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Ed Phillips, Group Chief Executive

National sales

Window of opportunity

Economy | Increased activity | Stable investment

National lettings

Significant potential for investors

Rents at all-time high | Strong returns | Fastest-growing areas


Strong long-term investment

Good asset class | Average 10-year growth | Supply shortage


Opportunities for investors

Rental demand strong | Yields | Good time to sell

Manchester and the North West

Unique market conditions

Investors return | Hotspots | Strong start


Rapidly transforming

Reframing | Focus cities | Sales

South Coast

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Good time to invest | Broadening scope | Heading West | Options

Lomond Investment Management

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Lomond Quarterly Insight | 2

53 acquisitions in three years

Recent additions to the Group strengthen our presence in key markets

Always on the move


Our mission at Lomond is to build a national network of local agents in towns and cities across the UK by acquiring businesses that excel in their own markets. It is an exciting journey and I am proud to say that, in just three years, we have acquired more than 50 high-performing local businesses. Hitting the 50 milestone was quite a moment for our team but we didn’t linger long and already the total is 53.

But this is not simply a numbers game. This is about creating a family of businesses where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Every one of the businesses we welcome into the Group brings with it a strong track record in their local market and an understanding that being part of a national network will strengthen their local offering. Being part of Lomond means access to best-in-class technology and unparalleled staff benefits and training to retain, reward and future-proof our talent pool.

Latest news

In January we announced the acquisition of Beals, a leading Hampshire agency with a 30-year history of delivering a premium

Over 8,000 homes now in our Midlands lettings portfolio

service. With ten offices including Southampton and Portsmouth, it opens up a new territory for Lomond and extends our coverage of the South Coast to a 75-mile stretch.

Our lettings portfolio has been further strengthened by the acquisition of Nottingham-based Tassi, taking our Midlands book to over 8,000 homes. The UK rental market is evolving fast as more institutional landlords enter the sector. Lomond is committed to operating at the highest standards as witnessed by the growing number of blue-chip investors instructing us to let and manage their investment portfolio.

All this is against the backdrop of a more confident housing market as buyers and sellers look forward to a cut in interest rates. The prospect of a General Election would ordinarily create uncertainty but the mood-music from the housing market suggests that this one is a foregone conclusion.

Ed Phillips Group Chief Executive
“The outlook for the housing market in 2024 rests squarely on the path of interest rates. A cut may not come as early as hoped–but there is little doubt it will come”
Lomond Quarterly Insight | 3

increase in the number of instructions per branch Q1 2024 v Q1 2023

Positive economic indicators, including the expectation of lower interest rates, are fuelling market momentum.

Window of opportunity

Mortgage approvals reach 17-month high

As market confidence builds, mortgage approvals reached 60,383 in February, the highest level since 2022 and 40% above last year.

House prices are already edging up; the annual rate of house price growth increased to 1.6% in March, from 1.2% in February as momentum builds2. More sellers are entering the market and stock levels are improving, with the average number of properties on estate agents’ books reaching 42, the highest since February 20213. Increased choice is welcomed by buyers.

The market remains relatively price sensitive, with the number of properties seeing adjustment in asking prices remaining above normal pre-pandemic levels 4. However, vendors pricing realistically are achieving sales within a few weeks of going to market.

Stable investment


The economic picture is improving, with inflation reaching 3.4% in February, its lowest level in over two and a half years and a positive sign for the housing market (ONS). Approvals for mortgages exceeded 60,000 in February, their highest level since 20221, and together with stabilising interest rates, buyer confidence has received a considerable boost.

Increased activity

Activity in the first quarter of the year has seen a significant surge, marked by a 51% rise in applicants per branch and a decrease in the fall-through rate, from 34.5% in Q4 2023 to 31.0% this quarter. With prices still £12,609 below peak levels seen in the summer of 2022, buyers are sensing a window of opportunity to purchase at a lower price before the gap closes.

Property values are up 58% over the last decade, outperforming the 17% growth of the FTSE 100, solidifying bricks and mortar as a reliable long-term investment 5 .

Despite market fluctuations, property prices have remained resilient, on average £29,008 higher than three years ago 2 and with further growth forecast over the medium term.

Bank of England Oct 2022 Jun 2023 Feb 2023 Oct 2023 Nov 2023 Dec 2022 Aug 2023 Apr 2023 Jan 2024 Nov 2022 Jul 2023 Mar 2023 Dec 2023 Jan 2023 Sep 2023 May 2023 Feb 2024 60,000 55,000 50,000 45,000 65,000 40,000 35,000 Lomond Quarterly Insight | 4
¹ Bank of England 2 Nationwide 3RICS 4TwentyCi 5Dataloft, UK HPI
Market balance Lomond, Dataloft, ONS *January 2024 Bank of England, HMRC, ONS, DLUHC Average numbers per branch during time period specified New applicants per new instruction Annual house price change Q3 2022 8 10 9 10% 0 -4% -2% 0% 2 4% 3 6% 4 8% 5 6 7 1 2% Supply Activity Demand Supply pipeline Buyer interest Market confidence Q1 2024 Lomond, Dataloft, ONS 38.5% withdrawal rate 31.0% fall-through rate 31.1% Q1 2023 38.6% Q1 2023 Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q4 2022 Q1 2023 Q2 2023 Q3 2023 Q4 2023 Q1 2024* Lomond Quarterly Insight | 5 Mortgage approvals Feb 2024 Sales Feb 2024 Economy GDP growth Jan 2024 Average property price Jan 2024 New homes built Q4 2023 Bank base rate Apr 2024 Instructions per branch Q1 2024 25 Q1 2023 29 Applicants per branch Q1 2024 216 Q1 2023 215 Exchanges per branch Q1 2024 18 Q1 2023 14 Valuations per branch Q1 2024 81 Q1 2023 69 Viewings per instruction Q1 2024 17 Q1 2023 13 Market metrics Current as at 9th April 2024 60,383 +39.8% 82,940 -5.6% 0.2% -0.3% £281,913 -0.6% 62,688 -8.7% 5.25% +1.25% Our data performance across our network SALES
Change since Feb
Change since Feb 2023 Change from year earlier Change since Jan 2023 Change from Q4
Change from Feb 2023


increase in the number of viewings per new instruction

Q1 2024 v Q1 2023

Forecasts anticipate a 19.2% increase in rents


2024 and 2028, with new lets projected to experience a growth of 22.9%.

Significant potential for investors

Buy-to-let mortgage rates falling

Average 2-year fixed buy-to-let mortgage rates are on the downward trend.

Strong returns

Indicative gross yields remain attractive in the rental market. The average gross indicative yield of apartments sold and rented in 2023 is 6.7%, significantly up from 5.3% in 20216. Additionally, strong rental growth of 53% over the last decade means that the average property bought in 2014 at £178,182 with an initial yield upon purchase of 6.0%, would now yield 9.2%, alongside experiencing a capital appreciation of 58%6.

Fastest-growing areas

Rents at all-time high

Since the pandemic, rents have grown an average of 29%1, underpinned by a lack of supply and strong demand. Despite increasing regulation, landlords are finding themselves in an excellent position, with rents at an all-time high2. Income security is supported by renters staying longer, an average of 4.4 years in 2021-22, increasing from 3.8 years a decade previously 3. Additionally, the average void period is reducing, down to 18

days in February from 22 in January 4 . While landlords without mortgages currently enjoy the most favourable conditions, buy-to-let mortgage rates are also on a downward trend. The average 2-year fixed-rate now stands at 4.81%, a significant decrease from 6.22% in July 20235

The latest indicators from the RICS survey continue to show a supply and demand imbalance which will sustain strong rental growth.

Lomond operates in top buy-to-let regions, including the three fastestgrowing buy-to-let areas of Glasgow (11.95%), Nottingham (8.9%) and Leeds (8.02%)*. The majority of Lomond landlords take a fullymanaged approach, particularly popular with new landlords. Given the ever-evolving legal landscape and the growing professionalisation of the sector, it’s crucial to have support to navigate the sector and receive guided investment advice to maximise return on investment.

*based on new landlord insurance policies between 2022 and 2023, Simply Business

Jul 2023 Nov 2023 Sep 2023 Jan 2024 Aug 2023 Dec 2023 Oct 2023 Feb 2024 6.50% 5.50% 6.30% 5.30% 6.10% 5.10% 5.90% 4.90% 5.70% 4.70% 4.50% CBRE
Lomond Quarterly Insight | 6
2HomeLet 3English Housing Survey 4 Goodlord 5 Bank of England 6 Dataloft Rental Market Analytics, Land Registry Bank
of England


Market metrics Current as at 9th April 2024

Earnings growth rate Nov 2023 - Jan 2024

Average rents annual change Mar 2024

Unemployment rate Nov 2023 - Jan 2024

Inflation current annual rate of change Feb 2024

Renter affordability Dec 2023 - Feb 2024

Average numbers per branch during time period specified *Excludes Yorkshire Annual change in UK rents Change from year earlier Change from year earlier Change from year earlier Change from year earlier Change from year earlier Change from year earlier Q4 2021 Q1 2021 Q2 2020 Q3 2022 Q2 2023 Q1 2024 12% 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% Supply Activity Demand Supply/demand balance Competition Renter affordability Dataloft Rental Market Analytics, showing median % renter incomes spent on rent after tax 31.3% net Q1 2019 34.4% net Q1 2024 Lomond Quarterly Insight | 7 Instructions per branch Q1 2024 37 Q1 2023 23 Applicants per branch Q1 2024 202* Q1 2023 496 Tenancies agreed per branch Q1 2024 66 Q1 2023 69 Applicants per instruction Q1 2024 9* Q1 2023 22 Viewings per new instruction Q1 2024 12 Q1 2023 28
price dynamics
HomeLet Lomond, Dataloft, ONS, HomeLet, BPF
6.1% -0.4% £1,273 +7.5% 3.9% +0.2% 3.4% -7.0% 27.5% +1.0% 166,620 -1.1% LETTINGS Our data performance across our network
BTR pipeline under construction + planning


Operating the largest lettings agency in Scotland, our branch network covers the strategic locations of Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews and Aberdeen.

“Our recent acquisition of Tay Letting has brought in over 2,000 properties across Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee, taking our lettings portfolio to over 10,000 properties, the biggest in Scotland.”


+5 Lower Higher +2 Lower Higher -1 Lower Higher -4 Lower Higher +1 Lower Higher +1 Lower Higher +5 Lower Higher +5 Lower Higher Lomond Quarterly Insight | 8 Supply Supply New instructions per branch New instructions per branch Exchanges per branch New tenancies agreed per branch Applicants per branch Applicants per branch Applicants per instruction Applicants per instruction Demand Demand Activity Activity Supply/demand Supply/demand
Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023
Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023
16 53 14 160 215 1190 13 22

Number of branches


A strong long-term investment

Good asset class

Maintaining a balanced portfolio is important in investment, and acquiring well-located residential properties remains a promising long-term strategy, offering both steady income and capital appreciation. Over the last decade, rents in Scotland have surged 70%, while the average house price has increased by 42%1. The impact of strong rental growth means that the average property purchased ten years ago in Scotland with an initial yield of 5.6% would now have a yield of 7.8% based on the original purchase price 2 With strong rental growth in Scotland, there are great opportunities for investment, Glasgow saw almost a 12% increase in the number of buy-to-let investors over the last year, the highest out of all UK cities, while Edinburgh has had a 5.2% increase 3

Good quality Georgian properties in Stockbridge, New Town, and

Average 10-year growth in Scotland

To address the imbalance between supply and demand, increased investment in private rental properties is essential.

Median capital and rental value growth in Scotland, Dataloft Rental Market Analytics, Land Registry

Morningside in Edinburgh, alongside Glasgow’s West End, are always popular, easy to rent, and will do exceptionally well from a capital growth perspective. First floor and garden flats are particularly good investments with outside space more popular since the pandemic with almost a quarter of Scottish professionals now working fully remotely4

The student market is performing well, particularly in Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow. Yields are strong but there is likely to be more wear and tear with these properties. With 99% of our landlords on our fully- managed

service, we can use our expertise to advise and eliminate any hassles of property management.

Supply shortage

75% of our landlords only have a small portfolio, meaning that our branches are experts in guiding clients through the details of everyday management and compliance. Scotland is facing a severe housing shortage, leading to increased strain on the rental market. To address the imbalance between supply and demand, increased investment in private rental properties is essential.

Glasgow growth

in number of buy-to-let properties over the past year

Lomond Quarterly Insight | 9
on growth of new landlord insurance policies between 2022 and 2023
Simply Business, based
¹ Dataloft Rental Market Analytics, UK House Price Index 2 Dataloft 3 Simply Business 4 Hays 5.21% Edinburgh
Capital growth Rental growth 11.95% 42% 70% 2014 2014 2024 2024 The highest of all UK cities
(ranked 9th)


From The Pennines to the East Coast, The Dales to The Peaks, our branches span the breadth and depth of Yorkshire.

“We oversee a portfolio of 14,500
+1 Lower Higher -1 Lower Higher -1 Lower Higher -2 Lower Higher -4 Lower Higher -1 Lower Higher +2 Lower Higher +5 Lower Higher Lomond Quarterly Insight | 10
fully-managed properties
landlords choosing
in our
with the vast majority of
our management service for peace of mind
Supply Supply New instructions per branch New instructions per branch Exchanges per branch New tenancies agreed per branch Applicants per branch Applicants per branch Applicants per instruction Applicants per instruction Demand Demand* Activity Activity Supply/demand Supply/demand SALES Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023 LETTINGS Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023 29 19 13 61 177 265 6 14 *viewing numbers are used in Yorkshire as a proxy for historic demand levels


Number of employees


Opportunities for investors

Rental demand remains strong

There are still huge opportunities for investors in our region. Yields are attractive, and demand is soaring for rental properties. New applicants per lettings instruction are 107% higher in Q1 2024 than the same period last year. Demand is particularly high for properties at the lower end of the price spectrum. However, with such a supply-demand imbalance, properties at all price points are being met with high levels of interest.

Average property prices in the region are still £7,762 below the August 2023 peak. This provides a window of opportunity to invest before prices start to rise again, with the market forecast to gain momentum in 20251 A 16.5% rise in rental values is projected for Yorkshire between 2024 and 20282 , making it appealing to property investors.

Average gross yields by property type

Student lets

The student market across our region continues to be buoyant, with York being particularly popular. Landlords with student properties in this area are seeing a gap in the young professionals’ market and are now buying properties to meet this need.

A good time to sell

The sales market has started the year on a strong note, with overall buyer demand up 76% in the first two months of the year, compared to the same period in 2023. Instructions per branch have increased 15% in the first three months of the year compared to the same period last year.

Yields remain strong

One of our properties in Hull is now generating a yield of 9%, up from 6.5% when purchased in 2021.

Leveraging our tailored advice, we assist landlords in pinpointing investments that align with their goals, be it maximising yields, which rise to an average 7.5% for two-bed flats 3, capital growth, or investing in familiar areas or investment types. Many of our properties have witnessed significant upticks in yields in recent years, as well as considerable uplifts in capital value. One of our properties in Hull for instance is now generating a yield of 9%, up from 6.5% when purchased in 2021.

16.5% forecast rental growth in Yorkshire and the Humber

between 2024 and 2028

1 bed flat 2 bed house 2 bed flat 3 bed house Lomond Quarterly Insight | 11
Dataloft Rental Market Analytics, Lomond Yorkshire area: average gross £sqft yield over last 12 months (from February 2024). Dataloft, CBRE
¹Dataloft, UK HPI Yorkshire and the Humber, HM Treasury Average of Independent Forecasts 2 CBRE, 3 Dataloft Rental Market Analytics
6.0% 6.0% 0% 4% 2% 6% 1% 5% 3% 7% 8% 7.5% 7.5%

Manchester and the North West

Covering Manchester, Stockport and Chester, our local experts have an unrivalled depth of knowledge in key strategic locations.

“With strong rental growth, anticipated
in the latter half of the year and
on investments.”
-1 Lower Higher -3 Lower Higher -1 Lower Higher +1 Lower Higher -1 Lower Higher +2 Lower Higher +5 Lower Higher +5 Lower Higher Lomond Quarterly Insight | 12
mortgage rate drops
capital growth poised to rise
landlords have the prime opportunity to capitalise
Supply Supply New instructions per branch New instructions per branch Exchanges per branch New tenancies agreed per branch Applicants per branch Applicants per branch Applicants per instruction Applicants per instruction Demand Demand Activity Activity Supply/demand Supply/demand SALES Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023 LETTINGS Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023 29 15 15 61 268 540 9 37

Acquisitions in last 2 years

Manchester and the North West

Unique market conditions provide opportunities to invest

Investors are returning to the market

We have seen a 50% rise in investor activity so far this year, compared with the same period last year. Although some smaller portfolio landlords are choosing to exit the sector, these are being replaced by increased activity from larger landlords or those looking to expand their portfolios.

There are good deals to be found with yields over 8% achievable. With rents and capital values likely to increase over the medium to long term, property is a great investment vehicle. However, it’s critical to be well-informed, knowing where to invest and what advice to take.

5-year rental growth

House prices in our region have shown resilience, Manchester in particular.


Monton, Chester, Stockport, and Manchester city centre are prime investment hubs, with strong rental demand, high capital growth potential and affordable price points if you look in the right places. Manchester’s dynamic economy and growing student population generate continued investor interest with rents rising 47% in the centre over the last 5 years1

Stockport, named the best place to live in the north west of England 20242 offers good value properties amidst rapid regeneration. Stockport was also the UK’s third busiest rental market in 2023, with an average of 48 renter enquiries for each available property3 Affordable price points and rental undersupply in Chester make it particularly attractive, while Monton’s transport links and thriving community promise solid returns and long-term growth potential.

Strong start

Activity in the sales market has been very strong across all buyer groups this year, with reduced fall-throughs and more sellers coming to the market. Buyer registrations increased from 1,700 in January to 2,750 in February alone. House prices in our region have shown resilience, with 0.8% growth in Manchester, outperforming the UK average of -0.5% 4. Vendors who are being realistic on pricing are achieving sales within two weeks of going to market.

Manchester growth

Lomond Quarterly Insight | 13
14 Dataloft Rental Market Analytics, Q1 2024 vs Q1 2019 Zoopla Annual growth in Manchester house prices ¹ Dataloft Rental Market Analytics 2 Sunday Times 3 Rightmove 4 Zoopla 0.8% -0.5% UK average 47% Stockport 45% Manchester city centre Chester 35%


Our newly-expanded region extends our reach from the West Midlands heartland into Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.


have expanded our footprint in the Midlands through to Nottingham and the East Midlands. An extra 2,500 properties are now under our management as a result of these strategic acquisitions.”

+5 Lower Higher +3 Lower Higher +5 Lower Higher -2 Lower Higher +5 Lower Higher Lower +4 Higher +5 Lower Higher +2 Lower Higher Lomond Quarterly Insight | 14 LETTINGS Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023
Supply Supply New instructions per branch New instructions per branch Exchanges per branch New tenancies agreed per branch Applicants per branch Applicants per branch Applicants per instruction Applicants per instruction Demand Demand Activity Activity Supply/demand Supply/demand SALES Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023 31 52 8 137 195 613 6 12


Value of properties sold in last 12 months Midlands

Rapidly transforming cities in the Midlands

Reframing outlook

Mortgage rate rises have meant that some landlords have reconsidered their investment. However, professional property and mortgage advisors can advise on properties and mortgage products which can make investing in the housing market affordable and remain an attractive investment. Property can provide secure returns and capital appreciation, which can be more challenging to find in the financial markets.

Focus cities

Birmingham, Nottingham and Derby are all rapidly transforming cities. Each is witnessing rapid development, with new builds attracting investor attention in the city centres, where one-bed new build apartments are achieving around £900 to £1,000 pcm.

Lower-priced properties in particular are achieving excellent yields and are being sold and let very quickly, although demand remains strong all the way through to the upper end of the market due to the acute shortage of stock. Purchase prices are relatively more affordable in these locations and

West Midlands average gross yields over time

rents have risen 9.0% and 8.7% annually in the West and East Midlands respectively, the highest of any of the UK regions1. It’s unsurprising therefore that yields are extremely strong, now averaging 7.0% over the last 12 months in the areas we operate in, having grown from 6.0% a year earlier2.

Renters are staying for longer, particularly in the city centres. The average tenancy length in Birmingham was up by almost two months compared to three years ago1. Fewer checkouts reduce void periods for landlords, and if properties do go back on to the market they are getting snapped up.

Around 90% of our landlords are with our fully-managed service to eliminate the trip hazards of property management. An inhouse poll we conducted showed that many landlords who chose to handle things themselves were inadvertently being non-compliant.


We have seen an uptick in demand and an increase in properties coming to the market as inflation and mortgage rates head in the right direction and market confidence improves. Buyers are taking shorter-term fixed rate mortgages, expecting rates to be lower when it comes to remortgaging.

9.0% annual rental growth in the West Midlands, fastest of all UK regions

8.7% annual rental growth in the East Midlands, 2nd fastest of all UK regions

£ Lomond Quarterly Insight | 15 7.0% 6.0% 6.5% 5.5% 7.5%
¹ Dataloft, HomeLet March 2024 2 Dataloft Rental Market Analytics
Dataloft, HomeLet March 2024
Feb 21 5.8% 6.0% 7.0% 5.8% Feb 22 Feb 23 Feb 24
Lomond West Midlands area- Average gross yields of houses and flats, Dataloft Rental Market Analytics (calculated on a rolling 12 month period to March)

South Coast

Reaching from Chichester to Camber, our network of South Coast branches are market leaders for sales and lettings.

Paul Broomham Regional CEO
“Whatever your investment level, there is something for all types of investors in the South Coast region. Depending on your goals and entry level, we can offer professional advice on how to make buy-to-let work for you.”
+3 Lower Higher -2 Lower Higher +1 Lower Higher -2 Lower Higher -2 Lower Higher -1 Lower Higher +2 Lower Higher +3 Lower Higher Lomond Quarterly Insight | 16
Supply Supply New instructions per branch New instructions per branch Exchanges per branch New tenancies agreed per branch Applicants per branch Applicants per branch Applicants per instruction Applicants per instruction Demand Demand Activity Activity Supply/demand Supply/demand SALES Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023 LETTINGS Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023 51 13 19 40 223 515 4 41


Number of properties under management

South Coast

Something for everyone

Good time to invest

A slight cooling of the sales market combined with an undersupply of rental properties and strong rental growth, which averaged 11% across our portfolio in 2023, present good opportunities for investment. Cash buyers are often able to secure discounts, saving an average of 5.3%, or £20,873 compared to buyers relying on mortgages1. Renter demand remains high with 15-20 + enquiries for each property, and 2- and 3-bedroom properties gaining the most interest.

Broadening your scope

Brighton remains a traditionally strong investment hub with huge rental demand and well-priced properties continuing to fly off the shelves. However, broadening your scope and exploring beyond Brighton unveils diverse opportunities across a range of price points to suit many different types of investors.

As mortgage rates steady, many are deciding to proceed with their moves before prices begin to rise again.

Heading West

Many renting young families and professionals are moving out of Brighton into Worthing, Shoreham and Lancing to get more for their money. Investors can benefit from lower entry points, strong rental demand, good returns and capital growth.

In Worthing, a 3-bedoom house can be acquired for a similar price to a 3-bedroom flat in Brighton and caters to a different demographic of renter. Areas like Durrington with reputable schools also present valuable investment prospects. While Brighton sees ongoing development, Worthing is experiencing significant new development, presenting great investment opportunities.

Considering the options

Family renters are typically more likely to be looking

housing and stay longer in a property, reducing vacancy rates and turnover. For 42% of families, the ideal lease length is 24 months plus1. The generally quieter lifestyle of older renters minimises disruption and older renters are more likely to have an established rental history, reducing landlord risk. Conversely, the student market offers significant potential with high yields and robust demand, albeit with a potential need for additional property maintenance.


Activity levels have surged in the first few months of the year, with both existing and new buyers actively engaging in the market. Offers and sales have seen a notable uptick, driven by pent-up demand. As mortgage rates steady, many are deciding to proceed with their moves before prices begin to rise again, having been relatively static for the past 12 months.

Lomond Quarterly Insight | 17
for stable long-term
Varying entry points Average sale price, Dataloft, Land Registry, data 12 months to end January 2024 ¹ Dataloft, UK HPI January 2024, Brighton and Hove, Worthing 2 Dataloft, Property Academy Renter Survey 2023 Family friendly 27% Dataloft Rental Market Analytics, 2023 of renters in Worthing are families 2 3+ bed flat bed house Brighton & Hove Worthing £240,946 £331,471 £494,883 £683,795

members of the Lomond Investment Management Team, more than doubling in the past year.

Lucy Jones Chief Operating Officer
“Growing at pace, our recent acquisition of part of the UK-wide Rendall & Rittner Sales & Lettings portfolio illustrates our growing reach. We collaborate closely with local branches and leverage our nationwide presence to tailor services to each investor’s requirements.”

Lomond Investment Management

All-in-one solution

At Lomond Investment Management, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive end-to-end process, with breadth of experience across the team. All aspects of the sector are covered, facilitating seamless operations for clients. We mobilise, let, manage and sell portfolios and developments throughout the UK, across all portfolio sizes and locations.

Serving as a single point of contact throughout the entire process with our dedicated account management team, we are an all-in one solution for lettings, management, block/estates management and sales. We anticipate the evolving and flexible needs of clients, especially as Build to Rent operators and investors are increasingly engaging earlier in the planning and design phases.

Fast growing

At Lomond Investment Management, our connected network spans the UK, providing dedicated services for Build to Rent and Single-Family Housing providers, alongside individual and institutional investors. We leverage the


3,000 BTR units

to be under Lomond Investment Management by the end of 2024 (single-family and multi-family units)

power of our national network, alongside regional hubs and high street agents with deep local expertise to give our clients expert guidance.

Our fast-growing team has increased to 27 dedicated members, up from 11 a year ago, as we strengthen and expand into new territories. We maximise returns and minimise risks for our clients with our bespoke, innovate approach for investors seeking expert guidance in marketing and managing all aspects of their property portfolios.

Lomond Quarterly Insight | 18

Locations in England and Wales


Investment Management currently operates in fifteen key locations in England and Scotland.

Nationwide reach

Lomond Investment Management manages Build to Rent and Single-Family housing from Exeter to Edinburgh and Bristol to Cambridge. Investors may be individual or institutional and developments range from just a few units to large-scale sites.

Locations of Lomond-managed developments

of emails enquiring about BTR were sent from over 50km away. c.17%


Build to Rent developments not only draw attention from the local area. Rightmove recently calculated that around 17% of enquiries by email came from over 50 kilometres away. This may reflect the attraction of BTR as a safe and convenient option for people moving to a new area for work or study, or the pull of high quality developments.

There are more than five million households in the private rented sector, an increase of close to 20% on a decade ago (Census 2021, England & Wales). Build to Rent developments have a huge pool of potential renters, and the fact that they draw from a wide geography make them an attractive investment.

Lomond Quarterly Insight | 19
Dataloft Rental Market Analytics Rightmove Data Services Edinburgh Newcastle Yorkshire Liverpool Chester Birmingham Warwickshire Bristol Exeter Manchester Nottingham Cambridge London Crawley Hampshire


Increasing enquiries for Build to Rent

Awareness of Build to Rent (BTR) is rapidly rising, with Rightmove reporting an increasing number of renters enquiring about both BTR and private rental sector (PRS) properties. Through our national team, regional hubs in London, Manchester and Exeter, and local offices, we strive to increase the awareness of both Build to Rent and Single-Family Housing in the rental market.

Recognition of choice

As awareness of Build to Rent rises, tenants are recognising that there is choice in the market. There are, however, variations between cities. While Manchester, Liverpool and London have all seen increases in the proportion of multiple enquiries for both PRS and BTR over the last two years, Leeds clocked up 40%, substantially up from 17% in 2022.

Comparison between cities

A nationwide network of agents means we are able to reach a large pool of renters from across the country.
Lomond Quarterly Insight | 20
Rightmove Data Services Rightmove Data Services, average for London and Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool city centres
Proportion of multiple enquiries to PRS and BTR 2022 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 2024 0% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% Leeds city centre Liverpool city centre Manchester city centre London 2022 2024

Lomond Investment Management


Our bespoke, innovative solutions are designed to maximise return and mitigate risk for investors seeking a trusted partner to manage the specialist processes of marketing and managing all aspects of their property portfolios. We truly understand the complexities and unique requirements of all aspects of portfolio and asset management.

Marketing and lease up

• Development and Scheme pricing

• Strategic approach to maximise occupancy whilst maintaining headline rents

• Letting team available to work on and off site

• Design, consultancy and furnishing solutions

• Tenancy administration and move in services


• Mobilisation

• Operational management strategy

• Combined building and apartment management

• Reactive and longer-term maintenance plans

• Block and Estates services

• Health and Safety and statutory compliance

• Budget preparation and management

• Refurbishment and consultancy services

Managed developments

Lomond Quarterly Insight | 21
We offer national coverage, centrally managed with a dedicated team, tailored service and integrated platforms. Contact: lim@lomond.group
Lucy Jones Chief Operating Officer
Sale of freehold investment of whole development 25 apartments The Shackles Services
Nick O’Reilly Senior Director Kenny Ord Operations Manager
Onsite leasing and management team
Technical management of building >18 metres
Estates and apartment management Build to Rent 207 units Annington Services • Lettings and Property management Central London portfolio 72 units Off-shore trust

Lomond property services

Land and New Homes

Offering a full range of consultancy and sales and marketing services to landowners, developers and individual investors. Including research and viability reports, land consultancy and sourcing, through to turn-key marketing for land disposal, acquisitions and developments. For residential house builders and developers, our extensive database, bespoke marketing programmes, and enviable track record going back over 25 years, have seen our Land and New Homes teams appointed sales agents on many prestigious development properties throughout the UK.


Working with a trusted panel of solicitors and conveyancers in your area, we speed up the moving process by up to 4 weeks. Offering end-to-end digital onboarding, Compliance, Legal Preparation, Conveyancing and Surveys. Our online portal houses all important documents and provides complete visibility to all parties, tracking the progress of conveyancing in real time. A fully regulated service, providing clear, independent and professional advice.

Investment Management

Providing an account-managed single point of contact service for lettings, management, block & estates management and sales throughout the UK, irrespective of portfolio size and geographical location. We work with both Build To Rent and Single-Family Housing clients as well as Institutional and Individual Investors. Our bespoke, innovative solutions maximise return and mitigate risk for investors seeking a trusted partner to manage the specialist processes of marketing and managing all aspects of their property portfolios.

Lomond Mortgages

From online, digital services to in-branch brokers, we access the whole of the mortgage market with our specialists’ brokers. With expertise in mortgages for first time buyer, homemovers, and remortgages, as well as buy to let mortgages for the one off investor or career portfolio landlord, we provide fully independent advice and access to all major lenders.

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Our Lomond network

We have an established network of high quality regional sales and lettings agents across Scotland, Yorkshire, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton and Exeter. With integrity, technology and innovation at our core, our brands are market leaders, with a competitive advantage over the strongest independents and the largest corporate and franchise agencies in the industry. Our ambition is to continue acquiring and transforming local agents across the UK, expanding existing regions and venturing into new areas.

Head Office

70 St Mary Axe, London,EC3A 8BE

Regional Offices

3rd Floor, The Senate, Southernhay Gardens, Exeter EX1 1UG

Troy Mills, Troy Road, Leeds LS18 5GN

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