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Your Loomis Experience

timulating coursework and rigorous scholarship in the liberal arts will be the foundation for your academic program. With guidance from your faculty advisor, you will design a curriculum that prepares you for college while also allowing you to pursue your individual passions, both in and out of the classroom. Competitive athletics, enriching programs in the performing and visual arts, intellectually engaging cocurricular clubs and opportunities, and a rich community life will round out your Loomis experience.

Paul’s senior year • AP Senior Seminar in Literature • Spanish V Advanced • AP Calculus BC • Jurisprudence: American Legal History • Social Psychology • Orchestra • Chamber Music


s Student Council president, Paul learned to listen and to put his confidence in others. “I think that I grew as a leader when I abandoned the ‘only I can do it’ mentality,” he reflects. Paul applied that lesson to his various roles on campus including principal cellist for the school orchestra, resident assistant in Taylor Hall, and three-sport varsity athlete. Paul’s growth as a leader at Loomis won him the admiration of peers and faculty alike, and should serve him well as he pursues his studies at Yale.

Keara’s junior year • English III Advanced Seminar • Arabic III • AP U.S. History • Advanced PreCalculus • Physics I Advanced • Drawing Advanced • Voice Lessons


s an environmental proctor, Keara helps steward Loomis’ campuswide sustainability program. Awarded an environmental fellowship from Loomis, Keara spent this summer in an environmental leadership program at Brown University. The previous summer, Keara studied Arabic in Morocco as an LC Scholar, bookending that trip with two school-sponsored trips to India where she was able to focus on rural education for girls. Keara is on track to graduate with a Certificate in Global Studies.

Isabel’s sophomore year • English II • Sophomore Writing Workshop • French III Advanced • Geometry Advanced • Biology I Advanced • Global Human Rights • Guitar Lessons


member of the varsity ski and track teams, prefect in Harman Hall, and first-time marathon runner, Isabel is also an exceptional French student and placed first in the nation with a perfect score on the third level of the national French exam, Le Grand Concours. Her performance on the exam earned her a two-week, allexpense paid language and culture trip to Perpignan in the South of France fully funded by the French Embassy. Magnifique!

Derek’s freshman year • English I • Chinese II • World History • Algebra II Advanced • Chemistry I Advanced • Theatrical Production and Management • Common Good Freshman Seminar


hen Derek wasn’t studying or donning the Pelican mascot outfit for the senior class video, he was developing his acting skills at the Norris Ely Orchard Theater where he was cast in the fall production of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors and the winter musical Legally Blonde. Derek also found inspiration in the Common Good Freshman Seminar, which he described as a “guide to life” with its focus on giving all you can to your community and family—paying it forward to serve the common good.


Your Classmates, Friends, and Teachers


oomis attracts students who are motivated to learn and eager to engage one another in the process. Among your classmates you will find curious mathematicians, fearless scientists, thought-provoking poets, future philosophers, amazing artists, elite athletes, emerging entrepreneurs, creative problem-solvers, and dedicated humanitarians. While individual talents, interests, and goals will vary, the common experience will be one of discovery, growth, teamwork, and celebration of one another’s accomplishments.

Scott MacClintic ’82

You will find further inspiration from the innovative and caring faculty whose passion for their subjects is infectious and love of teaching unrivaled.

Naomi Appel

“One of the most important factors in a student’s success is his/her teacher. Loomis teachers will engage you, push you to new insights, encourage critical thinking and self-reflection, make you productively uncomfortable while increasing your confidence and honing your skills in handling complex material. At Loomis we take teaching seriously—recruiting the most talented teachers to join our community and nurturing their continued professional development.” — Sheila Culbert, head of school The Henry R. Kravis ’63 Center for Excellence in Teaching supports our teachers by helping them share best practices in the profession and the disciplines they teach. Through the Kravis Center, Loomis ensures that our teachers have the tools they need to help you succeed.

• Science teachers Scott MacClintic ’82 and Naomi Appel adopt a “flipped classroom” approach for their molecular biology class, presenting new content online for homework so that they can dedicate more time in the classroom to creating student-centered learning activities, interacting with students individually and in small groups, and assessing student progress on a daily basis. As a result, students become more engaged in their own education and demonstrate greater mastery of the material.

Jennifer McCandless

• Loomis ceramics students built a wood-burning pit kiln inspired by

Jennifer McCandless’ recent trip to Ghana. While in Africa, Jennifer, head of the Visual Art Department, studied a number of traditional art forms and techniques with the goal of creating a globallyoriented studio art course. This course will be one of several global studies courses across the curriculum that Loomis students can take to fulfill requirements for the school’s Certificate in Global Studies. Next stop for Jennifer—Bali!

• Jane Archibald, a 30-year veteran of the English department, led the development of the year-long, weekly Sophomore Writing Workshop, an unrivaled program for writing instruction. An experienced advanced placement teacher, Jane helped revise the College Board’s AP exam in English Literature. She is one of several master teachers at Loomis that work with the Kravis Center to mentor new faculty, and to discuss the efficacy of employing new technologies and teaching methods in the different disciplines.

Jane Archibald

After meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu, participating in a community service project, and going on a Safari Loomis students, and faculaty learned how to surf during a recent trip to South Africa.

n 1874, having outlived all their children, the school’s Founders—four Loomis brothers and their sister— dedicated their estates to the creation of a school that would focus on educating good citizens and providing them with a global perspective. We continue to live the Founders’ vision today. In everything we do, we aim to foster respect, integrity, and honesty in our students and encourage them to take responsibility for their own behavior, their school, and their world.

Your Home


he Island—our 300acre campus at the confluence of the Connecticut and Farmington rivers—will be your home whether you live on campus or commute to school each day. Generations of Loomis students and faculty have been inspired by the Island’s natural beauty and the superior facilities that dot its landscape. Located in historic Windsor, Connecticut, Loomis is just M A I NAirport E 15 minutes away from Bradley International and a 10 minute walk to the town’s Amtrak station. Easy access to New York City, Boston, Connecticut beaches, and northern New • Hanover E R M Omake N T Loomis England skiVcountry a great place to call home. • Portland NEW HAMPSHIRE

• Boston MASSACHUSETTS Albany • Loomis Chaffee Hartford • NEW YORK CONNECTICUT

• Providence


The Norton Family Center for the Common Good nurtures an active approach to citizenship in our global society. The center seeks to help you embrace service to the common good in intentional, real, creative, and meaningful ways. Under the guidance of the center, all freshmen enroll in the Common Good Seminar that engages them in important conversations about citizenship and democratic values. These conversations expand to the wider school community through center-sponsored speakers and special events. The center also helps develop and facilitate student service efforts that will have real and lasting impact on local, national, and international communities.

The Center for Global Studies encourages greater global awareness through curriculum development across disciplines, coordinates international travel opportunities, promotes student exchange, and builds formal relationships with schools overseas. Through the center, students can pursue a Certificate in Global Studies with the completion of specialized course work in international relations and global studies, in-depth studies of a foreign language, and experience abroad. The center facilitates several international travel opportunities. In the past two years students traveled to India, France, Spain, Dominican Republic, and South Africa.


As you might surmise, there is no question that you will engage your community and the world while at Loomis—it will be a central part of your education. The answers to “how” you will engage the world are almost limitless; the Norton Family Center for the Common Good and the Center for Global Studies are two of the resources that will help you choose the path that is right for you.



Your World

• New York PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia •




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Your School Community

oomis is a vibrant community whose members come from all over the world—with diverse backgrounds, interests, and aspirations. There is no Loomis Chaffee “type.” While each student is bright and motivated, each is a distinct individual whose talents, interests, and beliefs are valued and honored. • 650 students representing 31 countries and 30 states • 24% students of color • 15% international students from countries including Bahrain, Nigeria, Korea, Russia, Mexico, and Vietnam • 34% students receive financial aid • More than 400 boarding students living in 11 dorms • Local students from more than 40 cities and towns in Connecticut and Massachusetts “As a member of the Loomis Chaffee community, I pledge to

honor the school’s mission to promote the best self and the common good by living with integrity and championing a respectful culture..” Loomis students take pride in being members of the LC community. They value the school’s openness, traditions, and informality. They support each other, celebrate each other’s achievements, and make lifelong friends with other students as well as the adult members of the community and their families. They embrace the extraordinary array of opportunities that the school offers, challenging themselves and each other in pursuit of their respective dreams. • 55 interscholastic athletics programs, extensive intramural and instructional programs • Performance opportunities in music—concert choir, chamber singers, orchestra, jazz band, concert band; dance—ballet, modern, jazz, and hip hop; theater— Shakespeare, musical theater, student-written and directed one-act plays • 30+ extra- and cocurricular student clubs and organizations including award-winning Debate, Mathematics, and Robotics teams.


Your Future

s a Loomis alumnus you will have the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to stand up for what you believe in, to engage and lead in your communities and profession, to live a purposeful and fulfilling life, and to make a positive difference in the world every day. The first step on this journey will be college. With our College Guidance Office serving as their advocates, our graduates attend the finest colleges and universities; more importantly, they attend the schools that are best suited to their interests and ambitions.

Connecticut, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, Vassar, Washington University in St. Louis, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Williams, and Yale.

Eighty-five percent of Loomis graduates matriculate at colleges categorized as “Most Competitive” or “Highly Competitive.”

• George P. Shultz ’38, U.S.

In the past three years, Loomis graduates have matriculated at more than 150 colleges and universities including Amherst, Bates, Bowdoin, Brown, Colby, Colgate, Columbia, Connecticut College, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, George Washington, Hamilton, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Kenyon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Middlebury, New York University, Northwestern, Princeton, Smith, Swarthmore, Trinity, Tufts, Union, University of Chicago, University of

• •

Spanning the widest possible range of occupations, Loomis alumni have pursued their dreams, achieving excellence as they do. Inspired by lessons learned as students here, they have become their best selves and in so doing have made significant contributions to the common good. Notable alumni:

Your Next Steps

Visit: Call the Office of Admission to schedule your visit to campus and personal interview, 860.687.6400. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already be sure to complete an online inquiry form and access EXPLORE LOOMIS, your personalized admission portal.


For more information about Loomis visit our website at, and connect with us on facebook, instagram, and twitter.


You have multiple options for an online application to Loomis. Choose the application that works best for your family as well as the one that is recommended by your school. We have no preference of application, and students will not be treated differently based on the submission of a specific application type. Loomis accepts the Gateway to Prep Schools Application, the SAO through (SSAT), and we provide our own online application “Explore Loomis

Secretary of State

• Henry R. Kravis ’63,

• •

founding partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Jason Wu ’01, fashion designer Gretchen Ulion ’90, Olympic gold medalist Arthur O. Sulzberger ’45, chairman and publisher, The New York Times Pauline Chen M.D. ’82, transplant surgeon and author—Final Exam: A Surgeon’s Reflections on Mortality Frank Bruni ’82, author and columnist, The New York Times and the New York Times Magazine

The Loomis Chaffee School Office of Admission Windsor, Connecticut 06095 860.687.6400

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