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NANDHRAY The Man Behind The AwardWinning Satkeer Catering


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Editor’s Letter


appy New Year! As the year has whizzed by faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket, we’ve decided to usher in 2018 with an issue to remember. If you really want to kick-start your year by discovering some of the most luxurious and innovative products London has to offer, here’s the place to start. This issue we are featuring the illustrious Satkeer Catering as our spotlight worthy star, not only are they London’s paramount Indian cuisine catering service, but we’re sure their inspirational story will be an insightful read to many. Other points of interest to check in with in this edition include an introduction to the trail-blazing House of Elrick, (a premium gin that is fast losing it’s status as Scotland’s best kept secret.) and don’t forget the unforgettable billiard tables supplied by Sir William Bentley Billiards, currently tipped as the top trend for 2018 and fast establishing it’s reputation as the UK’s top creators and restorers of billiard, snooker, and pool tables. Last but certainly not least, earn the ultimate brownie points this year with our infinitely helpful top ten guide to Valentine’s gifts, for him and for her. Enjoy!

Jack Little Editor

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Meet the Team

“ S t e i n w a y a l l o w s m e t o u n f o l d t h e w o r l d o f i m a g i n a t i o n .”


Steinway Hall 44 Marylebone Lane London W1U 2DB Fo r m o re i n f o r m a t i o n o r t o a r ra n g e a p r i v a t e a p p o i n t m e n t a t o u r L o n d o n s h o w ro o m s , p l e a s e c a l l :

0207 487 3391

o r e m a i l i n f o @ s t e i n w a y. c o . u k

A premium spirit

born from an Enlightened past

Nestled away in the lowlands of

garden at the heart of the grounds, which is

Aberdeenshire, the House of Elrick

to provide the back drop of a new fine dining

Estate is one steeped in a rich and

restaurant, and can also be found growing

captivating history. Built in 1720 at the height of the Scottish Enlightenment, its development and story were formed at a time when philosophy,

at Balmoral, having been gifted to the Her Majesty’s estate by a previous owner. Through her early years the Elrick estate witnessed the rise and fall of the infamous ‘Gin Craze’, which saw the increased availability of

literature, the arts and medicine were

gin send Great Britain into a drinking frenzy.

rapidly advancing. Passing ownership

After the Gin Acts of 1751, the craze began to

only 5 times in the last 3 centuries,

diminish and ‘respectable’ gin distilling was

the legacy of its past owners still hangs in the modest hallways, now being restored by its current owner. The original owners of the estate, entrepreneurial farmers, often visited Florence, Italy – an area already swept by the European Enlightenment earlier in the 18th

The Laird’s Negroni

encouraged, positioning Scottish distilleries at the forefront of production where many whisky distillery and bottling factories were already in place. Today, House of Elrick is looking to continue the pedigree of Scottish distilling by building the new House of Elrick distillery at the centre of the estate, complete with handmade copper still, currently being smithed in Elgin.

century. On their return they brought back

The first, and flagship, product from House of

with them the fuel of lively discussions and

Elrick is House of Elrick Gin – a small batch

debate from some of the most respected

botanical gin distilled by hand in batches of

creative, philosophical and scientific minds

600 bottles per run, which means the Master

of the time, and encouraged the same from

Distiller can maintain control over every

the many guests who passed through their

single bottle that leaves the distillery. The

home. This encouragement to express

dried Botanicals are hand chosen before each

free-thinking over blind faith saw a number

distillation and the resulting artisan gin is

of creative and maverick individuals pass

without a shadow of a doubt, one of the finest

through their doors. Later the house was to

available. Botanicals are a light complement

be visited by Charles Edward Stuart, (Bonnie

of juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root and

Prince Charlie – The Young Pretender) who

citrus peel, built around a core of heather,

gifted the Jacobite rose to the estate. It can

pink peppercorns, sweet fennel and rose

still be found growing in the beautiful walled

petals, heavily inspired by the grounds and

30 ml of House of Elrick Gin, 25 ml of campari and 25 ml of La Quintinye Vermouth Royal over large ice cubes with gratings of orange zest. Smoke a lowball glass with cinnamon, and strain the mixture directly into the glass. Finish by garnishing with fresh heather wrapped in a twist of orange zest.


wild countryside surrounding the Estate. As

refreshing drink. But if you are looking for


refreshing as it is aromatic, House of Elrick

something a little more elegant and want to

supplying glass packaging and closures for

Gin is the only spirit made with purified

test your mixology skills, look no further than

close to a century – to manufacture a fitting

water from Loch Ness. The resulting taste

The Laird’s Negroni. This renowned classic

bottle for such a premium liquid. In making

profile provides a fresh, yet earthy and bold

blends 30 ml of House of Elrick Gin, 25 ml of

the primary packaging for the House of Elrick

infusion of flavours that can be enjoyed over

campari and 25 ml of La Quintinye Vermouth

Gin brand, Croxsons used the 700ml Little

ice or as part of a beautifully crafted cocktail,

Royal over large ice cubes with gratings of

Pasha bottle design with a stopper cork. The

recipes for which you can find on the House

orange zest. Smoke a lowball glass with

glass has been given a dark, navy blue and

of Elrick website and across social channels.

cinnamon, and strain the mixture directly

matte finish whilst the text on the bottle has

into the glass. Finish by garnishing with fresh

been printed in a sophisticated silver. Making

heather wrapped in a twist of orange zest.

it as much of a showpiece to have on your

Our favourite? The Gracious Gardener’s Gimlet. Use 60 ml of Elrick’s Gin over 15 ml of lime cordial with a fresh lime or lemon

House of Elrick has teamed up with the

slice to garnish for a delicious, sour, and

Surrey based Croxsons – a family owned




gin shelf as the liquid inside.




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89-90 Hatton Garden Holborn, London, EC1N 8PG Web: Call: +44 (0) 208 123 9657


Maintaining professional standards London Lux sits down with business mogul Rashpal Nandhray to find out how he has turned Satkeer Catering into the multiple award-winning organisation it is today.

By Daniel Moore


usiness boss Rashpal Nandhray is a successful

sizes, from small firms to large corporate organisations.

entrepreneur and proud owner of Satkeer Catering –

In fact, his expertise in customer service and events

One of the UK’s top Indian wedding and events caterers,

management spans well over 20 years. “I started in

located in East London.

the entertainment industry back in 1991 setting up an

Only five years into service, the organisation has already picked up multiple accolades for its prestige food, attention to detail and five star customer service going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their clients’ experience is an enjoyable and memorable one. Some of Rashpal’s notable achievements include

entertainment company with my friends called, ‘LSD Roadshow’”, Rashpal recalled, “Around this time when I was 16, I continued organising events and eventually progressed into the club scene. The more I got used to the events side, the more I enjoyed it.” “The company just grew throughout the years. Around

winning Most Popular Catering

the millennium, we expanded


and went into event management




Industry Experts Awards 2016, as well as claiming trophies for Outstanding Service in 2016 and 2017 respectively. In addition to this, the caterer made it to the top 10 in London for the British Asian




The quick rise to success comes down to Rashpal’s drive and ambition, coupled with his extensive experience...

and planning, so our clients would come to us and we would organise




theming and decor, cakes and limos to be delivered to their venues. This is when we started dealing and working alongside

competing with the best of the

more caterers in the industry and

best in the industry.

where I learnt a lot from them on

The quick rise to success comes down to Rashpal’s drive

how to manage more events on a professional level.”

and ambition, coupled with his extensive experience in

During this time, the businessman was keen to restore

co-ordinating functions for businesses of all shapes and

‘quality’ back into a field he felt was dropping, primarily

Satkeer Catering’s professional waiting team

Satkeer Catering Head Chef, Jay Chohan


Rashpal Nandhray - CEO and founder with hostesses Louisa Zarina Khan & Jaqueline Mota

Rashpal Nandhray with founding partner Polly Nandhray

on behalf of some of the larger players. Speaking

I’m hoping one day they will eventually take over

about his earlier findings, he said, “I wasn’t happy with

the business,” he continued, “We decided to combine

how some of the bigger companies were going. They

their names together because if the name was made

were dealing with more production food attempting

up, it wouldn’t mean as much to us. Satkeer Catering

to do around 1500 – 1600 covers a day for three or four

has such a powerful meaning to us because we’re a

functions, ” he added, “Bespoke menus, excellent food

family business. This is what motivates us to maintain

and attention to detail, that’s what the client wants

a high level of standard. It’s our future, my nephew and

and what they’re paying for,

son”, adding that his wife, sister

but this is what I found the

and niece also work alongside the

industry wasn’t providing to them at the time.” To reinstate this work ethic, Satkeer Catering was built on its core values of, ‘Quality, Innovation, and




Satkeer Catering was built on its core values of, ‘Quality, Innovation, Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction’

which has propelled it into the spotlight and shaped the

entrepreneur, adding that personal touch to the business. To ensure high standards are upheld, the entrepreneur employs the best chefs whom assist with sourcing the finest A-listed ingredients to deliver exquisite Indian Punjabi, Chinese and English cuisine to clients and their guests. Together

business into the thriving establishment it is today.

with the owner’s professional bank of Event Managers,

However, the company name signifies the main driving

bar staff, hostesses and waitresses, clients can be rest

force and what the business is ultimately about, family.

assured they are in professional hands from beginning

Rashpal elaborated, “The name came about from the

to end, whether their event is a sit down meal, buffet

birth of my nephew Satinder and my son Harkeerat.

or silver spoon theme. “Once you sign the contract

and pay the deposit, we are all yours for that day. You’re

Chicken, Achari Lamb and Achari Paneer, which

guaranteed my whole team will be on hand to ensure

Rashpal describes as a ‘unique twist’, that have proven

your event is orchestrated to perfection,” Rashpal added.

to become popular dishes based on customer feedback.

The customer’s journey begins with a food tasting from

“We’re always experimenting with new dishes to add to our menus,” Rashpal replied,

a variety of freshly prepared vegetarian and non-vegetarian traditional



Whether it’s hosting for 100 or 500+ guests, the caterer has an eclectic range of bespoke packages to accommodate all budgets but more importantly, exceed expectations each and every time. Clients can also discuss catering options with the

“We’ve introduced those to the

“We’re trying to stay ahead of the competition and always want to make sure that everything we produce is a quality product.”

market and they’re becoming quite popular, which are quite different to the Chicken Masala, by giving it a bit of a twist. We’re trying to stay ahead of the competition and always want to make sure that everything we produce is a quality product.” Satkeer




into the corporate companies

mogul’s event organisers about


any dietary requirements they




may have and how they would like the food presented

many firms who are keen to sink their teeth into its

on the day.

delicious Punjabi cuisine. July 2017 saw the caterer

Providing further insight, Rashpal said, “We’ve expanded in such a way that we’ve gone into the British market. A lot of British couples are turning to Indian food and they come to us with a preset menu of what they got when they went to a restaurant. They want

take to the royal streets of Mayfair for the renowned Anna Mazzotta exhibition, where it served up mouthwatering Punjabi dishes and canapés that went down a treat amongst the famous caricature artist and her exclusive guests.

Onion Bhajis, Samosas and Chicken Tikka Masala, but

Aside from art exhibitions, the organisation has

once we’ve done a food tasting with them, the whole

acquired many clients in the film and music industry

menu changes” adding that customers will not only

by making regular trips to production studios across

walk out with their traditional English dishes, but will

the country to ensure staff and actors are fed properly

leave with some traditional Punjabi dishes they may

behind the scenes. Another notable event for Rashpal

have not otherwise selected.

was hosting a wedding event for the owner of 15-piece

To remain fresh and competitive, new canapés and dishes are often added to the menu, but are rigorously

band ‘Down for the Count,’ that even has the group’s inner circle requesting his services.

tried and tested first before receiving the green flag.

Although food plays a fundamental role in the

One of the latest additions to the menu includes Achari

business, it is not the bread and butter of it; in fact,

25 Satkeer Catering provides a number of other services

and rice dishes served with a small bitesize naan bread.

to make sure all the client’s requirements are met.

The experience will end with a selection of desserts.

Wedding cars, DJ and magicians are a few of many

The idea is for your guests to stay at the event and enjoy

within the itinerary, along with, dancers, singers and

the experience.”

mixologists. “We can basically put your whole event together”, Rashpal remarked. “We can even get a horse and carriage together for you. We also do Photobooth Hire and customers can now take advantage of our new in-house bakery, launched in January 2017.” In 2018, the caterer will launch a canapé concept based around the principles of a three-course meal for everyone to enjoy. Explaining the reasons behind the initiative, Rashpal said, “At the corporate events

For those interested in making an enquiry or booking can do so by heading over to Satkeer Caterings website ( where they can browse the company’s delicacies while checking out a broad selection of venues and affiliates for that special day. Alternatively, customers can get in touch by phoning 07958 941034 or e-mail to get the ball rolling.

we do, we want people to come there, enjoy the event

As Rashpal looks into another busy year ahead, he

and at the same time, enjoy the food. The three-course

will make certain that his professional team uphold

canapé concept will start with a selection of vegetarian

the company’s core principles engrained into the

and non-vegetarian starters served for around 30

business since day one while continuing to bring more

minutes, followed by your main course, which will be

innovative dishes to the table with a unique twist on

a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries

classic Indian cuisine.

Deep in the heart of south London lies The

Always hosting a warm and inviting

Hamlet, a gorgeous and welcoming cocktail

atmosphere, the venue is actually spread

bar and restaurant, that has maintained

across two buildings, when two years

bar with its own trademark drinks, which

ago the family owners purchased the

utilise only the best ingredients, while the

property next door and expanded their

other houses an incredible restaurant

already buzzing business. There are four

that’s both equal parts lavish and

definition of Streatham - “Hamlet on

venues available for hire, each one with

comfortable. Between the two buildings

the street” - it’s a must visit for anybody

the ability to hold over 150 guests. The

The Hamlet can open its doors for 300

venturing that side of the Thames.

venues can be hired out for free and stay

patrons and they’ve been regularly

its local heritage over the years. Taking it’s name from the archaic

open until 2:30 in the morning. One plays home to a swanky cocktail


keeping them happy over the years, all through the day in all seasons, right into the late hours. If you are feeling social and sophisticated on the weekends then the Vinyl Bar on the lower floors is the place to be, as they play host to smooth jazz music, as well as deep and soulful house, all while their friendly and experienced bar staff serve the finest beers, wines spirits and champagne such as Dom Perignon, Ace Of Spades, Laurent Perrier and Bollinger. VIP tables are also available on request. Sleek and sexy decor lines The Hamlet and asserts it as a go to for anybody looking for some amazing, local and organic food, or just some incredible beverages. Some local favourites from their quality menu caters to all sorts of taste buds include their special lamb shank, mouthwatering sea bass, succulent steaks and gorgeous chicken

supreme, all cooked up fresh in-house. Owner Elsa has been running The Hamlet for ten years. She’s the creative genius behind the operation and is adorned as the life and soul of the place. Her family values have brought her son Klaudio into the fold too, who helms the ship alongside

After all, their motto is happiness is a place called The Hamlet�.

his mother. Their charm together is what keeps the place going and is an infectious one for visitors too. If you’re venturing into the city in the winter months, then The Hamlet is certainly worth a visit, particularly with their beautiful and indulgent menu. Pop in and say hello to Elsa and soak up the cozy atmosphere. Sample the menu, try a cocktail, or just hang out at the bar downstairs and this venue is sure fire to become one of your new favourites.

Elsa and Klaudio

Sir William Bentley Billiards

+44 (0) 1264 731 210

Makers & restorers of the world’s most beautiful Billiard, Snooker & Pool tables. Hand-crafted in the UK. With nearly 40 years of experience, Sir William Bentley Billiards are experts in antique billiards and are the designers and creators of some of the world’s most desirable billiard, snooker and pool tables. They are a family-run business who began their business with the restoration, renovation and reproduction of Antique billiard tables and have now become globally renowned for the beauty and attention to detail of their bespoke Pool & Snooker tables, dual-purpose dining or conference tables, lighting and Accessories. Their showrooms are nestled away in the beautiful countryside on the borders of Berkshire and Wiltshire, and house many Antique Billiard tables alongside contemporary and classic tables, handmade in the adjacent workshops.

A visit to Marten is a great opportunity to see the craftsmen at work, to enjoy the processes of design, carving, marquetry, veneering, inlaying, polishing, metal and wood working, and to appreciate for yourself the skills involved in the creation of each table. The highly skilled craftsmen at their workshops in Marten, pride themselves on an international reputation for excellence in design. The bespoke nature of their unparalleled work offers a truly personal service to every client, promising the creation of unique and beautiful tables, matched to your own, individual specifications. Whether you want a dual-purpose-dining table or

simply a stunning fixed height table, and whatever your preferred game, it’s important to choose the ideal size of table for your room, taking into consideration the aesthetic and the space you’ll need for cueing. The tables’ finishes, attention to detail and quality are subject to the inspiration and scrutiny of their discerning and demanding audience, and their inspiration has also led to their designs becoming increasingly elegant and exquisite – fusing elements of previous designs and detailing to complement the designer’s interior decor and create something new. With more than a generation of experience in the restoration and reproduction of fine

31 Antique Billiard tables, they are still a key part of Sir William Bentley’s business. Many of their tables are in pristine condition and on display in their showroom while others are waiting to be meticulously restored by the same craftsmen that make their bespoke designs. For example, they have a striking mahogany table with Sheraton style inlay which was made by Thurston & Co and was the personal table of Joe Davis OBE – the undefeated world Snooker Champion from 1927 - 1947. It is on display in their showrooms, with a matching Scoreboard/Drinks Cabinet, awaiting its next lucky owner. The Joe Davis Table will in fact be put on display at the London Classic Car show from the beginning of February. Sir William Bentley are especially wellknown for dual-purpose Pool-Dining or Snooker-Dining tables, and their precisionengineered mechanisms transform top quality, slate bed playing tables into truly arresting dining tables, seating up to 20 people. Each table is hand-crafted to suit your very own style of interior décor.

room – not only billiard or dining rooms, and designers often come to Sir William Bentley just for lights – with no pool table in sight. Driven by their demands and those of their private clients, their range has evolved from Antique style reproductions to include many traditional and increasingly modern designs. Finally, accessories – a simple triangle, handmade from the same wood as your table, is one of the great pleasures of bespoke billiards, but there are many more. Years of working with interior designers and discerning clients have taught Sir William Bentley how important bespoke accessories can be in the creation of the perfect environment for your table – whether it’s a dining room or games room, conference room or open-plan living space.

Sir William Bentley Billiards commitment is to provide you with whatever accessories, furniture and lighting you require – and so they’ve made everything from dining chairs & benches, through gothic panelling, ornate They also can make great Boardroom or Scoreboard Marker and matching Drinks Conference tables. Your first choice when cabinets, to console tables with drawers or creating one of these is the mechanism – hinged lids – or simply to extend their dining Rollover, Wind-up or Air-lift. For the larger tables when the dinner tables, the playing slate party gets big. Their precisionis raised to playing height and then can be lowered engineered mechanisms There is also the option again for dining. Either of renting out some of transform top quality, a large brass handle is the pool or dual purposeinserted to effortlessly slate bed playing tables dining tables, as many wind the Empire Wind- into truly arresting boutique and luxury hotels up mechanism, or push dining tables, seating choose to. They add a buttons electronically quirky edge to a customer’s actuate the pneumatic up to 20 people dining experience, as well Air-lift system. Being the as being a commanding centrepiece to any innovative company they are, they have room that it is placed in. If a table is rented even made tables that raise from coffee from Sir William Bentley Billiards, they will table height to dining height at the press of have a maintenance team on call to service a button, and, with a second press, elevate it the table if any other issues arise. to playing height. They are available to work with your own designer or you can work with one of their specialised interior designers. Lighting is a key element to the interior design of any

So next time you get a chance, drop by to the Sir William Bentley Billiards showroom in Marten, to experience woodworking and craftsmanship of the highest order.



Housing an exciting portfolio of acclaimed Housingand an exciting portfolio of acclaimed artists an eclectic range of originals, artists and an eclectic range of originals, limited editions andsculpture. sculpture. Please limited editions and Please visit visit us and our gallery ‘London us and oursister sister gallery ‘London Row’Row’ in the in the historic coaching town of Baldock. historic coaching town of Baldock.

A warm welcome awaits you!

A warm welcome awaits Only 30 minutes from Kings Cross! you!

Only 30 minutes from Kings Cross!

Contemporary Art . Glassware . Ceramics . Jewellery . Original gift ideas

Contemporary Art . Glassware . Ceramics . Jewellery . Original gift ideas

Hertfordshires Leading Art Galler

Gallery 1066

Bianca Turner I

n life as in my paintings I am deeply inspired by

nature. Because I love and respect nature so much, I try to protect it by showing its beauty on my canvases. Ever since I was a child, from my first drawings, nature appears as a leitmotif profoundly meaningful to me. I let my imagination to be exhilarated by it and to develop fully into the serenity of my paintings. I use both organic and inorganic media -- they merge on the canvas -- they stay alive and recycle. Everything that is shiny in my art symbolizes the walk into a fantastic world where the fairy tales come alive and all of the elements of the universe intertwine. As I paint, (strong colors, bright red, bright gold, deep blue), I represent my imagination as it crosses into another dimension.

Fire Acrylic on canvas; 91 x 122 cm; 2006. Exhibited at Gabriel Fine Art Gallery in London. To be featured In January issue of British Vogue. Received the Excellence Award at an international art competition in Lyon.

It happens often when I go to bed that I have colors, images, bits of nature and life in my mind. Many times I dream about what I will paint the next day -- the raving beauty of the nature, her colors, her textures – she guides me when I paint. The special technique of painting that I utilize gives my dreams and my soul the freedom to flow onto the canvas -- to represent the beauty of nature all around me -- to be at peace with the world. Forever fireworks Mixed media (acrylic and glitter) on canvas; 20 x 25 cm; 2017. The funds raised from the sales of this painting and the entire “Life’s a beach” Collection were donated to a charitable cancer foundation.


Bringing London to Hertfordshire

The perfect partner for any interior design project

Welcome to London Row International Fine Art

A warm welcome awaits you!




Housing an exciting portfolio of acclaimed artists and an eclectic range of paintings, sculpture and original glassware. Please visit us and our sister gallery ‘Gallery 1066’ in this historic coaching town of Baldock, or call to arrange a personal consultation.

GX Gallery Contemporary and Organic Words: Jack Little

Based in Denmark Hill, South London, the illustrious GX Gallery has long been providing a space for the world’s leading artists to display their latest cutting edge works. The Gx Gallery is proud to sell Bohemian Crystal, a grand collection of unique innovative glass sculptures by the Czech Republic’s most respected Grand Masters: Vlastimil Beránek and Jaroslav Prošek, alongside work by a younger artist, Michaela Smrček. The Czech Republic is world famous for its glass and Bohemian Crystal. Primarily produced in the regions of Bohemia and Silesia, it has a history dating back to the 13th century, as the oldest archaeological excavations of Bohemian Glass making sites can be dated back to 1250 in the Lusatian mountains. Czech glass and crystal-ware has long been known to be a prestigious product with wealthy aristocracy. Even Elizabeth of Russia was known to possess some. The Czech Republic still stands today as the international leader in crystal art and craftsmanship. The region still boasts numerous internationally renowned glass studios and art schools who use techniques and manufacture steeped in the centuries old tradition, while still finessing the ancient art. GX Gallery is exclusive in being the only gallery in London to showcase and stock the work. Vlastimil Beránek is known for his stimulating artwork made with molten glass to form enormous, long sculptures that demand attention wherever they are installed. Vlastimil comes from a long heritage of glass makers, his family establishing their very own glassworks at Škrdlovice in the 1940s. Educated and trained by the famous Professor Libenský at the Prague Academy of Applied Arts, he discovered his preferred method of expression through nebulous, towering glass structures. However, glass and its size is only half of what makes his art so captivating.

Michaela Smrček “Trees”

37 The colours and stains he uses in his work, makes the light morph and mutate into beautiful iridescent patterns. The way the glass is shaped means that his pieces look completely different from every angle. The sheer magnitude of these works has earned him the recognition of creating the world’s largest sculpture formed from just one piece of glass. His sculpture ‘Endless’ is a twisting ultramarine ring, which is reminiscent of the endless cycle of nature. Another artist in the Bohemian Crystal collection is the unparalleled Jaroslav Prošek. His creation of complex structures from a variety of different materials has put him to the forefront of his field. He first discovered the craft as his passion in the workshops of Jan Frydrych and Vlastimil Beránek, where he first had contact with the medium. It was here, immediately after he graduated from secondary school, that he started his first job crafting crystal chandeliers. In 2010 at the age of 30, he started an independent career as an artist. Not confined to just glass, he also creates using wood, steel, and marble. This marriage of such differing textures means his sculptures are truly unique which has earned him the global recognition he has today.

Michaela Smrček “Moon”

The third artist featured in the collection is Michaela Smrček. Michaela Smrček’s glass sculptures are inspired by nature and are unique works created by pouring molten glass into moulds. Her sculptures reflect her relationships and opinions within society: her life, her relationships, her attitudes, and her religion. Vlastimil Beránek “Endless”

The pieces are all unique works and not editions. Available from the GX gallery, they are both significant and stylish. The works are bought and sought after by the highest echelons of society. The pieces would look at home adorning a grand hallway, their minimal yet somehow complex designs, eschewing calmness and humility, demand the attention of large scale rooms. For more information on the GX Gallery or the Bohemian Crystal collection, go to

Michaela Smrček “Aquamarine tree”



From the 18th to the 19th century, London went

But how are we supposed to maintain and

through an industrial revolution, cementing

manage a glorious face of flowing fluff when the

itself as one of the world’s leading cities for

forces of nature in London do everything in their

commerce, manufacturing, and all round

power to thwart us?

If you want to smell rustic and

Luckily, The Horned Toad Beard company has

masculine, we suggest you go

the answer. Hailing from Texas, the Horned Toad

for the Bourbon Pecan, a musky

knows all about unforgiving environments. Dust

yet sweet scent with notes of

innovation. That period has gone on to define what London has become today, still a world leader in most industries. But building London up to what it is now has been achieved for a price. The atmosphere in London is a particularly unforgiving one. Especially for a metropolitan man sporting a beard.

storms are not an infrequent occurrence, the heat can reach temperatures of almost 40 degrees

These come in a variety of different scents.

vanilla, caramel and oak.

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The Horned Toad offers a vast range of beard balms and oils. Their beard oils are specially made to moisturize the beard and hydrate the skin, as

In 2017, the first ever London Beard week was held to mark the massive exponential growth in facial hair in the last 5 years.

well as leaving your beard with a healthy shine to it. Their beard balm manufactured by mixing, heating and cooling down a collection of sealants,

a refreshing and zesty punch, the perfect way to start every day. Or, if you’re looking for something on the lighter side, Beach House is a crisp, clean scent that exudes a sense of luxury. Balms or oils are available either separately or in combo kits.

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So if you want to look like a man, smell like a man,

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Top Ten Valentine’s Gifts FOR HIM Sweeter the berry... Most ladies can’t resist a good smelling man. If you want to put a pep in his step then refresh his sensory offerings with a unique blend from Creed.

Watch what you ask for! Every guy loves a good watch and what better than a Du Maurier’s special edition Commodore?

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Buckles and belts will make his heart melt! Handcrafted for any occasion the British Belt Company has an amazing range of products for that special someone.

Like most good ideas in Finland (and half the population), the idea for Kyrö Distillery was first conceived in a sauna. The world’s only all-rye distillery has won numerous international awards and Kyrö Napue Gin is a truly unique combination of rye and local wild botanicals. Enjoy over ice, with a few cranberries, a twig of rosemary and tonic. Purchase from:

Our hand crafted, artisan gin is one of the finest available. As refreshing as it is aromatic, it is the only spirit made with the freshest water from Loch Ness. The resulting taste profile provides a fresh, yet earthy, bold infusion of flavours that can be enjoyed on ice or as part of a beautifully crafted cocktail.

Gracing the shelves of the world’s finest haberdashers, barbershops and spas, St James of London’s allnatural products offer the best in grooming today. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him from her!

Suits you sir! For a Valentine’s present that truly suits your man let him unwrap a sophisticated Hermes tie.

Just what do you give the man or woman who has everything? From shoes, cufflinks and a male grooming salon experience to really have him looking in tip top shape, to jewellery to truly gain your brownie points. Take the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping this year with a little help from your pals here at London LUX.

If love had an aroma, Coco Mademoiselle would be the irresistible fragrance. Make sure you get her just what she wants this Valentine’s.


Every Woman loves a glass of Dom Perignon! Why not treat the special woman in your life to a bottle of Vintage Rosé 2004 and make her Valentine’s anything but typical

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One of the most influential jewellery designers of the last five decades, Elizabeth is an artist who uses gold and precious stones instead of brushes and paint. Our jewellery collection includes rings, necklaces, earrings, pins and brooches, bracelets, pendants and cufflinks. Every piece is hand-made and we have a wonderful collection to suit a wide range of preferences.

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Siggi Anton comes from a land of stark contrasts. In the summer, it is constantly light, in winter, there is almost 24 hours of darkness. But with the darkness, comes unparalleled beauty. After the sun has set, the iridescent shimmerings of the Northern Lights slither and pounce across the sky before eventually giving way to moonlit nights, where the light bounces off of the snow to make the ground seem like it was forged from silver. Being in love with the country he is from, Siggi wondered how to move these beautiful experiences inside the home.

So he designed the Lucio Wall Lamp. A mix of classical and contemporary design, these 12 mirrors are mounted upon a black LED backlit frame. Whilst the mirrors act as a canvas for the surroundings, the frame will help whichever room it is placed in transition from day to night with its cool, comforting glow. This provides a cosy experience which is akin to sitting by a fire. As well as having the dual function of being a nightlight, as children and adults both desire a few dim lights around if they need to get out of bed at night. Siggi sees the Lucio: ‘connecting rooms, transmitting light whether day or night, and offering a new experience every day, in different seasons and weather conditions, and in all kinds of spaces, from all kinds of angles. I like it particularly at sunset, witnessing the rays of sunlight playing around in the room, and then all of a sudden realizing that the piece on the wall is like an eclipse, a silhouette reflecting the cozy atmosphere of the dimly lit living room I’m sitting in.’

‘Art must be organic, design must be practical.’ says Siggi. ‘With this piece, I strove to create a balance: between art and design, between modern and classical.’ Unlike some paintings, the Lucio does not exclude or clash with other pieces in a room. Though it is both modern and asymmetrical, it’s reflective qualities make it a complementary accent for more classical pieces as well. Its individual form has sparked much discussion. An owner of a Lucio once told Siggi that the piece’s design reminded him of water puddles on an icelandic beach’s black, volcanic sands. Owners of the Lucio describe the piece as a timeless classic, a family heirloom that would accompany them no matter where they moved to. Where most other furniture comes and goes, the Lucio will always keep its place.

Pioneer Pioneerof ofthe themodern modernkitchen kitchen open to life – for 125 years open to life – for 125 years Poggenpohl has 21 points of sale throughout the UK & Ireland · For your nearest Poggenpohl Studio please go to

discover Sir William Bentley Billiards

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T | 07393542878


Where art meets design in modern contemporary style. The LED backlit LUCIO MIRROR transforms from a decorative mirror sculpture to a cosy wall lamp as the daylight reflected in the mirrors fades and the backlit frame silhouette emerges in the dark.



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