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Abide by These Money-Saving Steps for Your Next Brochure Let’s face the truth – you cannot be online always. Even if the modern technologies and handy gadgets have made life way easier, often it’s more convenient to hang onto a piece of paper which is greatly designed and rich in content. Take for instance, during a face-to-face discussion with your client, isn’t it easy to pass a leaflet or brochure? This apart, as an effective promotional tool a good brochure can step up your company.

Size of the brochure: The first step is to talk to discuss the size of your brochure with the designers that you are planning to hire. Make sure you attend the discussion before the paste-up or layout is built. A vertical layout should top your priority list if you are looking for a clear visibility. The information containing the city or states, pertinent or subject must be displayed bodily within the upper 2-3 inches of the brochure. An ideal brochure should be folded “4 x 9” for proper rack display.

Brochure quantity: Discussing with your distributor about the number of brochures you will require is of paramount importance. Probably, you are negotiating for a set number of brochures year after year. Resultantly, you are minimizing your chances at having your services printed on a web-fed press. Ask your designer about his minimum requisites for a web-fed press run. Paper: Make sure to compare the availability and cost of the paper that you are currently using to that of an appropriate substitute. The customers who run large quantities can get benefitted from it. This is advisable to specify the vertical grain, and not to use less than 70LB coated stock for a three-fold and four-color brochure. Pay attention to the folding: “Simplicity is the key”. Hence, stick to a simple fold when producing your brochure. It can not only assure a reasonable cost, but also helps create a sturdy brochure for your paperweight. Sometimes, the elaborate and illustrated folds cost extra bucks that result in a weekend brochure which kneels over in the rack. Such folds also reduce the quantity per pocket in distribution. Shipping package: The maximum weight of every box of materials should not exceed 39 pounds. Boxes should be marked with names of the clients and content of the packages that include the total numbers of brochures contained therein. It’s advisable to use paper size containers to ensure a full-size container for the shipping purposes. You don’t want to ship any extra amount to people who can’t even use them. Of course, you don’t want to ship boxes that are too heavy to handle with ease. Also, over-boarded boxes can be damaged while shipping and storage. You must consider this while packing for shipment. Combination: Have you found some other enterprisers to print a brochure of a similar quantity and size as yours? Inquire as to the probability of running your brochure at the same time to assure a saving to you both. More precisely, your motto should be hunting for a suitable companion to carpool with. Abide by these effective steps and ensure your company’s success with a brilliant brochure.

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Abide by these money saving steps for your next brochure  
Abide by these money saving steps for your next brochure  

A brochure plays an important role in promoting and resultantly empowering your business. This article shares some cost-effective ways for d...