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Sunday 13 May 2012 12.00pm–1.00pm

Presented by the London Philharmonic Orchestra in association with Southbank Centre






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What you will hear in today’s concert… Today’s FUNharmonics concert leads us deep into the Bohemian forest, a colourful place in a country called the Czech Republic. Here we will meet a Forester and some of the animals who live in the forest: a vixen (a female fox), a mosquito, a cricket, a grasshopper and a frog. Later, we will sing along to some music about chickens, although some of them have not quite hatched and are running about with their shells on their heads! The concert will end with the cool, jazzy music of the Pink Panther.

Concert order The Cunning Little Vixen: Prelude Scene 1 – The Forester and the animals Blue Dragonfly Dance Dawn Cockadoo-dal-doo! Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks The Cunning Little Vixen: Fox Cubs’ Chorus The Pink Panther Theme

Who’s who (in the order they sing) Forester Cricket Grasshopper Mosquito Frog Young Vixen Vixen Fox Fox Cubs

Alexander Robin Baker Sebastian Davies Beatrice Watkins Colin Judson Orlando Woscholski Louise Moseley Gabriela Iştoc Eleanor Dennis Alexander Kirk, Alexander Lee, Toby Mills, Joshua Parks

Cartoons and screen animations by Patrick Blower

The Cunning Little Vixen The Cunning Little Vixen is an opera by Leoš Janáček. An opera is a play set to music and in most operas, the characters sing all their lines. The orchestra helps to tell the story by playing musical themes that match each character, as well as expressive music to add to the atmosphere on stage. Janáček lived in Moravia in what is now the Czech Republic. He wrote this opera in 1924 after being inspired by a cartoon strip in his newspaper that was all about the adventures of a vixen and her friends. The story of the opera begins with a Forester, whom we first meet when he is having a nap against a tree. Suddenly a little frog jumps into his lap – he has been chased there by a young Vixen. The Forester takes the Vixen home as a pet. However, as she grows up, the Vixen gets bored with life in the Forester’s house and runs away. Some years later a poacher named Harašta shoots and kills the Vixen. The Forester is a guest at Harašta’s wedding and sees the bride wearing a beautiful fox-fur, which he recognises as belonging to his pet Vixen. Upset, he runs into the Forest to sit at the very same tree where he first met the fox. Suddenly, a little frog jumps into his lap (the grandson of the very same frog from all those years ago) and the Forester finds comfort in how death is always replaced by life.

Cockadoo-dal-doo! Cockadoo-dal-doo! is a song put together by today’s presenter, Hannah. Be ready to sing as loud as you can and follow Hannah’s actions.

Cockadoo-dal-doo! Cockadoo-dal-doo! I’m a rooster, I’m your number one. Buc, buc, buc, buc. Cockadoo-dal-doo! Buc, buc, buc, buc. Cockadoo-dal-doo! You think that you’re king of the chickens, With your red feathers and wings. Go out and get a job like the rest of us. Earn your keep like a man ought-a doo-dal-doo! Like a man ought-a doo-dal-doo! Chick-chick-chick-chick chicken – Lay a little egg for me! Oh! Chick-chick-chick-chick chicken – I want one for my tea. I haven’t had one since breakfast And now it’s half-past three. Oh! Chick-chick-chick-chick chicken – Lay a little egg for me! Buc, buc, buc, buc. Cockadoo-dal-doo! Buc, buc, buc, buc. Cockadoo-dal-doo!

Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks This is a short piece from a much bigger suite of music called Pictures at an Exhibition, by the Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. You need to imagine that the chicks have only managed to hatch their feet so far, so what you would see is a large collection of eggshells-on-legs running around!

The Pink Panther Theme This cool and witty tune is one of the most famous pieces of film music ever written. In the original film, the Pink Panther was the name of a large diamond – the largest in the world. Most people though remember the title sequence, a cartoon Panther who became a star in his own right.

FUNharmonics Performers – Quick facts! Vladimir Jurowski – conductor • Vladimir was born in Russia but now lives in Berlin, Germany. • Vladimir’s father is a conductor. Vladimir’s brother is a conductor – it’s the family business. • He is the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Principal Conductor. Basically, this means he’s the LPO’s No. 1 conductor! Hannah Conway – presenter • Hannah plays the flute and the piano and spends most of her time working with orchestras and opera companies in the UK and all over the world. • When not working, Hannah loves salsa dancing (for up to six hours at a time!) and going for long walks by the sea in Norfolk. • Hannah does a lot of travelling and wherever she goes she collects songs. She has collected songs from the Maasai in Tanzania, the Dogon in Mali and the Makushi in Guyana. London Philharmonic Orchestra • The London Philharmonic Orchestra is 80 years old this year. • Not all the musicians in the London Philharmonic are 80. • The London Philharmonic Orchestra played 141 concerts last year, including performances in London as well as China, Russia, Brazil, the USA and ... Luxembourg! Thanks to our friends at Glyndebourne Festival Opera and good luck to Vladimir, the Orchestra and all the singers for their performances of The Cunning Little Vixen this season.

Join the FUNharmonics Party! On FUNharmonics concert days join the FUN throughout the Royal Festival Hall building from 10.00am–11.30am, and then again after the concert until 2.00pm. All activities are FREE of charge. 10.00–11.30am & 1.15–2.00pm: Have-a-Go Instruments Various Rooms, Royal Festival Hall Have a go at playing an orchestral instrument under the guidance of an expert! Find out which one suits you best, and feel for yourself how the sound is made. 10.00–11.30am: Family Orchestra – The Clore Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall Become members of our Family Orchestra, performing music using singing, drumming, hand percussion, clapping and shaking. Sessions take place from 10.00am before the concert (no sessions after). Join at any time! 1.15pm: Guest Ensemble – The Clore Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall The music continues beyond the concert hall. Today’s Guest Ensemble is In Harmony Lambeth – a community development programme that uses classical music to bring positive change to the lives of children in Stockwell. Their appearance is courtesy of the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s partnership with In Harmony Lambeth. Free Activity Sheets Don’t forget to pick up a free Activity Sheet when you arrive at Royal Festival Hall. It’s filled with music-themed quizzes and activities to do before the concert. FUNharmonics foyer activities are generously supported by The Jeniffer and Jonathan Harris Charitable Trust, Stentor Music Co Ltd, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK) and Bell Percussion Limited. The London Philharmonic Orchestra is grateful to the Maxwell Morrison Charitable Trust for its generous support.

WELCOME TO SOUTHBANK CENTRE We hope you enjoy your visit. We have a Duty Manager available at all times. If you have any queries please ask any member of staff for assistance. Eating, drinking and shopping? Southbank Centre shops and restaurants include Foyles, EAT, Giraffe, Strada, YO! Sushi, wagamama, Le Pain Quotidien, Las Iguanas, ping pong, Canteen, Caffè Vergnano 1882, Skylon, Concrete and Feng Sushi, as well as cafes, restaurants and shops inside Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Hayward Gallery. If you wish to get in touch with us following your visit please contact the Visitor Experience Team at Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX, phone 020 7960 4250, or email

We look forward to seeing you again soon. A few points to note for your comfort and enjoyment: PHOTOGRAPHY is not allowed in the auditorium. LATECOMERS will only be admitted to the auditorium if there is a suitable break in the performance. RECORDING is not permitted in the auditorium without the prior consent of Southbank Centre. Southbank Centre reserves the right to confiscate video or sound equipment and hold it in safekeeping until the performance has ended. MOBILES, PAGERS AND WATCHES should be switched off before the performance begins.

The right is reserved to substitute artists and to vary the programme if necessary. Southbank Centre is a registered charity No. 298909 • The London Philharmonic Orchestra is a registered charity No. 238045 • London Philharmonic Orchestra, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP •

LPO FUNharmonics 13 May 2012  

LPO FUNharmonics 13 May 2012

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