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Narrator Aang Composer Satori Vibes / Paul Weeden

London College of Spirituality

Contents What are our Multidimensional Selves? ............................................................ 3 What are the Multidimensional Selves Attunements?........................................ 3 What can this attunement initiate? ....................................................................4 The Gateway Chakras ...................................................................................... 5 How the Attunement works? ............................................................................. 6 Following Your Attunement ............................................................................... 7 New Paradigm of Energy Work ......................................................................... 8 Credits and a Special Note................................................................................ 9


London College of Spirituality

What are our Multidimensional Selves? YOU are Consciousness and as Consciousness you are Infinite, thereby existing in many places simultaneously - exploring, experiencing and playing. These experiences exist simultaneously due to the illusion of time. Your past, your future exists simultaneously and is experienced simultaneously by your greater essence (or your Higher Self). There are also aspects of you which experience existence on other planes, dimensions, planets, physical and nonphysical universes. All these "selves" make up your Whole - and work together in a beautiful complex tapestry that make up Your Self. As we move towards Integration - towards a time where we are Consciously Spiritually Aware, the planetary shift in consciousness is allowing us to experience the true wonder of Multidimensional Being. This allows us to fully appreciate the Infinite Beings that we are, giving us access to an unlimited pool of abilities and possibilities. When we consciously merge our Multidimensional Selves, we are making a powerful statement. We are using our Intention - the most powerful force we have to direct our consciousness towards manifestation - to declare that we are ready to make a giant leap in our transformation - and live as a Multidimensional Being. Your past, future lives, those on physical and nonphysical planes, this dimension and others, will be called towards you to merge within your Earth Incarnation – YOU – here and now. It is all about Choice and you have the Choice.

What are the Multidimensional Selves Attunements? This high energy attunement allows you to merge your multidimensional selves bringing about powerful transformation within your energetic and physical body. Leading to profound changes in your external reality, where you begin to live centrally - from a Multidimensional Heart Self. The Attunements activate your Thymus Chakra - which is your Higher Heart chakra located in between your Throat Chakra and your Heart Chakra. This is the gateway to Universal Consciousness, Unconditional Love and Compassion.


London College of Spirituality

This attunement is for the spiritual explorer who desires to integrate their being and access greater levels of cosmic wisdom and awareness. Ultimately it is for anyone who wishes to experience and radiate a high frequency of Love and Light. Merging your Multidimensional Selves allows you to magnetise all your energy and power to a central point - where you are right now. The high energies of the attunement also initiate a radical physical change within the human body. As we migrate from a Third dimensional time/space to a 5th dimensional time/space and beyond, our physical bodies are also changing. This attunement speeds up the existing process by accelerating DNA recalibration and cell rejuvenation – to allow the human vessel to anchor higher frequencies of energy and Love. The Attunement activates your Gateway chakras as well as transforming all your chakras into multidimensional portals.

What can this attunement initiate? • Activation of your Thymus Higher Heart Chakra - the portal to Universal Consciousness and your multidimensional selves • Activation of your Gateway Chakras (Soul Star, Zeal Point, Golden Heart, Earth Star) • Integration of your Thymus with your Evolving Energetic Body & other Chakras • Initiating the Integration of your other selves - bringing about Multidimensional Awareness • Massive increase in Intuitive Abilities • Massive increase in sensitivity of your Energetic Body • Expansion of your Auric field • Greater ability to withhold a much higher frequency of Love • Synchronisation with the Universe, resulting in much more frequent synchronicities • A Deeper Sense of Knowing of why and how your current experiences have been manifested; thus allowing for quantum healing of these experiences with the power of your awareness • Dramatic changes in your external reality • Connection to a much higher and deeper reality • Access to the Greater Unknown that lies waiting for the Conscious Multidimensional Being


London College of Spirituality

The Gateway Chakras The Soul Star, Zeal Point, Thymus and Earth Star are generally recognised as the Gateway Chakras. These chakras are being activated to a much a deeper level as humanity moves into a New Paradigm of Consciousness and on our part of Ascension.

Soul Star Chakra This chakra is located a few inches above the crown Chakra. It bonds the Spirit in the Spiritual Realms during incarnation on the physical plane. This chakra offers direct contact with the Soul, connecting to Universal Wisdom and Source.

The Thymus Chakra This is located between the Throat and the Heart chakras. It is the gateway to multidimensional experience, accessing Unconditional Love and Compassion, Wisdom and Consciousness.

Golden Heart Also known as the Seat of the Soul this encompasses the Thymus and the Heart chakra. A multidimensional portal where all realities and dimensions connect. Allows one to see the best possible choice from all possibilities created.

Zeal Point Chakra This is situated on the back of the head, where the base of the skull meets the neck. The Zeal Point is also known as the Ascension Chakra (also known as the Mouth of God) and when fully activated allows for multidimensional communication.

The Earth Star Chakra This is located approximately 12 inches below the feet. This chakra anchors Spirit into Physical Reality


London College of Spirituality

How the Attunement works? After registration of the attunement, you will receive an MP3 recording of the Visualisation for the Attunement, together with this manual. To allow yourself a greater experience, please listen to the visualisation at either 7am or 7pm on any day, when people around the world connect and anchor the energies of the Golden Heart. A space is created to allow these multidimensional energies to connect to all your Chakras: Soul Star, Crown, Third Eye, Zeal Point, Throat, Thymus, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root, Earth Star. These chakras will be opened to receive the Higher Energies of Unconditional Love & Wisdom to balance, synchronise and activate your chakras to begin working multidimensionally. Specifically your Thymus chakra will be activated and attuned to allow your Conscious Self, to receive wisdom, knowledge and love from all aspects of your Being. Following this, your gateway chakras will be activated, allowing you to step forward into a new space of living – from a multidimensional level, where you are connected to higher awareness and deeper levels of existence. As all aspects of your selves merge within your own – this process is completed as you create the intention for this to occur. The greatest power bestowed on humanity is the power of Choice. The Attunement has been created multidimensionally. Intentions and energies have been set within the recording, the manual and this website. The attunement will take approximately 10-15 minutes - however we ask that you relax and be open to the experience up for about 5 to 10 minutes prior to the energy work. The attunement will begin before you listen to the recording and continue well after listening to it.


London College of Spirituality

Following Your Attunement This is high energy work that has been brought in to transform your energetic and physical body. You may notice physical pains following the attunement, located specifically around the Gateway chakras, as well as Thymus, Heart, Crown and Third Eye chakras (the ‘higher’ chakras). This is normal. Your physical body is adjusting to the new frequency that your Soul is vibrating at, with your cells and DNA transforming to accommodate these changes, the pains may come and go over a period of time, allow the process and work with it. Your cells are being recalibrated and your system is evolving to anchor a much greater frequency of Light. Ensure you drink plenty of water and take note of any food changes that may occur. You may notice an increase in desire for sugary foods, protein – all required by your cells and DNA for physical change. Please moderate your intake! Your body is hungry for change. The biggest change will be occurring energetically as you begin to notice changes within your energy body – feeling more than you ever used to, becoming extremely sensitive yet detached to external dramas, a higher understanding and a new level of compassion. Subtle sensations may begin to occur around your temples, your left and right lobes. Be constantly aware of all your bodily and energetic changes, no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time – it is your awareness that accelerates the process. Allow yourself to feel and trust your feelings as you will find yourself in this amazing flow. This is quantum transformation and as always, you have access to your own truth and you have plenty of others to share it with. Find time to ground yourself within nature, connecting to Gaia (Mother Earth), enjoying and appreciating the things that you do – these are the secrets to truly grounding yourself. It may be walking through a park or even watching a movie – your soul knows what uniquely suits you best for your own connection and detachment.


London College of Spirituality

New Paradigm of Energy Work How the Attunement was brought in? The New Paradigm involves dealing with a much higher frequency of energy, where time and space are acknowledged as an illusion and Intention is recognised as the primary tool for initiating transformational change. Multidimensional energies are brought in, which can be loosely defined as energies from much higher dimensions that allow for the process to occur without any confined boundaries. The New Paradigm that we are moving into reflects non-polarity. Ultimately it is a 5th dimensional space of Unconditional Love. The attunements that are now being brought forth are 5th dimensional and Beyond as the human vessel has now adapted enough to be able to hold these frequencies. The New Paradigm also recognises that each individual is their own Master. There are no more teachers, only guides. Each individual has access to all the Truth in the Universe, within themselves. We have the most powerful tools now available to us, Intention and Choice. Open your hearts and receive the Love.


London College of Spirituality

Credits and a Special Note We wish to thank each of you for purchasing this attunement. Lots of love and energy work went into this attunement to bring it to you. We also like to thank our friends, loved ones and guides that have helped us bring this into manifestation. We like to thank Lord Melchior, Lord Melchizedek, Master Jeshua, Archangel Michael, The Council of Elders, The Lyrans and The Plaiedians to name a few. Wishing you every success in your Journey to self discovery and enlightenment. With Love and Blessings, London College of Spirituality


Merging Your Multidimensional Selves Attunement  

This high energy attunement allows you to merge your multidimensional selves bringing about powerful transformation within your energetic an...