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s every national broadcast media outlet that is not CBS tries to secure its own interview with Charlie Sheen, I am more certain than at any time in my career that the parties involved care not a whit about the truth. This is a big show, and while the strength of his grip on reality is being debated at all levels of media, from the anchor desk of CNN down to the comments sections of local Web sites, one important factor seems to be escaping nearly everyone — this is a performance by a

performer. Sure, Sheen looks like a ring wraith at this point — the red rims around his eyes have their own red rims, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the lighting director for “Two and a Half Men” is a formidable talent. And when he’s not making statements against the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, that could be construed as borderline anti-Semitic, he exhibits the kind of grandiose, bat-guano loony self-importance that, if allowed to go on for too long, gets Libyan dictators overthrown. By all appearances, he’s a national disaster. But all the world’s a stage — now far more than when William Shakespeare wrote those words in 1599 — and Sheen is taking his golden opportunity to hog the spotlight, offering the scandal-crazed public what is probably an exaggerated version of himself. What is his end goal? Probably a plush settlement if CBS decides that its No. 1 sit-com is more trouble than it is worth. But that is beside the

point. The more immediate concern is that far too many entertainment consumers out there believe that what they are seeing is something real rather than a performance by someone who has been acting professionally for nearly three decades. In January 2010, I attended a press conference for “Edge of Darkness,” starring Mel Gibson in what was intended as a comeback performance after several years of exhibiting what could charitably be called a problematic public persona. He was quite good in the film — it certainly looked like a return to form. But the critics and journalists in attendance were particularly interested in one thing: we wanted to see which Mel Gibson would be appearing in that hotel meeting room in Santa Monica, Calif. What we got was the Gibson everyone used to like — the gregarious, charming and humorous man who asserted himself in the 1980s and 1990s. He said that he had recently quit smoking and it showed in his near-constant fidgeting, but this was not the Gibson of Malibu traffic stops and divisive directorial work. He was putting forth his best possible side in an effort to reestablish himself in the public’s good graces. This was the “Lethal Weapon” guy, minus the death wish. What followed, as everyone even paying slight attention knows, was a public relations bloodbath involving some corrosive phone calls between Gibson and his ex-girlfriend, with whom he was embroiled in a custody battle. At that point, the entire experience of coving Gibson’s press conference, all that conviviality, seemed like a big ruse. I felt like I’d been had. So what Sheen is displaying might be the real Sheen, and if that is true then his co-workers and family deserve our deepest sympathies. But always remember: actors act. What you could be seeing might be the performance of a lifetime.


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15 | Album review


George Lang spends some extra time with the new Radiohead album, ‘The King of Limbs.’

A look at some of the spring movie releases.

36 - 48 The Shots A look at some of the beautiful people around Oklahoma City.

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SXSW is where our buffalo call home The Buffalo Lounge in Austin allows Oklahoma acts a platform like never before


was hunched over a backpack tossing spare change and Chap Stick onto the sidewalk of an Austin, Texas pizzeria. This wasn’t an attempt to make Austin weirder during my spring break trip, but more of a last ditch effort to find the only set of car keys that could get me back to Oklahoma. My experience at the 2009 South by Southwest music festival was comparable to your favorite band replacing its lead singer with Ryan Seacrest. Yeah, it was that bad. The car keys escaped in a taxi along with my dignity and last shred of sanity. This year’s SXSW will undoubtedly be a step up from my street corner meltdown. Starting March 14, Oklahoma musicians, filmmakers and Internet pioneers are getting a more unified voice at the influential festival. If you’re unfamiliar with SXSW, it’s the entertainment equivalent of a beehive. Thousands of bands and filmmakers from around the world flock to Austin in hopes of garnering more buzz. The Oklahoma Film and Music Office is creating an Oklahoma oasis for 2011’s festival. It’s called the Buffalo Lounge. It will be the headquarters for several Okie band performances, clothing stands and artists. This lounge even features an official SXSW showcase with performances from Graham Colton, Colourmusic and several locals. Having an official showcase with only Oklahomans is like having a contestant on “American Idol” who sings our state song for every performance. It says a lot about our level of talent. I’m eager to see what effect an increased Oklahoma focus will have at SXSW. I used to wonder who the one or two local bands performing at the festival would be. Now it will be a matter of choosing how many I can see. I often hear advice from others about SXSW. They stress that I should see bands I can’t normally see at home. I think this year I’ll ignore that advice.




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Shows to see or not to see: MARCH 3: Check out pop perfectionist Chase Kerby. Although his frontman position in The City Lives is no more, he hasn’t slowed down his music-making prowess. Good luck getting Kerby’s melodies out of your head. You’ll be humming along in no time. @ Blue Note Lounge, 2408 N Robinson Ave.

MARCH 5: The last time the electronic rockers Brother Bear played in Norman, the band was asked to play an encore from an enthusiastic fan. That fan was Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips and he had the right idea. Check these guys out. @ Opolis, 113 N Crawford Ave., Norman

MARCH 11: Here’s some sage advice for you. Visit with The Boom Bang as they release their debut album, “World War Fun.” Fans dance onstage with the punk band for a reason. Without a doubt this will be one of the local shows and albums of the year. @ The Conservatory, 8911 N Western Ave.

MARCH 13: This is a rare treat. The Montrealbased shoegaze rockers No Joy are making a pit stop in Oklahoma between a tour through the United Kingdom and SXSW. This is the kind of draw I’m excited to see at ACM@UCO. @ ACM@

UCO Performance Lab, 323 E Sheridan Ave.

MARCH 14: If you only want a taste of what Oklahoma bands will be doing at SXSW then catch Other Lives at Opolis and The Pretty Black Chains at The Conservatory. Both will be doing last minute shows before heading to Austin and neither should be missed.

NATHAN POPPE All about music and the shows you should see, and shouldn’t see around Oklahoma.





our favorite bar has it all: your favorite drink, your favorite bartender, your favorite friends and your favorite food, but it also includes something that could trump everything else — smoking. It’s a bad habit that lingers after you’ve put it out. I’ve frequented smoke-welcome bars since I was legally able to do so, and when the state law banning smoking in restaurants without separately ventilated smoking rooms was enacted in 2006, I was not happy about it. My parents are smokers, and it’s unfortunately a major part of their lives. It didn’t seem right to have the government punish them for an addiction that’s extremely hard to kick, not to mention taking away their civil liberties, but my mind changed after visiting other states with smoking bans. It was a breath of fresh air to go home from the bar without my hair reeking of smoke, as well as not having bloodshot eyes and a headache. New York and North Carolina have enacted the smoking ban and have seen little economic impact on bars and restaurants, according to New York State Department of Health. That leads me to believe smokers don’t mind stepping outside for a cigarette. My friends in New York definitely don’t mind going outside, and many of them prefer it that way, so as to not smell of the bad habit. It’s sad to say, but I never visit my once-favorite bars in OKC, preferring to frequent a smokeless environment. Now I visit VZDs, Ludivine, The Conservatory and the newly non-smoking Electro Lounge to name a few. The 51st Street Speakeasy and McNellie’s have the best of both worlds with completely separate areas for smokers/non smokers. While smoking on patios isn’t ideal, it’s ok for me. I’m not sitting in a cloud of it like you would inside. Currently there is an Oklahoma bill on the table that would allow local governments in the state to have the power to ban smoking in public places. House Bill 2135 would repeal state laws preventing cities and towns from enacting tobacco use restrictions stricter than state law. The House Public Health Committee passed the bill and it will now go to the full house. If HB 2135 is passed, city officials will decide the fate of smoke-welcome bars. I see both sides to the issue. Smoking is still a big part of a social setting. We’ve all heard of “social smokers,” right? The last thing smokers want is some uptight politician telling them whether they can or can’t smoke in public, but this is where personal/public gets a bit foggy — or smoky. Smoking is a personal liberty, but it also affects those around smokers. Why should a nonsmoker have to inhale someone else’s bad habit just to get a good drink? If we respect one another it will become less of a drag and more of a fire put out.



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>>>>> It’s sad to say, but I never visit my once-favorite bars in OKC, preferring to frequent a smokeless environment.

LACEY LETT is the co-host of a local music show on “The Spy.” Her ongoing column, “A Night Owl” is focused on what’s going on in nightlife news for LookatOKC.





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Flogging Molly travels at the ʻSpeed of Darknessʼ STORY BY GEORGE LANG • LOOKATOKC EDITOR





MARCH 2 - 19


very day is “Bloody Sunday” in Detroit. While Irish musicians of every era have fed upon their homeland’s tumultuous history to create lasting songs of tragedy and triumph, Flogging Molly found timely inspiration in the Motor City, the former automotive capital now eaten away by economic iron worms in the nation’s “rust belt.” Since 2006, when bandleader Dave King married fiddler Bridget Regan, the first family of Flogging Molly has made Detroit their home, and the corrosive economic downturn in that city provided the core material for the group’s forthcoming album, “Speed of Darkness.” But while Irish music has often used “the troubles” as material, whether it was the conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Belfast, the potato famine or the historic subjugation of Ireland by its British overlords, Flogging Molly found that “the troubles” are universal as the band set out to write songs for “Speed of Darkness.” Accordion player Matt Hensley said that the title came courtesy of Dino Misetic, who grew up in Bosnia and contributed the cover art for the new album. “He saw a lot of aggro and violence put upon people — people getting thrashed,” said Hensley, who will perform with Flogging Molly on March 15 at the Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern. “He was interviewed in a book and they asked him how it was, living like this. He said something to the effect of, ‘People know what the speed of light is, but they don’t know the speed of darkness.’ It was reflective of how horrible people’s lives were in those conditions.” The band assembled in Detroit, where King and Regan live near Regan’s childhood home, and the imagery began flowing into Flogging Molly’s Irish punk rhythms. “A lot of the sentiment Dave wrote about is where the country’s at right now, how a lot of jobs are being lost and livelihoods are being flushed down the toilet by, to some degree, corporate greed and weirdness in the economy,” Hensley said. “I think that reflects in the music on the record.” Much of what the band absorbed during that period provided tone and mood — Detroit is home to some of the most majestic modern ruins of the Western world, buildings such as Michigan Central Station and Broderick Tower that have spent the past two decades silent and decaying. Other times, an image could have a far more tangible effect, such as a particularly defeatist bit of graffiti saying, “Shut ‘em down,” which



Nobody wants to buy the same record over and over, so I think a band has to continue to strive, to go somewhere. It still sounds like Flogging Molly and it’s rocking, but there’s definitely some departures from what you could call our Flogging Molly normalcy.”

MATT HENSLEY Accordion player for Flogging Molly on the ever-growing sound of the band.



MARCH 2 - 19


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These days, along with Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly is considered prime practitioners of Celtic punk




MARCH 2 - 19



prompted King to write a defiant retort, “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down,” that became a centerpiece of “Speed of Darkness.” “‘Don’t Shut ‘Em Down’ is about not shutting down factories and corporations, and it almost has a Motown sound to it,” Hensley said. “It’s a departure — in a great way. “I think our sound is always hopefully evolving,” he said. “I think we’re always striving to be better musicians and write better songs, and just be a better band in general. Nobody wants to buy the same record over and over, so I think a band has to continue to strive, to go somewhere. It still sounds like Flogging Molly and it’s rocking, but there’s definitely some departures from what you could call our Flogging Molly normalcy.” “Flogging Molly normalcy” is, of course, a deceptive term, since the band began as an act of true defiance and has set its own course and found success based on its own definitions. In what seems like another life, King was the lead singer of the early ‘80s pop-metal band Fastway, which made a big splash on rock radio with “Say What You Will” in 1983. Back then, King was making his way as a post-Zeppelin screamer, but by the early 1990s he was looking to his Irish roots for inspiration. King’s record label was

less enthusiastic, but King persevered, finding Regan and a group of likeminded fellow travelers at the Los Angeles Irish pub, Molly Malone’s. King christened the band Flogging Molly because that is what they did in those early years, playing the pub stage over and over, perfecting their sound. These days, along with Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly is considered a prime practitioner of Celtic punk, a sound originated a quarter-century ago by Shane MacGowan and the Pogues. Hensley said the combination of traditional Irish instruments with punk rhythms and attitude comes naturally, since neither musical form shies away from true life. “If you go to Ireland or anywhere in America, they’re playing this music,” Hensley said. “It’s down to earth — it’s the kind of music you listen to when you go to a funeral or you get married or you lose your job or your lady leaves you or whatever. When you go to a bar, you listen to bar music — music of the street. Punk rock has that same undertone to me. “A lot of folk music from every part of the world has a certain street-smartness,” he said. “It makes you jump around for your joys and for your sorrows.”

album review



y only giving a few days advance notice before its release, Radiohead did not allow for much prognostication about the direction or temperament of its eighth studio album, “The King of Limbs.” That is just as well, since “The King of Limbs” does not lend itself to easy judgments or preconceptions. While 2007’s “In Rainbows” presented some of Radiohead’s most melodic songs in years and a few tracks that veered into Oxford-bred soul, “The King of Limbs” is built on texture and rhythm, as if Thom Yorke and the balance of the band were trying to find a middle point between “Kid A” and Yorke’s laptop-based solo album, “The Eraser.” The opening track, “Bloom,” plays on the submarine themes Yorke has explored on past tracks with cooljazz trumpet sounds floating over the band’s rattling dubstep rhythms. That amorphous approach flowers further on “Feral,” and orchestral washes unexpectedly jump into the mix. These soundscapes are not easy to love, but they serve as gateways to the best songs, “Morning Mr. Magpie,” “Lotus Flower” and “Codex.” Jonny Greenwood’s pulsing guitar joins a complex, darting drum-and-bass figure on “Magpie,” as Yorke delivers “You’ve got some nerve ... coming here” before the tense sentiments give way to a comparatively warm-sounding chorus. Compared to “Magpie,” “Lotus Flower” is a sweet song of seduction, and “Codex” presents Radiohead at its most contemplative — a warm heart beats under all that machinery. It might not be easy to embrace, but “The King of Limbs” has songs worth wrapping your arms around once listeners get past its prickly edges. — George Lang, LookatOKC Editor LOOKATOKC.COM


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album review



hether she is directly addressing a specific war or making oblique references, Polly Jean Harvey describes a world haunted by large-scale bloodshed in her eerie and elegant eighth album, “Let England Shake.” These are songs Harvey wrote from the heart and from the head, carefully researching the particulars of her nation’s wars but filtering the facts through her sharp intellect and deep emotional center. The most important historical touchstone for “Let England Shake” is World War I, or “The Great War,” the scars of which can still be felt nearly a century later on England’s green and pleasant land. Her imagery is most stark on “The Words That Maketh Murder,” in which Harvey recounts eyewitness accounts of WWI battlefields where “soldiers fall like lumps of meat” and “arms and legs were in the trees.” More often than not, such uncompromised storytelling is accompanied by disarmingly beautiful music: Harvey’s gorgeous soprano weaves through “On Battleship Hill,” which looks at the lasting legacy of the Battle of Gallipoli. In her two decades of recording, Harvey’s only constant is her wonderful inconstancy. Harvey has many musical gifts, but she uses her vocal range as a dramatic tool — if the material requires it, she can be a songbird, a banshee or something in between. On “Let England Shake,” Harvey brings her most beautiful, clear tones to some unforgettable melodies she creates with longtime collaborators John Parrish and producer Flood, offering an artistic counterpoint to the grave imagery in her words. Like “The Final Cut,” Roger Waters’ underappreciated final album with Pink Floyd, “Let England Shake” looks back in anger at the wars that cut into England’s heart, then unveils the lasting damage. — George Lang, LookatOKC Editor <<<



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Search for jobs 5 miles away,500 not

It’s so easy!

Find the job you want, right here in Oklahoma.

movie review


Rating: PG-13 (Intense sequences of violence and action, and for brief language) Running time: 1 hour, 44 minutes Starring: Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer, Dianna Agron, Callan McAuliffe



‘I Am Number Four’ pumps up the action


Am Number Four” might not achieve greatness on any level, but it moves fast and pulls the viewer into its teen-alien mythology with all the requisite parts in order: magic, romantic entanglement and the dogged pursuit by seemingly all-powerful villains. It plays like the male counterpoint to “Twilight,” downplaying the brooding, longing and jealous tantrums and pumping up the action, and for the most part, it works. Alex Pettyfer plays Number Four, a teenager from Lorien, a peaceful planet that was invaded by the noxious Mogadorians, who killed most of the population and rendered the planet nearly uninhabitable. Eight Lorien kids were spirited away and sent to Earth, each under the care of a “Cepan” or guardian, and these survivors are imbued with a magic spell: all are assigned numbers, and if the Mogadorians come after them, they can only be killed in numerical order. As “I Am Number Four” begins, poor Number Three has bitten the dust and a group of Mogadorians, towering baddies with bad teeth and gill-like slits around their

noses, are zeroing in on Number Four. Number Four’s Cepan is Henri (Timothy Olyphant), who poses as the boy’s father and keeps them on the run, spiriting him away from their Florida home once his otherworldly characteristics literally come to light in the form of glowing hands and extraordinary strength. Henri tries to stay one step ahead of human discovery, taking Number Four to Paradise, Ohio, where he assigns him the most common male name in the English language: John Smith. Paradise does not live up to its name, but it has its perks. On his first day of school, John immediately draws the ire of star quarterback Mark (Jake Abel), but he also finds allies, including Sam (Callan McAuliffe), an outcast fascinated with the possibility of alien visitors, and Sarah (Dianna Agron of “Glee”), who used to date Mark before she wised up and discovered candid photography as a means of expression. As his powers are starting to become more prominent and less easy to control, the Mogadorians (led by Kevin Durand of “Lost”) soon become wise to his whereabouts and unleash their giant lizard-dogs on John and his friends. Pettyfer’s limited on-screen emotional range keeps “I

Am Number Four” from achieving anything truly celestial — in most cases, brow furrowing is roughly the extent of his facial response. Agron is far better, giving Sarah a sly intelligence, but the true star of “I Am Number Four” arrives in the third act: Number Six (Teresa Palmer), a caustic-witted stunner whose Lorien powers (“legacies”) make Number Four’s abilities look paltry. The Australian Palmer was less impressive in last year’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” but in “I Am Number Four,” she steals the show. Director D.J. Caruso is operating in the same lateadolescent emotional territory he explored in his 2007 “Rear Window” homage, “Disturbia,” eschewing the high-speed, Michael Bay-style stupidity of his last film, “Eagle Eye,” in favor of coherent, engaging storytelling. Authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes designed “I Am Number Four” as the first in a series of six books, and since the second installment has yet to hit bookshelves, there are no real signposts as to where these characters are going. But “I Am Number Four” indicates that aliens can hold their own against vampires when it comes to supernatural teen angst. — George Lang, LookatOKC editor



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movie review

‘HALL PASS’ Rating: R (Crude and sexual humor throughout, language, some graphic nudity and drug use) Running time: 1 hour, 38 minutes Starring: Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate,



You might need a shower after ‘Hall Pass’


he Farrelly brothers are back for another raunchy romp replete with irreverent, outrageous, colossally crude humor in “Hall Pass.” This time they explore the dirty mind of the seven-year-itchy married man with Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis (“Saturday Night Live”) as Rick and Fred, respectively, two guys who can’t keep their eyes from wandering whenever shapely young women cross their sightlines. Trouble is, they’re not very subtle about it in front of their wives, who finally resort to the drastic measure of granting their husbands a “hall pass” — a green light to commit all the adultery they can manage for one whole week, just to get it out of their systems. Of course, the wives (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate) are gambling that the boys will quickly learn that the swinging singles world they’re imagining out there has nothing to do with reality, and that they will fail miserably and sheepishly return to the fold, disappointed, contrite and with a renewed appreciation for what they have at home. The wives have called it right, because the tragically <<<



MARCH 2 - 19



unhip Rick and Fred take the first misguided step of choosing such places as the bars at Applebee’s and Chili’s for “cruising chicks.” It gradually begins to dawn on these born-again bachelors that pickup lines from questionable “how to” sources (“How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice! Hi, my name’s Fred, can I buy you a drink?” and “Do you think these bar napkins smell like chloroform?”) and prop helmets (“Because chicks dig motorcycles”) just aren’t fazing their female targets. The game has changed in their 20-year absence, along with the amount of partying their systems can withstand before they crash-land for the night, and before they know it their allotted week of freedom is running out, with nothing but a series of hangovers, a stoned golf course fiasco and a bruising encounter with a giant jealous boyfriend to show for it. A conscience-troubled Rick is ready to pack it in anyway, but gung-ho Fred refuses to admit defeat, and their fortunes begin to turn when their old pal Coakley, a legendary, eternal bachelor and “love doctor” (a hilariously straight-faced Richard Jenkins) steps in to teach them his tricks, coaching Rick to take an ongoing

flirtation with a gorgeous waitress (Nicky Whelan) to the next level. Fred in turn, takes advantage of a case of mistaken identity to bed somebody’s sexy middle-age aunt (it gets complicated). But what never occurs to Rick and Fred is that the “hall pass” makes their wives likewise single, and Fred’s wife, Grace (Applegate), persuades Rick’s wife, Maggie (Fischer), that they’re licensed to cut loose as well. Irreparable damage to both marriages seems imminent as everyone treads on dangerous home-wrecking ground, and along the way there are plenty of opportunities for the co-writing, co-directing team of Peter and Bobby Farrelly to inject the kind of scatological, grossout gags that made hits such as “There’s Something About Mary” and “Dumb & Dumber” the kind of films that would surely make Beavis and Butt-head’s Top 10. “Hall Pass” does have some laugh-out-loud moments and even some valid observations on what it takes to make love and marriage last, but the good is all but crushed by groan-inducing sophomoric overload. You may want to shower afterward. — Gene Triplett, Entertainment Editor

movie review


Rating: PG-13 (Some intense sequences of violence and action, and brief sexual content) Running time: 1 hour, 53 minutes Starring: Liam Neeson, January Jones, Diane Kruger, Aidan Quinn, Bruno Ganz, Frank Langella, Sebastian Koch



‘Unknown’ doesn’t reach potential


or the first hour, “Unknown” veritably crackles with suspense and intensity as Liam Neeson blasts the audience with his compelling screen presence and his newfound action-star physicality. But like too many contemporary thrillers, “Unknown” fizzles in the second half. Enormous plot holes, glaring character inconsistencies and excessive action sequences throw cold water on the promising setup and douse the intriguing twist. Based on French author Didier Van Cauwelaert’s novel “Out of My Head,” the film follows Dr. Martin Harris (Neeson), an American botanist who travels with his wife, Liz (January Jones), to a biotechnology summit in Berlin, Germany. Soon after arriving at their swanky hotel, Martin realizes he has forgotten his briefcase at the airport and catches a taxi to retrieve it. En route, he

is involved in a serious car wreck that puts him a coma for four days. When he awakens in a Berlin hospital, his memories are fractured and blurry, and he has no identification. He tries to reunite with his wife at the hotel, but Liz doesn’t seem to recognize him — and she backs another man (Aidan Quinn) who claims to be the real Martin Harris and has all the paperwork to prove it. His host for the conference (Sebastian Koch) has never met him in person, and the professor who connected them, Martin’s mentor Rodney Cole (Frank Langella), is out of contact. Questioning his sanity and frantic for answers, Martin tracks down the cabbie (Diane Kruger) who saved his life and slipped away from the scene of the accident. He even recruits an old East German secret police officer (Bruno Ganz) to help him unravel the mystery. But to

solve the puzzle, Martin and his allies must stay alive as they are pursued by shadowy assassins. Director Jaume Collet-Serra (“Orphan”) keeps the plot racing and the tension spiking through car chases, fistfights and foot pursuits around chilly Berlin. Although he indulges in a few too many high-octane set pieces, location filming and old-school stuntwork lend thrilling authenticity to the action. Collet-Serra and screenwriters Oliver Butcher and Stephen Cornwell almost keep “Unknown” moving fast enough to skim past all the handy coincidences and laughable improbabilities, but the story eventually dead-ends. Despite the engrossing setup and solid performances, the potential of “Unknown” is ultimately untapped. — Brandy McDonnell, Entertainment Writer



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2011 spring movie preview


(“The Bourne Ultimatum”) adapts the Philip K. Dick short story “Adjustment Team.” >>> The fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” gets a modern-day New York revamp with “Beastly,” starring Alex Pettyfer, Mary-Kate Olsen and “High School Musical” alum Vanessa Hudgens.

>>> Johnny Depp (above) lends his voice to a pet chameleon with heroic aspirations who finds himself defending a Western town from desperadoes in the animated adventure “Rango.” The computer-animated comedy reunites Depp with director Gore Verbinski, who helmed the first three “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies but not the fourth installment, “On Stranger Tides,” which sails into theaters May 20.

>>> On the verge of winning a U.S. Senate seat, a go-getting politician (Matt Damon) falls for a beguiling ballet dancer (Emily Blunt) only to have mysterious forces scheme to keep them apart in the thriller “The Adjustment Bureau.” In his directorial debut, screenwriter George Nolfi




MARCH 2 - 19


show him how to push the boundaries of conventional convention behavior.

MARCH 11 >>> Aaron Eckhart (“The Dark Knight”) leads a Marine platoon fighting off extraterrestrial invaders in “Battle: Los Angeles.” >>> Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska comes off her breakout 2010 turns in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” and Sundance darling “The Kids Are All Right” by playing the title role in “Jane Eyre,” Charlotte Bronte’s often-adapted Victorian novel. The latest film version is directed by Cary Fukunaga (the acclaimed Spanishlanguage movie “Sin Nombre”) and co-stars Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Judi Dench and Sally Hawkins.

mother (Joan Cusack) when she is abducted by aliens. Based on the book by “Bloom County” cartoonist Berkeley Breathed, it is produced by performance-capture animation guru Robert Zemeckis (“The Polar Express”).

MARCH 18 >>> Coming on like an aggressive and far less touching variation on “Flowers for Algernon,” “Limitless” stars Bradley Cooper as a slacker copywriter who surreptitiously acquires a drug that expands his intellect, business acumen, charisma and energy — until things inevitably go south. Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish co-star in this adaptation of Alan Glynn’s sciencefiction novel, “The Dark Fields.”

>>> Set in the Day-Glo days when Eddie Money’s hit was played ad nauseam, the retro comedy “Take Me Home Tonight” follows a directionless MIT grad’s (Topher Grace) efforts to win the heart of his high school crush (Teresa Palmer) at a huge end-ofsummer bash.

>>> In “Cedar Rapids,” naive insurance agent Tim Lippe (“The Hangover’s” Ed Helms) is sent to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to represent his company at the annual insurance convention. He is soon distracted by three convention veterans (John C. Reilly, Anne Heche and Isiah Whitlock Jr.) who


>>> “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke swaps vampires for werewolves with her rendition of “Red Riding Hood.” Set in a medieval village terrorized by a lycanthrope, a crimson-clad ingenue (Amanda Seyfried) upsets her family by falling in love with an orphaned woodcutter (Lukas Haas).

>>> Simon Pegg and Nick Frost of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” reunite for “Adventureland” director Greg Mottola’s “Paul,” in which two British comic-book nerds take a road trip through America and discover an alien at Area 51 that sounds suspiciously like Seth Rogen.

>>> In the 3-D computer-animated comedic adventure “Mars Needs Moms,” 9-year-old Milo (voice of Seth Green) mounts a mission to save his

>>> Putting interchangeable romantic comedies on hold for the moment, Matthew McConaughey stars in “The Lincoln Lawyer” as Mickey Haller, an

2011 spring movie preview attorney who practices law from a Lincoln Town Car driven by a former client. Haller soon discovers that his latest client, Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe), has not been completely transparent about his case in this adaptation of the Michael Connelly novel.


comes “Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules,” in which wimpy kid Greg (Zachary Gordon) must deal with his parents’ attempts to get him to bond with older brother and chief bully Rodrick (Devon Bostick). Much of the original cast from the first adaptation of Jeff Kinney’s book series returns, including Steve Zahn and Rachael Harris.

concertgoers when she guest-starred last year on the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” Checotah’s favorite daughter makes her film debut — in a bikini, no less — playing a church youth leader in the inspirational biopic “Soul Surfer,” based on the true story of teenage surfing champion Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb), who returned to take on the waves after losing her arm in a shark attack.

>>> “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” director Julian Schnabel returns with “Miral,” the true story of Hind al-Husseini (Hiam Abbass) and her foundation of a Jerusalem orphanage and the teenager (Freida Pinto of “Slumdog Millionaire”) who must choose between Hind’s teachings and her own political ideals.


>>> After his wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a suave drug dealer (Kevin Bacon), Frank (Rainn Wilson) transforms himself into a vigilante crime fighter in director James Gunn’s “Super.”

>>> “Watchmen” director Zack Snyder oversees Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Browning, Jena Malone, Jamie Chung and Abbie Cornish in “Sucker Punch,” a dark fantasy about a young woman attempting to escape an asylum with her fellow patients before doctors can perform a lobotomy. >>> Following hot on the success of last year’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”

>>> In his first film since 2009’s “Moon,” director Duncan Jones stays in the near future for “Source Code,” in which a decorated soldier (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes up in the body of a man investigating the bombing of a Chicago commuter train. Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan co-star. >>> A young couple (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) discover that their comatose son has become possessed in “Insidious,” the latest horror film from original “Saw” director James Wan.

>>> The Easter Bunny’s teenage son, E.B. (Russell Brand), has dreams of being a drummer — of course — but gets hit by a car on his way to Hollywood, and the vehicular assailant (Oklahoma City’s James Marsden) must save Easter in “Hop.” Chelsea Handler and Kaley Cuoco co-star in this partially animated production from “Alvin and the Chipmunks” director Tim Hill.

APRIL 8 >>> Carrie Underwood charmed TV audiences as thoroughly as she does

>>> “Pineapple Express” director David Gordon Green reteams with James Franco and Danny McBride, then adds Oscar winner Natalie Portman (“Black Swan”) and actress/singer Zooey Deschanel for the medieval goof “Your Highness.”



MARCH 2 - 19


PAGE 21 >>>

2011 spring movie preview APRIL 15

the animated comedy “Rio,” directed by Carlos Saldanha (“Ice Age”).

APRIL 22 >>> Tyler Perry adapts his stage play for “Madea’s Big Happy Family,” in which the rambunctious senior citizen sticks her nose and everything else into her family’s business when her niece Shirley (Loretta Devine) gets some distressing health news and her children prove ill-equipped to navigate their own lives.

>>> Saoirse Ronan stars as “Hanna,” a 16-year-old girl trained by her ex-CIA father (Eric Bana) as an expert assassin. As she zeros in on her most recent assignment, she is tracked across Europe by an intelligence agent (Cate Blanchett) and begins to discover truths about her existence. The film reunites Ronan with her “Atonement” director, Joe Wright. >>> Russell Brand takes on the role Dudley Moore made famous in “Arthur,” the story of a soused playboy who could lose his millions if he chooses to stay with the workingclass woman of his dreams (Greta Gerwig of “Greenberg”). Helen Mirren takes the John Gielgud part. >>> Morgan Freeman narrates “Born to Be Wild,” a nature documentary shot with the latest generation of 3-D IMAX cameras.

>>> Freelance covert operative Mallory Kane (mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano) is pursued on an international manhunt in Steven Soderbergh’s “Haywire.” Co-stars in this caper include Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor and Antonio Banderas.

>>> Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson unpack the “Ghostface” mask and return to their successful 1990s horror-satire franchise with “Scream 4,” in which original cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are joined by a new generation of Westboro targets played by Hayden Panetierre, Emma Roberts and Rory Culkin.

>>> “Twilight” heartthrob Robert Pattinson and Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz join the circus and get tangled in a love triangle in the period drama “Water for Elephants,” based on Sara Gruen’s best-selling novel.

>>> Adam Sandler, Allen Covert and Nick Swardson wrote “Born to Be a Star,” the story of Midwestern nerd Bucky Larson (Swardson), who discovers that his parents were famous 1970s porn stars and then decides to follow in their unsavory footsteps. >>> “African Cats,” the latest documentary from Disneynature, follows two cat families and chronicles how they teach their cubs the ways of the wild.


>>> Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson get ready for nitroburning excitement in “Fast Five,” the fifth installment of the “Fast and the Furious” series. This time, rubber will be burned in the streets of Rio de Janeiro in glorious IMAX. >>> Aimee Teegarden of “Friday Night Lights” heads up the cast of “Prom,” in which teenagers prepare for a night of misunderstandings, zany antics and romance.

>>> Jodie Foster directs and stars with Mel Gibson in “The Beaver,” in which an unstable, depressed businessman finds that the only way he can communicate with his family is through a beaver puppet.




MARCH 2 - 19


>>> A domesticated macaw named Blu (voice of Jesse Eisenberg) follows his dream girl, Jewel (voice of Anne Hathaway), to the beaches of Brazil in


>>> The ending of the moon missions gets a creature-feature conspiracy treatment in “Apollo 18,” produced by “Wanted” director Timur Bekmambetov.

>>> In “Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil,” Red (Hayden Panettiere, taking over for Anne Hathaway) investigates the disappearance of Hansel (Tulsa’s Bill Hader) and Gretel (Amy Poehler) and encounters Grimm characters. – George Lang and Brandy McDonnell

the food dude


STILL THE KINGS One of the first in OKC, Tokyo Japanese Restaurant is still considered one of the best


All about food, cuisine and the places you need to eat around Oklahoma. For more food talk, check out the Food Dude’s blog at > ALSO, FOLLOW THE DUDE on twitter @TheFoodDood








Tokyo is still on top for one main reason, consistency. Little has changed over the years, due in part to the mastery of sushi chef Akihiro Ishimaru

W S T O R Y B Y D AV E C A T H E Y | F O O D E D I T O R

hen Tokyo Japanese Restaurant opened in the late 1980s, it was about the only game in town for sushi. Fast forward nearly three decades, and good sushi bars are present in all sectors of the metro from Edmond to Norman, even Stillwater. Places such as Sushi Neko, Okura, Saii, Kang’s and Grand House offer not only sushi but style. But there’s one thing that none of them offers: sushi quite as good as Tokyo, 7516 N Western. Kevin Lee, chef and partner of downtown’s Burger Rush, is an accomplished sushi chef who has trained in the traditional Japanese techniques of fish-cutting. When we had dinner at Tokyo a few months ago, he explained it was the only restaurant in town where fish was cut in the traditional way he was taught. He also said it was his go-to sushi destination. As good as the aforementioned restaurants are, as well as several others around town, you’ll rarely get




MARCH 2 - 19


PAGE 25 23 >>>

an argument about Tokyo’s place atop the heap in sushi land. The reason is consistency. Little has changed over the years, due in part to the mastery of sushi chef Akihiro Ishimaru, who came here more than a decade ago from Atlanta. His exacting methods, artful eye and keen palate have kept Tokyo at the head of the class. For colleague Nick Tankersley’s birthday, we walked the 100 Sushi plank, and what a walk it was. If that’s the kind of plank pirates had to prance, no cutlass motivation TOK YO JAPAN E SE was ever necessary. It included miso soup, WHERE: 7516 N Western Ave. tuna, salmon, tilapia, octopus, shrimp, HOURS: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tues. - Saturday; crabstick, yellowtail, eel, smelt roe, Cali5:30p.m. to 9:15 p.m. Tues. - Thursday; 5:30 fornia roll, tuna roll, cucumber roll, oshinko p.m. - 9:45 p.m. Friday - Saturday; Sunday roll, chumaki roll, salmon skin roll, and 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. inari. The ponderous plank of sea creatures led FOR INFORMATION: 405-848-6733 to feats of gastronomic swashbuckling that Watch the Food Dude’s video at: shan’t soon be repeated, nor should they. What I’m trying to say is, we actually added a Double Crunchy Roll for, umm, dessert. Like a frenzied school of piranha, we left the plank blank. The names of the guilty are Matt Price, George Lang, Steve Gooch, Greg Elwell and the aforementioned birthday boy. Sushi newbie Grayson Cook joined the party, but his fear of the fish held him back, to our great delight. General manager Koji Omori and his wife, Asuka, will tell you Tokyo isn’t fancy and doesn’t aspire to be. “We’re more of a family-style Japanese restaurant,” Asuka said. However, if you’re looking for an elegant, traditional dining experience, Tokyo has its Japanese Room where shoes are not allowed, and diners sit on the floor. It also has a small sushi bar, lunch and dinner menus and a fish selection that’s second to none. If you’re new to sushi, the staff is happy to guide you toward foods for the faint of palate. The menu also includes non-sushi items such as noodle bowls, teriyaki, tempura, sukiyaki and yakiniku. <<<



MARCH 2 - 19



For colleague Nick Tankersley’s birthday, we walked the 100 Sushi plank, and what a walk it was. If that’s the kind of plank pirates had to prance, no cutlass motivation was ever necessary. It included miso soup, tuna, salmon, tilapia, octopus, shrimp, crabstick, yellowtail, eel, smelt roe, California roll, tuna roll, cucumber roll, oshinko roll, chumaki roll, salmon skin roll, and inari. Photos by Steve Gooch, The Oklahoman







YOUR INNER PINUP MODEL By Heather Warlick-Moore | Mood Publication Editor


ave you ever dreamed of being a pinup girl like Bettie Page, Betty Grable, Ava Gardner or Hedy Lamarr? It’s all in the hair, makeup, wardrobe (or lack thereof) and photography. “It’s not true that I had nothing on,” the ultimate pinup girl, Marilyn Monroe, has been quoted as saying. “I had the radio on.” “I never was the girl next door,” said Page, one of the raciest pinup girls of all time. Whether you want a gift for that special someone or just want to feel beautiful and sexy for your own self-esteem, Sweet Tart Pinups can help. “The No. 1 reason that I really enjoy doing what I do is that

Sweet Tart Pinups.

Laura and Chris Geer with son Danyon


POWERED BY Photos by Krystal McKinley, Sweet Tart Pinups. Anne Smith Saunders

I want to make women feel empowered. I want to make women realize just how beautiful they are,” said Krystal McKinley, 26, owner of Sweet Tart Pinups at 207 E Main suite #2, in Norman. McKinley has developed a successful business transforming ordinary women into extraordinary pinup girls since she started the venture 18 months ago. “I’ve had clients come back weeping because they’re so ecstatic about how their photos turned out,” she said. “They just realized what they really are, and it shows in the images, I believe.” For McKinley, an obsession with beauty started when she was very young. She would watch in wonder as her grandmother, Rosemary, meticulously applied makeup every day. “She’d draw on her eyebrows every day ... she had fake eyelashes, coral lipstick, blue eye shadow, and the earrings that matched the shoes that matched

everything,” she said. Growing up on a 500-acre cattle ranch south of Asher. McKinley also developed a love of photography when her father let her use his camera. “He had all kinds of different lenses. ... I just kind of ran around the farm and took pictures of everything, everyone, anything that moved,” she said. McKinley also loves to create vintage family photos. Through her ingenious use of wardrobe, lighting, props and effects, she creates modern interpretations of nostalgic family scenes. Though she received a degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma, McKinley knew that her real passions were beauty and photography. Now, through Sweet Tart Pinups and Joley Photography, she does pinup photography, vintage family photography, wedding photography and even wedding boudoir photography, a style she said is becoming more and more popular.

In addition to transforming her clients into beautiful models for photo shoots, she and Toni Marlo, a friend she met while working at the MAC counter at Dillard’s in Norman, have started offering groups of women lessons in making themselves beautiful through a side business, Studio FAB. (FAB stands

for flawless, artistic, beautiful.) For more information about Sweet Tart Pinups, go to For information about Studio FAB, go to

Krystal McKinley is a makeup artist and photographer who specializes in vintage pinup and family photography through her Norman business, Sweet Tart Pinups.

Wendi Jordan



PEPE DELGADOS 752 ASP Ave. Norman (405) 321-6232

JERSEY MIKES SUBS 2522 W Memorial Road Oklahoma City (405) 753-9998

BIG TRUCK TACOS 530 NW 23rd St. Oklahoma City (405) 525-8226

CAFE 7 14101 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City (405) 748-3354

JUNIOR’S 2601 Northwest Expressway (405) 848-5597

SATURN GRILL 4401 W Memorial Rd. Oklahoma City (405) 463-5594

BUDDHA TAO ASIAN BISTRO 2737 W Memorial Road (405) 751-9700


PICASSO CAFE 3009 Paseo Oklahoma City (405) 602-2002

S&B BURGER JOINT 5929 N May Ave Ste 106 Oklahoma City (405) 843-8777

200 S Oklahoma Oklahoma City (405) 702-8880

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Rocky Votolato and Matt Pond,

Peter Mulvey, 8 p.m., The Blue Door,

Blaze Foley Documentary Film Showing and Concert and Gurf Morlix, 7 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N

Midori plays Mendelssohn, 8 p.m., Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2584.

2:30 p.m., St. Eugene Catholic Church, 2400 W Hefner, 843-5895.

Virginia Campbell Concert Series,

German Romanticism, 7:30 p.m.,

CJ Stanton and David Oberling,

8 p.m., Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

No Justice, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Winter Wind Concert Series, 7

Oil Boom and The Orbans, 9 p.m.,

p.m., The Performing Arts Studio, 200 S Jones, 307-9320. (Norman)

Young The Giant, 8 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom, 423 N Main, (918) 58402306. (Tulsa)

The Head and The Heart, 8 p.m.,


8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

8 p.m., Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Streetlight Manifesto, Terrible

Things, A Loss For Words and Larry and His Flask, 6:30 p.m., Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern, 677-9169.

Piranha Brothers, 7 p.m., FireLake

Grand Casino, 777 Grand Casino Blvd., 964-7263. (Shawnee)

Live Music The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Grant Jones and the Pistol Grips,

DJ Bronzai, 9 p.m., VZD’s Restaurant

& Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

LIVE MUSIC The Biting Sow, 1 E California,

Bob Wills Birthday Celebration,

Jucifer, The Midnight Ghost Train and

Brother Bear and Binary Sunrise, 8

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

W Memorial, The Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Friends Restaurant & Club, 3705 W Memorial, The Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Rick Jawn-

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Charles

Cee Gee’s Club, 309 S Coltrane, karaoke, 6 p.m., 348-7555. (Edmond)

SPORTS OKC Thunder vs. Indiana Pacers, 7 p.m., Oklahoma City Arena, 100 W Reno, 602-8700.

HAPPENINGS “2010 Creativity World Biennale,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3,

sun, 6:30 p.m. 605-4543.

Scott Duo, 9:30 p.m., 605-4543.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Ellen

Sheffield, 5 p.m., 272-3040.

Blue Note, 2408 N Robinson, ACM, 10 p.m., 600-1166. Grand House China Bistro, 2701 N Classen, Jamie Bramble, 6 p.m., 524-7333. Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701

W Memorial, Who is BC?, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

8 p.m., Jewel Box Theatre, 3700 N Walker, 521-1786.

Nigh Gallery, 100 University Drive, 974-2432. (Edmond)


W Memorial, The Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Concert Hall, 500 W Boyd, 325-4101.



Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Memorial, karaoke, 8 p.m., 751-1547.


Randy Travis, 8 p.m., Buffalo Run

Romero and They Stay Dead, 9 p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis

“Starmaker: Jim Halsey and the Legends of Country Music,” Okla-

Casino, 1350 N U.S. 69, (918) 5427140. (Miami)

Ronnie Milsap and Mark Chesnutt, 8 p.m., Choctaw Casino, 4418



Drive, Mitch Bell and Alan Byrd, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

U.S. 69/75, (800) 788-2464. (Durant)

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C. Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Doc

Blues Revue Band, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Picasso Cafe, 3009 Paseo, Spacedog, 6 p.m.,.602-2002.

Borders Books & Music, 300 Nor-

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle

Big Dick’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill, 501 N Mustang, Big Slick and the Voodoo Daddies, 9 p.m., 577-8270. (Yukon)

The Squander Bar, 40501 Benson Park, Kyle Bennett with Patrick Winsett, 8 p.m. (Tecumseh)

Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

St. Eugene Catholic Church, 2400

W Hefner, Virginia Campbell Concert Series, 2:30 p.m., 843-5895.

The Performing Arts Studio, 200 S Jones, Winter Wind Concert Series, 7 p.m., 307-9320. (Norman)

Friends Restaurant & Club, 3705

W Memorial, The Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Open Mic with Jesse Cahn, 8 p.m. The Deli, 309 White, Mike Hosty Solo, 9 p.m., 329-3534. (Norman)

man Center Court, Celtic Music Night, 8 p.m., 573-4907. (Norman)

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Waterford Marriott, 6300 Wa-

Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Rachel Stacy,

NIGHT LIFE JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Heather Payne and Friends, 6 p.m.

Memorial, Crossland, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

The Brewhouse, 110 W Main, Never

“Mystery Radio Plays: 1940-50s,”

Friends Restaurant & Club, 3705

Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service


Edsel Acoustic Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

The University of Oklahoma School of Music presents Iranian classical music by The Oshagh Ensemble as part of the Masala World Music Series, 3 p.m., Sharp

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C.

Cowboys OKC, 2301 S Meridian,

Day, 5 p.m., 272-3040.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Eddie

p.m., Opolis, 113 N Crawford, 447-3417. (Norman)

9 p.m., 424-1000.

Ladies Night with “Perfect 10 Men” Male Revue, 8 p.m.

Opolis, 113 N Crawford, 447-3417. (Norman)

Captain Eyeball, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

terford Blvd., Burton Band, 9 p.m., 848-4782.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Earl

University of Central Oklahoma’s College of Fine Arts presents artwork by students Lynette Atchley and Christie Hackler, UCO’s Donna

8 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom, 423 N Main, (918) 584-2306. (Tulsa)



“The Print,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.

8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Texas Hippie Coalition, 8 p.m., Arbuckle Ballroom, 12201 State Highway 7 W, (580) 369-3870. (Davis)

tional Jam with Bob Moore, 6 p.m., 200-6737.

Friends Restaurant & Club, 3705


Air Supply, 8 p.m., WinStar World

Iration, 7 p.m., The Conservatory,

Picasso Cafe, 3009 Paseo, Invita-

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Jack

Tono, 6 p.m., 272-3040.

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Sara Hickman, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Students of The Academy of Contemporary Music, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Jose

Johnny Cooper, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Sugarland, 7:30 p.m., BOK Center, 200 S Denver, (918) 894-4200. (Tulsa)

Casino Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35, (580) 276-3100. (Thackerville)

Deane, 6:30 p.m. 605-4543.

W Memorial, Who is BC?, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Ike Lamb and the Creepers, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Ronnie

Rowdy, 9:30 p.m., 605-4543.

McKinley, 524-0738.

Casady School, 9500 N Pennsylvania, 749-3100.

Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Ned Coo-

per, 10 p.m., 605-4543.

Friends Restaurant & Club, 3705

W Memorial, The Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

Stephen Speaks, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

My Hero and Rally For One, 10 p.m., 321-2739. (Norman)

Riverwind Casino, 1544 W State

Highway 9, Tennis Shoe and Tuxedo Ball, 8 p.m., 322-6000. (Norman)

Ell’s, 7600 S Perkins, Tornado Allie, 8

p.m. (Stillwater)

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave.,

Grant Stevens, 10 p.m., 272-3040.

Ell’s, 7600 S Perkins, Chad Sullins, 8 p.m. (Stillwater)

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Open Mic with Jesse Cahn, 10 p.m.

THEATER Biloxi Blues, 2 p.m., Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2584. “Mystery Radio Plays: 1940s-50s,”

2:30 p.m., Jewel Box Theatre, 3700 N Walker, 521-1786.

homa History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-5248.

“The Print,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995. University of Central Oklahoma’s College of Fine Arts presents artwork by students Lynette Atchley and Christie Hackler, UCO’s Donna Nigh Gallery, 100 University Drive, 974-2432. (Edmond)

University of Central Oklahoma’s College of Fine Arts and Design presents “Work by Illustration Students,” UCO’s Donna Nigh Gal-

lery, 100 University Drive, 974-2432. (Edmond)

OKC Zoo presents Dr Pepper Vending Machine Art Contest, Oklahoma City Zoo, 2101 NE 50, 424-3344.

Abstracts by Joy Richardson and the Classical Still Lifes of Cynde Roof, Dodson Galleries, 7420 N Western, 840-7787.

“One of Nature’s Most Spectacular Migrations: Will it Continue?,”

Norick Art Center at Oklahoma City University, 2501 N Blackwelder, 521-5230.

Joe Machado’s exhibit, “Leaves,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924 Paseo, 557-1229.




















German Romanticism, 7:30 p.m., St.

The Victor Wooten Band and The Stanley Clarke Band, 8 p.m., Coca-

As I Lay Dying, Winds Of Plague

Randy Travis, 8 p.m., Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Interstate 44 & 193 E, (800) 760-6700. (Tulsa)

Rascal Flatts, 7:30 p.m., Oklahoma

Trampled By Turtles and These United States, 8 p.m., The Conserva-

Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, 127 NW 7, 235-3436.

Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase, 7

p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

LIVE MUSIC The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Leapin

Lannie Electric Blues Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Friends Restaurant & Club, 3705

W Memorial, The Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Hosty, 6:30 p.m.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Joel Forlenza, 5 p.m., 272-3040. FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand Casino Blvd., Step Rideau and The Zydeco Outlaws, 7 p.m., 964-7263. (Shawnee) Willie’s Saloon, 323 S Washington,

Exit 174, 8 p.m., (405) 377-7716. (Stillwater)

Cola Bricktown Events Center, 425 E California, 235-1205.

and After The Burial, 7 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom, 423 N Main, (918) 584-2306. (Tulsa)

Young the Giant and Kitty, 8 p.m.,

Moving Mountains, The Rocketboys

Opolis, 113 N Crawford, 447-3417. (Norman)

Ian Moore, 8 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom,

423 N Main, (918) 584-2306. (Tulsa)

The Civil Wars and David Ramirez,

Silje Nes and Penny Hill, 8 p.m.,

Brazos Stone, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

The Young Giant, 9 p.m., Opolis, 113

N Crawford, 447-3417. (Norman)

Memorial, DJ Big G, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Cason, 9:30 p.m., 605-4543.


Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Jose


“The Print,” The Untitled Artspace, 1

NE 3, 815-9995.

University of Central Oklahoma’s College of Fine Arts presents artwork by students Lynette Atchley and Christie Hackler, UCO’s Donna

Nigh Gallery, 100 University Drive, 9742432. (Edmond)

OKC Zoo presents Dr Pepper Vending Machine Art Contest, Oklahoma City Zoo, 2101 NE 50, 424-3344.

W Memorial, Mike Hosty, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Charles Scott

Cee Gee’s Club, 309 S Coltrane, karaoke, 6 p.m., 348-7555. (Edmond)

HAPPENINGS “Starmaker: Jim Halsey and the Legends of Country Music,” Okla-

homa History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-5248.

“180-4-89er Day Perspective,” The Moore-Lindsay House, 508 N Peters, 321-0156. (Norman)

Dr Pants, 9 p.m., VZD’s Restaurant &

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

The Boom Bang Record Release Show with The Copperheads and Sh*tty Awesome, 8 p.m., The Con-

servatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W


Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Replay, 7

p.m., 424-1000.

Othello’s Italian Restaurant, 434

Buchanan, Kevin Masch, 7 p.m., 3602353. (Norman)

The Brewhouse, 110 W Main, Two-

fold, 9 p.m., 321-2739. (Norman)

Ell’s, 7600 S Perkins, Cody Riley Band,

8 p.m. (Stillwater)


Trio, 9 p.m., 424-1000.


Crawford, 447-3417. (Norman)

Justin Echols, 5 p.m., 272-3040.

Tono, 6 p.m., 272-3040.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701

The Wurly Birds, 8 p.m., Opolis, 113 N

Pat Green, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Memorial, CJ Greco, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Friends Restaurant & Club, 3705

Bob Livingston, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave.,

Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

7777 N U.S. 81, 262-7612. (El Reno)

Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

LIVE MUSIC The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis

Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson, 8 p.m., Lucky Star Casino,


Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Mitch

“2010 Creativity World Biennale,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3,

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Students of The Academy of Contemporary Music, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

Jason Savory, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W


Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils, 9

p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.


Warehouse, 101 E Sheridan, 2350402.

Caleb Hawley, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

W Memorial, The Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Whodunit Dining Room presents “Showdown at Madam Yahoo’s Saloon,” 6:30 p.m., The Spaghetti

and more, 6:30 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Heart, 8 p.m., Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Interstate 44 & 193 E, (800) 760-6700. (Tulsa)

Picasso Cafe, 3009 Paseo, Invita-

tional Jam with Bob Moore, 6 p.m., 200-6737.

Cowboys OKC, 2301 S Meridian,

Ladies Night with “Perfect 10 Men” Male Revue, 8 p.m.

Othello’s Italian Restaurant, 434 Buchanan, John Calvin Hosts Open Mic, 9 p.m., 360-2353. (Norman)

THEATER “Mystery Radio Plays: 1940-50s,” 8 p.m., Jewel Box Theatre, 3700 N Walker, 521-1786.

Picasso Cafe, 3009 Paseo, Spacedog, 6 p.m., 602-2002.

City Arena, 100 W Reno, 602-8700.

Viva Voce and Damien Jurado, 8

p.m., Opolis, 113 N Crawford, 447-3417. (Norman)

Bleu Edmondson, 8 p.m., Wormy

Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Tommy James and the Shondells,

tory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Live Music The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C. Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

The Association and The Grass Roots, 8 p.m., WinStar World Casino Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35, (580) 276-3100. (Thackerville)

Friends Restaurant & Club, 3705

Scott Nolan, 8 p.m., The Blue Door,

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

W Memorial, The Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Memorial, Brian Odle, 8 p.m., 751-1547.

Merle Haggard and Kris Kristopherson, 8 p.m., First Council

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Heather Payne and Friends, 6 p.m.

The Scene Aesthetic, He Is We,

The Deli, 309 White, Mike Hosty Solo, 9 p.m., 329-3534. (Norman)

Casino, 12875 N U.S. 77 (Newkirk)

Carter Hulsey and Plug In Stereo, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Rich O’Toole, 8 p.m., Arbuckle

Ballroom, 12201 State Highway 7 W, (580) 369-3870. (Davis)

Somerset West with Chase Kirby and Robert Meade, 9 p.m., VZD’s

Othello’s Italian Restaurant, 434

Buchanan, Anthony Nagid Jazz Quartet, 7 p.m., 360-2353. (Norman)

NIGHT LIFE Friends Restaurant & Club, 3705

W Memorial, The Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service

Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

Jerrod Niemann, Lee Brice and Jared

“Biloxi Blues,” 2 p.m., Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2584.

Stephen Speaks, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

Orr, 8 p.m., Choctaw Casino, 4418 U.S. 69/75, (800) 788-2464. (Durant)

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Bar-

Meg and Dia and Kinch, 8 p.m., The

bara Standage, 5 p.m., 272-3040.

Marquee, 222 N Main. (Tulsa)

2:30 p.m., Jewel Box Theatre, 3700 N Walker, 521-1786.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Kerry


“Ain’t Misbehavin,’ ” 3 p.m., Poteet

Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306.

Wayne, 10 p.m., 272-3040.

Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service


“Mystery Radio Plays: 1940s-50s,”

Theatre, 222 NW 15, 609-1023.

Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S Eastern, Street Kings, 9 p.m., 619-3939.

Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306.


Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S

Grand House China Bistro, 2701

Eastern, The Recliners, 9 p.m.

OKC Zoo presents Dr Pepper Vending Machine Art Contest,

N Classen, Grand House Trio, 6 p.m., 524-7333.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Memorial, The Klocks, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand

McSalty’s Pizza Venue, 3000 N

Portland, Mighty Big Fire, Edge Of Reality, Fallen In to Place, Dalton Joe, Lights Over Chicago and Nincos, 6 p.m., 943-3637.

Casino Blvd., Electric Avenue, 7 p.m., 964-7263. (Shawnee)

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W Memorial, The Klocks, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Brittney

Othello’s Italian Restaurant, 434

Roe, 9 p.m., 424-1000.

Buchanan, Megan Slankard, Carrie Webber and Sarah Grote, 8 p.m., 3602353. (Norman)

Oklahoma City Zoo, 2101 NE 50, 424-3344.

“One of Nature’s Most Spectacular Migrations: Will it Continue?,” Norick Art Center at Oklahoma City University, 2501 N Blackwelder, 521-5230.

Joe Machado, exhibit “Leaves,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924 Paseo “Earth, Sky and Water,” exhibit by

Jim Keffer and artwork by Beth Hammack and Karl Brenner, JRB Art at the Elms, 2810 N Walker, 528-6336.



Are you ready to be part of the third annual Look@OKC swimsuit issue? Well here is your opportunity because the scouting process has started for models. Send us your name, age, e-mail and 3-5 photos of yourself. Email your info to: Please make sure that your contact info is going to allow us to get in touch with you. We will be taking submissions through the last week of March. Modeling experience is not necessary, must be 18.


1989 2 dr Coupe de Ville, runs/drives great, tagged, $2250 obo, 885-6115

2010 CAMARO 2SS black, auto, Viper alarm, 5K mi, $33,500, 208-9586

2005 Toyota Camry White ext, leather, excellent cond, 95400 mi, XLE V6, Fully Loaded, DVD, $10k, 210-3115 '94 Toyota Celica GT, 2Dr, Red, New Clutch, $1950. 605-0840

I buy cars, trucks, vans & SUVs

running or not, no title, no problem 512-7278 Bank Repo Auction Sat. March 5 at 9am 3rd & Main in Duncan OK Approx. 30 units For more info call (580)255-1810

'06 Taurus SE, Nice; 96 Crown Vic, CNG, 45K, nice $6000 & $4800 922-7236

WE BUY JUNK CARS Will PU » Pay Cash NO TITLE NEEDED 877-793-JUNK 7days wk

2001 Ford ZX2 Blue Automatic Loaded 35 mpg Excellent 125K Call 641-4185. $3350.

I Buy junk cars, trucks & vans. Free Tow w/purchase. Call JC, 635-0630. CA$H 4 VEHICLES Fast 'n Friendly Service ‘‘ 405-410-5500 ‘‘

WE BUY JUNK CARS Will PU » Will Pay Cash NO TITLE NEEDED 877-793-JUNK 7days wk Diesel Engines: Ford 7.3 & Cummins 5.9, remfg w/warr, $2950 each, Will deliver, 713-918-5811 I BUY JUNK CARS/TRKS Running or not, all years. 341-5404 days.

Affordable-Reliable Transmissions 635-0777

Almost Ready To Cruise Car Club, 24th annual auto swap meet, Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center, Shawnee, March 4-6. Space available. For info call Ronnie Drummond, 405-227-7388. After 7PM 405-275-2508, or visit: Classic Car Restoration Free transport available. Yesteryear 918-605-6070 1967 Buick LESABRE IT'S A V8 HAS A 442 IN IT. CAR NOT RUNNING ASKING $1800 OBO. CALL 520-8259

2011 LaCrosse, 2200 mi., Save $9000! MUST SELL $36,000‘‘ 405-810-1306 2007 Buick Lucerne 4Dr, Sedan, 2WD, 44800 mi, A/C, drv air bag, pass air bag, AM/FM stereo, ABS, CD, cruise, PL, pwr mirrors, pwr seats, PS, PW, trip odometer, Estate sale. Excellent condition. $13,500, 1G4HD57287U138461 Sam Laughlin 405-306-8587 '02 Century LTD, loaded runs great, 110k miles, $4900. 273-1445

$150 & Up for non-running vehicles, no title ok. 405-819-6293

'99 Honda Civic 2Dr, Silver,147K,Auto, $2950. 605-0840

» Will take vehicles any cond- Free tow-Fast serv Top $ pd 549-2447

91 ISUZU TROOPER, By owner! 124k mis, dependable! 6 cyl, 4wd, $1800. 388-4671 321-5846

'06 SC430 68.5K mi well kept. new tires must sell $31K obo 602-318-7773 '93 Lexus LS400 20's Custom paint, DVD, amps Nice, $4000 886-3718

'96 Town Car, White, 18 mpg in town, 21 mpg hwy. SHARP $3950 Firm 721-7910 or 245-4663 94 Lincoln, nice lthr 3.8L 140k $1600; 98 Mitsubishi SUV 173k $2200 844-6694

1990 300E, nice, sunroof, 2 owner, $1000 or best offer, sell fast, 602-4821.

2009 Mercury Sable excellent cond, 48,000 mi, Premier edition. Loaded, sat radio, sync system, leather, moonroof. Get up to 30 mpg on hiway. Rated 18/28. factory warranty. Owner. $13,995. rhyde@ 405 735-7394

AAA cash for your car, trk, cycle. Run/not-free tow. We come to you 850-9696

08 Chevy Silverado 1500, low mi, clean, 1 owner, $12,000, 405-641-6687

'07 Chev Ext Cab, auto, trailer tow package, $16,400, 405-386-5261 '92 Chev SWB, 5 speed, new tires, runs very good, $1900. 427-4564 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, SLT, V-8, 87K, looks and drives great, $10,500. 405-808-4399

1998 4 door Bonneville, looks and runs great, $2250 obo, 885-6115.

'03 Toyota 4 Runner SR5 116k miles, lack/gray interior, leather seats, sunroof, cd player, new tires, $10,900, 405-627-2216


2000 Ford Windstar LX, new tires, front WD, 118k, $4500. 869-0489 1999 Ford E-Series Van Conversion Van, V8, great cond, 92000 mi, $5500. Call 405-414-2629 '98 Ford Windstar GL 3.8L loaded, new tires cold ac. $1950 312-4861 '98 Ford Handicap Van with lift, straps 93k XLT, $6500/trade. 922-7236 '02 Mazda MPV LX, low miles, loaded, good cond. $2895 »» 640-7209

'06 Ford F-150 SXT, V6 Auto, PL/PW, New 20'' wheels & tires, 52K mi. $11,200 405-324-5484

Administrative Assistant

'99 Durango SLT Silver Leather, 3rd Row Seat $3000, 162K 886-3718 '96 Chevy Blazer 4X4 LS, loaded, new tires & tune up. Rarin' to go! $2495/OBO 405-228-0092

Okla. City Housing Authority 1700 N.E. 4th, OKC. EEO/AA

'03 Ford F-150 Ext Cab, SB 4x4, V8 auto, 104K Nice! $8250 obo 922-7236

1998 Ford F-150 w/ 98K miles, slide-in overhead camper $3000 802-5109 1983 Ford F250 3/4 4wd, standard shift. 351 eng. smokes. $2495, 752-9768

Billing Specialist

Part-time. Medicare, ADvantage and HMO billing and knowledge of Patron system preferred. Please visit us at for more information and email resumes to BOOKKEEPER CPA needsperson to do J/E, P/R & bank reconcil, Peachtree $11.00/hr e-mail or fax 748-3536 Bookkeeping Asst./ Accounts Payable. F/T Hardworking. Benefits. Apply in Person at Central New Holland 8408 W. I-40 Service Rd @ Council. 405-495-6151

Leasing Consultant

Assists the Controller with administrative details by preparing letters, memorandums, directives, reports, agenda items and other related work. Bachelors degree with a major in Business Administration and 3 yrs. experience in administrative work or an equivalent comb. of education and experience. Working knowledge of computerized word processing and spreadsheet programs and file maintenance. Appropriate typing skills, 10-key by touch and clerical skills. Okla. driver license/ acceptable record. Drug testing will be required. Starting salary $2,233/mo. Applications & testing conducted from 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Benefits – 401k, 457, medical, dental, disability, up to 4 weeks personal leave, 10 paid holidays, 6 month & annual merit evaluations.

'06 F-150 XCab; '06 Chevy RC; '99 F-150 RC $4500$10,500 obo/trade 922-7236

NW OKC Alarm Co. Will train for 2nd shift monitoring. Computer & gen. ofc. req'd. Fax resume 728-9254 or

Data Entry/ Customer Service Full time. Busy tag office. Apply at 7527 N. May Ave, Mon, Wed & Fri , 2-4. No phone calls.

'08 Ford O T XLT dsl, std, Reg Cab LB, loaded, 54K, Warr. $22,500 922-7236

'96 Nissan XE, Grey, Manual, Runs Good, 142K mi. $1995 348-5397

1989 Olds 98, 6 cyl, 4 dr, fwd, clean, runs great, 47K mi, $5500, 722-6640.

98 Ford Expedition, blk, good cond, runs goods. $3700 obo. 405-429-9028 or 405-305-2378

Workman's Comp Legal Assistant. Energetic dependable person for fast paced law firm. Experience preferred. Fax resume to 405-235-5178


Lincoln Air Suspension Catalytic Converters Custom Dual Exhaust Rich 528-8811

'99 Accord EX, sunroof, pwr windows, 4 dr, auto, air, $2895. 640-7209

2007 Freestyle LTD, EC, loaded, 59k miles, $15,950, 229-5677




'97 LeSabre, all pwr, AC, lthr, CD, very nice-must sell $2500 obo. 312-4573

needed F/T. Must have experience. Flexible hours. Reliable transportation. Email resume aspenwalkapartments@ or fax to 405-670-4691. Legal Assistant Full-time Legal Assistant needed for busy downtown law office. Civil litigation; 5 years experience required. Parking provided, 401(k), health insurance and other benefits. Please send resume to Laurie@ or fax to (405) 235-6111. Receptionist Receptionist needed full time for immediate opening. Must have excellent computer skills and exp with Excel and MS Word.Construction exp a plus.Send resume to 405-946-6068 fax or info@accuratedrilling. com NW OKC Law firm is seeking full time Jr. Administrative Assistant Requires good computer skills including Microsoft Office. Great benefits. Email resumes to employment@

Bartender Needed Petroleum Club, 100 N. Broadway, 34th Floor. Apply in person M-F 2-4 Bartenders-immediate Positions avail. 834-5635 9to3 for details & appt. Leave message if N/A OASIS 2629 NW 10th Buffalo Wild Wings Now Hiring Experienced Managers Email resume to:


Experienced, LTC, Gran Gran's Place, Yukon, OK, »»» 350-2311 »»» »»»»»»»»»»»

Dietary Manager Quail Creek Nursing Center, a leader in long-term care, is currently searching for an experienced, certified dietary manager. We offer competitive salary as well as medical, dental, and vision benefits. Please apply in person or email resume: 13500 Brandon Place

NONNA'S A fine dining restaurant in the heart of BRICKTOWN currently seeking qualified applicants for: SAUTE' COOK SAUCIER or Apply in person between 2:00-4:00 pm, Tues. -Sat. 1 Mickey Mantle Drive. Restaurant Management 2+yrs exp/Salary neg/ Ben avail/Must have Wine & Liq. exp. w/ FOH & BOH expertise! Fax resume 942-2012 or email to SUBWAY Now Hiring Managers & FT/PT help. Apply in person at 16325 N Santa Fe, or NW 122nd/MacArthur or 17900 N. Western. CAJUN KING Now Hiring Wait Staff, Cooks, Cashiers & Buffet Attendants. Apply 2-5 pm, Mon-Fri at 5816 NW 63rd. No phone calls. NOW HIRING BUFFET MANAGERS for our locations in OKC & Lawton. Apply online at careers.cfm

On Site Customer Rep Mobile Shred Inc- Follow proceedures unsupervised-Lift 50 lbs. $10.00 Hr 947-4040

RNs & LPNs needed, private duty care, various shifts, trach & peg experience required. Fax resume 405-239-6163

Attention Flatbed Drivers $500 SIGN ON BONUS Now hiring for Local & Regional Call 405-378-7525 BIG CONTRACT OKC Independent Contractors needed ASAP Local routes available, Tractor Trailers, Power unit only. Call Susan 405-686-7718 CDL CLASS A licensed driver for local & state delivery. Warehouse work when not on road. Able to lift up to 70lbs. current MVR required. Apply 9200 NW 10th St CDL Hazmat Driver With 3 yrs CDL exp. Excellent pay. Home weekends & often 1-2 weeknights. Pay for loading & unloading + miles. Late model, low mileage, well maintained trucks. Drug screen, physical, background, & CSA checks. 405-375-4189.

Class A CDL Drivers Needed

We are currently looking for experienced full and part time Drivers for all three of our divisions: • Flatbed - Oilfield • 1 - ton Hot Shot • 53' Van's - OTR We offer competitive wages for all 3 divisions which incl: ßHome time ßSign-on/Quarterly safety bonus ßMedical ßVacation ßAssigned trucks Were expanding our OTR Division we have the miles Ken 405-745-2363 x 224 or apply in person 6600 SW 29th Street Class A CDL Driver Hazmat endorsement helpful. Mon-Sat 8-5. Minimun 25 years old & 3 years tractor/trailer. Forklift helpful. Chandler yard. Tim, 918-619-3002. Class A CDL Oilfield Winch Truck and OTR Drivers. $250 per mo safety/performance bonus. Clean MVR and Experience with Flat or Step Deck. Call 405-478-1105. DRIVER/ EQUIPMENT OPERATOR: Oilfield Fracturing Company has immediate openings for everything from Drivers /Equipment Operators to Supervisors (Treaters). CDL A required. Must be willing to relocate to the Fairview, OK area. $14-$20/Hr with lots of overtime-Salary Depending on experience, $25/Day Job Bonus, & MONTHLY PROFIT SHARING (Last month = $1750 for hands, $3500 for Treaters). Health Insurance, 401K, scheduled days off, paid vacation, paid holidays. Lots of advancement opportunities. Email or call for application: Brennan 580-821-6215


Tank & Box CDL-B Windward Petroleum, Inc. a lubricant distributor is looking for experienced delivery drivers with good customer service skills and good driving records. ‚ $1000 Sign On Bonus ‚ M-F, no nights or weekends ‚ Assigned Routes ‚ Paid holidays/vacation/ personal days ‚ Comprehensive benefit package Send resumes to fax to 405-272-9349 or apply in person at 10500 W Reno, OKC, OK. EOE DRIVERS WANTED Retirees Welcome. Call Mon-Sat. 9-5. 517-2211, EOE. Environmental Tech/Driver Hardworking self-starter needed to manage service route. Class B And good MVR required. Salary + Comm and Benefits. Call 888-234-9786 for interview. Experienced Fuel Transport DRIVER with Class A CDL. HAZMAT Endorsement. 405-381-2363 LOCAL ROUTE DRIVER IMMEDIATE OPENING Class 'B' or Higher CDL required. 24' Truck, local pickups and deliveries. Approx 12:00pm to 8:00pm M-F. $14.00/hr starting pay. Excellent benefits. 23 yrs, min 2 years driving exp required. Apply in person at 901 Enterprise Avenue, Suite 11, Oklahoma City, OK 73128 Night time Delivery Drivers needed. No CDL needed. Current MVR required. Fax resume to 755-0326.

O/O's Needed 1.40cpm avg OTR Drivers. Come join the LAST TRUCKING COMPANY YOU WILL WORK WITH. We offer excellent pay and 3000+ miles per week and still get great home time. 620-227-3320 ext 112 Oklahoma Tank Lines is hiring company drivers for day & night positions. Work 6 days on/2 days off delivering gasoline and diesel locally. • 1 yr Tanker exp within the last 2 yrs • OR 2 yrs Tractor Trailer driving exp. within the last 4 yrs • Class A CDL with the "X" endorsement Please apply on our website @ - The manager of our OKC office will contact qualified applicants.

OTR Driver Frontier Drilling - OKC Looking for Experienced OTR Oilfield Driver(s). Must have class A CDL and Good MVR. Please fax resume, copy of driving record to attn: Jerry Brown. No phone calls please. 405-745-6700

Village Tours & Charters is looking for experienced motorcoach drivers. Must have Class B CDL w/pass & airbrake endors. Great starting pay. Qualified drivers contact Rusty at 405-427-8688. We are a local fuel delivery company looking for professional part and full time DRIVERS in the Oklahoma City area. Requirements are a Class A CDL with Tanker and Hazmat endorsements. You must be at least 25 years old with a clean driving record and have 3 years or 200,000 miles of driving experience. 6 months experience pulling a fuel tanker preferred. Check out the following benefits you can have. ß $50,000 plus a year ß 4 or 5-day work week (12-hour days) ß Health care program ß 401K with 50% match ß Great equipment ß Uniforms ß Bonus incentives ß Sick pay ß Vacation pay ß Sign on bonus for experienced fuel haulers (up to $2000) ß Opportunity for advancement Please call 405-512-6817 M-F, 10AM-3PM, for an application.

NOW HIRING Top Company Top Pay Seeking CDL Drivers


Superior Staffing, Inc. WVEI is looking for qualified Class A CDL TRUCK DRIVERS for their OKC & Hydro locations. 2 yrs flatbed experience required. Apply at 1701 SE 59th. OKC OK LTL co. seeking qualified CDL A Drivers for city p & d. 2 yrs exp, hazmat end required. Good pay. Apply in person 1925 E Sklyline Dr, OKC, 405-672-4040.

ENROLL NOW!! BETHANY DENTAL ASSISTING SCHOOL. 12 W E E K C O U R S E Next Class Apr 4, 2011 Call Now 405-789-5266

Kennel Technician Reliable, multi tasking, and animal friendly person needed for busy pet hospital. Janitorial duties involved. Must have flexible schedule and be available weekends and holidays. Apply in person @ 3016 E. Memorial Rd. Edmond, OK 73013


No exp needed. Good pay and benefits, paid training, promotions, regular raises. HS seniors & grads ages 17-38. Call 1-800-492-4841

Tech Positions Independent Exploration and Production Company with 60 years of successful Mid-Continent operations seeks two experienced full time technical employees in our Norman, Oklahoma office. Geo-Tech candidate: Minimum of 5 years Exploration and Production experience and proficiency with Geo- science software such as Petra, IHS Systems, Log-sleuth, Oil law records, Geologic Library Resource and Microsoft Office Software. Engineer-Tech candidate: Minimum of 5 years Exploration and Production experience and proficiency with IHS Power-Tools, Regulatory filings and Microsoft Office Software. This candidate should be familiar with E&P operations and terminology. Send resume to: The Oklahoman, Box #1939, PO Box 25125, OKC, OK 73125-0125. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.

APT MAKE READY TECH Must have exp-appliance install, plumbing, electrical, painting, & flooring. Own tools & vehicle req'd. Call 232-3601 or email lfretwell@sycamore



"Front Door Service" We provide service for many properties. Our team makes great money and has a lot of fun. Please fill out application on line at CHILDCARE full time/part time, staff needed. Experience or CDA preferred. 830 SW 31st @ Western

»»»»»»» Child Care

New Horizons Child Development seeking Full Time Teachers. Apply at 4500 E I-240 Service Road, 672-2989. EOE.

15 temporary pos, Myers Landscape Management Inc., Oklahoma City, OK. 4/1/2011-11/1/2011 Mow, trim, edge, water, dig, install landscape materials, weed, plant, spread mulch; rake, blow leaves; clean up. Able to lift up to 50 lbs, criminal background check, no exp req., will train. $8.47/hr, 40hrs/wk, 7:00a-3:30p, M-F. Transportation provided from central location to multiple job sites within Oklahoma County. Call 405-550-7847 or fax resume 405-755-5279 or email Refer to JO#470914.

»»»»»»» CHILDCARE TEACHERS needed full time and part time. Good pay for CCP or CDA. » Call 405-632-6724 » COUNTER HELP Round-Up Cleaners 104th & S. Penn. $8 per hour. Afternoon Shift. 226-4914

Customer Service Full time M-F 7am-3:30pm Parkway Cleaners Edmond Call 820-0254 for info. Debt Collectors wanted. Any exp.a plus. Will train. Great location & benefits. Pay + Commission. Call 681-2332. Floor Help Needed Must be Clean Cut & Dependable. Apply in Person. 4550 S May-OKC »»»»»»»» Golf Driving Range. Answering phone. Outdoor Maintenance. Call 842-2626. GROUNDSKEEPER Mowing, janitorial and light maintenance. $8.50-$9.50 per hour. Good driving record required. 680-3250.


needed 4 days a week for Mustang Assisted Living center. Please call 376-2872.

Join a fun & diverse team supporting people with developmental disabilities in their homes & communities in the OKC/Norman areas. No exp. necessary, paid training, bene.

Heavy Equipment Operators Scrapers, dozers, excavators, blades, haul truck. 3-5 yrs. $16 $18. 660-656-9506

•Hab. Training Specialist: PT & FT $7.84-$8.19/hr. •House Manager (Edmond) $8.93-$9.17/hr

JANITORIAL/ MAINTENANCE Starting $8 per hour. FT Evening Position. Must be 18, no felonies. Apply in parking garage underneath Cox Convention Center. CALL 297-2543

Good driving record, access to safe vehicle for use while at work & ability to pass criminal background check. Complete application online: or visit us at 125 Triad Village Dr., Norman, OK 73071 (877)625-1675 ext 205

Landscape Laborer

JANITORIAL SUPERVISOR for training, inspection and other duties. FT evenings. Paid holidays & vac. Apply 4-6 PM, Mon-Thur., 1024 N. Tulsa Ave, OKC.

LUBE DELIVERY DRIVER Simons Petroleum, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Maxum Petroleum a nationwide fuel and lubricant distributor is seeking to hire an experienced professional driver for our Oklahoma City warehouse operations. This position will deliver bulk and non-bulk lubricants to established customers in Oklahoma. This position requires a CLASS A or B CDL w/Hazmat, good MVR and work history. Family benefits include health, dental, vision and long/short/term life insurance plans available after only 30 days of service. In addition, annual and road-side safety bonus programs plus paid holidays, vacation, and sick days. This position works daily; rain, snow or shine and is expected to perform in a manner that promotes both highway safety and exceptional customer service. PLEASE CALL 800-256-2056, MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, 9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM FOR APPLICATION AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. YOU CAN ALSO APPLY AT OUR WAREHOUSE AT 619 N. MORGAN RD.

Maintenance/Apts FT position in luxury apt community in OKC w/great benefits. Own tools & HVAC exp needed. Physical, drug & backgrnd check performed Call 405-717-0594 or Fax resume630-929-9703

MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN FULL TIME Experience required. Must have valid DL, pass background check and drug screen test. Send resume to:

Mechanic/Maintenance Help needed. Must pass drug test. Apply in person at Paul's Conoco, May & Hefner Road.

Medical Courier PRN as needed hours only. Must be dependable and experienced with a valid Oklahoma license and clean driving record. Background and drug screen required. Flexible hours Mon-Fri, 8:30-7:30 PM, and some weekends. Apply in person at 3330 NW 56th St, Suite 104, OKC. No phone calls accepted. Mow Crew Foreman wanted. Must have DL, and experience. Call 409-6789 Nichols Hills Cleaners is searching for CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES We are open from 7-7 M-F and 8-5 Sat. You must be able to work either shift and every other weekend. This is full time employment. Starting pay is $9ph. Apply at our Northpark Location, 2804 NW 122nd, Just East of May. Subject to Drug Screen


needed in OKC for Hostess Brands/ Wonder Bread. Superior benefits + pension. Must be 21 yrs old w/ HS diploma/GED. Must be able to pass background check, physical, and drug screen. Tues/Sat off. Immediate interviews on Wednesday, March 2 from 9 am until noon only at 6501 S. High. OFFICE PERSONNEL Clerical/Counter Sales. Part Time/Full Time. Benefits (FT only). EOE. We Drug Screen. Apply at Quik Service Steel. 1948 SE 44th St. Outdoor Inventory & Courtesy Patrol Midnight to 8 AM. Good driving record required. $8.50 per hour SW OKC. »» 405-680-3250 »» PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Work in all aspects of daily production including document destruction, operating machinery and assembling products. HS Diploma or equivalent. 1 year of experience preferred working with people with developmental disabilities and/or experience in production/assembly field. Drug screen, background check, minimum 21 years old, $10/hour + benefits. Apply in person @ 1000 S. Kelly, Edmond.

Production Lead Needed- 1st shift Must have strong communication and organization skills Solid pay and benefits Email Resume: kanyong@

Roadside Assistance

Assist stranded motorists! Professional appearance, cell phone and an insured TRUCK, SUV, VAN or HATCHBACK in good working condition required. Criminal background check will be performed. Call the Job Hotline at 1-877-864-3301. ROUTE SALES National Vending Company is hiring for a full time Route Sales Person, servicing accounts in the OKC market. Salary plus commission and benefits. Please call 4958667 on Monday, between the hours of 9 AM and 12 PM, to arrange an interview on Tuesday.

Southwind Aviation Shipping/Receiving Clerk Full-Time position available for qualified applicant. Qualified applicant should have 3-4 years experience. High School Diploma Required. Company offer generous compensation and benefits package. Salary commensurate with experience Fax Resume to Cara at 407-877-4408 or email to cara.priess@ EOE, DFW WAREHOUSE, EDMOND General Duties, full time. Health ins, paid vacation and holidays. Apply at 4501 Woods & Sons Ave. Call 359-6935 for ‘‘ directions. ‘‘ WAREHOUSE Hayes Retail Services (A Logistics Company) in partnership with LSI Staffing is adding 15 warehouse workers to their South OKC warehouse facility. •1st shift only •$10.00 Hourly wage •40 hours per week Seeking candidates with a steady work history, including some warehouse work experience. Drug test and criminal backgrounds screens are part of the process. Interested candidates should send their resume to » Wholesale Position » No exp necessary. Loud upbeat music environment for customer service & other positions. Hiring 18-25 ASAP. » Call 405-767-9718 » Community Access, Inc. has full time Habilitation Specialist positions open in the OKC area. Duties include providing individual care and life skills training. HS Diploma or GED & valid Driver's lic. req'd. Send resume to: PO Box 2281, Stillwater, OK 74076, 405-377-0136 EOE Calverts Plant Interiors is looking for person to care for plants on our accounts in OKC & Norman. Knowledge & experience w/tropical plants a plus. Salary + mileage + full benefits. Apply in person Mon. 10am-3pm 5308 Classen Blvd. St. Ann's Long Term Care Center has immediate full time openings for Maintenance Personnel & Dietary Personnel. Great medical benefits 100% paid. Apply in person 9400 Saint Ann Dr OKC »»»»»»»»»»»» Help Wanted For CARNIVAL OPERATORS To travel with carnival. No exp necessary. For more info 405-833-0012 or 405-826-3698. AMERICAN CLEANERS Hiring FT Customer Service Reps. Starting pay $8.50 per hour. Apply at 13901 N May Avenue.

General Laborer for Landscaping, NW OKC, weedeat, mow, trim flower beds, etc. Exp +, needs transpo. 921-6311

Janitor/Cleaner Flagship Airport Services is now hiring Janitor/Cleaner positions at the Will Rogers Airport. Cleaning includes high dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, trash removal, and bathroom cleaning as well as other assigned tasks. Must be available to work weekends and pass a criminal background check. Contact (405) 684-9400

Canadian Valley Technology Center El Reno Campus accepting applications for: Evening Cosmetology Instructor For complete job description & application please go to or call Paulette Franz at (405) 422-2245 for more information. Salary: $21/hour Deadline for applying: Until successful applicant is found. EOE

Mechanic's Apprentice Earn while you learn. Busy diesel repair and road service company looking for dependable, motivated individual as a mechanic's helper/apprentice. Right applicant will work full time while learning a valuable trade in a lucrative field. Must be willing to work hard and learn. Call Bill at 568-2070

CHHA Hometown Home Health Great Pay and Benefits 4001 N. Classen #202 OKC, OK 73118 Fax 405-456-6955


Top Restoration Co looking to hire warehouse tech, moving exp a plus, Flexible/On Call hours, Lift 100 lbs. Need Fork Lift Cert, Must pass background and DMV check. Must pass background check. Apply at 3300 N. Santa Fe. No Phone Calls. Top Restoration Co looking to hire cleaning tech, Flexible/On Call hours, Lift 50 lbs. Must pass background and DMV check. Apply at 3300 N. Santa Fe. No Phone Calls.

WRAPPING MACHINE OPERATOR OKC: 1st shift 1:30pm to 9:30pm full time. Drug free. Clean credit/criminal background. Lift 60 lbs shoulder high repetitively. $12/hr daily & monthly bonuses. EEO 1877-294-2646 ad code 063. Resumes to No Attachments


PM Lead Server, Apply BW Saddleback Inn 4300 SW 3rd, I-40 & Meridian or Call Eric at 946-3343 Front Desk Help. Experience helpful. Apply in person at Microtel Inn & Suites 624 S. MacArthur Blvd. • HOUSEKEEPER/ INSPECTOR • RESTAURANT/ COCKTAIL/BANQUET Applications & resumes accepted at the Front Desk. Oklahoma City Marriott 3233 NW Expressway

GUARDSMARK Now hiring Unarmed Security Guards. $9.00 an hour. Full paid benefits. CLEET license required. NW OKC- 4 positions MWC- 1 position Apply M-F 10a-4p 4801 Classen Blvd, OKC UNARMED SECURITY OFFICERS - Immediate Opening $8.50-$9/hour. Must be CLEET certified. Call 405-882-8312.

Mutual Assurance Administrators is searching for an experienced Claims Examiner. Candidates should have at least 2 years of experience processing group medical, dental, and hospital claims. RIMS experience is preferred. We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits. You may email your resume w/salary history to

A/R Specialist

needed for Radiology practice in Edmond. Resp. for patient and ins. collections. Must have med. billing A/R and Collections exp. Please fax resume to 844-2610 or email ADMINISTRATIVE ASST needed for solo General Surgeon N. OKC. Duties will include Scheduling, Billing, Receptionsit as well as Genral Office duties. Fax resume to Medical Practice Consultants 405-840-0416 •Assistant DON •RN Case Managers •LPNs With home health experience. Healthcare benefits. Call 405-720-5931 or fax or e-mail resume to: 405-720-7936 Fax: 405-607-4125 PO Box 42096 OKC 73134 attn: Human Resources. Resumes without salary history will not be considered. EOE


Radiology practice in Edmond is seeking FT compassionate nurse. Must be IV Proficient. Will assist with OSHA and safety compliance along with other admin duties. Fax resume to 405-844-2610 or email CMA Beautiful assisted living community now hiring all shifts. Excellent working conditions and compensation. Apply in person at Forest Glade Retirement Community, 2500 N. Glade, Bethany


Biller: Full-time durable medical equipment biller needed. High School Diploma Experience preferred but will train the right person. Pay based on experience Resumes: or fax 858-0119


New assisted living now accepting appls. for exper. CMAs & Hskpg Supvsr. Please pickup application M-F 8:30-5 at Village at Oakwood 817 SW 59th » 605-6353



Business Office Manager

Quail Creek Nursing Center, a leader in long-term care, is currently hiring for an experienced business office manager. Applicant must possess the ability to manage time and deadlines. Private/Medicare/Medicaid billing experience is required. American Healthtech software experience a plus. We offer competitive salary and benefits. Please apply in person or email your resume to: 13500 Brandon Place »»»»»»»»»»»

All shifts available Work when you want to work! Apply online

DENTAL ASSISTANT Pediatric Dental Team seeks Dental Assistant. Experience preferred, not required. This position will travel to two locations. Please fax resume to 405-946-3445. Dental Assistant Quality patient oriented dental practice seeking bright personable chairside assistant. Experience a plus but will train the right person. 946-5585.

Home Health Coder

Must have home health experience. Fax resume to 692-7522 or email to Home Health Marketer with 1 year experience. Fax resume to 942-8788 or call 942-8787, Caring Home Health. Hygienist in Pauls Valley. M-T-WTh pd vacation & retirement benefits call Karen (405)238-2574 or fax resume to (405)238-2556 or mail P.O. Box 357 Pauls Valley, OK 73075


Position avail. in OKC area. Live-in 2-3 days. Assist w/personal care, meal prep, lght hmkng. Must be certified w/exp. Care Plus Home Health


LPN/RN Hospice If you are passionate about your profession and are looking for a job that will truly make a difference, AutumnBridge Hospice is the place for you. Join our dedicated team as a field nurse. Full-time position with on-call rotation. Health insurance available. Fax resume to 4402441 or call 440-2440 to set an interview.


All shifts available Work when you want to work! Apply online


LPN FT and RN PRN For Endoscopy Center in Norman. No nights or weekends. Fax resume: 405-701-3734


North Area GREAT PAY AND BENEFITS Hometown Home Health 4001 N Classen #202 OKC, OK 73118 Fax 405-456-6955 LPNs & CMAs


CNAs ALL SHIFTS . LPNs 3-11 and 11-7 Quail Creek Nursing Apply in person: 13500 Brandon Pl OKC 720-0010 Dental Assistants & Hygienists Want to make some extra vacation money? Part-time & Saturday work available at Dental Depot. Please send resume to:

Various Shifts Baptist Village 9700 Mashburn Blvd. 721-2466 ext. 2133


Detail oriented people person needed for procedurebased specialty office. Prefer experience with patient triage, procedure scheduling, rooming patients. EHR experience helpful. Great benefits. Fax resume and salary requirements to 713—4353. EOE

MDS-OASIS Registered Nurse Consultant The Oklahoma State Department of Health is seeking a Registered Nurse to provide consultative assistance to health care entities; plan, prepare and conduct training workshops for health care staff; and participate in quality improvement activities. This position is located at the OSDH Central Office in Oklahoma City. Minimum Education and Experience Requirements: Possession of a valid permanent Oklahoma license as a registered nurse as approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing, a bachelor’s degree and two years of professional nursing experience. Each additional year of professional nursing experience may substitute for one year of educational requirements. Salary: $2834 - $4724 per month (based on education and experience), plus full benefits. To review a complete position announcement visit To apply, send resume and letter of interest to Nancy Atkinson by email, by fax at (405) 271-1402, or by mail at: Oklahoma State Department of Health Attention: Nancy Atkinson, 1000 N. E. 10th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Medical Asst/ LPN

needed for a cardiology practice PT or FT. Fax resume to 235-1862. Medical Assistant Busy orthopedic office Experience Preferred Good Benefits Fax 703-4855 Medical Biller/ Collector/Coder Mon-Fri 8-5. Resumes to $10/hr contract labor only Fax 405-286-6242 Medical Business Office Manager OrthoOklahoma is seeking a business office manager for a busy orthopedic surgical practice, including supervision of staff of 8-10. Position will oversee all aspects of: patient in-take, insurance verification, billing, collections, coding, AR management,and credentialing. 5 years of experience as a business manager with a surgical practice, hands on experience with medical billing/collections, AR management experience, and proficiency in EMR/PM software required. BS in related field preferred. We offer an extremely competitive compensation package that includes 401(k), medical, and paid vacation. Please send your resume to: OrthoOklahoma, c/o Human Resources, 511 South Windsor, Stillwater, OK 74074, Fax: 405-7073363,

Medical Front Office Coordinator Part time afternoons and evenings. Approx 25-30 hours/week. Medical office experience preferred. Please fax resume to 405-943-0078, Attn: Debra.

Digital Content Shipping Manager Writer The Aarons Fulfillment


COTA, Part Time Home Health Metro Area 821-0057


EMT Immediate Opening for 2 Paramedics and 2 Intermediates. Para Med 403 S.Main McAlester,Ok.

Phlebotomist PRN as needed hours only. Must be dependable and experienced. Current national certification required. Must be available for flexible hours, Mon-Fri, 7:30 AM6:00 PM. Apply in person at 3330 NW 56th St, Suite 104, OKC. No phone calls accepted. Physical Therapy Tech FULL TIME needed for NW OKC clinic. Please email resume to: Physician Assistant needed for busy Orthopaedic practice, to help with clinic and surgery. Benefits pkg avail. Email resume to Practice Administrator need for a rapidly growing Dermatology practice. Must have 5 years or more of practice management experience. Please fax Resume to

405-218-2563 Receptionist

needed for busy Medical Clinic. Fax resume to 632-3538.


All shifts available Work when you want to work! Apply online


RN CIRCULATOR - PRN Must have orthopedic surgery experience, days, no weekends, busy Norman surgical center. Fax resume 405-321-7453

Scheduling Coordinator

Breast Imaging of Oklahoma is accepting applications for a FT Scheduling Coordinator. Must have excellent customer service skills and detail oriented. Previous experience in a medical office desired. Fax resume to 405-844-2610 or e-mail to


Now Hiring FT Instrument Tech, FT Scrub Tech, and FT OR Supply Coordinator (Scrub Tech exp preferred) Ortho, Neuro and General Surgery Exp Preferred Fax to 405-359-2470

Visiting Angels

Immediate Openings For •Certified Home Health Aides & •24 hr Live-In Caregivers Caring for Seniors PT/FT Flexible Shifts To Apply Call 577-1910.


This Is A Great Job Use Your HTS skills and creativity for care of clients with disabilities. Various shifts in OKC. Driver’s License/ Insurance Required 3000 United Founders Blvd. Suite 221, OKC EOE 405-879-9720 EOE

Weekend Recovery Position Available Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank, a non-profit cornea tissue recovery agency, has on-call position available two weekends per month. Surgical scrub tech or medical experience preferred to train for cornea recovery. Must have dependable vehicle, auto insurance, valid driver license, and pass background check. Please fax resume with references to Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank, 5570086 or email to:


Care Nurse 7-3 •CMA 3-11, •CMA dbl wkds •MDS Nurse

Please apply in person at Oak Hills Care Center, 1100 Georgia St. Jones, OK, or call 399-2294 for directions.

My Dentist A rapidly growing network of 25 dental offices in Oklahoma and Missouri, and the leader in delivering Complete Care Dentistry, is currently hiring qualified Office Managers and Treatment Coordinators. We are seeking motivated, professional, energetic professionals to join our team as we continue rapidly expanding. Management, customer service and sales experience required. Dental experience and college degree preferred. We offer competitive compensation, comprehensive employee benefits and a dynamic work environment. If interested, please fax resume to 405-751-7160 or email jroberts@ Come join a winning team!

Abiding Home Health of OKC RNs, LPNs A dynamic and growing agency seeking candidates who want to join a company for a rewarding, longlasting career. Home Health experience required. Fax resumes to 405-607-0310 or email kmaschino@

My Dentist continues to grow! Now hiring experienced •Dental Assistants •Ortho Assistants •Schedulers For our Oklahoma City, Enid, Norman, and Shawnee offices. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Must have two years medical or dental experience. Please email JRoberts@ or fax 405-751-7160 today!

20 hrs/wk Accounting PeachTree - Salary commensurate with experience. Send resume to PO Box 23564, OKC 73123 or email to Sales Rep Needed Exp with Staffing industry a plus! Please Fax Resume to 405-605-7809 or email to bplumlee@ United Natural Foods is one of nation’s largest distributors natural food, HBC, GM & specialty food products! P/T merchandising position in OKC 3 days, We, Th, Fr. Ordering, stocking shelves & customer service. Fax resume to 866-816-9756 WORK FROM HOME DonationPickup.Org 4545 NW 16th St OKC, OK Earn $8.50 per hour + bonuses. Our top earners easily average over $12. Work 5:30-9:00 Mon-Fri You must have a fax or scanner to send/receive your work. Apply in person 9-5

Admissions Director Private career school looking for admissions person. Send resume via email. No phone calls please. Assistant Manager, 8 full time & 2 part time stylists. Must be licensed cosmetologist and able to work wknds and evenings. Great pay & benefits. Apply in person at Great Clips, 5915 SW 3rd or call 405-2583121 or 661-330-1846.

The Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department is seeking an outstanding writer with exceptional grammar and spelling skills. Responsible for writing compelling, creative and accurate promotional website copy about tourism businesses and events as well as making outbound calls to collect information. Writes site content for such as articles, photo captions and video descriptions. Annual salary $27,500 plus full benefits and paid parking in downtown OKC. The successful candidate will have a Bachelors degree in journalism, communications, English or other program with emphasis on written communication skills and at least two years experience using Excel and Word. Skills required for this position include the ability to type at least 40 wpm accurately; attention to detail and ability to concentrate for long periods of time; good oral communication skills; ability to build and maintain relationships with tourism industry members; the ability to manage projects and work independently. EOE

Center in Oklahoma City is accepting applications for Shipping Manager. Strong leadership skills and shipping experienced are required for this great opportunity. Get more information and apply online at:

To be considered, submit resume, cover letter and writing sample of 500-1,000 words to: Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department Attn: Human Resources 120 N. Robinson Ste 600 Okla City, OK 73102


Hair Zone seeking Stylist Booth Rent Call 405-942-2463 Tuesday - Saturday Leasing Professional FT. Must have experience. Apply at Raindance Apartments, 2201 NW 122nd St, 405-751-2277, or send resume to: jmcquain@ Logistics Coordinator Manages outbound/inbound freight of all deliveries; coordinates hot shot loads; delivery tickets. Will be responsible for maintaining routine reports, and basic cost analysis of data. Additionally, will work closely with purchasing, inventory, and production. Send resume to PROPERTY MANAGER For downtown luxury apartments. Must have leasing, prop mgmt. software, & office exp. Bookkeeping a plus. Great benefits. On-site apt available. Fax 232-9922 or email lfretwell@sycamore

Central Services Assistant-Temp about-mntc/employment-opportunities

PROPERTY MANAGER Experience preferred. Must have good computer & phone skills. Email resume to management50 or fax to 405-354-3268.

CHILD CARE DIRECTOR & MASTER TEACHERS Needed at 2 Star Christian day care. »» 405-387-4242 »»

ROW Agent, Full time Shawnee/Seminole areas. Send resumes to: BRI, PO Box 6943, Moore, Ok 73153

Sorority House Director OU Sorority seeks mature female live-in House Director for facility mgmt, event coordination, meal planning and inventory mgmt, etc. Exp. some college preferred; basic email, Word and Excel skills. Must have professional appearance and a warm demeanor. Salary plus furnished private quarters provided. Email cover letter, resume and sal req to

Teachers for Faithbased Center w/children ages 0-5yrs. PT, exp. preferred Call 405-946-2633 or email


FULL TIME OKC Branch Teller Experience Preferred. Hours Vary M-F Send Resume or visit Valliance Bank 704 Wall Street Norman Ok 73069 Member FDIC/EOE »»»»»»»»»»»»

Immediate Opening for Experienced Apartment Manager Sunnyview Apartments has immediate opening for Property Manager! This fast paced 224-unit property in ideal location near Tinker Air Force base is undergoing a complete renovation! Come and be a part of the process! Candidate must have at least 2 years experience as a property manager and proven track record of success & accomplishments. Knowledge of AMSI software & prior renovations a plus. Excellent salary, benefits and attractive incentive package for those choosing to live on site. Email resume to and phaedra.mckibben@lbkm

Oklahoma Employees Credit Union is currently looking to fill: Consumer Loan Officer Real Estate Loan Officer IT Developer Please visit for more information Please submit resumes to OECU is an EEO/AA Employer.

Now Hiring InfoSync Services provides Accounting, Payroll and Accounts Payable outsourcing services for Multi Unit Restaurant Companies. Positions available in GL, Revenue, Payroll and Accounts Payable. Email resume to:


ACCOUNTANT: Seeking accounting professional to fill Accountant position with a national multi-million dollar organization located in Duncan, OK. An accounting degree is required and CPA certification is a plus. Great benefits accompany a good pay scale. Send resumes to Athletics and Activities Director Okmulgee Public Schools seeks a quality, motivated, leader as A.D. Must work alongside site administrators to advance the extra-curricular programs of the district, both athletic and non-athletic. Positive community building skills essential. Includes a half day of quality teaching or administrative duty. Oklahoma certificate required (administrative experience a plus), min 3 years experience as AD or head coach. Send credentials to: Tod Williams, Superintendent, Okmulgee Public Schools, PO Box 1346, Okmulgee, OK 74447. CHEMIST/QC Technician CESI Chemical, a Flotek Industries company, located in Marlow, OK is a supplier of specialty chemicals for drilling, fracturing and cementing. We seek immediate candidates for a Chemist position. This position requires a BS in chemistry or related field. Qualified candidates shall conduct qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses in support of Quality Control and/or Field Service, analyze and summarize data, make recommendations for future work, document projects in reports, publish patents and scientific articles as appropriate, and effectively communicate findings with supervisor. Night shift hours may be required E-mail resume to applicants@ Child Care Director needed for 3 star center. Send Resume to: Special Care, Inc., 12201 North Western Ave., OKC, OK 73114



needed to reconcile items cleared through the Federal Reserve & incoming fedwires and EFT credits with deposits. Successful candidate will learn & provide back up to all banking ops functions. Degree in acctg, business, finance or related field required. EOE. Send résumé & references to: HR Manager, Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office, 2300 N. Lincoln, Room 217 OKC, OK 73105 Job description at

For youth development program focused on nutrition and life skills. Requires bachelors degree or 3 yr experience in program management, youth development, or child nutrition programs. R.D. a plus. EOE. Send resume, cover letter, salary requirements to: careers@regional DEPARTMENT HEAD/ ASST PROF OF MATH & PHYSICAL SCIENCE Rogers State University is accepting applications for a Department Head in the Department of Mathematics and Physical Science. This position requires a Ph.D. in a physical science discipline with potential teaching responsibilities in earth science, geology, general physical science, and/or chemistry. For application instructions, please visit EOE/AA

Established Norman Agency Seeking LPC/LCSW/LMFT or license eligible to Provide Outpatient Therapy in Norman/Moore/Mid-Del/ OKC Area. Fax Resume to 405-447-4419 or Email to EOE

Graphic Designer ghost's design team is looking for a highly talented graphic designer with at least 2 years of experience. Qualified candidates will have the ability to take projects from concept to completion for a wide variety of projects. Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. minimum 2 years Please submit resume & portfolio to

Health Promotion Specialist-1 Bi-Lingual preferred but not required This position is located in the Adult Wellness Department / Community Services Division with the OKC County Health Department. The employee works under the supervision of the adult wellness team, which is committed to improving the health and quality of older adults in Oklahoma County. The employee will be responsible for conversing and interacting with various persons/groups, regarding preventative health care and health promotion including disease prevention; working with community groups, businesses, and other organizations to promote effective health promotion activities. As part of this job, the employee will be responsible for the presentation of the Chronic Disease classes with the general public. The employee will assist Dietitian and Nurse in program in coordinating focus groups with high risk populations in the community. Must have a master’s degree in public health, sociology, psychology, community health, or related field or a bachelor’s degree + 1 year related exp. Valid Ok Drivers license & must have a operating vehicle available on the premises for daily use. Position may req working some evenings and weekends. Mo hire in salary $2887 w/ exc benefits, 10+ holidays. Interested applicants must submit, resume, cover letter(with job title), and a copy of an official transcript to HR #5067, OKC-County Health Dept., 921 NE 23rd St, Okc, Ok 73105 must be postmarked by March 7, 2011. Job line 405-425-4309 AA/EOE

Pre-Engineering Instructor Pre-Engineering Academy. See www.meridiantech. edu/about/Job_Board.asp for information. Available: July 1, 2011. Salary: Negotiable. Meridian Technology Center, 1312 South Sangre Road, Stillwater, 405-377-3333. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

POLICE CHIEF City of Miami, OK, population 13,704. Administrative position reports directly to the City Manger. Responsibilities include organizing, directing a staff of 40 employees, management of a $2.5 million budget, and coordinating the divisions of the department, provide executive leadership, create & implement major departmental policies, planning long and short range programs, budget preparation, personnel management, major technical and administrative public safety matters, interacts with other city departments, law enforcement and tribal agencies, and the public at large. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree, minimum 10 years of experience as commissioned law enforcement officer (Oklahoma CLEET Certified) and at least 5 years of progressive advancement in supervisory and administrative capacities. Higher education in law preferred. Salary commensurate with experience. Residency required. Resumes will be accepted until 9:00am March 7, 2011. Please send resumes to: Nancy Wells, HR Director, P.O. Box 1288, Miami, OK 74355-1288 or email to: EOE

PRESIDENT/CEO Privately-owned investment company seeks CEO to be responsible for leading business acquisitions and providing oversight to the on-going operations of acquired companies. M&A experience essential; GM experience preferred. Attractive compensation package, including equity incentives. Please send resume and current compensation in confidence to: betsy@

Therapists Needed Contract therapists needed for OKC and surrounding areas-LPC, LMFT, LBP or under supervision and LADC, LCSW accepted. Excellent pay and great, relaxed agency. fax resume: 405-286-1730 James King 405-242-2242

March of Dimes

NICU Family Support Specialist March of Dimes seeks creative, dynamic professional with strong communication skills for


developing & implementing family support activities/programs in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit setting. Bachelors degree, strong computer skills, and compassion for families in crisis required. Two or more years experience working with NICU families (or related populations in crisis) as social worker, nurse, child life specialist, counselor preferred. Experience recruiting, training, & managing volunteers a plus. Send cover letter/resume: Laurie Applekamp State Director March of Dimes 5100 N. Brookline #850 OKC OK 73112 Fax: 405-943-8901 Full time Drug and Alcohol Counselor needed FT Counselor needed for an opioid treatment facility. CADC/LADC preferred or registered with OBLADC.Hours 5AM1PM M-F. Fax resume to 405-616-4925 or email to Cassie@oktreatment. com PCI is seeking Accounting Manager. Must have a Master’s degree in Accounting and 3 yrs of exp in acct field. Qualified applicants mail resume to: PCI, 3550 W Robinson St. Ste 200, Norman, OK 73072

Look at us

Cash America is looking for hard working dedicated individuals. Competitive pay, benefits and hours. Retail or banking experience a plus. Apply at http://

Auto F & I Manager Tired of the car business? Ready to have some fun? Same Money/Less Hours. Fort Thunder Harley-Davidson Call Darrin, 405-793-8877 Award Winning Home Improvemnt Sales Co. seeks exp. confident & motivated Sales Rep. Must have reliable transportaiton, positive attitude and commitement to excellence. Base salary plus comm. plus bonus. First year $60K-$80K realistic. We offer excellent benefits. Call Dan at 722-3639.

Experienced Purchasing Manager/ Agent

needed for retirement community. This is a hands-on position supervising one full and one Part time employee. Experience in health care industry considered essential. Demonstrated ability to achieve objectives, balance multiple priorities, and establish and maintain internal and supplier relationships. ATTRACTIVE BENEFITS PACKAGE Please send resume and salary requirements kratchford@ or fax 405-749-3524 Financial Rep. Growing company seeking motivated individual for leadership development. No exp. req'd. People skills a must! Fax resume to 621-1748 or call 706-1502. 405-706-1502

SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER-WELLNESS NOW INITIATIVE This position is located in the Community Services Division in the Public Health Promotion Section. The emp. is responsible for developing, implementing, evaluating a large community based hlth improvement initiative. Must have a Master’s Degree in public health, psychology, business, sociology & 5 yrs exp or Bachelor’s + 6 yrs and 1 yrs supervisory exp req’d. Monthly hire in salary $4945, exc benefits 10 + holidays. Interested applicants must submit resume, cvr ltr w/ job title and copies of official transcript to HR #4073, Okc-Co Hlth Dept, 921 NE 23rd St, Okc, Ok 73105. Must be postmarked by 03/07/11. Only applicants submitting all req’d materials will be considered. Job line 405-425-4309 AA/EOE

Now hiring: • Receiving Clerk • Full time Sales • Management Must be outgoing & self-motivated. Apply in person at 4320 W. Reno

Insurance Sales Managers $85-120K

Aggressive personality needed to drive sales in OKC. A background in Group Benefits, proven record of establishing a sales team and coordinating a sales office is a must. Please send resume to or call (479) 445-9606.

Retail Clerk FT Position's for Retail Sales Clerks At All 3 of our Metro Locations. Must Have Good Customer Service Skills. Good Pay & Benefits. Extra Cash Pawn 1309 N. Macarthur 787-5900, 8316 S. Western 6342300, 2204 W. Hefner Rd. 751-2000, Okc, OK

Insurance Sales Producer/ Customer Care Specialist 3+ years Ins. experience and P&C licensed sales/service position available for OKC insurance agency. Exceptional customer service, sales, and computer skills required and rewarded. Please e-mail resume to or fax to 340-6534. Motorcycle Sales Person needed. No close sales. Fun working environment, benefit pkg. Call Darrin, 793-8877 Fort Thunder Harley-Davidson

One Call Closers Needed! #1 VA lender is hiring Loan Officers. $2,000 signing bonus for NMLS licensed MLOs. We pre-set qualified appointments for you to go to Veterans' homes and help them save money on their VA mortgage. * No cold calling * Generous commissions * Extensive training * Great benefits Military Veterans encouraged to apply! * Bonus paid over 90 days of employment Paul Bein 1-877-351-0117 pbein@ Outside Sales Rep Scotts Lawn Service Outside sales reps Needed. Salary plus Commission Apply today at EOE/AA/M/F/D/V or Call Kelly 405-680-8808

Route Sales Reps

needed immediately in OKC area for Hostess Brands/Wonder Bread. Career opportunity with great base + comm. Superior benefits/pension. Must be 21 yrs old with exc. driving record, ability to drive stick shift, and HS diploma/GED. Must be able to pass bckgrd check, phys, and d/s. Must be able to work 10-14 hour days with Sun/Wed off. Training program provided. Must have prior sales/cust. serv. exp. On-site interviews held only Wednesday, March 2nd at 6501 S. High Ave., OKC between 9am and noon. EOE No phone calls.


Major oilfield pipe distributor seeking outside salesman. Applicant should be well-versed in oilfield terminology with specific knowledge of OCTG/line pipe a plus. Current working relationships with E&P companies also a plus. Position offers salary commensurate with experience; commissions; car; and health insurance. Possibility to work from home base & report to Houston main office. Email resume to


A well established industrial parts and service provider is seeking a dynamic, motivated outside sales professional with industrial equipment knowledge to join our outside sales team. Our company is known for outstanding customer service and our ability to address the needs of our customers. Primary responsibilities include selling lubrication, valve and vibration products to the Industrial and Refining markets. Candidates must have a minimum of five years of professional sales experience in the industrial/refinery markets and excellent written and oral communication skills. We offer competitive commissioned based compensation, company vehicle, and great benefits. Qualified candidates e-mail resume to


Earn $2000 Commission per week PLUS Residuals! Highly successful National Company. Will Train! Joe Espinoza @ 800-816-2282 TeleSales Pro Make 60k plus! Apt. calls provided M-F Full Time Weekly pay + Com Resumes:

APPRENTICES NEEDED for HVAC Co. for (2) projects in OKC. Please contact Sellers Air Conditioning at 580-255-6106 for information and application.


Now Hiring ‚ 203-0596 FIRESTONE Cabinet shop hiring experienced Assembly, Mill Work or CNC Operator. Apply 8am - noon 220 S. Alliance Ct. OKC 405-787-6616


Must have own tools Overhaul experience on Detroit, CAT, Cummins Apply at 5230 SW 11th

CNC Lathe and Mill Programmer/Operator Must be able to program, set up and operate lathe or mill. Must have Mazatrol or Fanuc experience. Minimum 5 years experience. Apply at 535 SE 82nd, from 1PM-4PM. CNC Machinist Lathe Oper Set up/Program 5+ yrs exp. Reno/Council. $18-20 DOE, Ben + signing bonus. Fax resume 789-0183, call 384-3155 CNC OPERATOR Medical Manufacturer seeks CNC Operator. 5-7 yrs exp in set up and operating mills/lathes. Send resumes to CNC Operator/Programer Program, set-up, and run CNC Mills and Lathes. Ins. Avail. Call Ron @ (405)677-3600 Concrete Laborer & Cleanup Person with good driving record (0 points). Start $12/hr + time & a half. 755-3975 Electricians & Apprentices Minimum 2 years Comm'l. Experience. 40 Hours Week + OT. Health, Dental, 401k, & Vac Pay. Drug Screen Test. »» 405-359-9190 »»

ENERGETIC PERSON ONLY PAINT/BODY TECH Great opportunity for the "right" person. We are looking for an energetic, team oriented person with a safe work history to add to our paint/body shop. We do it all... CARS, TRUCKS and INDUSTRIAL. If you are looking for a stable, clean, drug free working environment, you have found the "right" company. Must have your own tools, a great attitude and work ethic. We supply the facility, work, health care and vacation pay. BUSINESS IS GREAT, come grow with us. Call for a confidential interview (Larry Rose 405-520-5438) or email your resume to

Golden Oaks Senior Living community an elite retirement community with a large campus is now hiring for the position of licensed plumber or journeyman. To apply please come to: Golden Oaks Senior Living Community. 5801 N. Oakwood Rd. Enid, Ok 73703 580-249-2600

Plumbing and HVAC Taking applications for commercial journeyman and apprentice Plumbers and HVAC Installers. Must have drivers license, pass background check and drug test. Apply at 4001 N Walnut.

HVAC Immediate openings for Qualified Installers for Commercial Systems. Positive Attitude coupled with a Strong Work Ethic a Must. We offer Full Time, Year Round Opportunities with Top Pay & an Extensive Benefits Package. For consideration, please apply at: AIR Technologies 110 NE 48th, OKC, 73105 405-528-2600

Production Technician Ability to read electronic schematics, trace signals in circuits using meters & ocscilloscope, find & fix problems on circuit boards in defective components, solder joints & wiring. A good knowledge of electronic fundamentals, along w/ systemic troubleshooting skills. Position also requires final setup, calibration & testing of systems in final phases for shipment. Send resume to

HVAC Installers & Svc Techs wanted, Journeyman lic required, exp a must, good MVR & drug testing required. Apply at 532 North Villa Ave.

Residential Cabinet Shop now hiring Production Workers. All positions. Pay base on exper. »»» 787-6616 »»»

Journeyman HVAC Tech Call Dustin at Innovative Mechanical. 603-3334, 4300 N. Wilburn, Bethany, Ok

Land Rig Electrician/ Technician Needed

Western Oklahoma/ Texas Panhandle: A/C generator control and operation, Ross Hill, IPS, experience trouble shooting motor controls, top drives, VFD, PLC experience is a plus. Competitive pay with health and holiday benefits. Email: ashleyelectric@ Fax: 940-872-1179 LAYOUT DESIGNER Requires Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology or Associate’s degree in Drafting/Engineering Technology + one year of mechanical design experience. Great Company! Great Benefits! To apply, log on to about-us/careers/ THE CHARLES MACHINE WORKS, INC., Perry, OK, 73077 - EOE LICENSED PLUMBERS & EXPERIENCED HELPERS NEEDED. Full time positions. Call 691-6630. MACHINIST Experienced Manual Lathe and CNC Mill and Lathe Operators (405)670-4356 MACHINISTS Pay DOE. Exc. Benefits. Forward resumes to Mechanic/Maintenance Help needed. Must pass drug test. Apply in person at Paul's Conoco, May & Hefner Road. Plumber, Experienced Sign On Bonus/Health Ins/IRA-vac/hol/sick pay Res/comm service work. Paid hourly. 787-5665. Plumber, licensed, needed Immediately. Must have own tools. Salary depends on experience. Great oppty for advancement! 634-0050 for appt

SERVICE TECH NEEDED Mechanical and/or Electrical experience a plus. Must have valid Driver's License-verifiable work references and able to pass drug test. Top Pay. To schedule an interview call 405-782-0447.

Site Superintendent Buland Group, an Omaha, NE based General Contractor, is seeking an experienced Site Superintendent for the construction of a 20 unit multifamily project in Wewoka, OK. Multiple family housing experience is required. Must be able to use Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. Salary commensurate with exp. Benefit pkg includes project completion bonus. Resume to: jackie.wrobleski

Technician Needed–2nd shift Req’d skills include: electrical control circuits, 3-phase electric motors and controls, vacuum pump, pneumatics Solid pay and benefits Send Resume: kanyong@

WELDERS UTC seeking welders. $12-13.00/hr. Apply in person at 900 E. Trail Blvd, El Reno, Plant 500.

WORK TRUCK TECH Specialty Technicians We build and repair specialty work trucks & trailers. We need techs, all areas.Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Welding. Must have tools. We offer: a drug free facility. Competitive pay plan, health / dental and vacation pay. Apply: or call Larry Rose for a confidential interview. 405-520-5438 I.T.E. 3400 South Thomas Road. Okc

BANK OWNED 2/2/2 shop, brick, 1826sf, .68 acres $89.9k Arlene CB 414-8753

Apply on-line at careers/asp

Penske Truck Leasing is seeking a

Diesel Technician II in Oklahoma City. As a Diesel Tech with Penske, you will perform minor component repair or replacement and assist with the removal, replacement, and repair of major components. Must have 2-5yrs truck maintenance experience.

We offer 401K retirement savings plan, medical, dental, life, paid holidays and vacation. To apply, please visit and search by Job ID: # 1003287

Growing Trucking company expanding maintenance shifts. Seeking experienced Technicians for tractor, trailer, tire, and lube positions. Competitive wage & benefit package. Apply in person at 6600 SW 29th Oklahoma City

Machine Shop needs person to clean and hand finish parts. Apply from 1-4 PM at 535 SE 82nd.

BIG MONEY Start now! 9-3:30 Paid weekly Hourly + Commission 866-652-7760 ext 4020 Call Center Telemarketers to solicit usable tax deductible household donations. Exp pref. Must be able to work M-F 4:309pm. Min. wage + Bonus. Apply in person M-F 9-5 @ 8901 S Santa Fe #D, OKC. 405-680-9111

INVESTOR BLOWOUT! 1224 NE 19th $26,900 2118 N Prospect $26,900 5021 Fairmont $59,900 Fin. Avail. Kruger Inv. Jim, 235-9332 / 812-1657

Business Property For Rent 1997 Solitaire 18x80 Completely remodeled. 3bed, 2ba, 1292 sq ft $33,990. 580-467-6432

2 bed 1bath 1car, carport fenced yard. $28,500. INVESTMENT PROPERTY 737-2467 or 201-3956

Going Out Of Business Sale! 3 double wides, 4 single wides SOLD AT COST! 405-444-1144

OWNER CARRY 3 bd, 1 ba, 1 car, ch&a, remodeled, 1301 McGregor, $3K down, 348-2108.

**NEW** 1216 sq ft $25,995 - 1 only Maxeys Homes 631-3600 Doublewide 3x2 $19,900 301-2454 517-5000 Repo 16x80 3bd 2ba 301-2454 517-5000 10 acres 2200sf Repo 301-2454 517-5000

PIEDMONT OPEN SAT 2-4 & SUN 2-5. Model home. New hms on 1/2 ac lots. Info also available for new hms in other additions. From NW Expwy & Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494. PIEDMONT SCHLS beautiful 5.5 ac MOL bld site w/creek & some trees, horses OK, new hm const only $29,500 Richard 313-1726 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 Land For Sale Logan County HWY 77 Frontage. Pond and wildlife for great hunting. M-O schools. 31.6 ac., $83,000 Call Tom @ 405-417-1042 1N to 10A, E. of OKC, pay out dn. before 1st pmt. starts, many are M/H ready over 400 choices, lg trees, some with ponds, TERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695 1/2 AC lots MOL-El Reno pick from 16 lots to bld home in country-like setting close to town $12,500 Richard 313-1726 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 Payout dn pmt before 1st pmt starts. Your opportunity to own land, 40 areas, E, NE, SE of OKC 1N A. Milburn o/a 275-1695 terms PRIME BUILDING SITES -PIEDMONT Eastwind Estates II, 3/4 and 1 Acre lots, Leon 373-4820 OVERLAND EX REALTY Call for Maps! See why we sell more acreages than anyone in Okla. E of OKC. o/a 275-1695 Aprx. 50 Acres SE 44 & Peebly Rd. Will sell -develop -or long term lease Best offer. 405-607-2232 2K A Tuttle Area $18,950 $950Dn $170 Mo @7O % 18mi SWofOKC 745-5889 BANK OWNED 5bd 2ba brick, 1998sf, 3 acres, barn $78K ArleneCB 414-8753

Church or daycare 3450 SW 29th. 416-5227

Spacious completely remodeled 3bd 2ba 2car on cul-de-sac lot, new roof & carpet, new light fixtures, fp, Greenbriar Eastlake, Westmoore Schls, only $129,900. Fidelity RE 410-4200, 692-1661

Rent to Own: Nice 2&3bd MWC $350&up 390-9777

Trade your place in Moore /Norman area for mine, 3 blks f/ beach in Florida 3/2.5, 2309sf, office, dining, storm shelter, potential 4th/bonus rm, blt 2002, on 1.89 acres in quiet neighborhood S. of Mustang, detached wrkshop $258,000 641-3024

OPEN SUN 2-5 7216 Walnut Creek open liv/din w/fp 3bd 2ba $129,000 Marian 850-7654 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 Lse op 2506 NW 20 in Crestwood 2321', 4,2.5,2 Like new • 417-2176

’’ Stop by for a ’’ Sweetheart of a Deal Pop a Balloon this mo. to see your savings! 2 & 3 bedrooms Starting at $599/mo OFHA & OCHA accepted. Gateway Apartments


SHERIFF'S SALE 11800 Barton Drive 3 bedroom, 2 baths, nice neighborhood, sells 3/10/11, 2PM, room 503, Oklahoma County Court House Annex. Appraisal $83,400. Contact Frank W Davis, Attorney, 282-1420.

4401 N MERIDIAN AVE. Nice 5 room house, corner lot. 1320sf $1250mo 659-2182 »» 209-7273 Small Business/Storage 1250sqft, 28Wx50L, 14x14 O/H door, $500 month. 89th St. & I-35 S. OKC, 631-4447 New I-35 frontage bldg for rent: ofc/shop/whse, 1900sf $800mo 793-7877

Office Space For Rent Exec A Class Office Space avail, fully furnished w/ use of conference room/break room. Server & PC optional. Located NW, Will not last. Please call 405-226-7984

GREAT Space OFFICE Various NW locations MOVE IN SPECIALS 300-6000sf 946-2516

OFFICE SPACE available. Lowest rates in town. Great location. NW Expressway & 63rd. »»» 640-8206 »»»

Warehouse Space For Rent WAREHOUSE / 416-5241 3006 S Dumas 700sf $390 3408 SW 29 OH Door 1080sf $390 3414 SW 29 OH Door 1200sf $390 3520Newcastle 1280sf$390

Nice Homes Metro. Some Owner Carry 417-2176

2 bed, 2 ba, near OCCC $525 mo, $200 dep. W/D hkup, sec 8 ok, 812-8834 NW OKC, Quiet 2 bd, 2.5 ba, all appls, most bills pd, fp, no sec 8, 720-1419


MOVE IN SPECIAL 1,2,3 Bedrooms available Rent starting at $390mo Plant yourself in a community with room to bloom Village on the lake



DirectTV now hiring contract technicians. Training available. Must have clean background, driving record and own truck. Oklahoma City & Western Oklahoma. Pay $700-$1500/week DOE. Sign on bonus available. Please call 602-214-2370

OKC NW : Open Fri Sat 9-6 Sun 1-4 Eagle Lake Estates 10409 Mantle Dr. Eagle 3/2.5/2, $179,900. 405-820-0884

BANK OWNED 4/2/1, fp, 3 liv, 1924sf, brick, ch/a, $49.9K Arlene CB 414-8753

705 Holoway Dr. 3/1.5/1 redone Inside & out, new windows, carpet, appls, etc $83K 787-8099

EOE/AA Pre-employment drug screen and background check required.

Bank owned 18 units $350K, 4 plex near OCU $169K - 6 units hrdwd flr $225K, Income Property $200K 12% CAP, $1 MM earns $10,000 per month, Seabrooke Rlty 409-7779

Condominiums, Townhouses For Rent 441

Florence Apts-Midtown1bd 1ba Studio 600sf, Granite Counter tops, wood floors, CH/A, All Elect, Free laundry $650 $400 dep. 409-7989 Walford Apts-Midtown518 NW 12th 1bd 1ba Studio 700sf, all electric, $575/mo $475/dp OR basement studio $425mo $325/dp 409-7989

CANTERBURY GARDEN MOVE IN SPECIAL Big 2 Bedroom w/ample storage, ch&a, Sec. 8 Ok. Broker 677-9116 Lowered Rates on our spacious 1 & 2bd with washer & dryer in prime location, PC Schools. Northridge Apts 721-0112 $149 First Month Your choice, any apartment ALL BILLS PAID 293-3693 Drexel on the Park $98 FIRST MONTH 18 Floor Plans 416-5259 Wilshire Village Soon to be TUSCANY VILLAGE

1012 & 1014 Chowning, 2/1/1, near UCO, $620 + dep. 285-0305/823-6550 220 Barrett Place, 2/1/1, kit appls, $625 mo, no pets/section 8, 517-1222

1809 NW 12, 1 bd, 1 ba, cntrl heat, total elec. $425+$400dep 936-9058

2 bed, stove & refrig, bills paid, No pets. $600 mo + dep. Call 232-9704 2428 SW 90 Pl 2/1K /1 refs reqd no Pets $700mo + $600dep 410-9777

K Off Special 6527K Avondale 2bd 1bath 1 car 1100sf $950 mo. $800dep 409-7989

Duplexes, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, some new, some gated, call Rick, 405-830-3789.

Plaza Apts 1740 NW 17 1 bed 1 bath wood floors all electric, $500/mo $250dp 409-7989 no sec8

ROOM FOR RENT, ALL BILLS PAID, $275 MO, 1712 NW 12, 417-0701.

Beautiful 1 bed NW OKC CALL FOR SPECIAL 789 2692

Houses for rent

MAYFAIR 50th/May 1/2bd W/D hdwd flr quiet secure ngbrhd No sec 8 947-5665


Only $455Casady 751-8088

5907K NW 40th, 1 bed, 1 bath, fenced yard. No Sec 8. $450/mo 921-6981

800 N. Meridian 1bd All bills paid 946-9506

4bed Executive home, Westmoore schls, corner lot, 2.5ba 2car garage, 2 dining areas, excellent condition. Great area! $175,000 Fidelity RE 410-4200, 692-1661 OWNER FINANCING $2000 down No Credit Ck 3208 SW 38, 3/1 $49,000 3916 S Agnew Pl $55,000 ¡ 596-4599, 410-8840 ¡ SALE/RENT TO OWN $145K, 1939sf, 3/2/2. 1/4 AC. 16 SW 102. WestMoore Schools 401-0139

2187 E TRAIL DR/ 5AC+ 3Bd, 3K Ba. 2 Lg Liv areas. 3450+ Sqft + office Blt in 2007. $395K Leon 373-4820 Overland Express Realty, Inc NEW HOME on 1/2 ac MOL 3/2.5/3 approx 2168' $216,800 call Richard for details 313-1726 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494


Commercial RE

1bd 1ba $295-325 Stove, fridge garage405-625-7600

Business Property For Sale Feed/Grain Mill For Sale Harrah OK Family owned grain and feed company. Retail - Wholesale, good revenue. $370,000 Tom 405-417-1042

Established Business For Sale MUST SELL! Home center in Southern Oklahoma Exc 20yr est. home center, $2.6M annual sales, Call 405-720-1616, Aspen Comm'l. Realty Long Est. Flower & Gift Shop for sale in NW OKC ‘ Call 405-630-8910 ‘

Great location walking distance to UCO 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. 6mo lease $540mo »» 340-8147 VERY, VERY QUIET Near mall, schls, hosp, Try Plaza East 341-4813

$200 OFF RENT 1 & 2 bedrooms. Spring Tree Apartments. 405-737-8172.

$99 move in special Lg 1bd quiet, clean, coin lndry on site, pool $365mo 794-5595

$79 Move-In Special Se Habla Espanol Carriage Square Apts. 634-6380 Open Sat. 10am-2pm $99 SPECIAL Lg 1bdr, stove, refrig., clean, walk to shops. $325 mo. 632-9849 $99 Move In Special!!! Lg 1 and 2 Bdr, $325 to $395 mo. 632-9849

Condominiums, Townhouses For Rent 441 1 bed Condo, all appls. included. $595/mo unfurnished. Furnished price neg. Avail. ASAP. Call 317-3262

3/1/1, 105 NE 10th, $600 mo, $200 dep, no pets, show Monday, 405-6428417 or 580-320-3298. 913 NW 34th, small 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, new ch&a, $500 month + deposit, no pets, 794-8056. Sharp 3/2/2, FP, c-fans 908 Newport $750/mo $550/dep 794-2275

Heart of Paseo

1 bedrooms & Efficiency Call Kerry for details 405-409-7972 Metro Management

Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995

4 bed 2 living, 1 bath, detached garage, ch&a, 405-637-4406 2416 Eagle Dr. 3 bd, 1 ba 1 car garage $700/mo No pets. 973-5890 3 bed, 2 bath, ch&a, $600 mo, $400 dep. 4604 SE 26th. 381-4841, 990-4869

Nice 4 Bed 4bed, 2ba, 2 Car 1975sqft 2006 $1350/mo Call Cole 405-464-7125

6200 SE 11th extra sharp 3bd brick 2ba, oversized 1 car garage, ch/a, mint condition $875 Fidelity RE 410-4200, 692-1661 1002 Bell Dr. Immac 2/1/1, no pets/smoker $650 + dep. 705 Holoway Dr. updated sale. 3/1.5/1 787-8099 Rent to Own: Nice 2&3bd MWC $350&up 390-9777

3 bed, 1 bath, no garage, ch&a, fenced bkyd $575/ mo, $500/dep 326-6081

2bd, 1ba, lots of storage 1 Acre. quiet nghbrhood $525 appt only 323-8867

1824 N Vine, 2 bed, 1 bath, kitchen, section 8 welcome, 424-1951 or 474-1904. 1306 NE 8 ch&a, W/D hkup 1bd, 1ba, Sec 8 Ok. Nice, Must See 436-4648 2301 N. Hood 3bd, 1 bath $525/month 408-5836

7007 Pebble Lane, 2 bed, 2 bath, 2c gar, Duplex in PCN area, quiet neighborhood, $725 + deposit, no section 8, Call Keith, 405-413-2555 Clean, 3bed house, frig/range, att. gar W/D Hookups. 2116 Brighton Ave. $500mo $250 security deposit. No sec 8 no pets 722-1354 3347 NW 12 3bd 1bath 1239sf, fridge, stove, wood & carpet floors $725/mo $500/dp 409-7989 no sec 8 4304 NW 11th St. 3bd 1.5 ba 2c garage. W/D hookup. ch&a, fenced back yard. $725mo $725 dep no pets 519-2845 205 NW 88 3bd Sec8 $600 229 NW 92 3bd Sec8 $600 1513 NW 47th 2bd $450 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551 Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995 3 bd, 1. 5 ba, 2 car, fncd backyard, W/D hookup $800mo 4916 N Cromwell Pets Ok. 714-412-9008 6021 NW 58th Terr 3bed 2bath 1car, PC Schools, $1100/mo, $1100/dep 1600sf 409-7989 no sec 8 811 NW 97th, 2 bd, 1ba, no pets, no sec 8, $500 mo, $400 dep, 615-8710 Sect 8 accepted 1129 NW 9th 3bed, 1ba, Kim 200-9151 3 bed, 2 bath, Village, year lease, $1050 mo + dep. 760-8228, 755-5483 1313 NW 104th Terrace 3/1/2 $600 mo, $500 dep TMS Prop 348-0720 1609 NW 15 3bedroom 1bath $700mo $500dp 409-7989 no sec8 2bd/1ba house upstairs, $500/mo.+$150dep., 3607 N. Francis, Tom 501-617-2173

Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995 604 SE 48th 2 bed, 1 ba, W/D hookup, w/appls. bkyd. 405-501-6570

New Rivendell Exec Home 408-4168 Luxury indoor pool & spa Fully equip'd media & wrkout rooms $5100/mo

$ FREE RENT 1ST MO $ » FOR SALE OR RENT» 2BR $350+, 3BR $450+, MWC NO PETS 427-0627 2 bd 1 ba, w/appls incl. W&D, new carpet, Edmd Schls, storage shed, No pets 348-6240, 623-1181

Room in older house directly across from UCO campus, $300, 509-6789.


CoorsTek offers exc. benefits: medical/dental /vision ins., 401K, life ins., AD&D, STD/LTD, PTO, Direct Deposit and much, much more! A casual, yet professional working environment.

Investment Property For Sale

PIEDMONT OPEN SAT 2-4 & SUN 2-5. Model home. New hms on 1/2 ac lots. Info also available for new hms in other additions. From NW Expwy & Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494.

SW 68th & Penn Area 2BED, 1BATH, 2CAR, CH&A, NO SMOKING, NO PETS, $700MO + $600 DEP, 694-9611. Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995


Beautiful like new 3bd, 2ba, study w/wood flrs, 3-car garage, granite counter tops, SS appls, fenced & landscaped. $182,900 Fidelity 692-1661


Enjoy working with an exciting co., which is the largest technical ceramic co. in the world and has been in business over 100 years.



Production Operator II CNC Set-Up I CNC Set-Up II

Homes For Sale


If you have always thought “it could be better”, and want to work for a great organization where the people who touch the product are the most important part of the process, here’s your opportunity. Our Oklahoma City facility has opportunities for talented individuals who have proven skills and work experience as a:

Contact Center located in Moore. Great opportunity for a goal oriented team member to build their resume providing Business to Business retention and up sell services in the telecommunications industry. Excellent Computer Skills and Customer Relation Skills Required. Our Agents average $30Kper year. 8:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. Contact 405 793 1100 or email resume to: gmeissner@redhat

Nice 3 bd, 1 ba, 1 car, lrg fncd yd w/ deck No pets No Sec 8. $700 +$700dep 222-7101 2534 SW 57 St 3/1K /1, new carpet and ch&a, no section 8, no pets, $750 mo + dep, 2721 SW 61st, 636-1911 3/2/2, 1750 sf, Kings Park w/comm. pool, club house, tennis ct, $1050 +dep, avail 3-1, 682-5885 4605 S. Santa Fe 4 bed, 2 bath, CH&A w/d hookups, w/appliances, 405-501-6570 1001 SW 63rd 3bd home corner lot, fresh paint inside & out $525 Fidelity RE 410-4200, 692-1661 2656 SW 38th Small 2bd house, clean, fenced yard $375 Fidelity RE 410-4200, 692-1661 2625 SW 45th Sharp 3bd, with 1 car garage, clean, fenced $650 Fidelity410-4200, 692-1661 4044 SW 26th 2bd $400 5709 Empire 2bd $325 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551 Near Integris South 2/1/1, CH&A, Fncd Yd. 575/500 Dep. App Fee, 691-5479 3318 SW 28th, Large Eff. House, Fenced yard $350/mo. • 408-5836 2 bed, Sec. 8, $550mo, $300dep. 420 SW 12 St. Call 213-5168 Large 2 bed, carport, corner lot, No pets. $600 mo + dep. Call 232-9704 3/1/1 nice inside, fenced yard, ch&a, 3045 SW 39 $650, $300dep, 692-7459 2413 SW 47th, 3 bed, 1 bath, ch&a, $625 per mo, $525 dep, 812-6461. 2741 SW 30th 2bd, 1bath $375/mo 408-5836

316 East Noble, Guthrie 3/1 w/d hk, yard $595mo $500dp TMS Prop 348-0720

3928 NW 25th St, nice 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, ch&a, stove, $575 mo, 755-1316

2609 Chaucer, 3 bed, 1K bath, $850 month, water and sewer paid, 1st and last, no sec 8, 596-5709.

2541 NW 15th- 3bd 2ba 1 car, $800/mo $600/dp 1500sf 409-7989 no sec 8

1600 SF 3 BDR 2.5 bth Call Clint 405-503-1480

Antiques, Art, Collectibles 501

Estate & Business

Liquidation Appraisals, & more.

DIANE LEE'S Website/Email: dianelees@

843-1651 or 842-7200

Collection of Large Royal Doulton Character Jugs. Prices vary, many to choose from! Many character of the year jugs, some signed by Michael Doulton. $75-$200 • 405-840-2226 Set of AA Books: 1st Edtn, 9th printing, printed in 1946, 2nd Edtn 1955, 3rd Edtn 1976, 4th Etdn 2001, 12 Steps & 12 Traditions $1250 Cash Only 321-4008 Raggedy Ann Dolls Beautiful, hand made, 20" Raggedy Ann Dolls 29.99 www.andersongift WANTED outdated license plates 348-1830

Daryl's Appliance: W&D $75 & up 5yr warr. Ref/ Stoves $125&up1yr warr M-F9-6 Sat11-5 632-8954 BABY LOCK SERGER Evolution Model - New Self-Threading $1,500. CALL 405.359.9995 Whirlpool W&D $200; Frig $100; Elec oven $100; CharBroiler Grill $75; 30'' Color TV $100 275-3419 25 cu ft side by side Whirlpool, water/ice disp, $500 obo, 922-9069. Washer, Fridge, Dryer, Stove, $150 ea. Can Del. 216-8318 or 820-8727 BlowoutSale!All app xtra clean 1yr wnty 732-8503 GE Refrigerator $125, Kenmore Washer & Dryer $225, 354-0766

Washer & Dryer, Extra Large Cap., Exc Cond. $225 »»» 248-4070

REAL ESTATE & PERSONAL PROPERTY AUCTION SAT, March 5, 10:30 am 1211 NW 91st Nice 3 Bdrm, 1 K Baths, Storm Shelter, Rinnai Hot Water System, New Roof, H/A 2 yrs Old Opening Bid $50,000 Open Houses, Sun, Feb 20 & 27, 1-3 pm Contents: Antiques, Modern, Glassware, Pictures, Collectibles, Yard Tools. Conducted by Williams Auction Co. 2604 W. Skelly Dr, Tulsa 918-446-4307

Roofing & Siding Special 417-3707 30 yr laminate weatherwood $65 sq 16ft Lap siding $9each Roll off containers for rent Installation Available GOBER CONSTRUCTION Post Framed Buildings: 30x40x10, (2) 12x8 overhead (1) entry door, and concrete $12,000.Visit or call . 405-650-2556 • Laminate Flooring 2100 sq ft, 25 year warr, 95¢/sq ft • Prefinished oak, Hardwood, 2400 sq ft. 30 year warranty $2/sq ft. • 405-632-0499 SALVAGED ITEMS: Windows, Storm Doors, Metal Doors, A/C Units, Sinks, Cabinets, Steel I-Beams & Steel Bar Joists Call 405-593-0483 Custom Doors for Mobile Homes with Jamb. $109.00 Call Vickie 405-232-3578

2-Portable Walls, 8'x14', $2000, 405-503-6056 True glass 2dr comm fridge Model GDM35, very nice, $1800 330-2266 ‘ We Buy & Sell Used ‘ ‘ Restaurant Equip. ‘ Great Prices!¡760-8132 Rest equip-100s -chairs, tables, refrig, grills, fryers, hoods. 417-5310. Entire restaurant equipment, front to back, 500 + pieces, $30K, 360-1727.

Penn. Hse 6 pc solid mahogany dining set, w/ 2 leaves & 2 hard back tbl covers, fits w/or w/out leaves, seats up to 14. Exc Cond $2000 948-1119 Large entertainment center w/lights holds 60'' tv, bought at Hemispheres for $2000, asking $1000. 405-926-0464 Couch & loveseat; queen bedroom set; bunkbed, dining room set; queen & king mattress sets; $100-$450; 397-1801 Couch, chair, end tables, microwaves,3x4 gold frame mirror $50-$225 Lots free stuff 603-7712 Coffee table $150; pub table $700; treadmill $275; all excellent cond, 573-4688 or 850-1212. Dining room table with 4 chairs, converts to game table, paid $2000 asking $800, 405-926-0464

Dell Pentium 4 Computer 80 GV HD, new keyboard & mouse, Win XP, high speed internet w/ monitor, $80, 819-8691. LAPTOP - Dell. Windows 7. Wifi, DVD. Good Cond. $220. 405-301-0689

Used behind the ear hearing aide, $400, very good condition, 488-1584 Wrangler 3 wheelr, $400 obo. Emach computer sys, $1500 obo. 703-4370

Buy & Sell Pre-Owned Rolexes & fine watches 789-2824 / 800-348-2824 13,000ft good 1'' coil tubing in well@Hydro, Ok. ''You pull" 10¢ per ft. also 10,000 lb WKM well head $3000, 405-321-5393 1995 CAT Backhoe, 416B 4x4, new paint and decals, cab & heat, $22,900. 405-830-4091

COLOR TV's: 27" $60; 19" $40 ¡ 13" $35 Extra Nice! 405-721-1764

'05 NH T2320 45hp 4wd tracter w/ loader. Hydro trans, 3 remotes w/ hydro top and tilt cylinders. 659 hrs. good condition. Central New Holland OKC 495-6151

»»»»»»»» Antique Wheel Horse $350, 681-1820

Propane Tanks Rebuilt Warranty. 500g.- $500. Others & salvage available. 405-375-4189. Nice Loblolly pines 11', Shumard & sawtooth oak, 2K diameter, $125 ea. John 370-9571 CASH PAID for diabetic test strips! All brands needed. 405-990-8898

Edmond 341-7829


•Solid Brazilian Cherry• • Hardwood Flooring • (2600sf) Beautiful, never used $2.50/sf 632-0499

'72 Chevy 1 Ton, 350 4sp, Flatbed, HD lift winch $1000 405-733-7094

Used wood fence panels, Good Condition 40 @ $15.00ea. 745-3062 Black Ornamental Fence 4’x92’’ panels, $69.95/panel; 2540 SW 29th, 634-6411.

Bull Terrier Puppies, AKC, 3M, 3F, ready to go, s/w, $1000, 580-4925218 or 580-647-7061.

Portable Storage Units Repoed & Used - GREAT PRICES! 405-783-4370

Thunder Tickets All Sports & Concerts » Local & Nationwide»


25' gooseneck trailer, solid steel, tandem axles, ramps, good tires, $1900. 924-1430 Utility Trailer made from Chevy Truck Bed $150 Call 802-5109 18' car hauler, steel floor brakes, new tires, dovetail $2075 405-834-9094 5x8, 5x10, 6x12 w/gates; like new 16 ft tandem; $650-$950 cash; 670-1850

Australian Shepherd ASCA/AKC, 8 wks, Show Qual., Working line, Ltd. Reg. Blue merles, 3F 2M $650 blk tri, 1F 1M $550 s/w/dc 405-823-7878 Australian Shepherd Puppies ASCA Red Merles and Black Tri's. Healthy & vet checked. Whelped 12/22/2010. $300-$400 (918)652-1277 or (405)786-2865 Weleetka, OK Australian Shepherd puppies for sale, 2 litters, one double registered and one unregistered. Call for info 580748-0758 or 748-2383. Bichon Frise AKC/UKC 4 months 3 Males SE OKC $200 405-703-0813 Bichon Frise, amazing pups, 4M, $150 obo. 1 AKC M $260, 214-7857 Blue Heeler pups & Red Heeler pups. 7wks. working parents. $100 cash 224-6903 Blue Heelers, ranch raised, top quality, 7 weeks, pre spoiled $125, 580-591-2603, Lawton Border Collies ABCA, B&W, 2M, 1F, 6 wks $200. 580-336-1975

Lift Chair, perfect condition, $800 obo. 405-324-5452

» 3 TRAILERS » Gooseneck: '90 $3500' '92 $5000; '87 shop made drop deck $6000. OBO » 232-2286 »

Sheet Metal, 3'x10' $16, Mon-Sat. 405-390-2077 or 405-659-3054

100% Latex Matresses (1) Full size Firm complete set w/ frame $350; (1) King size Med. Firm mattress & separate topper $400 605-9272

Highest CASH paid for old coin collections silver dollars & gold 620-7375

Post Frame 30 x 60 x 10 overhead, walkin, choice of color erected $8995. call 405/642-7157

36" P.H. K glass Steel Doors, $97.00 Call Vickie 405-232-3578

WOODS UNLIMITED $70 delivered, PU available 405-473-2851, 996-6352


Spring Equipment Consignment Auction Saturday, March 5th, 10:00 a.m. Earlsboro, OK. Directions: I-40 East of Shawnee to Earlsboro Exit (exit #192). Southwest Corner. Tractors, Trailers, Farm Equip., ONG Surplus Vehicles, Farm Sell Out. Accepting consignments through sale day. No buyers premium! For more information visit our website @ www. Rosenfelt Auctions 405-364-9277

Store 4-sell, Caterpillar Forklift, pallet shelving, 24 ft sectional shelving T40B Caterpillar Forklift 4-sale $2,500. Works & runs great. Pallet Shelving 18ft tall 8 ft sections $1800. 24 ft double sided section of shelving $400.00. Also, store for sell. Overstocks, shelf pulls and some returned merchandise from large retail chains. Merchandise includes clothing, tools, HBA, toys, and etc. serious inquiries only. forklift $2500. Bargain Time Outlet 315 W. 12th Ada, OK 74820 580-235-2728 or 580-235-2688


W & D $79 & up. Refrig $99 & up. Stoves $99. warranties 405-641-5693

Border Collie Pups Reg, R/W, POP, $150 454-6410, 425-273-4747

Himalayan Persian Kittens CFA 8wks 1m 2f $275ea 405-408-0145 Siamese Kittens’ 6 weeks, 2 males, snow shoes seal point, 1 seal point. $125, 320-4587

CHAROLAIS Registered Bulls 903-814-5008/580-657-3888 30 3-5 angus cows calving in fall been preg checked angus bulls #1200 642-6156

18X21 carport $695, 18x31 RV cov $1634, 20x21 garage $3382 installed. Weldup Bldgs: 30x40x12 $13,600 30x50x12 $15,900 40x60x12 $23,400 596-3344

Boston Terrier AKC 8wks,Wormed, 1stShots, 2male, 2female $200-$300. 321-5266 Boston Terriers, AKC, 1M, 1F, blk/brindl/wht, full collars, husky pups, s/w, $275, 201-4513. Boston Terrier, AKC, 2 red & white M, 9 wks old $300ea 454-2749 Boston Terrier Puppies, AKC, S/W, Great Pets! $300 ea, 405-503-2272.

25 3-4 angus cows calving in spring been preg checked angus bulls #1200 642-6156

Airedale AKC Females (1) 2 yrs old, spayed, well trained, (2nd) is 11 months old, loves children, both dogs have been raised as inside members of the family, both dogs are housebroke. Moving must sell immediately $200 for both. Call 405-514-1581.

Boxer, AKC brindle M pup, champion bldln, s/w/dc $500 ¡ 405-205-4724 Boxer, 1 female, 9 weeks old, no papers, $300, 454-3980. Boxer Pups AKC go to 4 pics $325 & up call CD at 405-202-8962

Cairn Terrier Puppies, Registered, S/W $125ea 405-657-6234 Catahoula 3/4, 3 M, 4 F, all colors, 7 weeks, shots dc, $50, 313-8152.

AKC 3 males, 2 fem. s, t, claws. fawn $250 405-567-5019 Shawnee Anatolian Shepherd Pups registered, 8 weeks old, POP, pinto coloring, $250, 405-808-8235. » AUSSIE's » All Colors, Mini & Toy's, $100-$400, 405-650-4671 AUSSIE MIX 3 pups 2male 1 female $45each 470-5573, 203-6931


Puppies 1F, 1M flashy fawn, 2M white, 1F flashy brindle. S/W/D, first set of shots & wormer. will be 6 weeks on March 10. $300 call/text 405-501-2448 Brussels Griffon 8 wks, reg, 1st shots, vet ck'd $300. 405-612-2467

Dachshund, Mini, Pups & Adults, LH, SH & Wire $75-$250 ’ 527-7776 Dachshund, M, S/W, neut 2yrs, loveable, needs good home, $75 969-2276

Cavalier K.C. AKC, 1 M $375, 10 weeks, blhem S/W 405-379-3553 Chihuahua-8wks M teacup, white, s/w, reg, $200. 361-5317 CHIHUAHUA 4 Registered Puppies $150-$200 ’ 381-3740 Chihuahua ACA, Tea Cup and Toy, SH/LH, all ages, $195-$250, 405-808-7102 Chihuahua Puppies I have two male teacups born on Jan 15th. Vet checked and first set of shots. $200. Lindsay 405-593-2916 CHIHUAHUA PUPS, 2 white M $75, older companion dogs $50. 405-487-6708 CHIHUAHUAS ACA ’ 1 F $250, 2 M, $195, 9 wks, s&w, POP, vet checked, Love People 642-1542 ’

Dachshund Mini, AKC, s/w, piebald and sable, $150, Del City, 808-3263.

DACHSHUNDS, MINI Registered M/F, S/W, $100-$250 405-401-9212 see pics at Doberman, AKC, 10 wks, s/w/t/dc, bt/rt, POP $400 ’ 580-532-4578 lv msg, 580-554-6572 Doberman AKC Puppies, 6 Male, 4 Female, black & tan & red & tan, t/dc, $250. 580-362-0605 Dogue de Bordeaux puppy aka French Mastiff, 1F left. S/W. AKC. 12 weeks old. $800 (405)664-3035 or e-mail

Chihuahuas, 7 wks, S/W CUTE LITTLE TEACUPS $250 Cash 205-4265 Chinese Pug AKC fawn 7 wks, 2 F, 2 M, s/w, hlth guar, $300-$275 cash, 405-863-1205 or 405-340-5082 Chinese Shar Pei For Sale 2 y/o, AKC, chocolate, microchipped, all shots up to date, inside dog, housetrained. $200 obo (405) 209-1944 Chinese Shar Pei 5 puppies. black, white & buff $150obo 787-7872 Chua-Weenie Pups, 2 F, 2 M, ready to go, $75 ea. 405-779-0642

Cocker, ACA, 1M blk, 1F blk/wht, 6wks, s/w, POP hlth guar $200 570-5768 COCKER PUPPIES (3) 4 months, Adorable! groomed, Care package, $100 each, 681-5155 Corgis, 2 10 wk Males s/w, $250 w/o papers $300 w/papers 405-3560093 405-919-0050 DACH, Mini, LH, blk/tan, blk/cream dapple, s/w, $140, 808-9107, 769-2317.

German Shepherd AKC European Import National Champion Sired Litter, Parents OFA Hip Certified 3M, 5F $1000 (405) 837-6305

German Shepherd AKC pups & teenagers, Champion Heidelberg's, $850 ‘ 918-261-4729 German Shepherds AKC female Born 12/19/10, S/W, German Blood line, Long haired and short haired available, saddle backs. B/silver, B/tan, B/red, B/cream, P/O. $500 Jamie 580-235-9034 or 580-369-5585 German Shepherds, AKC puppies, 7 weeks old, 2 solid white, 4 black/tan $275, s/w, parents on premises, call Bob in Blanchard, 405-664-1724. German Sheppard AKC Black & Red, red & black sable puppies. Mother direct German Bloodlines, 7M-$600, 1F-$400, 535-7897, 396-2158

English Bulldog, AKC, 1 M 2 F, 12 wks, shots up to date $950 ea; 1 F 7 mos $1200. 2 yr health guar. ¡ 918-441-1935 English Bulldog 2 year old female, very loving and great with kids! $500. 465-7285 English Bulldogs, AKC, 2M, 8wks, Champ Ped. $1750 405-368-7211 English Bulldog. AKC 1 female. 2 yrs old. champion bloodlines. $800ea 580-222-6142

German Shepherd puppies, 2 males & 2 females, $150. Chihuahua 1 male, 1 female, $100. 405-513-3006 German Shepherd AKC Pups 3m 2f POP, big boned Saddlebacks. S/W $500$650 799-7620, 250-8266 German Shepherd, AKC, 5 M, 1 F, 6 weeks old, blk/tan, Pedigree, S/W $250 each. 473-8383 German Shep, AKC, Lg, M/F, blk/tan, wht $500-$600 405-323-3211, 527-8888

English Bulldogs Akc reg. 9wks 3f $1250$1500. 405-863-8998

German Shepherd Pups, 10 weeks old, AKC Reg. 2F $350 405-818-5706 405-376-3406

English Bulldogs AKC 1M 1F, Pups Short/Fat! $1300, 405-550-0886

German Shepherds, 6 weeks old, 1M, 2F, s/w, $300, 520-4928.

English Mastiff, AKC, 1male 3females brindle & apricot. 9wks old $500 580-371-8019

German Shep Pups, s/w, blk/tan, 12 wks, parents Ger Ped. $300, 405-481-6433

Fox Terrier Female, good companion, nice color, good personality,$25 464-8764

READY NOW! Vet CK Guarantee S/W/DC Will meet $600-$900 rubyrunkennel@ 405 320-1198

Golden Ret. ACA. 6 wks 4 M S/W. POP. Health guar $250ea . 570-5768

Dachshund Mini, CKC 6 wks 2M 1F blk & tan dapple $150 405-371-5970

Chihuahuas, ACA, 3F, 1M Very Tiny & Playful! $150-$300 321-5591 Chihuahuas, (2) Dachshund/Yorkies, s/w $40-$75ea cash 306-7083

German Shepherd Pure bred AKC pups mom & dad police dogs. Exc. Guardians & Pets Blk/ Silvr/Tan & Wht Papers, Training Books & Leash +50lbs Food $350-$500 405-207-4736

Dachshund Mini S/H red, blk/tan, piebald, 9 wks, AKC $175 Tammy 405-249-6586 Dachshund Mini, 6 wks, reg, 1 extra sm F, $150, 405-620-5228


Beautiful Kimball Spinet with bench, tuned & ready for those piano lessons! $800 715-0280 1 Kawaii Studio Piano, $1500, 2 keyboards, $50$100, 405-503-6056.

Boston Terriers, AKC, 4M, 9 weeks, $175 each, 1F, 2 years old, $50; French Bulldogs, AKC, M, 4 years, fawn, $300, 1F 3 year, cream, $500; all s/w, Cash, 580-369-8033

DACH MINI 2 lil sweethearts, red M, sh, $125 »» 321-1209

Cairn Terriers, AKC (Toto Wizard of Oz) M & F $200-$250 580-583-2696

Golden doodles

Dach. AKC 3M 3F shots, Vet ckd. B/T small hm rsd $150-$175 386-5467

German Shepherd AKC 1 year old Male very sweet $200. 570-6159 German Shepherd AKC all white, 8 weeks, $300 cash. 227-7799, 227-7755

Free to good home 4 yr 105 lb Eng. Mastiff, shots, sweet disp/affecionate but has ''marking turf'' issues, best as outside dog. Call Mike 227-0167

German Shepherd pure bred w/papers, DOB, 1/4/11 $350 »» 918-839-3158

French Bulldog, AKC, all colors M&F$950-$1800 (405)323-3211, 527-8888

German Shorthair Pointers, AKC puppies, very birded pups, 3 F, 1 M $250 obo 405-659-7755.

Lab Puppies, black, reg parents, no papers for pups, 1st s/w, 8 weeks $75. 596-0212 Edmond Lab Puppies AKC, 7 weeks, 1black Male, 1black F, $250, 464-9150 Labradoodle Puppies Choc, utd shots, vet chk $550-650. 918-791-8800

Labs, AKC, 8 weeks, vet checked, s/w, POP, 2 black M, 2 yellow M, 2 yellow F, M-$200, F-$250, 405-323-0020. LABS 6wks, AKC, 2 gen. champs, blk, s/w, M$300, F-$350. 760-8114

Golden Retreiver AKC shots/ vet checked. ready by Mar 4. 2m 2f $500 405-317-6356

***LABS AKC*** BLACK MALES: STRONG PREY DRIVE D/W/S $400. (580)399-9461

Golden Retriever Pups AKC, 7wks, 1F 2M, Champ Bldlins, S/W, POP, pic avil by emial. will meet. $300. 580-272-7974

LABS AKC 8wks S/W/D 3F Creamy Whites and Yellows $400 1 Green Eyed White Dudley Male $600 SIRE HUNTS 405-388-3247 :)

Golden Retrievers, AKC OFA, blonde, 3 M, 1 F, 2 yr Health Guar. $500 405-623-2455 Golden Retrievers, AKC Reg, 6 weeks, S/W, POP, $350, 405-795-4580,

Lakeland Terriers AKC, 8 weeks, 2 M, 2 F, s/w, POP, $700, 405-207-7468 Lhasa 2m 1f Reg. pups. s/w $175-$250 cash. ’ 659-9256 ’ Mal-Shi-ADORABLE! »» Itty-Bitty »» $395 visa/mc 826-4557

Golden Retrievers 28 avail. Sooner Golden Ret. Rescue $150-$275 ’ 405-749-5700

Maltese AKC ACA CKC $350-$550, 405-609-9241

Great Dane AKC Puppies We have a litter of AKC Blue Great Dane puppies for sale, ready to go and Vet checked. $500. Michell or Dondi 918-399-0932

Maltese AKC, 13 weeks, female, vet checked, papers. $450. 405-352-4376

Great Dane Puppies 3 CKC puppies, 6 wks,1 blue merle, 2 blacks $350,$500 918-520-7234 Havanese M & F's various ages and colors. Utd vacc and worm $400. 580-337-3348 Husky-Siberian: Need a puppy to keep you up at night? Best friend? F Shots/De-wrmd. 9 wks, socialized, $550, 405-285-8666 Italian Greyhounds 8 wks. s/w $75-$100 405-585-3545 JACK RUSSELL MIX 2 active, sweet tempered Neutered M. 19Mos old needs fenced yard. adoption fee $75. 405-872-8032 Jack Russell Pups, ACA Reg. s/t/dc 8wks 4F, 1M $200 each. 405-501-0828 JACK RUSSELL Pups, CKC reg, 2M, $125 each, 405-794-1942. Jack Russell/Dachshund mix, 7 month F, free to good home, 239-0457. Shih Tzus 6 wk old 1st shots, vet checked $250. 405-210-5729 LAB, AKC PUPPIES, RARE silver & charcoal, s/w/dc, big & blocky, $500, 405-517-7911 LAB AKC BLK/CHOC DOB 01-14-2011 4M 4F SWD both Dam&Sire hunt, Sire's bloodline search/rescue & show $400 405-997-8350 after 5pm 405-973-4762

Maltese puppies, shots/ wormed, registered, cute & tiny, 1M $225, 2F $300, 580-571-5064. MALTESE Reg. 1 Female. S/W $400cash ’ 659-9256 ’ Mastiff/Boxer Mix 8wks 3M, 4F, POP, $100 Leave Message 794-0413 Morkie 1 black F, with lots of accessories $300 405-376-9130 Old English Sheepdogs AKC, 9 mos. $180 Cash (580) 673-6575/923-7455 Pit Bull 1 1/2 yr old male. 2 yr old female needs a home dont have to stay together. $50. obo Kevin 657-9070 Pit Bull Puppies Puppies were born the last week of December. $25. Kevin 405-657-9070 Pit Bulls ADBA reg. Papers in hand, S & W. Rednoses and bluenoses 200-600 (405)471-3658 PomPoos, 2F, Reg. $250, cream, 8 wks, S/W, hlth guar. 405-919-2575 POM PUPPIES ’ 2 months, $250-$200. 405-618-8077, Asher Poms, AKC/CKC, parti, merles, $275-$800, 405-609-9241

Poms, Shih-tzu, Rats, Poodles, Jack Rus, Dasch, Reg puppies. Pics at $100 - $250 918-4480336 or 918-429-8300

Poodles, Standard, AKC $500 M or F, Many colors (405)756-9778/428-1882 PUG, AKC, 1 Female, 6 wks old, S&W $250 605-0888 or 921-4100 PUG PUPPIES. 7wks old. All shots. 2m 2f $200ea 433-9050 Rott. German lines, sire 140+lbs 10wk s/w/t/dc POP 2F, $350 630-8243 Rott K /Pitt Bull K Pups have both parents $100 each. OBO 405-642-3737 Rottweilers, AKC, 6 wks, shots/DC/T POP German bldlns, Female champ bldlns 4F/3M $400-$500 Kevin 405-570-5224 Rottweiler, full blood puppies. 1M $100+shots, 2F $125+shots. 10 wks old. 405-664-7658. Schnauzer Mini AKC 12 wk male pups Must go -- tails docked, ears long $150 OBO Steve 405.313.0658 Elaine 405.248.4985 Schnauzer Mini & Tcup, ACA, black, 1F 5M, 8 wks, ears done $300-$400 627-0419

Schnauzer T-Cup CKC, 2 choc M, hb, 4 lbs, s/w $450-$550 580-540-6354

Siberian Huskies, 1M, 1F, agouti white, registered, blue eyes, $400, 405-816-9795 Weimaraner AKC 1 yr F, spayed, house trained, good w/ kids $100 Robbie 405-778-9274

Schnoodles, home raised, xtra spoiled, 8wks, vet ck'd $250-$400 306-2878

Westie Male Pups, AKC, S/W, Vet Ck'd $350 ’’ 918-606-0045 ’’

Schnoodles, mini, shots, wormed, $200, 405-4887032 or 405-488-7031.

Westie Pups ACA reg guaranteed,s/w 11wks $250-$300 405-923-6033

Shih Tzu & mixes, AKC/CKC, $250-$450. 405-609-9241

Westies, Reg., shots/ wormed, Exc. Quality, (2) 5 month old M, $100 ea, 580-571-5064.

Shih Tzu, 6wks hand raised in loving home. 5 M $200ea 405-919-2284 Shih Tzu, DOB 1/8/11, 3 M, 1 F, 1st shots, d/c, $150-$200 580-227-6033 Shih Tzu ACA 2yr Fml Choc/brindle never bred $100 to good home. 295-2157, 651-7316

Shih Tzu Puppies, AKC, s/w, all colors, great pets, $300, 405-503-2272

Yorkie AKC Adorable F/M Can Send Pics S/W/D/T $250-$400 580-504-9580 Yorkie AKC Registered Puppies 1F 3M 10WKS OLD, POP, CUTE & ADORABLE $300. 405-361-8226

YORKIE, ACA, Adorable female pup, $300, 570-9134 or 485-3702.

Yorkie, AKC, 1 Female, $400 8 weeks, Small, S/W 405-379-3553 Yorkie/Bichon Puppies $250, parents on premises, 2F, 1st shots, born Christmas Eve, 808-6957

Round bales of Sudan or Wheat hay - $25 & up. 405-823-7861 BIG ROUND BALES GRASS HAY $35 each 733-8688

Yorkie Maltese '' Morkie'' 8 weeks, 2 M, playful, s/w, $250 ea. 405-221-1578

Yorkie Puppies, AKC Reg. s/w/t/dc 2 small F $400; 580-892-3063 or 580-310-8450 Yorkie puppies ’’ ACA, champion bloodlines, tiny toys, baby face, $350-$500, 405-589-1037

YORKIES, 7wks, S/W EXTRA TINY TEACUPS $500 Cash 205-4265

Yorkies, AKC, 5 Females, Tiny, 9-10 wks old $350-$450 405-399-3843 Yorkies, Reg. 2 Males, 8 wks old, Baby Doll Faces, Very Small, blk & gold $400ea. 405-222-0697 after 5, or all day wknd YORKIES ACA , 6wks14wks, male & female, $200-$300. 288-2018 ’

Yorkies Teacup, Reg., 2 Ms, $450, 8 wks, S/W, 405-919-2575 YORKIE TEACUPs POP. home spoiled, hlth Grtd. $300 226-2098 Yorkie » TOP QUALITY AKC, Extra Small 1 Female, $600 »» 405-760-4419 »»


Wolf Cubs for sale, 98% Timberwolf, $400. 405-412-3461

Loving Exp'd Senior Care Nights Avail 250-2207

ROUTE FOR SALE 200 accounts x $2 per day = $12,000 a month 3 hours a day - 5 days a week. Less than $40,000 - all or part. 803-327-5050


3 Drop Stores, Computerized, Gross $400K, No plant, Local owner downsizing, Great opportunity! 650-8855

Chocolate Lab Mix, Female, Near 50th and Meridian, 405-664-3960

5 tame doves and 3 extra large cages, $300 for all, 918-968-0420.

Super glide 5th wheel plate, 18k, $900. 405-258-2534.

Small white M dog, near NW 12th & Janeway, Moore, 734-9105 to ID.

9 PARROTS hand fed babies, breeder pairs, $350-$1200 918-243-7474

'07 Chevy Van tows, '06 Starcraft Pop-up, 18 mpg $11,500/both 570-5284

2 Boston Terriers, near NW 122nd & Meridian. Please call & ID 922-8891

Bunnies & yng breeding stock. various breeds, Flemish NZ $20-$30 823-7848

Large cinnamon colored dog, SW 80th and Penn, call to ID, 405-200-5750. OUTDOOR DELIGHT Kayak (1-man), almost new, w/ access. $400; Large Deluxe Outdoor Pride Innertube & access., unused $100; Echo Canyon 14x14 3-room dome tent $100; Safari 14x14 Screen house $30; Alum. Camping Table, never used $50; 2 Coleman sleeping bags $10ea; 20+ Fishing poles, & several boxes of fishing gear $5-$30ea. Dealers Welcome Call 733-8130 lv msg

$6 RK SHOWS $6 NEXT $6


1/4 interest in Bananza 35, good maint. & instr., start $1000, 528-6410.


6604 NW 38th, 789-8102 Pistols, rifles, shotguns. Buy, Sell & Trade. Come see us at the store this weekend.

Front mount, Osark boat lift 12,000lbs lift cap. w/ gavinized tanks, Up to 32' boat $5500obo 308-3539

Guns For Sale Individual Wincester, Itchia, Mosburg Shotguns. Remington 270 Rifle. $300-$650. 405-642-9621, lv msg

86 Tracker 17'6'' w/'91 50HP Force Motor. $3500 call Glen 405-464-9294

Deer Feeders PVC made cammo, holds 1/2 sack corn, $30 ea. or 2 for $50 works great, 684-0436

OK’s largest sel. of used Golf cars 800-276-0571

Hunting/Fishing Leases 607.0 2000 acres & 800 acres in different plots, northern Woodward County near Cimarron river. Excellent hunting: turkey, mule deer, white tail deer, duck hunting pond and wild hogs. Call 580994-5532/580-504-0396.

WE BUY GUNS Mustang Pawn & Gun Over 1,000 New/Used Guns Tue-Sat 9-6 376-GUNS Conceal/Carry Class $40 Gun, ammo, range provided. 405-818-7904 ‘ BOB WHITE QUAIL ‘ $4.00 each. Norman area ‘‘ 405-816-5561 ‘‘ One Reg Male Pointer. Well started $350. 405-413-3732 Male French Brittany, he is a good one! $200. 324-5800 or 306-6311

• Painting • Drywall • Fencing • Other Repairs 229-9691 Free Est. Low $ Do it all! Insured. James, 650-6611

Sunshine Cleaning Service ins/bond 793-1630, 625-3930

2007 Hot Springs Hot Tub, Jet Setter Model JJ. 115 or 230 volt. Paid $5500 asking $2500, good cond. 405-326-9415

'97 Winb, Rex air by Rex hall, 36' pusher V10, 15mpg lrg slide, all options, 2 tv's, new tires $24,300 obo. 924-1430

9 Talking Parrots, H/F Babies $50-$500 or will trade. ’ 341-6373

The Spiffy Butler Insured, Free Estimates 816-4989

DIRT & GRIME? Don't Have The Time?Call A Fresh Start 326-4332

Small Poodle near NW 39th & Classen. Please call to identify, 706-4988

Baseball Biz BIG $$ in Equip., Video Camps & Training! Huge Profits on $1500 investment. Ground flr. 501-340-3902 Two bingo halls use equip free 4700 Bryant & 3124 Portland 416-5227 Conv. Store use equip free 5833 NW 10th $890 mo. 416-5227 1124 NE 36 18,500 sf 6 mo free rent 416-5227 Cowboys- lg club 5810 S Western w/equip 416-5227 Entire flee market for 75 vendors 416-5227

Chihuahua Puppy near NW 37th & Western, Crown Hts. 620-0178 Great Pyrenese in MWC area. Call to ID 405-625-6574

Seasoned 1st mortgage note for sale. Earn 8K % 413-8020

Great Pyrenees, near Santa Fe & Waterloo Edmond, 348-7624 to ID Lhasa Apso, male, 46th & MacArthur, found Feb. 20. Call 491-0978 to ID. Blk M Rottweiler w/wht spots, Penn/Memorial area on 2/22. 650-1071 Small breed M dog brown & gray on Beverly Hills Rd . Norman 405-615-1564 Medium male dog, brown black face, SW 15th and Morgan Rd, 580-890-9874 Black and white medium size dog, near SW 74th & Western, 818-3197.

Divorce $99 474-2375


PETE'S HAULING, Free Est, Edmond, N Metro, 340-7669

Computer Services


Computer Problems? Save $ and Time. 25+ yrs exp Call Chuck 626-8727

Hauling/Moving. No job too small. John 590-3003

All types of concrete 312-5988 Tearouts/Repours Drives Patios, Etc., Bonded, Lic., Free Est., 794-8505.

Minerals for sale, Hughes county, OK, 16 6N 8E & 17 6N 8E, 91 ac, $1500 per ac, 580-761-2534. Buying oil & gas properties, any status, pay top $$$, »» 800-880-8004 »»

Driveways, patios, steps, licen. bonded 424-5105

Drywall Ceiling & Wall Doctor Roofing & Remodeling ‚ Acoustic popcorn removal ‚ Drywall repair ‚ Custom hand trowel finishes & spray finishes ‚ Interior/Exterior painting ‚ Powerwashing ‚ Flooring, carpet, tile, wood ‚ Granite counter tops Call Jeff for free estimate at 405-408-5453

Action Electrical Specialties Reasonable rates,Service, repair, new. All OKC metro, lic#94712 405 204 1067

SHARPE'S ELECTRIC & Heat & Air OKC 341-8488 RAY'S ELECTRIC »»» 820-7466 »»»

Excavating, Backhoe, Tractor Work Brush Hog, Skid Loader & Dump Truck Service. »» 405-408-9946 »»

Beat the Spring Rush! Get your fence repaired or replaced ‘‘ 410-2671

'Katie' Female Yorkie Missing since February 11th. Please call with any sightings or information. 405-246-8142 Large orange male dog, shepherd/healer mix, 15th and Morgan Road, Yukon, call 580-890-9874

Mainard & Sanders Heat & Air, OK 001450, Reliable furnace repair and sales. Mention ad for $20 off. Call 840-5145 (North), 636-1983 South).

» scalp-verticut thatch » leaves-aerate-till 348-4469

Exp. Painter quality work at a fair price. 882-4762 M & M SERVICES - Interior & Exterior Painting, 751-4094 YES! Your Early Spring Painting Call Larry 808-1958

BUDDY'S PLUMBING, INC, Gas pressure test, wall heaters, floor furnaces, Ok Lic #3887, 405-528-7733. Zax's Plumbing, Sewer & Drain.Complete sewer & drain cleaning/plbg repair. lic/bond/ins Sr disc. 409-7118 BUDDY'S PLUMBING, INC. Remodels; sewer water and gas lines; free estimates; Ok Lic #3887; 405-528-7733.

Ceiling 2 Floorz, Roofing & Remodeling, Insured, 412-0924. Vietnam Vet carpenter, Drywall. 408-7513

REPAIR & NEW FENCES 36 yrs experience, 631-1925

Garage Doors & Openers Sales & Service 794-1718

Affordable Rain Gutters New Installation, Repair, Clean Out, Leaf Guard 405-728-RAIN (7246).

Roofing ¡ Insulation Carpentry Painting Sheetrock Free Est. ¡812-1608¡

Sprinkler Systems Sprinkler Systems, Fencing Install & Repair, Free Est, Ins, 200-3983.

Able Seamless, New Gutters, Clean-Out, Repairs, » Free Est » 818-2019 » D&D TILE & REMODEL 28 years exp. 971-4492

Appliance Repairs Dog Lost 2/15 medium large brown brindle mix male, vicinity of 122nd St. & Post Rd. 399-2340 or 476-2771

Heating, Furnace Service

Drives, foundations, patios, lic, bond, ins, free estimates,769-3094

Rose Electric LLC Service calls # 087915 405-703-4556


YORKIES AKC CKC ACA $350-$800 405-609-9241

Catahoula X pups S/W hog & cattle working parents $150 405-380-5859

07 Montana RK3000, like new, rarely used, loaded, 2 TVS, fireplace, 2 slides, $32,500. 405-392-3500


Yorkie Puppies 1/2 1/2 Cairn dob 1/1/11 $150. 850-5658

WANTED: Vintage Flat Trackers - 1970's Any Condition, Prefer Champion, Shell or TrackMaster frames 505-235-9517

1999 Sea Breeze 32', new tires, TP monitor, motion satellite, ch&a, First Class Condition. $17,500, 205-1155 Aquarium & hood, glass w/blue/white lts, 72x24x18 $250. 330-9273

Yorkie Puppies AKC Yorkie Puppies 8 wks 1F 1M Very Social, Adorable, Small, and PEE-PAD TRAINED! $600 & $650. 802-4105

Quality quail & pheasant hunts, best prices in OK, 405-795-2756,

Good Bermuda Horse Hay, Large round Bales, $30. 268-9268 268-9314

YORKIE Babies AKC, tiny toy gorgeous A1 Qual. 61 Ch. Pedigree, Hlth Guar. $500-$600 cash 761-9411

Wolves 95% Arctic, reg, 6 weeks, 1M, 1F, amber eyes, snow white, beautiful, $150 606-3904.

Shih Tzu ACA 2M 1F tri & wht $200-$300 627-0419 Shih Tzu Puppies M/F, shots/wormed, 9 wks, pop, see online ad pics. $250-$300 735-6325

YORKIE ACA PUPPIES 8 weeks old ready to go had shots and wormed $400. 580-239-0150

Upland Hunt Special! 20 quail, 10 chukar, 6 pheasant per hunter. Guide,dogs, & meals included. 3 hrs from Ok City. $300. (580) 743-5569 www.


Poodles, AKC Toy, 1 Male, 2 Females, 9 wks. s/w, $300-$500; 2 year old F, $150; 405-740-1637

Schnauzers, AKC Mini. 2 Males E/T/DC. S/W $150 each 405-612-1478

Yorkie 3 Female Puppies Very cute and small but very big personalities! I can email pics. located in Moore. $400 Registered 405-237-3902

HAY FOR SALE Big to Little & Round Bales - Northern Alfalfa, Wheat Straw, Prairie Hay, Grassy Alfalfa, Feed Hay We also have Hay Forage Cubes - Premium Alfalfa & All Purpose Cubes 580-595-1061 or 580-492-4169


Schnauzers-Mini AKC 3M-3F Slt&Pep Blk&Slvr 7wks AKC T/D/S $225 Chris (405)760-9045

Siberian Huskies, ACA, blue eyes, $500-$700 (405)323-3211, 527-8888

Hunting/Fishing Leases 607.0


Schnauzer Mini AKC, s/w, ears, tails, all colors $225-$300, 405-503-2272

Yorkie 2 adorable males 9 weeks Akc utd vacc and worm. $400. 580-337-3348


Poodle Minis, 2F, 1M, 8 wks, S/W, beautiful, $350. 405-535-3360

SIBERIAN HUSKY Pups, blue eyes, red/white, Registered. M/F $450 (405)769-9613/406-5810


Schnauzer Mini, 2F, Pure Bred, Born Jan 2, Beautiful $250ea. 317-7464


Poodle AKC, T-cup, Tiny Toy & Toy, vet ckd, size Guar. $300-$1500 275 -6527

AAA Appliance Repair » Honest» Dependable» Affordable » 420-6137 ‘ APPLIANCE REPAIR ‘ Since 1982 405-834-5517

Carport, Patio, Awning Tuffsteel carports 20x20 $1595; Patio Covers, Free Est. 799-4026, 694-6109

Mr. Fixit Handyman Service. We do it all for less. Free est. Bond. Ins. Visa/MC 603-6104 ANY PROJECT, FREE EST. & WARR, INSURED OK EXPERTS, 254-3000 Retired Contractor Repairs, remodels, paints, 25 yr exp, free est 314-3621 HOME IMPROVE. REPAIRS. REMODEL. ROOFING. FREE ESTIMATES. 410-2495 Mr. Fixit Handyman Service. We do it all for less. Free est. Bond. Ins. Visa/MC 603-6104

Woodchucks' Tree Srvc. Guar. lowest price. Ins. removal & trim, 881-6559 » GENE’S TREE SERVICE» Insured-Free Est. 682-2100. Tree Service & Clean Up Ramirez » 473-2135 L & R Tree Serv, Low Prices, Insured, Free Est, 946-3369.

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