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Global Medical Sourcing Company

About Us We are a global medical sourcing company based in Canada, supplying medical equipments from manufacturers to interested clients in need of such facilities. Our goal is to bring medical worlds together, in order to establish a secure, need free and dependable society. Logoscan Inc. aims its services towards dedicated international and local clients and assures the highest degree of satisfaction for them. Our manufactures have certified EA, FDA & ISO products. We believe in establishing a strong line of communication with our clients, both in long and short term, in order to ensure complete details of the activity of their orders. Clients interested in long term relationships, will receive the highest priority of communication so as to contact us at any comfortable time of their choice. Our online live chat system, which is available during regular operation hours is a fast and reliable service to help clients in receiving a response to their queries. Logoscan Inc. offers a vast collection of product catalogues, such as this one, both online and upon request through email, so that buyers are updated with the latest, available product information we contain. Product costs are made available upon request.

Amalgam Carrier Dental Extracting Forceps

Dental Elevators Crown Removers Orthodontics Curettes Mirrors & Handels

Amalgam Carriers, Jumbo, Single End

Amalgam Carrier Plunger

Amalgam Carriers, Jumbo/Jumbo

Amalgam Carriers, Medium/Large

Amalgam Carriers, Large, Single End

Amalgam Well, Non-Slip, Small

Amalgam Well, Non-Slip, Large

Cow Horn Dental Extracting Forceps, 16

Dental Extracting Forceps 150A

Dental Extracting Forceps 32A

Dental Extracting Forceps #217

Dental Extracting Forceps 10H

Dental Extracting Forceps 151AS Lower Anteriors

Dental Extracting Forceps 53L

Dental Extracting Forceps 24

Dental Extracting Forceps No. 13


Dental Extracting Forceps 53R

Dental Extracting Forceps 151

Apical Elevator, 302

Apical Elevator, 302HF

Freer Septum Elevator

Gouge Elevator No. 34

Periosteal Elevators OHL

Potts Elevator 7X

Apical Elevator, 303

Cryer Elevator No. 44, Left

Heidbrink Root Tip Picks, H1

Seldin Periosteal Eleavtors S23

Heidbrink Root Tip Picks, H2

Root Tip Elevator No. 78, Striaght


Heidbrink Root Tip Picks, H2, Hollow Handle

Apical Elevator, 301

Baade Crown Remover Pliers

Crown Placer Remover Forceps 6.25"

Wynman Crown Grip Forceps Morrel Crown Remover

Arch Forming Pliers

Distal Bender

Band Pusher #300

Distal End Cutter, Flush Cut

Bird Beak Pliers

Dela Rosa Plier #210

Distal End Cutter, Long Handle

Elastic Separating Pliers

Ligature Director

Pin & Ligature Cutter

Posterior Band Remover Plier

Wire Twister

Tweed Loop Pliers

Weingart Utility Pliers

Band Biter, Pack of 6

Goldman-Fox Curette GF3

Goldman-Fox GF10 Tissue Retractor

Goldman-Fox GF9 Knife Scaler

Gracey Curette 5/6

Goldman-Fox Curette GF4

Goldman-Fox GF11 Spear Knife

Gracey Curette 1/2

Goldman-Fox GF12 Curette

Gracey Curette 3/4

Gracey Curette No. 11/12

Molt Bone Curette No. 1

Goldman-Fox GF1 Universal Scaler

Gracey Curette No. 9/10

Molt Bone Curette No. 5L

Molt Bone Curette No. 6R

Dental Mouth Mirrors Simple Stem, Pack of 6

Mirror Handles, Octagonal, Simple Stem

Mouth Mirror Cone Socket, Pack of 6

Laryngeal Mirrors

Mirror Handles, Round, Simple Stem

Logoscan Inc. Post Box 29633, Mississauga, On, Canada L5A 4H2

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Over 1000 Surgical Tools.

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