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eople lose their minds in this kind of weather, because every day feels like that frightening commercial for Transitions lenses in which everyone in a hypothetical cyberpunk future protects their eyes the same way they protect their skin: with the high-tech, spaceage polymers needed to keep their 22nd century bodies from withering in the unforgiving, greenhouse gas-enhanced fury of their deadly postapocalyptic sun. Sorry, I guess the 100-plus heat can make my prose as purple as a beach burn. Generally, I’m cool with heat: I despise cold weather and I’m the kind of guy who breaks out the shorts and flip-flops the first day the temperature tops out beyond 55 in February. I leave my office (air conditioning courtesy of Sub-Zero), and I drive home for 15 minutes in car heat that sane people would never subject to pets or children. My air conditioning works fine, but I cherish that rolling sauna experience. That’s me driving the gunmetal-gray Honda down the Broadway Extension while wearing a white gym towel. And yet, I think my brain is starting to bake. I left a screening of “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop” last week, got

into my car and the outside temperature reading was 107 degrees. I started screaming a lot — much like Conan did during his tour. It would not bother me if we were already in the dead of early August, but it was still June at the time. Unless we get one of those strange Augusts that feel like springtime in Seattle (trust me, they do happen in Oklahoma, but I was in college back then and Seattle was fashionable at the time), this is what it’s going to be like for awhile. So we should be prepared for people to act like lunatics for a few weeks. Expect the degree of rational thought to be on the level of the heat-stroked characters from “Dog Day Afternoon” or “Do the Right Thing,” but ratcheted up a bit. You can cool off at the pool or just cower inside and live off emergency provisions, but like those poor futureshocked humans in that eyewear ad, you’ve got to get out sometime and survey the damage. But we’ll survive because we’re Oklahomans, and as the coastal press never tires of reminding us, our grandparents and great-grandparents were forced to deal with the cataclysmic heat while breathing air that had more dirt in it than the ground did. If they made it through that with no jobs while eating food from bread lines, we can make it through with air conditioning and bottled water.


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10 | ‘Bad Teacher’ review

16 | New from Beyonce...

The new film featuring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake has a message, it’s just hard to find.

“4” is a nearly flawless example of a singer achieving genuine growth by crafting the right songs at the precise moment.

28 | So choice The menu is driven by prime beef; everything on it is there to kneel before and give glory to almighty steak. It includes prime cuts plus Kobe with several options to match with seafood.

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ON THE COVER: Brenda Williams, a performer with “Everybody and Their Dog,” performs during OKC Improv night at the Ghostlight Theatre.

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If you build it, they will rock Local musician Brady Smith of Gentle Ghost is releasing a line of guitar pedals




JULY 6 - JULY 23




rady Smith doesn’t thrive in the spotlight but that doesn’t stop him from making a lot of noise. As the guitarist for Normanbased rock act Gentle Ghost, Smith and his bandmates used dozens of effects pedals to craft a dizzying guitar sound on their 2010 debut album “Family.” The band has so many pedals that they employed helpers to sit on a kitchen floor to switch sounds on and off during the recording process. The Gentle Ghost pedal collection looks like a buffet of sound. This audio obsession is why I was excited to hear about Walrus Audio, Smith’s latest music, business and art project. I sat down with him in June to see what sort of noise he was trying to make. In the next several weeks, he’s releasing a line of guitar pedals. Each one has a personality to match its sound. Local artist Nathan Price designed a spooky Russian satellite to accompany Walrus Audio’s premiere pedal, The Voyager. Smith said he is collecting choice sounds he likes from guitars and capturing them with these new pedals. He isn’t trying to re-invent the wheel; he said he wants to share the sounds he loves. When Smith first started toying with the idea of making pedals, he handed out his initial creations to a few local rockers. He also traveled to SXSW in Austin, Texas to deliver a pedal to the British punk band Yuck. Smith said he isn’t sure if those initial pedals are durable, but it was a way to kick start a business that he’s taking seriously. He said he’s attracting attention from a few friends and sound gurus such as Flaming Lips multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd. The thing I like most about this project is the potential. Smith or any Okie musician can only be in so many bands at one time and play so many shows. By crafting these effects pedals, he is inviting others to take part in his enthusiasm for sound. Smith has given himself the opportunity to be involved with as many bands and musicians that take interest in Walrus Audio. His idea might catch on nationally. It’s the kind of creativity that could push out of Oklahoma and still bring attention here. Sounds good to me.

Shows to see or not to see: JULY 8: After scooting through Europe, Stillwater-based rock act Colourmusic returns to Oklahoma for a show. This isn’t one to miss because the band heads back on the road for another U.S. tour. Horse Thief and Mannachine perform opening duties. @ Blue Note Lounge, 2408 N Robinson Ave.

JULY 9: It’s rare to catch local musician and filmmaker Mickey Reece performing a set in Oklahoma these days. He has focused most of his time and energy on filmmaking and his latest creation, “Punch Cowboy” will debut in OKC. Expect a movie about a southern-fried single father looking for a modern wife to help raise his son. @ City Arts Center, 3000 General Pershing Boulevard

JULY 13-17: Okemah invites the world to celebrate the life of its native son Woody Guthrie. He would have been 99 this year. If you can brave the July heat, then make sure to check out Woody Fest sets from Stoney LaRue, Red Dirt Rangers and many more folkies. JULY 17: Jabee, Saturday Sirens, Josh Sallee, Denver Duncan and Skating Polly are performing in one night. If you haven’t heard the name of at least one of these local acts then you need to try harder. Should be a solid show. @ The Conservatory, 8911 N Western Ave.

JULY 20: Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights @ The Conservatory, 8911 N Western Ave.

NATHAN POPPE All about music and the shows you should see, and shouldn’t see around Oklahoma.



The art of mixology in OKC


A New York City trend more common than dog walking in high heels has to be bars offering vintage cocktails. Okay, probably not more common, but definitely more practical. What is a vintage cocktail? The long lost Old Fashioned, Vesper, Manhattan, and Sazerac recipes, just to name a few, have been dusted off and are partying it up like it is 1929. These cocktails have given bartenders a new name, “mixologist,” because mixing a vodka soda is nothing like the effort and knowledge it takes to mix bourbon, dry vermouth, bitters, and fresh juices together to make a Manhattan Dry. It took about five minutes to concoct a drink at PDT in New York – a feat of patience well worth the wait. I thought about a column on vintage cocktails after trying a whisky drink called a Cooper Union (made with orange bitters) at Blackbird Gastropub in Norman that was like candy. The organic natural taste of a classic cocktail outdoes a cheap chemical induced whisky and Coke you find nowadays. There are a few places in Oklahoma City that I frequent quent specifically because of the cocktails. Prohibition Room is one: owner Richard rd Sauve spent a lot of time thinking about a concept for the restaurant, and that hat includes the cocktails. “Our concept was inspired by Chicago during the Prohibition era,” he said.. “The spirits which could be found during prohibition would have been smugggled gin, bathtub gin and smuggled Canadian whisky ... The cocktails of thee 30s and 40s were elegant, used natural ingredients and tasted good.” Damn good, I might add. Apple Jack, Absinthe, Angostura bitters, and ginger beer all are familiar names in the artisan bartender’s world. They might be concocted using egg whites, honey, fresh grapefruit and other atypical ingredients. As you can see, it’s all natural ingredients. Mixology is now a form of art. Just look at the recent “Mix: Art by the Ounce” event in OKC where the cocktail was the art and the art was the cocktail. It’s mind-boggling to see a bartender working so hard to create the perfect cocktail after being used to the college bars where a screwed off bottle was the best you got. Now, “molecular gastronomy” or “molecular mixology” is what it’s all about. It’s the chemistry and physics behind the preparation of any cocktail to better understand what flavors work best together. Peanut butter and jelly, chocolate covered pretzels, mustard on a burger make up the right chemistry for delicious food so testing ingredients for cocktails based on the chemistry of them seems like a natural choice. Scott Stuckey with Lobby Bar is a fan of the Corpse Reviver 2 consisting of gin, Lillet, fresh lemon juice, Cointreau and a tiny bit of absinthe. Sauve’s favorite classic happens to be the monthly special. It’s an Apple Dandy with gin, lime, apple cider, elder flower liqueur, dandelion and Burdock bitters. My personal favorite is a French 75, which I just found out was named after a gun. n. It is champagne, gin, sugar and lemon juice, and it’s divine. So why the resurgence? Sauve thinks it’s the progression of mixology in thee ktails United States, which made it natural for bartenders to understand how cocktails were made in the past. king a “People love retro,” Stuckey said. “And there is just something about drinking cocktail made from a vintage recipe. It is like tasting history.” Whatever the reason, my taste buds are enjoying every second of it. <<<


JULY 6 - JULY 23



Kyle Fleischfresser mixes a drink at Ludivine

Ludivine OKC: Caribbean Bobsled ½ oz of Angostura Bitters ½ oz liqueur 43 ½ oz of fresh lime juice 1 ½ oz of grand sentenado Splash of ginger

Prohibition Room: French 75 gin fresh lemon juice champagne sugar

Blackbird Gastropub: Peaches & Honey vanilla vodka cream crushed peaches honey


is the co-host of a local music show on “The Spy.” Her ongoing column, “A Night Owl” is focused on what’s going on in nightlife news for LookatOKC.

movie review


Rating: R (Sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use) Running time: 1 hour, 29 minutes Starring: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake, Lucy Punch



‘Bad Teacher’ will make you laugh through message


t’s not going to win any awards for inspiring students, but the R-rated comedy “Bad Teacher” manages to provoke a few guffaws in its examination of one woman behaving badly. Cameron Diaz plays Elizabeth Halsey, a middleschool teacher who can’t wait to leave the schoolbooks behind and marry her wealthy beau. But when her engagement falls apart, she’s back in the classroom again, planning to expend as little effort as possible teaching, but instead finding a new sugar daddy. Halsey’s desire to marry rich and leave the world of teaching behind drives “Bad Teacher.” Her idea is that breast enhancement surgery will help her win the man of her dreams or, at least, the man with the pocketbook of her dreams. Across-the-hall teaching neighbor Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch) is driven and motivated — and maybe a bit unbalanced, as well.




JULY 6 - JULY 23 I


When a new substitute teacher/heir to a watch fortune joins the school, Elizabeth and Amy find themselves in competition. Scott (Justin Timberlake) seems to be falling for Amy, but Elizabeth is sure it’s just her chest that he’s falling for. She ups her plan to get enhancement surgery, finding funds wherever she can. When she finds out she can get a large bonus if her students do well on the state test, suddenly her desire to impart knowledge to her charges increases tremendously. Gym teacher Russell Gettis (Jason Segel) has feelings of his own for Elizabeth, but fears she’s going down a selfdestructive path in her pursuit of Scott. Phyllis Smith (“The Office”) plays a supporting role as Lynn, a teacher who enjoys Elizabeth’s rebellion, but isn’t quite prepared to risk her own job. All of the principals have a facility with comedy, and

“Bad Teacher” lets them rip loose with it. Elizabeth’s semidestructive path as a woman who just doesn’t care about anything outside her goal provides plenty of laughs as she breaks taboos and slips around authority. Punch, as the manic, straight-arrow Squirrel, is an excellent nemesis to Diaz’s bend-the-rules Elizabeth. Segel is laconically charming, while Timberlake is snootily hilarious. If, at points, there seems to be a message sneaking through — such as perhaps test scores aren’t the best way to measure a teacher, or that those who have charge of our children are underappreciated and underpaid — it’s subtle enough that most will be able to laugh right through it. “Bad Teacher,” like Elizabeth Halsey, isn’t going to go out of its way to make sure you get the lesson. —Matthew Price, Entertainment Editor

movie review

‘CARS 2’

Rating: G Running time: 1 hour, 53 minutes Starring: Voices of Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Eddie Izzard, John Turturro.



‘Cars 2’ stays on kid-friendly fast-track


he animation whizzes at Pixar shift from weightier fare to madcap action in “Cars 2,” a zippy, multitrack adventure custom built for gearheads, racing fans and little boys. After posting the top-grossing and best-reviewed film of 2010 with “Toy Story 3,” it’s not surprising that Pixar and parent company Disney are taking another trip down sequel lane. Although 2006’s “Cars” is widely regarded as the closest Pixar has come to producing a clunker, it was a merchandising champ and a pet project of chief creative officer John Lasseter, a well-known car buff who returns to the director’s chair for the follow-up. “Cars” has never ranked last with me, especially since its simply told tale of relishing life’s simple pleasures holds up fairly well to the repeated viewings. Unlike its predecessor, “Cars 2” isn’t a simple story, with screenwriter Ben Queen steering it from a rural road trip to a globe-trotting racing adventure merged with a witty spy spoof. Packed with colorful characters, big action sequences and clever automotive references, Lasseter and Co. have to do some fancy driving to keep the movie on track, but they actually manage to pull it off. The film opens with a parody/homage to James Bond, as super spy Finn McMissile (Michael Caine) snoops

around a deep-sea oil rig on a secret mission for Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It seems the dastardly Professor Z (Thomas Kretschmann) is up to no good, but Finn has to fight through the German villain’s pack of henchmen and escape before he can uncover who employs the bad professor. In the sleepy Route 66 town of Radiator Springs, lowbeam tow truck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) is eagerly awaiting the return of his best pal, racer Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), who has been busy winning the Piston Cup. Although Radiator Springs hasn’t been the same since his mentor Doc Hudson (the late Paul Newman, whom the filmmakers wisely don’t even attempt to replace) drove off to that big garage in the sky, McQueen is looking forward to a relaxing summer staycation in his adopted hometown. But faster than you can wave a checkered flag, Mater bumps Lightning into the lineup of the inaugural World Grand Prix, a race through Tokyo, Paris and the fictional Italian town of Porto Corsa. Sir Miles Axelrod (Eddie Izzard), a pricey SUV who has turned electric, is planning the international road rally to tout his new alternative fuel Allinol, but for McQueen, the Grand Prix offers a chance to take on trash-talking Formula One victor Francesco Bernoulli (John Turturro, employing his funniest, broadest Italian accent).

Although he usually leaves Mater behind when he goes racing, Lightning decides to take his best bud along on the overseas outing. Their friendship hits a big pothole when Mater’s usual small-town rube routine embarrasses McQueen in front of his high-octane friends. When the tow truck crosses paths with British agentin-training Holly Shiftwell (Emily Mortimer), she confuses Mater’s expertise with rare car parts for knowledge of the case she is working with Finn. Mistaking him for their deep-cover American counterpart, Holly and Finn pull Mater into an espionage escapade that ties into the Grand Prix and a fleet of lemon cars who want to see Allinol crash and burn. Although Larry the Cable Guy’s shtick soon wears on the nerves, Lasseter keeps the movie zooming along too quickly for the comedian to become too annoying. While the alternative-fuel storyline will go over the heads of children, the filmmakers keep “Car 2” on a kid-friendly fast-track. Pixar fans expecting the hefty themes and nuanced storytelling of “WALL-E,” “Up” or even the “Toy Story” films will consider the sequel a car wreck. But downshift into the right mindset, and “Cars 2” is just a fun and fast detour from the studio’s usual high road. —Brandy McDonnell, Entertainment writer



JULY 6 - JULY 23


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movie review


Rating: PG-13 (ntense prolonged sequences of sci-fi action violence, mayhem and destruction, and for language, some sexuality and innuendo) Running time: 2 hours, 34 minutes Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, John Malkovich, Patrick Dempsey



‘Transformers’ in 3-D the way to go


ransformers: Dark of the Moon” will likely be seen as a return to form for the franchise, though Michael Bay’s robotbattling epic does still go on too long and has some serious problems with making sense. But there are some great technical moments interspersed, and there is some fun to be had along the way. Bay is a fine technician, and the 3-D in this film seems less like a money grab and more like an actual piece of the filmmaking. If all 3-D were like this, it would be worth the extra couple of bucks. “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” for the third time, features the conflict between two factions of an alien race of robots, the Transformers, based on the action figure line from Hasbro. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen), believe in working with humanity after leaving their home planet of Cybertron; the Decepticons, led by Megatron (voiced by Hugo Weaving), wish to conquer Earth and destroy the Autobots. The film starts well. There’s a scene set during the war on Cybertron, as a ship with a secret weapon




JULY 6 - JULY 23 I


tries to escape but is shot down, eventually crashlanding on Earth’s moon. There’s an unbelievable yet entertaining introduction as the U.S. and Russian space programs of the 1960s are shown to be a race to secretly explore this moon artifact. In the present, the Autobots have become a semideputized arm of the U.S. government, helping root out corruption as robots in disguise. The Decepticons are largely in disarray, licking their wounds and preparing for a return. Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), our hero, has graduated from college and found a new girlfriend, Carly (Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), but despite saving the world twice, he can’t seem to land a job. (Sam’s ability to land ridiculously beautiful women is discussed in a funny scene with Sam and his parents, played by Kevin Dunn and Julie White, a pair the film could have used more.) When Sam learns of a plot in which the Decepticons are manipulating humans, he’s thrown back into the mix, working with Lt. Col. William Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and the Autobots, despite some

protests that he’s just a “messenger.” The Autobots rediscover their previous leader, Sentinel Prime (voiced by Leonard Nimoy), and attempt to unravel the latest Decepticon plot, which, true to their name, features layers and layers of deception. The film cooks along pretty well until we’re reintroduced to John Turturro’s former agent Simmons, at which point the human acting becomes even more cartoonlike than the robots. A parade of talented performers cascades through the film, including Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, Patrick Dempsey and Ken Jeong, although it’s frequently not certain what they are doing there. The third act goes on way too long and seems to be computer-generated disaster imagery for its own sake. The spectacle becomes numbing at a certain point, and may induce motion sickness. Fans at the screening cheered at the right moments, so this may be a win for the target audience. Despite the clarity of the 3-D filmmaking, both the plot and moral message (if any) have too much fuzziness to make this a complete success. —Matthew Price, Entertainment Editor

movie review


Rating: R (Intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, language and some drug use) Running time: 1 hour, 52 minutes Starring: Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Joel Courtney, Gabriel Basso, Noah Emmerich, Ron Eldard, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills.



‘Super 8’ is nothing new for movie fans


o those who’ve experienced the more kid-friendly sci-fi fantasies that bear Steven Spielberg’s name, “Super 8” will seem like all too familiar narrative terrain. The formula calls for a bunch of troubled, under-supervised kids who are free to roam the streets at all hours, and the varied ways that they react when they encounter a situation totally unexpected, foreign and frightening to them. In this case six kids in a small Ohio steel town are spending the summer of 1979 making their own zombie movie, armed only with a Super 8 camera, a makeup kit and their wild imaginations. It’s during one of their late-night filmmaking forays, shooting on location down at the dimly lighted, vaguely spooky train station, that they witness a catastrophic freight train derailment, barely escaping the tumbling, airborne chunks of wreckage. They also witness what caused the crash and are sworn to secrecy about what they’ve seen, believing something sinister is behind the disaster. Very soon after, unusual disappearances begin to

occur in town. First, such simple things as kitchen utensils and tools go missing, then the local dog population begins vanish and, finally, missing persons reports begin to pile up in the office of Deputy Sheriff Jackson Lamb (Kyle Chandler). Since the sheriff is suddenly nowhere to be found, it falls to Jackson to solve the mystery. Meanwhile, the six kids have set out on the same mission, and what they find is more terrifying than anyone has imagined. It’s true that J.J. Abrams (“Mission: Impossible III,” “Star Trek”) gets sole credit for writing and directing “Super 8” while Spielberg is listed as one of the producers. But Spielberg’s stylistic fingerprints are all over this film, from camera angles and distinctive atmospheric lighting to character quirks and storytelling from a child’s-eye view. And it’s a matter of record that both Abrams and Spielberg began shooting narrative movies on 8 millimeter film when they were still children. It’s a good bet Spielberg made plenty of suggestions if he didn’t take an actual hand in the writing and direction of this film, but there is obviously a

conscious intention on Abrams’ part to pay homage to the kind of warm-fuzzy/heart-stoppingly thrilling filmmaking Spielberg practiced with “E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.” The kid cast is uniformly excellent and likable, particularly Joel Courtney as Joe Lamb, son of the recently widowed Deputy Lamb, and Elle Fanning as Alice, the object of Joe’s unspoken affection, also living with a grieving single father. Abrams’ spoton portrayal of chaotic, dysfunctional families is at once hilarious and heartbreaking and full of truth, in the true Spielberg tradition. The trademark goofy kid-humor is there as well, triggering laughter from adults and youngsters alike. And kids and grownups alike will find this film’s keen sense of adventure exhilarating, even though the momentum occasionally founders in dialogue overload. And the final bittersweet scene, although we won’t give it away, is tailored to jerk tears. But the ending, like the rest of the film, is naggingly familiar and expected, and just not as easy to fall in love with as the films that inspired it. —Gene Triplett, Entertainment Editor



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album review



Given that Beyonce is now singing with more power and expressive emotion than ever and taking real chances with the material on her latest album, “4,” it might be time to talk about her as a serious candidate for R&B’s pantheon. And that will still sound like sacrilege to the old guard, but “4” is a nearly flawless example of a singer achieving genuine growth by crafting the right songs at the precise moment when her voice is reaching its peak. Just consider the opening ballad “1+1,” a truly spectacular testament to romantic devotion. “If I ain’t got something, I don’t give a damn/ ‘Cause I got it with you,” Beyonce sings, punctuating “you” with a piercing yelp as stately guitar arpeggios ratchet up the drama behind her. Produced and co-written by Terius “The-Dream” Nash, “1+1” can stand alongside the ballads from Prince’s golden age, and Beyonce simply kills on it. The first half of “4” is heavy on such ballads, but they’re first-rate, especially “I Care,” which builds to a crescendo of crashing percussion and guitars as Beyonce wails in the foreground. Unlike so many pretenders to her throne, Beyonce seems to know when to rein in her more outre vocal gymnastics and hit the notes with power instead of dancing around them. Her clarity and direct delivery on the retro rave-up “Love on Top” makes the song sound like a great “Thriller”-era artifact. Beyonce quickens the tempo in the second half on brass band-punctuated jams such as “Countdown” and the closing “Run the World (Girls),” proving she was taking notes while listening to M.I.A.’s first two discs. Speaking of indie pop, Beyonce seems to be cribbing cues from her Of Montreal-collaborating sister, Solange Knowles, bringing in Luke Steele of the Australian psych-pop band The Sleepy Jackson to co-write the stunning Philly soul ballad “Rather Die Young.” If only Beyonce didn’t send out for musical fast food late in the game on “4,” this would be a stone-cold classic. Tellingly, the Diane Warren-penned “I Was Here” is the only song Beyonce did not co-write, and it’s an atrociously by-the-numbers empowerment song that would make “American Idol” finalists wince a little. Beyonce is light-years beyond that level of material, a point that every other track on “4” makes abundantly clear. — George Lang, LookatOKC Editor




JULY 6 - JULY 23 I




im路prov (im,pr盲v)

Of, relating to, or being improvisation and especially an improvised comedy routine




JULY 6 - JULY 23 I




Making it up as they go along STORY BY GEORGE LANG,



ot everyone watched “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” with the sense of inspiration that filled Eric Webb’s student apartment in 2000. For Webb and his group of friends — twins Clint and Buck Vrasel, Curt Coy, Christopher Curtis and Marcy Fleming — watching the improvisational comedy series was not just entertainment. It was more like a career move. “I just happened to have this unique group of friends that, rather than being content to just sit there and watch the show and laugh like normal people, they were like, ‘I want to try that!’” said Webb, now a co-producer of OKC Improv, Oklahoma City’s premier improv comedy organization. Webb and his friends began staging their own improv shows in Webb’s apartment, and his nights of spontaneous comedy became an underground phenomenon, with more than 50 people showing up in his home. Fire codes and general comfort needs forced Webb to move the improv shows to the clubhouse in his apartment complex, and the huge early success prompted the friends to create their own student organization, which got around the University of Oklahoma’s copyright restrictions for the use of “OU” by officially calling the group Obviously Unrehearsed Improv. “And so, out of 300 student organizations, we were the only one to keep ‘O.U.’ in their name — because of two periods,” Webb said, laughing. While improvisational comedy certainly existed prior to OKC Improv — Everybody and their Dog began turning audiences into convulsing masses of laughter in 1994 — S E E R E S T O F S T O RY O N PAG E 2 5



JULY 6 - JULY 23


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A participant from the crowd laughs as Shane McClure and Brenda Williams, members of “Everybody and Their Dog,” perform during OKC Improv night at the Ghostlight Theatre. Photo by Adam Kemp

A night S at the






JULY 6 - JULY 23 I



hane McClure has nothing in his hands as walks out onto the darkened stage. But in the world of improve, he might as well be juggling chainsaws. There isn’t an empty seat in the house for the opening set of shows at the Ghostlight Theatre. The first group of improv’ers is The Newbs, and as the name suggests, most of the group’s members are brand new to this free form of make-it-up-as-you-go style of comedy. The group comes out taking suggested topics from the audience; restroom humor and untraditional relationship combinations being among the most popular topics. But the group rolls with the suggestions and before you know it; members Matthew Tracy and Taos Hays are positioned awkwardly, riding an imaginary horse together. S E E R E S T O F S T O RY O N PAG E 2 3

Taos Hays, left, introduces the rest of “The Newbs,” an improv comedy group, before its first show at the Ghostlight Theatre as part of OKC Improv night. Photo by Adam Kemp

“I heard laughs, so I guess that’s a good sign,” Tracy said. It’s the best of signs, if you asked McClure. He and the rest of his troupe, Everybody and Their Dog, were backstage while the opening groups performed. He said that while more traditional forms of acting and comedy involve complete silence from the audience, improv encourages audience participation. “Improv isn’t much without an audience,” McClure said. “We feed off of it.” McClure said he remembers when there wasn’t a dedicated venue like Ghostlight to put on regular improv shows. But now, thanks to organizations like Improv OKC, McClure said local

acts are thriving and new groups are popping up all over. Groups such as the second act of the night; Kind of a Big Deal. Kind of a big deal members Libby Ennenga and Leah Clemenson, both juniors at Edmond North High School, said doing improv is something they have really gotten into because it gives them a chance to act ridiculous. “It’s freeing not being binded to the script of a regular play or something,” Clemenson said. “With this, you can just be like, ‘OK I’m a dog, I’m going to bite you.’ The scene they set is precisely that, a story of a girl and her lost dog and the struggle to find her;

which turns into a lot of biting. “There is some kind of thing when you get up there, it just kind of kicks in,” Ennenga said. “It’s your world and there are no rules.” The more experienced groups lend a hand to the newer acts to help them get started. Rory Littleton, another member of Everybody and Their Dog, coaches the Newbs and said he remembers how nerve wracking it was the first time he stepped out on the stage. “This has been a throwback,” Littleton said. “I always tell my students that improv is the best reality they will ever see. It’s the perfect stretch of your imagination.”



JULY 6 - JULY 23


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Why improv scares the crap out of me


et me explain a few things as I see them:


Commentary by

Matthew Alvin Brown Matthew Alvin Brown is an actor, singer-songwriter and overall genius who starred and co-wrote the 2008 rock opera “Rainbow Around the Sun.” He appears in the Pollard Theatre production of “Passing Strange through July 9. He recently played the lead role in OKC Improv co-producer Eric Webb’s revival of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”

A “skit” is something that happens at a pep rally. When a football player dons an ill-fitting cheerleader’s outfit and lip synchs to “Baby Got Back,” you have just seen a “skit.” When an elder in your parent’s church blacks out a tooth, dresses like a hobo, and retells Bible stories using whistle talk, you have just seen a “Skit.”

WHAT IS A SKETCH? A “sketch” is a pretentious, but accurate word for a carefully written and rehearsed short subject performance, prepared and executed by a group of comedians. A sketch is likely to be seen on “Mr. Show,” “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” “Kids in The Hall” and “Saturday Night Live” (Although these days, some would argue that “SNL” is more at home in the “skit” camp.) When someone calls a “sketch” a “skit,” it’s like stepping on a fresh pile of dog mess — with your face. It sucks.

WHAT IS IMPROV? “Improv” is the most terrifying activity this guy can possibly imagine in which to engage. Improv relies on no script, no rehearsal, and no idea what the next second will have in store. This is my nightmare. Beginning sometime around 1995, I joined a sketch comedy troupe with some college buddies of mine and we called ourselves, “One Hit Wonder.” We had a modicum of success in that we were able to support ourselves for a full calendar year, in Los Angeles, making funny stuff. We had




JULY 6 - JULY 23 I


a weekly two-hour sketch comedy radio/internet show. That was our day job. To me, that’s success: keeping that ceiling fan turning by doing what you love. One Hit Wonder was a pretty smart and silly group of sketch comedy artists. The seven or eight or nine or however many of us there ended up being became close friends, roommates, enemies, and ultimately, brothers. We all lived in a house together. We all worked together. It was a delightful den of dysfunction. As One Hit Wonder, we had the honor of performing at Comedy Festivals all over the nation. And at each one of those festivals, and even to this day, people mistake us for an Improv troupe. I have never in my life performed in front of paying customers without knowing what the hell I’m going to do. That prospect frightens me almost as bad as a diaper made of wasps. Almost. It’s really a toss up. Each of One Hit Wonder’s shows were carefully plotted out, rehearsed, and crafted to flow seamlessly into and out of sketches and short films. We quite literally had set lists. Like a band. And we rehearsed. A lot. It seems, to me, that a lot of folks think if you are funny in life, then you must be a great improviser. No way, man. Not me. I’ve been asked to join improv troupes and/or teach improv classes and I have to decline, because I have no idea how the hell to do it. And it scares the crap out of me. Maybe it goes back to one of my earliest acting classes in college. My professor called me up on the stage and said, “Be funny.” “Uh...” “Be funny. Go.” I swear to God, I bent my knees... and acted like a monkey. A hot damn monkey. Brilliant. Certainly not funny. I froze. The pressure was on, I panicked, and pulled an Ashlee Simpson — “I don’t know what to do, so I’ll do a little hoe down dance.” It

was gross. I respect those who can create and perform improvised comedy. I really do. It’s kind of magical. I simply cannot do such a thing. I need the process of rehearsal, because I feel safe in what I’m doing. I feel that if I have a grasp of the scene, I know where it’s going. How we have to get there. How to play the beats of the scene. The rhythm. Once I am comfortable in the mechanics or the logistics of the scene, then and only then do I have room to improvise or truly live in the moment. Without the tools of rehearsal and preparation, I am a dancing monkey not being funny. During my run as Hedwig in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” I suppose I did some improv. Dealing with uber-intoxicated patrons while in full drag had its challenges. However, I knew the material like I knew how to breathe. It was second nature, so creating those “Hedwig” appropriate come-backs was less jarring. If someone told me it was “improv,” I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it. If it just happens naturally, Matt the Actor doesn’t over think it. Basically, I’m saying: If you can fool me into doing improv, I can probably deliver the goods. But you gotta fool me, man. I think it’s great that Oklahoma City has a thriving improv scene. But improv makes me nervous. Even watching it. Oh sure, I am entertained, but I always have a certain tension in my body. Maybe it’s because I have tried it, and it hurt my soul. I have been blown away by some of the improv I’ve seen in my life. Like watching a crazy jazz combo — just dazzled. But even still, I suffer vicariously. And then eventually, I settle in and let go. And then I laugh. And then I think, “Man... thank god I just do skits.”

C O N T I N U E D F R O M PAG E 2 1

interest surged after the group consolidated its talents and interests in 2010. In less than two years, the number of improv comedy groups in Oklahoma City rose from fewer than 10 to 30, and Webb, who also manages the Vrasel brothers’ wildly popular act, Twinprov, (see story at right) said he cannot keep track of the constantly growing ranks of performers and troupes. Every other month, OKC Improv begins a 4 to 6-week run at the Ghostlight Theatre Club, 3110 N Walker, an intimate space well suited to the active experience of seeing local improv performers. Shows take place at 8 and 10 p.m. Saturday nights, with each show including performances by three different ensembles. Whenever Ghostlight is not staging plays, OKC Improv takes over the space — no scripts needed. In addition to Twinprov, which performed at the prestigious Chicago Improv Festival this spring, OKC Improv oversees a vast collection of concepts and improvisational structures, including “Villain: The Musical” (an entirely improvised musical) and Fortune’s Fools, an improvised Shakespeare performance in which an audience member spins a wheel at the beginning to determine the plot. “Most of what we do is long-form improv, which is built around interesting conceits and a longer, more complicated structure for the show,” Webb said of OKC Improv. “So we have groups like ‘Villain’ that do a 30 to 45 minute improvised musical that has to tell a full story, have character arcs for all the characters, create all these conflicts and resolve them — just like you would as if you had written it out. “That is an interesting skill set: not only be good performers and be funny and interesting, but be good storytellers,” he said. “That’s where the rehearsal part comes in so much. Because yeah, that’s the question people get all the time: why do you have to rehearse if you’re making it up? We have to get good at making it up.” Fortune’s Fools is a high-demand concept, given that the entire performance must live and breathe in iambic pentameter. The shows principals include Shane McClure and Sue Ellen Reiman of Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park and the Vrasels, so Fortune’s Fools combines the talents of actors who know William Shakespeare’s plays backward and forward and performers who can skillfully spin comedy on the spot. The current OKC Improv run at the Ghostlight Theatre Club continues July 9 with performances by Homemade Fireworks, The Ones, Fortune’s Fools, C-4, Red Letters and Twinprov, and concludes July 16 with Alternate History, The Hindenburgs, Villain: The Musical, Red Letters, Locust Pocus and Sketchers in the Wry. In addition, OKC Improv maintains a strong education program with three levels of improv class available on Saturday afternoons. For more information, call 343-1570 or email The first class is free, and $10 for each subsequent class. Webb is a true believer in the form, and the most consistent element of improvisational comedy is its total commitment to inconsistency. A top-flight theatrical company can present a run of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” and be startlingly consistent with each performance, but no two improv shows are ever the same. “Improv is magic — it’s absolutely magic what these people do, and it’s in the moment,” Webb said. “And it’s ephemeral: I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of hours of improv, little moments that are brilliant and gone. You have to be there, present for it and witness what these people are creating in the moment. It’s a special kind of creation.”

Twinprov staying busy


ne day, Clint and Buck Vrazel are arguing over the finer points of improvisational comedy theory and the best similes to describe them, and the next, they are literally kissing and making up onstage. That’s life for the quick-witted brothers known as Twinprov, who are among the hardest-working guys on the local improv scene and now are gaining national recognition for their uproarious musical act. The siblings celebrated their second anniversary of performing as Twinprov by becoming the first Oklahoma-based act to perform at the prestigious Chicago Improv Festival, April 25-May 1 in the Windy City. Twinprov performed April 30 at the famed festival, which included 95 shows featuring acts from 32 cities and eight countries. “It’s a very selective international festival. It is a big deal. We applied last year and didn’t get in, so we took it as a challenge to develop our show and the things that we could do and persevere,” Buck Vrazel said. “People raise the bar in Chicago. You have to have incredible skill and an incredible concept.” “We looked it up, and we’re the first group from Oklahoma to be accepted,” Clint added. “They’re really looking for what’s pushing the boundaries of improv this year.” Although they started dabbling in improv about a decade ago, Clint and Buck said they were inspired to go for gusto when they attended the Chicago Improv Festival. Twinprov was accepted to the Chicago festival with their new long-form Rap-sody show, which alternates freestyle rapping with improvised narrative scenes. The brothers have honed their skills through OKC Improv, the showcase they helped found in 2009. Not only have the Vrazels been teaching improv classes, they have played with various troupes, including the relationship-exploring quartet The Ones Your Mother Warned You About, the David Mamet-inspired group The Closers and “Villain: The Musical,” which had them kissing each other farewell last weekend as they fell victims to a dastardly Civil War-era scheme. Along with the Chicago event, the Vrazels have been invited to perform at more festivals than they can accept. They will play the Twin Cities Improv Festival in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.; have been accepted to the Duke City Improv Festival in Albuquerque, N.M.; and will take Twinprov and “Villain: The Musical” to the Colorado Improv Festival. For the duo, playing festivals is about more than fun and prestige. “That’s where we go to school,” Clint said. “If you want to do improv at the highest level, you have to never stop learning,” Buck added. — Brandy McDonnell, Entertainment Writer



JULY 6 - JULY 23


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the food dude


Opus is ‘prime’ S E E

Billy Wilson, left and his dad Bill Wilson show off the wine selection at Opus Prime Steakhouse in Oklahoma City.





2 9

Photos by Steve Gooch, The Oklahoman

All about food, cuisine and the places you need to eat around Oklahoma. For more food talk, check out the Food Dude’s blog at > ALSO, FOLLOW THE DUDE on twitter @TheFoodDood





JULY 6 - JULY7302 23 I



Opus Prime Steakhouse is music to your mouth


ill Wilson spent more than three decades in the U.S. Army, starting with three years in the infantry. It’s not the usual training for a highend, high-concept restaurant like Opus Prime Steakhouse. Approaching retirement as a colonel, when Wilson came across an investment opportunity for a restaurant, he initially was dubious. The only food industry background he had was stocking the shelves at his grandfather’s grocery store — and that was before high school. Nonplussed, he joined the group that opened Nikz at the Top in Founders Tower, which he eventually operated until it closed in March 2007. That experience, which had many highs, ended unceremoniously in a dispute with the landlord over asbestos stirred by construction. As a result, he wasn’t sure he wanted to continue in the industry. But his son Billy had shown acumen and a growing interest in wine, so forward they went and took over the space at 800 W Memorial Road, which had failed as both Cowboy Bob’s and Emerson Biggin’s. Four years later, father and son own and operate Opus — a spectacularly set restaurant in the tradition

of Chicago’s famous chop houses.

light to rich mahogany woodwork mixed with ornate wrought iron and red brick. Perched on a massive throne overlooking the dining room is the king of all wine cellars — encased in glass, climate-controlled, backlit in blue and large enough to store a kayak or four. Tables are topped with black linens, while booths are surrounded by tall mahogany topped with etched glass, creating an intimate space within an expansive dining room. The bar also is backlit in blue and faces a bank of small dining tables that share a common mahogany facade. Private dining areas flank the building, and a large, lush cigar room is just off the bar.



Through the first set of enormous doors, you enter a dramatic entryway large enough to house Tyrannosaurus Rex, though he’d better be dressed for dinner. As the interior materializes through the next set of doors, you half expect the setting to turn from black-and-white to color. To your right, in a violettinged wine cellar, huge elegant half-moon fixtures hang from a black, industrial ceiling to give warm

The menu is driven by prime beef; everything on it is there to kneel before and give glory to almighty steak. It includes prime cuts plus Kobe with several options to match with seafood. But if beef brings the thunder, wine serves the lightning. More than 1,100 wines make their home in Opus, starting with the sublime and ascending to the ridiculous. The selection is impressive



JULY 6 - JULY 23


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enough to draw the adulation of Wine Spectator Magazine every year dating to 2000. The list is large enough that it has to be stored in a spiral binder, with plans to convert to iPad soon. This is a wine geek’s nirvana. “I’ve been all over the world — France, Italy, Germany — and never developed a taste for wine until I got in this business,” Bill Wilson said. “But now I love it, and Billy really has become an expert.” In the kitchen, chef Mike Fratrick, recently of Mahogany Prime Steakhouse, introduces his prime beef to a 1,400-degree baptism by fire to ensure a tight crust without comprising the flavor hidden within. Before delivery, steaks go through a minimum sixminute resting period to keep precious juices captive before knife meets beef.

THE MEAL On a recent visit, my wife, Lori, the herbivore, and I started with Barbecue Shrimp and an Opus Wedge, with a bone-in tenderloin, which is an off-the-menu item, not far behind. Lori’s protein intake includes some occasional shellfish, so she opted for lobster tail. The shrimp had just the right amount of zip, and the tangy sauce it came with was a nice change of pace. The wedge had the requisite blue cheese, which was rich and bold. My tenderloin was crusty on the outset but fragile in the center, flavor growing with every succeeding <<<



JULY 6 - JULY 23 I


bite toward the bone. Lightly bathed in butter, the steak was pure decadence once joined in wedded bliss by a glass of Hess Collection Private Reserve cabernet sauvignon. Tagging along were Potatoes Lyonnaise with Sauteed Onions and Lobster Macaroni and Cheese. The potatoes were creamy and flavor-rich, the proper squire for a steak so regal. The lobster-riddled mac and cheese beneath a crunchy crust had enough flavor and substance to stand alone as an entree. While neither of us could conceive of adding dessert to the dance card, Bill Wilson insisted we finish with no less than fresh berries and cream. While we didn’t finish, this simple dish provided our palates with a gentle landing back from outer space. Opus gives Oklahoma City a hint of Chicago-style fine dining, which is a welcome component to the restaurant neighborhood. But don’t feel like you have to wear your Sunday best. “I want people who come to Opus to be comfortable,” Wilson said. “We wanted the place to be beautiful, but more importantly, we want it to be comfortable.”

ABOUT OPUS For more about Opus Prime Steakhouse, 800 W Memorial Road, including reservation information, go online to or call 607-6787.


Brooks Ryan models a madras sport coat f rom Gant by Michael Bastian with a white polo by Vineyard Vines. He wears Matchbox jeans f rom AG and a red/navy ribbon belt by Leyva. Men’s fashion photos by Chris Landsberger | The Oklahoman.

Heather Warlick Moore | Mood Publication Editor

Some men are traditionalists where their wardrobes are concerned. They prefer the timetested classics that will retain their worth year after year. Other men like to stay up with the times; they follow fashion trends. They’re contemporary and want their wardrobes to reflect their progressive attitudes toward style. Then there are those men who couldn’t care less. They’re still wearing the baggy old concert Tshirts and saggy jeans they wore in the ’90s when ‘grunge’ was actually in style. And while it’s true that women’s fashions change so fast, it’s nearly impossible to keep up from season to season, menswear changes, too, just more slowly. That’s something Haggard and Spencer Stone agree on. Stone is the owner of Spencer Stone Co., a more contemporary-minded menswear boutique in the same shopping center as Haggard’s shop. “Anything that looks sloppy is out,” Stone said. He describes the clothing he sells as classic contemporary. “We cater to a younger-thinking customer. In contrast to what more traditional stores do, we kind of push the envelope.”

Michael Grande models an Italian suit by S. J. Haggard with a white shirt f rom Luciano Moresco and an apple green t ie. All clothing f rom S. J. Haggard & Co.

ABOVE: Michael Grande models a bandana print navy and white cotton shorts from Bill’s Khakis with an apple green pique cotton knit shirt by Scott Barber and white deck shoes from Lacoste. BELOW: Michael Grande models a silk and wool blend strawberry color “Country Club” sport coat from H. Freeman & Son, with a white shirt by Luciano Moresco and a silk classic stripe tie from Peter Millar. Pocket square by Ralph Lauren. All clothing from S.J. Haggard& Co. Brooks Ryan models a red gingham sport shirt from Rugger by Gant and navy knit tie from Robert Talbott and sterling silver tie bar by David Donahue. He wears raw selvage denim jeans by Rag & Bone and holds a navy blazer by Hugo Boss.

Haggard said this season’s most popular styles for men who prefer the traditional style of dress include many light-colored suits. He carries light suits in tans and off-white that he said are quite popular. And for the casual traditionalist, polo knit shirts, madras and cargo shorts are big sellers. Haggard is also partial to what he calls “Country Club” jackets that are brightly colored in poplin fabrics. “We have a strawberry color, bright blue, chambray with white stripe we have displayed with white trousers,” he said. “A lot more fun, a lot more daring, but still traditional.” Stone, too, is seeing high demand for madras in both shorts and jackets, bright colors and light summer suits. But the difference, he said, between the styles you’ll find at his shop versus Haggard’s is all about the fit. He calls this summer’s hottest contemporary menswear trend “Beach Boy Preppie.”

“I just can’t overemphasize that fit is the most important thing to us,” Stone said. Think 1950s: slim pants, fitted shirts, JFK. TV’s “Mad Men” has had a huge impact on this season’s style for men, he said. “A lot of the guys that shop here, their dads will come in and say, ‘Oh, I have a jacket just like that.’ Well, it may look that way but if he were to put it on, he’d see that it’s quite different,” Stone said. Seersucker suits and plaid pants are also big sellers at Stone’s shop, he said. He pointed out that while Seersucker suits are popular this season, they’re usually not appropriate for the office (we’re not deep enough south for that, he said). Parties are the perfect place for a man to wear a seersucker suit. Another thing both traditional and contemporary men’s clothing have in common today are the progressive fabrics they’re being made from. “Super 150” wools that are easy to care for and fabrics treated so they stain less — and liquid virtually rolls off — are this year’s technological advances in fabrics. Whereas Haggard said his customers prefer traditional pleated pants, polo knit shirts and two-button suit jackets, Stone said his customers want just the opposite. “They don’t want to look like their dad who wears pleated khaki pants and a golf shirt to the office,” Stone said. “They want to be dressed up, and they want people to compliment them on how they look.”

ABOVE: Brooks Ryan models a madras short sleeve sport shirt with patchwork khakis, both from Gant by Michael Bastian. He holds a navy cotton bomber by Valstarino. BELOW: Brooks Ryan models a tan linen sport coat with hacking pockets from Ralph Lauren Blue Label with a white stripe dress shirt by Spencer Stone Co. He wears a green paisley tie by Collard Greens and pink linen pants from Ralph Lauren Blue Label with a red and navy ribbon belt by Leyva. Sterling silver tie bar by David Donahue and green silk pocket square from Robert Talbott.

Michael Grande models a classic white polo knit shirt from Lacoste with patchwork Madras plaid shorts by Ralph Lauren.

Lower Bricktown Live Concert Series, 7:30 p.m., Bricktown Chevy

Stage, south of the intersection of Reno Avenue and Mickey Mantle Drive, 618-7038.

Concerts in the Park, 7 p.m., Chish-




olm Trail Park, 500 W Vandament, 350-8937. (Yukon)

Poteet Theatre offers “Broadway Bootcamp,” 10 a.m., St. Luke’s

United Methodist Church, 222 NW 15, 609-1022.

The Plein Air Painters of Central Oklahoma, Conversations Gallery,

119 S Broadway, 844-2324. (Edmond)

“Amy Blakemore Photographs 1988-2008,” Oklahoma City Museum

CONCERTS Buckcherry, Taddy Porter and

Aranda, 8 p.m., Heritage Hall, 220 W Broadway, (877) 990-7882. (Ardmore)

Ryan Reid, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Dropkick Murphys, 8 p.m., Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern, 677-9169.

LIVE MUSIC The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701

W Memorial, Mike Hosty, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1

Remington Place, Casino Band, 7 p.m., 424-1000.

FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand

Casino Blvd., Jamie Richards, 7 p.m., 964-7263. (Shawnee)

NIGHT LIFE Loony Bin Comedy Club, 8503

N Rockwell, Louis Johnson, 8 p.m., 239-4242.

of Art, 415 Couch Drive, 236-3100.

Oklahoma Arts Council presents “Evanescence,” artwork by Shaw-

nee artist Stacey Miller, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2931.

THEATER “Hairspray,” 7:30 p.m., Civic Center

Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2584.

SPORTS OKC RedHawks vs. Iowa, 7:05 p.m.,

OKC RedHawks Field at Bricktown, 2 S Mickey Mantle Drive, 218-1000.

HAPPENINGS “2010 Creativity World Biennale,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.

Castle, 1309 24 SW, 701-0870. (Norman)

LIVE MUSIC Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos, 25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California,

Ike Lamb and the Creepers, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

The Blue Note, 2408 N Robinson,

ACM@UCO Students, 10 p.m., 6001166.

“Cityscapes,” art work by Roger Disney, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2931.

Grand House China Bistro, 2701

Oklahoma Arts Council presents Elia Woods’ “Changes,” state Capi-

The Point After Saloon and Grill,

tol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-3911.

David Mayhew’s exhibit “Stormy Skies,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924 Paseo, 557-1229.

Art exhibit: “Flow,” Oklahoma City

Community College, 7777 S May, 682-7576.

Eyakem Gulilat Exhibit: “The Promised Land,” Urban Roots, 322 NE 2, 278-7906.



The Point After Saloon and Grill,

6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Ambiance Open Jam, 7 p.m., 7788166.

Walk Off Hits, 9 p.m., The Hidden

CONCERTS Summer Concert in the Park, 7 p.m., E.C. Hafer Park, 1034 S Bryant. (Edmond) Ben Folds, 8 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom,

423 N Main, (918) 584-2306. (Tulsa)

Midwest Twilight Concert Series,

N Classen, Jamie Bramble, 6 p.m., 524-7333.

6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Rick Toops Open Blues Jam, 8:30 p.m., 778-8166.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W Memorial, Gabby Johnson, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Rem-

119 S Broadway, 844-2324. (Edmond)

Oklahoma Arts Council presents “Evanescence,” artwork by Shaw-

nee artist Stacey Miller, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2931.

“Cityscapes,” art work by Roger

Disney, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2931.

Art exhibit: “Flow,” Oklahoma City

Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service

Community College, 7777 S May, 682-7576.

“Serving up Color,” by Nicki Albright,

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

NE 2, 278-7906.

In Your Eye Studio & Gallery, 3005 Paseo, 525-2161.

7:05 p.m., OKC RedHawks Field at Bricktown, 2 S Mickey Mantle Drive, 218-1000.

Fast Betty, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

HAPPENINGS “2010 Creativity World Biennale,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3,

Jacob Becannan and Mark Vollertson, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S East-



Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35, (580) 2763100. (Thackerville)

Bell Biv Devoe, Tony Toni Tone and

Troop, 8 p.m., Lucky Star Casino Clinton, 10347 N 2274, (580) 323-6599. (Clinton)

ern, Electric Avenue, 9 p.m., 619-3939.

Bora Bora, 2415 N Walker, Dark Horse Darling, 8 p.m., 557-1105.

The Point After Saloon and Grill, 6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Reckless Hearts, 9 p.m., 778-8166.

E Sheridan, 601-6276.

OKC RedHawks vs. Omaha,

7:05 p.m., OKC RedHawks Field at Bricktown, 2 S Mickey Mantle Drive, 218-1000.


09 CONCERTS Rodney Carrington, 8 p.m., WinStar World Casino Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35, (580) 276-3100. (Thackerville)

Disco Bloodbath: Love Is A Battlefield, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911

N Western, 879-9778.

Brave Combo and Ginny Mac, 9

p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Bell Biv Devoe, Tony Toni Tone and

Big Dick’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill,

Better Than Ezra and Tonic, 7

p.m., Osage Event Center, 951 W 36 N. (Tulsa)

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Byron Berline Band, 7:30 p.m., Double Stop Music Hall, 121 E Oklahoma, 282-6646. (Guthrie)

Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Rem-

Left Foot Sally, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Memorial, Gabby Johnson, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

ington Place, Jackie Myers, 9 p.m., 424-1000.

America’s Pub Live, 115 E Sheridan,

Uncle Lucius and The CJ Greco Band, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog Saloon, 311


501 N Mustang, Nothing Sacred, 9 p.m., 577-8270. (Yukon)

The Planets Align and Junebug Spade, 9 p.m., VZD’s Restaurant &

For The Fallen Dreams, In The Midst Of Lions and Thick As Blood, 7 p.m., Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern, 677-9169.

Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2584.

Troop, 8 p.m., First Council Casino, 12875 N U.S. 77, (580) 448-3015. (Newkirk)

Casino Blvd., Squad Live, 9 p.m., 9647263. (Shawnee)

Bury Your Dead, Evergreen Terrace,

“Hairspray,” 8 p.m., Civic Center

Northwest Expressway, Klocks, 9 p.m., 842-6633.

FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand

Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Central Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, 2001 E Reno, 235-1647.

Russell’s at Marriott Hotel, 3233

Colourmusic, 7 p.m., The Blue Note,

2408 N Robinson, 600-1166.

Carpenter Square Theatre presents “Five Women Wearing The Same Dress,” 8 p.m., Bricktown

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, 310 Johnny Bench Drive, Travis Kidd, 8 p.m., 231-0254.

Nelly, 9 p.m., WinStar World Casino

OKC RedHawks vs. Omaha,

Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306.

Eyakem Gulilat Exhibit: “The Promised Land,” Urban Roots, 322

Loony Bin Comedy Club, 8503


Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

Paseo, 557-1229.

p.m., 579-3387. (Norman)

Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2584.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C.

Waterford Marriott, 6300 Waterford Blvd., Burton Band, 9 p.m., 848-4782.

& Casino, Interstate 44 & 193 E, (800) 760-6700. (Tulsa)

“Hairspray,” 7:30 p.m., Civic Center

25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

David Mayhew’s exhibit “Stormy Skies,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924

Josh Turner, 8 p.m., Hard Rock Hotel

Central Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, 2001 E Reno, 235-1647.

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos,

Blues Revue Band, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Michelangelo’s Coffee and Wine Bar, 207 E Main, Open Mic Night, 8

Carpenter Square Theatre presents “Five Women Wearing The Same Dress,” 7:30 p.m., Bricktown


The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Doc



Christian Church, 2121 N MacArthur Blvd., 495-0439.

tol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-3911.


N Rockwell, Louis Johnson, 8 p.m., 239-4242.

4th Annual Oklahoma Gospel Music Showcase, 7 p.m., Forest Hill

Oklahoma Arts Council presents Elia Woods’ “Changes,” state Capi-

ington Place, Slick Rooster, 7 p.m., 424-1000.

7 p.m., Joe B. Barnes Regional Park, 8700 E Reno. (Midwest City)

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

The Plein Air Painters of Central Oklahoma, Conversations Gallery,

Mysikal, 7 p.m., 605-5782.


Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Greater Oklahoma Bluegrass Music Society Concert Jam with Heartbreak Line, Tom Uhr & the

Shady Grove Ramblers and Triple L, 6:30 p.m., Oklahoma Country Western Museum Hall of Fame, 3925 SE 29, 677-7515.

LIVE MUSIC Centennial Rodeo Opry, 2221

CityWalk, 70 N Oklahoma, DJ Pauly

Exchange, Rodeo Opry, 7:30 p.m., 297-9773.

Loony Bin Comedy Club, 8503 N Rockwell, Louis Johnson, 8 p.m., 239-4242.

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos,


The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C.

D, 9 p.m., 232-9255.

25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.



SPORTS OKC RedHawks vs. Omaha,

4:05 p.m., OKC RedHawks Field at Bricktown, 2 S Mickey Mantle Drive, 218-1000.

EVENTS The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Doc

Blues Revue Band, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Waterford Marriott, 6300 Waterford Blvd., Burton Band, 9 p.m., 848-4782. Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service




Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306.

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, 310 Johnny Bench Drive, Evan Michaels Band, 8 p.m., 231-0254.

Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S Eastern, Scott Keeton, 9 p.m., 619-3939. Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

Killer Afternoon, 8 p.m., 943-3637.

p.m., Myriad Botanical Gardens, 100 Myriad Gardens, 297-3995.

Coffee Creek Music Complex,


Solution, Five Dollar Thrill, Another Round and Switchblade, 8 p.m., 5571105.

The Point After Saloon and Grill, 6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, NTO, 9 p.m., 778-8166.

Russell’s at Marriott Hotel, 3233

Northwest Expressway, Klocks, 9 p.m., 842-6633.

Big Dick’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill,

501 N Mustang, Nothing Sacred, 9 p.m., 577-8270. (Yukon)

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W Memorial, Uninvited Guest, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Double Stop Music Hall, 121 E

Oklahoma, Byron Berline Band, 7:30 p.m., 282-6646. (Guthrie)

Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Rem-

ington Place, Jackie Myers, 9 p.m., 424-1000.

Stumbley’s Bar, 116 S Main, Angeli-

cal Tears with Dear Departed, 9 p.m., (405) 564-5785. (Stillwater)

Forest Hill Christian Church, 2121

N MacArthur Blvd., 4th Annual Oklahoma Gospel Music Showcase, 6:30 p.m., 495-0439.

Steely Dan, 8 p.m., Brady Theater, 105 W Brady, (866) 977-6849. (Tulsa)

Paseo, 557-1229.




The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C.

Susan Cowsill, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis

A Sequence of A Ghost and Fallstar, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N

Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

The Deli, 309 White, Mike Hosty

Solo, 9 p.m., 329-3534. (Norman)

Blues Saloon, 2525 NW 10, The

Edsel Acoustic Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.


The Point After Saloon and Grill,

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Istvan Gallery, 1218 N Western, Singing for SpottedCrow, 2 p.m., 831-2874.

NIGHT LIFE The Boom, 2218 NW 39, Dr.

Sketchy’s Anti Art School, 6 p.m., 601-7200.

Loony Bin Comedy Club, 8503

N Rockwell, Louis Johnson, 8 p.m., 239-4242.

THEATER Carpenter Square Theatre presents “Five Women Wearing The Same Dress,” 2 p.m., Bricktown Central Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, 2001 E Reno, 235-1647.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School, 6 p.m., The Boom, 2218 NW 39, 6017200.


Memorial, karaoke, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Happenings The Plein Air Painters of Central Oklahoma, Conversations Gallery,

119 S Broadway, 844-2324. (Edmond)

“Cityscapes,” art work by Roger

Disney, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2931.

Oklahoma Arts Council presents Elia Woods’ “Changes,” state Capi-

Casino Blvd., Piranha Brothers, 7 p.m., 964-7263. (Shawnee)

NIGHT LIFE N Rockwell, Brian Scolaro, 8 p.m., 239-4242.

NIGHT LIFE Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W





CONCERTS Summer Concert in the Park, 7 p.m., E.C. Hafer Park, 1034 S Bryant. (Edmond) 2011 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, downtown, (918) 623-2440. (Okemah)

Midwest Twilight Concert Series,

7 p.m., Joe B. Barnes Regional Park, 8700 E Reno. (Midwest City)

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

CONCERTS David Crosby and Graham Nash open Woody Guthrie Folk Festival,

8 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom, 423 N Main, (918) 584-2306. (Tulsa)

Steely Dan, 8 p.m., WinStar World Casino Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35, (580) 276-3100. (Thackerville) Axe Murder Boyz, Mindshot, Flows,

Claas, FoNoLoGiKiLLz and Black Kollar Killers, 7 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

American Idol LIVE Tour 2011, 7

p.m., Cox Convention Center, 1 Myriad Gardens, 602-8500.

Casey Smalley, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Lower Bricktown Live Concert Series, 7:30 p.m., Bricktown Chevy

Stage, south of the intersection of Reno Avenue and Mickey Mantle Drive, 618-7038.

Concerts in the Park, 7 p.m., Chish-

olm Trail Park, 500 W Vandament, 350-8937. (Yukon)

Bikelock and Theatre Breaks Loose, 7 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Ascending Ruin, 8 p.m., The Hid-

den Castle, 1309 24 SW, 701-0870. (Norman)

LIVE MUSIC Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos,

David Mayhew’s exhibit “Stormy Skies,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924


The Biting Sow, 1 E California,

Art exhibit: “Flow,” Oklahoma City

6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Ambiance Open Jam, 7 p.m., 7788166.

Community College, 7777 S May, 682-7576.

Works of visual artist Catherine Brandt, Paseo Originals, 2920 Paseo, 401-1865.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W Memorial, Bad Boyfriend, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Replay, 7

p.m., 424-1000.

Romero, Reverent Halo, Dischordia. Severed Faith and Submerged In Dirt, 6 p.m., 943-3637.

THEATER Carpenter Square Theatre presents “Five Women Wearing The Same Dress,” 7:30 p.m., Bricktown

“The Wizard Of Oz,” 8 p.m., Mitch Park, 1501 W Covell, 216-7646. (Edmond)



Samantha Rose, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

Paseo, 557-1229.

6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Rick Toops Open Blues Jam, 8:30 p.m., 778-8166.

Central Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, 2001 E Reno, 235-1647.

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

tol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-3911.

The Point After Saloon and Grill,

McSalty’s Pizza, 3000 N Portland,

Lannie Electric Blues Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

LIVE MUSIC The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Eddie

FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Leapin

Western, 879-9778.

Blues Saloon Revue Jam, 9 p.m., 601-1165.

6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Teddy Jack and the Alley Cats Open Blues Jam, 8 p.m., 778-8166.

The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Memorial, DJ Big G, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Sunday Twilight Concert Series, 7

Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

Tribute To Bob Childers — To Benefit Oklahoma Voices, 8 p.m.,


Summer Breeze Concert with Susan Cowsill, 7:30 p.m., Lion’s Park,

McSalty’s Pizza, 3000 N Portland,

Bora Bora, 2415 N Walker, One Gun

“Cityscapes,” art work by Roger

McKinley, 524-0738.

400 S Flood. (Norman)

5007 N U.S. 81, Dead City Outlaws, 7 p.m., (405) 285-4284. (Marlow)


Disney, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2931.

ton Place, Replay, 7 p.m., 424-1000.

Loony Bin Comedy Club, 8503

nee artist Stacey Miller, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2931.

Jon Dee Graham and the Fighting Cocks, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N

Justin Witte and the Homewreckers, 8 p.m., 235-4410.


Oklahoma Arts Council presents “Evanescence,” artwork by Shaw-

David Mayhew’s exhibit “Stormy Skies,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924



Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Reming-

The Point After Saloon and Grill,

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Memorial, Big Mouth, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Ike Lamb and the Creepers, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

CONCERTS 2011 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, downtown, (918) 623-2440. (Okemah)

Jacks Mannequin, Steel Train,

Lady Danville and River Jam, 7 p.m., Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern, 677-9169.

Ellis Paul, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Excision, 8 p.m., Cain’s Ballroom, 423 N Main, (918) 584-2306. (Tulsa)

Los Lobos and Los Lonely Boys,

9 p.m., WinStar World Casino Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35 (580) 276-3100. (Thackerville)

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Pay At The Pump, Save The Last and Alice Awaits, 7 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Ted Nugent, 7 p.m., FireLake Grand

E.C. Hafer Park, 1034 S Bryant,

Casino, 777 Grand Casino Blvd., (405) 964-7263. (Shawnee)

Grand House China Bistro, 2701

Manford Milligan, 9 p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Summer Concert in the Park, 7 p.m. (Edmond)

N Classen, Jamie Bramble, 6 p.m., 524-7333.

Johnny Cooper, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.



Bora Bora, 2415 N Walker, F.B.A.M.

Foam Party, Yung O, Jook Mode, L. Eazy and Tori Nichols, 9 p.m., 557-1105.


EVENTS LIVE MUSIC Sonder Music Dance & Art, 225 E Gray, Third Friday Celtic Night, 6:30 p.m., 474-9734. (Norman)

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos, 25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Doc

Blues Revue Band, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Waterford Marriott, 6300 Waterford Blvd., Burton Band, 9 p.m., 848-4782.

Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306. Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill,

Toothies Bar & Grill, 6970 N

Waterloo, Dead City Outlaws, 7 p.m., 359-1234. (Edmond)

The Point After Saloon and Grill,

Central Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, 2001 E Reno, 235-1647.

University of Central Oklahoma’s Summerstock presents “Annie Get Your Gun,” 8 p.m., UCO, 100 N

tol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-3911.

Waterford Marriott, 6300 Waterford Blvd., Burton Band, 9 p.m., 848-4782.

“The Wizard Of Oz,” 8 p.m., Mitch Park, 1501 W Covell, 216-7646. (Edmond)

David Mayhew’s exhibit “Stormy Skies,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924

Sliders, 2616 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Pointblank, 9 p.m., 672-6306.


Art exhibit: “Flow,” Oklahoma City

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, 310 Johnny Bench Drive, Rick

Paseo, 557-1229.

Community College, 7777 S May, 682-7576.

“24 Works on Paper,” Individual

Artists of Oklahoma, 706 W Sheridan, 232-6060.

6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Red Dirt Crossing, 9 p.m., 778-8166.

University Drive, 974-2000. (Edmond)

Russell’s at Marriott Hotel, 3233

Poteet Theatre presents “Carousel,” 8 p.m., St. Luke’s United Method-

“Serving up Color,” by Nicki Albright, In Your Eye Studio & Gallery, 3005 Paseo, 525-2161.

“The Wizard Of Oz,” 8 p.m., Mitch

“Summer Show” featuring works by sculptor Glen Thomas, 50 Penn

Northwest Expressway, Stat Band, 9 p.m., 842-6633.

Big Dick’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill,

ist Church, 222 NW 15, 609-1023.

501 N Mustang, Street Kings, 9 p.m., 577-8270. (Yukon)

Park, 1501 W Covell, 216-7646. (Edmond)

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W


Memorial, Big Daddy, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Rem-

310 Johnny Bench Drive, Morris McCann, 8 p.m., 231-0254.

ington Place, The Mack Band, 9 p.m., 424-1000.

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

Stumbley’s Bar, 116 S Main, Dom

Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S Eastern, Tyler Lee and Scattered Blue, 9 p.m., 619-3939.

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Kip

Charles Scott Duo, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

Carpenter Square Theatre presents “Five Women Wearing The Same Dress,” 8 p.m., Bricktown

Oklahoma Arts Council presents Elia Woods’ “Changes,” state Capi-

McClenny Band, 9 p.m., (405) 5645785. (Stillwater)

Curtis, 5 p.m., 702-8555.

“2010 Creativity World Biennale,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.

The Plein Air Painters of Central Oklahoma, Conversations Gallery,

119 S Broadway, 844-2324. (Edmond)

Place Art Gallery, 1900 Northwest Expressway, 848-5567.



“Cityscapes,” art work by Roger

Disney, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2931.

Jawnsun, 8 p.m., 231-0254.

Teen Book Club, 6 p.m., Borders

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

Books & Music, 300 Norman Center Court, 573-4907. (Norman)

Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S

“2010 Creativity World Biennale,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3,

Stephen Speaks, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

Eastern, Mikayla Lee and Stout, 9 p.m., 619-3939.


Toothies Bar & Grill, 6970 N

Fort Reno, 7107 W Cheyenne, 2623987. (El Reno)

The Point After Saloon and Grill,

“Cityscapes,” art work by Roger Disney, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2931.

Waterloo, Dead City Outlaws, 7 p.m., 359-1234. (Edmond)

6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Sunset and the Jazzy Men, 9 p.m., 778-8166.

Russell’s at Marriott Hotel, 3233 Northwest Expressway, Squad Live, 9 p.m., 842-6633. Big Dick’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill,

501 N Mustang, Street Kings, 9 p.m., 577-8270. (Yukon)

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701


W Memorial, Warren Peace, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Richard Marx, 7 p.m., Choctaw Casino, 4418 U.S. 69/75, (800) 788-2464. (Durant)

Double Stop Music Hall, 121 E

Randy Rogers Band, 8 p.m., Cain’s

Wild Rush Stage at Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Rem-

Ballroom, 423 N Main, (918) 5842306. (Tulsa)

Turnpike Troubadours, 8 p.m.,

Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Brother Bear, 9 p.m., The Opolis, 113 N Crawford. (Norman)

Children’s Storytime, 11 a.m., Barnes and Noble, 13800 N May, 755-1155.

Fort Reno Ghost Tour, 7:30 p.m.,

David Mayhew’s exhibit “Stormy Skies,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924

Paseo, 557-1229.

“Serving up Color,” by Nicki Albright, In Your Eye Studio & Gallery, 3005 Paseo, 525-2161. “Summer Show” featuring works by sculptor Glen Thomas, 11 a.m., 50 Penn Place Art Gallery, 1900 Northwest Expressway, 848-5567.


Oklahoma, Byron Berline Band, 7:30 p.m., 282-6646. (Guthrie)


ington Place, The Mack Band, 9 p.m., 424-1000.

Stumbley’s Bar, 116 S Main, Burning

Tide, Orion Falls and Simpleton, 9 p.m., (405) 564-5785. (Stillwater)

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Jus-

tin Echols’ Duo, 10 p.m., 702-8555.

CONCERTS 2011 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival,

Double Stop Music Hall, 121 E Oklahoma, 282-6646. (Guthrie)

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave.,

downtown, (918) 623-2440. (Okemah)

Grant Stevens, 10 p.m., 702-8555.

Dr Pants, 9 p.m., VZD’s Restaurant &


Hot As Hell Festival with Rob Zombie, 2 p.m., Brady Village, 100

Byron Berline Band, 7:30 p.m.,

Club, 4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Bleu Edmondson, 7 p.m., Frontier City Theme Park, 11501 N Interstate Service Road, 478-2412.

LIVE MUSIC Centennial Rodeo Opry, 2221

Exchange, Rodeo Opry, 7:30 p.m., 297-9773.

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Pianos, 25 S Oklahoma, Dueling Piano Bar, 7:30 p.m., 231-5397.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Doc

Blues Revue Band, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Carpenter Square Theatre presents “Five Women Wearing The Same Dress,” 8 p.m., Bricktown

West Cameron, (918) 582-7239. (Tulsa)

Sunday Twilight Concert Series, 7

Central Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, 2001 E Reno, 235-1647.

p.m., Myriad Botanical Gardens, 100 Myriad Gardens, 297-3995.

University of Central Oklahoma’s Summerstock presents “Annie Get Your Gun,” 2 and 8 p.m., UCO,

Phantom Glue, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

100 N University Drive, 974-2000. (Edmond)

OKC Improv 2011 Summer Run, 1 and 8 p.m., Ghostlight Theatre Club, 3110 N Walker, 343-1570.

Poteet Theatre presents “Carousel,” 8 p.m., St. Luke’s United Method-

LIVE MUSIC The Deli, 309 White, Mike Hosty Solo, 9 p.m., 329-3534. (Norman) Blues Saloon, 2525 NW 10, The Blues Saloon Revue Jam, 9 p.m., 601-1165.

ist Church, 222 NW 15, 609-1023.



JULY 6 - JULY 23


PAGE 42 >>>

“24 Works on Paper,” Individual

Artists of Oklahoma, 706 W Sheridan, 232-6060.

“Summer Show” featuring works by sculptor Glen Thomas, 50 Penn

Place Art Gallery, 1900 Northwest Expressway, 848-5567.

EVENTS NIGHT LIFE The Point After Saloon and Grill,

6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Teddy Jack and the Alley Cats — Open Blues Jam, 8 p.m., 778-8166.

THEATER University of Central Oklahoma’s Summerstock presents “Annie Get Your Gun,” 2 p.m., UCO, 100 N


“Summer Show” featuring works by sculptor Glen Thomas, 50 Penn Place Art Gallery, 1900 Northwest Expressway, 848-5567.


Poteet Theatre presents “Carousel,” 3 p.m., St. Luke’s United Method-


ist Church, 222 NW 15, 609-1023.

HAPPENINGS “Cityscapes,” art work by Roger

Disney, state Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-2931.

Paseo, 557-1229.



LIVE MUSIC Bora Bora, 2415 N Walker, No Tide, 8

Scooter Brown, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276. Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Alien Ant Farm, 7 p.m., Bricktown Live, 103 Flaming Lips Alley, 236-4143.


The Blue Note, 2408 N Robinson, Empires, 8 p.m., 600-1166.

Def Leppard and Heart, 7:30 p.m.,

The Point After Saloon and Grill,

BOK Center, 200 S Denver, (918) 8944200. (Tulsa)

6800 S Interstate 35 Service Road, Ambiance Open Jam, 7 p.m., 778-8166.


Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

O Asian Fusion Patio, 105 12 Avenue SE, David Fasgold, 7 p.m., 701-8899. (Norman)

Day and Pat Brown McLeod, 5 p.m., 702-8555.

Jolie Holland, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, 8 p.m., The Opolis, 113 N Crawford. (Norman)



Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Earl



Works of visual artist Catherine Brandt, Paseo Originals, 2920 Paseo,

University Drive, 974-2000. (Edmond)

David Mayhew’s exhibit “Stormy Skies,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924


Art exhibit: “Flow,” Oklahoma City Community College, 7777 S May, 682-7576.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Memorial, DJ Big G, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

THEATER “Ragtime,” 7:30 p.m., Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2584.

p.m., 557-1105.



“2010 Creativity World Biennale,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3,

Memorial, The Weathermen, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Jeff Mims,

7 p.m., 424-1000.

FireLake Grand Casino, 777 Grand Casino Blvd., Dylan, 7 p.m., 964-7263. (Shawnee)

O Asian Fusion Patio, 105 12 Avenue SE, Juanita “The Duchess” Ellington, 7 p.m., 701-8899. (Norman)

Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., Carl V. Moore, 6 p.m., 702-8555.


Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W


Loony Bin Comedy Club, 8503 N Rockwell, Greg Morton, 8 p.m., 239-4242.


The Plein Air Painters of Central Oklahoma, Conversations Gallery, 119


Memorial, karaoke, 9 p.m., 751-1547.

The Plein Air Painters of Central Oklahoma, Conversations Gallery, 119

S Broadway, 844-2324. (Edmond)

Oklahoma Arts Council presents Elia Woods’ “Changes,” state Capi-

tol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-3911.

David Mayhew’s exhibit “Stormy Skies,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924

Paseo, 557-1229.

S Broadway, 844-2324. (Edmond)

Oklahoma Arts Council presents Elia Woods’ “Changes,” state Capi-

tol, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., 521-3911.

David Mayhew’s exhibit “Stormy Skies,” Visions In The Paseo, 2924 Paseo, 557-1229.

Art exhibit: “Flow,” Oklahoma City Community College, 7777 S May, 682-7576.

“2010 Creativity World Biennale,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3,


Poteet Theatre offers “Broadway Bootcamp,” 10 a.m., St. Luke’s

United Methodist Church, 222 NW 15, 609-1022.

The Plein Air Painters of Central Oklahoma, Conversations Gallery, 119

S Broadway, 844-2324. (Edmond)

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2004 Chevrolet SSR 40k mi, Red/Black 5.3 V8 Auto Power Everything 580-747-5351 $22,500. 2001 Chevy C-1500, 4.8L, LS, 150k miles, $5950, 306-1383

'95 Chevy, all extras, $875 needs? trade deer rifle plus cash. 275-2134 '07 Dodge Ram Quad cab Hemi motors, 20'' whls & tires, like new $14,900 408-6075 »» 308-7771

'01 Dodge SLT reg. cab shrt bed V8 auto, CD, AC $3950 863-6399

'08 Ford F150XL 4dr long bed cruise tilt cold air, vinyl seats, Extra nice. 77K mi $8500 321-3107 03 Ford F150 quad cab, shrt. bed, loaded, pwr locks $5950 863-6399 '00 Ford F-150 XLT Super Cab, Runs & Drives Great, Loaded $2750 209-5297co '84 GMC, 305 Auto $2250; '94 Lexus GS300 $5250; '96 Honda Accord 5spd $3500 885-5466 2000 Honda Mini Truck runs but does not rev up $2000 obo 641-3344 '05 Toyota Tacoma, wht, 1 owner, 75k mi, like new cond. $15,295. 590-7462

'08 Chevy Trailblazer LS 4x4, 82K, Loaded, Runs & Drives Great $8450 209-5297co

‘ I BUY JUNK CARS ‘ ‘ UP TO $150 ‘ ‘ 405-919-3286 ‘ CA$H 4 VEHICLES Fast 'n Friendly Service ‘‘ 405-410-5500 ‘‘

'04 Chevy Trailblazer LS, very nice, clean & shiny, new tires/tag, lots of highway miles, $4990, 206-7841

» Fastest Response Running or Not, Free Tow, No title OK. 549-2447

'03 Chev Suburban 2500 LS 4x4, black, Runs/Looks/Drives Great $7950 209-5297 co

$150 & Up for non-running vehicles, no title ok. 405-819-6293

'2001 Chevy S10 Blazer 2dr Sport, 2wd, CD ice cold air $3450 863-6399

AAA cash for your car, trk, cycle. Run/not-free tow. We come to you 850-9696

2009 Ford Flex SEL, 28K, loaded, leather, DVD, $29,000 obo, 630-0383.

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2008 Honda CR-V EX-L,AWD,66K mi,green tea/beige,fully loaded, great cond,1 owner,call 771-4337 $18,750 obo,

TRUCK TIRES, 4-11R24.5 4-295R22.5, 4-285R24.5, all $75ea ¡ 405-620-2488

'06 Suzuki XL7, full power, 3rd row, dual air ¡ $7995 405-382-3252, cell 650-1568 04 Toyota Sequoia 4WD, 117K mi, $12500, 471-2440

2007 Dodge Ram 3500 4WD, 4 dr, diesel, 118K mi, auto, 405-574-4163.

863-6399 2002 BMW 325ci convertible, loaded, 98K mi, beauty, $9900, 249-7302

Lifted Z71

2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 24500, 405.623.8125

2000 Dodge Gr. Caravan dual AC, dual sliding drs special $2550 863-6399


WE BUY JUNK CARS Will PU » Will Pay Cash NO TITLE NEEDED 877-793-JUNK 7days wk

'98 Continental, Grandpa's Car! 75K, Loaded, Just Perfect! $3950 ¡ 209-5297 co

2009 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited, 4 doors, automatic, 4WD, 11325 miles, black, hard top/soft top, navigation, lift kit, excellent condition, warranty, $11900,

Resident Manager Experienced Resident Manager wanted for local Mobile Home Community. Rent collections & computer knowledge required. Please e-mail resume to jmoir@ or fax 248-355-1308. SHOW HOUSE and COMMUNITY OUTREACH MANAGER OKC Philharmonic and Orchestra League seek motivated self-starter. Duties include event fundraising and volunteer mgmt; social media. Reply with cover letter and resume to ewalker@




'95 BMW 525i, 115K, 1 owner, rides/drives great, loaded, sunroof $3750 209-5297co

Position Available

Administrative Assistant to Executive Pastor of large local church. Duties include full administrative support, including computer skills, scheduling, maintenance of calendar and supervision of one employee. Mail resume‘ 1001 South Rankin, Edmond, OK 73034 or Fax to 405-341-5248.

Manager wanted for a business in the El Reno area. Candidate should have experience in managing people, great customer service skills, good problem solving skills, heavy equipment knowledge, hands-on equipment maintenance experience , computer literate in Quick Books/ Microsoft Office applications, and capable of working with the community for business growth. Fax resume to (405)360-3809 attention Scott. Email bigmincorp

OFFICE ASSISTANT Small OKC Business requires strong computer and multi-tasking skills. FT $9-$12 DOE. Fax resume 405.525.0576

Order Management Admin Asst. Seeking highly organized team player with strong analytical and problem solving skills to work in a fast paced and growing company. Candidate shall possess the ability to identify process improvements and implementation opportunities and assist in overall evolution of the group. Strong interpersonal skills proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel preferred. Ability to sort through complex issues and conduct comparative analysis of sales and order data. Will interact with various departments to troubleshoot discrepancies, prioritize linkage and ensure proper documentation is in place. Ability to adapt to change, multi task and work effectively under pressure with minimal supervision. Responsibilities: Order/Sales Quote entry, Purchasing (back up), invoicing. Send resume to or call 405-263-7252 for Lisha.

Bookkeeper/Admin Asst for construction company in Norman, OK. Must have strong payroll and accounting background. Send resume and salary requirements to: Church Receptionist Assistant to Associate Pastor of large local church. Duties include handling multi-line telephone system, greeting office visitors, sermon duplication, clerical support including computer skills. Mail resume‘ 1001 South Rankin, Edmond, OK 73034 or Fax to 405-341-5248. Executive Assistant Position with a local professional firm working directly for president of firm. Must be proficient/detail oriented with an impeccable attendance record and exceptional work ethic. Send resume to: PO Box 2504, OKC, OK 73101. INVENTORY CLERK/ RECEPTIONIST Mobile Mini, Inc. Computer skills, weekly/ monthly/inventory, A/P. $12/HR. Fax resume to 405-814-1306

LEGAL SECRETARY For Edmond law firm. Expected to be proficient in Excel and Word. Must be able to type accurately, proofread and use formulas in Excel. Professional demeanor and basic math skills required. Experience with transcription and familiarity with oil and gas field a plus. Excellent pay and benefits based on experience. Casual office environment. Resume to: LEGAL SECRETARY DT law firm needs skilled civil litigation legal secretary to work in busy office. Min 2 yr litigation exp., knowledge of court rules, 75wpm, proficient in Wordperfect, ECF & transcription req'd. Send resume w/ salary req. to PO Box 1937, OKC 73101 or email to: O2 Travel Coordinator OKC home oxygen co. seeks highly organized clerical person to coordinated oxygen for traveling patients. Candidate must be able to work in a fast paced environment with strict deadlines. Proficient in Microsoft Office and Excel. Strong data entry skills. Medical billing experience helpful. FT with excellent benefits. EEOC Please submit resume & cover letter to 888-6190033 or personnel@ PT/Temp Evening PN/ Library Assistant about-mntc/ employment-opportunities RECEPTIONIST Emerald Square Assisted Living Strong work history required. Health insurance, benefits. Apply at 701 N. Council.


needed for veterinary hospital. Computer exp required. 720 S. Air Depot, MWC.

!AMERICA’S WORKING! Ofc Asst-2+yrs $10-11 Telemktr-Outbound $12 Legal Secy-Litigation $23-29K Legal Asst/Paralegal $32-39K E-mail resume to: Sherri.stinsonsmith@

Buffalo Wild Wings Now Hiring Experienced Managers Email resume to: Cashiers, Sandwich Makers, Pizza Cooks to work both of our OKC locations. Call 242-2222.

Cock O' The Walk Bar & Grill-Part Time PM Cook Needed. Apply in person M-F, 2PM-5PM, at 3705 N. Western

Donut Baker

with experience needed full time for Daylight Donuts. Call 412-3839 Wait Staff Needed Ann's Chicken Fry House 4106 NW 39th APPLY 8:30-11AM TueSat. NO PHONE CALLS. Gaillardia Country Club is seeking candidates for PT Banquet Servers. Experience required. Flexible hours. Drug test and background check required. E-mail resume to or fax to 405-302-2809 Att: Director of F&B. EOE/DFW. No phone calls, please.

Functional/Systems Analyst Research and provide solutions Oracle 11/12. Resumes to joanne.

AMERICAN CLEANERS Hiring FT Customer Service Reps. Starting pay $8.75 per hour. Apply at 15300 N. Western Ave.

$6000 SIGN-ON BONUS FOR EXPERIENCED FUEL HAULERS! We are a local fuel delivery company looking for professional part and full time drivers in the Oklahoma City area. Requirements are a Class A CDL with Tanker and Hazmat endorsements. You must be at least 25 years old with a clean driving record and have 2 years tractor trailer experience. 6 months experience pulling a fuel tanker preferred. Check out the following benefits you can have. ß $50,000 plus a year ß 4 or 5-day work week (12-hour days) ß Health care program ß 401K with 50% match ß Great equipment ß Uniforms ß Bonus incentives ß Sick pay ß Vacation pay ß Opportunity for advancement

CDL "A" truck driver needed for paper recycling plant. Pick up OCC bales on local route. HS Diploma/GED & clean driving record. M-F, 7:00 a.m.–5:00p.m. Some Sat. $13 - $15/hr. Apply online at click careers & location: OKC Recycling Plant. Address: 7216 S Bryant, OKC, OK 73129. EOE CDL Driver needed. Class A or B w/airbrakes. Eastern OK county area. Call Harrah Disposal, (405)454-3875, 570-3755

CDL Training in just 16 days! Job Placement and Financial Assistance Available For Those Who Qualify! 405-254-5217 Approved by WorkForce National Guard Tribals Class A CDL Oilfield Winch Truck and OTR Drivers. Pole Truck and Bed Tandem Operators. Experienced. $250 per mo safety/performance bonus. Clean MVR and Experience with Flat or Step Deck. Call 405-478-1105. Class A CDL Regional Driver, doubles, 5 years verifiable, clean MVR, Apply at 305 N Rockwell Ave, OKC, OK.

PT Bobtail Driver with pallet jack exp. Good driving record. No CDL required. Call 842-8936.

Tanker Driver owner operator truck hauling fuel, refined oil, dedicated crude oil, and misc. products. 6 days on and 2 days off. min 23 yrs, class A with Hazmat and tanker endorsements, 2 yrs exp, or driving school and 18 mon exp. $40k-$50k yr hrly training pay & 2wks vac after 1st yr Bob 405.401.8753 The Salvation Army of OKC is seeking qualified applicants for DRIVER positions. Please apply in person at 2041 NW 7th St, OKC, 73106.


Must have Class A with Hazmat. Fuel hauling exp a plus. We offer health insurance, vacation and bonuses. Fax resume to 940-668-8303 or visit Call 940-668-8593 for app.

To apply, please call 405-512-6817 M-F, 10AM-3PM Bischoff's Big Dog Express needs 2 Belly Dump Drivers. $15/hr. Apply in person. 233 SE 15th, OKC Bring copy of MVR 605-DOGG Open July 3rd & 4th

Bethany Dental ASSISTING SCHOOL Still time to launch a New Career in 12wks! CALL NOW! 787-5266

Complete Home Rentals, LLC is seeking a Lead Environmental Engineer. Must have a Master's in environmental or chemical engineering. Qualified applicants mail resumes to: 8801 N Western Ave., OKC, OK 73114.

Grand River Dam Authority Looking For:

Technical Superintendent - Transmission ‚ Technical Superintendent -System Planner ‚ Technical Superintendent - Standards ‚ Technical Superintendent - Substations ‚ Project Engineer ‚

Please see to apply.

All positions needed for luxury OKC apts. Fax resume to 817.704.4610 or email @ APT MAINTENANCE Must have own tools & transportation. Fax or email resume 354-3268


Will train. We are seeking collectors and bilingual Spanish speaking collectors. No experience necessary. Join our third party collection agency team today! Equal Opportunity Employer. To apply email resume to generalmanager@ CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL TESTING TECH. WILL TRAIN. Some benefits. Apply in person at 809 NW 34th, Moore. Counter Sales Counter sales/Receiving clerk. No exp. req. will train. Good math skills a must, comp. exp. helpful. Please send resumes to obsaccounting@ or apply in person at 900 N. MacArthur Blvd. See Debbie Direct Childcare Worker FT/PT, working with adoloescent males ages 13-18 in a group home setting. Must be 21, have completed HS or GED. Exp. helpful but not necessary. Call 239-7101 for more info. Apply in person 605 NW 13, Ste C OKC, OK email or fax 405-239-7106. Dog & Cat Kennel Help Weekends & 4-7p Weekdays. $7.25/hr. Pets & People. 701 Inla, Yukon 405-350-7387 DRIVERS & HELPERS for moving company. Apply in person at 1131 Enterprise Ave, unit 15A, OKC, OK, 445-7618.

ELECTRICIANS, JOURNEYMEN, APPRENTICES & LABORERS. Are you looking for a new career???? Call us today! »» 405-528-8738 »» Fence Builders Must be experienced. Please apply in person at 4836 NW 10th St. No phone calls please. HOUSEKEEPING Seeking the best Housekeeper for A.L. Positive attitude, exp'd. Apply at 1601 SW 119th St, OKC. INTAKE COORDINATOR needed for busy local DME company office. Customer service experience preferred. Please fax resume to to 405-840-5274. Kennel Supervisor for no-kill animal sanct. Supervise staff & hlthcare for 160 dogs. Kennel or vet. office exp. req. Sal. + house & util. 282-8617 LUBE/TIRE TECHS Busy quick lube center seeking Lube/Tire Techs. We offer industry top starting pay & paid training. Apply at 2625 Broadway Court, Edmond, OK.

MALES & FEMALES WANTED To work with people with developmental disabilities in NORMAN/EDMOND & SW OKC. Must pass OSBI & pre-employment drug screen. EOE. CALL 942-4822 or fax 942-4993. Marketing Leasing Specialist Assisted Living Community needs outgoing person. Management, leasing, selling, computer skills & knowledge of the Oklahoma City elderly housing market are essential. Outstanding career opportunity in the geriatric field. Excellent salary & working conditions. Please call 405-495-6870 Now Accepting New Donors Earn up to $150 this week while saving lives Talecris Plasma Resources 7103 S Western Avenue Oklahoma City 405-634-0220 In addition to meeting the donation criteria. You must provide a valid photo I.D., proof of your current address and your Social Security or immigration card to donate. NW C-Store Deli seeking long term mature responsible, individual with experience, lazy need not apply. 887-6568 lv msg ROOFERS - Red River Roofing seeking exp'd Repair Foreman & Apprentice. Must have clean driving record. Top pay & benefits. Apply at 746 Enterprise Dr, Edmond. 330-0025 SHOTBLASTING EQUIP. OPERATOR $12-$15/hr. plus Overtime. Travel required. Paid vacation. Health & Dental Insurance. 401K. Must be 21 yrs. Mechanically inclined. Background check. Drug screen. Good Driving Record. Safety oriented Call #405-495-9797 EOE

Truck Driver needed Must bring clean MVR to interview. Apply at 4625 NW 23rd 10-2 M-F No phone calls please


Pull orders, stock shelves. Drug screen and background check. 10.00/ hour+ Benefits. National Oak Distributors 1413 SW 3rd Street Y PROGRAM DIRECTOR The Stillwater YMCA is seeking a program director Responsibilities Include: Aquatics, Swim team coach, Fitness. Resume and references by July 19th, 2011 to: Daniel C. CarmanExecutive Director 204 S Duck Stillwater, OK 74074-3216 Oilfield Service Company Starting $9 per hour. No experience necessary! Will train! Paid travel & expenses with required OT. Competitive benefits. Must bring DL, NO EXCEPTIONS! Drug screen required. Apply in person TuesdayFriday ONLY, 9:00AM 4:30PM @ 2101 S Eastern Ave, OKC, OK, 73129. AMERICAN CLEANERS is looking to hire FT pickup and delivery drivers for its expanding restoration division. Candidates must be very service-oriented, have a good driving record and pass a pre-employment physical and drug test. Apply at 2 NW 11th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103. IMMEDIATE HIRE SUMMER FUN! Entry Level Marketing Full Time Only $500-700/Week E Mail Resume to Call Lauren 405-418-0862 Camelot CDC Needs Teachers FT/PT at 24 NW 146th St, 19000 N May & 13925 Quail Pointe Drive. Experience preferred. 749-2262 .

Apartment Maintenance Technician Responsibilities include, apartment turns, electrical, plumbing and carpentry. Candidates must have boiler/chiller experience. Benefits include: Paid Time off, Health Insurance, Long & Short Term disability and Paid Holidays. Contact Lakeview Towers at 405842-1438 for application/ interview or email resume to Lakeviewtowers@vttmanagement. com

Driller Helper

WILL TRAIN. Some benefits. Apply in person 809 NW 34th, Moore

Ground Laborers needed, full time, $7.25/hr. Must pass OSBI. Mid-Del Area. Call 737-6997, 476-0181 7:30am-3:00pm. WELDER EXPERIENCED, FT, M-F, GUTHRIE LOCATION, APPOINTMENT ONLY 405-348-6000

Sales Manager/ Convention Services Manager/Admin Crowne Plaza OKC is looking for an experienced Sales Manager, Convention Services Manager and Admin to be a part of a dynamic sales team in the market. Minimum 2-5 years experience required. Highly motivated, enthusiastic, organized, goal orientated individual should apply in person with Human Resources or

Now Hiring Housekeepers Must be able to work weekends. Please apply in person. Hampton Inn & Suites Bricktown 300 E. Sheridan Se Habla Español

EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL Accepting applications for Full time Banquet Setup and Full time Restaurant Bus Person. Apply 1815 S. Meridian. EOE

Job Wanted


Certified Massage Therapist available in my home or in your home for your convenience. Reasonable rates. 405-444-0524

Now Hiring FT/PT Armed & Unarmed in OKC, Shawnee & Chandler. CLEET Lic req'd. Apply at www.superiorsecurity

Clinical Supervisor

5 yrs managerial exp; master's degree in behavioral health; licensed therapist pref'd; knowledge of CARF guidelines & ODMHSAS standards expected. Apply: 1215 NW 25th St. EOE CMA – CNA/MAT Emerald Square Assisted Living hiring 3-11 shift. Strong work history required. Health insurance, benefits. Apply at 701 N. Council.

CMAs All Shifts

New assisted living now accepting appls. for exper. CMAs . Please pickup application M-F 8:30-5 at Village at Oakwood 817 SW 59th » 605-6353

Compliance Coordinator

5 yrs managerial exp; masters degree in behavioral health preferred; expert knowledge of CARF guidelines & ODMHSAS standards expected. Apply: 1215 NW 25th St. EOE DENTAL HYGIENIST Needed for MWC, MonThurs. Salary & Benefits negotiable. Please fax resume to 405-737-5445 Front Desk/ Hygiene Coordinator position available for patient friendly practice. Experience required. Knowledge of Dentrix software a plus. Great benefits, including 401k. Please fax resume to 405-840-5803.

Front Desk/Ins. Help and Dental Assistant. Pay dependent upon experience. 405-943-3575, 820-9329 Front Office Assistant Full time for very busy psychiatric office. Fax resume to: 405-943-8967 Health Care Worker/CNA FT/PT. Private residence to care for a 28 year old male adult. Must be trainable, skilled in lifts and transfers. Serious inquiries only. Call Cathy @ 602-2700. I-40 & Mustang Road area. INTAKE COORDINATOR needed for busy local DME company office. Customer service experience preferred. Please fax resume to to 405-840-5274.


Beautiful Assisted Living Community in the NW OKC area seeking a committed, self motivated individual to work with the elderly. Medical, geriatric, supervisory skills & computer knowledge required. Previous nursing home experience a plus. Excellent working conditions. Please call 495-6870. LPN Needed Seeking licensed practical nurse with medication dispensing experience. Candidate must be a multi-tasker, energetic, and willing to work early mornings. Pay based on experience. This daytime position is P/T with potential F/T and offers excellent benefits and insurance. Email resumes to transitionstreatment@ or fax resume 405-942-7686.


Outpatient Clinic, 2 yrs exp. Pref. Okla. Lice. Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center 12716 NE 36 Street, Spencer, OK 73084 / P.O. Box 30589, Okla. City, OK 73140 405-769-3301, Ext. 1238; Fax (405) 769-9685 delois.anderson@ / AA/EOE


needed for all shifts. Please apply in person at Oak Hills Care Center, 1100 Georgia St. Jones, OK, or call 399-2294 for directions. MA/LPN: FT for work injury clinic. Exp. req. Xray a plus. Mail res. to: VJF, PO Box 15124, OKC, OK, 73155 Medical Assistant MA for busy physician's office, previous experience & phlebotomy skills required. Mercy area, Medical Receptionist experience required. Send resume to 405-752-4242 or Office Nurse Full time position needed for a RN or LPN for surgeons office experience a must. Fax your resume to 607-2346

Oncology Nurse Busy Oncology Practice has an immediate opening for a Chemo Therapy Nurse for our new Edmond Office. Chemo certification and experience in mixing and administering Chemo Therapy is required. Margo Gonzales; margo.gonzales@, fax 405-942-9204. ORTHODONTIC ASSISTANT Organized, fun and hard working. Must be able to work 9-6 PM 4 days a week. 2 locations. Benefits, 401K and profit sharing. Fax resume to (405) 752-5575 PA/NP for busy Interventional Cardiologist. Must have excellent communication skills. Excellent salary and benefits. Send us your resume e-mail resume to Mail: PMG/Attn: Human Resources/PA-NP 3433 NW 56th #400 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Fax: (405) 945-3150 Pharmacy Biller Looking for Pharmacy Tech to join our 3rd party billing team. Must have 2 years exp w/3rd party billing. Strong phone skills are required. Weekly schedule of 2pm to 10:30pm w/one weekend a month required. Please fax resume to Nikki at 405-948-8741 or email to

PHARMACY TECHNICIAN FT position available for a RX Tech to assist our RX staff w/all aspects of RX operations. Must have state permit and strong data entry skills. Full benefits package and 401K available. Fax resume to 405-948-8741 or email to Phlebotomist/Med Asst needed for Eastern Oklahoma County Clinic. Fax resume to 405-769-2999 Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner for a busy specialty NW OKC practice. Send CV to 405-752-4242 or RECEPTIONIST needed at busy orthodontic office. Must be able to schedule, organize, handle insurance & phones, be dependable, 4-day wk, FT, great benefits. Fax resume w/ refs to (405) 752-5575.

Restorative Aide

with EXPERIENCE. Full time position for long term care facility. Apply at Wolfe Living Center, 18501 NE 63rd, Harrah. 405-454-1400

RN Field Nurse

for Home Health Care, full time, excellent benefits

LPN Field Weekend Nurse Fax: 286-1301 or email


Southside Ambulatory Endoscopy Center searching for experienced RN to assist physicians with medical procedures. Conscious sedation & recovery exp preferred. Offer leadership to nonlicensed staff. Associate Diploma of Nursing or Bachelor of Science in Nursing required. Endoscopy exp preferred. Must have Oklahoma licensure to practice as an RN without restrictions or reprimands. Fax resume to HR @ 713—4353. EOE M/F Telephone Triage RNs HealthLink Nurse Advice Line FT eve and weekends in NW OKC. Basic computer skills required. Fax resumes in confidence to Scott Mattinson RN 440-8928 or email to ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘

Wound Nurse

-previous LTC and certification preferred.

LPN - PRN Relief Cook

Competitive salary, good benefits & supportive team-oriented environment EOE WARR ACRES NURSING CENTER APPLY OR FAX RESUME 6501 N MACARTHUR 405-721-8740 ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘

!AMERICA’S WORKING! CMA or RMA 2+yrs $10-13/hr Med Front Ofc 2+yrs $10-12/hr Opthalmology Tech $12-14/hr E-mail resume to: Sherri.stinsonsmith@


O&G Service Technician Ferguson Beauregard seeks experienced Sales & Service Tech in OKC. Must have 5 yrs exp with artificial lift (prefer plunger lift) and automation. Must possess a current drivers license and pass a background check and drug screen. We provide excellent compensation and benefit package. Please e-mail resume to or fax to 903-561-3139

Personal Lines Account Manager

C.L. Frates and Company Insurance Agency OKC, seeks qualified Personal Lines AM. Licensed P&C Agent; ins cert a +. 4 yrs exp as Personal Lines AM/CSR for med/lrg complex clients. Strong org, admin/data system skills; MSOffice, agency mgmt system (Applied preferred); Broad ins knowledge. Service clients, cross sell/ prospect; meet/exceed customer expectations & comp goals/objectives. Excellent work enviro/ comp/benefits; EOE Submit resumes w/ref to Practical Nursing Instructor-Long Term about-mntc/ employment-opportunities PROPERTY MANAGER/ LEASING AGENT Experience preferred. Fax resume to 405-354-3268 or email Professional Collection Agency seeking part time position for Sales Manager and Account Representative, 8am3pm, Mon-Thurs. Apply in person at 5922 SE 15th St. MWC. For more info call Barb 737-6831

Visiting Angels PT Music Director Info at www. or email to info@

A real fit for HONEST PERSON TO WORK AT HOME W/ BENEFITS CO. APR. $700.00 WK PT/FT 405-225-7761

Accounting Positions InfoSync Services provides Accounting, Payroll, and Accounts Payable outsourcing services to multi unit restaurant companies. We are hiring for the following positions: Controllers, Accountants, Revenue, Accounts Payable. Email resume to Denise.Christian@ Evening Cosmetology Non-Certified Instructor about-mntc/ employment-opportunities

Adjunct AUA Instructor about-mntc/ employment-opportunities Adjunct Instructor for Autodesk® Revit® Architect Certification Preparation-Fall Semester about-mntc/ employment-opportunities

Chief Operations Officer

Kaw Enterprise Development Authority is seeking a Chief Operations Officer. Due to the nature, diversity and responsibilities, applicants must have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics or related discipline, or the equivalent related experience. Experience: at least seven to ten years of related business experience, including leadership capacity and Government contracting, experience, in a company that has grown through mergers and acquisitions. Responsible for: planning, leading business acquisition efforts to new acquired businesses. EEO with Indian preference. Send resume or application to Human Resource, P.O. Box 465, Newkirk, OK 74647, or Closing date 7.8.11 at 4:00 p.m.

Dir. of Mrkt Research Creates & maintains promo materials; maintains co. website and reps’ guide; processes reps agreements; compiles reprts; works w/the creation, implementation & evaluation of mrkting plans; trains overseas reps. Represents co. at int’l fairs & on recruitment trips. Must have BA or BS in mrkting or int’l trade and 1 yr int’l trade and/or mrkting exp. in ESL industry. Send resume to B. Robati, 189 W. 15th St., Edmond, OK 73013 or BNR@ EOE.

Hilldale Public Schools will be accepting applications for the following certified positions for the 2011-2012 school year. Requirements: Valid Oklahoma Teaching Certificate. •High School Library Media Specialist and a •High School Counselor. Applications available at Submit application to: D. B. Merrill, Superintendent, Hilldale Public Schools, 500 East Smith Ferry Road, Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403. Hilldale Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

LADC, LCSW, LPC & ADSAC Wanted D&A Counselors, ADSAC (DUI), Parent Aide. Multiple positions: LADC, LCSW, LPC & ADSAC Facilitators & Assessors: Sites in Noble & Konawa. Needed: LCSW, LADC can be under supervision. Contact Sandra Dye at 580-925-3286 ext 238

THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA invites applications for the following position: Coordinator International Students/Advisor Evaluates financial documentation and issues immigration documents for international students and scholars. Serves as Designated School Official for F-1 student visa purposes and as an Alternation Responsible Officer for the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. Assists international students and scholars to maintain legal immigration status and derive maximum benefit from their sojourn through advising, document processing, written handouts and workshops. Maintains relevant records, reports and statistics of foreign nationals working and studying at UCO. Serves as a liaison between the University of Oklahoma, government agencies, students and the local community. Assists with programs such as international orientation and will plan campus-wide events, which provide opportunities for international students to present their culture to the community at large. Salary: $35,250-$39,397/yr plus benefits. Bachelor’s degree required. This position will remain open until filled. On-Line applications required. For details or to apply, visit our website Call 405-974-2327 for technical assistance THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA invites applications for the following position: Coordinator Alumni Relations & Events Plans, supervises and implements special event programs to achieve established goals of Alumni Relations. Directs all Homecoming functions through developing materials, creation and organization of events, and recruiting volunteer support. Assists with the development of strategies that attract alumni to events and programs. Participates in and attends all functions of the Alumni Association Board, while leading several committees relating to program organization and development. Works with all university units providing information and assistance with alumni events, programming and reunions. Participates on committees (university-wide) relative to alumni development, membership and program coordination. Salary: $30,352$33,923/yr plus benefits. Bachelor’s degree required. This position will remain open until filled. On-Line applications required. For details or to apply, visit our website Call 405-974-2327 for technical assistance

THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA invites applications for the following position: Supervisor Technology Training

THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA invites applications for the following position: Coordinator Student Organizations Provides direction to programs and services designed to build the sense of community on the University of Central Oklahoma Campus. Works closely with the University of Central Oklahoma Student Association (UCOSA) as Co-Advisor, providing support to the organization, helping to advise, and increasing opportunities and relationships between UCOSA and all UCO student organizations. Oversees and provides support for all student organizations. Works closely guiding students who are in the process of starting a new organization. Develops support programs and materials to assist student organization advisors and coordinates advisor training sessions. Salary: $32,218/yr plus benefits. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience required. This position will remain open until filled. On-Line applications required. For details or to apply, visit our website Call 405-974-2327 for technical assistance

Norman Public Schools

has the following positions available: • High School Assistant Principal • 2 Assistant Elementary Principals EOE. For questions call 405-447-6599 Applications online

MOTORCYCLE SALES PERSON(S) needed. No-close sales. Fun working environment, benefit package. Call Darrin, 793-8877 FORT THUNDER HARLEY-DAVIDSON Professional Collection Agency seeking Part Time position for Sales Manager and Account Representative, 8am3pm, Mon-Thurs. Apply in person at 5922 SE 15th St. MWC. For more info. call Barb 737-6831 Sales Associate Sales rep needed for Growing Flooring Company. Great work environment, Excellent pay. Several Locations in OKC. Experience preferred, but not necessary will TRAIN. Send resume to: ahampton@ Sales Manager/ Sales Rep Growing Sales Organization for National Leader in voluntary benefits enrollment and communication needs sales managers and sales reps for Central and North Eastern Oklahoma area. First year potential of $70k plus sales bonuses. Call Gary at 405-229-8813 or e-mail resume to


Local Buy Here Pay Here Car dealership. Great pay, salary + commission and benefts. Send resume to


Lincare OKC, leading National Respiratory Company seeks results driven sales representative. Create working relationships with MDs, Nurses, Social Workers, and articulate our excellent patient care with attentive listening skills. Competitive base plus uncap commission. Drug free work place. EOE. Please fax resumes to


Certified Precast Welders Excellent wages and benefits. Call 405-528-5609 CNC Lathe Machinist Setup/Prog. & Opperate, Late Model Mazaks in clean A/C Shop. Health, Dental, Pd Vac, & Top Pay! 405-745-3571 DRYWALL HANGERS & METAL STUD FRAMERS Now hiring for new 52 story tower downtown. Must have tools & commercial experience. $13-$17 *** APPLY IN PERSON TO: 1 N. Hudson, Suite #550 Downtown Oklahoma City 214-869-6834

ElectricalContractor seeking experienced commercial Foremen, Journeymen & Apprentices in OKC. Health benefits, 401k, paid vacation/holiday. Apply in person at 1 NW 132nd OKC

Electrical Journeyman commercial experience. 40 hrs/wk. Healthcare avail. Call 745-4700 to come & fill out app.


needed. Call 405-410-2144 ELECTRICIANS State test prep course. Begins July 20th. Will hire. Contact Judge Porter. 1-888-293-2842 EQUIPMENT TECH Work truck equipment installer and fabricator needed. We Install service beds, Oilfield bodies, flat beds, cranes, liftgates, pumps, pto's, wet line kits, wireline bodies and more. You must have your own tools and be an excellent welder. We are a drug free work place.We offer vacation pay, health care and a generous bonus plan. We are looking for 3 years experience and a history of stable employment. Larry Rose 405-520-5438 FORKLIFT OPERATOR for warehouse. Exper. w/Combilift reqd. Full benefits pkg. Resume to: Shanna@ HVAC/Plbg Technicians Quality Contractor needs lic'd Journeymen 5yrs min exp-repair work. Top pay & benefits »» 843-4598 »»

Auto Mechanic Needed. Top pay, Health Ins., IRA, Paid Time off, Etc. Express Credit Auto 3042 NW 39th St. OKC Send resume to: JSimmons@ Or Call (405)-470-8206

HVAC Licensed Journeyman Installer New construction exp. A plus. Pay based on exp. + great benefits. Apply in person at TS Heat & Air, 8484 NW 39th Expwy. 789-5969

BODY TECH Needed. Experience required. Apply at 11601 N. Santa Fe. Benefits avail. Call for directions, 755-3262.

HVAC Licensed Tech Must have own tools & transportation. Fax or email resume 354-3268

Building Builder/ Concrete Work/Framers. Experience Preferred. Bilingual welcome to apply. 412-7665.

HVAC Licensed Journeyman needed. Immediate Opening! Great pay plus benefits. 405-348-9152


Will Train If you are looking for more than just a job, don't miss this opportunity to join a championship team. We are a stable, fast growing Cable TV installation company willing to develop your skills to become one of the best. Call Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Insured truck/Van reqd. Benefits Available 1-888-551-7208 JIFFY LUBE MANAGERS wanted $1000.00/wk and up plus bonuses depending on experience. Call (405) 921-7515 for interview. Licensed Journeymen & Apprentices With commercial & residential experience. 405-919-4981 Machinist Stabil Drill Specialties, LLC IMMEDIATE OPENING For experienced CNC lathe machinist, and manual lathe machinist. Oilfield Experience a plus. Apply in person at Stabil Drill Specialties 101 N. Sara Rd Yukon, OK 73099 EEO, AA Maintenance Tech w/exp needed for El Reno Apt. Complex. EXPERIENCED ONLY NEED APPLY. HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical strongly desired. Pay is D.O.E. Apply in person at La Villa Apts, 1400 W. Elm, El Reno, No phone calls please. Clean backgrd chk req'd. Maintenance Technician needed for multi-property apt complex. Must be able to go on call. Apply at Pickwick Place Apts 2759 W. I-240 Service Rd Painting painters and drywall finishers. 5+ years EXP. call 623-6210 Paint Tech & Body Tech needed for our 2 Collision Tech locations in NW OKC & MWC. Exc locations, busy shop. Call James at 973-8324. Plumber Journeyman Must have own tools & transportation. Fax or email resume 354-3268


Experienced and Laborer needed Call Mark 833-6607 SHEETROCKERS NEEDED Only experienced need to apply. Must have tools AND transportation. CALL 799-6070 Shinglers and Laborers Needed. Transportation a must. Start immediately. Pay based on experience. 405-703-5264.

Trailer Mechanic Must have tools. Good benefits 405-947-1742

WELDER/DRIVER Bore for underground utilities. Class A CDL required, with some welding experience. 5616 S. Rockwell. 405-745-4448



OKC Workers Needed

We are looking for experienced construction workers for our Oklahoma City area. We are looking for experienced concrete finishers and form carpenters. Drug test and physical required. We offer great pay and benefits including health, dental, 401k and holiday pay. Interested candidates should call Nancy at 918-712-1441 Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm or apply in person at: Crossland Heavy Contractors 3827 W. Hefner Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73120 Or e-mail ncovarrubias@ Equal Opportunity Employer- M/F/V/H

Wynn Construction Co. is hiring for experienced workers to work in Enid area. The following positions are available: •Concrete Finish Form Carpenters (5 year min) •Foreman for ductile iron piping •Crane Operator (must have proper rigging and crane certifications) Please contact (580)237-0743 to apply.

ONE OF A KIND! Adobe style home 3/2/2 + office approx 2126' on 2.38 ac MOL. Deer Creek schls $245,000 Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 Open House Sundays 2-4 2bed, 2.25ba, 2528sqft 2005 Call Cole (405-4647125) Metro 1st Rlty

Needed exp. diesel/ heavy equip mech and exp lub tech. Mech must have own tools. Both positions in Calumet, OK area. Comp pay. Call offc 405-893-2279 or Darrin 806-922-3089.

Hiring Licensed Journeyman Plumbers & HVAC Installers for commercial projects in OKC. Valid DL & drug screen mandatory at hiring. Apply M-F, 8-4. 4401 N Santa Fe. 525-5513

Refrigeration Co. hiring Licenced Journeyman for service & installation. License a MUST. Call 405-214-6789.

Fast growing company, looking to hire; Drillers $27, Derricks $24, Motors $23, Floors $22, all positions need at least 2 yrs rig exp., $100.00 day per-diem, Ins after 90 days, 1 wk vac after 1 yr 2wks on 2wks off, must reapply every 60 days. Horizontal Well Drillers 2915 SH 74 S Purcell, OK 405-527-1232

(Luther, McLoud, Meeker, Wellston, 331 etc.) MEEKER 2/3 bd 1ba, blt 1903, $52,000, no owner carry, 405-279-1070 aft 5

.82 ac. in Rio de Bella, SW Okc. Moore schools Call Broker-405-826-0983

Best Buy in Edmond-2340sf Oak Tree Est. .5ac lot 4/2.5/3 $210K ¡¡¡ 826-0983/Broker 1N to 10A, E. of OKC, pay out dn. before 1st pmt. starts, many are M/H ready over 400 choices, lg trees, some with ponds, TERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695 (3) 1 acre + tracts, rural housing development near Chickasha, $200K + homes, great investment, make offer, 405-574-4163. Payout dn pmt before 1st pmt starts. Your opportunity to own land, 40 areas, E, NE, SE of OKC 1N A. Milburn o/a 275-1695 terms Call for Maps! See why we sell more acreages than anyone in Okla. E of OKC. o/a 275-1695 100 acres w/2300' Fixer Upper house 8mi E of Moore. $2850 per Acre 414-2242

Farms, Ranches For Sale, Okla. 308 Established co. hiring Field Geologist/Mud Loggers. Must have a min. 2 yrs mud logging exp. Benefits. Resume to call (580) 562-3264

Suburban, NE

Hughes County 700 acres MOL, 50% open, 9 ponds, Great hunting & fishing. Call Colby at 918-470-8747 Pittsburg County 572 acres MOL, 1 mile Coal creek frontage, access to Lake Eufaula. Call Tim at 918-424-3264

Grand Pointe Gated Condo, 2 bed, 2.5 bth, hdwd flrs, new granite counter, new DW, frpl, new paint, garage, call for appt, by owner $110,000, 317-1206 Spacious 4 bed 2 story home, nice area, very unique floor plan, fresh paint, new carpet, only $89,900 Fidelity 692-1661 Bank Owned 4/3.5/3, 3 liv 2 din, 05 blt, 3604sf, lots storage, Piedmont Schls, $209,900 CB 414-8753

Completely remodeled 3bd 1.5ba 2 living, 2nd living could be 4th bed, seller will pay all buyer's closing costs. Only $79,900 Fidelity RE 410-4200 Price Reduced $8,000 1412 SW 67th sharp 3bd brick home 1car ch/a, large covered patio, great area, priced to sell only $69,900 Fidelity 410-4200 OWNER FINANCING $2000 down No Credit Ck 3020 SW 39 3/1 $56,000 » 596-4599 410-8840 » Home for Sale by owner 2942 SW 53rd 3bed, 1.5ba, $82,000 503-7612

S.E. Okla. Realty, LLC 918-424-3264

JUST LISTED! Awesome 3/2/3 + office approx 1820' on 3/4 ac MOL. Must see! $183,900. Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494

Be Square Properties LLC ¡ 334ac. E of Shawnee, large barn, trailer house & beautiful home site ¡ 470ac. E of Prague, lots of barns & beautiful home. 405-932-4912, 918-453-3920 60 ac between Dover & Crescent. 1,800sf home, 48x50 barn, corrals, $260K JC Barr, Broker 405-433-5636 160Acres SW 1/4 Sec 32 - 16N - 19W, Kiowa Co. Hunting • pasture • cult. $1200Ac • 580-530-1077

Take over pmt $355 Oak Ridge community 3bd/2ba 2001 Edmond 341-9209

Business Property For Rent Small Business/Storage 1250sqft, 28Wx50L, 14x14 O/H door, $500 month. 89th St. & I-35 S. OKC, 631-4447 Hair salon, Memorial and N Western area, partially furnished, call or text 414-7585

Office Space For Rent


JUST LISTED! 2-3 bd on 5 ac MOL approx 1395' storm shelter, lots of trees $132,500 Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 NEW LISTED! 3/2/3 + office on 5 ac MOL approx 2320' lots of extras, storm shelter $239,900. Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494

Rent to Own: Nice 2&3bd MWC $350&up 390-9777

New energy star home, approx 1770 sf, 3 bed, 2 bath, 3 car, $189,900, NW 6th & Mustang Rd, 704 Drover Ln, 245-6857,

$99 Move In Special 1 & 2bds, carports, coin lndry $345-445 470-3535

Owner carry with down Nice homes and fixers James 417-2176 Close to Hist. Museum. Gated, roomy efficiency w/full kitchen, exc cond. Just $315 mo! Ask about move in special. Call Judy at 405-420-1966

We Buy Houses Fast Any size or condition. »» 405-412-7800 »» TOTALLY FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED ALL BILLS PAID Rates starting at $800.00 month. First month FREE. Citadel Suites, 5113 N. Brookline 405-942-0016 Including are the following:

TEXOMA -Soldier Creek resort. 14x80 2bd 1ba on lot 55A. Exc cond. Furn close to big pool & boat ramp $35K 405-830-6578

Historic Capitol Hill Great location. Corner of Grand & S. Walker. 15,200 sf lot with building. $132,500. 214-7273241 or 972-804-4452

$100 off

First Month’s Rent LARGE TOWNHOMES & APARTMENTS • Washer, Dryers, pools • PC Schools, fireplaces

Williamsburg 7301 NW 23rd

787-1620 $99 Special

1 & 2 BD & Townhouses •City bus route/Shopping •Washer/Dryer hookups

Valencia Apts 2221 N. Meridian


$200 OFF

Washer/Dryers, Fireplaces PC Schools-Townhouses


$89 FIRST MONTH Bring this ad for Special. Affordable Luxury Spacious, too 416-5259 TUSCANY VILLAGE

VERY, VERY QUIET Near mall, schls, hosp, Try Plaza East 341-4813

Commercial Property For Sale


Walford Apts-Midtown518 NW 12 large 1bd 1ba 1100sf $875mo $775dep washer/dryer hookup Corner Studio 650sf $625mo $525dp 409-7989

Commercial RE 3bd/2.5 bth/study/sunrm 2482 sf (405-326-7392)

3037 North Rockwell

»» ALL BILLS PAID »» 1 Beds-Move in Today! $99 First Month 2 Beds & Townhomes, too DREXEL ON THE PARK Pool & Park 293-3693

3/2 Bath Repo set up in quiet park. Ready to move in Free phone app 631-7600



8100 N. MacArthur Blvd. »»» 721-5455 »»»

**NEW** 1216 sq ft $25,995 - 1 only Maxeys Homes 631-3600

ESTATE AUCTION: 10am, Sat 7/16. 928 SW 45th, OKC. Nice Brick Home, 1500+ SF. Viewing 1-3 Sun, 7/10. JB Robison 918 256 5524

$200 off


Various NW locations MOVE IN SPECIALS 300-6000sf 946-2516

Over 100 Repos on Land or 0 down w/your Land! WAC 866-764-3200,405-631-3200

Motivated, 2007 blt 3/2/2+ stdy, Aussie closet, Moore schls, $167K CB 414-8753 Bank Owned 3/2/2 1704sf, brk, Moore schls, cul de sac lot $84.9K CB 414-8753

Central Okla. Horse Farm, 320 acre reputation breeding & training facility, custom home, highly improved, large lake, $2.8M, 405-823-3177.

Abandoned D/W set up on 5 acres. Brick foundation, driveway, ready to move in. Free phone application 405-631-7600

Small personal training business for sale. Located N. of Memorial on Santa Fe. $20,000 for equipment, furnishings plus assumption of lease. 405-973-6436

'97 16X80, 3 bed, 2 bath, great condition, $18,000, you finance, 405-470-2886.

Pittsburg County 138 ac. MOL, borders Eufaula WMA, nice double wide, Great hunting. Call Tim at 918-424-3264

80 acres N. Piedmont, blacktop frontage, $425K, 405-823-3177.

Special Disaster Programs Zero Down! Own Land/ Family Land Zero down. Instant rebates/furniture allowance up to $8000. Free phone application WAC 405-631-7600

Established Business For Sale


Responsible for leading and supervising a team of technology trainers and provide necessary guidance. Oversees all technology training activities, resources and schedule. Serves as an academic technology advocate, faculty liaison and partners with academic departments to promote effective teaching and learning within a range of technology-enhanced learning environments and to increase campus wide faculty support of using technology. Plans, designs, develops, and delivers faculty training programs and tutorials for novice and experienced instructors, assisting with learning about educational technology and instructional methods for classroombased and hybrid course delivery. Salary: $51,264/yr plus benefits. Bachelor’s degree required. This position will remain open until filled. On-Line applications required. For details or to apply, visit our website Call 405-974-2327 for technical assistance


1 yr Cert./2yrs 3D CAD ANSI, ASME, ISO Salary DOE Send resume to:





TMCo, Inc. is seeking Fort Gibson Schools is accepting applications for a •Middle School Counselor and •Middle School Math Teacher. Apply to Linda Clinkenbeard, Assistant Superintendent, 500 South Ross, Fort Gibson, OK 74434, or call (918) 4782474. EOE.

Homes For Sale

» » » » » » » » » » » » »

All Utilities Cable High speed internet Telephone Fully Equipped Kitchen Linens Free Laundry Business Center 2 Pools Free Movie Rental Breakfast Mon.-Fri. Social Hour Free Gym Passes

Florence Apt 429 NW 11 Downtown view! 650sf Midtown Studio, Granite counter. Free Laundry! $750mo $400dp 409-7989

$99 dn $100 off 1st 3 Months Rent 947-1703 5744 NW 16th 2528 NW 12 1bd 1ba 1000sf $475/mo $250/dp garage extra 409-7989 no sec 8 Oakwood Apts 5824 NW 34 K off special 1bd 1bath $315/mo $175/dep, you pay elec 409-7989 no sec8 804 NW 21st Mesta Park 2bd 1ba 1000sf $600mo $300dp Free laundry 409-7989 no sec8 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 370-1077 $99 Move In Special 1 & 2 Bd, $345 - $446 mo 5944 NW 40 470-3535 MAYFAIR Great location! 1/2 bd W/D hdwd flr quiet secure ngbrhood ¡947-5665 Plaza Apts 1744 NW 17th 1bd 1ba 800sf $500 mo. $250 dep 409-7989 Briargate Apts 1bd 1ba $550/mo $300/dp 850sf 409-7989 no sec 8 » MOVE IN SPECIAL » LARGE 1, 2 & 3 BEDS Rockwell Arms, 787-1423

1 Month Free!

Lg 2bd $550 Casady751-8088 800 N. Meridian 1bd All bills paid 946-9506

Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 370-1077 The Gardens SW 74. 1 bed $400 & $420 2 bed/2 bath $550 No Pets. 681-9722 $99 Move In Special!!! Lg 1 and 2 Bdr, $345 to $420 mo. 632-9849



»»»»»»»»»»»»» » Yukon All Bills Paid » » 1 bd From $495 Move» » 2 bd From $595 In» » 3 bd From $695 Today» » Open7days/wk354-5855 » »»»»»»»»»»»»

Nantucket Gated, 2bd, 1.5ba, W/D, No pets. 3200 W Britton 922-1022

828 & 838 NW 113th St. 2bd, fenced, stv, frig, carport $530 + $500dep. Sec. 8 ok No pets. 748-6129

Duplexes, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, some new, some gated, call Rick, 405-830-3789.

Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 370-1077

Houses for rent

Rent-to-Own 3bd, 1ba $750/mo Very low down payment! Move-in Ready ¡¡ 405-275-1745 ¡¡

K Off Special 412 NW 115 3bed 2bath 2 car $850/mo $800/dep 1300sf 409-7989 no sec 8

3/2/2 Moore Schls ch&a wd hkups fncd $750mo 1yr lease no pets 503-5742

2616 NW 50 2bd 2ba 2car 1200sf Contemporary condo all appls $1050 mo $1000 dep 409-7989 6021 NW 58th Terr 3bed 2bath 1car, PC Schools, $975mo, $975dep 1600sf 409-7989 no section 8

3 bed, 2 bath with study, 2000 sf. Sheffield Glen Sub Division $1,295 245-3166 200 Sunset 3/1/1 kit appls $625 mo No pets No Sec 8 225-6734, 341-0368

3 bed, 2 bath ¡¡¡ $690mo 2 bed, 1 bath ¡¡¡ $490mo Section 8 OK ¡ 205-2343

3 BR, 1 BA, cpt, CH&A, stv, micro, DW, 2 car gar 800 Lawton. 650-4740. 2408 W. Park Pl, 3/2/2, newer, $975+dep, pets ok 285-0305, 823-6550

2 bed, W/D hookup, garage $500 month, $300 deposit. 631-8039

10704 Greystone Great 2bd/1 1/2 bath, 2 liv, dbl drv, garage $800 Mo + dep. 216-5833

OCU-SHEP-HIST 4bd 2ba hardwood floors, $450$625; T.I. 524-0222

2 bed, 1 bath, fenced, No garage, ch&a. $720/mo. $400/dep. ‘ 285-2627

Sec 8 Ok, 3 bd, Complete Redo. 1156 NW 91st $700, $700dep, 942-3552 1 bed, $525mo +$150 dep bills paid, 1323 NW 2nd, Others. 639-0556 Luxury 3080sf 3/2.5/frml liv/din wetbar! Ralph Downs Elem $1500+dep 820-0884 Nice 2bd, 1ba, no pets, abt 1100sf, ch&a, $525+dep, near Shep Mall 301-2386 Section 8, 4 bed, 1.5 ba, remodeled, 308 NW 87th, 405-414-7450.

245 NW 79th 2/1.5/carport Sec 8 ok $550mo, $250dep TMS Properties 348-0720

Just in Time for School! 4bd 2ba 1car gar frig & stove. $850mo $500dep Sec 8 OK. 1632 SE 52nd 359-0591 for appt to see

Very nice, 2504 SE 47th, 3/1/1, no sec 8/pets, $700+$600 dep, 410-9777 5412 Embers Drive, 3 bd, 2 ba, 2 car, ch&a, $950 rent, $800 dep, 413-4252.

Section 8, 3-4 bd, 1 ba, CH&A, 1 Acre, 1117 Beach Avenue. 414-7450

712 N Dillon Like New! 3bd, 1.5ba, 2liv, 1462sf $795 No pets 685-6817co.

7513 S Hillcrest Dr $750mo 3/2/2, ch&a No pets. 685-6817 co.

2917 Nimitz 2B/1B, CH&A, New Paint & Kitchen Garage, $650 Mo. + Dep. 216-5833

2732 SE 49 Brk 3/1/2, fncd, ch&a, no 8/pet, $650+ref/job 740-6072 3/2/2, remodeled, no pets, 813 Delia St., $750 mo $600 dep. 340-3058

2 bedroom, large util room. $340 + $200 dep. No pets. 405-412-6881

K Off Special 928 NW 109th 3bd 2ba 2car $825/mo $800/dep 1300sf 409-7989 No Sec8

Sec 8 Ok, 3 bd, Complete Redo. 1156 NW 91st $700, $700dep, 942-3552

New Rivendell Exec Home 408-4168 Luxury indoor pool & spa Fully equip'd media & wrkout rooms $5100/mo 4108 S Robinson Large 2bd 2ba home, fresh paint, water & garbage paid, only $495 Fidelity RE 692-1661, 410-4200

•Solid Brazilian Cherry• • Hardwood Flooring • (2600sf) Beautiful, never used $2.50/sf 632-0499

2444 SW 50th nice 3bd home, good area, large corner lot, clean $550mo Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200

525 NW 114 St. 3 bd, 2 car gar, stv, frig $800 + $600dep, No pets, Sec. 8 OK »» 748-6129 »»

11705 N Francis 2/1.5/2 2story, $650mo, $500dep TMS Properties 348-0720 Choctaw Schools, 3b, 2ba 2car, CH&A, 1.7 fenced $1,175/$900. 314-7828

3105 SW 120th 3/2/2 $1100 mo, $800 dep TMS Properties 348-0720

3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, 10209 NW 45th St, Deer Run, $1100 mo, 623-3812

2 bed, 2 bath, Antwine MH Park, $350-$400/mo 361-1820 Rent to Own: Nice 2&3bd MWC $350&up 390-9777

ROOMMATE WANTED nice home, MALE, 1/2 bills paid, furnished, no dep $335mo 405-789-6334

Sheet Metal, 3'x10' $16, Mon-Sat. 405-390-2077 Special on Trim!

Antiques, Art, Collectibles 501

Appraisals, & more.

Website/Email: dianelees@

843-1651 or 842-7200

SXS refrig w/water & ice in door $575. Elec stove GE $275. Under counter Microwave w/built in fan $175. 651-0154 FREE DELIVERY OKC! Washer $125 Dryer $125 Refrigerators $150 Warranty & Free Del. Call 405-210-2230. Daryl's Appliance: W&D $75 &up, limited supply! 5yr warr. Refr/Stoves $125 &up , 1yr warr 405-632-8954 Washer, Dryer, Stove, Freezer $100 ea; Frig $150; Can Del; 820-8727 or 216-8318 Samsung VRT front load washer/dryer, stainless, w/pedestals, 8 mos old, $1600/both 580-399-3571

Shell Gas Station selling 2 gasoline dispensors $6950 Exc Cond 405-312-4642 COPYSTAR CS-2030 With all the options and extra unopened toner cartridges, works great (come test it to be sure it meets your needs), $600 obo, call Lea at 405-942-2269, M-F, 9-5. ‘ We Buy & Sell Used ‘ ‘ Restaurant Equip. ‘ Great Prices!¡760-8132 Rest equip-100s -chairs, tables, refrig, grills, fryers, hoods. 417-5310.

Bull dozers: Case 850; John Deere 750, rippers, winch; 405-574-4163.

Maytag w/d $200; SxS frig $125; gas stove $100 220V a/c $125; 275-3419.

COLOR TVs: 27" $60; 19" $40 ¡ 13" $35 Extra Nice! 405-721-1764

153 Acres Hunting Land Auction Saturday, July 9th, 7PM, 1 E, 2 S, Walters, OK, RD Glover Auctioneer, 580-704-1232

Kincaid china cabinet $500; pub table and 2 chairs $200; 3 occasional tables $200; queen sofabed $300; obo; all excellent condition; 550-2502. Chair/Ottoman $100, table/chairs $100, coffee table $35, Hm stereo unit $75, computer monitor $75, 405- 210-1143

Highest CASH paid for old coin collections silver dollars & gold 620-7375

Samsung 42'' TV, under warr $1200. Sharp 37'' TV, under warr $1200 405-444-0222, 444-0777

Absolute Estate Auction Sat July 9th, 9 a.m. 2311 W Club Road, Duncan, Ok '08 Ford PU 20K miles, '04 Chevy Suburban Z71 80K miles, Chevy Cargo Van With Lift, Sanyo Flat Screen TV/DVD, Furniture, Hot Tub, Household items Guns, (Will be posted to our website) www. for pictures & details Stallings Auction 580-248-6676

French Provincial sofa /chair set $650. Chippendale Desk $400. Hooker coffee table w/2 ends $200. Cherry Bookcase $150. 4 pst rice bed $175. 503-9130 for pics.

Microfiber couch $125; Ent center $100; Computer desk $50; 550-3064

Refrigerator, 6 years old, 18cu ft, like new, exc. condition,$195. 226-0231

Washer & Dryer, Extra Large Cap., Exc Cond. $225 »»» 248-4070

TAKING ORDERS FOR PURPLE HULL PEAS. AVAILABLE 7/5/11 8QTS. SHELLED (9+ lbs) $42.00. OR $38.00/bu in shell. Pay when you pick up. Yukon 405-202-8478

2008 NH T1520 4wd, 35hp tractor, w/loader, 5ft rotary cutter, and 5 ft box scraper, 337 hrs, exc condition Central New Holland OKC 495-6151 Edmond 341-7829


1995 4WD Agro tractor model 9455, 155 hp, 20 speed, TA-46 Westendorf front end loader, bucket, hay spear, PTO, 540 or 1000 rpm, new rubber, $40,000, 405383-2231, 405-201-2693. 2004 JD 6320, 1600 hrs, 2WD, PQ, $32,500; JD 435 baler, string, $6500; Tonutti 10 wheel rake, $1600; 580-451-0053. JD 2020 tractor, 3pt, $3775, 6' finish mower, $985, 5' disc $535, 405-612-0002 6ft Gannon boxblade w/hydraulic rippers $1,750. 406-0076

3-wheel mobility scooter $400; Electric wheelchair $300; Lift scooter/ wheelchair inside vehicle $375 » 488-7017 » Quickie 200 elec wheelchair near perfect cond. new batteries. $325 630-0122 »» 206-3636

Rolexes & fine watches 789-2824 / 800-348-2824

All Sports & Concerts

» Local & Nationwide»


4000 Ford Diesel Tractor good condition, $2200 or trade. 651-8248 JD4410 35hp, 4WD/JD loader/6' mower, exc cond, $14,500. 406-0076

5x8, 5x10, 6x12, w/gates; like new 16 foot tandem; $650-$950 cash; 670-1850

Grasshopper 928, 6 foot deck, canopy, exc cond, $6000 obo, 580-334-7734

» Cabinet & Furniture » Maker Retiring Must Sell All Equipment! » Call 405-659-6371 »

Tool box for full size p/u $180; walker & cane $40; 12X10 storage building $300; 405-672-0652.

3 Buildings Full - Good Used Office Furniture. 510 W. Reno 236-3166 Metal filing cabinet, 4 drawer, legal size, paid $199, want $100. 701-1558

French Bulldogs AKC Registered 3 Fawn/Cream Males available. Now ready for new homes. $1500 Call 580-362-2743 or 580362-7179 Shelties AKC 3-F 6Yrs: 1-M 10yrs $100 CASH OBO 405-663-4047 Alaskan Malemute Pups, 6 weeks, s/w, $400-$500 each cash, 405-240-4955.

American Bulldog, F, 3 yrs, brindle & white, 85 + lbs, very bully, $800, with papers, 882-1054. American Pit Bull Blue 7 weeks 2M/3F S/ W Pictures available $200-250 405-350-6410

Aussie pup M red-bi. FREE to the right home. 517-1114 for more info AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD 2 black and white males, 1 merle male, 3 merle females, 5 weeks old (mom won't feed), $150$175. 405-812-2217

5 cute, playful kittens, free to a good home, 692-2718. KITTENS, M & F, 3, grey, black and white $20each. 413-2798 Persians Kittens 1 White and 1 Blue 8 weeks 200.00-400.00 405-356-9617

Australian Shepherd Reg., M & F black tri, 9 wks, Parents on Premises, Great companion or working dog ¡ $200-$275 ¡¡ 405-586-9250 ¡¡ Basset Hound, 8wks 5M, 2F, s/w, red & white $200. Dave 405-863-0287 Basset Hound Puppies 6 wks tri-Color 6 m 3 f $100.00 405-268-9969 Beagle Pups, 6 weeks, M tri color, $150 ea. Also 1yr old Chihuaha $50 »»» 769-6369 »»»


SIBERIAN KITTENS HYPO ALLERGENIC 12wks old. TICA REG. 1m $750ea 405-368-8951 Free found orange F Kitty 4 month old. Needs a home, will deliver, 495-1524, 830-9938 2 Free male kittens, 8 weeks old. 405-627-4877

Complete dispersal due to drought, 15 young black cow/calf pairs, Charolais bull, farmer owned, $21,500 for all, 580-393-1388

Border Collie Pups, DOB 4/2/11, 2 M, 2 F, out of working cow dogs, $150 each. 405-485-2116

Chinese Pugs, ACA Reg. 1 fawn F, 1 black M, 10 weeks, s/w, $150 ea, »»» 326-5474 »»»

Border Collie Puppies ABCA, 2 M, blk & white, 1 F, red & wht, $200ea POP 580-301-1609

CHINESE PUGS 9wks old 3M $200ea. or best offer. 405-887-2703

Border Collie Male 2 years old all shots /wormed. started on sheep $100 405-207-3429 Border Collie K , Pit Bull K , 9 week old M, shots & wormed, very beautiful, $75, 405-207-3429.

BOXER AKC PUPS WHITES* 1M/1F* 2 FLASHY M* S/T/DC/ POP 9WKS 325.00 Choctaw 405-408-7516

Boxers, AKC 4M Strong Champ Bloodlines s/w $400 823-3202

Boxers AKC 2 brindle female. t/d/ s/w 10wks pop $250.00 (405) 740-6780 or (405) 659-5363 Bull Terrier puppies, 2M, McKinsey & Chico bloodlines, AKC reg, s/w, $1500, contact Romeo, 405-410-9672. Bull Terrier Puppy 1 Solid Brindle Male, 9 weeks, Reg., Shots, Wormed, Vet Checked. $800 405-207-3676

Bull Terrier Pups, 7wks, $600/obo. Call Josh @ 405-503-7776 or Caleigh @ 405-209-2791. Chi, 3 tiny boys, LC, SC, s/w/dc, 7w, home raised tri color, $100. 760-6287 Chihahuas, CKC reg. 8 wks s/w/dc. 3m 1f adorable, full of joy! $100 -$125 cash Wetumka 817-692-9652 can meet. Chihuahua, Tiny, Toys ACA, 7 wks, S/W, Fs POP $200 Cash 615-2565 Chihuahua, Registered Male, 4 months old, Shots $75; F $200; call 381-3740 CHIHUAHUA ADORABLE TEENY- TINY! $225 Visa/MC 405-826-4557

BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG Pups, 5 weeks old, AKC reg. 918-747-6877

Chihuahua Pups, ACA, 7 wks, S/W, home raised $125 Cash ¡ 615-2565

BICHON FRISE, 6 M, 3 F, 8-11wks $250-$275; Some older-$50; 1 AKC M, 8 mo-$260 ¡ 214-7857

Chihuahuas, full blood, Ms & Fs, various colors $100 ea; Bull Terrier, full blood 2 year M, brindle & white, good markings, $750, 405-444-0524

Bloodhound Pups, AKC, 2M, 12 wks, vet ckd, s/w $295 ’’ 405-820-4381 Blue Healer Puppies 2 F, 1 M 6 wks old. Hinton, OK $100 cash ea. 405-542-6359

CHAROLAIS BULLS 1 & 2 year olds, gentle, 903-814-5008/580-657-3888

Blue Heeler Pups, short & stout, must see $150. Aussie Pups ASCA reg. 3 M, 12 weeks, $150, 819-2922, 436-8565

(25) 3-5yr Angus cows, heavy bred to Angus bulls, some has calved 642-6156

Blue Heeler Working fam ckc 11 wks 2/F $100 405.816.7357

Chow Pups AKC 2 Males, 1 Cinn, 1 Crm, 9 wks, 300 580-251-1515

COCKER, AKC, 1F black Sweetheart! s/w, pop, 7wks $175 405-246-6637 Cocker puppies, ACA, 7 weeks, buff with white, s/w vet checked, POP, $200 cash, 405-373-2438. Dachshund, Mini, ACA, 11wks, dbl dapple, s/w $150-$175 405-585-3545

BOXERS 6WKS OLD 2M 1F. Shots & wormed $250 obo.» 590-4530

Reg. Beagle Puppies Classic tri-colors, some are the minis. Package deals available. $25.00 580-524-1696 or email

Bloodhound AKC Red/blk & tan, M&F, $500 405-323-3211, 527-8888

Chinese Pug, AKC Female, fawn $150 Great Pet! 405-503-2272

BOSTON TERRIER pups. Reg. $300ea. BOXER pups Reg. $250ea. 580-614-1241.

BOXER MIX PUPPIES BLUE EYES. $200 405-816-9795

» AUSSIE's » All Colors, Mini & Toy's $100-$400 405-650-4671

HARD TIMES LOW PRICES John Deers : GT275, 260, LX277, 425. 38''-72'' cuts 4 OTHERS » $650-$2800 » 641-9932» 48'' Zero Turn Grasshopper like new, still some warr. $3000 833-5579


18' car hauler, steel floor brakes, new tires, dovetail $2150 405-834-9094

Russian Blue, 7 weeks, F $125 ea, M $100 ea, loveable, 405-769-2527.

Priefert squeeze chute, palpation cage and tub, $2500, 580-451-0053. • Laminate Flooring 2100 sq ft, 25 year warr, 95¢/sq ft • Prefinished oak, Hardwood, 2400 sq ft. 30 year warranty $2/sq ft. • 405-632-0499

All Wood 8'x8' Barn w/ shingles. Will assemble $850 Call 918-955-2364

5x8 ut $775•12'x77 $860 16'ut $1300•18'car h$1895 J&J Trailers 405-682-2205

Liquidation DIANE LEE'S

Gigi's Wood, pecan $120; oak $100; hickory $150; del/stacked, 823-9312.


Estate & Business

BlowoutSale!All app xtra clean 1yr wnty 732-8503 ROOM: share, kit, bath, lndry, priv entry, cable incl $400mo 405-948-5908

GOBER CONSTRUCTION Post Framed Buildings: 30x40x10, (2) 12x8 overhead (1) entry door, and concrete $12,500. Call . 405-650-2556


Condominiums, Townhouses For Rent 441

901 Hoyt Spacious 3bd home with 1 car garage on corner lot, clean, fenced Only $650 Fidelity 691-1661, 410-4200

1504 SW Binkley spacious 2bd home, w/large living room, detached garage, clean, fenced, only $525 Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200


$99 SPECIAL Lg 1bdr, stove, refrig., clean, walk to shops. $335 mo. 632-9849

2 bed, 1 bath, brick 1305 NE 17th $400+$275dep 361-1820



Nice 1 & 2 bedrm, furn, 3317 SW 44th, & SW 9th & Penn, 278-6973 or 235-1955

Dachshund Mini 5 AKC pups. Longhair. S/W/DC 4f 1m Choc, tri & dapple gray $150ea. cash. Linsay, OK 405-250-8964 DACHSHUND MINI 2 LITTERS, 8 AND 4 WEEKS OLD. 6F 1M RARE COLORS SHORT HAIR. SHOTS WORMED $150-$250 405.618.9057 CALL 4 PICS Dachshund Mini, AKC choc & tan SH, M&F, s/w $150-$250, Newcastle. (405)392-5490 or 641-4841 DACHSHUND Puppies, AKC, 2 Males, 8 wks old. $100-$125. 405-677-6385 Daniff Puppy Rdy 7/18/11 $100 Dep 7 M$350 2 F$400 732-7886

Doberman, 3 yr old red neutered Male $150 (405)527-6132/312-0970 Doberman AKC, Puppies, red rust, 7 weeks, M & F, $350 obo. 806-886-5460 ENGHISH BULLDOG AKC 4 yr old F, $300, 6 mo old M $1000. Champ. stud service 405-329-0066

CHIHUAHUA ACA longhair 2F $250 1M $200 733-4077 or 455-5519

Chihuahuas, Teeny Tiny Teacup, beautiful healthy babies, s/w $250 808-3502, 808-3520 Chihuahuas, 7 wks VERY TINY CUTIES $250 Cash ¡ 519-8584 Chihuahuas, ACA Ms & Fs $200-$400 ¡‘¡ 627-0419

English Bulldogs French Bulldogs & Olde English Bulldogges. $500 and up. Pictures online @ * * (580) 471-3714

English Bulldog Puppies, AKC, 5F/2F, 6 weeks. Deposits ok $1500 (918)407-5220/407-5221

CHIHUAHUAS tiny,big,pups,adults $75 to $200 405-331-0628

Chihuahua Teacup pups 1st shots wormed very beautiful $200ea 405-207-3429

English Bulldog Puppies AKC, s/w $1000 ea. more pics and info call 918-448-6226

ENGLISH BULLDOG AKC 21months, white, female $800. 405-213-6419 English Bulldog AKC, 3M, $1400 ea, 285-2825, English Mastiff, AKC, 1 male, 2 females, fawn, 7 weeks old, $500, 580-371-8019

English Springer Spaniel Pups

AKC Champion lines; 4M, 3-F Born 4/13th, available mid-late June; great gift for Dad and Grads; black/white; beautiful! excellent demeanor! must see! $550 Steve; (w) 359-0773, (h) 340-8494, (c) 204-6904 French Bulldog Puppies, white & honey pied, 7 weeks old $725 ea. ¡¡¡ 580-768-1110 ¡¡¡

German Shepherd Mix Puppies, 6 wks, s/w, paper trained. Free to Good Homes 405-386-6413 German Shepherd Pups, AKC Reg., 5F, $250 each, call 408-2427 Goldendoodles, Reg, 2F, Grdparents search & rescue therapy dogs. Finest quality, home raised, references $750 ¡ 306-2878 Golden Retriever Pups See us on facebook at "Grein Goldens"! AKC pups 5wks old, 1M 5F, s/ w $350 405-878-8821

Golden Retriever AKC Pups, 1st shots & wormed, $225. 255-8777 Great Dane, 7 to choose from, 5 weeks old, 2 M, 5F, $250-$500, 740-6387

Lab Pups, beautiful, choc smart hunters, 7 weeks, s/w, POP, $200-$250, 580-352-1985 or 580- 450-4708, Hobart. Lab Pups Yellow AKC Big Playful Block Head 9 wks 2F 5M s/w/d Hunting/Retrieving parents on sight. Blanchard $200 405-831-0070 evenings 405-831-8570 or 405- 344-6828 LABRADOODLES & GOLDENDOODLES $500 & UP S/W/DC VET CK 405 320-1198

LABRADOR PUPPIES AKC REG. 7WKS 2 YELLOW F 1 BLK F POP. BOTH PARENTS EXCELLENT HUNTERS. $250.00 405-258-7303 OR 405-258-8039 Labs, AKC, 7 wks, white, blocky, parents OFA'd, champ ped., S/W, POP, socialized $375, 818-4182 Labs, AKC, white, brown & black, will be ready 7/4 $200-$250. 580-227-0775 or 580-227-7261

Great Dane puppies, AKC 12 weeks, DOB 4/8/11, s/w/dc, 3M, 1 brindle & 2 fawn, $400. 659-6948 Great Pyrenees, AKC, 1 Male, 1Female, S/W, working POP, $300, »» 405-537-1526 »» HAVANESE, 2 Adult Females, Sweet, Spayed, UTD shots $100 each. ¡¡ 773-9530 ¡¡ Havanese, AKC, Pups 6wks, s/w, small, F&M $300-$350ea » 324-1201

Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu, pups, 3M, 3F, tiny, 7 wks $175 each, 250-8266. Lhasa Apso ACA Pups 1st shots & wormed $175. 255-8777 Mal-Shih-ADORABLE! ITTY BITTY! $295 Visa/MC 405-826-4557 Malte/Poo puppies, M, white, partis, $75, ’’ 1-405-589-1037 ’’ Maltese, AKC, Pups CUTE! M-$400 F-$500 (405)323-3211, 527-8888 Maltese, AKC, 3F, cute s/w. small, DOB 3/11, $235 405.795.1596

German Shepherd, AKC, 8 wks, 1 M, blk/r, 2 F, blk/t, 1 F, blk/r, S/W, POP, hlth guar $350 405-760-7731

German Shep 8wks $150 spunky/social pup paid $900 for mom/AKC 520-2820 German Shepherd AKC Pups Beautiful pups; sable, blk & tan/crm, 2M, 6F, 6wks on 7/1. POP. Loving, loyal little German Sheps. $275.00 405 5142110

Schnauzers Mini AKC, E/T/DC/S&W, 2 Female, 1 Male $300. 405-612-8998

Pekingese Puppies, AKC 7 wks, S/W, POP, 2F/1M $300 ea. 580-816-0314

SCHNAUZR AKC PUPS 7wks S/W & groomed M $300 F $350 Newcastle. 387-9882 or 761-4243

Pit Bull, pure bred, Colby champ bldlns, all colors, POP $200¡580-237-1961 Pit Bull Blue, 5 males, 1 female, 6 weeks ADBA registered $400 595-6890 PIT BULL Pup 6 mo old, Male shots up to date $50. 405-812-0772 PIT BULL pups 2 Male, 10wks old, shots & wrmd $100. 405-361-6018 PIT BULL TERRIER ADBA, 4M, 2F, blue puppies, Edge/Gotty $500-$700 » 618-6587 Pointer Pups Registered English Pointers 3 gen pedigree on Parents 3F, 5M, all liver & white. Parents are excellent hunters. Whelped 5/22,could hunt this season. M $300 F$350 Chris 405-245-9140 Pom Pups, ACA, 8 wks, 2 Males ¡ Cute & Fluffy! $250 ea. 405-282-1183 POM PUPS ACA, 7wks. 3m 1m s/w adorable & fluffy! $250$300ea. 405-761-9460 POMS, AKC/CKC, parti, $75-$800 ok lic 002. 405-609-9241 Poms Reg. 3 Females, 3 Males 2-4 Yrs,1 AKC Female 9 yrs CASH$100-$150 405663-4047

Poodle AKC, T-cup, Tiny Toy, Toy & Mini vet ck'd $200-$1500 275 -6527 POODLES, TOY Registered ’’ $350EA 405-513-3312

Havanese AKC black & white, super cute and adorable. $450-$500 580-583-2696 Havanese Puppies, AKC, 9-12 wks, 6M $250, 2 F $300, S/W 580-450-3832, 405-933-2333 See pics at

Maltese 2female $375 2male $300 8wks reg. s/w 405-379-3553 Maltese M 12wks, O hsbrkn owner lost job, can't keep $350 obo 306-2878


Malti-Poo Designer Breed 10 wks, S/W vet ck'd, all white $150-$250 635-1287

Irish Setter Male, 8 mos, High energy, Very smart $100obo 405-549-4397

Malti/Poo, Male, 6 weeks, champaign, $150, 405-761-8423,

Italian Greyhound, 8 AKC Pups, Beauties! shots, $250, 392-3467/408-8724 Jack Russells Jack Russell Pups 7wks S/T/DC/W 150.00 Dustin 779-4452 JAGDTERRIER PUPS 2m 2f born 5/20/11. Gritty game dogs. Great pets. $400 918-344-3351 LAB, AKC, 1 Male, 1 Female, black, 8 wks old, $150ea. 405-273-3192 Lab, AKC Reg. Pups, 1M 1F, black, Born 5/11/11, Vet ckd, dewclaws removed, S/W, POP, Exc Pedigree. $250-$300 405-397-4566

Mastiff, (Cane Corso) purebred Female, 13 wks $300 obo ¡ 405-795-9391 MASTIFF PUPPIES 1/2 English, 1/2 Bullmastiff puppies. Ready to go in a few weeks. POP $500-$600 Beth 405-589-6927 Mini Aussies $400-$650 405-613-4826

Morkie- tiny, adorable s/w, 8 wks, puppy pad trained, $200, 361-5317 MORKIES Yorkie/Maltese $300 580-467-1876

Poodles CKC & AKC 2 older f and 5 months old m , 4 puppies m, 580-402-1020 for pictures- grim. $100. and up Linda

Rat Terrier Puppy, blk & white, Beautiful markings $75 405-314-7761 Rescued Beagle mix F shots, spayed, FRIENDLY, Free to good home 202-1962 RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK PUPPIES, AKC, 8 weeks. $400. Shots, wormed. POP. 4 Females, Happy, healthy. 405-290-8637, 405-386-6987 Rott Puppies, full blood, 6 weeks, tails, dewclaws, s/w, POP, $350 630-7956, 630-5465 Rottweiler, AKC puppies, 4F, t/dc/pop, $275, 210-6341. ’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ SCHNAUZER PUPPIES ADORABLE MINIS 1 yr hlth ’ grtd; s/w $275 ’’ Will Meet. ’ 580-220-5866 ’ Schnauzer, Mini, AKC Pups e/t/shots, Great Pets $150-$300 405-503-2272

SHELTIE AKC Reg. 13wks. 1F blk/wht/tri 1st S&W $200 405-258-6484 Davenport SHIH-POMs, 8 week old males, hand raised, 2 pup shots, dewormed, potty patch trained, $350, 405-285-8666. Shih Tzu, 6 weeks, 3F, very fluffy & small, $200 732-2081/887-8284 MWC Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise hybrid, 3 white M, 2 multi F, 5 weeks, very cute, $100 Firm 405-390-4869 ShihTzu/Maltese born 5/15. very cute/adorable $200ea. 330-6930

Yorki-Maltese (Morkie) Adorable, ITTY BITTY! $395, Visa/MC, 826-4557 Yorkie, AKC Female, 12 weeks, S/W/DC $200 ¡ 580-504-9580 Yorkie 1 M, 1 F, AKC, 9 wks, champ bldlns, $500$600. Chorkies 2 M, 1 F, 10 wks, $175-$275, Chihuahua 1 M, AKC, 6 mos. $75 cash. 405-640-0920 Yorkie AKC Female partie color $700. 405-779-6008 Yorkie babies A-1 qual AKC T-toy Beaut Hlth Guar pics $400-600cash 405-761-9411 Yorkie female, 9 months old, all shots, wormed, very beautiful, $500, 405-207-3429. YorkieK , Chihuahua K , M, 10 weeks old tiny pocket pups, $125 cash, 224-6903

Belgian mare and Shire cross, free to good home, must have draft experience, 405-312-0407 3 miniature horses, free to good home, must go together, 405-312-0407. 19YO 16.5H bay gelding, Qtr horse, good for trail, gentle $600 390-1670

Golden Retrievers 8 wk old AKC golden retriever puppies. 7M 3F, POP, s&w $400.00 (405) 255-4061 or (405) 455-1153 3 young cockatiels, $40 each, »» 670-9678 »» 9 Talking Parrots, H/F Babies & Breeders $50$500 or trade. 341-6373 Baby Pot Belly Pigs all colors 3-5 lbs, $75 for 1, $120 for 2, 918-372-4451 3 HAND FED SEVERE MCCAW babies , $395 ea cash 580-320-3802

Shih Tzu 3 Reg. M 2-4 Yrs $100 CASH 405-663-4047

Shih Tzu AKC Puppies 7wks, Males $200, Females $250 CASH 405663-4047 SHIH TZU AKC/CKC, $200-$400 OK lic 002 405-609-9241 Shih Tzu Puppies, ACA, 5 F, S/W ¡ $225 each (405)395-8820/433-2292

Yorkies: 1M, 1F, tiny and teacup, $300-$400; 1M, family size, $200; 405-380-5859 Yorkies Reg. 4 F, 1 M Standard 7-9 Yrs, $100: 2 ACA Teacup M 2-4 Yrs $250: 1 AKC Teacup M 1 Yr $300 CASH 405-663-4047

Yorkie super cute and small, $300, 580-583-2696

Sib. Husky pups Born 6/1, male and female, many colors. $250 Robbie @ 405-370-0165

Free to a loving adult home, 9mo M German Shep./Pit mix, all shots & neutered, Very affectionate & loving! 799-1934, 702-379-3548

Siberian Huskies, AKC/ACA SALE! 5 mo males, $100; 9-12 wks, $350, blue eyes, (405)323-3211, 527-8888

Sundowner Kennels for sale w/ Reg. dogs: Shelties, Poms, Std. Yorkies, Shih Tzu $6500 ea OBO 405-663-4047

Siberian Huskies, AKC, 8 wks, S/W $300-$400 580-504-9580

Cute Designer Puppies 7wks La-Chon Hybrid Lhasa X Bichon S/W/reg $150-200 405-760-4872

SIB HUSKY AKC 6f 2m s/w 9-15 wks $400-$600 DEBBIESDREAM.NET 866-957-5572 LV MSG St. Bernard Puppies Males & Females, S/W $200.00 (580)334-4531

Vizsla Hungarian Hounds Vizsla Pups 3 Beautiful AKC Vizslas for sale. 2 males and 1 female. Vizslas are intelligent, loving and playful pets. Decentants of Rebel Rouser. Located south of Norman. $800 - $850 Amy 970-275-6789 Welsh Corgi AKC Pembroke 8wks shots. 4m blk, tan & sable w/white markings. $400ea . 580-564-5802 IN OKC THIS July 2 & 3 Westies, Reg. 8 wks old, shots & wormed $300 ’’ 405-742-7386 ’’

Baby Wallaby! On a bottle with pouch and formula included. $1200 870-942-7815 Baby Racoons, 2 F, 1 M, Baby Skunks 2 F, $250$400. 405-226-5444, 405-627-5739

Guinea's, Bantams & laying hens, $3.00 $20.00 405-549-0654

Adorable baby Bunnies & breeding stock, various breeds $20-$30. 823-7848

'01 Sea Doo 3 seat, '04 Yamaha 2 seat, double trailer w/box, all access, like new, exc cond, low hours, $9,300, 203-2323. 1992 Ranger 492VS Bass Boat, 200hp Mercury mtr lots of extras! ¡ $7900 ¡ (580)436-2494/421-3584 1994 115hp Eveinrude motor running, SS prop, new cables w/controls. $1500. 405-820-1357 2003 SEADOO BOMBARDIER 2 seater with trailer & accessories. $3,000. 405-206-3783

'07 Honda 1300 VTX/R 7300mi. loaded $6500 cell 405-570-7387.

'95 Celebrity 24' Cuddy Cabin, portapotty, 7.4L Mercruiser $15K 373-3725

I BUY BOATS Cell 580-595-1386

Pinto horse, near SE 74th and Post Road, call to ID, 736-9021. Small F dog, red/blonde with collar, Walker & Memorial. Call 755-4184 2007 30ft Hurricane Class A Motor Home, 13,500 miles, like new, garage kept, no smoking cooking or pets, includes satellite dish, tow package, all necessary hook up equipment. $48,000. 918-374-2656. 2008 Brookside Elegance TT, BP, 31 ft, dbl slides, all the upgrades, no pets/smoking/kids, used very little, Better than New! NADA $32K- Sell for $16K, 405-364-1232. '95 Dutchman 5th Wheel 28 foot, fully equipped kitchen, self contained, full size bathroom and shower, cold A/C, like brand new, everything perfect $4,950 obo 921-8878 2007 Keystone 31' Sydney Addition Sleep10, Lg slide, Carrier A/C, Awning $17,500.00 John @ 405-615-9150 or

2000 Pace Arrow 34'. 1 large slide, LR & kit 35K mi neutral colors, all the extras. $32,000 neg. Ada OK 580-332-5158

GUN SHOW JULY 9-10 SAT. 9-5 & SUN. 9-4 TULSA FAIRGROUNDS EXCHANGE CENTER R.K. Shows Info: (563) 927-8176

English Setter Puppies, Registered, Excellent bloodlines/hunting stock, started, white/ black, 2M, 3 months, S/W, $250, 580-9240764 or 580-775-0808.

OK’s largest sel. of used Golf cars 800-276-0571

WE BUY GUNS Mustang Pawn & Gun Over 1,000 New/Used Guns Tue-Sat 9-6 376-GUNS

Hunting/Fishing Leases 607.0

Remington 700 .22-250 BDL, hvy barrel, 6x24x50 scope, $800, 831-4021.

WILL PAY GOOD $$$ FOR DUCK LEASE 405-476-1589 1965 Cessna 150E 512 SMOH, 5200 TT, Paint/Interior 6/6, King KLN90 GPS, Narco 810 Com, King 76, all logs, fresh annual as of 6/11, HD Nose Gear, New tires & brakes. Auto Gas STC, Oil Filter.6 mos free hangar rent at Goldsby (1K4) with purchase of plane. Plane still being flown, so times are approx. $18,000. Dick Simmons 405-793-7208 1/10TH SHARE CARDINAL AT NORMAN $6000 »» 620-3436



Sun., July 10, Admiral Twin Drive-In, Tulsa Set-up 7-9 am, Public 9-3, $5 pp 2007 HD Ultra Classic, Stage 1, 19K miles, $11,900, 361-1682. 06 Honda Shadow 750 17,400 mi--exc condition. $3,300. (405)224-1957 '03 HD Anniv Dyna LoRdr NICE! Ext Chrome, Mustang Seat, Qk. Rel. W/ Shield, Screaming Eagles - Appx 11K miles $8,750 Robin - 405-833-0096

1999 80X16 Summerset Twin Merc. 5.0, 90hrs 3b 2ba 2 showers, fully furn Stern thruster, like new 1 owner. $179,000 817-268-5489 817-307-1109

Female tri color dog, near NW 164th & May. Call to identify, 285-6142

Female German Shorthair Pointer in N. Norman. Call to ID 799-7157. Small white dog, vic. SW 101st & Daisy. Please call to identify, 823-9578

BANKRUPTCY Individual Chapter 7 $700.00 + COSTS. Full Legal Services Barry Simms (405) 850-5775 Probate-Trusts Paralegal Divorce and other services www. easyparalegalservices .com $125 and up 405-470-0020

All Divorces

$99 Other services 474-2375

Toy white dog with pink collar. Lost in Norman on 6/27/11. 785-822-5233 Boxer, 8 month M, fawn; Pit, 5 year F, white and tan, spayed; 210-7963.

97 SeaDooXP Bombadier yellow/black, 2-seater on trailer $2500 ¡ 680-9881

Golf Car Center Yamaha, E-Z-GO New/Used 2622221 Okc, 866-323-2221

6 month old ferret with cage, neutered, no bite, $200 obo, 405-549-4397.

Registered Albino BABY RACOONS $400, 405-496-8299.

40' Party Boat, fly bridge, deck, good cond $14,800 trade. 370-0075

'93 Deluxe Buster boat 10', loaded, 3.5hp Mercury motor. $800obo. 858-0607

1 female bobcat kitten $600. Tishomingo. 580-443-5873

2 white tail buck fawns, $250 each, cash only, 405-277-3046.

Boat Dock: 2 slips, 10ft x 30ft, metal roof, chain link enclosure, concrete floors, 80ft walk board. Evergreen Cove, Eufaula $28,000 405-417-3223

1997 Sea Rayder F16XR with extras and trailer, $4500, 201-6914.

YORKIE Puppies, Reg. 8 weeks, S&W, 2M $225 obo 405-598-3510 SHIH TZU 3 Females $250. 3 Males $200. 8wks reg. s/w. 405-379-3553

2 Seadoo's 05 RXT 215 HP Supercharger With Intercooler and 06 GTI SE 135 HP. Garage Stored, Double Trailer With Built On Storage Box, 14" TIres all in Excellent Shape, Shawnee Area. $12000.00 Call 405-4817333

Red '00 104ci Rigid $7500 White '10 Softl 6spd $10K Blue '92 Electraglide $7000 OBO or trade 405-943-4638 1989 Honda Goldwing, MINT! 52K mi, Many extras $5250 obo 284-6766

Randy H., call Ted at


WE NEED YOUR HELP! Seeking info from anyone who worked at Crowl Machine Oklahoma City, OK In the 1950s & 60s Please call toll free at: 877-857-2914 DuBose Law Firm, PLLC 5646 Milton Street, Suite 321 Dallas, TX 75206 Attorney Ben DuBose is responsible for this advertisement and is licensed in these states: TX, OK, PA


German Shepherd AKC Pups & Adults, Champion Heidelberg's $850. 918-261-4729

Papillion Puppies 2 M left POP AKC started crate training 500.00 691-1069

8YO QH sorrel mare, gentle kid horse, 14H $1500. 4YO reg. blk QH gelding 15H halter broke, loads good $800 firm 240-3630 or 464-9150


German Shepherd AKC puppies, 7wks, 5F, 1M, blk/tan, blk/slv, sbl, POP, $325. 245-3669.

Oklahoma City Obedience Training Club Previously at 23rd St. Armory - New classes: Obedience & Confirmation begining 7/13 & 7/14 942-2388

Wolf Puppies, Born May 12, $200-$300. Make very good pets, parents on site, health check if needed. Call 405-352-5325 or 405-613-4578 or 405-245-4183 or email for pics at:


German Shepherd Pups AKC Blk & Tans, dark red Sables. Sire O.F.A. Excellent. Straight topline. $800 -$900 Guthrie 282-4456

German Shepherd, AKC, $400-$500 blk/tan 405-323-3211, 527-8888

LAB PUPPIES AKC, Yellow & white S/W. M&F. POP. $275ea obo 918-387-4216

Schnauzer Mini Male, 3 years old, S&P, good stud, 14'', $150 obo. 405637-8708, 405-882-5393

White w/black female wirehair Dachshund mix around 12th and Blackwelder. Call 306-3128 Female, Red Heeler in MWC. Very sweet. Call asap to id. 405-820-0949 BLANCHARD! Choc. Lab Call to id. Very sweet, good w/kids 405-205-8195 Female Dapple Dachshund, collar, NE 23rd & Kelly area. 405-410-7446 FOUND Black CORGI on NE 23rd St. 405-6106111 or 405-201-4061


English Bulldog Pups s/w, vet checked, 4 mos old, 3M/1F, $800-$1,000 405-737-6386

German Shepherd, AKC, 12 weeks old, black and tan, 2M. $275. 580-9252599/918-688-4912

Lab, registered chcolate pups, s/w, $200, Orlando, OK, 580-455-2526.


English Bulldog Puppies AKC,vet che'd healthy!, CH lines, $800-$1200, 918-696-0726

German Shepherd Pups AKC, POP, 2nd round shots, 4M, 5F, blk & tan, blk & creme, blk & silver, Great personality & temperament! $300$350ea. 405-392-2607


English Bulldogs AKC Puppies beautiful markings and lots of wrinkles, 2F, DOB 4/4/11-$1,000. For pets only. Up to date shots. 405-853-1170

MORE MOOLAH. What do you want? If you're looking for extra income, flexibility or independence, contact me today. Independent Consultant Jerry Nutt¡405-306-6666 /web/jnutt FAMILY OWNED DINER Owner retiring. In business 16 years in southern Okla. Seats 80. Busy diner with good lease. All equipment and some food inventory. 580-504-1604

Business Opportunity

802 All types, comm'l & res, best quality/price, 314-5344 Drives, foundations, patios, lic, bond, ins, free estimates,769-3094 Driveways, patios, steps, licen. bonded 424-5105 Marvin's all kinds concrete Free est, 885-4059, 605-0180

Drywall Ceiling & Wall Doctor Roofing & Remodeling ‚ Acoustic popcorn removal ‚ Drywall repair ‚ Custom hand trowel finishes & spray finishes ‚ Interior/Exterior painting ‚ Powerwashing Call Jeff for free estimate at 405-408-5453, insured.

Free Estimates Elec, plmbg, heat/ac, Lic.#47369 405-SERVICE Rose Electric LLC Service Calls #087915 405-703-4556 Rose Electric LLC Service Calls #087915 405-703-4556

SHARPE'S ELECTRIC & Heat & Air OKC 341-8488

FOR SALE Operating Liquor Club in NW OKC, includes all equip. and inventory, all licenses included w/sale of corporation. $50K neg. Call 405-615-2412. JAN-PRO, the #1 fastest growing franchise in the world for 3yrs in a row, per Entrepreneur Magazine. Start your own business as low as $950dn 606-3300

Appliance Repairs ‘ APPLIANCE REPAIR ‘ Since 1982 405-834-5517

Brick, block, rock, tear out & pour concrete, level wood floors, jack foundations, tree trim & removal, bobcat work, demo & clean up work, lawn care ¡ 405-550-1220 Brick work, tuck pointing, remodeling, handy work & MORE, 409-3725

Buying oil & gas properties, any status, pay top $$$ »» 800-880-8004 »»

PRESTIGE FENCE CO. New & Repairs. Free Quotes. Senior & Military Discounts. 317-0474/821-5586. TOTAL FENCE SOLUTIONS Best Price Guarantee Free Est (405) 313-0502 Fences built & repaired, Lawn Care¡Call 473-1700 REPAIR & NEW FENCES 36 yrs experience, 631-1925

Cabinet Making Custom Cabinets, ref's, 38 years, 405-610-1988.



2 Shallow Producing Leases for in Carter County. 580-668-0410

Fence Contractor Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Free estimates. All types of fencing new and repair. CN Fencing (405) 550-9172

Carpet Cleaning $12.95/room Air Duct Cleaning starting at $99.95 A-1 Restoration 405-628-2783

3 Rooms steam cleaned, trk mount, $35¡406-5739

Carpet/Tile Intall. & Repair Const. all phases 604-6682

Garage Doors & Openers Sales & Service 794-1718 Garage Doors & Openers Sales & Service 794-1718

General Construction METAL BUILDINGS & ROOFING. 30x40x10. Fully erected. $6000. Other sizes avail. 405221-0052 / 580-816-0807

Carport, Patio, Awning

All Steel Carports, Patio Covers ¡ 2car carport $1695 free est 799-4026/694-6109

Executive Htg. & Air $59 svc call. A/C window unit repair $35. Free Est. 253-2029 lic# 75705

ASIAN Homecleaning Service, 7 days a week, Lisc & bonded, 837-3313

Free Estimates

DIRT & GRIME? Don't Have The Time?Call A Fresh Start 326-4332

ac/heat, plmbg, & elec, Lic.#47369 405-SERVICE

TLC Cleaning, N OKC/ Edmond. Linda, 921-2331

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Texture and Painting (405) 833-6493 BILLS PAINTING & HOME REPAIRS Free Estimates 759-2127

Painting¡Roofing Free Est. ¡¡ 812-1608 ¡¡ James Profl Painting 30yrs Free Est 618-1413 Jim's Painting/Remodeling int/ext, insured. 366-0722 Ugly Walls? Try my slick wall finish/painting 642-7452 M & M SERVICES - Interior & Exterior Painting, 751-4094

BUDDY'S PLUMBING, INC. Remodels; sewer water and gas lines; free estimates; Ok Lic #3887; 405-528-7733. Zax's Plumbing, Sewer & Drain.Complete sewer & drain cleaning/plbg repair. lic/bond/ins Sr disc. 409-7118 Executive Plbg Heat & Air Hot wtr tank replacement $ Save $ 253-2029 lic# 7480 Coe Plmg Inc. Honest, lic ensed #91342 850-5181

Ceiling 2 Floorz ‚ Roofing & Remodeling ‚ Flooring, carpet, tile, wood ‚ Granite counter tops Insured, 412-0924. Drywall Carpenter Tile 40 yr exp. 408-7513

Security Systems Eastridge Investigations Asset Protection Eastridge Investigations can provide Forensic Inventory and Micro Tagging of your residential, commercial, and industrial property. Unique tagging technology is invisible to the naked eye. The assembled team at Eastridge Investigations brings together highly trained individuals with backgrounds in Law Enforcement and Public Safety with over 60 years of combined experience. We also offer a variety of GPS Tracking and 24/7 Monitoring packages to suit your needs. Let Eastridge Investigations help put an end to your equipment theft issues today. 405-231-2704 Phone 405-473-8872 Mobile 866-611-3760 Fax christensen.eastridgepi@ 228 Robert S. Kerr, Suite #805 Oklahoma City, OK 73102

¡ ANY PROJECT ¡ FREE EST. & WARR. INSURED OK EXPERTS ¡ 254-3000 Mr. Fixit Handyman Service. We do it all for less. Free est. Bond. Ins. Visa/MC 603-6104 HOME IMPROVE. REPAIRS. REMODEL. ROOFING. FREE ESTIMATES. 410-2495

BIG or Small, We Haul & Clean it All! ¡¡ 409-3681

D&D TILE Honest, Reliable 28 years exp. 971-4492

All Professional Tree Service. All Major Credit Cards Accepted. BIG Sr. Disc. 50 mile radiusProf'l Arborist 924-1430 Woodchucks' Tree Srvc. Ins., Free Est., 881-6559

L & P Heat & Air Co. lic# 22960, $39 svc call, lic/bonded/ins, 833-0575

Sunshine Cleaning Service ins/bond 793-1630, 625-3930

AIRE-MEN 1st lb freon free $59 SC¡A+ BBB accredited Co. #76029 Call 203-9713

Clock & Watch Repair

Brshhog, boxblade, roto, $39/hr, 3hr min 227-3517

L & R Tree Serv, Low Prices, Insured, Free Est, 946-3369.

AAA AC Service & Sales Season Discount. 215-8498

Grandfather Clock House calls 25yr exp grtd 691-8552

All Areas Lawn & Tractor Mow: big/small 348-4469

» GENE’S TREE SERVICE» Insured-Free Est. 682-2100.

Prof Tree K off Sr's-free stump removal 314-1313

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