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Longwood Gardens was founded in a visionary act of preservation.

The Gardens became public through an act of supreme generosity.

Vision and generosity combine to form something extremely powerful:

A place that preserves the past with an eye to the future.

Over the years, as the world has grown up outside the Longwood gates...

...the meaning of the space inside grows ever more signiďŹ cant.

The garden is a world apart: both outside of, and essential to, our everyday lives.

It’s a place that runs on a clock older than time, measured by the eternal cycles of sun and moon and season: a place to pause, reect, and reconnect with beauty and the essential rhythms of the natural world.

But a garden is also nature coupled with human ingenuity. Cultivating the land, nurturing plants, and shaping landscapes are activities that stretch back to the dawn of civilization.

The ideas embedded in a garden have inspired for thousands of years.

The Longwood experience is this:

To enter here is to step outside, clear your head, think deeply, trust your senses, slow down, reect, reconnect.

A world apart is a total immersive experience communicated through everything we do, present, make, say, write, and show.

Longwood is special because we make it a place unlike any other...together.

The new Longwood identity system is just one part of this larger message.

The identity is based on the new logo that signiďŹ es the constant cycle of renewal that is at the heart of a garden.

The identity system uses simple, clear typography, clean layouts, and bright colors.

Performance Series 2010–2011

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ollege & University ternship Program ourse Offerings

The feeling is bold, digniďŹ ed and sometimes a little playful, but always tasteful and elegant.

Membership Get a GardenPass to the future. Become a member today.

Gardens Map

Gardens Map

College & University Internship Program Course Offerings

One of the Great Gardens of the World

School & Youth Programs Nuturing Curiousity

The Professional College & University Gardener Program Internship Program Course Offerings Course Offerings

College & University Internship Program Course Offerings

No one element carries all the meaning and connotations of Longwood Gardens...

...but every element should contribute to the greater whole.

Everything we say and do should reect the spirit of the place, an enchanted grove of beauty and calm in the midst of a complicated world.

It's a Brand New Day.  

An introduction for staff, students, and volunteers about our new brand identity. Thank you for embracing this brand new day!

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