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Loomis Class of ’61


Production of this book was made possible through the efforts of Alexandra Muchura, Nicole Jamieson, Louise Moran, Jeuley Ortengren, Patricia Cousins, and Elizabeth Messina. Photographs appearing in this book were sent in by those responding to the class survey. Other photos are from the Chaffee Epilogue, the Loomiscellany, and the Loomis Chaffee Archives.

Fifty years of our lives — wow! How did they go by so quickly?! We spent our Chaffee years in bobby socks, saddle shoes, and skirts, chafing against the restrictions on clothes and behavior that were placed on us. We graduated in our white dresses and bouquets and innocence — out into a world that has changed so much it’s hardly recognizable. Our tie shoes now are apt to be running shoes (or, at the very least, sneakers) and our Secretary of State is never seen in a skirt, while most of us spend our lives in blue jeans. Our communities have become bigger, the circles widening to include first boys, then African Americans, and now people from all over the world. Our news in 1961 was just starting to come from the TV as well as newspapers; now we’re bombarded with information on our smart phones. Our class chose many different paths through the past 50 years. We are single, married, divorced, widowed. Some of us had children; some of us had careers. In “retirement,” we are authors, gardeners, golfers, and volunteers. Some of us had lives totally different from the expected and some of us never even left our home towns. But all of us graduated with a Chaffee education that stuck with us, even as we separated and flew apart. We may have gone deeper into specific fields after high school — history of art, psychology, mathematics, political science, economics, biology, social work — but the basic approach to the problems of life had already been instilled. When we watch the little girls in Afghanistan today risking so much to learn how to read and write, how to think carefully and critically, how to build bonds with each other, we are profoundly grateful for all that Chaffee offered us. Now we have a moment to gather together and reminisce, to laugh and tell stories, to share with each other the last 50 years of our lives as we move on into the next stage. Who knew, when we were so anxious to be able to call Senior Room our own, that someday we would all be senior citizens?! Who knew, when we were so anxious to be rid of saddle shoes, that someday we would be wearing orthotics?! Who knew, when we were so anxious to get out into a wider world, that we would be called upon to live in a world continually realigning itself?! Here are some of the stories of our lives. We hope you enjoy them, and have a wonderful time at our Reunion!





Class of


Susan “Subie” Bigelow Lambert 9001 Eastbourne Lane Laurel MD 20708 301.776.6488

Education: four-year student; A.A. Hartford College for Women ’63 Occupation: retired Family: spouse: Phil; children: Liz and Bridget Personal interests and hobbies: knitting/creating scarves and felted purses for “Designs by Subie”; gardening in the sand at my daughter Liz’s Bethany Beach cottage; attending my other daughter Bridget Sue’s art exhibits; doing home renovations with Phil What I’ve done and where I’ve been: married; moved to Laurel, Maryland; worked at Verizon as one of the first female installers (learned lots of fourletter words), manager of a phone center store and staff writer/trainer. I retired in 2001 after 31 years. Also, I was a real estate agent for over 20 years. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: Lots of memories, but MOST memorable has to be appearing in Parrish and Troy Donahue signing my shirt (that I still have).

Sue Lambert, installer.

Sue and Phil Lambert

Mary Braman Buchan 1 Douglass Road Rochester NY 14610 585.244.3752

Education: four-year student; B.A. Mount Holyoke College ’65; M.A., Ph.D. Institute of Fine Art, NYU ’75 Occupation: artist Family: spouse, Dennis; children: Katherine and Hugh; grandchildren: Aiden (1) Personal interests and hobbies: reading, art history, painting, historic preservation What I’ve done and where I’ve been: 50 years have included marriage, motherhood, employment as a college professor, and acting head of an independent school. I have extensive volunteer experience locally on boards of art and educational institutions in Albany and Rochester; and state wide on the New York State Council on the Arts. Currently, I am exploring new roles as an artist, as the owner of a woman cottage industry (jewelry making) and (at last) as a grandmother! Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: the teachers who continue to be an inspiration to me One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Expect the unexpected.

Chaffee Class of

19 61

Gloria Brandt Hildreth 4 The Laurels Enfield CT 06082

Education: four-year student; A.A. Hartford College for Women ’65; B.A. sociology, Mount Holyoke College ’68; B.S.N. Columbia School of Nursing ’87; M.S.N. psychiatric nursing, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing ’98 Occupation: retired advanced practice psychiatric clinical nurse specialist Family: divorced, children: Belinda and Derek; grandchildren: Sabrina (13), Ashley (6), and Brandon (3) Personal interests and hobbies: children’s literature, reading, bridge, and college What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I am currently a student at Simmons College in Boston. I am majoring in English literature, which I love. I am fulfilling this requirement in hopes of admission to their graduate school of children’s literature. This program is renowned as have been all my educational experiences. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: When Mrs. Britton first talked to our class about taking college boards. She said that all the dictionary readers would have their day in court and benefit from the practice. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Give wings to your desires. Do what you want to do and don’t be afraid to change your mind or career. At 67, I am pursuing a long-held dream.

Lillian Burling Buck 360 Main Street Wethersfield CT 06109 860.529.6333

Education: four-year student; B.A. economics, Bryn Mawr ’65 Occupation: bookkeeper Family: spouse, Lawrence; children: Bethany and William; grandchildren: Eleanor (3) and Robinson (8 mo.) Personal interests and hobbies: hand bell ringing (member of AGEHR), canvas embroidery (member of EGA), Hartford Symphony, Hartford Stage What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I got married in 1965 and worked at Brookings Institution (international economics) and Travelers Insurance Research Dept. (finance); I was a “stay at home” mom with stints of being a Camp Fire leader and driving high school brass players for Hartt quartets; I camped through the national parks two different summers; I did several years of part-time bookkeeping for various doctors, lawyers, and the Wethersfield Historical Society; I spent many years “commuting” to Walnut Creek, California, to help aging parents. I am looking forward to being able to do more bell ringing and canvas embroidery in “retirement.” Along the way, I have been owned by four dogs: a Pembroke Welsh Corgi; a Border Terrier, a Papillion; and the current Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: Ella Grasso coming to speak, Problems and Democracy class, and playing for the Glee Club and chapel

Chaffee Class of

19 61

Margaret H. Fusari 2510 North Shannon Road Tucson AZ 85745 520.505.4366 Cell phone: 818.284.1190

Education: two-year student; B.A. biology, Boston University ’65; M.A. physiology, University of California ’67; Ph.D. biology, University of California ’82 Occupation: retired Family: single; daughter, Jennifer Personal interests and hobbies: conservation, the desert, travel, and volunteering What I’ve done and where I’ve been: Chaffee, BU, UCLA; I got married in Richmond, Virginia, and had a daughter; Cal arts, Prescott College, bankruptcy; formed New Prescott Center College, academics dean; tortoise field work at UCSC; finished Ph.D. at UCLA; divorced; director UCSC Natural Reserves; travel; Australia, sand swimming lizards; tour leader Galapagos; retired; Peace Corps Mexico Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: Drama Club One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: volunteer — go abroad not as a tourist; see and learn the rest of the world.

Barbara Grimes Staats 9 Boxwood Drive Morristown NJ 07960 973.359.9899

Education: four-year student; A.A. Colby College ’63; B.S. University of Vermont ’65 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Allan Personal interests and hobbies: golf, travel, local /New York City theater, reading, YMCA fitness center, spin and pilates classes What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After retirement in 1996, I married my longtime boyfriend Allan. Wendy McConaughy Cryan was in our wedding 

Barbara Grimes Staats with Wendy McConaughy Cryan, Park City, Utah, 2008

party and gave a wonderfully amusing musical toast at our rehearsal dinner. One year later, Allan retired after a 35-year career with Exxon International. Togetherness is the “name of the game” since then. From 1997 to 2000, we traveled frequently to Pennsylvania to care for Allan’s father who passed away at age 95. In 2006, we purchased an oceanfront, fourth-floor, two-bedroom condo at the Jersey shore in Long Branch. It is a short 60 miles from our home, so we are able to enjoy the pool, beach, boardwalk, and other amenities except during the coldest winter months. Having decided to remain in New Jersey for our retirement years, in 2008 we moved a short distance from Madison to Morris Township, into a spacious townhouse with the master bedroom on the first floor, two upstairs bedrooms, and a loft. Both homes have space for visitors. Reunion and birthdays seem to come up with increasing frequency. In 2007 we attended Allan’s 45th Reunion at Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia, and then his 50th Reunion in 2010 at Lafayette College. For Barbara’s 65th birthday in January 2008, Allan arranged a surprise party with entertainment and dinner at a local French restaurant. Later in November we marked his 70th with a four-night stay in Atlantic City. We are looking forward to my 50th Loomis Chaffee Reunion in 2011. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: 1) Being the first in my class with a driver’s license, carpooling from West Hartford; 2) French class, which led to my 30-year career with French companies; 3) Great faculty and, wonderful classmates; 4) Field hockey and other sports teams One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Profit from your excellent education at Loomis Chaffee, and stay close to your classmates.

Elizabeth Haas 16 Summer Island Point Branford CT 06405

Education: four-year student, Smith College ’65, M.S.W. social work, University of Connecticut ’76 Occupation: retired clinical social worker Family: divorced, children: Matthew and Rebecca; grandchildren: Tennessee (15), Willie (11), Madeleine (3), and Camilla (9 mo.) Personal interests and hobbies: travel, theater, arts, and grandchildren What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I have been married and divorced; raised two children who are living rich lives; and worked at a community mental health center, running a treatment team for 300 clients and 15 staff and trainees — the latter for 17 years. In my position, I held a Yale Medical School clinical appointment. Since early retirement, I have travelled extensively, spent time with children and grandchildren and friends. I consider myself fortunate and am very happy. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: Hijinks and giggles with my girlfriends who have become my friends for life. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Hard to give advice — it’s not the same school I attended — and a very different time

Lynn Hayden Wadhams 11 High Farms Road West Hartford CT 06107 860.561.2670 Business address: New Britain Museum of American Art 50 Lexington Street New Britain CT 06052

Education: four-year student; B.A. music and history, Mount Holyoke College ’65; Paralegal certificate program, Hartford College for Women ’85 Occupation: retired paralegal; docent Family: spouse, John; children: William and Alitia; grandchildren: Hannah (16), 

Hayden (15), Max (8), and Chloe (6). Personal interests and hobbies: music, opera, singing, art museums, current events, reading, and book discussions. What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I married a Royal Air Force pilot, Michael Cross, and lived in England 14 years; had a son, William and a daughter, Alitia. Returned to Connecticut in 1979 where I met and married John Wadhams in November 1980, and have been happily married ever since. We share many common interests, particularly music. (License plate “musick”); We sing in choirs, go on opera trips for the Connecticut Concert Opera; enjoy art, skiing and museums. Now that I am retired, I am an enthusiastic docent at the New Britain Museum of American Art. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: Betty, classmates, senior room, Mrs. Erickson’s leadership; Mrs. Parker’s love of history; Mrs. Britton’s English usage, grammar; Mrs. Finley’s joy of life. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: take advantage of opportunities.

Judith A. Lahey

49 Main Street P.O. Box 502 East Haddam CT 06423 860.873.3722 Alternate address: (Mid-December to Mid-March) Unit 29 D Villas by the Sea Jekyl Island GA 31527 Education: four-year student; B.A. psychology, Manhattanville College ’65; J.D. University of Connecticut ’68; M.S. library science, Southern Connecticut State University ’72 Occupation: retired Family: partner, Judy Pflum What I’ve done and where I’ve been: assistant law librarian at UCONN law from 1968–1973; Office of Legislative Research from 1973–1974; UCONN again 1975–1983; assistant reporter of Judicial Decisions 1986–2003; law librarian at the Wethersfield School of Law (now Quinnipiac) 1974–1975, and acting 

dean from June to September-1975; member of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission 1975–1986; raised pigs and miniature horses from 1983–1998

Jeannette “Jan” Leary Alsheimer 53 Jordan Road Plymouth MA 02360 508.747.0149 Cell phone: 508.322.0751 Business address: Collegial Writing P.O. Box 942 Plymouth MA 02362

Chaffee Class of


19 61

Education: four-year student; B.S. education, Boston College ’65; M.A. reading, Bridgewater State University ’75 Occupation: author Family: spouse, Frank; children: Frank and Julie; grandchildren: Alexis (10), Alanna (8), Kylie (4), and Austin (2) Personal interests and hobbies: writing, travel, grandchildren, exercising to keep up with them, and cooking What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After graduating from Boston College, I married and started my teaching career, all in 1965. Our son Frank was born in 1967. I returned to teaching to tutor special needs students. Our daughter Julie arrived in 1970. I, again, returned to education as a reading/language specialist for children with learning disabilities. As our children became more independent, I renewed my interest in writing. I’ve co-authored two YA novels and give teaching workshops for adults and children. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: Chaffee supplied the safety net from which I could reach out, explore, and create. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Stay curious the world around you is, at the same time, both bigger and smaller than you can presently imagine.

Wendy McConaughy Cryan 3945 Voelker Court Park City UT 84098 435.658.4808 Cell phone: 435.640.6847

Wendy Cryan and Dave Ashworth

Education: four-year student; A.B. economics, Vassar College ’65 Occupation: retired, active! Family: single; children: Samantha; grandchild: Cecily (1 ½) Personal interests and hobbies: outdoors: biking, road and mountain; hiking, camping, skiing- downhill and cross country; travel, exploring, volunteering in the community What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I was a cost-and-rate analyst in the Tanker Department for Exxon, New York City; I moved to Bridgehampton, New York, and founded Complacent Cook, a gourmet kitchenware store; sold it after 15 successful years when my daughter was three years old; I could not make the career full time and home work for me; moved to Park City in 1996 when it was announced as an Olympic bid winner; I volunteered at the 2002 Olympics; also: Park City Chamber Business and Visitor Services manager; senior coordinator community associations for Talisker Corporation, large land developer; concierge for St. Regis, Deer Valley; transportation company reservationist, dispatcher and taxi driver — an absolute hoot! Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: friendships One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: ALWAYS take the scenic route and take time to smell the daisies. Participation and “giving back” are rewarding in themselves.


Susan J. Needles 82 Greene Street New York NY 10012 917.373.9416 Alternate address: 1159 Boston Corners Road Millerton NY 12546 518.789.9535

Education: three-year student Occupation: sales and marketing consultant Family: spouse, Serge Mosovich Personal interests and hobbies: I enjoy hiking and walking on trails near our country home in Millerton, New York. I am not quite a gym rat, but I do go regularly and actually lift weights. I love to walk in Manhattan anywhere! Film enthusiast; fashionista who loves shopping for designer bargains; love New York City — could not imagine living anywhere else, except maybe Paris, and some place warm for winters. What I’ve done and where I’ve been: Successful career in advertising. I own a firm representing directors of television commercials and music videos. Also, in earlier years I was a production assistant, stylist, location scout for various television commercial production companies before moving into sales. In 2005, I reinvented myself and went to work as director of development and then executive director of the SoHo/TriBeCa Partnership, a nonprofit helping homeless men and women performing community services. I took my sales skills and moved them into the fundraising arena. I met a lot of very social and wealthy New Yorkers. It was a lot of fun! Also, became active in SoHo community affairs and politics. Have traveled to Europe, Africa and spent many vacations in Argentina. My husband was raised in Buenos Aires, and we travel there frequently to visit with family and friends. Sadly, my language skills are not great. Get French mixed up with Spanish, thanks to years of French lessons at Chaffee. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: Honestly I am flooded with images and snippets of memory of so many things … and I cannot create a hierarchy or pull one in particular to the fore. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: As Sandra Day O’Connor said, “Long fuse, short memory …” 

Jean Nilson Ellestad 8044 Old Montgomery Road Ellicott City MD 21043 410.379.6631

Chaffee Class of

19 61

Education: four-year student; B.A. mathematics, Connecticut College ’65 Occupation: retired from the Department of Defense Family: spouse, Richard; children: Stephan, Anne, Laura, and Jonathan; grandchildren: Jean Nilson and husband, none, just dogs and cats Richard Ellestad Personal interests and hobbies: gardening, travel, reading, and various volunteer activities What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After graduation, I moved to Maryland and took a job with the Department of Defense; I worked there until retirement in 2000. From 1994–1997, my husband and I lived and worked in England, using England as home base, we took a variety of trips to Europe as well as a trip to Hong Kong and Thailand. Since retirement, we have done more traveling and moved to another house (one with a master bedroom on the first floor). Along the way, we acquired more cats. Both our girls live locally in Maryland, but one son lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and the other one lives in San Francisco. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: Springtime — the Farmington River would flood and the Good Humor truck would appear daily after lunch. And then there was Spring Day — always a fun time. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Savor each day.


Ann Prestley Barzola 111 Little Fresh Pond Road Southampton NY 11968 631.283.1337

Education: four-year student; B.A. music, Oberlin College ’65; attended University of Illinois School of Music, voice, no degree ’67 Occupation: retired Family: divorced; children: Linda; grandchildren: Matthew (15), Brian (13), Thomas (9), and Nora (7) Personal interests and hobbies: yoga, tai-chi, kayaking, knitting, reading, gardening, and cooking Ann Prestley Barzola with Freddie, What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I started out with the impossible Lily, and Lola dream of wanting to become an opera singer, and that obsession lasted for a couple of decades. I finally realized that the fantasy was not to be. After a series of adventures, I landed at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. I was there for a gala re-opening at the beginning of the 1990s and it was a challenging, glamorous place to be. I am now living in in Southampton, New York, and loving every minute of it. I always say I am living in paradise. My guiding principle is to live as healthily as possible — physically with diet and exercise; and spiritually and emotionally with generosity and open heartedness; and to be aware of, and let go of, any old stuff. I very much look forward to seeing all my classmates at the reunion.


Melissa Reese Jones 8 Orchard View Lane East Hampton CT 06424 860.467.6544

Education: four-year student; B.A. mathematics, Connecticut College ’65 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, David; children: Amy, Matthew, and Nathan; grandchildren: Eleanor (1 ½) and Faelen (1) Personal interests and hobbies: environmental studies, conservation, gardening, flower arranging, birding, knitting, caring for grandchildren, and reading What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After college, I joined the Skating Club of Hartford and enjoyed learning ice dancing. Later I joined a garden club which led to becoming a master flowers show judge for the National Council of State Flower Garden Clubs. My latest project has been to design, and we have built our retirement home. I am now busy landscaping with a goal of a sustaining wildlife in our gardens and woods. I am also creating a fairy garden for the grandchildren.

Carolyn Shimkus Sanzone 60 Hurlburt Road Great Barrington MA 01230 413.528.5978 Business address: President, Carolyn Sanzone, Inc. 60 Hurlburt Road Great Barrington MA 01230 413.528.5978

Education: four-year student; B.A. government, Connecticut College ’65; M.A. theology, Seminary of the Immaculate Conception ’86; certification as a professional co-active coach, Coaches Training Institute ’05 

Chaffee Class of

19 61


Occupation: consultant; certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) Family: spouse, Matthew; children: Matthew and Robert; grandchildren: Ava, Jack, Lily, and Maya Personal interests and hobbies: music (piano, opera); writing, working with labyrinths to facilitate meditation practice, crossword and Sudoku puzzles What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I have been fortunate to realize a lifelong commitment to empowering people to reach for their dreams and grow in their lives. For over 20 years, I held senior development management positions in major research universities including Columbia University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst — the focus of my work included strategic planning, developing comprehensive alliances and catalyzing academic initiatives, and fundraising and management. In 2004, I shifted career paths completely and trained to become a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) through the internationally recognized Coaches Training Institute (CTI). In addition, I challenged my own boundaries and limiting beliefs and completed the CTI Leadership Training Program, an intensive 20-day experiential program of self-discovery and transformation. I also completed CTI’s Leadership Mastery course. In 2006, I launched Carolyn Sanzone, Inc. The company offers leadership development programs and consultant support to organizations and individuals. The focus of consulting work is on developing leaders and enhancing the impact of positive leadership in nonprofits and universities. Over the past several years, I have developed and presented a number of highly interactive programs focused on professional development areas such as managing overwhelm and burnout, overcoming limiting beliefs and maximizing leadership, to name a few. In addition, I have done work with nonprofit boards and worked with organizations to identify and develop emerging leaders. And I co-designed an intensive self-discovery workshop for women entitled “Finding Your Authentic Voice.” I have coached over 75 clients and have been awarded the International Coach Federation’s PCC certification credential as a professional coach. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: I have many memories related to my residence at Loomis (I was a faculty brat). Favorite memories involve music, notably singing with the Madrigals and the annual multi-school spring choral festival, and singing Czech folk songs in Latin class with Ruth. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Follow your passion, dare to dream, act from choice, and claim your destiny. Your path will unfold in many wonderful ways throughout your life.

Carolyn “Sue” White Morey 417 Northrop Place Grovetown GA 30812 706.860.8744

Education: four-year student; B.A. economics, University of North Carolina ’65 Occupation: retired Family: divorced; children: Lawrence and Jonathan; grandchildren: Clint (3 ½) and Tyler (10 mo.) Personal interests and hobbies: travel, family history, reading, and photography

Pamela White Person 479 Back Ridge Road Orland ME 04472 207.469.6770

Education: four-year student; B.A. American History, Connecticut College ’65 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Philip Personal interests and hobbies: studying and promoting good progressive government, healthy land and aquatic environment, sustainable economy, energy for the 21st century; learning how to enhance my ethical, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs; Enjoying my husband of 38 years, cats, gardening, cooking, bird watching, reading, boating, camping in our travel trailer, river cruising in Western Europe, going to our local symphony, chamber, and theater productions. What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I moved to Washington, D.C., area after graduation from college. In December 1965, I married for the first time. From 1968–1980, I worked for Media Statistics, Inc. — a nationwide market research firm, becoming vice president before retiring. In 1973, I married my current husband and in 1989, we moved to Maine. From 1992–2005, I was co-founder 

Pamela White Person and Phil Person in Paris, France, April 2008


and leader of an all-volunteer Coalition for Sensible Energy; promoting energy conservation, efficiency, reduced use of fossil fuels and increased use of renewable and distributed energy on a local, state, and national level; resulting in many appointments to task forces or requests to join many fascinating and important community conservation and energy committees, including gubernatorial appointee to Maine Environmental Priorities Project; member, Sustainable Maine, a coalition of individuals concerned about the future of our state’s environment, economy, and social fabric; Commissioned for Environmental Cooperation appointed (CEC is the environmental side agreement to NAFTA.) to be a member of the UN Global Program of Action to Protect the Marine Environment from Land Based Activities in the Gulf of Maine, because my interest in the impact of energy used on the environment. GPAC developed new ways to teach about the watershed/marine ecosystems and the impact from land-based activities. I served as U.S. chair from 2000–2004. I also co-founded Maine Global Climate Change LLC — a multi-sector volunteer group of organizations that work on the issue of climate change at the state, regional, and national levels. I organized large statewide conferences in 1999, 2001, and 2006. I am part of two National Science Foundation grant projects. The first is The Downeast Ice Age Trail map: The National Science Foundation Grant Communicating Research to Public Audiences (hard copy and web-based) that enables the public to travel on Maine roads to see glacial features and learn about the Maine climate 11,000–13,000 years ago. U-Haul adopted this map as Maine’s Natural Feature and was shown on their trucks nationwide. The other is the Sustainability Initiative Advisory Board–University for Maine. I am an appointed member to this five-year interdisciplinary project. I am an appointed member of the Climate Change Task Force, League of Women Voters of the United States and Maine. I was asked to be an ambassador, Sisters on the Planet program for OXFAM America promoting education of the negative effects of climate change on women and promoting funding adaptation projects in the undeveloped nations. I am also active in my local Unitarian Universalist Church. Favorite memory from my Chaffee years: sleep-overs at Mary Braman’s, where I learned to smoke cigarettes (I did quit in 1985.); the lunchtime when my sister seniors decided to save me from the sweater I was so badly knitting; classes in American history with Mrs. Parker One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: You never know where you will end up, what your occupation or avocation will be — be open to new ideas and experiences.

Additional Classmates’ Contact Information

Jocelyn P. Bagger 89A Heritage Village Southbury CT 06488-1662 860.257.8272

Charlotte Brown Murray 2381 Armour Drive Dunedin FL 34698-2202 727.736.8944

Emily Carpenter Bornstein 16610 East Tufts Avenue Aurora CO 80015-1646

Mary Rita Curran Killelea 10 Halstead Lane Branford CT 06405 203.483.9707

Harriet Dower Stephenson 5761 Valente Place Sarasota FL 34238-1705 941.925.5837 info@stephensoninteriors. com

Sarah Ann Ellsworth 1327 Lincoln Avenue, Apt 218 San Rafael CA 94901-2158 415.453.6068

Cynthia Mather Winter 3359 Northcrest Road Atlanta GA 30340

Kathleen Mooney Cezus 155 Wintonbury Avenue Apt D114 Bloomfield CT 06002-1992 860.683.8470 

Additional Classmates’ Contact Information

Eleanor Sanders Sheehy 7 Bunker Hill Road Woodbridge CT 06525 203.387.8700

In Memoriam

Ann Tracey Speck 29627 Pamoosa Lane Valley Center CA 92082-5615 858.481.0612

Leslie Spencer Ames 97 West Main Street, #33 Niantic CT 06357 860.691.0878

Lost/Whereabouts Unknown Michele Greene Hermann

Marcia Folk Klein 


When we left Loomis in June 1961, we were about as well prepared as any young men could be to get on with their lives and make their mark in the world. No matter how we felt about the boarding (or day) school experience,

there’s no doubt that we graduated with a quality education, emerging social skills, ambition, curiosity, and hope. We would need all of that to meet the challenges before us. The “Sixties” were shaping up to be one of the most extraordinary and complex decades of the 20th century: JFK, MLK, Vietnam, Apollo, Woodstock, the Beatles. It was a time of stupendous achievements, colossal miscalculations, social upheaval, cultural changes, and occasional peace and harmony.

While history was being made, our lives were taking shape, too. College, graduate school, military and humanitarian service, marriage, family, career — personal and professional lives unfolding, punctuated with challenges and triumphs, setbacks and joy. Every one of our stories is unique and fascinating. Looking back, it would appear that our class was pretty exceptional, and it was: brainy scholars, natural leaders, gifted athletes, talented musicians and singers, eloquent debaters, credible actors, hunks, runaways, comics, and cutups. In reality, our class probably wasn’t much different from others before or after ours, but it’s hard to imagine any bunch of kids with more personality and potential. The following pages tell the story of our Loomis Class of 1961: who we are and how we got to where we are today. Our thanks go out to all of you who have generously shared your memories of Loomis and the 50 years that have elapsed since that time on the Island (sounds like punishment, but it really wasn’t, was it?) And thanks, especially, to Loomis Chaffee for publishing this keepsake Class Book for our 50th Reunion. We hope you will enjoy the memories and journey into the present with roommates, teammates, accomplices, and friends. Welcome back to our glorious school for this monumental event, our 50th and possibly last major class reunion. This is a time to reconnect, catch up, and celebrate the friendships that have endured. Surely the memories will include recollections of the beloved teachers who taught us so much and inspired us to achieve and belong. And most certainly, we’ll remember and honor our comrades no longer with us who will be missing from the Alumni Parade on Saturday. Dave Ashworth 

Loomis Class of


Loomis undefeated football team of 1960

Bruce D. Alexander 282 Prospect Street New Haven CT 06511 203.562.4076 Business address: Yale University 433 Temple Street New Haven CT 06511 203.432.8611 Bruce and Christine Alexander

Education: four-year day student; B.A. Yale University ’65; J.D. Duke University ’68 Occupation: vice president for New Haven and state affairs and campus development at Yale Family: spouse, Christine; children: Matt and Seth; four grandchildren What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I spent 25 years running a commercial development business, the Rouse Co., and retired in 1995. I was talked out of retirement in 1998 to take a newly created position at my undergraduate alma mater to strengthen New Haven as well as to teach real estate at Yale School of Management. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: the great teachers like Al Wise, Nick Rogers, and many more One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Be wary of advice from old white guys.


Edward A. Allen 535 South Street, 23-1 Fitchburg MA 01420

Alternate address: winter months 13100 SE 93rd Terrace Road Summerfield FL 34491 Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. Tufts ’65; D.D.S. dentistry, NYU ’69 Military Service/Branch: Army Occupation: retired

David B. Ashworth 2208 Evening Star Drive Park City UT 84060 435.649.2161 Cell phone: 435.640.1145

Dave Ashworth and Wendy Cryan

Education: two-year boarding student; B.S. mechanical engineering, Stanford University ’66 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Navy, naval aviator 24 years 1966–1990; Pensacola, Fla.; Lemoore, Calif.; USS Ranger; USS America; Alameda, Calif. Occupation: retired pilot Delta Airlines Family: single Personal interests and hobbies: skiing, biking, motorcycling, reading, property management, and fund raising What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After graduating from Stanford, I completed Navy flight training in 1967. I spent several years on active duty, flying carrier–based fighters in Vietnam and training new Navy attack pilots in Lemoore, Calif. Then I served 17 more years in the naval reserve, commanding 

an attack squadron and retiring as captain in 1990. After 27 years as a Delta Airlines pilot, I retired in 2003 with over 23,000 flight hours. I have lived in Park City, Utah, for 28 years and have enjoyed the winter sports, beautiful summers, and working for several charities, my church, and the Park City Mountain Resort. Retirement has been a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends, volunteer, serve the community, and try to make life better for others. My door is always open to friends from Loomis (Chaffee), powder hounds, and bikers with class on BMW motorcycles (OK, Harleys welcome too!). Favorite memory from my Loomis years: study breaks at the SNUG, Wolcott football with coach Al Beebe, weekends at Brad Sauer’s home, late night excursions drinking beer (won’t say where) with a favorite teacher (won’t say who) One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: The best things in life aren’t things. They’re your friends. Stay in touch with the friends you make at Loomis Chaffee. They will be among the best you will ever have.

Edward “Ned” Babbitt 49 East 21st Street, Apt 12B New York NY 10010 212.989.6413

Alternate address: May–October 88 Spooner Hill Road South Kent CT 06875 860.927.3246

Susan and Ned Babbitt

at Glacier National Park, Canada Education: two-year boarding student; September 2010 B.A. American History, Stanford University ’65; M.A. San Jose State University ’66; M.B.A. Harvard University ’68 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Army Reserve 1968–1972; N.Y.C. Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Susan; children: Erik and Kristina Personal interests and hobbies: golf, tennis, hiking, travel, reading, skiing, 

basketball referee for NYC high school girls What I’ve done and where I’ve been: Following college and business school, I worked for EF Hutton (!) before starting Avatar in 1970 out of my bedroom. After numerous trials and tribulations, including nearly going out of business, the company gained traction and steadily gained assets under management, peaking in 1995 with $4.5 billion and 60 employees. I sold the company to employees in 2003. I have been happily retired since. We’ll run out of time before we run out of places to see! Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Setting off fireworks, which we had purchased in South Carolina returning from Fort Lauderdale during spring break senior year, in the middle of the quad at 2 a.m. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Life is long, with plenty of time to make up for mistakes or to change direction. Keep trucking. It is how you finish.

Richard B. Beams 119 Bellevue Street West Roxbury MA 02132 617.469.0584 Business phone: 617.469.0584 Education: three-year boarding student; Rich and Mahala Beams A.B. English, Dartmouth College ’65; M.A.L.S. Dartmouth College ’77; two NEH Fellowships 1974–1975; yearlong independent study of opera and literature ’80; summer study at the Institute of Verdi Studies in N.Y.C. Occupation: self-employed voice teacher Family: spouse, Mahala; children: Kathryn, Robert, Jennifer, Andrew, and David; grandchildren: Matthew (14), Abby (10), Hannah (10), Mia (10), Ellie (8), Zachary (8), and Olivia (6) Personal interests and hobbies: biking, cross-country skiing, music and opera, travel What I’ve done and where I’ve been: My primary occupation for the last 

30 years has involved activities encompassing my opera-education program in Boston, Opera con Brio. Briefly this has included the teaching of some 75 different courses and the leading of numerous opera tours all over the world. (See Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Happily, I must admit to many fine memories from my Loomis years. One is a very special and personal one: My senior–year roommate (Steve Karp) and I would periodically slip off to the Studio where I, with my “fake book” of piano melodies would accompany Steve in a recital of songs (rather like singing in the shower - I suppose). It was great fun and a wonderful break from the prep–school rigor and routine. Afterwards, we might sneak off to the SNUG for an unauthorized late–night snack. (Additional non-printable vignettes I’ll save for the reunion.) One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: My own favorite quote, as a teacher, comes from a line in Chaucer: “And gladly would I learn and gladly teach.” While the line focuses on teaching per se, it has a universal application: We never cease to learn, and then to share what we learn. My advice would be to do just that.

R. Huntington Breed II 308 Main Street Hopkinton Village NH 03229 603.746.3835

Education: three–year boarding student; B.A. economics, Yale University ’66; M.D. Harvard ’70 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Navy 1975–1977 Occupation: retired surgeon Family: spouse, Lucy; children: Allen and Robert Personal interests and hobbies: astronomy, tennis, skiing, and biking What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I was the solo plastic surgeon (first provider ever) in Concord Hospital, Concord, N.H.; chief of surgery from 2000–02, until I retired in April 2010, due to major back surgery; went to Nepal as a visiting professor of plastic surgery in spring 1997; traveled the world with the whole family; collect American Modern Art and antique furniture; and participated in local philanthropy for music school and the New Hampshire 

Symphony. I have also successfully raised two boys. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: a very supportive academic environment with competitive varsity football, wrestling, and tennis One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: “Come back after recession is over and do it all again.” Expect recognition of your performance (work, personality, principles, general interests), not your pedigree. Consider volunteering for public service and/or military service to round out your education, especially if jobs are scarce.

John Briggs

28 Phillips Pond Road Natick MA 01760 508.655.4579 Education: one-year boarding student; B.S., B.A. Boston University Occupation: retired Family: divorced; four children; four grandchildren aged 8–15 Personal interests and hobbies: investing, consulting, golf, gardening, treasurer of the Dedham Country and Polo Club What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I worked at Solomon Brothers for 30 years.


J. Christopher Brooks 77 Third Street Providence RI 02906 401.743.1557

Business address: Community College of Rhode Island English Department 400 East Avenue Warwick RI 02886 Education: two-year boarding student; B.A. philosophy, University of California ’66; M.A. English, Western Kentucky University ’89 Occupation: assistant professor of English Family: divorced Personal interests and hobbies: music, art, foreign languages, linguistics, travel, and lifelong education What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After Loomis, I attended three institutions of higher learning before graduating from UCLA in ’66. After that, I played music professionally, working in and out of Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Albuquerque, Missoula, Tucson, and Nashville. Then I returned to school for an M.A. in English and went overseas to live and work. After 12 years in Indonesia, Kuwait, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates, I returned to the U.S. and managed to land teaching positions at the Community College of Rhode Island and at Brown University’s Summer Studies program. These days I teach (and learn!), play pedal steel guitar part time in country-western bands, and saxophone in CCRI’s small orchestra. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: jamming with Joff! One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Study early and often; if you like science, study literature, too; if you’re a humanist, take science courses; draw; and play an instrument.


Bill A. Brown

2100 Woodward Avenue Detroit MI 48201 248.649.0914 Cell phone: 248.613.8252

The Brown family: Judy, Blair, and Bill

Business address: Detroit Tigers Incorporated Comerica Park Detroit MI 48201 313.471.2092

Loomis Class of

19 61

Education: two-year boarding student; A.B. history, Dartmouth College ’65 Military Service/Branch: Michigan Air National Guard, Detroit 1965–1971 Occupation: team travel advisor Family: spouse, Judy; child: Blair Personal interests and hobbies: basketball, football officiating, and travel What I’ve done and where I’ve been: One week after graduating from Dartmouth in 1965, I went to work for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team and have been there ever since, primarily as a public relations man from 1968–1979, and travel director from 1979–2010. In 1982 I married Judy James, a Spanish teacher at a suburban Detroit high school. Last November we celebrated our 28th anniversary. We have one child, Blair, now a grad student in education at George Washington University. She graduated from the University of Michigan last year and wants to following her mother’s footsteps. When I haven’t been traveling with the team or with Judy, I’ve been officiating high school and college football and basketball games. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: fall foliage, classes, and sports One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Plan to be one of the top 5 percent in income or suffer a difficult life.


Robert C. Camp P.O. Box 692 Aspen CO 81612 970.925.5049

Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. Trinity College ’65; M.B.A. finance, Columbia University ’70 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Navy, Little Creek, Va., Amphibious Base 1966– Cindy and Bob Camp, 1968 Inca Trail, Peru 2006 Occupation: retired Family: widowed Personal interests and hobbies: local, not–for–profit organizations, cycling, cross–country skiing, swimming, travel, gardening, investments, family, and friends; I am currently doing chemotherapy for colon cancer. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Consider taking a year off between high school and college or after freshman year in college.

David L. Celio P.O. Box 95263 Seattle WA 98145 206.329.0866

Education: four-year day student: A.B. Colgate University ’65; Ph.D., University of Maryland ’71 Occupation: self-employed clinical psychologist Family: spouse, MaryBeth What I’ve done and where I’ve been: clinical psychologist and author of Twelve Principles of Effective Parenting: Surviving the Tween Years (Paulist Press)


William E. Clarkson 22 Canterbury Way Sewanee TN 37375 931.598.0222 Cell phone: 931.636.5268 Business address: University of the South 115 Gailor Hall 735 University Avenue Sewanee, TN 37383 931.598.1262 Education: four-year day student; B.A. English, Yale University ’65; M.A. English ’70, Ph.D. English ’74, University of Virginia Military Service/Branch: U.S.N.R. Va. / Canal Zone 1965–1967 Occupation: professor of English Family: spouse, Marcia; child: Sam; grandchildren: Maya (11) and Noah (8) Personal interests and hobbies: squash, tennis, skiing; music, plays, and books; France, Italy and Spain What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I graduated Yale in 1965 and was commissioned in the Navy the same day. I spent two years in Virginia Beach or the Panama Canal Zone, but sometimes at sea. Two years teaching at the Peddie School before the Annenberg millions poured in, and a great summer at the Bread Loaf School of English convinced me to go back to graduate school. I met Marcia Shonnard, a cute IBM systems engineer, through faculty friends at Peddie. We married in the summer of 1969, and thanks to her patience and generosity, a fellowship or two, and the GI bill, I finished a Ph.D. in English at the University of Virginia in 1974. A year before, thanks this time to Marcia’s cuteness, I had a job at Sewanee (the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee), where I have been teaching ever since. I was chairman of the English Department off and on for 10 years, directed and taught in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Program for six or seven years, and organized and directed the writing program for several years. Tennessee made connections to New England a bit difficult, but we picked up the language quickly, kept a huge vegetable garden most summers, and spent 

sabbatical time in Italy, New Zealand, and lately New York City. Marcia left IBM to be the DP manager who installed Sewanee’s first computer and since then taught Computer Science and ran many parts of the university’s business side. Director of Personnel (We hadn’t started calling it human resources) was the last straw, and she retired in 2007. I then started a three–year phased retirement (meaning I teach one semester a year — no committees!), which becomes full time retirement after the fall semester of 2011. Recently we’ve spent much time in New York City and hope the Market and the Euro will let us travel more in France and Italy. And lately, I’ve caught up with Loomis friends in New York, New Haven, and Williamstown, and especially in snowy Utah. Our son Sam and his wife, Sarah, are parents of our two spectacular grandchildren: Noah and Maya. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Show up.

Peter B. Cummings P.O. Box 561 Big Sur CA 93920 831.667.2495

Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. English Literature, Yale University ’65 Military Service/Branch: Army Reserves Occupation: retired Family: single Personal interests and hobbies: painting, writing, sculpting, harmonica What I’ve done and where I’ve been: Taught 8th grade at Landor School 1966–67; management consultant 1968–69 N.Y.C.; dropped out 1969 to present; carpenter off and on 1979–1988; Nepenthe Restaurant, dishwasher and maintenance 1972–1978; Trip around the world, 400 days 1978–79; Performance Art in N.Y.C. 1979–1987; trip to Southeast Asia, 7 months 1987–88; Santa Fe, New Mexico 1991–2006, painting watercolors; 2007 Big Sur — writing, painting, and carving. I winter over in Mexico when possible. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: football team going undefeated senior year with Joffray nearby One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Find something you love to do with your hands. Look at no screens. 

John L. Daniels 10 Gay Street Nantucket MA 02554 508.308.2959

Education: four-year boarding student; A.B. English, Harvard ’65 Military Service/Branch: U.S.M.C.R. 1966–69 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Susan; children: Reuel, Wilder, and Jake John and Susan Personal interests and hobbies: Daniels gold and reading What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I was part of the team that created IBM Business Consulting and was general manager in Europe from 1992–1997. Currently my wife and I own and operate a small bed and breakfast on Nantucket called The Sherburne Inn. I am on the board of several island nonprofit organizations and play in a number of “super-senior” golf events. Favorite Memory from my Loomis Years: Making the game-ending tackle on a goal line stand against Choate to help our undefeated football team win its closest game. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Make reading a lifelong habit! Regardless of how specialized you become in your chosen career path, create a reading list for yourself that reflects the diversity of your Loomis “liberal arts” curriculum.


Robert “Rick” H. Devlin 3331 Crossings Court, PH 501 Bonita Springs FL 34134 646.645.3517

Education: four-year boarding student, B.A. economics, University of Notre Dame du Lac ’65; M.B.A. marketing, Dartmouth College ’67 Occupation: retired Family: partner, Noreen Harrington; children: Caroline, Jay, Ted, and Andrew; grandchildren: Alec (3) and Kate (7mo.) Personal interests and hobbies: my children, my grandchildren, golf, traveling, and getting my novel published What I’ve done and where I’ve been: My business allowed me to travel the world and meet and interview some amazing people in all walks of life. I broadcast from the Great Wall of China with N.Y.C. Mayor Koch, did three hours with Larry King from London during the Royal wedding, and flew on the first Concorde to land in N.Y.C. after two weeks in London and Paris researching the plane, attended Ronald Reagan’s Inauguration; met with President Carter in the Oval Office, visited all of NATO countries as a guest of General Al Haig, and landed in a chopper at the Iron Curtain; conducted a full orchestra at Carnegie Hall and danced with Minnie Mouse on the stage at Radio City! It was tough duty but someone had to do it! Favorite memory from my Loomis years: My last day after working in the kitchen for four years and graduating with “The Best of the Best.” I can’t wait to see everyone again at the reunion. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Be true to yourself no matter how tough the going might be, and when you meet “someone who knows everything,” they don’t! Rick Devlin and Noreen Harrington — the way we dined in the Loomis Dining Hall 

Paul Diana

17 Palmer Place Easton CT 06612 203.372.8809 Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. history, University of Bridgeport ’65; M.A. history, New York University ’67; sixth-year guidance counseling, University of Bridgeport ’68 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Maryellen

Nicholas L. Feakins 628 West Poplar Avenue San Mateo CA 94402 650.571.6791

Business address: Feakins & Feakins 1650 Borel Place, Suite 216 San Mateo CA 94402 650.571.6791 Education: three-year boarding student; A.B. English, Dartmouth College ’65; J.D. Stanford ’68; M.B.A. University of California Berkeley ’73 Military Service/Branch: Marine Corps Occupation: self-employed C.P.A.

Nick Feakins and wife in front of Dante’s Tomb 

John D. Fenniman 6451 West Arkansas Avenue Lakewood CO 80232 303.922.9301

Business address: U.S. Geological Survey Box 25046 Denver Federal Center Mail Stop 510 Denver CO 80225 303.202.4128 jdfenniman Education: four-year day student; A.B. history, Dartmouth College ’65; M.S. geography, University of Wisconsin ’74 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Army 1965–1968, Fort Devens, Fort Benning, Vietnam, Fort Bragg Occupation: cartographer Family: spouse, Susan; children: Jennifer and Heather Personal interests and hobbies: opera, reading, and mountaineering What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I have been an active U.S. geological surveyor and a supervisory cartographer. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: friends; the SNUG; teachers (George Hickok, Mr. Joffray, Mr. Adams, Rose Adams, and many others)

Loomis Class of


19 61

Peter G. Glenn

1 Bancroft Terrace Reading PA 19607 Cell phone: 717.580.6067 Business address: Stevens and Lee P.C. 111 North Sixth Street Reading PA 19603 610.478.2123

Peter and Pam Glenn on their wedding day, May, 2009

Education: three-year boarding student; A.B. history, Middlebury College ’65; J.D. University of Pennsylvania ’68 Occupation: attorney Family: spouse, Pamela; children: David and Sarah; grandchild, Susanna (4) Personal interests and hobbies: reading (fiction, history, and sports); watching major and minor baseball; high-handicap golf What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I entered Middlebury in August 1961. In my four years there I did better in almost every respect than I had done at Loomis. In 1965 I was tapped for Blue Key, the then men’s honor society, and graduated with Honors in History. In 1965 I was married to a Middlebury classmate and enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania Law School where I later became articles editor of the Law Review and from which I graduated Cum Laude in 1968. In 1968–69 I served as a law clerk for Judge Abraham L. Freedman of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia. In 1969 I became an associate in the Cleveland office of the then large and now global and very large firm known as Jones Day. In the same year my son, David, was born. 

Loomis Class of

19 61


During the next 14 years, my life and job choices were heavily influenced by the significant challenges posed by my wife’s lengthy and ultimately losing battle with breast cancer and my responsibilities as a single parent. During those years, I worked as a law professor on the faculties of the Universities of North and South Carolina and Washington and Lee University. In 1983 I remarried and returned to law practice with Jones Day. I was made partner in that firm a few years later. My daughter, Sarah, was born in Cleveland in 1988. In 1993 I was induced by friends who knew of my experience in both law practice and legal academia to consider becoming a law school dean. In 1994 I was appointed dean of the then–independent Dickinson School of Law, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. My major visible accomplishment in that position was to lead the efforts that resulted in the merger of Dickinson School of Law with the Penn State University School of Law, as a result of which I worked for five years (1997–2002) as dean of Penn State’s law school. After eight years as a law school dean and following the election of Ed Rendell as Governor of Pennsylvania, I was appointed executive deputy general counsel of the governor’s office of General Council. In that position, I oversaw litigation conducted by lawyers in the executive branch of the Pennsylvania government. In 2006 I accepted the position I now hold: general counsel of the mid-sized (175 lawyers) law firm of Stevens & Lee, which has offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and South Carolina. I provide legal and ethical advice to the law firm and its professionals, and I am responsible for the hiring and career development of young lawyers, a combination of enjoyable tasks that keep me very busy. My volunteer work is demanding but very interesting service on the American Bar Association’s Law School Accreditation Committee. In 2009 I finally got lucky in marriage when I was married to Pam Peterson Glenn, a teacher of English as a Second Language and more importantly, a terrific wife, mother, and stepmother. I hope to remain actively employed for a few more years despite the fact that I suffer from post–polio syndrome, a combination of disparate symptoms, the most serious of which is slowly developing recurrence of the paralysis of my right shoulder that was most severe 60 years ago when I contracted polio. But despite the nuisance of this condition, I am very happy to have a wonderful wife, great children and step children, and a lively granddaughter, Phillies tickets, and work that keeps me mentally younger than my body. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Writing a story about a LoomisWilliston football game on the bus back to Windsor and having the article

published, intact, in The Hartford Courant; all of Jim Wilson’s classes One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Despite the great importance of your formal education at Loomis Chaffee and later, learn as much as you can from experience because some of your challenges in life will require responses for which no formal courses of study alone could possibly have prepared you.

Joel T. Gormley 11 Pequot Road Marblehead MA 01945 781.631.2410 Cell phone: 781.576.9033

Business address: Computer Task Group Same as home address Education: four-year boarding student; B.S. food distribution, Cornell University ’65 Occupation: semiretired; retail technical specialist Family: spouse, Ellen; children: Paul and Nicholas; granddaughter (18) and grandson (3) Personal interests and hobbies: sailing, fishing, and kayaking What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I spent 24 years in the retail industry — mostly grocery, then 20-plus years with IBM; traveled a lot, including all 50 states and many foreign countries. I now still do part-time work from home and enjoy more time with my wife and two dogs. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Darwin Club, plays at the NEO (or was it LEO?) Theater, hard work, but somehow made it through and graduated; a spring road trip to Fort Lauderdale One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Work hard, play hard, stay active and involved.


Nicholas “Nick” D. Green RR1 Orton ON L0N 1N0 Canada 519.855.4346

Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. Franklin and Marshall ’66 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Jill; children: Christopher, Patricia, and Andrew Personal interests and hobbies: tennis, backpacking, fishing and hunting, and a new interest in boating What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I had an interesting career with Armstrong World Industries. I spent five years in domestic sales and then international. I spent three years in the Far East, which was great! Finally the rungs on the “corporate ladder” started to crumble, and I left after having been in Toronto for five years. I had a great experience as a partner in a small manufacturing company, retiring early at 57. I have been married to a lovely lady for 33 years and have three great kids. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Summer holidays! One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Watch out! “Youth is wasted on the young.” Be yourself … always!


Dwight M. Harris 3275 Stanton Parkway Caledonia NY 14423 Cell phone: 585.356.6059

Education: four-year boarding student; B.S. physics, University of Virginia ’65; Ph.D. physics, University of New Hampshire ’70 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Patricia; children: Cheryl and Chris; grandchild, Rowan (10 mo.) Personal interests and hobbies: showing AQHA horse, canoeing, camping (and now RV camping), reading, astronomy, keeping current in science and technology What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I have been married to my wife for 45 years, have two great adult children and one grandchild. I was a college professor and filled administrative positions in the colleges for about 40 years. Now, my wife and I care for our grandchild while her parents work. I have lived in New Hampshire, Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and now in New York; in cities, rural areas, small towns, and now in a village. I have traveled to essentially all 48 contiguous states and have found something to like about every place I have lived or visited. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: working in the physics lab and being a disc jockey for 15 minutes on a bootleg radio station One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Find people, activities, and work you love and be sure to make time to enjoy them.


Samuel H. Havens 16 Wildflower Road Barrington RI 02806 401.289.0354 Cell phone: 201.314.409

Education: three-year boarding student; B.A. history, Hamilton College ’65; J.D. Temple University ’73 Military Service/Branch: Pennsylvania National Guard 1966–1972, Philadelphia Occupation: consultant, health care services Family: spouse, Dr. Audrey Kupchan; children: Dan and David Deluca; Kim and Scott Havens ’91; grandchildren: Alexandra (3 mo.), Elizabeth (1), Catherine (1), and Thomas (3 ½) Personal interests and hobbies: boating, golf, racket ball, travel, and reading What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I’ve lived in Philadelphia, Houston, New Jersey, and now Rhode Island. I spent 29 years with Prudential and ended my career in ’96 as president of employee benefits division. I started a solo consulting firm in 1997 and have served as a board member/advisor to 14 early– stage health service firms — still active with five firms. Remarried in 2003 and have a second round of kids. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: football and friends One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: fantastic opportunities to develop; use more wisely than I did


Richard “Dick” B. Hoey 39 Maple Tree Avenue, # 3 Stamford CT 06906 Alternate address: 1241 Gulf of Mexico Drive, #601 Longboat Key FL 34228 Business address: BNY Mellon/Dreyfus 200 Park Avenue, 55th Floor New York NY 10166 212.922.6000 Education: four-year day student; B.A. Yale ’65; M.B.A. New York University ’69 Occupation: chief economist Family: spouse, Nancy; children: Ben and Alice; grandchildren: Mary Alice and Matthew Personal interests and hobbies: high-end audio, music and art appreciation What I’ve done and where I’ve been: John B. Braine Inc., Investment Management 1963–1971; Foreign travel (Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Nepal) 1971; Dean Witter 1971–1982; A.G. Becker 1982– 1984; chief economist, Drexel Burnham 1984–1990; Barclays de Zoete Wedd 1990–1991; chief economist, Dreyfus 1991–2010

Loomis Class of

19 61


William H. Hopkins 55 Windy Acres Charlestown NH 03603 603.504.6662

Education: four-year day student; B.A., English, Yale University ’65; J.D. Vanderbilt University ’68 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Annita; children: Christina, Elizabeth, Amelia, William (the younger), and Rachel; grandchildren: Sarah (20), Youssef (19), Mehdi (16), Samuel (13), and Daniel (11) Personal interests and hobbies: other people’s children, wine, duplicate bridge, wine, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, wine, the once honorable profession of law, and, of course, my own children and grandchildren What I’ve done and where I’ve been: At Yale, I joined the track team to satisfy the PE requirement and, by senior year was Yale’s best hammer thrower. I am still fifth on the Yale all-time list. I actually qualified for the 1968 Olympic Trials and kept throwing the hammer and discus into the 1980s. After graduation, I married Rachel J. Pomeroy ’62 and went to law school. After teaching school for a year to avoid the draft, I joined a small law firm in Plymouth, New Hampshire, and practiced law in the same building until I retired as senior partner in 2002, burnt out, discarded by my wife, and disillusioned by the changes in my chosen profession. We sold our house on the hill, my office condo, and I moved away to find a new soul mate, Nita, a certified surgical assistant. I also finally took the tests to become a certified wine professional (by The Society of Wine Educators). During the years in Plymouth, I ran various entities (the Yale Club of New Hampshire, Bar committees, and the New Hampshire Bridge Association), was involved in local politics and charities, was a charter member of a new Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, taught wine and bridge classes, coached track in the spring, skied and hiked, cut wood to heat our large modern home, and welcomed more than two dozen kids into our family: exchange students, Fresh Air Fund kids from New York, foster children, and troubled kids from the courts. Enriching the lives of other people’s kids was our continuing charitable activity as we endeavored to raise our own kids to become the best people they could be. My criminal law practice led to 

being appointed to the New Hampshire Adult Parole Board, where I served as vice chairman for 10 years; so, I also got to meet many of the state’s most evil individuals! I have survived three serious hospitalizations and probably should not have lived to be 67. I’m pretty much disabled now, but I have hosted a wine course on public television and continued that hobby. But, fellow classmates, I have learned enough to have abandoned the Republican party which, I believe, is responsible for the decline and fall of the United States of America. I think we have lived in the best of times in our history and that America and the world are facing very troubling times. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: During senior year, I used to occasionally pick up boarding friends who had sneaked out for dates. One night, the president of our class joined my date and me, and made out, VERY passionately and loudly in the back seat with a lovely young woman from West Hartford. Her contented moans have stayed with my erotic memory files since! One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: After you have completed your education and found a soul mate, figure out where the two of you want to live, and, if you can make a living there, GO and don’t look back. Becoming part of the fabric of a community is the best way to ensure happiness.

Kenneth W. Hubbard 36 French Road Greenwich CT 06831 203.869.1021 Cell phone: 917.538.7724

Business address: Hines 885 Third Avenue, Suite 2700 New York NY 10022 212.230.2300 Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. history, Duke University ’65; J.D. Georgetown University ’68 Occupation: executive vice president 

Family: spouse, Victoria “Tori” Dauphinot; children: Paul, Suzanne, West, and Skye What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I have spent almost 40 years devoted to development investment and management in the real estate industry. Greatest satisfaction has been special points in time, when we could set standards. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Good dialogues with mathematics peers, faculty, etc. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Appreciate all Loomis has given you.

Warren A. Johnson 182 Beacon Street Boston MA 02116 617.262.9999

Education: four-year day student; A.B. economics, Brown University ’65; M.B.A. finance, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania ’67 Occupation: retired; executive in residence at Babson College Family: single Personal interests and hobbies: classical music, theater, and travel What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I spent 40 years in the investment management industry and am now retired. The last 20-plus years, I had my own firm. In retirement, I am an executive–in-residence at Babson College where I advise aspiring investment managers. I have lived in Boston the past 38 years.

Ward R. Jones 5970 Riverview Way Houston TX 77057 713.785.9188


Stephen A. Karp 120 West 81st Street, Apt 8 New York NY 10024 212.724.6645 Cell phone: 203.554.2091

Steve Karp directing a scene from his play, Fraternity, April, 2005

Education: three-year boarding student; B.A. government, Tufts University ’65; American Academy of Dramatic Arts ’68 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Army Reserve, 1966–1972; Boston; Tacoma; Seattle (Fort Lewis); San Pedro, Calif.; and various military bases in the Northeast Occupation: free-lance playwright (screenwriter), theater director Family: partner, Gwendolyn Morris; child: Gwendolyn’s son, Travis (18) Personal interests and hobbies: jogging, tennis, and music What I’ve done and where I’ve been: Having lost the fire-in-the-belly to play baseball after college, I turned down modest offers from the Mets and Red Sox in order to attend law school, which drove me into theater and film — first as a professional actor; then as a professional writer, director, and producer, where I have happily been my entire adult life. One of my proudest achievements was as founder/ producer/director of the Stamford Theater Works (1998–2008) in my hometown of Stamford, Connecticut. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: The entertaining and creative pranks that classmates would devise to escape from the rigorous academic pressure that was Loomis. However, sports, for me, was my personal means of escape, and so our 1960 undefeated football team must rank as my favorite Loomis memory — BUT making out with my prom date at the “Studio” is a close second! One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Don’t give up on your desire. If you don’t know what it is — find it! 

Robin S. Kent 9295 Ivy Tree Lane Great Falls VA 22066 703.759.3839

Loomis Class of

19 61 

Education: B.A. political science, Washington and Lee ’65; M.A. political science, University of Florida ’70 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Army, 1966–1968; Fort Bragg and Vietnam Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Laurel “Laurie” Personal interests and hobbies: active as a fine arts photographer and travel What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I was born in New England and grew up in central Florida. I worked in a family photo store/studio, delivered newspapers, visited Cuba, went to Loomis, and Washington and Lee University; I was in the U.S. Army for 12 months near Saigon and 6 months near Da Nang. I saw little action but did see Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo. I attended the University of Florida and received an M.A. in Political Science with an emphasis on Latin American studies, married Laurie, and thankfully still am. I then joined the CIA and worked on Latin America (analysis) and the new technologies (including something called ARPANET). Travels include: Cuba (again), Caribbean and Central America; South America; Africa; Summer Olympics in 1972, 1996, and 2000. When I retired, I got serious about photography and helped start a consortium of 90 artists, still taking pictures, some of which are actually for sale. Still traveling, including annual month-long road trips through the 50 states. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: watching the 1960 undefeated football team One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Don’t listen to advice from an alumnus.

David D. Kerman 16 Bay View Avenue Swampscott MA 01907 781.593.4190 Business address: Fenton Judicial Center 2 Appleton Street Lawrence MA 01840 978.689.7833 Education: two-year boarding student; A.B. Duke University ’65; J.D. Syracuse University ’70 Occupation: associate justice Family: spouse, Jura Strimaitis What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I was a Peace Corps volunteer from 1965–1967 in Cermik, Diyarbakir, Turkey

Lauriston “Lorry” R. King 18 Upper Woodland Terrace Columbia CT 06237 860.228.2229 Cell phone: 252.412.8025

Education: four-year day student; B.A. government, Tufts University ’65; M.A., Ph.D. political science, University of Connecticut ’71 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Judith Durham; children: Paul, Christopher, and Brendan; grandchildren: Natalie (6) and Claire (4) What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I was director of the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Coastal Resources Management (CRM) from 1999–2010 and associate professor of political science at East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina. The CRM program, the only one of its kind in the United 

States, seeks to meet the need for scientifically trained specialists able to move effectively between the worlds of academia, research, policy, and management in three primary areas: coastal and estuarine ecology, coastal geosciences, and coastal social science and public policy. I received my undergraduate degree in government from Tufts University, a Ph.D. in political science from University of Connecticut, and did post-doctoral work as a fellow in the inaugural class of the Marine Policy and Ocean Management Program at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. I served in the National Science Foundation’s Office for the International Decade of Ocean Exploration, was deputy director of the Texas Sea Grant College Office, and the director of the Office of Research and sponsored programs at the University of Southern Mississippi. I have been a member or held leadership positions in professional organizations relating to science, environmental resource management, and public policy, including the Coastal Society, Ocean Leadership, Board on Oceans and Atmosphere, Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, the Albemarle Pamlico National Estuary Program, and the North Carolina Coastal Resources Law, Planning and Policy Center. I taught and wrote on United States marine policy, the role of science in the public policy process, and have had a long-term and continuing research interest in the policy processes that have shaped United States marine and coastal policy over the past five decades. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: classes with Donald Lay and George Warren, sports on fall afternoons, and the beauty of the campus as the seasons changed

Loomis Class of


19 61

Michael B. King 29 Delegal Road Savannah GA 31411 912.598.1847 Cell phone: 312.961.7480

Education: three-year boarding student; A.B. English Literature, Hamilton College ’65; M.A. Finance and Marketing, Thunderbird School of Global Management ’72 (with distinction) Military Service/Branch: U.S. Army (Artillery), 1st Lieutenant-Top Secret NATO security classification (OCS 1968) 1968–1970, Geinhausen, Germany; 155MM self-propelled howitzer battalion (job: Battalion S-3) Occupation: retired, or at least trying out the concept for the past 11 months Family: spouse, Maryellen “Muffin”; children: Michael, Amanda, Ellen, and Alexander; grandchildren: Jack, Will, Alex, Brahm, and Samantha Personal interests and hobbies: challenging literature, puzzles, good friends, interesting food and solid wines, travel/domestic and international, plant life, our 5-year-old black lab, live oaks, the game of golf, excellent music, alternative energy, and nonlinear political thought (for that matter, nonlinear anything) What I’ve done and where I’ve been: In my humble opinion, a lot: where, around the world Favorite memory from my Loomis years: the challenge, the friendships, the mentoring I received One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Shed the preppy, embrace the disenfranchised. Think in terms of vulnerability, not invincibility.


Anthony M. Kissling 150 Central Park South #1606 New York NY 10019 212.333.6188 Cell phone: 917.968.8971 Alternate address: (October through May) 7 Mindora Street Sewall’s Point FL 34996 Business address: (preferred mailing address) Kissling Realty Advisors, LLC 350 5th Avenue, Suite 7717 New York NY 10118

Tony Kissling fishing with two of his grandchildren, Thanksgiving 2010

Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. Duke University ’65 Military Service/Branch: National Guard, six years in Rhode Island Occupation: partner/advisor Family: spouse, Suzanne; children: two daughters and son (deceased); grandchildren: five, ages 6–10 Personal interests and hobbies: golf, scuba, boating, flying, fishing, reading, and working What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After college, I moved to New York City and went into real estate business. I lived in New York until 1971 (married for the first time in 1968) and moved to Wilton, Connecticut. I was divorced in the spring of 1992 and moved to New Canaan, Connecticut. I had three children, Daniel (deceased), Jennifer, and Amanda. In the summer of 2000, I moved back to New York City and have been spending the winters in Florida since 1995. My marriage to Suzanne in 1992 made me the luckiest person in the world. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Looking back at my four years at Loomis, I can now see that the school was able to put me and others into a great mold. However, my favorite memory was graduation in June 1961. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Ne Cede Malis 

Peter G. Kreitler 16492 El Hito Court Pacific Palisades CA 90272 310.454.1289 Cell phone: 310.230.2200

Alternate address: (June–October) 8 Mill Road Harwichport MA 02646 508.432.0431 Business address: Earth Services 1011 Swarthmore Avenue, Suite 4 Pacific Palisades CA 90272 310.230.2200 Education: three-year boarding student; B.A. sociology, Brown University ’66; M.D.V. religion, Virginia Theological Seminary ’69 Occupation: educator, TV producer/host, lecturer Family: spouse, Catharine “Katy”; children: Jennifer, Laura, and Bradford; grandchildren: Theo (10), Belle (10), and Megan (7) Personal interests and hobbies: art collecting, photography, writing, windsurfing, fishing, boating, and sailing What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I transitioned from parish priest to environmental educator, TV host, and advocate for a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren (key ingredient in why I keep up the good fight). The older I get, the more radicalized I have become on behalf of the voiceless in society and those who will come after us. Working on blending patriotism with environmentalism as a viable methodology for motivating our generation to really demonstrate how we love our country; i.e., keep it healthy for Megan, Theo, and Belle; and all creation. I am starting three new companies simultaneously, each addressing some aspect of the patriotism/ environmental marriage. I am recruiting! Written a few books along the way, but I am most proud of being able to find a balance in my life; so, family, work, and charitable endeavors have gotten their fair share of me. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: The vicarious pleasure in my buddies’ 7-0 season; especially Cummings, Beams, and Karp. Being taken out of a baseball game after two pitches; I hit the first two batters I faced, and Ralph 

Erickson yanked me. The diversity of men, who each brought different gifts to the campus, and the down-time where we could just interact as friends. My peers and my professors encouraged me to think, and for this, I offer eternal gratitude. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: 1) Delight in the diversity in creation as one’s greatest teacher; 2) Don’t buy into the current mantra that success is measured by how much you acquire or your balance sheet. You won’t find meaning there; so, pursue doing well by doing good; the rewards are deeper and more lasting.

Michael C. Lawrence 439 Island Way Clearwater FL 33767 727.443.1705

Education: four-year day student; B.A. history, Yale University ’65; M.B.A. marketing, University of Pennsylvania ’71 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Naval Reserve; Newport, R.I.; Little Creek, Va., 1966–1969 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Nancy, child, Jennifer Lee; grandchild, Caroline (5) Personal interests and hobbies: high school, college, pro-sports, foreign travel (We’ve been to 43 countries.), and show horses What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After Yale, I went to Naval OCS and then spent three years of commissioned service in the fleet. I had deployments to the Caribbean and Mediterranean; I was discharged in 1969 and returned to school to the Wharton Business School to get my M.B.A. I joined my wife’s family business in Clearwater, Florida, and remained there for 35 years until 2008 retirement. I now enjoy free time for travel and recreation and spending time with a beautiful 5-year-old granddaughter. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Al Beebe making Bruce Alexander and me stand in the fireplace because we acted up in history class. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Don’t squander the wonderful head start in life that you have been given. 

Roger “Rod” D. Meade 10436 Owen-Brown Road Columbia MD 21044 410.992.5424 Cell phone: 410.913.4742

Business address: Sodexo, Inc. 9801 Washingtonian Boulevard Gaithersburg MD 20878 301.987.4578 Education: two-year boarding student; A.B. history, Dartmouth College ’65; J.D., William and Mary ’75 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Navy Roger Meade and Sherry Black 1966–1971, Naval Service; damage control officer, destroyer in Vietnam, UDT/SEAL teams platoon commander 1968–1971 Occupation: senior attorney Family: spouse, Sherrie Black; children: Cullen, Roger, Tyler, and Masha; grandchild, Lucia (3) What I’ve done and where I’ve been: Won coveted “iron man” award in UDT/SEAL training 1968; Apollo recovery officer, U.S. Atlantic fleet 1969–70; trail specialist with NLRB 1975–1984. Partner with nation’s largest labor employment law firm 1984–2008; currently, I am senior labor counsel with Sodexo, Inc. (125,000 employees in U.S.A.) Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Living in Ely House spring term of senior year One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Take more seriously the academic challenges presented by college — too often the temptation is to take greater advantage of the social scene (following no social life at Loomis) than is warranted.


Owen D. Nee Jr. 701 Forest Avenue Rye NY 10580 914.921.3302

Business address: Jones Day 222 East 41st Street New York NY 10017 212.326.3830

Loomis Class of


19 61

Education: four-year boarding student; A.B. English, Princeton University ’65; J.D. Columbia University ’73 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Army, Military Intelligence 1968–1971 Occupation: attorney Family: spouse, Amber; children: Claire, David ’94 (deceased), and Alexandra; grandchildren: Genevieve (4) and Elizabeth (2) Personal interests and hobbies: golf and teaching What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I advise on foreign investment transactions in the People’s Republic of China. I have completed some of the most difficult transactions in the history of China Investment, including the first joint-venture contract, the first U.S.-P.R.C. petroleum contract, the first mining concession, and the first limited–recourse project financing. Prior to joining Jones Day, I advised on the formation of the joint venture between General Motors Corporation and the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, which is now the largest automobile manufacturer in China. As an adjunct professor at Columbia Law School and NYU Law School, I teach a course on commercial and investment transactions with China. I have written three books on Chinese law

for West Publications: Shareholder Agreements and Joint Ventures in China, Mergers & Acquisitions in China, and Competition Law in China. I am also the author of the BNA Portfolio on Business Operations in the People’s Republic of China, which describes China’s tax laws. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: I remember coming back to Loomis one weekend on a winter Sunday evening in my freshman year, and, as we drove onto the Island, the light from Taylor blazing in the dark looked like an ocean liner at sea. Possibly it was only freshman year homesickness, but so it was for the next four years: a ship, quite disconnected from the rest of my life, on a journey to an unknown destination. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Do well in college.

John “Jay” B. Nolan 34 Northmoor Road West Hartford CT 06117 860.233.4649 Business address: Day Pitney LLP 242 Trumbull Street Hartford CT 06103 860.275.0289 Education: four-year day student; A.B. political science, Brown University ’65; J.D. Georgetown University ’68 Occupation: attorney Family: spouse, Lillian Prestley; children: Suzanne ’91, Danielle ’94, Caroline ’94, Elizabeth Prestley McGrath, ’94 and Peter; grandchildren: Rose (6), James (6), May (3), and Anna (4) Personal interests and hobbies: golf, history, music, and travel What I’ve done and where I’ve been: It is hard to avoid making this read like an obituary but … college, law school, job, marriage, and children. I still have the same job and the children but a different wife. Margie died from a cerebral 

Jay Nolan family


hemorrhage on a gorgeous Saturday in August 1988. My daughters and step-daughter graduated from LC, and all are pursuing their interests and goals in Boston and New York. My step-son is in Micronesia prosecuting criminals. I am about to start my 43rd year as a trial lawyer. My stock description of my practice is that I deal with disputes involving large sums of money and trashy (or worse) behavior by some or all involved. My firm gave me a sabbatical in 1986–87, which we spent living in Paris and introducing our children to Europe — a transformative experience for all. My wife, Lillian, and I are now looking at the next (final?) phase, although I am still resistant. We travel and play a lot of golf. I did spend a few years involved in management of our golf club including two years as president. The experience of being responsible for a decent–sized business owned by more than 1,000 of my closest friends was a great experience for someone who had spent four decades passing out advice. It was a blast, and I learned a lot. I have had more than my fair share of second chances in my life, for which I am very grateful. I strive to return the favor. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Snow removal at the rink, especially after a blizzard that almost covered the boards — no Zamboni. I also think quite often about Tom Temple who was at Brown. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: With the exception of continuing to learn how to write, do not view college as merely a step to another level by taking courses that lead in that direction. Try to find the best teachers at your school and learn for learning’s sake.

Craig G. Pause

20501 South Main Street Carson CA 90745 310.202.7110

Craig and Trinidad Pause

Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. engineering, political science, Northwestern University ’65; A.A. architecture design and construction, Santa Monica College ’96 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Trinidad; children: Mark, Alfredo, Daniel, Veronica, Christopher, Edward, and Garry; grandchildren, Daryl (31); great-grandchildren: Adriane (28), Aimee (28), Kathryn (21), Steven (16), River (8), Alfredo (8), Alyssa (14), Kristina Marie (10), Andromeda (8), and Scott (3) Personal interests and hobbies: architecture (modern era) practical design, CADD or draft board; reading (history or historical fiction, numismatics (American), cooking (large groups, basic menus); commodity markets What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After graduating from Northwestern, I spent the ’60s and ’70s traveling the world under the auspices of PanAm, albeit on the poverty level. What a marvelous world of wonders we had then. The mid ’70s and ’80s found me raising my first family in the San Fernando Valley outside L.A., scrambling up within the PanAm organization, skiing on mountain snow in the morning and on ocean water later in the day, still using pass privileges to gander at the world. Then in the mid ’80s disaster struck. PanAm started floundering, the wife of 15 years decided to go find her “real” self, and our precious stock tanked. So, after accepting a quite generous buyout and losing a small fortune, a wife, and a child, I found myself unemployed, living on the boat in Marina Del Rey, and faced with the prospect of reinventing myself. After an abortive attempt at early retirement, I discovered a lady with six children who encouraged my very lost soul to try a different approach to life. Thus, after a year of gentle persuasion and abject coercion, I found that I had quit smoking, drinking, and abusing the universal expletives. I had joined an active religion, gone back to college for the architectural degree I had always desired, become employed by a very secure and remunerative U.S. Customs Service, and married to Trinidad De Los Reyes. The next 25 years has been 

a whirlwind of finishing raising the children into their own lives, working both northern and southern borders while based in L.A., finishing both of our degrees, getting Trinidad’s home-based legal business up and running, and toward the end, in nursing Trinidad back from a triple cerebral aneurism. When the customs service morphed into Homeland Security, I retired permanently at first opportunity, and we now spend our entire time together between Palm Desert, Culver City, Las Vegas, and Kapa’a Kauai. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: There are so many from which to choose. From watching Sputnik traverse the inky black autumn sky outside Maher House, riding the cows at night on the farm, exploring the steam tunnels, interacting with the townies of Windsor; I guess the most poignant is the most unforgettable. When I was a freshman, living in Maher House, on Sundays I would walk down the Farmington River toward the Connecticut River with the only two friends I was sure I had in the world. Jason and Ginger were their names — the golden retrievers of Skac House and Nick Rogers. And they would stay with me while I read. God, I was homesick. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: From kindergarten through the eighth grade you received your basic training, the tools with which to format your universe: basic, unsexy, repetitious, and boring. Throughout your four years at Loomis you were presented with a smorgasbord of new concepts, thoughts, actions, reactions, theories, attitudes, and personalities. Now comes college and the chance to refine your position in your universe; just don’t forget the basics.

Radley D. Pearsall 332 Berkshire Drive Lake Forest IL 60045 847.283.9440 Cell phone: 847.477.5811

Business address: 666 Dundee Road, Suite 903 Northbrook IL 60062 847.509.8881 

Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. economics, Hamilton College ’65; M.B.A finance, Northwestern University ’71; C.P.A., University of Illinois ’76 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Naval Air 1967–1973 Glenview, Illinois Occupation: CPA (tax and real estate) Family: spouse, Kathleen; children: Jennifer and Matthew Personal interests and hobbies: work, hockey, squash, and golf What I’ve done and where I’ve been: what I’ve done: work, work, work; where I have been: working! Favorite memory from my Loomis years: playing hockey, having Al Wise as my advisor, and becoming good friends with Sam Havens One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Work to live, don’t live to work.

Francis B. Pease 33 Harvest Lane Ottawa KS 66067

Education: four-year day student; A.B. biological science, Rutgers University ’65; M.M.S. Rutgers University ’69; M.D. Harvard ’71 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Navy, 1973–1975. I was attached to the Second Marine Division as a Navy doctor. Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Judith; children: Lindsey and Alexander; grandchildren: Brooke (13), Dane (10), Catherine (8), Myah (8), and Madeleine (7) Personal interests and hobbies: photography, birding, international travel, water gardening, big-game hunting, camping, classical music, and opera What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After Loomis and Rutgers, I studied medicine at Harvard Medical School and then worked as a surgical intern and resident at Massachusetts General Hospital for two years before being drafted into the Navy. I was attached to the Marines for two years, and after completion, went back to Mass General to complete my surgical training. I became board certified in general surgery, and I worked in Exeter, New Hampshire; and Clarksville, Tennessee; finally completing my professional career in Ottawa, Kansas. I was president of the medical staff in Exeter and president of Premier Medical Group in Clarksville. I was chairman of the Planning Board in 

Kensington, New Hampshire; on the boards of trustees of both the hospital and the local church. The best thing I have ever done is staying married to my closest friend for 45 years. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Without a doubt, the best memories are my years on the varsity teams coached by Ralph Erickson: football, basketball, and baseball. He was one of the finest men I have ever known. I also remember fondly several faculty members such as Mr. Worthington and Mr. Joffray. Mr. Nick Rogers, who taught me physics at Loomis, became my patient while I worked in Exeter. He and his wife were wonderful people. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Try to learn about many different professions during your summers and vacations. There are lots of choices for meaningful careers that you will never know about if you wait for someone else to guide you. You must take an active role in discovering the unique opportunity that is right for you and will lead to both financial success and happiness.

Eugene M. Reed

82 Brittany Farms Road, Apt 122 New Britain CT 06053 860.223.5693 Business address: J.C. Penney 300 Westfarms Mall Farmington CT 06032 860.521.7850 Education: four-year day student; B.A. music education, Boston University ’65; M.A. music, Western Connecticut State University ’76 Occupation: sales associate Family: single Personal interests and hobbies: opera, sports, reading, and crossword puzzles What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I was a public school educator in West Hartford, Connecticut from 1965–1984; I was in the tour and travel industry from 1984–1995 working for NBT, Arrow Line, and Peter Pan bus lines; I worked 

in retail from 1995–2010 at Lord & Taylor and J.C. Penney; I volunteered at the West Hartford Senior Center from 2000–2008. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: I was the piano accompanist/ soloist for the Glee Club at a prep-school concert held at the Bushnell. (Loomis, Choate, Taft, Hotchkiss, Kent, … did I forget a school?) Frank House and Herb Anderson conducted massed glee club and orchestra. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Be prepared to work harder than you ever have before!

B. Peter Rohman P.O. Box 3293 Easton MD 21601 410.763.7095

Education: four-year day student; B.A. economics, Trinity College ’65 Occupation: realtor Family: spouse, Beverly; children: Abigail, Gregory, and Andrew Personal interests and hobbies: sailing, reading, Beverly, Peter, daughter Abigail (bride), sons travel, and mediation Andrew and Gregory Rohman, May 22, 2010 What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I spent 30 years with Owens Corning, which was interrupted by four years with White, Weld & Co. I then spent five years in private equity (1999–2004) and relocated to the eastern shore of Maryland. I started a new company assisting absentee owners that evolved into a real estate agency. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: I can barely remember breakfast! One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Don’t leave!


Bradford F. Sauer 1292 Alanton Drive Virginia Beach VA 23454 757.481.5265

Education: four-year day student; B.A. Hobart College ’67 Military Service/Branch: U.S.N.R. Mayport, Fla., and the Mediterranean Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Anne; children: Mary Katherine and Emily Personal interests and hobbies: sailing, woodworking, and travel What I’ve done and where I’ve been: raising children, and working until retirement in 2006. I have sailed the Chesapeake Bay, Eastern Atlantic from Canada to the Caribbean, and southern Turkey and trans-Atlantic from Portugal to St. Lucia and St. Barth’s Favorite memory from my Loomis years: graduating One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: If you didn’t get all you could out of Loomis, make sure you do in college. No more chances.

Loomis Class of


19 61

Michael C. Smith 3808 Reno Road, NW Washington DC 20008 202.248.7548

Business address: Freddie Mac 1551 Park Run Drive McLean VA 22102 571.382.5100 Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. Princeton University ’65; J.D. Yale University ’72 Occupation: financial analyst, vice president for credit/loss analysis Family: spouse, Monica MacAdams; daughter, Ashley Personal interests and hobbies: fantasy baseball and a cappella singing What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I took a break from law school in 1967 to become a VISTA volunteer as community organizer in the South Bronx (1968– 69); I was special assistant to Sen. Charles Goedell (1969–1971) and author of the legislation to cut off funding for Vietnam War (S 3,000) and then returned to law school after his defeat. I was legislative assistant to Sen. Mac Mathias (1973– 1976); special assistant to HUD Secretary Carla Hills (1976–77); consultant to Felix Rohayton (1977–78), dep. director of NYS Emergency Control Board (1978–79), dep. director NYC OMB (1979-1982), pres. of NYC Housing Development Corp. (1982–1984). I jumped into the private sector in 1984 and have been cleaning up financial disasters ever since. I launched BIG — Bond Investors Guaranty, a municipal bond insurer joint venture of AIG and Solomon Brothers in 1984; joined E.F. Hutton in 1986 — couldn’t save them; saved Dime Savings Bank of New York acquired by WAMU in 2001 (but couldn’t save WAMU). Now forecasting credit losses at Freddie Mac; so far so good. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: the night we used silverware from the dining hall to inscribe our class year (1961) in the so-called “Senior Path.” (We were sophomores at the time, I think.) One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Find a way to give back. 

Samuel Thompson

4634 47th Street, NW Washington DC 20016 202.363.8978 Alternate address: summer months 199 McCorison Lane Islesboro ME 04848 202.276.1361

Sam Thompson with Max


Education: one-year day student, three-year boarding student; B.A. government, Harvard ’65; M.A. international law, international affairs and economics, law and Sam Thompson diplomacy, Tufts ’66, ’69; National War College ’78 skiing in the French Occupation: consultant Alps at his timeshare Family: divorced Personal interests and hobbies: fitness and health, classical music/ National Symphony, theater, art museums (Impressionist painters), politics and current events, travel, sports, and outdoor activities (kayaking, cycling, and hiking), photography, home renovation, investing, my summer home on the coast of Maine, and my timeshare in the French Alps What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I’ve had a rewarding career in government, mostly in Washington, but also with three extended assignments abroad including with two international organizations. My career has focused on nuclear arms control, nuclear non-proliferation and issues relating to nuclear power. It has been interesting to be a part of U.S. policymaking in these areas. I have always been physically active, and after Loomis, I lettered in soccer at Harvard and later played in a semipro league in Toronto. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: the camaraderie in playing soccer and singing with the Glee Club and Pelicans One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Try to attend as many reunions as possible, as probably some of your longest lasting friends will be your Loomis classmates and not necessarily the ones you were closest to while at Loomis.

William P. Thompson 33 Oakledge Drive Burlington VT 05401 802.863.6952

Alternate address: November–April 3350 North Key Drive North Fort Myers FL 33903 239.997.7267 Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. economics, Middlebury College ’65 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Bill and Mary Pat Thompson Army/Trans Corps., Fort Eustis, Va., touring Egypt, 2009 1966–1968 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Mary Pat; daughter, Molly Personal interests and hobbies: sailing; fishing; tennis; and Burlington, Vermont, history What I’ve done and where I’ve been: Because my career was in the travel business, Mary Pat and I have seen much of the world, and because I had such great employees, I spent a lot of time on civic affairs. I served as president of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, president of the Burlington/Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce, president of Cynosure (a nonprofit development corporation), and director of Burlington Industrial Development Corporation. I also served as chairman of Burlington International Airport Comm. and president of Vermont Society of Travel Agents. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Batch 3 sophomore year “Shooting the Bull” with the guys or the 1961 undefeated track team One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Be all that you can be.


Frank W. “Walt” Vincent III 40 North Street Grafton MA 01519 508.839.5298

Education: four-year boarding student; B.A. English, Trinity College ’66; M.A. educational psychology/counseling, University of Connecticut ’78 Military Service/Branch: New York Air National Guard 1966–1972 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Joan; children: Joseph and Jan; grandchildren: Lauren, Emma, Abi, and Morgan Personal interests and hobbies: stained glass, gardening, and my grandchildren What I’ve done and where I’ve been: Raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I seem to have come full circle, moving every 10 years or so, to New York City, to New Jersey, to Connecticut in several locations, and now back to central Massachusetts (Grafton). My work life focused on helping improve the lives of children and has been a wonderful run. Now my wonderful wife, Joan, and I split our time between Grafton, not far from two of our granddaughters, and a vacation home in Tamworth, New Hampshire. Life is good. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: The friends I made. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: The same one I gave the children in the elementary schools where I worked: The secret of a happy life is to be kind to everyone you meet, and never give up!

Loomis Class of


19 61

William O. Webster 112 Sequassen Avenue Old Saybrook CT 06475 860.388.2425 Cell phone: 860.876.0877 Alternate address: 68 Keelers Ridge Road Wilton CT 06475 203.761.9601 Business address: Westport Resources 315 Post Road West P.O. Box 3089 Westport CT 06880 203.226.0222 Education: three-year boarding student; B.A. sociology, Dartmouth College ’65; M.B.A. management, New York University ’71; College for Financial Planning ’78 Occupation: financial advisor Family: spouse, Susanne Kalb; children: Bill, Scott, Tim, and Jay; grandchild, Kate (5) Personal interests and hobbies: rowing (master’s competition), golf, and skiing What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I lived in Wilton, Fenwick, Old Saybrook — all in Connecticut — since graduation. After graduate school (six years at night while working for Federal Paperboard and living in Stamford), I moved to Wilton at age 28 (where Tony Kissling and Steve Pettit lived) and became a financial advisor with Eastman Dillon — through mergers it became UBS. I then moved to Morgan Stanley in 2007 and Westport Resources in June 2010. We renovated our summer house in Fenwick (tore down and rebuilt in 2009) and moved here to semiretire over the next 10 years. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: rolling beds over from Founders in the middle of the night with Nick Feakins and others One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Try to keep a network of friends, or to reestablish one after college as I did with Ned Babbitt, Sam Havens, and Tony Kissling where we get together every year for a golf match. 

John F. Wibel 51 Canterbury Lane Belle Mead NJ 08502 908.431.5352

Education: four-year day student; B.A. history, Yale University ’65; M.A. Latin American Studies, Stanford University ’69; Ph.D. history, Stanford University ’75; M.B.A. University of California-Berkeley ’77 Military Service/Branch: U.S. Army, Artillery, Fort Knox, Ky.; company commander basic training unit1966–67; Vietnam, artillery forward observer, battery executive officer (196th Light Infantry Brigade, headquarters based in Chu Lai and Tam, Ky.) 1967–68 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Teresa Perez Wibel (1970–2003 deceased); Eileen Kobrin (2004–present) Personal interests and hobbies: jazz, antique maps (16th and 17th centuries) What I’ve done and where I’ve been: After college, I spent a year in Mexico and studied Latin America at Stanford after military service (including one year in combat in Vietnam in the First Corp area from Chu Lai to DMZ). I earned a Ph.D. just about the time that interest in Latin America (provoked by Cuba), in the U.S., started to end. I earned an M.B.A. to obtain a job in banking and spent two years in Mexico financing the mining industry before returning to domestic banking, moving from Bank of America to First Interstate. I loved California, but with the purchase of my bank by Wells Fargo, I moved back East to finish my career with AIG as a credit officer. I retired just before the BIG financial collapse at AIG. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: The exposure to so many new ideas and philosophies. I have managed to acquire about 4,000 books, which should keep me busy. Unfortunately, I developed my interest before Kindle, just as I finished my Ph.D., and just before the personal computer became common. One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Explore as much as you can about intellectual life. If you become aware of how broad the world is, that will stay with you. I have traveled to more than 70 countries and still want to understand more. Hopefully I will be able to continue to learn more. Do as much as you can now, because years will pass so quickly. 

My first wife died of cancer at 56 years old, and one of the features of our life together was to do and see as much as possible. That provides some small comfort for losing her at a relatively young age.

William Wilbur

2416 Teviot Street Los Angeles CA 90039 323.664.2615 323.664.1087 Education: two-year day student; attended Hamilton College from 1961–1963; B.A. history ’65, M.A. teaching ’67, Yale University; J.D. University of West Los Angeles ’83 Occupation: Los Angeles superior court hearing officer Family: single Personal interests and hobbies: dogs and dog rescue; and Long Beach Opera, Los Angeles Philharmonic/Disney Concert Hall; gym workouts; reading The New Yorker magazine; politics; and travel What I’ve done and where I’ve been: I taught secondary school for many years. I decided to do a mid-life career change and went back to law school (working and law school for four years: something I would not or could not do again). I passed the California Bar in 1983 and had a solo practiced for a number of years. I was interviewed and was accepted as a superior court hearing officer in Department 95-Mental Health Court. I conduct involuntary commitment and medication hearings. I find it interesting and varied work, but often stressful. I transitioned to independent contractor status in 2007. I will continue working for a while longer. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: Mo Brown and English literature/ composition One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis Chaffee graduate: Believe in yourself and your abilities and try new experiences all the time. Stay connected with things you enjoy, and minimize or eliminate the negatives.


David Wilson

638 White Oaks Road Williamstown MA 01267 413.458.0022 Education: four-year day student; B.A. American Studies, Williams ’65; M.A. English, Middlebury College ’75 Military Service/Branch: Army 1967–1970 Occupation: retired Family: spouse, Alice; child, Samantha Personal interests and hobbies: golf, skiing, reading, college sports, art museums, summer theater/dance/music, auditing classes, and travel What I’ve done and where I’ve been: my post-college career was teaching (English) and coaching (soccer, golf, others) at two boarding schools and a day school. Satisfying and rewarding, (not financially) for the most part, I nevertheless retired in 1999 at age 55 and haven’t regretted it for a second. I spend my time playing golf, skiing, helping with stats and host charts for the Williams men’s soccer team, auditing classes at Williams (more than 25 in the last 11 years); reading murder mysteries and novels; being involved with three art museums; enjoying summer theater/music/dance in the Berkshires; getting together with visiting Williams classmates; and travelling at least once a year to Europe (over 25 trips) and other parts of the world (Tunisia, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, and Guatemala to date). I’m blessed with a wonderful wife (got it right the second time!) and a terrific 28-yearold daughter who is teaching and coaching at St. Mark’s School in Southborough, Massachusetts. I see Ned Babbitt a lot and enjoy our golf and skiing together. My golf includes “rating” golf courses for Golfweek Magazine’s “top 100 courses” lists, and this takes me all over the country and to the British Isles. I’ve been lucky and fortunate to have lived and continue to live an interesting, active, and satisfying life. Favorite memory from my Loomis years: morning break in the SNUG; proms; soccer with Frank House and Tony Worthington, golf with Dave Simpson, and French classes with Joe Stookins; going to “Barts”; Bill Kates “taking a shot” from townies for defending the school’s honor; good friendships One piece of advice I would give to a new Loomis graduate: Do what you are good at and enjoy doing it. In other words “follow your bliss.” Take every opportunity to learn more about the arts (painting, music, and dance) and to travel. Knowing about art, architecture, etc., will make travel interesting and enjoyable. Read a lot. 

Loomis Class of



Additional Classmates’ Contact Information


Curtis S. Adkisson 534 High Meadow Drive Blacksburg VA 24060

Edward F. Boyd 100-116 Laurel Springs Drive Durham NC 27713

Hugh S. Butler 101 Bickford Extension, Apt 338 Avon CT 06001

James D. Finley P.O. Box 217 Rumson NJ 07760-0217

Nathan B. Fowles 24 Avenue Terrace York Y030-6AX United Kingdom

Jeffrey L. Kruh 1850 Green River Road Guilford VT 05301-8756

Edward T. Lyons 47 Alden Road Windsor CT 06095

John A. McQuilkin 77 East Andrews Drive NW, #246 Atlanta GA 30305-5310

Additional Classmates’ Contact Information

Geoffrey D. Muldaur 75 Corte Madera Avenue Mill Valley CA 94941

Frederick C. Mycock P.O. Box 730 Barnstable MA 02630

John C. Olds 1070 Marcheta Lane Pebble Beach CA 93953-0341

Stephen W. Pettit 84 Stonebridge Road Wilton CT 06897

Liston Pope 126 West 73rd St., Apt. 11A New York NY 10023

William S. Pope 455 Glen Iris Drive NE, Unit L Atlanta GA 30308-2961

Robert J. Priore P.O. Box 2200 Vineyard Haven MA 02568-2200

Allin C. Seward 102 Boulevard de Sebastopol Paris 75993 France 

Additional Classmates’ Contact Information

John J. Smith 136 Sport Hill Road Easton CT 06612-2247

Chauncey D. Steele 291 South Main Street Cohasset MA 02025

Theodore B. Steinhausen 6 Old Stage Trail Clover SC 29710

Michael A. Tarre 11500 San Vincente Boulevard #405 Los Angeles CA 90049

Lost/Whereabouts Unknown Edward Beardsworth Peter E. Flick William N. Hanna David K. Kennedy Penti Sadeniemi Arthur W. Schmidt H.A. Vance 167 Woodford Hills Drive Avon CT 06001-3925


W.M. Sloan III Jeremiah Tower

In Memoriam

Robert S. Bell

Hayden G. Braine

Perrin G. Cothran

D.J. Dorsey

David L. Goldring

James U. Hamersley

William W. Kates

Barry R. Loucks

Robert H. Purrington

Donald W. Sharp

Thomas R. Temple

N.S. Waterman


The Loomis Chaffee School Windsor, Connecticut o6095

Class of 1961 Reunion Book  

50th reunion book for Loomis and Chaffee classes of 1961

Class of 1961 Reunion Book  

50th reunion book for Loomis and Chaffee classes of 1961