needs and expectations and that we as a students union must respect this working to better the university experience for every single student, in a different way. How can you demonstrate your ability to deliver positive change for students? We have seen many challenges as a student body and as a student’s union this year. We have seen the first cohort of £9000 fees, understandably and rightly having much larger expectations of the university and the students union, I (alongside my team) have worked this year to ensure that these expectations were delivered on FOR EVERYONE making sure those new as well as existing students were entitled to equally good teaching, financial support and student services. I have been in difficult situa-

tions, but believe that I keep students welfare and needs at the core of everything I do even if it is not the easiest option for both the university and myself. I am passionate about helping to facilitate students to be the best that they can be and will go above and beyond to ensure that some one has the support they need to do this. What can you offer that no-one else can? I can offer a wealth of experience that I feel no one else can. Overseeing all academic aspects of the university, each faculty and each school is huge and took time to learn about at the beginning of the year. If I were re-elected I feel I could hit the ground running, both making sure that issues that arose this year are not overlooked as well as getting stuck in to new projects straight away. Within my team this year we have seen loads of success stories and ‘wins’ for students that we have driven to change each student’s life for the better. This is something I want to continue. Although I graduated my undergraduate degree last year I feel

casts, debates, lecture flipping, blackboard modules or more interactive methods, student’s are still dissatisfied with some current teaching practises and need move. I will also look to develop specific campaigns relating to those underrepresented groups such as; mature students, NHS students and international students etc. Why are these priorities important to students? From my current role as VP Academic I know these issues are still important to students. They are things that have repeatedly been mentioned in forums, one to one meetings and been fed through our course reps and chats I have with students every day. LJMU has a really diverse population; with high percentages of home students, international students and mature students and we know these are often the hardest hit financially and circumstantially, having far to travel, having to maintain full or part time work whilst studying, struggling financially, being from another country, being a mature student or studying part time. Ever student has their own personal story to tell and from listening to these, looking at national research and still being a student myself I feel these are genuine and important priorities to a large proportion of students.

Dan Cole, Vice President of Community Engagement

I can still identify as part of the student body as a masters student, I am still, if not more passionate and committed to making positive change for students. What are your priorities? Within the next year I want to look at a few priority campaigns firstly to help students become partners in their learning, allowing you to have a say in the structure of your lectures and teaching and having a two way feedback mechanism to promote partnership between lecturer and student. I hope secondly to help improve employability of students graduating from John Moores, with more students attending university to attain better jobs. With 87 candidates for every one graduate job, it’s important that we move with this trend. I want to thirdly to look at more innovative ways to deliver teaching, whether this through pod

Why do you want to stand? I wanted to stand as a candidate to become a student officer at LiverpoolSU as I am passionate about making positive change to benefit other people. From my work as a community representative over the past two years, I have seen the positive change that the student union is able to make, and this is something I want to continue to do but from a leadership role. As a final year student, my time at LJMU is coming to an end, but as a student who has benefitted from the work of the student union I want to become VPCE to continue the support the student union provides. I feel that my previous experience with the student union, along with my positive attitude to help others makes me an ideal candidate for this role. How can you demonstrate your commitment to students? I have volunteered in the community during my time at university in Liverpool and also before moving to Liverpool. In recognition of the volunteering work I did before coming to Liverpool I was awarded South Shropshire Community Leader of the Year in 2010, based on the leadership skills I

demically. I am a confident person and strive to achieve targets that I set myself; something which I feel will benefit the student union if I were to be elected as I would be determined to deliver positive change. As a keen sport enthusiast, I feel I am outgoing and ambitious and I am not afraid to challenge myself to achieve greater success rather than just settling for less. What are your priorities?

demonstrated outside of my college work. Since my time at university in Liverpool I have received the Liverpool SU Loves You Awards Contribution to the Community Award in 2012. This was to reward the work I did as a community rep to improve the lives of students living in the Kensington community of Liverpool. I have always been committed to any role I have undertaken, whether this be work, volunteering, academic work or sports coaching, fulfilling this to the best of my ability. How can you demonstrate your ability to deliver positive change for students? I have been a LiverpoolSU staff member for the past 3 years, taking on a number of different roles, all of which have been focused on making change for the better for students and residents of Liverpool. As a welcome assistant, I have helped induct new students into life in Liverpool and helped them settle in, as well as being a person they could turn to for advice and information. I have also been a community rep where I have worked in the Kensington area of the city. My work as a rep has included identifying and solving community issues for students and residents as well as building relations by putting on numerous community events. My working role within the student union has also included GOAT’ing, a tool to identify issues and ways in which LiverpoolSU can better serve the students of LJMU. What can you offer that no-one else can? As a member of staff for LiverpoolSU, I have developed a great relationship with both fellow employees and students alike. I have developed my personal skills and have always been comfortable speaking to people and being a public figure. I have held positions of responsibility in previous jobs and in group projects in university where I have felt I have risen to the task of leading a group and achieving success, whether at work or aca-

I feel student safety is vital as all students have a right to feel safe in Liverpool. It is important to ensure safety within both student halls and the wider community. I believe that as students are paying more each year for accommodation they should feel they are getting value for money. I would provide better support for students already in private accommodation, as well as those who are looking for private accommodation. I will build upon the work by the previous Community Engagement officer to ensure community cohesion is achieved. I aim to make students feel part of the community they live in, and this focus will impact on residents as well as students. Providing better transport is also a priority, good transport links at peak times will not only benefit students, but can also have a positive effect outside the student population and contribute to student safety. Why are these priorities important to students? Student safety is really important as nobody should feel unsafe where they live. Students should be able to feel welcomed as part of the community and not judged by existing residents just for being students. If students feel they have good relationships with residents they can be made to feel more welcome and safe, this will enhance the overall university experience. Better transportation will not only be more affordable for students, but more accessible so they do not have to worry about missing a bus/train and having to wait around for a long time for the next one. When some students first move to university halls, they are unaware of how soon to look for accommodation for their second year. Using results from the existing rate your landlord scheme, better support to find quality student accommodation can be offered.



The Looprevil Team took a stroll around our beloved city centre to see how the locals are pulling off this season’s latest trends and who’s style they are crushing on and how they would describe their own style. 1. April Williams, 23 from the Wirral “I really like how Alexa Chung dresses, I always try and intimate her style over and over again. “ 2. James Maxwell, 20, from Walton “I don’t have a style icon but I used to work in

Ralph Lauren so I’ve been really inspired by their clothes and the preppy look.” 3. Jade Smith, 26, from Runcorn “I really like minimalism so I like to take my style inspiration from Celine designer Phoebe Philo.” 4. Rihanna Ellis, 19, from City Centre “I adore Vivienne Westwood and love to dress as eccentric as possible.” 5. Amy McCarthy, 20, from City Centre “I don’t really have a style icon but I love vintage and anything floral!”



4 looprevilpresspaper Looprevil_Press


Š Dean Walters | Looprevil Press | Georgina Williams

Š Hope St | Looprevil Press | Georgina Williams

Summer 13


LAST EVENT OF THE YEAR by REBECCA FIELDING Editor JELLIES, BUTTERFLY CLIPS and Gwen Stefani made appearances at Looprevil’s last event of the year. Guests were prompted to turn up in 90s style clothing, to enjoy 90s style music and entertainment. LiverpoolSU’s Events Management Society helped in the organising of the event with Looprevil Pres’s social secretary, Beth Dockerty, to ensure a great night would be thrown.

With a trust iPod plugged in, the evening began slow. Rozalla, The Shamen and Bassheads played away whilst guest turned up in the early evening. Unfortunatly, singer Michael Ryder who was going to sing a live set on the night was unable to make it. But the night ran smoothly with sets from DJ’s Small, Medium and Large and Looprevil Radio’s very own Jamie Gibson and Wil Judkins. SML began with memorable 90s chart tunes, with Gibson and Judkins ending the night with a punk, rocky vibe to their set.

There were appearances from the Spice Girls, Gwen Stefani and a few grunge looking individuals. The event was the last to be organised under my current Editorship, and was also the last organised event in the society for me as an Liverpool John Moores University student. I’d like to thank David Walton, head of the Events Management Society at LiverpoolSU and our own Social Seretary Beth Dockerty for the assistance in organising the event.

ABANDON SILENCE at The Shipping Forecast: Review by SOPHIE CORK Entertainment Editor

by NICOLA FOSTER Writer HIDDEN away on the corner of Slater Street, Santa Chupitos is one of Liverpool’s best kept cocktail secrets. The dim lighting and vintage feel make it the perfect setting to de-stress as those deadlines loom. As your drink is crafted before your very eyes by the best looking barmen in Liverpool, you can see how much skill and effort is needed to create such amazing drinks. Open Sunday through to Wednesday, the cocktail emporium is always concocting a new tipple for their

guests, so keep your eyes on the blackboards on the walls. Combining their seasonal specials with old classics, the menu has something to appeal to all tastes and occasions. The popular drinks at the cocktail haven are the 5$ Shake, a unique combination of vodka, Chambord, blueberries and ice cream, served in a distinctive milk bottle. For those customers watching their weight on the run up to the summer break, The Skinny Huntington-Whiteley is the drink for you, made with no sugar and low in calories.

IT’S ALWAYS awkward getting to a club early. The dance floor is dead, the promoter looks stressed and the DJs saving the better tunes until the place gets full. It also doesn’t help that it’s snowing, which has the possibility of preventing people coming to the night at all. Despite this, the mood is high in The Shipping Forecast, which is playing host to Abandon Silence’s last night downstairs in the Hold before the club night moves permanently to a new venue next term. The place became busier as resident DJs Rich Furness and Harry Sheehan play back to back, the former delivering house obscurities and curveballs, whilst the latter brings better known club hits into the mix. The pair work so well together, it’s easy to see why the residents are considered one of the club night’s greatest assets. But it’s not these guys the ever-growing crowd came to see. The arrival of the night’s first headliner, Radio 1’s newest recruit Monki, quickly got people moving to the front to see what she has to offer.

The lady looks calm and collected, even though she has to stand on a box to see over the decks, as she dropped effortlessly into her set. It became clear pretty quickly that the night was no usual night at Abandon Silence, as Monki dips from serious house tunes to r’n’b to garage to hip-hop back to r’n’b again and somehow ends up at The Police’s ‘Roxanne’ (which of course sees a rewind courtesy of boyfriend and fellow DJ Melé). The set perfectly illustrated the many talents of Monki - she can deliver a serious set of underground house cuts on her radio show and provide a straight-up party set in the club, both of which look as though they come second nature to her and like she’s having the time of her life doing it. Anyone who has the ability to make a DJ set fun, silly and absolutely banging is fine by me. The night’s second headliner, the mysterious Route 94, came as somewhat of an anti-climax

however. Of course good tunes are delivered, but the highlights of the set seemed to be Route 94’s own singles: whether or not this is because those singles are so good or because they’re the only thing recognisable in an otherwise rather bland set remains unclear. Perhaps, and most likely, Route 94’s offerings were shadowed by Monki’s earlier performance. Still, the lights come on and the crowd spill out as Abandon Silence waves goodbye to the Hold.

READY, STEADY, BAKE! LJMU hosts Victorian theme bake off for charity

Goggle Box by SARAH O’HARA Writer

Picture: Berni Clarke

exclusive by BERNI CLARKE Contributor STUDENTS AND STAFF alike from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences were invited to participate in a Victorian style bake off event for Comic Relief, in addition to readers of the Journal of Victorian Culture online. Red Nose Day is celebrating its 25th year, with people all over the nation doing something funny for money in order to raise cash to help those living in poverty across the world. This was one of many events held across the UK in aid of Comic Relief. Various events across the nation ranged from the vigorous, such as walking across Wales in willies, and the bizarre, such as getting their chest waxed in a wheelbarrow full of spaghetti hoops. Lucinda Matthews-Jones was the brains behind the event, creat-

ing the concept behind the Victorian themed competition. The bake off was a popular turn out, with participants, attendees and passers-by being attracted to the event. Dr Helen Rogers, Reader in Nineteenth Century Studies at LJMU, said why a Victorian theme was chosen for the fundraiser. Helen said: “The idea was driven by the Great Comic Relief Bake Off, so we thought ‘why don’t we have a Victorian Bake Off?’ to add a twist to the event.” The challenge for the competition was that the recipe had to be Victorian and no electrical equipment was allowed to be used in the baking process. Helen added: “The concept was that it would be more challenging, no mod cons were allowed!”. The caption for Red Nose Day, ‘Do Something Funny for Money’, was apt as the event was popular and entry was £2 per person. All money raised was donated to Comic Relief. Asked what they hoped the event

achieved, Rogers said: “We hoped that it would be good fun and amusing. The cakes have turned out better than we expected, we just thought that they would be stodgy! We wanted everyone to enjoy themselves, and it looks like we have achieved that.” Incidentally, Rogers is also the editor for the Journal of Victorian Culture Online. The winning creation of the virtual bake off was a plum cake, and the baker received a year’s free subscription to the Journal of Victorian Culture. Rogers also mentioned that she had made her very own seed-cake to enter the competition, which was inspired by the Victorian novel, Jane Eyre. Posts of the Victorian recipes with pictures and videos are available to view on the Journal of Victorian Culture Online. The event was a great success as it raised money for a worthwhile cause, and most importantly - the competition entries sold out like hot cakes!

UNLIKELY STYLE ICON This issue’s unlikely style icon is

CHER from CLUELESS. Many of us might go “ew” when we relive our cringest 90’s moments but SS13 has assured that the 90’s style has come back with a rather large bang. From sneakers, to base ball caps to unwashed denim jackets, being 90’s has never been so “hipster.”


Chequered skirts, leather rucksacks, cute preppy socks and crisp white blouses all scream the most popular girl in school. Hello to the Regina George of the 90’s. Crop Pleat Back Shirt (£35) & Check Skater Skirt (£25), Topshop | Lovely Style Black Backpack (£41), ROMWE

HAVE YOU EVER had that feeling, that peculiar thought that crosses your mind as you watch the latest television drama or comedy show? That little voice that begs the questions: What would anybody think if they saw my face or heard my comments when I’m watching the TV? Does anyone else share the same opinions? Then fear not, it is not just you who gasps cries and cringes at the box, as Channel 4’s latest programme Goggle Box goes behind closed doors to see the reactions of Britain to the week’s TV. Families and friends from all over Britain feature in this new and entertaining documentary, including local faces June and Leon, two retired teachers from Liverpool and best friends Steve and Michael from Wigan. So far, we have seen the reactions of the nation to the most

Thursdays, 10pm, Channel 4

watched television programmes, including Embarrassing Bodies, Call the Midwife, Coronation Street and even the News. Not only are their reactions hilarious and true to life, but they proved that it wasn’t just me shouting “Why do they speak for so long? Just tell us how much it’s worth!” during Antiques Roadshow. Watch out for personal favourites Stephanie and Dominic from Sandwich, who have delighted me so far with their witty banter and classic lines. Overall, Goggle Box shows that no matter who you are or where you are from, Britain is unified by television. We feel emotionally attached to characters, gripped to plot lines and above all, it’s a great way to relax with friends and family. Goggle Box is one of the best fly-on-thewall documentaries I have seen in a long time, and I for one will definitely be watching it every week.

DOCTOR WHO the bells of saint-john by SARAH O’HARA Writer EVER SINCE Doctor Who came back to Earth in 2005, millions of viewers have been hooked to its cleverly crafted characters, vivid visual effects and suspenseful stories. After the incredible plots involving the fabulous David Tennant as the Doctor, I was curious how Matt Smith would make the role his own. However, Matt Smith is dazzling as the Doctor, and the latest series of Doctor Who looks set to be even better than ever before. Steven Moffatt, the show’s primary writer, should be congratulated for a brilliant opening episode. “The Bells of Saint-John” saw the doctor battle a company capturing people using Wi-Fi; an interesting and contemporary concept that brings the Doctor right into the 21st century.Utilising every day images of computers and social networking sites, Moffatt has created a uniquely

Saturdays, 6.15pm, BBC One

fascinating story out of the everyday world we live in. If all the stories in this series are as gripping as the first, Saturday nights will be spectacular. Additionally, it was the third time we met Clara ‘Oswin’ Oswald, the latest companion to grace the TARDIS. Her mixture of mystery and wit is a perfect match for Matt Smith’s Doctor, and I have no doubts that she is set to become a fan favourite. Of course, we cannot forget to mention Matt Smith’s performance. He has truly grown into the role, portraying the doctor as an eccentric genius with a rather handy talent for picking out fetching bow ties. Plus, anyone who rides a motorbike into battle is cool. If you haven’t joined the legions of fans that know their Daleks from their Cyber Men, then I highly recommend you do. You don’t even need to get off your sofa to take a journey across the galaxy. Doctor Who is back and all these wonderful worlds are awaiting you.

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Summer 13

music JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE by NICOLA FOSTER News Editor Justin Timberlake is back after four years away from the music business with his third studio album, The 20/20 Experience. Selling nearly one million copies in its first week, the King of pop’s album has been crowned the fastest selling album of 2013 so far in the US. Following on from the hit singles of Suit &Tie and Mirrors, the album proves Timberlake is back on the music scene with a tidy collection of catchy beats and exciting lyrics. Following in a similar style from his 2006 hit album FutureSex/LoveSounds, tracks

such as Strawberry Bubblegum will provide the perfect soundtrack to summer. Body Count and Let the Groove Get In have a definite sense of the early ‘Justified’ years of Timberlake’s career, proving his timeless style. Arguably, the best tracks are the ones already released as singles. However with the second half of The 20/20 Experience due for release at the end of this year, the albums are sure to add value to Timberlake’s already extensive awards collection.

by HARRIET SHARPLES Writer Beginning their ‘#3’ world tour back in September, The Script hit the Echo Arena on the 9th March to a sold out crowd. The Dublin Trio - Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power - who last visited the city over two years ago, raised the roof off the arena with their widely anticipated show. Opening with ‘Good Ol’ Days’

from their third album ‘#3’ The Script went on to deliver an impressive setlist of old and new songs that showcased their musical talent, including new hit ’If You Could See Me Now.’ However, it was the band’s earlier tracks such as ‘Breakeven’ and ‘For the First Time’ that really enthralled they crowd. As is typical with visiting bands to Liverpool, The Script also paid homage to The Beatles singing their hit ‘She Loves You’ while dressed up as the famous foursome.

james blake retrograde A long waited return from the talented Mr Blake comes in the form a fresh new soulful cut from the forthcoming album ‘Overgrow’. A simple beat, ascending instrumental loops and that raw, heartbreakingly beautiful voice – the boy is back.

iggy azalea work





looprevils loving

However, it was their big encore that really sent the audience crazy. Closing the show with a powerful rendition of ‘Hall of Fame’ front man Danny sent the many females of the crowd wild by walking through the seated area of the Arena. With their charismatic stage presence teamed with memorable songs, it’s easy to understand why The Script are so successful. Frequently interacting with the crowd and in one case, phoning an audience member’s ex during their song ‘Nothing’ The Script immensely entertained and captivated the Liverpool crowd who will no doubt be welcomed back to the city with open arms. Rating:


Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea packs a punch with her new single ‘Work’, in which she tells the hard-hitting story of her rise to success and the difficulties of being a white girl in hip-hop. This bold, catchy tune should soon see her hard work paid off.

earl sweatshirt ft. tyler, the creator

whoa Earl Sweatshirt is often regarded as the most talented from rap collective OFWGKTA and it’s easy to see why in this new tune – macabre beats and mature, accomplished verses proves Earl shines above the rest. Tell us the artist or song you’re loving right now, @Looprevil_Press

HAIM, FOREVER by REBECCA FIELDING Editor Forming in 2006, three Californian sisters Haim and their drumming buddy Dash Hutton only began to release music last year. Their recent single ‘Falling’ is as charming and immediate as anything the trio has put out. Despite the Hipstamatic filter that shrouds their model-like glances and au fait style, the girls are heavily supported by major label Polydor and Jay-Z’s man-

agement firm Roc Nation. ‘I hear the voices and they're calling for me now (I know) / And nothing's gonna wake me now / Cause I'm a slave to the sound”, they sultrily profess 80s inspired clanks and prowling funk grooves. Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, the track has his signature prominent drums and mist of reverb, coming off in this context like a SoCal sea breeze. The single takes the band to the precipice of something big and unspoken, with handclaps,

bass licks, and quick-skipping harmonies that gather thickly around them until they leap into a chorus of cascading echoes: "Now I'm falling, falling, falling..." It's big, certainly, and stirring enough to accommodate whatever a listener might bring to it; but more importantly for Haim, the fall only keeps the momentum going. Regardless of the machine behind them, Haim is one of the more exciting pop acts for 2013.


T H E C R O O D S FEATURED REVIEW: by MICHELLE HOMAN Writer AS A COLUMNIST, my job is to entertain you with the written word. Whether this be advising you on the latest scouse fashions or by giving you warning advice from something stupid that I have recently done. The latter is the most common of all. However, this time I want to provide you with a review on something that I think is just amazing... The Croods. This DreamWorks film is epic. It has everything that you need and more. It has comedy, emotion and even a bit of soul-searching! It reminds you of the importance of family and how we should all sing,

shout or say “I Love You” to our nearest and dearest more often. This DreamWorks animation will make you think twice about shouting at your annoying younger Brother or Sister. And, it confirms how much Mother-In-Laws are such a pain! It is written and directed by Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders and John Cleese. Your leading lady is Emma Stone [Eep]. Leading male is Ryan Reynolds [Guy] and the other leading male is Nicholas Cage [Grug]. Many would argue that ‘Grug’ is actually more precious and significant compared to ‘Guy’ as he plays the role of Eep’s Father but as I’m a dedicated (and slightly obsessed) Ryan Reynolds fan, I value him much more. Okay?

It’s set in a time when dinosaurs were real and drawing on a rock was the most updated version of ‘Draw Something’. It’s set in the ice age. This prehistoric film showcases frequent rocks and the early editions of non-lined paper aka the rock. It’s basically a film about rocks... which rocks! Eh? The film consists of some weird but very cute animals. ‘Douglas’ is my favourite alongside some other animals that don’t have names. ‘Douglas’ appears to be a crocodile and a dog – all in one. Then we have ‘Belt’ who is a very longarmed monkey and who has a job of keeping ‘Guy’s pants up on a

Picture: Mac Robert daily basis. You know, like a belt? After I watched this movie, all I wanted to do was give my Dad the biggest hug and tell him how much I loved him. If you can, keep your Dad close because I can assure you that after watching The Croods, you’ll want to do exactly the same.

O Z : T H E G R EAT A N D P O W ER FU L by GEORGINA WILLIAMS Writer/Photographer I HAD MY £15 pick n mix, my cup full of Pepsi barely fitting it’s holder, and a plethora of quirky actors at my critical disposal; Oz the Great and Powerful? Come. At. Me. Maybe I was expecting too much? Maybe I was anticipating the Lion to jump out the screen, potentially wowing me with all his courage? Because after all, James Franco, you’ve yet to dis-

a g o o d d ay t o die Hard by REBECCA FIELDING Editor SO I MAY not be all clued up with the Die Hard franchise, nor am I a big fan of endless explosions, shootings and poor fighting - I’m a horror fan. But I know when a movie is good, and A Good Day To Die Hard just isn’t. And whilst the first Die Hard is considered as the greatest action movie of all time, the latest hasn’t even scraped on the magic of the first. The film is the first film of the franchise to be directed by John Moore - and it should be his 16 last. He leaves nothing to the

imagination, and relies on absurd digital effects. And it’s apparently difficult for the director to handle the pacing or mapping of a rangy action sequence required of a big blockbuster. The script is also terrible; it’s packed with hoary old tropes like sneering Russkis, weapons-grade uranium and even a showdown in Chernoby, which makes A Good Day To Die Hard feel dead on arrival. Qualities that made McClane so favourited in the first, making him a tough but relatable three dimensional protagonist have disappeared. It feels as though the film

is just about Bruce Willis, in a Bruce Willis movie in which Bruce Willis can survive anything while taking out all of the bad guys. Even then, the bad guys are lifeless and dull. The film only features bland scumbags and bad guys, and generic, faceless military men. A stark difference to the iconic performance by Alan Rickman in Die Hard. Looprevil’s award for the worst film goes to... Rating:


appoint me… until now. What knocked people off their feet with the Wizard of Oz, was the sheer creativity the original movie had. With this tale, the creators focused far too much on technicolor advances, amazing CGI effects and how high they could get those munchkin voices before we could no longer understand what mystical woes they were subjected to. Unfortunately they left the great acting and average storylines on the cutting room floor.




LP LP LP LP LP Whether you’re a sequel or a prequel, you need to be different to impact, and this movie did neither. To sum it up, you had a good witch, a bad witch, a lost soul on a path of self discovery, and a variety of mis-match characters who jumped along for the ride to help their hero succeed. I wouldn’t say it was as bad as ‘The return to Oz’… but maybe sometimes some things are better left to be unique. That or we could just blame Disney… quick, somebody save StarWars!

Summer 13


THE BRITISH & IRISH LIONS: TOUR TO OZ 2013 by JACK MCILROY REID Sports Editor WHAT A DIFFERENCE one game makes. The 6 Nations was billed from the very beginning as the final audition for The Lions, and in Cardiff on March 16 it was the Welsh who were bowing come curtain call and the men in white who fluffed their lines. Who’d have thought after Wales’ defeat in the opening weekend, their eighth in succession, and England’s confident and attractive win off the back of beating the world champions in the Autumn, that come Warren Gatland’s announcement at the end of April that experts and pundits would be predicting the majority of the 2013 British and Irish Lions squad to be Welsh. But it is certainly looking like that will be the case and with Australia looking like the weakest of the tri-nations currently the Lions will be looking to win a series for the first time since 1997. I predict that not only will they do that but they will win all 3 tests too. Below is the squad I would take if I was Warren Gatland and I would be surprised if it is too different from the one picked April 30th. However history shows us that there can be a surprise or two when it comes to Lions squads, Keith Earls was a tourist before he’d even earned his first cap for Ireland. So anything could happen. Front Row: Despite Ireland’s disappointing campaign overall, some performances were positive from the perspective of Lion’s fans. Rory Best is almost a cert to start at hooker with some even calling for him to be named captain. The dilemma is who will be his understudy. Being selected over a hugely experienced Dylan Hartley and stepping up and shining speaks volumes for Tom Youngs’ credentials however the English scrum was demolished by the Welsh in Cardiff and Richard Hibbard certainly put his hand up for a place on the plane. Before the night in the Millennium I would have argued that Dan Cole, Joe Marler and Mako Vunipola were all in contention. However none of them are touring ahead of Adam Jones and Gethin Jenkins who were faultless in Cardiff, the latter another player shortlisted for the captaincy. Irelands Cian Healy is one of the best

forward finishers in world rugby, if you’ve been held up on an opponents try line there is nobody else you’d pick to score a try from that situation. Scotland’s Euan Murray is second to none when it comes to scrumaging and despite refusing to play on Sunday’s for religious reasons would be a fantastic member of any squad. Second Row: The Cardiff defeat seems to have overshadowed any positives about England’s campaign, one which was in fact an extremely successful one, especially when it came to the line-out. Geoff Parling and the young Joe Launchbury were impressive throughout, giving England’s forwards an extra dimension, especially at the breakdown and might well have done enough to book themselves tickets to Australia. Scotland’s Richie Gray is also likely to make the trip thanks to his combination of agility and physicality and the experience of Alun Wyn Jones is sure to bring stability, the Welshman another player likely to give Warren Gatland a headache over captaincy. Back Row: If Gatland was losing sleep over who to make captain it is nothing compared to the decision he is going to have to make regarding 6,7,8. As a unit the home nations have undoubtedly the strongest back 3 combinations in the world, surpassing even New Zealand and the greatness of Ritchie McCaw. Ireland have a back row combination that surely would start for any nation in the world. Just as I don’t think Sean O’Brien has ever missed a tackle I don’t think Stephen Ferris has ever failed to break the first tackle. Flanking either side of the reliable Jamie Heaslip, surely that's the back row taken care of. Oh we’re just getting started. England offer Chris Robshaw and Tom Wood from their six nations squad. Stefan Armitage has been exceptional for Toulon, arguably the best 7 in the northern hemisphere but due to the fact he applies his trade abroad he was not selected for England and I think for the same reasons he will be overlooked by Gatland. Were it not for his injury all tournament Ben Morgan would have been a candidate for No. 8 but Wood took up the mantle expertly, he is versatile, playing in all three positions

confidently and England’s captain was excellent all tournament. I think had things gone differently in Cardiff and should Robshaw have lifted a Grand Slam trophy then not only would be definitely be going to Australia but he would be leading the Lions out in the first test. However that is not what happened and because of this I would not be surprised if he was left out. Especially with how impressive Kelly Brown was for the Scots, leading them to a third place finish and being their stand out forward every game. Then we come to Wales, a team who have too many world class flankers for their own good and in Toby Faletau a player who thrives in broken field. Justin Tipuric was man of the match at the Millennium and rightly so, his game is complete. The evidence of this is how he demoted former captain Sam Warburton to 6 instead of 7. Warburton, arguably one of the best players in the world in 2012 started the 6 Nations shakily however regained form at the right time and I fully expect him to be part of the touring party. Good luck Warren Gatland. Half Backs. England offer two world class number nines in Ben Youngs and Danny Care. Youngs was favored for the majority of the 6 Nations and controls the game very well however in broken play Danny Care is second to none and possesses a lot more creativity and running ability and because of this I would prefer him to Youngs. However he would not be staring, for me Greg Laidlaw was one of the stand out performers of the entire championship. His kicking ability is unlikely to be needed but he reads the game excellently and he can take a lot of credit for Scotland’s success this year. At 10 it is a toss up between England’s Farrell and Ireland’s Sexton and I use that phrase quite literally because I feel Gatland may well feel he has

to toss a coin to decide. For me Farrell starts but that is only because of Sexton’s injury, the battle for the 10 shirt is one that will be decided on the training pitch. Saying that, a certain Mr. Wilkinson is playing very well in France and has signed a new year long contract. Maybe, just maybe. Centre’s. For me this is one of the easier choices Gatland has to make. Manu Tuilagi brings to that team something nobody else can, raw physicality, aggression and ability. If there was such a thing as an un-

explainable X Factor when it comes to rugby then Tuilagi has it. If that is true then a whole new factor needs to be invented for what Brian O’Driscoll has. Admittedly in the Twilight of his career but still above and beyond the best player at 13 in that squad, if not the world. For me he starts as captain. That might be the romantic in me talking but BOD brings experience, leadership and pure unadulterated skill, things that make him arguably the greatest player of our generation. Also travelling should be Jamie Roberts and Jonathan Davies, not a bad couple of players to bring off the bench I’m sure you’ll agree. Back Line. Step forward the Welshmen. George North has been tipped for a Lion’s starting place since he burst onto the scene over two years ago and he certainly hasn’t let anybody down. 6ft 4, 17 stone and can run 100m in 11 seconds. North starts on one wing. On the other there is a bit more

competition. Young Simon Zebo and Craig Gilroy impressed despite Ireland being disappointing, Tim Visser had a strong tournament and despite being injured for the 6 Nations Tommy Bowe should be fit again for the Lions tour. Chris Ashton threw away any chance when he let Wesley Forfana run past him and stroked him gently in his attempt at a tackle and don’t be surprised to see him get dropped by England let alone the Lions, he has no chance. Mike Brown is exciting and versatile, playing all over the back 3 but the stand out candidate

is surely Alex Cuthbert. It was his two tries that sank England and he finished the tournament as top try scorer and for me his line running and finishing ability means he starts at 14. And finally you come to fullback. How gutting it must be to be Stuart Hogg. You have the tournament of a lifetime, score tries, make tackles, wow everyone with your attacking ability, surely you start for the Lions, surely. Unfortunately not. Leigh Halfpenny will no doubt complete Warren Gatland’s starting 15. He hasn’t missed a tackle in the past 3 6 Nations campaigns, he is second to none under the high ball and is deadly accurate off a kicking tee. Quite rightly voted player of the tournament, Halfpenny is the 2013 Lions full back but Hogg certainly has every right to feel unlucky. The fact that players such as Alex Goode and Rob Kearney are not even getting a sniff is a testament to these two players.



SINCE THE DEPARTURE of Rafael Benitez in 2010, every season since has been described as a ‘transitional season’ by at least one person involved in Liverpool Football Club. Following the faltering nature of the last two years for the club, the important questions are as follows: have Liverpool improved under the leadership of Brendan Rogers? There are still a number of points still to play for in the league, which means that Liverpool could pick up enough points to finish in the top five or they could slip to a disappointing ninth placed finish. However, the point of a transitional season is not to look particularly at where the team finishes in the league, but to analyse their performances and see if there potential to succeed in the future. If we look solely at facts then the season has been incredibly inconsistent. The team have struggled in cup competitions, losing 3-2 to lowly Oldham Athletic in the 4th round of the FA cup and crashing out to Rogers’ old club Swansea in the same round of the Capital One cup. In direct comparison to the previous season under Dalglish, having won the Capital One cup and been runners up at Wembley against Chelsea in the FA cup final, there is no question that Liverpool have been largely disappointing in cup competitions this season. This year has seen Liverpool back in European competition in the shape of the Europa League which has again ended in disappointment for the Reds. Having manoeuvred their way through the group stages, Liverpool found themselves up against big spenders Zenit St. Petersburg from the Russian league in the last 32 of the competition. The Reds suffered a 2-0 loss in Russia meaning a huge effort was needed to win by three clear goals at Anfield to go through. The atmosphere at Anfield was incredible on the night. It had not been that loud since the famous European nights of four seasons ago, the Anfield crowd sensed a famous night. Liverpool produced a fantastic performance, led by the incredible ability and determination of player of the season Luis Suarez. However, despite scoring the three goals that were needed, an uncharacteristic mistake by club talisman Jamie Carragher let the Brazilian Hulk in on goal to 18 score the all-important away

goal. Cup competitions have therefore been a problem for Liverpool this season, but their league form has at times showed incredible promise for a successful future under Rogers. Inconsistency has cost them dearly which has led many to question if Rogers has improved the team at all. However, I would argue that he is only one transfer window away from building a team with the players that will fit his system. In his first transfer window, it is widely reported that Rogers was not backed by the board in the way that he needed them to, with them perhaps feeling uneasy following the failure that engulfs the purchase of Andy Carroll. Rogers wanted a striker to help take the pressure away from Suarez, with Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge and Fulham’s Clint Dempsey being the main targets. However, the board did not back Rogers in his bid to buy Sturridge, and Liverpool’s hesitancy led to Tottenham taking advantage and snapping up the American, Dempsey. This failure led to Luis Suarez carrying the goal scoring burden for the first half of the season. From the beginning of the season until January, the Uruguayan star netted sixteen times in all competitions. Liverpool’s number 7 carried the club for a number of months with regards to goal scoring; however the performances of the team were impressive at times, which whet the appetite of the board leading up to the January transfer window. Rogers was implementing a philosophy which needed the players to be brave, especially the back four and the goalkeeper. His philosophy is based on the angles that his players offer for each other. They are encouraged to keep the ball in their possession for as long as they can. This is of course an incredibly difficult task, but as FC Barcelona have showed over the last five years, if the right players understand the concept, then it is effective. The team was still inconsistent, as they were beating teams convincingly then losing the following weekend. The Reds has completely dismantled some teams, including comprehensive victories against Norwich, Fulham, QPR and Wigan. With all due respect to these clubs, they were games that the club would have been expected to win. Liverpool failed to beat any team in the top half of the Premier League in the first half of the season. They had enjoyed dominant displays with re-

gards to ball retention, but they were failing to convert chances. There were too many draws where the team deserved all three points. During the winter transfer window, Rogers was given his chance to add goals and creativity to his team. It would seem that he has delivered following the arrivals of Daniel Sturridge from Chelsea for £12 million and 20 year old Brazilian Phillipe Coutinho for £8.5 million from Italian giants Inter Milan. The pair has managed seven goals between them since joining the Reds and they have given Liverpool a new dimension with regards to their attacking threat. Before Christmas Liverpool clocked up a pretty uninspiring 28 points from a possible 60; however since the beginning of January, they have accumulated 20 points from a possible 33 which indicates a significant improvement. This suggests that since Rogers has had the opportunity to bring in the right players, the performances have turned into valuable points. With seven games remaining (four of which are at Anfield), the Liverpool fans can be hopeful of a strong finish to the season. There have been many positives for Liverpool this season, with the most obvious being the form of talisman Luis Suarez. With seven games remaining, Suarez finds himself at the top of the Premier League goal scoring charts with 22 goals in 30 appearances, three goals ahead of Manchester United’s Dutch hit-man Robin Van Persie. Suarez also has a further seven goals in other competitions for the reds, leaving him one goal short of the 30-goal mark. The Liverpool team as a whole are joint second with Chelsea and Arsenal with regards to goal scoring having scored 59 goals in 31 games, 11 goals behind runaway leaders Manchester United. Therefore, the main positive would have to be the considerable improvement in front of goal in comparison to last season where they amassed only 47 goals in the 38 games in a full season. Another positive from this season would have to be the emergence of many young players into the first team. Rogers has shown an incredible level of faith towards his promising youngsters, giving them starting places in some of the most important games of the season. Raheem Sterling, Suso and Andre Wisdom have all been given numerous chances at the top level this season and have performed valiantly. It has been a

brilliant season for these players to develop, as Rogers has cleverly taken them away from the lime light and put them back into the u21 squad to use their first team experiences to keep improving as players. Even 17 year old Jordan Ibe has been given the chance to experience first team duties, appearing on the Liverpool bench at St. Mary’s stadium against Southampton. The final major positive for the club has been the way that Rogers has implemented his own philosophy, which many club legends are comparing to the style which the players were accustomed to in the 1970s and 80s. The team’s average possession in the Premier League this season has been 57% which shows how dominant the Reds have been in most of their games. The confidence the players have shown in each other has been particularly pleasing. From the goal keeper all the way to the front line, the players have been happy to keep the ball on the floor as much as possible. Negatives from the season Unfortunately, there have also been some negatives surrounding Liverpool’s season. Liverpool have conceded the same number of goals (40 goals) with 31 games played than they did in the whole of last season. This has been a major problem for the Reds this season as they have failed to hold on to leads and have conceded some incredibly poor goals. With the re-emergence of veteran Jamie Carragher in the first eleven, it is clear that Rogers does not fully trust Slovakian Martin Skrtel, who has had an inconsistent season at best. Full backs Glen Johnson and Jose Enrique have been tremendous in attacking positions this season, but have been defensively suspect on a number of occasions. Daniel Agger has been consistently good and seems to be the kind of ball playing centre half that Rogers rates highly. Another negative has been the level of inconsistency in Liverpool’s performances. They have outplayed reigning champions Manchester City both home and away and produced some scintillating performances, scoring an abundance of goals along the way. However, they have also lost to teams who have struggled this year such as Aston Villa, Stoke City and Southampton. They have lacked character and experience when they have needed it the most, conceding many disappointing goals from set pieces and counter attacks. If Liverpool can bring in some proven, top level de-

fence minded players, they could improve yet again next season. Things at Anfield have looked optimistic since the arrival of Coutinhio and Sturridge so a major upheaval that might have been mentioned earlier in the season will not be necessary. What these two signings have also displayed is that Rogers can be a shrewd operator in the transfer market and that the board can trust him to spend their money wisely. Although he will have the backing of the board and money to spend this summer it will not be on the same level as the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea, there is certainly no room for another 35 million flop. Ajax’s Christian Erikksen is one name that has been mentioned as a potential target. With Gerrard having to adapt his game with age the team is looking for a creative midfielder to supply their exciting three forward players. Erikksen has impressed in the Dutch leagues as well as in the Champions League against giants such as Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund and seems to be exactly the kind of player Rogers is looking for. Youngster Suso plays a similar game and his performances for the reserves have certainly thrown his hat into the ring when it comes to the vacant midfield position. Liverpool also need another centre back. What with Carragher retiring Rogers needs a player who is comfortable on the ball, someone who is consistent to help stop the team leaking goals. His former captain at Swansea Ashley Williams seems to fit the bill perfectly and with the two men having a good relationship the Anfield faithful are hopeful that the Welshman could follow former teammate Joe Allen to Liverpool. Suarez, Coutinho and Sturridge are an attacking combination that would strike fear into any defence in the world but Rogers will also look for cover upfront so he does not have to rely on an individual’s goals to carry the whole team again next season. Shane Long would be a decent addition to the squad or a player of a similar calibre. Emile Heskey has been banging goals in for fun in Australia, why not give the general public what they want and bring him back to English football for one like swansong. Brendon. If you’re reading. That was a joke. Cheap striker as cover, shane long, heskey

Summer 13




THIS QUESTION OFTEN springs up through the grapevine, particularly after another campaign without winning any silverware, that it might be time for Everton and Moyes to let go of each other and move forward in a new direction. Despite the lack of silverware, Moyes’ tenure at the club has in many eyes been one of success, year in and year out Everton have managed to produce a top eight

finish and challenge the elite sides in the league. Moyes has also had a relatively good relationship with the F.A Cup of recent years, reaching the final in 2009 and then the semifinals in 2011, but neither cup run resulted in a trophy for the blues and that is what David Moyes really needs to cement a belief in the supporters in regards to him at the club and where he is taking it. Moyes and chairman, Bill Kenwright clearly have a great relationship, but many people believe that Moyes’ patience with the persistent drizzle of a transfer budget given to him is running low and he may feel he has taken the side as far as he can with the resources available to him. He is one of the highest paid managers in the division, therefore the not signing of a contract extension is unlikely to be construed as a plea for a better contract, it looks more likely that Moyes is letting time run out on his career at Everton. Moyes has recently suggested that he would like a move to the German Bundesliga, which would be a surprising move for the Scot, but it may hint that his tenure at Everton has indeed became stale. There are no manager positions that would interest Moyes in the Premier League open and a switch to the Bundesliga straight away is unlikely, a Guardiola style break would probably be at the front of his intentions on football management.

Moving forward, if Moyes does depart in the summer Everton are likely to look at options such as, Roberto Martinez and perhaps Michael Laudrup, although whether he would swap Swansea for Everton is questionable, especially with his side taking part in the Europa League next year. Martinez seems to be the favourite amongst fans if Moyes did leave, his Wigan side supplied the dagger to Everton hearts in the F.A cup this season, with a brilliant 3-0 win at Goodison in the quarter final of the competition. Wigan tend to impress football fans with the style of football they preach, making Martinez an attractive option to many teams including Everton. If Martinez does become the next Everton manager, his way of playing football may come as fresh injection the side has been craving. The club need to be cautious however with the next managerial appointment should Moyes depart. Moyes is regarded as a top manager and the next appointment would have to be an impressive one to ensure Everton’s top players stick around also, the appointment of a Steve Round or even Phil Neville would in Evertonians eyes be a sign of extreme danger. It will be interesting to see how long David Moyes will stick around at Everton, life at Everton would certainly be different should he go in the summer, whether it would be brighter is questionable.


by JACK MCILROY-REID Sports Editor

PEOPLE ARGUE. It’s human nature, especially when they spend the majority of their time together. Even old couples who have been married for decades and decades surely still quibble about who ate the last Werthers Original, who turned off cash in the attic, who is responsible for the wet patch on the sofa etc. Arguments happen, it is the way of life, so why are we so shocked when two team mates have a quibble. I am of course referring to the incident at the Malaysian Grand Prix where Red Bull driver and reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel ignored team orders and overtook team mate Mark Webber to win the chequered flag. Of course, the focus then shifted from the exhilarating race and excellent driving on show to the argument between the two drivers afterwards. An argument that in com-

parison to some altercations between teammates in the world of sport was nothing. Keiron Dyer and Lee Bowyer infamously traded punches during a match when both playing for Newcastle and the list of team mates Mario Ballotelli didn’t have a fight with during his time at Man City is a lot shorter than the list of people he did. This is not the first time Vettel and Webber have fallen out. At Silverstone 2010 Webber blocked his teammate on the very first corner, and the following year in the same race did what Vettel did to him in Malaysia last week. Formula One is full of team mate rivalries, legendary drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost famously couldn’t be in the same room together. Stuff like this happens all of the time in sport, all you have to do is Google ‘team mate fights’ and there is video after video of ice hockey players and American footballers going ten rounds with each other. As I said before, people argue and fight everyday so


Cup in the inter-university derby against University of Liverpool. This year saw J-J-JMU win EVERY YEAR LJMU sports 70 to 50 in total against ‘Uni of ’. teams compete for The Varsity A number of competing sports were involved this year, ranging from rugby, football to mountaineering. If you have any comments, complaints or Rowing saw each unisimilar stories, please email looprevilversity gain four points, or contact us on the whilst walkovers in Volbelow social networks: leyball handed over six points to JMU. Through Rugby Union and League, looprevilpresspaper JMU gained four points, one resulting from a walkover. Looprevil_Press Football brought in by REBECCA FIELDING Editor

got a story?

why are we so shocked when an athlete does it? Due to the media spot light that sportspeople are subject to 24/7 we forget that they are human. It is not front page news when you have an argument with Bernard in the office because he took your sale or with Sally because she wouldn’t swap breaks with you. We assume that because these people are on the same sports team they have sibling like relationships. To Sebastian Vettel Formula One is his job which means that Mark Webber is nothing more than a colleague. Yes the Australian had every right to feel

eight points for each university, yet three for JMU were from a walkover also. Cricket, Netball, Golf and Lacrosse all brought in the majority points for JMU, with Hockey bringing in another nine by winning three games. Only in Tennis was there a draw, but JMU brought in the most points in the remaining sports; Badminton, Basketball, Gaelic, Mountaineering and Handball. Since 2009, the number of teams and sports clubs competing in Varsity have almost doubled, reigning in a larger variety

aggrieved that Vettel stole his thunder but the shock of the media certainly blew the whole situation out of proportion. If there was one chicken kiev left in the canteen and Ian from accounting is in front of you in the queue you are selfish and you push in. If you wouldn’t you are lying and what Vettel did to Webber is exactly the same. Kind of.

of competition and opportunities for members of club societies at LiverpoolSU. The outstanding results were subsequently announced at the annual LiverpoolSU Loves You Awards in March, in which current Vice President of Activities Tom Aldus announced the news. Alongside the Varsity results, the awards announced the winners of each category which had been voted in online. The Conservation Society won The Contribution to Community, whilst Nathan Selby won the Student

Staff Award. Winners of the Most Improved Club were Women’s Gaelic, whilst Handball were named the Best New Club. Winners of the Major Achievement Award for a Group were men’s Gaelic and the award for an individual was Men’s Football Sam Pullinger. Freestyle Dance won the Best Society and the Best Sports Club named for 2013 was Women’s Hockey. The awards were held at Liverpool’s iconic Adelphi Hotel with an after party at club Medication.


Summer 13




WITH NO English teams left in this years Champions league some may say the excitement has vanished, yet at least we will not have to put up with the derisory commentary of Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley giving their thoughts on our beloved English teams as well as the endless amounts of advertisement interrupting our viewing. Despite the lack of English continuance, the media spotlight will be firmly on David Beckham as he returns to the Champions league for the first time since leaving Real Madrid with Paris Saint Germain. The Champions league always conjures up fascinating ties and this year’s quarter finals are no different. Here we look ahead to the upcoming clashes and assess the chances of each team. PSG Vs Barcelona We begin with the opening tie of the round as Barcelona face Paris St German at the fortress that is Parc des Princes where PSG maintain a 23- match unbeaten home run in Europe stretching back to the UEFA Cup group stage in November 2006. Will big spending Paris St German be able to compete with the free-flowing football of Europe’s top team? Barcelona are firm favourites but big spending PSG have been in great form this season and with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Beckham's experience could an upset be on the cards? In my opinion if PSG have any chance of materialising through to the semi finals of this years champions


league it is vital that they take a positive result and maintain in touching distance with the Catalans when the teams meet for the second leg of the quarter final at the Nou Camp. Key Player- Lionel Messi- With Messi breaking all the records PSG need to do what many team have previously failed and keep him quiet. Key Player- Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the key man if PSG have any chance of progressing to the semifinals. Facing his former club it could be suggested the Swede has a point to prove. There is no doubt of his ability but PSG will have to provide him with sufficient service in order for him to make an impact on the game. 1st leg prediction: PSG 2-2 Barcelona 2nd leg prediction: Barcelona 3-1 PSG Bayern Munich v Juventus Juventus will travel to the Allianz arena in Munich for the first leg of the quarter-final tie. With both teams in great form it is difficult to predict an outcome. Bayern have been invincible at home this season, but Antonio Conte's Juventus side could draw some confidence from the fact that Bayern lost 2-0 to Arsenal in the previous round and that they remain unbeaten in this years competition. Both teams are league leaders in their respective countries and are well-equipped for the battle. Although Juventus seem solid defensively I can not but help feel the attacking menace of Bayern Munich maybe too much for Juve to handle. I predict a close encounter over the two legs with


away goals possibly playing a major factor in this exciting tie. Key Player- Arjen Robben- the Dutch winger has been in great form this season. His electrifying pace down the right hand side and his ability to cut in side onto his favourable left foot cut prove to be a dangerous threat for Juventus Key Player- Andrea Pirlo- the Italian playmaker plays an essential role in the team with his vision and creativity he has to be on the top of his game in order for Juve to be competitive in the tie. 1st leg prediction- Bayern Munich 2-0 Juventus 2nd leg prediction- Juventus 2-1 Bayern Munich Malaga v Borussia Dortmund Since stars like Santi Cazorla and Jose Salomon Rondon and Nacho Monreal were sold not, little was then expected then from Malaga as they mixed it in competition with the Europe’s elite clubs for the first time. With Malaga appearing to be the surprise package of this year’s Champions league it may appear that Borussia Dortmund have the easiest task of the remaining teams, however we cannot underestimate Malaga since they beat Porto to reach this stage. With Dortmund 20 points behind Bayern in their domestic league it can be said their best performances have certainly be saved for this year’s Champions league after progressing through the tough group stage which involved Real Madrid, Ajax and Manchester City. I predict the opening leg at La Rosaleda will be a close encounter as Malaga are in great form at home. However I can not help but


feel Dortmund will prove too much for Malaga to handle in the return leg in Germany. Key Player- Javier Saviola- having previously lined up for Barcelona and Real Madrid his experience could be the key. Key Player- Mario Gotze will have most eyes glued to him as the young German attacking Midfielder is earning himself a great reputation in the game. 1st leg prediction- Malaga 1-1 Borussia Dortmund 2nd leg prediction- Borussia Dortmund 2-0 Malaga Real Madrid v Galatasaray Real Madrid are hot favourites, not only for this tie but also for the tournament, after beating Manchester United in the Round of 16, but Galatasaray cannot be taken lightly. With Didier Drogba and Wesley Sneijder being recently recruited to their squad the Turkish outfit are seriously highlighting there intent to progress in the competition. Jose Mourinho continues his fine record in the competition and is on course to be the first manager to win the champions league



with three different clubs. And in the opposing dig out I can not help but be concerned that this tie doesn’t turn into a rout if Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim continues to deploy his attacking style of football leaving the Turkish team vulnerable at the back as we are all fully aware the threat Real Madrid possess on the break. Galatasary must take a positive result back to Istanbul if they have any chance of progressing in the competition. Key Player- Burak Yilmaz, who is the joint leading goalscorer in the Champions League this season Galatasaray will be hoping his goal scoring form can continue. Key Player- Christiano RonaldoWith the attacking mentality of Galatasary, Ronaldo may find time and space on the break and with his pace and power he potentially could run riot. 1st leg prediction- Real Madrid 30 Galatasaray 2nd leg prediction- Galatasaray 12 Real Madrid

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